Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

. . . cont/d from Summer 1937 Part IV . . . 



road Skelmersdale Road & tell him when there is NO TRAFIC COMING…there are very few cars on the roads- it is rationing of petrol still…He drives very nicely in straight lines…HE REALLY IS VERY BEAUTIFUL…I AM WONDERING IF I CAN SLIP AWAY INTO ANOTHER CENTURY…& always REMEMBER HIM…”


The Noble G.B. & Scandinavian slayers of the GROTE Children know ANDRE MALRAUX doth not know OF HIS FULL GUARDIANSHIP-  High Class Imperial British Sin is spending on new diamonds-gambling-dirty parties-going round Casinos of the World cashing cheques on GROTE RANSOM ESTATE-& DESTROYING THE INFRA-STRUCTURE OF MANY SMALL NATIONS…in their GREED to get piles of DOUGH…Calling in their obscene VOICES it is for BRITISH TRADE …TO MAKE GREAT BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN…& that they have ALL LOST MONEY IN THE WAR !  LIARS & they are proud to boast this killing of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN has made them Men- 

Records `DRIPPING IN BLOOD & GORE- reports-Clubs-active persons-

2nd W.War-diaries/letters/ photos/Arial photos by USA-


1945 onwards - ANDRE MALRAUX doth not know what good people think he knows - GROTE RANSOM ESTATE slain children- he since 1937 Guardian so must have it a matter with General Charles de Gaulle-FRANCE…Andre believes Greetah has some inheritance from the Mission work of her grandmother Mary Gordon & sisters…

It is known October 1937 he accepted Guardianship from Mrs Margaret Grote -

The good people do not know ANDRE MALRAUX has HIS POST/Mail STOLEN BY ORDERS IMPERIAL Gross Britain Government for The Crown/since November 1937 -  The date when the Imperial Noble big ugly clumsy doped up buggarhs found out MALRAUX GUARDIAN ! ` 


Nota bene :   The `clumsy doped up buggarhs` phrase sounds like solid East End London common sense - Andre Malraux goes about with many people 1950s raising Funds for Children Holidays-hospitals etc…They call him `Andre Old Sod`…Perhaps some were in SPAIN… 


1945 - ANDRE MALRAUX returns to Widower Mary Gordon dead -

“ a woman of intellect  poisoned June 2-3rd 1944 ”  

records Hospital/various persons & later Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux /Fiona-Funnula MacDonald telling Andre Malraux whom she’s known since 1945 & LIR 1960/1961-  SOON she got Mengele Harrington `a leper a paedophile a creature who had such power from perverts at the top- fooled good people at first…would put a foot in the door in the name of the Crown …`) 


1945 onwards - it is believed in East Anglia that he  ANDRE  & Saint Charles General de Gaulle have the matter in hand-   This is also believed by Mary Gordon’s sisters Bessie Martha & Annie Agnes of his intellect- sometimes going a little higher ? …  because of their Mission Liverpool then London-& in-put of HUMANISM from their mother TERESA CARROLL a girl with a degree in Classics Southern Ireland/branching into studies in Plato & Harmony…


Good townsfolk & the families of Greta Ransom do not tell him what they are certain he doth know -  Although a lot is said by the school-teachers 1945 believing he should be informed of dangers…the murder by Lindsay Earls & JIM of the 9 years Sea heiress in Greta`s Class 1942 to pay their double DEATH DUTIES by getting hold of the NEWFOUNDLAND LANDS calling them CROWN LANDS of her 900 years old Essex family of Sible/Castle Hedingham-  IT IS AGAIN A MATTER OF SHIPS PASSING IN THE DARK




Good citizens of East Anglia know he now  carries responsibilities at the top of FRANCE working for a General known to old ladies as ‘ Saint Charles ’ de GAULLE -


1940s -  Of course ANDRE MALRAUX does not live in Essex - He descends  USA Airbase Ipswich for a few days…they load him each time with 6 bottles RYE Whiskey for his War Servicesor perhaps for SPAIN…it was in a line at the Winnclemanns -Mrs W- would have preferred the new invented powder coffee…   

Colonel ANDRE descends to the Winnclemanns !   It is very important that CLARA & the rest of the French Connections do not know where he goes-  General de Gaulle is informed & has a telephone number to the Winnclemann home & soon a re-opened Chemist shop/Murrays …   


1937 SUMMER (some friends & acquaintances Andre makes he keeps for life)   “  Andre plimsoles- I am your size ” …a very tall man went off on a bike & returned with them to try on- Andre said he was surprised at such kindness-  So Andre & JO are to play this early evening & are booked in this morning-   Unity‘s mother says

“WE HAVE TO GET THE JUMPS OUT OF HIM…he has had them since being in SPAIN…”   & many kindly people will help here at the Tennis Club-  SPAIN is a matter of concern- it is known some English have gone…   All the Town know Mary Gordon is Widowed… & are shocked at the sudden death of George who was so active & so much apart of the Town gentle life…& always painting…


1937 Summer dawns…

This morning as we go to The Way of the Newspapers with Rosy fingered dawn yawning pulling on her robe of grey & we have been talking softly away since waking in the ozone fleeting stars Ancient Theatre …that the old men Neolithic lived with too…We had some of them here up on the Holland Cliffs…& they are named after us `Clactonian Man`…


ANDRE of Spain Catholic boy & meeehwe have especially been `chewing over` about that lecture that I stayed awake at in March 1937 in Colchester -   “ & I noticed on Our Arrival the old lamp outside the old dulled brick walls school & the way the evergreens reached about it- `it was cosy Andre-George `like the paintings Grandpa Gordon paints…” Teilhard de Chardin removing his jacket & waving his arms in his white shirt was saying things I did have difficulty with but was recording mentally what I could …. `for Daddy could not come`…



Teilhard de Chardin lecture   … so Unity’s mother & her Roman Catholic Convert friends took me…`   & I have agreed to agree Saint George- Andre is right & he is not an Indian-the lecturer…he only was talking about India.  This Summer morning Unity’s mother has brought us in her little old car to the Tennis Club but he Saint George ANDRE & I are beginning to prefer to walk & talk or just look & think & talk later...  We do like JO to take rides though- all the time if we can see she does She wears very high heels & she has to look fashionable for ANDRE who might look at other girls… 


Tall windows at the Tennis Club I notice & admire… Andre in white shirt no tie…tall so tall & graceful bending at those impossible degrees & never falling over-  If only there was an invention to get from one’s memory the mind pictures that run like a cine film…& where gentle happiness reigned…a tremulous happiness for all of us…is our experience on this Summer holiday with he & Josette but we were getting strong & brave all the time.


1937 Summer -

We have come this morning to arrange tennis for them `TO GET THE JUMPS OUT OF ANDRE` repeats Unity’s mother talking away to some people- & there`s Freddie-the-Clacton-Theatre who may be coming with us & we are going somewhere with him soon or perhaps just to see a little rehearsal of his play that week -  Freddie will take us to JOHN CONSTABLE`s Dedham & we hire a big car from Harry’s garage as he cannot come & be second-car driver to take us to see the famous places & the old houses- Uncle Harry knows people who have paintings but not perhaps by Mr Constable - but there are old people whose grandparents knew Mr Constable…


On the way to Dedham we pass the strange house built in one part upstairs like a ship- there is a history about its builder owner who was a Sea-going man (perhaps Essex archives)… Now the trees in summer 1937 hanging already over the road…& a dark Pine Plantation at the back - a mood rather sinister passes over all of us- That Noroway like forest gives gloomy thoughts/Sibelius/ & it spoils the house & you’d not feel happy perhaps at night… There was a reason for this  pine forest but I forget- grown for the wood & table birds that could be reared ?  


It will enter our life 1947 January with JO dead from Imperial greed of Britain & Scandinavia (A sinister place I felt from distant memories when it is spoken of in 1946 November…)



1940s - the IMPERIAL Mafia Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs & Noble scum & Jim Jong of many names - still come slither down & use it as

a bolt hole when they cannot show their monster selves at Frinton-on-Sea except with BIG WIGS…  like  “ lavatory Louis-log of wood-get it off the Seas it is an insult to every good seaman…” 


1946 - EVIL PLOTTED :  Teresa Gordon R. had the idea that after marriage we would live here…she knew Andre would be in England once a fortnight or month…so she would come THUDDING IN to this sinister lonely place & set up activities as her Noble Scum…gambling/prostitution/dope & heavy boozing…THUS she would make money & TUMBLE MALRAUX…France & her own families…& no doubt in her PIN PIN PIN HEAD she felt she would be made a COUNT !   NOBLE BRITAIN penniless is criminally insane !  But no matter HOW MUCH DOUGH they get they will continue INSANE BECAUSE OF THE USE OF DOPES…especially pellets of the purple plum/snow up their snouts…a habit since they are 12/13 years of age…its in bowls in the stables… 


1940s - The Imperial Evil had to get into some sheep skins

it is because of mutterings over Essex demesnes` on the murder 1942 of the Newfoundland heiress Miss M.`d Uff-MacDrew aged 9 years in Greta Ransom’s class Clacton-on-Sea…& the murderers found out because the bill for her mock symbolic funeral in the churchyard at Castle/Sible Hedingham ( `before transport to Newfoundland to her Chapel`  the murderers told the Undertaker) 

….was sent by Earl Lindsay nearly No 14 to my Grandmother MARY GORDON for Greta Ransom to pay COSTS ~  


1942 a morning - Llewellen Road School Clacton-on-Sea - LINDSAY Earl 14 nearly…in surly mood, his fat short body in a navy blue raincoat pulled in so tight on the waist belt …almost spits in hate at the CLASS

“  Miss Ransom’s school class decide it should be her to pay the Funeral Bill as she has very big moneys…”


….He is to LECTURE ON THE SEAWRECK MARINERS SOCIETY…& we are to put a SILVER COIN in the collecting bowl he has…it is a big kitchen bowl from the School Dinner Ladies getting our midday dinner…HE LOOKS RED EYED & MAD !   This murder of an heiress in our class is spoken of as  “murdered by those known”


“ These thugs burn bodies in Scotland/several reports/Arthur Malone Colleagues 1960 & Andre Malraux to PJPW 1970 winter The Pillar House Harwell…

I Greta Ransom Whitehead 1970 asked to remember this but not to be shown ANY PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE PAST !!!


MENGELE HAS GIVEN ORDERS GR is NOT TO SEE ANY PHOTOGRAPHS of her PAST LIFE !  He has stolen 1957 the photo album kept by young father of 22 years since Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM born…all the photographs of Nord-Sud Poles Tour-all of late 1930s with grandparents RANSOM…& all from early 1940s given to Greta`s father by many people 1945 onwards  !!! 


1942 March - PLANNED MURDER OF A SEA HEIRESS age 9 years to pay the DEATH DUTIES of Earls of LINDSAY at Castle Hedingham  : 

A Lindsaybuggarh  (Earl 14)  was rude to us, we two 9 years old SEA HEIRS & brutal in front of our Class.   I  Greta Ransom had just arrived January 1942 from Wiltshire to Custody my grandmother Mary Gordon & my two younger brothers John Gordon Ransom 6 years old & Colin Frederick Ransom 4 years in October 1942 come with me...


