Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges


1936 DIARY :   Len Immanuel RANSOM et al :


PEACE 1936 & for some decades …

I hope not MARTYRS after 1970s …


Then more Gross Britain & Scandinavian VIOLENCE & VIOLENCE 1968-1970s : 


2011 AD = A CONVENT that perhaps needs Protection :  or hath its lands been made BRITISH CROWN LANDS &  ARISTOCRATS & EARLS & their new breed of BUSINESS & FINANCIAL TRICKSTERS now get income for their greed & LEWDER PURSUITS when they go OFFSHORE ???  




… … “  1936 TIERRA DEL FUEGO - you made a pact with a NUN -

 when you had a first baby like the baby Jesus you would build them a new CONVENT :    (she may be a Sister Seraefina ?)


… ` 1936 - You heard how they had lovely summers, and the springs were pretty, and usually the autumns fine … BUT WINTER CAME SUDDENLY & they had to be prepared - they had not thick enough clothes & blankets … sometimes they had to give bedding to those who suddenly arrived in the country … but it was such a lovely place to live when the weather was good :    You had been talking with her in the road after seeing her Convent & chapel & hearing about her life :   She told you they made brushes and brooms & little ornaments which they exchanged for their winter wood - They went to the hospital to help & did lots of jobs :





(   … Yes I GR remember her well & we are standing outside her simple Convent & she has shown me the little chapel … ` … and she tells me that she and other nuns are happy to be Nuns because too many girls are born in some families & you learn when you are growing up that you can help if you become a Nurse or a Nun … you can travel if you are a Nun … she and the others love it here … Oh winter is so sudden & very cold … but the other months are kindly & pretty to the eye …` … )


` You that evening told your father what you had promised when you married :   By now he was used to your generous philanthropy & Aunt Margaret was pleased he had heard from her …  Yes !   She would pay for 15 lavatories at Xristensharb West Greenland …  & a boy descended from Watt Tyler to go to Worcester School …  and a veranda in the Magellan Straights for the old people in summer …


PATIENCE was to be shown to you :  it was becoming clear that you were enjoying your role IN TRAINING to take care of the `JOYOUS VENTURE` around the globe … ` 


 ( … but the American woodchopper paid  -  for he said HE should have thought of this before for the old people - and he put a winter veranda up too - he would tell Aunt Mag in New York & we need not bother to tell GROTE BROKERS … spend the money on something else to help people …  )


So your father went to see the Nuns & arranged that wool blankets and all the things they needed would be coming in a few weeks and they would have a GRANT coming in - they would have winter clothes & their fuel supplied :   This would then release them for more hospital duties & a proper little school could be organised by them :  

(  In the 1960s they were doing very well and even drove cars to go to their Welfare work … )


1936 & in BRAZIL when we called by  :   “ Sister Katherine gave you her confidences … She said they did not grumble … but with a few improvements they could do so much more for everybody they helped in BRAZIL … you said your father was getting it looked into … Yes, it was so sensible not to be cold in winter and have some money to help the very poor …`


 “ … You said LENNIE was going to get more MUSICAL EVENTS going … & more Classes for children to learn all kinds of music as we had everywhere else in the world  … and JEAN your grandmother was a ballerina …    ” 


“ …  Sister Katherine knows the WEDDELL SEA  … and could understand that when we come to South America we are to remember we are of the Weddell Family and the INCA … But when we are in THE NORTH we are Frobisher & Ransom … … … ” 


1936 ROME :    ALL THIS you conveyed to the friend of your Grandmother she of the Irish side … he knew all of her family in Southern Ireland … & Aunt Mag & her family …  :


“  So you told PACELLI  whom they called `young Pacelli`,  of all you had seen … about the Nuns not having warm clothes in that sometimes terrible winter down in TIERRA DEL FUEGO although they loved it because it was beautiful and in the other seasons it was usually mild and warm  … But you could tell him that your father had arranged with Aunt Margareth The Girl of the Snows whom he knew,  that the Nuns had warm bedding , warm clothes,  and household things coming quickly for next winter … so that now they could help much more in the Hospital and have a good school ”  …   :   


“ … He must have been a little surprised at what you at your age had noticed :    but it had him look into matters of funding in South America :


… He decided to ask two young Priests to go and have a look … they found the older Priests in the Vatican a bit stodgy on these matters :   then they had the idea that they take ONE of them with them - he would learn & then he could tell the others :

THUS THIS DOTH COME ABOUT to use your speech …  ” …


“   Mons.  Eugene PACELLI  found your speech with traces of the ancients - no brogue - a clear English tongue but intercepted with medieval writers perhaps … he would make enquiries … But you had found many old people speaking like yourself in lower down  South America … `


“ …  He PACELLI had to be told it was your Essex early QUAKER school days = you went in your pram at 14 months because your mother was at wild times with the Cousins Lindsay when they were in their bolt hole their GRAND on the Clacton seafront - and they all went to much to the RACES :    BUT I DOUBT YOUR FATHER TOLD HIM THAT !   The future Pope,  perhaps should have been told more about their violence against the Estate and us the makers of the Estate - :    But at that time he could easily talk with Aunt Mag - she had a grandson a Priest in Rome - You were found to be a child who was happy with the coming role of taking care of others … ”


“ … Your father a modest young man 22 years of age when you are born was clearly a brilliant human being with a very good soul … PACELLI had known us since we were children = He was always rushing about full of work and so were we and so was Aunt Mag :   she did not climb ships rigging anymore in her Eskimo trousers but she had circumnavigated as much as she could since 1904

 ( when TIG was killed on ARRAN where she owned 98 acres the money paid to those aristocrats 1870s-1880s )  taking care of the HOMES established by TIGGY …  It was well known he was slain by aristocrats 1904 on ARRAN but it was felt wise not to have her know too much …`


“ … Her health was first class but she was born in 1841 & raised half the year on the family Island Jacopsholmen West Greenland - she spoke 12 languages or more at University level … she had friends of eminence & learning - these are people who do not expect to get their pictures in newspapers all the time … 7 they live quietly & travel without fuss and publicity …  :

 … At 80 years she was seen on ship board dancing like a fairy and conversing in several languages with very scholarly persons :  She had been visiting the Vatican since she was 11 with her parents & they were invited to tell the Popes of intelligent developments about the globe : `


“  We all keep a modest presence about the world - this is what our Family work is about …”  : 


“  YOU TOLD PACELLI ABOUT YOUR INCA ROLE by way of explanation … why you spoke to the Nun on matters of their household … He learned much … that when they your people the INCA gave you the Role of your grand mother you were to return for more training when 5 years of age  :


You informed him of this ROLE - that as the Daughter of the MOON and the Sister of the SUN you had a special care of the women and children and their homes and their comfort - they must have good household equipment for cooking the food and water nearby and the streets had to be kept clean and clear so that they could go safely shod or barefoot to and fro :


The stores must always be ready for wintertime … it was now easy to have a hospital put up if there was not one … Oh there was lots of nice things to see to … then everyone was able to do more useful things to help everyone :  … ” 


“  PACELLI - he will tell Aunt Mag he is pleased with your training in the family - and he will write or telephone to Mary Gordon & say he was happy to hear all the news of the world … and that you were a happy child … helping with the family works `  :


“ So he decided to send two young Priests and they should see who else of the older Priests they would like to go with them :   They had found them stodgy :  but then they thought about it - if they took one of the old stodgy priests and looked after him so he would not have to suffer hardships then he could come back and tell the others all there was to do :   By now they had spoken with us and with others who worked in South America ” … 


“ …   So progress was made :    We could help the world along :   Better clothes and bedding and kitchen things and enough money coming in for winter wood & to buy simple stores was a good thing for the Nuns :   Then they could help all the time in the hospitals and teach and run schools or have better schools : …


… You had said to him, PACELLI, the younger friend of your grandmother Mary Gordon & her Southern Ireland and Manchester  families … and to our families of the world   … , 


`  that it was like this in East Anglia when we came from Rome with the Romans … all the stores had to be in for winter & then in the Spring everyone was well to go sailing & fishing and trading to the Mediterranean and call in at ROME :   … ”





























I think COLOUR PAGES - if it works - is going to be helpful to the DRAMA of these histories :






1936 ROME    “  …   PACCELI - we think he was getting the message !   Amongst your ` THUS - THEE - THOU - & THEY SPAKE  … then FORTH we GO`eTH … ` He probably did not often have time to have a long chat with a small child … perhaps he had not thought of it before …`  


` PACELLI - he will whole heartedly approve ANDRE MALRAUX as your GUARDIAN 1937 … and GUARDIAN of the great ESTATE  it was felt by everyone concerned the ESTATE would now be safe … MALRAUX a young man of LETTERS could MAKE STATEMENTS to the world …`


`… Young ANDRE MALRAUX was NOT FETTERED  … It was seen in his youthful books he spoke from a good heart - A SOUL in your Religion  :    HE TOO WISHED TO MAKE LIFE BETTER & more COMFORTABLE for the peoples of the WORLD … …   


`  … The antique speech you had acquired from a year and a few months  ?    Well that very good lady, your Clacton Quaker Teacher was coming to 80 years of age … so her speech was like the ancient times … :   from the past centuries when many people came to East Anglia fleeing Religious persecution on the Continent :   


` We had not noticed the old Nonconformist Quaker speech too much with you in England … but then your grandfather Frederick Charles sometimes had some old phrases … perhaps because he had learned OLD ENGLISH at school and gave readings of BOEWULF &  little lectures when he had time … »





1936 -  VATICAN at ROME :  


Above meeting to speak to PACELLI is related to our return from NORD-SUD POLES TOUR October 1935 … we also are engaged to speak with some other persons in France …

The DAUPHIN says that he is NOT leaving his nice house and going to LIVE in `THAT PLACE`   … A woman called ANGELA has told him to MOVE INTO VERSAILLES :    She may have heard she is to have a Crown ? 


NOTA BENE :   June 1936 the illegal kidnapping of me by EARLS of LINDSAY-Lindsey in name of ANGELA nee Bowes Lyon and TERESA nee Gordon  … … they taught ACTING by JIM JONG half-Chinese 2 years training 19-teens PEKIN Chinese OPERA Acting Course :




`  A NICE VISIT by Greta Ransom to ROME`   : 


… an afternoon Appointment VATICAN Office outside in ROME - a circular entrance it seemed to be :   I  GRETA FROBISHER WEDDELL Maureen RANSOM am to see YOUNG PACELLI & tell what I have seen NORD to SUD Poles :    I know of this friend of my grandmother and her Irish side families :   and of my RANSOM families :    He is known as `young PACELLI` to the older members of the Southern Irish and the Manchester families :


Greta Ransom Reporting here :   with much read out from diaries of LIR/JRR/and they commenting on diaries letters my father FJR 1935/1936  when we travelled and I easily recalling events with GRANNY GORDON … 1942 we meet at the Church Fathers House with JAN KARSKI - I am well aware of this 2nd WAR :    Greta Ransom   


ROME  :   I say to my father `are thee not coming with me for the visit ` … He says   ` No - you can talk well enough … he wants to meet you - he has met me before - I may be asked to come back later with Frederick Charles (his father - my grandpa FC Frobisher Ransom )    to tell him things … he knows Aunt Margaret …`    



SCOTS ARISTOCRATS FILL CHARNEL HOUSES non-stop all the 20th century as they circle around the owners of GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` a globe encircling Philanthropy ESTATE in 3 Parts  :    TO THESE PIN PRICK MINDS & PURPLE SNOUTS of Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets this is an ELDORADO and in the way of the GROSS BRITISH EMPIRE ruling the SEAS … But it has falling PROFITS from its EMPIRE … and ARISTOCRATS lack debauching funding :   THE RUDE VERMIN SNEER  `ESKIMOS - APES … NOT ALLOWED MAKE WILLS   :


BY MOONLIGHT WESTMINSTER a GENOCIDE was put in progress 1938 onwards :  






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born 1911 November - a good soldier, scholar - 


1933 March - 1939 XMAS

RECORDS & diaries :    ` VIOLENCE by very distant relations Scotland Aristocrats LINDSAY-Lindsey & their narcotic growing dope-soaked Premier Earls Tribe  :


1932 … SAVAGE blows directed at he FJR excellent British Soldier & the family heir-in-training his daughter `Greetha`  Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM  before & after birth - a blow to her head in her first week of life was intended to kill-cull : 


… The family RANSOM are called `APES & ESKIMOS` by LINDSAY & their chum Bowes LYON = daughter Eliz. ANGELA Marguerite is a penniless Duchess but  insists `THE OLD ESKIMO LEFT IT ALL TO ME` = I NEED NO WILL










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` …  YOUR 1st BIRTHDAY March 11th 1934 …


… when you were one year old we made you a wreath of wild Raspberry leaves, they were soft … just opening for spring … … … 

… you had now fair hair like us - your father had stopped her cutting it to your scalp … :    You were found a most trusting babe  = but alarm spread on your face when you saw her - or them !   


I already understood her as a cruel woman & now I came to know more of THEM - Your father had asked her to keep away from them - LINDSAY calling themselves our Cousins : she would not   …`






 was just us the families = not strangers : 


  NO BLUE RIBBONS in your fair hair =  She kept trying to muddle you over your sex from now on :    WE DECIDED SHE WOULD HAVE NO HAND IN YOUR EDUCATION :


 We put you in a cream coloured frock …

 a yoke had pink & green knot embroidery :    We had the PARTY in the countryside - the weather was fair - a picnic - you were the first baby in the family … the grandchild of my parents :   … `


In your first weeks of life your father had feared for your sanity - he will still have shocks … the blows aimed at your head continued :   `


 ` It was known now she could not be trusted with you alone :    A terrible awakening for us - what should we do :    the LINDSAY EARL kept watch … they wanted you damaged … they cull with blows to the head … they now gave her priceless invitations … Mr JIM JONG was sometimes staying with them in their GRAND on the Clacton Seafront :






` We were soon told by their Doctor friend CLARKE (a creep out of Canada-expelled - he gets to be swiftly a MEMBER of the ROYHAL SOCIETY of HYPNOTISTS :    He who accompanied SHE and the LINDSAY-LINDSEY MOBS to HORSE RACING … CLARKE would scowl, a young doctor,  that WE BLAMED HER for OUR CRIMES …and that we should let her have a good time because of her Prison days … he said we did not give her enough money :     She was given a thousand pounds by our Bankers - she immediately put it on a HORSE - the horse lost the Race - she had marched round the Racecourse waving the money - 


` …  WE COULD DO NOTHING RIGHT :   the mutterings went on at us … LINDSAY relatives and she hissed that we were APES & ESKIMOS  :    I had lived a long time in the Argentine - visits to our relatives there and I often took a Term with the GROTE CHILDREN all over SOUTH AMERICA … At 12 years of age I had 4 languages - Spanish-Portuguese, French, English … some words of German, Japanese, and Russian … all of the RANSOM men had … and some of our mothers & relatives …


`  …  THIS BEHAVIOUR WAS CRUEL & IGNORANT … I had to recognise this … although I was still a boy of 13-14 years old :    It was already my custom to keep a Year Book … I had my music studies, my art lessons … my geography … as well as everything else :     She said I should GO OUT TO WORK … SHE CALLED ME LAZY … & a NOBODY …`


Your father was too patient with her ..

