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1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

PART 3 …  RANSOM ANCESTRY - histories :
… down many centuries …

437 AD   REDEMPTIO=Ransom  had to sail from Suffolk-Norfolk to Nor0`way … & go haymaking for `the Burley one` …  he needed more corn & barley to last through the East Anglia usual FOUL WINTER TIDE   …` …  (Latin = Life Book)
begins page 16 …
page 30 -  a list from a Directory of RANSOM

… CENTENARY  FJR November 1911 - 2011  …

NB :  The first 6 pages tell the Reader what is webbed 2011-1212 in final form, and how the work of restoration is continuing in  this now edited RANSOM PART III  :

RANSOM Part I   =  = colour code

RANSOM Part II  =   begins with 4 Asian Brides Siberia-China 1400s …  and Japan-Bruges 1504    :   

… but then Part II  becomes an introduction/an account of the DESTRUCTION of the GROTE HOMES RANSOM `Joyous Venture`  a worldwide Estate in 3 Parts   :      

MEMORANDUM :    ESTATE eyed from late 19th century as  `AN ELDORADO `  by the criminally insane NOBLE BRITISH Aristocrats, and especially some in Scotland and Scandinavia   :

 Nota bene :   1930s the legal Will to be ignored by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWNS and its Noble LORDS & unpleasant coin-less SONS …  They are of Britain and Scandinavia - who during the 2nd World War by MOONLIGHT slew GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES worldwide and grabbed at the lands surrounding … which are RANSOM LANDS and investments over the centuries regularly agreed by the independent nations  OUTSIDE THE GROSS BRITISH EMPIRE …

NNB :  … THEIR very NOBLE VIOLENCE INCREASED AGAINST THE LAWFUL HEIRS and the FAMILIES RANSOM & also against other branches GRONLANDER=Poulsen,  Aquida-San JULIAN INCA branch and JAMES WEDDELL descendants from his two sons of his legitimate marriage QUAKER ROMAN CATHOLIC :   James Weddell II and John Weddell born 1825 & 1826  :   

…  Attacks 19th century and 20th century upon other branches of RANSOM including Grote & Mecklenburg 1930s - 1950s … Violence from the 1932 RANSOM-GORDON marriage had more attacks which had a history of violence and cunning against both RANSOM and GORDON families …  from the 1900s …    
( previously to thieve GORDON 8 pieces of lands in Scotland & New Zealand )   

… Violence and sly threats came at GORDON branches :  Tate-Atkinson-Anderson-Booth & other distantly related branches of GORDON of Greenwich `   :   mid-19th century John Frederick GORDON of Edinburgh is Mine Host  ( including White Bait Suppers for the Houses of Parliament )  at the most beautiful TRAFALGAR TAVERN Greenwich waterfront where his 8 children grow up - his 6 sons attending The Academy of Doctor BELL on Greenwich Heath   :   

… his son George Ernest Gordon retires 1930 to Clacton-on-Sea with wife Mary Helena nee Williams and their younger children Winifred b 1910, Harry 1912 and Esther Mary Gordon 1913

 ( Esther Mary Gordon marries 6`4 & a half inches tall  Fred Potter of the Family who own and run the newspaper `Clacton Gazette` and the Printing Works attached  =  his father as a young man went OUT in the LIFEBOATS of Essex East Anglia & has become Secretary of THE  (ROYAL)  LIFEBOAT SOCIETY  …
1919 onwards :  … In Southern Ireland the Catholic peaceful cousins of Mary Gordon = Murphy/Carroll/O`Brien received violence by MOONLIGHT and sly crimes and cunning tricks  : these families would not give FREE GOOD HORSES to the British very NOBLE OAFS crept out of their SCOTLAND bogs  =  The Southern Ireland cousins have three 19th century baronetcies between them :   see Debrett etc … so that early 20th century they WERE THREATENED WITH TREASON CHARGES by most NOBLE Britain … … …  )

…    ( perhaps typical of the end of Empires … )    …   A falling-fallen British Empire could not imagine life without BIG BOOTING in on the rest of the globe & RULING THE SEAS   :     

…  Late 19th century  … Aristocrats of Britain and Scandinavia are `nicking` anything they can lay hands on and jeering RACIST REMARKS at good citizens of Britain and the WORLD  :      These DOPE SOAKS are cunningly into illegal immoral logging/mining/gambling/    :   And thieving our RANSOM greatest piece of philanthropy of the globe to support their sordid lifestyle  :   

MEMO :   Begun 1864 the GROTE HOMES educating to 18-22 years of age in several languages and professions  ( teaching/Sciences/ health-medicine/horticulture-agriculture/technology/music of course & the Arts )  … all needed to give a decent standard of life to human beings …

…  They are supported at first by The RANSOM ESTATE   :     that delicate flower garden flowing around the earth with hearty support from Nations A to Z and around again a second circle … By the late 1860s  young TIGGY GROTE of this brilliant idea had left his young RANSOM bride and her families shoeless …   

… but the de Beer ladies sent dear Margareth a diamond hairnet so   ( shoeless )  the young bride could dine-out in New York with
TIG`s family and relatives  -

… GROTE families are now become USA citizens,  & are originally a German Family Firm established 1830 in a muddy track off the future Wall Street …   They coming from good German families were a bit ashamed of their young `TIG`    :    they are GROTE BROKERS who had moved into Wall Street once it laid some duck boards   …

…  but GROTE HOMES worldwide with all religions were agreed worldwide a most excellent common sense project … and over 10 years our Tiggy got full support from all the nations A to Z that  he approached for permission to put up HOMES … The Vatican agreed that THE GROTE HOMES should go in all ROMAN CATHOLIC Nations and only wanted a 2-year trial in Italy 1870s …  


2012 August - I have put this Part II approx. 200 pages,  on my new   site called  
And it is intended mostly as a simpler aid an understanding … for the READER of not only our RANSOM genealogy but also for those who have bravely tackled the initial great Work launched January 2011 Document in 3 Parts  `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND`  …

RANSOM Part I  is with some photos and drawings  :   There are  photos of my young family RANSOM-Whitehead on our  `Ruins Classical tours` to places where my SEA TRADING RANSOM families were in early centuries … & East Anglia …

Early READERS are now aware that all this work on my three main web sites inter-penetrates through the 18th-19th-20th centuries especially  …  

So the initial site begun 2011 AD carries finished work with colour code    :

…  and my new site  www.ancestryandtrue
has smaller pieces emphasising what we have achieved with our Estate … and the progress of theft, violence, persecution and insane tricks,  during the 20th century by the ignorant and greedy top Noble Class of the dissolving BRITISH EMPIRE  …  

…  Aristocratic Britain and Scandinvian GHOULS have BY MOONLIGHT Decrees Westminster allowing them the use of the State machinery … infra-structure … been able to organise persecution, destruction, and deadly violence against we good citizens of Britain, Ireland, Continent, and the world … AND THIEVE OUR MONEYS IN BRITAIN, SCANDINAVIA and OVERSEAS  
:     Imperial and Aristocratic “ FIGURES from A MORGUE ”  have dirtied GREEN AND PLEASANT LANDS and CLEAN HEALTHY SEASHORES of the WORLD …

…  wrecked our Estate and Personal Small Investments …  slain the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide during the 2nd World War  ( killed them worldwide from 1938 to 1954 !  Then hunted survivors as ` BIG and LITTLE GAME ` … )   mauled our civilized settlements & insulted OUR Tenants who usually hold a half share with us … either 49 per cent, or 51 per cent = DEPENDING UPON THEIR PERSONAL SAFETY … …  …    

… These  IMPERIAL  “ FIGURES from A MORGUE  ”    are given to muttering amongst themselves and at us and our families  =  that   `Old Eskimos and Apes cannot make Wills … The British Government and its Crowns will not allow this   `private Empire `…  

Nota bene :      Of course we with our great PHILANTHROPY based ESTATE worldwide are in their way … especially because of our high safety standards … and our gentle HUMANISM and common sense …  NNB :   they wish to make themselves RICH but will also bray about MAKING BRITAIN RICH …

“ … they have put a river of blood around the earth … ”        

RANSOM PART 3 will now begin to appear and build on  www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo. com

Memo :   I put the assembling text on WORDPRESS last winter …   But this JIMDO site RANSOM Part 3 will be more carefully edited by me … and easier for the Reader to read and follow …   …  

There will be RANSOM PART 4 and PART 5  …  thus we come to the 18th/19th/early 20th centuries    :
MEMORANDUM :      Big sections of these later histories are on the initial work on … 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc`  

Born Deptford 1911 November - killed 1969 … Restoration of the Work of my young father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM - our main line REDEMPTIO = RANSOM families down the centuries to the present day  :

PART 3 - RANSOM Ancestry  :  
WE SAIL from the SEAS EDGES  :
 Restoration of lifetime work of he my young father JFR … born November 1911 -  

… He FJR 22 years of age when I am born 1933  
The distaff side descended from families of Polymath-genius-Catechist-Trader West Greenland 18th century POUL GRONLANDER m Margaret Yates of shipping Carlisle  :    

…  Their grand-daughter daughter of Jacop Poulsen is the highly educated humanist Gertrud Poulsen who marries young FRED RANSOM of MONTROSE    ( she had 4 wedding gowns and made 4 marriages 1820s to her husband FRED RANSOM …  to make it legal in the eyes of the RACIST BRITISH EMPIRE !  )  

…  We RANSOM of the EAST BRITAIN coasts have down the centuries an ancestry of foreign brides which has given the family seashore and riverside little bits of lands where we can pull a ship in through the centuries …

Nota bene :   
Sea Traders of necessity must have several languages keep records … we and our fellow educated working classes at the SEAS EDGES are not under the thumb of  the 19th century CLASS SYSTEM of the Declining BRITISH EMPIRE …  :  

MEMORANDUM :   …  metal detection work is now helping uncover the reality of our lives in early centuries AD & dispel the silliness about a population sunk to barbarism and illiteracy  which crept into British history 19th century early 20th …

19th - 20th century  DESTRUCTION of RECORDS and violence against families who did not want to be ` BIG GLITZY TIMERS ` increased  :      CLASS and KUDOS allowed well known 19th century 20th century Noble British and Scandinavian SCAVENGERS to thieve and squander our moneys,  lands and investments worldwide  :    History records  how the European Money market collapsed 1860s onwards … the British Empire is declining …   

Late ROMAN BRITAIN and ANGLO SAXON and early MEDIEVAL centuries and our  RANSOM families  `heimat`  = place of the heart,   is still our EAST BRITAIN and  East Anglia coasts   :    

…  To SUFFOLK retired from LONDINIUM our first British ancestor Gaius REDEMPTIO = Ransom   :     Here he bought in 92 AD land at DUNWICH … this a small thriving port & bolt-hole for ships caught in storm along that great bulge of Essex-Suffolk-Norfolk into OCEANUS GERMANICUS …

…  that is the grey-green not too friendly NORTH SEA …   but the richest FISHING GROUNDS in Europe were in and about THE WASH … there was a mixture of tongues from overseas …and marriages were made  …  
Seamen knew they had to get along with one another … help might be needed in storms and rough weathers and a damaged boat …      

…    MEMO :   here the ancestral line HISTON 9th century of the mother of ANDRE MALRAUX fished, sold across the Channel, dried fishes, and pulled ships in NOVEMBER to MARCH  near to their lands along the shores stretching from small town Castle Rising, Norfolk  …


…  this is FJR his work detailing our SEA TRADING ancestry  
from Roman Britain, the Dark Ages  (Anglo-Saxons etc.)  Medieval and sailing down the centuries, around the known globe, to the 19th Century …

…  From age 12 years he was assisted by retired Heralds/historians/eminent people/and the vast RANSOM FAMILIES worldwide who also had collections on our early and modern ancestry … and with whom we were always in touch up until the death of my father 1969 … his brother Dr John Ray murdered horribly at MONTROSE 1969 - one of the leading criminals caught and put under a lorry load of gravel and sand … leaving Lennie dr Len Immanuel Ransom born 1921 … he slain horribly East coast Scotland 1981/82 … Usual Noble thugs who can gather big moneys from other Noble thugs …  

( MEMO:   we are 14 races 27 nations of brides from nations offshore from the coasts of EAST BRITAIN … and called `Apes and Eskimos` by the thieving Noble British and Noble Scandinavians …  )  

I recall as a small child taking part in this accurate scholarly wonderful exciting work, many visits Britain and abroad,    Pieces of it believed to be destroyed in the spiteful destruction March 1969, which included his wife my mother and her very NOBLE CHUMS …  This is before he was attacked to kill him in London by JIM JONG Sir/cur JAMES of WHITES Club  

NOTA BENE :    this PIMP Jimmie Jong Sir JAMES 1954  :    in the 1950s turned WHITES CLUB into a disgusting Vice Bar - he could not be evicted until May 1970 because of his TREMENDOUS friendships with scarlet gowns and crowns and high Titles Scotland and overseas …   )  …

1969 March :    My father FJR died in a Greenwich/Deptford hospital … he had been delivered in a vehicle that was a PRIVATE unacknowledged ambulance  =  SUCH WAS THE KUDOS/POWER of the NOBLE THUGS who had slain the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN around the world during the 2nd World War … and all GOT RICH … on a GENOCIDE to stop the small nations having educated intelligent young people in their work forces   

This is his work, my young father FJR,  from when he is age 12 years -  assisted by retired Heralds/historians/the vast RANSOM FAMILIES worldwide who also had collections of our ancestry … and with whom we were always in touch :  

… Daughter of Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911  …
I am Greta `Greetah` Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM born 11th March 1933 at Colchester = Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis ROMAN BRITAIN   :    




       TO BE SAVED …


1960 January Colne Engaine - NIGHTWATCH  :  
USA Citizen - Dr John RAY (Ransom)  speaking the above with great emotion …  upon the ever threatened RANSOM families Ancestral Records -

being demanded by MOONLIGHT and theft from Westminster since 1923,  but NEVER IN WRITING or in a legal COURT OF LAW …  when shutters drawn and candles lit in MARBLE HALLS and Palaces it is quipped and winked that   “ … … …   this ELDORADO is all to be called by MOONLIGHT
“ … …  the property of ANGELA a former Miss Bowes Lyon :   GIFTS from AN OLD drunken ESKIMO who could scarcely read or write  … … … Yah know … hee haw hee haw …   ”

RANSOM HISTORIES & RECORDS, family homes and graves and monuments about the globe are attacked or threatened, slandered …  Especially under threat since 1932 is the genealogy work of Frederick John RANSOM who is the elder brother of Dr JOHN RAY Ransom   :     

… FJR is the legal father of Greetah, John, and Colin Frederick RANSOM - his wife Teresa Elizabeth Gordon b Nov 24 1906  :    her parents Mary Helena nee Carroll Williams b 1870 and George Ernest Gordon b 1868 one of 6 sons born to John Frederick Gordon and his wife Matilda nee Kellow :   both of Edinburgh and Greenwich  :   ( NB:  Teresa E.G. is one of 8 children of her parents who reached adulthood …)   

…  the good young soldier Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911 :  elder son to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM and his wife JEAN Minerva nee WEDDELL   :   she grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL MARINER and his South American INCA wife Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian … their 1824 QUAKER ROMAN CATHOLIC wedding is reported in newspapers :  
  “  1824 … an ICE WHITE BRIDE …   ”  

… the bride is the highly educated only child of Yah. Josef San JULIAN san Miguel Acting Governor for SPAIN … He is of the INCA Peru :    this line saved by Priests and educated in PORTUGAL 17th-18th-19th centuries - sometimes by The Jesuits  :  

