Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

UP DATE :   Records/DIARIES LIR & bros.
1937-1954 :  BLOODY DEMOLITION GROTE HOMES =  quiet RESTORATION The RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` worldwide ESTATE : Nov 1967 2nd DEMOLITION & carnage begins again :

1967 November :  with OBSCENE IMPERIAL CUNNING
 a 2nd DEMOLITION begins further ABUSE of ESTATE - GUARDIAN Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX & legal heirs of RANSOM families & more slayings

1967 Money given WHITEHEAD twins :  their grandpa Sir REW killed 1940/41 winter by JIMMIE JONG Major  Buckingham Palace - REW said  “  BRITISH GOVERNMENT EMBARKED UPON FRAUD/CANNOT BROKER A PENNY OF THIS WORLDWIDE ESTATE … ”

1967 TWINS MOTHER comments:  “ I hev captured tha Princess Deearh - well Yah wud rather hev me than Yer jealous Muther - she hed no education jes tha RACES & playing being RICHARD LIONHEART on A HORSE - I tried tell her `FRANCE & VERSAILLES cumez with HIM Monsieur MALRAUX` & SHEE CUD HEV STOOD ON STEPS in a scarlet gown Deearh & TOLD THEM WHERE TAH GO = `NO Deearh, I said too hur , YAH HEV MUFFED IT =  YOU HAD IT MADE … …   ”  

( GERTRUD OSTRANDER PALMER 1st marriage 1929 P.H. WHITEHEAD W. Virginia identical twins b. 1930 KENYA Colony =  (Sir) Rowland John Rathbone issue 1 s. 1 d. :  Peter James Palmer WHITEHEAD BMNH = issue Amanda Oonagh/Paul James/Victoria-Augusta :  Peter R. Whitehead Junior PHILOSOPHER PHOTOGRAPHER 1970-1998 = ANOTHER VICTIM IN ALL THIS IMPERIAL VIOLENCE :    See PETE site JIMDO continuing :

DIARIES LIR 1948-1967 :
Len Immanuel R. commencing 1948 has to visit 11,000 tenants, some half owners with us, & contributors to the RANSOM Estate - He finds some brutalized & left
without money in their Banks or possessions, agricultural machinery, cars, furnishings in their homes taken or destroyed spitefully by British Aristocrat thugs - headed by DAVE LINDSEY & gang et al … They insist the properties are BRITISH CROWN PROPERTY :

The discoveries of 1945 to 1955 reveal horrible devastation to seashores, riverbanks, natural habitats, settlements for agriculture, fishing, horticulture is OBSCENE - and attacks are repeated where the Estate has been reclaimed and reconstruction begun :    THIS IS THE BEHAVIOUR OF BRITISH SCOTLAND DOPE SOAKS … hopped on the IMPERIAL WHISKEY CART when a marriage 1923 allowed the worse of SCOTLAND TRIBES to BOOT IN on WESTMINSTER Centre of Government … making PURPLE DECREES by MOONLIGHT :

A fast chaos is occurring in name of ANGELA a former Miss Bowes Lyon  ( a some while Queen at the Helm of Britain)  & the PREMIER Earls of LINDSAY Crawford & LINDSEY who have a tug-of-war with childhood friend ANGEL - about the RANSOM Estate :  both mobs call Margaret Ransom Grote
`THE OLD ESKIMO` … we the RANSOM families are habitually addressed as `APE & ESKIMO` :   

 ( They have no manners … the name used for them by human beings is LINDSAYBUGGARHS & The Bloody Liars … and there are other branches of LINDSAY-LINDSEY also criminally insane … it is the on-going scenario of the worst of the Roaring 1920s … CHICAGO is Beatrix Potter land compared with the THUGGERY of British SCOTLAND aristocrat BOG TROTTERS - HIGH ON DOPE = DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND pellets up their snouts )
HISTORY :  The genocide of the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN & violence against the RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts upon which the HOMES are built …  with their extensive lands for agriculture their settlements of human beings A-Z the globe - an old Estate of centuries  

 The RANSOM GROTE Estate became noticed 1879 by Scotland & GB Premier Earl Lindsay Crawford - he agreed a marriage of very distant kin & 1883 SAID HE OWNED ALL THE ESTATE - and he and his GANGS (relatives)  proceeded to draw cheques & demand money from BANKS of little nations outside the BRITISH EMPIRE - They began their PIMPING 1880s upon our worldwide ESTATE and were continuing very well indeed the 20th century … … :

1904 when TIGGY GROTE is murdered ARRAN Island THE LINDSAY rivals were the BOWES LYON families =  both gangs called the brilliantly educated Margaret now the isolated widow of the murdered Tiggy Grote `OLD ESKIMO` =
…  she Widow Margareth RANSOM Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE he a USA citizen had to wait for the next generation to grow up to assist her running the worldwide Estate :  her brothers having been murdered by LINDSAY Earls 1890 & 1891 … … …
… An orphaned only nephew, son of her brother JOHN RANSOM of Jacopsholmen Island WEST GREENLAND & Montreal an Educationalist & Advisor to GROTE HOMES worldwide is hidden from EARLS of LINDSAYBUGGARHS during his exceptional Derbyshire hilltop education ( it included Latin-Greek & all Early English, and Conversational French = This is Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM   ( only son of the JOHN RANSOM & MILLIE FROBISHER he the elder brother of Margaret Ransom GROTE )    My future grandpa  - entered G.B. RN & distinguishes himself at SEA 1st World War  :    FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM becomes    my grandpa RANSOM …
a gentle-man = an aristocrat & SAILOR, scholar, musician, writer, historian, circumnavigating the HOMES when asked to assist :

Grandpa Ransom married 1909 Jean Weddell a grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL SEA -  a ballerina who works with Spanish neo-classical ballet choreography - she is poisoned still dancing :   The parents of my young father they have 3 sons & a daughter ( 1 son maimed by two LINDSAY women & another killed soon after birth )   But the eldest my father Frederick John RANSOM  b 1911 & 2 brothers Dr JOHN RAY Ransom b 1917 USA NASA & State Department Washington  & young Len Immanuel RANSOM b 1921 expert FLYER musician on call the world for piano-clarinet-guitar-Indian Music = also Argentine artist/writer = survived with help from HUMANISTS :

