Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

sanctus spiritus


READERS will have grasped  since January 2011 AD  what the IMPORTANT MATTER IS     the DESTRUCTION of RECORDS especially historical records,  using the power of the realm & its rampart in the House of Lords Westminster & their penniless sons & families & heirs :   




   BY MOONLIGHT at WESTMINSTER, Whitehall and the PARLIAMENT & Palaces & Marble Halls all short of DOUGH in the 20th century :    SCOTS EARLS &  savaging donkeys & blowsy women & their heirs with a hoof on the ladder to the top of the Realm have maintained themselves by their criminal insanity & carried on a GENOCIDE   


  to get `dough` for `the big time` they knew that GODS had been banished by THE FUTURISTS & the new psychology etc of `JUNK-FRAUD-BALLS & BUNKUM =  they getting some hearsay of lucrative medical developments & practices   :


The `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts  1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux Josette clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND  became very long - nearly 3,000 pages plus photos etc.   READERS have appreciated that assembling the vast RECORDS was not easy :   I had to bring this HISTORY of GOOD PEOPLE with EVIL snake-bike creatures  able to be LAWLESS so long as their were WEALTH OF NATIONS coming to them by IMPERIAL WESTMINSTER SCOTS MOONLIGHTERS down the 20th century by decades : 


  YET SO TERRIBLE IS THE 20th century DESTRUCTION OF THIS PURE ESTATE AROUND THE GLOBE it became necessary to include our family qualities recorded in other CENTURIES THUS THE READER IS SHOWN THOSE OF GOOD HEART with a care of the HEIMAT/HOMESTEAD


and the 20th century MANIAC HATRED of us by they who HATH NO CARE of the green and blue world   because they have become removed by GLITZ THE GLOBE LOST A living model and  DISPLAY OF PEACE  by the illegal & vindictive demolition of our `delicate flower garden` with included the GROTE HOMES and the slaying of the children and the on going killings to lay hands on seashores, transport investments, and rob our vast amounts of moneys put into medical progress

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    :  


1966/1967 = The evil role of the WHITEHEAD TWINS invited to join in the illegal sadistic SMASH and GRAB of our, my, Estate November 1967 came less than a month after PJPW he the twin working in FISHES the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM South Kensington gave me a wedding ring  :   They are part of the rise of HEROIN and other DOPES  ruling  British upper crust life heavily by the 1960s And scavengers with TITLES were now well into dirty deals of world Finance :     DAVE LINDSAY and his aristocrat gang, Cur James the PIMP via CHINA & Glamis Castle


  and that obscene paedophile G.P.-with reluctance Hong Kong, Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON now and then seen with Royal figures of Scandinavia and Britain on tropical jaunts and visits :  He was known as `PEER IN WAITING` :     MENGELE is not yet disqualified and exposed by the nervous BMA =  BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION   That is not until 1981 :    And even after that date he continued to wreak more horrendous sadistic crimes against the innocent - he is KICKED into HELL in 1992 :     


READERS exhausted by `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts = `1937 SUMMER` can now turn to the 2012 AD short pieces on JIMDO    ( I begin to understand the cunning weaving in and out of EVIL CREATURES to lay hands on MONEY and KUDOS )   :


On main site short pieces are featuring on the colour-code site too and some Files are begun on main site and then continue on JIMDO with photographs & iconography :    MAIN SITE is 


NB:   in the middle of the piece on `De GAULLE, MALRAUX & BLACKMAIL` you will find a King talking at his last Christmas 1935/January 1936 & speaking about hearing from my grandpa Frederick Charles Ransom when grown up the awful tale of horror of receiving the dead body of his mother Millie Frobisher into his arms when he was 14 years of age :  


  Discerning Readers have taken another look at THAT ABDICATION 1936 December  :    NNB:    Here is a Realm of Aristocrats and they cannot have a bad word said about them - they have become DIVINE in the newspapers & BBC  yet this so clean aristocratic Realm goes `bananas` over their heir to the Crown he a man entered into humanism and his companion is an American woman divorced    (in about 30 odd years ahead the present Reader can take a look at their divorces)    The American woman 1936 is said to be the MATTER in the way of  DIVINE IMPERIAL BRITISH ARISTOCRATS  


 The 20th century may have produced at the top of its COIN-LESS IMPERIAL PYRAMID & coin-less rampart some of the most coarse uncouth insane dope-soaks in GROSS BRITAIN

Internet webs :  and related pieces & more photographs & iconography & the back up site

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The just begun `stills` photos are with the intention of making a documentary/movie we have more to do :    

I must attire myself again as that FUNERARY ANGEL so named by ANDRE MALRAUX bereaved of his 2 sons of JOSETTE CLOTIS    Georges-Andre came to our renaissance party March 18/19th 1972 The Pillar House HARWELL VILLAGE an exploration of the music & foods, and clothes  and atmosphere of the 15th-16th centuries young friends helped as it began to develop as a delightful project : 


 (((   I will put on web the files of this evening and the PHOTOS to be taken will be me in same attire in front of the same furniture and the oversize drawings of renaissance figures done by husband of 1967 Peter J.P. Whitehead of British Museum NATURAL HISTORY February 1972 his contribution to the growing excitement of creating a piece of history with little cost but just our resourcefulness


