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1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

Len Book 4 - Andre Malraux


1966 photo going to Greece with my six cousins. I look look this mid 1960 I worked 2 or 3 weeks Guardian Newspaper left because I had dangerous maniacs following me. The same maniacs 1930 who objected to me being born 1933. Heir to the Grote Ransom Estate. with Len we are in training. The world is pleased with us. Maniacs call me ape esquimaux.


Athens, Greece

Guardian newspaper, LONDON

17 October 2015 AD

Indirectly to your tiny notice `banning` me www noticed by others last week :

... an important matter RANSOM & Families Records that you have reminded me of mid-1960s is the gathering to listen to GEORGE BISHOP OF THE ARCTIC – a talk a lecture across the road from your Offices Fleet Street in the City Church of St BRIDES`  :    Your new young Reporter went & was very interested :    I worked for you 1964 or 1965 a mere 2 or 3 weeks ?    Typing & some shorthand - I came from a City Agency who looked after we young people very well -  luckily  :    

1952  age 19 years onwards I had worked 5 years for the Colchester & Essex Museums = I kept good friends there & had a famous well known SUFFOLK surname `family RANSOM`   ( 92 AD we are `The Redemptio` (becomes surname RANSOM time of the Venerable BEDE et al)  under Government of ROMAN BRITAIN - )  – My father had been in the British Army Royal Fusiliers 1927-1945 abroad in what was called in the British Empire after that Treaty of Versailles    “ The British Army of Occupation GERMANY  ”   ... ... ...


Born November 1911 my young Father Frederick John Ransom with intelligent older British Army men was able to help with the management of the Estate worldwide of my RANSOM families their world wide seashores & THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide :   This Army assistance was approved by ENGLAND  :     Colchester  (Roman Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis)  is an Army Barracks 20th century  :

YOUR NEWSPAPER:    I at some simple work for your newspaper had you find me kind, useful, a bit scared, but I did open a big world to that young Reporter when he asked me to choose from his List of 3 assignments that Day what I thought would be best for him to `COVER`  :   He was impressed with the ARCTIC BISHOP George rushing about with his dog-team visiting families & helping in the medical world   : ... Perhaps your young Reporter went on to write more ... ?


Your bann  :   I did not expect that assembled work for Scholars-Researchers-Historians was under surveillance ... I, others now dead, carry the 20th century Martyrs of THOMAS Immanuel GROTE real HOMES for Orphans all Races & Religions - TIGGY established them 1864 on our RANSOM seashores twice around the globe A – Z outside the BRITISH EMPIRE & United Kingdom – except for a HOME demanded late 19th century by ADELAIDE Australia  ...  As Sea Traders down the centuries it is usual to marry foreign Brides and thus have a little bit of seashore or riverside to safely PULL the SHIP in & to retreat to when Wars & Religious mania rages :  

Your `Guardian newspaper` building was almost opposite St Brides church – Fleet Street...I had a LAW Detective `on watch` and we had help of family friend Philip Silverlea  Radley School-and Argentine working in INSURANCE  in both nations during the year -   Phil lost all his family – he 1976 met his end - `last tape` to a scientist who had been later years to Radley school with his twin  :  

IMPORTANT :    The Reports I have issued www are not intended for general readers with no experience of 19th-20th centuries & it had been thought most unlikely they would find them or be interested ...  

Enclosed photos how I looked when working a very short time for you 1964-65 ...

1960s     I had the Maniac of that playboy `blue car` spying on me & others as always – Police could not catch him – he had big connections Scarlet Town :   He has been around we young heirs since 1938-1944 ONWARDS to his druggy death 1992 – He wore 6-7 inch boots, a Glenn Miller raincoat & was called by eminent persons `the man with the peculiar gait`   :    Or he was in flat shoes, dowdy appearance acting `a physician` -

...  his fashionable London divorce case 1981 had the Foreign Press request the Judge to ask his credentials & where he got his fortune from ...   


Take  care of your selves ... the above is all you  should  know ...  

        Greta (Frobisher Weddell) Maureen Caecelia RANSOM 

Young man 21 years faced with flames from before his birth 1970 21st August 

Pete's mother age 20, December 1953, pink ballgown present from Andre Malraux my Guardian from 1937 October




2nd WORLD WAR  -




P.RR.W.   PHOTO by his mother Greta Ransom :    “ young man 21 years faced with flames from before his birth 1970 21st August ”    Peter Rathbone Ransom Whitehead, a budding photographer-welfare-philosophy investigator of the world about him ... as most young people are at that age ... Christmases & birthdays have photographs  ...