But at the time of your FIRST BIRTHDAY  he  had to take his GUN to them

He told them he would get Army help to do the same to them as they had incited her to do to his CHILD … her first Birthday year :


THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED  :    Your Father had just come back in time into the house - the 15 years old girls who looked after you when they came from the Quaker school had been dismissed :     She had an IRON … the kind used for branding sheep … animals … IT LOOKED LIKE A DEVIL`S HOOF … SHE WAS ABOUT TO BRAND YOUR FOREHEAD :     He struck her away … told her HE WOULD DO THE SAME TO SHE - BRAND ONE OF HER EYES … if he ever found she did anything like this to you :`


` He took his gun and went to them - LINDSAYS … he told them he would get it done to them - all over their faces … Army friends would help :    He said that they knew this went on in SCOTLAND …  THIS FRIGHTENED THEM OFF … Later I learn about a NARCOTIC they grow and all use - it has them insane …


`  …  BUT YOU WERE NEVER SAFE … your arm damaged …an attempt to burn your hair off with paraffin … the NAIL in your HEAD when they knew the WILL was accepted worldwide & operating after the killing of Aunt Mag :    That same day of the nail in your head had been the attack on my fingers with an axe … to stop my musical performances … I was becoming good at several instruments learned in the Argentine …`    


(DIVINORUM SALVIA PELLETS - fire blown they stuff them up their snouts - it HITS their brains in 2 seconds - gives maniacal strength and hate …)  


` …You were to be 19 years of age :    A SUPPER PARTY WAS ARRANGED FOR YOU AND YOUR RELATIVES AT THE SEASIDE :    We were fooled again … as when you had your earlier birthdays after the WAR :    


 ` By 1945 your poor Father had learned of the GENOCIDE worldwide of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ...  SHE had their protection - your Aunt Miss Winifred Gordon had not done as the Marital Court Ordered 1946  ` SHE WAS TO BE IN AN ASYLUM WHILE THE 3 CHILDREN FINISHED THEIR EDUCATION - THIS WOULD BE FOR NOT LESS THAN 10 YEARS … another Court had sat in private - there was the matter of a small boy tipped over the great Iron Railway Bridge at the end of the War :   


`  She had served another PRISON SENTENCE 1941 December to 1942 February - But this Worcester Wiltshire Court ORDERED she serve TWO YEARS - then be TRANSFERRED to a LUNATIC ASYLUM … they heard that the WAR OFFICE would get Officer/then Captain F.J. RANSOM back from abroad :    It was known he never should have been sent in a hurry to the PHILIPPINES January 1940 :

His skills were urgently needed in BRITAIN in the Wartime : 


` …   My brother FJR did not know she had been in PRISON when he arrived back in secret

 with help from good men September 1945  :     This Prison sentence was not revealed until the Marital Court Proceedings August-September 1946 :   It was found that her friend now a QUEEN and a Major James had got her OUT of the PRISON - given her too many LEAVES - and they had said    ` SHE WAS NEEDED TO LOOK AFTER HER SONS `    1946 The Police and others employed in the LAW were most helpful with their Records  =

They had been given serious shocks by her insane behaviour after her Release February 1942 - 1943 - 1944 … … … she was found by SCHOOLS subjecting two of her children to VIOLENCE :  


 ` …  Her sister Miss Gordon was persuaded as the Court Hearings finished by a Bastard nephew a Mr Edward du CANN born 1924 to `NOT SEND HIS MOTHER TO THE ASYLUM` - TO DECEIVE THE TOWN MARITAL COURT for 6 months :   THEN ANOTHER COURT CASE WOULD HAVE TO BE BROUGHT - AND HE AND OTHERS WOULD SEE THAT SHE WON … By then her husband might be DEAD by then :  … `    THIS IS NOT A NATION THAT GIVES JUSTICE to young HEIRS :                    


NOTA BENE:      Officer Captain FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM from Christmas 1939/1940  had his life threatened by JIM JONG now a spoof MAJOR from Buckingham Palace & then Kenya … and the LINDSAY-LINDSEY MOBS … In the PHILIPPINES because he SPOKE JAPANESE he was of use - he also did a magnificent night swim to talk with a General, a most  distant relative of OKINAWA from the 1504 marriage BRUGES  - (see web sites  &

 et al  )














H.H. next














a CROWN of WILD RASPBERRY LEAVES  RUBUS IDAEUS … a deciduous shrub, suckering by buds from the roots :  Habitat hilly districts, woods, scrub and heath :   wild or cultivated :



1960 January-February :  

NIGHTWATCH/DAWNWATCH =  at Colne Engaine :

Records/diaries :     the typical 19th and 20th century VIOLENCE by SCOTS EARLS & LORDS against young heirs :



  1935 Clacton near killings :   1942 killing of 9 years heir CASTLE HEDINGHAM = pay double death duties  :


The following RECORDS 1935 by FJR shows this 1930s violence by hereditary G.B. & Scotland Premier  Earls of LINDSAY gang who will murder the 9 years old heiress of CASTLE HEDINGHAM spring 1942 so they may PAY their forthcoming DOUBLE DEATH DUTIES in 1943 :





 2nd World War :  Records are many :

The records of CASTLE HEDINGHAM made by USA Agents in 1948 are from written records kept in the rear of Buckingham Palace 1942 -

Workers in the British Wartime were very careful to keep records of moneys, resources, spent :     SHE age 9 years IS A MARTYR :


Here the pre-dawn Car arranged will take a Worker to Chelmsford to save resources - it is requested by Major JIM of the Palace Unit Intelligence and an RN Lord who is heir to Earl Lindsay 13 expected to die very shortly :    Earl 12 died 1939 was the brother of Earl 13 … The coming new EARL 14 will have to pay double DEATH DUTIES :   


He, a paedophile,  and JIM JONG now a Major have been regular holidaymakers & part residents since 1910 to the LINDSAY Residence called GRAND at Clacton-on-Sea seafront next ROYAL HOTEL towards Holland-on-Sea …


1939/1942 spring


For some years they have planned murders to lay hands on a fortune in NEWFOUNDLAND & lands = 

the 9 years old girl Miss `UFF-MACDREW at school with GRETA RANSOM Clacton in the weekdays is suddenly the sole heir -

… her father and brother having been too quickly killed in the 2nd World Wartime …

In March 1942 this heir   ( now become the paedophile RN Vice Director of the WRECKED SEAMANS MISSION )   to the dying Earl LINDSAY 13 comes to our school Clacton-on-Sea Llewellyn Road, our Headmaster the musician scholar old Captain Learoy,  and insults in Class a cold winter morning we two 9 years old SEA HEIRESSES :  

After this he got a big bowl from our school kitchen and demanded we all put money in for THE SHIPWRECK MARINERS or something - this money was spent 1942 March in THE ROYAL HOTEL BAR - COINS HAD BEEN MARKED FOR THIS VISIT  :




A SPECIAL NOTA BENE :   He & JIM JONG now a Major with old chum ANGELA ruling the Empire from Buckingham Palace are all 1930s Paris chums … some of them know well Scotland HARRINGTON the queer sadist paedophile b 1912 - This monster with paedophile Continent sentence 1936 is now heading some SCIENTIFIC UNIT Market Hardborough - in 1944 spring it is CHASED OUT OF THE TOWN by GOOD CITIZENS whose sons it has tried molest  :   I HAVE DESCRIBED, with POLICE records, how it appeared WHITSUN at Clacton-on-sea and was HIDDEN in the LINDSAY-LINDSEY Residence called simply  G R A N D :


(((   MORE USEFUL KNOWLEDGE to READER on 1944 - same thugs as in the above and following RECORDS of 1935 and 1942   :


 SUMMER 1944 this HARRINGTON an obscene sadist is seen in PARIS sitting at a Café table with CLARA MALRAUX  :    THE READER WILL PERHAPS HAVE GRASPED BY NOW THAT THESE ARE ALL OLD CHUMS of the 1920s-1930s PARIS days :   & ANDRE MALRAUX IS GUARDIAN TO OUR ESTATE - ORDERS HAVE BEEN ISSUED TO FIND AND KILL MALRAUX the legal GUARDIAN … In October 1944 the British Consul in free France had orders to SEND 2 GUNMEN TO KILL ANDRE MALRAUX and the WOMAN called JOSETTE CLOTIS :   )))





INSERT after the above finishes …












 his Diary of 1935 -

… readings by his brother Dr John RAY Ransom USA citizen :   both MARTYRS :


`  1935 October … before you left for WEST GREENLAND & our National Day…


… Do you remember your father had written an acknowledged masterpiece ` LIFE OF A HAYWAIN` :   he said it just came into his head out of the sea air …


At this time he could not be more distressed by her madness - she was deliberately trying to destroy the reasoning of his parents … now he and his young brother … then you just beginning to learn with the help of the old Quaker teacher & her class …`


` 1935 - He had caught them = they on the seafront … LINDSAYBUGGAHS & thugs - They attacking you one night in the little home he had so tastefully arranged  - he had been made to go out on a not so important matter … you were bleeding on one foot & had been kicked … there was a cut on your brow and your hair might have been used to drag you about your bedroom … He had to fetch his gun to drive them out …




they insisted they LINDSAY-LINDSEY and she had found you attacked & that he and his family were bred with APES …` …


 `  …  people said he should …    CAST HER DOWN from A HIGH PLACE  reference is from illustrations from history and bible - popular paintings as John Martin & genre … 


` …  Your father FJR my brother  … he writes in his Diary ` that he could not take her up to a high pinnacle & cast her down` :   he could not behave like them the LINDSAY & scum of Scotland & those who had now clambered on board our Family Estate   


…  He again tried get her treatment … if she went to a Clinic her  friend  (A Duchess now)   ANGELA Bowes Lyon got her out :  `


`  Your father …  he lists the help up to then they had tried get her …his parents the rest of the family including her Gordon family … but nothing was allowed to help … :








…  She had been told to maim you and then they would lock you up, say the family Ransom had done it, and CLAIM THE ESTATE … using moonlight LAW to make you `WARD of COURT ` :   they had been up to these tricks for some generations :   Our grandparents were murdered to lay hands on this family Estate … our father lived because he was hidden & his name changed … a hilltop school found … they proved to be loyal Guardians : `


`  Your father a young man with a brilliant mind, genealogy he excelled at said the experts who helped him with a project … he wrote you a POEM …   He notes that he saw you in your 2nd year come striding towards him with intelligent expression … you had smiles for dogs and cats - in spite of the violence shown your young body you could notice your surroundings and express joy : 

He had feared for your brain : `  


` …  The poem you should try and recall - it is called ` The Rag & Bone man & his kind DOG` … a subject not unknown … YOU LEARNED IT and he knew from your expressions you understood :    He now knew she could not be trusted with her Noble friends - and our cousins from our grandmother THE LINDSAY … all gone mad long ago on drink and heavy DOPES … one dope he later learns they grow with others in Scotland  `  : 


DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND :    the Scotland Nobles export it to factories THE EMPIRE employing children from 2 years of age onwards = the tiny children die from 9 to 15 years of age :   But British ARISTOCRATS get money to LIVE and misbehave … killing the more for the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE lands and moneys … :  


Extracts :    1960 NIGHTWATCH Jan/February :    Dr John RAY Ransom reading his brothers diary entries & his own notes … and ` LETTERS from JEAN - my mother they have murdered still dancing … … …`






 NB:    This will be Dr John RAY Ransom, USA citizen age 2 - he was attacked & maimed age 1 month c 1917/18 by 2 LINDSAY women who came in the family Carriage to do this one Wartime night - he the 2nd son of JEAN nee Weddell, widow Aquida Smith, 2nd marriage Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom parents of Dr John RAY - he with 3 degrees Astrophysics/Animal Management/LAW :


READER can find COLNE ENGAINE 1960/61 throughout this continuing work which commenced on internet January 2011 `Document in 3 Parts` scaffolding

1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND - the date of the Year begins all entries :    Shorter relevant pieces are on







Nota bene :   1969 Gross Britain :  Both my father FJR & his brother Dr John RAY R. are murdered by aristocrats of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & the CROWNS & ghouls come out of Norway & Denmark :   I growing up & working at Colchester Museums, City of London etc., BM Natural History, found my name RANSOM attracted aristocrat criminally insane & very evil creatures - I had to always take care never to be alone :


The top of the Class pyramid of Gross Britain had allowed its Aristocrats to use the infrastructure of the British nation to HIDE & remove RECORDS of their GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide during the 2nd World War :   Massive moneys from illegal sale of our lands was distributed between them all - it could also be kept offshore & `wheeled & dealed` with :  some of them PAY NO INCOME TAX …


Their National secret Industry was to FIND all GROTE ex-students worldwide and kill them & their families & trace and kill ALL persons who knew too much about the GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN … When GROTE HOMES killings began in 1938 Christmas NORWAY it was intended to DUMP the CRIME on the NAZI Regime :   But they & the German people did not interfere ever with GROTE HOMES for ORPHANS - aware the children came out highly educated and took jobs in medicine, sciences, natural history … The rule of TIGGY GROTE was `we do not fight` - but you may one day have to make a decision when you are grown-up  - but try reason in all worldly disputes if you can … `


Thomas Immanuel Grote Homes began by him TIGGY age 23 years old 1864 & by 1870 were worldwide on RANSOM family lands =  TIG married Margareth nee Ransom :   TIGGY left the RANSOM family SHOELESS for the first years but our GREEN & GOLD trading high standards, especially in worldwide transport, had us recover :   their only son Basil was poisoned in a cup of tea  by the LINDSAY GANG in October 1933



… Tiggy had his father & Uncle begin a little honourable firm GROTE BROKERS in 1831 New York … no paved streets and they are just off the future Wall Street in a brown painted wood boards building with a notice board outside :   They, of West Saxony,  are relations of the now well known 18th century GROTE German family of PHILANTHROPY :  The mother of TIGGY is a great niece of FREDERICK IMMANUEL KANT = FIK who liked to THINK in the 18th century = but he got impatient with fools questioning him when he got older :  


1883 - A marriage made by a grandchild of Earl Lindsay, 1883 St Magnus the Martyr City of London, Thames,  Millie Frobisher to John Ransom had the LINDSAY Premier Earl of Gross Britain & Scotland CLAIM ALL THE RANSOM WORLD ESTATE including the GROTE HOMES so he could demolish them & stop other nations having an educated workforce :   1884 after the marriage he  had them brought back from a world tour & removed their PASSPORTS  - From now on LINDSAYGANG robbed us & forged cheques etc :     1923 this LINDSAY MOONLIGHT CLAIM was contested by MOONLIGHT by the mob called BOWES LYON Glamis Castle 1923  = THEY HAD NOW GOT HOOFS & CLAWS & smelly pigs with tails down at WESTMINSTER LONDON :


( Medical Reports :   there was a lot of SYPHILIS amongst these British & Scottish aristocrats 19th early 20th centuries :  they would go OFFSHORE & hire harems … & worse … )




IDEA :     THESE TWO SCOTLAND MOBS & other bad-blood SCOTLAND ARISTOCRATS want putting on a GREENLAND MOUNTAIN TOP in winter with Roman Britain ploughs - and LEFT with empty whiskey & gin bottles  :


Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM for the dead GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide and my families RANSOM & WEDDELL & Frobisher & other lines murdered …  some quite distant lines :


1945 onwards :      this HUNTING of BIG and LITTLE GAME had become ARISTOCRAT SPORT


… … you could hear JIM JONG Sir James sniggering about it in WHITES CLUB St James` LONDON in the 1950s … these sub-apes are 1920s-1930s PARIS pimps - Clara Malraux & brother, Angela & her aristocrat age group, Teresa Gordon … are all OLD CHUMS around the BARS of PARIS … sadly they produce no art - music - philosophy - fine writing … THEY PIMP & play nasty jokes on the vulnerable :     THEY ALL HAVE THE `BOLT HOLES` of the  `BRITISH SCREW` =   the name given to the end of EMPIRE British DIPLOMATIC PALATIAL residences   :  


KEEP weekly A LITTLE POSY of flowers & leaves to remember those SLAIN horribly to provide MONEY for these aristocrat sub-sub apes to BIG BOOT the globe & keep circumnavigating on shopping trips for more and more GLITZ … 























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1985 Oxford Balliol Gardens

 a June evening :


