Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges


Introduction to www 2011 to Summer 1937


to this work named `SUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis & Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & West GREENLAND  


A work in 3 parts - HUMANISM 20th century history for good citizens everywhere of every nation - for the Historian the Scientist, Geographers, Sociologist, scholars, the Man/Woman of LETTERS - here is accurate valuable information on the world & its inhabitants animal vegetable mineral. 1945 a vile crime shocking men & women returned from 2nd World War has advice come from a privileged ruling Class & its high society & its departments of aristocratic government & Law that  they have committed the greatest crime of mankind - the LAW cannot deal with it - you must despatch where you may  


My colour code is designed to help readers locate information

& to assist understanding I sometimes use big headings with appropriate colours : for instance the Weddell homestead in the Argentine diary LIR ` HOUSE with the windows of LAVENDER PEARLS ` - cousin Clarke Gable is leaving for Hollywood having finished a film called SAN FRANCISCO 


I suggest that everyone (all Races of the globe) begin withSUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX Clacton-on-Sea & West Greenland  a holiday of mounting happiness of 5 weeks  but the early morning newspapers bring fear of another WAR with Germany  SPAIN & its bloody Civil War have brought to this English seaside town two young people shocked by their experiences in that Civil war of Spain- they are Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX young man of action & of LETTERS & Josette Clotis a young writer. So happy they became in this town & ESSEX-EAST ANGLIA where he found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT, that in October 1937 he gave written acceptance to GUARDIANSHIP of Greta Ransom coming 5 years of age 


MALRAUX did not understand that she was Aunt Mag Grote`s heirwith LIR her young uncle sub-heir to the greatest piece of PHILANTHROPY of the globe & that he Andre is offered GUARDIANSHIP to all the Estate  Aunt Margaret`s letter says he will hear more  This Estate, begun 1864 GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts has been offered him by the owner Margaret Ransom Grote who is familiar with his books & his good nature - The British Government & Crown waylaid his post/mail from Christmas 1937 & stole copy THE WILL to him MALRAUX, & a letter to The President of FRANCE from Mrs Grote herself  


The half Chinese-British JIM Jong born 1898 killed her 15th May 1938 Ayrshire  the Old Eskimo as Noble racist Britain calls this brilliantly clever & saintly woman of great fortune & for some days Jimmie Jong  a worker by moonlight for certain Scots Earls  is attempting blame the heir, the heirs  then savaging the whole family of Mrs Margaret Ransom Grote`s brother the deceased JOHN RANSOM with his wife Millie FROBISHER  families of the SEA 

 (in 1909 we RANSOM marry into the WEDDELL SEA via a Roman Catholic marriage of THE ICE WHITE BRIDE the highly educated Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian of the Noble INCA (her grandmother of Tierra del Fuego) to the Quaker JAMES WEDDELL MARINER  )


1937 Summer - the RANSOM family were at a rescue of a Missionary Coptic scholar young cousin 22 years old in SPAIN - The Premier Earl of Lindsay Crawford sent his family to claim their Estate  We have every hairpin & matchbox claimed by the insane LINDSAY unfortunately Greta has a great-great-great grandmother Lindsay !The Lindsay burned him alive in a marmalade Vat saying this young Pacifist fought on the wrong side - (diaries) they jeered, all 19 of them, ` a woman called `ANGELA` had given them this Estate at her Coronation 1937 ( 1936 her brother-in-law engaged to an American was found UNSUITABLE for the delicate British public )


1945 Paris writer Ernest Hemmingway offers Malraux a disused Jam factory North America for revenge - but MALRAUX tragic Catholic Widower of November 1944 thought he was being made a joke of & fled Paris  HE HAD RECEIVED NO POST/MAIL from AMERICA, BRITAIN, ARGENTINE  all opened, stolen, by secret-silence Decree of British Government & Crown  JOSETTE received the communications of 1944 GROTE USA -she died  


The GROTE HOMES are set upon lands collected for nearly 2,000 years by RANSOM mainline marrying foreign girls A-Z nations OUTSIDE the British Empire. These Ransom brides often had a dowry of a small piece of land where we, SEA TRADERS, can PULL the SHIP IN We are all in touch 1930s - we exchange Xmas cards with everyone - families had disappeared by 1945 & those surviving had horror to relate 

Nota Bene : the Berber family of Aurora 6-7th century Castile & our 3 Palestine lines of our Ransom brides of 11th-12th centuries - also we have Uncle Fred MacMurray New York Broker & Film Star & a cousin to ballerina grandmother Jean Weddell Ransom is Clarke Gable via our INCA Tierra del Fuego line of the R.C. scholar YahamaJosef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel direct descendant of the INCA Priest Ruler mathematician astronomers - Imperial Noble Britain & Norway call us `Apes & Eskimos 


 1504 Okinawa is a Ransom widower of Montrose marriage in Bruges Cathedral to `The Lady Japan` of an old Royal line Okinawa paintings of Phoebe Ransom Mainwarring of Montrose Scotland with her Japanese eyes were to be seen in famous pre-2nd World War collections 


Until the 2nd World War 1939 we are invited to great houses in England where our Frobisher line have relatives - Clouds/Taplow Court/Cliveden/ also invitations from Buckingham Palace & the Admiralty - Alexandra Palace is another kidnapping by JIM & Lindsay (Earl 14) two little Pimps - but INCA KIN had just taught me HOW THEY BUILD A MOUND  


We have days in DEPTFORD staying in our little house `Jerusalem` by the Park - we go with JEAN my granny ballerina, & we her young Ransom family join in her HOLY WORK 


We visit GROTE HOMES & the Estate & relatives 1935-1936 for 8 months -travelling to & from Greenland to the Magellan Straights ( a pair of legs dangle from a tree - he was given 3 chances - my Jurisprudence exams when I am 3 years 3 months will have me say `perhaps he needed to be examined by a doctor & have a rest in a hospital GROTE HOMES CHILDREN talking with us in Ecuador felt this was a good point  GROTE CHILDREN learn easily 4 languages & visit across the globe - the Ecuador Home had been to China 30 years before on our big boats & still wrote to each other & some made visits - they are working in teaching/science/welfare/medicine  or some liked to STAY HOME & farm 


1957 November I, age 24 years, am taken one cold misty damp night to a scary house of childhood fears - ANDRE MALRAUX has known my mother Teresa E. Gordon since 1924 Deauville-Paris. This house Hilldrop Crescent Highgate is where she & her aristocrat friends/fiends misbehaved in the 1920s  MALRAUX, whom I usually call Georges as his mother did, he began to say  If you wanted to write a novel   I have been working at COLCHESTER MUSEUM Roman CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis & said stoutly I DO NOT WRITE NOVELS ONLY TRUTH  HISTORY !  Perhaps not a polite thing to say to A MAN OF LETTERS - FRENCH  But, we have our creepy problems of the present day 1950s  my mother & her aristocratic fiends will NOT leave MALRAUX & I alone - we are followed about Scarlet Town (Foreign Spies code name for London)by their thugs - some called Naval Intelligence BILGE RATS  Rear Admiral Uncle Alfie Charles Ransom is now dead so there is no advice to be got 


This 20th century human History will have the reader sometimes travel via ancestral lines reaching back to 9th century East Coast Britain for the mother of MALRAUX/HISTON is her first recorded ancestors surname & BC Jutland for the RANSOM line of ` first known grandfather` Ransom who came to LONDINIUM 77 AD & created a nice job for himself in the ROMANA-British Empire  he had languages  With my Ransom families records & other branches, ANDRE MALRAUX & friends, I have put back upon the face of TIME those good human beings so viciously CULLED, SLAIN, REMOVED from PUBLIC RECORDS by Imperial Powers - those FIGURES FROM A MORGUE 


 good persons & their graves & evidence of their existence removed by the British Government & Nobles so that IMPERIAL FIGURES from a dying Empire became rich & increasingly criminally insane Often using a dope they grow in Scotland, Divinorum Salvia Scotland,inserting fire-blown pellets up the snout which HIT the brain in 2 seconds/Reports 1970  These PIMPS did not have to pay their gambling & luxury debts & inevitably their friends/fiends joined them stealing from the Estate where they could twist the Institutions of the Nations - The EVIL speak again from diaries/tapes/oral/monuments/secret silence decrees/letters 


1950s - Colchester Curators & other scholars shown the work of my father Frederick John Ransom (Army Captain 2nd World War) with his families on our Ancestry said it was `a work of genius` 



Includes speaking with HITLER 1936 and GOERING, Captain Liam RANSOM and HITLER 1934 - November 1935 Herman GOERING Paris German Embassy - he speaking to Len Immanuel RANSOM new young Flyer and his neice GRETA RANSOM 3 years old - letters from GOERING's  sister to friends - "he saw a child whose eyes told him her guardian angel and soul had fled in fear" - he told Len "keep out of our business, do not go back to Britain, get to Argentine or North America". The heir Greta had been attacked by Scot's Lords - family of Premier Earl LINDSAY CRAWFORD relatives and women (engaged in witchcraft Scotland) of Bowes Lyon Earldom - June 1936 the heir Greta illegally kidnapped back to Britain by the above, her father has passport removed until 1939 war - becomes Captain FJ RANSOM British Army.



This 3,000 plus page Document is a scaffolding for work on GOOD & EVIL - you will not regret embarking with we SEA TRADERS - meeting much HAPPINESS  & unfortunately brutal cunning EVIL - Here you meet human beings you would have much in sympathy with & enjoy their company & in this work (and that to follow on) I have returned them to the civilised world with their own words very often -

For the modern day here are stupid GREEDY systems exposed & WARNINGS about the undercurrents that SHAPE OUR LIVES whencriminally insane are allowed to wear ROBES of AUTHORITY - when FIGURES from a MORGUE use the MEDIA to become DIVINE 


I thank HAROLD Walter POULTER late Deputy Keeper of Colchester & Essex Museums 1950s for guiding my education & assisting ANDRE MALRAUXwith his good sound common sense. Mr Poulter speaks in these pages/letters/ & he is on the COLCHESTER Museum Web site - they claim his ghost is in his last home that lovely house Hollytrees Mansion Museum 


We were fortunate in having dear Mr Professor R. WINNCLEMANNHistory of the Chemistry of the Brain & his Staffordshire 2nd wifeguarding & guiding Widower ANDRE MALRAUX & I Greta Ransomduring the years 1945-1948 


Here is my tragic late 19th century - 20th century RANSOM families - & Uncle TIGGY GROTE who with his wife, Margaret Ransom of Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland, made the `Joyous Venture` & the Thomas Immanuel GROTE HOMES A-Z the globe - founded on profit from our 19 acres under NEW YORK purchased 1801 & NEVER GIVEN TO LINDSAY EARLS or ANGELA / Reports 2 Detectives New Year`s Eve 1953 Nethrington Hall near London, when 40 LINDSAY clan are discussing the share of the money they will have from ` a fiction MILLIE LINDSAY of their FRAUD  Present by misunderstanding , Andre Malraux & I nearly lost our lives  we did not know what it was about   


 & often owed my life to my tragic heir-co-heir Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM polymath b 1921 I give you his phrase TO GREENLAND FOR A BEER to make this new century aware of these brave young early FLYERS & how they ploughed the skies & flew by starlight we go again in this work with Lennie FLYING US TO GREENLAND from Bristol October 1935  3 seaplanes - we refuel in the air  it is his TEST for his Pilot`s licence & he receives it with honours in NEW YORK  Len is just 15 years of age October  LENNIE (LIR) is now a FLYER  MALRAUX`s friend Antoine De Saint-Exupery is a great Flyer & part of flying early history - he has a book for children called The Little Prince 


This work is instructed for me to do by ANDRE MALRAUX my GUARDIAN from October 1937 - 1970-76 he says   you can type quite well - put your hands on the keys & when you hear my voice in your head WRITE WHAT I SAY - DO NOT QUESTION WHAT I SAY …” Yes Georgie-Colonel ANDRE ! Here is some of you - nearly 4,000 pages  

Georges-Andre has my love & understanding into eternity  GR  

MALRAUX (born 1901-d 1976) in his career is becoming an Archangel, he a gentle young man raised by THREE GRACES his grandmother, mother & aunt, he becomes a Minister of FRANCE but would have been the perfect GUARDIAN of the EARTH, the role that he is lawfully appointed to by Margaret Grote & her eminent advisors 1937 


 The searching & THEFT of his post/mail from XMAS 1937, the persecution & murders about him, all meticulously organised by NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA using corruptly their IMPERIAL NATIONS - the Earls of Lindsay Crawford leading & CLAIMING ALL THE ESTATE IS FOR THEM  all this BREAKING OF THE LAW done with violence in the names of FIGURES from a MORGUE  An IMPERIAL SYSTEM rotten at the top 


MALRAUX has had his life disfigured by his Guardianship of the greatest piece of Philanthropy of the globe. His two sons & their mother killed because of his Guardianship  & his health is harmed 1950s by a madman called in the medical world Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON born 1912, a sadist & paedophile who attacked a year old baby 1935/6 & received a Prison sentence on the Continent  Harrington `Mengele` hasnoble connections Britain & Norway - Sometime schooled in Norway but dismissed for vicious attacks on young children - he travels with Royal circles & goes about with PHIL the GREEK as he Philip Mountbatten is known to young Europe  This maniac psychologistcould fool General de Gaulle & his wife that he was a Royal physician & appointed to take care of Malraux discretely 


 1958-1960 REPORTS from USA State Department SPIES & others “…Mengele a PIMP , of the 40 Saville Row suits, found to be ACCEPTING Commissions to destroy the health of prominent men…”They are trying to TRACE WHO EMPLOYS this madder-than-madcreature  those are their Orders  He is BANNED 1982 by BMA but could still move in high circles & use illegal authority to `boot in`& persecute people - Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM is one of his victims  

MALRAUX `s GUARDIANSHIP from 1937 of a million GROTE HOMES CHILDREN around the globe is kept from him - Harrington is officially in secret silenceemployed by LINDSAY EARLS & BRITISH GOVERNMENT from 1938 to spy on MALRAUX  In this work it is explained by many good people how keeping Malraux from knowing of the Guardianship is done -