  So much Early centuries MUSIC was now on LONG PLAYING RECORDS so we had 5 speakers wired in to the decorated rooms - and a reconstructed Taverna in the little kitchen/pantry manned by young men dressed as 15th century figures from paintings - their velvet caps they found in Carnaby Street WINES were of the renaissance and the food I was inspired by a Banquet Leonardo da VINCI did for the SZORZA family Milan in shades of SILVER GOLD and BLUES by candlelight we decided to not risk flaming torches    :    


1972 March - MALRAUX had just returned from USA talking with President NIXON about CHINA He said, amazed,    this is the best party I have ever been to in a home, a home I DID NOT THINK THIS COULD BE DONE in a home  


1972 :   MALRAUX  knew the RANSOM ancestry 15th-16th centuries by the 1960s & NIXON had heard some from his young years :  He says `after the killing of President Kennedy so much had to be kept under wraps, laid away, while the USA Nation was got on even keel again `  :    So that MALRAUX at the Pillar House Harwell `renaissance evening` March 1972 knows the important HISTORIES of the RANSOM descending families through the centuries


The permission to fly the personal flag of the Moslem navigator XHENG HE` Admiral of the China Seas :   on my web sites



INCA-PORTUGAL :   The descending straight Jesuit humanist-science educated line of WEDDELL RANSOM families via Catholic philosopher-historian-Ice Ships south and Acting Governor for SPAIN my grandpa 3 times back is Yahmha Josef SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel of PERU & Tierra del Fuego - we descend in a few  generations from a 5 years old son of the brother of the last 16th century Emperor of Peru : 


  ( this male line mainly Jesuit educated married after 40 years of age except for one marrying in his 20s - some daughters Portugal have early 20th century branches )


This 5 years old son of HUALASCA brother of ATAHUALPA is saved by Priests and the next generations descending raised by Jesuits mainly in Portugal before visiting PERU  :    Thus in 1936 I Greta Ransom took the INCA holy post of care of WELFARE of the FAMILIES for the INCA Photos of me, 3 years old, taking the 3 part Ceremony were well known to some newspapers - the ceremony begins with my wearing a robe of Gold the last change of clothes is to the Hessian robe with the skull over my face : 


 I AM NOW the INCA DAUGHTER OF THE MOON and SISTER OF THE SUN my role is 5,000 years old it may be older :


From birth I HAD RECEIVED EARLY LEARNING FROM MY FATHER  `young Fred, my pedagogue :   My mother was quite insane on dopes with her Noble chums they only wanted to tear at the ESTATE as usual and keep the BRITISH EMPIRE going because that gave them the opportunities to steal with violence and fraud and also for a nasty queer FUN : 


1936 PERU :   I did not let the families and our peoples down :   I showed my kindness and intelligence and understanding of THE HOMES and our Ransom lands and investments and my coming ROLE to take care of the INCA families This was first at a big meeting in a University with an assembly of men in morning suits I had two cushions brought me to the great chair in the middle of the long table and answered questions put to me My uncle has in his diary :


my niece was asked a question she began  `If you will look at the matter in this way, Gentlemen `   They almost lost their dignity but kept calm faces We had taught her well she received an Hon Degree in the name of Aunt Mag & they look forward to supervising her future education as well `    LIR et al

I can since 1936 be called  ` niece of Atahualpa  =   daughter of the MOON and sister of the SUN   :  


1938/1939 -  I will return to South America for the GROTE humanism curriculum schooling and languages when I am 5/6 years old   and the plan from the children of the South American THOMAS GROTE HOMES is that I come first to the MAYA children, then to the INCA then to the MONTEVIDEO children - I have met them all & they know my family and welcome Lennie my young Uncle back with them :


HORROR :   June 1936 I was illegally kidnapped back to Britain to more bodily violence and abductions by MOONLIGHT ORDERS WESTMINSTER aristocrat titled sluts and runts my passport and my international passport taken - my father too  :   This is the Continent of Europe & I cannot find or recall which nation - Switzerland ?  Spain ?  Italy ?   The Ambassador of the `BRITISH SCREW`/Embassy personally took my little case with frocks bought me by Mrs Edgar VARESE wife of the composer,  & our shopping to get me real girls clothes with other American ladies in New York This Diplomatic crook had 2 girls my age !   I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL  : 


AUTUMN 1936  :   My young father insists on going to LAW in Britain :   We are entitled to have our passports back - they were illegally confiscated and I KIDNAPPED BACK BY THE BRITISH DIPLOMATIC SCREW of which ever free nation it was on the Continent of Europe :    We win the Passports back twice but are told twice `papers have not arrived at the Passport office - no trace ..`   THIS IS CORRUPTION FROM THE GOVERNMENT LORDS and CROWN of GROSS BRITAIN who wish to secretly take hold of the worldwide Estate to continue with their very seedy sleazy coarse uncouth LIVES    It has to be understood that  The Sailor King George 5 died in January 1936 after sitting down to his dinner   and immediately the MOONLIGHTING debauched SCOTTISH bog trotters of theft by violence have kicked out the coming King  :     It should be noted by READERS that he `Ned 8`  and his father FAVOURED the GROTE HOMES and our worldwide RANSOM ESTATE 90 per cent of it outside the BRITISH EMPIRE  and all funding the `Delicate Flower Garden` of highly intelligent Trade and PHILANTHROPY  :   