Last appearance of loyal POLITIAN `Tutor to the Medici Children`  ARTHUR MALONE `

… Our Detective in the Lawyers Gown`


  His wife and only child, `Orange blossom` born 1970 … his  daughter … they may be MARTYRS after the death of Arthur Malone in his early 80s a year or so later :    Mengele HARRINGTON is spying about us & can call on State thugs to assist him … HARRINGTON still hopes to be A PEER the carrot still dangles …   


… ARTHUR MALONE -  an illegitimate son born to a 17 years old who fell genuinely in love with the ancient Arthur Duke of Connaught a wonderful weather June in the Orchard 1900s - With her girl friends they drank cider and listened to a delightful much older man - his wife had been ill for 30 years :



of VIC & BERT  = Prince Albert of the mid 19th century Crystal Palace Exhibition & his wife Queen Victoria of Great Britain & its Empire : 







ARTHUR MALONE did not know his father until 28th December 1959 when his family learning of the revelations about his Work since October 1957 for ANDRE MALRAUX & young Greta Ransom

 his legal Roman Catholic wife, Malraux acknowledged to be her Guardian :


1959 19th December :    Revealed at Thorpe-le-Soken by Miss Teresa Mary Butler `Aunt Terry Butler,  to Arthur Malone Detective keeping watch on young Greta for Malraux ` is horrendous cruelty 1933 Summer on ARRAN West Hebrides by British-Scottish EARLS-LORDS & TRUE BLUES :   Then the   GUARDIANSHIP of ANDRE MALRAUX accepted 1937 October to Mary Gordon speaking for Margaret Grote ( & The Vatican in agreement)


(  Mary Gordon born 1870 she a daughter of TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST Mrs John O`Brien Williams … Miss Butler a niece of Mary Gordon a citizen of free IRELAND … ) 


This Guardianship of Greta accepted by ANDRE MALRAUX October 1937 included that of GUARDIANSHIP of worldwide GROTE HOMES and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` encircling the globe :  ANDRE did not grasp this - but POSTAL COMMUNICATIONS SENT TO HIM immediately would include a COPY of the WILL with his name written in & operating from North & South America immediately for the worldwide Estate :   IT WAS NOW UNDERSTOOD HE HAD BEEN ROBBED BY THE BRITISH EMPIRE GOVERNMENT IN THE NAME OF ITS LORDS & SONS and its CROWN just been got by Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite nee Bowes Lyon a member of the BOWES LYON FAMILY of GLAMIS CASTLE


` The Estate of RANSOM a quiet Trading & philanthropy venture of the last thousand years, is heartily disapproved of by IMPERIAL BRITISH Aristocrats & some of their ROYAL FIGURES FROM A MORGUE as soon as they see that the GROTE HOMES attached will have nations outside their Empire grasp have an educated class entering administration, sciences, medicine, the arts at a high level  :   This Estate of philanthropy, kept low key,  known to good families & governments of small nations A-Z the world, brought peace & civilized reasoning into the 19th century to pre-2nd World War : then the children of the HOMES educating to 18=22 years of age were slaughtered in a worldwide GENOCIDE by PLANS made 1930s by the above Aristocrat class including INBREEDS they have in SCANDINAVIA :  …  


STEPPING BACK :  1959 December 28th :  Hearing of the INHERITANCE at birth of Greta Ransom from her Aunt Margaret a former Miss Ransom,  the Family Council decided to tell `Young Arthur`  the NAME of his FATHER … events back in the 1900s … :


1960 January 6th  - A week before the NIGHTWATCH begins & the understanding of THE GREATEST CRIME UPON EARTH :  COLNE ENGAINE : 


 7.30 pm winter :   an unexpected knock on the door :  


 “ Malone Detective reporting - I will read you my report :  Dickens of a time finding you out here … Harry did not tell me before I left for Christmas with my mother and family … … WELL YOU HAVE BEEN BORN ON A HEARSE … ”


I Greta Ransom recovering from an influenza try get my senses together a his startling news …  “ YOU HAVE BEEN BORN ON A HEARSE … etc … … etc … ”    :    He, a fine featured man, of slight build, signs off with  “ Goodnight - keep your door and windows fastened until 9 am when people are about …”


In a dry voice he adds as he steps off into the dark of the little triangular meadow of the farm   “  BY THE WAY … you can call me KING ARTHUR … I am pushing 60 years & I am told who my father is … well I got a good education & my LAW Studies paid for …”


“  Well … I daresay Andre will be over when he can get clearance from his General again to leave GAUL for our Shores :  I am hoping we can get some more help for this …”


 “ I will report when I can about this time, 7.30 pm … I have taken a room with a family in that group of farm cottages you can see from the top of your meadow …” 


“ … by the way … Gallows Corner is the name there


… there`s a little Victorian post box in hedge kept painted scarlet - I am told they FIGHT modern ways to keep it there … Signing off - Detective Malone - `POLITAN` … Goodnight … let us hope for a quiet one …  ”  


     6th January 1960 COLNE ENGAINE a very cold winter evening at 7.30 pm :    





Greta Ransom :   “ I am sad to learn of a bonfire organised of our family records by Jim Jong, the Lindsay gang, Phil the Greek & his old acquaintance Dr Harrington … whom you have always known as `Mengele` learning of him from young people when you began work at Colchester Museums” …   1979 AD






  “ Sad it is …   but he `Mengele` HARRINGTON, sadistic maniac,  fooled ANDRE MALRAUX until 1975 ”  




1975 to his early death :


1953 Hampstead London :      I can recall autumn 1953  in the `Theo-pompos` group London a tall dark haired young man with a kind voice and face telling me `I am going to go in for gynaecology… because its about LIFE …`

THIS IS HE BELOW  :    Greta Ransom


REPORT :   “ 1975 … you were ordered in as emergency one afternoon by a kindly Indian doctor a Gynaecology - a Specialist :  ` …








“ … In OXFORD 1975 at the hospital - this sudden emergency … a doctor you had met in winter 1953 recognised you & knew of the Malraux days in London when it was known Andre had a MISSION Workshop and his home at 50 Lancaster Gate Square -  He had seen you in Oxford in the hospital 2 years ago … looked at your papers & saw your Christian name … ”  : 



“  1975  … you were ordered in as emergency one afternoon by a kindly Indian doctor a Gynaecologist - a Specialist  :


1975 :  You and your family & a Norwegian Scientist staying with you at Harwell,  had gone to a very pleasant luncheon in the garden of she and her family :   Something you said had her find out you had been given no Hospital assistance with a miscarriage 2 months ago :   She had an examination unit in her home :  it was found you were about to haemorrhage & could lose your life at anytime :    She insisted you go into the hospital immediately :  MALRAUX was got in by helicopter from France in 2 hours by an old wartime friend, Beryl who lived at Blew-bury village :   she and her dead husband a correspondent for The TIMES newspaper knew him from the 1930s-1940s …”    :  



“  … It was now ANDRE MALRAUX, retired Minister of France 1969...learned what he should have been told by so many persons about him … savage attacks on you from a child and especially since he was KNOWN BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & its CROWNS to be legal GUARDIAN of your family worldwide GREAT ESTATE …”      :  



“  Andre Malraux born 1901 who had struggled his life to make a better world, had been deceived about HARRINGTON that afternoon Andre now learned of the true character, and many of the hideous 1950s deeds of `Mengele`  calling himself Dr HARRINGTON from 1947  :    Harrington a man he Andre would like to have dismissed from his life & family from 1947 =



 Harrington born 1912 a late in life GP only, a reluctant PASS given him in Hong Kong 1948 … 1951 known as  Doctor `Mengele`  HARRINGTON to the London hospitals … his private life included travelling with Royal Family & familiar terms with all Scots Earls and Lords … he had also met the family of General de GAULLE in the 2nd world Wartime when they came to England and had a country home in Suffolk - they also known to the LINDSAY Earls family & JIM JONG now an Army Major who had held an apartment back of Buckingham Palace since 1921/1923 onwards  !   :    


` HARRINGTON born 1912 did a course in medicine in Hong Kong 1946/1948 … he was found to be more interested in faulting the body than healing it … :  


1975 MALRAUX is now told for the first time of an obscene & savage medical attack on you by GP HARRINGTON  … and similar savagery learned of by these young medical people & their Superiors in London all working to heal :     HARRINGTON is known as a friend of Royalty & Aristocrats :     1954 February an early evening you & Andre were taken to a peculiar medical establishment :   this was after Harrington had tricked Andre into attending what he called this rural `clinic` handling from abroad MEN of evil reputations and WOMEN with peculiar sexual hang ups :   ANDRE did not know that this place had a growing disturbing reputation and was being questioned by the County and medical circles - from whom it was drawing FUNDS   : 


MENGELE was seen to be in  the company of MALRAUX in London & in PARIS he could call socially upon the country home of Madame de GAULLE and the GENERAL  :   


1953 - 1954 :    It was this Royal & aristocrat KUDOS of Harrington Old Mengele … & uncertainty of the character of the writer ANDRE MALRAUX  ( after 2nd World War experiences )   that had young Medics and others Senior in 3 major London hospitals hesitate to ask him for an explanation of this SAVAGERY on a 20 years old girl  :   They were naturally wary of asking too much because he,  ANDRE MALRAUX,  was now assisting General de GAULLE :    


1954 to 1957 :   “  The matter was that an explanation should be found for such savagery on a 20 year old girl whose family had before the War run a successful piece of world Philanthropy for ninety  years or so …   


… This barbaric attack,  a most disgusting piece of primitive surgery, was intended to KILL her in hours  :   WHO had allowed  ` Old Mengele`  to put her UNDER & operate like this for at least an hour or more … ?    Brown rnvr said he had driven she and Malraux to see a Clinic in the countryside … Malraux had disappeared in the place & Miss Ransom was handed to him wrapped in a blanket with her clothes in a pillow slip :    He drove a little way from the place and began to put her clothes on her - she was quite asleep  ”   


“ …  HE,  Wartime Submarines now rnvr,  NOW SAW WHAT HAD BEEN DONE :   He said he began to cry :   He then telephoned immediately to an older qualified Doctor of this cheerful Hampstead bunch & described metal strips inserted in the girl & heavy stitching   :   The instructions were  DRIVE FAST, BUT CAREFULLY TO US … A Team will be ready to unfasten it :   Do not give her anything to drink :   Keep her asleep and if she wakes tell her quietly we are waiting here to help -  Old Mengele has gone mad & we can help … no problem :    Keep her calm -  she has only to keep very still in the car and try and rest … remind her it is us who are going to help … and we can … NO EXCITEMENT IF SHE COMES ROUND …  :  (  I can only recall being whoosie … sore … but told not to touch myself  between my legs … I LIVED : 



THIS SCARE :    The problem for Medics was for a few weeks  `WAS MALRAUX A MISOGYNIST ???`    But they did not think so … But WHY was Old Mengele tailing after ANDRE & booting in on his residences in PARIS and LONDON ???    Perhaps MALRAUAX was suffering the effect of WAR TRAUMA ???  MALRAUX was cleared of all of this :  


1953-56 … Young and old in the London Medical world came to learn more about a group of so-and-so`s in pre-WAR PARIS …

It included the `first Missus CLARA Goldsmidt & her brother Maurice who took off to USA 1939 … The scenario had various British & other nations aristocrats with empty saddle bags


It lead to finding that `Old Mengele` had 1951/52 a Patient in Secret called ANGELA -  her son-in-law called HARRINGTON in to help :  this 1948 GP `MENGELE` HARRINGTON called in to get her off habits of her age group …?  So that is why sometimes he had the sign `Member of the Royal Household`  on his blue fast showy car  (he was too old for this)  … so that is how he could get away with things …


Mengele Doc Harrington now began BOOTING IN on them … questioning in the name of BRITISH SECURITY for THE CROWN … they had to play `footsie` … `We could lose our jobs, our homes … we have young families … tiny children …`


1947 onwards ANGELA had been shouting that she had been robbed of a fortune by a Mr Ransom & his Ape daughter  … ( She and Teresa Gordon - wife of FJR and mother of his daughter were still squabbling over an ELDORADO from An Old ESKIMO … who was NOT allowed make a WILL by the BRITISH HOUSE of LORDS & others with EMPTY SADDLE BAGS :


` … Mutterings went on from the Clacton-on-sea seaside from 1932 that it was known that the RANSOM family had bred with APES … ORDERS had been given that poor Teresa was NOT to give birth to any children from this APE Mr Fred RANSOM  … …  and so on and so on … After the 2nd World War the usual FOUL MOUTHS of the SCOTLAND aristocrats got going again  … …  )  

ANGELA, the name she prefers, is of the Bowes Lyon Glamis Castle Family =  she took a Crown in 1937 =  she is widowed in 1952 = and soon given her own Residence in London :   It was all becoming very Medieval :   


The London Medical world could do nothing except give Miss Greta Ransom protection where possible  :     Old Mengele could not be dismissed :    JIMMIE known as  JONG pre-war  was back in Town from Kenya - this was causing alarm in educated circles  :    the pair of them had evil streaks … JIM by 1953 had again his Apartment at the back of Buckingham Palace  - it was known he rented it out sometimes  … :  





MEMO :   1959 January :   READER may recall events of this date organised by Doctor MENGELE Harrington & his become criminally insane nurse-wife :     50 Lancaster Gate Square top room of Miss Greta Ransom her Uncle LIR she cannot recall from 1930s is helping Detective Arthur Malone with WATCH on the coma like Greetha  :  


One evening at 7 pm LEN Immanuel RANSOM observed Doc Mengele Harrington with long needle syringe in his hand climbing the stairs to the room of his niece :    LEN now age 37 years,  is always in training with the Argentine Police as Athlete :


… LEN swiftly grabbed Mengele HARRINGTON by his hands & fastened them behind his back … emptied this SYRINGE into him … bounced him down the curving stair case … “ A BAG OF BONES IN HIGH HEELS - IT STANK ”    - he got him to the front door and threw HARRINGTON OUT into the Square by the overhanging trees of Christchurch Church :     LEN & others in London & other Capital Cities felt it was no real Doctor but a nasty sadistic Playboy companion of Philip Mountbatten & his rich male friends when they holidayed too often on tropical islands = 


(  SOME INFORMATION CAN BE GATHERED ON THESE TYPES :    Sometimes about London town & abroad is a rich playboy character called COLIN TENNANT & he will know of Doc Mengele HARRINGTON - a biography has just appeared 2013 February review TLS :  )


MEMO :    JIM JONG now SIR/cur JAMES Senior Steward 1953-196Os of WHITES CLUB St James` London is not far away & here Doc HARRINGTON plays DOPE DOCTOR to young fools - some he is testing drugs on for the National Health Service   (some idiots perhaps believe anything)     

 JIM, now called `DIRTY JIM` has VICE round the corner in 2 plush brothels to support CLUB FUNDS :   & those desperate for DOPE can find it on the last shelf in cupboard in private Office of JIMMIE … at WHITES GENTS CLUB  :  


RECALL :    the good Frenchman called `Saint Charles` by old ladies,  that kindly ROMAN CATHOLIC General de GAULLE is an HON MEMBER of this WHITES CLUB =  but this is from 1941 =  JIM calling himself MAJOR JIM JAMES etc was then down the road in BUCKINGHAM PALACE where he runs a 2 Man Unit with a man called Clive :    JIM is given to calling himself THE KING`S MAN :   … … …  NB :    Old chums from the Roaring 20s do not let JIMMIE pour their tea or liquor or EAU  …

































  H.H.   REPEAT …  PHONE …

 insert as a picture the page below …



Then continue in JIMDO pattern with the text following


We should put all on WORDPRESS before beginning tedious PHONE work :  






“  1975 Oxford hospital : 

ANDRE MALRAUX heard now how they, young doctors, worked an evening February 1954 to save your life -