1909 a contender for this FORTUNE is the German Royal figure Mary of Teck  (wife of the British Sailor King)   1922 Queen Mary TECK finds that a young woman of the Scotland Bowes Lyon family GLAMIS Castle insists  “ THE OLD ESKIMO ”  gave her the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE when she was 10 years of age :  this was lies :   1960s shocked City of London Elders coming upon the full carnage of the GROTE HOMES children during a WAR they had fought in 1939-1945 called her “The former Miss Bloody Liar”  & banned her from the City -
 NB :  …  she had other duties apparently for the next 5 years !  …  

THE ELDORADO worldwide the Premier Earls of LINDSAY-Lindsey had their bloody paws on is spoken of being shared out … a notebook 1929 states “ ALL RANSOM MALES TO BE KILLED …”  :   The PLAN of these three Gangs is to demolish GROTE HOMES so nations do not get quality education - PIMP on the good transport investments - sell off lands worldwide AFTER logging - renting out - establishing narcotic fields - factories of child labour -
cheap sleaze settlements - 1950s onwards seashores edges holiday resorts full of vice & liquor & CASINOES :  

MEMORANDUM :  The British Sailor King had no plans to demolish GROTE HOMES or boot-in on the RANSOM Estate - he has known as SEAS EDGES PEOPLES since his young years the FROBISHER families & the RANSOM of East Britain coast & the 1500 AD MONTROSE farm RANSOM senior line  as 19 centuries of SEAS PEOPLES :   He is recorded talking with my future Grandpa Frederick Charles after the GREAT WAR/War 1st World War  … they both like the music of PURCELL  :  

The elder son of George V Sailor King is Edward :   He is Edward 8th very briefly :   He & his father agreed the worldwide GROTE HOMES & the old worldwide RANSOM Estate were needed to take the world into its coming age of sciences & technologies & agriculture …
BELOW :   FACTS that are relevant in the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & robberies & barbaric abuse of & upon the RANSOM lands upon which they are SITUATED :  

An ignorant disturbance here is that King George V had his daughter-in-law ANGELA former Bowes Lyon shouting behind doors that SHE OWNED THE ESTATE & DID NOT WANT THE GROTE HOMES EDUCATING ABOVE 12 years OF AGE 7 the lands all belonged to her - IT WAS KNOWN UP AND DOWN LONDON TOWN, UP TO HADRIANS WALL, AND ABOUT THE BRITISH EMPIRE THAT THIS WAS NOT TRUE :   …  & when his son agreed with him politely …  ANGELA IS shouting at him King George V =  

MEMO :   ANGELA is a young woman of the 1920s & known in PARIS in fashionable bars & about the globe with JIMMIE JONG at her elbow = Mr JIMMIE PIMP is well known for getting hold of young women WHO CAN MAKE HIS FORTUNE :

JIM ANGE & TREE :   Once a threesome 1917-1922,  little JIM tall TREE & ANGE have given their parents BAD scares = but we all do our best to help young people over their WILD DAYS :  


1936 :  The Sailor King died suddenly January 1936
& sadly his eldest son LOST HIS CROWN to his sister-in-law ANGELA in 1937 :   

DOORS OF HELL OPEN FOR THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … DAYS OF DOOM :   I visited many GROTE HOMES 1935-1936 … the children taking my tiny hand & showing me their HOMES … we all have PLANS for the future & I am to return for schooling to the MAYA, Montevideo, & my kin in the INCA HOMES when I am 5 years old = to TIERRA DEL FUEGO dear to my heart … & then there is ASIA & France & ROME & the tip of GREENLAND … LIFE WAS A FUTURE FOR US ALL OF GREAT INTELLIGENCE AND SUCH MEANINGFUL THINGS TO DO … about the green earth and the blue seas and skies :    SCOTLAND NARCOTIC GREED & VIOLENCE turned all this PEACE & COMMON SENSE to a 2nd HOLOCAUST = hidden so that Gross Brit could have its NOBLES become rich & BIG BOOTED … … …

… that delicate flower garden that gold halo of HOPE that we RANSOM-WEDDELL-GROTE encircled the earth with  …   

1923 ANGELA became a Duchess marrying a younger son of The Sailor King = Her future Mother-in-Law Queen MARY TECK agreed vaguely :    So ANGELA got wed 1923 to her young son Bertie :   Angela former Lady Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite Bowes Lyon of GLAMIS CASTLE SCOTLAND Western seas side …ANGELA is the name she prefers since a child :

HAVE ARISTOCRATS RICH & BIG SPENDERS flashing DIAMONDS & BOOTING IN ON OTHER NATIONS has been going on many centuries :    since Fall of BABYLON & Norman-French-English Matilda & Stephen & King Richard III who you can refresh your memory with here & there :   and in a SHAKESPEARE PLAY … His body has just been found  Reports on his crooked back are emerging :   

1936/1936 =  I remember Captain Uncle LIAM RANSOM CHRISTMAS 1936 NEW YEAR 1937  saying about the serious matters ahead in the coming years that we had to face over our great PHILANTHROPY and COMMON SENSE Estate … the matter of the ROYAL DEATH & now an INSANE ROYAL ABDUCTION were understood by the SANE persons of the globe
  (briefly)    “ … TIMES are looking bad young woman …  …  we ONCE found an enlightened Monarch down in San Salvador … ”

The obscene SLAUGHTER & THEFT planned 1930s will make BRITAIN RICH for its Government Lords & Crowns & their families - it keeps a declining EMPIRE RULING the 7 SEAS & BIG BOOTING  worldwide TRADE :

A 2nd World War worldwide SLAUGHTER carefully planned by BRITISH Scotland & Scandinavian titled THUGS is to be swung on Nazi Germany = but this failed

1938 CHRISTMAS NORWAY = A SLAYING of the CHILDREN educating from birth/4 or 6  years to 18/22 & onwards commenced :

… at the SEAS EDGES CHRISTMAS 1938 Norway - carefully plotted from 1929 it  continues all 2nd World War to 1954 Mexico :   Then former GROTE students worldwide are HUNTED as `big & little game` by the same obscene SCOTLAND Britain & Scandinavian NOBLES = many of them related from Imperial circles 18th-19th centuries :    

