Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges


1945 Xmas-tide






Great CLACTON-Anglo-Saxon CLACTUNA …



CLACTON-on-Sea … FRIDAYS fish & chips :

in memory of the CENTENARY of GREAT WAR 1914 and the 2nd WORLD WAR … and the decades following …



& my Christmas present to him 2013 AD GAUL …

1945 CLACTON-on-SEA :

Late November early December … GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & the GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX :


`La Mer` Claude DEBUSSY - GLENN MILLER `Moonlight Serenade`- C. Monteverdi 1610 MASS - 17th-18th centuries WAITS at XMAS - a young person named Ben Britten has won fame in local schools for opera sculpting the sea shores of East Anglia `PETER GRIMES` … and we can even comment on the music of Luigi Dallapiccola/V.Williams/R. Wagner … Villa Lobos … our Schools music teacher is Raymond SALT young graduate of Royal College of Music … who knows of the travels of the RANSOM families 1930s … as does Mr Armstrong our geography-history wartime teacher a Cambridge graduate of earlier years :

… early DECEMBER : STEP BACK into first Christmas after end of 2nd World War … sea mists fill the town of Clacton-on-Sea come up the Valley Road from the Holland cliffs and the ancient


Marsh Gasespools … soft rain slanting in the gold tint street lights accompanies these cold evenings … the 2nd World War has ended somewhat April 1945 … many of us East Anglia count our DEAD this first winter : an odd feeling this PEACE it merges into THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 : it is not possible to have mind & body yet emerge from WAR to feel A Peace … :





I and friend of 12 years are addressed by a senior pupil of our schools … “ Have you seen GEORGE … Colonel ANDRE … ? ” My friend replies “Oh … UP THE CHIP SHOP talking … 2 minutes ago … when I came over the REC to get Greetha … ”

She a senior girl is 13-14 years old … a file of papers & school book under her arm … Colonel Andre comes into Classes and teaches a 10 or 15 minutes since June 1945 … she turns and walks swiftly ahead of us to Great Clacton where the Church is over reached by the many very tall Elm trees & the Valley Road swings off into the dark by the former Anabaptist Chapel where Services were allowed into the 1930s every month by the Protestant Bishop for the old people … many are Refugee families from the Continent 17th century onwards into late 19th century - several languages are still spoken by the old ...

The Great Clacton Fish & Chip shop is lit by naked light bulbs and steam from the frying drifts in circles out of the open door where a contented queue gossips while waiting for ordered parcels … to be wrapped very tightly in several pages of newspapers of the week : a little shop of sweets-tobacco- newspapers-cards-fancy goods may still be open … Outside by the Churchyard groups of people and school children of our age are exchanging town and district information = Exactly as back to first centuries AD ROMAN BRITAIN, Saxon and Angles England then Norman French … here on this ground … news of the Market place, Forum, Agora …

1945 - The 12 and 13 years old and older teenagers of the CLACTON schools are quiet powerful of intellect & I long to have that quick response of sentences to Colonel Andre Malraux :


we have ALL come through this 2nd World War & he as a child with the 1st World War … But our age group hath grown up with the GREAT WAR 1914=1919 told us with great respect in the 1930s & merging into the early WAR YEARS 1939-1940s … this 2nd War was a quite unnecessary continuation of the 1st World War … Greed at Versailles and the 1920s … Depression the 1930s … East Anglia is alive with intelligent families … perhaps because of the Refugees from the Continent for hundreds of years … all with skills and an awareness that history is from the kitchen … if you do not EAT then you will not survive too well …

1945 May - To us again comes Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX, now a WIDOWER of JOSETTE the young lady of 1937 that the Town hoped he would be marrying : As pre-war we use both his names of Georges and Colonel Andre … he is at home here … his mother has a blood line EAST ANGLIA the SEAS EDGES back to 9th century a family HISTON by a river some farming and homes for wintertime when boats do not put to sea between November and March … His mother had her line along the `Thorpes` now lost in coastal erosion edged along the Medieval Fishing grounds of THE WASH and along the NORFOLK coasts to Kings Lynn … and by the 19th century to SAXMUNDHAM Hall where she owned a little Dowry House until it was thieved from her 1st World War by a rich Jewish buyer :

ANDRE MALRAUX has photos 19TH CENTURY family at Saxmundham Hall and Bills of Lading & letters & names of family branches and where little homes and lands were : and other records that those who SEA TRADE, farm, have sometimes preserved down the ages or made notes of and maintained tombs and Church grants … All this was destroyed 1941 when his Aunt Marie died … his mother died early … only in her 50s … In 1937 I said I would be his mother … Josette and I had him stand tall as the skies and he knew he wished to live and that he had work to do …

WINTER 1945 and MALRAUX is a widower of JOSETTE who died 9 November 1944

… the town and seas edges know his grief and respect his mourning … and his two half-brothers have died too in this 2nd World War … … …






















1945 ` GREAT CLACTON ancient




first winter of 2nd World War ended …& GEORGES Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX Widower is known to be


under the great ELM trees …



an Opera called `GEORGE in the PARK on SUNDAYS` was welcomed in FRANCE 2013 Spring-Summer = the real lives of human beings are a cascade a spring of fresh hope to the civilized wishing for PEACE …

Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX, `Colonel Andre` we address him for his formidable intelligence … but he is GEORGES as his mother and Aunt Marie called him when he walks talks dances with us at the Pathfields School Youth Club, or the Esperanto short lived Classes Llewellyn Road School, or the BLUE LAGOON on the Clacton PIER … This END OF WAR and a small town FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO ADJUST … we have our DEAD in our arms & can still hear them talking about these ancient Anglo-Saxon lands … We those first months trail them flower strewn on farm carts … veiled memories of the JOHN CONSTABLE paintings over at DEDHAM not far away …

I SEE GEORGE … he is my GUARDIAN until I am 25 years of age … my guardian from October 1937 … I returned by an illegal abduction June 1936 from 8 months touring the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN in their real HOMES … they worldwide outside the BRITISH EMPIRE speak 4 languages and Classics and many rare tongues : GROSS BRITAIN out of ignoble SCOTLAND and some related playboy and bitter turned women known as SCANDINAVIAN GHOULS do not want an educated world … it is in the way of their EMPIRE and their GLITZ that is themselves … of DOPE & liquor :






Many of them it is known, proved, would have been quite happy for HITLER to boot in : From 1919 many of them have been friends, sweethearts, distant relatives, of German young who were in the Great War … Herman Goering is a favourite as a young Flyer & 1921 and 1922 met Teresa Gordon and Angela Bowes Lyon and Jimmie Jong … the German youths and young men are remarked upon as having GOOD MANNERS FAR superior to Scots Nobles and some others who top the Imperial Empire by birth and lack breeding : It is said that the Versailles Treaty brought troubles for all German peoples … HITLER had an audience made by 1929 …



“ … As cousin and my Uncle Liam Ransom Captain of 4 great Tall sailing ships says to us Xmas-tide 1936-1937 after we have been to a WILL HAY film at The CENTURY cinema CLACTON …

1936 October-November-December-January 1937

… …

… “ I went over with the Norwegian Mission …

Oh they know they have let him go too far (HITLER) … can`t get out of anything now … but Herman stood beside him all the time … … … … No he did not want us to remove the Estate … he valued what Mrs Grote had done … he wanted the HOMES … he would not interfere with the Curriculum … knew their worth … they went into medicine science farming … would not make them fight … Oh they will keep their word young Fred … see he does … … `

“ How old are you young woman ? … coming 4 in march … well you have travelled the Homes a year … met everybody … Margaret has made you heir and now Len comes to help you … YOUNG WOMAN ! Times are difficult … hard … have to grow up quickly nowadays … but you have your father and all of us to go on with your training … PASSPORT back soon … go to our homes in America and Argentina … ANGELA had no LAW behind her to order you brought back … But they in on it as usual …LINDSAY and gangs … ”

“ BUT , young Fred, HE WAS RANTING ABOUT JEWS … asked had we any in the Homes ? I said they looked after their own - had their own Orphanages … Well there might be a few in our HOMES who did not know … who were half and half = He said CAREFULLY (not looking at me)

“ had I got my ship ?”

… I said I `left it in Norway to come with this Norwegian Mission` … : He was stern … `Well I was to GET THEM OUT … go over them carefully … and if they looked a bit Jewish at all get them out … “

IT COULD CAUSE TROUBLES LATER … for the rest How soon could we GET THEM OUT ?? = I said we could probably get them out in a month … 2 weeks … NORWAY WOULD BE OVER TO HIM AGAIN - POULSEN himself could come over and sort out … He said `NO! get them out straight away ! = OH HE IS GOING TO HAVE A WAR he is ~ they know it … HE IS RANTING … they know they can`t stop him … gone too far … VERSAILLES did it … opened the door …”

… “ GROTE Brokers and the others … they have to keep Margareth hid nowadays … last attack was serious … Alfred Charles and the others told me about it … … … all of them won`t give up trying to get more … do we still pay school fees for them on the Front … (LINDSAY-LINDSEY) Pity Margaret began that … did not know what they had done to John and Millie of course … ”

1945 November into early December … and I SEE GEORGES Colonel Andre several times … and we sing in choir


and we walk the winter SEAS EDGES to Holland-on-Sea or the other way to JAYWICK Sands the Wash where the Medieval fishing boats were pulled in November to March : He is so tall now and a stern figure … wears a Major Glenn Miller raincoat USA - the big band swing is played at the Dances we go to & I can dance with him STRING of PEARLS and PRAY he will choose me for MOONLIGHT SERENDADE at the close of the evening and walk me home to the House at the End of the REC , the `Pearly House ` 112 Vista Road to the front garden gate or through the Japanese cherry trees avenue to the Sand Pit and see me into the garden by the Oak tree and into the big kitchen with the high blue dresser and the range - tell me I am to be at church for 11 AM and beside him to sing …

… … … then we sometimes go to Professor Winncleman and his English wife for instruction in Continental 19th century history … Weimar and the Red Count and DRIEU a serious matter … Walter Benjamin & his papers … some names I do not know … Mrs Winncleman and I walk the old dog that was with them during `internment` the Epsom Race course … mistakes here … her husband an Austrian German professor of history of the brain and people in distress could have helped all the War years … :

1945 that year … Georges, ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX, he is solemn because he hath JOSETTE whom many of us know from 1937 SUMMER , and two dead half-brothers in his arms … I SEE GEORGES and am aware as we all at many of the Essex Suffolk schools of his formidable intellect


… But he doth sorely need A MOTHER … and A GOOD WIFE that matches him = I am already chosen that Summer 1945 by the ELDERS of the Town … and the VATICAN soon gets the message ! What a relief it will be to have GUARDIAN and heirs related ! …