 UNTIL XMAS 1959 when a Catholic woman `HIT THE HEAVENS` & the GORY FRAUD is revealed  it was because of a visit from a Vatican representative a Priest named Ratzinger that she wanted a STOP put to this horrible matter dumped on `Young Pacelli` ( Pope Pius 12th ) & which he had to keep `behind a terrible door in the Vaticanbecause the Guardian Andre Malraux & his Employer General de Gaulle did nothing from 1946 when they were supposed to have been informed OF THE SLAYING of the GROTE CHILDREN about the earth  OF COURSE, the two good honest men did not know ! Britain Ruled the Waves 


 LEARNING THE TRUTH in January 1960 he ANDRE MALRAUX immediately said  I would have accepted - it was what I could do …”TheSE GROTE CHILDREN could be found after 1945 in pits as burned bones, or in nets at sea 


Reports are given in this work from those who saw this including the man of Normandy who grew up alongside a GROTE HOME  he a lawyer/broker/onion seller brings a notebook to us1960  “…the earth is now reluctant to receive the ACID   (Lindsay & scum jeer `that acid is poured into the pits & that depth-charging by the Navy goes on where they dumped the kids ` within the 2 mile seashore limit of nations of the world  )


A French farmer speaks 1960 of  little grey hands that come out of the earth in winter - there was no time to burn them after pouring in the kerosene  & there are others reporting  


There is a good man my Irish families call `young Pacelli` the VATICAN(become Pope Pius 12) - His belief & trust in us all  & he granted permission 1947 for `an early wedding of Grace` - My grandmother Mary Helena Gordon would speak with him on the telephone 1930s- his old friend Rome has come to be head Priest of the great piece of 1920s architecture CLACTON-on-Sea Church of Our Lady by the Convent of Poor Saint Clares on the seafront  ` I remember the photos of a Vatican apartment by the gate sent by `young Pacelli` 1938/39 when times were dangerous & he wished Granny Gordon come with me to his little School for children at Risk. He writes to she & Honoria-Rachel that he has just moved it inside the VATICAN - An Irish-American cousin is a Dominican Priest in the Vatican - he sends me blue green sweets of sea colours  & Margareth Grote owner of the great worldwide Estatehas a grandson a Priest at Rome 


 I curtsy again to all those good human beings I meet when I am 3 & four years of age about the globe 1935-36-38 after we fled in our planes the criminal insanity of IMPERIAL GREAT BRITAIN & embarked upon visits for Aunt Margareth Ransom Grote to our 3,000 or more GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN encircling the globe since 1864 - children educating to 18 or 22 years - hated by IMPERIAL POWERS Britain & Scandinavia & to be SLAIN brutally during the 2nd world war 


In these pages YOU WILL ENTER GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN with us in the 1930s & meet the happy children orphans , & AGAIN during the 2ndWORLD WAR by NIGHT  hear the reports of those observers who got away from the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN  MONEY could be got quickly for British & Scandinavian Nobles & IMPERIAL POWERS by the SALE of the lands & the art works in every home 


1966 old scientist to Miss Greta Ransom  You had an ugly woman at the helm of your Nation in the War - I was grateful for my HOME in ASIA it enabled me to go on & do SCIENCE  I had a mother but a dead father  

Report 1966 a most eminent man whose government protect him when he travels off-shore  ) 


 This woman says to Whitehall centre of British Government 1938  I WANT THE GROTE HOMES CLEARED the lands sold & the MONEY GIVEN TO ME …”/records/she uses `purple-plum` Divinorum Salvia Scotland as her friends/fiendsher parents grow it as most Noble families Western Scotland   


1937 SUMMER - the colour code assists will show you how meaningful, secure & happy life can be  We embark here upon a voyage of good & evil which tells of the CHAOS & CATASTROPHY of the human condition when the criminally insane are able to seize VAST TERRIFYING POWER  you will emerge stronger from this `sail ` 



2011 AD - Greta Ransom for my families & ANDRE MALRAUX  

 A trailer in 20 pages - as cinemas had for forthcoming films in the 20th century  (google) - issued 31st January 2011 AD 


ANDRE MALRAUX & West GREENLAND -SUMMER 1937 , Clacton-on-Sea, East Anglia - Document in 3 parts 20th century history/

  come out of blood drenched SPAIN  said JOSETTE


Georges-Andre MALRAUX, ancestry 9th century onwards - & histories concerning career - his future Roman Catholic wife Josette Clotis 1944/ Summer 1937 - 2 sons d 1961/ his guardianship to GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE A-Z the globe October 1937-1976 ...


1945 May onwards Arrival of the WIDOWER of Josette Clotis d9th November 1944 - her legs run over near Tulles by a train,she mother of their two sons Pierre & Vincent b 1940 & 1944 -

Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX a Widower, returns to the “…lands of the GOSPELS acted OUT…” 

1945 AUGUST HYROSHEEMAH Japan !  Georges-ANDRE & school children & Greta Ransom walk the CLACTON beaches towards HOLLAND-on-Sea  aware we are still alive  Mr/Professor Winnclemann has said “… it should NOT have happened, Andre  the threat of it was sufficient  they could show them  it is barbaric  


Teresa Elizabeth Gordon ( married in 1932 F.J. Ransom b 1911 killed March 1969 she born Nov 24 1906 d 9 Sept 2001 met ANDRE MALRAUX & young friends Deauville/Paris XMASTIDE December 1924 for 2 weeks 


 Teresa (`Tree` or `Treasa`) young friend of JIM Jong PIMP half Chinese b 1898 & Angela b 1900 & many British nobles as children from the beginning of the 20th century they meet at Races & stables where they learn to ride 

Teresa is referred to in this introductory document SUMMER 1937as SHE-she, or `CLYMTEMNESTRA`, Mad Mother Kali, or Old Mother Riley-Ransom  2nd World War & onwards  She & her friend Angela have names in their Witchcraft - Grey Kiel Edelweiss a poisonous mountain plant  names as witches are given them by Angela`s parents who are WELSH WITCHES of the WOODS 

A book Enquire Within with a section on poisons is known to them


 I, Greetah Ransom 1933 & Lennie Immanuel RANSOM 1921my young uncle hear threatening references to `Spanish Flies` &ARSENIC in my young years 1930s & 1940s  We are Aunt Mag`s chosen heirs by agreement the families & the ESTATE around the GLOBE from 1933 & 1936  & ANDRE MALRAUX of FRANCE is the GUARDIAN from October 1937 to this entire ESTATE & to us until we are 25 years of age 


 1919 onwards (1919 is Treaty of Versailles end of 1st World War) THESE YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE THE KEY OF THE DOOR to  the dusty French mansion of a bastard of the BOWES LYON family  a man of education & scholarly pursuits who kept his distance from his father`s British Welsh noble family & used another name

 Here are Margaret Yates Mrs POUL GRONLANDER`s dolls - used by them 18th century to act out SHAKESPEARE PLAYS in the dark months of WEST GREENLAND along the seashores  they are the grandparents of Aunt Mag`s mother Gertrud Poulsen only daughter of Jacop Poulsen their first son 


 JIM Jong PIMP stole the dolls the morning of the day 15 May 1938 - he slit a vein behind Margarethe Ransom GROTE`s ear in the afternoon - he & LINDSAY EARLS insisted she had NO RIGHT TO MAKE A WILL as she was an old ESKIMO  Greta Ransom age 5years was present, with her Aunt Margareth girl of the snows  he JimmieMr Pong also saw that morning for the first time the name of ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN in her own copy of her WILLviolence & murders, & horrible tricks & fraud using the BRITISH GOVERNMENT now follow into the 1990s  )


RANSOM families77 AD onwards - Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM his wife ballerina Jean Minerva Weddell marry 1909 - sons Frederick John Ransom b 1911-1969/Dr John RAY Ransom b 1917-1969/Dr Len Immanuel Ransom b 1921-1982/1 daughter Ivy Jean -

( persecuted then slain early in life for DOUGH & their honourable KUDOS by the criminally insane of noble Britain) & sister Ivy Jean Ransom ( m 1st Rawsthorne 1 son/2ndly Hewitt-receiving only persecution from Doc Mengele Harrington & his SHE-Vampires …)Greta Ransom b 11 March 1933 

Cousins to above - Families of Rear Admiral Alfred Charles Ransom/Herbert Chas. Ransom/Uncle Mainwaring & Grace Mannering/ POULSEN families Norway & cousins de SALLE of Paris - RANSOM ancestral line from 77 AD when our forefather comes from JUTLAND & developed a JOB for himself waterfront LONDINIUM for he had several languages including LATIN 


MARGARETHE RANSOM Mrs Thomas Immanuel (TIGGY) GROTE,her brother John Ransom marries Millie Frobisher (family of Lindsay Earls/see SOULS & she a cousin to Violet Lindsay artist) & Poul Ransom  & their parents Gertrud Poulsen (she grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER the 6`5 inch Eskimo-N. Chinese genius Catechist Trader Gotharb m Margaret Yates of Carlisle) & husband FRED RANSOM of Montrose Farm, Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland  family tall ship `Mary Rose`


TIGGY Thomas Immanuel GROTE HOMES A-Z the globe educating children to 18-20 years, 4 languages etc. & HUMANISM commenced 1864 circling the globe twice by 1880... Almost a half of them in Roman Catholic nations from 1870-approval by VATICAN 


Music & the Arts, Film world & relatives-Hollywood - art works of the RANSOM families - “… she Margaret Grote the Goddess of the Snows, I saw in a long Salon Paris when I was 20 years  had more Art Works than the LOUVRE around her GROTE HOMES & her properties stretching in a delicate flower garden around the earth …” says ANDRE MALRAUX 1960/61 & commences a catalogue  then the death of his 2 sons Pierre & Vincent 21 & 18 years of age 

9th century to 20th century music Musicians & composers & dancers - Le` Syx -Villa Lobos-Stravinski- E. VARESE- Paul Whiteman & world of Jazz including Blind Blake etc Darius Milhaudetc France & New York, North & South Americas 


John RUSKIN Art critic painter & Cardinal John Henry NEWMAN humanists - MEN OF LETTERS  19th century young people shown a path of HOPE here 


1930s-1970s especially - BRITISH BANKING 20th century- & the international intrigues & manipulations - including CRIES of WESTMINSTER secret silence meetings & Houses of Perversions private Rooms  old Eskimo in the RED tee hee-hee pooh pooh ! 


U.S.A. STATE DEPARTMENTWashington 1880s-1988

INCA relatives (Yahama Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel of the ancient astronomer maths Priest line) by marriage to Weddell Ransom (Grote)families/issue & descendants into the 21st century/histories of Peru-South America BC to 1949 ...

RANSOM ESTATE : & GROTE HOMES regarded as an American Institution of HOPE for the GLOBE  PROTECTED as long as President Roosevelt is alive  Dr JOHN RAY Ransom b 1917 works NASA & USA State Department/ 3 degrees Astra-physics-Animal Management-LAW/murdered Farmhouse Montrose Scotland1969 on duty for USA Government petrol poured down his throat he chased & set on fire (2 witnesses got offshore fast) -His son aged 17 POUL RAY Ransom murdered 1975 in the same way by  5 men in a big black saloon car by LINDSAY Earls Premier of GB Jim Jong Sir James , Dr Mengele HARRINGTON b 1912,  ( Some slight newspaper coverage Canada & Gross Britainsaid  the men would not probably be found   The name Ransom is given -  he had begun to say his real name was RANSOM  


 ESTATE CANADA now cunningly taken as British Scandinavian Crown Lands by LINDSAY et al - & logged trashed in 2 years … wife of Dr RAY mother of his only child murdered/newspapers `woman in a dressing gown in Montreal` …VIOLENT CRIMES continue to hide the Fraud Theft of the GROTE HOMES-RANSOM ESTATE - a million & a quarter children & persons murdered A-Z the globe during the 2nd world war is a GENOCIDE that was hoped to be PUT UPON THE GERMANS the Nazi & Gestapo but it could not be made TO FIT … The horrendous GENOCIDE became the secret silence work, a kind of national industry , of Great Britain & Scandinavia 1936 onwards …


DOPE/20th century upper class British-Scandinavia drug abuse -Divinorum Salvia Scotland grown in Scotland & pellets fire-blown worn in the snout - hits brain in 2 seconds/reports 1970s  

1939 December - PARIS - WEST GREENLAND 2 LETTERS arrive 23 Dec 1939 to Warrant Officer Frederick John Ransom Clacton-on-Seabrought by chance by a Skipper on his way to Wartime Shetlands - XMAS a family of 6, M. de Salle wife & children related to RANSOM GRONLANDER/Poulsen - ordered out of big warm Ransom home WEST GREENLAND, Jacopsholmen Island inner Arctic, for XMAS 1939 -

 “… we were just making the cake we always make for Christmas when JIM & 7 British Army men came stomping in with guns saying it was CROWN PROPERTY  they came in by launch from a big RN ship   letter received via Shetlands 23/12/1939 written 2 weeks before 

 Heard spoken by JIM Jong Pimp now called Major O`Carroll Carew-James, with a 2 room apartment Buckingham Palace since 1923 he at Palace Christmas party 1939 heard boasting of

“… put them in a big hut on the shores  they will be dead by now…”  Reported 1960 to Andre Malraux/diary-2 people present/read to Greta Ransom that day 23 December XMASTIDE 1939- tapes-text-diaries-


1770 - JACOP POULSEN elder son of POUL & Margaret YatesGronlander above given 1770 by documents Denmark King & Ministers the Island `JACOPSHOLM` WEST GREENLAND`to keep a Holy place & erect when you can a College a University to POUL GRONLANDER polymath…`… thus his families Count Poulsen, de Salle Paris & Weddell-Ransom …


… Nota bene : Jacop`s letter `ON FATHER`s DEATHis printed in Finn GAD (a schoolteacher W. Greenland told NOT TO WRITE ONJACOPSHOLMEN by DENMARK top inbred IMPERIAL THUGS - his 4 volumes HISTORY of GREENLAND 1969 onwards -