… 1944 this obscene DEMOLITION continues :   PHILANTHROPY & wise sciences & technology with high safety standards are not to be respected by an Aristocrat class of SUB-SUB-APES … My family peaceful centuries old RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate worldwide is seen as in the way of greedy 1920s dope-soaks & their broods   :
… LEGAL GUARDIAN is ANDRE MALRAUX 1937 USA & worldwide WILL :  His post & all communications are stolen, mischief answers sent, ugly situations created :    1944 late October THE BRITISH CONSUL at the LIBERATION of FRANCE that summer …  sends 2 BRITISH GUNMEN TO KILL MALRAUX & a woman :

Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM b 1921 Argentine-British citizen :
1945 :  end of 2nd World War :
 into the 1950s :

… … “   (1953 on)  I made a little film - 20-30 minutes long - death of my young son 12 years & my wife breaking up :   Acting not very good by a girl taking part of my wife but all I could afford then … she`s good in a sense if you do not own a DEAD BOY = it kept me from breaking up :   

“ … I and Phil & our SPY who grows your PORRIDGE near CASA BLANCA called at the Castle :  but none of us knowing the MADNESS you & your brothers had lived amongst since we went away to War in 1939 = all post & communications severed or of a doubtful tricky nature - ANDRE DID NOT KNOW or General de GAULLE  ” … … …

MEMO :  I WANT IT ALL BACK - squalid scoundrel mobs named in this work from 2008 AD have done NOTHING civilized or intelligent in the entire 20th century :    I WANT OUR ESTATE back & working worldwide AGAIN :    Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM

Greta Ransom says a job I had asked about COLCHESTER MUSEUMS 1950 when at North-East College Colchester had a letter ask me to join in 1952 November -


COLCHESTER is Our local  BIG town for near 2,000 years -  we RANSOM FAMILY 1st century AD onwards CAMULODUNUM COLONIA VICTRICENSIS of ROMAN BRITAIN  :

1956 I Miss Greta Ransom left the MUSEUMS  (letters Curator and Deputy Curator webbed )   in a hurry, IN REAL FEAR, because the criminally insane JAIL BIRD mother of bastard Edward du Cann born 1924
( my parent too from March 1933)  was poisoning me seriously to death for a DEATH INSURANCE POLICY :   SHEshe Mrs Teresa GORDON-GORDON Ransom could not get enough BIG MONEY by FRAUD from the RANSOM ESTATE to `KEEP UP` with her 1920s CHUM ANGELA who now is a QUEEN DISCARDED :  Further this ED has wanted me DEAD since he was 15 years old :   He comes from a NARCOTIC GROWING FAMILY OF SCOTLAND - I hear the criminal evidence from an Uncle he has February 1954 - he had just got TWENTY THOUSAND British POUNDS from SOHO for the crop …  :    

NOTA BENE :    Report 1973 :   Edward du Cann MP at 20 years of age has a private office manned in Houses of Parliament to intercept all ESTATE & HOMES enquiries etc.)  


  “ … You were working in the Colchester & Essex Museums - we did not know the persecution from THEM headed then by Dave LINDSEY & gang the old Uncles Lindsay-Lindsey commencing when you went to Colchester College (1948/1951) …

 … then JIMMIE PIMP calling itself `Sir James`   & the sinister paedophile called `Doctor Mengele` BOOTED IN on Colchester Museums with such CROWN authority :   very frightening to those kind dedicated to their jobs men & their families … unable to follow at first A GENOCIDE … the world not yet formed …  

- We had no idea THEY were all harming you & ANDRE … General de GAULLE was approving of he taking up the earlier CATHOLIC MARRIAGE : The `Jan Steen Tavern` the rented house in PARIS the accommodation of ANDRE MALRAUX was most unsuitable …  & his two sons were hostages there to THEM - BRITISH SCUM of this hideous GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN the earth :    The sons of Andre Malraux had to be got into decent Catholic schools = de GAULLE learned that your family had booked them for AMPLEFORTH 1946 … he had met Aunt Bessie …

( Miss Bessie Martha Carroll Williams of a Welfare Mission with other brave tireless young people 1880s-1900s Liverpool )

“ … You could not know what was happening except from her cunning remarks (your mother)  … these said over your head to others - about the man she has always told your brother John is NOT HIS FATHER : …”

“  … At the end of this last war (2nd World War)  Nations all around the earth … A to Z the globe needed help getting THEM (  FIGURES  FROM  IMPERIAL  MORGUES )     out of their clutches … the transport investments robbed at the Banks before anyone was aware :   With organisation and help from good people we managed to force THEM

 “  After the war in the early 1950s we got THEM out of some of our many profitable Ventures 19th century … these we had done such good with, wisely,  for the last 100 or 50 years …

It was our big houses - our historic ones - they had to be forced out of them by Police & Army men of many small nations :   
One beautiful place THEY had removed every scrap of furniture and sold it off … Another great house they had destroyed inside -  even used every room as a lavatory before they were finally forced out :   A lot we were losing - they have them to this day … or they have sold them off : …”    

“ ALL those who took part in the GENOCIDE have profited by it :   They have no concern for lives … they use a deadly narcotic they grow in Scotland … its name is Divinorum Salvia Scotland - trials have proved it hit’s the BRAIN in 2 seconds and creates feels of strength & impatience & violence …”
“  Our Royal Mexican Lodge we had turned into a nice Museum & a place for families weekends to visit & picnic or have light refreshments … study the garden & go away with ideas   
MEXICO … we even got unasked for help here after the full GENOCIDE was learned … some persons surprising … others we did not encourage to participate … but it brought out the best in their fallen nature … at least they saw the sense of educating the young …”    :

 below PHONE

much from 1830s - NO HOPE there …
every LINDSAY-LINDSEY lives on that robbery to-day :    DAVE LINDSEY & HIS GANG gone mad on dopes throwing things in my face - what he had got away with - what he had smashed up  :   A Catholic marriage because he had no hope of marrying Princess Meg after his wild teens went on … He loves to do violence Cousin Dave - like those who taught him  ”   

“ PERU … I did not have to bother with the old Uncles Lindsay … three were in hiding … perhaps more … WE HAD SEEN THE HORRIBLE DESTRUCTION THEY HAD CAUSED IN PERU … the deaths on a big scale about our settlements … our good silver mine destroyed and its school-welfare and housing demolished as if with an explosion …  ”  