1941 December 26th - TERESA GORDON Ransom IS PUT IN PRISON by Wiltshire & Worcester Magistrates She has been going up to London Town to Parties with her Noble friends in that BIG Palace & about Whitehall & also robbing an old Peoples home & using violence against themSHE WAS REQUIRED TO DO SOME WARWORK as she had no children to care for/baby Colin cared for by kind neighbours  (I & my brother John Gordon R. were at Captain Barclay`s home, Farm & Estate HADZOR)  (Mengele Harrington a fake Doctor has REMOVED these RECORDS he boasts in 1954 !   FOR HIS CROWN !    Mengele had learned 1954 from Angela  (some years his Patient for alcohol/dope OVER-KILL )  that  ` these difficult MAGISTRATES would not obey her…& let Teresa LOOSE…to look after her sons…she Angela gave orders to DISMISS THEM…JIMMIE would see to it…`)


1942 WARTIME BRITAIN :    The town has Captain-Commadore Learoy’s Llewellen Road School Clacton-on-Sea with very good teachers some from Universities Oxford & Cambridge.   This evil Jack-in-the-Box Lindsay enters a cold 1942 morning…he began with authority in his deep voice issuing from his barrel carcase…wearing a Naval RN dark blue raincoat as VICE PRESIDENT of the SHIPWRECK MARINERS his fat stuck out stomach & his glare were troubling to several of the class who are not working class  but from the great Nonconformist Families  that have made ENGLAND`S WEALTH 18th-19th centuries…



1942 - Essex/Clacton Primary School/  LINDSAY began by demanding her lands for THE WAR EFFORT ! (because he has to pay these double death duties ! )  Miss `Uff Macdrew now has her brother her co-heir just dead at 19 years & her father dead all in the last months…her mother pregnant in hospital…  She a child of 9 years alone in the countryside near Colchester…she comes in daily to school by car … a War Worker having to travel from Sible Hedingham to Clacton …A nun got from Sudbury, a Protestant Convent, is come as housekeeper…then the Nun had to be recalled…after a fortnight it was found by local people the young girl was living alone…She had been told THE NUN WOULD RETURN ANY DAY…the Nun did not…This Sea heiress is from a 900 years old Essex family… monuments in the churchyard were found to be missing 1952 …SHE WAS MURDERED GOING TO CHOIR PRACTICE ON HER BIKE…early a Saturday morning …


1954 - Records WERE in Colchester MUSEUMS…but Doc Mengele Harrington & dirty JIM were poking about in the Munitions Room 1954 !!!  Saying everything was property The Crown…/

Records vast/additional 1960 Arthur Malone Patrick MacDrew her Uncle/Colleagues of Andre Malraux…others…


… Her mother is pregnant with the last child…it is she is the `UFF heiress & married Patrick MacDrew’s brother…these two families have had so much persecution from these IMPERIAL MAFIA LINDSAY & Pongery the half-Chinese Racist travelling companion of Angela for many years…  Lindsay 14... calling itself a Lord or a Count glared at me Greta Ransom HEIR when I raised my head from the desk & HE again said something rude at me with blazing eyes of hate !   I in shock & considerable fear at the suddenness the onslaught so unexpected that school morning- & always speechless at first to anyone suddenly addressing me could only hang my head over my desk again-he had clearly said venomous things about my families… I am 9 years old-


Nota bene :    Jack-in-the-Box Lindsay 14 …

He speaks on Ship Wreck Mariners -  his family’s history as prime wreckers early 19th century is well known -  at The Admiralty & seashores where MEN OF THE SEAS retire !   

1942/1943 - Coins were marked in the collections LINDSAY made for Ship Wreck Mariners - as expected they all turned up in the Clacton Royal Hotel bar-  staff helping unmask -   These Earls & monsters & a half-Chinese racist have kudos & pour tea for Imperial divinities…adding dopes/making puppets on strings…



1946  Colonel Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX  of France & Britain 

does not know the hideous roles or the careers of these criminally insane of the Imperial big boots with very long black tongues… all with Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets fire blown up their collapsing snouts  (it dissolves cartilage if used over years) 


… ANDRE MALRAUX Widower with 2 brothers slain in this 2nd great War just ended 1939-1945... knows nothing of the slaying in FRANCE of the children of GROTE HOMES in spite of an urgent communication from EGYPT to him as Minister of Information that short GovernmentIt said they Egypt had  their GROTE CHILDREN SLAIN BY THE BRITISH…& THEY HAD HEARD THIS HAD HAPPENED TO THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN OF FRANCE…it was addressed to General de Gaulle his Ministry of Information… SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT…


…& Malraux does not know that the deaths of Greta Ransom`s grandparents all four is because these penniless monsters have hijacked a Nation-  With the Grote Homes Ransom Estate legal 3 WILLS … as sent to him in the Postal arrangements of USA/Britain/FRANCE…he would perhaps be able to protect us all-

We need publicity OFFSHORE !   But polite people do not tell you what they think you know - especially when you are working for a General of France - in this matter it is General Charles de Gaulle-


1937 Summer - we go slowly by the ship architecture gloomy pine forest house in the big car from Harry at Thorpe-le-Soken… to visit JOHN CONSTABLE’s DEDHAM & we return late afternoon because Freddie must be at his The Clacton Theatre for the evening presentation - curtain going up 7 pm -

 A house rather spooky & I am glad to leave it far away …  I am glad to return with the others to the house on the corner with the garden where are growing things we can eat…` & the nice parts that  Georges ANDRE MALRAUX wrote down Summer 1937 …& is reading 1970 from these his notebooks recording all of that Summer Holiday 1937...


1946 January  - I will see the Ship Ghost House looking the same…with the sinister gloomy pine trees dense packed…death could lurk in there for us !  I must be cheerful that he this tall spiritual but very clever young man wishes to chose a home for a life with me-  I am told payment does not matter by Uncle Potter & we can easily pay- he is seeing to it with my father…That I am a pauper clings to me but I must allow the grown-ups manage this matter as Convent School class have cheerfully sent me to find a home that Georges-Colonel Andre  likes …  

1946 January - I must go inside this spook house with Georges-ANDRE & Uncle Harry is driving us there this school lunchtime. We are to look seriously at houses for us… because the `early wedding`  is thought best by `young Paccelli` & all the town especially the Convent class I am in…The Class fear he may get CAUGHT BY A BIG GIRL…17 or 18 years !   I am advised be delicate about choosing a home & allow him THE MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE his way & I shall have a say with everyone in the furnishings…& some old interesting pieces of furniture are to come to us…

The Convent School Class & the Nuns are looking forward to knowing the house we choose -  I am delicate towards him & about our life that will begin BECAUSE JO IS DEAD-


I know that Colonel ANDRE-George had married JO for life-

I am will-o-the-whisp ….the what should not have been…She whom the seas edges washed to him…a piece of salvage washed in am I…Sometimes some writing on the winter air the cold seas doth say `what will he do with two wives in Heaven` I can

only hope this matter has been solved UP THERE  ?


But life is too horrible some hours of the day because of SHEshe Clytemnestra roaming about at night & coming into the young Nappers home Walton Road…trying to stop me having any food Mid-day dinner times…saying I am a nuisance to everyone & he Andre is an old man…` Sheshe keeps saying I-I-I know-know-know him-him-him…Phha! Phha! Trash! Low Class !

“  TGR insists that her Noble fiends & she & POLICE are watching me- `WATCHING YOU-you-you…Old girl ! old girl ! …you bitch…! »


1947 Early March before my birthday on the 11th ~ She poisoned me one mid-day dinner time saying  “ I want to talk to you about your brothers… you are a girl & are to help me now I have only a Widow’s mite…”   Miss Winnie told me I was to come from Convent School and meet her in the Recreation Ground…She Clytemnestra with a horrible stare had a bag with a cream bun a cheese role & a bottle of lemonade ( all fattening I knew -school friends all War have much better food even with rationing ! )… Foolishly a starving 13 years old nearly 14 years & engaged to marry…I took a drink & a bite on that bitter still winter day…& I went into terrible silver black tunnels in my head of no daylight except in the memory- & was ill for some days…SHEshe has no servants now I have been removed from her.  & SHE WAS ORDERED TO BE PUT IN THE ASYLUM September 1946 It is Miss Win Gordon her sister ORDERED by EDWARD du CANN Teresa Gordon`s  bastard & his spoof 2 man Legal Team who are keeping this mad creature loose !


1947 early MARCH -  I am 14 years 11.3.1947 -

….& all my presents from the Globe A-Z will be torn open by Earls of Crawford & Lindsaybuggarhs back of Buckingham palace as usual since 1933 XMAS…

…when they CLAIMED ME chortling I was an APE ESKIMO the year of my birth 1933 … I GRETA RANSOM-   Angela & her Imperial Noble mobs help tear open all PRESENTS TO GREETHA  (lists)  including Scandinavian nasties…& those gloomy forests suit their evil minds very well… The wedding of grace is 17 April 1947- 

& all their evil cannot remove that upon Time

vast records/& 1960 Andre Malraux Detectives & others/


1945-46 - I am shadows from our TIME OF THE SEAS - & I will go to a CATHEDRAL UNDER THE SEAS…from the threats I get from all of them… I doth reason thusIMPERIAL BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA are coarse-crass-criminally insane…they should not be on 2-legs…


& in 1944 & 1945 … I did know some things of the terrible deaths

of the CHILDREN OF THE HOMES about the globe…& letters came to Miss Aunt Winnie from the widow of an Officer SHOT by a LINDSAY because he would not go at night & SLAY the children…his Batman got the letters out !  He was SHOT at dawn !  ORDERS A MAJOR LINDSAYbuggarh…who awarded itself 2 DSOs !   British Territorals may have done it in…1960s !  PRAY THEY DID !   But I Greeta Ransom would have it on a chain building our University of POUL GRONLANDER…& it would get cabbage soup…with a hunk of black bread if it did a full 16 hours work building ! …


1945 - It will have been drifting into a sludge…Miss Aunt Winnie & Teresa her sister SPEAK TO EDWARD a Neo-Nazi HEROIN SOAK since 17 years of age…SHEshe is knocking my MEMORY every day she can…to see I do badly at schoolTHEN HER FAT FIEND ANGELA GETS MY SCHOOL BOOKS & CROWS LIKE A VULTURE TO THEIR MEN…I know they are all hollow-minded MEDUSA…do not look at them they turn the GLOBE TO STONE…!


1944 June - WINIFRED Mary GORDON ATS is on Compassionate Leave to take care of family matters her mother having been POISONED by Teresa Gordon R. her elder sister/FRIEND OF TOP NOBLES with 2 top BASTARDS Henry HALL Norway & the TIN CAN from a penniless LAW father…



1945 Spring … I know I am not to speak upon matters to do with my Father to Colonel ANDRE-Georges… or to the Winnclemanns` … Miss Win Gordon ex-ATS my aunt has said she can have I & a school friend who know so much & about Granny being poisoned… “ I can have you locked up in a Reform Home…You are not to speak to Andre or worry the Winnclemanns…”




( LIES !  SHE WAS SOMETIMES IN PRISON A YEAR…except when her fat fiend ANGELA & JIM got her out for BIG PARTY with discussion violent robbery PLANS- down Whitehall or Admiralty! GR & others) 


 1945 My 12 years old body shudders at what she & her Noble filth in London Town have done with this TIME - this past WAR…I BELIEVE IN THE SOUL…& I keep it un-smudged as far as I can…

but I cannot help thinking that SHEshe should not be FREE…or they free being so CRASS…so full of massive GREED…


1940-1945 - IMPERIUM - criminally insane -

Filthy accusations come at me from Treasa Gordon R. her nobles in cars one with even a Standard These dope-soaked  creatures are,

as Clacton old people said pre-war   `dirty DOG piles along our SEAFRONT ` where human-beings Act the Gospels out- 


1947 a hot summer :  I think of the old Quaker Preacher -the enclave under the Rise down from Great Clacton of Little Doomsday Book & clutch to my heart the Quaker black cover books I have bought for 3d & 4d each across the road in a tiny `fancies` shop


`Our friend Sam Rathbone may come & speak with us` says an opening Letter in a rectangular black cover book that SheSHE Mad Mother Kali got her hands on - beautifully printed books of the old 17th century Quaker Enclave Clacton-on-Sea…


1985 - I found them in the Duke Humphreys Library the Bodleian Oxford while looking for R.A. lists of the Artists who’d exhibited from The Pillar House Harwell…I reached for the tall rectangle book & said in my mind those words about Sam Rathbone   (having married into this famous Liverpool Quaker family of humanists…)  

The words seen 1947 Summer of Sorrows for ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM Malraux…THEY WERE THERE…in an identical book !