ARISTOCRATS/nobles … of Gross Britain & Scandinavia & branches …SYPHILIS … late 19th-20th century - criminally insane & use of Divinorum Salvia Scotland torch-blown pellets up their snouts - hits their un-educated & uncivilized brains in 2 seconds - ALL HAVE MASSIVE GAMBLING DEBTS …


20th century ARISTOCRATS of WITCHCRAFT & POISONINGS -Scottish/English/ & in France … `one had a helping of the trifle … & crawled under the table & died …` ( 1938 reports…)


LINDSAY Premier Earls G.B. claiming kinship to (& at Westminster outside the Law) all moneys properties of the RANSOM & GROTE Wall Street New York families -

Nota bene: a Miss Millie FROBISHER 1883 marries JOHN RANSOM educationalist, young widower, she having a mother descended from the LINDSAY Crawford Earls from a marriage in 1830 … ` too far out - no claim - Lindsay a bloody nuisance since the planet began ` says Winston S. Churchill January 1960 …


1883 - 2,000 AD & on DESTRUCTION of the greatest Estate of Philanthropy A-Z the globe outside GROSS BRITAIN IMPERIAL EMPIRE RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` & THOMAS GROTE HOMES educating to 20 years with several languages & all religions … `HUMANITAS` - The GOSPELS acted out … a delicate flower garden around the earth MAN`S HOPE … & the HOPE OF LIFE UPON EARTH … DESTROYED 1937 into the 1990s … destroyed by IMPERIAL OBSCENE GREED …


GENEALOGY some relevant family histories RANSOM & other branches over 2,000 years are given in this 3 part document AN INTRODUCTION entitled Summer 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX & GREENLAND  ( Nota bene : RANSOM FAMILY are of 14 Races & 27 nations often choosing Ransom Brides overseas )


SEASHORES the world : Often family lands owned by permission nations OUTSIDE the British Empire by RANSOM from 11th century AD Seward Ransom Brittany & Italian-Palestinian wife & 5 children/monument Accra 1st Crusade victims- died of thirst- erased by `Count` Earl` LINDSAY No 15 in vile temper 1948 ) with GROTE HOMES for orphans from 1864who are educating to 20 years of age in many languages & are young people who ACT the GOSPELS OUT  LANDS properties art works ETC. STOLEN by BRITISH GOVERNMENT for NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA & its CROWNS since 1939  slaying of the GROTE orphans begins NorwayXMASTIDE 1938 & continues A-Z the world all the 2nd World War 


VATICAN - 1750s - the Greenland letters Poul Gronlander writes in four languages-Pope Benedict 14/histories to 1957 November/1960/1961-1965/1968 1920s/1940s

PACELLI young Pacelli  gone on high …” /Pope Pius 12/

|Grote Homes & Ransom Estate in 3 Parts A-Z the globe

(Ransom-Gordon Williams O`Brien Carroll Murphy families-baronetcies)


GREAT ROMAN CATHOLIC FAMILIES 19th-20thcenturies related to RANSOM-GORDON-MALRAUX (Irish Murphy - O`Brien - Carroll - Williams-Butler etc GORDON )GRONLANDER/Poulsen/Frobisher/WEDDELL San JULIAN


SEA TRADERS the globe - histories BC Jutland to 19th/20th century tall ships - Capt. Alan Villiers & other seamen of note -


NORD to SUD POLES TOUR October 1935 to June 1936 

& AMERICAN GENTLE-MEN & their ladies  Ransom Weddell Poulsen families visit their GROTE HOMES & JOYOUS VENTUREbecause figures of British & Scandinavian Crowns & Lindsay Premier Earls - with Mr JIM Carew James Jong PIMP half-Chinese - are using British DIPLOMATS to help in emptying our GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL Banks & are threatening the staff & children educating to 18-20 years of age in their HOMES A-Z the globe outside The BRITISH EMPIRE ! 

20th century Official secret LAW of NOBLE Gross Britain is that ` orphans are NOT TO BE EDUCATED BEYOND 12 or 14 years`

 IT INTERFERES WITH BRITISH TRADE  / 1921-1939 Deputationsfrom USA to WESTMINSTER London can receive NOTHING IN WRITING of the claim by `ANGELA` that an old ESKIMO gave her all this Estate upon her marriage to a delicate often sick younger son of a KING    


XMASTIDE 1940/41 - Sir Rowland E. Whitehead KC JP retired MP for North Essex, & friends on a so-called Government discrete sub-committee issue their findings  the British Crown cannot broker a penny of this estate(Grote Homes & Ransom Estate outside the British Empire in nations A-Z ) OR THE Lindsay premier Earls  we/I ` fear the British Government has embarked upon FRAUD …”


WALTER BENJAMIN & early supper PARIS November 1935 

a tall sloping young figure lost in his writings of ruins & La condition humaine passes our table by the restaurant window 1937 with JO he comes to Clacton-on-sea, & finds  THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT in Essex East Anglia  


GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 PARTS legal WILL 1937/1938 signed copy sent to ANDRE MALRAUX, Paris,enclosing a handwritten letter to President of FRANCE from Margaret Ransom GROTE & her legal USA Trustees & lawyers STOLEN by British Imperial Class May-July 1938 

NB: 3 overseas Wills are thus required to operate this Estate Thomas Grote, his wife Margareth Ransom, her parents FRED RANSOM & his wife Gertrud Poulsen of Greenland & Norway  ( lives of these MARTYRS & others, including some GROTE CHILDREN, are given in this learning document)


British Museum NATURAL HISTORY & Science Museum/South Kensington London - 20th century figures & archives 


XHENG HE` b 1371-d 1433 Chinese Muslim Admiral - gives RANSOM brothers East coast Britain permission to use his personal FLAG (white with red stars)  after coming aboard & finding their Chinese wives had taught them philosophy  Diary1500s  `14OO we went East again  made 3 marriages  we are allowed to trade in a little Porcelain for making arrangements for him to trade with India  he is every inch a man  `


HIROHETO & family/Marine biologist & Emperor Japan/OKINAWA 1512 to Japan 1948 .../& to 1986 


CLACTON ON SEA, Thorpe-le-Soken, Colchester, Colne Engaine,ESSEX & EAST ANGLIA to LINCOLN  19th/20th centuries 


GROTE Thomas Immanuel b1841 USA/father & family Grote Brokers off Wall Street established 1830/begins his HOMES worldwide 1864-educating to 18/22 years of age in humanism, all religions, & 3-4 languages the abandoned babies & children of the globe  (Tiggy Grote is murdered ARRAN West Hebrides 1904 by noble Britain- his wife Margarethe RANSOM owns 98 acres of the island by 1880s & has stopped Noble Britain growing the DOPE Divinorum Salvia Scotland a plant torch-blown to dangerous pellets for insertion in nose, under the skin, or adding to fooddrinks it HITS THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS  exported to the BRITISH EMPIRE warmer climes example : factories employing tiny children from 4 years onwards to early death /records)


KANT Frederick Immanuel, philosopher  gross-gross Uncle to TIGGY Thomas Immanuel GROTE 


1870s-1940s/ Herman GOERINGParis November 1935, Flyer & families -

Letter HG 1936 “… I saw a child, little Greetah, whose SOUL had fled in fear  I advised they do not go back to Gross Britain but make a heimatin South America, Argentine  or WE SHALL SEE THEM IN VALHALLA  .

. WALTER BENJAMIN & USA-Canadian SadieH, Ethnologist/ ParisNovember 1935  Salpetriere Hospital & Louvre PARIS  Hockheimer Institute/GROTE BROKERS New York & Ransom family solicitors Buenos Aries caring for ` THE DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN ENCIRCLING THE GLOBE  Ransom-Grote Estate  `

Vast numbers of Martyrs in nations independent A-Z,caused by the British Empire - unable to keep its top noble class RICH 

Quotes/archives/ 1900s- 1950s London/Scarlet Town/


1935 October PARIS - BULGA`NIN, Nicholai b 1895 - helped organise Moscow`s defence-Marshall of Soviet Union 1947/see career/ Greta Ransom makes drawing of his mother as a young girl with Aunt Margareth Ransom Grote & friends  from a photo in her Paris apartment & he replies in a letter `he will always treasure the drawing by little Greetah ` 


INCA & Tierra del Fuego, Greenland et al  kin to Ransom/Aztec kith/ The INCA Roman Catholic educated Yahamah Josef San Julian F. San Miguel ancient order of Spanish South America, Acting Governor Tierra del Fuego-Peru/ (photo in various printed works & dictionary 1840s- & reports, drawings of his visits to VATICAN with his familywife Miss Aquida Basque lands  (our visits to 1939... )

 The ICE WHITE BRIDE  daughter of above , The INCA The -Ayelovedmah-Maria Miss San Julian, becomes Mrs James Weddell 1824  his mother a Quaker Miss Pierce of a good London family, her eldest son Charles Weddell RN has issue too 


VILLIERS, Captain Alan  one sail Margarethe gave us the KEY to the Gronlander`s island JACOPSHOLMEN below Disco, off Xristensharb  great house, biggest ever put up in Greenland, built as a ship  still be standing 400 years time & the Theatre - Shakespeare, Racine, Schiller, everything performed up there from the 1830s - Eskimo acting & in the orchestra too  SHAME ! SHAME !  the British & Danish bombed it June 1960 to get a step ahead of de GAULLE& ANDRE MALRAUX  Greenland should have had Independence in 1790s 18OO the latest  SHAME !SHAME !  


Captain Liam Ransom/Dr Kurt Go`gol/Sea charts & maths & STARS  Lindsay Earls & Jim Jong violence for possessions & DOUGH (Jimmie Jong Mr Pong or (1954 SUR-CUR)James-Carew-O`Carroll-Hartlepool-Harrison - uses many names … )


Families of GORDON-Kellow /Williams-Butler-O`Brien-Carroll-Murphy related families NB : b 2nd half 19th century Mary Helenasinger milliner, Bessie Martha Welfare Mission Liverpool, Annie Agnesartist- sculptor & decorative work Granville Marble & Harold Rathbone Della Robbia Works (ACl.W/or ACW) , Julia & Teresa, brother John dies Panama - daughters of Teresa Carroll Williams Classics Plato & Harmony : Sir Edmund John O`Brien, farmer & International Broker/2 baronetcies Murphy/ lose their elder sons 2nd World War  pestered by Jim Jong James Carew & Lindsay Premier Earls GB 1933 onwards  Jim after horses free~


Essex Archives et al/Berlin etc/Dr R. Winclemann son & grand- daughters/ & 2nd wife & families/Austria-Berlin-Prussian Army-Staffordshire & Murrays Chemist Clacton-on-sea WINNCKLEMANNb 1870s Chemistry of the Brain/lectures Paris/Austria etc 1920s friend to young Andre Malraux acquaintance of family Marburg of Clara Goldstein Malraux  she calls him Reepicheep from Lion Witch & Wardrobe books for children 


COLCHESTER CASTLE & Museums & loyal staff/1950s-60s

Harold Walter POULTER/Rex HULL, - Deputy Curator & Curator/Graham Greene novelist & Mr Chapman our Chief Guide his

Letter of Piety one soldier to another to distressed Colonel Andre Malraux MARTYRS made here (continues CAMULODUNUM C.V.)


HOLLYWOOD & Wall Street N.Y. - family connexions to RANSOM-Gronlander/Frobisher Weddell from Fred Mac Murray & families/Clarke Gable/many ex-GROTE HOMES students & friends/


1936 - PAUL WHITEMAN, musician & USA gentle-man  WAKE UP SAVAGES - I & 3 Senators have opened your Bank in New York-you are to go shopping all over the town ` /the world of music & the ARTS - figures who assist with the JOYOUS VENTURE GROTE HOMES & receive & administer grants from the GROTE RANSOM Estate worldwide/many 19th-20th century composers & persons in the ARTS 


1801 NEW YORK - diary of F. RANSOM  I purchased this day a parcil of 19 acres New York   Drawing of the chalet he had built that year with verandah on North side - Grandfather of Aunt Margareth Ransom GROTE is seen digging his way out of deep snow with shovel  he had the family home on Antigua for a decade  Managed by GROTE BROKERS from 1830s, their wooden offices off WALL STREET/photographs/ a marriage is made 1863 to their son & nephew THOMAS IMMANUEL GROTE `Tiggy` 

THOMAS `Tiggy` begins to erect THE HOMES 1864 from OHIO across USA, ploughs across Pacific setting up HOMES & puts 11 in Russia with friend Boris a Count & all over Asia, East/Arab countries including Afghanistan , Europe - ALL EDUCATING to 20 years of age & the children learning 3 or 4 languages  So successful he begins another CIRCLE of HOMES 1870s going A to Z the globe  VATICAN agreed after 2 years trial ROME & HOMES go in all Catholic nations by 1880/reports on the HOMES, visits & histories/careers of ex-students etc 


`Young Pacelli` - POPE PIUS 12 - tries protect the HOMES with help from GERMANY etc 1920s onwards  BRITISH SCANDINAVIAN GREED had become obscene & HOMES were being raided / global reports/


VATICAN ` rotweiler ` drives himself about earlier visit1958 Westminster included meeting ANDRE MALRAUX`s STAFF from 50 Lancaster Gate Square  XMASTIDE 1959 meets Greta Ransom(she has no idea for some days she is the GROTE HEIR-mind/brain emptied by heavy sedatives since June 1945   this young Priest is being deceived by LINDSAY Premier Earls & other thugs who are getting their PAWS on the ROME GROTE HOME & lands - they may be using the name of an old childhood chum called Angela for KUDOS !


