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1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

wedding of Grace

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Wedding of GRACE 1947



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Lands of Queen Saint ETHELDREADA - East-Anglia


Permission `PACELLI`   VATICAN ROME 1947



Ancient Sea Trader families from centuries  BC - AD into 19th century … will make `an early marriage` to keep they and their families safe …





“ … Andre & Greetha, of the same age really, because of circumstances …”    diaries  of the Man of Normandy=lawyer, onion seller, financier, market gardening -man of letters … NIGHTWATCH 1960/1961 Colne Engaine :  cum CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis …  









     Thursday 3.15pm - 17th April 1947


Church of Our Lady, beside the Convent of Order Saint Clare -

    at Clacton-on-Sea  & Holland-on-Sea Essex seafront




Granted by VATICAN  `young Pacelli` … a kindly observer and sometimes participant in RANSOM GROTE WEDDELL SEAS family matters  A-Z the globe … an estate of 2,000 years created by a family of 14 races 27 nations …





Colonel Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX   - a WIDOWER 9 November 1944 

 become a colleague of General de Gaulle & other Advisors post-war France.  & Guardian to GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts -worldwide philanthropy and common-sense son of Ferdinand MALRAUX & Berthe nee Lamy … 


A n d    Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM - spinster - & heir to the above Estate - attending The Convent of Our Lady Order Saint Clare, Clacton-on-sea Essex … daughter of Frederick John RANSOM & Teresa Elizabeth Gordon  …  






A TEA PARTY will be held after the Wedding at the nearby home of  Professor & Mrs R. Winclemann,  Murrays Chemist the Wedding presents will be on display …

1947 ThursdayApril 17th - A WEDDING of GRACE

Clacton-on-Sea - Church of Our Lady beside the Convent School of Order of Saint Clare … `early wedding` allowed by Pacelli Pope Pius XII between the Widower Colonel Georges-Andre MALRAUX and Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen CaeceliaRANSOM -


… year memorable for long & unexpectedly cold winter.  Began autumn 1946, continued spring 1947.  Frozen pipes in houses - Transport bad due to weather - food rationing from Wartime continued & bread rationed to July - Supplies of food & coal difficult because of transport problems … Clothes rationing eases & romantic full longer skirts came in via DIOR Paris …


16th April Wednesday  - It is a school-day at the Our Lady Convent of the Saint Clare Order, Clacton-on-Sea - I & my class arrive at 8.30am - there is a 4-5 minutes of Prayer & instructions for the day or the week  & then we settled to work as usual .   But at 4.15pm the time we officially end the school day  we have put on our outdoor coats & now sat or stood a few minutes at our desks & I am wished  `… a happy `Early Wedding` to-morrow ...  The Monitor announces that a few of them, perhaps 6 or more will be chosen to-morrow morning to sit at the back of the Church & see the Service … but they will not linger after the Ceremony …  when I and Georges Colonel ANDRE reach the signing …


… The class give me their good wishes & hope the sun will shine & it will be a lovely happy day - They say  `enjoy your 4 days holiday`  & we will see you on Monday 21st April here at school.  They say they will tell me of the to-morrow BBC Childrens Hour episode of  The HOUSE of ARDEN  which we all listen to at home if we can … We also listen to the evening broadcasts of the BBC new THIRD PROGRAMME.   It is a very dignified ending to our school day 16th April 1947,  and I am grateful.  The Irish wit of the Class does not say  `he may jilt you` but is very sincere in her wishes … I notice that all the faces of my Convent Class are graceful  


We are not just simple school-girls of 12-16 years of age because of the past 5 years of WAR we have lived through … We know of the dead that have been counted, some of Essex & from its seashores.  Colonel Andre Malraux has two young brothers dead, one at the hands of the Gestapo - the other 19 years old  drowned in a Prison ship …

And the mother of his 2 sons  born 1940 & 1944  is also a victim 1944 … the young French writer Josette Clotis -  The Pope has given recognition to Josette & Andre & children as a FAMILY in styling MALRAUX as  ` A WIDOWER `   In Clacton town & the area are many people who remember Josette of 1937 SUMMER  …


   1946 - I am removed from SHEshe by Clacton Marital Court September 1946 & Custody my Father Army Captain Frederick John RANSOM  … & have a tiny room east facing with the young  couple, Beatrix & Ernest Napper living in Walton Road by the Recreation Ground in Vista Road  - his mother is Nurse Mrs Napper who has a big Nursing Home on the Holland-on-Sea cliffs … ANDRE MALRAUX knows so many people in this little seaside town … where 10 years ago he & Josette came for 2 weeks but stayed 5 weeks - then we all went to LINCOLN to look at the places his mother traces her ancestors,  beginning 9th century HISTON the first name, they fishing & farming about the areas of The Wash, Kings Lynn, The Thorpes & Saxmundham Suffolk …


“ ANDRE & GRETA … of the same age really … owing to circumstances … »  writes the Lawyer-broker-onion seller of Normandy - he now resident again after the War in Clacton with his wife & two small children … They & others know the permission to take EARLY WEDDING has come from `Pacelli` himself - become Pope PIUS 12 in 1938 - Some know there is an Estate to take care of for the RANSOM families world-wide & Greetah is heir & will be in training again … Some residents know of the tragic deaths being discovered about many of the nations where the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN were situated worldwide upon ancient RANSOM lands … RANSOM have been on the East Coast, farming & sea traders from 92 AD Records   MALRAUX sea Trader ancestors,  both parents, his mother 9th century HISTON - Records )


MALRAUX is styled `WIDOWER`   in the letter written by Pope Pius XII sent from The Vatican  this is a compliment from  Pacelli -

As ` Young Pacelli `  he is known to the Elders of the Families of Mary Gordon grandmother to Greta Ransom.  A personal gift of two small watercolours done by himself is addressed to Andre Malraux & given to Andre 17th April 1947 at the tea party after the `early wedding` - a Priest arrives with the gift.   The Pope has written in a short note addressed to Andre Malraux  ` …  he sends these for the Study of ANDRE MALRAUX  & he feels that they are two of his best … he expects to greet us in ROME later in the year …


Nota bene  We, ANDRE & GRETA,  should receive our POST/MAIL - then we would know that the RANSOM families are repairing a great 17th century building in the City of ROME - damaged in the war 1939-1945, it is to be saved … BUT all post/mail/everything that should reach us,  is stolen by Gross Britain Government & Crown  “ for ANGELA and the LINDSAY Premier Earls …”   )  


?  WEDDING GUESTS :   No Gordon families or branches are invited, or the families from Manchester and Ireland of my grandmother Mary Helena killed 1944 - Miss Win has been put in charge of the wedding by her sister Teresa & Edward du CANN her bastard of 1924 May .   My father is to come with `a party ` = it includes a known French Jewish composer living in USA since 1939 - we will make a visit to our 9th century HEIMAT at ELY when we were agreeable to the HUMANITAS of Etheldreadaa 7th century English Queen given a Sainthood for her establishment at ELY …


I am not to have any of my GORDON of SCOTLAND families at the wedding either - Georges-Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX is not told of them … ORDERS Ed du CANN nasty bastard born 1924, and his MUM Teresa GORDON … unfortunately she is my mother in 1933 … He is of a NARCOTIC growing family of SCOTLAND .    British Wartime Premier Winston S. Churchill  January 1960 calls his father 

“ … a penniless lawyer who ruined the life of Teresa Gordon … they mix with LINDSAY a bloody nuisance since the PLANET began !



1938 autumn = GORDON ancestral lines =BOOTH-GRANTLY-Anderson     “ … in a sunny graveyard … & we all call kindly  `HIP HIP HURRAY` together …  I think it is the idea of tall Mr Tait/Tate ?  

… “ Everyone give a resounding cheer for them - or we would not be here ”   he calls out waving his walking stick over the Gordon Booth Grantley families in their graves.   I am 5-6 years and asked to come for the visit - we will see if the graves need any attention, if the headstones are weathering well … it is a pleasant afternoon in the autumn sun and I wear my green-oatmeal weave coat and green beret.  The grown-ups are kindly and I meet them at this and that when I attend with the RANSOM GORDON families of my grandfathers.   Len and I are recognised as the HEIRS - 1938 is known to old fashioned people as  `The year of the Presentation of the young Heirs of Margaret/Margaretha …


Memorandum:     I have many Gordon and Ransom family alive and in England in 1947 - I have been told that because he is a Widower and bereaved of his two brothers, and older, a small wedding is suitable - we can have a big white wedding when I am 17 years of age … the wedding frock modest sent from Fifth Avenue NEW YORK by RANSOM families is given to Teresa & Angela … they threw it on a Petticoat Lane stall - after it was abused :         


1947 - My great-Uncle JOHN GORDON, is alive and well & living in his Family SEAT in Scotland.    He is the uncle of Miss Aunt Winnie and her surviving 2 sisters and 3 brothers.   Their eldest brother is  Arthur Gordon born in 1891, wife Nellie Maxstead and daughter Eileen working at REUTERS Fleet Street live at Woodford Green Epping Forest - They are not to be invited - Andre MALRAUX is told he will meet relatives at Christmas !   The Manchester relatives have welfare work in the City and cousin Bill Butler has been Mayor of Manchester.  They are not invited & are not to be introduced to Andre MALRAUX … until CHRISTMAS   ?      The Irish relatives have three baronetcies MURPHY Shipping/CARROLL farming/O`BRIEN farming & sometimes International Financier/ - but there will be no INVITATIONS to them - Colonel Malraux will meet them at Christmas  … ? 


The Irish `well-to-doo` relatives have visited Manchester cousins since 1880s & came for the burial of Granny Gordon in Clacton cemetery in  June 1944.   Miss Winnie & Teresa her sister  ( = my reluctant mother who had to give birth to me the Ape-Eskimo )   had me kept away from the burial  =   I, age 11 years, am put with a family out of the town .   Miss Aunt Winnie from 1944 is called by Edward du Cann born 1924 her bastard nephew  `Miss Portia`  =  & he tells her he will find her a husband.   She believed , say her cousins three decades on,  that by letting Andre and Greetah marry early,  she will easily find herself a husband, a widower perhaps,  in France. 


Miss Winifred Mary Gordon born November 1910 - She is a spinster because of Monsters of the DEEP that hang about her from age 4 years - GORDON have little lands Scotland and New Zealand, and her mother has Irish Cousins who sometimes breed horses - they  are of Southern Ireland & have 3 Baronetcies 19th century for peaceful steps towards Independence   …  but the PIMP JIM JONG, LINDSAYBUGGAHRS violent cunning marauders are robbing the GROTE RANSOM Estate after murdering the worldwide children … and threatening so many of us  :


… Teresa E. Gordon her sister of the Roaring 20s and her bastards one is 1924 Ed du CANN =  he, a little person possessed of a nasty hard stare,  has been sitting on the knee of ANGELA since I am born 1933 … he has a private Office 1945 in the Houses of Parliament and this puzzles those who go to WORK in the Government building …  He wants me and Lennie, and my young brother Colin dead  - and nearly achieves this November 1957  (there are other attacks with his fellow monsters before this … he empties our BANKS in Malaya and Philippines and has gone for Gibraltar - but he has to give ANGELA HER SHARE … somehow it is passed to her daughters … they have no education : )   


1957ANDRE MALRAUX has again, that spring,  `captured the girl of Roman Britain who goes into other centuries for a CHAT … `

And we are seen striding tall, discretely, in Museums and Halls of Learning  = in Scarlet Town - as the international SPIES call London … Everyone who is a human being wonders when ANDRE and GRETA will be allowed to have a quiet life … AT LAST !


“ It is a completely Catholic nation FRANCE …”  and she is a good Catholic as she tells me … & neither ANDRE, Colonel Malraux, or myself doubt her - it is kept from MALRAUX  that I from 1940, age 7 years, have the burden of Teresa her sister 

( who is my mad mother known at schools as CLYTEMNESTA or MAD MOTHER KALI … some boys calling her `old Mother Riley` :

In Science classes 1944 two say  “ Sir … Greetah is always bruised on Mondays …” … One added   “ Sir … my great Uncle had her locked up for joining a gang doping his horses …”   Young ANDREWS B.A. Oxon Science-Maths, crashed his Lancaster Bomber, said … ` … this woman is her mother … her friend now wears a crown … & many people would now prefer a REPUBLIC … I will speak with your grandfathers this week … ` 


…  We have also had a 9 years old clever school friend killed at Castle Hedingham spring 1942 by the in-coming EARL LINDSAY gang … they needed to pay their DOUBLE DEATH DUTIES with her NEWFOUNDLAND moneys, her estate … they have put in belching factories about  her bay and her good settlers are all missing … her Church is pulled down … a 900 years old Sea-Trading & farming Family of ESSEX have become extinct 1942/1943 … and all evidence of their existing is being removed … Some persons have put things away = but SPIES for the British Lords and Crowns of BRITAIN and their SCANDINAVIAN relatives are hunting to KILL those who know …

Two criminally insane narcotic growing MOBS have got out of SCOTLAND … and got `BIG TIME` at Westminster Scarlet Town …   




1947 - 16th April - To-morrow 17th,  the wedding day,  a piece of treachery is not understood by the kindly small wedding party - Miss Gordon my aunt cancelled my father & his small party attending the ceremony.   It was very late evening this day 16th April when she made a telephone call to Army Captain Fred RANSOM him in London.  She did not tell anyone at Clacton that late evening  or the next morning of the 17th  what she had done.  I arrived at her home at nearly quarter 2 pm as instructed by her to put on my clothes for the ceremony which would be at the Catholic Church about 3.15 - 3.30 pm … Father Wilson had a lot of duties in the Catholic Parish and would turn up as soon as he could … The Nuns from BRENTFORD will have arrived in a comfortable small coach and are to sing PALESTRINA before the ceremony and during it - they specialize in it 


… Aunt Win greeted me when I came to her house to put on my clothes for the wedding - she told me after five minutes what she had done … because her sister  my mother  had announced late last night that she would NOT ATTEND if her husband came … So she Winifred had then telephoned my father & cancelled him coming.  ` Now my mother had just called by & said she would not come either …  SHE DID NOT APPROVE OF THE WEDDING … `


I think now … 21st century …  going through the Records and feeling again in my arms the great weight of that tragedy of the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN …   


 ( and following the RECORDS of the impeccable arrangements for this GENOCIDE allowed by the British ROYAL NAVY for their criminally insane GANG LEADER Lord Louis Mountbatten … blown up 1979 by British Territorial Army & friends … ) 


 …  that perhaps Miss Win Gordon had always a problem over photographs and the BLACKMAIL of the dirty little PIMP Mr JIM JONG …  he could so easily THREATEN HER that  `MAJESTY ANGELA`  would open  that CASE of 1927  and she Winnie would receive a PRISON SENTENCE as her sister Teresa … ` JIM  born 1898  is a professional PIMP - thrown out of CHINA by the respectable family of his mother an educated heiress of Chinese-Indonesian parentage They had him the family FRAUDSTER & HOMICIDER from when he is in his early teens …  `


REPORT ( 1938 or 1939 August - Clacton CARNIVAL for the HOSPITAL )  “ Do you recall the Clacton Carnival just before the WAR …  ?    …  Mr JONG insulted Aunt Winnie & then he said nasty things about both of you to some people nearby  … You later defended Miss Auntie Win to your Father & his friends telling them  `he Mr PONG is not a little funny fellow - he is spiteful and plays cruel tricks - he says all the ESTATE belongs to his friends … He said Aunt Win had got fat and he had stopped her going to HOLLYWOOD - he said nobody would want to marry her now & he called her a TUB and me an APE and an ESKIMO - you grown-ups do not understand … Some kind people heard him but they were frightened because he was with the EARLS LINDSAY GANG … them that everyone calls LINDSAYBUGGARHS …


SPEAKER :   ` Miss Winnie Gordon tells us that when your mother married Frederick Ransom in 1932 she, 22 years of age, had hoped to be invited to HOLLYWOOD - she did not wish to be in films but it would be nice to see some of the film stars - She heard from the RANSOM family that they were invited to HOLLYWOOD when Uncle Fred MACMURRAY was making a film - he took a big house and everyone was welcome … he was called the `Pied Piper` because of the number of young people of his families who would come to stay a fortnight or more … He and his wife were very well educated and cheerful people - they had a son John & he was the friend and cousin of young LEN Ransom who was the younger brother of the husband of Teresa her sister … They also had Cousin CLARKE GABLE …