`Must sink who carries the Great Stones-these stones I hath carried as long as I was able`does that line from George SEFRIS Greek Poet say something of young lives smashed…

& GREAT GREED & IGNORANCE strut sail fly the globe…  


1930s -  there was early 20th century the occasional ANABAPTIST Service in their tiny chapel just down from Great Clacton Rise at the beginning of the Valley Road. They would get permission from a Bishop.  They all good people of moderation-humanism-some come in from The Seas or fleeing the Continent & its Wars of Religions the last 400 years… Many of them well known to the Ransom families & addressed by Christian names - Andre & Greetah have walked past 1937...1945 it is a carpenters workshop…


1940s - there are come & go predators about me GR that I half recognise… even though my memory is badly impaired… but I hath a sense of evil when I see some of them… creatures of uniforms-good tailoring-much talk of women with Military moustaches too- 

Pre-war late1930s I knew they were out to destroy & rob our miracle GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate of 2,000 years THE JOYOUS VENTURE-  I do not put the 1930s Curriculum of my carefully structured early learning into words anymore-I am alone- RANSOMS & that side of my family were taken off to WAR-to be slain with the Grote children but many RANSOM family have survived with help from human beings !  The violence upon me physically has stored away my family ARCHIVES into dark landscapes lining tunnels of silver black light where THE ONLY DAWN IS FROM THE MEMORY-  These rabies ridden dogs want all of us dead- all identification removed- so they may go on with the GREAT DECLINE-the great debauchery-THEIR IMPERIAL GREEDY EMPIRE IS FALLEN…but they have piles of GOLD from a River of BLOOD from GROTE HOMES SLAUGHTER…



1946 -  from September - I Greta Ransom have to appease SHEshe not yet sent into the Asylum by December…& she slithers at me from places of overhanging trees with threats- coming at me school dinner times with buns in a bag saying in authority “…I want to talk to YOU-

I need help with the boys- I have to think of my sons- MY SONS-you are only a girl-you are to help me with your brothers- I require to speak with you-you…you bitch you … ”  At Christmas 1947 she is still NOT IN THE ASYLUM…she jeers at Miss Aunt Winnie XMAS day lunchtime … “…of course I smashed that marriage…WHY SHOULD SHE HAVE A HUSBAND…when I don`t have one…Old girl … ”


She Teresa Gordon Mad Mother Kali Clytemnestra Old Mother Riley-Ransom…Close chum of Angela a dope-drunk & dirty JIMMIE Mr PONG… has a bottle of spirits in each hand as all NOBLE BRITAIN did 1920s…I burst into tears & left…went back to the 2 room flat…found she had torn it to pieces…I left it immaculate…she only had to give the boys their breakfast…I went to help Aunt Winnie prepare our solitary XMAS dinner…THE MARRIAGE TORN TO PIECESI told nothing of the MADNESS that has occurred !


IT IS ANDRE MALRAUX 1954, again 1957 attempts to tell me of the HORRIBLE DANGER she & her NOBLE MONSTERS OF THE DEEP

put he & General de Gaulle in…by September 1947 ! 



their use of the Nation`s Institutions & Armed Forces THUG GROUPS came at us again… THEY WILL NOT BE ANCHORED TO THIS CRIME…THIS GENOCIDE…THEY HAVE SLAIN THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…a million round the globe…TO GET THEMSELVES DOUGH…& their CLASS !  Records extensive were gathered 1960 Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960 …


1946 September - I am advised not to go near her alone & only be polite at a distance…I am not to be her servant again !   The Marital Court has said this…she is to be put in the Tendring Nut House- then sent where they recommend.   She has dope addiction-violence-& poisons people as ordered with & by the her noble criminally-insane-  They all take this dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland-& no nation should permit them to live outside a secure Asylum or Psychiatric Prison !

COURT HEARS PLEA :  TGR FRIEND OF NOBLE BRITAIN WHO CLAIMS ALL THE ESTATE because her friend ANGELA is claiming it 1933 - after birth of Greta Ransom heir at 2 weeks old/with Lennie Immanuel RANSOM 12 years old sub-heir THE RANSOM CHILDREN …approved by HIGH INTELLIGENCE the globe :

SHEshe is insisting to the COURT ` that her important friends have put her in charge…that she has had an illness  “BECAUSE OF HAVING TO MARRY HIM…& look after the RANSOM lot all the WAR…` Miss Win would not let me attend the Court - rather her nephew  ED TIN CANN !


1946 - late August-September Clacton on Sea/Chelmsford-

Teresa Gordon Ransom/1940s - who goes partying back of Buckingham Palace with NOBLES racyAdmiralty with Dicky Bird of Scandinavia & WHITEHALL after closing time when the criminally insane NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA have secret-silence meetings to KILL THE GROTE CHILDREN & help themselves to the ESTATE…“ Teresa will of course get her SHARE for supplying information & DAMAGING HER CHILDREN & relatives ! ”


She speaks to Court …   “…& I did not have enough to eat or warm clothes-I had to work my fingers to the bone to feed HIS three children-my bloody husband spent every penny on himself….” 

The Courts prove she lies & is sick from dope-booze & all the MADNESS of IMPERIAL BRITAIN ~  August/September 1946.


To Court :   Further information from CLACTON SEAFRONT : 

Teresa Gordon Ransom`s Noble friends including one Angela have been heard baiting her that `she has given birth to Apes`…

They do not intend giving her a big fortune from their CRIMINAL INSANITY their FRAUD THEFT WITH VIOLENCE to get Grote Ransom Estate- she would be too dangerous to them as the mother of `the Apes & Eskimos`… But they do not drop her acquaintanceship-


TGR is committed to an Asylum for the poisoning of her mother Mary Gordon & to be in to TENDRING ASYLUM for assessment by October 1946 the latest...but the Courts know who has put her up to all this…&  these monsters Earls of Lindsay & Mr Jim Jong & others Noble always urging crimes against us RANSOM families to destroy our image …


1934 & 1938 - the three of them 1938 poisoned Jean Weddell ballerina & Mr Jimmie Jong Mr Pong & No 14 Lindsay poisoned Minerva her mother 1934 in a London Tea shop /complete account of this from teashop & cake shop…the switching of the apple tarts & the theft of Mrs MINERVA WEDDELL`s handbag…she with her brother`s daughter & an old servant to her mother came in for tea…a family known in Deptford called HESKETH/WEDDELL & live next to The SHAKERS  Wyoming…& JAMES THE sub-arctic WEDDELL SEA-m RANSOM Tall Ships/


(Victoria-Augusta R.W. musician & composer the great-great grand-daughter of MINERVA-Olivea Hesketh Mrs James Weddell II  has not received a copy of Minerva`s EVENSONGS-yet IMPERIUM hoards her printed ballads & this book away…one day it will MAKE  MORE MONEY FROM ITS STOLEN WARES… but Graham Greene novelist grew up with a copy on the top of my father`s piano Greetah” - Colchester Castle winter 1952/53


1945 - onwards life is dangerous for me GR … I supposed to be a lunatic or dead to let IMPERIAL DOPE & booze criminally insane get magnificently RICH - also it is especially dangerous for Andre Malraux widower with 2 boys-


1946 - the HUMANISM that protected me pre-war has all been overlaid in my memory & often removed with drugs that give NO YESTERDAY - This IMPERIAL GANG can remove memory from the SERVANTS…when the PARTY gets TOO HIGH…


SHEshe has turned all of the truth around.  I find scary her weird world of lies done with these noble monsters of SIN & GREED- she is free & fooling people I think -  they believe the Family Gordon are in charge with ANDRE MALRAUX-  She is to be his future mother-in-law & he has known her since 1924.   She will be the grandmother of our children… The marriage April 1947 had those that knew `wetting themselves round their vice ridden Gents Clubs…they could not believe such disaster could befall their violent Plans to take all the RANSOM Estate too !  Our deaths plotted as always


1957 November - Not all of them knew…Earl no 15 sometime Count Lindsay b 1926 went even more dope-insane that month.

He had clearly come to kill Greetha Ransom yet again.  He began seriously when I was 5 years old 1938...his father told him all the money was his !  


1957 November - LINDSAY (15)  calling at 50 Lancaster Gate Square, Scarlet Town…he was expecting his invitation to Greta Ransom X  “come for a ride in my car ” to be accepted.   He got himself from shock another Clinic Stay - Miles Davis & band got him to take a Clinic Stay early 1950s when he tried to get money out of them…


I Greetha with no memory of him or the pre-war & chunks of the wartime missing refused & did not ask him to the drawing room - Malraux was due back late night…


Malraux‘s knuckleduster has already been used against what comes in from JIM bar rat of WHITES CLUB…& thrown in the Kensington Park over the hedge   


I Greta Ransom did not know who a `Count Garnie- Garnlock ` was

& said…`NO -  I AM WAITING FOR MY HUSBAND - George…ANDRE MALRAUX- TO COME FROM GAUL `  I was not going anywhere with an unknown Count & I did not like his name -  it sounded very uncouth I am an aesthete I had enough problems since September with Mad Mother Kali clutching at me in the London streets saying I was expected to help her get a LONDON CLUB…& to get back where she was…“ before I had to marry your bloody father…& spend MY LIFE looking after you…you poor fool…THIS OLD MAN MALROOH only wants you for 2 months…MY FRIENDS IN THAT CLUB SAY SO…” 

( Apparently at one time he LINDSAY 15 killer spade-wheeler age 12-13 years Clacton Beach… feared she might be his mother too ! )


1957 November - He,  The Count Lindsay offshore , did a sort of corkscrew War Dance on the steps of 50 Lancaster Gate Square & then politely asked…  `when is Andre going to be here` 

I had replied exactly as ANDRE MALRAUX had instructed me late autumn 1957   ( when we began to have the 4 BANNS being read at Saint Etheldreada’s crypt City of London for 7 January 1958 )  



Nota bene :   `young Paccelli GONE ON HIGH IN ROME `… had just told ANDRE MALRAUX Georges   “ NO !  The marriage was NEVER annulled or dissolved ~ to Mary Gordon’s grand-daughter…go & SEE THE ARCH BISHOPS ~     In Latin ?


1937 & 1945 - ANDRE-George (to be Colonel Andre  Malraux Widower…two brothers dead in another GREAT WAR 1945 )  is singing 1937 in my ear softly removing stress bringing sleep talking of the world when it is all at PEACE & we have our Post Offices on the STARS-  1945 August com`th HYROSHEEMAH after we have sung for Josette the full 1610 Mass of Claudio Monteverdi beside the SEAS-


1946 November- Andre & Greta are Engaged in a little ceremony in the Choir loft at the Our Lady Church by the Convent School of the Poor Saint Clares…`  I`ll TAKE HER he said



Andre Malraux Widower Greta born on a hearse…unknown to him the heir & Guardian GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 Parts the world-philanthropy…the precious stream that can never run dry for every nation is in agreement with what we do- & we RANSOM line are married into 14 Races & 27 nations-


We have records of real people from 6-7th century AD Britain-Castile-Mainz…continuing in an unbroken line RANSOM down to 19th century Greenland/Inca/Tierra del Fuego/ the unusual great- great-grandmothers who were photographs as I was growing up I know so well…their wedding gowns…their HUMANISM…

`1937 SUMMER  Andre could have spoken with Aunt Margarethe- it always took 2 days to hear there would be a phone call coming to us…the arrangements were to keep her safe…SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT….


1947 January a school day -  ANDRE & Greta -  THE SPOOKY

HOUSE…Harry says NO…won`t do…!  He has driven us over a weekday mid-day dinner time a cold frosty day .   He is shocked it is this house !   But he will show us over it…he knew it before it got a nasty reputation…built by a nice old man been at sea…Harry says he will talk to Win…she should know something nasty happened here 3-4 years ago…it is in the local newspapers…A number of people knew it had to do with Jim & them on the Front-Grand


Harry Gordon shakes his head seriously at Andre “ Thought you wanted to see it for something you might write… tell you later- a bit gruesome- did not know you wanted to see it for a home ”…/ /records & more 1960 Ghost house Team Colne Engaine/ 

Harry says to me Greetha … “…a bit lonely…that pine wood at the back…too far from the Convent young`un…do you remember a man was found dead there…?…Mother would have known about it…   (Young-un - a name they used to give me 1930s at the Garage Thorpe-le- Soken when I helped them-it goes to  the youngest assistant in a workshop…)


1936 XMASTIDE -  “ Young-un bring the tools…”  That Christmas I made an Xmas Tree by hanging the tools on the fence in the shape of a tree with decorations on - they always remembered ! 