He, 1959, to be known as Vatican rotweiler` makes a visit to tiny village THORPE-LE-SOKEN ESSEX near XMASTIDE  Miss Greta Ransom heir had been persecuted by Teresa Gordon R. & the noble thugs & JIM Jong, Dr Mengele Harrington the days before SUDDENLY `OPEN SESAME` as Miss Teresa Mary Butler a lost relative gave to Arthur Malone detective for ANDRE MALRAUXstartling information they had not known  ` After the VISIT of the VATICAN & Miss Butler speaking about her experiences from 1933`  AN HEIR BORN ON A HEARSE APPEARED - trouble for them, Lindsay & the rest of them, wasSHE KEPT GETTING OFF   ANDRE WAS OVER TO SPEAK WITH Miss `Terry` Butler IN HOURS …” (Notebooks of Arthur Malone/Politan/ `detective in the Lawyer`s gown`  1957 October - 1985  )


1860s - Tig`s HOLY VENTURE left RANSOM family shoeless but the modest BROKERS GROTE gave the JOYOUS VENTURE 4 acres almost for income - 20th century NOW UNDER NEW YORK CENTRAL PARK -stolen at the close of the 20th century  thieves received DOUGH from NEW YORK STATE for the continuing VIOLENCE against RANSOM families & branches - & the violence continued as from 1930s against ALL ex-GROTE CHILDREN where they were not protected or hidden  GROTE children speak in this introductionDocument in 3 parts/


Detectives/colleagues/20th century MEN OF LETTERS :

Philip Silverlee musician & finance-Insurance/Arthur MalonePolitan/Captain Patrick MacDrew mother & their Castle Hedingham family heiress slain 1942 age 9 years   in Greta Ransom`s class headmaster Captain Learoy - 2 sea heiresses age 9 years/


A LAWYER  & later ONION SELLER of N. France seashores & English wife/ his diaries 1920s-1970s  ACID-BONES 1960


Armstrong geographer & Clacton-on-sea teachers-musicians-churchmen & women & townsfolk  Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX acting The GOSPELS out by the seashores  20th century


FROBISHER direct line of Sir Martin Tudor Arctic explorer -

Millicent Frobisher Mrs John Ransom murdered by 2 Lindsay 2nd cousins 1897 returned to her only surviving child 14 years old Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOMthey put her age 32 years, brilliant skater-scholar, in a blanket in his arms at the door of the tiny home `Jerusalem` by the sloping small Park with tall trees Deptfordhe now hidden under name Weldon Frobisher in a hilltop school by a cousins line until 17 years of age  the school, not grand, taught him early English, conversational French, Latin a little Greek 

 he can read his RANSOM early records from 100 AD direct line grandpa Ransom in a straight line (descending to Lennie & Greetah heirs to MARGARETHE & TIGGY) pulled in at what will be one day Portsmouth Harbour & took on board some orphans & not liking the faces & manners of the other mariners put out to the wintery dangerous sea made it along the coasts to HOME at DUNWICH(OTHONA Roman fort of Saxon Shores not built yet)  THUS WE LIVE  RANSOM families to this day 

1957 December 50 Lancaster Gate Square London, ANDRE MALRAUX says   young ARAFAT  he will not come out of uniform  I can get him a lot of help from America if he will come out of uniform  I was a young man like him long ago …”  1961 ARAFAT Report gathered for Andre Malraux on a GROTE HOME on the Palestine shores 


 NB : Memos` came (to 50 Lancaster Gate Square) from F. CASTRO winter 1957-1958  but MALRAUX did not grasp the coolwording  it concerned `Colonel Malraux` his GUARDIANSHIP of GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 PARTS  which Fidel Castro, a young man, had now some in-coming half understood information upon  especially children burned in pits & dragged out in British RN nets to sea early 1940s  when CASTRO is himself a child CHE` had similar understanding 


NB : after TIGGY`S murder 1904 the HOMES were kept low-key to protect children, staff & Estate, as well as mature GROTE STUDENTS out in the workplaces of the world ! THE BRITISH EMPIRE made plain its objections to the HOMES about the GLOBE in Nations that they did not OWN in their declining EMPIRE  the Noble rampart at the top of the British PYRAMID of CLASS emptied BANKS illegally wherever it could do so, especially after 1936 December when its RULERS are changed for a trifling matter 


ANDRE MALRAUX says in December 1957  I am going to talk with the SHAH & his wife because HOVEDAH is too old to return to Persia but he wants to do something for his nation not just be classed as a flaneur  I know what they feel, little One you forget I had a life before we came to the seaside & met you  SUMMER 1937... That is in my notebooks  when I am not watched I will try find them & read you what we did 1937 SUMMER when we found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT along the seashores of East Anglia  where my mother has her ancestral lines   says Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX December 1957 at his London Home  St Edmund`s House  , 50 Lancaster Gate Square, Scarlet Town 


General CHARLES de GAULLE - his visits to Saint Edmund`s House winter mornings 1950s , 50 Lancaster Gate Square, London, Catholic Mission with Westminster Diocese-workshop annex French Embassy & home of Andre Malraux 


1957 December came a young friend 1920s of Andre MALRAUX from AFGHANISTAN - AMx had taken his two sons that summer to this nation/photographs by Vincent born 10 March 1944 youngest son of the Catholic wife Josette/  the housekeeper No 50, a Catholic from Paris said the King is coming so I GR supposed she means Jesus & had been quaffing in The Mitre pub over the Square  a neatly suited man in a flat cap raised it to me one evening & one morning I see him on TV when President Bush began a War  & two young men with familiar faces who called at The Pillar House, Harwell, 1970s  TIGGY GROTE had 2 HOMES for orphans educating to 20 years allowed by all the War Lords when he visited AFGANISTAN 1880s 


 1880s TIG sent in by request of the TIBET Monasteries 12 teenage students  sending girls in dressed as boys for the Religious House of Tibet when asked  why not girls ?   these big children, foreign orphans, educating in Humanism in 3-4 languages speak of the PEACE learned in their YEAR in the Monastery & some returned for a second year 

GROTE children enter into civilized careers-marry happily-working inMedicine/Welfare/Music/Arts/Research/Sciences 


Many other human beings of the 20th century & previous centuries are in this Introduction SUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX & West Greenland 


FRANCE/French records/ - Lawyer & Onion seller raised alongside a Northern French seashores GROTE HOME from 1900 His reports (French & English)  1960 summer

“… the earth is reluctant to receive more ACID small teeth have been found in the gardens where the Thomas Immanuel (branch of KANT philosopher) GROTE HOME children were hastily thrown in pits & burned (some alive with gun & knife wounds) at the closing of the 2nd World War (1944-1945)    his comments upon the MALRAUX RANSOM Wedding of Grace 17 April 1947 ... ANDRE & GREETAH  of the same age really  because of circumstances …”


WEDDING OF GRACE April 1947/ permission February 1947given by the VATICAN friend of RANSOM Gronlander families :VATICAN correspondence/ & visitors  1750s onwards/ SAN JULIAN - WEDDELL families 1820s onwards/ & Mary Helena Gordon (wife of Geo.Ernest Gordon)& her relatives S. Ireland Murphy/O`Brien/Carroll 3 baronetcies from Great Britain 19th century/see Debretts 1953 ! 

This friend is known as `YOUNG PACELLI` Pope Pius 121939-1958( & he is familiar with the 14 races & 27 nations of the RANSOM FAMILY & knows their Ancestral lines very often  the Berber family of Aurora Ransom married 7th century AD Castile sent XMAS GREETINGS in 1929 


 ` The Pope`s PERMISSION to wed resulting inThe 5 Days of PEACE for Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen CaeceliaRANSOM  files/tapes/CD)

 Permission the GROTE HEIR b 1933 shall make an `EARLY WEDDING` to the GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX appointed October 1937 (now distressed young persons) to keep them both safe …”


NB: Pope Pius 12 has behind `a dreadful door` a mounting pile of reports upon the slaying 1939-1945 of the GROTE HOMES children A-Z the globe  & always Great Britain RN ships stood out at sea  (reports Rear Admiral Alfred Charles RANSOM RN 1st & 2nd World Wars & other gold ringed SAILORS  It is known LINDSAY Premier Earlset al have been raiding this Estate in name of old childhood chum ANGELA (prefers this name - not her official name ofElizabeth Bowes Lyon )  aided by her travelling companion a half Chinese  NB: joined in Southern Ireland by Teresa E. Gordon from 1919 age 12 years of age  THEY NOW ALL ENTER THE ROARING `1920s  dope-liquor & penniless noble circles & EMPIRE FALLING DOWN from 1870s 


/a few reports are given in this document SUMMER 1937 in 3 Parts/ other contemporary reports are given in GROTE HOMES & RANSOM`Joyous Venture` Estate - & other relevant documents/

( General de Gaulle has been sent a Report by theBritish controlled Government of Egypt  they receive an answer `looking into the matter`  Nota Bene: this answer did not come from the General or Malraux /they report upon this 1960 & 1962 onwards: intending to write upon this TRAGIC GUARDIANSHIP of GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE when they retire from the French Government ( both retire 1969 ...De Gaulle dies in November 1970 Dr MengeleHarrington called by the General`s country home an evening inNovember 1970  to see if you are both cheerful in retirement  reports  see records of the short Presidency of FRANCE 1945/46 etc  Andre Malraux is appointed MINISTER of INFORMATION for a few weeks  )


1947 17th April 3.15pm `Early Wedding` in The Church of Our Lady, beside the Convent of Poor Saint Clares` with `kindergarten`School educating to 18 years of age  Malraux has been singing in the Roman Catholic choir since June 1945  1610 MASS of Claudio Monteverdi performed by us in July  for the death of JOSETTE CLOTIS mother of his two tiny sons Pierre & Vincent  He now felt he could enter again upon life 


  NOTA BENE : 1947 June - the official-unofficial persecution of MALRAUXde Gaulle & Ransom families begins in France/Britain - headed by `Mengele` Mr/Dr (psychology) HARRINGTON b. 1912, (prison sentence Continent 1936 for savage acts against a baby of 6 months - transferred for 2 years to a CLINIC Great Britain for compulsory psychiatric treatment- he is of the ennobled class)Harrington is a PARIS acquaintance of Clara Malraux & her brother Maurice Goldsmidt 1938 until Andre Malraux`s death in 1976 

  `Dr` HARRINGTON is appointed by LINDSAY Premier Earls & the British Government to investigate MALRAUX & RANSOM familiespayment is abroad & Whitehall 1982 Dr Harrington is DISMISSED by BMA (British Medical Association) & may not enter a DHS Hospital short entries in 2 British newspapers conveyed this important information )


1936 onwards The ESTATE & GROTE HOMES must not appear in newspapers - Official Premier Earls of LindsayWestminster secret-silence Decree from 1937 when Britain begins THE NEW REIGN after the Abdication of Ned VIII  he a popular man 


1945 - Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX a WIDOWER returns to CLACTON-ON-SEA East Anglia 

he is amongst friends he & JO made SUMMER 1937 ... when Greta Ransom coming 5 years was allowed by her grandmother Mary Gordon, new widow, to stay with them the 5 weeks & THEN TO LINCOLN to find his mother`s SEA TRADERS ANCESTORS from Histon 9th century onwards … THE GUARDIAN ACCEPTED OCTOBER 1937 … WORLD-WIDE the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE was pleased & had read his books … especially a very young work by him dialogue East-West 

& of course `La condition humaine` 1933 … & the 1937 work ` MAN`S HOPE `  the Spanish Civil War just finishing …

CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis COLCHESTER CASTLE & Essex MUSEUMS & Staff - Harold Walter Poulter, Deputy Curator(internet web) residing in Hollytrees Mansion Museum says December1953 it is rare, Child, to get two birds like you two together  its a harsh dishonest world out there, especially politics  YOU WILL KEEP ONE ANOTHER SAFE  he has got to have help  his sons are held hostage in this French place he has rented for his work alongside the General  they should be in education Ampleforth  so they can enter the world of intelligentzia of their father Andre still a young man  a young Emperor from GAUL  

Loyal staff Colchester Museums: Mr Chapman chief Guide, Mr Sprack at Hollytrees Museum, & young John French dying of cancer/

COMPANIONS of Museum are Mr Donovan bookseller-Graham Greene novelist, & Quaker families 

Visitors - M. Ventris Greek scholar, Macdonald of SAQQARA, Andre Malraux Man of Letters, a `Mr Rick or Nick` who had grown porridge in CASABLANCA many others, archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler etc etc 


ROMANY Peoples/GYPSIES 1850 Thames/7 boys 11-15 years go to Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland as official Wards to FRED RANSOM, sail swiftly away in his tall master `Mary Rose` - enter our school - emerge as 1 Norwegian MAN OF LETTERS, 2 AMERICAN SENATORS & 1 SPAINISH WINE GROWER   and the other two did not do so badly either says Captain ALAN VILLIERS Oxford December 1967 confirming this & giving more information  ONE SAIL MARGARETH GAVE US THE KEY TO THE ISLAND OF POUL GRONLANDER, a mighty intellect, & 6`5 tall from the Northern Chinese side, Peter, Greta  ...)  histories to 1952 & BOMBING 1960 Juneby airplanes of this `UTOPIA` BY G.B. & DENMARK for  their in debt CROWNS 




Extract: Y. Josef SAN JULIAN san Miguel INCA  JAMES WEDDELL


  `PANN - OoUW - CHAY` Tierra del Fuego - pre-SPANISH CONQUEST name of the Tierra del Fuego family of the heiress mother of INCA NOBLE Yahamah JOSEF San JULIAN F. San Miguel b c1780s Peru/& her lst marriage son to the Noble AZTEC/

(see INCA/WEDDELL/Aquida Basque lands / & San JULIAN of PERU & Tierra del Fuego   .

(Separate FILE Y. Josef SAN JULIAN & family, career, descendants,

1936 May - Tierra del Fuego family papers BURNED BY JIMMIE JONG made Sir James GB 1954 then Lord James 1971 is bounced into HELL by good men whose sons he had ruined City of London

c 1981 Angel & `Crack ` place ..

Extract: papers of Dr John RAY Ransom 1960 “… PANN Oouw CHAYis San Julian`s mother`s name of her family pre-CONQUEST by SPAIN SOME LANDS are right down at the tip of Tierra del Fuego  THIS IS THE NEAREST YOU, WE, WILL GET TO THE NAME WE THINK .


