Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

Andre Malraux Clacton Annie Bessie III



PART III - 1880s-1970s -



for my young father of the Journal






JOHN RANSOM – British Army 1927-1949 - slain



March 1969 Deptford ...




Misses Bessie Martha &


Annie-artist Williams &


ANDRE MALRAUX ... who calls




“ my Aunts, &I regard those two


as my intellectual equals”   






... a neat little seas edges town first name CLACTUNA Anglo-Saxon-Norman French protecting itself on the rising ground later called GREAT CLACTON – later come Quaker communities & to Colchester ...



At the sheltering JAYWICK seacoast those Fishers & overseas Sea Trading boats could be safely drawn in for 5,000 BC-AD or more centuries of Winter-Tide months of November to March :   



HappilyHhh     centuries of families had some STORES grown on the little owned or rented `heimat` & safely stored for coming  months of sometimes icy winds-perhaps exceptional severe frosts-snow-rains-coughs and colds, wounds from husbandry, cattle unable to last the winter months – deaths of children & new-borns ...:  Marauders from Scandinavia & the breed of an unnecessary kind driven to live by PLUNDER ...


The Jaywick :   17th centuries onwards it was useful to `Laces for a Lady-Letters for a Spy... & watch the wall my darling` while the Gentl`men go by (Kipling)  :


CHECK YOUR DNA a male line unbroken descending may have you beholden for your lives to the above ... RANSOM 1400 AD is alive in Texas & USA – some tomb robbing may be helpful as well as help from archaeologists –


Germany is especially helpful 19th century with archaeological bone collections :   France & Gross Britain cannot be trusted from Christmastide 1937/38 when young writer mocked to-day for his upbringing by THREE GRACES who gave him a SOUL helped by his EAST ANGLIA 900 YEARS of BLOOD LINES -is legally appointed by the world as GUARDIAN to worldwide THOMAS Immanuel GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN educating them to 18 or beyond – the HOMES built upon the centuries of RANSOM family lands worldwide – legal Dowries from BRIDES to RANSOM families, all educated young persons of enlightened multi-races families ~


(reference `History of the English Speaking Peoples` author  Winston S. Churchill )  Multi-race families, that is we who engage in Sea Trading, farming, education and scholarship, and are very aware of the Four Seasons – AND THAT THE EARTH IS ROUND & the STARS are useful to we at SEA ... ( & that the botanical medicines can heal - or sometimes help raving lunatics become sadistic maniacs ... )   


NB :   Readers have already turned to Rudyard Kipling his 2 volumes “PUCK of POOK`s HILL”  and “REWARDS & Fairies (now paperbacks) : the 2 vols.  aid the new READER in understanding these ancient lands of Roman Britain & East Anglia, Norman French into TUDOR years & the progress of the centuries – KIPLING wrote the two volumes for his 12 years old son = who died in THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 ... THAT WAR swiftly because of GREED, leading to 18 years later THE WORLD WAR 2, 1939-1945 : 


NNB:  TOURISTS Visitors have benefited from visiting in WINTERTIDE ... an understanding of the centuries when peoples lived on that bulging EAST ANGLIA reaching into NORTH SEA – the OCEANUS GERMANICUS of ROMAN BRITAIN ... (a gloomy Scots ballad `Sir Patrick SPENS` tells more)





1921 - Came The Misses Bessie &


Annie-artist of the Southern Irish


families Murphy Carroll Williams


by Steamer from Thames London


to Clacton-on-Sea PIER –




They had heard and read that a new Roman Catholic Church had first  foundations begun Clacton-Holland seafront next the St Clare Convent & School – a family friend of their IRELAND cousins, Monsignor Eugene Pacelli appointed to The VATICAN was overseeing architect plans ... they had a cousin a Benedictine living in the Vatican & writing :

My great–Aunts to-be, Misses Bessie Martha, Annie-Agnes ARTS & CRAFTS WORLD Liverpool-Manchester :  They admired the town and seashores and looked for a property big enough for their families to visit and enjoy relaxing in this pretty town     



They became 1923 owners of 10


Granville Road – changing the


name to `Stella Maris` ...



The change of name was to remember a recently dead friend the Canadian Stella Maris Mrs Charles Conder wife of the Australian artist =  CONVERSATIONS :  They talking 1945 June with young man with a SOUL Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX :   READER can turn to  “THE SEA MISTS SUPPER June 1945” (1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, Clacton-on Sea and WEST GREENLAND a `scaffolding`- Document in 3 parts)


READER has already been enlightened by 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux, Jo, Greetah, Clacton-on-Sea, the Pilgrimage from Lincoln Cathedral along his ancestral lands reaching Saxmundenham Hall 19th century :   then we three reporting to CLACTON & MARY GORDON that we were safe – of course everybody used telephones every day ... a good invention ...



“never was there


such a holiday at




SEAS ” –


... SAY`TH my grandmother ballerina INCA-Bavaria, Jean Minerva San Julian Weddell (widow Smith Aquida) 2nd marriage to Frederick Charles FROBISHER RANSOM = see SOULS aesthetes =


Cousins to Millie FROBISHER = (1883 Mrs JOHN RANSOM)


are LINDSAY-ELCHO-Desborough-Graham-Frobisher-Tennant et al & other blood & in-law lines all who are on visiting terms, weekend visiting,  & lunching or dining with one another :


1930s  I remember STANWAY, CLOUDS, TAPLOW COURT ... other Places in London were full of Roman Catholics & Converts & the working enlightened included Hilaire Belloc, young Kenneth Clarke, & very old people who had known TIGGY and knew Aunt MAG nee Ransom Widow from 1904 Mrs THOMAS Imm. GROTE  (my Aunt is alive until 15 May 1938 – in 1934 she meets with my great-aunts BESSIE Martha and ANNIE-Artist ... & they found the families had met Dublin 1959 at a BALL ... ) :



1930s with LIR Lennie these people are between ages 20-something up to 90-something  (one old lady 104 & flying about with her stick) and are quietly `THUMBS UP` for GROTE HOMES = and many are invested in our RANSOM golden girdle twice around the globe – transport, Aluminum, HMV Records, Farming, & from 1920s we go into Air ... & many other occupations with our splendid Safety and Welfare-health-retirement firmly in place ...  some visit GROTE HOMES, stay a week, lecture, compose music with the children & the choirs that every worldwide HOME has ... :



`The SOULS` a mixture of


19th century aesthetes




(becoming aging sad 20 century Bereaved by 2 World Wars) had tastes in the Arts - some merged into Welfare movements, Politics = A group of people with skills but kept in place by those governing BRITISH EMPIRE EDUCATION – especially concerning a cousinship (RANSOM-TIGGY GROTE) with THOMAS Immanuel GROTE real HOMES for CHILDREN worldwide – The real HOMES educating in all civilized careers & skills being situated upon RANSOM seashores of 2,000 years as SEA TRADERS outside the BRITISH EMPIRE - so seen as a THREAT to Aristocrat incomes & POWER of SEAS & TRADE & the CULT of BRITANNIA to keep the top UNDERGROWTH and the RAMPARTS financially well off ... : 






SMYTH - & others =



The popular SAILOR KING says to friends,  “ I am assured the HOMES are doing WHAT Tiggy said they would do – I only know that these Nations would never talk with ME before – Now they are willing ... if the RANSOM families could live offshore – New Zealand perhaps, then I can ask for help LATER on ... ” 



MEMORANDUM :  a man who could relax with friends - he understood with some of them as they got older, especially SAILORS,  that the world was going to have to change, rearrange itself –

He liked music, and always attended performances by ETHEL (Smyth) a composer chum

REPORTS :   by persons hearing the speakers 1934/35 into autumn winter 1935 = they British & American citizens :



NOTA BENE :   ETHEL SMYTH born 1858-1944 composer-author :   She is JAILED 1911 for Womens Vote Protests = made a DAME 1922 ... She has Operas one called THE WRECKERS  another The BOATSWAIN`s MATE – writer :   ETHEL Smyth kept busy with worthwhile civilized matters



Late 19th first 36 years 20th century - the world the Reader lives on  was having to change ... AT LEAST TO TRY TO CHANGE :   but without an education which reinforced that of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide EDUCATION Gross Britain had them on a trudge along muddy ditches of ignorance  (poem perhaps Christina Rossetti `Is the road up hill-yeh to the bitter end–will there be Inns to rest–ye for all who come ...` : its something like that)   



( GROTE EDUCATION  from single figures of the child is with all religions, languages, histories, Research to have progress in medicine, sciences, agriculture, botany, oceanography etc. and exploration of the Universe ...)


...  OH - the WESTERN WORLD went on NOT wanting the GLOBE to be ROUND ... or too round ... but to allow the Rulers to go booting-in, and as ever plonking its FLAGS on `heathens`... telling them to “WASH THEIR HANDS”    (Ref. Irish ballad “WHACK fol-di-DIDDLE” 1916



IRISH HISTORY  1916 :   READER Reminder : 



(Please see this goes to IRISH Republic History Archives –

 families Murphy-Carroll-O`Grady & O`Brien-


Williams – shipping/finances/farming/horses/trading/banking  =

3 titles in 19th –early 20th century DEBRETT Peerage – her cousins who believe in dialogue & peaceful negotiation to have Ireland free : 


Mary Helena GORDON a daughter of Teresa M. Carroll CLASSICIST (b 1870=



NOT TO BE PUT ON www ?  a NEW LAW  :     She my grandmother a well educated person poisoned 3 June 1944 = so she & I Greta Ransom  with the MAGISTRATES Document could not LEAVE for Southern Ireland immediately :




 REPORTS:     Teresa Gordon Mrs R. returned by late train to CLACTON that night – I her only daughter alive heard her cursing in the `Pearly` House Garden 112 Vista Road near midnight – I saw her telling the stars








hearing my grandmother had been poisoned   !



