Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

RANSOM ANCESTRY  - inserts -

My RANSOM father Frederick John brings his grandson little Peter Whitehead close blood lines of the BC Great INCA line of Roman Catholic Philosopher, Sea Trader etc., the highly educated Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN  f. San Miguel his QUAKER son-in-law JAMES WEDDELL MARINER SUB-ARCTIC Trader & navigator  (Weddell Sea) , Sir Martyn Frobisher ARCTIC Trader navigator, RANSOM Sea Trading families ROMAN BRITAIN, POUL GRONLANDER N. Chinese & Eskimo the polymath catechist Trader correspondent with Humanist Pope Benedict 14 - A Royal line of JAPAN of OKINAWA … & RANSOM BRIDES come from 14 Races & 27 Nations … ALL ANCESTORAL LINES CAN BE FOUND ON WEB or specific names can be asked for via TWITTER :   

…  the RANSOM line is to BC Jutland 2nd century AD - Mediterranean Traders taking minor POSTS under ROMAN REPUBLIC … become REDEMPTIO at LONDINIUM 77 AD onwards :   92 AD retire to DUNWICH a useful PORT on the SUFFOLK C    oast -  Name becomes RANSOM from LATIN REDEMPTIO about 6th-7th centuries AD :    Earliest MALE RANSOM line traced by CANADIAN `Vinlander scholars` to an  area around the coasts UDEVALLA (?)  … leaving from here to go TRADING … found to be settled here in 4th-5th centuries BC :

NOTA BENE :   Will a READER call at Udevalla & see if they are very big fat people who gorge & drink heavily as they did in 76-77 AD when GAIUS (Redemptio) took his well born ITALIAN WIFE to a family wedding - line of his father & Uncle :    He SAILED AWAY after 2 weeks - regarded them as unsavoury -

… sailed in to Britain, Thames River,  with is Cousin son of his Uncle - they had been with the ROMAN ARMY in PALESTINE & came upon a Religion called MITHRAS :   77 AD at LONDINIUM, they just recovering from meeting BOADICEA (Boudicca) in 61 AD …  `Gaius` has good connexions & creates a JOB `interviewing ships sailing in - make sure they are genuine Traders - this develops - he has a stony Island perhaps about GRAVESEND and later a house outside the walls of LONDINIUM

:    He sells the Island and retires to DUNWICH Suffolk buying land - but appears to keep some ROMAN EMPIRE employment :     A son or grandson has his family history c 100 AD in his LIFEBOOK - he was late back from the Continent - had to pull in at what is going to be PORTSMOUTH Harbour … did not like the company … found 5 orphans shivering under a sail and in a scooped out mud cave … HE PULLED OUT SILENTLY, with them & two or three trusted old hands … they risked winter seas and got home to DUNWICH :    And if he had not we the RANSOM line would not be here upon the planet :   

MORE WAS PROMISED FROM THESE CANADIAN SCHOLARS … that was in January 1960 - I HEARD NO MORE - LIFE BECAME VIOLENT AGAIN at us the RANSOM families, and to ANDRE MALRAUX legal GUARDIAN his sons ages 21 & 18 killed in the usual type of car accidents that JIM & LINDSAY-Lindsey have been organising since early 1920s = TO THREATEN AND LAY HANDS ON MONIES :    

1960 the GENOCIDE continued on ALL LINES connected to us who knew of the GROTE HOMES FOR CHILDREN … the massacre of such savagery those who saw the hacked children could not speak upon it … they showed photos … wrote eye witness accounts = my father & helpers restoring the ESTATE from 1945 advised them SAY NOT A WORD or YOU & your FAMILIES WILL BE PERSECUTED, HUNTED & SLAIN TOO when these IMPERIAL MONSTERS have learned ALL THAT YOU KNOW & WHO ELSE HAS THIS KNOWLEDGE  :

IMPERIAL GLITZ had ARISTOCRAT BLITZ to sail the British Ship of State under the JOLLY ROGER FLAG - SKULL & CROSSBONES :   MEANWHILE they tripped to WAR MEMORIALS & spoke upon GOD … (  forgetting other good GODS who did not go in for GENOCIDE … there was a world outside the BRITISH EMPIRE COMMONWEALTH …)   

OUR BANKS around the globe were emptied under the authority of the BRITISH CROWN     … Oh a woman with a crown said she had been given all these GROTE HOMES when she was 10 years old - OF COURSE SHE HAD ORDERED THEM EMPTIED OF APES AND ESKIMOS - the LANDS SOLD & the MONEYS GIVEN TO SHE… her in-laws & family of her husband a Duke HAD GREAT DEBTS … (records are about the globe)  :   

