Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges


1830s -  A CHATEAU remote in the PYRENEES bought 1830s for GERTRUD young wife of FRED RANSOM …
RANSOM ESTATE :   … commencing 77AD Londinium - REDEMPTIO = Ransom - SEA TRADERS and farmers - hold Office of REDEMPTIO under ROMAN BRITAIN :  

The CRIMES :   The OBSCENE robberies and killings 20th
century to lay hands on the ancient Estate Ransom :   from 1864 son-in-law TIGGY GROTE begins his worldwide HOMES … The British & Scandinavian coin-less NOBLE & VULGAR call my good health great-great Aunt Margareth nee Ransom  “ THE OLD ESKIMO ”    : Some amongst them made her a widow 1904 of Thomas Immanuel Grote founder of the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN  :  these Noble sub-apes always refer to  “ A GROTE ESTATE ”  :   They learn what they should not know from theft of POST and eavesdropping :   They object to education for the world outside the British Empire  (it is 3rd from bottom of statistic charts for education to its conquered peoples ) :    These coin-less know very well that our ELDORADO they lay siege and deal violence to is founded by the family RANSOM :   Thus orders are given to destroy all graves, public donations, and try dirty the name of RANSOM everywhere :

…  Much of this accurate HISTORY can be read in the initial work I have called `scaffolding` :  `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc. Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND`  Document in 3 Parts : /also on WORDPRESS/and to go on JIMDO … and any other suitable sites that are discovered :   The work proceeds from Records/diaries/reports/letters/documents/oral/and pictorial/ … it is requested in the past by those now dead :

Tiggy Grote is born New York 1841 - marries Margaret Ransom 1864   :   GROTE BROKERS New York a family firm are engaged by FRED RANSOM in 1830/31 :   TIG  becomes WARD to Fred and Gertrud RANSOM in 1852 - Tig caught RINGWORM from `Talking to the Animals` in BOSTON ZOO … The Ransom family, clients to his family firm take him to their HEIMAT/homestead  :   This is the Island granted 1770 to the grandfather of Gertrud - given by an enlightened Denmark King to `keep as a holy place and build when you can a College/a University to POUL Gronlander …`  (POUL 6`5 ins tall of educated Chinese and Eskimo parentage is killed in an accident - POUL is recognized as polymath/genius/Catechist and Trader - he has a correspondence in four languages with the Humanist Pope Benedict 14 …

This is a new FILE  - I will begin to put RANSOM Estate - From 1864 connected to the REAL HOMES for CHILDREN an idea of Tiggy Grote husband of Margaret Ransom … the marriage in Church of Jacop the family Island 1864 … Margareth wears a bridal gown made in Spain, encrusted by gems given by the De Beer ladies, it is scarlet … her father always wanting to see a Bride in Scarlet against the SNOWS …  

& an understanding of the creating of the worldwide GROTE HOMES 1864 onwards,  educating young orphans to 18 years always and many into their early 20s :    These young people often came HOME for visits and to lecture … Sciences-technology-teaching-agriculture-and MUSIC especially were found to be of the highest  standards & they were found around the world as civilized and good citizens :

… RANSOM Estate is begun 1st century AD Roman Britain - there are many Records/histories/documents/ of what it consists of  :   The HOMES for CHILDREN begun by TIGGY in 1864 are built on RANSOM lands and funded by the Ransom family :   Tiggy received gifts of moneys from enlightened persons worldwide - this money was to administer the HOMES and build more around the world in NATIONS OUT SIDE THE BRITISH EMPIRE and their objecting nobility and various Aristocrat connexions in Scandinavia :  

TIGGY left the RANSOM family and his FAMILY FIRM virtually SHOELESS for some years … he tore around the world twice A to Z … We and his family firm were delighted with  the HOMES and Margareth was taught by her father Fred Ransom to TRADE - how to INVEST and keep GREEN FINGERS and a GOLDEN GIRDLE of PURITY in her Work :    From 1904 upon the savage murder on ARRAN ISLAND, Western Hebrides, VERMIN so NOBLE now began to thieve from the Estate of my Aunt Magareth GIRL of the SNOWS a Widow - this is explained in the Work already released on web sites - etc. … … …


1830 :   A Chateau The Pyrenees -

Early 1920s HORRIFIC FIRE kills many young British aristocrats :

It is bought in the early 1830s for Gertrud nee Poulsen young wife of Fred Ransom … It becomes known to families and friends as The Chateau of Gertrud … 1830s to 1957 … when it was destroyed by cunning manipulation using British CROWN ESTATE   :  

…  both Fred Ransom and Gertrud are very highly educated & civilized and from families that are thus - and given to honest Trade and investment and PHILANTHROPY  :  

Walter BENJAMIN is telling me November 1935 in Paris :

`Gertrud put back in nature all she took out - she had learned it from her Eskimo cousins `   He called me `little Gertrud` after I told him about our visit last month to our ISLAND in the SNOW … how Len had opened the doors of the great Theatre and I saw it glowing GOLD inside … like the Clacton Church of our Lady at Sunday evening Benediction  :    the theatre built like a great ship by my Grandpa twice back … Fred Ransom and Gertrud of the Wedding present Chateau in the remote HIGH PYRENEES - But he knows all this & that we hope to restore it as a piece of history of France …  

…  We were having early supper in a pretty little restaurant Paris - the table just sits he and Sadie ethnologist, my Grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom and Lennie I.R., my father FJR dashing in and out, eats some mouthfuls then rushes out to visit bits of our Estate close by - see they are OK   =  

Sadie Canadian-American said, leaning forward to the window that rainy night, & interrupted the talking … “ Is`nt that young ANDRE MALRAUX - yes I think it is … A tall tall sloping figure went by the windows in the slanting rain … “ Ah yes … that is young MALRAUX going by … the others saying ` Yes … it is he …` And Sadie said  “ … he LIVES IN A MUSEUM … things not going right … she older … … … ”  

LEN young Flyer becoming `my best friend` keeps diaries of everything and everywhere we go nowadays  :   I thought to myself then, and I may perhaps then have said ` Oh - I would like to LIVE in a MUSEUM ` … The next day we all went walking and talking in PARKS with Walter - I have to take naps at my age … some parts of that week therefore I cannot recall …
( Lennie I.R. my young Uncle only 15 years old and now a FLYER keeps carefully Diaries/he reads them 1960s-1970s … )