Young Peter `Pete`  will die age 27 years BECAUSE the legal WILL of our Aunt Margareth nee Ransom Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE is denied & stolen from the October 1937 world appointed GUARDIAN to the RANSOM GROTE HOMES ESTATE -   who is another young man named ANDRE MALRAUX – all his mail/post/communications stolen from XMAS 1937-1938 & onwards with dirty tricks day upon day  !! 


If  Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX had received his legal WILL 1937/38 then the GENOCIDE of the worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & many staff would never have happened = commencing 1938 NORWAY Christmas morning into the mid-1950s MEXICO = & wreckage to small businesses worldwide would never have happened :     NB:   GROTE real HOMES for orphan children, small farms & necessary trades were situated upon the RANSOM environmentally clean & protected seashores & riversides – acquired by we SEA TRADERS marrying foreign brides down the centuries - I grew up called “Ape-Eskimo” by my mother`s British noble drug-addict top titled chums – this gross ignorance from them continued 2nd World War & into the 1950s & 1960s – Andre Malraux says 1970 January “ I have been brought to my knees by this obscene theft of documents to me, Peter – I am bereaved in my own families too – your Government allowed this ! ... ”


NNB:      Georges-ANDREMALRAUX reads as a child the English books for boys & girls – Adventure stories by Kingston, Balantine, even Marryat – his mother has a Norfolk-Suffolk blood line well established from 9th-10th centuries AD – he also is well read in Conrad, Kipling, and many British writers in the English language  ...  


But 1937-1938 & onwards ANDRE MALRAUX did not receive his legal DOCUMENTS & letters of goodwill & invitations from small nations : 1944 end of October Documents were collected in PARIS by JOSETTE  mother of his 2 tiny sons – this lead to her death when her legs were run over by a train (biographies)  = The first days of November 1944 had 2 men sent with guns to retrieve these Documents and kill Andre Malraux and she referred to coarsely as  “the woman”  - He Malraux was away helping in the 2nd World War in FRANCE – she sent a message to him via Resistance – it travelled through 3 or 4 Couriers – only “ she was worried about an Island” reached him – later a little more – but insufficient for him to understand his GUARDIANSHIP of Greta Ransom included a great worldwide Philanthropy Estate – He will not hold in his hands a WILL until autumn 1961 – his two sons had died in a car in May 1961 ... All these deaths were unnecessary if he had not been ROBBED of his legal Documents & all communications to him intercepted – he had much TREASON around him – as he is explaining 1970 ... He died with many true and good friends but with many obscene monsters still harming him ...  : 

So the 1930s planned GENOCIDE of the RANSOM GROTE Estate began CHRISTMAS morning 1938 upon the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN of NORWAY – 350 ages 6 to 17 years left deliberately on an inaccessible beach with fast tide coming in ... 3 photos taken from rowing boat delivered to Vatican & USA & Ransom family January 1939 = sent from Berlin Embassy, another Embassy ... all in shock – I am there in our little Clacton-on-Sea house with Lennie Immanuel RANSOM my co-& sub-heir –  1939 January ANDRE MALRAUX legal GUARDIAN SHOULD SPEAK OUT FROM NEW YORK now – that would STOP the following tragedies ...  


1960 January - called by old London LAW persons “ A GENOCIDE – they say they want this word used ”   said `Politian` Arthur Malone Detective:   he employed from October 1957 by ANDRE MALRAUX to become by 1959 1st Cultural Minister for FRANCE ... Philip Silverlea when in the City of London gives Arthur a break for a day or two ... I used to play 1930s on the Clacton-Frinton beaches with his daughter a year older than me ... we have tea parties & the grown-ups know that another WAR is to come ... but too few important persons seem to understand this ...    :  


The disapproval of world education given by THOMAS GROTE HOMES educating children of the globe is spluttered with threats late 19th century into the 1950s :   We GROTE-RANSOM-FROBISHER were doubly  vulnerable from 1883 because of a marriage City of London between Millie Frobisher (granddaughter of the British Scotland Earl of Lindsay Crawford) to John Ransom Educationalist of Montrose Basin, Jacopsholmen Island and Montreal Canada ...