The opinion of the Town and area hath gone OUT that “ we dove-tail & are DARBY and JOAN ” = AGE DOTH NOT ENTER THEIR FRIENDSHIP … the Heir to RANSOM GROTE roves back through the AGES & Inca as well, and he is an EAST ANGLIAN BOY of 9th centuries and back a bit … GAUL and ROMAN BRITAIN are matched … many of us at the seas edges know our Ancestors … those in ships had to always read and write … :

1945 coming to XMAS TIDE … I see GEORGES Colonel Andre that evening about 7 pm … I hath escaped from SHE-she … my school friend called for me … and we are walking the OLD ROAD up to GREAT CLACTON ancient CLACTUNA … The great ELMS tower above this small town mentioned in Little Doomsday Book … IT IS A FRIDAY EVENING … We are all aware that Colonel Andre MALRAUX is HEALING himself here … his family lands along the SEAS EDGES … he sings with some of us in the great Catholic Church where Pacelli put his old friend as chief Priest and had the VATICAN pay for a splendid Pulpit … and the Font is very ancient from Italy …

1945 JULY - with Georges ANDRE we performed the MASS 1610 … that joyous piece of HOPE … and he is now on the mend … HE WILL NOT TAKE THE ROBE … we all breath a sigh of relief … That boy-man of SUMMER 1937 who never looked more than 22 years of age is now come back to us an ARCHANGEL a HERO FIGURE … a MAN … the beauty of him is now perfection & I go weak at the knees and never learned any more FRENCH from his lessons St Clare Convent than `



la plume ma tante` : … his INTELLECT matches … The school wits say `See Andre dancing … and DIE` …

Next year in NOVEMBER 1946 he and I are engaged to marry in the Choir … he INFORMS HEAVEN and Choir members some who hath fought in THE GREAT WAR, and Liverpool Priest Father Wilson “ I WILL TAKE HER … WRITE her FREE … I shall be the laugh of the Continent … we will have to say she is 17 for awhile …”  I hath told him we are having 15 children and he has found names, some I do not know, in the 12 MONTHS of BUTLER`S SAINTS … copies in `STELLA MARIS` library of my great Aunts Bessie Martha and Annie Agnes artist the Misses Williams HIS INTELLECTUALS EQUALS as he say`th : He prefers the Gaelic and Celtic names for our children - hhhm~ Boadicea is banned and Adrianna his grandmother unless it is Adrienne - we shall see : and He is my GUARDIAN but he DOTH NOT KNOW of the full ESTATE that com`th with me is clearly written out A-Z the globe in that WILL sent to him …

But stolen by ORDERS the Government LORDS Houses of Perversions and a surprise QUEEN of the Roaring 20s lifestyle of dope and liquor - her mother 1936 said she could not believe her fat Duck had landed this … and bought herself an ermine dressing gown … :




another signed copy THE LEGAL WILL is sent to him MAY 1938 … this retained by a Mr Eric PHIPPS in charge of the `BRITISH SCREW` a palatial place in PARIS … PHIPPS of the British Diplomatic scrum getting fearful after opening this envelope to ANDRE MALRAUX, reading the enclosed legal letter in good handwriting to the PRESIDENT of FRANCE, retained WILL and LETTER … then handed it to ANGELA on her State Visit FRANCE July 1938 … ( What would Daladier have said ??? )

… ANGELA ? She is `One of the Queens of England … but she can`t remember which` as the old MUSIC HALL song goes … Got out over the ROMAN WALL from ARISTOCRAT SCOTLAND and tethered to her are Earls and Lords and things of LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs and her own tribe known to City of LONDON as `the Bloody Liars` = 1965 City of LONDON Elders … ` … that is NO QUEEN but a shark wrapped in satin, young woman, … it has PUT A RIVER OF BLOOD AROUND YOUR ANKLES … we DO NOT WANT THIS MONEY COMING INTO THE CITY … it is STOLEN … get to your father … … … `

1930s - 1990s … and BIG GLITZ GOES ON … and robberies of the nations of the globe A to Z go on …

1945 a small town CLACTON by the sea and the cliffs … WE that November-early December evening saw GEORGE Colonel Andre and spoke with him UP THE CHIP SHOP … we buy him a piece of fish for rationing of food is still on in the shops … cod is nice in batter … he speaks with everyone so easily and earnestly … he hath NO MONEY … he TAKES CARE OF HIS FAMILIES in FRANCE … 1938 and 1940s they increasingly turn to GLITZ … The WILL is again kept from him … and he is surrounded by `JUNK FRAUD balls and Bunkum` to quote a group of high English Medics and Learned who have just come from another WORLD WAR to push up Noble greed and trickery … I will call them 1953/54`the Theopompos crowd` …

1945 and 1946 … GEORGES Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX up the GREAT CLACTON FISH and CHIP SHOP … he would love us all for my observing this and understanding its importance in HUMAN AFFAIRS …

Perhaps somebody can turn it into MUSIC … READERS have already been exploring `


1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND` Document in 3 Parts a scaffolding … leading to finer pieces on and WORDPRESS …

It’s the CENTENARY of the GREAT WAR 1914 … he could recall it being born 1901 November … and I hear it Sundays after Church 1930s … and when I travel with my families RANSOM about the globe … the Continent … and NORD-SUD Poles a Tour of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … we have so much to do that is to help the world … I will return for my education a term or two in every nation of the world … and speak a dozen or more languages like my RANSOM Weddell Frobisher families … but an UGLY WOMAN at the HELM of your NATION during the 2nd WORLD WAR had my HOME destroyed … I was grateful to my HOME it gave me the opportunity to do SCIENCE …` says a survivor with changed name 1966 NOVEMBER … visiting the BRITISH MUSEUM NATURAL HISTORY LONDON …