… But she, Miss Winifred ,  was told by The EARL of LINDSAY and others … that came to stay with him in the GRAND on the seafront  … that she would NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO to HOLLYWOOD … He told her the RANSOM FAMILIES were


unfortunately of HIS FAMILY - & he had to be IN CHARGE …


…  She nevertheless felt she would have been invited by her  brother-in-law Fred RANSOM to go and see HOLLYWOOD - and could have gone … but tricks were now played on her GORDON family -


 her father attacked by the LINDSAY GANG in the name of ANGELA on the seafront after the birth of GREETHA in 1933 … she heard from Mr JIM JONG and her sister Teresa Gordon now  Mrs young FRED RANSOM … that the RANSOM families were not acceptable to GREAT BRITAIN & her new niece would definitely not be allowed to make a marriage to any person of standing in the Community …     IT WAS ESTABLISHED that the child had something wrong with her … it was because RANSOM families had married so many savage races … ”   said Premier EARL LINDSAY & Crawford No 12  NB Explore Debrett`s & BURKES Peerage on web - but old copies not called in by IMPERIAL MORGUES give more away Report 1970s …   



1920s-1930s-1940s I can recall him 1937 to 1942 … JIM often hanging about us … London-Clacton-on-Sea & area … then 1940 Salisbury Plains - Hadzor Village in Wiltshire  - In 1942 he attacked me in the Recreation Ground Clacton - he and my mother and friends were using the HOUSE at the END of THE REC for meals and drinking - we three RANSOM CHILDREN lived nearby in Walton Road with Granny GORDON  … He was made to leave BUCKINGHAM PALACE in 1944 as he was a bad influence on two girls … one injecting her knee with heroin after he showed her how - he took them out on the WARTIME London town …


REPORTS :   he made OFF & landed in KENYA  but still dashing about with `private airpower`  … until 1952, then came back to Britain …  “ … following two girls whose ships have SAILED IN` said the Royal Navy Intelligence …”     JIM that piece of vermin as Grannie Gordon 1930s calls him - and 1937 calls him this to ANDRE MALRAUX explaining his INTERFERENCE in her family since the 1st World War  …





REPORTS - MEMORANDUM  progress of 1947 April marriage,  WEDDING of GRACE  


1947 … 1960 & into the 1960s - & again 1983 - Julie Butler comments, she is a niece of Mary Helena Gordon, grandmother to Greta Ransom = grandchildren of TERESA CARROLL CLASSICS PLATO - Harmony :


Miss Julie Butler ex-ATS   “  NOT SO MUCH A TRAGEDY I came to feel …  but an UNFAIR trial of strength against  `TREASA` GORDON … & her noble chums - She and her sister Win had no sense, no intelligence … they had got into TOO MUCH of the BIG TIME … back then with them  … ”    ( Julie youngest cousin to them refers to the 1920s - she is born Manchester 1919 …  ) 


  … “  If I had not come down for good in 1951 to the big house on the seafront to be partner to Win in this Guest House we had started, then she,  Duchess Teresa,  would have used Win as a skivy until she dropped - buried her - and called the business and our possessions the property of herself & that Ed du Cann, her bastard …  Oh SHEshe - would have been in every day to collect the holiday guests money !  ”   


“  A Catholic marriage that would survive because of all of us - once they had got a home - he could come and go from abroad at his work alongside Saint Charlie … they would have some of their own kids to add to his … might get another CLASSICIST in the family like our grandmother Teresa Carroll …    ( Julie refers affectionately to General Charles de GAULLE hearing her Aunts call him  `Saint Charles`  … Aunt Bessie and other old ladies & Roman Catholic Matrons 1941 went to a tea party at Westminster Cathedral meeting the General … The General and his family have found SANCTUARY in England = FRANCE is overrun by Germany - ` HITLER is ranting & out of his mind if the idiot had taken the Jews along with his early plans for taking care of German citizens then he could have been RULER of the WORLD …`   


“ …  I did not know at all how well he, Andre,  was fitting into the town - that he had known so many people in 1937

I did not see him a lot  - Oh - perhaps 3 or 4 times in three years … I was only down to Clacton-on-Sea every 3 or 4 months from MANCHESTER - & then stayed rarely more than 4 days - I left Win with morning staff & expected Harry and Esther would keep an eye on her - Oh they were kept away ! had no idea who was visiting … little vermin came in  …  ”   


“ … Harry had his head in a noose from HER, his sister Teresa,  and her pre-war friends - there were also a crowd of Earls and misfits on the seafront pre-war …  but I did not hear about them until I came to live all the year in the town that is 1950/1951 or so ... 

Then I began to hear the pre-War,  recent histories , of this little seaside town  …  In winter a group of us would take our dogs and walk four or five miles along the seafronts - take a packed lunch and stay out all day - it was healthy - Then I heard about them -   The Earls - A MAFIA pre-WAR … they would RAID all over East Anglia for their grub, fags, and liquor !   The Police could not touch them ! … ”


MEMO:   G R A N D  CLACTON-on-SEA   Premier Earls of LINDSAY their  MURDERERS BOLT HOLE = Seafront - next to ROYAL Hotel -


BUILT 1910 - demolished 1946 Orders Essex authorities :  All documents, photos, all traces to be REMOVED = ordered by EARL LINDSAY No 14 after the murder by JIM-he-another of the 9 years old NEWFOUNDLAND Heiress of CASTLE HEDINGHAM  :


… The Premier Earls LINDSAY GANG of Gross Britain & Scotland needed to pay double death duties 1939 & 1943 = Noble families are allowed to CULL if they are short of DOUGH & they may remove all trace of heirs they have robbed :  NB :   It is doubtful if the family of `UFF MACDREW were of a LINDSAY blood line … but it is possibly an in-law could be discovered if only 9 digits OUT … 



Continue :   Manchester Cousin Julie Butler ex-ATS :   ( `our Bill Mayor of Manchester`  is elder brother of Julie )    “ … It was there until 1946 -   The place - had a big sign saying

 G R A N D  over a big door - no windows at the front as I recall it 1938 … & glimpsing it 1945 as I rushed the dog for a quick walk along the beaches - it had been pulled down that winter 1945/1946 - Andre had photos of it Dark grey & spooky - built of granite from a Scotland quarry,  squashed between the old dignified Royal Hotel and next door … it was pulled down Order the District Council & gone by the end of winter months early 1946 …  or it was going to fall down all over the Clacton seafront road …  Could harm or kill anyone walking past it … The Earl had thrown it up 1910 against the pleas of the builder and the town saying the plan was bad - the stone too heavy - but they did as they pleased … ”


“ … The place began to slip in the 1920s !   Gaps in the walls and by the doors - a sort of Mafia they were,  as far as I could make out at first -  They, an Earl,  insisted the building was just settling down to staff who would not stay the night in the place - and for other reasons too … I was hearing pre-war town history by people who were about then -  there were lots of tales ! … ” 


 “ …  I woke up to it having featured in some of our Family past history …  when Fred Potter the husband of my cousin Esther,  his father the owner of the town newspaper, town printer &  organised The Lifeboat Society…  gave me some warnings …  matters to bear in mind … … …  Harry and the family had got mixed up with them when they were kids - & they still appeared over at Thorpe-le-Soken & asked Harry to pay a good lunch and drinks for them - and warned him NOT to say anything to his niece about the inheritance … but Fred Potter did not know as much as he should have known - Aunt Mary being dead 1944 there was no one to tell us a number of things - before the Detective Malone did his work for Andre 1960s  :   Fred Ransom was away around the world running the Estate … Win reluctant to tell me more - saying I was the youngest and it was not my close family …   ” 


“  did not know what  `cousin Duchess Teresa` was up to 1945 onwards …  always rearing herself up like a big horse & threatening, saying she was in charge of everyone  Win said little about the Estate of the RANSOM families … and the inheritance, other than her mother did not wish Greetha to know about it until she was 21 years old - I did not know how much she Win had that Edward around slithering in when she was alone -  & he came with two creeps  -   They were promising her a marriage - realising she born 1910 was desperate not to be a Spinster  -  Then they disappeared 1948 when she had given them information on the Estate …  & done their dirty work against us all I found her very stupid in her head one time - wondered if she was drinking - we drank beer in the ATS to keep ourselves awake on Ack-Ack night duty - the Americans were cheerful helping us and came with free beer  ! … ” 


… “ I heard 1945, from cousin Teresa in her Duchess style that the father of Greetie had taken the Estate all to himself - that they had heard he had got greedy … the truth was the poor man was attacked where ever he showed his face in Britain … The Orphan children had all been killed - he spent his life going round the world picking up the pieces of a great bit of philanthropy - half of it in Catholic countries !    He was told his daughter & youngest son little Colin Frederick were idiots because born of his Ape line South America - Win seemed to believe that the middle one was another bastard … like Ed du Cann … I said I did not believe it  ! ”  


“ … I knew later from Aunt Annie that this MAFIA on the seafront pre-war,  Earls of LINDSAY,  had a  distant relationship to the grandmother of Fred RANSOM … & they did not agree with his daughter and younger brother heading the RANSOM Family Estate … but they kept their illegal claim hidden - it was private a matter with their noble chums …  ”


“  I once asked up at MANCHESTER about these family matters, I would be 20 years or so,  & about this Clacton seafront EARL …  but they seemed to know little -  Rather … I think the Elders were scared by some of what had been going on…  & were not going to tell we young ones in the families  !   Also they get a link to a family tragedy I came to know … the beggars make a marriage into a CATHOLIC CRIME SCENE = Sorry - I read Detective novels if the Catholic Press recommends them … ” 









…  (1937)   1947 - 1976 … 

  … the RIVER of BLOOD around the earth from the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDEN :   they did not have a wedding of grace … they are given violent death so as to make IMPERIAL BRITAIN & its   FIGURES from

A MORGUE  so fabulously rich …




1972/1973-74  … Andre MALRAUX , retired Minister of FRANCE,  is speaking to friends, acquaintances, about the past … and the deaths of his two young sons in a car 1961 :


` … my Job … MY JOB … Greetahhad always told me to put my job first - she told me that would be alright - once I remember,  she said `I will catch up with you ` =  I should have questioned this.  I had no idea the danger she was so often in … the outbreaks of violence & maniac tricks by her mother and him, Mengeleand his crew in WHITES - JIM had been attacking her since she was born … he JIM,  Mary Gordon had warned me about 1937 … She called him `a bit of vermin` … and with ANGELA they had brought only trouble to her families by their foul mouths, tricks, and their  GREED … I heard from my hostess that summer of the undesirables in the little dark building called GRAND on the seafront … she was anxious we did not get their attention - the Police had promised to let her know immediately they appeared … but because of a Ceremony in London it was believed they would not appear before the late autumn … 


1957-1958-1959 two winters,  I left Greta at my London home - I had instructed my staff to take care of her - we believed she was of a delicate mind & health … and seemed to lose her memory from time to time .   In FRANCE I would get into my official car some mornings to go to work … I could not think about anything else … not about my personal life and its disappointments concerning Greta - other than she was young and her mother was jealous and did not like me !  And by January 1959 I felt that at last we were going to be left alone.  I did not know that she was threatened that if we had a child she would be found in the street with her stomach split open and her face drenched in acid ;   I had no idea of many ugly violent threats made -  also directed at my staff should they learn anything about the Estate - you know that one lost his life 1957 …


…  ( MEMO:    September 1957 a tall fair haired 20s years old who would toss his head when saying things … Called KIT by `Christ-a-bell-is necessary on a bike` = I think it is `KIT` = Christopher … a Tudor times Catholic name = Haverfield/Ash … ?   There is a note of it in a file of the years -  DANGER !   he had come upon information of the Estate of a Margaret Grote via a friend who worked in THE WHITEHALL Centre of administration of British Government & its CROWNS which now include those of their relatives in SCANDINAVIA   :


Malraux CONTINUES :   ` before Greta arrived at the end of Summer 1957 … I was away with the boys ( Aph`ganistan/Afganistan) & returned early October - he seems to disappear - it was not clear … I was given some explanation … then I lose it - a replacement is obtained … We will say no more … ”    CONTINUES after information of THE Scarlet TOWN 1950s - MALRAUX has his London home spring 1952-1961 November at 50 Lancaster Gate Square, a 19th century pleasant place away from the TRAFFIC ROAR …  :



REPORTS:  1950s :


( The replacement we must call `Dead Man`s Shoes` he may have been persecuted by Doc Mengele HARRINGTON if he is the one who decides to try a Monastery for a career … ?    Greta Ransom  makes some observations :   she reduced to a Pauper BY fat ANGELA & equally mean spiteful maniac chum Teresa, the LINDSAYBUGGARHS & decadent dirty minded drinkers and DOPERS of the HIGH BRITISH ARISTOCRACY , all of them known one another since they were kids in the STABLES : 


GREEDY queer twisted characters include the at times  A MANIAC Harold Macmillan ” /messages come October 1957 to the MALRAUX holy house and Catholic Charity workshop :     “ it would be better if ANDRE and GREETAH were dead … ”    (I GR and others later add from our gathering mature understanding … )   ` … &  PASS THE FIX ! …  LETS ALL GO DOWN THE SAINT LIZZY HEAD FOR A BOOZE UP …` …  `when I  ( MacMillan et al have fixed for the week the PIGS of CIRCE in The Houses of PERVERSIONS … ` etc etc …


 REPORTS 1930s-1960s :     upon the above domination by FIGURES from A MORGUE :  true life in Scarlet Town and down the Buck Lane at Scarlet Lilac Time - the lack of HUMANITAS, the advancing tide of old IMPERIAL GREED done up in sheep skins is dragging the 20th century down into its IMPERIAL sewers … They had NO GREAT TREMENDOUS CROWN WEALTH, the Bloody Liars (Bowes Lyon Tribe) neither …  until they SLEW the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN of the WORLD under cover of the 2nd World WAR took the LANDS, trashed and sold them off … put up quick profit enterprises of doubtful morality … and CRIED they were MAKING BRITAIN RICH


… then began to DOMINATE an Empire now called a COMMONWEALTH … Sailed that YACHT over nets full of GROTE HOMES CHILDEN - dumped in deep waters moaning and pleading … by the IMPERIAL VISION  of THE BRITISH NAVY during the 2nd World War cunningly, so very cunningly,  just inside the 2 mile limit of these smaller nations :   some of the thousands of children ages 4 years to 18-22 years of age,  were thrown hacked in a Scotland FUN skirmish into pits, petrol poured upon children not all dead, others left strewn upon the now BRITISH CROWN owned seashores and burned next days by NAVAL & ARMY creatures who would get a SHARE of profits … some of these benefactors to making BRITAIN RICH were now said to have DIED AT WAR Too many eggs in one basket was not at all desired - the aristocrats of BRITAIN must appear fabulously rich … buy new diamonds and race horses … go shopping … be TOP DOGS / Tyrannosaurus REX in sheepskins …   :  …


…  MEMORANDUM:  This sordid madness of GREED is well documented world wide outside the realms of newspapers who will allow CULLING of their archives … et al …


 Nota bene :  … Voices of the intelligent, all classes,  along the banks of the River Thames,  in its Schools Christmas gatherings, its Inns, sports facilities too,markets of Saturday shoppers now lost their allotment vegetable gardens, voices of moderation and increasing concern could be heard saying they have got too much money … where from ? … it was known they were broke before this last war … ? Where is it come from so suddenly - the Nation always tried give them a helping hand :   how are they claiming to own all these seashores around the world …`   “ … Older folk knew of the unsuitability of ANGELA and GANG … Reports were known of  ` children slain by the British … claims the children were diseased … and now that lot have their BIG BOOTS all over these places … she could have married a British man - what is wrong with the men of our nation little teeth come out of one place when you spread a towel at the top of the beach - we complained - they would only say  ( the hotel staff )  that it was not an accident …  ”  1948 = 1950s/1960s :    


…   (Shakespeare has traces of the lower class English in his plays - try Olivier`s film HENRY V a favourite at this time 1944/1950s … he Laurence Olivier speaks too 1957 October …  down the Haymarket, where he is acting at a Theatre … he speaks at a Pub gathering, including a member of the Catholic Staff of ANDRE MALRAUX,  of the PIMP JIMMIE and the LINDSAY GANG and  “ finding the elder daughter of ANGELA retarded, when I tried speak with her … the younger a sad case of diverted intelligence JIM and company came in with Angela … MUM … ”