Millicent & John Frobisher Ransom- they are my great-grandparents – I grew up knowing them very well from photographs and letters & visiting their childhood homes and our `HEIMAT` Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland = Captain Alan Villiers & other noble Seamen knew the Island too – stayed in the great Ransom house – acted out Sea Poems  on the great theatre stage   (Reports 1967 Oxford and during the Captain James Cook RN 200 years Anniversary events)


C O U R T E S Y  is  not shown he ANDRE MALRAUX or JOSETTE CLOTIS  – or the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide  : 


C O U R T E S Y  ... is a poem by Hilaire BELLOC Catholic French-English author of PATH to ROME,  & BAD Child`s Book of Beasts, British Battles, Danton, etc.

Of Courtesy, it is much less

Than Courage of Heart or Holiness,

Yet in my Walks it seems to me

That the Grace of God is in Courtesy  ...   continues 6 verses


C O U R T E S Y & intelligence is in the following published 2nd WORLD WAR Memoirs many years ago  :   

` Captain JACK`  real name Jacques Poirier writes

“ I did not raise questions about Malraux`s mandate.   We were living through a very peculiar period.   How many were the brave, dynamic men I met at that time who had proclaimed themselves leaders of this or that group.   And why not, if they were capable of shouldering the burdens they had assumed ?  WE WERE WAGING WAR.   The problems of hierarchical advancement, so dear to our administrative functionaries, no longer counted.   `Colonel Berger` at the outset may have not carried much authority.  But General de Gaulle had perhaps had even less in 1940.


This is quoted by USA journalist-writer CURTIS CATE  – he has a very good understanding of 2nd World WAR 1940s – the above is quoted by Curtis Cate who lived in Paris until his death a few years ago – He had known many of the people he writes about & had spoken with them :  I am able to put alongside C.C. & his MALRAUX dates and events in France what is happening to me and my families, schools, life of the War from newspapers, Cinema newsreels, the citizens of Essex-Suffolk-London – The 1944 events in this C.C. biography are spoken of in a few months time 1945 by MALRAUX himself returned to Clacton and staying with his old 1920s-1930s friends Dr Professor Winnclemann & his Shropshire wife who have opened a Chemist Shop by the Catholic Church of our Lady on the Seafront Clacton-Holland-on-Sea – I am often asked to join them for these afternoon talks & explorations of another WAR  :



1945 June  :    So comes to the SEAS EDGES at CLACTON-on-SEA ` The WIDOWER of JOSETTE, Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX ` who is also my Guardian  :   it is believed my father has been killed in Kenya – but he was being hidden by a lady & friends whose father is/was Mayor of Mombasa ... : 


1939-1944/ and ever on-wards :   I  have my own worrying dangerous life –

including my 3 runs 1940-1941 after dusk across SALISBURY PLAINS  to get a message to the USA that the GROTE HOMES are in danger – this is written by the parent of a school friend at the dictation of a head schoolteacher Mrs MacDonald– it was thought best to have an unknown handwriting –

Mrs MacDonald and two other school teachers have already saved my life – Now we have decided that only a child could get across the fields to the USA stockade at the top of a rise where the bombed out cars and lorries are brought from London :    I did not think I was brave – I was too anxious to get the message to USA GROTE BROKERS Wall Street to save my worldwide children :   There was one steep rise with no hedge coverings – I suppose if a searchlight had picked up my head I might have been shot ...

...  but it is WAR – THINGS HAD TO BE DONE ... one did what had to be done !    I know how Captain Jack-Jacques Poirier felt in FRANCE about ones attitude to WAR 1939-1945 ... and that things suddenly needed to be done  !