TIERRA DEL FUEGO : “… when he came to school at the Monastery, Order of the San Julian Monks, JEAN my mother writes me, ( LETTERS FROM JEAN 1920s-1930s) her great grandfather, he was 7 years of age  his Noble family mother knew he had to have a very good EDUCATION to survive the times so that was why she put him in with the SAN JULIAN MONKS  her family had lost authority & lands & moneys 17th century then risen up in the 18th century & she & her brother were HEIRS to these big families of her pre-CONQUEST PEOPLES but TIMES WERE NOW DIFFICULT with GREED from Europe mounting horribly in 19th century, grasping for fishing fields, minerals,coal, wood, & using slave labour of whole families who never saw daylight  died underground   ate the excrement of donkeys very often to survive

( Report 1880 by a young RN killed-papers saved by his servant & handed to RANSOM DEPTFORD 1930/Whitehall centre of British Government sent a woman TO DEMAND these records=records refused by the LAW of Great Britain & South America “… 19th century South America had children pulling carts at 2 years of age to die by 15 years of age …” (thus 19th 20th century  carriages, cars, kings & COURTS & fine clothes, gambling in London Clubs & the same in Scandinavia & the Continent  ) 


  Once she, his mother, knew he, her son Y. Josef, was interested she began to recall family historiesat first she could not remember the family name - then she did - PANN Oou Chay, the old people in the family had never forgot she took him to see everyone - She could now recall a lot she had heard as a child - her brother, younger, could not remember anything `PANN oOuw Chay` that is the nearest we can hope to get - THE SPANISH did not take their lands but put everything in a document, then in a book the lands were vast & she retained at her marriages 200 or 300 miles of lands from Saint Julian`s Bay onwards South  it reached along the coast to the bit at the tip - SHE HAD HER DEEDS IN A BOOK this Inventory the SPANISH had made soon after the Conquest …”


 They were the leaders of all this land, our ancestors from San Julian,they are Leaders, Chiefs, not Kings & Queens  On his father`s side he is the direct descendant of the Ancient Mathematician Astronomer Priest Kings of the INCA - you visited them with your family in 1936 & received an honour it was felt you were suitable to grow into your great-great grandmother`s role - my mother JEAN gave it to you from her grandmother the AELOVEDAH-Maria Miss San Julian. …”

 The Order of San Julian Monks running the school said he, the Inca boy, did arithmetic in the air & he was the star of the class 

His mother`s people we find are more like early MORMON - but only took one bride & there is a code of chivalry before the SPANISH come in  the name begins to change first to `MAN- oh- lay` something like that  she did not have the skill of her mother in MEDICINE for that is the role the most important woman of the Tribe had the care of - folk healing medicin But he had & it suited his Catholic philosophy & his knowledge of the vastness of the globe - he has written much on being out in the sub-arctic seas - & his book would have been better than the Weddell book, we have to say …”


 When JOSEF first appeared in the classroom at the Saint Julian monks monastery he was rather like this ancient family - led a simple life & had a direct concern for all his families , all the group he came from  as they displayed before the CONQUEST by SPAIN & afterwards  He is pure of heart & soul - but with a leaning towards philosophy welfare & medicine The family were Catholic - she began to collect records & the old people were glad & he her young son heard much oral history but the most important to him were the letters the documents the names of the people, some his people on his mother`s side  he could realise they had given him LIFE …”


 JAMES WEDDELL was his friend of many years - they did much Welfare work down there - this QUAKER of good families & a Roman Catholic leading family of the INCA  He is the son of the direct line survivor & the Monks & his Peruvian families trained him well  he came to school with exceptional mathematics & an interest in the STARS this was passed to my mother JEAN & her sister - they had the use of his library for 2 years after their father James elder son of J.W. & The Aelovedahm died JEAN your grandmother ballerina is 10 years old  MINERVA takes to writing poemsballads, philosophy after midnight into the early hours  JEAN & her sister would sometimes wake & go sit with her   Our Mother was rather mystic, spiritual, a fairy figure to us as children  we did not understand she had now to provide for us & the FUTURE  she was stressed & put us to learn ballet - but we also read in great-Grandpa San Julian`s library -he told you how to proceed - & gave us so many interests in everything in the world …”


  WEDDELL, our great-grandfather: your father & Len & I am John who had to be hidden in the USA for this family related to our grandmother Millie Frobisher Ransom had claimed from the marriage 1883 ALL our GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate The LINDSAY attacked me at 1 month old & are known to be criminally insane on a dope they grow & use  But James Weddell was to return from Gross Britain as full GOVERNOR down there - he & his father-in-law Y. Josef San Julian as Acting Governor had got improved conditions for mines workers & families & for the BLACKS who all Traders used as a form of sub-life …”


 This Office Acting Governor had no salary but it had expenses from Spain - San Julian did not need money as he had become rich with his 3 ICE BREAKERS his travel bureau & his productive gardens around his great home She, the only child, had grown up with Weddell around  her comments upon him after her marriage are so endearing & motherly  but the good ship JANE fell to pieces on the way back to Great Britain 1829  he did not see his wife & sons again …”


“… They made a TOUR to ROME but expected James Weddell might come with them, meet them there  Here curiously was a LINDSAY with other penniless aristocrats & they had a PORT WATCH on travellers coming in we think their TRICK was finding rich people & muddling them over the currency  the GIFT that SAN JULIAN MAKES TO THE VATICAN may not be at all what these British noble crooks took off him in the matter of EXCHANGE  He returned to his Ventures very broke & soon had to sell the big house - we have photographs of it & of a hugh gathering in the gardens when he was at his job of Acting Governor  & at the marriage OF THE ICE WHITE BRIDE his only child to JAMES WEDDELL  a newspaper exists  yet we hear now that Weddell was a low seaman who NEVER married & by chance got the SEA named after him & it should be removed & given to other names !  (Dr John RAY R. working for USA Washington Department of State was in WHITES CLUB St James 1958 hearing ugly crimes planned) 


 It is the GOOD QUAKERS who presented a case for the sub-arctic SEA to receive his name after the publication of his book  & after his death in that little house Deptford waterfront  where JEAN my mother, ballerina, first met my father 1907, she a young widow of spain , Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM & she marry in 1909 & the LINDSAY INTERFERENCE BEGAN  she thought of buying the little house where her grandfather JAMES WEDDELL a great Marinerlived his last dismal years  


1820s-30s   THE ADMIRALTY & their TRADING PARTNERS would NOT let JAMES WEDDELL BACK  he is imprisoned in the little house DEPTFORD that we bought  he had to raise a FLAG every morning so an old retired ADMIRAL across the River Thames could see it, he must lower the FLAG at sundown so this old monster could see he had not left - they threatened his family in South America - all of them - IT WAS SPOKEN UPON, WRITTEN UPON in Gross Britain, that he Weddell & his APE father-in-law would interfere with their PROFIT - profits from a ghastly inhuman TRADE in slaves & natural history 1800s & onwards - we have records made by a young RN in 1880, he so shocked at what his nation could do & with other white nations  


Reports : Colne Engaine cum Camulodunum & diaries/ Dr John RAY Ransom 3 Degrees USA citizen returning 1969 for SENATE WORK by INVITATION  murdered by petrol poured down his throat 1969when he entered by invitation the farm MONTROSE Basin bought 1500 by his direct ancestor F. RANSOM marrying the Lady of Japan - It was illegally given to BRITISH CROWN 1939 October by JIMMIE JONG thetravelling companion of ANGELA - Jim called now Major this or that -Buck.Palace Intelligence Unit 1939-44/ who killed the old childless RANSOM couple - killed with petrol in this way & the house robbed of paintings & Incunabula from the Ransom BRUGES library brought to this home upon the marriage of 1504 Bruges Cathedral -

A daughter PHOEBE RANSOM 1530s marries Sir Lionel MAINWARRING, issue 2 children …”

Nota bene: I am informed by the elder daughter of Angela at the architect Edwin Lutyens house near Windsor 1969 `that luncheon of the tombs`   I recall PHOEBE RANSOM with her Japanese eyes in a portrait when I am a child…”

The speaker had `her crown in her handbag` many people present said  (Information RANSOM BROTHERS & families present with ANDRE MALRAUX “… places are laid for the dead …”


 RECORDS report 1981 onwards are DESTROYED by RONALD REGAN Hollywood actor president USA - INFORMATION 1988 dove-tails intoREPORTS UPON CRIMINAL VIOLENCE against the WORLD by a CLASS of dope-hedonism-ill bred IMPERIAL BRUTES of an education to make themCRIMINALLY INSANE  now turned into chocolate box figures  THEY DRIP BLOOD & GORE from endless crimes & the GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN educating to 20 years - orphan children of the WORLD  a horrible crime carried out mainly during the British 2nd World War  LETTERS to ARGENTINA 1944-1945 by those putting on record that they never DID THIS HORRIBLE EXTERMINATION OF GROTE CHILDREN 


you really had to know them  to understand THE EVIL INFLUENCE THEY HAD ON THE YOUNG …” British Irish artist & gardener & philosopher 1989/2 Oxford & University  )


Dr John Ray R& other RANSOM FAMILY members  JIM JONG PIMP

(made Sir/Cur/James 1954) BURNED EVERYTHING ALL THE RECORDS writings drawings books archaeological visits notes drawings they made  of San JULIAN & James WEDDELL  AFTER WE LEFT the house down there 1936 -our Tour of NORD SUD & Grote Homes & Estate for Aunt Mag & Grote Brokers & our good solicitors Argentine  ( Tierra del Fuego) & took the library from the old high born lady Spanish-Welsh who took care of them for us  he threatened the good community with the IMPERIAL POWER of Great Britain  

( Separate files NORD SUD POLES TOUR October 1935-June 1936  Greta Ransom June 1936 illegally kidnapped back by LINDSAY & FILTH using British Embassies everywhere/much is written up (from records & observations from their diaries) in this Document SUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX & GREENLAND )




KENNEDY - John F. & parents, USA/ Chairman MAO & ChinaEstate Grote Homes/1950s Chinese Legation London & Embassy Paris/President R. NIXON/F. CASTRO/PERU/ COLOMBIA/& many nations A-Z outside The British & Scandinavian Empires of Norway & Denmark - Afghanistan/Palestine/Egypt … A-Z globe


INFORMATION - upon FALLING EMPIRES & imperialism GREED  Figures from a Morgue  


1969 - British Museum NATURAL HISTORY

(famous woman Scientist)   Margaret Grote had NO ENEMIES, Peter  EXCEPT a woman called ANGELA & her travelling companion a half Chinese Jim Jong - He heard the LINDSAY Premier Earls were cunningly claiming this Estate & felt he & she, Angela, SHOULD HAVE THEIR SHARE  he had known her since they were children  they insulted Mrs Margaret Ransom Grote behind her back with their noble friends - often calling her AN OLD ESKIMO   ( speaking with Peter J.P. Whitehead

b 1930 - d 1992, Dept FISHES )


NB: IMPORTANT : The following 4 pages added after 2011 31 January


1969 - SAD SOUR happenings - OBSCENE POWER displayed:(seldom did/does corruption appear in the world of Museums but now it is revealed & is to CONTINUE in its full horrors! Our ELDERS in the Sciences had to observe the evil behaviour 1920s, 1930s by IMPERIAL BRITAIN & its SCANDINAVIAN relatives & connections committing FRAUD with VIOLENCE upon the worldwide GROTE HOMES - & their foul tongues &ever on-going murder attempts upon Mrs Margaret Ransom GROTE & her young family RANSOM the descendants of her brother JOHN RANSOM, whom she has legally chosen to be her heirs they/weare all raised in the GOSPELS ACTED OUT ...


March 1969 - After the killing of Fred John RANSOM whom they have known since a young boy  British Museum NATURAL HISTORYwomen scientists & friends , the retired Miss Doctor E. Trevawvas - possibly she the great Miss Cheeseman, & the lady of the Medusae & Red Cranes ( she is a good friend of Polly Rathbone Furze (cousin to father of W. twins) & her husband the Botanical Admiral  she, Lady of Medusae, has tried November 1966 speak to me G.R. about James Weddell but I had no memory  )

There is also working in the BMNH the brilliant but hard working & sometimes noisy Miss Bunty DR GRANDISON (who is a cousin to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM the grandfather that Greta Ransom has NO IDEA EXISTED from 1939-1940 ! Dr Grandison who shares a flat with Miss A. Clarke (both BMNH scientists) is visited 1968 by a Doctor HARRINGTON for The Crown & he brings various females of the ROARING 20s with him - she is hospitalized & dies too quickly/her name is on a list known to worldwide SCIENCE circles early 1980s


1972  Mr MENGELE Harrington, pseudo Doc - that blue car is little boy bait  HE WOULD GO NOWHERE WITHOUT GROTE RANSOM & MALRAUX  Saw he could help them ! In cover-up this horrible crime …” 


All Greta Ransom Whitehead`s post/mail, presents, communications are severed Xmas 1933 & again 1939 WARTIME onwards by THE EVIL Lindsay Earls et al - this is continued from an agreement November 1967 with the WHITEHEAD TWINS RANSOM family are insulted, threatened & kept from the new family - false messages as usual, & the telephone into The Pillar House Harwell does not ring in the daytime - it is generally believed we are X-directory  ) 


 1969 - these distinguished scientists at a gathering 1969 BM Natural History, London, are not now pleased with Peter J.P. Whitehead Zoology & his twin brother Sir Rowland  but curious why the recently former Miss Greta Ransom says nothing beyond she does not know her father since the Wartime. NB They are subject to cunning deliberately spread MALICE & hearsay by Noble MONSTERS of the DEEP & their lackeys always about us at GATHERINGS & with SNOUTS into our post/mail-telephones !


IF YOU SPEAK WITH GRETA RANSOM or family RANSOM et al then YOU ARE UNDER SEVERE INVESTIGATION FOR GOVERNMENTS & CROWNS (You should immediately lock up your rare books & paintings & watch your Bank balances) -

That greatest crime of mankind, the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN, is not to be revealed “… it would harm British Trade   

There was an intention 1946 at Nuremburg to shift it so-so on to the German Army Navy & Air Force  clearly this was not going to work - Herman Go`ring was to read a short statement at the TRIALS  the USA were willing he should do so upon the FATE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN XMAS 1938 Norway places where the German Armed Forces WERE NOT  the British representative(s) refused that he say a few words  (“… so he is allowed to poison himself ?  . )


It is reported 1970s   but the BUNDERSREPUBLICkeep on falling down over the matter of GROTE RANSOM MALRAUX when they pick themselves up  (?????)  ~ NB: I GR do notunderstand this phrase used here falling down even after putting together these 4,000 pages !