REPORTS :   … the Doctor saving your life again is one of that young group of 1953/1954 :   


He began saying to MALRAUX when he arrived that afternoon to the Oxford hospital     “ …  you will remember the attack 1954 on young Greta and the damage done by him `Mengele` … We saw him in London with you Andre …  & learned he stayed in your Paris house … and was often in your workplace Lancaster Gate Square … we told him that his behaviour let down the medical world but we did not know what to do about you … ”  


MALRAUX HAD NOT KNOWN :  now GAVE ORDERS TO KILL HARRINGTON - he  destroyed education of his sons from 1947 - blackmailed he & de GAULLE over Greta :







“ … 1950s they in their 20s-30s had been uncertain if MALRAUX was not a misogynist at this time - like this chum of the Royal family & in-laws they called ` Doc Mengele` … & were alarmed to learn had chummed up with old JIMMIE now running WHITES CLUB he on the RUN from imminent arrest in KENYA 1952 for murder & theft  …


…  Elders in their world were critical of these criminally insane & violent figures in the NEW REIGN - taking part in Public events :     The G.P. of 1948 Hong Kong,  Doctor `Mengele` Harrington … was seen about the world with the top figures who sailed the world on THAT YACHT  … `


( NB :    `Mengele` assists the criminally insane to make MARTYRS -  Thus they live in bouts of luxury & lewdness : )



“   Before the attack on you 1954 the respectable London medical profession called him `MENGELE` from misdeeds commencing 1950/51 & he had a Continental Prison sentence for paedophile attacks on a baby under a year old - and stays in Psychiatric Clinics :   1953 he had to be forbidden by 3 London hospitals not to touch a patient after 3 disastrous operations by him had gone badly wrong   `it looked as if a screwdriver had been taken to the patient … one patient died … operations had to be unfastened and done again `  - he was only allowed to be a Consultant in Middlesex :  but they could do nothing about the rest of England without risking their own lives  ”    :  


… “   The Medical world of London  had already a shocking crime to wonder about :    A newspaper had tried investigate an obscene crime against an 18 years old girl in SWEDEN early 1953 … it was known Mr JIM on the run from KENYA had been in Sweden at that time =  The right hand to the British Consul would NOT confirm this - but he could have done  :    The girl was operated on by a person or persons who knew what they were doing =  white mice were put in her womb & she stitched up - she had been heavily sedated  … She was found after 3 days -  she had 6 months in hospital & it was felt she would recover … her Case went in a British newspaper & quickly she was dead in the hospital … 


“  London educated circles had that autumn 1953 been given evidence by Secret Service Agents of other bestial crimes by Doc `Mengele` HARRINGTON … and pre-war by JIM … … … Jim was found to be with a lot of properties on the Continent and he was

  tempting foreign Crowns and their in-laws to buy under the counter … he had a racket going with shady smart business types …  MENGELE was not yet known to be using disguise …  


“ 1953 this young group of people just beginning their careers came to know disturbing things :   It was realised that your name and your family achievements around the world had you always in danger … times had become so … Money was got off your family Estate by those HIGH UP THERE … It was expected that MALRAUX had you safely guarded in the 1960s … you were known to be working in The City sometimes & you knew some nice young people in the Law :  … ` 


` … They heard that he MALRAUX came visiting to London … and now you had young children after the marriage 1967 to the twin (Whitehead)  who worked in the British Museum = the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM at South Kensington … …  …  their were good reports of delightful summer luncheons in the garden of the HARWELL house … local families with children came … Alan and Nancy Villiers from Oxford  …  and ANDRE MALRAUX attended from Summer 1968 … 1969 … and was known to stay with friends in the area … … …  ”


1975 OXFORD Hospital  … “ What was learned that afternoon from a now eminent Doctor by MALRAUX had the distraught ANDRE give orders to find and KILL `Mengele` HARRINGTON :   Being told at last of this horrendous crime on your young body February 1954, intended to produce death in 4 or 5 hours …  had MALRAUX realise who had been the maniac & killer behind many other crimes :   He found it painful to go over the deaths of his boys :   He had to remember how Harrington could walk in on General de Gaulle & that Mrs de Gaulle encouraged him when he called on her at the country house  : …”


(((   …`  Matters told him, half told him, his experiences since the WEDDING of GRACE 17 April 1947 Our Lady Church Clacton-on-Sea came to his sad mind :   He was even now guarded & spied upon by Mengele HARRINGTON & others :   he had to frequently STOP Harrington telling persons in France that he was his Doctor employed by the Family !    Clara and HARRINGTON were with JIM JONG & her brother Maurice old Continental chums back in the 1920s :  he had little time for their company … JIM was a bar rat … they got in the way of intelligent discussion … they drank too heavily and took too much DOPE … they were too chummy with the British Embassies & short of cash aristocrats … He earned a living by writing, observing … he liked to learn …` …


Greta Ransom adds the above - 2013 AD GAUL …


… remembering, reading, things I have had Georges-ANDRE … Colonel Andre - Colonel Malraux … say to me from 1937 SUMMER … down to 1957 to 1959 at Saint Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square London - the Catholic MISSION & he liked to call it  `my home` …  )))   





(((   NB :   Harrington, Jim Jong, et al met the General & Madame de Gaulle in Britain in the 2nd World War :   they were given a country house in Suffolk - well known pre-war to JIM & Lindsay gang :    In the 19th century it was a Witchcraft Place - After the General and his Staff and family vacated this house it was revealed in newspapers that under the wallpaper was found typical great 1870 style WITCH OCCULT SYMBOLS & a Black Magic circle under a carpet on a big floor : 


…  JIM residing back of Buckingham Palace since 1923 now calling himself since 1939 MAJOR this-&-that,  & the others,  would think it such a joke to put the Roman Catholic family of de GAULLE in this house : 


NOTA BENE :   There is a lot of upper class WITCHCRAFT & Occult messing in Suffolk-Norfolk late 19th-early 20th centuries - he who presents the Silver Porringer at the Coronations has a brother who has a wolf cult - they howl at the moon & steal babies … at the turn of the centuries 1900 one babe would sometimes go missing …  I got caught up in this a few months old - but Uncle Harry Gordon and friends of respectable standing helped by Police keeping heads down (we do not want them losing their jobs and houses and pensions) knew where to look - I and other babes were found in a shed -   I had a historic family coral necklace around my neck :


  see     &


These aristocrat creatures should be put on an ice floe with empty bottles of gin & whiskey - )))    



1953 :     MARTYRDOM  - commencing 1975  :

 A YOUNG MAN WHO WENT INTO GYNAECOLOGY BECAUSE  `IT IS LIFE ` … I do not know his name … but I thank him twice for my life :  

Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM born 11 March 1933 - daughter of FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM 1911 - slain March 1969 by these criminally insane :


1975 - a Doctor of Gynaecology :  OXFORD :  

… a mention 1992 of  `he may have killed himself after getting depressed`  :   I do not know the sources here ….  


But he I recall 1953 as a young Medic perhaps 23-24 years of age … with kind eyes saying he will go in for GYNAECOLOGY `BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT LIFE … he rides a bike about HAMPSTEAD … 

To become another MARTYR and join the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & RANSOM families `JOYOUS VENTURE` worldwide Estate in 3 Parts … THIS ongoing GENOCIDE has given vast wealth to British Aristocrats & their Crowns & to some GHOULS from Norway and Denmark :  














MARTYRED horribly 1981/82 


LIR … “  my magazine Argentine … for women and children … THE PRESIDENT had it delivered to his house … ”


LIR tapes & conversation records  :       “ … I am disgusted … he PJPW is saying that he has cloven feet … grinning rudely at good people whose livelihood he has just destroyed with THEM :  Mengele often with him :    Met a LINDSAY later - & twin :


“ … its spite … as it was pre-War … they destroy for fun … Oh DRUGS … and they take BOOSTERS we now learn … It is a pattern of HATE … they boast they are helping the poor !    They get themselves money this way and false KUDOS …”


LIR also Diary keeper = 12 years seriously-

began age 9 years educated Argentine-some in London-and around the world in the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN all educating to

18 years or 22 years & more = THESE ORPHANS ALWAYS HAVE THEIR HOME = they take their civilized skills about the entire world :





MEMO :      LIR, born 1921,  has contributed to magazines since a 12 years old … he had set this MAGAZINE up with his own money in the 1950s  :   it was known to be so wholesome and it taught young wives and teenage girls the importance of keeping a nice home … recreation, medicine, keeping your health, management of tiny children … what was available in WELFARE, LEISURE, films-music-theatre-books …


1930s :   I have seen my Uncle LENNIE drawing pre-war … everything he and my family, and myself did, was to HELP OTHERS :   Our worldwide Estate is a piece of philanthropy funded by our green-gold-blue lands, transport with safety standards begun 18th century - massive rail, air, shipping investments, mining where not damaging the earth … education/music/arts/gramophone HMV etc/EMI - we begin 19th century when old grandpa Westinghaus was experimenting with sound & bits & pieces : & much more =



 The WHITEHEAD twins,  one of a big Chelsea house and the other a worker at THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM LONDON, are visited by ARISTOCRAT CROOKS from the afternoon of November 1967 and agreed to commit crimes with the LINDSAY Earls, dirty JIMMIE SIR JAMES, and the sordid sadistic freak Doc Mengele HARRINGTON paedophile :


… MORE criminal MADNESS follows  :   1967 December PJPW was promised by ANGELA (an ex-Queen)  she would `even things up between he and twin`   :  =  Meaning she would give the younger twin a title too :    THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALLY INSANE :


THE worldwide GENOCIDE was plotted and carried out by many of these FREAKS they have now joined with … GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN  …  It means nothing at all to them :   And they have joined 1967 in the on-going killing of the innocent and the destruction of the most perfect system of PHILANTHROPY the world had … the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE`  encircling the entire world :  THEY ARE REWARDED BY BIG MONEY to be KEPT OFFSHORE :


Born 1921 LIR last son of Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM & Jean ballerina nee Weddell his wife, my best friend only 12 years when I am born, my uncle LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM & his monthly MAGAZINE :     CRIME begins against Lennie personally from 1967 :    These British Scotland THUGS have emptied the MAGAZINE BANK BALANCE in the ARGENTINE and sold off the premises :    They  see that Workers are threatened … they will REPORT them as A THREAT TO THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT and CROWNS :   




These Scotland Scandinavian non-Aristocrats & hangers-on are sub-APES -  creatures of no human qualities - they are dangerous … criminally insane - like rabies infected dogs :


        Greta Ransom for LIR and the GROTE CHILDREN and my father and his brother Dr Ray to be slain March & May -June  1969  Deptford and Montrose SCOTLAND :    




There are many CRIMES as the above against our miracle HUMANIST 2,000 years old ESTATE :  


READER can refer  to RANSOM Ancestry Parts I, II, III … I Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM will have more this year to put on web as we SAIL THE SEAS DOWN THE CENTURIES and find safe harbourage at our SEAS EDGES with good peoples the world :







H. H.



But also  PAGE








FREDERICK John RANSOM  - born 1911 November is deliberately killed 1969 March - beaten in a false `Royal Duties` ambulance DEPTFORD :


1969 March before BIRTHDAY of his DAUGHTER Greetah RANSOM (unfortunately caught November 1967 by Whitehead twins heroin PIMPS)   



 They called him slyly `RHINEGOLD RANSOM …`








November 1967 into 1968 :   ORDERS are hastily given by BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & SONS for CROWNS & inbreeds to waylay FJR  :    


1969 New Year :  ORDERS given in name of the 1961 castrated paedophile PREMIER EARL LINDSAY-Lindsey & his TRIBE : 



( NB :   READER can go to Summer 1960 Colne Engaine WHEN  BRITISH TERRITORIALS DROPPED BY to speak with ARTHUR MALONE Politian … they castrated LINDSEY Earl 1914 the KILLER of the 9 years old HEIRESS of NEWFOUNDLAND etc a 900 years old ESSEX FAMILY wiped out … TO PAY THE DEATH DUTIES of this criminally insane narcotic soaked LINDSAY-LINDSEY mob :   who have been helping re-arm GERMANY & HITLER from 1929 via Bay Road Boston USA & SCOTLAND … MONEY TO BE MADE …” )  


FJR was to go for a medical check-up to his own trusted Surgeon who had dealt with the horrible attack on him after he had a visit by ANDRE MALRAUX & staff member late October 1957 :


NO TAXI came to the door at appointed time :    A BUNCH OF BRITISH ROYAL ARISTOCRAT SCUM grabbed him,  stunned him & in the ambulance proceeded to beat him near to death :




 …   In this false ambulance are some LINDSEY scum & JIM JONG … & the paedophile sadist late comer to medicine the GP Hong Kong from 1947 in PARIS & LONDON known 1951 onwards as `Doctor HARRINGTON` = To genuine Medical circles THIS  “ BAG OF BONES IN HIGH HEELS IT STINKS ”   is known as `old Doc MENGELE`  :  And the medical circles & others alarmed from 1953 to find his new chum is “ dirty JIM ” now on stolen KENYA money become co-Steward of WHITES CLUB St James` :  =  JIM JONG PIMP of 1920s-1930s is chum of LINDSAYbuggarhs & Eliz. ANGELA Marguerite  former Bowes Lyon et al  ( known to CITY of LONDON human beings 1965/66 as `THE BLOODY LIARS` … )     


… they sent their paedophile sadist Playboy DOC `Mengele` HARRINGTON into a wing of a London Hospital to persecute & MURDER my father March 1969 :  = This was to be the fate of me and ANDRE MALRAUX too … …   ARISTOCRATS of Scotland, Gross Britain & Scandinavia  SERVE THE CROWNS :  or they will be out in the streets picking up fag ends :  





THESE cunning `bog-trotters` had slithered down to WESTMINSTER by Moonlight in 1920s :

1923 marriage made =  A Deputation from Scotland of honourable human beings `requested it not be allowed because the young woman came of a bad-blood family & she was already boasting she was the heiress to AN OLD ESKIMO` ON COURSE was a serious matter of worldwide THEFT to keep the drug-soaked decaying aristocracy of Gross Britain solvent :   CIVILIZED ADVANCEMENT for the entire globe was at risk :   A list of hideous crimes connected to her family & she & her MEN inter-penetrated into primitive revenge & CULLING and medical spoof cannibalism : 


( some of CLAN PARKINGSON  had a ham prepared of a loyal middle aged man, the GORDON Overseer of the lands of the 6 boys 2 girls (Matter of interest here :   GORDON branch includes Catherine Gordon heiress robbed of her dowry - she mother of future BYRON POET reduced to 130 pounds a year bringing up he her only child with one servant in that tiny house Hollis Street - before greedy developers  mid-1950s for JOHN LEWIS STORES wrestled it off LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL & turned it into garaging :   (What an American literary Tourist venue it was ! )       


1923 it is known that LINDSAYbuggarhs 1922 have just been TOSSED out of SCOTLAND   (by honourable men including a Mr Sweeting and Winston S. Churchill … et al   for monetary & physical attacks on the highly learned Margareth nee RANSOM the widow of he TIGGY they murdered 1904 ARRAN    : 

She is Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE of the worldwide real HOMES for orphan children who are educating to 18 or 22 or more : Aunt MAG IS WAITING for NEPHEWS to grow up & HELP HER : 


MEMO :   these real HOMES imparting civilized Quality & entry into the SCIENCES -   education/music/arts/MEDICINE :  NON RACISM, tolerance of all religions :  HONOURABLE TRADING   are outside the tail thrashing BRITISH EMPIRE  = its aristocrats short of moneys to swank & debauch believing they own the planet    :














H.H.   PHONE … repeat for next page















1969 March - GREENWICH


 “  HE came into the hospital sedated :   a bunch of posh men brought him in …

  :   said to  have been found in the gutter London Deptford … been in a fight :   Queer it became … but we are only junior staff … … … `


… Our head doctor not with us - had a fall we were suddenly told - `a calamity we were told `- me, another nurse, a very young doctor - but he was not speaking upon this patient too much …  :    WHY was Mr 2nd World War Captain F.J. Ransom not brought a Surgeon ?