1830s :     The Chateau of Gertrud in the Pyrenees  :  

… but they were young and strong and visited with families and friends  - they made improvements so that the place was not going to `tumble down` - but there was no fear of that - I must have been told who built it and about some historic happenings there - we are always recording histories in our families and our friends too  :   Soon Fred and Gertrude had lands around and encouraged partnership and useful farming … they did not need to make big profit … it was their nature to have this Chateau become a help to the area - if hard times came to the crops and animals then moneys came from another part of their Estate and nobody suffered … IT WAS THE GREENLAND ANCIENT WAY of LIFE …    :   

BUT IT WAS REMOTE in the PYRENEES  :    unlived in for perhaps centuries - but a part of history - they had ancestry around the globe & their lives were very busy - their daughter by the 1860s hoped to sell it to an American Millionaire who would turn it to a Place on the rich American Tourists TOUR of the CONTINENT   - This did not happen -  1870s a Canadian millionaire had Plans to restore it as a historical masterpiece and perhaps include it on a Tourist route - but he died … In our time 1900 onwards we wanted to keep it and somehow find sufficient monies to restore it to perhaps A Visitors Attraction - After all it was a piece of this nation, FRANCE, their history … :

The CHATEAU of GERTRUD became known to Aristocratic Scotland by the end of the GREAT WAR = 1st World War  :   These VERMIN were always pinching the postal communications of vulnerable rich persons  - LINDSAY Earls ran a Continental Ports money exchange business and often tricked vulnerable foreign   travellers from South America in currency exchanges -

… they did it to Y. Josef SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel = the great grandfather of JEAN nee Weddell who married after she was widowed my grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom - Grandpa who is with us with Jean ballerina on our November 1950 visit to Paris -  everybody speaking French English German - American and Spanish at once … We are making a NORD-SUD Poles tour for Aunt Mag of the TIGGY HOMES … she has popped off to see her grandson a Priest in Rome and have a CHAT with `Young Pacelli` about everything around the world …  :

MEMO :  So much I knew in my early years - there were lots of photographs and letters and some news from people about us and coming and going from about the globe  …

A SPEAKER I DO NOT KNOW … 1960 NIGHTWATCH January February at Colne Engaine is reading notes  :

… possibly this is Dr John RAY Ransom USA brother to my father and Lennie and Ivy Jean -  they all the children of Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom and JEAN ballerina nee Weddell, first marriage widow Smith … LETTERS from JEAN to JRR …   

“  A TERRIBLE FIRE IN A PYRENEES CHATEAU - many could not get out … You may have heard about its significance when you were 7 or 8 years … from your Grandmother Gordon … she had just learned more details of a FIRE in the PYRENEES early 1920s, a local French Magistrate COURT, fuss over several deaths of NOBLE CREATURES, one only 14 the heir to his Father :   The presence of two, JIM a piece of VERMIN who had caused her family endless misery since 1918 … and a woman often with him given to insulting remarks … the woman she knew as ANGELA …

… her parents Bowes Lyon had tried claim ALL the GORDON lands  in Scotland of her husband and his 5 brothers and two sisters … there was also the loss of land on a Peninsula in New Zealand - these lands were GORDON hereditary lands - but the Scotland lands GORDON were not linked together so vulnerable …  big NOBLE LANDOWNERS could use local Sheriffs to declare `neglect` … it was an OLD GAME gone on since before Walter Scot wrote his Novels … ”   

“ … … …   1942 Your Grandmother GORDON had answers to much persecution of her children - her son Alfred Richard, her murdered daughter Kitty, and the imprisonment 1926 of her daughter Teresa - from 1918 she had forbidden the pair of them, Jim and his friend Angela,  to take Teresa to Glamis Castle and follow her to Ireland to cousins …and use her to WIN at private horse racing - she was a good horsewoman by 9 years of age … They had run off to France with her when she was 14-15 years old -  The very Noble Family BOWES LYON could not be challenged at all - they took property of others and made trouble for good families who tried KEEP  THEM AWAY … … … ”

“ THE CHATEAU bought for GERTRUD 1830s :     In the early 1920s the little French local Court insisted that all names must  be given to the Court -  the British Diplomats would be used here to stop certain Noble names appearing ”    

“ … But the young persons of Great Britain were marched into the Magistrates Court and it was insisted that they tell what had happened and WHY they were there in PRIVATE PROPERTY … the Property of the widow Mrs Margaret Grote … a Property bought by her parents RANSOM early in the 19th century   :    The questioning from the little Court was met with arrogance … `Given to me …  PROPERTY of an OLD ESKIMO … can be claimed by Great Britain Government  … … … `  

“ … Nevertheless a  LIST was made of their names - OF THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE TERRIBLE FIRE … that ONE NIGHT … Your mother appears on the list,  and some quite Noble British names,  and another person is given as  `A LADY of PARIS` and she too is marched into the Court with the others one morning  :     LADY of PARIS = this is a woman whose name was Lady Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite BOWES LYON … she insisted AN OLD ESKIMO had left her this property … ”  

“ … They could get down to the Chateau and not be observed … it was very remote in the PYRENEES at that time … They could go wild - And not only on the wine :   we believe some savage Scotland behaviour went on … someone may have died before the big FIRE took several of their lives … many could not get out - they could be heard screaming … it had taken them all by surprise … … …   

It was clearly their own fault - mad behaviour and candles :    The place was without sanitation and water upstairs - mostly it was the DROP from the upper rooms and passages … in centuries past the DROPS fell into an area cleared regularly and the dung would be mixed with old straw and taken to the fields as manure - but this Chateau had not been cleared for CENTURIES - in hot weather it must have stank quite a bit - THEY TOOK THEIR OWN SERVANTS WITH THEM … so they could do as they pleased …

… but some local people were upset about some matters … there may have been a death, even deaths, before the fire - perhaps arguments … or Witchcraft … the Scotland kind  :
The little Magistrate Court insisted on knowing
the names of the Servants too - this rather gives the full names of the wild titled young away  :  … … …”   

“ … The 14 years old boy heir to his father was not to be named - it was felt the father suffered sufficiently - But he had no permission to go with them - the father made that clear :  a 17 years old boy lost his life too and there are several more very young persons  :   

