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1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges


28 January 2013 : 





 CHRISTMAS LETTER 2012 AD … The letter is here developed for adding to the MAIN Family & ancestry work on web sites :


Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England :   & mainly,  but not quite,  the  20th century … … …


References below are to some visitors & persons connected to this SEAS EDGES little history of our families,  colleagues & friends : 


ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE CLOTIS & their 2 sons Pierre & Vincent & GRETA RANSOM  -  CLACTON on-Sea : 


V A T I C A N & `Young Pacelli` a family friend :    20th century figures include General de GAULLE and families GORDON & POTTER, WILLIAMS, BUTLER Manchester & Murphy-Carroll-O`Brien of IRELAND :  


JOHN GORDON-the Martyr Marjorie CAMERON Wedding Morning Dawn 1891 a Scotland Gordon family Seat has some pages in `1937 SUMMER etc`


1932-1969 :  Important is (my father)  2nd World War Army Captain FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM genealogist & 1838 LEGAL  Administrator, 1946 with his two brothers Dr John RAY Ransom NASA/USA Washington State Department/ & young Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM Flyer/musician/artist-writer … 


1933 onwards the chosen heirs are Greta Ransom & co-sub heir Lennie Im. Ransom born 1921 … THIS IS OUR GREAT MIRACLE encircling the earth  THOMAS GROTE HOMES est. 1864  worldwide & the thousand years of The RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE`:    In the WILLS and legal Documents worldwide called  ESTATE IN 3 PARTS : 


The five daughters of TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST :


Some historical biography is on the colour code web site above `1937 SUMMER etc`  :   her three daughters Bessie Martha, Mary Helena, and Annie Agnes (Williams and Gordon) feature as family biography on site  … ANDRE MALRAUX calls them `my intellectual equals` 1937 to his death 1976 :    



References :    CLACTON-on-SEA - East Anglia & LIFEBOAT/our SCHOOLS/ 1942 JAN KARSKI on his 2nd World War MISSION/RANSOM & GORDON FAMILIES et al/ANDRE MALRAUX/General Charles de GAULLE/ Thomas Immanuel GROTE & RANSOM Philanthropy Estate A-Z independent nations encircling the world :



ESTHER nee GORDON Mrs Fred Potter

  born April 1913 to lives to June 2012 AD - Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER`& other records … 1947 January … ESTHER :


… I draw the attention of my READERS to my pages on young beautiful ESTHER & husband Uncle Fred POTTER giving ANDRE and GRETA the ENGAGEMENT LUNCH in January 1947 :  (above web site /2011 January Document in 3 parts a scaffolding for work following)  


…  I well remember these years as a delicate history of deaths & adjustments after the 2nd World War :    Our dead are Mary Helena Gordon 1944 mother of young ESTHER , and young JOSETTE CLOTIS 1944 Catholic wife of Georges-Andre Colonel Malraux   ( ANDRE & JOSETTE & GRETA & some Gordon family & many friends of that Clacton SUMMER 1937 )   : 



… because of the  GENOCIDE by the greedy & mad sailing under the BRITISH FLAG 2nd World War  :  


XMAS 2012 AD letter


WASH LANE CLACTON-on-Sea Residential Care Home and others at THE SEAS EDGES



Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and meaningful New Year 2012/2013

from the Pyrenees France


SIMPLE GIFTS enclosed - In memory of my youngest Auntie  :   ESTHER nee Gordon Mrs POTTER who was very happy with you by THE SEAS EDGES   but had to go to Heaven this last June 2012 - she had been looking forward to her 100th birthday with you all I would speak with her on the telephone and in letters her son Richard died last Christmas day and her health began to run down


I send some Continental chocolates  (cut in half to protect teeth)   in a 1930s style box :  some amongst you may remember that we used to keep the nice chocolate boxes for putting best silk stockings and handkerchiefs in or letters from friends 1920s/1930s onwards


Also a big good quality paper reproduction of a painting by her father George Ernest Gordon, born 1868 he began at 17 years in The Lancers without permission from his father who was angry but could not get him released :  1891 now married to Mary Helena Carroll Williams he joined the Mounted Police  He painted for pleasure - gave them to the family and friends for birthdays he paints sites he knew, & the tiny figures are people he knew. 


This one is called GOING TO CHURCH BY MOONLIGHT IN THE SNOW - it maybe countryside near Birmingham - his eldest son Arthur married Nellie MAXTED a farming family from that countryside - or it may be Epping Forest near to Woodford Green.  It was to be given to me when I married so `in my bottom drawer`   Georges-Andre Colonel MALRAUX writes me age 12 years a story 1945 from this painting he is on Grandpa`s big bike and coming down the hill in the snow he stops and talks with these figures coming to Church meets them next day and returns all his life from his work in France and about the world  


GEG father of ESTHER grew up in Greenwich where his father JFG of Edinburgh was Mine Host of the beautiful Trafalgar Tavern that great building on the Waterfront -   George went with his 5 brothers to the Doctor Bell Academy on the Heath on ponies - two sisters Edith & Alice had a Governess at home & disagreed with their Father - they wanted to go to school  - Their elder brother FHG had painting lessons from a fashionable Art Master but young George sat beside his brother watching how to paint ... George loved animals and nature.   (  Elder brother Henry Frederick Gordon has a mention in the 1st Detective Story 1920 THE CASK the family knew the author who worked for the Railways hence the superb use of timing of trains and cross channel connections to France after The Great War 1914-1920 - it is still a very good exciting read  nowadays .   


I am going to write on a little about life in Clacton-on-sea 1920s and into the 2nd World Wartime into the mid-20th century - it may be of interest and have more people record their lives - At your age, Residents of WASH LANE by the Seas Edges, you have experiences of value to pass on  


AUNTIE ESTHER Mary Miss GORDON (Mrs F. Potter)  was the last of 16 children - her parents lost 5 in 1904-1905 in a Scarletina outbreak in Highgate London To help get over the shock my Grandpa now in the Mounted Police painted evenings all the more and my Granny Mary Helena ( nee Murphy-Carroll- O`Brien Miss Williams ) was made to sing all the more in Catholic Church Choirs - A young man who lodged for free in a bed in hay in the Gordon loft at Highgate would smuggle her out (Police Force was not to know)  in evening frock to sing on London Music Hall stages in between acts & she was very good !  And it helped him & others get bookings if it was known `Darling Mary` would sing :   he was later known as Bud Flanagan  (Allen had not yet joined him)


  I heard from Bud in the 1940s that singing kept `darling Mary` and indeed all of them sane - he had known the dead children when he was grateful to get free lodging in the hay & he was given a job of getting the Gordon Family Breakfast and thus feeding himself well for the day - he always cooked big juicy sausages  !  The deaths of the children Elizabeth Gordon at 13 years already a fine pianist, Edward 8 a real boy and Anne a serious 9 years old - their deaths were followed by 2 others younger Mary Helena Miss Williams could no longer make fine fashionable hats as she had been taught to do in her 8 years training at MILLICENTS of Manchester - this included drawing & Art studies, the French language & conversation :  At 21 years of age she married at Manchester &  the present from her Firm was to pay for the wedding finery and she could make it - she designed `The Polka Dot Wedding` in white and cerise - she had her own hat label `Mary Helena Carroll` she may have hats on the Titanic ! 


The future mother of ESTHER was helped by good friends in her terrible bereavement and MADE to sing - coming from Ireland age 9 years she had already begun to sing in Catholic choirs.     


At this time, 1900s, the famous British singer MARY GARDEN rehearsed with English musicians in London - The future mother of ESTHER,  Mary Helena Gordon (born 1870 12/13 Sackville Street Dublin) studied and rehearsed the new style Opera PELLEAS & MELISANDE  ( Pell & Mell ! )   by Claude DEBUSSY and she was to sing it in Paris IF Mary Garden had caught an influenza epidemic .  PELL and MELL is the new movement in music to get away from the Myths & heroics of Richard Wagner and explore the feelings more delicately of human beings  


1930s-1940s in CLACTON, Deptford, the Continent, West Greenland, North & South America,  I grew up with music of past and present and future in the families on both sides music was everywhere in East Anglia and when we travelled abroad The Clacton Salvation Army Band played at weekend evenings under the town centre great TREE :   Esther`s father G.E. Gordon has a Booth blood line from Scotland - Miss Bramble Booth did not die until her 90s in the late 20th century.


1939 - 1940s the husband of ESTHER,  Frederick Potter away at War had his father Mr. R. POTTER owner of the Clacton GAZETTE , the printing works, and Secretary of the LIFEBOAT SOCIETY hurrying about Clacton town like a 20 years old  At over 70 years of age old Grand Daddy Potter was working 7 days a week all the 2nd World War   Our families and friends were happy that he no longer insisted on GOING OUT with the LIFEBOAT in Wartime night emergencies !!!


In the 1930s -1940s at Clacton schools Auntie Esther or her sister Miss Winifred Gordon, their brother Harry Gordon & their parents could come to our Christmas Plays and Entertainments.   My first school 1934 was the Old Road QUAKER SCHOOL, and the teacher 80 years old = I in my pram at first from 14 months of age.


  I was looked after in Class by two teenage girls whose parents had sung at the GLASTONBURY OPERA (called the Poor Mans Opera) of Rutland Boughton the composer  - which lasted until the late 1920s - famous singers came for free - I think Paul Robson sang here with Heddle Nash    


But being in the Clacton QUAKER School thus I spoke first in 17th-18th centuries Quaker-Nonconformist - The old Quaker Pastor had people come from London to hear him Speak and he wore a stove-pipe hat I remember . 


1952 November my accent is still noted a little when I went to work in COLCHESTER MUSEUMS age 19 years Mr Poulter Deputy Curator was very proud of it = and exhibited me to visiting Archaeologists  for them to hear something of the ancient East Anglia speech there were still a few others with this speech towards Harwich It is quite musical in a sense that it rises and falls and one almost drapes and drifts it about the air around you


Of course these early speakers from the Continent were having to learn a new language 16th-18th centuries English I had to make a little speech in the Argentine in 1936 but there was no difficulty understanding me in a nation with Welsh, Irish, Scottish immigrants I was to say thank you for a Train - the President and his family asked me what did I want for Christmas I did not say I wanted a TOY train I got a real one in green with my name on the side it did good mountain work but was worn out by 1960 but the nameplate was found !    )



1935-1936 I had 8 months travelling with the RANSOM-WEDDELL-FROBISHER families and being put daytime in Schools in nearly every South American nation including an INCA School as we have Roman Catholic relatives of Portugal-INCA of great learning . Then 1936 June back to CLACTON - and talk of another WAR definitely coming.    I now went to The Convent of Order of Poor St Clares on the CLACTON seafront end of Granville Road they were kindly jolly intelligent teacher nuns 1939 WAR in September - 1940 we to Salisbury Plains - Auntie ESTHER joining us for a few months to 1941  


WAR AGAIN - September 1939 onwards my young father FJR was very useful to the British Army as he had been in the British Army earlier 1928-1933 and spoke 12 languages very well INCLUDING JAPANESE and CHINESE he also knew enough of several more languages ` to get around `  :    ( my first months 1933 had me often in Colchester barracks in pram or crib  =  The Aunts Nellie nee Maxsted, Winifred and Esther Gordon called me  `daughter of the Regiment` )


 . my father 22 when I am born,  Frederick John RANSOM, is called by Auntie ESTHER     like a young fair haired Knight - beautiful manners, very clever and he seemed to know every part of the world - he had to travel a lot looking after property for his Greenland Aunt that she and her family RANSOM of Montrose Scotland had abroad - there was a film made about Russia and the Knights reminded me of him the properties were all devoted to PHILANTHROPY they all lived very sparingly no display of wealth    -


( N.B.    The 10th century Anglo-Saxon motto of the RANSOM family is   SATTEUS LAETUS   =  which translates from the Latin to   I AM SATISFIED WITH SUFFICIENT      They held homesteads from Roman Britain Londinium,  Dunwich Suffolk,  up to Norfolk, went SEA TRADING for centuries into the Mediterranean and farmed along the SEAS EDGES of East Anglia After the discovery of America they began to drift over there In 1400 our 2 Ransom brothers are in ASIA & have permission from Admiral ZHENG HE` to fly his personal Flag and `for Services in Trade may deal in a little porcelain ourselves `  4 Asian marriages are made our direct RANSOM line but we always hold coastal lands `heimat` along the East Coast of Britain  and come and go in safety the family has a flair for getting on with other human beings we do not fight in wars of religion or power yet sometimes `a Statement has to be made` :


I began issuing my father`s work with relatives   THE  RANSOM Ancestry and its HISTORIES     in 2011 for his CENTENARY - Parts 1 - 4 are now around the world again and well received    ( he FJR  was killed in 1969 and parts of his lifelong work destroyed =   I have received immense help from many nations to do this work of restoration :  )



1942 January - 2nd WORLD WAR :   Holland-on-Sea to WASH LANE Jaywich the seashores are with barbed wire - but there is a beach at Jaywich where the HOME GUARD can step on and walk the beaches to check for floating mines :   Open is a Town school and the headmaster the well known 1st World War Captain-Commodore Learoy -  Lewellyn Road - he a founder of the Cyril Sharpe House of Folk music - his famous child student is Ernest Dove who as a boy soprano made a record for HMV called `OH FOR THE WINGS OF A DOVE` (sold millions of records worldwide) 


Clacton and district Wartime Teachers were Dr Armstrong of Cambridge University who teaches us and several schools Geography combined with History - Young Dr Andrews BA Oxon in 1943 CRASHED HIS LANCASTER BOMBER and came to teach us Science combined with maths Another teacher is of the Art Workers Guild many others  come from retirement to help in the War effort.


1943 Aunt Esther comes into the school to help with the younger children one year Then there is the retired Dr and Mrs Read  ( both with degrees - a friend Baltimore wrote the `European History`  book we use ) We knit or sew some afternoons winter 1942/43 when without heating in school - but are given a good dinner cooked by the town Grannies and mothers - vegetables grown by the grandpas


Mrs Dr Read, in her 70s,  decides we wear our overcoats and pixie hats in class and while we knit or embroider she will read to us RICHARD II the play by Shakespeare she says  `It is a play about families and about this England our pleasant green land `


  Auntie ESTHER is a part of this wartime Clacton life from 1943 - women and big children are all helping with the men`s jobs while they are away at War  In school there are two children their father the 2nd cousin of the composer Humperdinck and in 1945 they and parents ( surnames names changed 1st World War to  1. Wagstaff used and name 2 used I cannot recall )   and friends organised a performance of Hansel and Gretel by their relative These two children would play lovely Medieval songs on flute and oboe for some Morning Assemblies afterwards each Class had 10 minutes discussing the morning newspapers and War and Home news    


1944 we all go up to the The PATHFIELDS School where the music teacher was young Mr SALT composer, graduate of Royal College of Music Armstrong comes dashing in to teach us geography-history - he teaches schools from Colchester/Clacton to Suffolk, Dovercourt/and Suffolk The Boys Oratory.  He knew Lawrence of Arabia a little.   Young Salt (a Pacifist RCMs)  said 1944 first term  the British Empire colours the world PINK in your atlases but we are going to go OUTSIDE the Empire to study music     


We got the history of the music of the globe in that year 1944 past-present-future He would play on the Piano RIDE of the VALKYRIE when the new Headmistress rode in on her bike mornings - she Miss Laura Laurence of Newnham College Cambridge was very stern and specialised in English and Drama :  knowing I was a from great sea families, and had as in-law Mr R. Potter of the LIFEBOAT she had me learn ANCIENT MARINER : I preferred ancient poets or 20th century ones !  


1945 October back I go to Convent of Poor Saint Clares next to the Clacton Seafront - they are the nicest and most enlightened and understanding of Nuns teaching us Our family call on Reverend Mother Benedict (Irish-Italian)   some mornings in her Convent Study there is a glass of good sherry offered to old ladies - it is sent via Portugal by the Vatican


( Perhaps it came in the wartime to Wash Lane The Jay-wick   which had a reputation for Smugglers in the 18th century ! A  `Packet boat` also came from France bringing letters and things   


The future mother of ESTHER and her families Murphy-Carroll-O`Brien Dublin and Southern Ireland had all known a young man they called ` young Pacelli `  since the 1900s -  and my Ransom family out of West Greenland and PERU knew the Popes since the great Humanist Pope Benedict of the mid-18th century


   Sometimes `young Pacelli` makes a telephone call to the Priests House round the corner to Mary Helena Gordon or her two sisters at `Stella Maris` 10 Granville Road. 


  Pacelli/ Pope Pius 12 1939  put his old friend from Rome to be Chief Priest when the new great CLACTON Catholic Church went up next the St Clares Convent 


Opened in 1929 it had parties come to view this beautiful church - 2 widow ladies gave 20 thousand pounds to build it in 1920 - it took another 9 thousand - they did not mind but simply said 

   We want something like we have seen in ROME        - Their families did not mind and let them go on spending   



So great curving expensive glass altar steps in blues gold and crystal clear were ordered from the famous Loire Valley FRANCE Glass works - the ceiling was the biggest wooden one built since Medieval times & was of a hard black Brazilian wood shipped in  - an ancient font was sent from Southern Italy   and Pacelli had the VAT (Vatican)  PAY entirely for a great new Pulpit with steps as a gift !  


It is not generally known that Pacelli/ later Pius 12 had a little school in Rome and moved it inside the VAT (Vatican) immediately he became Pope 1939 and protected a lot of children many Jewish - one girl stayed to 19 years she was so happy and began to teach the younger children   before joining her family in America ... 