He had no drink problem    NO HE DID NOT :   After his too hasty death his body still young and in good health … This Doctor (HARRINGTON/Esterhazy?) took charge & there would be no fuss - a cremation …”





“ … But one afternoon our patient he came round & began to speak - what was heard had us frightened  :   HE BEGAN TO TELL OF HIS LIFE & PROTECTING a Philanthropy ESTATE worldwide for his family :   He was not telling lies :   This Doctor (HARRINGTON/Esterhazy ?)  we did not know yet had been sent in, escorted in by A LORD LINDSEY … We had to keep some records … I know now they were all being cagey these Visitors …   ”  …  


“ …  I was a young Nurse … IT ALL HAD ME LOSE MY TRANQUILITY … my believe in what I was doing :   WHEN HE DIED … I knew I would not be able to go on … I had to come out in 2 years … I found employment with some kind people - they made improvements for hospitals and health …”


“ 1969 MARCH … A WOMAN came in - we learned she was the wife of this Doctor HARRINGTON … we learned later she had been dismissed from a good Clinic … it took rich people in … she was found to be cruel to a patient … there was some talk of theft :   Later another Clinic said they had found her `unsatisfactory`  … it was a matter that made you nervous … you knew he Mr Ransom spoke the truth …  :  


“  … HIS DAUGHTER he spoke of highly …  he had been looking after her interests … she had just got married after being single a long time … she had a child …  But she did not come to the hospital  :   later we felt she was in danger for he had said she had been in danger as a little child … and now she had a child …   The circumstances of his injuries ?  - It all made you creepy after two days ”  :  


“ … I wanted to leave straight away … but my mother was not well … I was needed to help at home … but I could not forget him … a man who spoke to me, to us … so clearly … calmly …  :     This Dr Harrington was put in to the Hospital when our Head of the Unit had a calamity … it was A FALL …   we never saw him again - this Doctor we did not know  :  although he had come and called on the Hospital later we heard :    … … …  ”   


“  HE COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED - our patient Mr Frederick Ransom … I think they who brought him in did not want us to know who he was …  :   This Doctor HARRINGTON we had never seen before gave the instructions :    A surgeon should have been brought in !!!    :    I had been 2 years a nurse … I knew he considered me a little fool … I let him order me about … that way I could observe more … ”  … … …


“ … This man our patient was not a drunk … he was from a known Deptford Family we came to know … what he had told us about an Estate … helping people for a long time … was true :   and he had been harmed and his children by this family of EARLS of SCOTLAND … and others … for a long time  … …  ” 


1969 March :   “  But OTHERS CAME IN - they were posh …  they were shouting at him our patient - they were not kind :   When our Head of the Department returned … after Mr Ransom was dead …   more questions were asked  :   BUT WE WERE TOLD IT WAS A MATTER WHERE A LORD LINDSEY & the BRITISH CROWN were in charge …   I REMEMBER HE WAS NOT YET 60 YEARS OLD … and so nice … he had worked hard for his family … ”




  NB:    She will never be safe all her life … :   She is given some Police Protection :    No more is spoken for sometime … after the MURDER of FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM only 58 years of age … Some nastiness from PJPW over a library my father left me & my daughter - He took some books to the BMNH … years on brought some to The Pillar House Harwell … with arrogant criticism of my family RANSOM :   I Greta Ransom W.; learned more from ARTHUR MALONE Politian 1971 and 1972 but could not follow it too clearly until later years :    THE WHITEHEAD TWINS were nasty insects … no different to the EARLS of LINDSAY-Lindsey, the MOUNTBATTEN ghouls of Scandinavia … and other spiteful brutes from Scotland :


My father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM b 1911 was SLOW MURDERED  by Mengele HARRINGTON & evil women including Teresa Gordon Ransom and the criminally insane greedy cunning of Whitehead twins & LORDS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY and all these VERMIN DROPPINGS …  This is one piece of accurate history upon the ENDING of the BRITISH EMPIRE & its most disgusting twitching old ARISTOCRAT tails … Then all mocking the globe by calling itself A COMMON WEALTH …   


REPORTS :   1970s - 1992 :   the vitriolic tongue of the fast dying Peter J.P. Whitehead :   others :       Greta RANSOM =  of the Frobisher, Weddell & San JULIAN INCA families and others … some of Scotland :    




THE MURDER of 2ND World War Army Captain Frederick John RANSOM scholar, musician, good soldier and administrator,  WAS PLANNED BEFOREHAND by his distant cousins LINDSAY-LINDSEY & those they have collected on this VILE PATH of NOBLE ROYAL GREED  :





PLANNED MURDER :   of FJR March 1969 Deptford/Greenwich :




A HEAD OF DEPARTMENT PUSHED … HAD A FALL … MOVED in Doctor `Mengele`  HARRINGTON the Royal Secret Physician of 1951 onwards


WHY ?   1967 Autumn :  THE GENOCIDE OF THE GROTE CHILDREN IS ABOUT TO EMERGE … IT WILL BE FOUND UPON THE FACE OF THE WORLD :   ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN :   This BRITISH-Scandinavian slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 2nd World War SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE BEEN ON THE FACE of the WORLD SINCE 1945 when it was first shocking HUMAN BEINGS …  It is SPOKEN ABOUT AT THE NAZI TRIALS 1946 - But the BRITISH would NOT allow a mention of it to be made :   The AMERICANS wished to have a Statement read out … to protect the rest of the HOMES and the few children in hiding and the ex-GROTE children, many out working, some retired with grandchildren … THE GROTE HOMES WERE BEGAN 1864  !!!    BUT MONEY from illegal SALES of the LANDS was already in the paws of ROYALS & ARISTOCRATS  





1969 June - Now the murder of Dr John RAY Ransom USA citizen  `returning to WASHINGTON to take up by invitation SENATE DUTIES `  swiftly followed on  :   


THIS PACK OF PROFESSIONAL ARISTOCRAT MURDERERS,  all professing to do this for THE BRITISH CROWNS, poured petrol down his throat and chased him across our 1500 AD farmlands MONTROSE BASIN June 1969 :  


 … They now HUNTED the remaining brother the Flyer-artist-musician sometime companion of ANDRE MALRAUX … he is born 1921 - slain horribly by them 1981/1982 …  Dr Len Immanuel; RANSOM   :  


This accurate HISTORY of THE EVIL CENTURY 20th century can be followed in the work on sites  and  … and other sites :






I will list some short pieces out on web for READER


A .    ALMOST A GHOST STORY/1960 June SHOCK for Arthur Malone/

Scotland Aristocrats trample old persons not fit for work :

 HORSES will NOT DRINK at these POOLS : 

 ( at the moment lost in a longer piece :


B.   “ NAIL in your ( GR. my ) HEAD ”  includes same day LENNIE experience almost given axed fingers  …  

Makes motorbike ride to Deptford home he an 18 years old, his mother STILL DANCING, slain by them, thinks upon what we, his brother Fred John RANSOM, our families suffer from LINDSAY etc & CROWNS :


C.   DESTRUCTION of ANGLO SAXON Historic Records - 1920s - Northumbria :


D.    I CAME IN ON A WAVE OF HATE - ANDRE MALRAUX - the killing of his two young sons 1961 :



… do have inserts of 20th century OBSCENE ARISTOCRAT VIOLENCE against the owners of the biggest piece of successful PHILANTHROPY encircling the globe :  


F.    “ ACE ACE & ACE ” life at The Pillar House HARWELL - where the immortal childhood books of LLB were made -

Greta Ransom W. writes  “ Stories for PETE & the 4 WHITEHEAD CHILDREN”   :


  I tell of the LIFE that I of the RANSOM et al families tried to establish 1968-1993 - civilized/a future that is useful for them & humankind - EVIL STALKED ABOUT with stinking AFRICAN-WEST VIRGINIA Witchcraft … creatures drenched in DOPES of every kind enjoying SPITING normal families … GETTING MONEY by this means  :



… … I coped with good local & overseas persons to avoid plotted assassinations Summer 1968-1971 onwards to me & two children :   1969 onwards THE PRESENCE of ANDRE MALRAUX frequently, A WATCH, had us struggle on :  

1976 November too early DEATH of ANDRE MALRAUX : 

     came immediate DANGER again & DIRTY TRICKS by 4 woman & HARRINGTON & PJPW & LINDSEYbuggarhs & the DYING JIM JONG Sir/Lewd-LORD JAMES… TO DESTROY A MARRIAGE of GRACE granted by `young Pacelli` family friend & Pope Pius 12 … and enable these criminally insane GREEDY old DOPE SOAKS & PIMPS & PIMPESSES

 … to go on having a cruel GOOD TIME :  LEN Immanuel RANSOM is horribly slain 1981/82 … the FOUL MOUTHS of ALL of the above EVIL sub-APES responsible :   Or they hath no dough ~






1980s - Pete who had from his early teens observed the criminally insane sometimes about him … he with his gold hair threatened by ALL of THEM since 2 months before he was born :    1998 At his FUNERAL a dangerous criminally insane female half-relative blew DOPE SMOKE from her FAG in my face & smirked :   As we buried PETE & gave READINGS at the OPEN GRAVE this locally known MONSTER calling itself  `A BLACK WITCH`  spoke in loud ignorant voice TRYING TO DROWN THE GRAVE READINGS :


She knew Dr Mengele HARRINGTON - he bragged IT would be a great psychiatrist :   He was tipped into HELL February 1992 :  HE LEFT OTHERS IN  HIS PIGS STIES :        


(NB:  sister of PETE is Victoria-A :  a threat given her father PJPW that she will not be allowed do anything with her music - These THREATS from Mengele HARRINGTON, fat ANGELA, & DAVE LINDSEY & GANG they Premier Earls of Scotland & Gross Britain :   He who becomes EARL 15 in 1985 = DEAD in 1998 =  then somebody probably DID HIM IN :


MEMO :   All these obscene CREEPS have been robbing the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE :   They should be stripped of every cent/penny - put to work washing up in the kitchens of the DEVIL :   I know where this money should go back to our civilized Estate … the above have been KILLING FOR THIS MONEY … so long as they are hidden by The British Government its Lords and their Sons & these CROWNS & their in-laws then they and their EVIL goes on :

OTHER SHORT finished PIECES - on both web sites below : 
























MEMO to above  :   



DEPTFORD/GREENWICH :   This Head of the Department by the early Summer 1969,  aware he had been pushed and given a dangerous fall that had him unable to continue his work in this Wing of the Hospital …     In a decent time he left England with his family … they bought a small farmhouse in another land … new life … he hoped for : 


 they were SOON found burnt to death :   …  




POULENC French Composer says




“ … …  He never knew what  dirty animals were until he saw THEM - had THEM coming at him … … … … … … …    ” 












by the way … they came and did an INVENTORY …”       

(reference to uninvited Visitors booting-in on The Pillar House, Harwell = the house & garden of some of the immortal stories for children by L.Leslie BROOKE / published by Fredk. WARNE :  


1976 November -  ANDRE MALRAUX, LIGHT of the WORLD, is dead too early …  :


1976 onwards - 1980s -   But it is still for us the insane sadistic world of Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON that follows our lives - he is paid by the WHITEHALL CRIMINAL Department of MOONLIGHT LORDS to harass & search … all who know of GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` ESTATE in 3 PARTS :    heirs Greta & Len RANSOM - our GUARDIAN from 1937  Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX young Frenchman  `MAN of LETTERS`  & KIND HEART & SOUL  


The GROTE CHILDREN worldwide were given a GENOCIDE by SCOTLAND, BRITAIN, and Scandinavian connections in the 2nd World War :    these children educating to 18-22 & more with 4 languages & all civilized pursuits were in the way of The BRITISH EMPIRE :     Rather ignorant greedy criminal BRITAIN AT THE TOP GETTING RICH : 


1939 Summer :   Our GUARD DOG - Saint PANCRAS of a delicate nature = LIKE A WAGNERIAN FIGURE it is said  :




1939 SUMMER :   DIARY LIR :    SAINT PANCRAS a `delicate nature` dog …

… ` he is of no special breed - a mixture of sorts - he had been trained kindly by people going abroad - they gave him to a friend of LEN who hoped for a job in SPAIN - put Saint Pancras in kennels for quarantine - but they said `he is of a delicate nature & cannot take the strain`  :   Lennie says from his diary   `We took him on for two months before finding him the GARDEN Hospital where he made patients much better & spent his life : 


1939 DIARY LIR    `I brought him down to the Clacton seaside for an afternoon - he bared his teeth at Mr Jong and his friend Lindsey heir - he could understand our reactions to those we did not like :   He frightened them …`


1939 Summer :   I Greta Ransom age 6 years now am met from the Clacton to Liverpool Street train by LIR - he had an enormous great dog sitting beside him at the Railway gates - brown, fawn, light brown, and white and cream - Doggie had a nice expression & did not move until LEN introduced us :  He was called SAINT PANCRAS … we had to attend three or four big gatherings in big houses where we are invited - SAINT PANCRAS was said to resemble a WAGNERIAN FIGURE … people were amazed at his good training :   We explained he could not go out alone in London - he was always on the lease - but he was so well house trained - he slept in a basket with a mattress and a pillow in the little hall at `Jerusalem` and could take himself to the little garden with the Apple tree bordering on our little Deptford Park :   But he would protect us with his life :   this was understood by some persons :


1972 LIR recalls from his Diaries  :    ` … our GUARD DOG we had that Summer before

 the WAR … SAINT PANCRAS …  I went to visit him twice in the Wartime - he recognized me at once - he was happy in this GARDEN HOSPITAL … it had some patients with advanced operations :   He had his daytime duties - he could eat at anytime now … he guarded the gates and walked the gardens and had many places for his bones now :   They said he makes patients feel better and some get better much faster :    Years on I learned from my friend his second owner that he had puppies - they were not as big as him … they had taken the line on … but now lost in time :   I had not had a dog such a close companion before …


I HAVE PUT HIM IN A STORY, DRAWN HIM WITH US … added some of the photographs of us taken that Summer when we took care of him … It is published in the Argentine … then just before the WAR began he went to the GARDEN HOSPITAL … where he spent his last years … then went to Heaven … or Valhalla …`  

ANDRE MALRAUX … in the years following the death of his boys he would like to hear readings from my diaries : 

…   `Andre said that to hear what we had done after he was made GUARDIAN … now eased the pain in his heart … IT SHOULD ALL HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO HIM …` …


1972 -  LIR is fast becoming a  MARTYR too :   IN THE NAME OF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & LORDS & the CROWNS all postal communications to GRETA RANSOM W. are stolen by the WHITEHEAD TWINS & other criminally insane of GREED :


…  ALL PHOTOGRAPHS are to be destroyed :

A PRESENTATION BOOK OF PHOTOGRAPHS PREPARED by the RANSOM BROTHERS for me Greta Ransom, to be given for CHRISTMAS 1968 was never shown to me :


…   THUS IT IS EASY TO KEEP THE MEMORY REMOVED and bully, threaten & pass cups of EGYPTIAN GRANITE for the BRAIN =

BAD BLOOD TRIBES OF SCOTLAND & SCANDINAVIA held our blood dripping PAWS for more moneys …







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1939 Summer  LIR Diary  ` WE WENT TO THE

NATIONAL GALLERY in the morning with

 my father, you & me, and your father :

… Your father had an appointment in the afternoon & wished to be calm - he was armed with LEGAL DOCUMENTS - he had copies made to deliver by hand himself …