1947 XMASTIDE - Auntie Win had been told about the house being for sale by Mad mother Kali-Uriah Heap -Clytemnestra…


1937 SUMMER  - To-night we are to try out what I felt Teilhard de Chardin was talking about in his lecture…  ( & by the way Georgie your remark that Chardin was NOT an Indian…there is a 17th century Parisian Sir John/Jean Chardin traveller went to India-resided in Persia- I expect I had also heard about him…Georges-Andre MALRAUX  MAN OF LETTERS…perhaps Margarethe has bought his house or we have a painting of him…or the RANSOM brothers of that time knew him…YOU MUST TRY CURE YOUR QUICKFIRE… )  

But 1937 we will see if we can carry out instructions  “ HOW TO PUT YOUR BRAIN OUTSIDE YOUR HEAD IF YOU CONCENTRATE…


We remembered near midnight & were perhaps a bit tired & seem to have put ANDRE’s brain on a star at the top of SEVEN SISTERS  (Nebulae-Andromeda ? )  a star so very faint it can only be seen in clear skies- In the next few days he said he felt we had accomplished it & he said he felt he sometimes needed it back… his brain - If we could remember which star ?

I could not remember if we put it to the right or the left - those stars just off the SEVEN SISTERS could not often be seen…but I had to think of a way to get it back…the lecturer did not say that


1957-1959 -The Minister of France will ask me to try get it down…his brain…  He has come back perhaps from THE PARLIAMENT OF THE GAULS…Paris France…& sometimes they puzzle him.  `No Georgie I cannot remember if it is left or right of Seven Sistersbut I think it is the left at the top…`


ANDRE MALRAUX Guardian…Stolen from him the signed Will from the owner of the world Estate … Mrs Margaret Ransom Grote murdered 1938 & WILL stolen May/July 1938 by the very NOBLE criminally insane of Gross Britain…


…2nd World WAR PLANS carried out for the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children-the settlements-others-the RANSOM WEDDELL & others of our blood line slain in tricky nastiness or arranged car accidents…a continual spiteful harassment by creatures sub-Ape dressed so expensively…ANDRE MALRAUX came to CLACTON-ON-SEA early May 1945 from PARIS hoping to speak again with Mary Gordon -  he is comforted that his old Continental friends the Winnclemanns have settled here beside the sea - he is surprised to find Mary Gordon is dead only last year June 1944 -


1960 - February - REPORTS Revealed/ ABUSE OF THE PUBLIC & residential citizens by EARLS of Crawford & LINDSAY families pre-2nd World War … Report with documents (kept by older men)

`Arthur Malone detective based Colne Engaine for Andre Malraux…Reports February :  


…. “ late 1930s the Clacton Police & Essex sent a Deputation to Westminster to complain of Lindsay Earls on the seafront…“ crimes that would have a poor part of the town with the Police at the door all the time…”   it resulted in Essex Police Officers taken away from the Force-others found unfit-others disappear-WAR was coming- 

Holy Miss Bessie  (Bessie Carroll Williams of Stella Maris sister to Mary Gordon & Annie artist)  had got them the Earls` lot…smashed up by an Irish football Team…back in 1930/31 or so…but they were back in all their tricks after 2 years…She’d put them in hospital & clinic 2 or 3 months…they were found in a pile on Holland beach early morning…they’d attacked a Priest & harmed a Nun…she died some months later…they tied her veil to a car window - said they did not see her - said she had been drinking holy wine…»


That’s this family claiming you…& Andre…for the chopping block…` Diaries/Colne Engaine Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/61/others/


Earls of LINDSAY & CHUMS Further Reports with records- removed from Clacton & Essex Police for safety-

“… Attacks on holiday makers-old & just wedded `Lindsay MOG ALLEY stuff-  rape not reportable at that time because of THEM so glorious with titles on the Clacton Seafront-`


`INTENTION:  to get hold of the holiday money- they’d arrive afternoon our holidaymakers…excited to arrive-leave the suitcase

in the little guest house-the boarding house…then immediately afternoon early evening take a walk on our Front- they ’d have

the money for the week with them - `


`…towards Holland-on-sea it was easy in the dusk for 4 or 5 of the Lindsay gang…them & their Noble chums… to grab those on the middle promenade or gone to walk to the end of the beaches…` Further report …   “…trouble was the RANSOM brothers were very young- old man had too much humanism…by the time Jean ballerina was murdered by them all it was too late…WAR CAME…`



`CRIMES :  they were all in on it - Lindsay & their kind…getting hold of the Northern lands & whatever else…Ransom had some Frobisher in the family too & Weddell down SouthThen (1937) we were told to doff our helmets to the fat one  (Angela)  used to come & stay at the Lindsay GRAND until middle of the 30s…`


1930s Reports given to Arthur Malone Detective/Colleagues/

1960-1961by many  people who knew ANDRE MALRAUX 1937

& when he returned a WIDOWER after the 2nd World War…the awful mess-ups & the FACT that JIM & LINDSAYbuggarhs would come & threaten HARRY GORDON at least once a month : 


“  Trouble was all of these women had no education after 13 years-

& Lindsay & the rest of the Noble crowd were ON THE PIN

HIGH ON DOPE…they’d NO MONEY- the educated part of the population knew it…those in what mattered…City Police could explain…law-learning…  SO WHERE DID THEY GET ALL GET THESE FORTUNES TO SPEND AFTER THE WAR ?  THE BUGGARHS THAT HAD MADE OUR SEAFRONT UNSAFE FOR YEARS ….Before the War they went about robbing small premises for fags & liquor-all over the county…you`d find they`d pulled off something in Suffolk…Then it got about these children were all dead…end of the WAR…a few told to do it turned & ran…changed their names - deserted…The older men knew where they were…got them help…`  Arthur Malone & colleagues-citizens & retired from Essex 1960 reports/


1944 Clacton - The Winnclemanns come from Internment Camp-Epsom Race Course & hear of the Mission of the Misses Williams when they were young- it is presumed Clacton & area that ANDRE MALRAUX widower knows of the Estate-has received his copy the Will-before the war-   The Winnclemanns` never learned of the Estate & when they heard anything about an inheritance for Greta clearly believed it was the Northern Mission-of the Misses Williams & young friends early 20th century-late 19th-

By the winter 1945/1946 the Clacton town & district do not speak of the RANSOM inheritance because it has surely to be a matter for ANDRE & General de Gaulle -


… I GR cannot recall clearly being called Little Miss North Pole after winter 1938/39...although at school 1942/1945 there was talk of Greenland & RANSOM families…John Gordon R. my brother was told to report to Mad Mother Kali if he heard things like this spoken of…SHE CAME TO THE SCHOOL October 1944 & physically ATTACKED Armstrong geographer putting into a lesson THE RANSOM BROTHERS sailing the coast of West Greenland…`Johnstown

….where we own property to this day if the IMPERIAL CROWNS have not had it TWISTED up so they get the dough…HAND OUT TO LINDSAY of course & et al !        GR


1960 - MALRAUX Minister of Culture France - realises that the INHERITANCE/The ESTATE was not being hidden from him by good people- but HIDDEN BY THOSE DRENCHED IN EVIL- Or those who had been crushed by deaths in the family & threatened with more IF THEY SPOKE ANY WORD


ANDRE MALRAUX can now follow the startling deaths around he & Greetah Ransom from 1953 -  find & hear of more 1945/48... Step back with the Reports into the years before & from 1937- understand the OBSCENE PENNILESS NOBLE EVIL plotted…INTENT ON DESTRUCTION-  THEFT-with violent bestial sometimes FUN-joke murders… All of them criminally insane !


1946 August/September- ANDRE MALRAUX never knew until 1960 that Teresa Gordon Ransom was to be COMMITTED TO THE ASYLUM & it was recommended it be for a long time-perhaps life-  Decision the Marital Court … where Miss Winifred Gordon perhaps under pressure from the criminally insane LINDSAY/du Cann/Teresa & Angela…


(Winifred … called Portia by nephew Ed du Cann- fawning about secretly)  allowed the bastard nephew Ed du Cann & 2 man legal team

(1 found to be a fraud)  to be present without asking Captain Ransom the father of the 3 children or telling the Gordon or Ransom families or ANDRE MALRAUX… !


This bastard b May 1924 of Teresa Gordon with his filthy mouth tried get Colin & Greetah into trouble in the Court- He pleaded he should be IN CHARGE OF THE ESTATE… his witness our brother John Gordon RANSOM age 10 years lied on Cub/Scouts honour for his mother & her bastard no 2 or 3... THE CAN  is a regular HEROIN USER FROM 17 years of age…his half brother Ed- who gives him the very occasional invitation…


JGR got dismissed Cubs/Scouts & the pack of du Cann & team of 2 legal advisors were sent off-  but they won`t let go- such foul tongues hath they - They all have UP THEIR SNOUTS Divinorum Salvia Scotland & grow it !





Nota bene :     1940/1941 POLICE MATTER/SOUTHERN IRELAND :

A DANGEROUS NARCOTIC :  Report Carroll Family (got a Castle)

 South Ireland 1941 “…how the 4 tractors ploughed the du Cann crop of this dangerous narcotic into the field… & the Silver Band Played-the trestle tables were laden with good Fare… & the BASTARDS were sent with kicks out of Old Ireland- the trick had been planned 2 years…«   letters to Miss Bessie Martha Murphy O’Brien CARROLL Williams, Miss Annie Agnes Williams & Mrs Mary Gordon…



1946  September- My father Army Captain retired Frederick John RANSOM won custody all 3 children & offered a generous sum each week for his wife - THE COURT say  `SHE SHOULD HAVE NOTHING AT ALL & SHE  SHOULD HAVE GONE OUT TO WORK- properly- a long time ago & learned life away from her  NOBLE CHUMS…`

(her wartime activities are reported upon from FILES/Police etc/schools/citizens… Clacton & Chelmsford Court members know full well the Noble Lindsay Premier Earls & companion Angela-& where the trouble comes from- & THAT THEY ALL HAVE FILTHY MOUTHS…)


1946 - late August-September - Greta Ransom was not allowed in the Court being a female under 16 years/although later this was said to be an arrangement du CANN & Miss PORTIA Winifred Aunt Gordon hadThe reports read or given were by intelligent fair minded some very highly educated human beings !  Our Historical archives…are spoken of in Court- & the excessive violence given to GR b 1933 & CFR b 1938 citizens - reports-archives-




Also the throwing of the 4 days old Frederick Ransom in the fire…  SHEshe sent back by JIM & Lindsay gang to demand 20,000 pounds cheque… SHE WAS INSANE ON DOPE from themShe was accusing my father of making her give birth to ANOTHER APE…




1935 :  Reports/I can still see my little hands clutching the billiard table by the fire…it was 2 hours before a kindly Policeman got me to let go…




I Greta Ransom sister of the dead babe F.R. 4 days old 1935 …would like to do the same to all of them…as well as throw them under a TRAIN…as they made happen to JOSETTE…/details are in this document 1937 SUMMER or in the other works/ THE INSANE ANGELA has been heard chiding Teresa that she has given birth to apes…




RANSOM & families are ringed about by Fraudsters of violence with long black tongues - orders to destroy all documents paperwork/ paintings/drawings/letters/plaques/ALL PUBLIC MENTION THE GLOBE… relating to the families Ransom Grote Frobisher Weddell Mainwarring/Mannering & other branches off marriages…remove OUR NAME FROM THE GLOBE…& THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…thus the 20th century…CENTURY OF EVIL…




20th century - Alongside every BRITISH AMBASSADOR/Consul/ IS A CREATURE or two whose TASK IS TO FIND & REPORT all references to RANSOM Estate & GROTE HOMES children…lists are sent to G.B. THUGS/




`This destruction of knowledge of the Estate & families…beginning with foul remarks of RACISM & attacks justified because of our mixed blood  was began 1920s by Lindsay Earls but improved upon by JIM & Scum who began to use full time the establishments of the Nation -Government Armed Forces-Diplomatic world-citizens et al-learned societies…even Anglican Church etc where lax` …


EXAMPLE :  Mengele Doc Harrington 1954 was insane to destroy all references 16th-19th century Ransom girls-Mainwarring-Parsons-etc-MARLOW Kit…KENT-archives Mainwarring-Parsons-Ransom-Malraux-   `The Girl in the blue gown` Greta Ransom-some restoration of archives with LIR-JJR & a visit made Kent November 1938/text/




1946 - Aug-Sept. - CLACTON COURT Captain Frederick John Ransom my father read his diaries of the marriage & had witnesses Police-hospitals-school teachers- Shops presented copies bills for expensive clothes 1943/1945 & Bank `Accounts paperwork proving FJR`s Army Pay had been received & cashed by Teresa Gordon Ransom.  Also moneys from relative Augusta Frobisher (Napier Ettrick branch) to GRETA RANSOM her cousin Millie Frobisher`s great-grand-daughter taken each month /other reports of violence from TGR & her Noble friends/small firms where Ransom held a share who had been bullied for moneys/Pirn Mill Arran Island-Grandison cousins who had been bullied & moneys demanded by Teresa saying “ SHE HAD NOT GOT HER SHARE OF THE FORTUNE…ANGELA HAD GONE OFF WITH IT…”/   PROOF of ESTATE MONEYS taken by TGR & others HELPING HER  of the noble class/THEY HAD BEGUN TO SELL OFF ESTATE LANDS where dead children were burned-this was ORDERED BY EARLS OF LINDSAY & ANGELA  - TGR had cashed cheques for all FJR`s Army moneys in the WAR- bank paperwork got by Uncle Fred Potter 1945 !