1942,  the 2nd World wartime of HITLERa young Polish man came down by Train to Clacton -

I went to tea at Montfort Lodge the Priests House with Granny and a few other Town Elders - He spoke on his Mission - to reveal to the West the atrocities of Hitler who himself had now become so insane & powerful and was shaping THUGS with his speeches ...   


This was brave young JAN KARSKI   (there is a Video-DVD by him made at the end of the 20th century films and books made before this on his life are not accurate - He taught Political Science in a USA University after the War and kept out of the limelight But in his 80s he decided he would speak ON CAMERA note the gestures of his hands - this is what I remembered about him in 1942 at Clacton -on-Sea  )  


1941/42 he had just escaped across Europe from Poland & was now talking to top Government figures, including President Roosevelt,  trying to make the WEST recognise a Holocaust was going on and if Hitler won the War Britain would get this bestial brutality system too !!!    : 


1942 we had a Benediction Service after tea -  JAN KARSKI so amazed at the beauty of the Clacton Church of Our Lady   ` inside like something in ancient Rome`   But his immediate Mission was to talk with Mary Gordon  ( the mother of ESTHER  - and brothers Arthur & Harry (Alfred Richard was in Australia and sister Miss Winifred ATS )


She,  my Grandmother Mary Helena Gordon promised young JAN KARSKI she would write immediately to her Southern Irish cousins  (who knew Pacelli from the 19OOs)   and ask them to go over to Rome quickly and try talk with `young Pacelli` now Pope  and see if anything could be done about the persecution of Jews She told young Mr KARSKI that he  should    TRY and TALK DIRECTLY TO PACELLI himself     - He now Pope since 1939 `   :    But skulduggery was going on in some circles of the WEST -  And it was certainly not the new Pope Pius 12 who was sympathetic to the maniac Hitler :  




1949 age 16 years old I went to Colchester Arts & Crafts & Technical College North Hill  ,,, & soon asked if there would be a job in Colchester Museums when I had finished my 2 years Course :

In the Colchester Castle 1950 I met the great humanist Deputy Curator Harold Walter POULTER he told me my name RANSOM was a famous East Anglia name  


1950s (Auntie ESTHER Potter now had 3 children Richard 1939, Jennifer 1941, and Kathryn 1950 )  The 2 years Course at Colchester College North Hill was to have us students as right hand to the Boss when we found employment - we would be young women able to travel abroad on National & Government business - During the Course we were taken to The Houses of Parliament, and Fleet Street to chat with the newspaper Editors - it was hoped to extend the Course to 3 years this did not happen because of the TORY Government getting in 


Nota bene :   too much education for females was frowned upon in the 20th century by the titled and upper classes of Scotland & England :     NNB:  Europe & Britain were arguing this one in the 13th-14th century a reason given for NOT having the BIBLE in vernacular languages  


1949 October  Aunt ESTHER and friends insisted I must have grown up clothes to go to the Colchester College - Professor & Mrs WINNCLEMANN (Murrays Chemist near the Catholic Church)  & his wife made a generous contribution and my Guardian from 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX :    so I was taken shopping to London for young clothes - I remember a blue swirling wool frock and a lavender raincoat - but sometimes we still clung to our school girl clothes & our jumpers and  homemade very full skirts on a waistband  - it was easier than looking after smart clothes all the time : 


  The Course as well as teaching us Political History, Social Graces of the Business and Government world , setting out printing layouts for publications,  world political and economic history,  thankfully taught us TOUCH TYPING  (and shorthand)  


( THUS YOU GET THIS LONG LETTER  !     I, like the Potter families,  had families steeped in SEAS history -


 THUS in 1951 I went nervously to ask the old much travelled scholarly Mr Poulter Deputy Curator if I could be employed in the COLCHESTER & Essex MUSEUMS which studied ROMAN BRITAIN and the ROMAN REPUBLIC THEN EMPIRE - 


 I became `our girl of CAMULODUNUM COLONIA VICTRICENSIS` = Colchester.   Also playfully addressed as   `British Maid of all Roman Britain work`    and looked up references to the Ancient Iron Age =  ( see a Play by Shakespeare called CYMBELINE )   and Roman Britain, found things, raced about the Castle in my swirling skirts and wrote letters for the Curators that they sketched out - and even allowed draft some things for the VICTORIA COUNTY HISTORY of ESSEX in preparation : 


  At Colchester we studied The Iron Age and 1st and 2nd centuries Roman Britain - I was Keeper of the Keys and dashed about the great Castle fetching things for visiting scholars - manned the book stall, typed, sorted ancient coins, Iron Age to Roman BRITAIN to Medieval pottery shards and was allowed to stick simple pots together as a treat.   Sometimes took a Party of Tourists to tour the Castle in busy Summertime if Mr Chapman our Chief Guide was overwhelmed by Visitors  he had been in ENSA somewhat in the War and could tell a good tale of Castle & Colchester Roman Britain histories exciting to new visitors 


   Great names in archaeology came in,  and winter months Graham Greene novelist scribbled in nooks and crannies - nobody recognizing him - the Castle was unheated and mist hung in the Great  Hall in winter - the 5 Guides and I loved it like that - they all retired Army men - we had sources of heating from one electric fire or paraffin stoves THE CASTLE HAD GREAT ATMOSPHERE friendly ghosts were everywhere and 2,000 years of TIME was in our control = our work having us move about the centuries -     


but I NEVER learned to draw and paint like Grandpa George Ernest GORDON born 1868 the father of Auntie ESTHER she was 19 when I was born & could remember when her father in 1930 did an enormous painting to cover the east wall of the tiny sitting room at `Crail`  the last house of her parents in the  Skelmersdale Road, Clacton


This big painting was of a nice happy cow looking over a farm gate with trees and green grass and a big rising sun :    to me this small home always felt an enormous place because of this painting and other paintings of Grandpa :   Clacton Sunday mornings after church 1930s there would be coffee and sherry with friends who had fought in the Great War (1st World War) and mention of  victims of the TITANIC disaster 1912 - a few names were mentioned of people known to them who had died on the great ship  everyone crossed themselves in memory




Teresa Murphy Carroll CLASSICIST is the GRANDMOTHER of ESTHER MARY nee GORDON Mrs Frederick POTTER son of the Secretary of the CLACTON LIFEBOAT & the Society :


WWW INTERNET : & other sites - I have put photos of some of the paintings by the father of ESTHER & family histories - including biography of the grandmother of ESTHER the mother of her mother Mary Helena:   TMCW  died from an influenza epidemic Manchester 1879 =


Teresa Murphy Carroll CLASSICIST - studied Plato and Harmony  - by her marriage she had 5 daughters JULIA- Mary/TERESA- ?/ELIZABETH- MARTHA/MARY- HELENA/ANNIE- AGNES and a son JOHN  = died Central America 1887 - he wrote wonderful letters to Annie his youngest sister - snips read 1943/1944 to Greta Ransom her great-niece   -


TMC married John O`Brien Williams Superior Silversmith of Dublin and Wales he the son of ANNE O`BRIEN who became `a little White Nun` after the death of her husband :   she came out of Convent retirement to take care of her grand-daughters in Manchester after the death of her daughter-in-law 1879 Teresa CLASSICIST but died c 1882/83 :   The Welsh family of her husband were visited by her son and children he dies 1890 Annie Agnes and Bessie Martha kept up visits into the 1940s :  


Because TMC had her mother die at her birth 1838/39 her education was supervised by the families =


  :  she a former Miss Teresa Murphy who had just married into Carroll Family farmers - raised good horses = a Carroll branch had a Castle in Olden times

& there were Letters in Hakluyt Society Archives  = Murphy were Superior Blacksmiths and SHIPPING AGENTS         :   


  her Murphy family took the young Teresa M. Carroll on their shipping lines about the world she saw great Cities in Ruins and that shaped her education THE GREEK and ROMAN Classical worlds were seen in her childhood -


However 1870s she could not get even part-time employment in the new Manchester and Liverpool Universities because she was a married woman !   The Murphy families mid 1870s begged she and family return to Dublin  - but she had bought an old Manchester Merchant House they all adored and were restoring  - she felt that WOMEN had to be admitted to the University Teaching posts before long : 


   The two unmarried daughters of the dead Teresa CLASSICIST,  the Misses Williams retired to 10 Granville Road Clacton in 1923 and did not die until 1960 & 1970 in their 90s


 In the 1890s Bessie Martha ran with friends a MISSION at Walton Liverpool :    At 17 years old Annie Agnes began as an Artist working in stone, trained in marble by Professor Manzoni of the Granville Marble Works Liverpool also Professor of Anatomy Liverpool University   she worked also in terracotta & ceramics when she joins MANZONI to assist at the Della Robbia Works, Birkenhead, of Harold Rathbone   =  his sister marries Rowland Edward Whitehead c 1897 - see RANSOM/Whitehead/RATHBONE pedigrees =


My great-aunt Miss Annie Agnes Williams does well in watercolour and oils too But while Annie Agnes is a child her elder sister Bessie Martha Williams began a Poor Seamens REFUGE and Educational and Relief Centre for the poor - a MISSION at Walton Liverpool with help from some local families who had to keep their contribution to Welfare hidden  -


At that time, mid & late 19th century many people were made aware of horrendous Social conditions in Great Britain A very popular mid 19th century investigative novel called  `NORTH SOUTH`  by Mrs Gaskell became well known - and similar writings & projects appeared and featured in newspapers :   Bessie Martha helped by young Annie and their young friends gained much support one autumn they had help from Farmers to bring them free straw to stuff mattresses for the very poor crammed into cellars in foul winter weather - a factory gave free the mattress fabric `ticking`  :  yet good people must go quietly about this work and not arouse the well-to-doo classes of the unenlightened    


1930s - 1940s - 1950s   At CLACTON by THE SEAS EDGES these Aunts to ESTHER, my great-aunts, were very important to us Aunt Annie would read a passage of the Bible each day and a passage from the Ancient Roman philosopher-scientist-poet LUCRETIUS `On Nature`  


Annie Agnes artist sculptor would also read with gusto those INGOLDSBY LEGENDS of the early 19th century by the Reverend country gentleman with such a sense of humour about history and its MORALS  - These daughters of TERESA CARROLL CLASSIST Mrs John Williams,  had terrific regular correspondence with their Irish families - who came to call when I was a child Both Murphy Shipping and Uncle Sir John Edmond O`Brien lost sons in the 2nd World War fighting with Britain :


Young ANDRE MALRAUX 1937 came to Clacton for 6 weeks of Summer, & full of emotion to step upon the 9th to 19th century lands of a British line from his mother Bertha/Berthe, she not long dead


And he met Mary Helena Gordon and found,  he says and write,  `an intellectual equal`  and she could tell him much about human nature and Irish freedom matters, Empires, and good people and very bad people.   He had come from blood soaked SPAIN 1936 heading `Air Power` somewhat, as much as was possible,  in its Civil War  


BUT 1937 Summer,  ANDRE MALRAUX the young MAN of LETTERS  was not to know that my father and Ransom family could not greet him but had to dash to SPAIN that morning of his arrival Josette Clotis a young lady,  by separate transport,  came 2 hours later


Reason for RANSOM families disappearance was to help a young relative at the Spanish coast who was being threatened by a Scotland gang called Premier Earls of Gross Britain THE LINDSAYBUGGARHS   :   to use the Scotland and British Police name for them they always claiming to be impoverished Nobles THUS claiming every hairpin of families and their in-laws out to 9th or12 digits -  & CULLING so easily :



  THUS the reason for my being INSTRUCTED by our friend and Hostess in Clacton not to speak upon our Aunt Margareth nee Ransom Mrs Grote having little planes everywhere about the world is that perhaps young Andre Malraux may dash back to the Continent and try get some of our planes   & start up the WAR in SPAIN again  


( BUT WE DO NOT FIGHT but try discuss :   the hundreds of little planes around the world are for the HOMES established 1864 twice round the globe A-Z,  educating orphans to 18 or 22 years in many languages and all civilized subjects (sciences/ agriculture/technology/all religions/arts/music/and 3 to 4 languages or more they are already establishing and raising many very civilized standards needed by their nations who are OUTSIDE the British Empire  ) 


  1937 the BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS and Scotland NOBLES and newcomers in Palaces and Marble Halls disagree violently with peaceful EDUCATION outside the BRITISH EMPIRE for nations A-Z it is said by them that this policy of higher education for the globe will interfere with BRITISH TRADE & its profits   


Of course, this young MALRAUX, MAN of LETTERS, of a passionate belief in civilized behaviour to ALL HUMAN BEINGS could try begin to lengthen the Spanish Civil War if he felt his CAUSE JUST & could learn of our many many planes & even go and HELP HIMSELF ?  : WE DO NOT FIGHT but sometimes a STATEMENT has to be MADE  -  Young Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX, very impassioned about Human Rights as the young can be, had to be told NOTHING of why the RANSOM families were not able to meet him  


CLACTON-on-SEA 1937 that SUMMER :  

My grandmother Mary Helena Gordon & her friends in the Vatican had no idea from that summer 1937 to her early death June 1944 that he did not know of the worldwide Estate and that Greetha was the heir to Aunt Margaret Grote and in training Poles Nord to Sud 1935/1936 for 8 full months !!!    However he had spent most of the 1920s in ASIA and had written some best selling books these showed his quality of mind and that he was a GOOD & very kindly human being who wished to help a troubled world :  


Young Harry Gordon brother of ESTHER was told to keep quiet about lots and lots of little planes on the Continent - & KEEP ME QUIET TOO for I am to live with ANDRE MALRAUX and JOSETTE CLOTIS a very nice sensible young lady   in the house by Marine Parade Clacton that summer 6 weeks :   This is the house of the grandpa of Unity age 10 years who will be staying in Paris with her father and friends her mother our family friend will be our Hostess in the house on the corner


.   with a garden full of things we can eat …” 

and which young ANDRE will be happy gathering for our picnics and our high teas and suppers as we are mostly self-catering I have recorded from he and the diary of my young Uncle Len Immanuel Ransom that ANDRE said    ` and there will be no money for riotous living `  = Well, English is not his first tongue at that time 1937


So we have nice wholesome food suppers   before we all go dancing at the Blue Lagoon on the Pier and many other evening events the happiest holiday of our lives it is agree in 1970 often rising at earliest dawn then dancing to midnight = but needing some days to `crash out` in the mid afternoon before we have a real pot of tea and cakes   :    


1937 SUMMER :   Young Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX unwound in this little SEAS EDGES town of Clacton and took afternoon and early evening talks with Mary Helena Gordon , sadly just widowed   and many people he met in all walks of life helped him over a crises caused by the bloody war of Spain 


But a few of the people he meets are told to keep quiet about RANSOM absence and the Philanthropy Estate having airplanes around the globe !  or they too say he will dash for SPAIN & continue the WAR   If he could get hold of 20 or 30 or more of our Estate airplanes who knows what would have happened

certainly more loss of life on either side    ( Our Ransom-Grote planes are all kept in very good condition and used to maintain the Philanthropy Estate of Grote Homes and RANSOM and families )    (this happy 1937 Summer is being translated into French by a Welsh English-Spanish French friend )


1937 SUMMER I would go with `Georges/Andre` in the dawns  ( ROSE FINGERED DAWN of the Greek poem HOMER, my father young Fred and many others in the families are my teachers to collect the newspapers still HOT come down by London trains then to the seafront we hurry a tea wagon is  by the Bandstand and War Memorial We like to see come over the seascape horizon the apt named Rosy Fingered Dawn the child of early morning - described by that Greek poet HOMER well over 2,000 years ago  


There were often already early Holiday Risers propped along the sea walls with newspapers the talk was serious at first about another COMING WAR Serious because the GREAT WAR had only ended in 1919 - 18 years ago here were men and women who had experienced the horror of the savage lst World War :  and the sinking of the TITANIC  - felt by many to be An ACT of GOD, a warning about greed   


So ANDRE MALRAUX this young Frenchman of Letters was with us that CLACTON 1937 Summer and in September I allowed for 5 days accompany he and  A YOUNG LADY Miss Josette Clotis to tour the ancient lands of his mother The young lady is  heartily approved of by the Clacton town and outlying district - as his future bride it is hoped   :   


1937 September :   And thus beginning in LINCOLN Cathedral we set off each morning by taxi or bus or rail and stepped upon his Ancestral lands all the way from Castle Rising to Saxmundham he with books and Records & 19th century photographs -


a lot of his ancestral farm sites had disappeared in Norfolk and Suffolk in many centuries of coastal erosion but he carefully trod his way by tufts of grass to the seas edges where an early family homestead had been and places to draw a ship in for winter months November to March  


  ( I without meaning to gave some Ransom histories away but he thought I listened to Story Books & slept at night with my door open hearing the grown-ups in things I did no understand JO the young lady noted my information in her exercise book for she wrote stories and had them published in France.   After the 2nd World War Andre and Josette had a Catholic marriage granted by the Vatican = she was killed in 1944 falling on a railway line in France - leaving two sons 4 years and a few months old he away in the War :


1945 May and the real end of the 2nd World War there arrives THE WIDOWER Colonel Andre Malraux to Clacton-on-Sea by the SEAS EDGES


He, that 1937 Summer Georges-Andre Malraux  `A MAN of LETTERS` came to find solace and common sense as he had found in this little seashore town that happy SUMMER 1937 - His old Continental friends Professor Robert WINNCLEMANN and his Shropshire wife had retired here 1943/1944   but Mary Gordon was dead last year, June 1944.   He was grieved ... And said `your grandmother Greetah was still a young woman` he spoke more to Auntie ESTHER to her sister Miss Winifred Gordon he had met their sister Teresa  (my mother in 1933)   in December 1924 at Deauville and Paris


He became part of our lives for the next three years arriving from FRANCE to the AMERICAN Air Base at Ipswich  


1945 Summer = Georges Colonel Andre MALRAUX came to know the spinster sisters of the dead Mary Gordon very well and together they found immense intellectual common sense.    Annie born 1882 instructed him to


   `remember the dead and be HAPPY that they had lived - it was best to remember the happiness they gave while they lived - Do not forget them but keep the good messages from their lives in your memory `   

Annie Agnes born 1880 with her waist length black-blue Irish hair, her periwinkle blue eyes, her clothes from the 1900s of ankle length full skirts, neat blouses & a pretty bonnet of dark green straw with bramble leaves & flowers (blackberries) her fine sense of design & knowledge of the Arts especially that of the last century  & the English movement from the Arts & Crafts And her reading of LUCRETIUS and the BIBLE  every morning or nightfall if she is not too exhausted for both  She likes to sleep after reading some words of LUCRETIUS `De Rerum Natura` 


1945 July ANNIE AGNES Miss Williams born 1880 Roman Catholic artist she took him to Highgate to see the graves of the 5 children her sister Mary and husband George Gordon had lost 1904-1906 and showed him photos and spoke on visits and picnics and gatherings at Christmas and what they had been like, and what they might achieve had they not gone to Heaven early to all their relatives on all lines




1945 JUNE :    That Summer from JUNE 1945 we the choir at the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH were rehearsing with him Colonel MALRAUX, Andre, Georges,  the great 1610 MASS of Monteverdi : 


  Mrs Taylor the Choir Mistress  (understudied Milan Opera etc) said   THIS WILL PULL HIM THROUGH STOP HIM JUMPING ON A RAILWAY LINE WE HAVE TO GET HIM THROUGH THIS FIRST YEAR Greetah was with them before the WAR when  they came for the Summer after the SPANISH matters she can hold his hand and take tea at the WINNKLEMANNS he has known them before the War on the Continent   ` 




1945 June CLACTON-on-Sea :  


Malraux says 1970   my Aunts, my intellectual equals to their deaths     1960-1970 ... 