… THERE WAS NO BRITISH or WORLDWIDE LEGALITY IN THE CLAIM BY EARL LINDSAY & the woman with a CROWN that our Family ESTATE belonged to them   :


… THE OFFER FROM THE BRITISH TREASURY & WHITEHALL was ` THEY WOULD SETTLE FOR A HALF OF THE ESTATE … `   He told them to put there OFFER in the morning newspapers - THE TIMES might like it on its FRONT PAGE … … … 


… He said they were now calling him `RANSOM RHINEGOLD` saying they had received NO news from him - He knew their threats were not to be delivered to our WORLDWIDE ESTATE MANAGEMENT in writing 









LIR - DIARIES late 1930s-1940s-1950s :


` … I find that I did not care for the woman Elizabeth … childish and petty remarks were tossed at us … SOME of the WIMS of her MOTHER …


` … And HE when he comes along …

 should have been nailed in a CASK OF SPRATS … not let out until he had learned of the world of human beings :

They are both involved in massive greed … only possible after the GENOCIDE of our worldwide children … ` … … …



 born Argentina 1921 - legal HEIR to the legal HEIR Greta Ransom of THOMAS I. GROTE HOMES worldwide & RANSOM  `Joyous Venture` Estate - LEGAL WILL 1937/1938 - LIR killed 1981











H     H 


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COMMENT :   c 1957/1958

 “  the LOOK-A-LIKE to Doctor MENGELE,  by the way,  is called ANDRE MALRAUX …” 


1959 January - LIR saves his niece at

No 50 Lancaster Gate Square :


“ I found it  `Mengele`  creeping upstairs with a hypodermic needle…



I caught its hands behind its back & EMPTIED the NEEDLE into it - IT COLLAPSED - I humped it down the stairs and I threw it OUT into Lancaster Gate Square …

I am an Argentine Citizen … I keep in training with the Argentine Police …


… THIS IS NO REAL DOCTOR … it goes about with Playboys & one who has come OUT of an ADDLED EGG … ” 






`Mengele` HARRINGTON :     A maniac born 1912 of Scotland, some schooling Norway until dismissed for attacking tiny boys & using blackmail, is also in 1935-1936 an ex-Austria Prisoner - sentence for sexual attacks on a baby under a year old :   His career includes compulsory stays in several LUNATIC ASYLUMS SINCE AGE 17 YEARS :   It is called HARRINGTON :   It was wanted by the British Police Whitsun 1944 - it holed up in the LINDSAY EARLS GRAND on Clacton-on-Sea - then WENT TO FRANCE as soon as PARIS was free of the GERMAN ARMY :     His BRITISH employment 1944 Summer from MOONLIGHT LORDS was to find and KILL Andre MALRAUX & the woman Josette Clotis :


 In 1945/1948 this dangerous sadistic snake-creature took a G.P. Course in Hong Kong = granted with reluctance = he was only interested in FAILING THE BODY - not in healing it …”  :


From 1951 making appearances in BRITISH HOSPITALS LONDON the new Doctor Harrington is known as “MENGELE”  - & forbidden to OPERATE in 1953 …   


1957 it is mistaken sideways or rear for MALRAUX  :

( I thought it was ANDRE MALRAUX November 1957 when I saw it locking the door of his private room in the CATHOLIC MISSION 50 Lancaster Gate Square )   =  1958 December I hear how others have mistaken it for ANDRE - being deceived for near 3 years


… We are told how he has for years been using the private room of MALRAUX when he is in FRANCE … and that MENGELE comes and goes when the STAFF are out at breakfast or lunch … the door is locked, baths are taken … electric fire used in winter … IT IS ASSUMMED BY STAFF THAT `The Gov-Sir-Andre` is at serious work :    Nobody would dream of interrupting him : 


= Harrington 1951 is said to be a secret physician to Royalty :   Sometimes he has a sign on his PLAYBOY CAR that he is a Member of the Royal Household :    But he has a reputation London the West End & City of London as a paedophile :


He has BOOTS of 7 inches high made for him in Bond Street & is called `the man with the peculiar gait`  :    He sometimes wears a padded fawn raincoat  :    exact copy as the Glenn Miller wartime one worn by Malraux … He has added a false sweep of dark hair that dangles over half his forehead :    Several persons have been fooled 1950s - early 1960s into believing he is MALRAUX  … Police cannot arrest him … 


1958/1959 winter :   IT IS DISCOVERED THAT Doc `Mengele` is ACTING for BRITISH LORDS by MOONLIGHT and objecting to General de Gaulle giving MALRAUX a place in his new French Government :    


MEMORANDUM :   As Mr HARRINGTON in the British Wartime London he has met General & Madam de GAULLE who are given SANCTUARY Britain with a country house in Suffolk :     JIM JONG now a Major James & this-&-that names is also about the General in the British Wartime :    GENERAL de GAULLE is an Honorary Member of WHITES CLUB 1940s  …


RECORDS :    Both Jim Jong & Harrington are sadistic maniacs - they are soaked in dopes … especially heroin & purple nugget = fire blown pellets of DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND pushed up the snout = a Scotland grown weed that hit’s the brain in 2 seconds & creates violent strength - they can easily kill those in their way :     THEY WANT LOTS & LOTS of MONEY & KUDOS …


… 1982 the British Medical Association dismissed Mr Doctor HARRINGTON … a short notice went in a newspaper …

His Divorce case 1981 drew attention to his crimes from other nations :    There were photos in a newspaper :  The Judge was told to ask for the qualifications of  Mr Doctor `Mengele` Harrington :    His wife had a good solicitor :   The LAW did its best we can only pray …







Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON is able to get leading British newspapers to print him special articles :    special newspapers may be only a 100/300 copies run set within the actual daily newspaper :    1930s-1980s -


… these FALSE NEWSPAPERS are given to unsuspecting persons :   or to those who can wave them at the innocent … IT’S A DIRTY GAME : 


… It is hissed at me 1980s -  `the Doctor H. had a page of dirty accusations against a man called LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM `     Doctor HARRINGTON born 1912 is a chum of Aristocrat & ROYAL persons UP THE CREEK  : 


This sadistic paedophile is not stopped during 1950s-1980s at having these filthy FALSE NEWSPAPER articles published for the evil to show the gullible :






HARRINGTON is still alive in early 1992 … he was not a Peer … but he had added CHARNEL HOUSES of innocent human beings to the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - burned in pits and sunk in RN big nets just at the edge of the 2 mile limit of other nations :

 “ AN EVIL CENTURY the 20th century …”


Early-mid 20th century Newspaper owners in the small towns and countryside would do this, print a few newspapers of the day for engaged couples or weddings or celebrations :   

Mr Potter, owner CLACTON GAZETTE, Secretary LIFEBOAT SOCIETY too, Town Printers, he is grandpa to my Potter cousins, did this for THE WEDDING of GRACE of ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM 17th April 1947 :   and for our engagement November 1946 :




















HH - phone




















20th century EMPIRES










… … …  ”









“  A MAN CALLED COLIN TENANNT :  tried to persuade your father into his SET of business men :  Your father knew that they had only one interest  in the great RANSOM Grote PHILANTHROPY - to get hold of the TRANSPORT HOLDINGS, the AIRWAYS … the mining and manufacture :    THEY WOULD STRIP OFF ALL THAT MADE THIS `JOYOUS VENTURE` able to function and help the peoples of the globe : 

… A PHILANTHROPY label can help them avoid TAXES  … ”


MEMORANDUM & REPORTS :    Doc `Mengele` HARRINGTON is known to frequent  tropical islands of the excessively rich & those known from the newspapers for celebrity :    Mr Mengele is often, he says, trying out DRUGS FOR THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE = perhaps some gave their lives in this service …  These groupings are all part of the EVIL CENTURY - the 20th century … that has covered up the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN  =



2013 AD The TLS a weekly reviewing new books

 has this February an article on an inexpensive biography of

 the poorly educated COLIN TENNANT :  


In summoning my young father Frederick John RANSOM to talks over our worldwide ESTATE, as the Premier Earls LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs he may be claiming some very distant kinship  with Frobisher or Ransom or Gordon :


 … Perhaps he is descended from one of the WENTWORTH lines = MEMO : 

Sir MARTYN FROBISHER 16th century ARCTIC EXPLORER & TRADER married one of the 10 daughters of a Lord Wentworth :    the mother of my grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM is Millie Frobisher who married JOHN RANSOM brother of `Aunt MAG` our Aunt Margareth GIRL of the SNOWS Jacopsholmen West Greenland = she marries TIGGY GROTE founder of the HOMES on our often centuries old RANSOM lands :   Sad things happen to his 3 sons :   2 die & one is damaged from a motorbike accident :


  MEMORANDUM :   It CANNOT but help remind us of the tragic deaths on motorbikes & in cars 1920s-1960s to young heirs skilfully organised and carried out by JIMMIE JONG  “ and the one he goes around with ”   :  a LINDSAY-LINDSEY to be Earl No 14 :   They learned dare-devil driving at the 1920s Brooklands Racing circuit,  North sea coast Britain :   Cars & planes were new toys for the rich :   If COLIN TENNANT entertained in any way JIM JONG Sir James part Steward of WHITES CLUB … and the LINDSAY-LINDSEY or DAVE LINDSEY & GANG then he would be OUT of his DEPTH :  


Biography COLIN TENNANT :    I will leave this matter now - it is the sort of lengthy scholarship of the 20th century that the learned must handle … as the Reviewers in the TLS et al  …





“ a delicate flower garden encircling the earth ”

19th-20th centuries histories  :




1976 on :   However, it must first be recalled by READERS that the CRIMINAL ROBBERIES upon our ESTATE happen from 1967 onwards and become CARELESS & BRUTAL after the death of our GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX  :    The WHITEHEAD twins   ( who lost their heads over a baronetcy granted to an honourable QUAKER great-grandpa 1888  )  “ … have left their hoof marks upon many parts of our great civilized Philanthropy Estate … ”   :  


“  1967 November :   THEY WERE ASKED TO PICK HOLES IN THIS JOYOUS VENTURE, a GOLDEN GIRDLE, a delicate flower garden encircling the earth :


In November 1967 the twins agreed with SCUM of ARISTOCRAT Britain & Scandinavia to remove the post & all communications & keep persons from Greta Ransom …  ”


“ … THE ELDER TWIN AGREED FIRST = it was not known to his TRUSTEES, his Uncles, that he had mounting debts from borrowing illegally :   By January 1970 these debts had reached over 30 thousand pounds - further debts added to another 15 thousand pounds :    MAD CUNNING RULED BOTH OF THEM :   one claimed to be an aristocrat =  the other a Marxist aristocrat it said : … ”  


((( … 1967 October =  Greta Ransom unfortunately given a W. wedding ring October 1967 = I HAVE EXPLAINED earlier that the CRIMINALY INSANE are not found in BRITISH MUSEUMS - BUT they are known, I was informed by City Elders and kind persons at work, in THE CITY of LONDON :  ))) 




We are FUNDED by our RANSOM 18th century and early 19th century INVESTMENTS in travel :  freight & carts, horses & camels and package animals,  tunnels & shipping … then short lived ventures into carriages & trucks & WELLS FARGO (see Cowboy films)   :   THUS to the first trains & planes, cars & lorries :   We have mining & shipping of cargo and our centuries old WORLDWIDE seashores and creeks and up rivers : …


… ( The RANSOM cared for lands came as DOWRY lands over 900 years from us RANSOM marrying girls of 14 races, 27 nations … NB:   they could all write and read back to our ROMAN BRITAIN families REDEMPTIO = RANSOM  )


…  We have horticultural and agricultural GREEN RESERVES and CLEAN BLUE SEAS about our worldwide COASTS :   USEFUL TECHNOLOGY & MEDICINE advancements, education & Welfare & hospitals - and RETIREMENT HOMES of high standards : 


We have very high standards of safety in all our ventures - if not agreed to we pull out :  




MEMORANDUM :    References to DELIBERATE ACCIDENTS organised for ROAD, AIR, SEAS,  are in my initial gathering of RECORDS published January 2011 AD on the colour code site :

“ 1937 SUMMER etc - document in 3 Parts :  a `scaffolding` for the work that is to follow :


  NOTA BENE :   THE ISSUING of the SMALLER PART I was a mistake :   Sorry - new to computers I had come from 3 typewriters scattered about the GAUL house :   Transferring to computer … a good one … but in FRENCH LANGUAGE … and learning about things called KEYS that are best worn as pendants around the neck … mistakes were certain to happen :    But Part 1 of `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts had the PART 2 the intended longer version got out some months later in     “ 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom, Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND ”   :     It was decided by the kind Web Owners to leave my part I …  But this was my first attempt at COMMENCING THIS ENORMOUS TASK … for the innocent victims … restoring them upon the RECORDS of EARTH : 




















H.H.    TRY PHONE the next 2 PAGEs


BOOKS read - Light relief - also improving the READER`s knowledge perhaps :  then INTRODUCTION to next text     

2013 AD - BOOKS I have read since Christmas Day evening :



XMAS 1006 AD is memorable :  

These happy Anglo-Saxons churls had a nice meal & beer at the Manor House CLIFTON HAMPDEN - it was getting dusk … & they saw that ABINGDON, then WALLINGFORD, & DORCHESTER were on fire : 

Oh & DANES creeping up towards them :   But they beat them off by the dawn :   published 1870s :  

All the Pillar House children had read this book 1970s … Clifton Hampden is close to Harwell our village - The author grew up at Clifton Hamden & was writing a book to interest big children in local history :


LOVE ON THE DOLE - Walter GREENWOOD published 1933 :  Drawing attention to conditions in Britain after the GREAT WAR 1914-1919 :


SIREN LAND - Norman Douglas published 1911 discovering Capri and around :  archaeology, myth, human understanding :


BURNING OF NJAL - Henry Treece 1964 -

REDEMPTIO-RANSOM Family never lived on ICELAND - We got a wife `Rachel` Anglo-Saxon times :


There is always weekly TLS to read :  bits and pieces of this and that in the LIBRARY need finding :  =  the library is all over the house :    MUST TRY THE VIRGINIANS = only did bits in schools :






the GLOBE`  :



1936 - Greta Ransom 3 years 8 months has a drawing become a FLAG for our dwellings for retired & invalided ex-workers of our worldwide ancient Estate  she & her uncle 12 years older are the HEIR & co-HEIR to GROTE HOMES & RANSOM “JOYOUS VENTURE worldwide ” et al


Diaries : & oral :

“ … No man like your father will come again - this nation at the top is a bag of rubbish - dirty tricks go on to get fast dough … ”


1936 - after you were kidnapped back in June by Aristocrats of NO LAWS you were attacked savagely in August to stop you going with your Aunt and de Salle cousins to JAPAN to your relatives & to AMERICA to your relatives :  a month for your black bruised face to become pale :   A blow to your head by JIM JONG had not perhaps harmed your brain … ”  







“ GIBRALTAR :   … He PJPW found your FLAG in

Gibraltar - it no longer is there .  He was boasting to them that he had explored the LOW DENS :


This is your dwellings for loyal people left alone :  a model for retirement homes - admired - kitchen one end, big room - small room off - bath and lavatory all in one the other end - convenient :   First built by TIGGY and Margaret in the last century …


1935 we had completed a refurbishment of them :  light comes into the front and the back - no gardens but a view of green fields & they may grow things if they wish :  they have a veranda front and back :


He Peter Whitehead of the British Museum NATURAL HISTORY arrived savagely attired - they said he had a chart of the area, and an Official big Paper in

British & French languages :   HE HAD THE FLAG CUT TO SHREDS BEFORE HIS EYES :   he ordered the residents old and invalided to pack and GET OUT :  He was boasting “… full Socialism would solve their problems :   the State would then give them housing … they were distressed & could not gather all he said …


