Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

 . . . cont/d from Summer 1937 Part III . . .



they should never have their SNOUTS into it

At XMAS & other Festivals & upon the birthdays of Greta & Lennie the POST is delivered to the back of BUCKINGHAM Palace & 3 grey suited Workers from WHITEHALL carefully take away all correspondence as presents are ripped opened -


MOCKING twisters mutter THAT THE GOVERNMENT & CROWN FIND THE ESTATE IS IN THE RED…& this is LIES…  the Estate is nothing to do with them …  Their trick is to rob the banks abroad & then make mischief…  The greatest piece of philanthropy the world GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 PARTS…the biggest ESTATE in the world…can never be in the RED…A to Z it goes…

a JOYOUS VENTURE a delicate flower garden…  IMPERIAL BIG DIRTY BOOTS kick their way in & steal…   


Reports/accounts/diaries/letters the meeting of secret silence  : Len & I covered 1938 end of season Cowes- 15 daring minutes until the Ransom family & others could get in other end to listen to the violent villains determined to murder all heirs & ANDRE  MALRAUX-  We listeners were not seen ~ & Greetha Miss North South Poles got out of the open kitchen window to Lennie safely… I & LIR heard & passed to FJR/ uncle Mainwarring RN others…  P R E S E N T  WERE : 


Mr Floating Currency off-shore….Mr prefers Blondes really.Mr Pong of course & the Lindsay he goes around with those two little Evil jack-in-the boxes….” Mr Put them in RED

 Mr I shall soon be a Cur`…`Mr Imperial Morgue…`…         7 MONSTERS/with tails !



See Catalogue Malraux et al 1960s - `Margarethe Ransom Grote had more art works than the Louvre in the  orphanages Grote Homes educating to 18 years- & in the private residences which were in every nation -humanists come & stay - visit- `AMx 


1937 SUMMER & there is a visit to LINCOLN talk as we APPROACH THE LEAVE TAKING that hath to come…then a discussion of visiting a Monument at Lincoln that ANDRE’s mother told him of - perhaps saw a photograph of as a girl & visited or her father`s mother did…I was not sure…he & Jo will go & explore.  Then joy for I am invited & may go…by agreement Mary Gordon Granny -  She says to  ANDRE `Yea know the child inherits - so she must not be left in a room alone -  she must stay in the accommodation of you & your young lady-   (she clearly believed ANDRE had been told these matters by our hostess - Unity’s mother….)  Granny Mary Helena will not come to LINCOLN for she wants to stay near George-grandpa in his grave- all so new to us that spring 1937- 


ANDRE  understands G.R. has to be taken care of -

& that she a Widow doth not wish to leave her husband -

Andre he a young man brought up by 3 Graces…French-Italian born Catholic - is IN CHARGE OF JO & Greetha-

We will go to Lincoln at the end of this SUMMER visit-in a week or so…THERE HAS TO BE A LEAVE TAKING - then I shall soon be back at school they tell me -  It is all nicely arranged.


1977 LIR Diary 1937/1960s/to 1976…` ANDRE MALRAUX FAMILY MONUMENT LINCOLN CATHEDRAL seen 1937`.Len whom I now doth not know says after  MALRAUX’s death - “…do you remember a monument on the right hand side as you entered - the Lincoln Cathedral-  it was to his family - one who rescued others at sea - the Lowlands name was spelt Malr-joo - & other manners - as we … prudent about the globe… do render the name into the vernacular … although here it is the original Netherlands spelling MAL(R)JOO - the early Malraux branchthey sail with us 1600-1630 from Bordeaux…we got the records before they were whipped away from the archives in France … ”





Memo :  ancestry - ANDRE MALRAUX on his mother’s line is Histon & Wakesomething…other names… The Wash - East Anglia - Saxmunden HALL- The Thorpes - it reaches back to 9th century - Fishing/Traders -  Then there is a Somerset branch from 17th-18th century -  H.W. Poulter had this information at Colchester Museums -  I hath a little more in some records -


Did his Father’s line Malraux  come early centuries fishing /trading this area The Wash- so important in Medieval times as rich fishing grounds - along the East Anglia coast-  Fishing boats sail in from The Lowlands - where the Malraux roots are -  Histories of Continental Refugees - Fens drainers -Dutch Wars - many have come in after the Dutch Wars -  

George Andre Malroo … You & LIR 1957/1959 do not give me enough information & my only updated source since 1937 on all this was H.W. POULTER Colchester Museums in winter 1953/54 & some few words in our anguish in late January 1960 about a visit to LINCOLN -  

MALJAUX/Maljoo/a dead (?) brave sailor …  He saved his companions …”   I recall 1937 hearing something like that as we look at the PLAQUE in the Cathedral…& JO making notes


1970 - MALRAUX winter readings - notebooks :    talk of a monument Lincoln not replaced after 2nd World War& Mengele is indicated here as insane with envy of Andre Malraux … A stone  (?) monument on a Cathedral wall the size you indicate when speaking winter 1970 … 1937 in the Cathedral a rectangle I seem to recall seeing of a bronze shade perhaps 2 feet x 16 inches

I think it is 18th or 19th centuries … & it has a moulded bas relief sculpture of the heroic happening at sea ???  


1937 Summer - September…I can SHUT MY EYES now &

SEE we three in Lincoln Cathedral - WALK ABOUT WITH US

again … see you so tall calling us right side … I talking in the central Nave with Josette …about her wedding I do know HOW SHORT I AM & sometimes feel apologetic but you can easily sweep me up on your arm & I hang on round your neck … then we are walking on the other side of the Cathedral to look at something … I suppose if I were to go I could retrace our steps & get this all correct …



1937 Summer LINCOLN CATHEDRAL - JO & I being called by you to come & look at such a monument on a level with your face perhaps - up on the Wall -  IT IS ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE ? - beyond the middle of the Nave- but we also had to go to another monument on the left hand side… I am telling JO how she could marry here & about bridesmaids - pages - & carrying her train- I can run it back in my head as a cine film - as I tell her that Oh Aunt Margarethe girl of the SNOWS would pay …  clearly I had knowledge & descriptions of another wedding Aunt Margarethe Ransom Grote had PAID for….`Jo & Andre marrying would be a Wedding of Grace & we would all come to it ` I am telling everyone at `Jerusalem` in October 1937 …


Ref. MALRAUX his father’s line ... I hear something from

Dr John Ray R. 1960 but his readings were taken out of my memory swiftly by Mengele flashing that Sodium Sentry duty type torch in my face after spying on the Night Watch January/February 1960 Colne Engaine/ …I have a better recollection being in the Cathedral 1937 with ANDRE & JO…about this monument.    A visit I was helped to make to my father & Ivy in March 1962 has a few words spoken by him about FAMILY RECORDS OF THE SEAS  - 


Frederick John RANSOM b 1911 November-killed March 1969

… the father kept from me since 1939 when NOBLE BRITAIN sent him away to be killed in PHILIPPINES/  but he spoke JAPANESE & got a ship load of soldiers AWAY after he did the GREAT SWIM to our 16th century Japanese KIN TO ASK THEM NOT TO SHELL THE HOSPITAL AT THE TOP until they had got the patients-children of GROTE HOMES & others out …



1962 March - My father he is saying a little at Deptford about Andre Malraux`s ancestors who were at sea -  


From 1960 he FJR is reduced to no passport again as 1938 ? 

 ( got it back because of WAR 1939 )  & no moneys from his mother JEAN WEDDELL   (murdered for Gross Britain GREED) 

He & Lennie had income from her Estate & their little humanist industries Argentine they had all run since boys with her …  My father from 1960 cannot LEAP about the globe seeing to the

third of the great PHILANTHROPIC ESTATE he & brothers,

Kennedy/Malraux/ got going again from 1960/61 … LIR can !


1960 - ALL moneys passports BANK BALANCES have had to be CONFISCATED secret-silence for British Crown/plus Scandinavia bilge rats…all FOUND to be properties of EARLS OF LINDSAY WHO SWEAR BEFORE ALMIGHTY GOD EVERYTHING WAS IN

THE RED they have been reduced to sweeping Westminster STREETS for a weekly wage to pay off the DEBTS OF AN OLD ESKIMO/ Secret meetings after the Pubs close  at Houses of PERVERSIONS - Westminster by the Clock …


Mr Mengele paedophile HARRINGTON is in charge of the secret State Teams…Banks deny there was EVER such an account or that it has been CLOSED Order British Government & Crown & they rising from ALL FOURS rear on 2 hoofs & PLAY THE OLD GAME… get a Solicitor & prove it existed FJR & IVY Jean have been robbed since they are children in the 1920s …

it never stopped … It will happen to Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM he will find he has no DOCUMENTS … birth & PARENTS DENIED- marriage denied  & income from Argentine - soon AFTER ANDRE MALRAUX IS DEAD 1976


1962 March - FJR says  “ that MALRAUX ancestors AT SEA  had been checked by he & his brother 1945 at BORDEAUX …

BEFORE   T H E Y   GOT AT IT … to destroy … ”   


1962 March -  I ,  Miss G.R. working at BMNH  

HEAR  him the father I have NO recollections of beyond some imagery as pencil sketches on the seas the winter airs…as if

in a DREAM ...Teresa GORDON calling herself Mrs Terry Ransom  appearing just before I left from Miss Holder`s flat after 6.30pm-

with an EVIL STARE of the 1920s Movies had tried stop this arranged visit by Miss Rose Holder nearly 60 years a kind soul who had worked all her life at The Main Post Office St Martin-le-Grande…off Trafalgar Square…  RECORDS/Malone sat behind us with a retired Police person of rank in a Steak House… it would have been wise to have IVY Jean with us… but she had explained it gave the Police a rest when she finished work & could take the evening   “ looking after your DAD… they keep an eye on him when he is in the Library writing & using the books …”


Evening March 1962 after my birthday the 11th … If  I victim

Greta Ransom had not been given the address written down by dear Rose seeing me off at her door & keeping MAD MOTHER KALI at her RACING Papers … & the instructions verbally repeated to me & repeated how to get across London to

Deptford from Lambeth I would NEVER HAVE ARRIVED that evening about 7.30 pm Deptford a flat they have over a SHOP they knew when children … clearly TGR & her TANGO dining CHUM Mr Mengele HARRINGTON of the CROWN private visits to tropicshad put a nasty potion in my tea… but Doc Mengele HARRINGTON will go on drawing WAGES from WHITEHALL for this VIOLENT criminally insane Service to IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS …


From birth 1933 March -  I & my families had decades of INSULTS about our ancestry   ( & my parents )   from GROSS BRITAIN LORDS & ITS CROWNS &  ‘zingzarrie`/  its nasty doped boozed greedy donkeys & divine Crowns Scandinavia/


( “… a drunk called Angela WHO WILL DO ANYTHING TO BE TOP CAT …” Records/CITY OF LONDON ELDERS mid-1960s  

She sends nasty messages 1938-1971 to the heirs …  by JIM Jong made Cur James then Lewd James/  & Earls Lindsaybuggarhs` & Teresa whom they promised at first, from 1933 ... HALF THIS FORTUNE of an old Eskimo to -   


They slander the high educated AUNT & HUMANIST … to Teresa`s husband FJR …  SHE Teresa Gordon just out of Prison so they could PICK OFF THE 60,000 pounds with her out of wedlock son JACK GORDON … had emerged & HAD GOT WHAT NONE OF THEM HAD THOUGHT OF DOING - PICKED OFF A YOUNG MAN OF 21 YEARS of HIGH INTELLIGENCE …  Frederick John RANSOM … administrator as well as British Army for GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE THE GLOBE In 3 Parts


…  These creatures Noble Britain/Scandinavia are all old dope-fiends of the 1920s immersed in GREED - all education stopped for them age 10 when they picked up the DOPE habit in the stables … the ever full decanters in the great places of debauch they live in or pass from one to the other !  When on Divinorum Salvia Scotland which they call PURPLE PLUM/snow/mist/ pickle … they will wear an article of aubergine-claret-beetroot colour or even lavender-purple/a sign THEY ARE WITH THE CULT 1938 Angela appeared in a costume of claret-purple colour…& LINDSAY et al boasted to our faces on Clacton seafront  ~She is with us … Yah Boooh !  WE OWN ALL …



1934 - LEN DIARY (he is 14 years old

 `You were 15 months & went missing  from your grandparents

at their little house I loved called `CRAIL`… your father had to go abroad for the Estate quicklyI had been sketching with your grandfather about the town but had returned to `JERUSALEM` to my parents who were in residence again having returned from the Argentine & SPAIN where they are valued for calling in on the GROTE HOMES … the children regard us as their families …


ALARM ~ You were traced to a locked cupboard in the GRAND…

The Police broke in …They Uncles LINDSAY foamed at the mouth & said  `Oh it was Teresa then … she was wacky` … YOU had a mark across your forehead as if you had been HIT with a piece of jagged glass … BUT YOUR FATHER WAS NOT TOLD THESE THINGS Miss Win said it would harm her family & it was happening because we the respectable family RANSOM had moved to the little town

She was told off by ANNIE … It was Annie told me to tell my father !