“ …  VIV and I did not get a grasp of it until she went to make a FILM Hollywood with `COUSIN CLARKE` … We had always had JIM and his MATE  (Lindsay Peer 14)  around us at Theatre Doors with Imperial State begging bowl … ”  … When I was making HENRY V … he enquired about a hand-out for ANGELA `s CROWN …  !  = then he JIM went off to KENYA to another promised lands … I had no DOUGH to give him … finance was not my day to day main concern with the film - we all had a lot to do … busy lives earning honest money …  ` …



… ( and he OLIVIER has more to say over the next years  :  Call him HENRY V … and Arthur Malone our loyal Detective POLITAN KING ARTHUR :   he natural son of the last Duke of Connaught : they all knew him = he had died 1942 age 91 … a grandson of VIC & BERT … Queen Victoria & Consort Albert of Germany … he had a good education …


… his son the future King Edward VII put him in a wet carriage from Cambridge University - Dad had come to implore him to study and not to gamble and wench and run up bills around the Continent … ALBERT dies of a fever … caught from the return journey in a wet carriage, he being cold and wet & upset at the ignorance of his offspring :    ALBERT was in the way of uneducated dope-gambling-drinking-wenching - big cunning spending, dumping BILLS on the families of KAISER WILLI of GERMANY =  BIG TIME necessary to the mind-set, the glitzy ramparts, of the 19th- century and 20th century  FIGURES from A MORGUE …


Gross Britain history :     OLIVIER also knew of British lines who had fought amongst the soldiery at AGINCOURT,  now reduced mid-20th century to asking of the STEAMROLLING about the globe by that YACHT    ` … would that be what we knew as THE COMMON WEALTH ???   `


Greta Ransom  - and others REPORT :     You could hear on an early morning dawn LONDON BUS as the newspapers rustled and fags were lit …   “ Look a Pearly Queen could do better, much better … this PRESS is reducing the intelligence of my young WHERE HAVE THEY GOT ALL THIS MONEY ?   We all helped them before the WAR … it was known they had flippin` enormous gambling debts from him and her … ( King EDDIE 7 and Mary TECK and others  of those  in-bred )  … ”   


NB:    Many British people of intelligence 20th century, emigrated to New Zealand, Australia, lower South America, and even Canada




1950s … Greetah heir, with Lennie, and the entire RANSOM FAMILIES of the globe, ANDRE MALRAUX OUR GUARDIAN … we are all DECEIVED …  G.R.  has come to live at 50 Lancaster Gate Square,  pays her RENT 20 pounds a month from her savings … and with GeorgieBlessed Andre X lives there  )


I asked Miss Win Gordon why she did not tell me of my GUARDIANSHIP in the legal WILL as soon as she met me in June 1945 - or tell Professor Winnclemann, if only in confidence … I said that by keeping us in ignorance we were all in danger of our lives - did she recognise this now ?     She did not accept the responsibility to tell me - she had a WILL yes, and she was in charge of Greta during her education.  I corrected her here by saying that she and her brother Harry were in charge … and that he said she had not shown him the WILL when War came - she insisted she had not finished reading it … He had advised her since she was a teenager to keep away from JIM and have nothing to do with the EARL of LINDSAY … that the relationship to Greetah was too distant and they had no legal CLAIM upon the Estate … in any case the heir ship could be easily transferred to overseas if it were known the British Crown ANGELA and the LINDSAY were harming the little girl … destroying her education .   He did not think that his elder sister Teresa could be so dumb !   JIM came and threatened him, with thugs, at least once a month or 6 weeks … they would try have him pay a swell pub lunch for them - they were crooks … most people wanted a Republic - the newspapers had control for the TOP DOGS … old girls in trundle carts … when they came on at the RACES he and his young friends left … RACES could be fixed so they were seen to win … JIM would play PAGE-Puck … faun about them in the Royal Box …


I asked why she had made the arrangements for our wedding - she said she felt it would help me return to the Church - it would help me and satisfy my dead mother in Heaven - she felt my dead sons were safely with my mother in heaven … I GOT NO MORE UNDERSTANDING from her … she was not willing to agree she had made a mistake … in deceiving I and Winnclemann, in telling Greetha she was not to say anything to me and that `IT WAS A MATTER FOR THE PARENTS` of Greta …


…  I call her Miss MINNY - this was a private meeting I had with Win Gordon ex-ATS in 1963 at Southampton - she never told me that Greetha had never been given money sent by her father … that no allowance came to her when she entered College at Colchester - that all moneys were given to her Mother - We knew by then that Teresa spent every cent on herself and her old crowd of pre-war NOBLES … Greta earned her living all those years - her mother would frequently try to borrow her weeks wages we heard !   They are all MANIACS - de GAULLE and I visited a place and saw dead children from a pit - but we did not understand sufficiently the circumstances :   We could have been told immediately by the British Ambassador to FRANCE  !  `


` …  from those years, long years of grief very often,  I have been told many things I did not know :  they were kept from me !   The deceit was in my own households -  Clara visited my London home and she found the housekeeper - a young woman she had known in Paris in the wartime  (ran messages for the Gestapo Paris)  -  It becomes somewhat clear how they kept de GAULLE and I from knowing in the beginning of my Guardianship


That Christmas 1959 some awakening - but not enough - I had to leave it with my Detective Arthur Malone … Curiously, then it became a matter to be dismissed in France, around me :  … after a relative spoke on the ESTATE … & that it was left to her niece Greetah Ransom by her Aunt a former Miss Ransom - her husband had Orphanages all around the world … there was an Island - ARRAN … then another in the SNOWS … `


 ` … my Detective - I felt I had paid :    then we were told the father of Greta had settled and would continue to pay for a Detective.   I had tried to give Greta a home several times, from 1947-1948 … from 1953 … to 1959 in the spring - she again left me …  I tried again that February 1960 - de Gaulle said they could all come to an apartment in Versailles


After the death of my boys I could not follow the matter - I spoke to Greta one night summer 1961 - years later I could follow the matter & realise SHE DID NOT KNOW WHAT HAD HAPPENED - she was incapable of retaining information because of their disgusting system of stunning young people with sedatives … it was also in the candles & nightlights she used in the caravan … & it is spread on pillows - this was happening in my London home - and I fear in PARIS where my boys lived …  


Andre Malraux :   In 1962 spring I knew  `that Greta was back with her mother`  - that was how it was reported to me …  living with Miss Rose Holder Lambeth & her mother there a few weeks, then visiting once or twice a week … Greta I saw during those years several times - working in London - she had become very thin but I was assured she was in good health -  :  I and Detective Malone could not follow her thinking in the 1960s - I was away some months 1966 - I could not be reached - I did not know that Greta had gone with her cousins to GREECE to the in-laws to Jennie - Philip went for two weeks then Malone took over - I would have cut my schedule abroad and joined them all in GREECE if I had been told !   Of course I know them all …this is my family too !   I have watched them all grow up !  They were at my wedding in the Church to Greta … And they had now married and had small children of their own !


…  I still felt that it would be possible for Greta and I to have a life … but she had always told me to put my JOB first … that I had been given a great honour … the work for FRANCE … She and Harold Walter Poulter would always say GAUL … when she worked at CAMULODUNUM = about us lands I had explored, East Anglia, since a young man … my mother has a family line traced to 9th century Norfolk, fishing and farming … I cherished a little place my mother had been given as a dowry & hoped to purchase it - have it back as a place I could come with my boys … she, my mother lost it to an unpleasant buyer of adjacent lands at the time she married my father … it was at SAXMUNDHAM … We had re-traced some of the early lands with Mr Poulter at the Museum and his friends … With them I visited that winter 1953 and 1954 …


… then SUDDENLY there was no HOPE again - we were tricked into a situation of horror - I could not believe the evil - I do not want to think about it :  & I woke up in April in a Hospital in England - Mengele had me committed I believe … I got help to leave - I was NOT ill … it was he and his DOPES … his pins & needles … he is a friend of Royalty …  What was it about ?   You have heard the reports on the 21st birthday - her father was assured she and I would arrive at 9 pm. -  Greta and I received NO INVITATION - they were sent and were received and ANSWERED by EVIL CREATURES - Greta knew NOTHING for a month - she went missing from her job at Colchester Castle … I did not have the truth read to me until after her father was dead !    THEY - your NOBLE BRITAIN sent a telegram to the supper table awaiting the arrival of Greta and myself - it said `DRINKING the Birthday IN SPAIN Andre & Greta   :    Her father felt he must attend to  the Estate, the legal heirs being Greta Ransom his daughter, and his younger brother Len Ransom …  


The telegram was nothing to do with me or Greta  :  When Greta returned to her job at the Museum in April Mr Poulter and his staff said she had NO IDEA SHE HAD BEEN AWAY A MONTH … she only commented on dust on her table and typewriter

they all decided to treat the matter as A YOUNG PERSON WITH AMNESIA Poulter said  ( before his sudden death from poisoning 1962 spring …)    it was a serious misunderstanding since she came to work at the Castle 1952 - the old Doctors advised that young people often had amnesia … and they grew out of it hopefully … Poulter said he was about to advertise the job - a family contact said Greta would not be returning - he hesitated because he had not seen me during March !    



ANDRE MALRAUX = 1950s-1960s -  “ MY WORK - in GAUL - then my official JOB, FRANCE :   I would get in my big car for work in France, or London,  but it was the midday before I could get a state of mind that satisfied me :  it was in cups and plates … even put in toothpaste to have my teeth painful :   I heard diary accounts that Greta as a child complained of shampoo that burned the eyes and skin :  her father took her to friends to bathe and wash her hair =  (it would mean)  they  (LINDSAY GANG)  were on the SEAFRONT in their GRAND … Teresa drank with them … JIM would be around … ”


 …  MALRAUX has been explaining the deceit in his own households after the deliberately destruction of the Wedding of Grace 1947 … the threats delivered to him by Mengele  ( a bragger of his friendships with Philip Mountbatten and Royal British and Scandinavian PLAYBOY figures )


Mengele HARRINGTON ?   OUT OF LOAMSHIRE Scotland ?    Harrington soon to be called `Mengele`   is taking a Medical GP.  course in British Hong Kong - in between learning how to destroy the body he is too often slithering about the rented FRENCH Paris household and insulting and threatening Andre Malraux over   “…  making a fool of himself with this BLACK MASS WEDDING … ”    : …   there are bitter torrents of abuse from the 1946 DIVORCED Clara and … quips from `Messalina` - and requests for money owing and sniffing criticism from Maurice brother of Clara, resident in New York :    He is getting STOLEN MONEY from our GROTE RANSOM ESTATE :


NOTA BENE :    Maurice the Mouse calculates interest on moneys to the moon … he insists ANDRE owes him money from the Roaring 20s - yet MAURICE has been helping JIM hide from ANDRE the existence of his Estate GUARDIANSHIP and the WILL - 1941 MAURICE brother of Clara is receiving money to SPY on the 19 acres legal property of RANSOM under New York - he had given much information by 1948 - no doubt he expects a PEERSHIP from the British Crown of ANGELA ?    They are all MANIACS, dangerous in their GREED - they report on people who know of the ESTATE & the GROTE HOMES - the people, families, friends, are then swiftly killed …    


…  The mother of Andre Malraux is Berthe nee Lamy - she had died in 1930 while he was in 1920s ASIA :    “ My mother would have been very upset to know I did not get her letters … ( Clara was taking them - in her heroin spiteful bouts ) … I have come to understand such persons … I think … neither I or de GAULLE had time for such intriguing …  ”


( I think he means `she, my mother,  did NOT know I was not getting her letters … and she was deliberately being made to feel that her only son did not care about her & his aunt her sister … that Clara always had been as spiteful as Teresa, Angela, and many other women of their age - all wanting a rich lifestyle.   Andre MALRAUX is unfolding TIME on his early years =he married age 19 years the 26 years Clara in 1921 - she gave him a daughter in 1933 …


ANDRE MALRAUX continues :     “ `Mengele` as he is called 1950s … I did not know where he came from before the War - he appeared from time to time, perhaps too much 1938 … I did not question - an acquaintance of Clara before the War - I was away 1938 & I had decided to make a home with JO … he would drop in and out when I rented the house in PARIS … He had a habit of being in and out when I was not there.   I had warned him that if there were any interference with my two boys I would beat him up !   Then he married the nurse - she assured me he was only investigating such men :   That she was in both my homes Paris and London so frequently I did not know for a long time.   They seemed to appear together at festival times & would take a place at our table - he did not have to be introduced to de GAULLE :  ”


???  ( … ? meaning he had met him before - ?  probably when the de Gaulle family took SANCTUARY in England, a house in SUFFOLK was made available to them … JIM too stepped in as a Major from Buckingham Palace with a 2 Man UNIT advising the new KING … and his childhood friend ANGELA now a Queen … General de Gaulle and his family would be unlikely to know the PARIS Bohemian, Continental too, lives of these two MANIACS … friends of the IMPERIAL FAMILY and Scandinavia too …  )


“   That he `Mengele`  ( HARRINGTON ) was in and out of my London home when I was not there I did not realise how much ! 

…  He was a bore - I had to show a certain amount of reserve to get rid of him.   He had been accepted by General de Gaulle and his wife as a friend of Philip MOUNTBATTEN …   (PHIL the GREEK)    I understood this to be so - he was seen in photographs with he

( PHIL the GREEK )   and his families - and on Royal trips .   I gather that these photographs & newspapers are now rare -What I learned, too late … it is called THE NATIONAL INDUSTRY of Britain = its cunning JOB is clearing out all EVIDENCE of this ESTATE … to which I was legally appointed GUARDIAN.   … `Mengele` he appeared to be not kept at a distance from General and Madam de Gaulle … ”         


( … Georges-ANDRE he has learned as he gets into late maturity about these WOMEN more like MEN of the 1920s & their jealousy and crazy thinking - the DOPE and the LIQUOR has halted their development since their teens … it is a shock when you come to know without a doubt of the EVIL about … evil  from  family  members … )


“  OUR TROUBLES :   I thought it was only Teresa not wishing her daughter to be married to me - now I know it was all of them .  