BUT do try

pick yourselves up BUNDERSREPUBLIC - please note I am carrying all these innocent DEAD in my arms my mind my soul my spirit - I , Greta Ransom, can say most definitely you did not do it ~ slay the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - Upper-class G. Britain & its ghouls Scandinavia did - for quick DOUGH 


 Sometimes I GR feel I should sharpen that axe of Granny Ransom `Maniac of Mainz`who slew the greedy upon the steps of the castle of her brother - Restored wall painting can be seen of she & JACQUES/Jack RANSOM c time of the Kingdom of Otto/check dates /

Nota beneMainz Tourists: In 1900s she & he have their names on this wall painting MAINZ - She is Granny in a straight line to my great-great grandpa FRED RANSOM the father of my Girl of the SNOWS my Aunt Margareth Mrs GROTE therefore my `Maniac of Mainz` Grandmother too  we both have long hair  We thank them for our lives, as with the others back to 77 AD & we know them from family records (many destroyed by the Gross Brit & Norway Imperial EVIL) & the great work of genius done by my father young Frederick John Ransom & all his family branches joining in 


NNB: 1969 - the SOUR SAD continuation - display of OBSCENE POWER to accomplish further violent FRAUD: the identical twin to PJPW is Sir Rowland R.J. Whitehead b 1930 but unknown to families Ransom-Whitehead-Sparkman New York at this time he has a debt of 30,000 pounds owing to a British Bank ! He has done a deal with the EVIL over the Grote Ransom Estate FRAUD by Earls Lindsay & Crowns of Britain & Scandinavia  He is independently in secret silence not telling the RANSOM brothers, Brokers, Solicitors, connected families: Yes, that old game of Westminster centre of Government & The Whitehall=Houses of Perversions/1920s onwards ASSUMING AUTHORITY for Greta Ransom Whitehead (m October 1967 to PJPW) ! `Master Row` can pay his debts by rewards for helping the `nicking` of this great Estate, especially those seashore RESERVES, big transport investments etc etc which will fill British noble coffers & carry on so that this noble CLASS stays RICH albeit here DRIPPING BLOOD & GORE of the GROTE CHILDREN & the good families who take care of them ! 


 His debt is from illegally taking money from Trust Funds 1962 WITHOUT permission his uncleshis mother knew & had a grasp of him over this since 1964  ( You need a criminal mind to follow the CRIMINAL INSANITY of them all ! )

NNB: But there is a FAMILY Whitehead EXPLOSION of the elders February 1970 but they (Quaker descended) & the new addition to their family the former Miss Greta Ransom & the polymath young Uncle LIR her co- & sub heir DID NOT KNOW OF more DEVILRY GOING ON for more blood-gore DOUGH -


The identical Whitehead twins b 24 June 1930 Kenya, after swift private visit early 1968 to ANGELA in her evil TOWER & some NOSH-UPS & FORK-UPS in Scarlet Town at her Satin & Lace PLACEincluding some creatures of the mob of Earls of Crawford & Lindsay & co  are giving permission to the W. twins to further TEAR DOWN THE ESTATE in name of the child HEIR of Margaret Grote is JIM PIMP pouring the drinks ?  It is that child-heir Greta Ransom that has assembled this Document  Nota bene: I have Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM as my co- & sub-heir ! UPPER CLASS IMPERIAL DIVINITY is at its criminal insanity FUN & GAMES the more 


 Whitehead twins (born 1930 Kenya mother when 17 years old was in West Virginia LUNATIC ASYLUM owned by her family for poisoning Uncle Doctor Belle Palmer`s favourite aunt  let out to go to France-met Philip Rathbone Whitehead on holiday near Bordeaux  he did not know this for some years  the families tried cope  but she remained criminally insane in this ROARING 1920S fashion favoured by an IMPERIAL UN-EDUCATED - uneducated in the sense that John Ruskin & Cardinal Newman & humanists understand it  )


1967 November ever on - WHITEHEAD TWINS - they are to roam the earthwith SANCTUARY granted all British Diplomatic circles - they to DISMANTLE the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE ! They begin by throwing good families & small industries OUT OF THEIR HOMES & premises  1968 their Aunt Mrs Jos. Sparkman, NEW YORK YACHT CLUB is shouted at on Brookland Bridge by a man whose workforce of 130 they have just PUT OUT OF A JOB )


NB: ANDRE MALRAUX & FRED JOHN RANSOM, Dr JOHN RAY Ransom USA citizen, & Lennie I. Ransom - polymaths all - ARE ALIVE !!!

The Whitehead twins (see Debretts Peerage) are to take from the legal RANSOM ESTATE all GRANTS to retirement homes, sheltered housing etc/grants for music-sport-schools & small hospitals/convents & monasteries with secure lands & a grant for difficult times so they may help the communities about them, & tiny businesses & market gardens that may be along a little pleasant lane, Investments since 1830s in transport ( LINDSAY Earl 15 has taken CANADA INVESTMENTS with his father Lindsay 14 & mob 1948 threatening DEATH TO US ALL-Lindsay PIMPS -Angela gave it to them ) 


 The Whitehead twins are to try get our big investments in industry & transport & manufacture & AIR TRANSPORT sometimes from EARLY FLYERS TIMES & good restaurants & small shops & lovely mansions & homesteads & the remaining big RESERVES of our centuries of GREEN PEACE by waters that we hath maintained over the centuries, etc My father & his brothers had begun to pull the ESTATE out of OIL & invest in nuclear & other forms of energy - THIS WAS STOLEN ! They theWHITEHEAD TWINS are to investigate with Doc Mengele HARRINGTON & the EARLS of LINDSAY Crawford & dirty JIM   for the ESTATE is really the property of ANGELA from an OLD ESKIMO  it is quaffed  NB: violence & lies continues using those criminal insane of gigantic powers  all of them HEAVY DOPE users from their early teenage years 


 Nota-nota-nota Bene : The Whitehead twins 1967 autumn had so swiftly stepped down from their great QUAKER FAMILIES of over 300 honourable years of useful employment to the globe & slithered down- down-down to sleazy greedy glitzy marble halls of IMPERIAL HELL - where a great river of blood overflows & about the feet OF ALL WHOM ENTER THESE UNHOLY PLACES 


Nota bene : JIM PIMP half-breed called Sir James since 1954 (made Lord/lewdJames 1971) & dismissed as Steward WHITES CLUB St James` DISMISSED in January 1959 (left unofficially May 1970) for brutality fraud & FOUL MOUTH towards Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom & families - Greta whom he has known since December 1932 before her birth & delivered murderous violence to frequently 



1938 - I Greetah am calling myself PALLAS ATHENA from 1938 for I must look after my poor young father - he is becoming like a ghost with all this CORRUPTION & MURDER about us -


JIM JONG PIMP Mr Pong half-breed  his present 5th birthday 1938 to the Grote Ransom heir, Greta Ransom, is a BOMB disguised as an OWL CLOCK  it blew a hole the size of the crater of SANTORIN at midnight bottom of the garden where I, Greetah, carried it carefully at 9.30 pm the baby-sitters having been sent away by him  ) GUARDIAN appointed October 1937 to the entire Estate & the heirs Greta R & Len I.R. is ANDRE MALRAUX of FRANCE 


Nota bene : EVIL CREATURES : They are present in the 3 Parts, the psychopaths those criminally insane vermin & the Figures from a Morgue,who should now occupy in history records the benches in the lowest levels of that HELL OF DANTE .

Their seats are booked for the late comers of the 20thcentury (`THE EVIL CENTURY`) by their own bestial conduct   these-they continuing this violent ignorant obscene GREED & vice & removal of records 


Additional names places :

Uncle Gimlet Eyes MAINWARRING RN & Grace his wife Mannering for the fashionable ) a grand-daughter Kate ? of 1936/1937/1968 


Olivea Hesketh (WEDDELL) raised next to SHAKERS/ composer of ballads from age 15 her father called her MINERVA when she raised a baby owl he brought home fallen from a tree/ her BOOK of SONGS-HYMNS for EVENTIDE in her 1st marriage name Mrs Bussy - goes into 5 printings with different coloured covers ( well known to Graham Greene novelist as a child ) Olivea Minerva makes a 2nd marriage (2 daughters) to eldest son James Weddell b 1825 of JAMES WEDDELL QUAKER Mariner WEDDELL SEA & his wifeThe AELOVEDAH-Maria Miss SAN JULIAN, only child of the NOBLE INCA scholarYAHA-MAHA JOSEF San JULIAN F. (ancient Order of SPAIN) San Miguel 

MINERVA MARTYR poisoned Deptford teashop by JIM JONG PIMP & LINDSAY to be EARL 14 , in 1934 /reports-evidence


Agnes Gordon “… a girl of 21 years of age she came by train (photograph of her at departure in train - beautiful, dark hair, in a cloche hat `writes Mary Helena Gordon to her S. Irish cousins ) to the Gordon children after Teresa`s downfall 1926 & said `Now I am Aunt Agnes & you are all dear to me  we will recover from this  1968 she attempts to speak to Greta Ransom her cousin George Ernest Gordon his grand-daughter Greeta the GROTE RANSOM heir  did she live after 1968 ? ~ Mr Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON Royal Satrap, paedophile is at this gathering with his attendant British Naval Intelligence FIENDS etc etc  pouring alcohol drinks !


MacMillan families ( a young John age 14 or so 1938 ? - done in ? )

Great HOUSES & JIM PIMP / `CLOUDS`/TAPLOW COURT & Ettie DESBOROUGH`s Easter Marque Luncheons- 1939 luncheon leading tomurders of Mr TATE, Mr `Wayland` & later suspicion over Mr CHARTRIS the Policeman at the Gate & old Lady `Tachell ` in her bustle from INDIA 1890s  JIM PIMP tries give Greta Ransom a poisoned drink - have her attacked in the house “… a Lindsay NOT WANTED girl gave a sort of warning …”


MACDREW marrying into the family of `d`UFF  of Castle Hedingham, the oldest family in Essex 1940s  our 900 years old family Child, in a straight linewiped out  the child was in your classMaster Greene & DONOVAN Bookseller are upset about itwell you were only 8-9 yearscan not be expected to remember all the tragic things that occur from OUR BETTERS …”


REFERENCE Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator COLCHESTER MUSEUMS 1934 to his murder POISONING 1962/he is on the CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis WEB SITE for COLCHESTER ROMAN Britain Camulodunum C.V.


Nota bene: there is much in this DOCUMENT 1937 & earlier works upon Harold Walter POULTER & Staff, M.R. HULL Curator  friends, colleagues, acquaintances of ANDRE MALRAUX  GOSPELS ACTED OUT in East Anglia  9 years old girl HEIR NEWFOUNDLAND etc seashores to this SEAS FAMILY of 900 years strangled on her way to CHOIR 1942 springin the same class of GRETA RANSOM another SEAS FAMILY HEIR - LINDSAY Premier Earls now pay their double death duties next year/USA Intelligence etc & others REPORTS 1948 - those present, & written records 1942 obtained 1948 the big black car left the back of Buckingham Palace pre-dawn …”


1935 October to June 1936 NORD - SUD POLES TOUR of GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE/ accounts in SUMMER 1937 & other documents 



Miss ANNIE Agnes Carroll WILLIAMS b 1880 d 1972 artist with MANZONI & with he to HAROLD RATHBONE The Della Robbia Pottery, Birkenhead (now Williamson Museum Liverpool) (great-aunt of Greta Ransom)  Gave Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX the will to live SUMMER 1945 after the horrific death on the railway line near TULLES her legs crushed under a train  she his young Roman Catholic wife Josette Clotis mother of his two sons born 1940 & 1944  thus A FRENCH WIDOWER the GUARDIAN to the greatest piece of philanthropy of the world, is given permission by `young PACELLI` to marry the GROTE RANSOM heir in the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady Clacton-on-sea 17 April 1947  Read `SEA MISTS SUPPER June 1945` at STELLA MARIS 10 Granville Road, Clacton 

( Summer 1937 et al (google) )

House named after Canadian girl Stella Maris Condor wife of the Australian artist CHARLES CONDER -


Miss BESSIE (Elizabeth) Martha WILLIAMS b c 1860s d 1960 sister to above (great aunt of Greta Ransom) they ran a Catholic MISSION at Walton LIVERPOOL with other young women & young training priests - the impact of Mrs Gaskell`s novel NORTH SOUTH & other social & welfare concerns, pamphlets, inspired them all  John RUSKIN letters were read & others as John Henry NEWMAN, were their guides  ( Bessie`s death is questioned by many as she had been seen January 1959 with ANDRE MALRAUX at the Priests Retirement Home Lancaster Gate Oblate Saint Charles - the sisters had knownunavoidably the LINDSAY Premier Earls on the seafront ( in their Scots granite GRAND demolished by order Clacton Council 1945) & were pestered by JIM PIMP & Angela with sneers, leading astray their niece Teresa Gordon(Mrs Frederick John Ransom mother of the heir to the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE)


Their sister Mary Helena Mrs Geo. E. Gordon 1870 poisoned 1944 June -reports Clacton Hospital et al  she speaks with `young PACELLI 1938 & 1939 on the telephone, the calls coming to Montfort Lodge Clacton-on-sea the Priests homeHe has sent her photos of a 2-room apartment VATICAN & wishes her to come bringing her grand-daughter & another if she wishes  She, Greta`s grandmother, is a SOUTHERN IRISH CITIZEN & has a PASSPORT of Ireland 

New York Sparkmans/Yacht Club/ Palmer-Ostrander-Waugh etc families West Virginia Wheeling  family of the WHITEHEAD TWINS  see Debretts Peerage 