“ … … … Some had passports - your mother did for she had to have one in 1919 for Southern Ireland and her father allows it to be renewed … His wife, your grandmother Mary Gordon, did not let her husband know as much of the trouble caused in Southern Ireland to her cousins :  it is begun them who followed your mother 12 years old to Southern Ireland to the CARROLL farm … They wanted horses for free - JIMMIE JONG burned down the barn and house of the young MURPHY FAMILY when he could not get horses for free … killing they and a servant and a baby - only young Brian a boy of 6-7 years survived … you would hear of your little cousin Brian when you were a small child … how you must always be careful of FIRE …  His father lived long enough in the Hospital to GIVE THEIR NAMES … … … ”  

“ … …  IN THE VERY EARLY 1920s a posse of very NOBLE Creatures led perhaps by JIMMIE JONG and his chums of Western shores of Scotland put our CHATEAU on their foreign TRAVEL ROUTE  … They were heard speaking of it as     ` property of AN OLD ESKIMO …`      But it clearly was a dangerous place for wild young people to misbehave - they had NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to be there - the woman saying it was given her by AN OLD ESKIMO is lying and her family too … …  ”

“ … As is described by others who went there  `The Chateau had no sanitation, no abundance of running water inside, and was a place for the young and hardy  - they began to come for a week, a fortnight … the debauchery was unpleasant at times … it was not just from the WINE … … some did not return to our Chateau and lived … others go missing …  ”  

“  … 1957 November - at St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square - GENERAL DE GAULLE must have fallen through the floor at what ANDRE MALRAUX told him about this Chateau :  you may recall that de Gaulle came over for he was told that your MOTHER was staying in this pleasant place of work and a decent HOME for ANDRE MALRAUX to live and his two sons to visit him - de Gaulle had not objected to you … the CATHOLIC marriage was to be taken up … … … ”

“  BUT MALRAUX and General de GAULLE were being deceived from 1938 … they did not know in 1957 November that you were heir to this CHATEAU … and that the GUARDIANSHIP of you October 1937 accepted happily by ANDRE MALRAUX included a great ESTATE worldwide :    ANDRE has now said he believed you inherited a little from your great Aunts sisters to your grandmother …

1937/1938 immediately after his name is posted around the world as GUARDIAN his postal communications were stolen … and Orders given in BRITAIN to find and kill him - give him an accident  - By 1945 some false answers, offhand, dismissive, came to us or our Trustees our good administration - we had made enquires to his PARIS address and to his Publishers could he come and take up his GUARDIANSHIP …  And you have now heard from your detective Arthur Malone of the tragic death of Josette mother of his sons … but you must have known something of this when he came as WIDOWER to Clacton-on-Sea immediately the War ended …   ”    (May 1945 he comes to Professor and Mrs WINNCLEMANN his old friends from the 1920s)

1957 November - General de Gaulle said to Andre that a Chateau was being pulled down since 1954 and it was just pulled down at last - it had taken the lives of many persons of the titled of Great Britain in the early 1920s - it was a hushed up matter known to many Diplomats - He had now seen the name of your Mother on a list of those who were arrested and questioned about the Fire :  they went free - most of them were British aristocrats and their servants … He, de Gaulle, had been warned that she Teresa Gordon mother of you , and 1932 legal wife of your father , was living in this Anglo-French Catholic household and Mission that he and Westminster Diocese had arranged for ANDRE  :   

1957 November :   General de GAULLE … MUST HAVE FALLEN THROUGH THE FLOOR … at the information given him now by ANDRE …

… Andre had heard it from your grandmother Mary Gordon in 1937 when he asked sympathetically about the troubles that sent Teresa to prison … Mary Gordon told him of ` VERMIN that had hung about her families since the Great War`  … ”     

  ( Nota bene:     I, GR,  think that in 1937 Granny Gordon did not know it was part of the RANSOM ESTATE  - that she learned from Lennie  LIR at the beginning of the War autumn 1939 when she went to his wedding to his distant cousin Miss Weddell  … and this is why she spoke about it a lot at Christmas 1942 New Year 1943 …  I age 9 years old heard horrific accounts of this FIRE - it was a normal thing to speak about and to young people and children in those days - open fires were used, paraffin lamps, and candles …)

“ … ANDRE said he had seen the list of the Magistrates Court of those who survived the terrible fire and `yes the name of TERESA GORDON was on it  -  But it had now been removed and all RECORDS gathered up the last few years - there was a reason for this … … … ”    

“  … De Gaulle said he too had seen the list …  he said a copy of it was available to Government in France and British Diplomats were still frightened at what had happened in  the early 1920s to young Aristocrats in FRANCE and thank heavens the Chateau was pulled down -

…  ANDRE said there was an entry he might have noticed on the list … or if he looked again he would see written   `A LADY of PARIS` …  Andre now told the General whom she was … and he would understand that of course her name could NOT be known to the Court … But nevertheless she had to give her statement to the Court … ”

((((  Nota bene :    she insisted an OLD ESKIMO had given her this French Chateau … Aunt Mag had NOT given it to her and would NOT have allowed young people to stay in it - it was too remote and primitive except for a small part kept for half a dozen to visit in some sort of comfort … ))))  

“ … This WOMAN was now the retired Queen of Great Britain and its EMPIRE, mother of the woman the present QUEEN who now ruled Great Britain … … … …   Andre said that General de GAULLE had probably met the woman listed amongst the Survivors as   `A Lady of Paris`  … he would have met her in the 2nd World War when he was given SANCTUARY the SUFFOLK House … … … ”


MEMO for READERS  :    This Chateau was NEVER given to the former  Eliz. ANGELA M. Bowes Lyon … and in the early 1920s she and JIM JONG should NEVER have been taking a big posse of young wild upper class British youth there … This FIRE would not have happened if they had a respectable intelligent wholesome outlook learned from their families and Elders = the building was dangerous for wild dope soaked young persons … Angela and Jim Jong are known to use the drug their families grow in SCOTLAND and it is offered to others they associate with … DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND :

2012 AD :    AND BY THE WAY :    COMPENSATION ? :    
… I Greta Ransom,  heir to this Chateau,  and my family should be given compensation for this destroyed HISTORIC FRENCH Pyrenees Chateau and the lands around it  :   were they eventually sold off by the British Government and Crowns  ???  =  who never owned it and certainly not any of their branches of Aristocrats … … … their FIGURES from A MORGUE :   

My GUARDIAN Andre Malraux has not informed me of this matter  :
I would have told him I wanted the fate of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and my RANSOM families put in the DAYLIGHT … thus the killings and the madness would stop :    

A Memorial should be not a plaque …  but a hospital-a school-a Community centre on the site of our CHATEAU of GERTRUD the GRONLANDER`S GRANDDAUGHTER and the young wife of FRED RANSOM of MONTROSE and JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND … and that UNIVERSITY in the SNOWS …  PUT UP AT LAST !  