But nobody checked to see why you were in a trance it was because you had been stunned … perhaps with morphine … an old method to get rid of a young heir … they do it in Scotland …


1937 March LEN DIARY - I was called in to hear last afternoon of your grandfather before his evening death … there had been madness at their GRAND a little time before a man had come rushing into the Police Station saying they had killed a man … but after the Police broke in & found BLOOD UPON A DOOR they were cautioned  “further up the line…

Chelmsford Police had GOT IT from LONDON- LINDSAYBUGGARHS could not now be touched because of Angela…A Magistrate Document had to be applied for…NO IMMEDIATE SEARCHING ALLOWED…


That afternoon before she (Teresa Gordon R)  showed anger with them that evening outside `CRAIL` to your grandfather Gordon THEY HAD ALL BEEN IN THE ROYAL HOTEL…it had got so violent the guests were being frightened a man French had been attacked in his room perhaps for money they said he owed SHE TERESA had been shouting her head off calling him names & LINDSAY gang were not stopping her  … it was all about money it was felt … LINDSAY then went off to their GRAND next door … It WAS THE GUESTS WHO HAD GONE TO THE POLICE & INSISTED SOMETHING BE DONE it was felt  … But POLICE were reluctant to interfere-they had been frightened OFF - they work for a Retirement Pension end of their 27 years / the Rule -



ALL that THE ROYAL HOTEL Clacton-on-Sea front

could DO was to BANN she Teresa Gordon…they the

Town were trying to re-instate George & Mary Gordon`s daughter

WHO HAD MADE THE MARRIAGE of 10,000 years …

she now married young FRED RANSOM- good intelligent young man- what they did was QUALITY OF LIFE for everyone …NOT COARSE FLAG WAVING - so many damaged men from The Great War without a decent standard of living expected to pull a forelock more

She Teresa had got Little Miss North Pole inheriting with Master

LEN now a FLYER … & she still could not see sense but hung around with LINDSAY a pack of sheep-stealers who came

down to this collapsing Scots granite fortress next door



The Police agreed to READ THE BANN TO HER Teresa Gordon but LITTLE JIM Mr Jong hung around & he was wacky mad but a bouncing rubber ball -EARL OF LINDSAY would STAND HIS GROUND & say

“ JIM OFF SHORE ” when the little bit of VERMIN was in the lavatory hiding … LINDSAY pack WHOM THEY COULD NO LONGER CHALLENGE FOR THEIR CRIMES because Angela had by insulting her brother-in-law GOT A LEG UP …   now SCAMPERED OFF…THERE WAS NO HIDING THAT THEY TOOK THIS DOPE…& THEREFORE THEY EXHIBITED THIS BEHAVIOUR …but LINDSAY had now got Angela up there…SHE & LINDSAY were on dope  & NEVER HAD ENOUGH MONEY … so they believed …

MARTYR … Fred J. RANSOM … father at 22 years of age to Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom as he REGISTERED his first born on the first birth certificate…legal birth certificates  (two ) because of THREATS by THE EVIL FAIRY David Lindsay come visiting to LINDSAY bolt hole Clacton seafront their GRAND-

a weirdo … this David Lindsay - into stealing paintings from the vulnerable for self/National Gallery/Tate/


He is PUT DOWN 1946 by a family unrelated to us-who objected to him pouring Paraffin/oil used for table lamps at that timedown the throat of old relative TO GET HER PAINTINGS…LINDSAYBUGGARHS take a dangerous dope…

normal families did not-LINDSAY Mob keep awarding themselves DSOs-2nd W. War & slay the GROTE HOMES children 



MY  young  F A T H E R   FJR -  born 1911 of the mighty GRONLANDER`s line - “ Oh so dishy …”  said girls of the

 late 1930s seeing the drawings of  POUL 1740s/1750s

… 6` 5 ins tall … with his dark blue eyes his deep brown black hair … he has written again HAMLET for the Greenland … who like to chew over a PLAY for two weeks but always come to the FINDING that SHAKESPEARE IS RIGHT …


He & Margaret his lawful British Carlisle Christian wife &

children live in GOTARB where POUL after that GREATEST

SWIM UPON EARTH rescuing an entire 50 Italian Ships crew … down to Fredericktown…was to spread his arms after the rescue as he stood in the seas & preach from JOHN…the book in his hand…


Then POUL GRONLANDER went to his MISSION to see that they whom he had been directed to rescue from the sea were being well fed, clothed, & given good companionship messages would be sent they were SAFE to their families to Italy … 


GREENLAND SHOULD HAVE HAD INDEPENDENCE up there PETER  ! … 1790s at least ! … says Captain Alan Villiers OXFORD December 1967... They are embarking 200 years later upon AGAIN the voyages of CAPTAIN JAMES COOK RN … not just a celebration but a recovery of the SCIENCE of the VOYAGES /Records PJPW & others/    


1962 March - FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM b Nov 1911 killed March 1969 … an HISTORIAN- MUSICIAN POET- ATHLETE … CIVILIZED MAN honourable soldier ... explains to his daughter a

first meeting since 1945 autumn… Deptford - where his mother`s LEGAL grandfather JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA was confined to his last years/Reports RN Whitehall/QUAKER communities/USA & Argentine Secret Services/  JEAN his grand-daughter buys the house 1907

… he a fine SEAMAN who made a Catholic Quaker marriage Tierra del Fuego to the high educated daughter ONLY CHILD of the INCA NOBLEMAN Yahamah Josef San JULIAN F. San Miguel …

 “ Marriage 1924 of James Weddell & THE ICE WHITE BRIDE  -  The AELovedmah-MARIA Miss San Julian of the INCA ... 2 sons James & John  

ALTHOUGH THEY DENY this marriage those IMPERIAL FIGURES FROM A MORGUE BRITISH/SCANDINAVIA/EUROPE do so because they are criminally insane & ON THE PIN - THUS they know it is true/REF. insults Motorway OPENING 1960s LEN called Ape Boy/records: 


October 1957 - ANDRE MALRAUX returning from the first meeting with FRED J. RANSOM father of Greetah Ransom says

 “  your father … he could run a small REPUBLIC

… better than me … like FRANCE …  ”


1950s/1960s :  OPEN GRAVES ! - The Body snatcher  Mengele Doctor Harrington was allowed to excavate bodies 1954 of the new reign he was seen wafting in the air of PUBS  reams of Decrees from O.S. Office Scarlet Town …he was crowing Hammersmith 1954 that he was `replacing certain bodies with poor men from plague pits FOR HIS CROWN…he a Peer in Waiting -  he would have a golden boy his King Duck … ”   (Weddell DNA has been preserved/records )  


1962 March - Fred John RANSOM -     

 THEYdemolished the RECORDS BORDEAUXafter we had been there 1945…until then they had not known they existed Malraux his main line -  they sailed with us from Bordeaux 1600s to 1630 -up north mainly-not much after that we could learnThey the friends of your mother work for two girls- the Queen & her sister- up the Yellow Brick Road- I have done what I could- your mother did not seem to understand … ”


1962 March pm / G.R 29 years my father FJR 50 years old :

2 men sit behind us in this Steak House in Deptford…I begin to panic …I recognise one with the notebook…it is Arthur MALONE but the important parts of 1960 have been WIPED OUT OF MY MEMORY…a lot of it while it was happening…  Is he, was he, a good guy or a bad…or one going BOTH WAYS … ? 


1960/61 … I had never been able to ask questions ?  No it was peculiar & we were let down but this Mengele was about threatening incarceration in prisons or Nut Houses & I could recall 1950s he was known to have PRIVATE CLINIC PRISON PLACES  …always threats from SHEshe & rude remarks from her Doc Mengele obviously very rich- 5 cars expensive WHAT SORT OF A NATION ALLOWS THAT GOING ON  ! Oh they all live like that we are told- Young people try to not go near such monsters


I G.R. am now JUST 29 years of age I did not receive in a few days March 1962 the cards/flowers/letters/poems … sent to me from my father - Ivy his sister…& the two brothers overseas & their wives it is the custom of these criminally insane working for the G.B. Government Lords & Crown to send false messages in answer to the Post/mail they STEAL FROM ME US… 


MEMORY DESTRUCTION by powders/potions/ Its like

STEEL SHUTTERS come down between each day…each few minutes sometimes… When a memory is got again it is from PHOTOS-documents-places…not people suddenly coming out

with a phrase or an accusation…OF WHAT HAS REALLY BEEN PUSHED SO FAR BACK IN THE MIND & HAS NOTHING CONNECTED TO IT as natural memory records/ARCHIVES for

the victim to defend themselves with -


This behaviour from the BIG cunning the criminally insane has a purpose - THEY HAVE SET UP RAMPARTS OF Fools - those ill equipped mentally - those who will look THE OTHER WAY when FALSEHOOD is required to stop EXPOSURE of great crimesit is done deliberately to get TOP DOGS TOP CATS quick dough rolling in



THUS LINDSAY & NOBLES  killing the GROTE HOMES children 2nd World War,  a crime so terrible that a person perhaps clad in a ROBE says  “  IT IS LIKE HAVING RAW SEWAGE THROWN ALL OVER YOUR FACE WHEN YOU FIRST COME UPON THE TERRIBLE FACTS …the deaths of those children & the GIGANTIC PREPARATIONS before the 2nd World War … ” 


 …& the methods of unlawful NOBLE monsters have been given in this Document SUMMER 1937 as we have travelled with it…


1962 March - Deptford I G.R., pauper, kept composed & got out my notebook & asked some questions of this man FJR with glints of red by the electric light to his hair … his eyes definitely SLANT but I had no ancestors in my memory only something vague long ago about Greenland … his eyes they are dark navy blue….