1936 PERU and the INCA :   I am now in training, a role given me by my Grandmother Jean Weddell Ransom ballerina `the Firebird` she the granddaughter of the Roman Catholic daughter of SAN JULIAN `Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian` who became Mrs James Weddell 1824 James Weddell is a friend of her father and she did not especially notice he was older because she had grown up with him   She knew that her marriage would have her be safe from fortune hunters & BRITISH and SCANDINAVIAN and European RACISTS She had a superior education and had visited ROME :    HOWEVER the British Admiralty who from the 18th century had sailed into DIRTY TRADE South America and did not want the QUAKER JAMES WEDDELL Navigator returning 1829 to his wife and sons because he is offered the post by Spain of FULL GOVERNOR he was a prisoner at Deptford :


After his navigation of the Sub-arctic sea that he named after the King George III he was not allowed to return his wife aged 21 was killed they had 2 sons James and John Weddell - we descend from James - and John had 13 children from 2 marriages - Cousin Actor Clarke Gable being one of the grandchildren of AELOVEDAH & JAMES WEDDELL The SEA is named WEDDELL SEA after pressure from eminent QUAKER FAMILIES but great-great grandpa James had died by then :   I knew his pretty young wife my great-great grandma from drawings and writings and a braid of her hair as I grew up in the 1930s-early 1940s I have described her trousseau she is known as THE ICE WHITE BRIDE   :  


The AELOVEDAH-Maria is an INCA role dating to perhaps 5,000 years back or more :   CARE OF THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN and the HOMES :   A similar but less developed WELFARE role comes to me from the Tierra del Fuego via the mother of 3 times back grandpa Yah Josef SAN JULIAN -  Our line is from his only child the INCA Miss San Julian Roman Catholic line  :    They are the grandparents of my grandmother JEAN WEDDELL ballerina Mrs Frederick Charles RANSOM 1909 :   I knew them all well from photos, drawings, their biographies and I had until 1945 a braid of hair of my great-great grandmother THE AELOVEDAY-Maria of THE INCA



PERU :   Descendants of the brother of ATAHUALPA A male child of a very few months old survived - also born to the wife of Huaasca brother of Atahualpa is saved from the 16th century  SPANISH slaughter of the INCA    but this line does not get the superior protection of the 5 years old & his descendants -  But it was kept safe in Peru :    this line of the younger child had a male descendant in the 1940s/1950s/1960s      We hear 1972 of him    ` a little boisterous & without our distinguished learning I am not certain he has survived I was told of his existence as fact by most reliable circles but they too feared for his safety `  This has all been done by your Nation by the criminally insane scared of being found out in the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN they have employed mainly the British State to remove all evidence`   


   ` We could do little after Kennedy died 1963 and Andre bereaved of his two sons 1961 if my brother John helped I do not know he and your father are killed in 1969

( Frederick John Ransom & Dr J. RAY Ransom )    LIR et al circa 1972   



after the death of President Kennedy the RANSOM families lacked a good humanist supporter for the Estate which, of course, had to be kept low level to avoid blood baths happening around the earth after this ARISTOCRATS British Genocide of all the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN during 2nd World War :           






REMINDERS - for kind READERS  :     THE ESTATE in 3 PARTS :   THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide educating to 18/22 years of age  ( outside the BRITISH EMPIRE ) 

 and RANSOM families `JOYOUS VENTURE` Estate 1,000 years plus worldwide  :   RANSOM families being of 14 Races & 27 Nations as they SAIL DOWN THE CENTURIES : 


(   photos of me, Greta Ransom, taken autumn 2012, wearing my same clothes from dates of some of this history text show I am not that `APE Eskimo` jeered at by Angela & daughter Lizzy Windsor & the LINDSAYBUGGARHS & their sub-sub-sub dope soaks    


  The LEGAL WILL of Margaret nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote USA citizen finalized from 1933 March WILL naming Greta Ransom born 11 March 1933 :   Ransom Families & Grote BROKERS Wall Street New York are in charge of the Estate come by killings of her male RANSOM heirs to my Aunt Margareth nee Ransom widow Thomas Immanuel Grote born a USA citizen (descendant of philosopher F. I. KANT families)    `OUR GIRL OF THE GREENLAND SNOWS ` the Buenos Aries Solicitors of her father found 1830 are the continuing good administrators of the `DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN AROUND THE GLOBE` named `JOYOUS VENTURE` :  the whole ESTATE is Philanthropy & funded from 18th-19th century investments into TRANSPORT/TECHNOLOGY/some mining/care of the SEA SHORES OF THE GLOBE and its FORESTS and green lands reaching to the SEAS EDGES of the whole world OUTSIDE the BRITISH EMPIRE  (the Quakers, Nonconformists are crushed by the blitz of glitz from the top of an Imperial Pyramid from 1937 MAY a Family of imperials, nearly all related, had a gathering in an old London Abbey of Church of England faith :






   the Whitehead twins have been using in London a Banking CROOK : 



( !   The Reader should beware of my spelling of the above name it might be `Christophson ? Or Christophsen ?  )  


Peter (PJPW)   of the Natural History Museum has been reported calling himself a MILLIONAIRE abroad :    this is the ESTATE of RANSOM moneys & he and his brother with the title (RJRW)  have deceived you and your families & ANDRE MALRAUX Guardian to his early death  : 


they are scavengers and Reports on them from 9-10 years of age have people speaking of their deceit and lies :    When you made a Match with the younger in October 1967 immediately they were given permission to take over your Estate November 1967 & they agreed with the titled crooks to take ALL postal communications to you and keep away Visitors from abroad enquiring about the DESTRUCTION & DEMOLITION of this Philanthropy Estate in their small nations - and to insult your families and your father


at the beginning  (1967/68)  they have been told in full the commencement of this FRAUD, the horrible killing of the children and the persecution of many Acting legally for this Estate :   Great Britain & its Crowns never had ANY claim to this Estate worldwide :  if they had they would have blazed this fact all over the globe to hang on to their KUDOS their Empire was fading     : 