Further REPORTS Hospital/Police/Railway :   ME – Greetah Ransom threatened swiftly by Miss Winnie Gordon QUICK RELEASE ATS   

“ Mother is in Heaven with her husband and their dead children – I can have YOU put in a Remand Home if you DARE say what you heard your mother say the other night ... ”



Lucky for me the Clacton Hospital and Police were angry ! 


They knew who were the powerful robbers, those Great War friends of George and Mary Gordon`s `bad-one` daughter ! – At school I now had some WATCH from teachers who knew of these horrible matters It was well known that a gang from Scotland infesting the Clacton seafront from 1910 !  They lived by robberies – known to Police of Scotland-Westminster-East Anglia as  “ the Lindsaybuggarhs & their kind ”




1963 Southampton  :   ANDRE MALRAUX  (a Minister of France)  talked an afternoon and evening September at Southampton with Win, Miss Win


(Winifred Mary Gordon spinster b 3 Nov. 1910 Saint Malachi`s Day = Patron Saint of Apprentices) this related – he reminding me how Miss Auntie Winnie and Cousin Julie Butler had a night with me in my own bought from my Jaywick Holiday Shop earnings, when I had moved it –he did not understand why – to those nice young people Harrietsham who rented a mowed field to working persons – and that the caravan next me had weeknights direct descendants Gilbert Rayleigh families – and she said “When we go home to the head of our part of the families CAREW your name is all over the genealogy – on a plaque ... RANSOM ... a Margaret married Carew who died then another ... ... ...  ”   



Later LAW Detective Arthur Malone heard that


MENGELE Doctor Harrington had booted in on them and


threatened them and their small business in Canterbury :



1960-61 = He ANDRE MALRAUX did not know the dangers


:   THAT WITH GHOULS & PSYCHOPATHS threatening us -



& the faithful COLNE ENGAINE WATCHERS 1960-61 had waited in vain for he now a Minister of France Andre MALRAUX and his HEAD of STATE General Charles de GAULLE to acknowledge an urgent package collected by their Courier end of February 1960 –




A package from Buenos Aries and New York : 


containing 3 Wills proving ownership and the last with his name as legal GUARDIAN 1938 onwards to THOMAS GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE both worldwide :  We received a message saying `they were studying the interesting package` ... then false messages telling us to hold off = with many other nations all prepared to ask on their newspapers front page “WHERE are the GROTE CHILDREN Mother England ?”  We and they were backed by legal LAW :   The next message, false, says “ talking with Heads of other nations ... wait ...


1960 end of February – 1961 REPORTS from London : 

`THE COURIER WAS ROBBED on his return to FRANCE – a 2 hour wait – he was knocked out in a hotel room from eating and drinking doped food – package opened and all left were some letters, bills – nothing LEGAL – 3 WILLS, desperate letters from Canadian Coast Guards – a whole history of FRAUD by the BRITISH  ... OLD TRICK well known –`


1950s – 1958 CHINESE LEGATION `Scarlet Town` LONDON :   quiet Report to trusted persons hoping it can be conveyed to de GAULLE and MALRAUX :    The London Chinese Legation helping `WATCH` on St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square warned some trustful persons  “ De Gaulle and Malraux are two good men – they are surrounded by TRICKSTERS – some in the British Government and the WHITEHALL and some in the French Government ...”  


MEMO :  In China 1986 - Tour Fishery Universities & Colleges for B.M. Natural History Museum London,  I Greta Ransom W.  am greeted by a woman who took my hand and held on to it =  as a young biologist 1959 she had entered No 50 Lancaster Gate Square, got up to my top room about 7 pm,  knew I was being poisoned & that in Paris Andre Malraux could not leave his house for a terrible headache – She whispered to me YOU MUST KEEP AWAKE – I am getting a REAL DOCTOR ... ”


It was known that certain psychopaths did NOT want ANDRE MALRAUX to take a Government Post he could learn too much and expose the killing of the GROTE CHILDREN :   This young Chinese scientist sufficiently frightened the Housekeeper by demanding she telephone a real doctor & that she was going to as well – she left quickly and the CHINESE Legation got her OUT of `Scarlet Town`:   as all the Secret Agents of the globe call it = Great Britain !  : 


1953-1961 :  St Edmund`s House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square, London had a housekeeper employed by Clara Malraux – : Clara is a friend of Dr Mengele Harrington (friend of other Scotland Aristocrats) since 1938= some very decadent came to stay in `The House in the Wood-a Jan Steen Tavern` that Andre Malraux rented from 1946 until 1961 when he WALKED OUT after the death of his two sons ... :


`Mengele` Harrington (an estranged aristocrat Scotland (Hong Kong 2 years course GP 1948)  he came to CLACTON with CLARA 1947 July & they both threatened to destroy all the work on library shelves of Professor Winclemann – to his face – Dr Professor Winclemann has known Clara since before she was born c 1895 !  He says at 12 years she was a serious HEROIN user causing distress to those about her – some talk of Coal Yards Maged`burgh & a great uncle who gave downtrodden workers a good wage when the rest of the family were reluctant ... :


1947 July  5 Colne Road CLACTON :   Miss Win Gordon ex-ATS had Clara Goldsmidt Malraux, divorced wife of ANDRE MALRAUX -  knock at the big house close Seafront :    Miss Winifred Gordon says how she took her to the kitchen to say what she had to say :  Miss Gordon explains later  “ she is NOT a lady – she kept on about the education of HER daughter – I felt perhaps I should ask her WHO was the FATHER of her daughter – She never once mentioned him ANDRE She only insisted we do not let YOU have an education = I told her that was not her business !  You would stay in the Convent of St Clare Order until 18 years – I told her that she was a Divorced woman of much experience in the fashionable world = & perhaps could find herself another husband – even at her age ...”  


Fortunately/unfortunately ?  I came in that afternoon to see if Auntie Winnie had any shopping for me to do – I am surprised at a small plump woman wearing fitting garments covered in dark blue and black sequins – I said `Hi` the greeting for people in the kitchen to put them at ease – She was puffing smoke at me and looking me up and down in a way I was happy about – it was a bit cocktail bar = I had Julie`s boxer cover up jacket on & did not like the sequin person`s LOOk ! :  Well, she looked 1920s FAST living = like my so-called mother Teresa Gordon Mrs R. – we are not allowed by her to call her by our respectable RANSOM name ! 


In a few days I will hear about this VULTURE descent by foul Harrington a kind of pseudo aristocrat Scotland – he gets 2 bottles of champagne off Clara daily which is paid for by Andre :  As we go forward into the years their lives will be clarified – they have helped keeping the WILL from ANDRE MALRAUX & earning cash to see his correspondence, his visitors, his connexions are all INVESTIGATED :  Mengele Harrington lives by PIMPING & his Playboy & aristocrat connexions assist him – he is a psychopath since 1936 – a 16 years Austria prison sentence – 2 years served when he was cunningly transferred to a Scotland psychiatric clinic


(finally overseas PRESS & public complaints had BMA dismiss him – but not until 1982 !  His old chum JIMMIE JONG Cur James had kicked the bucket 1981 – dying in a London CLINIC called The ANGEL and CRACK !)         




1947  July :  But calling in a few days later upon the kind musical Winnclemans` :   I heard from Mrs Winncleman that her husband was up stairs ILL from this visit :   “ That Clara – came with a Doctor & they have made my husband ILL !  Then that Clara called on your aunt Miss Win ! 


So Clara & Harrington (the future “ `Mengele` Peer in Waiting ”)  had made a morning visit to them and after a slap-up luncheon at FRINTON   Clara tried get the better of Miss Winnifred Mary Gordon R.C. !!

Miss Win got the better of her recognizing she was NOT a Lady & never a good wife for Andre – she had spiteful eyes :



But followed were alarming matters :   I heard from Mrs Winncleman of

the “  threats from Clara to destroy ALL of Mr Winncleman`s scientific work on library shelves Europe and America !”   And this new Doctor studying in Hong Kong had tried get up stairs to the study of Mr Winncleman while CLARA kept them talking !   “ That Clara kept saying she had been DIVORCED because of them ! ”   I now heard more about the antics and rather sordid life style of older women – “ these women of the world not suitable for dear Andre ” :    WHAT I HEARD that July 1947 was in the manner of the horrible threats that came at me from time to time from the friends-fiends of my mother = with their style of sordid living :   all of them old 1920s devil-Vultures !   



1944 Whitsuntide & during the entire 1950s– ( Mr Harrington G.P.)

 old Doc MENGELE` Harrington = London Hospitals gave quiet orders that he `Mengele` was not to be allowed near young children:  He is often living in luxury in the Paris House when MALRAUX is away:  (4 sad & frightening Reports given 1967-1970)  



= Doc` Mengele` Harrington is banned 1953 from touching a patient in 3 big London hospitals – they could not say too much to other British Hospitals because of the aristocratic claims of Harrington & because certain photos had appeared in the British PRESS of him with those he should never be allowed near to ...  ! )



1948 & onwards :   It is foul `Mengele`will not allow the 2 sons of Andre & dead Josette,  Pierre and Vincent, to come to England and attend AMPLEFORTH School – where they would be with suitable companions = the 4 boys of Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) are educating in the School  = NOTA BENE :   But the boys were booked in to this school by Uncle Fred Potter and my father – there is no problem over FEES - my family RANSOM will pay :  Clara and any other dependants of ANDRE can have all the money they need !   The problem here is that she and others are keeping his GUARDIANSHIP from him – it required cut-throat surveillance about him !



1948 on - Our GROTE RANSOM worldwide Estate can pay easily =


and my father Army Captain Fred John RANSOM & his brothers have investments, properties, banked monies in Argentina the nationality of their mother JEAN ballerina of  the INCA – there is no lack of money to educate these boys & any others of these French Catholic Families – also the Italian offshoots from Adrianna Italian grandma of Andre Malraux  (Adrienne) :






1960 Colne Engaine – close Colchester near to CLACTON-on-SEA :


By June 1960 we victims had luck – the most excellent British Territorials passed by Colne Engaine having been told to `Call in on Arthur ex RAF 2nd World War – heard he had some problems` :



Many of them knew of the matter 1940s, had seen things :  Began a  check & put information together – Mounting a NIGHTWATCH one night to help ARTHUR Malone RAF heard a pack of villains outside the Caravan midnight threatening me (all with lah-de-dah voices saying they had taken my money !)   