… issue 2 sons born 1825 and 1826 who are James II and John Weddell  -  James has 2 daughters born after he is 59 years old from his first and only marriage to Olivea Minerva nee Hesketh a widow … she is a writer of music and known for her publication  “ EVEN SONGS  ” …  =  5 editions - plain covers of different colours …    :   

 John Weddell younger son has two marriages and 13-14 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren …  (one will act for Hollywood films - Cousin Clarke Gable to Jean nee Weddell ballerina - 1909 a widow marries Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM  ( parents of 4 healthy children 1911 to 1921 who are  FJR/JRR/Ivy JR/LIR

John RAY Ransom    (middle RANSOM brother b c 1917/18 Deptford)    has been learning more over XMAS 1959/January 1960 … of the decades of deliberate violence & destruction from 1930s from BRITISH aristocrats accompanied by SCANDINAVIAN aristocrat GHOULS …  against the worldwide GROTE HOMES for orphan children educating them to 18/22 years of age & RANSOM philanthropy Estate the globe -

… GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts worldwide with a long antiquity and pedigree is an Estate approved ALL NATIONS … except GREAT BRITAIN Nobles & Crowns & Governments and their relatives  :  

… the always in-debt aristocrats have been claiming amongst themselves since 1923  that     “ ESKIMOS & APES cannot have properties or make A WILL … ”    ( = meaning the RANSOM families - because we mainly marry OFF SHORE … and are not racists …  )  -

RECORDS  1960 January :   Colne Engaine   :
 Dr John RAY of USA takes the necessary NIGHTWATCH -
he the forgotten uncle by Greta Ransom  :  
We are at Colne Engaine/Engayne meadow, near Colchester (Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis)  …  his niece GR worked in the Colchester Castle & Museums some years from 1952 …    

MEMORANDUM :    LETTERS from Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums appear on two of my sites :    Reader will follow that there is a friendship with ANDRE MALRAUX and Greta Ransom - MALRAUX appointed legal GUARDIAN to the entire Estate and to the young heirs Greta Ransom and Len Immanuel Ransom  : and  :   in 2012 AD

1959/60 Christmastide THORPE-LE-SOKEN Essex  … The most hideous crime of the 20th century by IMPERIAL MONSTERS has been fairly well revealed by elder cousin Miss Teresa Mary Butler to Arthur Malone Politan the Detective for Andre Malraux - ANDRE MALRAUX now calling himself on his FIRST NIGHTWATCH     “  … its the  BURGERMEISTER of PARIS … and it’s a bit cold in this field at my age in life … …  …   ”   

Georgie-ANDRE MALRAUX is in the new General de GAULLE Government - a post created and called `CULTURAL MINISTER`

 … & he has spoken to General de Gaulle immediately telling him of the legal GUARDIANSHIP to this great GROTE RANSOM Estate - kept from him by organised theft of postal communications and many trickster ways  :
They are trying unravel this highly efficient FRAUD …  over the CHRISTMASTIDE 1959/1960 …

Document in 3 parts called   `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc   is a kind of a scaffolding for the work following on/ … and in much shorter pieces of work on my new additional web site

1990s into 21st century, I Greta `Greetah` Ransom,  organising their vast records,  advise the Reader to take the `Scaffolding`  `1937 SUMMER` etc. in 20-40 minutes at a time mornings or evenings   … I have inserted some photographs, and more at the beginning of the new site  so we are not quite face and formless  :

((((   This work in 3 Parts has great stretches of happiness in the 3,000 plus pages … but reveals the violence directed at our families because we legally own this world-wide heavily successful PHILANTHROPIC ESTATE …   And our TRADING etc. RAISES STANDARDS about the Western world and the crushed 3rd World  :

 … WE the GROTE RANSOM families, and our relatives,  ARE IN THE WAY OF MIGHTY GROSS BRITAIN and its EMPIRE … and all its aristocratic connections in SCANDINAVIA  … their THUGS interfere …

THE whole MATTER  …  IS OF EXTREME GOODNESS  … and of criminally insane VIOLENT MAD GREED …   ))))   

Records :  Hollywood USA has nasty interference too … Uncle Fred Mac Murray = Ransom line,  and Cousin Clark Gable = he is a great-grandson of the James Weddell Mariner line & great grandson of Yahamah San JULIAN Roman Catholic,  of the  INCA Priestly Mathematician Astronomer Royal line …  which is our INCA branch of RANSOM …

… JEAN ballerina  ( widow - 2nd marriage Mrs FCFR )    ( mother of FJR IVR JRR and LIR is grandmother of Greetah Ransom )    is a grand-daughter of James Weddell Mariner and the Quaker-Roman Catholic marriage 1824 to The Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian only child of  Y. Josef San Julian san Miguel Acting Governor for Spain  :    … … …  The marriage is reported in a newspaper as `… A MARRIAGE of an ICE WHITE BRIDE` and describes her trousseau & her respected scholarly Ice Breakers Trader father :  

REPORTS  :   John RAY Ransom ( 2nd son of 3 )  born c 1917/18 at Deptford, by the River Thames,  to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM   & his Argentine wife Jean Weddell ballerina  :   young widow  2nd marriage to FCFR  -    The 2 years old is, to safe his life,  removed to USA 1919/20, hidden in a special Kentucky philanthropy school for damaged babies & toddlers .

…  Baby John at 1 month old is attacked by 2 women of the family of the Earls of LINDSAY Crawford - they come in a carriage to `Jerusalem` the little Deptford house all that was left to young widow Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom 1890 after the LINDSAY Earl known as  “   OLD HIGH POOP ” had her husband the Educationalist slain in the school playground of HITHERGREEN School, London :

MEMORANDUM :    JOHN RANSOM is a brother to Aunt Mag Mrs TIGGY GROTE   (Margareth nee RANSOM our GIRL of the SNOWS)     The EARL of LINDSAY  (claiming Millie Frobisher as HIS FAMILY because of a grandmother married into LINDSAY in 1830 )    had confiscated their passports and FORBID them scholarly publications …

… and never again must they travel  - THEY WERE TAKING HIS HIS HIS MONEYS …   And NEVER MUST THEY BE ALLOWED TO OPEN THE island JACOPSHOLMEN West GREENLAND  ( … shopping town XRISTENSHARB …  )  :    

…  granted for death of POUL GRONLANDER 1770  ` to keep as a holy place and erect when you can College - University - to POUL our sometime Servant `   ( … that Danish King and Ministers are in 19th century said to have all BEEN MAD … )    

NOTA BENE :   … LINDSAY Premier Earls of Gross Brit and Scotland have a reputation in Scotland for a century or more as being criminally insane …

MEMO :   … `1920s -1940s …  the USA Philanthropy School KENTUCKY is the project of a rich doctor - he found a need for SANCTUARY for heirs and young people attacked …    He took in boys damaged or born deformed,   changed their names until 17 years or  21 years of age    & gave them the most splendid education the world could offer  :    some went out to be humanist important figures - a USA Senator … etc etc etc …

RECORDS :      Some scholars very severally damaged never left but stayed in their HOME … … …  yet made great contributions to civilized standards in USA & the world … … …  

Tiny JOHN RAY (Ransom) age 2 years is found to be not so severally damaged … & begins a contented life in the school … & got 3 degrees Astra-physics/Animal Management/LAW … up to 1960  :  

… He is allowed to receive from 7 years of age regular monthly  LETTERS FROM JEAN … but did not know she was his ballerina mother until 1939 … only to learn she had died in summer 1938 after taking care of her grand-daughter GRETA RANSOM -  

…  He now understood that much she warned him of as he entered manhood was true - she writes of greed concerning a great Philanthropic Estate and a good family administering it and splendid children training to continue this wonderful philanthropic work … she writes him in Spanish-French-English and urges him to learn languages   :   

…  He and the school were tricked by a Visitor from GROSS BRITAIN when he was 17 into NOT having his parents over to the school to meet them  …

…  the 2nd World War had just begun and he learned at 21 years old WHO HIS FAMILY WERE -   his birth name was  R A N S O M    :      that he had a Northern Canada Estate left from Aunt Margareth bee Ransom Grote …

… That that HIS MOTHER,    `still dancing`    HAD BEEN SAVAGELY POISONED end of SUMMER 1938 by aristocrats of GROSS BRITAIN and SCOTLAND aided by their criminally insane relatives in Scandinavia  …

…  Dr John RAY,  received the news 1941 of his great ANCESTRY RANSOM and WEDDELL and GRONLANDER  with wonder - he says 1960 that to him growing up without a family … but content … and getting a superb education …  (  He is now employed by The State Department WASHINGTON USA …)    

“ … the WONDER OF THEM …

…  has him, Dr JOHN RAY Ransom  born 1917/18, USA citizen age 2 years to save his life from further attacks from Earls of LINDSAY-Lindseybuggarhs :   MARTYRED by them 1969 Montrose, RANSOM farmhouse of 1500 AD, near the BASIN, SCOTLAND :

… He third child born to Jean nee WEDDELL ballerina and her 2nd husband Frederick Charles FROBISHER RANSOM of `Jerusalem` a tiny Deptford house and the worldwide Philanthropy based Estate GROTE RANSOM encircling the globe   :    He, her `little Johnnie - I had him on my knee until he was 2 years - then your Grand-dad said he had to go … they were going to attack him again because of the Estate … ”   :   

JOHN RAY Ransom has a superb education & 3 very good degrees  (Astrophysics/Animal Management/LAW)  And he is unable to stop adding to the RESEARCH on the Families who gave him LIFE  …  & he travels when he can   “  to WHERE WE ALL WERE … TO THE SEAS EDGES …  ”

1959/1960 - EXPOSURE at CHRISTMASTIDE of The DECEIT from The British Government Lords and GHOULS come from NORWAY/DENMARK has shocked many decent citizens  :    

OPEN SESAME !    UPON PITS and NETS at SEA full of MARTYRS  :   …
the families RANSOM & GROTE BROKERS -  and our good Solicitors-Trustees-Administrators around the entire globe -  had become assured at  the end of the 2nd World War  that the `snootie` ANDRE MALRAUX and his employer General de GAULLE were not interested in the GUARDIANSHIP … legally granted to MALRAUX in October 1937 !     

…  It is found December 1959 that there have always been many more BIG BOOTED IMPERIAL VERMIN around all of us …

1960 January-February :
…  “ jeering from the rails of that Yacht… Oh how they have taken England in … ”      1960 January-February Colne Engaine the shocked colleagues, detectives, helpers to ANDRE MALRAUX began to re-write KIPLING … the verses of   ` I followed my Duke …`  became very apt …

These good citizens speak of `BIG DUKE DIRTY BOOTS and his UNCLE - NO DICKY BIRD …` …  He head of the Navy known for his drunkenness and dope causing good seamen to caution that  `ALL HIS      ORDERS MUST BE CHECKED `   :   2nd World War called by the RUSSIAN NAVY  “ old LOG of the SEA …”   :   they threatened to SINK HIM for the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide - during 1938  (Norway etc ) to 1954 (Mexico etc )  :

…  The most grizzly of the slayings of CHILDREN and innocent SETTLEMENTS taking place under cover of the 2nd World War  :   SINCE THEN BRITAIN and SCANDINAVIA have been BIG BOOTING IN on the RANSOM worldwide lands - trashing and dirtying them for QUICK PROFIT :    It is said to be typical of the end of an Empire … but there is much talk of  ` NO BREEDING in them … ignorant and greedy … Playboys and non-women … `   …


RECORDS :   GR & Ransom family/   Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux at Colne Engaine winter into spring 1960 … See parts of 1937 Summer document in 3 parts on web site …  and now with smaller pieces branching out on the new site JIMDO   :  

 LIR 1935/36 DIARIES    -  LIR is Dr Len Immanuel Ransom - youngest brother to Ivy Jean Ransom, Frederick John RANSOM & Dr John Ray Ransom  …  

 ( MEMO :   … the above are the four surviving children of Frederick Charles Ransom scholar & for some few years went to experience being a Northern Arctic Mariner as some of his forebears RANSOM  … & children of his INCA Argentine ballerina wife  (widow of a year marriage)  Jean Weddell  :   she    ( a grandmother of Greta Ransom )  is a great grandchild of the INCA scholar descendent of the Priest-Maths-Astronomer blood line pre-SPANISH CONQUEST  … He is Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN San Miguel Acting Governor for SPAIN … & his Basque wife a Miss Aquida of lands near to San Sebastian and lands about the Spanish and French seashores …

1936 - our RANSOM Weddell VISIT  … to Spain and Basque lands,  San Sebastian   :     we RANSOM Family are HAILED with
 “ … Its our long lost INCA TRIBE of PERU  … WHEN are you COMING HOME ????     … YOU SILLY PEOPLE …  … …  ”   


5th Century - 437 AD … WE GO SAILING TO NORWAY …  from Norfolk-Suffolk coast East Anglia  :

437 AD late Summer  ` NORFOLK coast - beside Suffolk …`
“    Redemptio =  RANSOM … he had to go haymaking in Norway … … … ”  

… “ …   he had been before…he needed payment in grain to last through the usually harsh coastal East Britain winter …  ”   …
… ( … FOUL WINTERS doth come to Essex-Suffolk-Norfolk … those lands that bulge into the cold Northern Seas … that is EAST ANGLIA … )   :  

    “ … Knew HIM - a big burly type & had given him help before … but you were wary …  ”   ( … of him and his … )   :    

“  Paid us in grain … we had worked very hard and cheerfully …  Ah an ALARM !    He said      “ … coming alongside you for the winter -   I will follow on when you depart - be over SOON ”  !