SINCE THE DEATH OF ANDRE MALRAUX it is discovered the twins have been advertising YOUR inheritance on the computer - asking for any offers for your properties :   This is illegal - they are backed by the EARL of LINDSEY and his gang & various silent voices :   Your father and your Uncles were legally in control of your Inheritance after the UNNATURAL deaths of your father and his brother   ( a USA citizen Dr John RAY Ransom )  :

These are deformed men   they have committed criminal Acts since their youth - one nasty crime in 1946 was discovered in Paris & Records examined carefully - it was decided to give them a chance because of the unusual connections to KENYA  :


JOSEPH CHRISTOPH is a BANKING CROOK sometime in London :    they are selling off as quickly as possible the ESTATE to which they have NO LAWFUL CLAIM & they do know it


  the elder twin has known of the Estate since he went into the City of London in the 1960s :      NOW that ANDRE MALRAUX is dead  (November 1976)   they are hurriedly selling for `offers` all buildings, houses, everything abroad that is sited near the former HOMES of the children :


They are cunning greedy men they never had such moneys before :  they keep money from their robberies of the Estate in other nations UNDER THEIR NAMES - as the Earls of LINDSAY and others have managed to do since the GENOCIDE of the children during the War :   they rely on public school arrogance & connections and drawling speech and titles to continue with this bloody crime their crimes against your families since 1969 are very ugly they have been trampling on your name abroad   


They are heard quipping in Clubs that you should not have been born  


(  WHITEHEAD TWINS  :  They are a disgrace to their immediate forebears those great QUAKER & Nonconformist families that gave them life for 200 years ( observations :  GFWMCae.Ransom/W :   RATHBONE/GREG/REYNOLDS/DARBY et al  )




 ADD :    PHOTOGRAPHS of interest : 


                                         F I N




  S O S                          


H H     S O S    H E L P !!!




(Tues. Laurent just got `flu` -

Is it ASIAN ? Or SAHARA ? 



 is a headline and I have lost it twice : 




PUT IN THE INCA ROLE  above this :

JIMMIE JONG Mr PONG the future SIR/cur JAMES the Steward-bar rat of WHITES CLUB 1953 onwards followed us and after we had left he used the AUTHORITY of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & its CROWNS and its local BRITISH DIPLOMATS to get hold of all this SAN JULIAN library and HE PERSONALLY BURNED IT :   This little half British Scots Chinese BAR RAT is boasting of this in the 1950s in WHITES which he has turned into a VICE BAR - 2 brothels round the corner and young members told to use them TO KEEP UP CLUB FUNDS :    GROSS BRITAIN IS SICK AT THE TOP OF ITS PYRAMID :


I saw the library in 1936 :   My grandmother ballerina Jean Weddell Mrs Frederick Charles Ransom had with her sister Aunt Baxter read in it when they were big school girls


Greta Ransom who had it updated January-February NIGHTWATCH DAWNWATCH Dr John RAY Ransom USA Washington Department of State and  NASA - He has 3 good degrees Astrophysics/Animal Management/and LAW     : 




1969 - The WHITEHEAD TWINS were shrieking in supercilious anger about A PERUVIAN NOBLEMAN … that he was from a BLACK MAN of TIERRA DEL FUEGO … It was hysterical RACISM by them … they born in KENYA …  :


???   HOW COME THESE TWO COULD JEER BEHIND THEIR HANDS that the new young wife was descended from a negro of Tierra del Fuego who got some old Order of nobility from PERU :   And the new child threatened by their fellow dope-soak the paedophile Doc Mengele` HARRINGTON a chum of playboy Louis Mountbatten and his nephew known as `Duck` or

Phil the Greek up the Creek   ??? …


1967 November onwards :     GROSS BRITAIN ARISTOCRATS WERE NOW TO TEAR AT BITS OF THE WORLD ENCIRCLING ESTATE & INSULT the tenants, some are half owners, some full owners … good people making a living and so glad to have the protection of our DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN AROUND THE EARTH : 


OF COURSE - many of these good people know of the 1940s-1950s GENOCIDE OF THE LOCAL GROTE HOMES !!!    1967 GROSS BRITAIN IS STILL ALLOWED WITH ITS TRADE BLACKMAIL TO  HIDE ITS HIDEOUS CRIMES over this respected ESTATE and others  :    IT HAS GONE FOR GLITZ & BLITZ :   



MOTHER BRITAIN & her ARISTOCRAT THUGS need sentencing to some ploughing - Iron Age or that of Roman Britain :   THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE AGAIN FOR THIS MONEY :    they are responsible for the murders of my father FJR, his brother USA citizen JRR … and 1981/82 Dr Len Immanuel Ransom my heir :   


READERS can go to Document in 3 Parts -scaffolding for work to come :   This I published first  January 2011 CENTENARY of the birth of my young father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM November 1911 AD - killed by them all March 1969 then they all grabbed at more blood and gore moneys :

… & other web sites :  photographs iconography gradually being added to all the work :