“  ROME & DAVE LINDSEY again - some old Gang :  
 I`ll meet up with him again & again in ROME - he may have known I was going - he has gone bizarre - calls himself COUNT LINDSEY - many other LORDLY NAMES  - wants to spend our money on trash - brothels  nightclubs & where he risks getting disease - as his old Uncles had before the War - when I was a child …”

“ … ROME - kept softly - POLICE not allowed too force them out of our beautiful houses … except where they have ill-treated tenants & tried to SELL ON …

ROME :   PACELLI in distress over dead children … knows NAZI did not do it … we all had an assurance before the War that the HOMES were safe ”  :       

“ 1949 I am quickly made Hon Member of ARGENTINE Police Force & can call them out anywhere - together we have taken back many things :   Another nation, I won`t say which, has also made me HON Member of their POLICE & here we made progress :

2nd WORLD WAR :   Your father was to be killed on their ORDERS … ALL OF THEM … in the Wartime -
He was not needed in the PHILIPPINES … he lived because they had nobody else could speak good JAPANESE … When he arrived back in secret September 1945 he was immediately threatened harm would come to his three children if he dared speak out what all of THEM had done :  

THE LET DOWN HERE :  the matter was MALRAUX had never replied to our polite letters our telephone calls - or glibly - De Gaulle we did not know his standing towards the SLAIN GROTE HOMES CHILDREN  - but as a good Catholic, we felt,  he had to hear what the POPE and old Vatican members felt  … ? ”   

“ … It is not until 1962 we understand that MALRAUX & de GAULLE deceived - robbed of important communications from us & some little nations …

1960 Feb.  THEY leapt ahead - Colne Engaine they learned Philip Silverlea had got ALL DOCUMENTS & 1937 WILL of Aunt MAG & Wills of TIGGY & great-grandparents Fred & Gertrud = THEY KNEW THEY WERE TO BE FOUND OUT by FOREIGN PRESS !!   ”

“ 1949 I begin seriously to help my brother & GROTE Brokers and the faithful old Buenos Aries firm … we have had both since 1830s … faultless administration and pride in the PHILANTHROPY … then good men slain 1960 & 1961 onwards :  I heard your father wept … nobody could follow - its March 1962 when JOHN gets WILL, WILLS, DOCUMENTS as sent Feb 1960 to de GAULLE & MALRAUX = HELP = young person TOP JOB USA = his family had known Aunt MAG & TIG …  

OUR PRECIOUS ESTATE - 11 thousand concerns I call upon :   Some have been brutalized by them - a dozen families JOHN got out to USA = all arranged - fly them out = change their names :  (Kennedy Family gave help)

 A GENOCIDE !  had horrified citizens :   A few former GROTE CHILDREN in USA Administration & families had to be protected :    Many pieces of the North American Estate brutalized or destroyed - robbed :  CLAIMS not in writing that it is ALL British Crown properties :    Some parts had no interference :   But many signs of BRUTAL behaviour by DAVE LINDSEY & Gang & chums - other thugs of Noble Britain  =

I forgot - ROME had to go softly … but MILAN POLICE made up for it = threw THEM, every one of THEM OUT !  They did not slither back=But AGAIN worst job getting THEM out of our big houses = THEY DIRTIED THEM  !

 MEMORANDUM :    1945-1960s :   More and more people were learning of the 2nd Holocaust - the slaughter of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN WORLDWIDE :    The British Government Lords and their relatives were telling us they did it for THE CROWN … ”

“ … LANDS, SEASHORES, forests … all splattered with blood of our children and our tenants … whole settlements gone … burned … ”

“  REPORTS were coming in all the 1950s - still MALRAUX & de GAULLE did nothing … and nothing after 1960 the winter when we were sent notes saying briefly they were consulting with other Leaders  :  … …  ”

 (  READER will be familiar or may turn to COLNE ENGAINE 1960/1961 & the CUNNING about us … but for human beings of balanced behaviour and BRAVERY we would not have lived :  )   

 “  …  It is 1962 before they tell us they did not send these messages …
 the WILL was now examined … A MOST HORRIBLE GENOCIDE HAD OCCURRED :   General de Gaulle saw the name of ANDRE MALRAUX in the legal WILL 1937 … they learned of the VIOLENT THEFT and the killing of AUNT MAG … HELP is given … some protection … ”

“ …  YOUR FATHER HAD THE ESTATE IN WORKING ORDER … TWO THIRDS of it … the rest destroyed by THEM … they all RICH … ANGELA AND HER MEN … SCANDINAVIAN ghouls … could not be stopped PIMPING as they had from 1920s … MALAYA had its killers leave and du CANN told to keep his thieving hands OFF :    Some of THEM had been saying for years that YOU gave them PERMISSION !   …”

“  FLORAL …  and FAUNA …  THEIR ILLEGAL ENTERPRIZES HERE WERE BEING INVESTIGATED :  By now many Nations were helping us :   THEY not only DAVE LINDSEY & GANG … all of them from before the War … were growing NARCOTICS on our lands and blaming us - this was not accepted by the small nations they were corrupting …”

“  … We, your father and our loyal administrators were getting support - the HOLOCAUST of the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … their own children… shocked all nations A-Z … REVOLUTION ?  … your father & JOHN & loyal friends were able to WARN our little NATIONS of this … & get some help to stop DAVE LINDSEY and his IMPERIAL GANGS halted … a bit …  ”   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(((  Dr John RAY born c 1917-1969 killed MONTROSE our 1500 Farm & lands SCOTLAND having PETROL POURED DOWN HIS THROAT BY 4 MEN one THE TENANT OF THE CROWN …  USA CITIZEN 3 Degrees Astrophysics NASA/ANIMAL MANAGEMENT/LAW :    RANSOM middle brother attacked 1 month old at `JERUSALEM`     ( … in the little family home, once that  of young MILLIE FROBISHER Mrs JOHN RANSOM hounded by EARL of LINDSAY to her death 1897 … he claims her as OF HIS FAMILY )   :   

Baby JOHN cunningly MUTILATED by 2 LINDSAY middle aged women 1917 Deptford BOOTING-IN with TIGHT MOUTHS late eveng upon the little HOME `JERUSALEM` PARK ROAD DEPTFORD - his mother JEAN BALLERINA WAS HELPING THE BRITISH 1st World WARTIME - this attack horribly primitive, typical of SCOTLAND NOBLES, was well known to them - we can say THEY WERE SKILLED IN IT … CULLING … And it was to see this male child RANSOM DID NOT PRODUCE CHILDREN :    