In exactly 4 days one hung in its Scotland larder with notice PRIME PORK = they had known of its earlier nasty crimes in SCOTLAND ! 


= & THUS they, good Souls,  quietly began some exterminating of those they had seen killing, drowning, burning the worldwide children = They knew of a very nasty drug taken by the killers =


THE illegal CROP :  Its name is Divinorum Salvia Scotland  fire blown pellets stuffed up the snout hit their brains in 2 seconds – they trained to use it when rather young – or sudden use could blow their brains out = Crops were grown in SCOTLAND sheltered Glens facing south-west on big Estates =


NOTA BENE :  Its cultivation had been BANNED by British LAW in 1929 :    Some London newspapers covered a Criminal Case c 1959 on –“  illegal crops of DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND processed and sent abroad to seedy places and for unwholesome uses ...”  :   Newspapers had to be polite – the British public could send letters saying they did not like indelicate reporting !   Shameful matters should be not reported on – but left alone !   It was, of course,  different if it was fiction ... ... ...


RECORDS made 1960 can be found in `1937 SUMMER etc` a scaffolding Document in 3 Parts :  issued first on 2011 AD for the CENTENARY of my young British Army father ...  He his parents, his brothers & their children, persecuted and slain in this BRITISH GOVERNMENT fraud =


1960 January I & NIGHTWATCH found ourselves carrying the worldwide Children of a GENOCIDE = called by one noble Lord Summer 1960 “ the greatest crime of civilization – the clowns the clowns they have committed the greatest crime of the Globe ” ... & he retired from his position as soon as he could without causing suspicion and mauling and death = FRAUD-FRAUD-TREASONs ruled the Waves :


NB:   My records, a form of a diary 1960 had to be kept in the `stark lines` – I kept copies – some stolen were soon used by Noble Britain `ITES` to prove I was illiterate :  Other persons the world write similar things and call them Poems – But they are not at the centre of a Rampart of GENOCIDERS of worldwide children & good families who hath legal ownership to OUR miracle Estate of PEACE   :


I have dared put 2 pieces of my STARK LINES in this work composed from records for my Grandmother MHG, her sisters Miss Bessie Martha and Miss Annie-artist girl – ARTS & CRAFTS movement Manchester-Liverpool and she directed gravestones, engraving of posters and holy work into her 70s ... donating any money made to their Charities :  the first piece is GREECE, the second is because we at Colne Engaine have learned of the slaying of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES Children worldwide ... Collections of Stark lines grew and it was only a way of recording what was happening – I was searched wherever I tried make a home & keep out EVIL –



1950s – 1960s - I found it meaningful to learn in the great Museums – those Classifying Houses = and I got MENGELE Harrington escorted out of 4 of them by STOUT WARDERS = I simply said what he had been up to in COLCHESTER =  “ A CREATURE THAT YOU DID NOT WANT NEAR YOUNG CHILDREN OR YOUNG PEOPLE ”   :   and that he now followed me about LONDON because I and others in Colchester knew what he was – and I always gave the telephone numbers of those who would verify these nasty matters  !    Museums have Warders who are usually ex-Army and other Forces !   It shook Mr Mengele !   He never knew WHY I had this KUDOS !   Thank you the revered old great minds in MUSEUMS ...


READER should know   :   that Mr Mengele Doc HARRINGTON friend of upper Aristocrats went about part of  the week in 6 or 7 inch boots – a padded raincoat – and often his trousers unzipped underneath this `gear` : 



He says he is studying STRANGE Men – and


he is tempting them in Public lavatories and


in very EMINENT Places ...




READERS if old enough – will often remember that it was impossible to challenge `the likes of`  a Mr Mengele type with his ARISTOCRAT chums he is seen about with - & some photos by The PRESS making big moneys for sales of exciting bits and pieces in PRINT ... :  

N.B:   A low `out of work` workman of low mentality could be challenged about anything ... It was the 1950s  ...    





1970 January – The Pillar House, HARWELL



PJPW age 39 years,  insists in aristocratic tones,  to ANDRE MALRAUX 68 years ...



“  Not a word to be said on the matter – I and my twin walked in on this ... Fellah ... ”  ( He fooled me – but I did feel he is disrespectful to this MAN of LETTERS  !  G.R.X.w.



He, PJPW his twin RJRW, others they knew in a trendy dirty world SPOKE INSULTING LIES :   there was big money and fun in this fraud for them all – WOMEN were to support them & they enjoyed deceiving them ... It was so like the 1920s still ...  :   


1970 January The Pillar House, Harwell ...



ANDRE MALRAUX begins humbly to


explain ...


that from 1938 onwards “ we were victims – and were all being deceived` = that General de GAULLE March 1962,  holding the WILL of 1938 with the name of himself, ANDRE MALRAUX as legal & undisputed Guardian, says

 “ a gigantic piece of State Craft by Gross Brittanique ”


1970 here is ANDRE MALRAUX the bereaved 1961 of his two sons = 1970 January has insisted he be allowed to VISIT =  


READER :   Andre MALRAUX is wishing to explain to PJPW and me Greetah-Greta The Pillar House, HARWELL Village, the road of obscene TRAGEDY we have been forced upon by the criminally insane – old hookers, swingers, Paris-Scarlet Town, high on HEROIN and strong liquors ... =


But massive DECEIT is about us & I do not know of it yet

Alarming to me is that MENGELE appears at the fashionable village of BLEWBURY from summer 1968, and has been found walking at night in THIS MY HOUSE 1969-71 !!    & there are many other alarming matters because of this VAST FRAUD over GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE – many creatures who are PIMPING on the Estate are being seen as criminally insane ... :


1970 What ANDRE MALRAUX does not know is =

 PJPW has pledged from November 1967, with his twin brother Sir RJRW baronet, to keep all communications from me, my families : telephone is only available to certain persons to ring me :


I and the children are NOT to meet with those who know of this great Tragedy – the twins have agreed to tumble the Estate functioning worldwide – it will give FUN in holidaying – and they will be advised by crafty financial psychopaths !   It was the accepted manner of a fashionable world which lived dirty lives of luxury :


These twins & another called themselves Marxists-Capitalists-Free-thinkers & ALL SORTS :   and wanted bags of money and Playboy lives :   Kenya lifestyle had not helped them or any of them – They did NOT want KENYA to go free ... or South Africa ... I found them RACISTS as the first years went on ... :  



(The Pillar House of the Immortal Story books for Children LLB, = the village is near to the HARWELL Atomic Energy Site :  & matters of Spies & MI5 & all that – you can learn all this on internet & books-books-books ... :



MEMORANDUM :   I HAVE STORIES FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE PILLAR HOUSE called ACE ACE & ACE out on my web sites – 3 I think, of many others –


THEY are about WHOLESOME MEANINGFUL CLEAN LIFE in ENGLAND !! – this I strove with others, some the 16th century great CATHOLIC families, to preserve ...



 while DIRTY LIVING MINDLESS NONSENSE was blasted day and night by PRESS and all other sinister means of communication ...



Nota Bene:  Rules/ers,  wanting to cover up truth :    my only son little PETER RATHBONE RANSOM WHITHEAD 1970-1998 is dead from the COVER UP of this worldwide GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and RANSOM Estate worldwide ESTATE in 3 Parts – LEGAL GUARDIAN the Frenchman of LETTERS, ANDRE MALRAUX, for we two heirs in training – Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM and Lennie Immanuel RANSOM ... and still the BAR RATS continue the COVER UP of the killing of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 1938-1956 – “to make Britain rich” ... RECORDS :  )   : 



A LITTLE NOTE of CIVILIZED LIFE about me and the children :   showing the ENGLAND of the GREEN and PLEASANT LANDS : 


Harwell a village with family gatherings & normal things – that is before the village big gardens are sacrificed to FAST TRAVEL RAIL : 



(Andre Malraux is often in the Village – he has old friends from the 1920s in the village and the acres around  


) :  1985 hundreds of AMERICANS  descended from 2 Medieval men called HARWELL visit – I did a garden Tea with biscuits from early cook books 13th-17th  Centuries :   Genealogy Work by Dr John Fletcher and others - printed :  

I also cook for the SEALED KNOTT when we are fund raising for disasters or charities :



1970 January–February ANDRE MALRAUX in grief is


calling at The Pillar House HARWELL to help keep us safe


:   My father and his USA brother to take up SENATE duties 1969 autumn are dead in Great Britain March 1969 and June 1969 :



My families have suffered as old SCOTLAND JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS & their SCANDINAVIAN CHUMS were determined to lay hands on the worldwide Estate and RULE the WORLD !   By destruction the THOMAS GROTE HOMES with a curriculum of education that every Child worldwide should have (said John Buchan novelist etc)



I legal owner the Estate in training with my sub-co heir LIR 12 years younger my uncle a great FLYER, Musician – it must be run by a caring family and not at the WHIMS of Playboys & Good timers always trying to lay hands on this or that – or those who are so unlearned as to


“ STILL want to PLANT A FLAG on the LANDS of everybody else ” 


 = I GR. am here quoting Captain ALAN VILLIERS talking to us in OXFORD December 1967  !  :

Below an example of obscene tricks by psychopaths around us :


My cousins made victims from 23rd December 1939 – we


receive LETTERS from WEST GREENLAND via Shetland


Skipper –



1939 early December :   Big Uncle Poulsen Ransom de SALLE of PARIS & wife & 4 children under 13 ...