Above NOT OUT - but not sure about the beginning :  May have to check on JIMDO = THIS IS WHERE COMPUTER BEGAN JUMPING I THINK … ME WORKING TOO LATE AT NIGHT







H. H. = OK FOR OUT below - 7 Feb    85 to 115 - may grow/

\   J I M D O … end Jan early Feb work `13


Begin photo below 3 or 4 FRONT PAGEs :


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PHONE … beginning of




FJR from GR


4 march



`Sanctus spiritus`





A HAPPY USEFUL CONVENT - she may be called Sister `Seraphina` …


1968 onwards destruction of the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE :



1969 MURDER of three RANSOM brothers

1. Army Captain FJR …


2.  Dr JRR USA citizen

killed 1969 :


3. 1981 young brother




… perhaps in the style of my father FJR b 1911 - slain 1969 



1975 - AN OXFORD DOCTOR - his dedication to genecology since 1953 - MARTYR  


1981/82 murder of  youngest brother LIR FLYER athlete-well known musician worldwide-artist …









GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate give  assistance


1936  - here it is PEACEFUL for us the RANSOM WEDDELL families :

 …  My first visit Tierra del Fuego - it became so dear to my heart - another HEIMAT :

We have cousins to call upon - they are blood line of the mother of JEAN`s great-Grandpa SAN JULIAN INCA …



YAH. JOSEF SAN JULIAN f. san Miguel : 

… he is Acting Governor for SPAIN into 1840s  :


… this is the land of his mother … he would come and visit and collect up all the history of her family - the old people had everything collected - the SPANISH when they came in the 16th century had made neat written records of it & listed all their lands and privileges and customs :   Their early name before the SPANISH came is something like  `PAN - Ow - ow - Chai `   :   They were so glad to have a grandson in the early 19th century and to find him such an intelligent boy … 

They learn he is a young family member interested in family HISTORIES :


1936 we find happy & needful things to do :

We add to our great delicate flower garden around the world :

The READER will feel they would like to join in these happy things :


My young father and I have been physically attacked by the aristocrat Scotland thugs LINDSAY-Lindsey … they are related 1830 … I have a grandmother 3 times back :    THEY CLAIM EVERY HAIRPIN I HAVE :


Important :   the Diaries 1935 below record bestial cruelty and cunning :    ` HE FOUND HER, his wife Teresa Gordon,  DELIBERATELY DESTROYING THE UNDERSTANDING THE INTELLECT of his parents, himself … his relatives … AND HIS TINY DAUGHTER she had been attacked since she tried to walk … they all called her APE & ESKIMO


… he had feared in her first year, his daughter GREETAH  (= child of Margarethea`)   and a half they had damaged her brain with their blows and their drugs :    This was known to happen in SCOTLAND in the previous century :  


 ( NB:  Greta Ransom = I was to be called ETHELDREADA … but the LINDSAYBUGGARHS & the EVIL FAIRY at ONE of my CHRISTENINGS 1933  - a DAVID LINDSAY Lord Crawford objected … You can view his evil Fairy face from a photo taken 1933 … he and other CHIMPS are fiddling about a PAINTING by TIEPOLO … out of HERMITAGE … See NACF Art Magazine Quarterly 2005 AD autumn I think … they WEB :   )



I have ONE great-great-great-GRANDMA out of the LINDSAY CRAWFORD GANG - bog trotters out of SCOTLAND : 


 BRITISH ARMY - BERLIN :   A 29 years old relative also called GRETA (pushed off a bus/tram BERLIN 1929 is also commemorated in my NAMING - she a MARTYR 1929 :   my father, her cousin FJR, had in memory of her a tri-angular tattoo on his arm with her name in the centre …  This girl of about 28 years, distant cousin,  is a child of line of POUL GRONLANDER his grandson Count POULSEN & one of the 6 ROMANI boys saved from hanging by GROSS BRITAIN - educated Jacopsholmen West GREENLAND … produced Man of Letters Norway = Man of GRAPES Spain = an American Senator or two = and two who did OK … … …   IT WAS MURDER by ACCIDENT :   Mr JIM JONG &  G.B. EARL LINDSAY-LINDSEY mob & SCUM WERE INVESTIGATING:   they & ANGELA help themselves around the world to our little Banks :   THEY WISH TO REMOVE WORLDWIDE GROTE HOMES :  … sell off lands & properties RANSOM … BE RICH : ) 


1932 CHRISTMAS to  MARCH 1933 COLCHESTER  :   THE TERRIBLE PERSECUTION of the father of the heir-in-training born March 1933 = my young Father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM born 1911 November :  


Teresa Elizabeth GORDON born 1906 November :   His wife from 1915/1916 had a friend ANGELA Bowes Lyon & her travelling companion the half Chinese-British JIM JONG Carew-or James-or O`Carroll & other names this PIMP used : 


… BUT a marriage made 1932 TERESA GORDON & Fred. J. RANSOM, heir GR born, a dangerous with KUDOS GANG out of SCOTLAND & NORWAY & DENMARK including these far too distant cousins LINDSAY-Lindsey upped their theft, abuse,  & in 1937 ROYAL POWER… Ange kicked out her brother-in-law ( = a sensitive man - who had no intention of committing GENOCIDE on GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `Joyous Venture wound twice round the world with its PHILANTHROPY )   From CHRISTMAS 1932 these above GANGS were out to kill his parents and his

daughter, lawful marriage child :