“ … We did not arouse his suspicion -  and said cheerfully with swift pleasure   ` Oh we will have a good Valhalla ready … ”

 (  Nota bene :   =  a good meal of meat & ALE, honey-cakes and dried fruits  :  raisins of the Sun, dates, figs - and nuts  …  we sometimes go trading, and as for some centuries always to sunny PALESTINE and other Mediterranean shores …  It is recorded in LATIN that we have been calling in since our ROMAN REPUBLIC days … we have the LATIN tongue and ARABIC of course … and any others that are useful    :     comments  added for him by Greta RANSOM … direct line from this grandpa REDEMPTIO = Ransom …)

437 AD Redemptio-Ransom continues in his LIFE BOOK  :
 … “ … Then we add … with a little concern mounting …  that no real harbourage along the coast, only beach to draw up on for the winter months … … … always a risk of very HIGH TIDES in foul winter months …  ”  

 “ … We drew him a map of the coast,  not arousing his suspicions …  &    ( added all the other coasts )   towards MALDON  (Essex)   and the ancient salt pans … & thus across the Thames & into KENT …  We mentioned that here are safe harbours, mud flats, once you get to River Thames … ”  

“  …  Oh safe harbourage if you are YOU …  and with a collection of stout fellows …  … …    WE STAY where we are because of retired KIN …  and they    ( our distant relatives)    still visit us from JUTLAND and Mediterranean  … … …  ”       (… He probably does not wish to fall out with them ! … )

“ … WE KNEW that if he came to us …  Oh he & his crew would spot the one safe boat birth   !   …  We & our KIN had spent twenty years hollowing it out  :     then he & his crew would/could BURN OUR HOMESTEAD about our ears … MOVE IN … … …  ???  …  ”   

…   (((((  MEMO to my 437 AD Kinsman R-R  :   …  ` YES … and find the foul wintertime boring, and we are at our daily labours from first light when `ROSE FINGERED DAWN puts on her robe of grey` … then afternoons we are known for retiring for a couple of hours to our books and writing and accounts and PLANS …

… He could, you are right,  move in on our communities  :   
… our little well wooded areas, our winter cropping lands, our live stock … find our waterways and marshy lands with wild ducks and winter birds … useful for the POT in FOUL WINTER TIMES … And charge about on our still good surfaced and useful ROMAN ROADS … connecting us a little to other communities  …
…  AND OUR WINTER BEER BARRELS would not perhaps be safe   ! …   He and crew will not perhaps wish to sit beside our FIRE DOGS and talk PHILOSOPHY … when we take one  pleasant goblet of rosy wine … !   They may develop a serious drinking problem - FOR US  :    

 (signed)   Greta Ransom 20th century   :   who has grown up upon these lands that he,  Redemptio=RANSOM,  knew so well 5th century AD  … and I and my family RANSOM have walked in his footsteps and those of his/our RANSOM line descending down the centuries …   )))))

R=R   :   “  …  …  We carefully did some silent damage overnight to the vessel of the big Burly One … they had SAILS SET to follow us …  He decided not to risk it … mend ship … knew what might happen in the SAIL OVER …  He did not suspect  :     He said he would see about THAMES area and KENT the next year … thanked us for our MAP … ”

“ …  We left his shores … expressing  much courtesy  … WE SAILED AWAY from his SEAS EDGES  …  with sufficient bags to last us for wintertime … I am content with payment  …  IT IS JUST    :       but would fear him alongside us for the advancing FOUL WINTER … … …  ”  

437 AD East Anglia :     REDEMPTIO  ( = RANSOM)   writes in Latin his LIFE BOOK …   ( … a diary or TAGE-BUCH … )  …

   ( information upon 437 AD Redemptio = RANSOM continues … )


Nota bene :     for The READER :     If  ` REDEMPTIO=Ransom `  and family had been lost, slain …  then there would not be ME restoring all his LIFE BOOK - Tage-buch … and whatever it is in LATIN tongue …

… (signed)    Greta Frobisher Weddell  Maureen Caecelia RANSOM … … … who thanks you  very much for coming with us on   “  THIS SAIL  ”   … … …


Records :     Dr John Ray RANSOM/Fred John RANSOM/Len Immanuel RANSOM …  OUR SURVIVAL  :  

437 AD - Redemptio=RANSOM :     “ … they did not see him, the Burly one again - did not have to go to NORWAY for the haymaking & payment in extra bags of grain the next year … ”

… We, our RANSOM ancestors, may have gone down to the Mediterranean again for the usual TRADE … ROME is pulling out of BRITAIN … the Empire becoming unmanageable … ”  …

450 AD -   (Dr John RAY Ransom )   “ We Redemptio = RANSOM family, Suffolk-Norfolk establish a SCHOOL for our young and some friends nearby … communities not to far away send their young after it proves successful … … …  ”
… … … SEA TRADERS living at the SEAS EDGES  must have other languages and reading and writing and civilized behaviour … and courtesy … Greta Ransom   :

CONTINUES :    after information below on the FATE of some of the RANSOM RECORDS  :    


Records :    Ransom Records have been translated 16th and 19th centuries from original documents - this written in the LATIN language …

MILL & JOHN  (Millie Frobisher & husband JOHN RANSOM 1884- to his murder by LINDSAY Earl 1890 were recording, translating, collecting all pictures-engravings/steel etc/photos … this was all in the CANVAS BAG :   

… packed by them and stored by the widow young Millie Frobisher  gymnast-ice skater-Classicist  MRS JOHN RANSOM until two second-cousins of LINDSAY Premier Earl murdered her 1897 and delivered her young body into the arms of her only surviving son FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM HE AGE 14 YEARS at this time  …
THE drunken LINDSAY-Lindsey pair GOT THE FROBISHER Florida Lands by forcing a signature having stabbed her in the eye with a steel pen - she became blind in one eye at 32 years of age  :  

1897 …  Nota bene :    My future grandpa RANSOM, direct line from REDEMPTIO=Ransom 437 AD …   would have been the next LINDSAYBUGGARHS murder  -   A branch of the families hid him in a Hilltop School under another name  … he was taken to safety to ROME age 18 years  … from here he went to WEST GREENLAND to meet his cousins and live in the great Ransom house on our Jacopsholmen Island, that his grandfather OLD FRED RANSOM built 1820s for his bride Gertrud Poulsen  :  she the educated daughter of OLD JACOP and come from A Finishing School in Norway  :   

(  See FIN GADD History of Greenland - here is printed the LETTER 1770 from JACOP Poulsen `on the death of Father` … )

… My great-great grandma can be seen in paintings by Delacroix a friend  :    Gertrud is the grand-daughter of the genius POUL GRONLANDER :   He has correspondence with the HUMANIST POPE BENEDICT 14 in 4 languages  ( 6 feet 5 inches tall good looking blue eyed dark haired Chinese-Eskimo-French …  and his lawful marriage wife Margaret Yates of Carlisle shipping  :     Greta Ransom

1938 summer :   FATE OF the RANSOM CANVAS BAG  :    the friend of ANGELA since she is 13 years of age  JIM JONG PIMP 2 years older than she,  insisted to Teresa Gordon Ransom Clacton-on-Sea, having forced his way past me age 5 years into our little ancient Clactuna HOME  …     “ MAJESTY will NOT give you SATIN and LACE, Teresa … unless you give me that CANVAS BAG …”    

She, Teresa Gordon Mrs F.J. Ransom,  handed it over to this criminally insane killer !    My poor young father that evening went into deep grief … we had not yet recorded the entire contents of this CANVAS BAG our lawful PROPERTY of his grandparents MILL and JOHN   :    

…  In autumn 1938 ANGELA was boasting that   `She had the RICE PAPER … and was lighting her cigarettes with it …`

MEMORANDUM :    Others in the RANSOM family and branches had some identical records … many intelligent human beings helped with restoration as much as they could  :   We were now handed some original documents to copy … the behaviour of these FIGURES from A MORGUE showed them to be sub-sub Ape and a kind of DISEASE made worse by the DOPES they SOAKED themselves in …  …

It was given for money by JIM JONG who had stowed it in SCOTLAND to Doc `Mengele` HARRINGTON … He is the `Peer in Waiting` Royal Satrap, and a violent sadistic paedophile attacking babies and very young children  :   Prison sentence 1936 for attacking for 2-3 months a baby under a year old KEEPING IT ON MORPHINE all the time :   

… Many times placed in A NUT HOUSE/Looney Bin/Psychiatric Clinic for his violent and threatening behaviour  :     Especially 1949 after attacking a blind composer in PARIS :    the name of MALRAUX was used by his Paris Family to GET HARRINGTON RELEASED and the CHARGES DROPPED  -  ANDRE MALRAUX did not know of this for many years :

1968 - FATE of the CANVAS BAG  :    The criminally insane sadistic Doctor `MENGELE` HARRINGTON holding COURT at a Berkshire village called BLEWBERRY … he follows me and my family Whitehead about calling me names & offering BIG MONEY to those who will HELP HIM and JIMMIE JONG Sir/cur JAMES to DESTROY THE RANSOM ESTATE  … He was boasting that he would THROW IT IN THE NORTH SEA  :    for his GOLDEN BOY Phil the Greek  :  

… The audience is regaled with mentions, photos flashed, of he on THAT YACHT (Britannia) and in the scene with FIGURES from A MORGUE …  Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON is frightening many good persons with this IMPERIAL KUDOS …   

MEMORANDUM :     Perhaps someone brave should explain to HARRINGTON he has an imitation GOLD carrot dangled before his snout … Human beings do not trust every GREEK - & this one does not come out of IMMORTAL HOMER …  

…   1950s/1960s  known sometimes as `Phil up the Creek` and other phrases that express a lack of confidence in his travelling Entourage  :   The intention, we are told by Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON,  in tones of authority,  is to REMOVE from the FACE of TIME the entire RANSOM Families …

…  thus saving ANGELA from being questioned about AN OLD ESKIMO who legally left her 8 presents only  :   
…  No part or parts of the great RANSOM GROTE PHILANTHROPY Estate, and none of our lands, our settlements, our investments, our possessions and homes, our paintings - and CERTAINLY NOTHING FROM OUR VAST historic  RECORDS … invaluable to historians and all CIVILIZED HUMAN BEINGS    :   

The READER may like to consider if my internet WORK is placing the DEAD back upon Planet Earth …  I was commissioned to do it by ANDRE MALRAUX 1970 to 1976 …  It would be a happiness to have the GREAT ESTATE, the  RANSOM families, THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN, and all the other victims of this GENOCIDE restored … BECOME IMMORTAL … and be found in LIBRARIES upon MARS one day  :         

The READER should never forget - while reading these ACCURATE HISTORIES of 20th century BRITAIN-SCOTLAND-and SCANDINAVIA  -  that HEROIN and other DOPES soak the carcases of  ` FIGURES from the IMPERIAL MORGUE `    …   

… it is said by great-gran MINERVA ballad & hymns writer 1909 upon seeing Premier EARLS of LINDSAY-Lindsey BOOT IN on the wedding of her daughter Jean WEDDELL delicate but strong young ballerina to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM   =   The NORTH POLE is marrying the SOUTH POLE  :  

…  From the 1930s I born 1933, Greetha RANSOM, have heard their behaviour explained by the sane, just and learned, and persons of all Classes as   “ … the behaviour of THE CRIMINALLY INSANE … ”    Some human beings adding  “ … … … that perhaps we should have a Republic after all … … … ”  


450 AD  … We RANSOM family establish a School, Suffolk  
( … near the Oratory School of 19th-20th centuries ? )
…   At first our school is for Ransom young persons - & close neighbours requested learning for their young  :   then others nearby asked to put their children in for some reading writing and other tongues … All  so necessary for all who GO TRADING over the SEAS  …

Researching this Genealogy has FJR my father, his father FCFR , sometimes Len IR dash about to scholars who welcome us  :  Alfred Charles Rear Admiral RANSOM (both World Wars) comes into this excitement too … he has much information and RECORDS from his branches of the RANSOM families … And Herbert Charles RANSOM  (Whitehall and Palestine early-mid 20th century )  

1938 - Visit to NORWICH MUSEUM staff :    I `Greetah` Ransom age 5 & a half years, remember the excitement & Medieval pow-wow the matter is to discuss our known 5th century RANSOM ` Village School ` …  Was it thought possible it could be on or near the site of the present Roman Catholic Oratory ?

437 AD -   Redemptio = RANSOM has written in his  BOOK of LIFE  …
 “ … At this time we are short of sons …  males …  ”

NB :    these books or scrolls are intended to be kept - by the family who may have something resembling a home library ?  … Heligoland Ransom 9th century had his  (copy)  sewn into his clothes … it had not disintegrated …  He states he has given one copy to his daughter :    This was known to us - so did the copy to his daughter exist  ?  

NB :     FJR/Dr JRR/LIR - his direct descendants comment  
 “ … A girl will come along and breed only RANSOM sons one day … ”   
Perhaps this Granny Ransom is the one LIR nicknamed  `The Maniac of Mainz`  (See wall painting Mainz on TV c 2,000 AD restored … announcer says `he believed to be Anglais`  : either Phoenix  or NTV/or SAT - German TV/

NB :    ( Kingdom of OTTO ? )   This young early Medieval couple, he with gold-red curling hair, she with perhaps a long plat,  had their names on this Wall painting in the early 1920s - we had a photo black-white and later Lennie (Len Immanuel Ransom) makes a drawing and colours it :   He and his father Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM say that somebody has been scratching at their names to deface them completely  :    

… He is our direct line,  JACQUES RANSOM English Trader & she age 16 marries him after defending her brother when she is 15 years on the Castle steps - she picked up his AXE and drove the invaders off  :   It was asked by the Court if she would like to make a high marriage ?   She declines because she has already met the golden haired JACK RANSOM  :  
… `Maniac of Mainz` :  she is recorded as having given us 12 sons who lived and made families  :

… Therefore, AMERICAN RANSOM LINES I think this is where you are going to branch off us the main line REDEMPTIO = RANSOM of 92 AD Dulwich -  `Gaius` REDEMPTIO is descended from 3rd-2nd-1st century BC Traders out of JUTLAND who make marriages with Egyptian-Italian-Palestine girls  

 ( MEMO :    many Ransom Brides come with a dowry that is mostly a little piece of land seashores or rivers where a SHIP can safely PULL IN …  We got Christmas Cards from our 6-7th century Berber Spanish line of `Aurora` Mrs Ransom  - and from our 10th-12th centuries KIN … our Brides Roseanne (Roxanne)/Hebithiaea - writes poems/ and `Goldi-locks` niece of a most honourable Arab Trader and MAN of LETTERS … Aunt Mag and my grandpa Ransom and children visit before 2nd WORLD WAR …  ) :   


 ( 1960 February NIGHT WATCH Speaker :  Dr John RAY Ransom USA Citizen :  )
 “ …  these Traders out of Jutland … they seem to have been trusted by REPUBLIC of ROME and some come to hold minor Offices for Roman Administration around the Mediterranean shores for a century and a half … Before our `Gaius` steps ashore at TOWER HILL , the River Thames, Londinium … … …   ”  

   ( … 61 AD they were mainly Retired ROMAN Army some with British wives and children :   the Port and Camp is recovering from the 61 AD demolition by Queen Boadicea-Boudicca … )     

MEMORANDUM :   92 AD =  Our first ancestor `Gaius` REDEMPTIO = Ransom takes retirement from his 77 AD LONDINIUM employment `keeping the river free of Pirates beyond his stony Island in the Thames  ( possibly about Gravesend area )   and holding Office of `REDEMPTIO` for the ROMAN EMPIRE …
He sells his Thames river stony Island he tells us, in Latin, and buys land around DUNWICH Suffolk …  a still thriving little Port   :  before heavy silting up and coastal erosion becomes very bad about c 10th-11th  centuries AD …  20th century it is all offshore UNDER THE SEAS …   ( Perhaps underwater archaeologists/metal detectors etc/ may have information or to come … ? )   
( 1950s INFORMATION included :   from Colchester & Essex Museums Curator Mr M.R. Hull, and Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums Mr Harold Walter Poulter )   :   

MEMO :      Greetha RANSOM - who learns her ancestry from age 2 years March 1935 …& likes to know about their wedding gowns, their kitchens and foods, and their music …their children and all the names of them …
(NB :  I have to say that I am not going to call a child after WULFWINE RANSOM  !!!   Sorry Wulfwine grandpa - but he would get laughed at in school … )

1930s-1940s  :   Having our little base in Clacton-on-Sea the Old Road just down the lane from GREAT CLACTON - C L A C T U N A  of the Little Doomsday Book - I was very often taken about our Ancient Lands by the RANSOM families - Uncle Harry Gordon  with interested friends often coming alone to drive an extra car too … we also went on bikes …  )

REDEMPTIO=RANSOM  :   Our Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon histories begin again on page 28   :   … … …  


Some records follow :

1960 winter RECORDS -  NIGHTWATCH Colne Engaine nr. Colchester : Arthur Malone/Politan/Law Detective reads out from his Notebooks   :  

 -  “ …  a SERIOUS MATTER - your Mr Pong old JIMMIE JONG had broken in on these grave records   (I have been told ) … & began spiteful crazy destruction of them …
… they say that you should  ( be able to )  recall that afternoon in the Clacton Recreation Ground when he Mr Pong & the LINDSAY cousins were firing catapults with pellets made from strips of your historic letters at you all  …  they had broken in on the little Old Road Clacton house hearing a precious crate had come from the Scottish Solicitors after the killing of Aunt Margaret …  ”  
  ( MEMO :   The above vandalism and violence at HISTORY RECORDS was 1938 autumn … after their end of summer killing/poison in a cup of tea/ of JEAN ballerina my grandmother Ransom …  )