I had notes of puzzling things of the HORRORS of ANDRE MALRAUX`s PLACE 50 Lancaster Gate Square but asked little…

I felt if I could understand about  “ two men in the family

WHO MARRIED THEIR AUNT…”   I might get somewhere…

with the last 20 years…


RECORDS of this meeting March 1962 :   not understood at the time by G.R. or the years later…then they get removed awhile… or desecrated so often by NOBLE monsters of the DEEPS of the ART of FRAUD & violent robberies - 


THESE FIGURES FROM A MORGUE STEAL THE POST/mail …listen to our telephones…employ State secret agents paid well to SPY…& PLAY THOSE SUNDAY GAMES of Noble Britain… violent bullying… as when they kicked the 4 years old child to death in 1921/23... They on HIGH dopes with luxury/records were everywhere but frightened off hoi poloihoi poloi/ Records/  

Records Andre Malraux Detectives/colleagues/1960s -


One of the men OF the families of G.R. who goes into  `AUNT MARRYING`  is clearly MALRAUX … the other … Ronald Gordon (chemistry)  eldest grandchild of John Frederick GORDON mine HOST Whitebait Suppers GREENWICH TRAFALGAR TAVERN…Houses of Parliament barges coming down- … JFG he is father of G.R`s grandpa George Ernest GORDON … whose early death is caused by crazy LINDSAYBUGGARHS &  PIMP JIM & crazy TREASA

March 1937 for my 4th birthday-   I G.R. the girl of the Snows heir with Lennie have records/…BBC Radio Times aids the exact memories here…

BBC broadcasting got going 1931 - everyone left wireless on sometimes night & day  !  Records Andre Malraux Detectives/Colleagues/Friends 1960s onwards :


ref. MALRAUX 1948-1960s is to … Tante Yvonne

(Mrs Charles de Gaulle) having booked a seat IN HELL for herself by allowing the marriage REGISTRY OFFICE FRANCE to No 2/

No 18 The Prayer Book BANNED/  “ a wife of March 1948 who had her own life…some biographies get date correct 1948

Nota bene Colonel Georges-Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom make a Roman Catholic Wedding of Grace 1947 April - permission Paccelli Pope Pius 12/never dissolved … NOTICE IN THE CHURCH PORCH OF OUR LADY Clacton-on-sea … photographs/negatives/ by Magown ”



1957 November - “  MALRAUX the WIDOWER…”  his WIDOWHOOD to JOSETTE  granted by VATICAN 1947

Young Paccelli ” clearly had an understanding of his marriage to the mother of the boys Josette as HOLY & FAITH he had been raised in … in FRANCE… even though he dipped himself with a friend into the Paris Moslem Fount age 15 years ”  


RECORDS : Detectives Colleagues Friends Andre Malraux 1960/1961 onwards…

1957 notes/ these may also include tracing his son born

(1918)  when he was 17 years PARIS by his Chinese girlfriend

his mother & aunt were sad he did not tell them & give them the child…but the young teenagers put him LITTLE GOD in a Convent Orphanage Paris age 4 years-The child `little God` at 9 years old MAY have been sent to a GROTE HOME-one of the 5 in FRANCE/Enquiries by a 27 years old ANDRE MALRAUX had him told `the child ran away ` /records Malraux-Malone 1957/


1957 - AMx-GOV-Sir says   « clearly the Nuns were not

happy about ME& I had a Prison Record ASIA…` /

Leonard Woolley of UR of the Chaldees who waved a

Gun at ANDRE MALRAUX 1920s forgave him for TEMPLE ROBBERY TOMB ROBBERY … before he died says Harold Walter POULTER & MORTIMER WHEELER 1953 -

wise & kindly about YOUNG MEN !  The PENGUIN paperback UR OF THE CHALDEES was known to all young people 1950s …


1957 November - ANDRE MALRAUX speaks/records/Arthur Malone assisting & perhaps Philip Silverlee since October 1957

 « … a discovery PARIS a little shop a mature man very tall looking « like me » I stepped in one evening but had pulled a wig on … I spoke with his wife … 3 children the youngest a bright  girl age 12 years came into the shop … a brother went through & up the stairs …  I spoke with she a few words & heard she was doing well at school … I think at this time I should not go back … I will try to see they are safe & well … I do not think AT THIS TIME THE EXPLANATIONS REQUIRED CAN BE UNDERSTOOD WITHOUT GOING INTO A LOT OF MY LIFE …»


«  I might only harm them … but I will continue to watch over

the matter until we can come upon some solution …WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM…Little One IT IS A WORLD OF SUCH HIPPOCRISY & ESPECIALLY IN THIS YOUR NATION … » 




1957 (Little One has shown ANDRE MALRAUX

she can PICK HIM UP !   He raised by 3 GRACES … Colonel Malraux of Spain/side-kick of General Saint Charlie de Gaulle …

to lull his fears WHEN HE LEAVES FOR GAULover WHAT GOES ON BEHIND OUR BACKS about Scarlet Town …  

Especially as a startling message was received in October via WHITHALL from a woman with purple RICE


 «…Yes she knows Greta Ransom is in his house 50 Lancaster Gate Square …  & she notices she DOES NOT HAVE TO STRAIGHTEN HER HAIR ANY LONGER « 


Trouble is I am used to this kind of language from childhood…

it belongs to THEM … the OLD HAT … Roaring 1920s … Silent films & the EVIL STARE AT 24 years I have no apparatus in my BRAIN to consider it in the light of the mid-20th century … !


MALRAUX :  HE DECIDED HE COULD DO NOTHING TO DISTURB THEM because NOW HE HAD TO TAKE into consideration the MONSTERS of the DEEP about he & his young 2nd Catholic wife Wedding of GRACE … IT IS 1957 NOVEMBER …  Mengele has his TEAMS glued to everyone IF HE LEARNED OF THE this little Paris family THEN HE HAD THEM ALL SLAIN … for his masters of The British NOBILITY & SCANDINAVIA … & BECAUSE MENGELE HARRINGTON paedophile-Gollum-Royal satrap-Peer in Waiting … sadistic monster is JEALOUS OF ANYONE THAT HAS FAME … HAS ACCESS TO MONEYS …

They are all the same :  A gang/mob OF NOBLE BRITISH & SCANDINAVIA who have known one another SINCE KIDS

an UPPER hard baked CRUST … about Kings & Crowns… THEY ABUSE THE GLOBE …  Records Andre Malraux Detectives/colleagues/friends 1957/ 1960s onwards …      


1967 - records November Paris :  a puzzled & shocked

Peter J. P. Whitehead coming back from secret meetings PARIS/SCIENTIFIC communities…upon the life in The Jan Steen TAVERN North Paris 1946-1961/to when Malraux MOVED OUT after death of his sons ages 18 & 21 years … 23rd MAI 1961... Car crash …

“….& MALRAUX treated as a BUFFOON … 2 boys on a platform neglected & not allowed to go to AMPLEFORTH SCHOOL…with THE SONS OF TOLKIEN/ author of THE LORD OF THE RING…”



…  young people faced with such BLOODY CORRUPTION

 THE TOP OF A PYRAMID ON THE PIN  ”  people Science/Arts 1968 


1962 March “ MALRAUX - his Father’s line sailed with us from Bordeaux 1600-1633 - I was able to check when the records were still in place - they did not sail with us after 1633 - Frederick John RANSOM -  b November 1911 killed by Mengele Doctor Harrington paedophile Royal Satrap GOLLUM March 1969/Records Andre Malraux Detectives/Colleages families/.


1937 OCTOBER -  It was certainly ANDRE MALRAUX’s SEA

ancestors as well as his writings- that had him made

GUARDIAN - Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts - by October/November accepted the globe -

& not the spiteful reasons given by the paedophile Mengele Doc Harrington in those notorious notebooks he keeps full of disgusting

 lies …his  criminally insane Masters are to make him a Peer if he gets them off the Greatest Crime of Mankind…



is not in LINCOLN Cathedral or elsewhere in the town then the

EVIL have it - or destroyed it in their violent spite & fear  

… This could be any date from summer 1938


1938 -  Mr JIM JONG saw Andre`s name on the Will

15 Mai 1938 - picking up Margarethe‘s own un-signed copy of her Will - after he slit a vein behind her ear -

/Records then days ahead/  2 days on JIM Jong on PIN 

 (who finds things wrong WITH HEIRS for some Noble SCOTTISH villains who employ him by MOONLIGHT ) tried tell FCR that Greta his grand-daughter had done it with a hair ornament - “ HE JIM &

unholy Angela & LORDS LINDSAY EARLS found the HEIR with

very much wrong & it was bred of APES & ESKIMO …” 


1936/1941 I  G.R.  recall Mr PONG … records 1960/1961 confirm all our sufferings from these sub-Apes with their foul speech- it was known they were criminally insane 1930s…

They have got a LEG UP on a fallen declining Empire …


“ 1920s - JIM Jong, Teresa Gordon, & young friends with Angela & later Angela`s delicate health husband 1923 known as David  have known one another since children. The mother of David told them all to call her `Auntie Mary` & gave them the run of the Palace…they let her drive their cars over the fields …”

1952 -  GR 19 years of age enter into a world of MUSEUMS

ROMAN COLCHESTER … & the wonderful teaching of Harold W. Poulter with his common sense … I will learn while reading Edward Gibbon DECLINE & FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE 

`idiots & messy nasty types have been in charge of the globe for thousands of years … & lots of them go insane on dopes & liquors … & never have enough dough… ` 


1937/1941 - JIM MR PONG wags his head & goes ON & on  

“ THE CROWN OF COURSE backs us but it cannot say so Teresa

 - these Apes-Eskimos should be made Wards of Court or thrown back at the Poles… how dare they have an EMPIRE that`s what our supporters say… A private EMPIRE about the globe when it has to belong really to GROSS BRITAIN…enough trouble with India…Oh Jim he would shoot them all out there  …

HE NODS HIS IMP-PIXIE HEAD like a Fair Ground puppet as he LAYS DOWN THE LAW  (says Uncle Harry Gordon who saves me often from them -THESE TWO VAMPIRES ! )  -

JIM clearly does not want to give LINDSAY EARLS more than THEIR SHARE -he & Teresa & Angela would get their share … of course …”  THE ARE BOTH HORRIBLE DANGEROUS CROOKS ignorant SCREW BALLS   


1936/1941 G.R.  born 11 March 1933 has heard this little nasty spiteful IMP JIM Mr PONG 1937/1938...he is said to be ON THE PIN…He comes in 8 am cold mornings like a spiteful PIXIE when Daddy has left & thinks SHEshe is on EVEN KEEL & the top class school girls or Aunt Winnie is taking me to the Convent School …


Mr PONG soothes Teresa `with winning ways` about how rich they are going to be & rubs his hands at the bacon sandwiches that Teresa is beginning to make with the hot bacon & he also has a packet of best HAM to make them sandwiches near the mid-day dinner hour when the FACTORY HOOTER sounds beyond the Games Field of the Doctor Barnardo`s Orphanage.  I am to be kept from school to play a crooked game of LUDU with him…They begin to DRINK he unpacking from his SACK 3 or 4 bottles -


Mr Pong JIMMIE JONG … He says to me “ Ape…I can cheat - not you or I will hit you ” … Then 5 hours later he announces he has WON ALL MY MONEY…ALL THIS TIME I AM NOT ALLOWED CLOTHES EXCEPT MY LIBERTY BODICEI get no food & not even a cup of water & some hours I am put against the wall to sit on the floor…THEY EAT & empty liquor bottles Brandy & Port  make tea first then coffee !  JIM Mr Pong is criminally insane !


Nota bene :  This sadistic monster is made SIR/CUR James 1954 & LORD/Lewd James 1971…Angela`s travelling companion when they go & FINGER OUR PROPERTIES ABROAD… He & Mengele kill human-beings very often …


1936 /1939  MY POOR YOUNG FATHER FJR ex-Army -  is trying to KEEP THE Gross Britain LAW !  I G.R.  had two dead Judges by 6 years of age 1939 :   they had given us THE LAW … Passport to be given back & unlawful to have snatched me from loving grandparents abroad /

1938 autumn JEAN ballerina now DEAD age 52/3 ...