have been ordered out of the big warm provisioned Margaret Ransom GROTE house into the WINTER – house wired with explosives – they in a big hut on shore of our Island Jacopsholmen just off XRISTENSHARB – JIMMIE JONG now a Major arrived by launch from a big ship with 6 British Army men = he drank the Christmas wine, ate the candies, stole some of the presents, and LEFT :    A British Skipper by chance called at Island to do an urgent job in the workshop – found them – took letters – brought them old furs, big bag of oatmeal – fishing tackle – told them where oil and wood could be found along the shore :  He could not take them because he had NO IDEA where he might be diverted to before he could reach The Shetlands –



WAR HAD BEGUN at SEA = December 1939 :   Skipper posted the letters – they arrived to CLACTON-on-SEA 23rd December 1939 & my father reading them rushed to Post Office to send telegrams :  My mother Teresa Gordon Mrs R. immediately picked up the phone, not seeing me behind a sofa in shock, dialed & asked who ever answered “ Buckingham Palace Please ”  & gave a ROOM number – She said “ THEY HAVE GOT LETTERS OUT – sent him to Post Office – back in about a half hour ... Yes, you will see to the matter ... ... ...  ”


Phone rang as my father bounded into the front door `Pearly` House 112 Vista Road = my persecuted young Father Warrant Officer Ransom is told to Report to SALISBURY PLAINS fast :  He packed his kit-bag, said   “ Sorry – no Christmas – I will get back as soon as I can – remember I love you ... ”

He kissed the top of my head ... I had managed to avoid SHEshe CLYTEMNESTRA knowing I had been in the drawing room –



September 1945 & he returned with his life threatened ever more :






1944-1945 :   He had received horrifying figures of the worldwide slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN in Malindi = where good people now hid him knowing the history of the obscene threats to the ESTATE the previous 20 years : 



BUT HELL HAD ITS GATES still wide open – the would NEVER SHUT  :   






HIS WILL 1938 this worldwide A-Z


GENOCIDE would NOT have






1940-1945 = from time to time I heard SHEshe CLYTEMNESTRA Mad Mother Kali, muttering to her GHOUL a Noble woman into Witchcraft gave her in SCOTLAND when she was 14 years old  “ he will be killed  - they have promised me ...”  :   


MEMO :   These hundreds of pages beginning with MARY GORDON & her grandchildren 1942-1944 issued 2012/13 have been added to 2015/2016 from Records by the two pieces `CLACTON – BESSIE & ANNIE 1942-1944 Part I and ANNIE & BESSIE Part II this is PART III ... The whole work is A HISTORY OF PEOPLE in the TOWN OF CLACTON-on-SEA  :

Mostly 1937-1942-43-44 and drifting forward or a little back into our centuries :   A 20th century GREAT TRAGEDY – nevertheless I have given good happenings the EVIL to the world all the century is gathered together in the work assembled for they the victims & MARTYRS :   I am told by good persons they do not wish such sadistic monstrous crimes hidden by those who have performed them :











Did you weep as the little corpses were carried about your SCARLET  CITY by some frightened members of THE ALLIED FORCES ?    Should you not say Year 2016 AD ... and APOLOGISE in print, write letters :  


1939 and the horrendous following on of killings and persecution into  1958 – Oh very big expenses paid for assistance as `gaseous intelligence groups `operating on double expenses ... between MI5 and MI6 – as they sadly tell JULY 1969 at Harwell Atomic luncheon for wholesome families –  :



The GREENLAND CHRISTMAS given my cousins


(blood lines Ransom-Poulsen) Family of 6 of Monsieur DE SALLE of PARIS  (once 18th century Banking)  should have a MEMORIAL College well funded by the Nation that allowed this :  Their dead parents, two tiny brothers died 1941 and 42 in the icy winters :  Not allowed off – big ships at sea :   And my two girls who escaped the Island 1958 & were NOT to ask what had happened to their Father`s monies or draw attention to the death and plunder by the greedy insane of the Family GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate :


(Blewbury Village had a stir-up 1978 over this matter -  & lies & gross cheating were heard - and continued ...)   


1958-59 - some newspapers were Printing bits and pieces but as usual  copies  will be removed from the obvious collections & storage  –occasionally falsified snips appear ...


As I and others experienced that CHRISTMAS 1939 can be read in all its ICY LETTERING on and in other ways of storage and retrieval ...









1939 ... :




The lettering and colours I have used in this great TRAGEDY have been said by READERS to help understand being thrown out in French DAY CLOTHES in the WEST GREENLAND WINTER 1939=


By a Scotland-Chinese psychopath Jimmie Jong able to call himself Major this-and-that including O`Carroll, Jameson, Corduroy (the name Captain-Major Glenn Miller had for a Caller on him December 1944) and Hartlepool, MacMurphy ...



No doubt there are more false names to hide the EVIL DOINGS of Jimmie Jong James born 1899 Port Arthur to a highly educated Chinese heiress and a Scots RN with a low Diplomatic Post 1890s-1900s TIMES WHEN CHINA WAS THOUGHT OF AS PART OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE – &  and having a having a fisti-cuffs with FRANCE & others in those parts :     



1970 January ANDRE MALRAUX came to The Pillar House to give protection to me and my household - The burden of the Genocide of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES Children is still covered up by AUTHORITY  who never stop Big-Booting about me and others = and now making foul threatening appearances = The father of a child is told, after his death 1976,   “she will not be allowed to go far with her music”  by a sadist who lives as always on income Canada of the GROTE RANSOM Estate : 


In this Pillar House some immortal Books for Children were drawn :  garden & interiors can be seen in my assortment of photos especially the Great Kitchen full of happy young :  1900s  L. Leslie BROOK rented the house for 130 pounds a year :  His books for children published by WARNE include JOHNNY CROW`s GARDEN - which we left intact 1993 – Earlier artist John Henry Frederick BACON RA Painter has some books for children published :



1970 January :  ANDRE MALRAUX – I am taking down in shorthand as he instructs :   “ I listened to her, Win, her reasons for never telling me or Winnclemann of the WILL 1945 that summer when I returned to CLACTON =  I could now remind her that she had a printed copy of it from 1938 =  I can only call her MISS MINNI ... I have been brought to my knees by this – Treason in my house in France, and Treason in my home in London ...







MHG - my grandmother born 1870,  

sang  “ WHACK-fol-di-diddle ”



for the composer whom she had known in Dublin when her family lived & owned a tall house in Sackville Street :  She sung at a PUBLIC meeting WESTMINSTER London


British Police raid planned as meeting ending – she gave the Mounted Police number of her husband George Ernest Gordon and with COURTESY is escorted out of the roughhouse ORDERED  



1901-1976  - ANDRE MALRAUX


a young man writes a little


book 1920s  “TEMPTATION of


the WEST”  =




NB:  for publishing CRITICS : 


It is ignorant to comment spitefully on this and his other youthful works, written by he a young person (raised by 3 Graces) exploring the world during and after the GREAT WAR 1914-1918 = He was tall, holy looking, excelled in kindness “ & TRUTH ” was seen by intelligent human beings in his eyes & heard in his voice =



Oh ALAS - ENVY comes from those who


can never match his intellect or his tall


graceful figure, his so kind faced


appearance  ... Ah ... (to quote the




other CLACTON schools by we young


pure minded clean living Maidens ages 11


to 19 years of age of EAST ANGLIA  ...


...  HE  com`th    




 “ as GOD`s GIFT to




20th century - Georges SEFRIS  Greek Poet : 




(He will not mind me re-thinking his lines – we knew him – he loaned Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX his HAT when we had to visit SALISBURY PLAINS January 1954 ... he said at the breakfast with Andre – “ You cannot visit without a hat – the cold stuns your brain ...”



`...this stone head fell into my hands, out of past histories – I touch the eyes which cannot see, the mouth which cannot speak ... I experiencing that my reasoning , my body, are returning to me almost MUTILATED ...`    G.R. bowing in homage to Georges SEFRIS







Instructions to `THE WESTERN WORLD`


from Greta F.W.M.Cae. Ransom    



I want the worldwide THOMAS




back with the same CURRICULUM : 


&, of course, the entire RANSOM


ESTATE funding the Homes put


back as it functioned so


intelligently and lucratively


1936 =




BRITANNIA & its coinless 1920s onwards Bar Rats have had sufficient income from this fraud ...



 GIVE the FUTURE a SANE wholesome JOB putting this back –



I GR. can direct you from the records of my families of 14 Races, 27 Nations :   and enough TRUTH on this greatest crime of Civilization is about Market Place-Forum-Agora of the GLOBE



– I and the MARTYRS do hope that RACISM of

THE WEST has subsided by now ... & you engage in dialogue ...:  







accurate histories of a Community beside the SEAS :



1943 November CLACTON-on-






= SEA MISTS= Teresa Gordon niece


drunk in church –EVICTED with 2


soldiers who apologized to ANNIE


ARTIST & families  ...


To continue ...







THUNDER of the





I thank you ANDREW LANG poet for the above lines, some fairy story books, you a young TRAVELLER, observer, writer – who once stayed at THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL when L. LESLIE BROOKE and he and WARNE Publishers were thinking of another STORY BOOK ...1900s ...

 Diaries `little Henry` a child of The Pillar House who becomes Lord BROOKE of CUMNOR with a distinguished PARLIAMENTARY career –


Reports :   young friends 1920s commented `... the GIRLS ... you hoped they would not appear in your restaurant ... But they always had him, JIMMIE, a figure hovering around them -  but you felt he was always keeping his distance ...` 1973 onwards Records :  French actor film-star Raymond Massey agrees)





JOHNNY CROW` immortal books for Children


drawn by his kindly father L.LESLIE BROOKE =


Henry Brooke MP – his mother via ancestry Gregg - Rathbone etc  :   THIS WORK also includes HARWELL an invisible village nowadays – and its past figures who walk upon modern footsteps & pass where they pass by  ... photos histories & other web sites & Papers etc ... ... 


... Where ANDRE MALRAUX 1968 carrying two dead sons and the worldwide children of TIGGY came to find solace ... but GHOULS and JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS were `WALLS WITH EARS` and like RATS SCUTTLING IN and OUT of THE WAINSCOATING of the CENTURIES  ...