NB :   … now his friend ANGELA had got a Crown 1937 he JIM PIMP began with LINDSAY Crawford Mob breaking in on our residences worldwide & taking all documents paintings in the name of the British Crown & some for Norway …  JIM is heard boasting in WHITES CLUB St James` 1957/58   (that)   …

“ …  a Bastard of Norway had to be provided for from this vast illegal Estate - that the British Government in confidence had expressed since the 1920s grave doubts about and that it was in the WAY of British Trade … & they THE BRITISH EMPIRE had never sanctioned the establishment of these HOMES in 1864 …  educating to age 18-22 years  worldwide for the fatherless …

… Why they were certainly being used for prostitution … I and Angela had to travel the globe to investigate the SHAME … …     ”   (BLAH-BLAH-blah-blah  L I E S …

(((((   REFERENCE :   1970 Blewbury Village … a woman retired to New Zealand trying to help :  
 (  Nota bene:  … the remaining very few years of her life she will be investigated by Doc `Mengele` paedophile HARRINGTON and his Special special teams who are to `SAVE ANGELA `  … SPIES are heavy about us and Doc Mengele HARRINGTON receives the BIGGEST PAY PACKET collected from WHITEHALL with PERKS offshore and at our Grote-Ransom BIRMINGHAM BANK … )))))

   “ … … …   they have been killing people for this money … we knew about it when I was in the City … Peter !   You are too young to be in charge … … … ”  

…  …  ?  she may be killed by the Royal Satrap Doctor `Mengele` paedophile HARRINGTON ??   :    this paedophile Royal Satrap sometimes calls itself  ESTERHAZY !!!     Has other names when on this sanctioned KILLING … also pretends to be a French Physician retired from a lifetime of work in SAIGON - when he is loose in PARIS PARKS

 … … … from 1938-1976  paedophile HARRINGTON is paid from WHITEHALL to keep control of households about ANDRE MALRAUX  ( 1938 to 1976 )   and see his health is run down … … …  and all communications to him  postal/callers/telephone are intercepted  :  …  IN THE NAME OF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT ITS LORDS AND SONS and CROWNS of SCANDINAVIA and BRITAIN …  )

((  The dirty fouled mouth PIMP JIM, Regent of All Englands since 1930s … would amuse the young noble fools on hard liquors & dopes by singing dirty ditties about Eskimo Nell … `

… 1957 October-November :    REPORTS coming in early afternoon to 50 Lancaster Gate Square the London Home of Andre Malraux  :
It is a Workshop for a very rich Catholic Charity being distributed according to a legal Will of an old Anglo-Frenchman = whose home this had been … At WHITES Gents Club/now a vice bar/ Dirty JIM PIMP has an even fouler mouth than pre-2nd World War - CUR JAMES/    =   ANDRE MALRAUX says
 “  JIM … a Bar RAT after you had been with him for an hour and a half … ”  ))                           …                                               comment :   Greta Ransom

1960/61 I do not know who this next Recorder is  =  there are two pre-war figures trying to help - one is a tall R.C. convert country house Wiltshire `Uncle Kay` Ransom ancestry :  The Whitehead twins mother had a 27 size camera photo of him in the 1920s with his friend Philip H. R. Whitehead - the long open roof car is in the photo :  

… 1960/61 Colne Engaine  :  information received by ARTHUR MALONE Law Detective/Politan … ` … it is scaring many people … if only ANDRE and his General had given us the GO AHEAD when we expected it … Well, I dare say we shall hear something :   goodnight - do not open your door until 9 am … Arthur Malone detective reporting :  … `  …
NOTA BENE :   end of February 1960 General de GAULLE Courier sent quietly to NEW YORK received package from Philip Silverlee and took the next plane back to FRANCE :    he had a 2-hour wait in a hotel before he could see the General :   in that 2 hours the package had WILLS and contents of importance removed :   


1960 - May - 3 MURDERS Buenos Aries - after the Courier of General de Gaulle and Andre Malraux is robbed during 2 hours on his return to FRANCE :

March 1960 the BUENOS ARIES Offices of the 2 old solicitors who had taken care of RANSOM Estate as a delicate flower garden round the earth had BRITISH THUGS of AUTHORITY BOOT IN ON THEM  :   …  

… the 73 years old was dead in a week - the partner a very good man in his 60s was confined to the COUNTRYSIDE by BRITISH INTELLIGENCE :   he was dead in a few weeks :    THE BRITISH AMBASSADOR WOULD DO NOTHING  :   

1960 May -  Then the MURDER of the daughter of Philip Silverlee in Buenos Aries in May 1960 - she had borrowed, copied, the Documents from the trusted honourable Solicitors - whose good Firm had handled the RANSOM ESTATE since 1830  :     THE BRITISH AMBASSADOR WOULD DO NOTHING  :


1960 January - January 1962  :    
Life could not be more full of grief for all of us and full of danger :    Records : `Document in 3 Parts` 1937 SUMMER etc.  = short EDITED connected pieces of the Work are appearing on / and site WORDPRESS stores some files and unedited files :  

Reference to 1960/1961 ?  :   below a COMMENT by unknown person …

“ …  MR PONG JIM Jong is MAD - a MAD PIMP… you should understand this … We did not realise at this time that JIM & his She-Devil claiming the ESTATE had set about total destruction of our NAME RANSOM on all RECORDS … your mother Teresa Gordon R was so insane as to assist them … they were plotting a THREE WAYS SPLIT … they have all gone mad on DOPES …  & power … & they have been destroying our ANCESTRY which has great importance & is understood by historians …  ”


REDEMPTIO = RANSOM and families :

437 AD our RANSOM had his BOOK of LIFE …
A few of them may have left such BOOKS of LIFE …
1939 - HELGOLAND, River Elbe  :  

`… not only Helgoland RANSOM had his BOOK of LIFE  :  he had his intact & safe in his grave until 1939 - then broken into when the British Government agreed to pass to GERMANY the Helgoland Island in the River Elbe …

We the RANSOM family who own the site had no warning - a telephone call, a telegram, from Germany told of this crime sprung upon the world of Medievalists a few hours before :  some immediately tried that morning, that day, to get this disgraceful ransacking by IMPERIAL BRITAIN stopped  :  It was known what was in the RANSOM grave …`

(  … young Frederick John RANSOM & learned German scholars were horrified at this attack directly linked to the violent greed of the IMPERIAL CROWN of ANGELA & her male-thugs … and the   MOONLIGHT claims made by Premier Earls of LINDSAY-Lindsey to our Estate GROTE RANSOM :   I grew up hearing their sneering remarks about `OLD ESKIMO` … & being called `Ape Eskimo` by fat Angela and her travelling companion JIMMIE JONG, and his chums the Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs … )   
TRAGEDY :  1939 River Elbe - Island :   Britain hours before signing of the Document with Germany, and upon our lands, the criminally insane were in secrecy digging savagely at this RANSOM grave !   And when found out BIG BOOTED about the opened known RANSOM grave insisting that the contents belonged to NORWAY !
There was no attempt at archaeology - only a hacking at the grave and a GRAB at contents :   It is known the LIFE BOOK of Helgoland RANSOM is wrapped around his body - he says so in the copy given to his daughter :   The     IMPERIAL GHOULS of Norway and Denmark will destroy all trace of this RANSOM 9th century grave - perhaps pass some remains off as no name or another name …    

  ( ?  Is this a ship grave ?   Helgoland Ransom writes he is born in his ship and he will be buried in it … ? … )

( Their criminal minds see it as in the way of their illegal CLAIM upon the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN  set on the worldwide RANSOM lands … These creatures have been cashing cheques cunningly when they can on our Estate since they had TIGGY GROTE murdered in 1904 on Arran, Western Hebrides  :
It was known by 1938/39  that VIOLENT ROBBERY of the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE was gathering force & that creatures IMPERIAL claiming the ESTATE were become from childhood criminally insane  from hearing of an `ELDORADO`  & meeting the highly intelligent MARGARETH RANSOM the WIDOW of Thomas Immanuel GROTE … founder of GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN around the entire globe …

TIGGY used the moneys and lands of the RANSOM FAMILY of 2,000 years to establish his GROTE HOMES educating children of the earth in HUMANISM to 18 or into their 20s … These children, with 3-4 languages,  went into the world of WORK to do what was so valuable to give a civilized LIFE to other HUMAN BEINGS : they are trained to teach and explore all that human beings have found beneficial to life upon earth … )

(1939 TRAGEDY :  FJR/FCFR/LIR/& Greta Ransom/1960 Dr John RAY Ransom/others/no names - protect their descendants ! )

1960 January-Feb/ NIGHT WATCH - Colne Engaine
Dr John RAY Ransom  ( USA citizen now employed by State Department Washington )   shares NIGHTWATCH and DAWNWATCH with Arthur Malone Law Detective/Markham Makepeace/ANDRE MALRAUX Burgermeister of PARIS when on RELEASE permission of General de GAULLE/  

1960 January-February:  East Anglia - the first 4-5 weeks of deep winter have early dark afternoons by 4 pm and late winter dawns not before 7 am  :   3rd week January : there was an attack by 3 or 4 men in a car one night - they had come with equipment to tear the door off the new Sprite Caravan & kill Greta Ransom - Andre Malraux was also to be killed when they could get near him :  
They were shot at, injuring one, by the NIGHTWATCH :       

“ 578 - 579 AD … there came a man of TRUST to East Anglia … and to us …  RANSOM families at our  heimat = homestead …

NB :   18 years later,  597 AD Saint Augustine arrives at Canterbury  :

…we had begun our little school 450 AD Suffolk Norfolk …  
 Young persons without languages were of no use to us SEA TRADING families :  they must grow up with a grasp of the niceties in Latin, Arabic, as well as our Germanic & British dialects- vernacular - a little of Gaul and Spain too … They  enter into our honest trade and good relationships :  perhaps  marriages where a girl hath a dowry of a piece of land for a Ship to pull-in for winter - for emergencies - or when Wars, pestilence,

severe weather affects the family hearth … … … ”   

Nota bene :    1960 Jan/Feb  - the speaker (Dr John RAY Ransom)  upon NIGHTWATCH does not continue here :   had we another Visitation ?  The detectives now have permission to carry guns :
And the two helpers ex-Army :  Dr JOHN RAY has to carry guns :

but this information may dove-tail back into the 19th century :  Millie Frobisher and husband John Ransom with friends began to work on the Family Records 1884 = THE CANVAS BAG :   
( 5th century AD Suffolk-Norfolk :  450 AD  our little School begun  …  I have information I believe on this 450 AD School in `1937 SUMMER etc.`  … and probably more in  RANSOM ANCESTRY-histories Part I  - same site )

NNB :    597 AD Saint Augustine arrives at Canterbury -   

… with an ENTOURAGE :   this may include young traveller Christians - perhaps in old simple robes of a Monk - wishing to find HUMANISTS & have a chat :  learn this and that about the GEOGRAPHY of GOD upon this PLANET :   try make a heaven upon earth … a haven, a heimat = a place of peace where the heart can be safely left …

Do these 6th century RANSOM records 578/579 imply that we are already in touch with Christian Rome ?   Our school begun 450 AD  (now 147 years old)  keeps up languages we have always found necessary for our overseas TRADING  :   And RANSOM have not lost their ancestors from 1st century AD - there are various references, indications, to this as I learned as second-nature during my early years  :

… … …


 From a DIRECTORY -  RANSOM & some other branches :


An incomplete DIRECTORY :  
RANSOM families - & some branches :

11th century AD - SIWARD RANSOM of seashores East Anglia & of Northern France  :  
… direct line of RANSOM=Redemptio / Sea trader/ farmer/ Estate North France seashores -  French Estate held by RANSOM ESTATE until 1960/61/ then tenant husband and wife 2 daughters killed/ Property bulldozed and claimed by British Scottish Nobles BY MOONLIGHT :

1099 AD - 1st CRUSADE is battering its way into Jerusalem - slaughtering all Moslems, burning Jews alive
SIWARD RANSOM dies of thirst with companions in a sandstone Fort = 1st Crusade Crusaders & Palestine Arabs outside would slaughter them all & take their ships and wealth :  

( Speaker from notes 1960 :   (understanding of Greta Ransom is that there is mention of `Accre` ? / = Jaffa ?/  I Greta Ransom  do not grasp more  here  … )

SIWARD RANSOM sends last letters to France to wife & 5 children - his Steward waiting in his ship 2 miles offshore received them after nightfall & orders to SAIL immediately - no hope for them to get out - a brave Arab in tiny boat got to the ship with the 2 last letters :     SIWARD writes to his wife and family  ` … … … … …  we who are about to die … my companions … we have traded here, all races, in peace for 150 years … sitting in the cool evenings by the seashores talking of our lives :  our families sometimes with us  … (some)  marriages made  … …  ` …    ( … description of the shores, cool evenings under trees at the seas edges …)   

 ( several translations exist … from the Medieval French original letter :  a 2nd letter appears to be instructions to Europe, perhaps to East Anglia too ?  Concerning his properties …
It was always the first & last letter to wife and children that was remarked upon by later centuries  … the understanding that these SEA TRADERS Palestine coast were all races, all religions, and for 150 years had traded, made marriages, ALL IN PEACE …  )

…  SIEWARD RANSOM and companions wrote in black-red-dark yellow their MONUMENT high on an inside wall of the sandstone fort … it was in Arabic & other tongues …  THIS INSCRIPTION EXISTED UNTIL 1948 … when VILE MADNESS out of Scotland destroyed it :   (Reports)

11th century :   DESTRUCTION of WORLD HISTORY :
 …  attempts to remove SIWARD RANSOM his ancestors and his descendants  from history   :    REASON - always same - to get  BIG DOUGH/brass/money…

INSCRIPTIONS destroyed 1948 by Dave LINDSEY born 1926 -  to become 1985 Premier Earl 15 of Gross Britain & dope-growing Scotland :  He is boasting at Colne Engaine a Summer night 1960 how he had destroyed it in 1948 !    And stolen more of the RANSOM lands - his orders, he says, come from ANGELA and his Father Earl 14 1943  :
( some tapes made by British Territorials and others those Summer nights 1960 and 1961 : )

  ( Report 1961 comes to ANDRE MALRAUX from young ARAFAT Palestine leader - upon violence, death, to the Palestine GROTE CHILDREN 1948 - there are some on the spot Reports of the British behaviour here in 1948 … they said they were HUNTING BIG and LITTLE GAME … )

 (((((   … 1942 - savage violence from  LINDSEY (Tucker)  & 2 companions - they killed the 9 years old Castle Hedingham heiress 8 am Spring 1942 to pay the coming double DEATH DUTIES :  they went on to destroy her NEWFOUNDLAND bay, settlement, church, drive away and kill the good Settlers :  they claimed all this as Scottish British CROWN Properties -

(Greta Ransom age 9 is in the same Class as she at Clacton-on-Sea Captain Learoy School 1942 :   This child is the niece of Patrick MacDrew good soldier   :    see web sites … )))))

…  the LINDSAY-LINDSEY gang are known to be insane for a 150 years - they grow a dangerous illegal narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland - stuff pellets up their snouts to produce greedy violence  … … …
and sell the 2 yearly crop to child slave labour factories etc in the BRITISH EMPIRE then its `Commonwealth`  :  

…  The Noble LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs claim the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE :  and the RANSOM families as their cousins because Millie Frobisher  ( with a Lindsay grandmother in 1830 )  married the widower JOHN RANSOM 1884 :