Jean Weddell grand-daughter of a good MARINER who charted the WEDDELL SEA - of Quaker families both parents …had come to the seaside to take care of her grand-daughter SUMMER 1938 instead of going to SAFETY with her HUSBAND FCF Ransom to go to Paris then to Spain to the Aquida/Basque relatives-then to her dead parents home in Argentina…they always have some Grote Homes visiting for Aunt Margarethe & the Brokers Grote New York …    


1939 - One Judge who came to Ipswich for the CASE after talking with Greetah Ransom 6 years for 10 minutes then speaking with Lennie RANSOM pronounced  ` both found to be  most suitable HEIRS to Mrs Grote Aunt Margarethe Ransom girl of the SNOWS They know how to run the estate round the world with their worthy administrators in New York & Argentina…` & he will come & help us & the Grote children as soon as he retires -

`The creature JIM is said to have been thrown out of SHANGHAI 1920s-JIM on PIN -  he has since travelled far & wide for or with Angela by May 1938 … HE POURS THE TEA for IMPERIAL BRITAIN…acts Page-puck-Regent of All Englands !   

Records in fine detail / The Court records should all be in place & the findings ? / or has Mr Mengele removed them for unlawful DOUGH  ?


M U S I C …To have more understanding when reading this DOCUMENT SUMMER 1937…PLAY HINDEMITH & HARTMAN Violin concertos…composed 1938/1939 ... THE ADVANCING CLOUDS OF WAR Europe…1970s a foreign scholarly man ran a Record Shop CHEAPSIDE…I used to take the four children in to choose …he had ALL MUSIC I COULD RECALL FROM 1930s & 1940s… Debussy/Ravel/Satie/ etc was the new music 1930s…

Play Debussy `La MER`/THE SEA/for us three Andre, Josette & GreethaSUMMER 1937 - 5 weeks of civilized Happiness-

then Lincoln where his dead 1930 mother Berthea had her family Fishing from 9th century AD along East-Anglia shores…


JIM learned age 11 years onwards (c 1909 -)  from TEA

parties at VIOLET nee`LINDSAY ARTIST (Lady Rutland) her

big house Piccadilly…that…DESTRUCTION of documents/ monuments is essential when PLOTTING FRAUD THEFT within

a FAMILY & its remote connexions :  Since 1919 he JIM attacked Gordon & Irish cousin lines pleading in his CUNNING stage manner IMPERIAL PIE IN THE SKY…His PEKIN OPERA TRAINING has him  “ EXCELLENCE IN EVIL PARTS see Reports on PROGRESS of JIM to the CHINESE grandfather he

has robbed & shown violence to & parts of the family …


JIM Jong learning BRITISH TONGUE in WALES age 11 years to

13 years & is AT 16 years picking a criminal living about Noble Britain… 1919 he is gathering importance in the regular SET about Angela having entered her family when she 12 years old … She of a bad blood family North of England  ( meaning that they go in for witchcraft & greedy matters…Joining with Scots Nobles growing this DOPE for use in slave factories etc abroad )


1921 she Angela (called Ange & Tree 1945 Lindsay-Clarke ! )

is to get an engagement that some members of the families BOTH SIDES were not happy about…but she & JIM swore BEFORE A GOD that an OLD ESKIMO had LEFT HER ALL when she was 10 years of age …

Auntie Mary Teck now declared that if Angela married her younger son THE ESKIMO INHERITANCE WOULD COME TO SHE a Queen … !  … & added banging her walking Cane encouraged & urged by LINDSAYBUGGARHS others & little Page JIM …` that this extra Empire building of Mrs Grote an Eskimo had to be stopped !  GROSS BRITAIN RULED THE SEAS !  Seas of Whiskey


The HARI-STOCRACY are forced to find a lot of hearsay when questioned by the educated of the British Upper Stratawho had lost a lot of KUDOS in the MID- 19th century as money became scarce Europe & round the globe…


JIM IS ON THE PIN as all of them are when they ROAR about THE ROARING 1920S - & into the 1990s …


1939 - Figure from a Morgue glares at Lennie & Greta Ransom an afternoon tea in gardens/Taplow Court perhaps/thumping her stick… Len takes my hand-we swing left to humanists & Fred Chas. RANSOM

1953 - last Sunday October to 3rd NovemberMengele Doc Harrington smelt a rat had to be told all about the Estate/he

goes about PLAYBOY HOLIDAYS with the crowd of PHIL the GREEK...he BEGAN private interviews & secret meetings WESTMINSTER & GROUSE MOORS…Mr Mengele Harrington whimpered he had been deceived & he could not continue to

SPY upon MALRAUX WITHOUT A LUMP SUM FOR HIS DAMAGED FEELINGS…HE GOT IT ! 3rd November 1953-& knew it dripped blood & gore of a million children SLAIN the GLOBE…


1953 3rd November -PAYMENT RECEIVED-QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS/most OFFSHORE - WAGES AGREED…he will SUBMIT HIS HOURS & WORK TO WHITEHALL Mr Mengele assures the small meeting ON HIGH ….  “ it must of course all be above board … He will present a Professional BILL …” … he further assures his Masters …  He Mengele HARRINGTON is now in full time secret service Employment The British Government & CROWN … 

Records/persons employed by G.B. & in education-medical world-all educated to make a decent society but encountering this bewildering strata of DECADENCE & law breaking … & GROSS STUPIDITY & RACISM  


(?  CAN the reader SPOT the MADNESS of the Noble World mid- 20th century…see the mental SHAPE & FORM of these criminally insanewho have KUDOS to distort the WORLD … )


THUS he Doc Mengele HARRINGTON began to write his lists to thugs about what should be destroyed…HE DEMANDED ALL SERVICES HE ASKED FOR FROM THE STATE should be easily made available & he would not be questioned about his requests or records kept other than they would be handed to he & his Teams  ( in secret silence no doubt ) 

JIM who now NEEDED help from Mengele asked him to join them in `Hunting Big Game` with Lindsay Earlbuggarhs & their Noble thugs…RANSOM WEDDELL FROBISHER GRONLANDER Monuments were damaged 1920s/1930s…& the Wartime had organised destruction still going on about the British Properties… upon which DEATH DUTIES PAID 3 TIMES OVER - by BIG BOOTS !


1948/1953 … It reaches Mr Mengele Harrington`s notice that a MONUMENT existed to MALRAUX`s family in LINCOLN…He is said to have ordered it removed ?   Perhaps chance might have saved it…put it in another place considered more suitable in keeping with the 18th/19th centuries- rather than the Cathedral ?



1953 December - introduced to Teresa Gordon R. whom he had briefly met summer 1947 with Clara Malraux at Clacton-on-sea when they came to DESTROY ALL THE WORK of a medical man Mr Winnclemann valued for his services to common sense with the emotionally disturbed !    Mr Mengele Moriati HARRINGTON began to seek her HELP Mad Mother Kali a monster associate of LINDSAYBUGGARHS & known JIM since a child…He expressed his deep regrets that THE OLD ESKIMO WAS NOT SHUT UP IN AN ASYLUM…he had been told SHE WENT MAD COLLECTING ALL THIS LAND ABOUT THE SEAS… 


Mengele Doc HARRINGTON requested the INSANE Teresa Gordon Ransom  ( persecuting her families Gordon & Ransom & her two legitimate children Greta & Colin from birth orders of Noble Britain ) TO HELP HIM … HELP NOBLE BRITAIN

…   In 1940s at the school we attend she TGR is known as HUSBAND KILLER Clytemnestra…other appropriate names for a violent crazy dangerous old mobster of THE NOBLE CLASSES GROSS BRITAIN …1920s -


1920s JURASSIC TIMES :  She TG is mother of 2 noble bastards/ RECORDS/ those BIZARRE dope crazy 1920s encounters producing du Cann 1924/ & KING O SWEDEN ` Norway …

counting a million dollars in nickels & dimes 1920 something … NORWAY - upset when Gross Britain relatives removed BANK CONTENTS Estate Grote Ransom legal heirs Len & Greta RANSOM all administered overseas… G.B. & NORWAY CANNOT LEGALLY BROKER A PENNY & the lot of them should have been taken on TRUNDLE CARTS TO TYBURN …  /


1953 December - Mengele Harrington told violent Teresa Gordon R.  he would REMOVE HER PRISON SENTENCES FOR HE KNEW THEY HAD TO BE A TRICK … tricks from her family GORDON & the IRISH SIDE of course, to rid themselves of SHE A MOST LOYAL CITIZEN … She a LOYAL SUBJECT & of PURE BRITISH BLOOD must of course HELP HIM …she would be rewardedshe only had to SEE JIM in his CLUB WHITES…he`d see she was PAID HONEST JIM


Lordly Mengele spoke at length upon this disturbing matter to he & British Crown & Scandinavia nobles… “ THEY WOULD ALL GO UP TO ARRAN in FEBRUARY & THEY WERE TO HAVE GOOD ACCOMMODATION, DINE WELL and …  ” overleaf !!!! 


& …BE WELCOMED BY NOBLES WHO HAD KILLED the highly educated German-USA citizen Tiggy Grote to grasp his wife`s lands about the seas& they would discuss the handing over OF ARRAN TO THE BRITISH CROWN why Teresa Gordon Ransom only had to SIGN THESE PREPARED PAPERS for it was known her Ransom family & children could not read or write & were perhaps bred from Apes … he had put a TEAM to investigate this  …”  STOOD UP JIM!!!  TO STOP Mengele`s PLOT !


JIM has a piece of PAPER on which LINDSAY & others have written … “ TO JIM with love for valuable Jacopsholmen Island & South American Services … we DECREE he shall have ARRAN ISLAND… invaluable SERVICES KILLING HUMAN BEINGS WHO HAVE LAWFUL WILLS & Documents …”   THE LOT OF THEM ARE CRIMINALLY INSANE … & ON THE PIN & UP THE SNOUT …

 (History of the THEFT Arran on files/diaries/notebooks)


THUS amongst many things he Mengele Doc HARRINGTON

also learned of the Parsons/Ransom/Mainwarring/Marlow letters & connexions a grave yard was removed with Laura Parsons in only dead 5 years … He made a savage attack on Greta Ransom after failing to convince her of the wrong pronunciation of CAMULODUNUM … he clearly could not say it ! 


 At this time 1953/1954 he was with JIM making savage attacks on young women & an additional name for him was ~Dr Kill-the-Birds-  & Dr `NOT-HIS-KNEES`… a title given him by A LONDON SCHOOL    Records & a visit Parsons-Mainwarring 1938 November Kent/histories several persons/




1960 SUMMER - Lindsay 15 Earl was savage gleeful after midnight at the entrance to the tiny meadow Colne Engaine


I had opened the caravan window an inch & thrown at he & party of about 3 or 5    ` Wake Wake the Tavern door is open-before the sun scatters all to flight-DRINK DRINK-as you never did before… you have so little time before you too are daisies on the grass …`




& muddled the OMAH KHYAM more/FitzGerald lived over the way Suffolk & friends of his young friends used to pop into Colchester Castle 1952/53 just become stars upon the grass !