But the Aristocratic SCUM of SCOTLAND NORWAY DENMARK etc had decided these children educating to 18-22 years and on in the SCIENCES, HUMANISM,  were in the way of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & EMPIRE COMMONWEALTH … And Oh Oh my !  OH … they were, or must be,  diseased :   

Nota bene :    ANGELA caught syphilis & it was recognised by doctors early 1930s - or she might have produced a SON :   there was no cure for syphilis until the 2nd World War - It bounced about the Upper Classes & they would perhaps show signs of coming & going MADNESS :   It was a terrible disease - the history of it is very interesting :
It is not evident in bones unearthed POMPEII 79 AD Earthquake - it appears Northumberland Medieval times :
No doubt 2013 more has been added to this Historical Research :    But we must continue with accurate records of the DEMOLITION of good families & their GROTE RANSOM worldwide ESTATE :    So that Imperial GLITZ could be jazzy-trendy life style & go shopping about the globe & more and more accumulating by MOONLIGHT awesome VIOLENT KUDOS to prop up their vast ignorance :     FIGURES FROM A MORGUE multiplied & their RAMPARTS dependant upon them rose higher :    READERS will find similarities in our RANSOM HISTORIES to TOLKIEN  Works as he climbs in understanding with his years =  He is writing of GOOD and EVIL especially in his little book  ` THE LORD of the RING`  :    

 ( … c 1960 later a word “ GENOCIDE ”   is invented to try explain OUTBREAKS OF SAVAGERY :    especially those with the BIG BOOTS presence of SCOTS-BRITISH ARISTOCRATS doped with their illegal crop of PURPLE PLUM … They are braying WESTMINSTER of their problem of a TOTTERING BRITISH EMPIRE  :   It is only propped up by `3 Broads & a Greek` & their ramparts :   /this quote is from their half CHINESE-SCOTS PIMP killer who works by MOONLIGHT for them :   He JIMMIE JONG then Sir James then LORD of the GARTERS JIMMIE JAMES the ex-VICE PORN STEWARD of WHITES GENTS CLUB St James 1953-=1959 January = HANDS OVER CLUB FINANCES May `1970 :   (RECORDS from several sources :   including a victim BOYD ALEXANDER … others on death lists if they could spake )  

circa 1917 JIMMIE JONG James ejected from CHINA by a good Family of non-criminals is born 1898 Port Arthur to a CHINESE HEIRESS EDUCATED Switzerland-France & a lower BRITISH NAVY rank person - took a minor Diplomatic Post CHINA Port Arthur etc  :    

…  Eldest son JIMMIE meets ANGELA 1912 & by 1920s is a cunning MAD gnome-pixie tormenting my GORDON families from 1919 :     He is Mr Pong Jong the  PIMP around me from the Christmas 1932 before my birth  :    with ANGELA now a Duchess  ( issue 2 girls Elizabeth & Princess Meg)  he & she are urging old Private Races Jockey  (she won for them )   TERESA GORDON ( married F.J. Ransom 1932)   to ABORT ME first child because they tell her she is going to give BIRTH TO AN APE  (  close ancestry of HIGH INCA & many other ancient blood lines including WEDDELL FROBISHER RANSOM seafaring families of good background & law abiding )  :    JIM from 1923 plays role to IMPERIAL BRITISH FIGURES of `Puck-Page-Fawn & British Empire messenger & SPY on lands outside it especially the rich SOUTH AMERICAN continent & PARTS of ASIA not trampled upon by BRITISH ARISTOCRATS BIG BOOKS & IMPERIAL INLAWS over in SCANDINAVIA … even some skulking in leaky SCHLOSS in Greater GERMANIA :   `

INTRODUCTION TO JIMMIE JONG  is in `scaffolding`  `1937 SUMMER etc  down the decades of 20th century =  CRIMINALLY INSANE & DANGEROUS he intends to be KUBLA KHAN & REGAIN CHINA or at least NANKIN family lands :  These he sold off in his teens although the last of these lands belonged to a Chinese Aunt  :   he lost the family NANJING lands gambling in SHANGHAI late 19teens - early 1920s BACK PACKING with his chum ANGELA A DUCHESS - they can swing hammocks in any BRITISH DIPLOMATIC `SCREW`  THE NEWSPAPERS MORE AND MORE ARE TELLING THE WORLD OF THE DIVINITY OF EUROPEAN FIGURES WITH CROWNS :   LEOPOLD of the CONGO    et al :

  NB:  `THERE IS NO LOYALTY AMONGST THIEVES` … this lot should be nailed to big doors and poked with STICKS until they confess … THEY CAN THEN HEDGE & ditch about the poorest nations of the globe - on CHAINS :    I BY CHANCE LIVE :   to write for THE UNIVERSE TRUE HISTORY … DEUS VULT !    )