A letter came to the MARITAL COURT from Augusta Frobisher-`our grey girl ` … trying to help Andre - he never knew of her existence until 1960... when she had been killed in Norway  (she lived near the Poulsen branch of GRONLANDER)  by JIM 1954 who sported her silver SHIP EARRING in WHITES VICE CLUB ! - MALRAUX HAS NEVER  RECEIVED HIS POST/mail-- it is stolen by Lindsay Earls & Crown -  MARITAL COURT HEAR … local attacks on people at night were felt to be by TGR & some of her wild noble friends - Earls Crawford Lindsaybuggarhs`  the Noble Mafia got rid of on Clacton Seafront their GRAND 1910  condemned 1944/46 pulled down-




1944 onwards - Lindsaybuggarhs-JIM- Mengele Doc Harrington paedophile sadist GOLLUM employed fully November 1953


 (employment agreed by his friend Philip Mountbatten PHIL the Greek…or DUCK…)


…  keep a watch on Essex because of the murder LINDSAY 14 with JIM of Captain Patrick MacDrew’s neice 1942 …the 9 years old Sea heiress in Greta Ransom`s class at the Clacton Primary School Llewellyn Road.   The BIG Newfoundland properties were quickly labelled ‘Crown property’ so that NO INVESTIGATION CAN BE MADE OF HOW THEY ARE OBTAINED OR THE PROFITS -




1988 -  the Noble divine have to be faceless & are above the law-especially over the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN so they may pay their bills & acquire stolen riches…dripping in blood & gore from their GENOCIDE - There are more lands-properties-of the murdered Miss McDrew & Lennie & me from Aunt Mag…down coast of Yugoslavia -Montenegro- I GRW hear PJP Whitehead BMNH 1988 saying how `they` will go after this land now -  profits are divided-moneys passed into mock charities-




1932 - The marriage of Teresa Elizabeth Gordon & Frederick John RANSOM 1932 - THE WEDDING PRESENT FROM LINDSAY EARLS JIM & ANGELA was the smashing of the RANSOM MONUMENT in the Church Suffolk summer 1932...


… ( they are second-cousins to us the main line RANSOM in 11- something AD…They come off OSBERT RANSOM 10th century motto we use `Satteus Laetus` … but went charging about with our Jutland relatives & William the Conqueror…Also share the line with us to my dear AURORA Ransom Berberian Granny 7th- 8th centuries Castile…6 feet tall dark brown hair to her waist EYES THE COLOUR OF THE SPANISH DAWN…5 children of a lighter shade…grandchildren gone quite white…Scribe her invalid child…)




1952 - I HAD no memory allowed by Sheshe…had to say MY FATHER WAS ADOPTED…I had no relatives RANSOM…Donovan Bookseller & Graham Greene knew otherwise - THEY WERE NOW IN UNHOLY FEAR !  The 2nd SEA heir of 1942 was amongst them…saying she had no idea where her name RANSOM came from…




Greta Ransom is asked 1952 by Colchester Museums when Poulter greets GR the NEW GIRL age 20 years of age on her first morning in unheated CASTLE & asks about  “ … the 3 boxes of shattered fragments of YOUR MONUMENT CHILD…behind the Altar in the Church…SUFFOLK…the Vicar & his family had gone out for the afternoon…” 


Donovan bookseller Strand & Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis ,  & Greene both a little shaky preferred to not tell Harold Walter Poulter Deputy Curator any more…  But all three of them were deeply worried about the 2nd heiress of the CLASS 1942 at Clacton-on-Sea Commadore Learoy`s school here amongst them…a Major Brown father of Pamela Brown actress/film HENRY V/ also had things to gather & say when  `shutters drawn, candles lit, under the ROSE ` …




Nota bene :     I Miss Greta Maureen Caecelia Ransom 1950s am not complaining of the unheated Castle Keep…its atmosphere its greys upon greys upon greys… & the swirling mists ON THE GREAT KEEP FLOOR in winter was terrific to me a young girl with hair down her back, ankle length swishy skirts, & lost in histories…& the kindly GUIDES, ex-Army men some of them…did not mind…(we had 2 electric fires between us all )  WE ALL WORKED THERE BECAUSE IT WAS WONDERFUL…` YOU COULD TOUCH THEIR TOUCH UPON THE VERY STONES…`(George SEFRIS poet diplomat)




1952 - Graham Greene with sober face had just made a film called


3rd MAN…a novel he had put his SOUL into…he spoke on it to me


He   “ called into the VATICAN to get records on SAN JULIAN PERU & your great grandmother MINERVA…”  …when he was certain that Teresa Gordon Ransom … whom he knew before the War at the RACES…was STOPPING Greetah knowing her ancestry… THE OLD CATHOLIC GRAPE VINE WAS NOW BUSY… 




1932 - MARRIAGE RANSOM GORDON - Teresa Gordon mother of 3 bastards sons-before marriage to my father 1932...he told of 2...FJR only 21 years eldest son Jean Weddell R & FCR …






 FJR (my future father)   1932 summer had his father try stop the marriage 1932... but talking with the Gordon families & learning the names of the Noble criminal penniless LINDSAYBUGGARHS HIS RELATIVES attacking them from Clacton Seafront, my future Grandpa Ransom  Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM gave permission…with an  understanding of the times…he knew she Teresa was A ONE OFF & it did seem to come from her childhood  & association with this class…including HIS RELATIVES the penniless ones…  EARLS of LINDSAY WHO HAD KILLED HIS PARENTS…






Frederick Charles F. RANSOM already had trouble with ANGELA


& JIM hanging about him from 1920s she BAITING everybody because she wants THE Old Eskimo`s ESTATE !  Margarethe is the Aunt of FCFR !   …& JIM with LINDSAY 14 a pair of evil little jack-in-the boxes often abusive to he & his wife JEAN WEDDELL…ALL OF THEM AFTER THIS ESTATE created by the RANSOM FAMILY OF WEST GREENLAND with Tiggy GROTE of an AMERICAN German family




…but Angela & JIM PIMP on the PIN… & some chums of wild dopes & booze 2 bottles one in each paw…they had already become a nuisance first World War & especially from 1920 to Mary Gordon  (3 Irish baronet families) her cousins…she Mary nee Carroll Williams & her sisters -    JIM PIMP & Angela all ON THE PIN & their WILD noble thugs about George & Mary Gordon`s grown & young children had already caused massive troubles…& she blamed them & Angela`s parents for the witchcraft too … (Records/ Malraux-many others-records/archives/ 20th century )




Before 1919  (born 1906 Teresa `s horse riding lessons begin age 6 years ) & ever on - her dope-fiend Nobles never left her alone…


& Mr Jimmie Jong clung fast as he did to all young girls who could advance his pimp/ponce/criminal activities which was live by theft-free clothes board & moneys-travel-fun-  JIM went with Teresa to see  ‘king of Sweden’   & tried become TUTOR to the very Noble out-of-wedlock issue when it became kindergarten age- (records/& from the issue itself 1960 - 




Andre Malraux Detectives & Colleagues Colne Engaine- Known as the ghost house team-they had connections too A-Z GLOBE…thus we all continued to be alive in some fashion ! )






1937 SUMMER - information to ANDRE MALRAUX


from Mary Gordon   “ Teresa & a wild lot…she collected upper-crust because of certain Gordon kudos/& 3 baronetcies her mother‘s cousinage Southern Ireland- shipping/International brokerage/ & HORSES  !  They were all after handouts ! ”




Records - Teresa Gordon…she the mother of the tragic Jack Gordon/Ed du Tin-Cann a neo-fascist / & the `the king of Sweden` /a child who is savaged by JIM & then LINDSAY gang/  1932 her RANSOM marriage G.B. had the criminally-insane now the very Imperial Gang because of Angela around her again/


vast archives including diaries FJR to Andre Malraux NOTES October 1957- 




Their violent cruelty to those with moneys is apparent in all these records kept on all of them-  The behaviour is said to be from the use at 12-13 years of age of the narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland in pellet fire blown form inserted for weeks at a time in nose-forehead…it could be taken in powder form in drinks-or slipped to those who did not know-rarely for a joke inevitably for theft-sex-destruction of character…ENVY …their ignorance & lack of education has them easy victims of the dope scene by the time they reach two figures of age…10 years…It is the accepted fashionable NOBLE SCENE around them in this Upper Class penniless Nation Gross Britain…




1932 November - IMPERIAL BRITAIN HIGH CLASS SIN INSTRUCTIONS - she should abort  the child /me future Greta Ransom/  they will get her the divorce- She will be handed half the old Eskimo‘s Estate -  I have to think of myself Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia Ransom as the ABORTION of 1932 - born 1933... 


Possibly our ancestor of 92 AD ‘Ransom’ would say ‘AXE `em-Grand-daughter you in TIME ahead


92 AD onwards he lives in a sweet homestead at DUNWICH


Having pulled out of his island Thames 77 AD Londinium/ground was too stony/  -& goes trading fishing in his ships- I have put his household in my RANSOM FOOD BOOK begun with Lennie 1936...Ransom 90s AD Menu :  fish pie & shell fishes, roasted duck with herbs & nettle fritters- honey cakes with blackberries & cream-




Nota bene :  Teresa Elizabeth Gordon’s mother Mary Helena is a Roman Catholic & has a friend  `young Paccelli` - the bastards got their lives - Protestants Noble often aborted -








Nota bene :    It is around the town-Scarlet Town…When the CRIMINALLY INSANE of Noble Gross Britain have slain all the little boy heirs Ransom they get all the DOUGH-   Sons killed : Ivy Ransom/Dr John Ray R. /Dr Len I. Ransom/Mr & Mrs Murgatroyd Missionaries Ethiopia/The Gronlander kin- heavy toll of life to see Greenland cannot have educated nationals/Weddell families all murdered by 1960 for a change of name on Weddell Sea-Atlases printed 1949/1953 ready with no Weddell SEA/ thus when all records destroyed the Nobles will be rich for All Time- 






1943/45 - Wartime Britain VISITORS IN THE DARK -   


The noble crowd took meetings in a cull-de-sac after dark- coming with 2 or 3 big cars…one with a Standard  -


No elected Government really ruled monetary Gross Britain- OBSCENE BESTIAL & IGNORANT sub-apes GOT HOLD OF OUR ALUMINUM SHARES -  As the War ended the Fraudster-murderers of Grote children grabbed - They were having a jokey game with our Norwegian properties until a frozen mud puddle took too much for his women -  All the corruption tricks of a CLASS that has a Nation‘s institutions to use illegally - ARCHIVES/records/diaries/tell of all these tricks/they all had Flight anywhere-on faceless matters/Canada-stop off at Greenland- 1941 sell a VASE  New York USA lifted Buck Palace- JIM Mr Pong HAD TO EAT !