…  And working on chains would be all this NOBLE vermin and ARISTOCRAT scum who have taken part in the GENOCIDE and the ongoing destruction of   ` THE HOPE OF THE WORLD ` … to which you ANDRE MALRAUX were appointed by the globe legal full GUARDIAN …  



(((( MEMO :   SUFFOLK HOUSE :    After the General and family left Britain and the War was won,  the house Suffok was to be re-decorated and under the old wallpaper were the 1870s WITCHCRAFT paintings and under a great carpet a complete WITCH CIRCLE … British newspapers had to be silenced over this … but NO ALARM … local person knew that the house had been devoted to Upper Crust WITCHCRAFT in the 19th century … but the walls had been papered nicely before the good General and his wife came to take some residence :  

Only 2 Summers ago 2011 AD did I correct the understanding of respectable middle class persons living in FRANCE who believed that General and Mrs de Gaulle went into WITCHCRAFT as well as Roman Catholicism :   I did convince them that the General and his wife WERE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS DECORATION … and that they DID NOT go in for WITCHCRAFT …

… I was able to say that the well known Lifeboat Secretary at that time Mr Richard Potter, Grandpa Potter of my cousin RICHARD,  owns the local Clacton newspaper - he and other local newspapers corrected this impression in the late 1940s early 1950s  :  

 Mrs de Gaulle and her knitting did not help matters - KNITTING is associated with WITCHCRAFT in Gross Britain … the British ladies had believed for over 60 years that the de Gaulle family had let down the CATHOLIC CHURCH by indulging in WITCHCRAFT …

…  is there not a FRENCH WOMAN who knits shrouds while the HEADS ROLLED when they had a Revolution in France … try finding it in Charles Dickens ???     

 …   There was WITCHCRAFT in FRANCE in the 1920s :    1920/21 the former  Lady Elizabeth ANGELA M. BOWES LYON, JIMMIE JONG and Teresa GORDON  injected themselves with toadstools/mushrooms and nearly died … see other Files … ))))           

NB :    My father FJR would never have pulled down this chateau - we are too aware of world histories, national histories - Theft from our Estate has been secret and nasty … JIM JONG flees KENYA 1952 - BRITISH NAVY said `he has followed two girls whose SHIPS have SAILED IN …`   he was wanted for murders and robbery … He and the child molester now called Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON set about CLEANING UP RECORDS -

… they are well PAID for this - REMOVING RECORDS and stealing postal communications, bearing FALSE WITNESS, destroying good reputations :  ALL FOR BIG MONEY PAYMENTS and KUDOS to do as they PLEASE …  COVERING UP THE GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN is to become known as THE BRITISH INDUSTRY :   There are special TEAMS trained to REMOVE RECORDS and remove persons who know of the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN during the WAR :

… From November 1953 spoof Doc Mengele Harrington boasts he will be a PEER … he becomes `Peer in Waiting` over the next 3 decades  =  A PAINTED GOLD CARROT DANGLED BEFORE HIS SNOUT …
 Born 1912 he is only a G.P. from a brief training in Hong Kong 1945/47 … he was exposed in a Divorce 1981 in Court :  

…  HARRINGTON, friend of aristocrats, and child molester, is set upon ANDRE MALRAUX summer 1938  when the WILL of Margareth nee Ransom GROTE is discovered …

1933 Aunt Mag :   Her son Basil was killed by them in 1933 to stop an opening of our ISLAND that Christmas - and the wife of Count Poulsen had the top of her head hacked off by mad JIM JONG …  ( We are descended from genius POUL GRONLANDER and Margaret Yates of Carlisle his wife )    There was to be a 3rd Christening for me and celebrations for my birth   :    the great warm RANSOM HOUSE, the Theatre, the CHURCH, the houses of our Greenland cousins and our people would gather for CHRISTMASTIDE … the great BELL cast by Fred Ransom husband of Gertrud would sound across the Island as it had since the 1840s … there would be a Medieval Miracle Play in the Theatre and perhaps a Shakespeare Play … XMAS as it used to be in the 19th century … when the Island was our home our heimat/the Place dear to our Hearts …


 1935/36 - Harrington was imprisoned in Austria for terrible repeated sexual cruelty to a baby a few months old - transferred to a British Psychiatric Clinic to serve rest of sentence this MANIAC was OUT in 2 years :    His employment from BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS was immediately to REPORT on MALRAUX made the worldwide legal GUARDIAN of GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE = the criminally insane of SCOTLAND and SCANDINAVIA have given orders to KILL MALRAUX if HE LEARNS of his GUARDIANSHIP :  

…  Harrington and JIM are friends of Clara Malraux and her brother Maurice  :   criminal activities leading to many innocent death now follow though the years ahead :

 … NB:    It is 1959 when ex British Army 2nd World War Captain Frederick John RANSOM learns more of the truth of the FIRE early 1920s - my father is only born November 1911 …   A MOST TERRIBLE DEATH GIVEN TO YOUNG BRITISH ARISTOCRATS in the CHATEAU of GERTRUD his great grandmother :   

… the Chateau is RANSOM property and ANGELA and JIM JONG were responsible for the FIRE - they had NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to enter the building - it was too dangerous to live in … One day we RANSOM ESTATE would be able to restore it as a PIECE of FRENCH HISTORY - restoration of historical monuments was not top of the French Government list - it had many other responsibilities …    

… THE FIRE that took many young lives in our Chateau IN THE PYRENEES  :   … the details were horrific - screaming young persons who could not get out …  THE CULPRITS ARE KNOWN to be ANGELA who wears a crown and JIM JONG  … 1923 they are heard boasting arrogantly that AN OLD ESKIMO has given all her property to ANGELA BOWES LYON … who makes a marriage to the younger son of a Sailor King in April 1923 …