  I did not want to return to the house of Madeline   (Messalina a Roman Empress)   after the death of the boys - I did not I still had dim hope of a life with Greta.   People told me I was too old … … Greetha now working in London had a simple virgin life … Arthur Malone, whose most noble parentage I did not know at first … & neither did he until he told his mother and family about the dead children of the GROTE HOMES  loyally looked after her …with Philip Silverlee on call if need be …  Malone and Miss Rose (Holder) at Lambeth, she worked her life long in the Post Office St Martin-le-Grande,  assured me they saw she,  young Greta,  came to know harm … ”


“ … Arthur MALONE ? he could not say too much about  `Mengele` … he saw he still hung around me, and the General and Mrs de GAULLE …  I did not know too much = Malone regarded  `Mengele`,  Teresa, others, as MANIACS … I  have learned more from he and another since I retired (1969) … That Malone was owed years of wages I did not know : Mengele was taking it for himself - moneys from me and moneys from the personal accounts of Captain RANSOM  `…


“ … I learned that  `Mengele`, as everyone young seemed to call him in the Medical world,  is given a large income by the British Crown … it is in the form of WAGES he can collect from WHITEHALL it was understood by everyone he was the close friend of PHILIP MOUNTBATTEN …  I WAS NOT TO BE TOLD THAT A LEGAL WILL EXISTED … & that I am the GUARDIAN to the great Estate they were savaging … that pits of burned children & nets of mutilated dead children lay about the world … in my own nation - off the shores of the Mediterranean Sea … ”



( REPORTS :    he  (PHIL the GREEK)   had insisted upon his marriage  (to the elder daughter of ANGELA)  that Greta was not entitled to anything because she was not incarcerated in a Protestant Upper Class School    (where they could give me an accident riding or have me pushed down the stairs / GR for the dead GROTE CHILDREN & the RANSOM FAMILIES et al    :


CONTINUES :     He had initially complained to SCOTLAND YARD that the RANSOM family were taking the ESTATE of his MOTHER-in-LAW   ( = a drunk with a savage greedy ugly nature like her men/noble runts/  and like Teresa Gordon had become under their guidance = 1920 they expected to get fine horses for FREE from the Southern Irish cousins/ see Debrett Peerage Murphy/O`Brien/Carroll 1859 onwards )


CONTINUES :   ` Scotland Yard POLICE informed him,  a Norwegian Greek, penniless Prince, 18 months later - the Estate was the legal property of the RANSOM families - Greta was in the care of her father & his family  :   Further, they informed him it was understood he was a Playboy & should give up the `girlies` now = and if he was NOT going to return to the Navy then a DIVORCE should be obtained and he return to NORWAY   :   a divorce of course was out of the question but it was a manner of displaying their understanding of several matters -  PARTS of the British ESTABLISHMENT were DISGUSTED … having learned, or seen, the carnage = murders of the GROTE CHILDREN  in their HOMES & that YACHT sailing over sunken nets of dead children : … comments upon the IMPERIAL vulgar display of SUDDEN WEALTH as the War ended had more persons know about the entire SLAUGHTER of  the GROTE CHILDREN so quick DOUGH could be made from the seashore lands RANSOM  …)


( ` BUT I HAD NO WILL telling me I was the legal GUARDIAN …`

 =  to the lands the industries the settlements they were destroying to get QUICK moneys having SAVAGELY SLAIN the GROTE CHILDREN worldwide - a crime so disgusting they knew they could & would receive massive assistance to HIDE IT … )  



ANDRE MALRAUX  :   “  … It was, of course, not understood why I had not spoken out … or taken up my DUTIES for the Estate :  I still understood it to mean GUARDIAN to Greetha until 25 years of age, and then the marriage had me accept my role for my lifetime  … It may have been questioned why General de Gaulle had made no statement about the carnage in FRANCE to our orphans … A clever, cunning system, is built around us … we are not to know of the ESTATE … it required help from members of my own family …  I HAD NO ONE TELLING ME I WAS THE LEGAL GUARDIAN … they should have told me before the slaying of the children began … `



“ … … …  This accounts for the frequent presence in my Paris home where my boys were ordered to live  : and Mengele kept a criminal hold on my London home the Charity that General de Gaulle and I organise, with the Catholic Diocese of Westminster - It is manned by young staff all in their 20s - they were in mortal danger too from MANIACS set about us … JIM at WHITES ran Mercenary Groups - I knew this - others in responsible positions knew of his activities too  - JIM - he had an apartment in the Palace early 1920s -  many people believed he was an Uncle to the English Queens :   I had no idea these Mercenary Groups were used to lay waste and murder about the globe where the great ESTATE was `on duck boards` after the most gigantic obscene crime … organised to make a group of people IMPERIAL rich …The Estate being maintained by he that young father of Greetah - acting in the name of his daughter and his young brother LIR = they had been told that Greetah was weak of mind and had tried to HARM ME by making the marriage ~ and they were STOPPED coming to my Catholic wedding … I was led to believe by Miss Gordon and her sister Teresa that the RANSOM family were rough working men  


I told you I met him twice, Captain Frederick John RANSOM … 10 years younger than me … we did not get the opportunity again to speak at length … BUT …  I met a man who could run a small REPUBLIC … better than me … a REPUBLIC like FRANCE … then it all becomes vague, morbid … as though I am in MIRAGE …


( October 1957 - then my father FJR was savagely attacked & it made to look as if MALRAUX had organised it :  Greta Ransom - I and others  have REPORTS upon another disgusting Noble & Royal obscene filthy crime :  to hide their GENOCIDE against GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL Gronlander …  )


MALRAUX continuing :     “ …  I did not have a memory of the week in Paris, at this time,  when I had a tremendous headache and could not leave the house …   (1958 January)     He, Mengele ( Doctor HARRINGTON)    had been given orders to kill me - he was in the Paris house overseeing the matter for himself - he went to General de Gaulle pleading I did not have the stability to hold a Government job & that he diagnosed I needed to be in psychiatric care in a high security place = he may have overplayed his hand here


… In London … A CHINESE GIRL … you know now,  how she had visited with work for us … their London Legation had been deeply concerned for sometime - they knew of the great PHILANTHROPIC ESTATE and that it brought STABILITY and CIVILIZED BEHAVIOUR to the GLOBE … She got into my London household one early evening … she saw Greetah in a COMA …  and she brought a real Doctor to Greetah  = He found that Greetah was being killed - he had to report it :    but did not know if it was on our, my Orders …`  


“  … Mengelewas reached in Paris swiftly … and their ghastly plan … greed & jealousy … had to HALT :   This was to STOP me having a POST in the Government of FRANCE … de GAULLE  had been asked to organise this … THE MANIACS realised I might find out my GUARDIANSHIP if I became Political Public property … ”


( …  MEMO :    the IMPERIAL BLITZ,  the slaying of our GROTE HOMES CHILDREN = many accounts are given in the accompanying `Fichier` to this work entitled WEDDING of GRACE 1947 into eternity )


“  …  of Mengele and his nurse wife … he had managed to have himself accepted as an investigator of paedophiles - this is not true - he has a prison sentence 1935/36 for attacking for some weeks, possibly 2-3 months, a baby under a year old … He is heard to say that he wished to investigate such men whenever this imprisonment was raised …  ( those who dare doubt Mengele Harrington/Esterhazy go missing - they are considered a THREAT to the British Government and its CROWNS … )    He did not get his G.P. licence until 1947/1948.   I have learned his history too late - it was deliberately kept from me ! … `


“ …  that Greta had no money except what she earned none of us understood - Certainly not her father :  he gave her mother a most generous income from 1947 for herself and to provide for Greta .    Malone has described how he heard Teresa begging young Greta for her bus fare to and from the Colne Engaine - and the rudeness delivered to the girl - Arthur Malone says Teresa often had a lift over from Mengele or his wife or JIM …


` … He, Arthur Malone, my Detective, had to act out `his last case` - he would have lost his life if he showed any understanding of these MANIACS In the first two weeks he and others felt that the woman with the present Crown should telephone young Greta and apologise for what her mother had done to a perfect piece of Philanthropy :  Philip Silverlee helped him from London - their understanding developed as the records, especially photographs, were shown them of the SLAYING of the hundreds of CHILDREN from the HOMES :   they saw that wealth from this bloody obscene CRIME was now displayed in vulgar fashion by the PEAK of Gross Britain … `


“ … late February 1960 - General de Gaulle and I were robbed of a Courier package -  what arrived for us was a cunningly opened package now filled with things we could not find enlightening  … 1962 March - a visit organised by Miss Rose Holder of Lambeth had Malone accompany Greta to meet her father - he was living with his sister Ivy in a tiny flat Deptford - he had not told anyone that he had been ROBBED of all his own moneys in the Argentine, Wales, USA - after he had paid a cheque to Arthur Malone June 1960 when he heard no wages had been received from me :  `


` At this visit it was grasped by his sister that de Gaulle and I had not received the important package given to our Courier in New York - trite replies had been sent for us after this … we were considering with others … She contacted their brother Dr John RAY in the USA … We saw the WILL, other documents, in March 1962  !   MengeleHarrington still hung about me when he could …`


1960 -   “  Philip Silverlee lost his daughter = she was murdered 1960 May, Buenos Aries,  after these MANIACS were certain they had now blocked access to me and de Gaulle … they commenced killing … I was to have been told … no one could reach me without risking their own lives :   1960 March the Solicitors in Argentina were attacked and one killed - in the name of the British Government and Crown a posse stormed into the archives of GROTE Wall Street …

… People were arrogantly told it was in the name of the CROWN … property belonging to the British Crown …”


 (  … That is they were criminally attacking in the name of a woman who is responsible for the killing of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN with her in-laws of Scandinavia … LINDSAY the EARLS went on their own rampage - or they would not get their share of an ESTATE they had earmarked for themselves since 1883 ! … )  


“ …  I hear now , many years on, from others …  that it could have been organised to TAKE THEIR IMPERIAL DOORS OFF ~  it has not happened … I can only say IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN OTHERWISE - but I did not receive my copy of the WILL as the owners of the ESTATE intended … It was stolen in PARIS when a new QUEEN visited us with her husband - July 1938 … IT WAS HANDED TO HER BY THE BRITISH AMBASSADOR - the envelope it was in  was  seen to be addressed to me - I hear there was a letter to the President of France from Mrs Grote - this was for me to hand to our French President - he did not receive it …`


“ … The British Ambassador  (Mr Phipps)  had refused to hand it to JIM and the heir to The EARL in MAY 1938 when it arrived - they had murdered Margaret Grote after they learned the WILL addressed to me was in the POST … The family of the Earl had tried to have Greetah and Len killed several times from birth to 1938 - it will continue ~ or they could be made into dumb beasts - a system used in Scotland to destroy the brain of an heir …`


“ Further … an ugly mad woman ANGELA in the 1930s is claiming she had been given all the Estate as a child … We heard 1960s that she was so enraged at not being proclaimed publicly the HEIR to the ESTATE by the commencement of the last WAR that it was believed she tried kill Greta … by drowning the 7 years old at Salisbury Plains 1941 :    I was informed of this earlier by witnesses who were there …  but they had no idea I did NOT KNOW of a great ESTATE … only that Teresa and she had been about the world before the world …  ` 



“ … From 1962 - Miss Holder has spoken of Teresa always trying to make Greta take jobs in unsavoury places in London = she would inform Arthur Malone to be alert - he had taken a room with old friends of Miss Holder, the same floor, at Gabriel House, Lambeth they were both aware of Doctor Harrington and Teresa out dining well - Brown would drop by every fortnight and it was felt he collected money from someone - but he did not harm Greta anymore  … I know now it was carefully plotted to keep Greta and I apart … all those years of our lives …


… I have,  as you know,  given to Peter Whitehead in 1970 a large sum of money to invest for Greta and his four children … I have not heard what he has done with this … ?  ” 



( …  NB :    he PJPW kept it for himself and sleazy adventures abroad with Mengele and MANIACS …he preached Marxism at his family and did not want his four children educated … he enjoyed vastly destroying the ESTATE in the names of Len and Greta - He had been called with Twin to cosy weekend with ANGELA a fat Queen around them since they are 6 years of age :  She told them to go and have FUN - the Estate was really all hers !   His attacks of madness from 14 years, the madness of his mother and his twin,  were not told to me until the 1980s … Deceit and theft was a talent she and they had perfected :  their ambition, as the IMPERIAL MANIACS,  was to have BIG DOUGH  … they were responsible for the deaths of many more people - they would report to Mengele and others where people knew about GROTE HOMES … ) 



ANDRE MALRAUX continues :    “ …  It was him `Mengele` at the beginning  ( HARRINGTON = sometimes calls himself Esterhazy, Montmorency, etc etc )  he joins in by 1938 - from the moment they,  the British Government & Crown,   knew I am made the GUARDIAN to the great Estate of Margaret Grote ORDERS  were given to find and kill me - I escaped - JOSETTE lost her life in the matter - as you know  :   Clara and her brother saw advantage in having me alive  They knew of an Aunt to Greta - possibly had met her, seen her, 1920s 1930s they would have some idea of the size of the Estate from JIM =  his CHINESE mother and relatives had an apartment in Paris - It was a world I did not often enter - it did not interest me too much …  I had some work, research, and I travelled …` 


“ 1937 - I was told about this Aunt of the SNOWS that summer when we decided to stay and the holiday became 6 weeks …  Greetah wanted me to telephone to her that summer - The child said a call could be made to a telephone number and we would be informed that a time for a call from her Aunt would be given to Mary Gordon - it might be in 4 days or so … I would then hear that there was an ISLAND in the SNOW … and of many other things … I had told Greetah that she heard things at night when she was supposed to be asleep … and that I used to imagine and dream such things … I have bitterly regretted my inexperience for many years …”   


“ 1937 our visit - Clacton-on-Sea :    Teresa whom I had not seen or spoken to since 1925 was away at the ROYAL FUNCTIONS of her girlhood friend ANGELA - I was not anxious to meet her again - friends had met up with her 1934 and got help for a girl child with her in London - this was Greetah … that is a sad and unpleasant matter and quite possibly the baby would not have lived, if they had not intervened .  They warned her - they seemed to know of other mad unpleasant matters - they knew who were her friends ON HIGH  … `


`  I did not meet the RANSOM family that SUMMER - We were not to know her father and his brother, their father, a Naval hero, were away in SPAIN that summer on a RESCUE - it failed … a crime so dreadful committed against a young man … by them - who claimed the Estate …  


… ( LINDSAY Premier Earls criminally insane from generations of using `purple plum` Divinorum Salvia Scotland stuffed up their snouts - sewn under flaps of skin … powdered in drinks … the crop brings them tremendous profit overseas - factories, similar places, of child labour … they got a living from this as well as armed robbery about the Estate :  there was a woman a heavy drinker who claimed the entire Estate of an OLD ESKIMO … this woman, mad, brutal in outlook, said she had been given it as a 10 year old.  She claimed not to need a WILL because of her CLIMB to the TOP of the British Nation … it had an Empire when she joined her claim to the RANSOM very distant relatives LINDSAY premier EARLS,  Earls of Scotland and the nation …


“  SEDATIVES - other drugs - put in cups, bowls, plates … went on all the time I have come to realise :  you will not know :  I  have likened it to `Mirage` :   they all had the technique :   Clara knew of it before we went East … it was rife in London, Paris, Cairo … everywhere - if you went to those places, joined those circles  … I thought I did not :   they made someone else pay for the evening … went to shops & charged items … took trips … ”   


“ … the sinister control of others by daily administering DOPES I did not understand - yet Teresa went to Prison for this … Malone said he suspected this was done to Greta Summer 1961 - he wished he had known about it the year before !   Mr Poulter at the Colchester Museums solved it that autumn !   He found that Greta did not know there had been an accident to my sons.     He said that Greene ( Graham Greene novelist )  had mentioned that he did not trust the mother of Greta & that he had tried tell me, MALRAUX, 1953/1954 that winter,  he Greene found Greta in the Castle unable to speak in the mornings, but able to hold a conversation with him in the afternoons … :    


` … this was when I came to visit her in Colchester Museum & almost persuaded her to take me up in marriage again =  I did not believe her when she said she did not know how to spell my name !   I may have threatened my young Catholic wife with a little physical violence on that occasion - I have apologised …   That nightmare three months I have recorded - We had no control of our own lives !   Because of a crime committed under the name of the British Government & Crown … the most evil and blood-thirsty crime I have ever heard of … perhaps -  my own family is to suffer three deaths because of this `gigantic obscene piece of British Statecraft … `


“ … Mengeletried many times, to persuade me - & others - that Greta was mad-bad-evil … she enjoyed playing me up !    We did not know at the time he had just got an enormous increase in his blood & carnage wages !   His friend PHILIP MOUNTBATTEN had given him a free hand in 1953 - by the November when they knew I had met Greta again … to use any part of the British administration in the name of SECURITY to the CROWN … ”

` … They drink a lot - they play games with DOPES - they have no intelligent employment … they all know of the SLAYING of the CHILDREN in their HOMES … they tour the world robbing the Estate Banks … `   ( … people knowing of their crime called them all criminally insane … )


“ … I have explained there were several attempts to murder me and Greta - this did not happen because the situation developed another way … or we managed to avoid their planned crime …  I have explained how on three occasions I awoke to find myself in a hospital bed !   Put there by `Mengele … who wished to gag me … also to destroy my appearance and my health … Similar sadistic crimes were planned for Greetha I learn of three carried out … we were fortunate to get immediate Medical help & able to repair her …  `


`General de GAULLE died 1970 -  soon after we left the Government 1969 - it was a surprise to everyone …`  you will learn more from several people Mengele called upon he and his wife a day or so before … ”    ( he, a Physician from Paris,  they knew him on the Estate by sight and he had called before :  he was heard saying to Madam de Gaulle that he was just passing & in a hurry to get to a patient in Normandy … he said  `just passing - calling to see if you are keeping cheerful in retirement ` … 


( MEMO :  2 different Reports :   but he had in fact arrived early that morning and taken a hotel room nearby and put his fast blue car in the corner of the INN - it was noticed by two local people … 1970 January-February - the Whitehead twins kept unsavoury company the past three years, a creep comes out of a side-door of Buckingham Palace, they are given to hedonist trendy smart gossip :   it may have been learned by THE EVIL that MALRAUX and de GAULLE had discussed plans to write upon the GROTE HOMES and their fate WALLS HAVE EARS - as those who lived in Medieval Castles knew …   REPORTS :  )



ANDRE MALRAUX continues :    “ …  I did not hear of this & other matters until we, an old friend and myself,  attended the renaissance party that Greta created  ( March 1972 )  Arthur Malone and Len Immanuel RANSOM attended to see I was protected :  they had a tussle on three occasions to keep Mengeleout … he was invited by a woman who did not like me to be seen in this village or the immediate area …  but she had been seen in company with Mengelein Paris - she did know I would probably be attending this evening event : 


… he Mengele came dressed as a RED Devil !   Neither Greta or Peter had invited him - or the Lindsay gang :  There were some LINDSAY family in cars in the village street - Malone and Len had no intention of allowing them to enter The Pillar House.    Malone said it was known they came in and out when the house was empty - they were always searching for buried GOLD - he would make dry remarks ~   Some young men dressed as Vikings gave a hand to keep Mengele out =  I now learned that he had a bad reputation swiftly around Berkshire and Oxfordshire - from 1968 ! 