 H H …phone - NEXT PAGE …





But this is a FLOW of HISTORY 1932 to 1976 - and gathers up the criminal insanity of tumbling EMPIRE GREED












THUS :    WE LEFT FOR GREENLAND in our planes :   a Tour of the GROTE HOMES for Aunt Mag - October 1935 :


… 1935 November -  I had early supper PARIS November 1935 with my RANSOM family & friend WALTER BENJAMIN and Sadie an Ethnologist =  that raining evening, they, & ME, saw a sloping tall grey sketch of a young man with dark hair going past the little Central PARIS restaurant bowing into the rain … the electric lights are all golden everywhere - like a painting by ATKINSON GRIMSHAW … I heard  `that he, young ANDRE MALRAUX, lives in a MUSEUM … Paris friends do hope he pulls out of this unsuitable marriage to an older woman …`  I THOUGHT, waking from 20 minutes snooze, I WOULD LIKE TO LIVE IN A MUSEUM YES :  he has nice silhouette - so  could I sometimes live in his MUSEUM … … … 









1937 SUMMER with he and Josette a young lady I will share 6 weeks at Clacton-on-sea … and then that FOOTSTEPS into OUR PAST CENTURIES as we three go to LINCOLN and begin his PILGRIMAGE from 9th century HISTON family … Castle Rising … arriving at SAXMUNDHAM HALL mid 19th century : 


   And a VISIT 1945 with he MY GUARDIAN and my Uncle Harry Gordon & civilized trustworthy cultured friends = to see the little dowry house of Bertha his mother given her when she was a child :




1937 SUMMER - ANDRE MALRAUX in 1970 January is trying to have Peter J.P. Whitehead, BMNH - Natural History Museum LONDON, understand that the visit to Clacton town had him form an understanding of what he should do with his life :

 - that SUMMER 1937 he and Josette found in CLACTON-on-SEA and the surrounding ancient lands  ` THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT ` …


Both MALRAUX & the WHITEHEAD twins born Kenya 1930 DO KNOW WELL … that my father my LEGAL ADMINISTRATOR of this ESTATE & delicate flower garden around the earth … and his brother Dr John RAY Ransom USA citizen invited to do SENATE WORK are murdered March and early SUMMER 1969 :


1970 JANUARY - The Pillar House HARWELL :   the visits by ANDRE MALRAUX to inform PJPW of TIME when he did not know any of us :    Andre had to raise his voice & bang his hand on the dining room table … Peter JPW has been listening to FILTHY GOSSIP at Blewbury Village where the paedophile sadist Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON & his VAMPIRE runts and sluts of the Noble class may lose their blood & gore INCOMES from the hideous slaying 1938-1954 of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES CHILDREN by British aristocrats & in-laws :


TREACHERY :    These evening meetings have P.J.P.  Whitehead of BM NATURAL HISTORY - FISHES - professing MARXISM  :    some swank about how he does not agree with orphan children educating to 18 and 22 years and beyond  `UNLESS ALL CHILDREN IN EVERY NATION ARE GIVEN THESE ADVANTAGES


`  … PJPW - he is unrealistic -  and is not at all telling ANDRE MALRAUX the truth about what he and his twin Sir Rowland J.R. WHITEHEAD have been up to with the LINDSAY-LINDSEY SCUM & the sadistic PIMP Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON  (sometimes calls itself ESTERHAZY & TRICKS young PENTHOUSE persons London)  Sir Rowland plays FOOTSIE with dirty JIMMIE JONG now Sir JAMES/Lord James 1971   :    PJPW & another relative have arrogantly called the GROTE CHILDREN `pampered brats` & similar coarse phrases - my Ransom roots are jeered at as NOT CULTURED …  


… The Whitehead twins et al have joined the Aristocrats of CRIMINALLY INSANE & are from November 1967 stressing heavily that THEY too are ARISTOCRATS  (= HAVING a baronetcy of 1888 only ) … AND SIR ROWLAND HAS DEBTS of the late 1950s through the 1960s amounting to 45 thousand pounds by 1970 January :   He expected to pay his debts from the Baronetcy Funds when his 2 Uncles the TRUSTEES were dead :


… MALRAUX and RANSOM have been caught again by more and more stupid stunted sub-apes … twisted PIMPS are making faces about full Socialism and Empires and Aristocrats … all fuel themselves on heroin plus daily : 


GREED & PIMPS with TITLES :   … Yet they too, W. twins,  are helping themselves to our BANKS overseas & keeping their big stolen moneys grabs OFFSHORE … : DAVE LINDSEY & GANG 1960s - 1970s are dangerously insane on DOPE including pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts - They have got these slick culturally poorly educated twins at their game of HUNTING BIG & LITTLE GAME …  :


…  In 1972 the year before she died their mother Teddy Palmer Whitehead Kerven  said of her children   “ … THEY IS ANIBUDDIES FOR A GIN & TONIC Deearh …  I should have dropped `em in a big pot of boiling water … like lobsters … they has been plotting my death too … ”


Her children  =  are robbing my family great ESTATE of thousands of pounds - & insulting my RANSOM families with the criminally insane … they now letting them in side doors of palatial places -   I am said to have `no sense of responsibility - no education hee haw hee haw ` 


… and have joined in scoffing at ANDRE MALRAUX who is still recognised as GUARDIAN - THEY ARE ENVIOUS of MALRAUX a REAL MAN :

I am now told I am `WORKING CLASS` … Probably it comforts their PIN PRICK MINDS to say that MALRAUX is `WORKING CLASS`  TOO   = 