Nota bene :     late 1950s USA & Swiss MEDICAL SCIENCE began to corrected the obscene damage to JOHN 4 weeks old babe son of FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM & JEAN grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL SEA … A new  RANSOM child of 4 weeks old :    
MEMORANDUM :   & he has a SON named POUL RAY Ransom born 1958 … a first cousin to Greta Ransom W. seen in 1969 age 11 years … ABOUT US THE OLD GANGS have BOOTED IN on The Pillar House where the immortal books for children were drawn by L. Leslie Brooke WARNE Publishers of Beatrix Potter   :    POUL RAY RANSOM is killed age 17 by 4 men in a big Black DIPLOMATIC BRITISH CAR in CANADA in 1975 - a few lines in a newspaper of the British Nation did try mention this matter :   My cousin POUL is taken off by the MEN in  ABIG BLACK DIPLOMATIC CAR BRITISH and these men poured petrol down his throat  … exactly as they did to his father 1969 at MONTROSE Farm Ransom of 1500 (see RANSOM ANCESTRIES & `scaffolding` :   Its tough reading so take a small glass OUZO or CALVADOS first … Make a VOW not to behave like the TOP DOGS of an EMPIRE DECLINING … refusing to FALL and STOP BOOTING OVER THE SEAS WITH ARISTOCRAT OBSCENE GREED … …  AND SHEER UGLY STUPIDITY of sub-sub-sub APES …  

LENNIE MY BEST FRIEND continues   “  THEY … all of THEM had a big market for ZOOLOGICAL endangered species :
SEEMS SCOTLAND NOBLES THEY CANNOT STOP THEIR CRIMES … so many people were now finding out  … ”   (1962 March my father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM tells me `… we could do nothing … it all went UP THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD … to the Queen and her sister …`…  NB:   It was the younger who had `perspicacity` but this was spotted when she was 9 years of age and STOPPED with VENOM when she was 11 years of age … RECORDS  )

“ … LOGGING - the worse in the globe :   BRAZIL PUT A REGIMENT ON OUR LANDS TO STOP GREAT BRITAIN and SCANDINAVIA illegally LOGGING  … they were gutting great tracks of our Estate … blaming us … ”


“   1967 November when they gave you a ring they ruthlessly set about THIEVING MONEY FOR THEMSELVES & chums :
… THEY the LINDSAY & JIMMIE knew that Sir Rowland had big debts 1960s from stupid schemes with smart types - one from Switzerland …”

“ … By the time you got a ring from his brother in the Natural history Museum his debts were rising to 40 thousand … this may have been deliberately done because JIM JONG the Palace major had killed their grandfather winter 1940-41 …     

… He and other old men asked to judge if the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN could take our ESTATE found that it would BE FRAUD … that the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & THE CROWN COULD NOT BROKER A PENNY … This was supposed to be a secret committee but of course it was monitored all the time … ”

“ AUSTRIA … a man in a car pulled up and yelled at me `WHO THE HELL ARE YOU `… I answered in a broken accent ` just a worker` …  I had realised some years before that I was not recognised as a RANSOM brother … except by DAVE and gang :
I always replied in English in a bad accent … My brothers are medium-tall and I am quite small … I used native clothes and sometimes added a moustache …”

“ KEEP YOUR MIND QUIET … now ANDRE is dead they will try and kill us all … THEY ARE TERRIFIED OF HAVING THEIR GENOCIDE EXPOSED … as fast as they clear it out many places have kept information on THEM … ”
        Len Immanuel RANSOM -  1921-1981/2 ?


I am reminded again of Uncle Captain LIAM RANSOM
Christmas 1936/New Year 1937 … “ Bad times … young woman … how old … nearly 4 … well you have travelled … made speeches and pleased everyone … MARGARETH has left you everything and with LENNIE you can handle it  :   
 Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM - 1933-2199

GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` ESTATE in 3 Parts :   worldwide Estate of centuries restored by 2-3rds with worldwide assistance 1945-1960 :   This is AFTER THE DISCOVERY  OF THE BRITISH ARISTOCRAT SLAYING during 2nd world War of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN in nations outside the BRITISH EMPIRE … ships sailed in by permission of Lord Louis Mountbatten RN Playboy :   

1969-1971 :   “ Estate holdings from Medieval times were in and around City of TOULOUS … not to lose its CAPITAL
  ( in the Bank )  … then the squalid scholar Gypsies came by … the WHITEHEAD TWINS … I and my brother JOHN (Dr JOHN RAY Ransom USA citizen) and ANDRE did not know … that the WHITEHEAD TWINS had knowledge of our ESTATE in fine detail was unknown  to us … We had treated both of them with Courtesy … ”  

“ … Very soon after the murders of my brothers by the British Government Lords for their Crowns including Denmark & Norway     (FJR and JRR  also martyred in the FRAUD of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide  )    the elder twin is  found to have debts of many thousands of pounds from 1962 … He planned to become a MILLIONAIRE with his twin brother by craftily demolishing the Estate of the RANSOM families … they have known ANGELA SINCE 6 YEARS OF AGE - (she hoped to make them WARDS of (her)  COURT )

“ …  The Elder was all set up for sharing it with criminals he already knew by entering The City of London via Rothschild Banks :  these who had been dipping in by MOONLIGHT since the slaying of the worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 1938-1954 :    Soon the TWINS began to attack AUSTRALIA and SOUTH AMERICA … followed by DAVE LINDSEY and GANGS … other PIMPS from 1930s : … ”  



… It was handed, addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX on the envelope,  by PHIPPS Ambassador PARIS BRITISH EMBASSY to ANGELA July 1938 on her First STATE VISIT to FRANCE … 1936 April she ANGELA     (WELL KNOWN AROUND PARIS 1920 onwards … fashionable bars and restaurants … often with JIM JONG …  )   had ORDERED the FRENCH DAUPHIN  (RETIRED BY HIS REPUBLIC)   to GET BACK IN VERSAILLES to receive her … She claims the GROTE HOMES worldwide outside the BRITISH EMPIRE have been given to her  (no Will needed AS SHE IS NOW DIVINE … )  and she wishes them CLEARED and the LANDS SOLD …AND THE MONEYS GIVEN TO HER … to pay the massive DEBTS of the families of her husband … some of them given to gambling & gee-gees too much … expecting too often the MILLIONAIRE AMERICANS WOULD BEG THE HONOUR OF PAYING THEIR DEBTS … By 1890s it was not that DIAMOND WAISTCOATED as the generation before  ` …