& there is `Before the Roman came to Rye or out to Severn strode the Rolling ENGLISH DRUNKARD MADE THE ROLLING ENGLISH ROAD` …  useful for greeting DRUNKS after midnight




1960 summer after midnight Colne Engaine tiny meadow by gallows Corner …No 15 Spade Wheeler Earl b 1926 jeered - about what had been destroyed & how the foreign settlements were all smashed, logged, mined…the half mountain Spain blown up after logging…concrete everywhere- banks emptied monuments gone…everything had been removed & they had such a good time…






( … I half awake half-recalled something said 1953 about a man who shot girls up the legs on a dangerous narcotic - top Medical circles London were concerned & said it was the family…


I heard first hand not hearsay- persons who believed I must know what had happened to me & my father`s family to the present time Age 20/21 years … they had even spoken on the Records of a Jean Weddell poisoned still in place in a Deptford Hospital … they wished to go & get them BEFORE OLD MENGELE & JIM REMOVE THEM … I knew of no Ransom grandparents !!! ) 




1960 summer that after midnight - Then he No15 Lindsay became morbid & said `he did not want Canadian Railways…what did he know ! 


He called out more …  meaning he found it boring …    


“  It was my father & ANGELA made me …  I WANTED TO GO ROUND & ROUND LIKE UNCLE THOMAS  …»


There was a silence of a half minute then it sounded as if the others jumped at him…they now left…I heard 2 cars…


They are going to be overheard by Detective Arthur Malone/POLITAN …  who summoned the British territorial Army nearby…records here/




1946 end 2nd World War - Len FLYER 25 years old expected


to report to GROTE NEW YORK for Transport the globe :


to take over CANADA RAILWAYS & co-head the Teams running our WORLD TRANSPORT INVESTMENTS with research - LENNIE was trained for TRANSPORT from age 9 years…& their are Teams run by Grote Brokers & Argentine with all the small nations on the Board… WE HAVE INVESTED IN THEIR NATIONS BY THEIR INVITATION … not conquest & BIG IMPERIAL BOOTS KICKING DOORS IN … with EMPTY WAGONS TO FILL …


Our INVESTMENTS are not about fast money & second rate standards as they … but safety & progress …




1945 - FJR Army Captain 2nd World War   (G.R.`s father Len`s eldest brother)  is threatened by LINDSAY 14 & other LINDSAY THUGS that if Len tried take over TRANSPORT Grote RANSOM Estate THEY WOULD NAIL little cousin LEN TO A CROSS IN SCOTLAND & BURN HIM ALIVE … (its an old Scots custom with other similar barbaric methods to go on robbing others… )




1960 SUMMER - Colne Engaine - I had no memory 1933-1943 of an Angela or vast Estate in my head - only a dull horror that way back in this WINTER just passed there were figures I had been woken to hear tapping on the tiny window the SPRITE caravan brand new 1959 … ( 350 pounds worth  & I hath chosen furnishings of yellow grey d& it has a tiny kitchen, all paid for from my hard work 2 summers JAYWICK the Holiday Shops of Mr & Mrs Pritchard who live in CHARLES LAMB` s  cottage ENFIELD) …




I HAD REALLY NOT BEEN IN A DREAM but heard NIGHTWATCH DAWNWATCH from firstly Detective Malone then an uncle John whom I did not know but had mistaken for the man in the Glenn Miller RAINCOAT he ANDRE MALRAUX  … MENGELE HAD BEEN ABOUT  in that beautiful home 50 Lancaster Gate Square & he brought in SHEshe  become so horrible for she was drinking round with him JIMMIE WHITES CLUB in his private Office then they all went to other places where they had been when YOUNG …& HE Mengele  (calling itself/he a dangerous PAEDOPHILE/an up-market DOCTOR)  STABBED AT MALRAUX & ME with a needle … so we could not have a quiet life …




1960 Winter gone now,   but when I had arrived I came back from Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis  in wind slanting iced sleet & rain with glints of blue green in it  as I came along the ancient lane to Gallows Corner where one could see the poor innocents swinging in the air but a century ago some as young as 12 years-




1960 Early January :  …A detective had come with Reports & not wished to ENTER the caravan he said   “ I HAVE TO KEEP A WATCH … I AM NOW CARRYING A GUN … YOU HAVE BEEN BORN ON A HEARSE … trouble is you keep getting off … We are organising it all round the world -THEY HAVE KILLED A LOT OF CHILDREN & families to lay hands on DOUGH …ANDRE will be over - he is getting PERMISSION from Saint Charles to leave GAUL … ”




…They come to help in Wintertime … they had a room January/early February 1960 with the Marsh End Boys enclave nearby…  & then The Ghost House OPPOSITE ME because Colchester Museums held the KEY… ALL good persons had been engaged in this …but MENGELE a monster paedophile with power as a spoof DOCTOR (Harrington) was about-he had a FAST LIFE at the British Court


1960 March-June …The  W I N T E R  discovery of KILLERS FOR DOUGH encircled the Globe discovered operating the 2nd World war … SEEMED TO HAVE VANISHED…locked behind a granite wall in my head again… although I knew things were there … « when the only DAWN comes from memory…»


THAT SUMMER when the NIGHTMARE got going again … THUS AWAKENING THE WINTER MEMORIES … I took to hurling back LINES OF POEMS- some slightly changed at creatures I knew were apart of what had gone on before but which I could not RECALL…possibly from FEAR … I am 26 years of age now …




1960 May - After the murder in May 1960 in the Argentine by BRITISH NOBLE THUGS of Philip Silverlee`s eldest daughter age 28 years an educated girl who end of FEBRUARY Buenos Aries & New York had got all the DOCUMENTS WILLS Papers authorities REQUIRED TO ESTABLISH THAT THE BRITISH CROWN FIGURE ANGELA is used to  back to the hilt LINDSAY EARLS Premier Earls of Gross Britain, who with various NOBLE THUGS & employing a half Chinese JIM had killed all the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … for dough … during 2nd World War …




1960 MAY-JUNE … Arthur Malone POLITAN … & others the globe






Nota bene :   The Chinese Legation did say 1950s there were  TWISTERS in the Governments of Britain & GAUL … as well as WHITEHALL they appear to stress that only ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE COULD BE TRUSTED in Britain or France & may have hoped for better things from the Government just formed in GAUL … including their HERO of a book STORM IN SHANGHAI 1933 la Condition Humaine 1934 Goncourt Prize …  M A L R A U X a young man b 1901  




1965 - THUS City of LONDON Elders - `That is no Queen young woman … it is a shark wrapped in satin SHE HAS PUT A






Nota bene :   1970  “ THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING PETER… to get this money… we knew about it when I was in the City …they would not let Greta get to her father …”




1960 January to August I make my craftwork but now woken repeatedly after MIDNIGHT June- July by POSH VOICES jeering … 


I took to calling at the few BANGS upon my caravan walls 


“  OH YOU WAKE…go & hammer on the Tavern Door…& DRINK AS YOU NEVER DRANK BEFORE…”  & the Rolling English Road/Chesterton was useful…when you are woken a summer night by at least 3 cars down the end of the tiny meadow…






but this is Garnock Viscount COUNT LINDSAY offshore in nefarious circles  going to be Lindsay Earl 15 who is that SPADEWHEELER boy who near chopped my right foot off




We at seaside all tried help him to SANITY…when his madness was apparent as his evil so-called father of Clacton seafront holidays -  when The LINDSAY infest the town staying at their Scots granite slipping down building GRAND squashed between Royal Hotel & TOWERS on a spare piece of ground the carriages of 19th century would put the horses & dogs on  ...




This is Viscount somebody who came to 50 Lancaster Gate Square & got a shock at what I Miss Greta Ransom X  said to him November 1957 REFUSING TO GO A SPIN IN HIS CAR ... Then he returned another day to speak with MALRAUX Summer 1960


I had no memory of THAT EITHER…MENGELE would be in CONTROL with his PINS & NEEDLES by then !




EARL 15 for 4 years :  ( If they did him in 1989 then they


 LEAVE in place the VILLIANS WHO MADE HIM AROUND the fallen but still declining IMPERIUM-IMPERII… This is SPADE WHEELER LINDSAY born 1926 /poison administrator


of the old relative New Year`s EVE 1953 at Nethrington Hall … 


where MALRAUX & RANSOM disturbed the distribution of the DOUGH from their selling off BY FRAUD our 19 acres 1801 under New York…dough to come to them 1954 summer thus TUMBLING careful honourable GROTE BROKERS WALL STREET New York USA …  WITHOUT THEIR HAVING ANY IDEA IT WAS TO HAPPEN…Summer 1954  ...      Overleaf/




1954 March - the 21st Birthday of the heir GRETA … her


sub-heir co-heir Lennie present … that distinguished dignified gathering LONDON with RANSOM & all the branches present friends the globe I was kept away from Colchester Museums where I am employed … found by a photographer they wished to have take DIRTY PHOTOS … crouching drugged in a corner by SHEshe Treasa Gordon friend of Royalty & Scandinavian monsters related WHO NEED THEIR ROOFS MENDED… & smart togs … & dirty messy LIVES OFFSHORE …




1954 March - AFTER THIS HORRIFIC LET DOWN to my father who fought valiantly in their 2nd World War/& survived their Orders to kill him Philippines & then Kenya  …


At 9.30pm WHEN I DID NOT APPEAR the message came that I preferred LINDSAY FILTH & their GREEDY TARTS & old FREAKS who had helped them KILL the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN …




1954 Summer -  My FATHER FJR threatened that his children his brothers & families his sister would be KILLED … if he dared that summer OBJECT …  to the STEALING IN THE NAME OF THE BRITISH CROWN & LINDSAYBUGGARHS EARLS PREMIER OF GROSS BRITAIN & SCOTLAND … the 19 ACRES under New York we RANSOM ESTATE/GROTE ESTATE … O W N




….  the underpinning to GROTE HOMES & surplus moneys collecting for 2 UNIVERSITIES SOUTH NORTH POLES/we had sufficient to begin in style 1938 !   …  & by now reading this document you know to whom …. Human beings POUL GRONLANDER & JAMES WEDDELL & his INCA NOBLEMAN father-in-law Yahama JOSEF San Julian F. San Miguel HUMANISTS,  Quakers & Catholics…




OUR LANDS from 1941 IN SECRET SILENCE using GROSS BRITAIN WHITEHALL are Claimed for ANGELA a woman faceless because she has a Crown…by a pack of


little runts - most ON THE PIN … 




  (I had no memory of that -until 1970 when PJPW & MALRAUX put it back )    1950s - Count  Garnock No 15/ told off by Miles Davis & musicians trying to help him/  -


1960 Summer after midnight - Lindsay Count No 15 … he means he wished to circumnavigate the HOMES A-Z nations of the world … as Tiggy spent his years from 1864 to his murder ARRAN 1904 it was such exciting work & the families could catch up here there & kin & kith everywhere…Palestine-Japan-Greenland-INCA…everywhere…!  A WONDERFUL JOB ! 