1960 - summer - Colne Engaine/ VISITOR-Norway /


 … “  I am called in bored tones round a corner when they come to stay…the odd job lot - (given life by Mary Helena Gordon who saved the bastards of Teresa…)  ` He says he had been brought up with no stigma or racism- now he encountered from a young man horrible slights- from those he was brought up to call  `cousins` - & they were most greedy -`   He notes their unfitness for a role in the modern world -  ` dappled grey was more important` He was to `hear it said they did not expect him to marry ` ! 


He got a common law wife & when their daughter was 4 years of age she died - 1960 - ( His name is `Henry Hall/King of Sweden`)




He felt JIM & sinister Mr Mengele Harrington & his Teams might be responsible for the death of his child -  (these 2 monsters kill their own issue too/archives etc.)   He is probably the one Harry calls `Henry Hall`…who came to stay at Clacton with his grandparents when Greetah was 2 years of age…




Henry Hall King of Sweden :   “ says the Whitehead Twins mutha 1968.… ‘HIS MUTHA…Terry… woz tah bring them all THEY WOZ NEEDING…” her best West Virginia Hills accents …She likes to embarrass the  W. TWINZ in posh circles with it…Peter says with mock solemn face  “AH HERE IS SIR ROWLAND`s MOTHER…!




This bastard of Teresa Gordon (de Havilland JIM called her on their trip to Norway `Oer the Foam`… (an embarrassment to the British Imperium)…he may have walked GR on the SANDS 1934-5...


…. before my Grandpa George Ernest Gordon was pushed into death-


or that may have been kindly Patrick MacDrew uncle of the murdered 9 years old Sea Heiress in my Class 1942 we both age 9 years-




Patrick  (knows Philip Silverlee & the Ransom brothers)  friend of the Gordon family I GR remember him 1936/37/ came to church with us Sunday evenings for the glorious Benediction-& Monteverdi’s ’Stella Maris’ sung…helping the Widow Mary Helena wash up after Sunday teasThe 1610 MASS became a Pilgrimage in the 1960s -Music goers asked `have you done your 1610 this year ` ?  Pilgrimage came to The Our Lady Church Clacton-on-Sea…where Greetha & Andre married 1947 April 17 …




1946 - ALL THE HORRORS WERE HEARD IN THE MARITAL COURT-   In the 2nd World War 1940/41 with Noble help she had got hold of Greta & John Gordon Ransom again- & also Colin Frederick Ransom born October 1938...They British IMPERIUM & Scandinavian RELICS advised her  (on dopes & boopze ) to destroy Greta & Colin’s education health & all connections to intelligent relatives & their family friends-  They told her to try keep me Greetha from school & then say I was a truant & too difficult to control- they & Angela with her dramatic lightening visits & spiteful messages …& other thugs of their CULT-


  ( records of secret silence meetings pre-war ) 






….it tells them to do something every day to destroy every class…TO SEE THEIR CLASS RULES THE WORLD…My poor father 25 years old managed to get it off his wife Teresa Gordon R. & he had it copied by photography & then circulated it…THEY HAD VOWED TO REVERSE THE 10 COMMANDMENTS & gave SINS to be committed daily to PROP UP THEIR CLASS…IMPERIAL NOBLE BRITAIN…It included using  medicines to REMOVE MEMORY of troublesome servants & relatives when THE PARTY GOT GOING…




1944 - Wartime Britain Clacton-on-Sea… Greetha Ransom had said at school Spring & again September 1944 at the Pathfields School for 11 years & over… to Armstrong Geographer Cambridge University…that her father was adopted !   He in alarm began to put back the RANSOM histories-  


“… The Ransom brothers hired a skiff leaving their ship at Fredericktown & sailed up to see if a reported new harbour site Johnstown could develop…here at JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND below DISCO Fred Ransom met a girl named Gertrud grand-daughter of that mighty intellect POUL GRONLANDER…” 




1944 October - Mr Armstrong  (he knew Lawrence of Arabia) he was now physically ATTACKED in The Pathfields School by Teresa Gordon Ransom … “ for telling my IDIOT APE daughter MATTERS NOT TO DO WITH HER…she is A FOOL ”    The Police CAME & drove her out of the school & did some questioning !  Teresa Gordon & her  violent hatred of her husband her children Greta & Colin was now a serious issue & there was ALREADY suspicion over the death of the respected MARY GORDON her mother  - THE WAR WAS GOING ON…Some other University teachers tried help- one Phillips degree University kind man was poisoned by Teresa Gordon able to get in his flat.  He had to leave…they knew that ANGELA & LINDSAY EARLS sent PACKS OF EVIL THUGS if anyone challenged their DIVINE RIGHT to this vast ESTATE !


Teacher PHILIPS…he was hunted persecuted by Teresa Gordon R supplying information to her IMPERIAL THUGS…British Intelligence had some say…he seems to be not alive 5 years later 1949/1950 !


Records Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux-Ghost House Team 1960 January-swift research Essex & help given /Colne Engaine Colchester - AN HEIR TAKES SHAPE …says Arthur Malone…“ it solved the on-going VIOLENCE against ANDRE & GRETA all those years  … ”




1972 ...  THE MENGELE HARRINGTON couple…HUNG LIKE GHOULS from their perches…all the time at COLNE ENGAINE…Mengele saw he could pull a lot of money towards them from abroad…He had to put in some hours as a Doctor in London…or he`d have NO KUDOS as a Doctor…thus they all limped on 1960 !  He stole every penny off Fred Ransom came legally to him in the Argentine after Fred Ransom June 1960 paid the wages of Malone hearing that Andre Malraux sent money but it never reached them !






FR in shock !  Philip Silverlee whom he knew pre-war…


 had now May 1960 his daughter MURDERED for getting the LEGAL DOCUMENTS Argentine for Malraux & de Gaulle ! ”


“ THE BRITISH IMPERIAL GANGSTERS were desperate to halt administration of the Estate abroad…ITS EXISTANCE SHOWED UP THEIR CRIME…death of GROTE children…to get themselves DOUGH…any collection of the Accounts showed them helping themselves everywhere the globe…it was Kennedy with help from his parents who threw his weight behind the restoration of parts of the Estate…hurling the Noble class out…”




about us all the globe…as always…`




1970 ANDRE MALRAUX  in winter The Pillar House Harwell-Whitehead family home… “these two were being raised as culprits


for everything (Greta & Colin)… misfits Peter !  Harmed so they could not learn at school by Teresa-given powerful dopes- orders from the top !  My detectives & their helpers got the records swiftly-as soon as we knew what we were looking for- AN HEIR HAD APPEARED !  BORN ON A HEARSE I was told


There were very many good people anxious to help I ANDRE MALRAUX had lived in Clacton & I knew many of these people now anxious to help…I had been HUMILIATED over the natural marriage…a matter of late summer & spring




…I SEE FROM THIS HOME…as I look around…THAT THE MARRIAGE I MADE LONG AGO WAS GOING TO LAST… In a Catholic setting nothing could go wrong…Teresa was to be sent to an ASYLUM after the Marital Court   (1946  September) …I was NOT INFORMED OF THIS…neither were the Winncleman couple…after his death Miss Minni did make some mention to his widow about she herself protecting me by not telling of an Estate…She was advised by the bastard son it was all the property of the Crown& she herself had been told so by the woman Angela before the WAR began…she appeared at their GRAND on the seafront…I have told you I have photographs of it-they wish to deny they were ever there !  They have foul crimes & murder !


 … The rest of the family were not given this piece of information at any time…after the War ended Miss Gordon did not say THE ESTATE has gone to the CROWN !  …I spoke with Miss Win Gordon in 1963...we stayed at Southampton in the same hotel & I was able to question her on many points…I CALL HER MISS MINNI…”    ANDRE MALRAUX 1970






1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX speaks winter The Pillar House…


“…There was NOTHING wrong with the families, Peter…


NOTHING !  It was at the top they were penniless- debts were mounting- much inherited- they had all gone mad - 


de Gaulle & I were to be used-USED !  ….


but clearly got rid of if we learned too much…»




“  It was going on when I began to live part of the month in Lancaster Gate Square  (1952/1953-1961 Nov.) …I had no idea~  All of them- JIM a bar rat…all of them were helping themselves -it lay round the world everywhere- doing good work.   He had seen to it with careful care…a young man, younger than I…I had married his daughter in good faith- SHE Miss Winnie told nobody after the ceremony


WHY HE WAS NOT THEREshe had cancelled he & his party coming…his sister…SHE CANCELLED THEM hours before WITHOUT ASKING THE REST OF THE FAMILY…OR HER CHURCH …OR HER CHURCH  !!!  ”        Notebooks Andre Malraux/ records/many speak/records/the decades




1957- MALRAUX  “…she Teresa was being paid by JIM


…co-steward-WHITES Club-he had to get out of Kenya…his crimes there were being investigated by USA & other nations…


Paid daily to harm Greetah & myself…from October  (1957)…


 in my home… 50 Lancaster Gate Square-you saw it Peter-Greetha took you there 1966...yes I later heard from my detectives…” 




“ Oh Teresa had gone insane with them before the marriage to that poor young man…tried have Colin killed autumn 1957-when he came to seek Sanctuary with us-I had little understanding & no knowledge of what he knew…& at this time I had to keep rushing to France-a Government was going to happen & I felt I might be asked to take a Post…  The information Colin had been given by his father`s sister who took care of him a year he 15 years old ! We got him abroad…he was never safe & we had him guarded when we could.  His Uncles now helping…I knew very little sometimesI HAD A JOB…in GAUL…it demanded my attention night & day…then I had another personal matter to handle…”    Andre Malraux speaking 1970




1946 - “ That late summer…The Marital Court heard & saw much evidence that Teresa had been living again wildly - the house was emptied of so much furniture & she sold it locally boasting her husband did not give her any money…I saw it like this 1945...






…HAD BEEN DECIMATED - she told the children if they wanted heat they could burn books …Greta repeated this at school & little Colin & a friend !  TERESA WAS HEARD !   Kind people over the road…he a retired plain clothes detective… !   My detectives with help from others we knew gathered the evidence from 1960...there was no lack of help winter January (1960) from people I knew, I ANDRE MALRAUX ”






1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX winter January-February in distress-


he has his notebooks/Arthur Malone lives near…


…the bastard du Cann had a legal team of 2 persons in the Court - Miss Win Gordon had agreed- she had not asked permission her family- This team tried make trouble for Greta & Colin- they were sent packing with tails between their legs-as much as the Court the town could…but remained LETHAL`


I did not know of his existence until Mrs…Lady Astor told me…December 1957 & Greetha clearly did not know or did not recall any of this history of her mother before the marriage to her father ! However…ASTOR !   She then got them- JIMto her apartment in a half hour after I left !






I now went into disguise all the time … There was much hilarity about Old Eskimos & not allowed make Wills behind my back in the Club (WHITES) I used it infrequently over 10 years…at the time I did not follow this at all…  I took an interest in a much more serious matter I felt …the burning of bodies…women & other men killed in London- by 4 young men of your class Peter… who took the dismembered corpses up to Scotland…a sort of ritual…I was able to get their confidence - I have my notesGreta may not recall this dangerous time…`




 (  Oh yes she does !  So many records/reports/were about 1957/1960 & it got in newspapers…JIM said in WHITES the party inner-circle after hours…`Malraux…spoiling young men’s fun`Naval Intelligence may be bugging JIM too… GR  )




1946 -  ANDRE MALRAUX Records/others/  Marital court reports on Teresa Gordon Ransom 1940-1945- /Visit Malraux to FJR October 1957- diaries read/some recorded/  but my father attacked by JIM & thugs days afterwards-  Ivy Ransom nursed him well but his liver harmed…THREATS FROM JIM to IVY & FJR/




1962 March - IVY RANSOM…  “  I was shown a halter again…


he has hold of two girls when they were young…”   Ivy slammed door as it were on Andre Malraux !  She did not know enough -her brothers had tried protect her after her son age 9 was a hit & run in Switzerland on her Estate- done by Lindsay & JIM !