  … JIMMIE JONG half good Chinese family half coin-less British-Scots RN minor Diplomat Port Arthur father :    JIMMIE flung out by his grandfather for homicide embezzlement and curious MAD TRICKS … from the 1920s picks up GIRLS with EXPECTATIONS … 1930s onwards he is this little spiteful PIXIE PERVERT from whom no child was safe or young girl or boy inheriting moneys or properties  …

 THIS JIM JONG PIMP often travelled with ANGELA and TERESA `ange & Tree )   or one or the other  :    HE WOULD APPEAR to make sure he shared the LOOT for he collected for the GOVERNMENT & CROWNS :   In 1953 he WHITES Steward teamed up with the filthy baby and child abuser HARRINGTON born 1912 now passing himself off as DOCTOR HARRINGTON … many persons supposed him to have been a genuine Doctor Harrington of Edinburgh born 1914 …   

1967 November :  
WHITEHEAD TWINS - decades on … the pair of them would be RIPPING OFF about 20 to 30 percent to divide between themselves :   The rest of stolen assets and MONEYS collected by OLD GANG and giving shares by MOONLIGHT :

 … AIDING THIS 2nd DEMOLITION set going by THE TREACHERY and GREED of the WHITEHEAD TWINS  of our great PHILANTHROPY ESTATE is a few members or at least two or three of the MOB of Count/Lord DAVE LINDSEY GANG  (Earl in waiting to his father No 14)   And Mr MENGELE HARRINGTON tags along for he has `royal flight & sail` :
Born 1912 the sadistic  `PEER IN WAITING`  a 1948 late student GP Hong Kong,  Mr Doc Mengele HARRINGTON :   HARRINGTON out of Scotland impresses upper classes by his photograph and newspaper slips distinguishing him as a Royal friend  :   Throughout the next two decades he will dodge behind the WHITEHEAD TWINS picking up more than expensive fag ends  …

The Scotland British Premier Earls of LINDSAY-LINDSEY a perpetual GANG is now headed by DAVE LINDSEY their `FRONT` from 1948 for the vast mischief,  robberies, deaths in our Canadian holdings :   CANADA is the biggest piece of our Estate & was beautifully managed - DAVE soon got CANADA RAILWAYS IN THE RED - but it had to be hastily covered up by the BRITISH NEWSPAPERS because he is a LORD & Count & has a nasty game going called `Russian roulette`
 :   THE CANADIAN ESTATE RANSOM is gathered from 1830s by INVITATION the former Governments of CANADA … our Canadian Estate holdings are known for safety standards, Gospels Acted Out, good management, and WELFARE … attention to history past, present and FUTURE :   THIS WAS ALL KICKED ABOUT BY THE LINDSAY-LINDSEY Tribe … many of them became comfortably rich from this BLOODY SLAUGHTER of GROTE CHILDREN and the DEMOLITION of our CANADIAN Estate :
They had a reputation for violence,  ignorance and stupidity :   They use heavy DOPES and grow a dangerous one in Scotland with other titled Tribes :   They claim our ESTATE entire because  they say we are of their Tribe :    I have one great-great-grandmother who was a Miss Lindsay before she escaped to marry a noble FROBISHER :    ALL THEIR VIOLENCE & FRAUD is done by WESTMINSTER WHITEHALL HOUSE of LORDS sinister  MOONLIGHT :   

The CUNNING during 2nd World  Wartime was for the FRAUDSTERS to call our ESTATE only `GROTE` … thus encouraging anti-German sentiments … So it was OK to BOOT IN here … but the SLAYING of the GROTE CHILDREN became uncomfortable for them all … they had expected to dump this crime on GERMANY & NAZI Party = “ NO WAY WAS THIS GOING TO WORK … they`d have to cover up … tell more LIES … ”  !


 “ Deutsch Gramophone  …

 Do you remember how much you owned … we had been in sound recording since it began … Aunt Mag recalled how her father had a friend near Potsdam … he experimented half heartedly with sound … he was interested in something else … he gave ideas … when you were nearly 21 years of age your mother told David Brown rnvr what was in EMI … if he could get it they would share !  It was quarter of a million with other related matters  :  Your mother and Brown now said they feared YOU would squander it … they were looking into the matter :   Both of them are on heroin and from time to time in trouble with it … they TELL LIES ”    

“  David Brown in Submarines 2nd World War is not made Lieutenant Commander rnvr until 1954 - until then he had no use for the NOBLES at the top of the DUNG HEAP of IMPERIAL BRITAIN :   In 1953 Brown has accepted 200 pounds a month from DAVE LINDSEY to keep YOU out of his way :  

 Cousin DAVE keeps his family out of our CANADIAN Estate - WE HEAR THAT The House of Lords and ANGELA gave it to him :   His father is known to have crimes for which the heir of an Earl cannot be prosecuted - in 1943 he became EARL 14 and paid the DEATH DUTIES of the recently dead Earls 12 and 13 from the Estate of a child of 9 years who had property in NEWFOUNDLAND - the child from a 900 years old Essex Sea Faring family is found strangled 1942 early morning on her way to choir practice at Castle Hedin ham :    Quickly Banks Newfoundland are found to be empty & the lands said to be CROWN LANDS - What had been a clean bay, a settlement with church, school, welfare facilities was quickly turned into a quick profit factory belching smoke and pouring filth into the Bay :   church gone settlers missing … some retreated and lived ”   …