Curious that so many Aristocrats and RULERS are now in BUSINESS and TRADE … they do not enter the HUMANITIES … the SCIENCES … MEDICINE … PHYSICS … ASTRAPHYSICS … and all that is necessary to PEACE …


Greetha Frobisher Weddell RANSOM …


and the GROTE CHILDREN slain in a gigantic GENOCIDE during 2nd World War by GROSS BRITAIN SCOTLAND Aristocrats and some GHOULS related from SCANDINAVIA … and others who jumped upon the HEARSE 1950s onwards …

Released on www 20 Dec - 21st taped with MUSIC - Medieval-Glenn Miller Moonlight Serenade/ DEBUSSY la Mer … HOPEFULLY TO BE VOICE OVER next year :




Parts 4 & 5 intermingling :









DAMES SCHOOL 1934 & 1935


1920s-1930s … POPULAR MUSIC is Night & Day/Cherokee/big band swing is established & Dances held in The Blue Lagoon great ballroom on the Pier & in Village Halls -


Womens Institutes have branches in small towns and some villages = ELGAR of course - DEBUSSY piano pieces especially `Cathedral Under the Sea` are well known & orchestral pieces of RAVEL : The BBC Wireless programmes broadcast big Choral performances, 18th-19th century chamber music & occasionally modern composers as Alban Berg : Clacton has churches of 7 faiths with appropriate music on Sundays ( The Catholic Church floods Sunday mornings with a tremendous Choir singing VICTORIA-MAUCHAT-JOSQUIN-MONTEVERDI etc = A Silver Band, the Salvation Army Band & country dance playing groups including Scots = men & youths whistle tunes from last night cinema early mornings as they go to work - many homes own a piano & it is played : Its an age that knows the 19th century poets & its histories back to Roman Britain, Anglo-Saxons & William of Normandy 1066 AD winning at Hastings against Saxon Harold : RANSOM are not alone in knowing their ancestry down the centuries = there are many Refugees from the Continent 16th century onwards settled about East Anglia - the last wave was before and after the GREAT WAR 1914-1919 & this brought in two families amateur musicians 2nd cousins to the composer HUMPERDINCK -

1937 SUMMER -

for 6 weeks came young French Writer Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX with a young lady writer called Josette CLOTIS both recovering from taking part in the SPANISH Civil War 1936 - he will comment all his lifetime that here on these East Anglia seas edges

`I found the GOSPELS ACTED OUT ` … … …

`LA MER` Claude Debussy CD





& 5 :



- CLACTON-on-SEA Essex-Suffolk :

THE POOR HOUSE & its school - dating from 17-something but local people felt it could be traced back to earlier dates :

The heirs to the GROTE HOMES RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` worldwide Estate have a tiny `heimat` at CLACTON-on-SEA the OLD ROAD from CLACTUNA to the SEAS EDGES :

Our RANSOM Estate worldwide is created over the centuries by we marrying brides of many nations :

We are REDEMPTIO (LATIN) = becoming RANSOM 6th century who first settled 92 AD DUNWICH Suffolk = It is Gaius retired from LONDINIUM a post as `REDEMPTIO `as his father grandfather ( trustworthy Sea Traders of JUTLAND Udewalla) held about the Mediterranean BC under The Republic of ROME and then The ROMAN Empire : Gaius and cousin two young men with Italian wives (ex-Roman Army in Palestine) arrive 77 AD LONDINIUM River Thames = an Army Fort recovering from a savage attack 61 AD by an angry British Queen of the ICENI = called in Roman History BOUDI`CEA = Boudicca :

1935 DIARY of LEN Immanuel RANSOM born 1921 Argentina to JEAN nee Weddell - widow Aquida Smith Spain - 2nd marriage 1909 to CHARLES FREDERICK FROBISHER RANSOM only surviving child of marriage 1883 St Magnus the Martyr River Thames of MILLIE FROBISHER & JOHN RANSOM widower of WEST GREENLAND Jacopsholmen Island & MONTROSE Basin Farm SCOTLAND and MONTREAL City - he a worldwide Educationalist :

This account is also recorded in his `SANCTUS SPIRITUS` a Journal by FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM my young father elder brother of LIR born Deptford 1911 = he is my father = I am Greta (Greetah) Frobisher Weddell RANSOM b 11 March 1933 first birth certificate but destroyed by Premier of GROSS BRITAIN the EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY who claim every hairpin we have because great-grannie MILLIE FROBISHER (the talented ice skater with a little Academy of Ancient Arts - cousin to members of THE SOULS movement) had a mother who was a grand-daughter of an EARL of Crawford LINDSAY = this SCOTS noble MOB are called LINDSAYBUGGARHS by the good POLICE FORCES from SCOTLAND to EAST ANGLIA - they rob out to 9th cousins and in-laws too : They also rob grocers & Inns for fodder as they travel from one bolt hole to the next = often having the BAILIFFS IN : They are the misfortune of the RANSOM families, we who are of high renown & uphold wholesome LAWS :



1935 spring - The 17th-19th century CLACTON POOR HOUSE the SCHOOL ROOM :



: Lennie reads ` your father made the wedding 1932 and you were born March at Colchester - I was learning my early RANSOM history about these shores - hitherto I studied our WEDDELL and INCA-Tierra del Fuego ancestries as I grew up my first years with these cousins in SOUTH AMERICA … … :