Connections from 19th century to RANSOM & GROTE families 


Teresa Elizabeth Gordon b 1906 Nov 24th d 9 Sept 2001 AD friend of Nobles & Angela & JIM PIMP  has 3 bastard sons because the family is Catholic & her mother saved them, one with help from its noble Norwegian father she Teresa is quite mad on this DOPE the nobles all use DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND  they wear it in fire blown pellets up their snouts  IT HITS THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS 

Married 1932 Frederick John RANSOM b Nov 1911 eldest son of Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom scholar & seaman & Jean Minerva Weddell ballerina(eldest daughter of James Weddell II & Minerva Olivea Hesketh Bussy Weddell ) m 1909 ( she the young widow Aquida-Smith Argentine/Basquelands Spain )-

FJR (biography) persecuted 1960s & cunningly abused in British Hospital March 1969 by the paedophile criminally insane Doctor MengeleHARRINGTON  not dismissed by British medical Association until 1982 in spite of frequent complaints about this friend of Philip Mountbatten & his Uncle `No Dicky Bird` & Lindsay Premier Earls & Jim Jong PIMP/Sir James 1954-


CLACTON TENNIS CLUB & CLACTON PIER - KINGSMAN family who built the Pier/Nurse Connie NAPPER & son Ernie & daughter-in-law Beatrice & sons, & the daughter of Connie at the Wedding of Grace 1947 who caught Greta`s bouquet with some white bluebells in the centre 

Clacton shops & tradesmen & professional people & the old & retired, the Clacton choir, school teachers, hospital staff  so many who were friends to ANDRE MALRAUX when he & Josette came SUMMER 1937 & again when he arrived A WIDOW bearing in his arms his two dead brothers Roland & young Claude as well as JO mother of his two tiny sons Pierre & Vincent to be killed in ~ “… an accident just waiting to happen  say MI5 July 1969  explaining the HORROR of 23 May 1961 


FIONA FUNNULA FAITH MacDONALD b 1930, heiress to the CLACTONIronmongers & seed merchants etc. by the WALPOLE TOWERS HOTEL & the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady on the Clacton Seafront towards Holland-on-Sea, Essex  Becomes a Matron of Hospital/lives in Great Clacton Manor/BOOTED IN ON BY Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON after 1960 whom she at first believed to be an eminent physician sent by Philip Mountbatten & Uncle  ( Mengele paedophile ex-prisoner & countless KRANKY HOUSES since age 12 years pretends to be the noble doctor HARRINGTON of Edinburgh b 1914 see reference book Who is Who) Fiona-Funnula 1960s began to object to Doctor Harrington`s vindictiveness against ANDRE MALRAUX whom she insisted was a good friend a wonderful PURE ROMAN CATHOLIC MAN she had sung in the choir with him, as Greta had  SHE DIES  MARTYR  Reports Detectives friends for Andre Malraux - “… she should never have had Mengele getting in her door or near her family  he was giving out his old line that he was A PEER IN WAITING  


Mr Professor R. WINNCLEMANN & wife a Shropshire woman/MARTYRS/Resides at CLACTON ON SEA & opened 1945 `MURRAY`S chemist` near the Walpole Towers Hotel, the Catholic Church & Saint Clare`s Convent School 1940s - friend of ANDRE MALRAUX from his boyhood - they showed kindness to everyone /1 son Germany 2 grandaughters/

   a chauffeured car came down from London to take him to help with difficult cases until his death in 1950 child …”

says Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator COLCHESTER MUSEUMS (web site COLCHESTER - CAMULONDUM Colonia Victricensis ) records 1952 onwards 


HARWELL Village & area  1960s onwards  some receiving ANDRE MALRAUX as friend & a pure man of honour & giving him SANCTUARY 


ROME/VATICAN - Priests related to RANSOM GRONLANDER Benedictine Order the USA born Father Stephen Foster (sends G.R. sweets forCHRISTMAS 1945 - `thank you dear cousin ` )

The grandson of Margareth girl of the SNOWS Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE he a priest in ROMA…” She dashes to see him November 1935 from Paris - leaving us her young RANSOM family, FCFR her nephew, his sons FJR & LIR & nearly 3 years Greetah … all her heirs … GR & LIR already chosen to head the Family JOYOUS VENTURE & happily in training for it … WE ARE bred in honour of 14 Races & 27 nations from 77 AD Roman Britain metropolis of Londinium …


19th century-20th Reverend Mother Marjorie Mainwaring (Church of Scotland)related to RANSOM & MacMurray & Mainwarring - HER WORK IN JAPAN/holy yes, & that of a good DETECTIVE with 40 Nuns managed the 2 Ransom dowry islands end of the LUSHANS CHAIN given in 1512 marriage 1504 Bruges of F. RANSOM of Montrose Scotland to Lady Japan/Okinawa an older Royal Family than Hirohito & his father /

 written in `TRUE HISTORIES THE GROTE BROKERS SAILED IN` VICTIMS saved by she touring PACIFIC GROTE HOMES “… & walking around the town then calling in GROTE & RANSOM by ships to cope with difficult persons…”

Cousin Marjorie, a 10 years old HEIR in SCOTLAND she was PUT IN A COFFIN & BURIED ALIVE for 10 minutes before the horrible crime discovered  She decided to become a NUN & hunt out EVIL - they put `em on a raft  etc etcThere was once a boy  we will call him Artinuous  & some evil relatives had cut out his tongue …” etc etc 


WEDDELL John b 1826 in a ` humanist HOLY `well-to-do` household with stout walls & good gardens` Tierra del Fuego , the very big family of John (2 marriages with issue) younger son of JAMES WEDDELL Quaker Mariner & the INCA AELOVEDAH-Maria only child of the Roman Catholic scholar San JULIAN F. San Miguel sometime Acting Governor of Tierra del Fuego his son-in-law Quaker JAMES WEDDELL Weddell Sea is to take the post as full GOVERNOR ( together he & his father-in-law his long time friend, have already done good works getting rid of RACISM & appalling conditions in Mines & fishing by Gross BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA & HOLLAND ( Netherlands ) 


 THE WORLD OF HOLLYWOOD & film, stage, theatre, & all entertainments no matter how MODEST : a grandson of JOHN WEDDELL is young CLARK GABLE- a few GROTE children have taken up careers HOLLYWOOD  Anthony QUINN ACTOR  went in & out when times were difficult in the family  it organised my mind …”


  the old CATHOLIC VINE is a safety net ` as CHARLES BRONSON says 1948,bringing messages from old-young Edgar VARESE composer in USA (see great book on him 21st century) ... he is commenting at MANCHESTER & CLACTON 1948 to BUTLER  OUR BILL MAYOR OF MANCHESTER  GORDON & WILLIAMS families `on GOOD HUMANIST MEN & WOMEN 


Noble British MONTAGUE Catholic family had a nasty paedophile 1920s -

IT attacked countless Roman Catholic children put to CONVALESENCE in his family home & grounds  result a 12 years old impregnated/never recovered/a male child born is NEUTERED as is the MANNER in IMPERIAL CRIME/BUT on the insistence of the ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST who is with visits & letters EXPOSING THESE YEARS OF MONTAGUE CRIMES he managed to insist this MOB MONTAGUE educate it as their own they pushed it out to a distant branch 

He grown to a kindly burly man ex-Army & schoolteacher wife (no children) are brought to The Pillar House HARWELL 1971 to tea  Greta Ransom W. has no idea whom they are 

 Nota bene : 1967 - MASSIVE IMPERIAL FRAUD with VIOLENCE OFFSHORE has BEGUN AGAIN & they, kindly law-abiding , victims of this IMPERIAL BRUTALITY, are to be used as silent MOUTHPIECES against the families BUTLER-WILLIAMS -RANSOM-GROTE-WEDDELL by MONSTERS of HIGH Imperial bloody gore boots POWER & GREED THE ESTATE from 1945 is MANAGED by the RANSOM BROTHERS & persons of HIGH RANK in SOUTH AMERICAN NATIONS & ASIA & is being cunningly disgustingly DESTROYED AGAIN `BY THE CRIMINALLY INSANE` all moneys stolen are shared with BRITISH & SCANDINAVIAN IMPERIAL FAMILIES who do not pay INCOME TAX & pass it to their relatives and CLASSrecords are mentioned in this Document SUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Greta & GREENLAND )that have had strong persons weep at this massive ignorance inflicted upon the world by persons of low education & bred in marble halls of debauchery 




 FRED MACMURRAY Broker Wall Street sometimes ACTOR HOLLYWOOD  acts PIED PIPER taking a MANSION when he is filming - they all make RANSOM HISTORIES allowed by Studios at the END OF A good FILM …” “… WEDDELL FAMILIES ALL SLAIN BY 1960 yap dirty Jim & LINDSAY Premier EARLS FRAUDSTERS of VIOLENT FUN MURDERS for the DOUGH from world-wide banks 

1960 - 3-4 Weddell family are hiding in the Argentine hills 


GENOCIDE 1938-1954 of the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES 1864 onwards by agreement nations OUTSIDE the Empires of Gross Britain & Scandinavia educating to 20 years A-Z the globe  ORGANISED & CARRIED OUT BY FIGURES FROM A MORGUE of the falling EMPIRES OF GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA allowing the PREMIER EARLS OF GROSS BRITAIN L I N D S A Y from 1904 to be THE FRONT in secret silence WESTMINSTER MEETINGS ` with candles lit & shutters drawn claiming to RULE the 7 seas   RECORDS/


Ronald Regan USA films/President it is said 1980s  He ordered the destruction of American history records kept safely including GROTE HOMES-RANSOM Estate he of little understanding-seemed to often play Hollywood B film roles …”


QUAKER Families BRITAIN & America/records East Anglia etc known to COLCHESTER MUSEUMS - Quaker families Rathbone Liverpool/Greg & lines/Whitehead  RANSOM-WEDDELL & PIECE family a well known London Quaker family-mother of James Weddell of the sub-arctic SEA Quaker & Baptist families, Nonconformists, ARMISH settlement

“… & treacle tart for tea  & Greta will come to school a term when over 5 years  we always ask them what they think about this & that )

 SHAKERS - holidays with them & Melony allowed to come through the hedge She Melony lst daughter of Olivea MINERVA Hesketh 1840s (1stm Mrs Bussy 2nd m Mrs James Weddell II 2 daughters Jean ballerina widow then 1909 Mrs FCF Ransom & younger sister marries BAXTER main line 17th century Dissenters, he a bookbinder/ Argentine & Blackpool -violence from LINDSAY & Nobles against he & two sons 1930s-1953 ... sons murdered in Australia 

 RECORDS Violence Australia & New Zealand, CANADA against ALL related to GROTE RANSOM Estate ) 


pre-Conquest SPAIN Tierra del Fuego & to 20th century  pre-conquest INCA Peru  & into 20th century 1988 USA STATE DEPARTMENT RECORDS & Workers  the tragic fate of their employee Dr John RAY Ransom murderedMONTROSE Farm Scotland 1969 summer (claimed fraudulently to be CROWN LANDS 1939) by Lindsay Premier Earls of G.B. , Jim Jong Cur James & Mengelespoof Doctor HARRINGTON pouring petrol down his throat, he Dr John RAY Ra USA citizen - degrees: Astra- physics/Animal Management & LAW ... Families persecuted related by ancestry & blood lines to RANSOM & WEDDELL 

Nota beneRONALD REGAN actor President USA may have ordered burned/pulped/ many of these historic humanism recordsespecially upon the young VICTIMS GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - perhaps he did not COVER HIS CUP  ? )


This document SUMMER 1937   THE HOUSE 1936 WITH THE LAVENDER PEARLS WINDOWS Argentine - when the wind came once a year with the dew  the girl distant cousin Lennie Imm. Ransom will marry in 1940 after their parents have been killed, carries me, Greetah now 3 years, around the house in the morning to see the miracle that will last a few hours  she planted these flowers around the house  she has the kindly BILLY GOAT WEDDELL raised from his first hours when his mother died  they go to the hospital to make the sick children better  he has perfect MANNERS & believes he is one of the Weddell children  COUSIN CLARKE GABLE has made a new film called SAN FRANCISCO  Greta lifts his oil cans to his car for the long drive back to USA & he approves of the strong GREENLAND HEIR to the family miracle…” DIARIES RANSOM BROTHERS & others of the families of the NORD & SUD POLES  and weep for the loss of MANS HOPE the HOPE of the GLOBE 


CROCODILE -  our second son CAIN RANSOM…”  see 1801 RANSOM diary & life the decade before in Antigua & with Sea peoples in TRADING SHIPS  “… Cain had no idea he was a crocodile & liked supper, music & poems read, went to church on Sundays, & to suppers under the Moon wearing his jewelled collar 7 kept his toys in a cart which he towed about with him when he left his hammock or his bed in the family house  perfect manners & he had two servant girls & delicate table manners  they tried teach him to read  they felt he could write a poem   MONUMENT ANTIGUA TO CAIN RANSOM is seen by A SCIENTIST 1950s - Report BM NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM SOUTH KENSINGTON LONDON 1966 November-Decembera scientist of jelly fishes etc speaks with Greta Ransom /further reports Andre Malraux detectives colleagues 1960 onwards /her death ? Ref. Rathbone-Furse families=Whitehead/



ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN says several times during the decades 1947-1976 to GRETA RANSOM his Ward when matters are falling to pieces over our Wedding of GRACE 




French phrase of endearment, no doubt  ? Well, better , I suppose, than whispering to his tragic bride of eternity

`I am going to chop your head off 


Signed Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia Ransom - his tragic MADAM X of April 1947 


OTHERS : Maggie RANSOM Carew widow take another Carew Carew RANSOM 16th century MONTROSE SCOTLAND a boatyard with inventions -family knew parents of Henry VIII 


18th century GREENLAND 1st astra-physicist West Greenland early 18thcentury Little white fox soft paws-MARIA as a child travels with family to Venice (they are Eskimo & a quarter French) She reads LUCRETIUS in French translation of 1720 - MOTHER OF GREAT POUL GRONLANDER 6` 5polymath genius Catechist trained Norwegian Mission Pastor Hans Egede & wife Gertrud - their sons at wedding of their fellow scholar POUL GRONLANDER (has N. Chinese-Eskimo names) to Margaret Yates Ship owners eldest daughter of Carlisle at Fredericktown West Greenland1749 issue 3 sons 2 daughters  See Finn Gad History of Greenland 4 vols.