“  David Brown rnvr had an older brother John Brown - he is a pilot at the beginning of the War - he dumped his bombs on Allied shipping outside Harwich killing people - he was shot for flying on cocaine … `stuff` :   ( mother Hilda Bacon of Bacon Ship repairs Yard North sea coast, father John Brown = a small Timber merchant firm in Kenya  ”
  =  “  This Firm  ( J.T. BROWN & SONS)   fell foul 1945 of Mr JIMMIE JONG our old PIMP of the 1920s-1930s … He became a Major of the Palace in 1939 - retreated to Kenya 1944 -
KENYA INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY investigations into dead persons began  especially one rich old man of good character had his imminent arrest - but friends were visiting 1952 & this connects to the death of the British King - Mr Jimmie followed the Mourners to London … he reappears as barman-Steward of WHITES CLUB … an Army colleague helped him find half the money required to purchase the Club tenancy :   In KENYA Mr JIM and his wife at dinner parties by the time the DESSERT was reached would talk of two girls in a Palace by their Christian names … and advise that they were asked to take care of them … by the British Government & Crowns … and their relatives of Scandinavia … JIM REGENT OF ENGLAND & the IMPERIAL EMPIRE :  `

“    This is that Mr PONG you complained of before the War - he would hang out in the LINDSAY PEN on the seafront … he also accompanied a friend of his childhood years when she went as a Representative of the British Government Lords as `PEACE` representative :   They did a bit of damage to our BANKED moneys … the Capital of many little pieces of the RANSOM Estate ”      :   

“  From your birth 1933 a second set of LEGAL DOCUMENTS was sent to your young father as you are named as heir by your Aunt and older members of her families … Your father was not informed because from your birth     ALL YOUR COMMUNICATIONS are waylaid by The PREMIER EARL LINDSAY Crawford & his Tribe :   He wishes to avoid another Scotland Tribe claiming this Estate … or even a half of it :
But a DEAL will have to be struck … BY MOONLIGHT … They are all very dishonest … it is said they are become so criminally insane because of the use of a dangerous narcotic grown in Scotland … for some generations it is known :
This substance fire-blown into small pellets is inserted in the nose or under a flap of skin on the forehead - IT HIT’S THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS … their lawlessness is increased :  … … …  ”    

LIFE BOOK of my father `young FRED` John RANSOM :



 born Nov 1911 - killed March 1969

… This is how he began his OWN little ESTATE at the SEAS EDGES where his ANCESTORS descend from 92 AD when `Gaius` REDEMPTIO retired to DUNWICH a useful little PORT in a sudden storm … since the BRONZE AGE BC   :

I Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM am born 1933 March 11th & in 1934 my young father began a pleasant & pleasing piece of business which would give him an income for his family wife & one child - another on the way :  

LIR Diaries kept by youngest brother from age 12 years
LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM born 1921  :  

“ GOOD RELATIONSHIPS were essential in any business any TRADE we entered into … ”

“ … your father FJR  began at Holland-on-Sea with his own money - he had been shown how to save since he was a small child … to provide for a rainy day … to assist with THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT :


We had much experience from small children helping Aunt Mag with the JOYOUS VENTURE and our education in holiday times was at the GROTE HOMES - our Uncle Alfred Charles a Rear Admiral retired 1st World War took care of us in Japan & Asia where he often trained young Naval men in Sea skills - I born in Argentina knew all the South American HOMES from 2-3 years of age and often stayed a month learning their native languages and histories … Our elder brother ALEXANDER had all his education travelling with our parents & other RANSOM relatives when he was a boy …

…  It was as if we were born with the skills of TIGGY and MAG … her father old Fred Ransom of Montrose and our Island JACOPSHOLMEN where we are committed to establishing a College then University … but we get stopped by IMPERIAL DENMARK who impoverish themselves with show-off Wars … they get bored and then obsessive over bits of the globe :

THE FIRST PIECE YOUR FATHER PURCHASED was a little house-cottage at Holland-on-Sea - he began to repair it with skilled assistance of an old man not ready to retire and a young man who had taken an Apprenticeship - it was a friendly venture already :
At the same time he saw a bigger house, the white house you may recall … and that had need of repairs … the tenants were a couple with grown children & the father had retired from a good position in business :   My father asked them if they would mind the ownership of the house changing hands and said he would immediately carry out some improvements to bathroom, water, electricity and have a secure roof :   They were glad to come `on board`  :   In 1936 I took on a small house that had been made into downstairs upstairs flats … the upstairs tenants were often away in London where they had some business concerns - this worked very well …”

“  YOUR FATHER NOW BEGAN HIS OWN FIRM … registered it … F.J. RANSOM & SON (the son would have been Frederick 1934 who died …  but another son JOHN is born 1935 :   Colin Frederick not until October 1938 - by then you and I were well trained to withstand MANIACS around us :

Your mother even seemed pleased with the sign `F.J. RANSOM and Son` …     Your father now had his own firm to handle Tax matters & all bureaucracy - a skilled craftsman since a child, we all are, he had much to occupy him, creative work we find it, when he was not hurtling about for Aunt MAG :   He used the skilled accountants and solicitors of his father and mother to begin with … then making friends in Essex-Suffolk he included some professional little firms :  they could lease with the professional firms of his parents, they sometimes worked for Aunt MAG on the RANSOM English Estate … its like a dilicate piece of lacework around the entire coasts of Britain … we have held some of it since Medieval times … just a few since before WILLIAM 1st came from FRANCE in 1066 :  ”    

“  A piece of land was turned to horticulture and willing hands found to maintain it … surplus produce was sold at the markets of the small towns … with agreement by town administrators and other traders :    We were asked to supply some fruit and vegetables to the local hospital and to a small café-restaurant open in the summer months ” …  

“   Your Uncle Harry Gordon a young man born 1912 had young friends and knew their families … we had from the start a circle of acquaintances … and they were helpful when your father and I had to dash about the Continent or Scandinavia for the Aunt Mag and the HOMES and Estate … We might be away 2 days or a week - it became necessary to take you with us - you were used to   FLIGHT from a few months old   ”  

“ THE TROUBLE HERE … THE very distant relatives called LINDSAY & LINDSEY of SCOTLAND are climbed to be the Premier Earls of SCOTLAND and Britain :   It is the opinion of intelligent British men and women that they are insane - this can be traced accurately back into the mid-18th century …

 THEY NOW CLAIMED EVERY PENNY YOUR FATHER MADE independently of the Estate …  & were arrogant to his face when in 1938 after JIM JONG had killed Aunt Mag they found they could NOT lay hands on this family ESTATE so much of its surplus funding PHILANTHROPY from the 19th century :   LINDSAY-LINDSEY like ANGELA of the GLAMIS Castle tribe wanted to STOP education for other nations going further than 12 or 14 years = their RULERS were to be educated by GROSS BRITAIN so that they could be told what to do :