The Misses Bessie Martha & sister Annie Agnes Williams - Catholic Mission & Welfare & Artist - MANCHESTER & LIVERPOOL : 





CLACTON-on-SEA at Stella MARIS Granville Road - AT THE SEAS EDGES       


     My great-aunts, aunts of ESTHER youngest daughter of Mary Helena 1870-June 1944 & George Ernest Gordon 1868-March 1937 gave him a Supper in June 1945 - they and he   &  a Priest & 2 of their close friends joining for the desert    ( I call it the Sea Mists Supper as that early evening the sea mists came into the town and the roads and I walked past `Stella Maris` Granville Road where

 the supper was beginning and the white damp mist was about my knees as if all the good souls of the families had come to join the supper and bring good counselling to him   )  


And after this supper, and having him sing with our Church Choir the FULL 1610 MASS of Claudio Monteverdi in July 1945 he could stand his full height again and lead his dead with him into life ahead :   


As Andre Malraux he will make a career 1945/1946 onwards helping General de Gaulle 1959 he will become a Minister of France yet after 1960/1961 begin to understand and say  `IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN OTHERWISE it should have been otherwise `   


1937 SUMMER :    Georges-Andre MALRAUX loved Clacton town and the villages and small towns about Essex and Suffolk he says so often  `that here he found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT `  


He refers to Mary Helena nee Murphy-Carroll-O-Brien WILLIAMS (Mrs George Ernest Gordon)  the mother of ESTHER,  and her two sisters Bessie Martha & Annie Agnes,  as   my intellectual equals    :  


  He is describing the daughters of Teresa Carroll CLASSICIST in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s to much younger generations ... He addresses my elder great aunt as `Aunt Bessie`  she comes up to London to an old Roman Catholic friends tea-party once a fortnight in the 1950s and Andre Malraux accompanies her to the Oblate Saint Charles for retired bishops and priests - it is just round the corner from his London home and Mission No 50 Lancaster Gate Square  



1930s and after vital British Wartime work, 1945-1970s Auntie ESTHER `Estelle`  has her young brother Harry Gordon of Thorpe-le-Soken  become the most skilled car mechanic in Essex and Suffolk    It is Uncle Harry who says in late autumn 1937 October    Andre I drove them all out to Dedham and Wivenhoe House to see paintings Wivenhoe gave me the key Andre been out East and in Spain   he writes books that men like     :


  1937 all Summer, young Esther is busy with her coming wedding arrangements in London & continues working at her training with a Buyer of Selfridges - he and his wife Jewish had no children and came to be friends & gave lovely Wedding presents - they chose her to work for them because of her name ESTHER  :


1937 Summer Miss Winifred Gordon born 1910  suffering a broken engagement & was recovering with her several Manchester Cousins at Saint Anne`s Beach that summer    THUS it is 1945 when ATS Miss WIN GORDON and ESTHER Mrs Fred POTTER (with small children Richard b1939 & Jennifer b 1941)  meet the solemn WIDOWER Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX in May 1945 introduced by brother Harry Gordon & Professor and Mrs WINNCLEMANN & the Catholic Church : 


  He had hoped to speak again with Mary Helena =  he found her dead June 1944 but quickly was introduced to her two sisters Bessie & Annie  TWO most strong but delicate minded great human beings :    


Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX was always known to the families and older friends in Clacton as  `Andre dear` His mother having a blood-line from the HISTON family of Castle Rising 9th century AD !     His ancestors were in these early centuries pre-1066 & William the Conqueror, fishing in The Wash the richest fishing grounds of Medieval Europe - & they had some trading across the Channel & round into the Mediterranean perhaps as RANSOM families :   Our ancestors lived & farmed where they could pull a ship in for winter times along the East Anglia coast or along rivers :    A way of life typical of Fisher-Trader families in Anglo-Saxon England in those centuries - the women in the families were quite able to take care of the land & crop growing when men were away  -


By the time of 1066 the Norman Conquest of Britain his ancestors on his mother`s side are moving along the coast to Kings Lynn  = and arriving 19th century to SAXMUNDHAM Suffolk - his mother held a little house as her Dowry until the commencement of the 1st world War = we went to see it twice, 1937 and 1945 = it was pulled down early 1950s by unpleasant persons of France & Scotland :      HISTON FAMILY :   There were descendants of the 9th century Family HISTON living in the Colchester area in 1953/1954  


Georges-Andre Malraux made a lot of friends in Essex from 1937 until his death 1976 and the Newspapers respected his privacy - At the end of the 2nd World War it helped that Old Grand Daddy POTTER owner of Clacton Gazette did threaten to dump the Reporters of Colchester and Ipswich newspapers in the SEA from the Clacton LIFEBOAT if they dared mention that `Georges-Andrew` was over for the week -   Andre occasionally played cricket with local teams  - In the summer 1945 I remember our Marine Parade Greengrocer, opposite Bailey the Chemist, calling out  `ANDRE-W-W-Wwww `  at one Match on the Clacton Recreation Ground pitch and daring anyone to yell `ANDRE` as the ball was thrown  !


1945-1947 Colonel Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX also taught us in some school lessons from June 1945 - At the St Clare Convent School October 1945-1946 I don`t think anyone learned much French  - he looked too hero film star in those years      ( his books are all available in print as paperbacks he publishes mature work from age 26 years in 1927 :   He is a very young man learning about the world he is born into and always wanting to improve life for others He visited us in autumn 1976 before his death November 24th     )   


In 1937 Summer his first visit to CLACTON he looked often about 17 years of age and I appointed myself his Mother on discovering she was dead


  and corrected his `quick fire` speech He had been too long in Revolutions perhaps :     Josette the YOUNG LADY said after 2 weeks enjoying sand and sea and Pier and the villages around    SHE DID NOT RECOGNISE HIM IN THE DAYLIGHT …”    She is meaning  ` now he had been brought to heel by Greetah-Greta she kept a day diary and might use ideas for her stories


  She recorded that he would stand Greta on a table or the mantle-piece and say sternly `SAY IT AGAIN IF YOU DARE`   and I would reply `you are making your Guardian Angel sit in the corner of your Soul and cry ...`  ( I GR like to think I improved his manners so that he could go into the sitting room of Mrs General de Gaulle and hold her knitting skeins for her to roll into balls of wool for her knitting Josette clearly felt he had got a big rough being in so many trouble spots   


1937 October :   He accepted to be my Guardian after Granny Mary Gordon had requests from eminent persons who had read his books = found his heart in the right place :


  it had to be agreed with the Ransom families and Trustees overseas and courtesy the VATICAN MAN of LETTERS FRENCH as my GUARDIAN until I am 25 years of age & this included my sub-co heir Lennie Immanuel RANSOM FLYER-artist-musician,  born 1921 Argentine my youngest Uncle but the British Government & Crown & its Lords & sons & Scottish monster Earls quickly arranged the stealing of his POST from USA & Argentina, Vatican & Asia They had the criminally insane helping them in Britain America Italy and France (this can be followed in Document in 3 Parts called 1937 SUMMER & relevant shorter pieces of what is world history especially of the 20th century & the matter of Empires falling & the coin-less

( several Web sites - & www etc  ) 


1937 SUMMER :    The RANSOM family did not return from SPAIN until November 1937 and had terrible news of inhuman behaviour against our young cousin Georges-Andre and JO had left by then and gone to France and later to the USA to lecture We had been told by them that they would return to us and the town for Easter 1938 this did not happen because of WAR clouds then the 2nd World WAR


1930s CLACTON and the whole world abroad where we went to take care of our Family Philanthropy :   I was aware that about me these were all very good human beings doing their best to help have peace upon earth   but a coming War brought mayhem and inhuman greed          



 ( Nota bene :   our Irish Murphy Family are not Tinkers - see their present day INTERNET Adverts of MURPHY SHIPPING - I have thanked them again for my 21st birthday Present in March 1954 I had lost touch with them since the 1960s when Aunt Terry Butler and cousin Brian Murphy orphan suddenly died  )




Family photographs and drawings I have used in my work  ` histories through families`   is mainly on but some are on the colour code web site 


( I mostly use my maiden name for writing and web sites  :    GRETA RANSOM :   my father is Frederick John RANSOM of the main line families Ransom-Frobisher-Weddell of TALL SHIPS 19th/20th centuries an English little home we have is called  `Jerusalem`  Little Park Road,  DEPTFORD, London    )


I am hoping this long letter will get you ALL writing your family histories and leaving your good common sense and experience to guide the world and future generations :   Tape recorders and CD can also be used to record your histories and this can be transferred to the Wireless Computers :  


I shall put this letter for XMAS 2012 AD on web sites :   JIMDO  TWITTER etc Mention of CLACTON will then have it put on the town web site & other sites of world histories will pick up the names of the families given here & thus it is noted by for future work The Gordon and Potter (Admiral Potter who broke his back age 29 years and got a pension from RN in the 18th century is an ancestor) 


If only this internet technology had existed 70 years ago - it might have stopped the 2nd World War


CLACTON-on-Sea , WASH LANE has featured in centuries of CLACTON History =  CLACTUNA of the Norman-French Little DOOMSDAY Book histories.  Here at Wash Lane, Jay-Wick Sands, the fishermen for centuries pulled up their ships and boats in wintertime


  Fishing stopped in November to March since pre-Iron Age Britain and Roman Britain and all our Anglo-Saxon centuries :   some smuggling goes on at Wash Lane in 17th-18th centuries - ` brandy, laces,  letters for a spy and `watch the wall my darling as the gentlemen go by` the poem by Rudyard Kipling tells of all these matters


HAPPY CHRISTMAS 2012 AD and many more ...


  From a niece of ESTHER Mary nee Gordon, Mrs Fred Potter she born April 1913 - dies June 1912 AD by the SEAS EDGES, Clacton-on-Sea     


        `Greetah`  =  Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen  Caecelia  RANSOM


( my 3rd Christening November 1933 is on Jacopsholmen Island off Xristensharb our shopping  town  WEST GREENLAND )           





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Born Deptford 1911 - killed 1969




1972 … “ your father his masterpiece … remember … He would write it now and then … THEY, Dave Lindsey & Gang swear to burn it - they are searching Libraries the world … and Virginia … they have full co-operation from the British `Screw` …”


 ( RECORDS :   the Screw is the Diplomatic Force of Gross Britain - some have always known that this is lawless violence and others perhaps do not follow what they are asked to do :   Attached to each Embassy or Consul is 1 or 2 men whose sole duty is to trace GROTE RANSOM records and persons knowing of the Estate … or events unlawful by British Aristocrats :   )










… “  1934 Old road House Clacton …  

The Dame School  :   remember ?  Hideous persecution began of your young father … She wanted a 1,000 pounds a day … they came in … Cousins LINDSAY-Lindsey gang …  ”


“ …  they have been cutting joists for century or more to get hold of land … get money … They the original raving loonies :   SHOULD BE CALLED `CUT JOISTS`  in that book DEBRETT … all over places owned by those they intimidate, cause accidents to, and with violence rob  :

Oh they know their KUDOS  ` got a title - cut your joists take your lands   `   :    LINDSAYbuggarhs move from one bolt hole to the next … they were all drinking dens they kept … some of the women as criminally insane as the men … PURPLE NUGGETS put up their noses from an early age … Told that they will now be able to WIN IN LIFE …  ”  …  :


“  The little Old Road house had a long building in the garden on the sea side, narrow building seats either side, some benches, and a long rectangular table running two thirds of the room  … Been an 18th - 19th century `Dames School`  … windows round east - south - west … temporary roof of corrugated iron put on perhaps 60 years ago … needed doing properly … but pleasant … sit in sun all year … The high wall of the LABOUR CLUB on the East side now took away the view it had once had to the crossroads … where the first MASONIC HALL went up - remember that Classical building in the 1930s rented out for meetings and you went to a wedding there in 1939 - the Greek Japanese cousins of 16th century lines … he died in the 2nd World War sadly :      But your father he had to pull the little Dames School down … after the babe born 1934 thrown on the fire when he could not give her & them a cheque for 20 thousand English pounds … ”  … 


“  He had to stop them coming in - they could tramp into the main house - he knew they would set fire after they had pillaged :  there was a big main kitchen of the 16th-17th centuries and then a step up to the little 1870s Victorian FRONT added to face the Old Road :  …


“   He hated having to destroy history - this little Clacton Dames School :   but they had the quite damaged the roof we think :   all the windows made it so delightful - a sunny place :   but no protection there - your grandmother Gordon & Aunt Miss Winnie enjoyed coming for an afternoon :   SHE INSANE AGAIN - Teresa Gordon now his wife …  :   They give her that purple dope when they are in their GRAND on the seafront :   all of them can do anything while its in the nose - creates violence & maniac strength ”  :  


  ( DAMES SCHOOL Old Road :   people spoke of it 1930s :  1960 Colne Engaine memories - NIGHTWATCH & Patrick MacDrew Soldier - uncle of the heiress NEWFOUNDLAND ====  murdered by LINDSAY 14 & JIM JONG Major James etc-this-&-that … spring 1942 = she was in the Llewellyn Road School Clacton, same class as Greta Ransom … we are both just age 9 years old :   Lindsay Earl 14 to be had insulted us both in Class in March 1942 = HE WANTS MONEY FAST - 2 sets of DEATH DUTIES will have to be paid in a few months  :   He shows his craziness on his ugly toad like face as he gives we two heiresses his hate of us  :   ) 


(  CLACTON-ON-SEA Old Road DAMES SCHOOL 18th-19th century … in garden of our half of the house next the LABOUR CLUB Old Road at the roundabout :  … …  


… … It might take 10 pupils or perhaps even 20 children 19th century =  In 2 - 3  years a boy could learn arithmetic reading writing - enough for the family business or shop … Girls could stay longer perhaps 4 or 5 years … There is the QUAKER ENCLAVE close by up the Old Road towards the sea - they are all tucked under the rising ground towards the seafront Clacton town Eastwards and on to little Holland-on-Sea … The Old Road descending from GREAT CLACTON (CLACTUNA in Little Doomsday Book) reaches the Seafront -  The ROYAL HOTEL on the East side of the Clacton seafront is built late 18th century … guests came in carriages & on horseback until the coming of the RAILWAY  1860s  … …  ) 


I REMEMBER 1938 WE WERE GOING TO TURN THIS OUR LITTLE OLD ROAD HOUSE INTO A TOWN MUSEUM :   My father said he had kept the plans of the DAMES SCHOOL and he would restore it on the same site :   But the grief caused us by LINDSAYBUGGARHS EARLS & their noble SCUM chums … and the badly insane JIMMIE JONG Mr Pong always flicking a knife at me when grown-ups were not looking had us given a BANK ROBBERY of our local moneys :   This close by bank manager & his two teenage sons just gone into further education were threatened too : 


… 1939 September 3-4th WAR CAME - we had moved to the HOUSE at the END of the REC spring 1939 … This is that house that SUMMER 1937 young ANDRE MALRAUX & I   (Josette having time to herself to write)  looked at carefully one afternoon sitting by the ornamental toy boating lakes on the little hill by the sandpit for children …  The back of the 4 bedroom Edwardian style had a small garden with an oak tree, a summer house, and two great rainwater barrels by a miniature courtyard in front of the kitchen & scullery quarters - a miniature winding path lead to French Windows :   we watched a middle aged woman come into the garden and cut roses from a trellis fencing around a tiny pond with a bridge … goldfish were here :  


…  When ANDRE MALRAUX returns to CLACTON in May 1945 he is now the WIDOWER of JOSETTE :    But he will find that I, his Ward, live in this delightful well appointed house - it must have been designed by an Architect … I never knew whom ?  :