WINSTON S. CHURCHILL & some family members kith kin-associations with RANSOM/Grote to 1960 - & Letters occasionally exchanged on arts & literature between he WSC & Margaret Ransom GROTE from 1922 to her murder 15 May 1938 by JIMMIE JONG pimp companion of LINDSAY EARLS & Angela, Teresa, & young of 19-teens & robberies of 1920s-1990s  Churchill went to Mrs Ransom Grote`s assistance 1920-22 finding LINDSAY a bloody nuisance since the world began murdering for lands & money Scotland  Also father of Margaret SWEETING who tells her some of this history when she a young woman - PARIS/with Teresa Gordon/ Margaret (no evil Duchess) to PJPW & others 1980s `tragic life of MALRAUX & Greta`  tried help 1957-1958 - had her own troubles too`  Reference December 1957 `woman in red turban & Malraux` 


NB: Teresa Gordon R. to Miss Rose Holder, 18 Gabriel House, Paradise Street, opposite Lambeth Palace 1960s   she always got the wrong men  married her for her money  kind girl 1923/4  took us all out in Paris  hired coaches  days out  liked museums  could have them kept open for her  bought me a dress long trailing, faile, dull fawn colours, I did not want it  but I treasured it & wore it until it fell to pieces  I preferred suits & horses  a girl you could trust  not noble background  had a kind father  she looked for a man like him  NOT EVIL …” ( newspapers were at their lurid slants)


This document SUMMER 1937 in 3 Parts Greetha Ransom

is instructed by Andre Malraux 1957 to 1976 to  begin in 20 years or so you can type well enough  

RECORDS given by LIR, JRR & FJR - RANSOM families  & persons of good nations outside of Imperial Powers - et al  & for Andre Malraux & the especial work by his detectives colleagues & families 1960 onwards 



NB : The colour code & type-faces used in this work will be found useful - & the dates set out at the commencement of pieces of information  GR 2010 AD  Gaul 31 January 2011 GAUL


1953 - The pale pink `clouds` dress bought by ANDRE MALRAUX

28th December 1953 for his Ward Miss Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia Ransom 20 years of age 21 years 11th March 1954

Photograph by George Martin Photographer & Antiquarian

Saint Osyth Village, Essex (friend of H.W. Poulter Colchester)





1947 - GRETA RANSOM age 14 years pupil at Convent of Saint Clare, Clacton-on-Sea The Spring bride to the Widower of Josette - permission has come from `young Pacelli` the VATICAN  Guardian will make an `early wedding` to the Heir to GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN & RANSOM ` The Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts twice encircling the world  Ransom genealogy in a straight line is from 77 AD Londinium via Egypt & Jutland Sea Traders 19th century INCA & GREENLAND



1991 GRETA RANSOM age 58 years/Whitehead-widow 1992 The Pillar House, Harwell, where many of the L.Leslie Brooke immortal books for children were drawn( GR is taking a 2 years course FE College Oxford History of Dance/practical & choreography - her grandmother Jean Minerva Weddell Argentine/Peru is a ballerina 1905 to 193(she was poisoned by Noble Britain - begun violent theft against the Estate now that the legal WILL is accepted A-Z the globe - WAR comes - 1938-1945 slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES began Noroway  they were left atChristmastide to be swept out to sea  reports - Berlin & Vatican - young MARTYRS …


1965 ` ANIMA JUSTI ` - gift to Miss Greta Ransom by a Law Student fromAMPLEFORTH Roman Catholic School - We are all young people working in the CITY of LONDON - Roman Britain LONDINIUM … 77 AD my first British ancestor RANSOM creates himself a good job on the waterfront administering cargo coming in … his father & grandfather have been trading & holding administrative duties EGYPT and around the Mediterranean Sea .. They come from Jutland 





1968 - Venice - Greta & Victoria-Augusta (name is from II Legion ancient Rome) This first “ ancient ruins tour ” shows ancient places without tourists/something that will never be seen again/The slides were borrowed by various Museums & on Video now - A sign Harwell to Pompeii & back is on the back of the old car - camping was all we could afford I believed -

Nota bene : I am not told that ANDRE MALRAUX is to join us ( with Len Imm. RANSOM Flyer-driver, who has not existed for me since 1939 at the old big house,shop below, of MALRAUX`s great-great grandparents, parents of his grandmother Adrienne/Adriana Northern Italy - PJPW parked some distance away & went to the building, spoke with the shop owners below closing up - he found a telephone message left for him that the persons would be 2 hours late/he decided to drive on …






1968 August - ROME - Greta with baby Victoria-Augusta 5 months old,Amanda Oonagh 7 years & Paul James 6 years Whitehead


Between 1972/1983 GRW told that GUARDIANS Andre MALRAUX & Len Imm. RANSOM followed on ! We were to be received by the RANSOM Family in the old Palace in Rome- the ESTATE bought it after the 2nd World War. 1967 NOVEMBER it is Ordered by Lindsay Earls the Crown, Jimmie Jong (Cur James ex-Steward WHITES Club & their fellow robbers & slags) & agreed by the WHITEHEAD identical twins to hand all my post/mail to these representatives of the Crowns of Britain & Scandinavia - The twins are `BOOTED IN ON`November 1967 & secret-silence DECREES of Westminster centre of Governmentread to them 

Further orders : that I & 5 months old V-A (grandchild of Fred. John Ransom father to the Grote Ransom heir Greta) & the two children Amanda & Paul of Peter J.P. Whitehead & Mrs Mavis Tait Ardwings-Kodek (poisoned Ireland June 1968) are to be told we are paupers & should be grateful for the BMNH salary earned by PJPW -

He & his twin may travel tearing down the Estate A-Z the globe … they have already begun to do this - having fun as `doppleganger` in West & East Germany - Sir Rowland twin has debts of 30,000 pounds - this is not known by his Trustees his uncles ! 1970 these two good men dead, it is revealed to Cousin Solicitor Tom Blyth the cousin to Whitehead twins - Peter younger twin & Whitehead Family did not know of this debt …




1986 - British Museum (Natural History) Tour of Chinese Fishery Colleges & Universities (2 months) - XIAMEN (old AMOY) - With Chinese scientists,Peter & Greta (Ransom) Whitehead have invited them to a meal in a restaurantThe news has travelled from Hong Kong of Greta Ransom`s Sea Traders ancestry I have 3 Chinese grandmothers 15th-16th / At QUINGDAO I meet a descendant from the town of the grandparents of POUL GRONLANDER 18th century - I am not to be told whom I am - PJPW Zoology BMNH somehow persuaded them not to enlighten me - Chinese scientists are very civilized persons.

( The young scientist with his hand on his wife`s shoulder has told me that his father can take their ANCESTRY back to before the Terracotta Army Emperor …) 1986 - I meet a Chinese scientist a young woman who saved my life in 50 Lancaster Gate Square a winter night 1958/59 we had our photo taken together She had some work with ANDRE MALRAUX late 1950s - she sat with me & then got a real doctor in - I was being poisoned by Doctor Mengele Harrington Royal Satrap/paedophile impatient to only be EMPLOYED by Imperial GROSS BRITAIN following General de GAULLE & ANDRE MALRAUX about France & the globe a GAULLIST government had the reins of GAUL … Records & oral/tapes LIR/









1968 - “ From The Pillar House HARWELL to POMPEII & back again ” -Whitehead paupers - to be denied the RANSOM Reception in our War bombs damaged 17th century PALACE ROME which we repaired fast.

The GUARDIAN of the greatest piece of philanthropy the globe will ever know is to attend us - the MINISTER of GAUL, Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX … but IMPERIAL big blood & gore drenched boots are DETERMINED TO THIEVE ON - … they are out of FUN DOUGH … Because of their envy, greed, malice since 1920s my father FJR & his brother Dr JOHN RAY Ransom USA State Department Washington will be slain by summer 1969 - leaving polymath Dr LEN Immanuel RANSOM my co-heir sub-heir & ANDRE Guardian, in terrible danger again & tricks played as before/ & so it was at The Pillar House into the late 1980s - malice toward young Pete PRW







Shakespeare Sonnet 80 drawing by a friend Biddy Darlow artist

It reminds me of 1945 spring & the arrival at Clacton-on-Sea of the Widower Colonel Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX … & our walks that coming winter from the Clacton Pier beach to Jo`s beach at Holland-on-Sea - a Pilgrimage he kept up until the October 1976 just before his death - LEN & friends can find air transport in secret & with security ! Here we three had a memorable holiday of 5 weeks & then to Lincoln to travel about the lands of his mother`s ancestry - 1945 it is but 8 years ago Summer 1937 … The 2nd World War 1939-45 has ended but now the dead are to be counted - ours beside the sea …








1943 - GRETA RANSOM 10 years old (photo Charles Magowan) attends Captain/Commadore Learoy`s Town School Llewellyn Road - Wartime Clacton-on-Sea has the beaches barbed-wired off but walks can be taken along the cliff road & the sea watched in all its moods - the Victorian-Edwardian town has a quarter of its residents because people moved away 1939 fearing the NAZI INVASION. The great Church of Our Lady is always full on Sundays & Father Wilson a musician organises superb music & singing.


1945 May - com`th Georges-Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX Widower to sing with us - he is counter-tenor & higher … & allowed to sing in the Nuns Chapel with them … ( he is rather an Archangel - he is said to be every ladies brother, son & `DREAMBOAT ` … However it is believed he is going to `TAKE THE ROBE` “ or the VEIL with that Voice ” says our Choir Mistress Mrs Taylor - sheunderstudied at MILAN … )








1943 - Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM - age 10 years lives with her two brothers John 8 & Colin 5 cared for by grandmother Mary Helena Gordon(Teresa is in Prison for violence & after a year is to be in a Lunatic Asylum until the War Office can get Captain Fred J. Ransom back for HOME DUTIES - SHE MAD MOTHER KALI/Clytemnestra has a friend no Angel called ANGELA whose husband runs the Imperial Prisons & so Teresa is OUT for a wild Roaring 20s time every month ! CHRISTMAS 1942/3 has her at CLIVEDEN with her Noble Top Brass chums -


We children attend the Llewellen Road School Clacton-on-Sea Headmaster Captain/Commadore Learoy musician of Cyril Sharpe House-Ernest Dove HMV famous record was his pupil Two James Weddell cousins are in school & we have in class some of the great Quaker/Nonconformist lines - because of Wartime we are all in this little delightful Town school/ We have 2 Humperdinck children very musical but they have changed their name 1stWorld War/ Our teachers are Mr Andrews BA Oxon for Science & Maths as he has crashed in his Lancaster Bomber : From Cambridge University we have Mr Armstrong geographer/historian teaching us & The Oratory Suffolk - his classes are geo-history combined & exciting/he knew my father FJR before he went to war. One lesson began “ the Ransom brothers 1820s borrowed a skiff & sailed up the West Greenland coast to look at what might become a new harbour at Johnstown - but they found the sea too shallow for big sailing ships - they went on to Jacopsholmen Island ” Mrs Read/degree USA/reads to us in winter Shakespeare`s RICHARD II & says it is about FAMILIES - We are to listen sew or knit - we wear our coats because there is only a little wood & coal for heating the school part of the day


Photos Charles Magowan musician with 3 grand pianos Colonel Andre Malrauxwill become friends with him & with our teachers 1945 onwards







1945 - The Widower Georges Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX wrapped in mourning -Auntie Win Gordon ex-ATS said to him “… I would not wear that beret in the town Andre - they may try to buy onions from you … before the War we always bought our onions from the Frenchmen who came over with their bicycles … Colonel MALRAUX had his early morning `study` in the seafront Rose Gardens & could be found until 10.30am scribbling … I read him The Forsaken Merman by Matthew Arnold …

HOWEVER … September he is discovered by Mad mother Kali/CLYTEMNESTRA his old friend Teresa Gordon of Christmastide 1924-25 PARIS - & she is NO MUSE ( our schools have many names for her )










1959 - Harold Walter Poulter, Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums with Miss Greta Ransom - The Holiday Shops JAYWICK SANDS

( the two 19th century shops are a copy of Charles Dickens Old Curiosity Shop ) Mr Poulter has sent a letter he will come from Colchester by bus ` for a visit to the seaside as in my youth ` but return by taxi & train & taxi to Hollytrees Mansion Museum -

In this photograph he is saying “ I am deeply disturbed Child, about Anglo-French matters - you both dovetail together - it is not fair at his age to have him not knowing what is happening - he can be mocked alongside the General. 1953when you first came to us at the Castle he was the bridegroom who came `a wooing - still a young man … remember the Colchester Madrigal Society had him in to sing with them …”








No 50 Lancaster Gate Square - 1998 - the two windows left on the 2nd floor above the balcony flags are where ANDRE MALRAUX lived 1953-1961It is a Catholic Mission run by he & General de GAULLE with Westminster Diocese.IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS made it a Hieronymus Bosch HELL - (we own an HB - bought it from him/ Ransom farm, Basin Montrose, stolen 1939 Sept. by Jim Jong Major James/Carew etc.

1998 - Greta Ransom W. entered - it is now a hotel I have my photo taken next door No 51. Young Peter R.W./photographer full of grace born 21 August 1970 has died age 27 years - He is another MARTYR of this IMPERIAL GREED by Gross Britain & Scandinavia those dope-soaked thieves who slew the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES 1938-1946-53 so they might sell our lands pay their debts & live in vulgar glitzy luxury & grab more this great philanthropic Estate - & used their Armed Forces & Governments to cover up their obscene crimeever after- I call them FIGURES from A MORGUE hereWork in 3 Parts 1937 SUMMER











1945 June Clacton-on-Sea - The Widower Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX is come from his swim the tide is out & he has waded into deep water with our Youth Club out to the Pier Bay where the big Steamers come in - I wait beside his clothes - when he returns & while he pulls on his clothes I red him THE FORSAKEN MERMAN - the name Margaret has me feel drear - Miss Win Gordon my aunt says I must not say anything to him about The Estate - it is to do with your father - when he returns …