1970 ANDRE MALRAUX winter The Pillar House Harwell


Research & information gathered 1960 by his detectives/ friends/he …/documents with members the Court & others/


  “  1946 Marital Court Proceedings/extracts :




“ She TGR had sold so much to a Clacton second-hand shop-until he was told to take no more her husband was not dead - she used a young garage employee to take suitcases of books for her to COLCHESTER   (Donovan Bookseller/The Strand & Colchester branch)  - it was proved she HAD ALL HER HUSBAND’s PAY & was taking INCOME from the Estate & with her Noble friends destroying small businesses & grasping at SHARES/Aluminium…others ! …Your class were also taking OVERSEAS LANDS off her for `The Realm`…They know the Estate is administered overseas America Argentine & Asia…


“ Her children had to suffer her lewd behaviour in the HOME & visits by noblemen bragging they had killed a number of children offshore ”  (ref. G.R. July 1945)


“… ‘ Also the children had the meanest of bedding & while the boys were clothed adequately the girl Greta Ransom had been seen at schools 1943/5 in the meanest & thinnest of garments in winter-her mother hid her knickers or soaked them in cold water in winter before school…Her mother said the girl did this-she was doo lah li tat & all her friends in London knew it-they were important !  The matter of drugs used was reported upon by a retired Medical Officer who’d made a study of Upper Class use from 1920s…there had been a nurse at the hospital with some training-but knowledge was rare…»




‘ The girl did all the housework she could cope with…of a large house- & 2 other children - GR & CFR were left with 2 pence for the gas meter & sometimes no electricity- there would be candles-a bike torch-an old hurricane lamp-an oil stove-but often there was no oil-


In March 1945 the time of the 12th birthday of the girl… the mother had tipped paraffin over the girl’s school raincoat & tried to push her on the stove when the chimney was not closed…Both these children inherited - the mother had always insisted the child JGR was a bastard…`




That the child JGR was a bastard was denied by Captain FJR who produced photos of his grandfather JOHN RANSOM Educationalist of Montreal & the Greenland Island the RANSOM family home/ there was an almost identical likeness -


The mother was known to take the child JGR to London with her to meetings Whitehall-- two meetings had been noted …`  archives/detectives-law/honest folk-




“ The girl GR…1944/45 was left alone all night - with the younger boy born Oct 1938 - her mother was dining at Dedham with soldiers & taxi fares were an astronomical sum each way- She was sometimes away in London a night -




Hospital Reports/others -1930-1940s- these had been safely put away when it was known that records to do with the Estate were removed by the Earls for the Crown…


….& a worrying report on the death of her mother Mary Gordon-


June 1944 - Clacton & other hospital reports…they had locked TGR up 1930s- the correct documents got- but she was GOT OUT by her friend Angela, Jimmie, & some of the Earl Lindsay family Earl Lindsay of the Grand on the seafront pulled down this year 1946... Often the place was listed by Police for various crimes that could not be prosecuted because of the noble visitors-”


ANDRE MALRAUX reads records 1960/his notebooks 1940s/




1938 - TGR & nobles -  put a monkey gland in the forehead of her new born baby CFR cutting the month old babe’s forehead/ Clacton hospital locked her in a store room - if the baby lived then they’d let her out- Five days later they took her & threw her on the beach-she could drink seawater -  Locking her up having her disappear  was the only way they could stop her NOBLE FRIENDS interfering.




1935 - EARL LINDSAY family & their scum :   Greta Ransom had been  savagely used by them one afternoon when she was 2 years & a half -    “ The reason why they left Britain October 1935...& there had been other attacks in London - death of Minerva ! ”


Family of Earl Lindsay calling themselves the SENIOR branch of the RANSOM families were heard very often to call the child GR  ‘pauper-ape-Eskimo/  reports-




`… Thus the family Ransom left by seaplanes October 1935 to go to West Greenland & live at their big warm house on their island…but they found many of their educated kin had been slain because Independence was not wanted for Greenland…this was the chief reason thought at that time…it was but also the PLANNED FRAUD-THEFT OF THE GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE was already operating…JIM an accomplished little killer had got an old Queen to agree with him that it would be best if THE GROTE CHILDREN DID NOT LIVE…because they could upset the BALANCE OF THE WORLD…& ruin the EMPIRE OF GROSS BRITAIN All of them were HIGH on opiums/brandy/& PINS… `




`1935 - TGR - her Noble solicitors-she was to have a divorce-a settlement would be made…she had agreed- she did not want the girl at all who was an ape & eskimo-  Teresa wanted her freedom from the Ransom family- & her independence financially-`




`JIM Jong with legally proven crimes was protected by his HIGH CLASS IGNORANCE & SIN persons… had been up on the Ransom Island for the British Government & Crown who fancied having it OFF their Scandinavian connections… But nothing would be put in writing- The child 3 & a half years was kidnapped back to Britain summer 1936 by a woman working for Government in Whitehall- authority granted Lindsays- G. B. Government  Lords & Crown…for the LINDSAY EARLS …`




1936 - violence against Greta Ransom began immediately/blows to head August 1936 by JIM & LINDSAY 14 to stop her going with her Aunt Mrs Grote & the cousins DE Salle of Paris to JAPAN to call at the Chysthantheum Court visit the DOWRY islands at the end fo the LUSAN chain…& go on to NEW YORK to return to the Bridal Home & meet with the GROTE FAMILY & others again…`




`The girl G.R. was NOT a Ward of Court & if she were the Estate would not be left to she or to LIR if he were Ward of Court -


It was administered from  the USA legally-other nations-`




1936 onwards-  1946 further Reports to Marital Court 


August-September at Clacton-on-Sea -  Attacks Mexico & North America were confirmed by official hospital etc USA & diary accounts/the family were followed by thugs who were under the authority of the British Diplomatic establishments/separate reports/to be read by the Court members in private/ 






1936-1939 BRITAIN -  after the kidnapping by the Government & the foul mouthed charges from the Lindsay gang & noble friends who visit to their GRAND Clacton seafront it was obvious- the British Establishment clearly did not want to lose the inheritance of the RANSOM children- NOT WARDS OF COURT- the Estate is overseas-where there are other heirs to be accepted if necessary…


Some of the Papers were to be read with the JPs in their own homes…it was felt not necessary to read all in Court…/some things that had happened were very barbaric…to harm the reputation of the children, Master Len, & the Ransom families :




Other attacks on Greta Ransom -  the 3 years & 6 months old child was beaten on the head with a metal bar August 1936 by Jim Jong & Lindsay (14) was in the car they used to rush away witnesses-  it was denied by the Earl of Crawford & Lindsay they were


in the country-he lied- 








The child was unofficially claimed by LINDSAY Premier Earls of Great Britain & Scotland they were called  … She was in hospital & then guarded at home for 6 weeks until her Convent School opened in October -  G.R had her little face black for a month  - “ 3 blows were given…5 would have resulted in death   Mr X a dog-walker had not gone to the Carnival but took his dog in the Rec-his wife was not well-  He saw the attack heard the man cursing- it was he gave the alert- he saw the man & the man in the car outside & recognised them-he got the child help from the shop over the road by the Rec gates & then phoned the Police & the child taken to the Clacton Hospital her head bleeding & she stunned- it was JIM Jong & Mr Lindsay from the Sea Front…




BARBARIC & FILTHY CHARGES :   Challenged by Police & hospital & others at law why the child was alone in the REC on Carnival day, the mother Teresa Gordon R. said  `the child went after men-it should be neutered-it played about with its private partsher friends in London & The Earls of Lindsay in the Grand said it was deformed & that the savages on its father’s side had them all like this…They had bred with apes & Eskimos…The mother had not attended school after 12 years…she went RACING with her Noble friends-who had kept her from schools in Ireland 1919/1920-they were all well known persons…& visited the LINDSAY Place the GRAND on Clacton seafront…






1946 Marital Court Clacton - Reports :  hospital-others-


“   The child had lemon juice & vinegar rubbed between her legs…Mr Pong had come with VIM & also done this…said she screamed but they put a bar of soap in her mouth…she itched terribly…G.R. could remember this also happened before they ESCAPED to Greenland…When G.R. tried to stop the itching she was dragged by her hair & called names in the street by themthey then went to Report to the Grand where `monsters from the deep came`… One called himself Richard Strauss or Finzi…& he had tried get in her bed…it was him the Earl`s heir…No 14...she had got under the bed & BANGED THE CHAMBER POT ON THE FLOOR & her father had rushed up-he had no idea they had got in the house…Her father came with his gun now if they appeared !”




1960 Reports -  from many sources to Arthur Malone Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux -


& from Hadzor Wiltshire …where it was believed JIM killed the younger sister of Captain Barclay for her Estate 1940/41 & used a local Agent to sell it later for him…claiming it for The Crown…




1936 - Teresa Gordon R. said to Clacton Police/others present/


` that she had asked for a divorce …


“ …her Noble friends in London wished her to stay & try & be a mother to this misfit… SHE HAD WORKED WITH HER BARE HANDS SCRUBBING FLOORS to get money to feed this creature of the apes…from a marriage she had no intention of makingher mother was mad -a drinker ~a DRINKER & Irish- & an Irish fool-  She had done this to her …»  FORCED HER TO MARRY THE RICHEST FAMILY IN THE GLOBE…her daughter now made heir …`  




Reports go onROME 1947 September … stuck her Teresa Gordon Ransom the new mother-in-law of ANDRE MALRAUX back on an airplane after hearing AT the Airfield  a good 10 minutes of filthy insanity & spite as the above !  They may have had to PRAY for a year to get themselves on even keel after hearing the IMPERIAL BRITISH HIGH intelligence of the declining but fallen Empire …


They shelter `young Paccelli` too much- he’d probably have hit her round the ear & shut her up in Catacombs ~he at this time knows of the slain GROTE children-




1936 - Greta Ransom at 3 years 4 months- kidnapped back by orders British Government & Crown for LINDSAY Premier Earls -






20th century VIOLENCE from LINDSAY Premier Earls : 


who claimed 1933 & ever afterwards that Greta Ransom was an ape-Eskimo …she heir to biggest Estate the Globe has ever had of pure philanthropy & Guardian a real MAN, Andre Malraux… This Document is by one they have always called dumb-deaf-illiterate-imbecile & tried put into an Asylum where they put all their distant relatives they rob What an embarrassment to them we were…they who went to church on their birth & death & were washed twice in their lives too…  


1920s - They GROSS BRITAIN EARLS had had this immorality from


the Frobisher woman they tried tell Winston Churchill when he kicked them out of England for robbery with violence & trying also to lock up in an asylum  Mrs Margarethe Ransom GROTE…richest person in every way in the globe ` They have called GR immortal I think I heard ?  GFWR/GMCae.R/




1946 - Reports to Marital Court August-September Clacton-on-Sea-


“ … the child Greta Ransom -    She now 3 years 6 months old August 1936 is a month in hospital/photos by Mr Charles McGowan town photographer - the child’s face was black for a month


…small newspaper articles appeared …




LIR  -  “ I fear this is why the Clacton  (retired Exeter 1954) McGowan family were searched-attacked-  In the Argentine we have the newspaper with this article-& others…The Weddell Families had always been JUST & hoped we would all come & live over there…until we could all go to Greenland-   Reports on the Grote heirs stored by the Weddell family show that we are looked to continue as Tiggy & Aunt Mag…the JOYOUS VENTURE will see people can have a life without Conquerors striding in demanding moneys for `fair shares`…& coarse upper crust voices calling Old Eskimos not allowed make Wills…IT IS SICKENING WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO COVER UP FOR GREED…` 




1970s - LIR reading with Malraux/Diaries FJR & JR®…Andre Malraux & loyal detectives & colleagues…speaking…) TAPES/ 




Nota bene KUDOS - TERESA GORDON R. comes from her true-blue chums of the Roaring 1920s THE FALLEN EMPIRE IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS A GANG & Scandinavian relatives & barbaric brutes of OBSCENE GREED all began by THE PENNILESS ARISTOCRATS OF GROSS BRITAIN…1936 they will have an Abdication & put Angela in the hot seat - & all be rich for evermore…Teresa is to be welcomed in Private & held at arms length in Public…`  THEY BOX IT CLEVER




1936 September - `FJR her young  (24 years old) father was attacked when the child was brought home from the Clacton hospital who had called a Specialist in/not one recommended by THE LINDSAYBUGGARHS on the seafront who were seen at Clacton CARNIVAL with the usual two collecting tinsbig one for them !   Police helped with a WATCH during the day -  The Attack in August 1936 Clacton Recreation Ground - ` G.R. the child had been given a narcotic to make her barely able to stand…It was violence by persons very well known…`




1960 - Reports given to Arthur Malone Detective/Colleagues/ Patrick MacDrew-for ANDRE MALRAUX MINISTER OF FRANCE




1943 February -  REPORT from a retired MEDICAL OFFICER - his home close by where he found the child Greta Ransom…  “ Before 10am frosty & still a very cold morning


on the Clacton-Holland-on-Sea seafront road beside the cliffs -  


…he found the girl Greta Ransom age 9 years with her brother’s shoes that had been cut off at the toes -  her mother had bound them on with string !  She did not go to school because she was shaking & dizzy bruised with some bleeding- but at 8.30am had made her way to Holland-on-Sea seafront where she felt her mother would not come-




The girl GR was sitting on the wooden Council seat trying to warm herself in the  morning sun- the child was shaking & could hardly speak- her mother had begun to burn everything in the grandmother’s home in the kitchen range-  Her mother raged- she had found Granny had bought the two of them new shoes (little Colin 5 years old & Greetha)  Granny had paid for them from dear Augusta’s account which came in each month for school things & outings.  TGR had begun shouting & hissing not quite screaming at her mother Mary Gordon when she found out ! She had hit Granny & all of them !