1960 Summer TOO LATE  !  THEY LINDSAY EARLS & Noble SCUM have slain the children to get quick dough all the 2nd World War…He was training on the purple narcotic age 12 years of age some hours of the days - his father & Mr Jong told him to…A PELLET UP HIS SNOUT…talking in a nasty fashion to himself as he went round and round on his bike-The Nut House Colchester had to be called to him/




1930s - The PLAN  was to destroy all mention of our family names…The Lindsay Earls did this in the 19th century to all their Victims… when they were CULLING & robbing people-  1937 onwards the Greatest Crime on Earth was now to happen & they would all be RICH for EVER & EVER -   The greatest crime pulled off by Gross Britain Government Nobles & Crown would be hidden if they could remove all knowledge of it… NOBODY WOULD DARE ANCHOR THEM TO IT… & they all SHOVED away at THEIR PINS…tipped up the Absinthe barrel at the back of Buckingham Palace delivered from Portugal every month … & went down Bond Street & Saville Row




The racist half Chinese - Mr Jimmie Jong/Mr Pong Cur James


The Nation of Gross Britain insulted when he is knighted 1954


… made Nankin Man 1971 - came to Uncle Harry Gordon  every 6 weeks demanding a few quid so Harry shut up about his niece her inheritance-Thorpe-le-Soken- or he’d burn him down… 


They came in 3 cars autumn 1957 to kill him…but the Village Policeman was going by on his bike with a Walkie Talkie…They came from WHITES Vice Club & were known as `JIM’s MEN`  Harry born 1912 calls them dope-fiends…& has had them about him


Since the mid-1920s … Records 1880s-1990s




Harry Gordon is in a mechanics vital repair unit in the British Wartime 2nd W.WAR  from Autumn 1939 -  there were horrible threats then … & Mr Pong now calling himself Major Carew/James/O’Carroll-Kubla Khan as usual pours the TEA- & entertains in his Apartment 2 rooms that he hath had since 1923 back of Buckingham Palace…he has a 2-man Unit Intelligence run from the back of Buckingham Palace/a biography 1960 June tells of this/ghosted for JIM/ 




1934 Buckingham Palace - a similar apartment to JIM Jong


is given to Teresa Gordon Ransom married woman & a friend from


1919 of Angela & invited to take part in the winter Witchcraft by her parents … Teresa called Grey Kiel/ somebody was Eidlewisse /it sounded like purple passages VENDETTA ... 




Nota bene :    I Greta Ransom OBJECT to my mother being given


OPEN HOUSE by such nasty stupid sub-sub-APES … all done up like DOGS DINNERS !  THEY KEEP UNHOLY HOUSES …






She has been in Holloway Prison 1926-1931 … over 4 years … while the Noble acquaintances spent the 60,000 of her out of wedlock son Jack Gordon


1932 - SHE Teresa E. Gordon  HAS MADE THE MARRIAGE OF TEN THOUSAND YEARS…& her first child born in WEDLOCK is THE HEIR to the globe`s greatest Estate….Teresa - she is popular again with the EVIL IMPERIAL CIRCLES       records/accounts/ 1920 on-Mr Mengele dropping some spiteful Clangers too- about JIM`s casual work for The Crowns of Noble Britain & Scandinavia…-




IMPORTANT :   1960 February - Another REPORT … “ The Courier come to NEW YORK for General de GAULLE was asked to STEP OFF THE PLANE for a few minutes while some seats were REMOVED … a large package had to be taken to France & this was the only way they could take delicate packages …HE DID SO…We feel this could have been when the first attempt was made to LAY HANDS ON THE PORTFOLIO GOING FROM PHILIP SILVERLEE to ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE




1976 December winter - a group of 4-5 rain coated capped figures one female bowed from the rain as they stepped up on Pillar House steps the main entrance with the pillars a


mid-evening …   (Len could be amongst them but I know his face and form about for some years but NOT WHOM HE IS … the blackmail upon the family HARWELL & BMNatural History is as ever it was BEFORE … BEFORE I was born or LIR )   




They spoke unusual words … clearly they were in GLOOM …


 “ …  Greta you had ANDRE in your ARMS since you were 21 years… A DYING MOOSE … he came to you to hold him up … to rest his weary head … HE could not get the boys away to safety … he felt a good home with you would have them released …they were to go to school over here… YOU HOLD HIM IN YOUR ARMS A DYING MOOSE now until you die … HE SAID WHEN he had lost you again- when you were taken from him Colne Engaine … HE WOULD BE ALWAYS ON YOUR LEFT HAND … UNTIL YOU DIE … WHEN HE WILL TAKE YOU IN HIS BOSOM TO HEAVEN … put your raincoat on if you feel you can get away … come down the lane we are going on to the PUB … see you perhaps in the KICKING DONKEY … if not we have drifted to THE CRISPIN … ANDRE DEAD IS AS IF THE WORLD HAS COME TO AN END …”




This world suddenly opened without WARNING stuns me …


I do not think I go …  I do not leave the children alone … if we go out then either they all come or very trusted people take the evening in the house … & some neighbours are warned we are not at home … some people know there is danger … from MONSTERS OF THE DEEP & IMPERII…




1937 SUMMER I have a note of 3 of the ancient family names of Georges Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX …  his ancient family names East Anglia from The Wash down to Kings Lynn to Saxmundham the Hall - Histon/ & Wake-something/ another/-there are Somerset names 17th-18th centuries- ALL are I understood up to winter 1953/4- on his  MOTHER’s ancestral lines -




H.W. Poulter Camulodunum Colchester-  “ The young Emperor ANDRE at 7/8 years & very interested in his ancestors , Child …


His mother  from her father’s family - she had Papers & photos of a Hall when they go rather up market- do well in cash … ”


 the speaker is Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester MUSEUMS & Curator Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester - A GREAT HUMANIST-




I hear Saint George ANDRE 1937-1945/4- 1954- speaking on his ancestors…& after The Holiday of the Last Fall 1960 recorded by Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM in his diary 1960 there is more … when he is asked to be DRIVER to help ANDRE MALRAUX take the boys to `Jo’s Place` Perigord… & there is more spoken…/Len reads the boys his diary entries 1937 October AFTER SUMMER 1937... His niece telling his parents her grandparents about A SUMMER OF HAPPINESS with ANDRE & JO a young lady who writes lovely stories … «




Dr Len Ransom continues on a tape made in 1970s …


(G.R. may have heard this information in Oxford 1970s too)


“ Mengele Harrington had the monument torn out - but we have been able to reconstruct it - you have to remove the letter R to a J-


but its Andre’s family  -Mengele was heard boasting he had flung it   in the deep for his Noble employers…”


( Well then ! They are like Mengele who is criminally insane & of several other unpleasant sub-sub-sub APE manners …We are told they  accept such behaviour to a hero ANDRE MALRAUX !  By Mengele ~ )




1947 summer - Mengele Doc Harrington got hold of many Records :   Beginning summer 1947 it is reported first-hand observers the peculiar Doctor you do not want near small boys … putting his ugly snout in  `Jo’s Place` in her cupboard with all her writings & her life with ANDRE & their two sons - the chateau Andre will buy after her death -   This was their home the day she died the 9th November 1944 - she died a manslaughter but perhaps she was pushed by the 2 gunmen sent by the British Consul to kill she & Malraux ?   A Visit 2 men Whitehall December 1945/good souls/we have their fate - records Detectives Colleagues & friends  of Andre Malraux 1960 wards …




1950s Mengele Doctor Harrington paedophile & a  double Gollum/Lord of the Ring  -  boasts he is employed by the Government & Crown of Great Britain in this work of destroying good citizens the globe - but apart from it being bestial violent theft aided by parts of Whitehall/ ADMIRALTY divinities - I do not remember all of it in sequence … but much is in the Records of others - except I recall hearing there is a man at the end of a passage WHITEHALL with a bust of a man outside - who is in charge of OUR RANSOM FURNITURE round the world in our many houses & apartments -


& it is sold off when the market is good & the moneys distributed to all the Noble scum of Gross Britain -




LEN & Greta RANSOM - legal & chosen heirs of Margarethe Ransom Grote & the Globe 1933/1938 WILLS & documents- & we are trained to take `CARE OF OUR PEOPLES & OUR LANDS`  to speak with all of them…to whom we are related-  being 14 races & 27 nations from 92 AD Dunwich- whence B. C.  we enter` th  East Britain from JUTLAND-




N. B.   Mad Mother Kali - TGR goes in smart togs to meetings after 6.30 pm Whitehall/Admiralty 1943/44/45 the British Wartime  -


I do not hear of so many obscene gatherings after the PEACE arrived April 1945  -  She did not get big money !  But they dine well & still have those parties - & believe in their dope-booze divinity…They live by corruption - This is Gross Britain at the TOP- /


Records galore on SHEshe collected 1960 by Andre Malraux Detectives/colleagues/friends & families !  There is a file printed CLYTEMNESTRA …




1960 summer - Colne Engaine - GROTE HOME FRANCE


 `a man raised alongside a Grote Home Northern France beside the sea…1900-1920 ... an onion seller … LAW in Rome first … hands to Arthur Malone Detective employed by ANDRE MALRAUX a notebook full …  This is after the British Territorials` caught at night the Noble ranters baiting Greta Ransom about ACID poured in…  « Oh THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF WHAT THEY HAD DONE  … `




1960 Summer -  SO   EVIDENCE   COM`TH


` He had started his life an assistant in a Lawyers Office


ROME then Facism came & he took to being an Onion Seller for Gaul/FRANCE… Essex his biking territory - he`d take Orders-deliver smaller orders & had them come down on the TRAIN from London Town…married a widow Clacton & to their astonishment produced two children & at their ages too ! - stayed in England the 2nd World War & helped in matters …


Greta saw him on his bike when War ended 1945/1948 & Miss Win too…Amazed how TALL Greetah had grown… it was useful his bike with an iron basket on the front-shopping could go in…`




(Yes I can see him in my memory…I am such a nervous girl


even when `WALKING OUT ` Whitsun 1946 with Colonel George ANDRE MALRAUX…& stately after we are officially ENGAGED in the Church choir loft 1946 November…)  




`He’d known all of them 1930s when they were all young men…


the Ransom brothers…Harry…Patrick MacDrew…caught sight of Silverlee & family…remembered TEA at the Gordon house …`


1960 Summer - PAT MACDREW was here Colne Engaine


taking DUTY - GOOD MEN THEY WERE SHOCKED THAT ANDRE MALRAUX HAD NOT ANSWERED THE COURIER`s PACKAGE sent by Silverlee from New York end of FEBRUARY …OTHER THAN IT WAS BEING CONSIDERED They felt it had to be delayed by de GAULLE … Politics ! … BUT THIS WAS A MATTER OF A MILLION CHILDREN KILLED SO HORRIBLY BY a group of NOBLE THUGS well known to them ALL … 1930s … who had come here this spring summer to threaten some more !  & had put Mercenaries in the trees…whom they won over




1960 Summer - Patrick MacDrew`s mother is murdered with heroin in a needle…some planted in her handbag…a mid-evening by her FLAT at Holland-on-Sea…Everyone was distressed & linked it to the MURDER of Philip`s daughter in the ARGENTINE that May 1960...  All of them recalled ANGELA & JIM about Essex 1920s-1930s & set about writing up a list of the criminally insane for investigation by good guys




1960 Autumn :  NO ONE COULD GET THE RIGHT RESPONSE FROM MALRAUX & General de GAULLE…they were said to be STILL CONSIDERING THE PACKAGE ARRIVED February with the COURIER TO NEW YORK … There was a sense of having been let down dreadfully … 




1960 - IT WAS BARBARIC THE WAY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & CROWN WERE TREATING THE MATTER … they were fat hogs dripping blood & gore moneys of the slain children the globe A GENOCIDE THEY WERE HIDING …they bloated with KUDOS & luxury debauchii living !