RECORDS :   LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs violence to me Greta Ransom from birth 1933 March, and throughout my teens, my 20s, my 30s  -  & then threatening in 1970-1990s of The Pillar House Children , Harwell  :   1986/87 PJPW is threatened, she daughter Victoria 19 years, WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO FAR WITH HER MUSIC ` - her teacher the eminent Bromley Challenor has said 2 years before that he can teach her no more - she is very good - she must go on to Music School now :  

 NB :  there had been threats to P.H. Harwell 1984/85 from Mr `Mengele` paedophile Doc HARRINGTON Royal Satrap - he has KNEES-UPS supper parties at Wantage House & they are testing Naval Intelligence front of technology LISTENING EQUIPMENT around the HARWELL village and countryside    (? - usual game - learn who knows things about the 2nd World War British-Scandinavian GROTE HOMES GENOCIDE and ABUSE of the RANSOM ESTATE  :   NNB:  So many of these RUNTS have PIMPED upon our ESTATE all their lives … …

…  LINDSAY-LINDSEY Earls and GANG violence towards ALL with the RANSOM and WEDDELL names and branches is very well known and recorded :   especially to my father and his sister and two brothers, my grandparents Frederick Charles FROBISH RANSOM and his wife JEAN ballerina nee WEDDELL because of their marriage 1909 :  

1909 REPORT :  The Premier Earl of Gross Brit & Scotland Lindsay Crawford when told by Mary Teck  (Queen Mary wife to Sailor King George V)  that she disapproved of them allowing Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom  to marry … replied in all honesty that  
` Ballerinas did not have children`  -  The Estate would come to him and he would give her a share … BY MOONLIGHT :   (she has BIG gambling debts)

LINDSAY-Lindseybuggarhs EARLS  :    Their dope-SNOUTS violence is fine detailed from many REPORTS :  much of their lawless violence, their CULLING of heirs, is on internet and in places of security :   

? ? ?   The LINDSAY-LINDSEY buggarhs are hoping to own the NORTH POLE and the SOUTH POLE   ???       Wish to be Earls of the Arctic and  the sub-Arctic no doubt … … …    

 my own webs are : and  (some other sites)
I,  legal Estate heir with Len Immanuel RANSOM,  tell the personal history of all the above :   

11th century AD - SIWARD RANSOM a man of HUMANITAS lives again in this the restored work of my father FJR and his families around the globe :      (our 10th century RANSOM motto is now  `SATTEUS LAETUS` =  meaning from the LATIN is    
        ` I am satisfied with sufficient …`


`ANTICS` RANSOM of Leeds, Tynemouth - and ships
`Jousting times - he amuses young friends by imitating a knight on a tomb as they charge ` …
  His tomb was in a church intact until late 1920s   (Birmingham ?/Leeds ?/Tynemouth ? ) :  it showed a life size carving of him on his tomb, supporting himself on one arm, grinning at his friends … ( this was  (become ?)  a popular tomb sculpture - it may have deeply offended later religious persons - but there were said in the 1930s to have been others existing -  I G.R. only saw a photograph late 1930s of `ANTICS` RANSOM on his tomb :
Records are on `1937 SUMMER etc` and RANSOM Part I :

20TH century SYSTEM  :   DESTRUCTION of RANSOM graves & monuments :   
It is in the 1920s - 1930s that JIMMIE JONG b 1898/99,  and the LINDSAY-Lindsey GANG whom he has known since he was 11 years old,  would get sculptures and monuments to RANSOM families  `called in for repairs`   They never went back :   

1960/1961  :   Jimmie Jong  Sir/cur JAMES  was grovelling in the tomb in a London cemetery of John Ransom & wife Millie Frobisher - the tomb was `called in for repairs`  :  it came back with another name on it :   A dog walker made a fuss to newspapers   “ that is not the name - there was two of them in there - Ransom and Frobisher … I have been walking my dog in this Cemetery for 20 years !”  
The tomb robber was traced & found to be the dismissed Steward of WHITES CLUB  (the former JIM JONG Pimp/now Sir James -  
He insisted as the Representative for the CROWN that there were valuable Greenland relics that had to go to the British Museum …

…  Press were told to DROP IT !    There are distressing further reports on the opening of this tomb and parts of bodies found thrown about the churchyard - it had to be closed for a day …  Mr Pong the PIMP JIMMIE JONG made 1954 Sir James, had all his old KUDOS  :    

15th century Chinese HUE` ARTUN =
1450 allows RANSOM senior to marry a daughter - and a Dutch Sea Captain marries a younger dau. = we knew them until late 1940s - name is `Heid ???/    HEU` gives the girls the power to make the man rich if they prove to be a good husband  :   1451 the 1st son born is he F. Ransom who marries 2ndly the Lady Japan :

(MEMORANDUM :  This our direct line of 1st century AD Redemptio=RANSOM and we and branches from earlier younger sons still hold lands East Britain-bordering North Sea :   1500 RANSOM=Lady Japan (marriage 1504 Bruges)  has a Ransom bride great-grandmother, grandmother, & mother who are descending order from Siberia-Mongolia-China (now N. Korea) :  

The Mongolian bride to RANSOM senior has the two Ransom brothers given permission to fly the flag of ZHENG HE` Admiral of the Chinese Seas :  Diary  (via Montrose 16th century/to USA)
`he came aboard … he returned for 5 hours … thankfully our Brides had taught us philosophy … although not as high born as before they were acceptable to him - result is we are to FLY his FLAG - we shall keep out of the way when he comes by with his great fleet - we may deal in a little PORCELAIN … and transact business for him to INDIA …`

Diary -  via Montrose 16th century - to USA - translation heard 1960 Colne Engaine - Dr John RAY Ransom USA citizen/

1930s Greta Ransom grew up with this family information shared with the branch of PHOEBE RANSOM 16th century marriage to MAINWARRING family  (Uncle Gimlet Eyes MAINWARRING R.N. has the ZHENG HE` flag made up by his local Womens Institute - white satin with ( 3 ?)  big scarlet suns or stars on - he flew it at Cowes - under the nose of THE ADMIRALTY who   “  will pull the plug on the Seas if they found out I got this from our RANSOM ancestral line of our PHOEBE …”

15th century HUE` ARTUN :  Philosopher/Man of Letters/Sea Trader family/shares governorship of the coastal town with his friend/ (Max Beerbohm made a colour drawing for Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom -  50 copies … printed in 4 colours a standard size for posters to be framed c 11 inches by 16 inches or so … I remember we had one … but the LINDSAYbuggarhs and JIM JONG during the 1930s increasingly broke into our little homes and stole everything   :   It annoyed them that we did not keep BIG PLACES where they could descend, infest, squat and PIMP …  

FJR my young father taught us the young RANSOM line in 1930s
he is a powerful and good man and a great Philosopher - We will read his histories of handling twice a difficult young heir to the Emperor … He asks us all to SAIL IN to see him - he has a 16 foot statue on his Headland - he writes he will be waiting for us his kin to come sailing in … for 10,000 years … Aunt Margaret and family, cousins, have all visited him - and Thomas  (Tiggy Grote) …`

 (((   … ` … did my grandpa FCFR visit ? - and my father, brothers, sister ?  I do not recall … But as we have hundreds of little planes of all kinds
 around the globe for the HOMES, and ships and shipping investments I think they had to have paid a Courtesy Call on Grandpa HUE` ARTAN :  Solemn thought is that ` without he agreeing marriage to his daughter NONE OF US WOULD EXIST =  WHAT CHANCE WE ALL ARE :

Many RANSOM Records in length are included in Document in 3 Parts “1937 SUMMER etc ”  -    This site  includes  PART I RANSOM ANCESTRY-Histories  :  

The new   has short pieces
in depth - I have also placed PART 2 RANSOM ANCESTRY-Histories here :  Part 2 gives much explanation of the DESTRUCTION of our RECORDS 20th century by the criminally insane awash with GREED and VIOLENCE :  

PART 3 RANSOM ANCESTRY-Histories is first appearing on the new JIMDO site as it builds from records :    Work in a rougher state, assembling & editing,  goes to WORDPRESS - mainly used as a `store` :

All the Work is dovetailing into the 3 Parts  “1937 SUMMER etc.”
        & ALL the WORK is about GOOD … and EVIL :  

17th-18th century ITALY = RANSOM SEA TRADER married to “ ALSATIAN WHORE ”  Senora Ransom :    but she was not - the Italian neighbours gossiped - he went TO SEA - she produced no children - they lived in a big house with grounds - She gives birth at 39 years of age and has 2 sons and a daughter :
He had stone busts of himself carved for the top of his Gates - it showed him with a very fierce face :  We descend from the 1st son :

1937 speaking to us  :   Aunt `Mag` (Margareth nee Ransom our Girl of the SNOWS - tells how she would go and stay with these cousins to her father when she was a child -  My father got told off for this gossip :    My father, my Pedagogue,  gave us a Lesson in  “women gossiping beside the WELLS of history - back to biblical times …”   :  

… Uncle Alfred Charles RANSOM Rear Admiral both World Wars knew them … “ she was respectable ” :   LUCKY FOR OUR LINE she began having her children at 39 years of age  :   
… ( … some of the RANSOM brides have a first child by 12 or 13 years :  the grandmother Ransom of Aunt `Mag` was 12 when she had her first son - her husband put her in the School Room until her son was 7 years of age :  this child is the father of Aunt Margareth girl of the SNOWS - & my grandpa twice back : & when I am tiny I look exactly like him as photos showed :  blue eyes and golden hair & very strong :
OLD FRED RANSOM , he stayed short & I get nearly as tall as Andre MALRAUX :    

10th-11th centuries :   Alice RANSOM  of Family of OSBERT RANSOM :     she may be his wife  :   
he of our motto  “SATTEUS LAETUS” = I am content with sufficient :  

We have the GODWIN family come in by marriage to RANSOM  (this is family of Harold who lost Battle Hastings 1066 to William of Normandy :    GODWIN line enters 9th-10th centuries : our records may add more :    We have a Courtney marriage 10th-13th centuries )   `Osbert avoids the Court except when he has to go - a matter of LAW had them all at Westminster - a dispute with a sister-in-law ?  ( There is an Alixa - a tapestry showed Osbert, a woman, 2 other people at Court - photos & sketches -  Letters said how “ the Earl of LINDSAY 1890s had gone for the tapestry with his shears - he always had all evidence of persons he had robbed removed … ”   

(1953 31st December Nethrington Hall  NEW YEAR EVE  :   
I am shown an 1890s sepia framed photo of a young woman with fair hair in her brown skating outfit, hands in a muff - the elderly woman showing me calls her `my cousin Millie` and says `after her death the Earl ordered all the families to DESTROY ALL PHOTOS OF HER and all paintings and drawings :   

She continues to say  “ I kept this one because she was my cousin … and your grandfather had stayed with us in his school holidays after his mother was dead … … … …  ”    … I replied, wondering if I was in the right place …  `no she was Matilda my great-grandmother` … then became frightened …  She was called away - the LINDSAY poisoned her at about 9 pm - I am told 1970 `you saw the two murderers go up the stairs to her … he thought you recognised him from the seaside - heir to the Earl of Lindsey - so he always paid Lieutenant-Commander David Brown rnvr to keep you out of his way … `

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX with a few good souls has insisted coming into The Pillar House Harwell late evenings January 1970 to try stop the FOUL MOUTHS of the old and new PIMPS about us :   the faithful POLITAN Arthur Malone near 70 years of age continues his duties when he feels he must :   Philip Silverlee is in touch with him …

NOTA BENE:  If the 2nd World War GENOCIDE of the worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN were exposed (as planned February 1960) then Imperial criminally insane FIGURES from A MORGUE of Scotland-Gross Britain and Scandinavia would have no KUDOS :   But forelock tugging goes on and the EVIL continue collecting expenses for `Wars with the INCA` and `HUNTING BIG & LITTLE GAME`   :        

(MEMO :  my great-grandmother Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom was murdered 1897 by two LINDSAY 2nd cousins - her body was delivered in a blanket to the door of that little house `Jerusalem` Deptford by the little Park at night into the arms of her 14 years old only surviving son  :  He is my grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM :  

1953 New Year :   There were 40 LINDSAYbuggarhs at this New Years Eve nosh-up - all of them heard read out at the Table by criminally insane EARL Lindsey 14 their share of the silently stolen RANSOM 1801 19 acres under NEW YORK - This is the monster who killed with 2 others the Sea heiress of Castle Hedingham, in my class 1942 - we are both 9 years old :   This Lindsey heir (to be No 14 in 1943) was drunkenly rude to us both March 1942 - demanding her NEWFOUNDLAND properties `FOR THE CROWN` = HE PAID HIS DEATH DUTIES BY MURDERING HER  :  her father and brother have just been killed in the 2nd World War :   

This fat short dope-soaked dope grower Scotland, its mad eyes roving around,  had me sent the BILL for her funeral in the spring - he eyed us first in class and said `who is  the richest of you` ? - then angrily pointed a fat dirty finger at me - My grandmother circulated this BILL :  the funeral was `mock` - the body to be flown to NEWFOUNDLAND - it never was :
In 1960 her grandmother Mrs MacDrew is still asking the British Government HOME OFFICE since 1945   `WHERE IS MY GRAND-DAUGHTER BURIED ?   They never put an answer in writing … she is found dead on her doorstep Holland-on-Sea 1960 :   Mr JIM JONG well known East Anglia PIMP 1920s-1940s, 1954 knighted as Sir JAMES, told Police ` Oh she always took heroin` :  She had never touched drugs in her good wholesome life :   
This child is the tragic niece of Captain Patrick MacDrew friend of the Gordon family … he would help Granny Gordon wash-up after the Clacton Sunday teas for all the young friends of her family - then come to Benediction with us - Our old chief Priest is sent from Rome by `Young Pacelli` :   

This behaviour is normal in Scotland  :      1920s it has invaded the green and pleasant land of ENGLAND  :  
The British Empire has declined for a hundred years, is coin less - is tottering - PIMPS like Premier LINDSAY-Lindsey EARLS are killing all the 20th century to get money …

…  RANSOM families have managed to survive the past 1900 years - they will NOT be allowed to survive the 20th century with any dignity or with our great PHILANTHROPY ESTATE  :      The GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN done by British & Scandinavian Nobles equals the NAZI crimes  :

1800s a marriage made :      AQUIDA/Aqida/ACQUEDA ?  = San Sebastian & area - our Basque relatives/farming/a hostelry 1920s/ =   c 1808/9  marriage =  WIFE of Yah. Josef San JULIAN f. San Miquel of the INCA  (not seen by G.R. since 1939 :  Reports disturb. 1960 - Dr John RAY Ransom met Biarritz area branch in 1948 : )

( Mother of SAN JULIAN is of a noble line pre-16th century SPAINISH Conquest  “ ancient name something like `PANOUCHEY` = later centuries becomes `Manolaos-variations to 20th century -  Lands owned by her people are beyond San Julian Bay coasts into coasts of Tierra del Fuego - lost 18th-19th centuries :     ( I Greta Ransom  meet them 1936 on our NORD-SUD Poles Tour of GROTE HOMES for Aunt Margareth = she is resting and working away in France and Italy = her grandson is a Priest in Rome :  

6th-7th century SPAIN - Aurora RANSOM - Berber family, father farmer, Trader & Town Council Castile :   The family chronicles are written by one of their 5 children, a cripple :  both religions kept :
Reader and Ransom families can find a full history on `1937 SUMMER etc` & RANSOM Part I
 I may find more information :

1929 Aunt Margareth nee Ransom (widow of Tiggy = Thomas Immanuel Grote) goes to stay with a descendant of Aurora 6th century Berber family - he is a shipping Agent on the waterfront at ???  Spain :  The name is perhaps like   Al`Fez ??? Something - Lennie says `Oh her father my Dad`s grandpa knew them ` :   

I thank `Aurora` too for my good health :   Her father tried drive YOUNG RANSOM OFF when he saw him chatting to her :   She is described by young RANSOM come a courting her as  “ very tall 6 feet, dark hair, brown black,  below her waist and EYES THE COLOUR OF THE SPANISH DAWN …”    Thus we get a RANSOM Granny of another Race - before we add the Montreal Indian brides, the far North and Siberia Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Red Indian brides - as well as Greenland, Greece, Albania, Persian, INCA etc … We will become 14 Races and 27 nations of Ransom brides by 1909 !