PRW 1970 August = 1998 May : 


beginning of his LIFE & Photography Work on



Little Peter, PRW photographer-philosopher, will lose his life in this gigantic piece of  `... an obscene piece of State Craft by Gross Britannique` = General Charles de Gaulle 1962 March – receiving at last Documents, Wills, bearing the name of the legal GUARDIAN his younger colleague ANDRE MALRAUX – shown as GUARDIAN to the delicate flower garden around the Earth REAL HOMES for CHILDREN Nations A – Z = begun 1864 approved all nations outside British Empire –


FRANCE had 5 Homes (last destroyed Paris 1953 by a fire Xmas Day evening the 300-odd children ages 4-5 to 19 years had gone to a Christmas Entertainment – came back to find HOME BURNED DOWN :   The HOMES are educating the unwanted to 18 or 20s years in all civilized careers – many persons the earth owe their existence to our Estate Thomas Immanuel Grote Homes and the Estate of RANSOM of Suffolk 7 the intelligent worldwide education HUMANITAS all the knowledge of the Globe, languages, religions ...  =


1904 after murder of Tiggy on W.Hebs. Arran the HOMES had to be kept low-key, Aunt Mag  (Margareth nee Ransom `Girl of the SNOWS`) widowed had to be guarded by Tenants and human beings of the Globe :   the great wrought iron Gates by always local craftsmen, now removed and the name GROTE scarce spoken – A few persons in an Empire failing in its big incomes from abroad in heathen nations men by MOONLIGHT when SHUTTERS DRAWN and candles lit ... to disapprove world education ...


(Read 19th century British Boys Books – Dr John RAY R. recommended to me BEN HADEN  

“ ... to know what TIGGY found when he ploughed across the PACIFIC 1864-65 : well meaning Missionary Societies but only producing cheap labour able to read and write in English for the EMPIRES – All of them were out there ... ... ”  = Document in 3 Parts `scaffolding` called `1937 SUMMER, ANDRE MALRAUX et al for the work following on


1770 to 1800s  to 1960 - LIFE on our Arctic Island Jacopshomen 2 hours slow boat off our shopping town XRISTENSHARB  :  

JUNE 1960 when our great Theatre, high all mod cons Ransom house, workshops ship repairs, our Family Church of JACOP, the Ladies Sewing Room , the School Rooms, and private houses, BOMBED to smithereens a few days before a Visit (see book/s on Nobles visit Greenland)  


MEMORANDUM :   ANDRE MALRAUX & GENERAL CHARLES de GAULLE had plans to visit AUGUST 1960 with LIR, my father FJR and his USA brother working Washington State Department & some great Seamen would join them ...  : 


Two Pimps-psychopaths later called-tramped the Island 1960 after the bombing = One complained of the fragments of the Theatre Clothes of heavy damask, silks, embroideries strewn about the RUINS of the Theatre –


Captain Alan Villiers Oxford 1967 December with grief on his face says to PJPW and me   “ SHAME !  SHAME !   The Theatre built as a great ship – would last 400 years – old Fred Ransom he knew what he was doing – got an architect up there when we called in – said `he could have put another tier on` ... Theatre painted with gold leaf inside ... famous people sailed in ... one Season an Emperor of Ethiopia ... Worlds Plays in all languages – Medieval at Christmas he got an OX up there :  (Oh we are going back down under (Australia) soon as the children have finished what they want to do over here) Island bombed before a VISIT – keep it out of the public eye – 2 planes got up to see what had happened ... newspaper made some protest ... not much ... SHAME ! ... A FAST ONE pulled on ANDRE & de GAULLE who were due to meet with us all up there in AUGUST  ...  ”  


Captain Villiers he went on grumbling ... & during the 200 years CELEBRATIONS of the Captain JAMES COOK VOYAGES 1967-1978 ...



A SENSIBLE INSTRUCTION :   I the heir G.R. ,  want OUR ISLAND granted 1770 in name of POUL GRONLANDER restored – the great PLAYS of the World performed again,  the Orchestra of 30 to 60 Players recognized and reinstated – the Theatre, great house built like a ship re-built , and our other buildings restored = it would be a wonderful creative task for craftsmen and others – The bombers  of our ISLAND June 1960 can PAY for this RESTORATION = but now all  dead = 


... then A SENSIBLE IDEA is for former Empires who have NAVAL Dockyards and SHIPS at SEA to undertake this `JOYOUS VENTURE` And they will enjoy the experience of restoring to life buildings BUILT AS THE GREAT SAILING SHIPS of the 17th-18th centuries :  


 Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM



EXTRACT LIFEBOOK 100 AD – Latin & Arabic – SUFFOLK `Redemptio` to become Family RANSOM as ROMAN BRITAIN of the ROMAN EMPIRE gives way to ANGLO-SAXON ENGLAND


from `1937 SUMMER` and WORK for the CENTENARY of my young FATHER British Army & Captain Frederick John RANSOM 2nd World War (1911-1969) RANSOM ANCESTRY & HISTORIES = Parts I,II,III,IV-5



100 AD - Life Book – in Latin & Arabic :


“ ... He young `Redemptio`-Ransom sailed into what is going to be Portsmouth Harbour – he dates his Life-Book 100 AD and writes in Latin and Arabic – late back from Trading Mediterranean he explains ... he finds 5 orphans huddled in a mud hole in the cliff they have scraped out for the winter – inadequate clothing, an old sail the only covering  ... he did not care for the older men – they eyed he and his ship - he decides to brave the Winter seas – sail with 2 of his original crew  - he had paid the others off & they departed for their Families – He told the Orphans –he would take them to the family heimat of 92 AD at Dunwich SUFFOLK – We owe our lives to him, and some descendants of the orphans are known into mid-Medieval times ...”



Genealogy :  Dr John RAY Ransom USA and his brothers, elder Frederick John RANSOM, youngest Lennie Immanuel Ransom Flyer-Bach player-artist & Magazine for women and girls AT HOME Argentine 1950s ... Rear Admiral RN Alfred Charles RANSOM 1st World War Asia – Herbert Charles Ransom & wife `The May-belle`:  The last two of my uncles are in 1953 DEBRETT Companion-age – I knew them well 1930s- early 40s =



1940s-1950s - Then psychopaths from HELL rattled chains at me the more as I reached my full height – and at my families ... :


(See photos work `GATES of HELL` 2013 AD – la Gamba –

& me as my grandmother 16th century MAGGIE RANSOM dau. F.RANSOM & 2nd marriage LADY OKINAWA Lady of JAPAN :   Margaret 1st Carew he dies at Sea with 15 years old son :   she is told by a Renaissance educated King “ ...take another Carew – or I fear he will get himself killed in sword play ...”


 ... “ they hit Venice as before – 2 years and she had made another good man – just the once we must descend here by THE WOMAN, daughter”


says my young father 1938 when Lennie and I have SANCTUS SPIRITUS readings, drawings, charts ... and I am keen to investigate COOKING IN OUR KITCHENS DOWN THE CENTURIES :

 (22 when I am born 1933) –  AH!  DNA prefers men !  

But many have REDEMPTIO-RANSOM pure male DNA from 1st century AD Roman Britain : `MAGGIE Ransom CAREW CAREW Ransom – children grandchildren return to the male line name :   


1943 ... OLD IRISH BALLAD with a moral – SUNG by my great-Aunt ANNIE-Agnes Carroll Williams – MARBLE WORKER & stone = went with Professor MANZONI to help HAROLD RATHBONE Della Robbia Works Birkenhead “ he was no good at business & he could not do portraiture ... with my Professor I went to assist Mr Rathbone ...”


IRISH BALLAD  – “ ... there were two WEE DEVILS PLAYING WITH CHAINS – she picked up the end & dashed out their Brains ...  so the Devil he hoisted her up again on his hump – he was 2 years coming & 2 DAYS going` back ... ... ... ”   


(  NB:  A good article by a TLS Reviewer gives very much a pattern of  psychopath behaviour when MONEY & PROPERTIES are the root cause & then how brutality RULES from power  = see TLS review on EDMUND CAMPION 29 January 2016 AD ... )     



Earlier READERS know how to




have a chat – wander in and out


of TIME -  emerge with common


sense and a sense of DIRECTION ...  Document in 3 parts `scaffolding` for the work following – we begin with THE BEST HOLIDAY OF ALL `1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis, Greta-Greetah RANSOM, at CLACTON-on-SEA and JO our Queen a young Lady making NOTES for her future writings, her books ... She fell to her death from a Railway Train 1944 November – having been visited by 2 British Gunmen sent to get from she and ANDRE MALRAUX letters & Documents sent legally to him from NEW YORK Grote Brokers, and Argentine :  He was away, she did not know quite where in that 2nd WORLD WARTIME ...


(  I have tried make sense of the many Reports – a piece called `1944 JOSETTE and an (often Cosmopolitan world) friend DRIEU (Pierre Drieu la Rochelle READER knows I do not often step outside the mass of Reports – but I am hearing so much of all this from NIGHTWATCH 1960 into early 1970s : )  


1960 January :  REPORTS under NIGHTWATCH Colne Engaine :

PHILIP SILVERLEA - The mother and families of Josette give Records to Philip Silverlea of RADLEY College a British School - Music Master until 1916 Butterworth composer `Banks of Green Meadows, etc :  Philip Argentine and Welsh grandparents to ARGENTINE a young friend, wife 2 children, visits FRINTON-on-SEA and Walton-the-Naze, and CLACTON-on-SEA ... ALL YOUNG PEOPLE making friends with GORDON and RANSOM families – healthy young minds and a Code of Honour ... & www.ancestryandtruetales-com and un-edited & edited-WORDPRESS ...