Alas, TERESA GORDON Mrs Ransom and her NOBLE SCUM including Edward du Cann b 1924 one of her bastards caused such VILE TRICKS to fall on my family, my families, and me & ANDRE MALRAUX that my father never did get back to the little OLD ROAD HOUSE and our plans to make it A TOWN MUSEUM & restore the DAMES SCHOOL :

By 1940 the demolition of the QUAKER ENCLAVE had begun & the town lost its TOURIST GEMS :    MEMO : All vulnerable Clacton sites were PAWED AT by JIM JONG PIMP & LINDSAYBUGGAHS Earls … the historic sites of EAST ANGLIA where we were suffered from their vulgar uncouth and STUPID moonlighting to make them QUICK DOUGH …


1934 -  My days old brother Frederick Ransom was thrown in the fire because THEY gave her this PURPLE NUGGET for her snout - DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND :   They LINDSAY-Lindsey & she were so crazy criminally insane they told her to get a cheque for 20 thousand pounds from my father & THE OLD ESKIMO Margaret nee Ransom GROTE of THE GROTE HOMES FOR CHILDREN worldwide … OR THROW THE BABY FREDERICK RANSOM in the Old Road house fire in the kitchen-range :

SHE DID :   They next day sent in their doctor WHO GOES RACING WITH THEM … he was to blame my father … This is the POWER of the LINDSAY Premier Earls of Gross Britain and Scotland :   The Clacton Police, all Police, could do nothing :

THUS IS THE POWER of these NOBLE dope-growers of SCOTLAND :


1934 :    My young father, 23 years old, dashed to fetch his gun and had to shoot the baby in the fire :   How do I feel about this ?   I SHOULD LIKE TO SEE THEM ALL THROWN IN A VOLCANO - A LIT UP ONE :    To feel anything less would have me NOT a human being … of 14 Races & 27 Nations :    Their SCOTLAND HOME GROWN DOPE hits their BRAINS in 2 seconds :  & they INTERCHANGE THE CONTENTS of their SUB-APE BRAINS generation after generation : 


1934 -  A MARTYR - he lived a few days - FREDERICK RANSOM - my first brother … son of Teresa Gordon born November 1906 & Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911 … I his sister Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM born 1933 remember him :


1945 the week before CHRISTMAS :   MY FATHER HAS RECEIVED FULL REPORTS of the SLAYING for lands, banked moneys, and spite against all nations of the globe outside the declining BRITISH EMPIRE … that  they, LINDSAYbuggarhs, ghouls of Norway & Denmark, Scotland … have given the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ages 4 to 20 years a GENOCIDE during the 2nd World War :    


These RECORDS can all be followed through the `scaffolding` introduction released January 2011 AD called `Document in 3 Parts`  “ 1937 SUMMER, ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, CLACTON-ON-SEA and WEST GREENLAND”       


1945 CHRISTMAS :     I never thought I would see Colonel Georges ANDRE MALRAUX again - but 17th April 1947 `Young PACELLI` now a Pope sent permission `for early marriage of GRACE`  … File “ WEDDING of GRACE ”   is begun on


1945 CHRISTMAS :    And she, with her 2 serious Prison sentences since 1927 took us away CHRISTMAS 1945 … only down the road to the long thin narrow ex-Railway cottages house where she had with JIM JONG thrown her mother, heavily sedated, in October 1939 …


 This PAIR, she and JIM JONG now Major James etc of Buckingham Palace, both of them chums of ANGELA since the 19-teens  (she now a Queen)   burned all family photographs, letters, histories of MURPHY-CARROLL-O`BRIEN-WILLIAMS and GORDON KELLOW etc etc … Also they burned some of the paintings done by my grandpa George Ernest GORDON 


(I have put on web a separate File of his paintings existing & some family history on GORDON … And the Irish side is represented by TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST … my great-grandmother : et al …






Full use of British Government & Crown sources & privileges allowed :




REPORTS  :    “ … He PJPW went to Washington after your renaissance evening  ( = March 1972 & MALRAUX present )  … he was ordered OUT of the  prestigious hotel where the SMITHSONIAN had booked him with expenses paid … They dismissed him from continuing work with the Institution :   they told the Natural History Museum they would not have him again in the building - he could send work … he had caused them great embarrassment … … … ”


“ … Further the Hotel had to call the Police in - other guests complained of smells of hash & noise in the early hours … some wives & children were perhaps staying …  He had a twin with a British title & they both were discovered by the USA Police to have criminal behaviour in Paris & Kenya   :   they were not prosecuted because of the family in Britain & the family of the mother which had them related to Sparkman Yachts with an uncle Life President of the New York Yacht Club ” :


“ This twin, a junior scientist from the British Museum Natural History,  had brought into this Washington hotel to stay overnight young men who were from the gutter & had prison records - one had known dangerous Mafia connections :    These were offensive looking heavy drugs men - they crept out of his hotel room in the dawn ”  :   It was expected by the SMITHSONIAN that he would wish to attend cultural events about Washington - have connections to his American families and friends :   THE MATTER HIM SAYING HE WAS A MILLIONAIRE ?  … this caused further investigations … … …


… … DANGEROUS WATERS :    Of two RANSOM brothers who administered an important Estate one was dead not yet 60 years in highly suspicious circumstances … the other younger an employee of NASA and the AMERICAN STATE DEPARTMENT, made a USA citizen age 2 years 1920 - GIVEN PROTECTION EDUCATION :  had been noted as  “ MISSING on DUTY ” 





“ … Dr Ray`s distraught American wife notified WASHINGTON and Police in Great Britain and in America that Summer 1969 Dr John RAY R,  he her lawful husband left she and their 11 years old son with friends for a week  =    & he had intended making a visit, that was part USA DUTIES,  to MONTROSE Scotland to a RANSOM Farm and lands owned by his ancestors from 1500 AD :     His British Aunt and Uncle had gone missing autumn 1939 … WAR HAD JUST COME TO EUROPE :   The Farm from Christmas 1939 had to be left EMPTY … local people said little … only  `owners missing` The heirs are RANSOM FAMILIES, some in USA … ”


 ((( Dr John RAY did not quite know the horrendous circumstances of the deaths given the old RANSOM couple … his elder brother had shouldered the responsibility of this violence to the Estate and its founding Family … ))) 


` In 1941 This legally owned RANSOM Farm had been confiscated by a Scots woman with a British Crown …She had no claim on any part of the Estate but the legal heirs RANSOM his family had been threatened since 1936 :    IT WAS RECOGNISED TO BE A VERY DIRTY SITUATION :   THERE WAS ALSO THE MATTER OF A GENOCIDE worldwide of children educating in HOMES to their teens and twenties :  `


` … Peter Whitehead this identical twin of British & USA parents had made a marriage to the senior heir to this Estate 1967 - Good reports of the new family came from Museums concerned with Ichthyology … There was a pleasant country house … children … an intelligent but nervous young wife coping with a first child & then another and two school- age children from the previous marriage of PJPW :   Further ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN in  the shadows to this heir and the ESTATE had in March this year (1972)  attended a pleasant historical creative evening at the village home of Peter Whitehead younger twin :   They were all puzzled at this British-USA British Museum NATURAL HISTORY Worker on FISHES …  who now caused embarrassment to the respectable Hotel, The POLICE WASHINGTON,  and the world famous SMITHSONIAN …  to whom a full Report had to be made : 


“ Further The Smithsonian wanted to know why was he saying he was a Millionaire ?  Why was he closing parts of this RANSOM Estate ?


…  It was uncovered that a man Peter Whitehead briefly met with in America was a British Doctor with a disgusting Continental past - he could stay at the British Embassy  … … it cut no ice that he was seen in the company of Philip Mountbatten …  and with others of his family …  ”


`  A further disturbing matter arose from help from former Detectives & Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX … concerning the deaths of his two sons ages 21 and 18 in 1961  :   MALRAUX had worked with General de GAULLE since the end of the 2nd World War :    Further investigation by USA Police & Agents indicated strongly that here was  ` FOUND TO BE A VERY DIRTY MATTER & GETTING DIRTIER THE MORE IT WAS UNCOVERED  `   :





((((  This is Peter J.P. Whitehead born 1930 Fish Department BM Natural History Museum 1961 before HM Government KENYA Colony :  


 & born 1912 Doctor `Mengele` Harrington a GP a Hong Kong Medical School passed with reluctance 1948 - he specializes in dopes & sedatives & blackmail and hypnotism :    1958 he was investigated by USA State Agents   “ Believed to be accepting COMMISSIONS to DESTROY THE HEALTH OF PROMINENT BUSINESS MEN ”  :  He cannot be touched by British Police because of his Royal connections : 


 He was responsible for a horrific killing spring 1969 at Montrose Scotland of Dr John RAY Ransom employed by NASA then THE AMERICAN STATE DEPARTMENT WASHINGTON :   Harrington organised with a Tenant of the Crown (on stolen property 1939) to pour petrol down the throat of Dr RAY & chase him over fields - 2 witnesses saw the man shoot him with a gun - they were got OFF SHORE immediately :   The gunman was HARRINTON or ESTERHAZY & it is known he expects to be made a PEER of the REALM by Gross Britain : 


HARRINGTON is born 1912 Scotland -  he went to school sometime in Norway & appears with Philip Mountbatten & gang when they are `ON LEAVE` :   


Harrington is a known paedophile West End London but survives by pretending to study these predators of children :


1951 onwards :  Called `Mengele` by young Middlesex medics, this is the sadistic HARRINGTON/sometimes calls himself ESTERHAZY has 1936 a Prison Record Austria for savage sexual attacks on a baby under 6 months old - transferred to a CLINIC in Britain he was free in Summer 1938 …


…  he was now employed by SCOTLAND EARLS to spy on ANDRE MALRAUX :   THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & CROWN are pimping on the ESTATE & intend killing the children in the HOMES and selling off the worldwide lands :   This will support the UPPER CLASS & CROWN     :    MALRAUX they have learned has been appointed full GUARDIAN October 1937 to the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts :   The British Government & Crown are able to find experts in their employment to organise with great KUDOS the theft of all communications to the Frenchman ANDRE MALRAUX = post/visitors/telephone = 


1939 September 2nd WORLD WAR came - 1944 Orders were given by the British Consul France to KILL MALRAUX & the woman (Josette Clotis) … Josette fell on a railway line & died horribly 9 November 1944 … MALRAUX with his Alsace Lorraine Brigade escaped and when he joined General de GAULLE in winter 1945-1946 it was felt WISE by the British Government Earls, Lords & Crown to SPY on both of them : 


1946 and onwards :  MALRAUX in politics would not be able to speak out if he discovered the DECEIT … unless he left the French Government work :   Christmas 1959, now French Minister-Culture,  he learned of the full Guardianship & the highly organised theft over the years :   In May 1961 his two sons are killed :   In 1962 March he and General de Gaulle at last see the WILL, the documents, and much evidence of this horrendous GENOCIDE carried out worldwide by BRITISH NOBLES for the CROWN during 1938 to 1954 :   Two weary men … General de Gaulle says  “ … a gigantic obscene piece of Statecraft by Gross Brittani … ”  :   The Estate had some protection America from the parents of President Kennedy :   In 1963 the young President was assassinated :



1967 November :   MOST FOUL BEHAVIOUR from more PIMPS joining the blood & gore thieving Aristocrats  


 On the marriage 12 October 1967 of Greta Ransom to Peter Whitehead twin the persecution of the RANSOM brothers began in full … 1967 November the Whitehead twins agreed to hand all the postal communications sent to Greta Ransom to the LINDSAY-LINDSEY GANG who say they are representing ANGELA the CROWN (she married 1923 the younger brother of the King Edward 8 who was asked to leave :  he approved the GROTE HOMES as his father did : 


Nota bene :   it was always believed impossible to find a criminal in the world of Museums - the work is too fulfilling … satisfying  :   The behaviour of the Whitehaad twins lead to the criminally insane killing my father FJR in march 1969, his brother Dr John RAY Ransom USA citizen in May/June 1969 … and the hunting of the youngest the talented musician, writer and artist Len Immanuel Ransom Argentine citizen :     3 MARTYRS and many more were made by this criminal confiscation of my postal communications :    Sir Rowland elder twin in 1969 had debts of 45 thousand pounds … the younger PJPW had no money :  


1957 December a PLOT to kill ANDRE MALRAUX was discovered hours before by MI5 & an opposite in MI6 :  telephone calls on a Friday night for 5 hours had MALRAUX & Greta Ransom live :   We were to be pushed off a cliff at either Peace haven or Lands End :   He is GUARDIAN & GR born 1933 & young uncle born 1921 Len are heir and co-heir to the above ESTATE :


1969 some members of MI5 were still in grief over the deaths of the young sons, 18 and 21 years,  of ANDRE MALRAUX - MI5 had given them COVER since 1952, putting young Agents round them  - but new Rules for training had come along - the COVER was withdrawn when the younger Vincent ` came of age 18 years`

MI5 :    “ An accident just waiting to happen … if we had thought about it we would have found a way round the new regulations :   We could not begin work for 2 years in the mornings … … … even now … it was the worst thing that could happen to the Old Hero as we called him … after all he had been through because of the ESTATE GUARDIANSHIP … the horrible death on the railway line of JO their mother before t he War ended … and the violence to the  owners :   now two of them dead … father of Greta … his USA brother … WE DO NOT KILL - IT IS NOT IN THE TERMS OF OUR EMPLOYMENT !  …  … … but there is lots out there who do … you don`t know what is out there … gaseous groups … mercenaries … Old KENYA ex-Army … … … 


 SPOKEN :   July 1969 - a small group of persons -  a very big Harwell Atomic Luncheon for families  - changing Directors :



1957 Autumn :     The killing of ANDRE & GRETA was plotted by the old GANG of Premier Earls Lindsay-Lindsey and Jim Jong  (now Cur James co-Steward of WHITES CLUB ) … they have worked from 1929 by moonlight with the Bowes Lyons who put hearsay about that their daughter ANGELA  (crowned 1937) was given all the Estate by an OLD ESKIMO Mrs Grote …



And expect world newspapers to do the same :    They should never have been let out of Scotland … 


They all stumble through the decades PIMPING and NICKING as all bad-blood Scots tribes do :   The in-laws of Scandinavia have produced some pimps too … THE FASHION IS TO STUFF A PELLET OF A NASTY DOPE GROWN IN SCOTLAND UP THE SNOUT … it hits their brains in 2 seconds - they govern the WORLD in this state of euphoria and envy and massive GREED  :


… This crop gets a terrific price abroad = DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND :   It is used in slave like factories employing children and Prostitution throughout the BRITISH EMPIRE now with change of name to COMMONWEALTH  :


RECORDS of this aristocrat criminal madness have been collected concerning the above Estate & other victims

 of our settlements :    & others lawfully engaged with peaceful pursuits … they in no way connected to our Estate :     This VIOLENT FRAUD  … always using the UK infra-structure of England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall & Northern Island had become a regular 19th century/20th century manner for the Aristocrats of Gross Britain & their in-breeds offshore to keep themselves RICH and pursuing trivia with heads full of glitz and blitz …  :







South America & the globe :   1968-1991 :


WHITEHEAD identical TWINS  - born 1930 Kenya :

 RJRW & PJPW   see DEBRETT Peerage etc 




How did the Whitehead twins get ILLEGAL CONTROL OF OUR RANSOM GROTE FAMILY ESTATE :   ?    Christmas 1967/New Year 1968 they have joined with Dave Lindsey & his father Earls No 14 & 15, ANGELA,  & killer criminals protected by their titles : One winter afternoon November 1967 they agree to co-operate for FUN & BIG MONEY OFFSHORE … they are to take ALL DOCUMENTS the properties of the 3 RANSOM brothers & the Legal overseas Administrators of the globe encircling ancient Estate :   & confiscate all the postal communications to Greta Ransom   ( Mrs P. Whitehead BM. Natural History Museum October 1967 )   They are to see no contacts are made by she their victim and REPORT any Visitors from overseas enquiring for her


The BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & SONS,  & their chum ANGELA a woman who got a crown in 1937, have decided to wipe this worldwide philanthropy Estate off the globe :   thus saving the faces of ANGELA & her insane aristocratic men of the ROARING 1920s :   


… THEY CROWNS & EARLS & NORWAY & DENMARK      …  HAD NO CLAIM TO THIS ESTATE - a small sub-Committee of old eminent men of law in 1939-1940 came to see that   “ THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN could NOT BROKER A PENNY of this ESTATE ”   = on this sub-Committee was the grandfather REW K.C./Liberal MP North East Essex some while  of the WHITEHEAD TWINS :   he comments in letter 1940    “ I FEAR THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HAS EMBARKED UPON FRAUD …  they cannot broker a penny of this Estate … ”


1940/1941 winter at WALLINGFORD :    Sir Rowland Edward Whitehead who lives at WHITECROSS a country house on the banks of the THAMES   :    He was pushed almost into the icy Thames Wallingford on his customary early morning walk - a man with a dog who turned back at his cry gives police description of the attacker ;   it was JIM JONG now a Major-this-that with a 2 man Unit Intelligence back of Buckingham Palace -


MR JIM is a PIMP - he has no regular employment he works for certain SCOTLAND EARLS by MOONLIGHT  ”   :   friend from childhood of ANGELA nee Bowes Lyon,  & Premier Earls LINDSAY-Lindsey =  But as ANGELA is now a Queen nothing could be done as she is above the LAW :  


1936 age 6 years :     1967 November, London  = the WHITEHEAD twins who have known ANGELA    (she eyes them as WARDS of COURT as their mother has JUST been divorced)    since they are 6 years old are invited to help smother more and more the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide so that BRITAIN COULD HAVE ITS TOP CLASS RICH :