(Granny had been taken to hospital the day before…) John had been sent off to school early !  Her mother said  `Colin was to have brother John’s shoes when he grew out of them- Colin’s shoes would be sold…John could have the new shoes first…NO NEW SHOES FOR APESYOU BLOODY BITCHMY FRIENDS WANT YOU DEAD ! `  




Nota bene :  The retired Medical Officer knows of the murder of the 9 years old Miss `d`UFF Macdrew Newfoundland heiress in the school Greetah is in-in her class-he knows her uncle Patrick MacDrew…& his mother who lives at Holland-on-SEA…The connections will be important in giving evidence over the years-






it will also lose many witnesses their lives when Mr Mengele paedophile Harrington steps in November 1953 & gets his snout in to everyone`s lives…& is paid - his employment authorised by friend Philip Mountbatten…






1943 February “ NO NEW SHOES FOR APES ” 


Teresa Gordon R. her mother kept shoutingShe her mother had waited until Granny was taken to hospital & began going mad again that school morning... 


SHE HAD BURNED THE NEW SHOES bought for both of them-


Greta & little Colin !  She had seen Greetha`s new shoes set ablaze…  That left GR with no shoes- The old ones far too small but still in nice condition had been given to a poor family by her Grandmother Mary Gordon…Little Colin wore his old ones which were very broken & worn-he was going to keep those for playing after school in the REC when he came home with his little friends…they played football »




“ GR had also body bruises from blows-an examination was later carried out by a school nurse when the child was composed -she had been kicked & had blows to her mouth which had been bleeding-some hair on her scalp may have been pulled outShe was sturdy & quickly cheerful as soon as she was got warm by my Aunt`s fire - & the whole of that time polite & noticed little ornaments & the cushions were nice- perhaps too anxious to have little fuss made of the violence- The Chief Medical Officer now retired twice said he regarded her as under-nourished…highly nervous but sturdy-he recommended Cod Liver Oil other things if available - Yes he knew her ancestry- North Pole & some down the other end South Pole


…good bones & teeth & smooth complexion…»




“ It was in Hospital records/& prison records/that the mother 1920s & 1930s became insane on narcotics - they could be obtained from the Clacton Noble Mafia sometimes in their Place on Clacton front- called THE GRAND- this family of Scots Lords  (LINDSAY)  were demanding an Estate be given to them- It was they & their highly placed friends who insisted the child GR was an imbecile because of her ancestry- Sea traders-philanthropists-Others could comment here-




`The retired Medical Officer he said -` HE HAD MADE A STUDY OF THE USE OF NARCOTICS BY THE UPPER CLASSES- since 1923- when he ‘came ashore’ & decided not to be a ship’s Surgeon-  He made it a leisure study-narcotics/dope-users/ it was an area of medicine little understood- one nurse at Clacton hospital before this War began had also studied & had some training in this field-




1943 January - `The previous month January 1943 this sad woman with these noble connections was frequently found to be violent - TGR- was to have been transferred to a Mental Institution after serving another year in the prison-  However, again a message from a woman known at Clacton-on-sea 1920s/30s as Angela a friend of the Earls Lindsay- ` ( their place the GRAND stood on the Seafront next to the Royal Hotel on a small piece of spare land ) 




`…It was she ANGELA urged authorities they let Teresa Gordon Ransom go free to take care of her 3 children…Angela said the girl was known to be difficult, perhaps mad & caused much trouble for her


mother !   This 1920 association of Teresa Gordon with a wild set-was known to the town before the War to be a worrying connection & was continued because of Lindsay Noble CLAIM to the Estate - In his opinion it would be helpful to Teresa if she were given help in an Asylum…& her companions of her youth kept away from her….Angela with Mr JIM Jong often a worry to local Police & other counties !`  




1942 -  `Mary Gordon grandmother had legal care of the 3 children when their mother TGR was put in a secure place by the Counties of Wiltshire & Worcestershire 26 December 1941 & to remain for 2 years then be transferred to a Mental Institution to await her husband’s return from the WAR- a request had been made that the WAR OFFICE was to have him return for Home Duties…`


Earls of Lindsay & JIM saw he did not-they tried have him killed in Kenya-he was hidden by a family Malindi who knew of GROTE HOMES & their worth  




1942/1943 - TGR had been given LEAVES from the Prison in Wiltshire/Worcestershire too frequently during the year 1942 - ….she would return to Clacton-on-sea by train but go swiftly to her Noble friends -  ( A Miss Butler reported her fears to an Essex JP & the Clacton Hospital staff her aunt Mary Gordon knew )   Sometimes Teresa would go to Clifton a house owned by the Astor family…TGR had just spent the Christmas there 1942/New Year 1943...  TGR returned early January & violence began at her mother & the girl GR & the 4 years old boy CFR-   A relative a Miss Teresa Butler had been alarmed at her cousin Teresa`s behaviour to Aunt Mary Gordon & the children Greetha & little Colinbut had to return to her War Duties… Miss Teresa Butler knew of the unsuitable companions of her cousin TGR - They noble Britain & some from Scandinavia had little money but knew only too well where it lay…Southern Ireland & with the Ransom Estate…”




Chief Medical officer continues


February 1943 Mary Gordon had been taken to hospital suffering from malnutrition & violence from her daughter Teresa over some days-she demanding money !   TGR clearly was a user of narcotics & he feared a specific narcotic used by the upper crust-grown in Scotland- he diagnosed this immediately he saw the child GR & heard her account of the early morning while they were preparing to go to school…she & her two younger brothers…& that narcotic had to be got from the Noble persons their mother TGR knew…One person now in a very high position had Teresa G.R. released in JANUARY 1943 & this clearly should never NEVER  have been allowed…”


Police Records 1943/Marital Court 1946/Research 1960/




1946 - Clacton-on-sea Marital Court/


JP discussions/Police/schools/others/



…some Private Reports from the last years showed Angela & JIM-the Earls of Lindsay instructing law & medical authorities to free TGR- it was pleaded by them to the law & medical authorities that TGR was needed by her sons-  There was a note on files (1940/1941) examined 1943 that two years ago Angela & JIM Jong  (he now an Army Major working in the Palace where he had an apartment from the 1920s) were speaking in noble gatherings calling this young heir born 1933 being insane & she was violent to her mother & others- this was clearly untrue ~ JIM was known to be `on the PIN ` always…`Staff reported in the Palace some things missing-taken by him…he sold things abroad…` He was often unbalanced-unpredictable…”




It was discovered 1939 by the RANSOM family that ALL POST/mail addressed to Miss Greta Ransom from CHRISTMAS 1933 WAS STOLEN IN THE NAME OF THE EARL OF LINDSAY & TAKEN TO Buckingham Palace where it was opened - 


Documents correspondence being taken to Whitehall to Rooms set apart…THIS WAS NOT ALLOWED AT LAW…WAR had begun September 1939-  It became alarming… many people connected to the family were missing…their properties sold on…this was often outside Great Britain & its Empire…`  This came to light in a frightening manner late 1940s/early 1950sThe Weddell families were disappearing in South America without trace…` reports/  






1943 January -the Authorities Law & Medical were ignored -


… it was arranged by the Earl of Lindsay, Mr JIM Jong & his friend Angela who telephoned the Worcester & Wiltshire authorities that TGR should be released to go & take care of her children…as HER MOTHER Mary Gordon WAS A DRUNK… Therefore this violent woman Teresa Gordon Ransom  as requested by her noble friends walked free - they knew her daughter Greta was HEIR to Mrs Grote…the biggest philanthropic Estate running round the globe in nations not under the boot of the Imperial British Empire…


By February 1943 it was clearly seen that the noble friends gave TGR narcotics… & he  Chief Medical Officer Retired-retired-come from retirement to help in the War - with experience of DOPE was quite certain it was this very dangerous dope known to Police as frog spawn-  Divinorum Salvia Scotland-  pellets were fitted in the nose cavity where they dissolved over 6 weeks or so- it went to the brain in 2 seconds & gave a sense of power - vigour IT WAS ADDICTIVE ! `




1944  3rd June- Then the death of Mary Gordon-from poison-given a dose of narcotics at 11pm by her daughter TGR who then left her with her youngest child EGP-  TGR denied she gave her mother dope & said `old girl took anything-drank`  She admitted to  `perhaps she had given her mother medicine` -


Greta Ransom 11 years 3 months told a school friend & the friend`s mother  how she heard her mother cursing to the stars in the back garden at midnight saying   “YOU WON’T SEE THE SUN RISE OLD GIRL… I’ll give YOU interfere with my family- I will have them all in prison - in the bloody Lunatic asylum - my friends will see to that - THIS MONEY IS OURS…`  Greta did not let her mother know she had heard her…




(  G.R. report /  She Clytemnestra had returned from a relative she said but I think she had been to London for she said something about the train… Granny Mary Gordon was just come out of hospital to Auntie Esther`s house …)




“…Mary whom everybody knew a God fearing woman of great intelligence died at 2.30am on the bathroom floor-she did not cry out…”   Chief Medical officer retired-report-




1944 -  a soft June night the sky black the stars high specks of diamonds & pearls  “ in that eternity the Universe where we will go when the ships are invented that will take us there…to these other worlds…”   ( POUL GRONLANDER`s little mother who reads LUCRETIUS in FRENCH early 18th century … WEST GREENLAND ) 


DEATH of MARY HELENA b 1870 ( Mrs George Ernest Gordon m 1890 Manchester/A Polka Dot Wedding white-cyclamen )




1944 June - GR recalls feeling sick with grief- an evil world we were in- I bent over in grief telling a friend 2 days later at school- then oin 4 days being told off by Aunt Miss Win Gordon ATS…WHAT I SAW THAT NIGHT HAD REACHED THE CLACTON HOSPITAL who had found Mary Gordon was poisoned !!!


I GR can see it all as a Film at the cinema -I can act it out-put it into movements…retrace my body upon that TIME near midnight & what I see that night when this VAMPIRE SheSHE shaped from the Imperial OBSCENE GREEDY ignorant brutish system made to get hold of MONEY & LANDS…    She was calling out in the `Pearly` garden of The House at the End of the REC witch-like phrases…. records/      ( creatures like Lindsay Earls-JIM-using Imperial obscene Britain should be dropped in pits as they did to thousands of GROTE CHILDREN-& filled in ! GR ) 




1946 - Marital Court Clacton- Captain Frederick John RANSOM is able to show he had many times put his wife in a good Clinic 1930s-


an expensive cruise she was sent upon- & that she was got out of any Clinic or Hospital by her NOBLE LONDON CHUMS-who kept her free as a Spy- crushing Greta & little Colin born October 1938 - threatening the families both sides - it was known the deaths of his parents were unnatural- because of the DEMANDS in secret-silence that this Estate be given to LINDSAY EARLS & Angela  (a woman who got a Crown by default)  -