I new to this modern technology having come from typewriters-handwritten documents-print and the other means of communication late 19th century 20th centuries :  NB:  DO NOT LOSE YOUR HISTORY OF COMMUNICATIONS – especially 20th century PAPER and PRINT then into the MIRACLE of Communications Electronic and INTERNET – do not let the INTERNET be controlled by CIRCE :






 “ as we had in the Old Days of Ireland when we all lived on the Farms ... this Soup Tureen belonged to our Grandmother Anne O`Brien, to her grandmother`s  grandmother that is  ...



(I  age 10 years am very happy that we shall use this at the exciting SUPPER she is planning – Here I think we are back in THE ARMADA TIMES of Old IRELAND ... )






collected by poet-Saga


teller, one HOMER –


ILLIAD and ODYSSEY  :     






Consult publications











CLACTUNA Anglo-Saxon


name ...






I `Greetah`Frobisher Weddell M.Cae.


Ransom gt-niece calling with school-


friend at “STELLA MARIS” on ANNIE-


artist S.Ireland-Wales & Liverpool-


Manchester b.1878 Manchester=d.1973





ANNIE Cl.W. potters mark -  sculpture stone & marble/terra-cotta work/design & drawings : trained and employed with MANZONI Granville Marble Works= accompanies he to help the Della Robbia Pottery Crafts-works of HAROLD RATHBONE=others=& for Roman Catholic Church & Southern Ireland :



(Curiously–DEUS VULT- he HAROLD RATHBONE becomes by marriage great-great Uncle to my only 2 children allowed – little Peter 1970-1998 Photographer-philosopher exploring `fragility of childhood` = and V-A named for the 2nd Legion Roman Empire  :


The Roman Empire Regiment may have visited CAMULODUNUM or camped nearby – we staff never sure – but her name would have gladdened HAROLD Walter POULTER a great man – he would have said  “Chuffed ! I am chuffed Child”  = He studied all over CHINA history of bronze making 2 years “ ... before the Boxer matters ...” :  “ Then went to Camborne School of Mining – felt I should have some qualifications on a bit of Paper at 29 years of age = then out EAST again Child near 20 years


“  It would smite your heart to see what the EMPIRES were doing -  children 2 to 14 years employed to make BRASS - for them ... !   If lucky to be in the catering businesses they MIGHT make 20 even 30-years of age :  THE STUFF WAS PUT IN THE RICE BOWL IN THE SOUP POT ... THEY HAD NO MEMORIES – lived & died LIFE WAS SO CHEAP !   IT BROKE YOUR HEART – ALL THE EMPIRES WERE OUT THERE ... !   My families QUAKER got respect – we learned a little MANDARIN and were passed from one good family to the next – I and a colleague lucky to see ALL of CHINA before the `Boxer` ...


H.W.P. says 1953 of young Emperor ANDRE MALRAUX “crème-de-la-crème intelligence – you can rise no higher = but OUT EAST a clever woman could always find a wily Chinese to help her for BRASS provide MEANS to keep hold of a husband losing interest – Its come over from PARIS - he has been got hold of by this first Cat ... They want him FREE ... do your duty as before ... This old WINNCLEMAN just died could have told us so much ... Gee whizz we are in difficult times  ... ...  nation set back 100 years, Child ... ”


1953-1954 - But Master Graham Greene, novelist & R.C. Convert= Film `HARRY LIME` -  who scribbles some days in the CASTLE crypt of the Church that was once above, and DONOVAN Bookseller STRAND London and Museum Street COLCHESTER did not know of the many good people who could give help in what was horrifying them  (DEAD GROTE CHILDREN about the GLOBE)  but they did recognize EVIL about us :  They did not tell `old Poulter`  too much about a Genocide to Grote Homes of the RANSOM Estate :   Mr Poulter was now into his 70s – often worked a 16 hours day – His post is Deputy Curator of Colchester & ESSEX Museums  - it could mean dashing about the County of Essex and even into Suffolk ...


A FEARFUL MATTER THEY KNEW – the THOMAS Imm.GROTE Read HOMES for Children had thousands of slain children around the earth – the Mediterranean from the 2nd World War had dead worldwide children in GB.RN nets = tropical shores had children burned in Pits ... and sadly EUROPE ... :


Nota bene :   www. 20ll AD onwards ... web sites : etc :   Our Reports tell the GENOCIDE in `1937 SUMMER etc ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE CLOTIS ` `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts 2011 first issue – the work in depth continued on 3 sites and with good human beings helping – the dovetailing of the Records, our experiences live, had us all breaking up 1990s onwards  :  Keep our www internet FREE to tell the TRUTH please :








2nd World War :   CHRISTMAS EVE at


CLACTON-on-SEA = Plans November-December



My great-Aunt born1878 Annie-Agnes Carroll Williams, a STONES worker & ARTIST says seriously in her aesthetic-thoughtful-Irish ROMAN CATHOLIC holy LUCRETIUS manner ... she youngest dau of 5 of  (b.1839-d 1880)  TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST married John O`Brien WILLIAMS-Superior Silver-engraver, technology Inventor ... )


“ Well,  now we shall not be seeing Mr HITLER coming over to our Sea shores,  and we are back in our own home, I am planning for this XMAS EVE 1943 A SUPPER ~

It will be after the Midnight Mass – so it will be Christmas Day dawn when we have finished eating – I have some fine Sherry put by & a friend who has a Cellar will bring 2 bottles of his best he tells me ... I have asked for white wine & red wine ... & there will be fruit drinks for children and some of the others : 



I am making notes that corner the kitchen table and on the corner of our Dresser ... My daily preparations, the Progress in the Kitchen:   As I have said - it will be for an After Midnight Mass Supper = as we had in Old IRELAND on our farms ... that is before I was born :  Our RATION BOOKS will allow such a Supper – and good Souls growing vegetables have been advised and say`th what they will let me have ... I have talked to the Greengrocer who plays for the Cricket Team & called at our Co-op & discussed the Menu & what can be ordered from them and put away with them in their cold room - or to come here  ... ”


“ I have heard about these Old Ireland SUPPERS for the Christmas Eve - from your great Aunt Bessie Martha who knew well our Grandmother Little White Nun Anne O`Brien & has been told by her what they were like in the Old Days = I was too young & only remember Grandmother Anne mostly from some photographs :   Well then, this is grandmother Anne`s Family soup tureen- but that is, it is the soup tureen of her grandmother`s grandmother:   And there is some other pieces of China come to us – I shall want them down from that top cupboard ...”  

( ? 1st Elizabethan ENGLAND Empire ?  ARMADA TIMES ... ? )







via Manchester-Liverpool-Clacton-ROME-the globe : 





& O`GRADY & others ...  


1940s - ANNIE Agnes Carroll WILLIAMS - Arts & Crafts Worker student MANZONI Marble Works – her statues were in Church Yards and Churches = assisted Harold Rathbone Della Robbia)  Liverpool – Welfare Mission with sister Bessie Martha Williams at Walton Liverpool & then in London :


“ After our Grandmother ANNE died then her son our father died when I was 10 - but my 4 sisters continued my education with good people ... I am making notes to add to the work of our beautiful holy mother who worked with a sculptor a Master `Penumbra` & their purpose was exploring GREEK THOUGHT with his carvings and her writings ... She could not get EMPLOYMENT at the new Manchester College-University because she was a married woman and had 5 daughters and a son in South America – even though we were well-to-doo and she employed nursemaids and good women to help us all – but they would NOT employ a married woman with Children.  But money was getting short in the Cities of Manchester and Liverpool because there was not so much to be made in the British Empire overseas ... ” ...    


“ ... Her family, our blessed mother whose mother of the  Murphy of Shipping family = that is the family of her mother who died at her birth, a grandmother we never knew,  she also called Teresa (a former Miss ? I forget her name before she married a Mr Murphy a well-to-doo Iron Master of this successful family Murphy (1839)  ...  Well, when she could not get employment in the Northern Cities, our dear mother that is, her families, our families,  begged her to return to DUBLIN and they would have her with another good house as we her family had on Sackville Street when she married our father   ...”


( Annie-Artist is very careful to explain persons of the family dead before I am born :  But she is also at the same time sketching, preparing vegetables, listening to the BBC Welsh programme sometimes, and reading the Church Times, Irish Times, and re-reading the weeks letters ... She looks at the clock because her sister Bessie must have a hot dinner midday = then she Bessie is OFF like a fairy to her various Welfare matters about CLACTON town and area ... )


“ ...  Alas they were told, her Dublin families,  she wished to stay and try get employment in Liverpool where a University was forming ... She and others they felt it was wrong not to employ women who had adequate care of their children  ... She had so much to teach on GREEK THOUGHT ... being young she was anxious to pass on her work ... to have two or three days TEACHING ... ” ... 


NB :  KEEP THE INTERNET FREE – so that TRUTH can be broadcast ... DO NOT LET CIRCE RULE the GLOBE ...