ARBUTHNOT :  A family at Clacton-on-Sea 1930s who are 3rd cousins to RANSOM families :    My father FJR and Lennie LIR would speak with them :   
It was felt wise not to draw the attention of THE NOBLE MAFIA on the Clacton town SEAFRONT the Earls of LINDSAY-Lindsey gang - they would harass them and their relatives = if they thought they had any lands or moneys :   

ALEXANDER RANSOM born c 1900 : 1st son to FCFR
(out of wedlock) to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM (17 years old)  - mother Finnish/she wrapped babe few days old in newspaper and delivered him to FCFR - who was surprised !

Asked for help :  Yes, we must baptize him :   What about ALEXANDER ?  :   THUS ALEXANDER RANSOM who has no problems of identity :    He was placed with a clever friend - at 9 years began to travel with FCFR and wife 1909 Jean Weddell ballerina - they had to travel about the GROTE HOMES and the Estate worldwide - Alexander went too and learned many languages and schooled in everything :   He acted stern big brother to Len and me when he dropped in from USA  :     He treated `Jerusalem` as home :   he looked like all of us - fair hair and sturdy and he was quite tall :   He became a farmer in USA, happily married = 2 daughters - grandchildren :    He understood the troubles - last visit to ENGLAND 1939 to funeral of his father  :   he knew it was FOUL - returns to his family I North America - may have been slain by LINDSAY and JIM Jong Cur JAMES & Mengele HARRINGTON early 1950s :   2 daughters would not be safe if they have sons :     MEMORANDUM  :   Notebook of  1929 `ALL RANSOM MALES TO BE KILLED`    :  


ATAHUALPA  -  Ruler Priest Scientist of INCA - brother HUASCAR  :
5 years old son escaped 16th century Spanish MASSACRE = Portugal R.C. then JESUITS upbringing for line :  Yah. Josef San JULIAN direct descendant/daughter marries JAMES WEDDELL Mariner friend of her father 1824 = issue 2 sons James & John : ( INDEX 1937 SUMMER etc ) … etc …  & /WORDPRESS used as store & work editing assembling/


17th century DISSENTER BAXTER family =  
See Judge Jeffreys Bloody Assize/historic case/history paintings :  (no blood line )

1900s Argentine :  Marriage made by younger sister of JEAN Weddell ballerina/ issue 2 sons -   (aunt to FJR/IJR/JJR/LIR - great-aunt to Greta Ransom)
1920s-1930s = their education interfered with Blackpool : their father a BOOKBINDER horribly persecuted by the old IMPERIAL GANG :  My Uncle Baxter is found hanged 1938/1939 = they did it the criminally insane Imperial FIGURES from A MORGUE :    

… Wedding present from Margareth Ransom GROTE is a now well known SAMUEL PALMER watercolour = kept on a shaded wall I would kneel on a chair to look into its tiny detail :  Old Fred Ransom knew the painter :  ( FR father of Margareth-John & Poul their `heimat` JACOPSHOLMEN Island off XRISTENSHARB West Greenland)  
The 2 beautiful BAXTER sons SLAIN Australia 1953 by LINDSAY & JIM JONG `HUNTING BIG GAME` - claim EXPENSES for FUN TRIP from The
WHITEHALL Centre of British Government :

( Mid-1950s  Reports on disappearance of BAXTER sons, first cousins to the RANSOM children of FCFR & wife JWR come from bastard Ed du Cann b 1924 - his mother Teresa Gordon b 1906 and her sister Aunt Miss Winifred Mary Gordon b 1910  :    TWO More young MARTYRS
so that Gross Britain can get rich - at the top :  )

1960 - BAXTER 2 sons :   Heart-rending REPORTS 1960 to Patrick MacDrew
 ( he is uncle of the murdered 1942 Castle Hedingham 9 year old heiress - so LINDSAY-Lindsey EARL 14 could easily pay his 1943/44 double death duties - from her NEWFOUNDLAND Estate - registered in NAME OF CROWN of Gross Britain  )  :
1960/61 - Reports that the BAXTER sons,  ( cousins to FJR, sister & brothers, also to Greta and Colin Ransom )   were missing then found dead in Australia, received by Arthur Malone Law Detective for ANDRE MALRAUX -  Information gathered from families Ransom-Gordon etc -Butler …
( There is a BAXTER North American branch :   they visited by JIM JONG PIMP Cur JAMES Steward of WHITES CLUB St James` (runs big VICE) & `COUNT`  LINDSEY of & for THE BRITISH SCUM : )

MARGARET `Maggie` RANSOM - b c 1508/10 -
just steps into 17th century age 92/93 years of good health :
Ancestress of little Peter - P.R.W photographer-philosopher-humanist = 21.8.1970 = 19.5.1998
The following happy ending pages are for his birthday 21st August 2012 AD …

PETE may perhaps have made a film/documentary of her life …
He had heard a little of her from Cousin Julie Butler who admired Maggie Ransom twice CAREW = her parents, brothers, her first family dead, she ran the Boat Yard Montrose Basin, the sheep farming, the RANSOM ancestral lands and properties overseas - Japanese Pacific Lusan Chain 2 isle-lets, kept up with relatives and ancestral lines all over the known world - Administered the Venetian, French, Spanish Ransom past brides dowry seashores & saw that the tenants, her tenant s now,  had a civilized life :

GRANTED by ROYAL FRIENDS status of  `A SEA TRADER in her own right`  as her parents F. Ransom & 2nd wife The Lady Japan of an older Royal line of Okinawa …  After 3 years of hard work she began building up the Estate capital again - So much moneys were demanded of their parents when her sister PHOEBE married Sir Lionel MAINWARRING - and he had enormous debts :   

1930s - RANSOM families are regaled with tales of the wicked Sir Lionel by their descendant Uncle Captain MAINWARRING RN retired = with polite caution from his wife GRACE when he says things a little `forward` for `niece`  Greta Ransom and their grand-daughter …   

A RANSOM-Carew descendant is my only son PETE - P.R.R.W. - and his just commencing career with PHOTOGRAPHS :   his camera work, life and friends, has begun on www.ANCESTRYANDTRUETALES.JIMDO.COM - this summer
 2012 AD …  ( Greta Ransom W. )  
16th century :   MARGARET RANSOM `Maggie`
Born c 1508/10 :  daughter of three, two brothers, the 5 children born 2nd marriage to SEA TRADER F. RANSOM & Lady Japan of an old Royal line Okinawa

The Lady of Okinawa = Nihalah YUSS-?-?-?    ( called by LIR born 1921 put to learning Japanese ` Ni the Lady Shampoo` )   come from a Convent Bruges - 1499 AD her brother a young Japanese Sea Captain saved life of F. RANSOM and a crew member clinging to a spar Arctic Seas - wife and 2 sons dead in the ship wreck :  2 daughters married East-North coast RANSOM lands Britain :   After 4 years of widowhood a marriage is arranged and she age 27 years old,  gets RELEASE from her Convent where she retired after the death of her parents :    `Lady of Japan` is to be the future mother of MAGGIE RANSOM Carew Carew RANSOM  :

…  1504 in a gown of rose & salmon she wed F. RANSOM widower in his early 40s …  in BRUGES CATHEDRAL - the bells rang …

1500 - He had already bought the Farm Montrose Basin, carved 1500 beside the door and over the fireplace - he gave the former Family home near Dundee to a daughter, the other daughter on E-N. Britain Ransom ancestral lands :   

MARGARET `MAGGIE` one of their 5 children is raised at the family farm near the Basin Montrose …
…  & travelled at an early age to many parts of the known world with her parents, and her brothers   :
She dies as Maggie Ransom Carew Carew RANSOM = Sea Trader in her own Right  :   she one of 3 daughters born to F. Ransom & Lady Japan - her two brothers first born … they die at sea -  mercifully after the deaths of their parents = Sea Trader F. Ransom  (Diaries/letters)  &   `my lovely lady of Japan who never complained when we knew the hard winter times` … ` we must stay at Montrose ` … :    

With her parents and two brothers dead MAGGIE is accepted as Sea Trader in her own right :   runs the family boat yard Montrose basin - fits inventions making life easier and safer for ships at sea … carries out good repair work for ships  …
The first year she hears that the sickly Ransom infant son of her elder brother dies :  the daughters of both brothers are cared for by their mothers and families - her brothers saw their families were secure :   The RANSOM Estate is declared the inheritance of she and delicate health sister youngest in the family.   At time of their brothers deaths at sea she Maggie is married to her first husband CAREW - has a son and daughter, income from his Carew Estate:   they were much travelled assisting with the care of the RANSOM overseas Estates -  :  

The Farm Montrose Basin :   Because of 20 years of FINANCIAL DRAIN on the RANSOM parents    ( beginning with the expenses of sending 27 years old PHOEBE to Court, and then her marriage to the older widower Sir Lionel Mainwarring, his heavy debts plus those of his 19 years old son and their continuing EXPENSES claimed on the parents of PHOEBE now Lady Mainwaring )    the Montrose Estate is in a perilous state :    the overseas Estates did not suffer too much  :   Maggie and her first husband enjoyed visiting and organising, and keeping tenants in contentment :  

The deaths of her brothers, are suddenly followed by the deaths of her husband Carew and their son age 16 at sea :   There is a run of years of bad weather … The four deaths are followed by that of her daughter age 15 years who dies in childbirth :  

Maggie tells Henry VIII that she can fend for herself after receiving a visit,  then his letter of sorrow …   :   She replies   ` that he must do what he is raised to do - he must continue to lead the country - and they will all follow him …  `     

Her father & his first family had an acquaintance with families of Henry VII and wife :    And her mother The Lady of Okinawa of an older Royal Line Japan was recognised in rank = it was accepted that they wished to live quietly when at MONTROSE -  they were not young anymore, and she from a Convent and he a Widower had started a young family  :    

Unmarried daughter PHOEBE RANSOM at 27 years of age  “ with her black Japanese eyes ”  had gone to Court :   Her parents found it cost them a lot more money than they had set aside  :   And when PHOEBE married the older widower Sir Lionel Mainwarring, with an unpleasant 19 years old son, the marriage began swiftly to cost them great sums of money :    His debts had not been known - and his ongoing gambling and that of his nasty son increased vastly :    Sir Lionel had married RANSOM money and did not hesitate to spend it …  

To quote their descendant our much liked   `Uncle Gimlet Eyes Mainwarring RN`   “ … we all want to kick him up the BUM, Sir Lionel,  for the way he treated our PHOEBE … he knocked her down in a drunken fit when she could not get more moneys for he and his son from her parents …  ”   
…   He and son demanded bigger and bigger sums of money from her parents - They gambled more, they fought after picking quarrels with rascals linked to Court or good citizens  :
PHOEBE died leaving two children age 10 and 9 years - the evil step-son and Sir Lionel soon died of   “ liquor-gambling-fighting and more liquor … serves them right !  … … … ”  

…  ( Uncle Mainwarring RN retired is forthright - sometimes his wife GRACE has to gently caution him that perhaps family scandals are not yet to be heard by the ears of 4-5 year olds - including their grand-daughter … )  
MEMORANDUM :  the 2 children of PHOEBE and `The Wicked SIR LIONEL MAINWARRING`   were raised by a distant branch and were free of the debauchery of Sir Lionel :   Descendants first half of  20th century were plain living persons and not in want :

I wonder if Uncle Mainwarring told them that they too can fly the FLAG of ZHENG HE ` Admiral of the China Seas :   he flew it at Cowes c 1938/39 under the noses of the Admiralty & when asked what was it …  said `Oh a distant ancestor given it out East … `   :   White silk with 3 scarlet suns or stars :

After the death of PHOEBE  (sister to Maggie Ransom)  her parents left the farm Montrose in good hands and sailed to Japan, stayed at Okinawa with their relatives & called at our 2 Lusan Chain islets at the end, out in the Pacific :   they were away 2 years and returned somewhat recovered from their grief at the loss of daughter Phoebe - their youngest daughter always travelled with them - she rather delicate did not wish to marry and was happy being with her parents :  She also kept a big correspondence … and took care of Records and the Montrose books and the home … After their death she dies age 39 years -

1936/1937 =  We RANSOMs - Lennie and mc `Greetah`,  recorded all their graves, with camera, and drawings :   the turf had to be cleaned off  - because of RELIGIONS coming and going  :   We were not allowed in the dining room because we smelt of ` mould and decay … `   :     

… I had my frocks washed twice a day - was scrubbed down to get rid of the grass, and ages of mud  :  We felt that the Lady Japan was still there … and MAGGIE dashed about with us … bare feet … so much to do … :    the rooms were not different, the floors had known our Ancestors feet …

In October 1939 … my father Warrant Officer Frederick John RANSOM had two giant engraved slabs, 16th century, with names sent by ship to USA -  He feared for more demolition up there :   I hear from him in 1945 that he did not know if they arrived USA where he had sent them :  

1940 January - Officer Fred John RANSOM :  he woke on a plane going to Philippines - he had been doped :   It was not known he spoke Japanese - because of this he could listen to Japanese broadcasting and gave assistance to intelligent Army persons and they were able to all get safely away from the Philippines before the Japanese came :
FJR - PHILIPPINES  :    He did a magnificent swim one night which saved hundreds of lives - for which Britain was to give him an Award after the 2nd World War -   

…   But the name RANSOM is to be removed FROM HISTORY so the BIG BRITISH EMPIRE IMPERIAL top of the pyramid, can go on more big fraud-theft-murders glitzy SPENDING    :   We seem to have found more creatures in the MOULD of 16th century Sir Lionel Mainwarring
( … Frederick John RANSOM, my father, direct descendant of Maggie Ransom and her parents, has 7 years of Army training 1927/1934 and this had him of great use in England in Wartime - stores, gunnery, etc = It was JIM PIMP and LINDSAY-Lindseybuggarhs = Premier Earls of Scotland and Gross Britain who organised this hurtling him out of Britain  = so they could have a free hand THIEVING from the great overseas RANSOM Estate using the 2nd World War as COVER :  They were boasting he was to die in the Philippines - then in Africa, in Kenya :  He escaped with help from human beings :

1944 October  :  Orders were given to British Consul FRANCE to ` send two men to shoot the GROTE RANSOM Estate GUARDIAN Andre MALRAUX & the woman Josette Clotis `   :   The 2 British GUNMEN, 1 could pass for a Frenchman,  descended on the little chateau Charente near Tulles and threatened Josette & 2 tiny sons :  but her mother arrived same day :   they did not know where MALRAUX was :  Josette 10 days later had a horrific fall from a train seeing her mother off home - Josette had her legs run over by the train :   The 2 gunmen melted away :    All this can be read in its harrowing details in biographies & in my assembled Records `Document in 3 parts : 1937 SUMMER etc :  Short relevant pieces of work are appearing on this site and