BUT some Oil Tanker men heard him that night - and put a knap sack over his head :  they then sailed him to a bathing place on the Spanish coast … he had to swin the last yards …


I have released the little row of dwellings - 31 of them :

Put them care of SPANISH ADMINISTRATION - the little flag is remade and a copy kept in the first house :


YOUR FLAG ?   One afternoon a little girl had nothing to do - so you drew a flag for your Saint Clare Convent Nuns :   A rose and curling round a letter T - not Saint Thomas you told the Nuns - but THOMAS Tiggy of the HOMES :   


We had it made for the Mediterranean Retirement Homes - it is in a parchment shade, old cream beige - the T is brown like a tree - the rose pink with a green spike and a leaf :   YOUR FATHER HELPED YOU WITH THE DESIGN FOR THE WEAVERS …


What has happened is that he Peter has been found out

& the 6 weeks LEAVE withdrawn by the Museum :  this was granted to him every year since 1968 to manage this great ESTATE that contributes so much to NATURAL HISTORY … he had been telling people with his brother with the title that you were uneducated and had no sense of responsibility :   It has been discovered by the Authorities that he has not told the truth & that he has never taken care of the Estate but enjoyed wrecking it with the Noble crowd … 


Sometimes Mr Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON appeared in bright clothes … or respectably attired - he can use the British Diplomatic centres in every nation  :

They, since you came to the Pillar House,  he and Peter,  have been up to horrible crimes … they like harming other people :   Both of them snatching at any moneys in our Estate Banks … Mr Mengele has much skill in removing memory - he has learned how to use many dangerous dopes :   American Intelligence were certain that Doctor Harrington friend of British & Scandinavia Royalty took commissions to DESTROY

the HEALTH of important men in business & in Public Life  :   But it seemed to get shelved :  



SO FOUND OUT … Peter hated everyone & wanted to harm every part of the Estate :    A mad liar had appeared wrecking the Estate :   He not so often now seen fraternising on tropical beaches chasing young men and  some times girls … Both he and twin had a terrible reputation from school days … it was said to be the madness of the mother in Kenya - but she had to be locked in an Asylum age 17 years - she was poisoning an aged Aunt to get a legacy - the family owned half of the Lunatic Asylum - her uncle an eminent Doctor was concerned - after a year he and the family were persuaded by a 28 years old French Doctor of Psychology to let her take their future mother to France to live with her family & she would study Art :

It did not improve matters - in the Asylum she had learned a lot about the use of drugs :


Marriage to Philip Whitehead 1929 had him realise before the twins were born that she was unbalanced :

It became savage & in 1934 he brought the twins back to his parents - he feared for their lives - she was subjecting them to BLACK MAGIC with African persons … she was dumping them for weeks or a month at a time saying she was going to Nairobi to stay with American friends :  


ANDRE wanted to take you away and all the children several times :   But you had a resourceful nature and your circle and the activities in Harwell and in the Museum advised him to wait :   If we had told him what was going on he might have come with a gun … to both of them :   They are of unsound mind :   They are obsessed with a title of 1888 which has them with KUDOS & able to be ABOVE the LAW :   Both of them tell lies :   At Cambridge University an approach to join the Diplomatic Service for training was turned down

It is reported ` Rowland cannot tell the truth` :

Peter it was felt could pull through because of Zoology - he seemed to have a genuine liking for it :


(   READER may find it amusing that British DIPLOMATIC TRAINING has NO USE for a titled applicant WHO CANNOT TELL THE TRUTH :    I quote vaguely a remark by an eminent British Diplomat early 20th century  “ A DIPLOMAT is a MAN who goes abroad TO TELL LIES FOR HIS NATION ”  … )


“  (1948 ? I think so )   At California an attack on a woman in a smart bungalow had money taken by them and some false silver which they will have dumped swiftly …

They, twins, had to hide all day - left in separate lorries … made telephone calls to American relatives … this was learned … The elders kept it quiet it was felt the father had suffered enough … and he now had a good wife …   ”  



  (((( 1948 Diary Canada by PJPW - they went with RADLEY SCHOOL to CANADA on camping & trekking visit :   At the end of this scouting holiday the WHITEHEAD twins were to go on to NEW YORK to the eminent SPARKMAN relatives  (YACHTS/New York Yacht club)  … then travel down to West Virginia Wheeling to their grandmother Palmer - their grandfather had recently died :   I cannot find any photos of them in Wheeling … : 

In between CANADA & NEW YORK they may have slipped away to California before heading for Wheeling ?   : 


MEMO :    they were already doing BREAK IN & ENTRY around Wallingford at 13-14 years of age :   they caused trouble age 9 and 10 years in summer holidays - the tricks - lies - were disturbing - it was suggested they would have to be returned to KENYA and live out their lives there


At 12-13 years the twins disturbed British Film people and artists & musicians :   it is reported to the Father that visits with the mother to 4 BAD untrustworthy AFRICAN WITCH DOCTORS in East Sheen Lane are having them on DOPE - THE AFRICAN WITCH DOCTORS ???   - Oh embarrassing :  they had been forgot by the British WHITEHALL Colonial etc Offices = 1938 got over to REPORT on whom in KENYA COLONY wanted INDEPENDENCE for KENYA … given Ration Cards & a bungalow they SMOKED HASH/WENT IN FOR MUMBO-JUMBO :   One with long hair would go out each week and do the shopping :   He was polite but did not engage in conversation :   They DRANK - they SMOKED :    …  BRITISH EMPIRE problem was KENYA WANTED to LEAVE the BRITISH EMPIRE :   INDIA WAS STRETCHING ITS MUSCLES … 2nd WORLD WAR DELAYED MATTERS …  ? WHERE DID THEY GO AFTER THE END OF THE WAR ???        ))))




1977-1978 :   I FOUND SOME ALARMNG MADNESS developing in PJPW … An unpleasant DOPE SMOKING taking relative appeared & gave encouragement to wickedness - HE HAD TO PLAY `FOOTSIE` with this grim grisly image  :   but there was always some effective BLACKMAIL on both twins from this person  : 


1970 January - ANDRE MALRAUX says   “ HOW UNFORTUNATE GREETAH to come upon two such women in the family … a type I thought had disappeared in the 1920s … ”   


… He and I, Georges-Andre & Greetha … we were NOT to be allowed to talk in private … but without being shown MY WILL, the DOCUMENTS … the LETTERS from my father and his family and the photographs which Peter Whitehead had and hid from me I could not travel into those accurate histories of my early years :   There were threats from the BOOTING IN  Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON that he could REMOVE my child, then my children    :     Victoria-Augusta II Legion Ancient Rome named for CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis and Harold W. POULTER great Humanist Colchester & Essex Museums , and little PETE with his good soul showing in his face … and his golden curls … 


 19th - 20th centuries :    IT’S A DIRTY TRICK - GIVING YOUNG HEIRS STRONG DOPES TO REMOVE THEIR MEMORIES - calling them stupid - sending them to school with sedatives … clothing  them poorly … soaking their clothes overnight in icy water … saying they have done this … bringing in NOBLE coin less dope and booze ARISTOCRAT TURDS & asking if the child can NOW BE LOCKED UP … ? 


 1960 -  again 1970 :   I have been reminded of the KILLING of our 1942 School friend - SEA HEIRESS Newfoundland … She that weekend at home in CASTLE HEDINGHAM - going on her bike to Choir Practice :   WE ARE BOTH 9 YEARS OLD :    THIS MURDER IS DONE SO THAT THE COMING EARL LINDSEY Tucker Premier Earl No 14 will be able to PAY T HE FAMILY DOUBLE DEATH DUTIES :   Earls of LINDSAY Crawford having died 1939 and expected to 1942/1943 :   The READER can find these TRICKS of NOBLE BOGLANDS SCOTLAND in the work I have had to assemble … published  2011 AD onwards - see web sites including and … 


RECORDS SHOW :   SCOTLAND is so polished in its use of these filthy tricks :   Destroying education and locking young people up - CULLING THEM :   They are INSANE because they use the dope DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND :   The Whitehead twins were not ignorant of this - and Doctor HARRINGTON ` Doc Mengele` would hand it to them as he does to others he uses for his ARISTOCRAT MASTERS …





 THOMAS I. GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN worldwide established 1864  :   a GENOCIDE 1938-1954 by BRITISH & Scandinavian ARISTOCRATS killing for money

RANSOM ESTATE 1938 onwards :



REPORT :   1979 July …  “ we have picked up on computer an advertisement Australia :  it announces `GOODS of late EDUCATIONALIST Thomas I. GROTE … if interested in sale contact this Box number … `

WE BELIEVE IT MAY BE TO CATCH MORE VICTIMS … those who know of the HOMES the ESTATE the lands and the old GROTE scholars, their children or grandchildren … perhaps great grandchildren :   THIS IS TO REMOVE ALL TRACE TO SAVE THE BRITISH IMPERIAL ARISTOCRAT FACE … ”


“ … We cannot risk answering - we rely on investigation over there … If this is he RJRW and his twin PJPW then they are SELLING the LIVES of the INNOCENT to get them more dough … … … I will be away until the late autumn … … …  ”  



MEMORANDUM :     Probably LIR my co-heir, sub-heir :   Or it could be Arthur Malone POLITIAN = probably both :


ANDRE MALRAUX our GUARDIAN has gone to a too early death November 1976 :    Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON physician in secret to ROYAL HOUSEHOLD since 1951 is heard sniggering that he has ` TAKEN OUT BEFORE BURIAL THE BRAIN of ANDRE MALRAUX … and he has it in a JAR and tells him WHAT HE THINKS OF HIM …`


 I recall 1930s tales of that time & of 1920s that on this DOPE Divinorum Salvia Scotland ,  they, who are somebody,  GO TO CHURCHYARDS at night …   and “ TELL THEM WHAT THEY THINK OF THEM … & how much they have got hold of their wealth at last =  how THEY who are SOMEBODY are now `IN THE MONEY` … :   This behaviour may be END of EMPIRE style … leave this to the serious scholars :    


… BUT there are other human beings 1945 onwards trying to help … after experiencing proof of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN GENOCIDE :   … … … I do not think in this the 21st century that GROTE descendants are at all SAFE from these GENOCIDERS & their corrupted creatures … becoming dangerously MAD … )



  1985 c :  I am informed about this date by Whitehead twin PJPW that all Bills for Electricity & Gas at The Pillar House were paid for by  ` a person not allowed to be known - or the giving of MONEY back to THE POOR could not go on … … …


He was also boasting about Potsdam, an evil half Brazilian half German Diplomat … it became SORDID :   this creep was killed off soon after … nasty things in Rio Janeiro … `


This clearly stopped when LEN I. RANSOM was robbed unlawfully by BRITISH CRIMINALLY INSANE - Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON in 1979 = from this date they plan his murder … a persecution in the style of the 1930s !!!    THEY ARE ALL USING THIS DOPE Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their SNOUTS … They all have ROYAL & LORDLY protection … and by now BIG CROOKED BUSINESS  :    It is to hide the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES children - and the robbing of the RANSOM lands investments etc        GR



1981 - 1985 :   I GR-w  found him unbalanced very often and he had taken to making dolls house furniture as he sat with sheets of figures representing his INVESTMENTS in his family firm up to the 1960s :

He had some Shares in de Beer Diamonds but would say that the 60 pounds income yearly he used for giving a good lunch to visiting Scientists from abroad :


Late 1980/81 ? :    He PJPW had been banned from travelling on certain Commuter trains in the evening by British Rail - complaints came from men and women - he was lewd in his remarks  :   I did not know of this until about 1987 :   At The Pillar House life was very full - growing children - but he had always made tricky situations - there was clearly BLACKMAIL on him from a relative  … I could sometimes recall  the 1940s and my mother & her lies, her displays of THREATS & actual VIOLENCE at my face and my head  … I was disturbed to remember these decades and had horrors of 1950s-1960s arise  when she was often said to be MAD - she was alive & still powerful with her NOBLE INSANE …  :  






1978/1979 :    A gathering at Henley … (1972-74 ?)

“ … we had Peter come over … It was clear he had no idea of the MARXISM he professed as a reason for getting rid of the ESTATE - he insisted he was a Marxist and GIVING BACK TO THE POOR THEIR WEALTH :   We were worried - an attempt to tell him that socialist roots were about EDUCATION & equality the globe … had him with rising aristocrat demeanour & an overbearing tone of voice :   He could not reply politely to an opponent constructively but only with arrogance … it became obvious he had little broad intelligence … The elder brother had already been found so - slick … haughty , empty …”


“ 1968 onwards BMNH :   The extra 6 weeks holiday granted him by the Museums world had him displaying himself on tropical beaches too much for several years :   No big children shared these holidays … no attempt was made to introduce them to the world of NATURAL HISTORY :    His wife from the beginning of the marriage 1967 took the children  to many Exhibitions in the Museums world  - tricks were played to keep them isolated over the next years … But they went regularly to musical events, to visits to other Cities they liked - BATH was a favourite - from 1973 they went regularly to THE London PROMENADE CONCERTS … they were all taught music … ”


“ Peter has been discovered making spiteful attacks on the vulnerable parts of the Estate :    We explained that the INVESTMENTS were sound and funded our Philanthropy and always had … its history could be traced back some centuries :    Here he blew raspberries at us … repeated arrogant phrases about `when full socialism comes in` … … …  ”  


 Len Immanuel RANSOM or Arthur Malone POLITIAN = Tutor to the Medici children :  probably both of them : 


Nota bene:     We do not have a date - but I have a vague memory of this being perhaps 1977 ?  … after the death of ANDRE MALRAUX the GUARDIAN honoured in his lifetime from 1937 to his death 1976 …  G.R. 


























WE MAY BREAK HERE - make next part

SANCTUS SPIRITUS   Part 1 A …  ??? what do you think  ?  See next page for a COVER

Page // :  RECORDS have ` scaffolding`

Providing SCAFFOLDING I hope = 
















In the style of A  LIFE BOOK

kept by my young father


Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911 -


Slain in March 1969


& CROWNS …                 Part I A                                                     






SORRY - TEDIOUS WORK as we PHONE pages in to JIMDO et al  :   But necessary we have READERS

 pick up now on the EXTENT OF THE ESTATE WORLDWIDE … but most important that TEXT shows it WORKS because it is BIG & LITTLE & care of EARTH so that GOSPELS can be ACTED OUT





And yet it is only ACTING THE GOSPELS OUT worldwide …

To quote phrase of 1937 & 1970  ex-Minister  M A L R A U X  …


NEW FILE SANCTUS SPIRITUS :   Once a week or a month my father wrote his `Sanctus Spiritus` :    A SUMMARY of EXPERIENCE … he also kept a Diary of the days :  IT IS ABOUT FOUNDING OF SPIRIT OF ESTATE the ESTATE and THUS about its FOUNDERS and HEIRS = equal US - REDEMPTIO-RANSOM & WEDDELL & INCA etc   :


SANCTUS SPIRITUS was a LEARNING BOOK … experience you gained as you travelled the year … the decades    :


Many things my father wrote were deposited (I wd. Think/HOPE in copy) in the Philosophical Society of Pennsylvania :   SUSPICION ???