… ` These children were IN THE WAY of BRITISH TRADE was the murmur of Aristocrats by MOONLIGHT at WESTMINSTER 1920s  - in the 1930s their were arrogant jeers at the Owners of the Estate the families RANSOM & American Grote Brokers New York  that the owners of the ESTATE  were  “ APES and ESQUIMOS … they were known to breed with APES in Tierra del Fuego … ”   this was interleaved with violent attacks not always at night  :



… ( 19th/20th centuries into early 21st century :     The chief ROBBERS here are the bad-blood BOG TROTTING aristocrat MOBS of SCOTLAND … known for their JOIST CUTTING in decent homes when they wish to take over the vulnerable owners lands … ) 


REPORTS of them, upon them, observations of these sub-sub-Apes , 19th-20th centuries are in this on-going work which opened ON WEB January 2011 AD on the colour-code site with


`Document in 3 Parts a scaffolding  “ 1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND ”  



Small pieces of related work are found useful = sometimes I have continued these on the web site  :

Sometimes WORDPRESS and TWITTER et al carry pieces of this gigantic work of PIETY  (Latin pietas)  … A MEMORIAL to the GENOCIDE of the CHILDREN by Gross Britain & Denmark & Norway and the earlier and later KILLINGS of the RANSOM WEDDELL & FROBISHER FAMILIES by greedy Gross Britain aristocrat MEGALOMANIACS & their MOONLIGHT workers …  


WHITEHEAD TWINS RJRW & PJPW :   born 24 June 1930 Mia Carberry Nursing Home Nairobi,  Kenya Colony,  have in their family ONE title of 1888 given to a respectable Orton-Appleby Cumbria QUAKER Trader come into the City of London :    earned by     ( A good biography is by gt nephew Bob Walker/APPLEBY GRAMMAR SCHOOL - it may not be in print - but copies in typescript are with family & with me GR  )    “ JAMES LORD MAYOR EXTRAORDINARY ”   a modest man who with friends would NOT DO BUSINESS IN CITY OF LONDON WITH THE ARISTOCRATIC OPIUM DEALERS :  


19th century :    JAMES WHITEHEAD of family of ORTON MANOR near Appleby Cumbria,  began as a Hatter in Bradford then came to London town mid 19th century :   he with William Rathbone established the IMPERIAL INSTITUTE & entered into good QUAKER Nonconformist Welfare WORKS … two of their children married - Ethel Rathbone dau. of Philip Henry Rathbone, Liverpool Museums & Galleries,  & Rowland Edward Whitehead K.C.  1897 : 


TO BE ASKED IS  `  HOW MOTHER BRITAIN did these two LIARS GET PERMISSION FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT & CROWNS and its INLAWS to SAVAGE and THIEVE from the Estate with heirs in a legal Will Greta Ransom, Len Imm. Ransom & the legal guardian ANDRE MALRAUX  ???    


  1939 & 1940 the Whitehead twins are found to be tricky liars from ages 9 & 10 years, robbing small shops about Wallingford area ages 13 and 14 years :


Unfortunately they are the great-grandsons of JAMES Lord Mayor 1888 … he would not do business with DOPE GROWERS etc …

yet these two get given permission from YOUR GOVERNMENT & CROWNS & ARISTOCRATS to insult three highly intelligent honest humanist men FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM, Dr JOHN RAY Ransom, and Dr LEN Immanuel RANSOM … they are my young father & his two younger brothers, superb administrators of our Family Estate  :  


1967 November :   PERMISSION GIVEN by THE CROWN & ARISTOCRATS to IN SECRET CRASH PARTS OF THIS WORLDWIDE ESTATE which is mostly OUTSIDE your former EMPIRE … Although AUSTRALIA stood up to you from 1900s and DEMANDED a GROTE HOME for ADELAIDE … and requ ested us to make big TRANSPORT INVESTMENTS to help their DEVELOPMENT --   WHERE IS IT ?    WHY are The WHITEHALL by MOONLIGHT in 1977 AFTER the DEATH of ANDRE MALRAUX grabbing by MOONLIGHT all my AUSTRALIA properties and INVESTMENTS ?    WHERE ARE MY PAPERS, DEEDS … also photos, & histories ???    YOU HAVE EMBARKED UPON FRAUD AGAIN … as Sir Rowland EDWARD Whitehead has to tell you in 1940 …


 READER :     It should be noted that the first of the two heirs   (Greta Ransom & Len Immanuel Ransom)   named in the legal 1937/38 overseas administered WILL … unfortunately made a marriage to British Museum NATURAL HISTORY Worker PJPW October 1967 who had two children 7 and 6 years of age :   I was told by he & his close family that I must expect to live on half his wages, those of a Junior Scientific Officer of the BMNH : 


 IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ROTTERS in the world of MUSEUMS and SCIENCE … the work is far too satisfying … and enjoyable … and exciting :    GROSS DEBAUCHERY of Aristocrats is not needed … stimulants & excessive liquor … GREED … do not, in my experience, enter our MUSEUMS world :    BUT it is obvious, MOTHER BRITAIN,  that your TOP OF THE PYRAMID, the PEAK, the SUMMIT of NOBLE POWER has never halted its GREED over our worldwide PHILANTHROPY Estate : 

…  And every time you called out  “ ESKIMO & APE ”    somebody should have stuffed your foul mouths with a dirty dishcloth every time you abused us the RANSOM family, Andre Malraux,  and me RACIST NAMES :    Get OFF your flat earth - you are responsible for the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 1938 to 1954 :  it made you at the top all GLITZY CUNNING & GREEDY : 


I am very resourceful - this is recognised from my first years upon this planet -  I have never been given a penny by my Mother your chum Teresa Gordon since 1919 … although after the death of my young father we find out that he had given her amble allowance for herself and also for me :   BUT WE LEARN SHE ALWAYS TREATED HER ARISTOCRAT FRIENDS TO BIG POSH MEALS and RACING Events  - and they asked for gifts of THE VAST ALUMINIUM INVESTMENTS - AIRPLANES - TRAINS  etc - etc - etc …


      READERS will recall our ` 1935/1936 NORD-SUD Poles Tour of the GROTE HOMES` …  and how RESOURCEFUL the RANSOM FAMILY are … we do not go about the globe in greed & glitz … our Philanthropy was satisfying :  



`SANCTUS SPIRITUS`  continues =

After MALRAUX 1A File … this information is relevant to all the work :


Records assembling February 2013 -

Pierre DRIEU la Rochelle (TLS review is relevant to our Records 1944/1945 & 1960 )   -  begins about page 97 ahead as `SANCTUS SPIRITUS` develops :   1935/1936 CONVENTS Tierra del Fuego/Brazil etc / 1936 VATICAN & VISIT TO `YOUNG PACELLI`


1975 OXFORD - doctor of the 1953/54

`Theopompos` crowd Hampstead


1900-1990s :  GROTE RANSOM ESTATE ROBBERY & KILLINGS-all who know of British GENOCIDE 2nd WW    

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ANDRE MALRAUX - file 1A :

Begun 15 January 2013 AD : 


         (also on GROTE HOMES 1A)  (Both on JIMDO/Wordpress/ref. to this NEW work on TWITTER :

Posted/published 15 January 2013


He is appointed full GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES worldwide for children educating to 18/22 years and onwards and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` a delicate flower garden encircling the globe   begun Palestine, Britain, Spain & France 10th century AD Georges ANDRE MALRAUX accepts October 1937


BRIEF introduction follows - 2 pages :   MALRAUX a young Frenchman of LETTERS `with a good soul & a sense of responsibility to all the world and its peoples`  (see his books to 1936)   receives a letter from the owner Margaret Ransom Grote, acting for her 4 years old heir and co-sub heir 17 years old  (Greta (Greetah) Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM & her uncle Len Immanuel RANSOM   the two young heirs in training have delighted the Administrators of this PHILANTHROPY ESTATE on the Continent, North and South America,  from West Greenland to Tierra del Fuego :  NORD-SUD Poles Tour October 1935-June 1936


NB:   In June 1936 the heir Greetah was kidnapped Orders LINDSAYbuggarhs Premier Earls of GROSS Britain who say by MOONLIGHT they are `Acting for the British Crown and various Government Lords and Norwegian-Danish in-laws of a woman ANGELA   ( Elizabeth ANGELA Margerite Bowes Lyon become DUCHESS OF YORK 1923 = she travels as `Mrs  MacMurphy/MacIllroy/ Murgatroyed/etc or `A Lady of Paris & Britain`


This ABDUCTION/KIDNAPPING is outside the LAW of England and the British Empire 1929 onwards :   the British newspapers are NOT allowed mention the Estate or the names of GROTE or RANSOM et al the violence of Scotland from two bloody liar tribes begins again at the two heirs the Widowed head of the Estate (MRG)  is called by NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIAN ` coin-less violent obscene runts and slags`   THE OLD ESKIMO  =


 1933 October -  they  killed the son of Aunt Margareth nee Ransom Mrs THOMAS GROTE       with poison and attacked the wife of Count Poulsen of Norway cutting off the top of her head on Jacopsholmen island  (the oval island 2 hours by slow boat out of XRISTENSHARB our `shopping town` :    She Countess Poulsen managed to send 2 letters to her husband about a little man speaking French called JIMMIE Jong who appeared when she went for walks along the seashore she was receiving all the goods from New York for a VERY BIG FAMILY CHRISTMAS Ransom Gronlander and Weddell Frobisher lines JIM is the travelling companion of ANGELA formerly Bowes Lyon Scotland and the LINDSAY EARL gang tag along 1920s 1930s and ever after  


NNB:    Margaret nee Ransom widow 1904 of THOMAS GROTE has one great grandfather the Chinese-Eskimo genius 18th century


  SEE 18th century correspondence POUL GRONLANDER with Humanist Pope BENEDICT 14  = in VATICAN Archives / seen 1960


( = Poul is 6`5 tall m Margaret Yates of Carlisle issue 5 children - see JACOP POULSEN Letter on Death of Father 1765/1770 = reproduced in author Finn Gad his 4 vols HISTORY of GREENLAND 1968 on )  





1960/61 :   DIARIES :   HISTORY of the ESTATE :

 1883-1897      Persecution & killing by LINDSAY Premier Earl & family of Miss MILLIE FROBISHER

she a direct descendant of Frobisher Arctic Navigator :   She has a Lindsay mother who is killed after the marriage of her daughter 1883 and her house and Parklands sold off by Earl Lindsay claiming her own and all Frobisher possessions as now belonging to HIS family  :     Immediately after the marriage of her daughter to JOHN RANSOM he claimed the entire GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE worldwide as his Lindsay properties  


  References  ( Millie m widower JOHN RANSOM 1883 St Magnus the Martyr City of London  (aged 18 years) a talented young ice skater she has a Lindsay tribe mother  :  With young friends Millie has a little Academy of Ancient Arts = they drive chariots and dance as in Ancient Greece   (( Issue of marriage 2 sons Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM  = father of FJR father of Greta Ransom the recorder here - and the 2nd son drowned in his bath age a few weeks 1891 after murder of his father & removal by EARL LINDSAY of all FROBISHER moneys from the young widow -


  1890/91 this Premier Earl of LINDSAY sent a special NURSE by his own personal Carriage to kill the 2nd son 2-3 months old -   As stated he  CLAIMED ALL THE GROTE HOMES and the RANSOM Estate worldwide upon the marriage 1883 as well as ALL Frobisher Estate but could not PULL IT OFF at this time, so he became a spiteful murderer -   ))   


1890 the LINDSAY kill JOHN RANSOM in the playground of Hithergreen School Passports have been taken from he and his young wife Millie  :     He is the highly educated scholar of Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland  (son of Fred Ransom of Montrose Basin & Gertrud Poulsen heir to the Island granted 1770 to begin a University - Denmark & Gross Britain have been stopping this being built from 1863 :  `NO EDUCATION for APES and ESKIMOS is a chant of the aristocrats of Britain and Scandinavia`     


  John Ransom is an adviser on Education Montreal Canada and Japan :  and assists his brother-in-law THOMAS Immanuel GROTE with the worldwide curriculum of the HOMES - children learn 3-4 languages, all religions,  classics, Hebrew, Arabic etc and travel to meet the Grote children A-Z the globe - making pen friends The HOMES go twice around the globe from 1864 - only  Aristocrats of GROSS BRITAIN EMPIRE disapprove of education for foreign children over 12 years of age It  is said widely by these Imperial Aristocrats themselves, and their heirs, that education for foreigners will interfere with BRITISH TRADE and its EMPIRE :   which is heavy with coin-less Scottish nobles and many in-laws in Scandinavia   )



1960 DIARY readings at Colne Engaine and later :


18th -19th & 20th centuries :   HOW THE LINDSAY Premier Earls of Gross Britain get money illegally  :   culling young heirs/killing off widows after forcing signatures/persecution and brutality/and variations on these theme  :      many Reports & histories of accuracy exist : 


Diaries :    From the marriage of her parents her mother a Lindsay her father of the direct line of Sir Martin Frobisher Arctic Navigator ( c marriage1860s)  Canada began to be cleared out.   Their banked moneys, their lands investments and these were wholesome and beneficial to the nation across CANADA :   they, FROBISHER,  sent to England  (to their relatives) could they borrow money then desperate they asked could they have some money it was the LINDSAY Earl and his gangs helping themselves 


Millie our grandmother made a noble match 1883 to a man of her learning and temperament when the troubles began as soon as the marriage took place, he, JOHN RANSOM our future grandfather, asked her mother about matters  ` She told of horrible brutal happenings to many who married into LINDSAY He asked her if she had knowledge of this purple crop the dangerous narcotic used by Scots tribes and grown by them She said she had never used it but described a brutal attack on an old relative who had married into LINDSAY they killed her husband her son then because she would not die the EARL came and thrust a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland so far up her nose that it came out under her eye She still did not sign away her family properties She took a month to die in agony he had her confined to her bed he had sedatives too `


MILLIE DIED 1897 first poisoned by them she was trying to recover by living on water and gruel She died knowing they had killed her husband and child and would drag her little 14 years old son behind their carriage if he could not be used to get them the Estate Grote and Ransom But Millie had REFUSED the inheritance for our father she told her sister-in-law Margaret so - Aunt Margaret had her two brothers John and Poul  killed  (1890 & 1891/2)   by the LINDSAY Earl They were in the way of his laying hands on our Estate an ELDORADO to their cunning and ugly stunted minds 


1897       MILLIE DIED AT THEIR HANDS believing they would maim or kill her surviving child age 14 years SHE WAS AGE 33 years they brought her body to her son wrapt in a blanket late evening two LINDSAY 2nd cousins said that they had  `found her dead by the roadside`


He her son, our father,  tells of the night of the death of his very young mother, breaks silence  to a Sailor King who had known her and seen her skate Our future father has grown to manhood  :  He has served in the British Navy, and married our mother    


 ( above :   read Report Dec 1935/January 1936 ` Blackmail of /General de Gaulle & Andre Malraux -    ////  &  ) 


  he is your grandfather whom you say you cannot recall before this last War he is FREDERICK CHARLES Frobisher RANSOM he to become our father Our ballerina mother gave him 3 live sons Fred, John, Len and a daughter Ivy Jean two deaths Thomas and Bettina as infants may be at the hands of the LINDSAY tribe    


    the Trustees overseas and our Families waited for we children to grow up we had life because of the Great War - the 1st World War it was not expected our mother the former Miss Jean Weddell, widow Aquida Smith, Mrs F.C.F. RANSOM, would have children she was a ballerina


1909 upon the marriage made it is to be noted  :      the wife, Mary of Teck,  of the Sailor King railed at the Earl of Lindsay for allowing Frederick Charles to marry 1909 because of this big ESTATE but the EARL assured her that  `Ballerinas do not have children he had watched this very active grandchild of James Weddell the SEA dance


1914-1919 :   BUT WAR CAME LINDSAY had other sources of INCOME with the progress of the horrific Germany-Britain war   The leading figures of these nations now set about a bloodbath on the Continent and France are cousins the grandchildren of Queen Victoria and her German husband Albert he with friends cultured people you will have heard or read about the Great Exhibition and the CRYSTAL PALACE    


1933     When you were born it was felt to be safe to name you heir and soon my brother Len is added you both showed your courage and great understanding of the Estate when you escaped from savage cruelty in Britain and set about a Tour of the Homes for Aunt Margaret 1935/1936


In 1937 a most suitable Guardian was chosen, a YOUNG FRENCH MAN of LETTERS   and he accepted in writing which letter Mary Gordon your other grandmother sent to the correct persons overseas :    Andre returned to France with Josette in October 1937   By Christmas 1937 HE HAD HIS POST stolen by Great Britain and all communications cut he had spies around him 


World War 2 saved the life of the new GUARDIAN Andre Malraux  but not that of his young Catholic wife Josette mother of his two small sons born 1940 and March 1944


Josette is said to have fallen on a railway line near Tulles her legs were crushed by a train she died hours before ANDRE our Guardian could reach her You have heard from your Detective of the postal packages she read after she and Andre parted in Paris that last time October 1944 He suddenly recalled an address they had used just before the War began would she call and see if anything had come there ? She said goodbye to him, for the last time, and went to the old address of pre-War Josette found Post from the USA sent summer 1944 She knew that what she read from Solicitors & Trustees related to their Summer 1937 with you and your Gordon family She had noted down all your speech on unusual happenings she was a young author ANDRE SAID IT WAS YOUR IMAGINATION but he could not be told that our Estate owned planes hundreds of planes served worldwide Estate and the Homes  