1939-1945 :   During the 2nd WORLD WAR there is disturbing news & events from and about the Social life of my mother and VISITS to Essex, Clacton-Holland-on-Sea by her Noble beings coming and going in high-rank NAVAL & Army Uniforms :  these are mostly from her 1920s-1930s life in the Aristocratic Horse Racing world of Britain-France & outside Europe :  EDUCATION 2nd World War:    I have written with others accurate Reports of being a 2nd World Wartime child Bulford Salisbury Plains & Clacton-on-Sea -  & having highly educated Teachers come from retirement or invalided out of the War, teaching us –   NB:   it was known to Educationalist circles of all Political parties that we in Day Schools benefitted so tremendously from these highly educated & often older teachers, some having taught abroad ... :


1924 DECEMBER :   Andre Malraux had met my future mother a week before Christmas day December 1924 with friends at Deauville Races & thus these young people went together to Paris over the Christmastide –  :  my mother Teresa E. Gordon 19 years old and 17 years old friend Miss Plunkett Greene stayed at the British PARIS Embassy 24th-26th December – then rejoined the young companions of MALRAUX & he – he had Christmas Day with his mother Bertha & Grandmother Adrianna and her  younger daughter his Aunt Marie =  His wife CLARA had family and friends to visit – they joined up days later to make a visit into Italy ... My future mother & friend returned to Britain =  In France they had received sympathy because Jimmie Jong had robbed them at Calais the week before Christmas Day – he was not unknown in superior Racing and PARIS circles :


The year is 1924 FRANCE – READERS are wise to have some background here of the mounting DEPRESSION after the end of the GREAT WAR 1st World War :   Do not rely on modern films – the cinema newsreels & the massive amount of books give accuracy c 1900s into the late 1930s – Good books from those with experience of living in that time are written 1920s to the 1980s  ... and there are good books from research being written to the present day 2015 AD ... more records are being uncovered day by day ... as with all archaeology-history-sciences ... the histories of the millions of years that have presented to the present generations LIFE ON EARTH – and the evolving of the first so-called  HUMAN BEINGS ... there are centuries before this 21st AD century just beginning – hopefully there will be some centuries ahead =      : 


1924 – young ANDRE MALRAUX 23 years old  had just escaped from a Prison for his Asia `Temple & Tomb robbing`  as the world of Archaeology very cheerfully called it down to the 1960s  - at lease he drew attention to neglected sites and the pilfering of Antiquities – he was not blamed but the older wife Clara was – She was always claiming to be from a higher social CLASS than him  - then she should have known better -   This was the MUSEUMS & ARCHAEOLOGICAL `DIGS` VERDICT  :    In Colchester & Essex Museums 1953-54 he is still referred to as `the young Tomb & Temple robber` ...


C O U R T E S Y :   CURTIS CATE - In 1995 he published with Hutchinson of  London ANDRE  MALRAUX a biography - he is USA journalist, writer & biographer – lives in PARIS  - but has died very recently unfortunately  ...  :  









READERS of my work know that we have serious modern day-by-day MATTERS TO WORRY ABOUT  this day & day-by-day ... :  

“  ... on Modern Society`s Mantle-piece of ticking Clocks ... Fishes almost at midnight ...  ”


A review in the T.L.S.  16th October 2015 AD tells its  readers about this – 3 authors write a book  “ FISHERS & PLUNDERERS ”   :

This is a new book on FISHES – authors Alastair Couper, Hance D. Smith, Bruno Ciceri, dare tell us ...

Their Mantle-piece has the other clocks named TRAFFICKING =  DRUGS = PORNOGRAPHY = CLIMATE = HABITAT DESTRUCTION ...  & FISHES at near Midnight  ... all should be causing anxieties to this to-day Modern Society ...

I have made a big poster of Clocks on a mantle-piece named these matters and in the middle at near midnight `FISHES` ... it is pinned up in the kitchen ... Readers might like to do this too ...


N.B :   The 3 powerful internet sites banning my 19th-20th century history & truth Reports  (noticed by Readers this month October 2015 AD)  should have these ticking CLOCKS of the world about them drawn to their attention ... they do not receive enough serious consideration ...

My work for the MARTYRS caused by mid-20th century Gross Britain Government hiding a GENOCIDE of Thomas GROTE Homes worldwide children 1938-1950s to allow its Aristocrats to become rich is broadcast /published for we genealogists-historians-research workers and human beings ... it is granted our COURTESY ... yet it would be an evil matter to hide these obscene crimes :

I expect COURTESY of these 3 powerful & rich internet owners ... and the education in their own heads to understand what has been allowed to happen to make the upper classes of Scotland-Scandinavia criminally rich ... :


There is no flag day for GROTE HOMES Martyrs – I want the whole of our family Estate reinstated – THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide set again upon our RANSOM families of the centuries SEAS EDGES lands and rivers edges of the world ...  TO DO THIS MIGHT WASH AWAY SOME OF THE BLOOD AND GORE of the innocent from these 20th century criminally insane who plotted and carried out this `greatest crime of civilization`=  here I am quoting one lonely noble Lord who called it thus in his shock at the full discovery 1960 ...