` He, my elder brother, had bought the little house with the DAMES SCHOOL in the garden - plans to restore it and turn the 16th century part at the back of the house into a small TOWN MUSEUM :

“ Now we discovered the POOR HOUSE SCHOOL ROOM in the Clacton town centre :

We opened the door & were surprised - the schoolroom had the benches in place - probably trestle tables were put up for the children to write and read upon - and their food - they would not be expected to hold their food bowls in their laps - little damage had occurred - we would restore and ask to buy the building - we would make it part of the TOWN MUSEUM … a Museum that would be about the town where it had stood from the past centuries - CLACTON is CLACTUNA you know - it is in The Little DOOMSDAY Book … Seashores always have long histories … Some remains of CLACTONIAN MAN were found on the Holland-Cliffs … he would have had a pleasant homestead there in summertime … much shell fish and fishes below … and wild duck and birds …”

Town centre :

THE POOR HOUSE schoolroom needed only a little restoration - 2 or 3 days - we did this - then it was shipshape - we decided to have an entertainment for the town - we would re-enact those times : A film could be made - we would send it to the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN around the world - they would immediately add it to their histories of the world lessons - they would discuss how to make matters better for families and the old everywhere : The GROTE CHILDREN regard us as their family and the first Orphan they have decided is POUL GRONLANDER ”

descendant of Northern Chinese Sea Trader Philosopher writer who came to West Greenland and died there 1601 : What every GROTE CHILD knows is we have two familiar film actors in the family - Uncle Fred Mac Murray (on the Ransom ancestry) is really making his living in New York INSURANCE - but he also makes FILMS in HOLLYWOOD with friends - he has made some of our RANSOM HISTORY … And by our recent RANSOM marriage 1909 to JEAN ballerina of the WEDDELL SEA we have her cousin CLARKE Gable - his films SAN FRANCISCO & GONE with the WIND will become known to them : Family members and contemporary musicians we know also visit the children in their HOMES and give lectures to them … :

“ … YES we decided to make for the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and our families a series of films on the past centuries of CLACTON-on-SEA … along the SEAS EDGES : It would be unwise to bring any GROTE CHILDREN to ENGLAND as SCOTLAND & SCANDINAVIA ARISTOCRATS disapprove of the HOMES and want to `ENCOURAGE ILLITERACY around the WORLD … ”

((( …

MEMORANDUM = this is the finding of a number of good people in the British Establishment & Medicine and Teaching - it has now become very unwise to confront this attitude of the rich of a British EMPIRE disintegrating & with not enough EDUCATED PERSONS with power - with KUDOS to see a future without WARS … Few in powerful positions in Gross Britain are broadly educated and well read in PAST PRESENT and FUTURE of the world and the Universe - we are used to a much higher INTELLECT in the other nations of the GLOBE … it is easy to understand that the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN are a threat to the glitz at the top of the tree :

Cousin Clarke Gable is descended from our Noble Tierra del FUEGO line and our HIGH INCA line ( 2 tiny children were saved in PERU by the INCA & 2 Priests and given Sanctuary in PORTUGAL where they highly educated mainly by JESUITS since the 17th century were encouraged to marry and keep the INCA LINE descending … an examination of ancient PERU before SPAIN invaded 16th century reveals their intelligence in the SCIENCES … their humanism and welfare … … )))

“ The saving and exploration of this `POOR HOUSE LAW` little School will make a splendid study possible ”


“ 1935 CLACTON old `POOR LAW School` :

THE FIRST OPENING was a Saturday afternoon - we made some attempt at the clothing of the times - no refreshments were served - we were told that week that many people had to miss it because of working & could we open an evening ? We asked town council permission and opened it next on a SUNDAY afternoon and served tea and cakes - it was crammed with townsfolk and those from the villages - the Womens Institute and the local village Inns & Pubs gave us publicity quickly :

We had now set about presenting the foods available & adding some comfortable chairs for older people - we gave little talks and showed pictures and I did some sketches of what it might have looked like when in use ”


here the hospital staff and church members of all faiths and people from the town hall did wonders and the foods were to be consumed sitting on the benches with trestle tables or in the comfortable chairs : it was very palatable everybody agreed … and the second time got very much better as old recipes were found : It was agreed by talking with the visitors that here by the sea the POOR FAMILIES and the OLD probably got a better deal than those in Industrial towns - there were shell fishes along the shores and fishing was easy and wild ducks in reedy places & it was healthy - providing fuel was enough for winter - but drift woods came in from the North Sea and Channel :

“ … it was warm weather and we had a lot of Visitors on holiday coming in - we were asked if the building could be made available at Christmastime for town events … WE MADE AN OFFER TO BUY THE POOR HOUSE School & we would set up a fund to maintain it and have an attendant or two in charge as well as staff in charge of the food … ”

“ … All went well … then it faded somewhat … the EARL of Crawford LINDSAY had it reported to him by Mr JONG … we were halted here over various points - the LINDSAY-LINDSEY Tribe wanted to be IN CHARGE of the FINANCE entirely - we said NO - this was purely PHILANTHROPY and from our own PURSES we could afford to do this - we did this sort of thing abroad especially preserving ANCIENT MONUMENTS : The Police here and in much of EAST ANGLIA want rid of this Scots family of unpleasant law breakers … but it is a nation where ARISTOCRATS hold power … ”

( NB:



We try avoid LINDSAY who insist they own all we have because my generation have a great-great grandmother born a Lindsay 1840s, over a hundred years ago in the 1930s - the 20th century LINDSAY-LINDSEY grow DOPE & supply it to poor parts of the British Empire as their previous generations )

“ 1935 - The beginnings of our town Museum were a success but it was halted because ARISTOCRATS of GROSS BRITAIN have a FEAR of anything that hints of WELFARE and EDUCATION for the lower classes … I was not used to this in SOUTH AMERICA …”

“ At this second opening of the POOR HOUSE School room in had strode the PIMP Mr JIM Jong who eyed the happy scene and asked if we had permission and HOW MUCH DID WE CHARGE !