 The young people at the party were annoyed that the POLICE could do nothing to keep him away from this countryside !   It was recognised he could not be trusted to be near small children :   The truth about his life was being told to me … I was not informed by my own family :   General de GAULLE and myself should have been WARNED over twenty years ago about this friend of British Royalty …  you may know he is seen with Philip Mountbatten about the world … He is reported in 1970 taking domestic flights with him - one is to New York … they were searching for books on the Estate … … orders have been given to destroy all trace of the Estate … ”  


… I , MALRAUX,  was most impressed by that evening, The Pillar House … I was shown the books for Children drawn there at the beginning of the century by Leslie Brooke - I hoped I might be allowed to come and read to the younger children  - That evening Greta told us that the food had come from her research & that the music was authentic - there were many recordings available … LANDINI  of the Florence scene I knew - some music I did not know .   I noticed the skill in hanging green garlands everywhere - flicked with gold paint, the candlelight, a Taverna constructed with young men serving in garments as if they had stepped out of Brugel paintings … The friendly young and old company, some people I already knew … & there were some authentic costumes - one on loan from the Church ...


… Peter had drawn in charcoal some surprisingly effective very big drawings - he sprayed them with gold paint - I have never seen Botticelli look so glamorous before & it suited him  …”



NB :     Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX had come from a visit to President NIXON at Washington - He said I Greta, in a dress of silvery white with lace, pearls tied at the ends of my hair, almost bare feet,  looked like a Funerary Angel …           


AT a meeting 1970s  :   a voice said  ` Greta had seen a generation pass … she had now acquired a family, a home … gone to the MUSEUM WORLD to find it … You got lost Andre - so did she … we believe it was coming all the time in the morning cup … then throughout the day if they needed to … you would not be able to think long term …  except about the matters of the hour …

…  Old Mengele was caught talking about this PLAN in 1952 … he said `the world would be run on drugs - leaders of all nations would do as they were told … the plan was under construction …`   It was believed he was often MAD … so he got called `Mengele` around the Medical scene but he had connexions on high so you had to watch your tongue … `










“   1948 March !   Then it happened !   TALK ABOUT THE DISSOLUTION OF THE MONASTERIES !    A Catholic marriage going on the rocks ~ it had never happened in our families like this  I was told 1947 Christmas, that he, ANDRE,  had put the marriage ON HOLD until Greetie was older - THEN HE GOES DOWN THE BLOODY REGISTRY !   In FRANCE !  THE NEXT YEAR ~~ 1948 !     AND HE MARRIES HIS SISTER  !    No 18 the Prayer Book Forbid !    You cannot marry your sister-in-law … ”



“ … I said I would not have him in the Clacton house !   But I was not living in Clacton then !   SHEShe went over to ROME in August 1947 to tell the VAT off  !   = Vatican  =   How dare they allow her daughter to marry - SHE SHE SHE had not given HER PERMISSION  !     Much later on I hear that they did not let her leave the ROME Airport - two priests spoke to her for 20 minutes and decided she was MAD  !    They had her sent back immediately to England !     But I do not hear these things at the time !  … ”


“ …  Yet she was to have been locked up in the LOONY BIN … the NUT HOUSE  Orders the Marital Court the year before … By October 1946 Win Gordon her sister was to have had her taken in to the Asylum …  Oh - it was stopped by that Ed du Cann - little brute saying if his mother went into a Lunatic Asylum it would interfere with his career …  He was as crazy and greedy as his MUM !   The pair of them should have been locked up !  Win had him and his fake solicitor and accountant trying to get money off our families after Aunt Mary had died in 1944 ! …  He insisted on calling his grandmother Mrs Gordon …  …  His accomplices began by asking  ` had Mrs Gordon left any money for Master Edward ` … It was Aunt Annie sent them packing when they tried get in their house `Stella Maris`  to pick what they would like for Master Edward … But they then got around WINNIE !   What nobody knew was that she WIN and his mother had him in on the Marital Court Proceedings that end of summer 1946 - They were calling her PORTIA ! 

If a 22 year old bastard is going to be admitted to Marital Court proceedings then why not the other one !  ”



 Nota bene :  … ` Henry Hall the King of Sweden`  =  Harry had met him …  he came to stay with his grandparents Mary & George Gordon before the war - Greetha was about 2 years old - the Ransom Greenland Aunt had with the families and American legal representatives made her heir when she was born … then they all added the younger son Len of the Ransom grandparents when they saw the stuff the two of them were made of !  … The children would be trained by everyone to take care of the Estate - so much of it around the world and necessary philanthropy … I knew that PACELLI approved it all … Win never said much … just that it was a matter to do with her mother … my Aunt Mary  




Greta Ransom adds here :   this is not the young man who comes to the Clacton Catholic Church with us pre-war,  whom I called `Sir Patrick Spens`  - that is Patrick MacDrew


… I have a memory of this one, `HH`  in 1944/1945 :   my MAD MOTHER KALI-Teresa Gordon-CLYTEMNESTRA  (his mother of the early 1920s)   orders me,  age 10 or 11 years old,  to sign and give him some AIRPLANE FIRMS -  I think  `de Havilland`  was one & Turkish Airplanes or somewhere Knowing that I do not on my own give parts of the Estate away without agreement of a Committee meeting in New York & the Argentine … I ran into the RECREATION GROUND off Vista Road crying He looks a bit like the German Actor in the submarine film   `DAS BOOT`

=  the BOAT …` … 

… …   (signed)    Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM … I have  never given away from 1938 or sold any of our AIRPLANE manufacturers or AIRLINES !  2011 AD - but there have been massive robberies of our ESTATE by the criminally insane




“  That PACELLI had NEVER dissolved the marriage was NOT known until Andre went over to see PACELLI  himself … 1957 autumn - Then we heard that everything would be alright - they would live quietly in London in this Catholic place he had in Lancaster Gate Square -   Aunt Bessie,  as the eldest in the Family gave her permission for a re-vowing - this was required by the Vatican -

Then I heard from Win that end of winter 1958 that it had all failed again - Greta did not want to live with an older man …  and her mother had been ordered to remove her from his house !   He was NOT  there after Christmas 1957- he MALRAUX  had taken off on work for General de GAULLE for 2 months … GUYANAS & elsewhere ”


1954 onwards -  `   I had NO IDEA that a man the local Police were watching called on WIN … when I was not there !    The man with the expensive big blue car was NOT Andre Malraux creeping in when I was away  The neighbours did mention it - I felt it had to be MALRAUX … said nothing to her … !   But this was a man the Police watched in London too - he would try give small boys a lift in that car parked on our seafront -    Was this another sent in by Ed du Cann to talk on the sly with my woolly minded cousin Miss Winifred Gordon ?    Oh Win was always hoping for a marriage - she still held out hope in her 40s  !    The lot of them fooled her from before the war - including her sister Teresa !  They could get things out of her - or tell her things … !   `


` …  It had begun before I was born - poor Aunt Mary & Uncle George had them up in Scotland thieving the GORDON lands he held with his brothers … and trying to get the best horses for free off our Irish cousins -  the mother of our grandmother Teresa Carroll, studied Classics,  is of the Murphy family - her father the Carroll family branch in farming … & Uncle O`Brien went into finance and farming … My Mam and her sisters would go and stay with them in Ireland when they were children 1870s-1900s  …     These Irish relatives have some knighthoods from the British - but they are good Southern Irish Catholic families - they have always held the peace - although wanting independencethey would come to Manchester when I was a child … `  



“ … I was only told later … that the next summer 1958he ANDRE had agreed to Greta going down to JAYWICK-on-Sands to help her mother with the running of the Holiday Shops - a nice old couple called Pritchard ran it pre-war from the 1920s - MALRAUX had called on them and then agreed to help my cousin Teresa ( his Catholic mother-in-law )   buy the places if she could run it successfully for a year -    His idea was she would have an income - he had NO IDEA what she was milking from the Ransom family Estate with her noble creeps ! … ” 


“  …  He Andre said much later on,  that Greetha came back to London in November 1938 without a memory - he had intended she stay at Jaywick only 2 months until August.    It is the old Curator at the Colchester Hollytrees Museum who reported that ANDRE came late that August 1958 night from JAYWICK …  & in an hour he had to call Hospital Doctors in to a very serious matter of poisoning !    Oh she Teresa did it !    She had tried poison me 1953 !    Nothing can be done !   NOT WITH HER CONNEXIONS !   …  ” 




Memorandum …  Christmas 1959 Cousin Teresa Butler HIT THE ROOF - tried tell Greta about the deception - then told the Detective Malone who says he  `walked in on the heels of Greta !   He did not know of the existence of this niece to Mary Gordon … TERESA Mary BUTLER born 1899 … the real Aunt Terry in the family - before cousin Teresa Gordon Ransom stole it to get away from her Prison days … `  Malone says he learned in an hour and a half what she knew from the beginning of the century virtually … and had kept some Records about -  He got Andre over in secrecy in hours !   They now lacked a copy of the Will - Christmas was coming … that there were dozens of copies overseas with parts of the Estate they did not know CHRISTMAS 1959 is now a very dangerous time to leave us all without armed guards  !   Aunt Terry Butler is poisoned sometime between 31st  December and 1st January 1960 !  …

…  =   `1937 SUMMER ` etc


 NB :     PACELLI Pope Pius 12 is dead in 1958 -     Andre went over to ROME and spoke to him PACELLI The POPE Pius 12 in  November 1957 …  ANDRE MALRAUX still did not know of the ESTATE worldwide or his Guardianship  other than he had accepted Guardianship to Greta Ransom October 1937    PACELLI clearly did not know that ANDRE did not know - that he had never received the WILL -    Julie Butler says that no one, none of us, she learns later,  could ever trust the post - The ROYAL BRITISH MAIL …  !  




Julie Butler 1960 & 1983 …  “  At first after the War … I gathered that some of the  Orphan children had been accidentally killed in the War … IT WAS ALL LIES ! … I was not told why nobody could get help from MALRAUX & de GAULLE after the War - other than they were not interested & had no time  ! ”  …  


“ …   I did not know that he the father of Greta, John & Colin won OUTRIGHT in the MARITAL COURT CASE 1946 September !  That he and his wife cousin Teresa did NOT make an AGREEMENT !     & that Win was told by the Court and the Hospital  … to BOOK HER IN to the LUNATIC ASYLUM over at TENDRING - and they would place her Teresa far away from us and she would not be let out until the youngest, Colin, was 18 years of age - in 10 years time ! … She had interfered with their education all the wartime to get half the Estate for herself and was giving the other half away to her glossy upper crust chums  … The witnesses were from the schools and the area - some had to give evidence to the J.Ps because it could have been dangerous for them to be known Fred Ransom brought witnesses down from London …  I heard around the town that Aunt Mary Gordon had been overworked looking after the three children of her daughter Teresa - she too often up in London having a good time with the HIGH CLASS  the Hospital and some people of the town viewed it all more seriously & gave information & showed RECORDS before the Case began - Evidence was given of their 1930s life = the violence to her young husband Fred RANSOM, to two of the children, to his parents and the young brother Len …  ”  


“   1944 3rd June, 112 Vista Road, Clacton-on-Sea - I did not hear until 1960 that Greta had heard her mother some hours before her grandmother died  just arrived by a late train from LONDON   in the back garden talking to the STARS, the Heavens, the night Aunt Mary died 2-3 hours later … alone with pains on a relatives bathroom floor - it was believed she did not cry out as she did not want to alarm the household  …  Greta said that mother had come down from London by the very late train … she had come from her very posh friendsGreetha had told a friend at school the next week … and they went to the mother of the friend who knew people at the Hospital … ” 


“ … My cousin Win sent home from the ATS when her mother died had quickly told Greta not to interfere in the Family … or gossip about the marriage of her father and mother !   Win said that her father might not return and she Win had heard he was having a good time abroad … She frightened Greta by saying she could have her put in a Remand Home if she spoke anymore to anyone about the death of her grandmother Mary Helena Gordon She insisted that her mother Mary Gordon was now in Heaven with her dead husband George - and that Greetha was jealous and had wanted her Grandmother alive to do the housework …  ”


` Win said that her sister Teresa was engaged in War Work in London … Greta knew this was not true - and that her mother had been a year again in Prison 1942 -& that the sentence given was to serve two years & then be transferred to a LUNATIC ASYLUM until the father of the RANSOM children came home from the War …  Greta had told some people at school that she knew that a friend of her mother - whose name she could not recall   had a husband who ran all the Prisons  - that it was she had got her mother OUT after only a year … `


` …  It was the detective ANDRE got in for his London Place in 1957 who filled a notebook December 1959 & January 1960 - People were anxious to help and knew where RECORDS were …  The schools were trying to help during the Wartime -  two of the RANSOM children came into class with bruises and cuts 1943-1944 … Greta and Colin would say that there mother did it because she said she had NO MONEY It was known she collected from the Clacton Post office the PAYE for the wife of a British ARMY Captain … & that she collected more moneysfrom the little investments of the Estate scattered about East Anglia … She always spoke of her husband as a wretch who did NO WORK … but it was known she had been in Prison 4 years from when she was 19 years old … people tried to help knowing that there were many others involved in that CASE who should have gone into Prison as well … her friend/ the one with the husband who ran the Prisons & a little British-Chinese PIMPa bit of vermin … & a Mr du Cann … a few others - all of them knew what was going on …   `


` …  The town Wartime teachers had to be very careful - Teresa came to the Pathfields School in 1944 and attacked a revered geography teacher of Cambridge University - because he had been teaching the history in GREENLAND of the RANSOM family … He said to the Police & others in authority that he believed the mother was stopping Greta knowing her family history …  and that he noticed, as did other teachers, that the girl came sometimes to school in a trance they believed the mother was dosing her daughter with something - to have her unable to remember lessons …`


`…  They & most of the regular townsfolk did know who were the HIGH FRIENDS of Teresa Gordon RANSOM - some had plagued the town in the 1920s -   But people giving evidence to the COURT had to safeguard their own families & various pupils in the schools  =   Many of the Pre-war Clacton families knew about the violence dished out by the MAFIA Earls on the seafront  … & who went in and out of that dark grey sinister looking place - It said simply  G R A N D  over its big solid door … `    


“  … At school 1943 Greta said that Aunt Terry BUTLER knew all about the early history of the families … & her grandmother had a CLASSICS degree and worked with a young sculptor in Manchester on GREEK THOUGHT - harmony & PLATO   But that her mother went mad if you spoke on the family … she hit out with heavy tools from the garage … It was known the school children called Greta`s mother  ` MAD MOTHER KALI or CLYTEMNESTRA  …` 


` … parents and teachers spoke at school trying to get some protection for the RANSOM children … Terry Butler, the eldest cousin, had come to help her Aunt Mary Gordon that Christmas 1942 into New Year 1943 .  She called on the Clacton hospital and made a report on the violence against her Aunt and two of the children.    `Treasa`  her cousin on RELEASE from a Prison in Worcestershire … she had spent a whole week this CHRISTMAS at CLIVEDEN the ASTOR Family Place … `