 The children of Teddy nee Palmer /1st m Whitehead / 2nd Kerven /  have done nothing to improve her quality of living in the Harwell village - an old rented cottage with pitifully inadequate heating and bathroom facilities … they have NOT told her that they have AGREED TO HAVE ALL MY POSTAL COMMUNICATIONS GO TO THEM AND THE LINDSAY-LINDSEYBUGGARHS in the name of THE CROWN … CROWNS …








NOTA BENE :    From 1968 February 4th  =  at The Pillar House we lived on half of the wage of PJPW - scientific worker BMNH  :   Because I am resourceful this old comfortable worn house with beautiful garden became a world within the world … the friends of the children, and science world visitors from abroad,  said they found PEACE when they entered The Pillar House :  


1968 onwards PRESENTS and clothes are generously given by my family GORDON - BUTLER - POTTER at the CLACTON seaside :

RANSOM PRESENTS were not given to me from DECEMBER 1967 - these included urgent electrical goods for my new family that begins with two school age children of PJPW … then a baby :    THESE WERE STOLEN BY THEM or SOLD … 1969 March my father and early Summer his equally highly educated USA Brother Dr JOHN RAY Ransom were murdered … LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM youngest brother is now hunted by these disgusting DOPE SOAKS & PIMPS   ~  “ … THESE CRIMINAL ARISTOCRATS & THE WHITEHEAD TWINS have DIRTY LIVES … & some of their WOMEN TOO …”


1938 onwards :   L.I.R. is my HEIR, my co-& sub heir to this Estate !    THIS IS THE LAW :  


1969  Sir/Cur Rowland Whitehead and his trendy business world chums are selling OFF my, our, RANSOM 18th century HOUSE IN HALF MOON STREET … This as soon as MY FATHER and his USA brother have been MURDERED to  save the FACE of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & its CROWNS and some GHOULS with titles out of SCANDINAVIA  =  SO THEIR GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN can be further hidden :    1938-1954 The GROTE CHILDREN WERE SUNK AT SEA IN BIG NETS and BURNED IN PITS … around the GLOBE      …


MEMORANDUM :   `ACE ACE & ACE` … 1970s-1993 LIFE AT THE PILLAR HOUSE as created in spite of constant EVIL & GREED & DECEIT & DESTRUCTION & KILLINGS around us :   

I have on web  some of my  `Stories for PETE - ACE ACE & ACE … life at The Pillar House `the garden of the immortal stories for children by L. Leslie Brooke …  PETE PRW photographer-philosopher lived 1970-1998 - I blame ALL these sub-apes for his early death … an attempt was made to kill him 2 months before his birth … and spite & threats rose and fell from Doc `Mengele` HARRINGTON & his PUPPETS on STRINGS … ALL DOPE SOAKS :  


1970 January :   ANDRE MALRAUX does not know that the WHITEHEAD twins, urged by other scum, including DAVE LINDSEY & his GANG are picking holes in the RANSOM family ESTATE around the world :   so that t heir big Finance chums can then tumble the very big & profitable parts of our Estate :    I AM SHOWN NO DOCUMENTS - as usual - ANDRE MALRAUX does not know this … but he does know that his life is in danger because of the ARISTOCRATS COVER UP of the GROTE GENOCIDE of the CHILDREN …



General Charles de GAULLE March 1962 =







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1936 ROME :    HAPPINESS - I have met many nice people in many lands these last months - we had to leave GROSS BRITAIN October 1935 because of the VIOLENCE at me & at all of my families  :   And I will have lots to tell family friend `YOUNG PACELLI` in ROME 1936 :   All about our NORD - SUD TOUR of the TIGGY GROTE HOMES & what the Children tell me … and my visits with family to other parts of our PHILANTHROPY Estate … a gold circle twice around the globe - PACELLI knows our AUNT MARGARET GROTE … she calls on him …    


   Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM for my SEA FAMILIES - HUMANISTS & PHILANTHROPISTS 

= we only invest in projects of usefulness and when they accept our HIGH STANDARDS of SAFETY :    


G.B. EMPIRE ARISTOCRATS = moonlighting and KILLING vulnerable people of QUALITY in the mid-20th century … they keep it up to the ending of the 20th century …  THEY KILL FOR MONEY :















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1970s - ROBBERIES - OF NUNS & MONKS & others : 


1967 November = VIOLENCE VIOLENCE VIOLENCE kicks off  WHITEHEAD twins pass moneys to G.B. & Scandinavian CRIMINALLY INSANE of the GROTE CHILDREN GENOCIDE  :   



The WHITEHEAD twins & Dave Lindsay & gang & other criminally insane DOPE SOAKS   (ALL IN DEBRETT PEERAGE the scarlet book/BURKES PEERAGE et al) 

 come to insult belittle and ROB these little Convents and Monasteries :


1968 onwards :    With them sometimes is paedophile sadist `Mengele` HARRINGTON :   1950s - 1960s he would sometimes have a sign on fast blue car `Member of the Royal household` :   A chum of Scots nobles & Phil the Greek & family & in-laws :    He is a killer of babies children & people who know of GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate & anyone who knows of ANDRE MALRAUX as legal GUARDIAN to the RANSOM GROTE ESTATE :    Mr Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON is bragging he is ` PEER IN WAITING` for his work of destroying legal RECORDS & causing accidents, persecution, & poisonings :   