We said a very small voluntary contribution could be made towards the RETIREMENT HOME for OLD PEOPLE for their Christmastide and other activities of the Seasons - children entered free :


He returned the next week we opened and said what we were doing was

not allowed by the British Government

- he said however he would give a hand and collect the entrance FEE at the doors = WE and OTHERS told him to GET OUT ! He is called “JIM a bit of VERMIN a PIMP” in this happy SEAS EDGES town CLACTON =by many whose lives he has bounced in upon = like a bouncing BOMB ”

((( JIMMIE JONG is known to work for certain SCOTS EARLS by MOONLIGHT

and he is also known as a little spiteful twister often at the Races Newmarket passing DOPE - & he is a petty thief … He hangs about the LINDSAY GRAND on the CLACTON seafront - a place of very doubtful reputation since 1910 )))

“ … The building swiftly appeared 1910 crushed between the ROYAL HOTEL & the Towers on a narrow piece of land where in the 18th-19th carriage days the horses and dogs were put overnight … … … The BUILDER first took the EARL to Court as he wanted his CONTRACT cancelled because the design for the Scots granite was poor & the stone far too heavy :

HE LOST HIS CASE because an Imperial Premier Earl cannot be found fault with - the place began to slip immediately - in 1944 it was CONDEMNED by the Clacton Council and Essex Surveyor - it could fall and harm passers by on the pavement or cars on the road - it was pulled down winter 1945-1946 … ”

ANDRE MALRAUX ( made legal GUARDIAN 1937/1938 to GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE and the two young heirs Greta & Lennie ) had photographs of this low grey building called GRAND taken 1937 summer his 6 weeks holiday with Josette and me Greta and Granny MARY GORDON who lives in Skelmersdale Road … And summer 1945 he is still GUARDIAN when he Colonel MALRAUX returns a WIDOWER of JOSETTE of the terrible train accident near Tulles 1944 & has his two brothers killed in the war

Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX

says he had always in his Clacton and East Anglia days FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT along these seashores and little villages and towns :

His mother has an ancestral line Family HISTON near Castle Rising which reaches back into the 9th century = SEA TRADERS and small FARMERS arriving at SAXMUNDHAM 19th century : he had documents & photographs = his father`s line MALRAUX sailed with our RANSOM main line from BORDEAUX 1600 to 1630s :

All this accurate HISTORY is well recorded in this work of assembling our many lines of FAMILY HISTORIES of the CENTURIES



and our journey through the 20th century accompanied by EVIL CREATURES = as the above LINDSAY-LINDSEY who claim our RANSOM line via a marriage of 1830 via FROBISHER - and the constant spying and threatening of the and acts of VIOLENCE by the criminally insane Mr JIM JONG James & aristocrat thugs = JIMMIE PIMP becomes SIR/cur JAMES of WHITES CLUB 1950s … … … Born Port Arthur China c 1898/99 he causes trouble until his death 1981 … from 1923 he spoke of himself as `working for the British Crown` …




is on the FILE I have restored = SANCTUS SPIRITUS File a journal kept by my young father `Young Fred` Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911 Deptford :

RECORDS & oral :

GR/Dr JRR/FJR/LIR/Miss W.G. & bro. H.G./

` The DAMES SCHOOL was in our back garden the converted 1870s two little houses by the LABOUR CLUB when we bought one in 1934 : This was to be restored by us - it was a delightful place to sit summer evenings and winter too as it faced west at the end of this rectangle building for local children who paid for education 18th-19th centuries : The little house has gas lighting in good order upstairs and a Victorian cast iron range and also a very small range made in the late 18th century in Birmingham = as Uncle Captain LIAM RANSOM says Christmastide 1936/1937 “ … keep this one Young Fred - one of the first made … this is the one to light when you come in late on a winter night … put a pot on the side and heat the bread … ”

Uncle Captain Liam RANSOM helps a young man called Kurt (GOGOL - he has a book) with his maths - they work things out using STAR CHARTS for sailors … Kurt asked Captain Liam Ransom to come into the College and give a hand … see what they could find out …






he has own tall ships & planes -

SPRING - Birmingham





called in


by Emperor HIROHITO


talks to H. Goering & HITLER



Uncle Captain LIAM RANSOM was asked by Emperor HIROHITO to call by after surveying the damage done by THE BRITISH to our Lusan Chain island a dowry from 1512 AD “ No time for a meal with the family … we had a cup of tea … ITS SERIOUS young Fred

… I will tell you later what we had to say …`

` I Sailed back - left ship in Norway - I hopped on the NORWEGIAN MISSION hearing they going to see THEM - GERMANY …

Oh he is ranting … he is going to have a WAR he is … they can`t do anything either … its gone too far … Herman stood by his elbow all the time … no intention destroy the HOMES - won`t make them fight - knows their worth in medicine sciences all that … leave Estate valued all the last century ”


from REPORTS RANSOM families 1930s :