` …  She  `CLYTEMNESTRA ` as the children called her,  came back on New Year Day and was very angry to find she,  Auntie Terry Butler as the children were calling her ,  in the house of her mother … `A letter came from the Prison that she Teresa Gordon Ransom did not have to RETURN to the Prison - she was released from a year of the 2 year sentence - Her friend ANGELA had telephoned to the Woman Prison Vice Governor and said that 

 “ …  Teresa was NEEDED to take care of HER SONS …  ”     She now began violence again on Greta and Colin … and at her mother Mary Gordon … others in the Clacton town had cause to complain about Teresa … 


  MEMO :     but Aunt Teresa-Terry had to go back to her War Work - running a Land Girl Hostel …  by February 1943 Teresa Gordon Ransom went quite mad & kept saying to Greta   “ God wants me to smash your face in you bloody bitch - my friends are somebody & they all WANT RID OF YOU - you are in OUR WAY`… ” 

… Her mother one morning in February before they must leave for school began burning new shoes on the fire … and Granny Mary Gordon had been taken ILL to the Hospital … It was the HOSPITAL and the POLICE who sent for Miss Auntie Winifred Gordon to come from the ATS and look after the three children ...  … she had been going on LEAVE from ATS duties to Manchester to stay with the cousins … ” 


“ … ` Treasa`  her mother, Greta reports,  kept saying she had all her money stolen by the Gordon family - She said Hitler was coming over & would WIN the WAR -  & she would have Greta and Colin bayoneted by her German friends !     There would be a big PARTY at  the country house CLIVEDEN … the swastikas were made of the best silk and were all ready to hang out -they were kept by the  Chief Butler in his own private apartment - everyone had looked at them …  ”    NB :   the ASTOR couple who owned  `Clifton-on- High Seas`  had gone to Australia or somewhere for the 2nd World WAR … 


“  … 1943-1945 -  ShesheTeresa was drinking BRANDY from half size bottles and called it her medicine - but the school pupils knew that she and her friends took DOPE …There were songs about cocaine and some pupils would sing them in the Playground at Break time - the big children were referring to the mother of Greta and little Colin … and some horrible people who had been in the LINDSAY place the GRANDbefore the War  … ` 


“  …   1943 and 1944 very big black cars came down and she met them in a cul-de-sac … one car had a Standard on it … a servant got out and poured drinks on a tray put on the bonnet … there were things to eat …   Greetah and a school friend were asked to hide in a garden one night by a kind Teacher & his friend …  and see if they could recognise them from their voices …  then the Teacher and friend decided to hide in another garden and they could recognise some of them …   ”   


“ … It was early in 1945,  the War had not quite ended … Greta told two Teachers that she had been told by her Aunt Winnie,  who was in a very cross mood,  that she had to think of Edward - and that he called her Aunt Winifred …  And he Edward told her Greta did not try at all at school & he had the better education -   She, Greta, was present in about 1948when Aunt Win told Julie that she, the Aunt Winifred of Edward,  had given him all the non-Catholic HOMES around the world - Greta was greedy, he said and it was too much for one !   Edward had said before that Greta was a DUNCE … `


` …  JULIE called out in astonishment to her cousin WIN  that she was MAD - GONE MAD  !   & said it was nothing to do with her Win !   - and HOW LONG HAD THIS BEEN GOING ON …  !!!  

But Julie -  `Our Jewel` as her brothers called her,   only came for a few days then went back to MANCHESTER … Greta said she supposed this Edward was a distant cousin up at Manchester


…  She, Greta, did know that her grandmother had a dead child called Edward who died age 9 years in the 1900s -  photographs of the dead children were put out in the sitting room by their mother Mary Helena Gordon on their birthdays - a Mass was said in the Church, and she and her sisters went to sit by the grave and talk to the dead child - ` then you felt they had really lived and you would see them again ` names were re-used in the family … `


1960 - Julie Butler says   “ …  It gets sinister when ANDRE comes over spring 1945,  a Widower of Jo - but I do not understand at that time  -  I did not know she WIN had a real copy of the WILL until Detective Malone told me 1960 - I had her send October 1957 to MALRAUX & Greta the papers she said she had from her mother & kept in the Bank - I do not believe I understood she had an actual copy of the WILL - I may have been too busy to listen carefully I suppose -  I should have questioned her perhaps - Catholics have trust in the families  … ”   


`  …  1945 June - Win did NOT hand him Andre the WILL - she had a courtesy copy sent for she and Harry in 1938 -  Harry said to some in the family that he never saw it - she said she was not finished reading it WAR came 1939 … He Harry was swept into emergency work 16-17 hour days the West country at first working on Airplanes then Midlands on road transport which he specialized in … he spoke to his mother on the telephone and they exchanged short letters during the War … WIN and Julie had a family meeting with the Elders in September 1939 in Manchester - it was decided they both go and volunteer together for the ATS & ask to be kept together … not wait for conscription papers to come …  `          


“  1938 - for my birthday - I came down from Manchester to Clacton-on-Sea -  to stay with Aunt Mary Williams Gordon after Uncle George died the year before - I was to be 19 years of age - I had been down to stay with my Aunts Bessie and Annie the Misses Williams at their big house  “Stella Maris”  when I was 7 years of age.  They are my Mam`s  younger sisters.   Otherwise we always went for Holidays to Saint Anne`s` - the beach was nice and it was near  ~~~  ”  


“  …  It was SHEsheTreasa at this time was destroying young Harry & Peggie going to Church - the engagement was ON in 1938 to PEGGIE a young friend of the family down there -  My cousin Teresa would sweep in like a Duchess - she used to get money off Aunt Mary & help herself to Harry`s wages before the War - telling him he was a little brother and a fool -  The  `Duchess Treasa`  had a young husband and I found him an intelligent bloke - he seemed to be always busy -  GreetahI met one afternoon - she went up to the Ransom grandparents house `Jerusalem` at Deptford at weekends and part of the school holidays I was told they had all been at SEA …  I noticed things …  but being the youngest of my generation said nothing … ”   


“  Why was I not in Clacton full time much before  1950/51 ?    Because I was sweating my GUTS out working a 16 hour shift supervising a Machine Work shop in MANNI - a man we knew had got going again after the WAR - Win and I in 1946 borrowed enough money from the ATS Fund to get the big house Colne Road next to the seafront and start the guest house -I was anxious to pay off the ATS LOAN as soon as possible - less to pay and other girls that had been in the ATS with us could then borrow from the FUND I am the youngest cousin down in Clacton and up at Manchester … so you do not expect to be told everything … ”


“ … I did not know much of what was happening before the WAR … but you notice some things as you grow up …  Cousin Teresa `Terry`  Butler knew a lot of what was going on to harm Aunt Mary and Uncle George - but she is born before 1900 … & there was a frightful crime against our Manchester families when I was just born - Catholic children sent on Convalescence by a Church Society to the MONTAGUE family lordly place … ”


“ … My cousin Teresa Butler, her brother John Butler well educated, Winifred Butler … & involving  `little Bessie` their sister - she never recovered from this attack - when she was 12 years of age !    The family being Roman Catholic she had to have the child !   Then they had their Mother Julia,  my aunt ,  die on the doorstep one late night ! … The Catholic Priest had exposed the paedophile attacks going on by a member of the MONTAGUE clan - not an old man but a teenage youth when it started - he would attack the children, all of them under 12 years of age, in the gardens … Pity the Catholic Priest could not get an ex-communication  !  …  ”    


“ …  JULIA ,  another sister to my MAM was killed on her doorstep at Manchester - a knock came late at night - she would think it was a message from her husband working late … It was reckoned they & the Montague solicitors sent a man to see there was no scandal …  A child gets born to a 12 year old -  and she loses her Mother at the same time !     Our families and the PRIEST made MONTAGUE take it = they pushed it out to another branch - he grew up with education and keeps in touch - went in the Army - got married but has no children …  The times were like that … we Catholics try do better … I am just born 1919 - into all this !

I came to know some things when Win and I got in the ATS  !   After I was 21 years of age !  … ” 



Records :   Above,  2nd cousin Julie Butler to the Ransom children - and Detective Arthur Malone/POLITAN - & others … 1960-1983    







Final EDITE - done TO HERE -  September 1 … check on …


1924 - 1927 …  JIM always has a little camera - he takes photographs without permission - It would be unusual if Mr JIM JONG had not taken photographs in that comfortable retirement home of the well-off retired old man of a Birmingham Condiments Family with a Factory … Mr JIM would wish to have a RECORD of those who come to party without permission of the owner.  In case something goes wrong and they get investigated by the Police = Mr JIM can say he was in the house because he was worried about the owner … The kind man has retired comfortably with his old Valet who has been with him all his life and a dear old Housekeeper from before he was born - they employed two staff to do the housework work in the mornings & Teresa came on TRIAL for 6 months as Acting housekeeper - The three enjoyed retirement and remembered the FAMILY of Birmingham and happy times from decades past - they had a routine for the week … The house is built about the 1860s  in The Hilldrop Crescent at Highgate … here came Teresa Gordon age 16 years to be ACTING HOUSEKEEPER on TRIAL for 6 months …  G.R.


1957 November  ANDRE MALRAUX takes me  G.R.  to see it at night November 1957 - We have permission from  `young PACELLI` now Pope PIUS XII to take up our MARRIAGE of GRACE - he has just told ANDRE MALRAUX that he  NEVER  CANCELLED  the MARRIAGE  to the grand-daughter of MARY GORDON … !


… ANDRE MALRAUXemployed by General de GAULLE since 1946 ,   has just learned from good people  born at the turn of the 20th century   what went on in the lovely house  1924-1927 spring - how some visitors were a little disturbed but as Angela was now a Duchess you could only keep away, refuse further invitations … The kind old man, a chronic invalid they were told, had his lovely house used for luncheons and parties for the NOBLE class … who came in and out … JIM JONG had a ROOM for 2 years and JIM PIMP  did NOT appear at the TRIAL … or Angela Duchess and husband or her youthful friends ! … Or the father of Edward du Cann - Teresa had given birth to him in May 1924 … there was also a raffish narcotic growing Scots gang - linked to the Family of du CANN and several others including some SCOTTISH EARLS  …  & a young Racing crowd … you`d not want to loan them money …    ( The house in HILLDROP Crescent is destroyed in the 1960s for modern development ) …


I think now …  21st century,  from vast RECORDS  … that Miss Winnie age 15 years in 1925 … coming 17 years of age when her sister TERESA was arrested in 1927 and the spectacular trial at the Old Bailey getting a 6 years Prison Sentence … was in some of these blackmail photos that Mr JIMMIE Jong-Mr Pong always takes - he a professional PIMP with Royal connections as soon as ANGELA got married to BERTIE the young son of a King  …


…  It was common knowledge that JIMMIE JONG  had photos of vulnerable young people many with titles  in the 1920s … and that he continued this into the 1950s  when he took over 1952 the STEWARDSHIP of WHITES CLUB Saint JAMES` London … and quickly turned it into a DOPE & queer liquors and PROSTITUTION CLUB …


…  Dirty JIM called SIR/Cur JAMES continued   ` in his usual shady racketeer HIGH FINANCE nefarious business world …   into the 1960s … & was dangerously CRIMINALLY INSANE in the 1970s  before  THE DEVIL  CLAIMED HIM in the  `ANGEL & CRACK` …  as his last residence was known to CITY of LONDON and others he had harmed over the decades …  Unfortunately he could command the best of medical help in the world to keep him alive far longer than good citizens can expect from the NHS … he was just over 80 years ` …


… BUT he had left an administration of corruption in Britain and about the world … and a Doc `Mengele`  HARRINGTON to continue culling heirs and grasping at violent robbery monies from this system which could empty the banks, remove all DOCUMENTATION of the existence  of those they persecuted because they had KNOWLEDGE of the crimes against the great GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and the RANSOM FAMILIES and their ESTATE 


This sadistic creature is the paedophile following the 11 years old Greta Ransom and her two small brothers about on Clacton Pier early summer 1944, the War ending some beaches and the Pier have opened for the summertime  … This monster had just been exposed in the Market Place of MARKET HARDBOROUGH by the Mayor and other prominent persons … he had been attacking very young children … saying he was head of a Scientific Unit for the Wartime … He came to the seaside !   The Police were warned and notices were put in the playground of the Primary School where the parents fetched small children …


HE IS PROTECTED BY THE EARLS of LINDSAY Crawford and the CROWN of ANGELA … and she has GHOULS from NORWAY and Scandinavia amongst her in-laws … One has sailed the ROYAL NAVY SHIPS IN TO SLAY THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … now they are ALL going to be very rich … and thumb their noses at the family of THE OLD ESKIMO … This green olive faced ghoul named HARRINGTON, born 1912 to upper crust parents has gone to school in Norway with Royal persons - and been removed for madness and attacking small boys


 … He,  HARRINGTON,  is protected by PURPLE POWER … and for a joke he had been SET UPON US,  the three RANSOM CHILDREN,  BY EARLS OF LINDSAY who claim Greetha Ransom,   me the heir & MY FORTUNE,   from my having a great-great-great grandmother called LINDSAY  …!!!     They and companion RN ghouls and Vampires are taking a holiday beside the sea from killing the innocent for DOUGH in the WAR … and drinking themselves into stupor in their Jurassic Dog building they call The GRAND between The ROYAL HOTEL and the TOWERS on Clacton-on-Sea seafront …


This building to be demolished by ORDER the Clacton Council in winter 1945-46 as it was going to tumble its heavy Scots grey granite all over the seafront road … IF ONLY IT HAD FALLEN DOWN THEN ON THEM ALL !   …


1944 early summer … I got my two brothers and myself away into the town and then seeing the  THING from A MORGUE   had not followed us I took us back to the Vista Road 112,  THE HOUSE at the END of THE REC … and I felt we should be safe with our Recreation Ground at the back door  … It stretches away across ancient lands from our back garden … down into the Valley Road to Great Clacton the CLACTUNA of Little Doomsday Book … and reaches to the Holland-on-Sea Cliffs passing a site of  `Clactonian Neolithic Man` … to where there is a `marsh lights` pool in August and … down to JOSETTE her BEACH of SUMMER 1937 where she used to wait for us, Andre and me being too full of energy …  We like to ROMP about the town and the countryside & he is quite a chatterbox talking to anyone & also he scribbles things in his notebook … and, our JO she wants some peace to look at the sea take a dip and write ideas for her stories she publishes …  



1945 May - COMTH again to our seashores Clacton-on-Sea   as in 1937   WIDOWER COLONEL ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN to Greta Ransom … that is all he understood from a few lines in a letter from a Margaret GROTE that reached he and Josette Clotis in October 1937 in PARIS … they heard nothing else … then WAR CAME September 1939 …


…  The October 1937 handwritten letter from the incredibly highly educated 12 fluent language speaking owner of the ESTATE of GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN worldwide and its accompanying  RANSOM  `JOYOUS VENTURE `   said that she had read his books and was very glad he accepted to be GUARDIAN to her NIECE Greta and that he would hear more very soon … It was simply signed   MARGARET GROTE … ”  He will not know of this matter until CHRISTMAS 1959 - early 1960 …


NB The British Establishment for The Crown of ANGELA and the EARLS of Crawford LINDSAY and other criminally insane  had quickly a Government of Britain SYSTEM in place to see that ANDRE MALRAUX and FRANCE  “ the FRENCH FROGS ”   knew nothing … 


…  Sadly he Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX …  never knew or remembered the name of  THE GODDESS  he saw when he was a young man of 20 years IN A SALON IN PARIS …   “  SHE WAS WITH VERY VERY DISTINGUISHED MEN … I was not introduced … I was a too tall young man who had just scribbled his first piece … I tore it up when a publisher told me to go away … ”  …     


  NB :   the miniature camera was very popular … it fitted in a woman`s  evening bag … in the pocket of a man … they came from Japan or China … negatives were postage stamp size but the quality of the LENSE very good indeed … enlargements would show persons clearly …


I had two or three of these miniature cameras in the 1940s - they were become collectors items … but Charles Magowan friend of my father & Town Photographer would cut a film to size for them and show how good they were … especially for SPIES …

My mother Teresa Gordon Ransom stole them from me after she And her noble monsters wrecked our wedding our lives and those of so many kind persons in the decades ahead …                        