1937 end of July :   Your poor young father and others had to leave for SPAIN the morning of the expected arrival of Josette and Andre 1937 =  The serious matter was that our cousin age 22 was being attacked by the LINDSAY gang in his family Estate near the Spanish Coast The outcome is horrific they burned him alive in marmalade in the small factory run to give employment to the local people :   They were laying claim to all our ESTATE in SPAIN and that meant any cousins,  in-laws, friends, whom we have with properties and moneys THEY the LINDSAY had ATTENDED IN LONDON A CROWNING in an Abbey Many Royal persons related to the Imperial British family came from abroad …”


1945 - 1949 especially  :  At the end of this last 2nd World WAR the LINDSAY began to clear out our ESTATE in SPAIN right across and along the SEA SHORES they went the GROTE HOMES children had been hacked to death and burned and drowned in nets during this last War by men coming in from big British Naval Ships no real secret about this amongst many persons some in shock from what they had seen  


 REPORTING :     Dr John RAY Ransom/Arthur Malone Politian/Captain Patrick MacDrew et al Colleagues & Detectives to a new French Minister of France Andre MALRAUX =   Night Watch at COLNE ENGAINE









Old friends of our families & the Estate :

1978 Diary/tapes -  LIR :

Harwell village & Argentina :

I must go across the fields by night to call on a Widow old friend at her Manor … … ”   


 =  Margery Mockla owner of Milton Manor Milton Village near Harwell - we meet her husband friend of RANSOM families 1936 April WALL STREET New York     


“  she sends messages that she is receiving bills not hers and THEY are again fingering her small change Now ANDRE is dead too early we have reported to us much interference with our private properties and honest incomes     LIR et al   extract : 


Nota bene :    REPORTS/& tapes/ Len Immanuel RANSOM youngest son born October 1921 in South America to Jean nee Weddell/widow San Julian-Smith/2ndly Mrs Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM 1909 Deptford  ( m = a Unitarian Chapel ? …)


…  Lennie is killed sadistically off the East coast of Scotland

1981/82 by a sadistic creature known as Doctor `Mengele` Harrington/sometimes calls itself Esterhazy - has sign `member of Royal Household` on & off his smart fast cars

Has a G.P. license from Hong Kong 1948 `given with reluctance` because of his Aristocrat connections  :






1945-47  During a 2-3 years training GP course

Hong Kong Mr `MENGELE` Harrington/Esterhazy as he swiftly became known  preferred to study`alternate` Chinese medicine =  killing people by injecting poisons at vital spots in the body :   he is at sometime a Member of British Royal Society of Hypnotists  : 

1975 onwards `Mengele` is proved a sadistic ghoul : He had NOBLE DUTIES 1938-on to investigate ANDRE MALRAUX  legal GUARDIAN to worldwide GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts -


The ESTATE worldwide is called a most successful piece of SOCIAL ENGINEERING … providing great PHILANTHROPY towards Medicine-technology-horticulture & farming & Natural History =  RESEARCH grants are established in all branches of the sciences-music-arts-gymnastics - 1945 NASA is given land, a Bay, and research moneys :  Estate is approved by ALL nations except ARISTOCRATS Scotland & Britain =

1953 November 3rd-4th :   `Mengele` a known paedophile has his DUTIES confirmed to intercept all postal & other communications to ANDRE MALRAUX and HARRASS him - mock him -

Mr Mengele is given extra duties :   These include organising big Teams to trace ALL persons who know of slaying of the GROTE HOMES children during the 2nd World War by British & Scandinavian aristocrats


Unfortunately the future Mr Mengele  (name is HARRINGTON or ESTERHAZY) meets General & Mrs de Gaulle & Family given Sanctuary England 1941-1944 : 





1940s these NOBLE sub-sub apes of Scotland, Britain and Scandinavia sold off the vast RANSOM lands attached to the HOMES worldwide HOMES and LANDS held BY PERMISSION THESE INDEPENDENT NATIONS


The RANSOM FAMILIES are of 14 Races and 27 Nations since the 1st century AD they have held heimat/homes with farms along the East Britain SEAS EDGES since 92 AD Essex/Suffolk/Norfolk :  THEIR MAIN OCCUPATION IS AS SEA TRADERS March to November Britain to Mediterranean coasts especially holding good friendships with Palestine and making marriages


The RANSOM main line family = REDEMPTIO of ROMAN BRITAIN = in the early 20th century know their relatives on ancestral lines back to 6th century Seville and sea shores of Spain :  In 1929 the family have visited this Berber line = we bring PEACE : 


   the spirit of the GROTE HOMES is ` HUMANITAS = PEACE`  In the 20th century Gross Britain was losing its EMPIRE and its income from cheap factories and bad development in its conquered Nations :   The British Empire features 3rd from the bottom in a worldwide chart of education progress late 19th century early 20th century




























1938 message :   BECAUSE the postal & other communications are stolen by GROSS BRITAIN to ANDRE MALRAUX from XMAS 1937/1938 - the GREENLAND children educating in the GROTE HOME tip of GREENLAND are SLAIN July 1938 …


LIR/Len Immanuel RANSOM    Do you remember what it was like before we got baby Colin   (born Clacton-on-Sea October 1938 Colin Frederick  RANSOM youngest nephew of LIR 2nd son of his elder brother Frederick John Ransom and Teresa E. Gordon his wife)

NB :   Len is a responsible FLYER since October 1935 with most excellent INTERNATIONAL Test Certificates :  


1938 JULY Britain :      I was going up to FREDERICKSTOWN again we had taken you in June when we flew by night from Ireland on a MISSION = to TAKE THE SPIRIT OF AUNT MARGARETH BACK to her homeland our Island JACOPSHOLMEN off XRISTENSHARB : our Island gift 1770 from a King & his Court to keep as a Holy Place & establish when we might a College-University to our genius ancestor POUL GRONLANDER


  but I had first to go and see a man I did not know well about hired cars :  it was felt that for safety we should have regular access to reliable cars :  Aunt Mag had been slain by JIM JONG with a knife - he cut a tiny vein behind her ear having drugged her - he tried blame you saying you stuck a hair ornament in her vein :






This man I had been sent to see he ran a hired cars concern in the South of England


but it was night time when I arrived and took the path to his house I landed the little plane safely with friends nearby

A sudden noise ahead of a horse coming fast I called out `WHOA` as he rode without a care towards me in the dark on this narrow way I was knocked in the side growth :    Arriving at

the abode of the man I did not know very well I spoke on the horseman he said carefully after some consideration

  `he is not often seen but is a force unto himself `


I transacted our business the next day when it was light a telephone call came my host took it It was to tell me NOT to go to Fredericktown : 


This telephone call gave the further information :  ` some children had been found there dead in a ditch :   they came from a HOME at the tip of GREENLAND they were educating to 16 years of age some who wished to do so received higher education in the USA   BUT Denmark and Britain did NOT allow education above 12 or 15 years of age for GREENLANDERS :   AT THIS HOME at the tip of GREENLAND many of the children were also FOUND DEAD others were missing `   :


  By 1939 there were no trace of our GROTE HOMES GREENLAND CHILDREN all evidence of their HOME at the tip had been destroyed the lands bought legally by our RANSOM Family in the early 19th century were now the property of DENMARK and another nation      :


I am unable to say if there was FOUL PLAY towards me by the horseman this is in JULY 1938 little Colin your youngest brother is born in October At the end of that SUMMER 1938 my mother is poisoned by three persons one is the mother of Colin not yet born, the others are Mr Jimmie Jong now Sir James Steward of WHITES CLUB St James` and the present EARL of LINDSEY No 14

From age 10 years I was expected to call the last `Uncle Lindsey` and regard his children as my cousins it was always claimed by the PREMIER EARLS of LINDSAY/Lindsey that we RANSOM of branches Weddell and Frobisher, ancient SEAS FAMILIES,  were members of THEIR aristocrat family


and that THEY were to OWN all our properties and moneys We were also slyly called Apes and Eskimos …”




1938 end of Summer :   My mother died from their poisoning JIM a well known PIMP and his oft companion the heir to the EARL of LINDSAY Crawford were reported by many persons as on the train she took from Clacton-on-Sea to Liverpool street London


They stole her handbag contents so she could not be identified once they had seen her collapse in the railway carriage her son, my brother, your father, put her in you had seen them in the back garden before my mother was taken by taxi to the Railway Station Clacton-on-Sea  


  1938 JUNE -   My mother had come to take care of you after the savage murder Ayrshire at the O`Niell farm by JIM Jong the wife of my elder brother returned September 1938 and in minutes she was RAGING at the presence of his mother    We had not seen her since the spring 1938 =  She had very noble friends in the Racing world & as usual would be away during the Racing season and the holiday seasons     :


  you were born when I was 12 years old we were chosen heirs in training because of our excellent characters the great ESTATE our families had made could NOT be left to the mercy of an ugly Scottish woman who was striking deals with the EARL of LINDSAY to dismantle our Estate and call it hers - she claimed as a Queen she needed no documents …”


  If she had a legal claim it would have been printed on world newspapers as well as in GREAT BRITAIN     :  


The names on the legal Documents are ours ANDRE MALRAUX is given as GUARDIAN to us and the worldwide ESTATE in 1937/1938        : 





IN THE FIRST release on web




1.       1972 - Mary Short Freeman watercolour - Winterbrook House  Harwell Village  -  20th century - poem explains :


      THE CUP    `Sweet is the Folk`s drink, I tell of its flavour,

       I mean not wine, nor mean I honey,

       But an ancient draught beyond my power to describe 

       I marvel at this Cup that itself quenches thirst

       And of itself going round, from lover to lover,

       This is an ancient wine most rare to drink `


       Shailzh Ahmed-Al-Alawi




2.    1944 `Pearly` (Purleigh) the House at the End of the REC

112 Vista Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex  :  COLIN Frederick RANSOM 6 years old, KHANDI the coal black Labrador dog, and JOHN Gordon RANSOM age 9 years old :   At the end of the Vista Road is the SEA beaches now open because Britain and others are winning the War against Hitler :


1943-1945 :  A WORRIED little Town Clacton-on-Sea  :   Here you see the summer-house where Georges Colonel ANDRE Malraux slept some after midnight hours July 1945 because he and Professor Winnclemann and others/hospital-schools-church/ were frightened by the behaviour of Teresa E. Gordon b 1906 with two Prison sentences 1927-1931 and a year served of a 2 years sentence given 26th December 1941 : 


1943 February:    SERIOUS MATTER :   her friend ANGELA  whose husband is in charge of the British Prisons has got her OUT after 12 months prison :   the sentence by Worcestershire & Wiltshire December 1941 is that she serve 2 years Prison then is transferred to a NUT HOUSE (Looney-bin)  until her husband a loyal citizen of the globe and an excellent British Army soldier returns :   The British WAR OFFICE insists it has put out an Order 1942/43  Captain Ransom to return immediately for Home Duties


NNB :     A sensible thing 1942 would have been to tip the WAR OFFICE in the icy Thames & questioned them ` WHO gave orders to kill my father in Philippines and then in Kenya ??? `   


Nota Bene again :    Georges-ANDRE Malraux YOUNG MAN OF LETTERS has met Teresa Gordon and a Miss Plunket-Green 1924 December DEAUVILLE and PARIS   


(  :::  Now legally since 1932 Mrs Ransom mother of the 3 Ransom children of Army Captain FJR born 1911 -   AS Miss Teresa Elizabeth Gordon TGR has 3 sons born to different fathers early `Roaring` 1920s - Jack to be slain 1945,  Edward du Cann 1924, and H.H. `King of Sweden` whom Greta Ransom comes to recall in 1944/1945 looks like the movie Submarine Captain in DAS BOOT   )


This small town Clacton is very used to her noble companions misbehaving :   - one disturbing matter is her telling her children their father will not return from the 2nd World War - she has been heard saying that   ` orders were given to kill him because he is in the way of The British Empire being rich`  




3.     GRETA RANSOM age 5 years March 1938 -    `Crail` Skelmersdale Road Clacton-on-Sea, the home of George and Mary Gordon and unmarried children Winifred, Esther, and Harry Gordon this little house seemed vast because of the Grandpa Gordon paintings on the walls and the people who called and the music and the conversation


Here I am with `everybodys dog Patch, and Sootie the cat of Auntie Miss Winnie I wear my brown and gold uniform of the Convent of poor Saint Clares on the seafront : Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX is my official GUARDIAN since October 1937 :   I will listen to Childrens Hour on the BBC this afternoon wirelesses are on all day usually and so many people play the piano and tap dance


I know all my Grandpas RANSOM back in a long line to 92 AD REDEMPTIO (Latin)  RANSOM at our first SEAS EDGES heimat at DUNWICH Suffolk they are nice and write many things and we are kind and sensible we often sail to Palestine for 2 years when we go SEA TRADING We had a school in ROMAN BRITAIN in Suffolk :


  (See RANSOM Ancestry parts I, II, III,  AND -  & other web sites :





This work 1 - 12 pages plus the 3 pictures are entered on JIMDO/ Wordpress has text too/ This GROTE RANSOM ESTATE information is posted on File ANDRE MALRAUX 1A and repeat on GROTE HOMES File 1A :   Files are becoming smaller where it is felt to be easier for the Readers :


15th January 2013 AD/ TWITTER reference to this NEW work accompanies photo `YOUNG MAN AGAINST FLAMES = 21st Birthday 21 August 1991 of PETER Rathbone Ransom Whitehead photographer-philosopher  ( born 21.August 1970 dies 1998 May 19th


MARY FREEMAN/CUP :  photo 3 GRETA 5 YEARS with SPOT and SOOTIE :  2  COLIN and JOHN 1944 garden 112 Vista Road `Pearly` Clacton on sea :  

H.H. the below is new work



to be issued on AM IA & GROTE 1A :








READERS will have grasped  since January 2011 AD  what the IMPORTANT MATTER IS   the DESTRUCTION of RECORDS especially historical records,  using the power of the realm & its rampart in the House of Lords Westminster & their penniless sons & families & heirs :   




   BY MOONLIGHT at WESTMINSTER, Whitehall and the PARLIAMENT & Palaces & Marble Halls all short of DOUGH in the 20th century :    SCOTS EARLS &  savaging donkeys & blowsy women & their heirs with a hoof on the ladder to the top of the Realm have maintained themselves by their criminal insanity & carried on a GENOCIDE   


  to get `dough` for `the big time` they knew that GODS had been banished by THE FUTURISTS & the new psychology etc of `JUNK-FRAUD-BALLS & BUNKUM =  they getting some hearsay of lucrative medical developments & practices   :


The `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts  1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux Josette clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND  became very long - nearly 3,000 pages plus photos etc.   READERS have appreciated that assembling the vast RECORDS was not easy :   I had to bring this HISTORY of GOOD PEOPLE with EVIL snake-bike creatures  able to be LAWLESS so long as their were WEALTH OF NATIONS coming to them by IMPERIAL WESTMINSTER SCOTS MOONLIGHTERS down the 20th century by decades : 


  YET SO TERRIBLE IS THE 20th century DESTRUCTION OF THIS PURE ESTATE AROUND THE GLOBE it became necessary to include our family qualities recorded in other CENTURIES THUS THE READER IS SHOWN THOSE OF GOOD HEART with a care of the HEIMAT/HOMESTEAD


and the 20th century MANIAC HATRED of us by they who HATH NO CARE of the green and blue world   because they have become removed by GLITZ THE GLOBE LOST A living model and  DISPLAY OF PEACE  by the illegal & vindictive demolition of our `delicate flower garden` with included the GROTE HOMES and the slaying of the children and the on going killings to lay hands on seashores, transport investments, and rob our vast amounts of moneys put into medical progress




1961 SUMMER :   At Colne Engaine Colchester & LONDON

ANDRE MALRAUX is now a Member of the French Government as Cultural Minister  - his two young sons dead in a car crash May 1961 …    “ THEY called out  “ FROGS LEGS - WE ARE IN CHARGE OF THE FORTUNE ”    ANDRE that summer came in his grief to Colne Engaine … He got some more of it in London town … ALL of THEM … brutal swine …  “ FROGS LEGS … We are in charge of THE FORTUNE … ”


1960 January - MALRAUX learns of an Estate worldwide he is GUARDIAN to - this was included when he gladly accepted GUARDIANSHIP of Greta Ransom … October 1937 … receiving in Paris OCTOBER 1937 a letter of thanks from her Aunt Margaret Grote = it said  “ YOU WILL HEAR MORE  ”  :   He never did … WAR CAME early September 1939 :   that he lived is a miracle = for BRITISH & SCANDINAVIAN GUNS were out TO KILL HIM  …


 The BRITISH GOVERNMENT & its LORDS & SONS & the woman crowned in May 1937 “ after kicking out her brother-in-law ”  was IN PURPLE SILENCE “ … claiming ALL the ESTATE of THE OLD ESKIMO” as these vulgar Scots & Scandinavians called the eminently learned fluent in 12 languages at University level & higher … and many more languages of the children of the TIGGY GROTE HOMES worldwide educating from infancy to 18 or 22 years of age : 


… GROTE provide QUALITY REAL HOMES … which the BRITISH & SCANDINAVIAN Aristocrats & some FIGURES from MORGUES wish to demolish … They bray that  there must be NO education for Apes-Eskimos-fussy-wuzzy ones-wrong coloured ones … all children WHO DO NOT KNOW THEIR FATHERS ` … 


BUT … as a 2nd cousin of the British Royal family says 1950s  `few of us know our fathers for sure - some of us not our mothers ` …  The person prefers to live mostly OFF SHORE … having managed to get a good & useful education :   Here and there are a few HUMAN BEINGS … like US …


1960 February :   The Courier sent by General de GAULLE to receive a package of GROTE RANSOM ESTATE documents, including WILLS of Margaret Grote with MALRAUX name as GUARDIAN, the Will of TIGGY GROTE, the WILL of FRED RANSOM & his wife Gertrud nee Poulsen grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER genius, polymath, Trader, Catechist died 1765...