Greta Ransom adds

… `as a 1930s child I heard all this … Len and I ready to duck under the table at `Jerusalem` as news came DIRECT from several LONDON EMBASSIES that our ANCESTRY links us to … ALL FAMILY SPEAK JAPANESE …

CAREFUL READING of a child of 1940s PIERS BRENDON in his carefully assembled `DARK VALLEY 1930s` has me recall much and not so much with clearer understanding but that FEEL for those times which has one back … 2 receptions at Japanese London Embassy and politeness … the connexions go back all 20th century, 19th … and FAMILY RECORDS both sides to 1504 marriage BRUGES CATHEDRAL of the Lady Okinawa old Royal line to widower F. RANSOM of MONTROSE … he with mother a daughter of philosopher-trader-HUMANIST old HUE` ARTAN and grandmother of MONGOLIA COAST and great grandma of SIBERIA … thus I NATURALLY understand WHY we can FLY the FLAG of the great Admiral of the CHINA SEAS the Moslem Mongolian ZHENG HE` … BUT TIMES ARE BAD … 1930s and the BRITISH EMPIRE uneducated figures AT THE TOP of the Pyramid HAVE NO DOUGH or BRASS … BUT THE REAL PROBLEM IS THESE EARLS of SCOTLAND grabbing at us and calling us ESKIMO & APE …

If they from their NARCOTIC glens Scotland are supplying that evil DOPE to these other nations … then historians should consider that this is a MATTER to be considered … TRY SOME ?

NOT UNLESS YOU LOCK YOURSELF IN A CAGE … it Hit’s the BRAIN in 2 seconds … and GREED RULES AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID of GROSS BRITAIN … Its called Divinorum Salvia Scotland and is fire blown into these pretty pellets which these generations of SCOTS wear up their SNOUT … then go out and rob their neighbours … they get enough to run their Castles and Towers for a year or two from A CROP from 2 fields : BRITANNIA should hide her face in SHAME … why not WRITE THEM FREE of the green and pleasant land of GROSS BRITAIN … … … ?

G.R. for the centuries of our families

MARTYRS made 19th-20th century by LINDSAY-LINDSEY Earls and other MOBS of JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS of Scotland, Norway and Denmark …


1935 CLACTON-on-Sea :

the DEPRESSION years - BUT the LINDSAY-LINDSEY GANG and JIM PIMP were threatening to set THE DAMES HOUSE ON FIRE and that would have burned our little house to which it is still attached by a passage and door : I recall it well, rectangle with seating padded all around and a big table rectangle in the centre and windows south and west so that for afternoons it was delightful and many persons came in with their knitting and embroidery and to talk … The back big kitchen was part of the original 16th century FARMHOUSE that originally stood here :

These criminally insane wanted to use our property for GAMING and drinking -

they all take heavy DOPES - they claimed we were their family & owned nothing they could not use … The Police guarded when they could - we told them to do their duty but not RISK their jobs their pensions - a Policeman got a house with garden with his job in those days and thus security for his family :

THE LINDSAY-LINDSEYBUGGARHS and ANGELA & JIMMIE JONG & their various scum all on dopes and smokes and heavy liquor would DESTROY OUR HOME LIFE and the INTELLIGENT SOCIETY about us … it is composed of all CLASSES … not just these horrible vampire clawed SCOTS dope growers … if they get near a glass or a cup you are drinking from they will try drop their poisons and dopes in … then blame OUR household using their arrogant yowls, snorts and growls !

It is because of these obscene brutes infesting our CLACTON SEAFRONT too frequently that we had to FLEE from GROSS BRITAIN October 1935 saying we were going to

GREENLAND for our NATIONAL DAY … Then we began for Aunt Margareth Grote and her Administrators and GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK a tour of the GROTE HOMES from POLE NORD to POLE SUD … visiting many HOMES in between the POLES = we are RANSOM and FROBISHER and WEDDELL of the SUB-ARCTIC and welcome everywhere in the globe where are human beings …These Scots Scandinavian creatures who are coin-less call us APES and ESKIMOS … they are SUB APES & of complexion not really WHITE but a dirty PORRIDGE COLOUR really I used to think as they reared up threatening me : Lucy Leakey would not speak with them !

Many pieces of this FAMILY HISTORIES work appears on my files and … WORDPRESS et al



Nota bene :

DAMES SCHOOL 17th-19th century at CLACTON-on-SEA, Old Road, the converted 2 houses on an older farmhouse site … we have been able to push the founding of it back into the 1670s …

1934 to 1939 late winter we RANSOM family of Frederick John Ransom born 1911



ex BRITISH ARMY - `Army of Occupation Germany` was the popular name & it withdraws 1932)

… Our intact late 17th century and 18-19th centuries DAMES SCHOOL in the back garden, adjoining the LABOUR CLUB on the Corner by the original CLASSICAL TEMPLE erected for the first MASONIC LODGE is written up in my earlier SANCTUS SPIRITUS FILE = in the manner of my father who kept JOURNALS called this from a young boy of 12 years of age & would sometimes read back his entries to me …

( but I need to check if this is OUT www … or waiting for final editing by me … )

It is tragic when a ancient towns lose their histories - lose the persons who lived their lives there = A PLACE or a NATION that does not know its PAST cannot know its PRESENT and has no control of its FUTURE :

We intended turning this little home into the CLACTON Histories Museum … across the road further along the OLD ROAD towards the SEA was the QUAKER ENCLAVE … still wonderful to behold on Sundays when cars and carriages came to hear the old SPEAKER in his stove-pipe hat & the old ladies sat in black good stuffs frocks with beautiful lace collars and caps … and some smoked the long stemmed white CLAY PIPES : It would have been a magnificent Tourist attraction for the Town - all swept away by the 1960s :

LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs (so called by the British Police because of their thieving of GROCERIES liquor `baccy` etc as they go from one BOLT HOLE Scotland to EAST ANGLIA to the other when the BAILIFFS are in !! ) were into abusing the little town of CLACTON from 1850s when the big SUNKEN LAKE and 1860 the JAPANESE TEA GARDENS project began = visitors came for seaside holidays as soon as the great RAILWAYS were swift and efficient and affordable : The JAPANESE tea gardens buildings and the sunken lake were intact 1940s & during the last war years 1943-1945 we children were allowed adventure there crossing from the RECREATION grounds by the high cast iron railway bridge …

1945 JUNE … I took my honourable FRENCH GUARDIAN Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX widower of the young lady JOSETTE of SUMMER 1937 to visit and enjoy this piece of neglected Victoriana -


second half of the 19th century Japanese boats were on the Lake for trips by Holidaymakers and the teahouses had delicious fare. An impressive bit of Victorian engineering designed for the SEASIDE Holidaymakers now able to travel from the big manufacturing cities once a year … :

EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY are always claiming we RANSOM as family because my great-grandmother MILLIE FROBISHER had a Premier Earl of Scotland and G.B. LINDSAY Crawford GRANDFATHER = This SCOTS criminally insane MOB with nasty cunning crimes in INSURANCE as well as killing for money and properties from 18th century showed us horrible violence all the 20th century & were still threatening the careers of school children of the family in the 1980s : LINDSAY-LINDSEY joined by BOWES LYON from 1904 claimed ALL RANSOM WORLDWIDE PHILANTHROPY and INVESTMENTS and the THOMAS GROTE HOMES WORLDWIDE for CHILDREN founded 1864 by Uncle Tiggy GROTE who married Aunt Margareth RANSOM - my grandfather her nephew son of her slain brother JOHN RANSOM keeps the little house `Jerusalem` DEPTFORD Park Road where he and his young mother MILLIE lived until the 2 LINDSAY-LINDSEY cousins murdered her in 1897 :

Grandpa is the kind scholar historian good SEAMAN, in battleship and a submarine 1st WORLD WAR, FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM son of JOHN RANSOM of MONTROSE and JACOPSHOLMEN WEST GREENLAND … his mother is Millie FROBISHER RANSOM young wife and a gymnast and with her own little Academy of ANCIENT ARTS … she is a 2nd cousin to VIOLET Artist Lady Rutland pupil of WATTS painter - he has an Art Gallery now - I am likened to the girl sitting on the top of the world by kind intelligent persons - who help with my education worldwide for my ROLE - my co & sub-heir is youngest son of Grandpa Frobisher Ransom …

I find LENNIE, in the 1930s, as we enjoy our TRAINING for taking care of everyone … to be “ my best friend that young Fledermaus … LENNIE Immanuel RANSOM ”

1936 - When we were visiting in North America 1936

with the family of young TELONIOUS MONK he remembered years on that I had said `we will be back in a year to see you are alright ` : Thelonious was then ` a bad boy and would not do his piano lessons` said his great-Uncle - So I said to him that Lennie was quite good on piano and the moment he landed the plane he dashed off to find a piano - we could not have a piano on the planes yet … So now Thelonious when he is older looks forward to flying up to GREENLAND with us `for a Beer` and down to the SUB-ARCTIC where Tierra del Fuego has the best coffee ice cream of all … HE GOT ON WITH HIS PIANO LESSONS - and has made some records by the 1960s and these can be got on CD etc




I remembered Thelonius of our 1935/1936 NORD-SUD GROTE HOMES tour because he brought me a plate of delicious food : in England my mother used to snatch my food away and then say I had eaten it - this is part of the behaviour of her NOBLE CHUMS of SCOTLAND and WESTMINSTER and Royal in-laws of Scandinavia … They have little Books with the 10 COMMANDMENTS turned upside down … and other nasty things they must do - it is all mixed up with witchcraft from Scotland and Futurism they have NOT understood and nasty doctors with hypnotism & mesmerism tricks :

1920s-1950s - `FRAUD JUNK Balls and BUNKUM` as medical sceptics of the smart suited brain doctors called the heroin satin couch work … By the 1950s in Britain all who visited a Hospital under the 1948 free Health Service were at risk of being called PZIZSOPHRENICS … but it was sometimes the Docs themselves HIGH on fashionable HEROIN who were MAD … It was becoming quite an alarming matter end of the 1950s amongst normal persons of all classes who were prescribed DOPES to cure their PROBLEMS : Many of them understood that it was problems of housing & unemployment & loss of the old communities of towns and villages that caused illnesses and depression … ( & in many professions People now felt they had to lose their ancestors if they were not titled and rich ! )

CLACTON-on-SEA : The Old Road DAMES SCHOOL : It was in the middle of the Old Road CLACTON intact 1935 - dismantled by FJR my father because the LINDSAY-LINDSEY EARLS GANG were seriously breaking in and threatening to burn it down as it was attached to the big old kitchen downstairs of our house next LABOUR CLUB … a 16th-17th century farmhouse originally but the front converted into two little c 1870s Victorian houses : They were also trying to kidnap me and brutally harm me first =

this is an old dirty trick of Noble Scotland ! GET HOLD OF THE HEIRS and SAY they are being abused … then get them killed on a horse ride or drowned at sea … etc etc …