PATRICK MACDREW was a tragic figure more than ever since


the SPRING with much more known about his murdered niece 1942/43  NEWFOUNDLAND HEIRESS age 9 years in Greta`s class at the Town CLACTON School run by the musician folklorist Captain Leroy- all of these good men recalled the occasional visitor Phil Silverlee 1930s with his young family… he had called after the War from the Argentine 1948 on-




1945 end of the 2nd World WAR:  Arthur MALONE 2 Years


Trained Lawyer/RAF/decided to be a Detective :   He is the STRANGER - does not know any of the 1930s Essex friends until 1957/60 - he was brought into 50 Lancaster Gate Square by ANDRE MALRAUX desperate to have Greta with a Detective & NOT HAVE HIS HAPPINESS DESTROYED AGAINby MONSTERS OF THE DEEP …




1957 November - General de Gaulle one morning watched


Greta walk across the Square - he had hoped to meet her but


she was so shy she dashed down the stairs … de Gaulle felt


`the girl had a face of pure honesty & agreed that ANDRE take


 the Catholic marriage up again as PACCELLI agreed …




« …  as ANDRE had gone to ROME & spoken with `young Paccelli` & he said he`d never cancelled the marriage-  It was the mother wrecked the marriage - she a daughter of Mary Gordon  & Mrs GORDON & her sisters  he had always known….”


ANDRE MALRAUX left the VATICAN puzzled WHY Paccelli should know of Mary Gordon & her sisters…but too shy to ASK WHY !




but because of UNHOLY PARIS the re-union of the Wedding of Grace 17 April 1947 had to be a quiet life in London in this


lovely house 50 Lancaster Gate Square…across from the great Museums … which suited Georges-Andre & Greetah !




1954 onwards/the 21st birthday of the HEIR unknown to Malraux & de Gaulle but known to ALL THE NOBLE MONSTERS of grisly Gross Britain dripping blood & gore moneys stolen from the Estate by SLAYING THE GROTE CHILDREN IN THEIR HOMES/  -


& 1960 it is A MATTER OF the KUDOS of the twisters of POLITICS & IMPERIUM both sides of Oceanus Germanicus…` it’s the connexions that matter at this time…  `




THE FOLLOWING NOTEBOOK extracts given are so very IMPORTANT…by an educated FRENCHMAN a humanist born 1890s…who grew up alongside one of the 5 GROTE HOMES & knowing the children…The HOME is on the coast Normandy & RETURNING after the 2nd world war found their dead bodies in pits about the gardens he had played in as a child …


1920s Italian Lawyers Office/to French Onion Seller 1930s Essex / HANDED A NOTEBOOK FULL TO ARTHUR MALONE /POLITANhe had often noted his life…did not want to publish really- he liked to think about thingsafter the war he’d gone into Petroleum Shares…always good at arithmetic…did well…they lived outside Clacton Town…raised the children…


( later go to Australia to retire…survive…? )




“ 1900s-1940s/  THE GROTE CHILDREN


… he knew them & gives many of their names…also the names


of the Mass Murderers- he has noted their movements after the War  `…there were pits after the War in his town Northern France on the Seashoresone had small teeth come out … a hotel went up ( in the HOME ? ) …but the lands were gutted the HOME pulled down within 18 months of the end of War


1948 you could not tell who had sold it on « 


(…meaning investigation of the DOCUMENTS of LAW…France & Britain - perhaps Scandinavia too …)




“ … then the Hotel (went up) but THEY now got the INCOME he’d made some investigation…THE NOTEBOOK IS IN FRENCH & IT IS FULL…we have published it twice…& added our notes




1961 - At first ANDRE MALRAUX could not be bothered to read it … THE BOYS HAD JUST BEEN KILLED …»   




“  Then he ANDRE MALRAUX did read it… some of them he recognised as in Public Service - FRANCE - now we sent investigators … `




1961 onwards - (The discovered GROTE HOMES pupils are now IN TERRIBLE DANGER … if it becomes known who they are they & their children even grandchildren will be SLAIN The British & Scandinavian Nobles in Navy & Army are being protected from any lingering knowledge of the BESTIAL BARBARISM done to GROTE HOMES 2nd World War- SO THE VAST FORTUNE OF GROTE RANSOM ESTATE can be stolen by they & others at the TOP OF THE PYRAMID of the IMPERIAL WORLDS  …




This is explained 1966 by a great Scientist visiting Gross Britain from his smaller nation… they have to remain hidden … only meet in secrecy in small numbers about the globe `Your nation during the War had an Ugly Woman at the Helm…/it continues/   




“ … by this time 1961/1962 … you G.R.  were out of it …


we felt you could not cope & had retired to your games on the REC … Arthur Malone/Politan … says later he had enough evidence to KNOW YOU WERE A VICTIM OF MEMORY LOSS DOPED !  …but he was stretched in his work




… & had to take such care to keep Mr & Mrs Mengele Harrington at bay…from all of ushe knew who they were working for…


he had begun to get the drift…at Lancaster Gate Square …


when ANDRE first engaged him as your Detective & generally for the house & staff - Harry sent Phil Silverlee along to give Malone a day off once a week… Harry felt  he could help a bit …» 




“  1945 He our onion seller of GAUL - CATHOLIC CHURCH on SUNDAYS -  had not bothered to remove his mother’s grave from France to England when he settled … along-side it were some with names he`d known when a childin a near place


a pit you’d not wish to investigate…


in France … `




“  His wife had spoken to Greta Ransom Xmas 1945 & she Greetha told her how she had made her Convent school uniform from her dead grandmother`s clothes --- Mrs Potter did not know enough of what had gone on !  His wife had been to the hospital & they said Mary Gordon poisoned June 1944 - it was time to lock Teresa up - they had spoken with Miss Win ATS the sister `




1944-1945 “  Captain Ransom was expected back anytime … the War Office had sent instructions  (SUMMER 1943)  months ago -   `to return for Home Duties`… His wife heard Greta had told a school friend about the poisoning of her grandmother & that her mother was saying HER FATHER WAS TO DIE ABROAD …


the girl then told her own mother who was concerned …”  




 I G.R. said  “ SHE Clytemnestra says he that old fool FRED RANSOM is to  die abroad…`  (name given to TGR by G. Rs  class 1944)  




Lawyer/Onion Seller/later Britain Stocks & Shares/


…. Italy & France his notebooks :


“  His wife could be found in the school music room…or she might be taking a basket of clothes to the Cleaners for old folk…


she did a number of things…she noticed what went on in the town … Greetha & Colin were neglected & Greta had St Vitus` Dance rather badly 1944...`




“ … She`d  (his wife)  speak to Connie Nurse Napper  -


(1944 & 1945 about the NEGLECT of little Colin & Greta eldest


 about Greetha RANSOM heir to this Estate which included the GROTE HOME that her French husband had grown up alongside 1900/1930s ~ & knew some of the educated children !   ` 




“  … but she  (his wife)  did not get close after the wedding    April 1947 to ANDRE failed … Fiona-Funneula-Faithshe had   


been tricked - tripped up !  By Miss Winnie Gordon listening to Italian East Enders just out of Prison & Borstal …”




Fiona-Funneula-Faith MACDONALD - early R C  wedding, St Clare`s Convent School & wartime Town school of Captain Leroy, Llewellyn Road Clacton …  she an heiress Ironmongers-Seed merchants-household goods A big old fashioned wooden floored Stores alongside the WALPOLE  Hotel Clacton seafront/ Inherits properties/moneys/& later owner Clacton Manor House/Training Nursing Clacton Hospital/became a Matron/2 childrenMENGELE  the spoof Doctor HARRINGTON IS GOING TO MESS HER LIFE UP … from 1954 …  ! 


BECAUSE SHE KNEW ANDRE MALRAUX very well 1945-1948 …




Records/G.R. our life 1940s Wartime & Fiona-Funneula her own records …  & ACCOUNTS of having Doctor Harrington BOOT IN HER DOOR - on his 3rd VISIT she a Matron KNEW HE WAS INSANE but he came from a Philip Mountbatten & his evil Uncle a Playboy sometime in Paris THEY BOTH HATE Andre Malraux A HERO … & he … legal GUARDIAN to the Estate that little Miss North Pole Greetah legally inherited about the world with PERMISSION those nations - She Miss MacDonald would speak with Mrs Mary Gordon on the seafront & when she came into the family STORES Clacton in the Wartime & later to many others in the family … IT WAS TRAGIC WHAT HAD BEEN DONE TO GREETAH & ANDRE by ignorant persons who wished to rule the world of business … `& those horrid Earls of Lindsay who used to INFEST the seafront Clacton when she was a child were known to break into other peoples  HOMES if they left them unguarded… she could recall the local POLICE had given a guard but not always able to stop the violence against good families … 


  `… Doctor Harrington whom she has now learned is known in the MEDICAL WORLD which disapproves of him as MENGELE …. He has stressed to her that he comes with Powers from the British Government to INVESTIGATE CRIMES against the FOOL Malraux his Patient-   He is appointed by the MALRAUX WIVES of FRANCE & the British Crown SHE COMES TO KNOW THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALLY INSANE … records/Andre Malraux/Philip Silverlee/Arthur Malone/Mengele crashing in for The Crown 1960 onwards with THREATS  ) 




The French onion seller/formerly LAW Italy/later City stocks & shares … continues in his NOTEBOOKS …




 «  … they’d been paid, the Italian East Enders to break the sombre suited couple up Andre & Greta  … were of a similar age because of circumstances   …”






Suddenly there were extensions to the grounds where a Grote Home had been … & now a Hotel had been erected 1948 seashores of Northern France … `




1960 - “ HE HAS JUST BEEN BACK TO HIS HOME TOWN Northern France coast TO THE GRAVE OF HIS MOTHER ALONGSIDE THE GROTE HOME… Now he comes with his notebooks to help us …”  Detectives/Colleagues/friends & family Ransom & ANDRE MALRAUX…






FOR MONTHS - the earth received


it reluctantly …


 the idea was to destroy the bones of the children…


& there`d be some of the staff down there IN THE PITS… workshops…homes for retired still in place after the WAR




…  ALL GONE immediately after the 2nd World War … 


THIS COULD ONLY BE DONE -  his notebook says






& by 1946 it was known who they were  -




“ He’d not gone back after 1948 …but now he had needed


 To go quietly & look over the lands …»


 OUR ONION SELLER WHO WAS in a Lawyer`s Office in ITALY when


 he began his career 1920s/1930s


« he had his mother’s grave taken good care of … alongside


the pits of the GROTE HOME children …




 They were slain by those who won the war the nation of Great Britain He had heard of nets full of children dropped about the shores of Europe


He had talked with those who knew …


…   they had to keep low or lose their lives …” 






to STOP this ignorance & bestial GREED …


He manages to get away (lawyer/onion seller) …escape Mengele Harrington & his moneymaking teams…I can say no more…`






LIR/others after Andre`s death  “  Peter is overboard … he & his brother had little of the humanism of ANDRE MALRAUX & you & I …  Before the WAR…when we sat by JEAN’s grave  (1938 October/December)  & we knew they had poisoned her for this doughYOU BECAME `MY ADMINISTERING ANGEL`…we would go on…I was just 18 & you coming 6 years the next year  … 




Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM et al   “ ANDRE before he died cried like a child & said - She Greetha  does not have even one memory of being with me & JO that summer - or in Lincoln - our journey back across the country -


East Anglia - WHERE I FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT - after we had come out of SPAIN … ”




Memo G. R. to the dead who now live again :  No photo has been shown me since 1939  Lennie- of all the thousands back to the 1840s- photos


you-my father-your brother John Ray-sent to me in the 1940s-into the 1970s-    THERE CAME XMASTIDE 1970/71... a bullying of me from cold faces…at a big gathering in Berkshire…to go look at a photo of me in that far too big Convent School summer hat… THE ARRIVAL … SUMMER 1937... `




` … it was linked directly at that time to monsters circling again from 1968…Orchestrated by Royal Satrap paedophile Doc Mengele HARRINGTON & his Dames of the FOUL MOUTH…all employed by The Crown-the crown-the crown …& criminally insane -