… and it is Margaret Widow Grote who got tricked into paying for this wedding - engagement end January 1923 and marriage April 1923 … Angela does not have her children until 1926 … she began travelling with JIM Jong … she was presented by the WHITEHALL with Bills to pay for her new family = WHITEHALL had learned she was given this Estate worldwide by the highly educated and respectable Margaret Ransom Grote … IT WAS NOT TRUE AT ALL :    JIM is always in attendance = he looks for young women to PIMP upon =   he suddenly appears as a British Major in 1939 …


NIGHTWATCH Speaker 1960 January Colne Engaine :

“ … Neither Andre Malraux or General de Gaulle had the grasp of small pieces of life and activities in a nation - so that they would not question some matters of the GROTE HOMES if indeed they looked in Paris at the one home still functioning until Dave Lindsay, Jim and spoof Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON set fire to it 1954 Christmas night when the Children had gone to an entertainment …

Yet the GROTE HOME of PARIS has a regular visitor before and after the 2nd World War  - IT IS OUR Mr JIMMIE JONG … he goes in and asks for biggish amounts of money … he is insistent in his authority that he COLLECTS this MONEY for A QUEEN of Great Britain and she has been given this HOME by the owner Mrs Grote … a woman he has never stopped insulting behind her back and calls THE OLD ESKIMO …     

If General de Gaulle did notice THE PARIS GROTE HOMES he would think it a piece of Philanthropy set up by a man called Grote who had the money to educate children to 18 and beyond … Even his wife Madam de Gaulle did not know of it  :   

…  Yet these children went into French administration in towns, even Paris, and were well represented in music :   

Andre when very young hears the life story of an old man - they sit on a sea wall - yet he does not ask the name of the wonderful HOME in this town - He does not ask the name of the GODDESS he saw in Paris standing with eminent men - he says he was too young and unimportant to be introduced … he left … he speaks on this late winter 1960 …  

1957 November :   Yet General de Gaulle could easily recall your great-aunt Miss Bessie Martha Williams - he had met her in 1941 at tea at Westminster Diocese London … he meets her as the Catholic Aunt of the 1947 Catholic marriage of Andre Malraux …



MEMORANDUM :     Both men are surrounded by TRICKSTERS say the Chinese Legation who save the lives of ANDRE and Greta in January 1959 …


WE WILL DEPART from my stolen and lost RANSOM Estate in the REMOTE PYRENEES … part of it that HISTORIC FRENCH CHATEAU of GERTRUD bought for her in 1830s she a young bride -   So abused in the early 1920s by ANGELA and JIM JONG … the terrible screams of the burning young people … … … …  made wild, brutal and insane on the horrible DOPES - especially a lucrative crop of Scotland Nobles - DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND …

… LOST FRENCH HISTORY   :     the fault of the declining falling EMPIRE of GROSS BRITAIN …


1960 NIGHTWATCH   ( “ … we must not be seen here …” )  January-February - Colne Engaine/Engayne :  

… this is before `POLITAN`/Arthur Malone LAW Detective/natural son of Arthur Duke of Connaught/  has learned from Colchester & Essex Museums that the across the little triangular meadow the QUAKER Madrigals GHOST HOUSE is available to the Detectives, colleagues and friends of ANDRE MALRAUX =

… mother of ANDRE MALRAUX,  Berthe,  has a SEA TRADERS & farming blood line 9th century onwards at Castle Rising/the Thorpes lost in coastal erosion/Kings Lynn … 19th century a blood line at Saxmundham Hall = first name is HISTON …   

1960 January-February :   I think THIS SPEAKER has to be the Uncle I never knew whom he was … I mistook him JJR for Georges = that is ANDRE MALRAUX  =  It was a continuous terrifying time from 2nd January 1960 when Doc Mengele HARRINGTON booted in on my new home … I had bought myself the 350 pounds Caravan `Mistral` that October when I escaped I thought from their MADNESSES - WHITES CLUB and the GHOULS that BOOTED IN on ANDRE MALRAUX at St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square 1950s and TRIED KILL ME so often …

( … 1961 November ANDRE IS GIVEN NOTICE at St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square = JIM HAD PULLED A TRICK ABOUT THE LEASE in 1952 … (  it is now called COMMADORE Hotel - it should be a MONUMENT to the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and the RANSOM BROTHERS and SISTER and their families … )     NB:  JIMMIE JONG CUR JAMES is believed by many persons to be UNCLE of the daughter of ANGELA :   now a 2nd Queen Elizabeth of England  :  

1960 -  2nd week January - early February at Colne Engaine after NIGHTFALL  :   

 I could not distinguish the quiet voices of EMOTION bidding me not open the DOOR but listen through the tiny window which I might open a half inch … they were taking NIGHTWATCH with guns - they DID NOT WISH TO BE SEEN ABOUT HERE  :   I could not distinguish the two voices, certain words are pronounced with an American accent - MALRAUX DOES  & I noticed this in 1953 onwards :    …

…  From the first NIGHTWATCH 7th January 1960 I cannot separate the voices of two very EMOTIONAL yet calm & intelligent NIGHTWATCHERS   :   a DAWN
WATCH takes over at 3.30pm … a little train shunts and blows its whistle somewhere near between 3.30 and 4 AM …  

1960 by 2nd week January … There is first for one night, now I know, ANDRE MALRAUX calling himself  `IT IS THE BURGERMEISTER OF PARIS`  ( memo :  a little 14th century book called `Menagier de Paris/The Goodman of Paris … )  

But the voice saying  `I am the MAN of NORWICH - come down from the MOON … `    is the tragic  Dr JOHN RAY Ransom 2nd son of FCFR and JEAN ballerina nee Weddell - his mother is the granddaughter of he the Quaker JAMES WEDDELL   ( his mother a Miss Piece a well known London Quaker family  )      his name on the SUB-ARCTIC SEA   ( JAMES WEDDELL, my great-great GRANDPA, made a legal Catholic-Quaker marriage 1824 to the highly educated INCA girl AELOVEDAH-Maria - her father his HUMANIST Catholic friend is Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel Acting Governor for Spain … together they had already caused many improvements in TRADE and industry in South America - they were also enthusiasts of the HISTORY of SOUTH AMERICA :        
James Weddell and his wife the former Miss San JULIAN have two sons =  13 issue of John born 2ndly 1826/7  
…  ( NB:   = Clark Gable Actor is a great-grandson via John Weddell 2nd son of the marriage of    “ AN ICE WHITE BRIDE ”  (newspapers) …   The father of JEAN ballerina  (my RANSOM grandmother)  is James Weddell the first son born 1825 = marries MINERVA (age 39) OLIVEA HESKETH of Philadelphia and Wyoming both parents of BAVARIAN ancestry :   Her  1st marriage a Mr Bussy - trader and wrote a book on PHILOSOPHY  :   