Continuing : 1943 Nov–December = CLACTON-ON-SEA 2ND W. War :



Great Aunt ANNIE Agnes ARTIST to her great niece Greta RANSOM (1943-1947 ):


Annie says “ ...  Our dear Mother Teresa, her work was PLATO-Harmony and the thoughts = those times – I have a file on her work but she died when I was about 2 years old – my sisters remember her well, of course :  She became ill with the Influenza ... times became bad Manchester – they did not have enough MONIES coming into this Country from its Empire = our dear Father no longer received Work for his Superior Silverwork and died when I was 10 years – our only brother John went to Central America = he wrote me letters of the beautiful countryside = but he died when I was 7 years – I have his letters ... John had been given a very good education by our families – he died of a Fever – our dear Father became ill – Your Aunt Bessie knows what it was like in those years that is why she and others, some young Priests in training allowed to help, began our MISSION – many well-to-doo women & their daughters helped when they could – but they had to be quiet or it could affect their men-folk in Business and Trade ”  :



“ Your Grandmother Mary Helena  (age 8 years)  was very angry upon the death of our dear Mother - & she would not enter the world of Learning of her mother, our mother that is ...  :  at age 12 years she apprenticed herself to a Milliner for 8 years - it was they paid for all the materials for her wedding to your Grandfather – she had to make it all herself – she chose white with pink Polka dots  (It was in Manchester newspaper)  – I have photos of the wedding and I am wearing a white organza frock with a bright pink sash & have a tiny basket with flowers – her going-away outfit was petunia a colour your Grandfather adored – The wedding was very well attended and set a fashion in other colours other than the Bride wearing white (1890) , and the firm who had trained her gathered many Orders from her designs and the colours ...  then they the newly wedded pair left for 2 months Honeymoon visiting all our Irish relatives – it was on horseback :   


Our sister `Mary Helena Carroll` as she called herself, had already begun her own Millinery Firm ... although she was a Representative of the Firm she trained with – they had sent her to France to represent the firm in her training – she had all her materials from them and they supplied her with help when she had heavy work for the London Season –


(NB:    Firm may be called Millicent`s of Manchester -  says Auntie Esther Mary Gordon,  Mrs Fred Potter son of the LIFEBOAT genius and owner of the CLACTON Town Newspaper R. Potter ... he went out 19th century on LIFEBOAT RESCUE into those wild East Anglia seas ... families histories my work ... )  (Esther the beauty of our families-1913-2012 AD – 19 when I am born 1933 – she too calls ANDRE `dear Andre` ... she one of many who can recognize total GOODNESS in a human being ... )


ANNIE-artist continues : 


 “ But a great tragedy occurred to our families :

... She, our sister, worked only for Catholic families – they begged her to help just the once a Protestant family – it was THEY, this Protestant family,  did not tell her that the Nursery staff had left because of Scarletina – Our niece Elizabeth 12 years went up to see the children of the family and found a strange Nurse there – it was Elizabeth brought the disease back to the others & died =  Anne 8 years, Edward 9 years died ... then 2 more small children : 


You see our sister had her family made – she had plans for their education – and to show them the globe by travel with our Cousins THE MURPHYS who had ships going everywhere – our dear mother Teresa had travelled with them and seen all THE ANCIENT SITES of the world  : 


So your Aunt Bessie and I decided to leave our Mission at Walton ( in good hands)  and come to London to help our sister ... she had a collapse ... I believe we should be grateful to have known them, these little people – And remember the happiness they gave us ... so we always have a Mass on their birthdays and we have Charities for them ... :



(( NOTA BENE :   Before banning 2016 AD by big Google et al business forces, my Family Hh HH HHistories brought great comfort to worldwide Readers ... Beware CIRCE mentalities shaping our lives and those upon the ROUND Globe ...   : ))





(ANNIE-artist will comfort Georges-Andre Colonel MALRAUX with these words when he comes A WIDOWER of Josette May 1945 to our SEAS EDGES ...


... CLACTON ... here I was with he and Josette near 2 months 1937 SUMMER :  `Never was there such a holiday` said gently my Grandmother Jean nee Weddell ballerina Mrs FCFR November 1937-  when I relate all the so many things we did day after day – and LENNIE takes all down in his Tagebuch – and he will read this back 1960 HOLIDAY of the LAST FALL to the 2 sons of Andre & Josette ... Pierre b 1940, and Vincent b 1944 –


How they laughed to know their parents when they were young ... they had never known them so ... and Greetah told him that `he had not her perspicacity quite` and `he must cure his `quick-fire` speech ... and she had been to a Lecture Colchester in march by Teilhard de Chardin and thought he was telling how to rest your mind on a STAR – and Andre let her do this – and he was still trying to get his mind-his brain back from that STAR – only she could not quite remember if it was left or right of ANDROMEDA ! ... Our ships seemed to be on even keel and set for a fairish sale ...




ANNIE-artist 1943 `Stella Maris` kitchen - CLACTON :


“ ...  but our sister your Grandmother now,  she was an important Singer in our Churches as a small Child – she understudied a piece for the Composer Claude Debussy in case `A Gentle-woman` she knew got the Influenza – in Paris it was I believe :   But your Grandmother was never a professional Singer Oh No! – She had her Family and Work and could help with ours :    She would sing to help out a friend or nice people :  a young man (Budd Flannegan) who lodged in hay above the Coach House in the big The High-Gate house used to have her go and sing at Music Hall events- it helped them get more engagements ... any money she earned went to them or they all put it in the POOR BOX – but her singing helped he and other young people in the entertainments careers they had chosen :  but she had lost children in an Epidemic called in those days SCARLETINA – it was felt this might help her recover ...” 


“ She was not to tell your Grandfather George she sang for them in public and in a Music Hall ~ and they smuggled her lovely frock out of the house – I think she was called `Darling Mary` on the stage – she sang in between their Acts = I always thought our brother-in-law George did know - but as he was then joined to the Metropolitan Mounted Police, having come from a Lancers Regiment,  perhaps his Superior felt it should be kept quiet, as we were well-to-doo families both sides ...”


“... And his side, the Gordons had always been a big Clan of Scotland = His family many years before had helped a young woman of the Clan a Catherine Gordon – the families had Coal Mine interests all together – Catherine got a bad husband who spent all her Fortune :  but her only SON became a Poet who fought for GREECE ... and lost his life ... he was maturing as a Poet ... I often think of how he would be writing when he got to our age ... (Christened George Gordon BYRON )


“ ... I will tell you more as you get older ... You have heard from our friends in the town that there was a GREAT WAR and many of them fought in it = it was soon after the ship TITANIC sunk with many of our Irish people ...

When we came to buy our house and live here I remember there was a film by a Mister LANG called METROPOLIS ... it had us all become thoughtful after seeing it at the Cinema ... BUT we are winning in this War ... the newspapers are hopeful nowadays – although a lot of lives are being lost ...”


“  I must be occupied with many things now we are returned from Manchester – my PLANS are to put the Midnight Supper in the dining-room I think ... perhaps I will put two tables together  with a white cloth - with evergreens and some of our little statues of Saints and the Holy Family amongst the dishes   ... and we will give Thanks that Mr Hitler has not crossed the Seas to this country ... The Priests and others will call here first and will give a Blessing & Father W. may stay for the Supper = some may go on to other houses where people are poorly and give them good cheer for the New Year ... Your grandmother has gone to our relatives in MANCHESTER –the Hospital are firm and say she is in need of a rest ” ~


1943 December :    “ Your mother,  our niece Teresa Elizabeth,  the Godchild of Bessie,  is invited to the Supper after Midnight Mass =  unless she has pressing invitations from her London friends ... I do not know ... If she comes to us I hope she will not wear her Black Shirt  ... ... ... ... ”


“  I believe one of her companions of that Movement is lodged awhile in a Prison  (Sir Oz Mosley) ...

A Prison where we used to all visit when she got herself in  ! 

That was well before she met your good young father – and before you were born – We over here, & all of our families coming from Ireland too to give her cheer & advice to stay away from her fashionable friends – which she has not yet had the sense to do ~  But visiting her Prison we had opportunity to speak with many unfortunate persons in the Prison -  at Holloway London it was ... ”



( NB :   The Irish cousins have a baronetcy & some Sir-


ships for their very rational behaviour to GET IRELAND


FREE ... We all try NOT to have to fight ...G.R.    



1943 November-December CLACTON-on-SEA :  That week Annie-Artist spoke more families history – which I am very keen to collect (plump, beautiful expressive periwinkle blue eyes, pretty face, black-blue naturally tight curling hair cascades to her waist-she pins it up or fixes it under a bonnet but it always strays around her shoulders = her clothes mid-calf as she and the young Craft-Artists of 1890s-1900s wear in photos Glasgow-Liverpool-Manchester) :  one could not think of her as old but as an older girl at a big school  ...


Miss ANNIE-Agnes Carroll Williams 1878-1972 : 

 “ ... When I began work (1895) age 17 I was encouraged to carving holy figures at the Granville Marble Works - I first made a work of Saint Anne in our grandmother`s name – :  Then I went with my Professor Mr Manzoni to help Harold Rathbone at his Pottery, he had no head for business and could not do portraiture ... I helped decorate the work of the Firm`s pottery with a girl her father had called Cassandia – but her mother added Annie ... I will draw you the tiled mantelpiece made for the Rathbone family – 3 portraits of his sisters, and Cassandia-Annie and I were allowed to decorate the portraits fashioned by Prof. Manzoni ... lilies and leaves ...”

(gift to little Peter & V-A from Israphel Fairrie Rathbone 1980s)


“ ...  I have been thinking of all this now that we know this WAR against Mr Hitler will be won ... It was my Professor who advised me to keep beside my bed with my Bible a copy of LUCRETIUS and always read a passage from both before going to sleep and after saying my Prayers ... and I still do so ... ”


1945 JUNE she Annie-artist  & Bessie Martha and the Widower of Josette Clotis mother of his two tiny sons Pierre & Vincent will go `hammer & tongs` at these TWO GOOD BOOKS : 


He Georges-ANDRE,  refers to these daughters of Teresa M. CARROLL Classicist  “GREEK THOUGHT”  as  “MY INTELLECTUAL EQUALS”  ... until the end of his life 1976.





READER can turn to SEAMISTS SUPPER `Stella Maris` 10 Granville Road CLACTON-on-SEA my observation and understanding of this SUPPER with great minds to LEAD the BLESSED ANDRE out of HELL ... Advice is not to take the Robe but journey on for there is so much to do to discover ... `1937 SUMMER on ... `







1945 June~ CLACTON ~ Clactuna  




(to be repeated August JAPAN -





Creeping up from sea & beach into CLACTON town ... and passing The Convent of Order of Poor Saint Clare they were around my knees late afternoon-that special early evening ... That evening, I age 12 years,  not invited of course,


(even though he is my 1937 GUARDIAN until I 25 years old)


had me pass & re-pass by `Stella Maris` 10 Granville Road thoughtfully  ... wondering if I might see the Widower of Josette arrive ... then fearful hurried away to The Recreation Ground ...