But I was NOT to say anything of this to ANDRE-Georges Colonel MALRAUX … The notice announcing our wedding was pinned in the Church Porch and the 6 BANNS had been read and he is called George Andrew MALRAUX … Old Grand-daddy Potter who owns the Town Newspaper the Printers and runs the LIFEBOAT SOCIETY had printed us a number of newspapers with the engagement in and a history of the families … he does this for many couples marrying … a SOUVENIER for the FAMILY ALBUM -



THE ANCESTRY OF THE BRIDE - that is not given to ANDRE MALRAUX the groom 1947 … because of threats from Teresa and her bastard son Edward du Cann and their circle of FRAUDSTERS … 




1973 WHAT ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN NEEDED TO KNOW Autumn 1937 after he accepted GUARDIANSHIP - what he would have swiftly understood with much else IF THE BRITSH GOVERNMENT had not been used by the criminally insane to REMOVE all his POSTAL COMMUNICATIONS … & continue a WATCH on he and  General de GAULLE … from 1946 intensifying it from 1957 autumn … with much violence … resulting in a  hit and run  on his two young sons killing them in May 1961 … 


… information is given by a retired person 1973 the part played in this by Edward du Cann,  he a bastard May 1924 of the mother of  Greetha Ransom the GROTE heir The speaker tells of the years 1920/21/1923 …  : 


“   … we heard they had left for CANADA … both girls together  … but they took an expensive trip stayed a few hours and caught a liner back to England … They had become known for their TRICKS … they would change names … appeared in immaculate male attire on one occasion and fought on a ballroom floor rolling about calling one another racy names … We were in a restaurant one evening and heard them complaining that they had no new clothes … they disappeared … but re-appeared an hour and a half later in magnificent attire …They had gone to a hotel where a foreign visitor came … she had gone up to Scotland for a few days … they had borrowed the clothes - no doubt a maid could not refuse … ” 



“  … He, Mr Jim was always with them … someone paid the expenses for their restaurant slap up meals - they could probably add a bill to the account of an elderly relative  … but I and my  friends did not care for this little bouncing man JIM - His role with them is explained some years on perhaps - when we learned of the training at the CHINESE OPERA where he was enrolled by his grandparents a respectable Chinese family -  They found him from age 15 years embezzling on his Grandfather … the  family business … other places - and perhaps selling off property of an older relative - When he killed amongst them it was felt the matter had to be dealt with by the British Scottish branch … ”


“  …  I and my friends were pursuing our careers … IF YOU MET THE GIRLS  ( Angela and Teresa )  in a restaurant you rather shunned the place … he JIM they addressed as  “ MR JONG ”   in the manner of addressing a servant  but I felt that he was very much in charge of them …  He kept a cheerful brotherly mood when they were misbehaving … NOBODY WAS SURPRISED when Teresa got arrestedit should have happened to both of them what did not come out at the Court hearings was that he  Mr JONG  had a room in that house for 2 years …  ”


“  …  I was abroad when the arrest happened … but it was much more serious than came out in the Court … the old Housekeeper had disappeared … friends said later the POLICE should have dug in the cellar - the Police did what they were allowed … If there were not titles in & out of the house several of them would have gone to prison … There had been a marriage made by one of the two girls - it was unfortunate to have them come in from up there … they had all been alone too long up there …  like the Scots … all had a primitive outlook, I heard … ” 


“ … How did MRS GROTE of Greenland come into their society ?   …  she came from a rather closed society of worldwide highly intellectual and kindly people - they ran magnificent philanthropy agreed between themselves and monitored and approved by nations outside the British Empire  … her father would never have approved of these Welsh Scottish aristocrat groups … ”



` …  He Fred Ransom of Montrose Scotland and  Jacopsholmen Island,  West Greenland stepped into this Society on a rare occasion, by invitation,  and met grateful thanks … a Widow with whom he spoke the German tongue …  he one of several persons who gave her a sense of direction again … there was a lot of rottenness about her … ` … 



“  I and others can only think that Margaret Grote widowed so early was glad of any kindness living alone on the Island of ARRAN where her husband was buried & his body not allowed to be removed to America to his relatives GROTE BROKERS  so that she stayed in their home whereas she would have used their residence New York to be near his grave … She had to recognise that his death was unnatural …her two brothers and sister-in-law known to have died 1890-97 in suspicious circumstances …  Mrs Grote found herself with her only close relative the surviving son of her brother JOHN RANSOM  ” …



 MEMO :   He Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM born 1884 had to be hidden from 14 years old after LINDSAY 2 second-cousins put the dead body of his 33 years old mother into his arms one night at the door of the little house `Jerusalem` all she had left after being ROBBED by the EARL of LINDSAY a syphilitic monster   - Greetha Ransom learns that her grandfather FCFR is schooled in the Derbyshire hills under a false name - to protect his life from an insane Earl of Scotland, relatives from the mother of his mother    ( = Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom - has second cousins in the extended Family of Earl LINDSAY Premier Earl of Scotland and Gross Britain - LINDSAY are relatives to her mother born a Miss Lindsay she escaped LINDSAY horror by marrying a descendant of Sir Martin FROBISHER Tudor ARCTIC Mariner  



“ … 1904 - It would seem natural that Margaret Grote was glad of any visits of Condolence, including the Countess of Strathmore from Glamis Castle - she seems to have visited a noble family who kept a residence on ARRAN island - Mrs Grote owning 98 acres of the Island … ” 


`  There followed invitations by the Countess to the sorrowing Widow Margaret Grote - she who immediately ran highly efficiently with GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK the GROTE HOMES established by her late husband  (Tiggy Grote USA citizen b 1841)  as well as her money making part of the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` that began with the RANSOM lands around the world from the centuries of foreign brides with dowrys where you could pull a ship in …  and the investments her father had made from 1830s in transport mining technology and science … `


“  … The Count and Countess welcomed her to Glamis Castle and it  was here she met their 4 years old daughter who already preferred the name of ANGELA … they of course received presents from Margaret Grote at Christmas and birthdays … She hoped to interest them in the GROTE HOMES but they were nervous - they said because the British Government did not agree with the worldwide HOMES they should not show an interest  … She should have now been swiftly advised to avoid their company … ”



MEMO:   Her nephew FCFR came to live with her from 18 years of age 1900/1901 - she hoped he would swiftly make a marriage and have children and then join her in the family work … FCFR knew very little about the immense wealth of his Aunt Mag and not until he travelled with her to ROME did he learn of the size of the ESTATE … he had learned much delicate financial work from helping her with the Accounts for the British properties some held by the families since the Anglo-Saxon Dark Ages …


She needed a holiday he said after 2 years on the Island … She called in a ship and they went to ROME and she took him to Palaces and Villas where she was greeted as `Margarethea` … it was here he became for all his life `Frederick Charles` and no more `little Fred` … She amazed him by visiting the Pope … wearing a gown of yellow silk edged in gold under a covering cloak of grey … he learned that she had always visited the Popes first going with her parents … her mother was grand-daughter of the genius POUL GRONLANDER a 6 feet 5 inches Catechist scholar Trader descended from a line of Northern CHINESE scholars and Traders and an almost pure Eskimo mother … her family used to visit VENICE … & had some French blood … His mother read a translation of LUCRETIUS into French … ( 1720s )



1905-1907 … Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM took himself to Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland for two years and met all his kin … in the great house his grandfather Fred Ransom had built for Gertrud Poulsen he came upon a vast library and the writings of POUL … whom he called  “ … the greatest MIND I have ever come upon and I am a great great grandson to him … ”    Young FCFR had learned at his hideaway school to read Early English - he began to give readings of BOEWULF and enter circles of high intelligence … It all softened the horrible experience of having his tiny skater Greek Arts mother Millie Frobisher Ransom,  put dead into his arms when he was 14 years of age in 1897 …


Commencing 1900 AD … the young man who had survived  The LINDSAY CULLING  found himself with a great family RANSOM reaching back to 1st century AD Londinium … and BC it came out of Jutland and the Mediterranean … My grandfather FCFR telling his youngest son Lennie and me Greta Ransom his grand-daughter described all this … he said it made his head swim then he felt icy cold with the incredible centuries it enabled him to travel back … with the name of his father … RANSOM … 



JIM Jong did not appear in the circle at Glamis Castle until 1913 … in the 1920s he made a proposal of marriage to Esmeralda the daughter of the adopted son of Margaret and her husband Tiggy Grote … TRAGEDY :  Esmeralda died because of JIM Jong in Greenland - she refused his offer of marriage - he had other wives in Asia and on the Continent … he persecuted her and played nasty tricks … tried destroying her reputation … 


BASIL  - this son born from a MEDICAL arrangement with two French Doctors,  that had been made for she and her husband Thomas Grote in FRANCE … she at 40 childless because Tiggy at 11 years of age had contracted RINGWORM from   ` … talking to the animals at Boston Zoo` …  ( 1852/53/54 … newspapers USA - `Tiggy will talk to Animals at Boston Zoo at 3 pm ` … ) 


Her son  with three fathers  called Basil Ransom Grote did not wish to inherit the Estate but preferred to administer it with GROTE BROKERS and others … he is raised by his mother Margareth but at 15 years of age goes to the family of his French Doctor Fathers whom he has spent holidays with  to continue with his ADULT education … He had toured the GROTE HOMES worldwide with his Parents Tiggy and Margareth as a child and had a superb education with languages from the GROTE HOMES - DISASTER -


…  1933 October - dirty JIM Jong murders Count Poulsen`s wife and poisons Basil in a cup of tea … this is a Commission for the LINDSAY EARL but really for himself and Angela … They are all bent on getting hold of the ESTATE for themselves - there is NO INTENTION to give a coin to THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT JIM is a double-Agent ~ recall he has learned ACTING at Pekin Opera in his teens …



The ISLAND is to have a RANSOM `FAMILY CHRISTMAS` and the heir chosen by everyone, the babe Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM,  will be Christened in the Jacop Poulsen Church and the great bell cast by her great-great grandfather old FRED RANSOM will ring out in joy … My father and Len flew me up to JACOPSHOLMEN in November 1933 - they gave away all the presents delivered from New York and I was christened in the family Church of POUL GRONLANDER built by his elder son JACOP Poulsen … This can all be read in my scaffolding Document `1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX etc Clacton-on-Sea and West GREENLAND ` 


???  WHY DID THE CHRISTMAS not go ahead ?   I would say that disgusting Noble maniacs of greed NORWAY and DANMARK and Gross Britain put naval ships up to see the great honourable RANSOM family could not SAIL IN - to the Island given 1770 to erect a College/University to POUL GRONLANDER - they have stopped us giving EDUCATION for ESKIMOS since 1860s … ( they all want throwing in a Volcano & light it up ~barbaric vulgar greedy sub-humans they are … )



1880s onwards - Mrs Grote  (Aunt Margareth Ransom)  had several RANSOM cousins with families who gave a hand visiting the GROTE orphans around the world and keeping the other Ventures happily in touch - they did not wish to inherit but wait for her nephew to marry … he born in 1884 - He would marry and give her a family soon … the grandchildren of her brother JOHN RANSOM …


… His mother Millie Frobisher had refused the Inheritance for him after the slaying of her husband JOHN RANSOM 1890 … Frederick Charles would not go against a decision by his little dead mother -

What was wanted was a figurehead to the Estate with the RANSOM name … they would all help train the young person or young people … it was only a matter of a few years  … The cousins RANSOM tried cheer Margareth up 1904 after the unnecessary death of uncle THOMAS Immanuel GROTE … Frederick Charles had come to live with her on the Island of ARRAN when he was 18 years old in  … he kept his assumed name of Weldon Frobisher … it was felt best …`


But it is from the arrival of JIM Jong to WALES that troubles begin for her he at 11 years is sent to learn English at a Welsh school  & already having been at the tea table of VIOLET LINDSAY Artist he now ventures into GLAMIS CASTLE … and the Bowes Lyon family of the 12 -13 years old ANGELA his two languages are excellent Chinese and perfect French when he is 11 years of age A World War called `The Great War` comes in 1914-1919 …  




“  …  1909 - Frederick Charles marries Jean Weddell - and to the surprise of everyone Jean ballerina produced two healthy children 1911 and 1912 - then two more 1917 & 1921 … I saw her dance once and it was magnificent, classical ballet and Spanish rhythms … but I did not know she was Mrs Frederick Charles Ransom and had four children  …     


… THEN what followed on … WAR CAME 1939 … otherwise they could not have survived unless they lived modestly … Suddenly they had a lot of wealth 1945 … it was surprising … it was known they had tremendous debts … but their finances are to be a private matter … ”  …  


“  I went to see Frederick RANSOM … ( it must be sometime in the early 1960s )   he was almost losing an eye … it was known Teresa his wife did it to him … throwing a big tin of paint over his head … the Hospital Reports were available … He was a good soldier, loyal … in grief over his children being kept from him … and SHE Teresa and Angela in charge … still fighting … over this ARCTIC ESTATE … ”



MEMO Frederick RANSOM we learn after his death  ( born November 1911 - slain March 1969 was abducted in a false ambulance … it came to his door as he was leaving for an appointment with his surgeon to check his damaged liver done by JIM and LINDSAYS and others was mended … he was delivered to a London hospital in coma and supposed to have been in a fight … SOON HE DIED … but not before he was persecuted in the private room at the hospital by certain members of the House of Lords and Commons … I believe that a creature called Dr Harrington called on a distraught Frederick John RANSOM … & the little bouncing man called JIM Jong … become Sir JAMES of WHITES Club in 1954 … Jim companion to Angela,  Teresa the Earls of Lindsay and an odd physician … 



“ … there were witnesses in the nursing staff and they were frightened of these Visitors but the Reports are given to several good persons … If his daughter had come with her first baby to visit him she would have been kidnapped and she and the child murdered … It is the events of SUMMER 1970 that have made this clear … ”



“ … & you received private visits at the beginning of the year from ANDRE MALRAUX … information upon many matters that nobody understood … he and de GAULLE were under pressure in the 1950s because the marriage to a young girl was said not to be valid … BUT THEY DID NOT KNOW OF THE GUARDIANSHIP to ANDRE MALRAUX to a GREAT ESTATE they did not see the legal documents and the legal WILL until 1962 … then they learned of the FRAUD the slaying of children of the world during the 2nd world war … and who was responsible …  ”


“ … (1960s) …  I have recently been visited when I go to the library in the House of Commons by a queer PIMP with a blue car … when you see it parked outside a door you DO NOT ENTER THERE … I did not know he had the name `Mengele` attached to him … but he could call on a man who had control of the BRITISH NAVY at one time and still had Naval uniform on … he accosted me and asked about a book … I referred him to our Librarian … again and again I had him speak to me … I asked how he gained entrance ?  … ` … HE HAD COME IN AS A PHYSICIAN to Edward Gordon du Cann…`   … I GOT HIM BANNED FROM OUR LIBRARY =  a Doctor HARRINGTON … later I learn he has the nickname  `Mengele` ” 


“  I gather information as so many of us over the years in our professions …  I recall that I spoke with friends with Edward GORDON du Cann very early on  (1950s)  he was not an MP … and I wondered how he had an Office in the House of Commons … He came to say to us that he had a proposition for the CROWN  …  the matter was about AN ISLAND OFF THE WEST GREENLAND SHORES … He insisted a great crop of CORN could be raised here … the ICE WAS RETREATING … he had expert advice … could he have permission  to manage the Island ??? … Everyone knew who his mother was … we were cautious … we knew her friend … she had achieved a position perhaps by strategy …  ( refers to Teresa Gordon and Angela Bowes Lyon … whom this speaker has given in the pages above his encounters with  ` …  two girls early 1920s … ` … ) 


 …  I knew his ancestry on the Du CANN side  they raised PURPLE FIELDS … a crop they had PASSED OVER WITH FIRE … it left pellets of purple shades … they had a market overseas … it was too big a CONCERN … you could not do anything except hope to STAMP IT OUT in time … ”   (Divinorum Salvia Scotland … a dangerous narcotic … )


“  I had occasion to speak with him again about it … he trod delicately on stepping stones across the fields … this NARCOTIC CROP … I knew now what his intentions were over the ARCTIC ISLAND … He, a bastard of Teresa Gordon,  had been telling others that he was in charge of AN ESTATE because the HEIR was a dumb fool and could not learn at school it was bred from Eskimo and South American natives … ” 