… My great-gran MIN does not die until I am a  year old 1934 … I recall her very tall in her dark clothes,  her tiny waist her lace collars and her scent of lavender or violets …  She came to live at `JERUSALEM` our tiny home by the little Deptford Park … she wrote a song for DEPTFORD POLICE … it was in the late 1920s or early 1930s newspapers - they sang and played it at their Police Balls …
… She had her EVENSONGS in 5 American editions -

Graham Greene novelist is saying to Miss Greta Ransom 1953 in Colchester Castle    “ … your great-grandmother MINERVA - her EVENSONGS was on the piano of my father as we were growing up … … …

“ …  she also wrote the first A=Train … as a ballad … it did go into publication with many of her songs … I have friend in the VATICAN and he knows a lot about your history in SOUTH AMERICA - you must not listen to your mother when she tells you things about your family and your ancestors … ”  

… He is persecuted, poor thing,  threatened, from November 1953 when DOC MENGELE HARRINGTON and JIMMIE JONG & SPIES   ( chums of ROYALTY and seen about with Dicky Bird Mountbatten and his nephew PHIL the Greek )     discovered he MASTER GREENE came into Colchester Castle and knew ANDRE MALRAUX and talked to me GRETA RANSOM … :  

READER :    …  this long terrible saga is in their own records and words …    Reader can turn to `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER - Andre Malraux etc … commencing 31st January 2011 AD  on … WORDPRESS and on this site

1960 January-February :   NIGHT WATCH at Colne Engaine :    Speaker is probably Dr JOHN RAY Ransom …

… “  it is only in 1959 your father tells us   ` JIMMIE JONG - throws in his face he has pulled down the CHATEAU of GERTRUD in the PYRENEES … the little rat said 1956 `he needed money for clothes ` …  … ”

“ … We the younger in  the families,  all believed that Andre and de Gaulle knew of the Estate - had received the Will of our Aunt … it is only this New Year 1960 I and our families learned of more of the deceit - Miss Butler your cousin-aunt speaking with Arthur Malone before Christmas Day at Thorpe-le-Soken … …”    :     

“ Last year I and others,  no names,  visited the Pyrenees … saw our property … CHATEAU of GERTRUD the grandmother of our father …  

Not pulled down - heaps of rubble and bricks - a child was skipping about the ruins - We spoke to  the nameless about - visited with a Doctor and a the nameless … ”

“ … They pointed out, took us about the area, and it is not isolated … some pretty hamlets around …
We were shown AN AREA OF EARTH heavily STAINED YELLOW - it will not grow anything … we and they think ACID has been used …
 … and the demolition was NOT at all careful to recover the noble bodies of the FIRE … the bodies could have been recovered at any time …  IT IS BELIEVED THAT THE BODIES WERE NOT CARRIED AWAY - but WERE BURNED ON THIS ACID DRENCHED LAND  … ”

“ … After this last War  (2nd World War 1939-1945)   the Chateau and lands were claimed as BRITISH CROWN PROPERTY … in spite of the legal owners being known …
The land owners who were supported by our Estate were told to pay big sums of money if they wished to retain t heir lands = THEY HAD BEEN ROBBED in the NAME of THE BRITISH CROWN  - made to pay for their own lands - which we support in times of hardship  … NOTHING COULD BE DONE … they knew this … neither FRANCE or GREAT BRITAIN could help them … this was barbarism as they had known in other centuries …  :  … ”

“   But we are in the 20th century :  … A convoy of BRITISH lorries had come with MEN in BRITISH ARMY UNIFORMS … they had carted away some stones … and the contents of the Chateau not burned but taken away by them  …

 … EXPLOSIVES WERE USED after that … It did not take 4 years to demolish … we could see this … & IT WAS KNOWN to the LANDOWNERS and the HAMLETS around  …  & now to us  … … …  and to your Father who tried to protect his family, his brothers, from the sadistic attacks that had gone on since he was born … to lay waste to our great accomplishment … the HOMES and our centuries old Estate … claiming it in the name of the EMPIRE of GREAT BRITAIN … OUR Estate CHATEAU of GERTRUD and the lands around  ( said to be ALL BRITISH CROWN properties )   were to become AN INDUSTRIAL AREA the hamlets were told … after moneys had been collected … It never happened … :     

BIG CHIEF DIRTY BOOTS and his kind jeer from the rails of that YACHT … arrogant about what they have done … they are quite insane - stoked up on DOPES    … … …”  

So what happened ?   - my father FJR would have compensated those who had to PAY MONEY to JIM JONG and thugs …

…  He may have released them entirely from the Estate which had given them help and protection in hard times … but if CUR JAMES & LINDSAYBUGGARHS and the GHOULS  & FIGURES from A MORGUE learned of this they would TAKE REVENGE on these FRENCH CITIZENS … … … as is their custom …     

The only way to keep good citizens safe was to PUT UPON THE FACE OF THE WORLD the GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN and the killing of RANSOM family members  : & other sites

To ask WHERE ARE THE GROTE CHILDREN Mother England …???     :  this was the swift PLAN agreed by shocked people and consultation with other NATIONS during January-February 1960 …   

But the COURIER sent by General de GAULLE to collect the important packages from Philip Silverlee at New York Airport and returned swiftly by next plane had hime ROBBED in FRANCE - he was told to WAIT for 2 hours in a hotel :   It was felt he was given a heavy SEDATIVE and the BRITISH THUGGERY came in … only reaching the General and Andre Malraux were some interesting Papers … but no WILLS and nothing of the big collection of carbon copy letters … documents … Reports from small nations of the theft and deaths and robberies from the 1920s-1930s …  

None of this EVIDENCE was found in the big package of the one French Courier sent by airplane to New York the last week of February 1960 = he to return on the next plane to FRANCE … The legal papers got by Philip Silverlee in New York and those given to his 28 years old daughter in Buenos Aries had she MURDERED in May 1960 :   

… I remember that she and her brother came with parents to holiday and were out and about with Uncle Harry Gordon - tennis/boating/Races/musical events  …  and the niece my age of Patrick MacDrew would sometimes be at TEA weekends at the Clacton-on-Sea little home of my grandparents George and MARY GORDON :   