…  This valuable package from New York and Argentina had various carbon copies of letters showing the disgusting PERSECUTION of the ESTATE & the RANSOM & WEDDELL families … and killings … were REMOVED from the package of the COURIER … he arrived back in FRANCE and had to wait 2 hours to see General de Gaulle = he was stunned asleep with SEDATIVES in a REPAST … the package opened by NAVAL INTELLIGENCE THUGS … a few not so important Papers were left :   


… Over the next weeks, then months … some short messages were said to come from General de GAULLE :    These were found by the General and Malraux, March 1962, TO HAVE NOT BEEN SENT BY THEM :    These FAKES say  ` Consulting with other Leaders` etc - etc … :    de GAULLE comments   “  A GIGANTIC OBSCENE PIECE OF STATECRAFT by GROSS Britannique … ”




OUR ESKIMO GENES  :   Poul 6` 5” tall has a three quarters  Eskimo- quarter French mother and a part Eskimo CHINESE father - the family are descended from a Chinese Scholar of over 6 feet tall buried in West Greenland 1601 = he comes from a settlement of cultured Northern Chinese near CHANGSHA - I Greta Ransom W. met one of this line of my ancestors in 1986 at QUINGDAO : 


MEMO :    20th century GROSS BRITAIN & NORWAY & DANISH frolicking GHOULS should be told in public to STOP THEIR FOUL MOUTHS - they should have ALL our ESTATE moneys taken off their families … and be put to heavy work =  A RESTORATION of our DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN AROUND THE GLOBE :   


… If they are CAUTIONED in Public, displayed on DISCO SCREENS, with their crimes listed beside them, then at least the too trusting PUBLIC of `TOP DOGS` BRITAIN can be warned :   




1966/1967 = An evil role given to WHITEHEAD TWINS invited to join in the illegal sadistic SMASH & GRAB of our RANSOM-GROTE Estate November 1967 came less than a month after PJPW he twin working in FISHES the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM South Kensington gave me G.R. a wedding ring & two children age 6 and nearly 7 years … the children he and his mother have claimed from the white mother MAVIS LUCINDA ELIZABETH nee TAIT/or TATE/ she legally the wife 1953 Northern Ireland of the good Barrister Clem Ardwings-Kodek Appointed Minister of GAME & TOURISM KENYA :  


1960 November onwards :   CA-K has been supporting his wife & their two older children while she visited England to stay with her mother - he asked her to return and bring the babe expected back with her - they would say it was the child of her mother …  (  The father PJPW had a job lined up in Malaya :  he was asked to leave KENYA  ( earlier tricks with his elder twin brother in Kenya … )  He was refused scientific work in Malaya :   He had to return to England :  


… This history is already recorded & MAVIS it becomes clear later intended returning to KENYA with her three children … In 1961 a second is born to she & PJPW … I enter this in October 1966 :   matters are handled by well meaning BRITISH MUSEUM NATURAL HISTORY staff :   PJPW tells me `You have done nothing with your life - come and help me raise two children` …`  His problems, they believe are from mother-brother-another … The BMNH has much experience of them in KENYA :


1966 October - Dr Humphrey Greenwood of LAKE VICTORIA FISHES says  “ …  this woman mother of 4 children now wishes to return to her Kenya husband - she has been invaluable to him in the struggle for KENYA Independence - we have approached the elder twin with the big place, the title, but the difficulties for Peter may have been made by the mother trying to get money … He seems to be carrying the flag for you … … … ”  


I have just returned from 6 weeks in GREECE with my cousins - they have a marriage to a noble Greek family …

My cousin Richard & I, born 1933 and 1939, carry the responsibility of keeping mute on the difficulties with Scotland and British  Aristocrats  = the madness of my mother Teresa Elizabeth nee GORDON … We are advised by the elders in our families since 1945 !   ARISTOCRATS RULE the BRITISH GOVERNMENT … they have SLAIN the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … we must not pass this dangerous situation to the young :


 … They WHITEHEAD TWINS are a small part of the rise of HEROIN and other DOPES ruling  British upper crust life heavily by the 1960s And scavengers with TITLES were now well into dirty deals of world Finance :     DAVE LINDSAY and his aristocrat gang, Cur James the PIMP via CHINA & Glamis Castle


  and that obscene paedophile G.P.-with reluctance Hong Kong, Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON now and then seen with Royal figures of Scandinavia and Britain on tropical jaunts and visits :  He was known as `PEER IN WAITING` :     MENGELE is not yet disqualified and exposed by the nervous BMA =  BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION   That is not until 1981 :    And even after that date he continued to wreak more horrendous sadistic crimes against the innocent - he is KICKED into HELL in 1992 :    




…  AND IN EXCHANGE FOR THIS ASSISTANCE IN HIDING THE GENOCIDE OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN by ANGELA & LINDSAY-LINDSEY & other criminally insane they may PICK AND CHOOSE PARTS OF THE RANSOM MIRACLE ENCIRCLING THE EARTH … THEY CAN JOIN WITH DAVE LINDSEY AND GANG  (Lord & Count this and that he calls himself- a very very distant cousin to my RANSOM FAMILY … from an 1830 marriage !   DAVE LINDSEY IS THE LUNATIC OF CANADA - he keeps his wife and kids in great style on BLOOD & GORE DRIPPING STOLEN MONEYS  … he should be painted on a pyramid of GROTE children bones … … … )


1967 - 1990s & continuing in many ways   … … …  :





`S A N C T U S    S P I R I T U S`   : 

  A Day or Week Book of the young soldier of 10 languages perfectly … FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM … and many other languages from educating weeks here weeks there around the globe in the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN educating to 18 or 22 and onwards :   


THIS IS BUILDING FROM THE RECORDS ON SANCTUS SPIRITUS …: The name of a Journal of our lives that my 21 years old father kept … THE READER WILL ENJOY MY 1st BIRTHDAY … They made me a crown of fresh wild raspberry leaves … and we had a picnic … the families found I was a happy babe in  spite of terrible attacks on me from 1 week old :   BUT WHEN I SAW LINDSAY-LINDSEY or JIMMIE JONG … or my mother TERESA GORDON R … I looked scared :  



READERS exhausted by `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts = `1937 SUMMER` can now turn to the 2012-2013 AD short pieces on JIMDO    ( I begin to understand the cunning weaving in and out of EVIL CREATURES to lay hands on MONEY and KUDOS )   :


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in the middle of the piece on `De GAULLE, MALRAUX & BLACKMAIL` you will find a Sailor King talking Buckingham Palace at his last Christmas 1935/January 1936 … & speaking about hearing from my grandpa Frederick Charles Ransom when he had grown up the awful tale of horror of receiving the dead body of his mother Millie Frobisher into his arms when he was 14 years of age in 1897 :     She was 33 years old … she never looked more than 17 years old …


… MILL who in my childhood sat on the stairs at `JERUSALEM` that dear tiny house by the little Park Deptford … I would curtsey to her … LENNIE would say  ` wait a mo MILL - we will take you skating soon`   :  In 1934 we had MIN (Minerva Olivea Hesketh Mrs James Weddell II on the stairs too …)   WE DID THIS TO KEEP my grandpa happy :    ( father of my father, Dr John and LENNIE )   


1930s … There was nothing morbid … we went in SOCIETY where they MILL and MIN my great-grandmothers  had been known and appreciated … IT MADE MANY PEOPLE HAPPY WHEN WE SPOKE ABOUT THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS … A treat for us was for Grandpa/father of Lennie/ to take us by taxi to a certain SOHO shop that made ICE-CREAM … we would return with canister of LEMON ICE CREAM … Grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom had been taken here by his young mother when he was in single figures : 


… this Soho shop would be known to old X. Marcel BOULESTIN that very useful SENSIBLE FRENCH COOK … he does not die until 1946 I think … He wanted to be a writer- or an artist- or an interior designer … BUT HE COULD COOK FROM HIS CHILDHOOD in rural FRANCE … So he turned out cook books with lovely text … and opened a restaurant Leicester Square 1925 …  :



 My great grandma the tiny blonde haired scholar, skater, who with school friends ran GREEK ARTS & DANCING fell in love with the widower of SYLVIA Henshaw of Canada - SYLVIA whom we always had a MASS said for had no children & took 14 years to die of a cancer :  she was an educationalist :  


… So we, RANSOMS,  all EXISTED because tragic Sylvia had no children - lovely photos of them on Honeymoon 1860s existedas they went around the globe calling at RANSOM ancestors - including OKINAWA of the marriage 1504 Bruges to the Lady of Japan - thus Sylvia and 15 years later MILLICENT Frobisher Mrs JOHN RANSOM are received at the CHRYSTHANTHEUM COURT of JAPAN …


1897 - MILLIE FROBISHER was murdered by two 2nd cousins of the LINDSAY EARLS & LORDS and their GANG … :  


MEMORANDUM  :     The Sailor King was also a friend of Ethel Smyth British composer she writes some SEA MUSIC  … we learn in these Reports of his last CHRISTMAS that he liked composer PURCELL /FAIRY QUEEN & DIDO QUEEN of CARTHAGE … he wrote much for the GIRLS SCHOOL of SAINT PAUL London  …  :   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



  Discerning Readers have taken another look at THAT ABDICATION 1936 December  :    NNB:    Here is a Realm of Aristocrats and they cannot have a bad word said about them - they have become DIVINE in the newspapers & BBC  yet this aristocratic Realm goes `bananas` over their heir to the Crown he a man entered into humanism and his companion is an American woman divorced - BECAUSE NEITHER OF THEM WILL AGREE TO DEMOLISH THE WORLDWIDE GROT E HOMES FOR CHILDREN or THIEVE FROM THE ANCIENT RANSOM ESTATE a MIRACLE OF SOCIAL ENGINEERING :   


 … in about 30 odd years ahead the present Reader can take a look at their divorces     The American woman 1936 is said to be the MATTER in the way of DIVINE IMPERIAL BRITISH ARISTOCRATS … … …     


 The 20th century may have produced at the top of its COIN-LESS IMPERIAL PYRAMID & coin-less rampart some of the most coarse uncouth insane dope-soaks in GROSS BRITAIN

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The just begun `stills` photos are with the intention of making a documentary/movie we have more to do :     BUT WINTER HAS COME :

I must attire myself again as that FUNERARY ANGEL so named by ANDRE MALRAUX :   1961 May bereaved of his 2 sons of JOSETTE CLOTIS    Georges-Andre came to our renaissance party March 18/19th 1972 The Pillar House HARWELL VILLAGE an exploration of the music & foods, and clothes  and atmosphere of the 15th-16th centuries young friends helped as it began to develop as a delightful project :  POLITIAN ARTHUR MALONE & his STUDENT from the MEDICI STUDIOLO :   I was not to know this was my Uncle LENNIE IMMANUEL RANSOM … he had disappeared from my conscious world in 1939 autumn :    Monsters were at their DOPE & MEMORY REMOVE DIRTY TRICKS AS USUAL :  



OK EDITED ABOVE - Thursday 2nd week March …



 (((   I will put on web the files of this evening and the PHOTOS to be taken will be me in same attire in front of the same furniture and the oversize drawings of renaissance figures done by husband of 1967 Peter J.P. Whitehead of British Museum NATURAL HISTORY February 1972 his contribution to the growing excitement of creating a piece of history with little cost but just our resourcefulness


  So much Early centuries MUSIC was now on LONG PLAYING RECORDS so we had 5 speakers wired in to the decorated rooms - and a reconstructed Taverna in the little kitchen/pantry manned by young men dressed as 15th century figures from paintings - their velvet caps they found in Carnaby Street WINES were of the renaissance and the food I was inspired by a Banquet Leonardo da VINCI did for the SZORZA family Milan in shades of SILVER GOLD and BLUES by candlelight we decided to not risk flaming torches    :    


1972 March - MALRAUX had just returned from USA talking with President NIXON about CHINA He said, amazed,    this is the best party I have ever been to in a home, a home I DID NOT THINK THIS COULD BE DONE in a home  


1972 :   MALRAUX  knew the RANSOM ancestry 15th-16th centuries by the 1960s & NIXON had heard some from his young years :  He says `after the killing of President Kennedy so much had to be kept under wraps, laid away, while the USA Nation was got on even keel again `  :    So that MALRAUX at the Pillar House Harwell `renaissance evening` March 1972 knows the important HISTORIES of the RANSOM descending families through the centuries


The permission to fly the personal flag of the Moslem navigator XHENG HE` Admiral of the China Seas :   on my web sites



INCA-PORTUGAL :   The descending straight Jesuit humanist-science educated line of WEDDELL RANSOM families via Catholic philosopher-historian-Ice Ships south and Acting Governor for SPAIN my grandpa 3 times back is Yahmha Josef SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel of PERU & Tierra del Fuego - we descend in a few  generations from a 5 years old son of the brother of the last 16th century Emperor of Peru : 


  ( this male line mainly Jesuit educated married after 40 years of age except for one marrying in his 20s - some daughters Portugal have early 20th century branches )


This 5 years old son of HUALASCA brother of ATAHUALPA is saved by Priests and the next generations descending raised by Jesuits mainly in Portugal before visiting PERU  :    Thus in 1936 I Greta Ransom took the INCA holy post of care of WELFARE of the FAMILIES for the INCA Photos of me, 3 years old, taking the 3 part Ceremony were well known to some newspapers - the ceremony begins with my wearing a robe of Gold the last change of clothes is to the Hessian robe with the skull over my face : 


 I AM NOW the INCA DAUGHTER OF THE MOON and SISTER OF THE SUN my role is 5,000 years old it may be older :


From birth I HAD RECEIVED EARLY LEARNING FROM MY FATHER  `young Fred, my pedagogue :   My mother was quite insane on dopes with her Noble chums they only wanted to tear at the ESTATE as usual and keep the BRITISH EMPIRE going because that gave them the opportunities to steal with violence and fraud and also for a nasty queer FUN : 


1936 PERU :   I did not let the families and our peoples down :   I showed my kindness and intelligence and understanding of THE HOMES and our Ransom lands and investments and my coming ROLE to take care of the INCA families This was first at a big meeting in a University with an assembly of men in morning suits I had two cushions brought me to the great chair in the middle of the long table and answered questions put to me My uncle has in his diary :


my niece was asked a question she began  `If you will look at the matter in this way, Gentlemen `   They almost lost their dignity but kept calm faces We had taught her well she received an Hon Degree in the name of Aunt Mag & they look forward to supervising her future education as well `    LIR et al

I can since 1936 be called  ` niece of Atahualpa  =   daughter of the MOON and sister of the SUN   :  


1938/1939 -  I will return to South America for the GROTE humanism curriculum schooling and languages when I am 5/6 years old   and the plan from the children of the South American THOMAS GROTE HOMES is that I come first to the MAYA children, then to the INCA then to the MONTEVIDEO children - I have met them all & they know my family and welcome Lennie my young Uncle back with them :


HORROR :   June 1936 I was illegally kidnapped back to Britain to more bodily violence and abductions by MOONLIGHT ORDERS WESTMINSTER aristocrat titled sluts and runts my passport and my international passport taken - my father too  :   This is the Continent of Europe & I cannot find or recall which nation - Switzerland ?  Spain ?  Italy ?   The Ambassador of the `BRITISH SCREW`/Embassy personally took my little case with frocks bought me by Mrs Edgar VARESE wife of the composer,  & our shopping to get me real girls clothes with other American ladies in New York This Diplomatic crook had 2 girls my age !   I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL  : 


AUTUMN 1936  :   My young father insists on going to LAW in Britain :   We are entitled to have our passports back - they were illegally confiscated and I KIDNAPPED BACK BY THE BRITISH DIPLOMATIC SCREW of which ever free nation it was on the Continent of Europe :    We win the Passports back twice but are told twice `papers have not arrived at the Passport office - no trace ..`   THIS IS CORRUPTION FROM THE GOVERNMENT LORDS and CROWN of GROSS BRITAIN who wish to secretly take hold of the worldwide Estate to continue with their very seedy sleazy coarse uncouth LIVES    It has to be understood that  The Sailor King George 5 died in January 1936 after sitting down to his dinner   and immediately the MOONLIGHTING debauched SCOTTISH bog trotters of theft by violence have kicked out the coming King  :     It should be noted by READERS that he `Ned 8`  and his father FAVOURED the GROTE HOMES and our worldwide RANSOM ESTATE 90 per cent of it outside the BRITISH EMPIRE  and all funding the `Delicate Flower Garden` of highly intelligent Trade and PHILANTHROPY  :   


1936 PERU and the INCA :   I am now in training, a role given me by my Grandmother Jean Weddell Ransom ballerina `the Firebird` she the granddaughter of the Roman Catholic daughter of SAN JULIAN `Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian` who became Mrs James Weddell 1824 James Weddell is a friend of her father and she did not especially notice he was older because she had grown up with him   She knew that her marriage would have her be safe from fortune hunters & BRITISH and SCANDINAVIAN and European RACISTS She had a superior education and had visited ROME :    HOWEVER the British Admiralty who from the 18th century had sailed into DIRTY TRADE South America and did not want the QUAKER JAMES WEDDELL Navigator returning 1829 to his wife and sons because he is offered the post by Spain of FULL GOVERNOR he was a prisoner at Deptford :