WHITEHEAD twins were trying get themselves as MEMBERS to this prestigious early USA Society 1970s:


They are clearly paid to REPORT where RECORDS are :





ESTATE : 1937 & into 2000 AD

STOLEN by BRITISH LORDS for their crowns :


1978-1981   “ AUSTRALIA :  we did not know what the plan was - A Government figure who called me in said ` they had enough trouble with these titles :  but he had support of the British Embassy - could use back door : Sydney - he had dismissed many workers from a valuable little metal works - he had not bothered to obey the Law … they were without jobs before a month was out :   they learned he had to back at the British Museum … works for Natural History Fishes :   Had joined in Captain James Cook RN Celebrations :  

Brother a title = but from a family like that a shock !    Reports said he the younger wandered about in low dives in brief shorts and flapping Indonesian shirt :  seemed to enjoy saying he was a Millionaire …


…   I knew we should have risked telling ANDRE more of what we had found out 1969 … after the deaths of my two brothers … not yet 60 years of age :


“ 1978 - I had been called in by Governor of BALI - they had a shock our Estate links up … it is gigantic & it is delicate pieces of the human life span … I knew you were not dumb and without responsibility … Your mother was with the Old Gang & they had the use of all the back doors … of this noble gang … I had been used to them since a child saying because of their titles Cousins Lindsay-Lindsey owned the Estate  ”   LIR et al




“   1979 :  AUSTRALIA :   I am asked to call by :  my Government acquaintance here said they had to do something - so idea to make the Estate Australian holdings into a separate ring :   It would fund everything - trouble would be when people retired the small HOLDINGS, Clubs, social welfare advantages, would get lost unless the ESTATE were in charge of the RANSOM family AS BEFORE … this has been OVERSTEPPED by THEM  :   The idea they came up with would not have Estate Ring they propose for Australia lose contact with the rest of the world :   He emphasised again … but when they, we,  were gone and matter got shelved, forgot = THEY COULD STROLL IN AGAIN AND TAKE THE LOT :   But we should try - no choice :   … ”


“ … Reports on him PJPW indicated he behaved at home in the village with the family - BUT … his Museum had a shock - they had given him 6 WEEKS EXTRA LEAVE from 1969 TO MANAGE THE WORLDWIDE ESTATE - did ANDRE know this ?   Reports came in from time to time from other nations that they had HOLES PICKED in the ESTATE :   British Embassies would play no part … ” …


“ … … WITH ANDRE DEAD … … …  how much had he and I gathered ?  I was legal heir to the heir … no doubt of this :    BRITISH MUSEUM giving him extra 6 weeks every year ?    He was mostly reported on for years as a beach bum :    Went about by himself or with young men or women :  


Well the LEAVE granted could be a set up … arranged by them … Government Lords and all of them :

BRITISH MUSEUM were now embarrassed :   … 


1967 - all three of you alive - then two RANSOM deaths :

But there was no doubt that 1967 the brother twin - the heir to the title -  had agreed to control of the ESTATE ~ WHO GAVE HIM or his TWIN this CONTROL ???     DID ANDRE KNOW ?   

We all feel he did not !!!    NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT - Plenty of information gathering there :   Always been a superb Estate - faultless, of great assistance and reliable in many ways when unexpected stress happened … AUSTRALIA COULD TRUST IT :


AUSTRALIA - OUR HOLDINGS SINCE early 19th century :

Farming/education/arts & music assistance/shipping trade/then AIR TRANSPORT early on/some big Mining holdings/fishing & horticulture/the OPAL MINES … Retirement homes & hospital assitance … GYMNASTICS :  



… A GROTE HOME last century had been fought for by ADELAIDE and had functioned to mid-1950s :   Had I heard about that !!  :

A little half-breed had been collecting for years before the war a half of their Grant from GROTE New York saying it was required by the OWNER a Duchess - then Moses !!!  - a QUEEN :    Seems he had scared them at the HOME several times - Then they got some visits after the war :   Information came from several sources - but one a good son of Mary Gordon - he had been trapped by them into a situation solved by POLICE long ago … they had been after lands of his Gordon family in Scotland for a long while : …”


My Government  acquaintance said  “ … WE HAVE TO REMEMBER THEY DO NOT NEED THE LAW … you know this … we are often being told … … … other matters - they try plant themselves on us … …    ”






1960s :  There are short ARTHUR MALONE/Politian REPORTS these years on these matters - especially on my uncle Alfred Richard GORDON who with friends visited the GROTE HOME Adelaide mid-1950s …


… 1960 end February/early March - and into 1961 we who are NOT criminals were disappointed not to hear some enthusiasm from ANDRE MALRAUX and General de GAULLE about an IMPORTANT PACKAGE sent swiftly to them, their instructions,  from New York & Argentine :  The CONTENTS proved beyond doubt the horrendous VIOLENT FRAUD of BRITISH GOVERNMENT & its CROWNS :   The death 9 November 1944 JOSETTE CLOTIS on a railway line was now seriously a matter for consideration :


1930s to 1960 :   At this time many small nations who suffered from BRITISH NOBLES BIG BOOTING in on our RANSOM civilized holdings & Philanthropy ESTATE were wanting at last to ask of the MIGHTY BRITISH EMPIRE on their front pages  `WHERE ARE THE GROTE CHILDREN MOTHER ENGLAND` :


THIS IS WHAT HAD HAPPENED :   End February 1960 a Package sent from NEW YORK with legal WILL, other WILLS, documents, carbon copy letters of greatest importance had received only short message said to be from Malraux & General de Gaulle `interesting - consult with colleagues` :


1960 February to JUNE :   The next 4 months saw many deaths due to continuing  BRITISH VIOLENT FRAUD :

In fact, the GENOCIDE continued  :   Malone was OPENING more CHARNEL HOUSES as he listed the new dead :



1960 JUNE :   my Father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM Army Captain 2nd World War,  had paid ARTHUR MALONE for 2 years work as DETECTIVE to me & staff at 50 Lancaster Gate Square :   ANDRE MALRAUX had sent the money but it never arrived :


1960 June - hearing he POLITIAN had not been paid, and that the RANSOM & GORDON friend PHILIP SILVERLEE from pre-War days had been supporting ARTHUR MALONE & relief Detectives & paying expenses for research overseas, MY FATHER GAVE ARTHUR MALONE A CHEQUE that JUNE 1960 -  Friend Silverlee is an Argentine-British Citizen, works in Insurance London-Argentina/Man of Letters/musician/ex-RADLEY School -did a Term of Music with Butterworth `Banks of Green Willow` who died young 1916 in THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919 between Germany and Britain :  


 (  READERS have noted the IMPERIAL cousins here - they are grandchildren of Queen Victoria & Albert = he of Crystal Palace & Great Exhibition etc 1850s  )


1960 Summer = Swiftly this CHEQUE was traced to the ARGENTINE and my FATHER IS STRIPPED OF HIS OWN MONEYS  & much of his own investments in small holdings with good families WERE THIEVED by the system of these disgusting obscene GROSS BRIT & SCANDINAVIAN POWERFUL NOBLES -  We hear in 2 years that my father seemed to have a collapse now - his sister had him dwell with her in London :   Deaths gathered around the globe :




WELL - they were robbed :   This one Courier was made to wait 2 hours when he got back to FRANCE on a return public airways flight - During this 2 hour wait he was given a MICKY FINN  = you see this in the black-white Hollywood films - Sidney Greenstreet knocks out HUMPHREY BOGART - and there are other films - and books & Court Cases :  The important PAPERS, the WILL & other WILLS relevant to the great Estate, especially relevant to our properties South America, Indonesia, Australia were removed … some interesting pieces left in the PACKAGE :  


THIS IS THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE 20th CENTURY - BRITISH POLITICS = the CHINESE Legation London had warned 1958/59 “ … MALRAUX & DE GAULLE are two good men but there are around them TRICKSTERS in the BRITISH GOVERNMENT and in WHITEHALL … and some in the FRENCH GOVERNMENT :


MEMORANDUM :   Perhaps this ROBBERY & FRAUD & the continuing STATE murders of Gross Britain had some baring on the attitude of     General de GAULLE towards the COMMON MARKET ENTRY :

1962 March = The General and MALRAUX DISCOVER they were robbed end of February 1960 :  


  Memo & NOTA BENE :   1962 March the comment of General de GAULLE at the discovery, and being shown the WILL and other Documents etc. sent to them, is   “ A GIGANTIC OBSCENE PIECE OF STATECRAFT BY GROSS BRITANNIQUE =



1961 May - THE TWO SONS of ANDRE MALRAUX 18 & 21 years are killed in a CAR :


1960/1961 - My father collapsed :   Suspicious deaths/killings/ both sides of Family went on : 


Only JIM JONG (Cur James of WHITES Club) and DAVE LINDSEY & GANG & his father No Earl 14 could know well all of us


( Lindsey Earl 14 1943 :   Castle Hedingham 1942 murder of 9 years NEWFOUNDLAND etc heiress to pay DOUBLE DEATH DUTIES for LINDSEY !   She was in my school class at Clacton-on-Sea )


I had the caravan covered inside with dangerous powders

And the violent tricks of these criminally insane can be followed through the months : 


All POSTAL communications were searched - much removed :

Threats after dark continued :







1960 February/March :   COLNE ENGAINE, LONDON :



 … AH !   But we have the Royal Physician in Secret, paedophile and POISONER, Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON with GREAT TEAM via NAVAL INTELLIGENCE :  This granted to him he says 3/4th November 1953 by `UP THE CREEK PHIL THE GREEK`

  =  this is Philip Mountbatten of Norway - he has a PLAYBOY Uncle - Who never should have been allowed near the BRITISH NAVY -


… LOUIS No DICKY-BIRD :   I have personal experience of this CREEP when I am age 4 and 5 years, 15 & 16 years old :  It smashed my toy money box open 1936/7 & took my money -  he yelled about money owed at cards & said `ANGELA IS A BLAZING COW` … I do NOT FORGET THIS -   (My Uncle thought the word was `brazen` when I told him … he said `ask your father to explain brazen …`  ) 


This HORSE FACE LOUIS , called by silly women `Dicky-bird` finally departed yelling at me  `And YOU should be a WARD of COURT`   =   I spoke loudly   ` IF I WERE THE ESTATE & ALL THE MONEY GOES TO AN HEIR OVERSEASthere are lots of RANSOM family in USA !!! `  


… I am in training with Lennie my best friend who is already brilliant at our TRANSPORT holdings - ESPECIALLY CANADA = stolen by LINDSEY KILLERS 1948 onwards - DAVE LINDSEY QUICKLY GOT CANADA RAILWAYS IN THE RED :   But the REAL TRUTH had to be covered up by the NEWSPAPERS :    1930s LENNIE  and I,  we are learning about how to take care of our worldwide PEOPLES =  we do NOT worship money or only look after RICH STUPID SUB-SUB- APES :   


I have to be PALLAS ATHENA ~~~


1940s - 1950s-1960s-1970s-1980s  :   DAVE LINDSEY and GANG were having FUN  “ HUNTING BIG AND LITTLE GAME ”   …  THEY WERE DETERMINED TO DESTROY all our HELP to PERU and LAY HANDS ON THE RICHES of ARGENTINA :    So this criminally insane bog-trotting HEAVY DOPE taking THUGS had some powerful BACKING in GROSS BRITAIN  … and were corrupting others in this slick game of BUSINESS to MAKE BRITAIN RICH : 



And neither does  `THE BLAZING COW`  :


…  That is their theft and putting BIG BOOTS IMPERIAL in our ESTATE & in CANADIAN CITIZENS -  these are thugs who live by international THEFT ;   They have committed with others a GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN worldwide and swoop into other Nations killing for our lands, investments, emptying our RANSOM BANKS :


REPORTS :   1960s-1970s : 

ARTHUR MALONE Politian and his old Law friends City London =

And the persecuted Len Immanuel RANSOM b 1921 - FLYER-ATHLETE-MUSICIAN worldwide on call-artist & illustrator with own wholesome Magazine for women and girls in ARGENTINE : 






























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b.1911 FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM  wrote his daughter `GREETAH` a poem every year from her birth 11 March 1933  


… The poems are  destroyed swiftly by  LINDSAYbuggarhs Premier EARLS of Scotland-G.B. … They called us `APES & ESKIMOS`& by MOONLIGHT hissed we were not allowed make WILLS … We were not allowed properties or banked moneys - THE FAMILY RANSOM ESTATE is claimed BY PURPLE MOONLIGHT by ANGELA nee Bowes Lyon … LINDSAY-LINDSEY were to take & administer it - giving her half or so … :


1930s the GB TREASURY & GOVERNMENT LORDS were saying they should have `a portion`-  The 

WHISKEY CART was crowded = they culled and threw overboard those with lesser titles :


1939-1946 WARTIME & onwards to his violent murder :   the poems, letters & photos  from my Father are stolen with loss of life & violence :  ORDERS by BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & CROWNS & their relatives of  SCANDINAVIAN :   ROYAL POST IS INTERCEPTED :  





1930s I recall my father liking the style of WALT WHITMAN :

1960 into 1961 I had to record distressing matters at COLNE ENGAINE … I was told by these evil & their henchmen that I was to be searched daily - to see I did not write a diary :    There were other threats - some had the passing BRITISH TERRITORIALS give it them back = one Noble Scots monster got hung in its own larder with a sign `PRIME PORK  : 


NB :    In the 20th century SCOTS ARISTOCRATS believed if they ate young people they would give themselves extra life :    District Nurses SCOTLAND and the NORTH of ENGLAND would advise young assistants  ` it does no good - IT IS ONLY MEAT - when you meet this in your Duties do not confront - report to your Supervisor ` …


1950-s=1960-s  MY WAY OF RECORDING is below :    Many of these `stark lines` I copied on typewriters through the 1960s and with several carbon copies and hid them :    I wonder if my young father would have understood what I am recording in the following :    I AM ADDING them to this new File called after his 1930s LIFE BOOKS that I sometimes saw him write up …  he headed his sections weekly SANCTUS SPIRITUS :


… … Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom … …

















 P O E M … But also print it in main TEXT…

so continue as before - after PHONE PAGE


1960 SPRING - LINES after the frightening & drear WINTER NIGHTWATCH time - et al  COLNE ENGAINE :   cum CAMULODUNUM

Colonia Victricensis - COLCHESTRE :


















HARDSHIPS  ( Royal Priesthoods ?)












(they)  FORGED

IN AUTHORITY …  Greta FW M.Cae. Ransom                                      …                                    




Spring 1960 at COLNE ENGAINE = Arthur Malone Politian, says  `CHARNEL HOUSES are filling up again `  


These lines were spoken aloud by me :    Arthur Malone Politian said Spring-Summer 1960 that he had them on the MALRAUX  `intercom` :   

 I kept my copies made several times on typewriters hidden for a decade and then onwards :  


 NB :    The READERS of this HISTORY will follow here what I refer to :      Reference 1960 January--February NIGHTWATCH - Dr JOHN RAY Ransom & ANDRE MALRAUX at COLNE ENGAINE : `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts   1937 SUMMER etc”    & other web sites :





























H.H.  ???  BELOW




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 normal text …












1959 January … or February/March ?   :

ANDRE MALRAUX says to Greta Maureen Ransom


“    I must go and lie

              on My death bed   ”


(   this remark may be to do with his appointment as

 A MINISTER of FRANCE under the General de GAULLE new Government ? … )


I heard your voice

That is my voice

And is his voice :

THUS to us he spake

Softly & softly  …  …








G:reta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM



1959 at the Anglo-French R.C. Catholic Mission

St Edmund House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square LONDON

& 1960/61 COLNE ENGAINE, near Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis :






When I type the LINES above 1960 summer I am TOLD that GAUL & the Emperor ANDRE are ` HAVING A BIG KNEES-UP at the PYRAMIDS … it is said NAPOLEON owned them …`     I went on with my craftwork which earns me some money :    and wrote a poem to `Midsummer morn - grey dawn … high upon this hill … etc …  This day APOLLO WILL RIDE HIS WAY WITHOUT A GLANCE BENEATH HIS CHARIOT WHEELS …`   


… A mixture of atmosphere on the 24th June MIDSUMMER, the grey dawn and mist not clearing as Rosy Fingered Dawn searched for her Robe of SAFFRON YELLOW …





1960 MARCH … has the GENOCIDE continue by those who are wasting the lands and moneys from their obscene slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN around the globe :