1942 CASTLE HEDINGHAM tragedy :    the READER will find the fate of this niece of the family of `Uff MacDrew` Castle Hedingham 1942 in `1937 SUMMER`  -  1942 we are in the same class January to March …  when LINDSAY heir No 14 supposed to be representing SHIPWRECK MARINERS rolled in with a scowling MAD face and insulted us both in class … he ordered her to give her NEWFOUNDLAND ESTATE to the British Crown for the WAR EFFORT  …

… In April he the Chum of JIMMIE JONG came again and asked who was the richest in the Class - pointed a fat finger at me - MARY GORDON my grandmother received the BILL for the funeral of the child age 9 years - her body was to be flown to her chapel NEWFOUNDLAND … it never was … This BILL my shocked grandmother MARY GORDON immediately had copied …  and sent to British CROWN OFFICE, another copy to the headmaster Captain Learoy 1st World War - he almost screamed as he opened it … other copies I do not know where …  

1943 - IT WAS KNOWN THAT THIS LINDSAY heir, now the EARL paid his double death duties … and the ESTATE was claimed as BRITISH CROWN PROPERTY … a Royal visit was made when the War ended - factories belched - chapel and small town devastated and people had been insulted :    In 1948 American Agents got from Buckingham Palace neat kept Records of the day of the murder of the child by strangulation and thrown with her bike beside the lane …  the 1942 March account of the big black car leaving at pre-dawn - who was in it - where it was to go … and REPORTS of people returning from night work at Castle Hedingham were collected before 1948 … GROSS BRITAIN HAD


I have in this WORK for THEM  sometimes put mention of the music associated with our TIMES our LIVES ...     To this piece BLACKMAIL - GENERAL de GAULLE and ANDRE MALRAUX 1957 November …  I think it may help READER to play MACHAUT/Josquin de Pre/AMBROSIAN & GREGORIAN … in the 20th century it came in long-play records HMV VOX BOX as well as Cathedrals and little churches … … … but PLAY it at a distance from you …  MUSIC CAN SAY MORE THAN I HAVE TIME TO ADD in my own words  TO THIS MOST TERRIBLE HISTORY  :   

I will try find time , however,  to put on our webs the STARK LINES I gathered in 1957-1961 to try keep a form of diary - when I was being threatened, searched, ROBBED … aged 24 to 29 years of age …  
And when reading our RANSOM Records of the centuries have across the room, out in the ATRIUM,  the correct music of the times  :::    MAGGIE RANSOM Carew Carew RANSOM had wonderful Early Music about her world of the 16th century … she had travelled to her KIN Japan as a big child …  A JAPANESE EMBASSY came 16th century to VENICE … they were amazed and inspired by the early polyphony in Saint Marks …  And there is the ANGLO-SAXON music … and ROMAN BRITAIN & GAUL  …      

1960 - GERTRUD granddaughter of POUL GRONLANDER and her wedding present of the PYRENEES CHATEAU :
I speak for the Uncle I saw, heard, but never know because our POST is stolen by GROSS BRITAIN IMPERIALS  … the Astra-Physicist-Animal Management-LAW Degrees Dr John Ray Ransom … and here 2012 AD his niece Greta Ransom adds to his words  :   

…  “ …   the VERMIN have now JIMMIE JONG as Cur James ruling the WAVES from his bar … WHITES CLUB … ”   
`  1957 NOVEMBER from 50 Lancaster Gate Square,  Andre Malraux and General de Gaulle went to WHITES CLUB for  `aperitif` with JIM of 1920s PARIS  (hope HE did not fill the Goblets for them !!! ~~~~   THEY HAD LEARNED SOME MATTERS ~~~~  
… 1950s … protection was given to a woman responsible for the FIRE early 1920s in this remote PYRENEES CHATEAU … JIM really could not be trusted …

DID JIMMIE JONG pimp, in fact, START THIS FIRE that burned to death young inheriting Aristocrats ???  … … …  

… Well, ANDRE MALRAUX, has already called him `a bar rat - if you were with him more than an hour and a half you knew he was a BAR RAT … … … `

BUT … Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX and General de GAULLE … they STILL DID NOT KNOW OF THE CRIMINALLY INSANE, the extreme bestial behaviour … the LINKING of BLACKMAIL ABOUT THEM   :    Not just about a MARRIAGE of GRACE made by two dove-tailing person … “ …  OF THE SAME AGE REALLY BECAUSE OF CIRCUMSTANCES ABOUT THEM …”  

 … Above I am quoting that Lawyer-onion seller-financier-smallholder - a not enough time FRENCHMAN of LETTERS born with the 20th century  …

( Notebook & visit … after the killing of the 2 sons of ANDRE MALRAUX )

…  He a FRENCHMAN had grown up beside a GROTE HOME in Normandy by the seashores - he had found them, some his friends,  1945 all in graves or in PITS as burned bones … he had to employ a friend to tend the grave of his mother alongside - he resided near Clacton-on-Sea = SHIPS THAT SAIL AT NIGHT … he is in `1937 SUMMER` … PRAY ALL THE GODS HE IS NOT A MARTYR too in the 1960s-1970s …  


It is 1962 March when these two good men saw the legal WILL and the name of ANDRE MALRAUX written as full GUARDIAN  … blackmail and theft of communications still went on about them … THEY WENT ON WORKING at  their JOBS … perplexed by many matters in the 1960s … they COULD NOT INTERPRET the TRICKS about them … … …

The British and Scandinavian GUTZY GREED of the IMPERIALS and the ARISTOCRATS of Scandinavia and GROSS BRITAIN went on about all of us …      

I have recorded in my stark lines 1960/61 … “ … once again we enter upon the stage … the Poet of a 1,000 years re-writes our tragic DRAMA … until we are called AGAIN …”     ( it is something like that … I will try find time to add them to this work for MARTYRS and human beings … )  

Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM
Born 11 March 1933 -
… hope the photos-cinema work 2012 AD is creating the past for the READER … same clothes used … we must with scissors and glue pot put Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX in as a ghost beside me … perhaps in the GATES OF HELL series just beginning …  :  



SCOTLAND - attacks on young and old heirs and girls marrying in the 19th/20th centuries - PIG STYLE disfiguring of faces by sharp knives   :