WHITE MISTS - WHITE MISTS ... they swirled around my ankles as far as the big REC Gates which was unusual :  where the drinking trough was for horses, and still the chained heavy short Iron Cup for passers by ... I opened the door to `The Pearly House` 112 Vista Road –


1945 June ... He Colonel ANDRE George-Widower,  has already come in and I have made him a cup of tea – shown him MY reading books – history and 5 vols on `Reformation of the Tithes etc of Anna-Gloria` :  he preferred to read the HOTSPUR comic ... had read Film Fun... Hhum !  BUT BEWARE OF `STILL A BOY` ... and its `crème-de-la-crème intelligence ... ... ... I sing in the Our Lady Church choir with him ... We will stop him taking THE ROBE by performing the FULL 1610 MASS ... he beside me as we share a big Book of  the music and Latin text ... JULY 1945 :    HE WILL NOT NOW TAKE THE ROBE ~ `1937 SUMMER` & other pieces = especially  `THE NAIL IN YOUR HEAD` & `ALMOST A GHOST STORY` helps READERS understand PSYCHOPATHS –

“ who have picked up `fag ends` in the MILAN gutters of FUTURISM Manifestoes – quoting MARINETTI on certain `hooting evil` bar-rats 1920s-1930s :   














... But from Christmas 1938, and recently Christmas 1944/1945,  with my arms already filled with dead children of our THOMAS GROTE HOMES – Uncle Thomas who walked with JESUS on one Shoulder and LUCRETIUS on the other ...


CLACTON ... 1945 the SEA MISTS so WHITE rising to my knees =  seemed to be little Thoughts from young Souls  ...



ANOTHER GREAT JOURNEY with EVIL accompanying  GOOD has begun







1943 the Children of Tiggy,  my Family,  are being horribly slain to make psychopaths rich ... they of Scotland & Scandinavia  :  THIS WORK is to put back upon the earth these victims, MARTYRS, to have many of their names spoken read again – To have hidden this GENOCIDE is an obscene crime added to the obscene crime said to be “ the greatest crime of Civilization – the clowns – the clowns – they have gone mad – it is the greatest crime of the earth ...”  (speaks a stunned noble Lord amongst those many evil)


1960 discovery = City of London 1960s crushed by the fully revealed extent of the crime = as explained by British Territorials & others of free nations outside the British Empire and Commonwealth =  some who had seen the dead children in pits during the 2nd World War report more and more :

(1969 my father ex-Army Captain FJR and his USA citizen brother Dr John RAY R. – to return from G.B. to USA for Senate Duties, are murdered horribly = leaving LIR in hiding-protection where he can find it =


ANDRE MALRAUX comes and goes from HARWELL village

( USA - Big Society & Magazine USA all those called Harwell descended from 2 lines – 1985 was run by NASHVILLE Press – visited – responsible for building BALIOL College)   He would like to visit often The Pillar House and accompany I and the 4 children to Museums and historic towns, and visit our relatives at CLACTON seaside :   The Pillar House is where the immortal story books for Children were drawn by L.Leslie Brooke published 1900s by Warne – well known to Americans : But psychopaths and drug-addicts rush and gush about the first Cultural Minister of FRANCE  – Once Andre MALRAUX retires 1969 and has no Salary various `HOB GOBLINS` & spiteful PIXIES wish to LOCK HIM UP so that he CANNOT SHOW A COPY of the legal WILL = British press duck and run :


1960 onwards - The threats upon us all mounted ... children to have no education ... homes to be searched ... ANDRE MALRAUX dies 1976 – it got worse by 1978 & crimes being committed on tropical shores by the criminally insane dope-addicts who PIMP upon the vulnerable :  I was born into this 1933 with a 22 years old polymath father of families Ransom-Frobisher-Weddell- Yah.Josef San JULIAN f. San Miguel of PERU & Portugal & San Sebastian etc – and my grandpa 4 times back 6` 5inches tall genius Poul Gronlander et al ... and insulted into my 20s sometimes called `Ape-Eskimo` by Aristocrat Gross Britain its JURASSIC BOGGIES  :   Hidden my first months by the ARMY Barracks Colchester `Daughter of the Regiment`  I survived but collecting scars and a damaged right shoulder and arm :




have ALWAYS kept getting


off the HEARSE run by two


Scotland Tribes of JURASSIC


BOG TROTTERS ...      



(My great Aunt Miss Annie Agnes Carroll Williams born 1878 the last daughter of the CLASSICIST  (1839=1879/80) Teresa Murphy Carroll Mrs John O`Brien Williams Superior Silversmith and Inventor of some useful technology for those in the building of the great MANCHESTER LIVERPOOL buildings ...  (To be practical – MENU is in this work 2011 but I should repeat it and add more montage sheets ... ... THIS TO COME ... )




MEMO – Let us all be sensible :


HEAVEN HELL on EARTH - but look at the STARS,  and beyond ...

Should the Modern person not see that NASA & all SCIENCES should be given all GOVERNMENTS SUPPORT ... As the earlier READERS know I do NOT enter POLITICS – and felt it `beneath my thousands of years old families charted back into my INCA Peoples, that ANDRE MALRAUX got into these areas of HUMANITAS – when he was so clearly shaping for joining with us `COMING ON BOARD` =  But the assembly of this work GENOCIDE of THOMAS Imm.(Tiggy) GROTE – My Uncle TIG`s  REAL HOMES for CHILDREN tells why ... His Curriculum is the birth-right of ALL CHILDREN :



1937... A massive well organized DECEIT (smoldering from 1930) kept from ANDRE MALRAUX his GUARDIANSHIP of the HOMES and RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts worldwide – A role he was most suitable for after his young experiences ASIA ... and then SPAIN ...



ANDRE MALRAUX = READ HIS BOOKS but remember the age he is when he writes them – stop BAR RATS & disciples of CIRCE `bitching` about his budding young mind ... And stop them sneering at his `CLASS` :   He is raised by 3 GRACES – their lives show nothing so useful happened to them ...  ALSO HIS MOTHER HAS A 900 YEARS ANCESTRY, Families HISTON, Norfolk-Suffolk EAST ANGLIA ... and she would stay with them when she was a child ... they gave her some income when she married – she put it away for her children – one died – one survived – TO GRACE THE WORLD ...



PS.  Good folk might like to visit East Anglia – print out


`SUMMER 1937` - and walk in


our footprints along the SEAS EDGES – from 92 AD to


1976 November ... 




I Greetha Frobisher Weddell


Maureen Caecelia Ransom  


(granddaughter Mary Helena Williams


Gordon)  WILL ADD montage & MENU


the 1943 CHRISTMAS EVE – after




“as we had in the Olde Days in Old


Ireland 17th=19th centuries :  Families






Peerage   READERS have enjoyed re-


creating this historic cooking :




1957-1960 - 50 St Edmund House, Lancaster Gate Square and The Colne Engaine Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis : 


A form of a  DIARY WHEN ALL MY jottings were stolen ...








Descended one line from Families


HISTON 9th century AD Norfolk ...



(possibly held some OFFICE under ROMAN BRITAIN – check out HISTON(e) Oh Yee SCHOLARS and WE the lesser mortals ... while ALL must enter MODERN BUSINESS STUDIES ...)



... That is my voice

And is HIS voice ...

Thus to us he spoke

(softly ... softly)

Just audible above our

Tears and our sighs,

Promising to re-write



PERHAPS ... for the next Performance ... ? ”



Nota Bene :  OH EVIL LORDS & FALSE BARDS & SCOTS Reviewers ... MOONLIGHTING EARLS & their GHOULS ...  do not `knick` this because it is engraved upon RECORDS the world and will BITE YOU in times to com`th ...( WORLD should drink America RYE whiskey for safer HEALTH ...


Greetah (Greta Frobisher Weddell M. Cae.  RANSOM )





996 AD Motto OSBERT


RANSOM & wife Alicia=


SATTEUS LAETUS ... let us go forth into


the DAWN with `ROSY FINGERED DAWN` Child of


Early Morn ...  (signed  The Aelovedah-Maria Miss


San Julian her grand-grand daughter INCA-Tierra





ANDRE MALRAUX - oh the ages oh ... TOPSELL`s CAT ... I have put AM `George` in his 20s with me in my 20s ... Greetah RANSOM families Frobisher Weddell SAN JULIAN INCA 

SORROWS the ages ... 1920s-1970s ... he has 2 sons ages 21 and 18 killed in a car accident ... 1961 :  

COLCHESTER MUSEUMS - THE CASTLE - ANDRE MALRAUX & GRAHAM GREENE NOVELIST receive good teaching from HAROLD Walter POULTER who went over CHINA STUDYING bronze making BEFORE THE `BOXER` ... returned degree Camborne School of Mining Corniwall - to be Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex MUSEUMS ... 1934=1962 - WE WERE ALL LIVING IN THE END OF EMPIRES & persons who had not enough MONIES

Greta Ransom old SUFFOLK FAMILY first land bought 92 AD DUNWICH SUFFOLK ...

 I AM TOLD TO BE CHEERFUL - even when the occasions do not require it ... BUT IT KEPT US ALIVE ... Here is Harold Poulter of an OLD QUAKER FAMILY - retired to CAMUDLODUNUM Colchester = a wonderful Pedagogue and friend :   ME age 7 years HADZOR Ward of Captain Barclay - BARCLAY ROMAN CATHOLIC family ... 1941 - My farther sent illegally to PHILIPPINES - HE WAS ORDERS WAR OFFICE HOME DUTIES trained in STORES ... SOME GUNNERY ... B 1911 slain 1969 ... & HIS BRO.Dr.John RAY r. usa citizen - NASA - ANIMAL MANAGEMENT - WASHINGTON STATE OFFICE - TO ENTER AUTUMN into SENATE DUTIES - reports STATE DEpt. & OTHERS 1988 - Petrol poured down his throat at Montrose Basin Farmhouse - he invited in by 4 psychopaths ...