16th Century - RANSOM family & Estate :  
 Montrose Basin and overseas  :  

There was a painting of elder sister PHOEBE and it is included in a series of Cigarette cards - 1969 the elder daughter of Angela remarks at a luncheon in a big Sir Edwin Lutyens House   “  I remember the painting of Phoebe Ransom with her Japanese eyes … when I was a child …”   ( At this luncheon we are to regard her as Mrs Windsor = as Queen Elizabeth II she is not always on duty )   MEMO :  Family paintings were sometimes copied so that others of the family might have a favourite relative or ancestor on their walls …

MAGGIE  (and all her family)  have a scholars relationship to the future Henry VIII  :  she makes a first CAREW marriage at 14 and has a son and daughter :  The CAREW family were rather wild & married money :  they dovetail into GILBERT family half brother to Sir Walter RAYLEIGH …
 ( 1963 Kent I meet some & hear  “ … your name is all over our family house … Ransom marry Carew our relatives too … well … when we are asked to `go home` we have to … hhmmmn …  ” )   

“ MAGGIE took him Husband CAREW no 1  immediately abroad  ~  “ THEY HIT VENICE … went to Balls, music, visiting …  ”  
… says Uncle Dr JOHN RAY Ransom descendant, as delighted by Maggie Ransom as everyone is when they come to know her histories :   

“ She taught him how valuable were friends amongst people of honesty and intellect … with her he experienced music/poetry/arts/the theatres/architecture/sciences/learned languages … he learned of voyages of exploration of good trading, of caring for ones lands and dependants as friends and families :   In 2 years she had turned a developing wild wild CAREW into an enlightened human being with a career a mission a direction in life ”  :

1st husband CAREW  ?   :   They were very happy - he dies at Sea with their 16 years old son :  the next year their daughter dies in childbirth at 15 years of age :   Maggie is entering her mid-30s :   A visit to Montrose from Henry VIII had him with sincere sadness :   He verified her SEA TRADER status  `a Sea Trader in her own right - she might leave Britain any time - simply inform CINQUE PORTS authority in writing …  `    :

4 years later a letter to her from Henry says  `  I am sending you another CAREW … or I fear he will kill himself before long … 7 years younger … but take him Abroad as you did with his kinsman your first husband … I believe you will have another good husband … `  She was able to LEAVE Britain anytime as a SEA TRADER  … she took the new husband abroad immediately :

Dr John RAY Ransom has been exploring Records in USA and reading the work of his elder brother FJR  - their mother had carefully written him his ancestry 1930s  “ LETTERS from JEAN ” …  

… “ … as with the first husband,  Maggie after the second marriage took him abroad - as before they first  `hit VENICE for 6 months` = music/art/literature/society of intelligence … at the same time she is teaching him to take care of her Estate abroad … learning languages … meeting people of quality and intellect everywhere as well as recognising that ones tenants should be treated as family … They had a son and a daughter swiftly :   She wore a black wig often because he did not care for her nut brown reddish hair - she was full of energy, pretty, danced and sang … she wore a dress of silver thread MOONLIGHT weave in VENICE … they were all the fashion …  ”

 ( The Moonlight dress was kept at Montrose :  `Aunt Mag`  Margareth Ransom our Girl of the SNOWS wore it once - I would do the same when grown … I think it was shown to me 1936 … the bodice can be adjusted for any figure - I have a postcard of one in a Museum - it can be inserted in this work …  )  

1960 January/February :   `NIGHTWATCH`   Dr John RAY Ransom  - come urgently from USA Washington … … …  by MOONLIGHT to Colne Engaine :

    “  ?  … The second husband a 7 years younger CAREW - as he got older he became a man of integrity and ran their overseas estates and our Montrose Estate … & helped with local Scotland matters -  ` he was murdered returning home by horseback one winter night in an icy muddy lane - there was some moonlight ` … After participation with just landowners and local farmers and small holders to pass a good helpful law :   This LAW and his agreement to it did not please Noble greed :`   

 MEMO :  LETTERS existed 1938 :  and records of them had been made late 19th century by Millie Frobisher and husband JOHN RANSOM brother of Margareth nee Ransom MRS THOMAS IMMANUEL GROTE =  our TIGGY who founded the HOMES on RANSOM ancestral lands worldwide … at first leaving RANSOM families SHOELESS …

… So his family firm GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK in late 1860s gave their valued in-laws and clients  “  … nearly 4 acres land NEW YORK … ”    :   later part of the CENTRAL PARK =

…  NOTA BENE:     This was fraudulently sold towards the end of 20th century = DID THE MONEYS GO TO LINDSAY-LINDSEY or The BRITISH CROWNS or SCANDINAVIA relatives ????

“  … when she approached 60 years she bade him, 7 years younger,  follow his heart - After they had their children she had stressed to him that the age would matter one day & her body would grow thin and stringy and she would be beyond child baring :   He stayed a good husband :   She lived to be over 92 years old - having her portrait painted for her 92 years … To honour his memory she kept her hair dyed black with stuffs from abroad & dressed with grace :     Her son had to live in Spain after the murder of his father  :   he married, his wife died - the children came to Maggie to raise - then the grandchildren :   Her daughter married & had children … …  ”

1935/1939 =  My father FJR is teaching Lennie and me RANSOM histories - we have been to our 1500 Farm Montrose, her home too, her parents books and later books are on the shelves where they always were kept :  her American descendants are over, big boys Ransom are sailing real yachts in The Basin  :  GR

16th-17th century MARGARET RANSOM = Maggie Ransom Carew Carew RANSOM :    My father says   “  JUST THIS ONCE in all our main line descending from REDEMPTIO 92 AD Suffolk … WE HAVE HAD TO CONTINUE BY THE WOMAN …  But she had to take on twice the role of the MAN … she rolled up her sleeves after the death of her first husband her son and daughter and got the BOAT REPAIRS YARD and Inventions producing an income for her household and tenants  … they had three years of very hard work in all weathers … because of the marriage of PHOEBE … it had bled them all … ”

“ She had a right to an Estate from the First CAREW Marriage … but the CAREW would not give it to her :   ` She had no intention of going to LAW and wasting time and money … she tells them to get lost …   :   
She organised the food the cooking for her workforce and they worked like TROJANS that first three years, during the cold winters too, to make the BOAT YARD pay … they could not just depend upon sheep … … …  ”  :
MEMORANDUM :   there were drawings of the work going on at our 16th century Montrose Boat Yard and Maggie in heavy clothing sleeves rolled up, head muffled up as others in the distance … a thin pencil had done it :   its likely they were done at the time ?  :  the family portraits, including one by young friend JOOS van Cleve show the connections to artists and musicians … I hear 1930s of  `silver pencil drawings ` … this may mean the century of drawings done … ?   G.R.

2012 AD - Greta Ransom , grand-daughter   (9 generations ?)     down the centuries from MAGGIE RANSOM  adds  … She must see they are warmly clothed, have fuel, nourishing food, handle outbreaks of sickness & accidents … PRAY NO PLAGUE COMES  … and encourage work all the daylight hours … get them to Church on Sunday and see they rest for Monday - not offend religious persons :   She must have beer and good meats for all her workforce and dependants at Christmastide … ”   
 ( and she has musicians - and encourages singing while they work away … Greta Ransom and Len Immanuel RANSOM …= who have life from she too …  )
Dr John RAY Ransom USA citizen/from elder brother my father, Frederick John RANSOM :
“ … The descriptions of her, the drawings of she and they all muffled up in winter - her sleeves rolled up, she in heavy clothing as she also does manual jobs … show her accepting the role of LAST OF OUR LINE … Then she makes another CAREW marriage :

… She returns to our name RANSOM after the death of the second Carew - her son, her grandson take the name RANSOM and carry us on … We retain the names Frederick 1st son, John the second - twice only we have had to descend through the JOHN …”   (speaking, writing,  My Father FJR now senior compiler of the family records …GR)

Frederick John RANSOM b November 1911 - killed finally at Deptford March 1969 by the Imperial criminally insane of MASSIVE GREED :

Henry VIII had known Maggie a long time … knew her worth as a refined kindly educated woman,  daughter of the Noble Lady Japan,  did not forget knowing civilized happiness at Montrose - he wrote  `TRY ANOTHER CAREW - else I fear he will kill himself in 3 or 4 years … take him abroad as before … HIT VENICE again !  … … … `  

1930s the letters are with the Solicitors for the family of Old Fred Ransom & now they are to come to us from Margareth nee RANSOM his daughter, our  `GIRL OF THE SNOWS `   ( Aunt Mag is the WIDOW of TIGGY GROTE murdered Arran W.Hebrides 1904 by LINDSAY Premier Earls and other noble IMPERIAL  SCUM )   - we are to get them photographed, copied, and taken for safety to USA :  

DESTRUCTION of most VALUABLE HISTORIC RECORDS :    Autumn 1938 a car boot full of historic letters and Records were all burned beside the Thames by the Earl of Lindsay & Jimmy Jong and another thug … THIS criminally insane LINDSAY EARL No 12 stopped Augusta Frobisher and me Greta Ransom age 5 and a half taking our unique Family Records by boat to Norway where they were to be flown immediately to USA and a great Museum :

… He ordered JIM PIMP to set fire to them - I cried out  `Stop them Augusta …`   JIMMIE JONG hit me in the face and tossed me on the ground … THE FIRES WERE LIT … A Policeman called could do nothing … THIS WAS AN EARL … it was DEAD from madness and wickedness in 1939  :  `1937 SUMMER etc` and RANSOM Part I … … etc.


MAGGIE RANSOM  is like the North Pole Star in the RANSOM SEA TRADER ancestral SKIES  :  
16th-17th centuries she carries our line, that main line father to son coming from 77 AD when Redemptio = Ransom stepped ashore from his ship at Tower Hill  :   So far all who have examined this unique genealogy have agreed MAGGIE takes us forward … she stepped into the SEA BOOTS of her father, her  brothers :   She took up her own name after the murder of her 2nd good husband CAREW  :   

Margaret `Maggie` Ransom Carew Carew RANSOM lived at Montrose to be over 92 years old … her portrait of 1592 with her black hair, her upright carriage,  was on the wall 1939   :  

NB :     1939 =  VIOLENCE at MONTROSE FARM begins :

JIMMIE JONG PIMP 2 man Unit Intelligence back of Buckingham Palace … now calling himself Major Jim Carew/O`Carroll/James/or even MacMurray-Mac Murphy … & this-and-that  … may have burned this painting of MAGGIE …  or sold it after removing her name ?    He has `Queens flight` and takes stolen loot to USA from 1941 for quick cash sales - he helped himself to a `VASE-vause-vaeze` from Buckingham Palace 1941 :   he may have needed War Expenses ?  :   He has a 2-room apartment back of Buckingham Palace since 1921 - he often rents it out & can squat in other rooms …

16th  century - Margaret `Maggie`  RANSOM Carew Carew RANSOM  continues pages 53/54 to 60s … below a few of her SEA GOING ancestors … her roots …


4th-6th centuries ?  RANSOM mainline - some GREENLAND trade - bride of Iceland - a Scandinavian name but her Christian name is Rachel - records said she had very white skin and pale gold hair …
We have two Brides - from Leif Ericson and Eric the Red - about 3 digits out …  (Dr John RAY R. records - he has scholar friends into VINLANDIA records able to verify the original RANSOM records :  )   :
I have added this to `1937 SUMMER etc.` somewhere - and perhaps in RANSOM Part I … there can be more as I begin to turn through typescripts available :


“1400 … we went East (again), not much before … made marriages … suitable … not so high as before … ”   ( 1520s/1530s :   Diary F. RANSOM widower - 2nd marriage to  “ my lovely Lady of Japan …”   

Fuller histories : `Document in 3 Parts “1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND” /RANSOM Ancestry Part I
3 brides - MAINLINE Ransom & his brother :  1400s = Siberia/Mongolia/China (N. Korea now) … then Japan 1504 :  

I Greetah RANSOM have been aiding the restoration of the Work of my father Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911, he from age 12 a compiler of RANSOM genealogy 1920s/1960s (with professional help)  :  aided tremendously by RANSOM families worldwide who often had cupboards full of our histories because they too were SEA Traders from BC into AD times & into the 17th to 19th centuries  ( until steam & technology sailed in … )

OUR RANSOM BRIDES, BC to AD 20th centuries :  of 14 Races & 27 nations :  
We accept a little dowry of seashore lands & always keep in touch with our in-laws :    OUR CHINESE BRIDES :   they have taught us Philosophy :  Miss Mongolia is acceptable to ZHENG HE` when he comes aboard 2 hours - returning for 5 hours to talk …

We are granted permission to fly ZHENG HE` his private FLAG …
because we were not boring … but well informed in histories of the known world and systems, literature, music, and Miss Siberia Mrs Ransom and Miss Mongolia Mrs Ransom have taught us an extension of the mind called `philosophy` …
“ … we shall keep out of the way when he comes by with his gigantic ships … ”   “ … Every inch a man !   He came aboard again - stayed 5 hours - thank heavens our wives had taught us Philosophy - result is we are to Fly his Flag … and take messages of Trade as far as India … and we are allowed to deal for ourselves in a little PORCELAIN …  ”  (Diaries/letters/some at MONTROSE our 1500 Farm 2 miles from the Basin :


NB :  Margaret (Maggie) RANSOM (b c 1530) marries 1st Carew 2nd  Carew - returns to her own name RANSOM -
she direct descendant of the above RANSOM brothers who go EAST 1400 - has left the MONTROSE Farm and our lands in perfect order when she dies more than 92 years old = beginning of 17th century  …

1939 September = At MONTROSE a CRIME MOST HORRIBLE :   Upon our legally owned RANSOM FARM and lands  =  the PIMP Jim Jong now Major James/Carew/ etc - this-and-that rushes up to Montrose with British Army thugs - Len Immanuel Ransom, born October 1921   ( whose mother JEAN  “still dancing”  JIM JONG PIMP helped poison autumn 1938 )   is to marry his 4th cousin a Miss Weddell of the Argentine October 1939 in England   ( they have both lost their mothers, but have good fathers )  = they have been firm friends since children :  

1939 October :   After the marriage THEY WILL GO TO our RANSOM MONTROSE FARM, we all call once a year … many American RANSOMS came  too, before 2nd World War  :  the old Ransom couple are childless but like all of us to come visiting :    The American RANSOMS go sailing in the Basin = Ida, Ivy and boys … others come from 3, 4, 5, 6, generations back …
This sacred place is regarded as our roots, our heimat = where your heart is … the books are used by the scholarly … the paintings known …

1939 OCTOBER :   LENNIE & his bride had to be stopped visiting :   my young father received news of a disaster - THAT THE OLD RANSOM RELATIVES HAD GONE MISSING :    It is 1944 before he hears of the HIDEOUS MURDER by petrol and a fire pyre … done by JIMMIE JONG  for the CROWN …            

1939 SUMMER -  JIMMIE PIMP has a 2 man unit he calls `Intelligence`  back of Buckingham Palace - he held a 2 room apartment here from 1921 -  He is a dangerous chum since he is a child of LINDSAY-Lindsey Earls, and GLAMIS CASTLE Bowes Lyon families …


(  MEMO :  Violet nee Lindsay Lady Rutland ARTIST,  tells her friend Mary Helena Gordon October-November 1937  `a child that always worried you Jimmie - he made me uneasy at the tea-table from 11 years of age  (1909/10)  :  his mother and I are now waiting for the Document from the Magistrate & he can be put in the Asylum … we fear for the younger brother …`