` …  before Teresa Gordon b November 1906 met Frederick John RANSOM b November 1911 … she had been pimped upon age 10 years by coin-less British Scotland aristocrats who used her for private RACES because she easily won them monies :  this discovered by her parents who objected … already the GORDON family had this Class after the 8 pieces of GORDON lands :

The use of a pellet up the snout of DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND had them show violence to young and old Scots heirs and other crimes : NOBLE coin-less  ARISTOCRATIC BRITAIN had a CODE BOOK which turned the 10 Commandments upside down and other nasty bits of this CULT that got them DOUGH  :  there were many histories of DEMANDS for moneys and pieces of lands or their children would be disfigured - given an accident - etc etc …

They would slash young faces, limbs … or cut a face so that it resembled a pig :    A woman of good family, noble forebears, learned that her nephew had attacked the 11 years old girl of a former woman friend - he had cut her face - slit her eyes at the sides - cut her nose to resemble a pig - a slash down her forehead - her cheeks … His Aunt learning of this had attacked him with a poker gorging out one of his eyes bruising the other - she reported to the Police - They had been ready to bring a Case against him … they understood her horror - later he was sunk beneath the peat in Scotland by someone …

1937/1938 … Teresa Gordon Mrs Ransom threatened her daughter Greta - she had a woman friend in the East end who turned faces into PIGS …   DIARY and Records :    “ … the child got to the `Bobbie` on duty near her Old Road Home and said what she had been trained to say when SHEshe went MAD  … he put a telephone call to the Clacton Police-station to his Police Colleagues and they came and marched her off in handcuffs … ”   

GR me says   :   “  she has gone mad again - please get Daddy - please telephone Len at `Jerusalem` … but do not worry Grandpa and Jean … do not worry Granny Mary Gordon ... Please come and help when you can  ”   …    The Police network quickly found this evil woman in the East End - put her immediately in a cell - but because of the Very Noble connexions of Teresa Gordon Mrs Ransom they could not bring a Case for us … …  … … but they would immediately bring a Case for other bestial knife crimes by this woman who liked cutting up young faces  :  

… but TGR was put in an Asylum - in 17 days she was GOT OUT and free - her Noble chums, Angela, Lindsay Earls, Jim Jong insisted she was not guilty and the RANSOM family did not want her to inherit an overseas Fortune :     This was ALL lies as usual - the Police knew it   :   but a better WATCH was given to the families and the EVIL of Scotland  …

` THE PIMP & PIECE of VERMIN JIM `  :   The evil woman was visited in Prison very quickly by Jim Jong … she died of poison from liquor and food he brought to her … The Police learned from her neighbours, some Scots, that this was a familiar form of revenge to get money from families  :    

The POLICE were able to tell the RANSOM family more - this child had been hidden some weeks ago in the North - the hospital did not know what to do - children so disfigured in the past had been dumped in South America and soon were dead :    The RANSOM and GROTE Broker families sent the child to Switzerland after talking with the distressed Aunt of the nephew - at 17 years of age surgery could  begin to correct some of it - meanwhile she would have the highest education with Tutors … she would have pets and a very few kind friends :

… she age 11-12 years old emerged from terrible grief … and began to know she had a future … her mother was taken to New York where she continued her well paid Mannequin work for famous clothes makers … she had her money invested and she was kept safe in one of the many Grote-Ransom apartments … she was able to visit her daughter - private RANSOM GROTE transport conveyed her safely to Switzerland and back to her work   :   ALL EXPENSES WERE PAID by the Administrators of GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE worldwide … we had not known this family before -

We were very grateful to have as much Police protection as they could possibly give - ARISTOCRATIC POWER could lose them their jobs - good house and garden that went with it - and a PENSION …  :  

A File is assembling of the late 19th early 20th century GROTE BROKERS and the RANSOM branching families who SAILED IN TO THE RESCUE … one rich mob who cut out a 2 year old heir`s tongue after killing his father then mother to get money for years … got put on a raft in the Pacific - the child became a great scholar-married-had children … but  `ARTINOUS`   never spoke :  some of this true HUMANISM is in `1937 SUMMER`  …

Our Ransom relative late 19th century Margery Mainwarring got put in a coffin age 10 in Scotland - she became a Nun, Reverend Mother, and looked out in Asia for GUTZY GREED monsters and alerted GROTE BROKERS RANSOM ESTATE :   you will find her on `1937 SUMMER`  … she is a descendant of 16th century F. Ransom and the Lady of Okinawa and Bruges and Montrose :   =  My grandmother 9 times back is their daughter Maggie Ransom Carew Carew RANSOM is to be read on RANSOM ANCESTRY Part III = I have put on my SEALED KNOTT clothes for a serious of photos of her = we illustrate her life = She saved our family - JUST THAT ONCE WE  `hang by the woman` … You will like her bravery and hard work :   her life is in 2 parts -

… … … in between a history of 16th century  MARGARET RANSOM CAREW CAREW RANSOM  is some hideous Scotland 1939 cruelty and criminal madness by JIMMIE JAMES JONG now calling himself a British Major :

“   MEMORANDUM :   THE CHILD of 11 years Scotland  ? … Over the coming years this child became clever - her face much improved and with cosmetics she could become known to a small world … It was known that this surgery would improve … WE WILL NOT USE NAMES :   Our niece had been saved by good Police connections  … ”

“  The LINDSAY Earls, JIMMIE JONG and his woman friend ANGELA were told by some good people that future such attacks or threats would result in them all being PUT UNDER THE PEAT    … … …  ”     

Nota bene :    … Teresa Gordon and they were quite insane - they had been using this dangerous Scotland narcotic since they reached 2 figures of age  :  Meanwhile the crop continued growing on big Noble Private Estates Scotland, especially the Western side all the 20th century  :  

 Another WAR came in September 1939 … a massacre/GENOCIDE of the worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN began Norway seashores Christmas 1938/

…  `SUMMER 1937 Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea and West Greenland” scaffolding/Document in 3 Parts/ has these distressing matters under the YEARS of the 20th century - Index - but not a fine index yet  …

… carries photographs and relevant FILES of this work of accurate HISTORY … WORDPRESS has pieces unedited, assembling, for the scholars … some finished pieces also feature here :     This September I pose in same clothes for our mid-20th century history … hoping this is an AID to the READER

 (  REPORTS :   Divinorum Salvia Scotland torch blown pellets & powder form was on sale at Cheltenham Races in 1980/1981 - it had been grown in SCOTLAND by Aristocrats :  )     :