Mengele Harrington spoof Doctor but now Berkshire paedophile sadist…is putting about   the Ape Eskimo  you were perhaps


a nuisance to them on this break they took from SPAIN 1937 & their own lives ` hhhmmmn ?  A child under 5 years of age … with that mother … what could you YOU you know… & MALRAUX had been his patient…for many years…”  & they wet themselves in their enjoyment of their SPITE…




1968/1970s  “  …  obscene leering & attacks on my




IN THE HEAD its old tricks from way back known in the


1870s when the British NOBS found they`d no money to keep


up with the USA…Rothschilds all of that-Racing horses,


yachts, new diamonds …”      G F W R




` Tip `em in the Ross Sea-or chained on a windy mountain


top to build something -THEY ARE EVIL & ON THE PIN-


  ill-bred & coarse & drip blood & gore moneys …`




LIR Lennie  (tapes 1970s - after Wing Commander Michael Morris


both World Wars DSOs got them from PJPW in Department of FISHES -


BM Natural History… in a locked drawer 1980s…/


also MARTYR Philip Silverlee`s LAST TAPE 1976


     `You will not hear from me again`


Michael & friends felt Greta had been played these tapes perhaps at night when asleep or drowsy…but might not recall…He & Jill his wife  (in Cabinet Room Falklands War)  were well aware of these tricks  `Junk Fraud Balls & Bunkum`




…. they‘d been in Cairo & Alexandria wartime… Jill dies too soon…


LEN  c 1981 has died & there is shock about the LACK OF


UNDERSTANDING at The Pillar House Harwell- but more tricks go on … more loss of life … 2 people who had known Andre Malraux & were of his age… spoke perfect French…he could get a SAFE BED with them…




Mengele HARRINGTON got a foul message put on the BBC c 1980/81-


the old 3rd Programme-now RADIO III -   It said that Len was wanted for questioning it was known THE LINDSAY


& PONG & other monsters … HAD BEEN CLOSING IN ON LEN  since


ANDRE MALRAUX died…for together they could take off by sea or


 air …guarding places & peoples …




IT WAS KNOWN EVIL PERSONS WERE meeting with big business freaks, over at WANTAGE in a palatial place… other persons in the REALM had listening equipment too…!   «  it was said they had  `a grocer`s errand boy` some nights…the talk was often about lands in foreign lands they could lay hands on…from an Estate some in Communist Socialist nations…it was not too late to claim it …TITO dead…things were loosening up…»   






1952 Colchester Museums - « … the Newfoundland heiress Castle/Sible Hedingham NIECE of the good soldier PATRICK MACDREW strangled age 9 by Lindsay & Pong 1942…has also lands along the coasts of Yugoslavia/her grandpa spoke Yugoslavian…they are a 900 years old ESSEX trading SEA family…  RECALL…she Miss M. MacDREW 1942 is in the same school & class as GRETA RANSOM…who is receiving at this TOWN School brought by her mother from London parties spiteful messages from Angela & her men … 




` The heir to Grote Homes & RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts the daughter


born 1933 of FJR is to call herself Pearl Barley when she answers REGISTER…& she is to WRITE IT ON HER SCHOOL BOOKS - they would rather Teresa Gordon kept the Ape Eskimo from school …she is to dope her & say she plays truant…then they will invite her to more Whitehall Admiralty & marble Halls Parties… « `  




1980s - PJPW had failing health - he travelled often- BM


 Natural History - his FISHES  The Clupeiods/ HERRING like fishes go round the WORLD & Pole to Pole & sneaked up rivers- (b 1930-d 1992)




1953 onwards - Mr Mengele Harrington Peer-in-waiting…


makes people ill who know of GROTE RANSOM Estate/he


specializes in LIVER DAMAGE  - 


They are in the  way of his EVER COMING PEERAGE for his




with his secret-silence Naval Intelligence Teams - THEY have


UNDER INVESTIGATION many good citizens who know of this






1979 - Removal of an accomplice had again ATTEMPTS




As evil as Nazi Camps butchery-  From 1960 EXAMINATION of


the deaths given to GROTE HOMES CHILDREN had many persons say  `it is WORSE than the Concentration Camps…`




1960 Colne Engaine/Onion Seller & comrades …


passing Territorials had become figures of mists & dark nights… they would not go for the WOMEN as it was against their CODE…but where they could they WOULD GIVE THEM IT BACK- as they slew the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN… /Records/








TWO YOUNG ESSEX SEA HEIRESSES age 9 years in same class Clacton School 1942 - ONE  murdered horribly 1942 …the other attacked mercilessly since birth & by THEM…NOBLE criminally insane OF GROSS BRITAIN-always penniless…grow a dangerous crop Scotland …pays the bills…& sold & sent overseas to child & slave employing factories etc. for the RICE BOWL/potage…Gives maniacal strength- hits brain in 2 seconds- can be powdered for other evil- 1977/79 -  LIR  This is what he ANDRE wanted you to hear from him & remember…The CATHEDRAL MONUMENT- Lincoln-   You have to change the middle letter to a J ”- & it is his Father’s cousinship - their line… his SEA ANCESTORS … as we hath - `




LIR speaks on  Mengele has threatened he will blind me with wire & have me thrown in the seas - he is so insane & believes he will earn his Peership this way … ”




1980/81 - LEN goes on a Pilgrimage to Jo`s Beach for ANDRE MALRAUX after Andre is dead he penniless since Mengele has used British IMPERIUM KUDOS to remove all his income from the Argentine which comes from his WEDDELL SAN JULIAN forebears


 It is November Holland-on-SEA & he found an empty bungalow furnished in the style of the 1930s/40s & stayed recovering for 3 days…he knows all this area so well from 1934  when he would


 come to stay with the new in-law families Gordon & Williams  at the seaside … he has to get to good friends South London /the TAPE says “ Mengele has a WITCH HUNT OUT FOR HIM …”




/Len`s diaries are exquisite in their HUMANISM The man who got in the wrong church/the cottage that grows lettuce at Holland & you help yourself & pay a penny in the tin/Honoria Rachel falls over in the snow & says `Merci`: so they speak French now/The Orphan Boxer/The Shoe shop Man whose mother & Aunt broke the Bank of Monte Carlo/The Man whose father FLED from Europe with him as a baby - gave the foreign name but did not say which nation/ & so many more


… to come ON LINE for they are 20th century histories of GOOD PEOPLES LIR b 1921- murdered by Mengele Harrington c 1981/2








Nota bene :   1948 - TGR Mad Mother Kali tried blind Greta R with electric cable - the cuts down my forehead took 2/3 years to heal…Charles Magowan photographer threatened to get some Scotsmen to finish her off … SHE DOES NOT GET BIG MONEY from her Noble Friends anymore…Only RACING CREDIT from Angela !


But these EVIL CREEPS held over everyone threats of EXPOSURE of the FAILED marriage of GEORGES Andre Malraux & Greta…the disgrace to the Vatican…let alone Holy FranceMALRAUX did not know the marriage was NOT dissolved by Pope Pius 12 until he went to see him November 1957 …10 years on -




`They boxed it clever` these dope-fiends…always after




these old Nobles of 1920s& are expert BLACKMAILERS…  We hear 1961 Mafia a certain nation excused themselves ALL their own crimes after hearing some of the THEFT with violence of Aunt Mag & TIG`s Estate…the Hollywood Bowl was got back for awhile 1960s …




1946 -  Nota bene :  Teresa Gordon R. kept loose by Ed du Cann her bastard 1924 -  & his father in the LAW- Lindsaybuggarhs too…


`  THE Marital COURT September 1946 requested her sister Miss Winifred to put her in the Tendring Essex Nut House for an unspecified time


my father FJR having WON the Case & got CUSTODY his daughter & 2 sons September 1946 …`


Sheshe CLYTEMNESTRA Old Mother Riley…from 1946 has been told by her Palace & marble halls & Whitehall Admiralty parties FIENDS-  put Greta in factory work & run her health down again…






Put them in Jeans-sweatshirts & plastic shoes ! Cabbage soup !




1945 September TGR & her Noble GANG are destroying so many opportunities to BEGIN TO SAVE THE ESTATE & have my father meet MALRAUX  -  It was THE STEALING OF THE POST of all of us AGAIN with the NOBLE AUTHORITY of these MURDERERS OF THE GROTE CHILDREN…It has gone on since 1938 !    We all had violence breaking out at us the more…TGR`s NOBLE CHUMS were NOT GIVING HER A BIG PLACE & MONEYS…They had USED HER !


But she got DOPE & some doors ever OPEN ! 






1938 - LINDSAY EARLS/Lindsaybuggarhs/  They were all helping themselves since 1938 SUMMER : 


Two big cheques from GROTE Brokers to my grandfather FCFR were stolen…one for my School Fees until I am 18 years of age of 15,000 pounds…The other very big which was CAPITAL for us all…& for FCFR to invest…often he used the FOUNDLING HOSPITAL & this mean`t they got a percentage…The 2 RANSOM brothers Fabricius & JOHN were among the 350 or so Founder Members …18th century-




1970 Peter J.P. WHITEHEAD BM Natural History Museum is told horrible things about my RANSOM grandparents by some well suited THIEVES at the new Foundling Hospital building… Jesu Henri ! They have such filthy lying mouths & often have this DOPE up their SNOUTS…




1948 - she TGR penniless hit at me in her dope-drunkenness & tried blind me with wire…insisting with a maniacs Noble grin God wanted her to -


Greta & Andre have had the marriage destroyed by SHEshe TGR - Clytemnestra/MAD Mother KALI/Old Mother Riley/  & Miss Win stupid beyond belief listening to du Cann bastards OF THE LAW


(sick joke !) … & Lindsay maniacs




 I also have that HOLE IN MY SKULL from my birthday 1945


12 years of age…when she hit me with a metal something & kicked me down the stairs from the very top to the bottom


at THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC…that happy elegant little house & garden WHEN SHE WAS NOT THERE …  Andre sitting in an armchair reading `THE HOTSPUR`  June 1945    He does not like the BIGGLES BOOKS !   I say when he Colonel Andre Malraux lights a fag   


 “  Biggles lit ANOTHER cigarette …”  He does not smile but just looks solemnly at me …I hasten to say ``I do not smoke `` -




1949 - when Greta`s entry to Colchester NE Technical College was suggested by the sister of Laura Lawrence our Head/Drama English/Pathfields School … Treasa-CLYTEMNESTRA thought she could get money for blinding Greta …  I - G.R. got to College with the help of those trying to help all of us after the FALL of the WEDDING OF GRACE … & Andre & Mr Winnclemann gave 200 pounds to Aunt Miss Winifred ex ATS to get me some clothes for I am GROWING AS BIG AS MALRAUX !    Mad mother KALI took half of it !  But Esther got back 40 pounds !  So we went to Selfridges with 140 pounds September 1949 & got me some girls College clothes…!  




But SHEshe was allowed to INSIST she had scrubbed floors to find the money for this !!!   ~   THEY ALL LIE LIKE THIS - NOBLE BRITAIN AT THE VERY TOP !  THEY HAVE BASHED THEMSELVES WITH DOPES & especially this dangerous Scots narcotic Purple Pickle/Divinorum Salvia Scotland… TAKEN SINCE THEY ARE 12/13 years old ONWARDS  It gives them maniacal DIVINITY !  GOD CLEANS THEIR SHOES … I & others 1947 onwards are were wondering why she was not LOCKED UP…




1940s - GROTE HOMES FRANCE the seashores born 1900 & growing up knowing the children educating to 18 years with 3-4 languages …


…  the FRENCH Onion Seller/ex-Italian LAWYER &