“  The RELEASE of the legal WILL gave THE IMPERIAL INSANE problems in their cunning robberies - much they had been used to stealing was becoming more difficult :   BUT WAR CAME 1939-1946 … and they set about their PLAN made perhaps as early as 1929 to SLAUGHTER all the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and quickly sell off the lands … If Hitler got hold of all Europe then they had the new BRITISH EMPIRE operating from CANADA … and they had AFRICA,  AUSTRALIA and parts of ASIA :   That is their mentality to this day  ”   

`  A piece of humour the British Press will not print is that The Duke of Argyll warned his new wife Margaret Sweeting `we do not invite the LINDSAY to dinner - and any business dealings you have with them will have you come off badly - It is said they are INSANE…”    She had just written off the big debts of her new husband with a stroke of her pen - they were part of a young group 1920s PARIS & abroad - the aristocrats mostly coin-less … She a rich girl was very kind … she took them out by coaches for a whole day site-seeing with delicious meals … she brought them back and HAD THE LOUVRE KEPT OPEN FOR HER … they then went to a late supper if they wanted to stay up :    She kept getting the wrong husbands - they married her for her money`  :

Do you recall that your father on the advise of Aunt MAG bought you a half share in Bryants Garage - you were trained to set the workers up a Christmas Fund and to cover Medical costs from your profit … In a few months the EARL of LINDSAY himself (Earl 12) strode into the Works and TOOK OFF THEM YOUR INVESTMENT and emptied the CHRISTMAS FUND and the MEDICAL WELFARE fund :     If your father had objected then the owner of the Garage could have his home burned … or these Works :   We told him not to complain ”    …

 `  THE LINDSAY-LINDSEY have lived by VIOLENCE and THEFT for a long time … they cannot be challenged because of their CLASS :    Now they have had to agree to ANGELA and her families & in-laws helping themselves to what they call GROTE ESTATE …. But there is no GROTE ESTATE … the HOMES are gone … the CHILDREN SLAIN by Aristocrats of Britain and Scandinavia so they might get rich :   the lands around the HOMES are RANSOM lands … and these criminally insane creatures know it well `    :

“ ….  You my niece, 12 years younger than me,  had several other little investments with me LEN and we knew that if a part of our Estate failed it was secure from the other pieces we held :   Your Aunt Margareth whom you always called GIRL OF THE SNOWS when you were born funded the APPRENTICES hostel at Holland-on-Sea … they were without parents but some had a grandparent or an aunt or uncle alive :   At Christmas they put on a little entertainment for the old people of the town - we always went too if we were in Britain  ” …

```  … 1945 The commemoration stone said the donors were Mrs Margaret Ransom GROTE and the family of her brother John Ransom & his wife Millicent Frobisher :   THIS HOSTEL WAS DEMOLISHED QUICKLY at the end of the WAR - big cars from London with men in smart suits were seen walking around the ruins :   they did not bother to remove the plaque … it lay chipped amongst the ruins for the next 2 years :   This was our property … The APPRENTICES were now with no home … the town found two of them accommodation … one killed himself … The matter was that they could not afford to pay lodgings and this HOME for them while they were Apprentices was FREE :   It was a horrible crime done by LINDSAY-LINDSEY EARLS … It will be thrown in our faces … THEY ARE COARSE & VIOLENT IN THEIR CRIMES :   ```  

“   I have had to fly out again to MALAYA … to stop that little bastard helping himself to great piles of our money :   He has rarely earned an honest income … his male relatives lived growing the dangerous narcotic with others in Scots Glens … you met an Uncle du Cann when you were nearly 21 years old … he told you he had just taken a cheque for 20,000 pounds for the 18 months crop of PURPLE PLUM … he thought you must know of all this going on … he spoke to his nephew Edward whose mother is your mother and he Ed now MP twice failed went into panic at what you might know about his criminal activities done in our name without your father or your GUARDIAN MALRAUX & THE WORLDWIDE ADMINISTRATORS KNOWING … Aristocrats in Government can rarely be trusted … they come from dishonest families … a few we know are HONEST and enlightened and did not want the GROTE HOMES children slain … We have told them to KEEP QUIET or they will be given accidents and suicides … and all of that history … ways of getting rid of people in the way of FORTUNE hunters`   

“ … your meeting with the Uncle of ED du Cann  NOW HAD YOU & ANDRE MALRAUX our GUARDIAN in an even more DANGEROUS POSITION … Yet still ANDRE did not know what his full GUARDIANSHIP meant … ANGELA had taken his WILL … a big team worked on this FRAUD … it still does … THEY ARE ALL SCARED THAT THE TRUTH OF THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE ”

` …  THEY FEAR GROTE ADULT CHILDREN MAY EMERGE or their families … they know of documents kept safe, photographs, films have been made … … … so they THREATEN MORE CHILDREN of GROTE CHILDREN and grandchildren of GROTE CHILDREN  … and GOOD FAMILIES … and it is easy for them using a State`s  Armed Forces to infiltrate … to use the other facilities to assist … they do not need to know the full HORRIBLE FACTS … only that certain persons and nations are IN THE WAY OF BRITISH TRADE … ` :


GOOD DEEDS -  helping others …

 … do you recall the distress when it was learned that the pack of them had gone to Jamaica to see if they could get a haul from our estate running through the Island :   They came to a little cove where a banana boat was loading … the workers relied on this for their community … the bananas had to be sorted to different parts of the boat by colour … first they brought them aboard … the boat was leaning against the small jetty :   THEY RELEASED THE BOAT AND IT CAPSIZED of course … they thought this funny and left by cars and then by helicopter to a big boat :

Your father went over to see them - not part of our Estate - he gave them a fund to tidy them over for the year until they got another crop :   He had the boat mended & spoke with the families … we later gave a grant for musical education and sport - this is as much as we dared do :   He told them all not to say a word that they had been given help =  or they might get THEM back again :    He said he had trouble with THEM too :

JRR & LIR 1960-1970s …   2 MARTYRS made to keep money flowing on a RIVER of BLOOD for EARLS & CROWNS   


                       F I N  for the moment