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SIR ROWLAND helps himself to 20,000 pounds in my name BRAZIL c 1972/4 …


RECORDS :   “  1974 -


IS NEARING HIS too early DEATH  …” 


“ … we dared not tell him what we were coming upon -

He would have come with a gun & shot both of them & their cronies = they were getting MAFIA help in New York in 1968 ” - you had only just got a wedding ring October 1967 - Whitehead Twins by MOONLIGHT saying they owned our ESTATE … They sunk so low they are mocking ANDRE …


“ … BUT 1968 on dirty tricks done to OUR ESTATE - our greaat SWATHES of protected LANDS  around the earth - taken swiftly by smart crooks all acknowledged by British Government & Crown - Scandinavian ghouls wanted their share :  … … …  ”






“ Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON/or ESTERHAZY a Royal friend of Britain, Scandinavia & some cringing on the Continent …  may have had this in mind we think - when he learned their history Kenya & Wallingford & onwards  :    Mengele & JIM & thugs had them observed  from November 1966 - 1967 It became so sleazy … both of them insulting Border Guards East Germany … under the protection of the British Crown :   then PJPW younger twin sometimes alone flaunts about the USA & South American world in bright cotton shirt & briefest of shorts = saying he is A MILLIONAIRE - he had two passports - one as an American = he may have conned a Sparkman relative here


1972  -  BRAZILIAN JESUIT LAWYER  & others came to see Sir Rowland WHITEHEAD in his splendid Chiswick Mansion :   RJRW had helped himself to 20 thousand pounds from a CHARITY of BRAZIL in your name Greta Ransom Whitehead :     It was owned by the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE :    WHY ?   He said suavely  `Oh a Batman of PHILIP MOUNTBATTEN asked him to get it & give it to him ..`  Sir Rowland had his Bank say he had this amount of money in :   & the JESUIT LAWYER and others were able to make him Re-PAY the 20 thousand pounds to the BRAZIL GOVERNMENT for replacement to our CHARITY :





1970s - Sir ROWLAND J.R. WHITHEAD WAS CAUGHT RED HANDED … He said he was told to ACT in YOUR NAME :   THE JESUIT LAWYER and others of quality of BRAZIL had this elder twin repay it from his Bank :  

See DEBRETT Peerage 1889 onwards to death of the twins 1992 & 2004 … :  


1970 - It was known that SIR ROWLAND had DEBTS of over 40 thousand pounds - without his Uncles the TRUSTEES knowing =  they were dead by March 1968 :


1972 spring - he twin PJPW let down the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE = He was caught TALKING with MAFIA - inviting them to buy CHEAP pieces of your ESTATE off him HE AN EMPLOYEE OF THE BRITISH NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM London :   people said … they are




PETER J.P. WHITEHEAD identical twin to Sir Rowland J.R. Whitehead :

…  “ But he allowed 6 weeks extra holiday from 1969 by the Natural History Museum to ADMINISTER THE ESTATE after the RANSOM BROTHERS dead & quietly declared missing :    That left only the youngest … they had difficulty finding him as musician-author-philanthropist … keeping a quiet presence with ANDRE when he asked for assistance to travel somewhere :    


“ … NEITHER of the Whitehead twins did any ADMINISTRATION - they behaved with spiteful violence against the vulnerable parts of the Estate … they have a record of this from their Kenya & Wallingford days :    They were only interested in getting Banked moneys & putting them in their own names - here they have received some assistance from British Diplomats = they have been heard muttering  `A MATTER OF THE HONOUR of BRITAIN` :    LIES upon Lies to the world of Natural History & Sciences went on :

Are they mad ?    Yes when they begin a course of this narcotic … DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND …   Scots aristocrats have used it for a century or more to get themselves moneys offshore   :   it HITS the brain in 2 seconds … produces maniac strength … & other very undesirable states of body and mind :




1930s ENGLAND & about the globe :

Travels with the RANSOM families :

From a tiny child I weave memories & the words spoken about me into music heard or sounds of sea, wind, & breeze - it lays down in memory shapes of days & sculptural they become but like dance  … later I add my own  `stark lines` mostly collected in Museums & Galleries and amongst centuries of buildings layering villages & towns & Cities … 


… The music of Claude Debussy, Hindemith Wind quintet 1921, Monteverdi … pipes and strings playing early music & the family playing and singing, and Concerts and Church choirs :   And the gramophone records from many lands brought back by everyone to the tiny home Deptford of my grandfather & his tragic young mother Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom  :   She is murdered by 2 LINDSAY 2nd cousins 1897 for her Florida & Canada Frobisher lands :  they also murdered her husband 1890 Orders Premier Earl Lindsay Crawford & left him in the school playground of HITHERGREEN School for the school boys to find early morning :   He and Millie were robbed by LINDSAY Earls & lived in a little flat nearby &, two skilled EDUCATIONALISTS, they taught in the School :


… When my memory has been struck out, abuse by the `true blues` those most unsuitable companions of my mother Teresa Elizabeth nee Gordon, I recall easily music like the sounds of the SEAS EDGES and transfer memory into landscapes usually of greys & charcoal tints : 

From 9 10 years of age I write poems & read a great amount of history and I like technology & science … a few pages about astrophysics has come from a young man called Fred Hoyle … there are other things like this before it is all taken from my world 1945 Christmas … I learn that all the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN WORLDWIDE have been slain …

It is not wished by my mother & her criminally insane aristocrat chums that I know of these matters :