“ … he had heard his adopted Aunt  ( Angela )  say to his mother  …   “ … tell your daughter Teresa I do NOT WANT HER APE FACE in my nation …  ” 


(NB :    I recall Teresa my mother delivering this message and similar ones to me about my being Ape like …  when I am 10 to 15 years old … but not from whom it came … She often made these remarks … I was more concerned to avoid her throwing boiling water over me and attacking my teeth and eyes …


“ …  It was clear he Edward du Cann and his Uncle and FRIENDS could raise big crops of PURPLE NARCOTIC    (Divinorum Salvia Scotland)   on this ARCTIC Island   just within the Arctic circle   in the SUMMERTIME … and if discovered he could blame THE FAMILY RANSOM OF THE HEIR …  ”



MEMO :   …  the heir Greta Ransom born 1933  being the first legitimate child of Edward du Cann`s  mother Teresa E. Gordon in her marriage to Frederick John RANSOM eldest great-nephew of Margareth Ransom Mrs Grote - widow of TIGGY,  slain by JIM Jong for all of them 15 May 1938 Lindsay Earls & Angela and JIM  used the British Post Office & Telephones system to FIND OUT WHERE MARGARET GROTE was safely visiting a family old friends to her father Fred Ransom - The O`Niell Family of Ayrshire …



“  I spoke with our good soldier FREDERICK RANSOM again - he said he had given up circumnavigating the globe and the ESTATE was in the hands of his brothers JOHN and LEN … others helped … and the GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX appointed by his Aunt Margaret and all her experts her financial administrators and her very erudite friends … her family too …he managed to give some help now and then …


… The young FRENCHMAN chosen 1937- already a MAN of LETTERS …

 … MALRAUX, in his role as a Minister of France helping de GAULLE ,  has proved he was quite suitable for this ROLE … he did not receive his postal Papers 1937 and onwards or receive any messages left for him - everyone in the management of the ESTATE was lead to believe he did -   Uncivilized messages came after the war … THEY WERE NOT FROM HIM - this was NOT KNOWN until 1962 …  All his postal communications were stolen in the BRITISH ROYAL MAIL before the tragic murder of MARGARET GROTE in a place she had taken refuge and felt she was safe  (1938 May)  … and ever after for too many years … This was as far as I,  we,  could follow it through many years …  MALRAUX had his boys killed in 1961 …  … … ”            F  I  N  





MEMO :   1947 April 17th - My father Frederick John RANSOM  would have explained to ANDRE MALRAUX that the madness of Teresa reaches back to her childhood riding lessons when the half-Chinese little mad man JIM JONG thrown out by his Chinese family for crimes  known 1920s to the British & French fashionable as a PIMP,  had collared two teenage girls & was injecting into them the CULT of a pseudo-artistic crowd who took excessive DOPE & were applauders of FASCISM & of the more outrageous protesting in movements like FUTURISM & its exploratory fronds … JIM a cunning little dope seller but with an aristocratic channel from his British father RN,  HAD given lessons in VIOLENCE to girls just in two figures of age, Teresa & Angela were two of them …  but it was designed to bring HIM moneys …


… Because of the great GROTE RANSOM ESTATE Mr Jim joined other PIMPS who did not let go ~ they had put one of their GANG on HIGH in Britain & had her head the slaughter of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN -  & FJR  would have added 1947  `BEWARE - they are all CRIMINALLY INSANE … FJR would have warned MALRAUX 1938 … if his copy of the legal WILL making him GUARDIAN had not been stolen by the woman Angela on a State Visit to PARIS …  She Angela also stole  the Letter from Margareth Ransom GROTE to the President of France enclosed with the SEALED ENVELOPE addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX   ANGELA was PUT IN THE HOT SEAT by these crooks … now they had proved themselves criminally insane by slaying all the GROTE CHILDREN around the globe … it had to be HUSHED UP so `the Yellow Brick Road` could continue …  `    


1947 17th April -  What Andre Malraux and I do not know is that my father FJR was to arrive with a few persons from nations engaged in this past war - A HEALING - a representative comes from Japan another is a friend Darius Milhaud French composer living in USA … there will have been two or three others … Germany I am sure OF COURSE THEY ALL REPRESENT THE GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE to which ANDRE MALRAUX is the legal GUARDIAN & I am the heir … 


Auntie Miss WIN -   SHE SAID SHE WOULD NOT TELL ANDRE  `why your father does not appear`…  and spoil the wedding for him - She now forbade me to tell Andre or to tell anyone what she had done  ` so that you could have your mother at your wedding `   … She would say to some of the guests after the evening was finished that he had been unable to come …  She said that  ` Andre will not think highly of you if you interfere with your parents matters …` After the wedding, in the churchyard,  I heard her say to Andre  `Oh Greta`s father found he could not come` …


1960 - The Detectives for Andre Malraux  learn she, Miss Gordon,  had received a wedding frock for Greta 2 weeks before the wedding - that the Ransom families bought in New York … suitable for a young bride … above ankle, thick heavy lace, full skirt, three quarter sleeves and a sweetheart neck … nothing too grand

  ` She never told her sister Esther or any of the Church choir … we learn the fate of this frock - it was taken to London and the monstrous `true blues` the aristocrats of the Roaring 20s dirtied it and tore it & it was thrown on a barrow in Petticoat Lane …`


   1960 Colne Engaine  - The reports on the wedding come from  Arthur MALONE detective & ex-Army Captain Patrick MACDREW   ( he the Uncle of the strangled 9 years old heir of Castle Hedingham in Greta Ransom`s School Class 1942 … she inherits extensive properties Newfoundland & other pieces in Yugoslavia & Canada … two girl heirs under the scrutiny of LINDSAY EARLS & JIM JONG from birth 1933 … neither of us are Wards of Court !  )   


Note Book 1960 of Arthur Malone/ 1947 April 17th-21st Wedding of Grace    “  … we find SHEshe Teresa & Miss Winifred Gordon her sister … are ANXIOUS to get you and & ANDRE out of the TOWN on the Friday 18th after the Wedding 17th  … you were sent to WALTON-on-the-NAZE until the early evening … then the invitation to go & stay with his American Colonel friend in Ipswich 19th to 21st April must have been a relief to them … and to others … we are working it out …


RECORDS :1960 January/FebruaryColne Engaine/  Arthur Malone ` The Detective in the Lawyers Gown :      He with others is trying untangle the pre-war and 2nd World War years leading to the marriage of Andre and Greta 1947 … They have come upon AN HEIR BORN ON A HEARSE 1933/legal Will 1938 Arthur Malone has only  `COME UPON THE SCENE` October 1957 … & to begin with knew none of the families at Clacton or at Deptford pre-war …


… MALRAUX engaged a young one-man Agency Detective for Greetah September 1957 , but he was threatened by DIRTY JIM & gang running WHITES CLUB St James`    So Greta`s uncle Harry Gordon got Phil Silverlee old pre-war friend sometimes working in CITY of LONDON  to ENGAGE A MATURE RELIABLE LONDON DETECTIVE for ANDRE MALRAUX October 1957 - 


… Phil a friend is from 1930s days via Clacton-on-sea `CRAIL` tiny homestead of Harry`s parents George & Mary Gordon - there are  `Sunday TEAS` for young friends of Harry & Winifred still living at home. … Philip is the young man who plays me Greta late 1930s `THE CATHEDRAL UNDER THE SEA` Claude Debussy on Auntie Winnie`s piano her 21st birthday present


1957 October,  surely Harry Gordon had to say something to Phil Silverlee about not mentioning the FATE of the Estate to which Greta is heir, Andre the Guardian ` ?   PHILIP SILVERLEE Argentine-British parentage is an international Insurance Broker/writer/musician /born c 1901/ some schooling at Radley College/   Philip for his own safety, surely had to be advised not to mention the Estate if he is speaking with MALRAUX ? - perhaps Harry told Philip it was now a matter for General de Gaulle ?


1972 onwards   “ TYPESCRIPTS - ANDRE MALRAUX  - Andre began them - we had to move him to an apartment without  them knowing where he had gone … they had aided Mengele Harrington all the time since 1938 … Andre had no safe home … it had been planned to build a flat the Pillar House East Gate autumn 1970 … He, Andre,  could come and go in safety … one of us would always be there to guard him … Your father was killed by them March 1969,  & his brother Dr RAY is `MISSING` that summer on USA Duties … WHAT WENT ASTRAY… all the time  ?  … the decline went on and on … perhaps we should say the FALL … ”


“  TYPESCRIPTS - ANDRE MALRAUX … Andre says  “ … they had no intention the marriage continued they had agreed during the preparations,  with good people I knew well that the marriage could be made & would be suitable … ( 17th April 1947 )

Two small framed watercolours, drawn & painted by The Pope had been handed to me on the 17th at the tea party at the home of old acquaintances Dr and Mrs WINCLEMANN - handed to me by a representative of the Church - I was told they had been received at The Montfort Lodge where the Priests live - a short handwritten letter from him, POPE PIUS XII,  wished me well & said he felt they were two of his best and he intended them for my STUDY … I accepted this was a compliment to General de Gaulle & myself …”


“ I met Miss Gordon just de-mobbed from the ATS in June 1945 - I had not met her before this date … 1937 SUMMER when I came to Clacton to stay with a Paris friend bringing with me Josette,  she Miss Gordon,  had been staying in Manchester with her cousins & then they all took a holiday at Saint Anne`s Beach … She was still in the ATS when she met Dr & Mrs WINNCLEMANN who came to live close to the Clacton Catholic Church …  Win Gordon had never enlightened WINCLEMANN or myself on the ESTATE yet she possessed a copy of the WILL from January 1938 - a courtesy copy for she and her brother Harry & a request from Margaret GROTE that they would guide Greta her niece through her school-days at the Clacton Convent Order Saint Clare, where she was expected to stay until 18 years of age …”


1947 April 17th  “ The wedding presents  were arranged all together on a table & a sideboard within reach of us all in the WINCLEMANN sitting room - there were some cards stood upon the small tea table - I am handed a newspaper parcel by our Hostess of Summer 1937 with apologies but she had to rush down by train & must leave for London very soon to meet her daughter Unity & her RN young man- they were thinking of getting married - they are to arrive at another railway Station in London  `  It is they     (Mr & Mrs Coe & children - to retire Australia after November 1976 the death of MALRAUX … )   who are about me in Berkshire 1968/1971 -  The present wrapped in newspaper as it had been packed at the beginning of the War just ended,  was a plate they ( she & her husband )   had found in Paris in 1929 and she asked if it was PALISSY ? - I had to say it was not but in the same manner - I assured her it would look very well in our Home …”  


“ Propped up on the sideboard behind the presents there was  a SCROLL of Greta`s ancestors  that her father had drawn out by a professional … It was Connie Napper the town Nurse who opened it … she and her daughter called me & Greetah & attempted pass it to me … Win Gordon hastened to us and said it should not be examined then - but we should all take our tea & that Charles Magowan the well known town photographer would make a speech for our wedding.” 


…. “ His speech was blissfully simple but endearing and with taste - He, Mr Magowan,  advised that every day we set aside an hour to think of each other - he said this was an old Ayrshire custom & he and his wife kept to it … I was simply told by Win Gordon that Greta`s father could not come.  Esther and her husband had asked where he was ?  I was relieved that Teresa did not come.  She was frequently rude to me about the town …  but she had no authority in the matter of allowing this `early wedding` because the Marital Court in September had awarded Custody the 3 children to her husband Army Captain Fred J. Ransom … Teresa had given me to believe,  and my friends who met her in 1934,  that she had married a COMMON WORKING MAN … ”  


… “ 1947 17th April Thursday - Certain presents were taken from Miss Win Gordon that early evening - At 4.30pm it was she insisted she take the wedding presents back to her nearby home - she began packing them in a big suitcase while the tea-party was going on.  She returned very soon with the emptied suitcase & began to gather up the other presents.  Some had been shown to Greta and myself by the givers who picked them up to show us … Miss Win Gordon was anxious we should not clutter up the sitting-room of old WINCLEMANN & his Shropshire wife … ”


“ … Win Gordon told me she would list out the wedding presents from the attached cards and we could answer them together when I returned from my work in France - I expected this to be in a month … but it might be possible for me to get an airlift from American friends in a fortnight & I would stay a few hours … however this did not happen …  And it was 6 weeks before I could return to Greta.  She had written me a short note saying she had been told she had committed Adultery & she assured me this was not true but her Aunt Win said she was NOT TO TELL LIES … she had also told Greta I might chop off her head as she was now a French citizen.  This letter was OPENED for ME - IT SHOULD  HAVE BEEN HANDED TO ME as it was clear it was my personal correspondence ! ”  




TYPESCRIPTS - ANDRE MALRAUX -   “ THEY  …  (  He,   ( `heeee ` Quaker speech )    ANDRE MALRAUX,  means here the occupants of his household known as `JAN STEEN TAVERN` a rented Dutch-style big house . North PARIS )   - The Reader should know that ANDRE MALRAUX is raised as a child by 3 GRACES & that he is incredibly loyal and polite, allowing for HUMAN ERROR & LACK of UNDERSTANDING,  as he advances into his ADULT LIFE …  THIS PURITY      IS NOT AT ALL USEFUL … ESPECIALLY FOR HIS ENTRANCES UPON THE STAGE OF IMPERIAL BRITISH - SCANDINAVIAN POLITICAL CIRCLES  … 


“ THEY …  in FRANCE …   they had some interference from Teresa - travelling to them in PARIS … ”    ( NB :  Teresa travels by Queen Angela Flight  - as all the old Roaring 1920s-1930s  all do … )


“ …  She came barking she wanted COMPENSATION from ME --- I HAD DARED TO MAKE THIS EVIL UNSANCTIFIED WEDDING … to her mentally retarded child …   It roves into untruths …


… how she had so carefully tended this FOOL Ape-girl …  born of her APE ESKIMO seducer Fred Ransom … how she, TERESA GORDON,  was forced into her marriage by her IRISH mother with this FOOL called FRED RANSOM who rolled his sleeves up to do manual work …work for which you called   `A man … of the household ` … … … ”  


 “ … It continues into drivelling … that her mother Mary Helena is no more than a slut of Dublin whom her father GEORGE GORDON had been   `caught out`  by  …  It was accepted by those about me in FRANCE who knew that my role as GUARDIAN to this great piece of Philanthropy was to be hidden from me … ”


( RECORDS :  Andre Malraux speaking above 1970 winter The Pillar House, Harwell …)



1947 Summer/autumn - “ ALL OF THEM NOW USED THIS SITUATION TO DRIVE ME TO THE BRINK OF SUICIDE They had HARRINGTON  ( Doc Mengele)  threaten to lock me up … I had no idea he, `Mengele` Harrington …  was getting too close to General de GAULLE … flaunting cunningly the names of his Imperial employers … 


 “ … However …  I came to Clacton in July 1947, and again in September 1947 … !   I HAD NO INTENTION OF ALLOWING TERESA to lay hands on GRETA AGAIN … and I wished the MARRIAGE TO CONTINUE … I was fooled by Teresa & Nurse Connie Napper - now a religious fool under the thumb of Teresa …  into signing a paper ending the MARRIAGE - I was fooled that the POPE had requested this … He had not ~ ! - I did not learn the truth of this until November 1957, ten years on ! ” 


“ … That autumn 1957   (November 1957)   I ,  Andre MALRAUX,  had gone to speak with him, The Pope …  to ask if I might take up the marriage again - he told me to do what I pleased … we spoke a little more … he informed me he had NEVER CANCELLED THE MARRIAGE TO MARY GORDON`s GRAND-DAUGHTER I was bewildered !   He was weary & waved me away !  Told me to go and see the Bishops … he had other things to do … I could not frame a question quickly … “  HOW DID HE KNOW MARY GORDON ?  ”   I have been driven to my wits ends … my sons are dead because of this matter … this OBSCENE CRIME done by the Nation of the WHITEHEAD TWINS … I will not attempt to explain that turn of events here … »


« … I will CONTINUE with events that Summer 1947 … The Paper I signed enabled Teresa, using Connie Napper, to try attempt a SALE of 114 acres on a West GREENLAND Island … Jacopsholmen a place displaying hope THE TRAGEDY of the Family de SALLE imprisoned on this Island winter 1939 - I think is now understood … JIM arranged it he got himself on the Island with a false signature from Churchi