1937 REPORTS :  CLACTON-on-SEA :  `1937 SUMMER :   see pages for 1937 November  SATURN MET A LADY =
… I `Greetha` Ransom collected from The Convent School of Saint Clare am present that late afternoon and evening :  & on the earlier visit October 1937 of VIOLET ARTIST … she puts me into school and then calls on my great-aunts the Misses Williams Bessie and Annie-artist :  they the daughters, as my grandmother Mary Gordon,  of  TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST - :  

 Violet ARTIST died December 1937 - it was said she had drugs-heroin in her evening handbag :    Mr JIM is still free :   The Document from the Magistrate authorizing his mother and she to LOCK HIM UP did not arrive in time … … …   Summer 1939 he is calling himself a British Army `Major`… left hand of his childhood chum ANGELA  :    they have several appearances and at Bulford Camp 1940/41 wintertide :  



1939 September :    with thugs in ARMY gear JIMMIE JONG  (now an Army Major of various names)   directed these `recruits for special duties` … And they helped him pour petrol into the innards of the old childless RANSOM couple  :   
This psychopath MANIAC is reported by several persons … ` All that SUMMER 1939 he JIM was piping that the old couple had committed TREASON  =  THEY WERE GOING TO WELCOME IN THE JAPANESE FLEET TO THE BASIN up at MONTROSE  …

MEMO :   He is a known filthy little LIAR 19teens and addicted to a dangerous narcotic grown by SCOTLAND NOBLES called DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND :    It is used by SCOTLAND NOBLES to give a feeling of MANIAC STRENGTH and DESIRE - especially for  MONEYS … etc … “ it hit’s the BRAIN in 2 seconds … ”  Reports from 2 worldwide known and respected Medical Institutions 1970 :  

1939 September :    Our RANSOM farm of 1500 AD standing in its own lands had JIM and Army gear thugs for 2 days :  they took away the old couple for a few hours … began emptying  the house - books/paintings/ then burned much of the contents of farm  - this included the clothes of the old RANSOM couple … they were brought back and made to lean over the front of one of the lorries  … petrol was used on them :
…  1944  :  a man with them in 1939 September, at the end of 2nd World War has dared question all this violence …
REPORT :   “ JIMMIE of the 1920s-1930s Racing scandals -  calling himself a MAJOR that Summer 1939  … took away from the isolated Farm house all paintings furniture books that he did not order burned … we saw that the building had Swastikas and Rising Suns done in chalks … JIM said it was the local people who objected to this family and their relatives … they had reported they feared JAPANESE and GERMAN SHIPS SAILING IN …”  

“  … … JIM said  -  it was known to the WAR OFFICE that these people RANSOM FAMILIES had big connections to Germany - and to THE JAPS  = Japan … the old couple were taken away for questioning - brought back & JIM said they had been found guilty of TREASON …

… he had orders to stop them getting any messages out to their GERMAN and JAPANESE Agents :  … …

THE TWO BODIES WERE BURNED … he used petrol on them first … poured it down his throat … put it with a funnel up her behind - while they were alive … … … …    Major JIMMIE excitedly described the planned SLAUGHTER of the LOCAL PEOPLE that these RANSOM families had been arranging ALL THAT SUMMER … all these JAPS were to come ashore … with swords …   The others with us, about 7 of us, were angry … scared …    they followed his orders … he was in British Army uniform … ”


   … …  JIM JONG enjoys committing these bestial crimes :  he has never had much money and now he is to have THE ISLAND OF ARRAN Western Hebrides as his PAYMENT for helping his friend ANGELA  ( in the Palace with a Crown )

   1953 The RANSOM ESTATE owns 98 acres of it - many copies the WILL are in possession of responsible persons abut the globe  :      JIM, now Sir/cur JAMES, Steward-barman of WHIT ES CLUB St James` preaches in this CLUB that this ESTATE is given to ANGELA by an OLD ESKIMO … Old ESKIMO NELL promised it to MAJESTY when she was a child … paid for her wedding 1923 … and let her draw MONEYS on the ESTATE anywhere about the world =

  Why he Mr JONG  had to travel with her 1920s=1930s  on dreary years of  `A PEACE MISSION ` to see she was not robbed by these fly-bitten nations of APES and ESKIMOS  ::::

Nota bene :    it is, of course, the usual JIM & IMPERIAL GANG lies … they have planned from 1920s to topple GROTE-RANSOM `ELDORADO`  and to share out between themselves =   to keep the top of the BRITISH CLASS PYRAMID rich =

… 1920s :   Some of the worst of Scotland Noble Tribes have got down to Westminster & WHITEHALL the Centre of British Government LORDS & SONS and CROWNS … … …  JIMMIE is also playing DOUBLE CROSS around the Earls and Lords LINDSAY-LINDSEY Tribes … … … they believe he is helping them get a half of this ESTATE … they will giver a HAND OUT of the ESTATE to chum Angela and her in-laws Scandinavia = THEY HAVE PLEDGED TO CLEAR THE CROWN DEBTS … pay the money lenders overseas … … …   

Nota bene :   ???  DID NOBLE BRITAIN LEARN ALL THIS CRIMINAL INSANITY FROM WATCHING GANGSTER MOVIES in Noble Private cinemas 1920s/1930s ? … they are known for passing their dope syringes down the row and swigging liquor = A BOTTLE IN EACH PAW as their custom was when OFF PIMPING DUTY  … … ???   

1940 … our Ransom Montrose Basin Farm closed for 2 years …  then   cunningly declared to be The British CROWN PROPERTY Crown Estate :
  (from an old Eskimo ?)   :   

1939 September REPORTS :   
 2 observers 1939 September in the long grass  :  
To them and their families for generations this hideous violence  was known to be a part of SCOTLAND LIFE when NOBLES want to take your lands … & nothing could be done to stop them :

LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM 1921 - killed 1981/2 E Coast Scotland
Flyer-musician-artist-illustrator & writer magazines - trained to run CANADA TRANSPORT RANSOM ESTATE -

… stolen from us by Earls of LINDSAY-Lindsey 1948 bragging it is for THE CROWN …from AN OLD ESKIMO  :  Dave Lindsey got CANADA TRANSPORT `in the RED twice 1950s … 1960 shouts he did not want it - Angela and his father made him take this position - he wanted to “ go round and round like Uncle Thomas …”  

REPORTS :    (1960s-1980 evidence collected)    Diary/tapes/ born 1921 Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM = also musician/artist/FLYER/illustrator/ writer and recorder of our family histories - he pays attention to our WEDDELL ancestry and that of SAN JULIAN INCA   :
… LIR   “ …  I want to walk certain places again … it will have to be alone as you are not allowed to come … and remember happier times … leave a record of our lives … I have been to the Argentine - but they are not there yet I have recorded them and our lives, I also draw them  :

1939 October :    
 A WEDDING between RANSOM and WEDDELL :   
 North Pole is again marrying the South Pole :

“ … In the autumn  (1939)  we were allowed to marry … we went afterwards to Colchester and into an INN we all liked … it was wonderful for us to be together again … our happiness overflowed … perhaps we all had a little more to drink than is our custom :   My brother, your father organised everything, but you were missing … not there ?   Of course, SHE  had stopped you coming :  

… Now I know that THEY were promising her half of all we had created … our family … the Estate … no one could imagine that they would attack the children - slay all the children in the HOMES   :  
And there was no JEAN … my brother Dr JOHN RAY had not met with us … not until 1941 = his father, our father here with us for our wedding, will be dead ` … Our brother John has been stopped knowing his mother and father since he was 17 years of age :   A watch was kept on him … I have the evidence now   :   

…  our wedding …  SHE was there  (= Teresa E. Gordon Mrs R.)   and she would not stop saying that we were too hasty - we should have waited a year to marry … in her opinion - in her opinion - in her opinion  … … …
I could not understand her un-generosity after our wedding - She said several times ` that we should have waited a year - we were too hasty in her opinion …`   She drank a lot :   I was glad when your father got rid of her early = he may have brought her many drinks himself … we were all so happy just to be together again … we wanted to talk about other times when we were happy abroad … all of us helping run the miracle Estate … seeing that everyone under the umbrella was happy … could have a worthwhile life …`  
… Len Immanuel RANSOM remembering October 1939  :  

NOTA BENE :   1939 October :      LEN and his Bride, two young people,  did not go to the RANSOM farm Montrose -  our elderly kind relatives had already died a most HORRENDOUS DEATH :   given to them by JIM JONG Major this-&-that, a psychopath :     JIM & LINDSAY-Lindsey maniac psychopaths are employed to get rid of RANSOM heirs and evidence of the Estate …  and by MOONLIGHT the Estate can be claimed as properties of the BRITISH NOBLE LORDS & CROWNS …
… JIMMIE JONG the 42 years old psychopath is half Chinese & that respectable family had to throw him out of CHINA for murdering a family member, and robberies & mad joke crimes before he was 21 years of age :   He is half British by an RN father, now dead, who took a minor Diplomatic duty at Port Arthur - met a rich Western educated Chinese girl …  
Born 1898/99_= `dirty JIM JONG PIMP` now a MAJOR British Army is in Buckingham Palace - serving his childhood chum  `ANGELA ` of Bowes Lyon Clan & Premier Earls G.B. and Scotland the LINDSAY-Lindseybuggarhs  :    
NB:    He has had a 2-room apartment at the back of Buckingham Palace since 1921 - he has access he yard and back door :   With others he/ they can also use the deserted Alexandra Palace :  
1939/1940 = He JIM JONG of an apartment Buckingham Palace Major James Carew/O`Carroll/ MacMurphy/ this-and-that  = had put by  `MOONLIGHT`  in The Whitehall WAR Records …
that `the RANSOM Montrose Farm couple suspected of plotting to aid JAPAN and GERMANY had gone missing :  all RANSOM family must be investigated, Britain, USA, elsewhere - and their other branches including WEDDELL Argentine and Britain etc  :  

… He insisted, by MOONLIGHT, that RANSOM were claiming lands the known lawful properties of the BRITISH CROWN =  CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ` blah blah blah blah blah blah`  only to be seen when situation considered necessary :
READER should grasp :     The British Government Lords & SONS and CROWNS … are muttering by `MOONLIGHT` that they are threatened by RANSOM families :    RANSOM families are known worldwide as the undisputed legal owners of worldwide ESTATE GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN built on RANSOM LANDS and funded by RANSOM `Joyous Venture` centuries old RESPECTED ESTATE  :

But the NOBLE BRITISH GOVERNMENT, its LORDS and SONS, believe in their right to PLUNDER = by MOONLIGHT - and have a SHARE OUT to KEEP top CLASS very RICH and BRUTAL … control world trade etc  :  
( from  20th century REPORTS etc. = assembled by human beings :  GR for her MARTYRS and  continuing  RANSOM families :   )  

READER can find the many Reports as I assembled them in my  Document in 3 parts `1937 SUMMER etc …`
Relevant short pieces are appearing on … since spring 2012 …
WORDPRESS is used for quick publication and generally for  assembling/editing/gathering pieces … MY SPACE earlier advised RANSOM families and scholars …  Twitter is used for reference pieces - FACEBOOK …  

This work a loving duty to all these  M A R T Y R S … so they be never forgot …
…  PUT BACK UPON EARTH …  live again in all their grace … THE martyrs MADE  =  SO THAT IMPERIAL BRITAIN COULD BE RICH …

We must try keep clear of the many monsters of the deep … …  … … …  KEEP SAILING  :

1939 on into 1970s …
History of Montrose farm & lands VIOLENCE :
1945 -  RANSOM FARM and LANDS :   Rented by Crown Estate to posh tenants until 1973/75 =  it was then pulled down, all landmarks obliterated … RANSOM property sold off fraudulently as with much else in GROSS BRITAIN from autumn 1937 into  the British Wartime 1940s …     :  

… c 1973 - the last posh tenant, he looks rather MORGUE FACE NEO NAZI,  had a lorry load of sand and gravel tipped over him in retaliation for the horrible painful murder of DR JOHN RAY Ransom spring-early summer 1969  :  it had been proved he received moneys for helping with this old style petrol murder of the British Scottish NOBLES  …

…  Who is JJR ? … he the 2nd son of Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM and Jean nee Weddell ballerina, born c 1917/1918, an American Citizen, 3 degrees Astrophysics/Animal Management/LAW 1960=1969 working for WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT  :    
1969 late spring-early summer this heir to RANSOM ESTATE is invited over the same doorstep of 1500 :    he was immediately grabbed by 4 men, petrol poured down is throat … pushed outside the door … he ran and ran … across his Family lands of 500 and more years :   

( b Scotland 1912 )   Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON  known as   “ Him  … the Royal Satrap & paedophile  … ” …
“ …  appeared and fired a gun at the head of Dr John RAY Ransom  :   Doc `Mengele` HARRINGTON shouting an obscene phrase relevant to this 1938-1954 GENOCIDE … ”   
… =  of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate of Philanthropy  …
THIS WAS SEEN :   1969 = Two witnesses working on the land were got off shore - one described a man running from another who had fired at him with a gun so that he had flames coming from his head :   they never properly recovered from witnessing this most barbaric murder :  

Of course it is a PURPLE MOONLIGHT matter of the British Lords & sons, the Government & Crowns :  All of them have been collecting rents and sales = no Income Tax to be paid =  from our RANSOM lands :    


Early 15th century CHINA  :   WE,  two RANSOM BROTHERS and families,  BECAME NICELY RICH ! … Stayed friends with ZHENG HE` …
could marry 1450 a daughter of HUE ARTAN a great man …
1480s are at BRUGES :    we are Sea Traders, financiers in shipping ways & manners, farming along our East Britain ancestral shores, and with artist friends to include a young man called JOOS van Cleve … and 1504 make a 2nd marriage with JAPAN to an older Royal line Okinawa :
…  her dowry 2 little islands at the end of the LUSAN CHAIN … ours into 1950s … agreement with civilized persons …  
“ … we visited Okinawa 1512 taking our two sons … received a Dowry … the marriage approved …   )  

1938 … My Pedagogue FJR my father is saying to Lennie and me our Saturday morning school  … `we must have been very slit eyed in those days … I mean slant eyed … I do seem to have it … and some of us in the families do … but you two are round eyed …        
        Greta Ransom - who has gathered up the above  - Margaret Maggie RANSOM Carew Carew RANSOM was a bright STAR in  the dark nights of my childhood …:
… Assembling the original records of our histories a few years ago was dramatic & painful very often - holding hands again with our MARTYRS … but our 16th-17th centuries MARGARET Maggie RANSOM survived by being a great HUMANIST … as her forebears …  

I intend the happy interesting history of MAGGIE RANSOM as the birthday gift to my only son Pete her descendant too :   P. R.R.W.  1970-1998 :   … but he had threats and insane mutterings, around him from just before his birth -  :   The stories I wrote 1980s  `ACE ACE and ACE` -  LIFE at The PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL  where the Whitehead children lived 1968=1993 tell of happy times = They had three pets all with the same name … it was seen by somebody in Oxford on a motorbike !  

So using their phrases, their daily lives, photos, these pets, Cat -mouse - fish,  I have recorded them when young within the history of the village and area, visits to Old Sarum and places :     3 of the stories are on … and beginning is the collected PHOTOGRAPHS and text by Pete, his friends and life, on this same site :

Little Peter = Pete,  heard of his ancestress Maggie Carew Ransom from cousin Julie Butler by the time he was 11 years - she admired Maggie :   Hopefully PETE did not come to hear the tragedies …  
      Greta RANSOM - GAUL -   August 21st   2012 AD