After his navigation of the Sub-arctic sea that he named after the King George III he was not allowed to return his wife aged 21 was killed they had 2 sons James and John Weddell - we descend from James - and John had 13 children from 2 marriages - Cousin Actor Clarke Gable being one of the grandchildren of AELOVEDAH & JAMES WEDDELL The SEA is named WEDDELL SEA after pressure from eminent QUAKER FAMILIES but great-great grandpa James had died by then :   I knew his pretty young wife my great-great grandma from drawings and writings and a braid of her hair as I grew up in the 1930s-early 1940s I have described her trousseau she is known as THE ICE WHITE BRIDE   :  


The AELOVEDAH-Maria is an INCA role dating to perhaps 5,000 years back or more :   CARE OF THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN and the HOMES :   A similar but less developed WELFARE role comes to me from the Tierra del Fuego via the mother of 3 times back grandpa Yah Josef SAN JULIAN -  Our line is from his only child the INCA Miss San Julian Roman Catholic line  :    They are the grandparents of my grandmother JEAN WEDDELL ballerina Mrs Frederick Charles RANSOM 1909 :   I knew them all well from photos, drawings, their biographies and I had until 1945 a braid of hair of my great-great grandmother THE AELOVEDAY-Maria of THE INCA



PERU :   Descendants of the brother of ATAHUALPA A male child of a very few months old survived - also born to the wife of Huaasca brother of Atahualpa is saved from the 16th century  SPANISH slaughter of the INCA    but this line does not get the superior protection of the 5 years old & his descendants -  But it was kept safe in Peru :    this line of the younger child had a male descendant in the 1940s/1950s/1960s      We hear 1972 of him    ` a little boisterous & without our distinguished learning I am not certain he has survived I was told of his existence as fact by most reliable circles but they too feared for his safety `  This has all been done by your Nation by the criminally insane scared of being found out in the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN they have employed mainly the British State to remove all evidence`   


   ` We could do little after Kennedy died 1963 and Andre bereaved of his two sons 1961 if my brother John helped I do not know he and your father are killed in 1969

( Frederick John Ransom & Dr J. RAY Ransom )    LIR et al circa 1972   



after the death of President Kennedy the RANSOM families lacked a good humanist supporter for the Estate which, of course, had to be kept low level to avoid blood baths happening around the earth after this ARISTOCRATS British Genocide of all the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN during 2nd World War :           






REMINDERS - for kind READERS  :     THE ESTATE in 3 PARTS :   THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide educating to 18/22 years of age  ( outside the BRITISH EMPIRE ) 

 and RANSOM families `JOYOUS VENTURE` Estate 1,000 years plus worldwide  :   RANSOM families being of 14 Races & 27 Nations as they SAIL DOWN THE CENTURIES : 


(   photos of me, Greta Ransom, taken autumn 2012, wearing my same clothes from dates of some of this history text show I am not that `APE Eskimo` jeered at by Angela & daughter Lizzy Windsor & the LINDSAYBUGGARHS & their sub-sub-sub dope soaks    


  The LEGAL WILL of Margaret nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote USA citizen finalized from 1933 March WILL naming Greta Ransom born 11 March 1933 :   Ransom Families & Grote BROKERS Wall Street New York are in charge of the Estate come by killings of her male RANSOM heirs to my Aunt Margareth nee Ransom widow Thomas Immanuel Grote born a USA citizen (descendant of philosopher F. I. KANT families)    `OUR GIRL OF THE GREENLAND SNOWS ` the Buenos Aries Solicitors of her father found 1830 are the continuing good administrators of the `DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN AROUND THE GLOBE` named `JOYOUS VENTURE` :  the whole ESTATE is Philanthropy & funded from 18th-19th century investments into TRANSPORT/TECHNOLOGY/some mining/care of the SEA SHORES OF THE GLOBE and its FORESTS and green lands reaching to the SEAS EDGES of the whole world OUTSIDE the BRITISH EMPIRE  (the Quakers, Nonconformists are crushed by the blitz of glitz from the top of an Imperial Pyramid from 1937 MAY a Family of imperials, nearly all related, had a gathering in an old London Abbey of Church of England faith :






   the Whitehead twins have been using in London a Banking CROOK : 




( !   The Reader should beware of my spelling of the above name it might be `Christophson ? Or Christophsen ?  )  


Peter (PJPW)   of the Natural History Museum has been reported calling himself a MILLIONAIRE abroad :    this is the ESTATE of RANSOM moneys & he and his brother with the title (RJRW)  have deceived you and your families & ANDRE MALRAUX Guardian to his early death  : 


they are scavengers and Reports on them from 9-10 years of age have people speaking of their deceit and lies :    When you made a Match with the younger in October 1967 immediately they were given permission to take over your Estate November 1967 & they agreed with the titled crooks to take ALL postal communications to you and keep away Visitors from abroad enquiring about the DESTRUCTION & DEMOLITION of this Philanthropy Estate in their small nations - and to insult your families and your father


at the beginning  (1967/68)  they have been told in full the commencement of this FRAUD, the horrible killing of the children and the persecution of many Acting legally for this Estate :   Great Britain & its Crowns never had ANY claim to this Estate worldwide :  if they had they would have blazed this fact all over the globe to hang on to their KUDOS their Empire was fading     : 


SINCE THE DEATH OF ANDRE MALRAUX it is discovered the twins have been advertising YOUR inheritance on the computer - asking for any offers for your properties :   This is illegal - they are backed by the EARL of LINDSEY and his gang & various silent voices :   Your father and your Uncles were legally in control of your Inheritance after the UNNATURAL deaths of your father and his brother   ( a USA citizen Dr John RAY Ransom )  :

These are deformed men   they have committed criminal Acts since their youth - one nasty crime in 1946 was discovered in Paris & Records examined carefully - it was decided to give them a chance because of the unusual connections to KENYA  :


JOSEPH CHRISTOPH is a BANKING CROOK sometime in London :    they are selling off as quickly as possible the ESTATE to which they have NO LAWFUL CLAIM & they do know it


  the elder twin has known of the Estate since he went into the City of London in the 1960s :      NOW that ANDRE MALRAUX is dead  (November 1976)   they are hurriedly selling for `offers` all buildings, houses, everything abroad that is sited near the former HOMES of the children :


They are cunning greedy men they never had such moneys before :  they keep money from their robberies of the Estate in other nations UNDER THEIR NAMES - as the Earls of LINDSAY and others have managed to do since the GENOCIDE of the children during the War :   they rely on public school arrogance & connections and drawling speech and titles to continue with this bloody crime their crimes against your families since 1969 are very ugly they have been trampling on your name abroad   


They are heard quipping in Clubs that you should not have been born  


(  WHITEHEAD TWINS  :  They are a disgrace to their immediate forebears those great QUAKER & Nonconformist families that gave them life for 200 years ( observations :  GFWMCae.Ransom/W :   RATHBONE/GREG/REYNOLDS/DARBY et al  )




 ADD :    PHOTOGRAPHS of interest : 








SOUTH AMERICA 1967 - 1990s



WHITEHEAD TWINS RJRW & PJPW -  born 1930 Kenya Colony -





1967 November London :

HOW DID THE WHITEHEAD TWINS GET THEIR CRIMINAL PERMISSION TO DESTROY THE RANSOM ESTATE :   Administered by the 3 RANSOM BROTHERS men of high moral code :   the first heir is Greta Ransom and her heir and co-heir is Len Immanuel Ransom :    The legal WILL has been operating overseas since 1933 and 1937  : 


From 1937 October ANDRE MALRAUX is the GUARDIAN to the entire Estate - a role that is protection and spokesman - this role has nothing at all to do with MONEY or SALE of the PROPERTIES :


October 1967 a quiet marriage is made between the twin PJPW a worker in the BM Natural History Museum - he has 2 children born out of wedlock ages 7 and 6 years :    I am informed we will live on his salary from the Museum - he is still a Junior Scientific Officer but is up-graded in a few months :  


PJPW had no Capital :   a house on hp with down payment made by his Uncles who run the Family Solicitors & are Trustees of the Whitehead Baronetcy Funds :    I had experience of working in museums since 19 years of age :   Criminals, the insane, twisters, cons, crooks, did not work in Museums  :   the work we do was too exciting - one understood more and more what the big world was about :  


1960s :  The Uncles Gilbert Rathbone Whitehead K.C. and Kaye Blyth K.C.  do not know that the elder twin Sir Rowland W. is in debt from 1962 :     This had reached 45,000 pounds in January 1970 - both uncles Trustees were dead :   a young Cousin Tom Blyth was faced with this surprise : 


…   Rowland had known what the name RANSOM had attached to it from 1966 November - he sniggered behind his hand to his twin Peter in Oxford … I Greta Ransom did not understand this curious bad manners by him over my name …



1967/1968 =   The older family members both sides helped provide an old village house Harwell and household goods … gifts were especially generous from the families of Greta Ransom the GORDON branches & POTTER branches :    SADLY … it was proved years later that generous gifts were sent by the RANSOM families but that these were taken and SOLD  - some were sold by PJPW in the Museums of South Kensington to young couples for less than the price : 


My father Army Captain Frederick John RANSOM 2nd World War and his brother Dr John RAY Ransom USA STATE DEPARTMENT/NASA previously, and Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM my heir & co-heir were told 1967/1968 Christmastide that they were relieved of the Management of this Family worldwide ESTATE :    


This was done by threatening visits from the maniac Sir James Steward of WHITES Club 1950s & the paedophile Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON - both these are chums from pre-war days of Dickie Mountbatten RN & his nephew Phil the Greek RN :    My mother is a friend from 1919 of ANGELA Bowes Lyon who got a Crown in 1937 - both of them are Roaring 20s MAD and say that an OLD ESKIMO gave them this ESTATE : 


…  All these dope & liquor and GOOD TIMERS have made my life frightening since I was born in 1933 :    And from then on I am made heir with Len my uncle who is 12 years older than me - we used to be best friends pre-war and travelled the world in the Estate small planes and nice ships with Uncle Rear Admiral Alfred Charles RANSOM RN and our families RANSOM WEDDELL and Frobisher :     But WAR came 1939 and MADNESS was stepped up by these criminally insane of the Roaring 20s who call our Estate ELDORADO :      But these are the creatures who had the GROTE CHILDREN worldwide slain so they could SELL ON the lands & make BRITAIN and its coin less aristocrats RICH after the 2nd World War  :     

2013 AD  :   Greta Ransom for Ransom family & LIR my co-heir and heir … and ANDRE MALRAUX a  Man of Letters who is our legal GUARDIAN :


…   The full nasty details are in this work … `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Clotis Greta ransom Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND published on the web 2011 AD January begins this long HISTORY of GOOD PEOPLE and EVIL CREATURES :   Small but very relevant pieces follow … some parts of the above site continue on the web site … etc with WORDPRESS sometimes assisting & necessary messages on TWITTER etc




NOTA BENE :    A RANSOM house bought in the late 18th century in HALF MOON STREET London was stolen by the Whitehead twins and sold by Sir Rowland J.R. Whitehead and his business chums of the shady parts of the CITY of LONDON :

I WANT THIS HOUSE BACK … the crooks who stole it can be made to buy this historic RANSOM site back - I expect they have pulled down the house and sold the land for millions of pounds - and had a criminal SHAREOUT  : 


I WANT AN ANSWER FROM THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN as to how the WHITEHEAD TWINS & their buddies GOT THIS CRIMINAL PERMISSION from HIGH CIRCLES to oblige the Crown ???    They were given PERMISSION to take PART IN THE DEMOLITION OF OUR RANSOM ESTATE ???  …  And had use of the BRITISH Diplomatic Services around the world ???

THEY WILL SAY BY TELEPHONE CALL  `WE ARE INVESTIGATING`   …  The Whitehall Moonlight department have a century of this ` we are investigating` : 


RECALL :    “  THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING FOR THIS MONEY … WE KNEW ABOUT IT WHEN I WAS IN THE CITY …”  says a retired City worker 1970 … you are too young to be in charge Peter … ”



1936/1937 - The woman ANGELA of the Bowes Lyon Family the WHITEHEAD TWINS have known since age 6 years   (she was trying collar them as Wards of Court after a divorce of their parents)   and the well known Premier Earls of LINDSAY and LINDSEY tribe … both are of bad blood circles Scotland, have been known to these WHITEHEAD TWINS since school days and University :  


 … NB:   Rowland J.R.  Whitehead early 1950s at Cambridge University was refused British Diplomatic Training because

“  … he is found to be dishonest … he cannot tell the truth :   the younger twin Peter is interested in natural history and it is hoped he may pull through = it is hoped both of them will return to KENYA where they were born … the divorced mother had criminal mental problems from age 17 years … … … ”   


MOTHER BRITAIN … you have already given the GROTE HOMES ORPHANS wide world a fun GENOCIDE 1938 kick-off NORWAY seashore fast rising tide … continued with big Royal Navy British Ships standing at 2 miles out while LINDSAY & their thugs go ashore and slaughter by night … around the globe … continuing until Mexico 1954  SO HOW COME YOU IN SECRET EMPLOY THE WHITEHEAD TWINS :  


1967 November :    WITHOUT INFORMING ME OR MY FAMILY RANSOM IN THE USUAL LEGAL WAY, your Government Lords for their Crown tell this pair - WHITEHEAD TWINS -  who have given PROBLEMS enough to honourable people :   AND WHERE HAVE YOU GOT THIS 1967 AUTHORITY TO MANHANDLE OUR ESTATE SOME MORE ???     YOU ARE MOONLIGHTING AS USUAL :


YOUR CRIMINALLY INSANE aristocrats HAVE SAVAGED ANDRE MALRAUX ENOUGH 1950s & 1960s … he had his 2 sons killed in 1961 !    After he had received certain documents and information of his full GUARDIANSHIP to this Estate :    It was discovered that GROSS BRITAIN had been stealing his correspondence and playing the same criminal tricks played on me and my RANSOM families :   







1968 on-going :   ROBBERY of NUNS & MONKS -

grants & equipment to Convents, Monasteries the globe  :

All these establishments 19th/20th centuries are helping with WELFARE

 in the nations outside the BRITISH EMPIRE later calling itself COMMON- WEALTH   :


1967 November :   A new wave of criminally insane sent by GROSS BRITAIN to savage the lands of the GROTE HOMES upon the RANSOM ESTATE  :

The born 1930 Kenya Whitehead twins RJRW & PJPW with mental problems since childhood,  sometimes accompanied by DAVE LINDSEY & Gang  = = = 


= = =  David Lindsey future Premier Earl Lindsey No 15 = he that  `metal Spade wheeler` of Clacton beaches East 1930s  :

Dirty Jimmie Cur James & sometimes & too often that baby savaging paedophile Dr (1948 Hong Kong given with reluctance) Dr Mengele HARRINGTON :  he of the prison sentence Continent and several commitments in NUT HOUSES - LOONY BINS - CRANKY HOUSES = Psychiatric Clinics & ASYLUMS :  


See DEBRETT Peerage - where Premier Earls Scotland & Gross Britain  LINDSAY-LINDSEY should be represented by skull & crossbones …  & a BIG BLACK HOLE  = with their victims names written in gold on separate pages  …  : 



NB :   1950s - 1988 :  REPORTS of USA Agents et al


This old style IMPERIAL SNATCH & GRAB & KILLING FOR MONEY is surprisingly updated 1988 China & Central America to Greta Ransom heir to the Estate by visitors to her - one from the Washington State Department of AMERICA - matter of the disappearance of her Uncle Dr John RAY Ransom  “ … Very highly respected …  expected back for  US SENATE WORK ”         : 


1988 Greta Ransom W  :   … Many good people never met before …  some reminded her she held an ancient INCA WELFARE thousands of years old hereditary role `DAUGHTER of the MOON & SISTER of the SUN  … This role is the special care of the women and children and their homes, to see that the streets are clean and clear to walk upon, that they have good clothes & bedding & the equipment of the household and the food preparation :   that the stores will be forthcoming from the work of the men and the bartering required for the Seasons :   That she may intervene politely with pleas, ideas, to the Council of the Men especially always where it concerns the welfare of the families of our peoples :   That she give comfort in sickness and in death … & that after death those good people live on in their deeds and their ideas :  


…  this ROLE originating thousands of years ago in SOUTH AMERICA is from the 16th century INCA family of the INCA direct line father of Josef Yah. SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel  - they a direct line from a 5 years old boy protected at the Spanish Slaughter of the INCA 16th century - transferred to Portugal and educated for some generations by Jesuits et al :


The DAUGHTER of the MOON & SISTER of the SUN title is given to a female related to these ancient Families of SCIENTISTS and HORTICULTURALISTS & ASTROPHYSICISTS of the INCA …


In TIERRA del FUEGO a similar role, not so developed, comes to my family SAN JULIAN of the INCA direct line from his mother an heiress to an ancient family, with her brother, of pre-SPANISH CONQUEST days :   The nearest to the pre-Spanish name is  `PAN OWH SHAEY`  - then it becomes overlaid with the SPANISH TONGUE & seems to be in 1936  `MAN ` E` LA` EUS … something like that I hear when we visit them our cousins of TIERRA DEL FUEGO :   Their history was recorded by the SPANISH in the 16th century when they made a very full written document of their lands and their customs and their names and ancestry  :    SAN JULIAN had all this collected in his library - I saw it 1936 and my grnadmaother JEAN WEDDELL Mrs Frederick Charles RANANDRE MALRAUX - file 1A :

Begun 15 January 2013 AD : 


         (also on GROTE HOMES 1A)  (Both on JIMDO/Wordpress/ref. to this NEW work on TWITTER :

Posted/published 15 January 2013


He is appointed full GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES worldwide for children educating to 18/22 years and onwards and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` a delicate flower garden encircling the globe   begun Palestine, Britain, Spain & France 10th century AD Georges ANDRE MALRAUX accepts October 1937


BRIEF introduction follows - 2 pages :