IF YOU WISH TO DO SOMETHING USEFUL  3 big rich INTERNET businesses  you can organize putting back  `The THOMAS GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate = Estate in 3 Parts` as it was 1937 when Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX was proclaimed the worldwide GUARDIAN by approval the world A - Z ... he is also Guardian to me Greetah` Greta RANSOM and my co-heir Len Immanuel RANSOM ...


...  & we should have some Colleges, Hospitals, Fishery Universities too in the names of the c. million Victims 1936-1970s  – we RANSOM & branches are the SEA TRADERS under Roman Empire Britain the  `Redemptio`  ( Latin - honest tax administrators )  =  Nota Bene :     thename of RANSOM taken 5-6th centuries Anglo-Saxon Suffolk EAST ANGLIA =  & we continue to 19th century to trade in the Mediterranean where we have relatives from marriages to Palestinian brides 11th-13th centuries  :


NNB :   there is also that mantle-shelf of CLOCKS mentioned in a new book called  ‘FISHERS & PLUNDERS` ...Readers who still dare to read & write may care to take the weekly magazine  T.L.S. = full name is The Times Literary Supplement –100 years old last year 2014 AD – they sent me wedding presents (books)  1947 & 1967 ...      G.R. & Martyrs



...  CAN THE WORLD AGAIN,  BIG BUSINESS, KNOW THE WORD COURTESY  ?     Would you like to adopt one or two of the DEAD children as your heirs  ...  ?    Put back the great worldwide Estate in 3 Parts THOMAS GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE ...  then these TICKING DISASTER CLOCKS will begin to turn backwards ... a little ... & perhaps a little more ... 





Man of MAY`

He lives to age 91 = born 1884- d.1975


( ... TEMPTATION of the WEST – 1926 La Tentation de l`Occident ... Andre Malraux age 25 writes  publishes a little book ... SHELLEY from 1811 is examining matters similar perhaps - finding a voice ... )


& BOOK of LEN IV1945 to 1972 :  5 photos

`renaissance evening` the Pillar House HARWELL Village

attended by LIR & ANDRE MALRAUX & others with souls struggling to have common sense survive ...  (photos : Reader can add more – Thomas GROTE HOMES 1864-1930s ...  & hopefully in MARX House ... )  



born 1884 dies 1975 age 91 years, calls himself `Man of May`

Appointed as Russian Ambassador to London 1932 – 1943 : 

Exile 5 years London – a Menshevik who openly opposed the Bolsheviks 1918 - lived mostly in the Russian exile colony Hampstead – close friends Sidney & Beatrice Webb et al   :  baptismal name Ivan Mikhailovich Lyakhovetsky, son of a Doctor of Jewish Polish descent :

New publication 2015 AD in English by YALE University Press The MAISKY DIARIES Red Ambassador to the court of St James`s  1932-1943 ”   :    

DIARIES & oral 1960-70s = & observations of Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM born 11 March 1933 heir-in-training to GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts, with my young Uncle born 1921 the FLYER musician artist LEN Immanuel RANSOM :  


The Russian Ambassador perhaps aware of  the stabbing to death 15th May 1938 at the O`Neill Farm Ayrshire Scotland  of  Margareth Ransom widow Mrs THOMAS Imm. GROTE whom he will have met Britain, France, other nations ... I and my family hear quietly that my British Army (multi-language writer, genealogist, polymath)  father is called to talk with Ambassador Ivan MAISKY - & his father Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom may attend and report on his urgent visit & information gathered from the O`Niell family & local people and Police = Mrs Grote`s whereabouts was not to be known – she was in danger since 1934 – an attack had been made on her in Norway 1936, and another planned 1934 had failed when good people helped her get away from an Aristocrat household :  Margaret Grote would be leaving for Rome soon – end of May 1938 - where her grandson was a Priest – it was certain Police reports showed that telephone messages were unlawfully listened to – and postal communications ...  : 


The matter is that a message of Condolence is received by the Russian Ambassador to London from Joseph STALIN (& no doubt includes his close family) :  STALIN has known TIGGY and Margareth Ransom GROTE since he was a boy – they knew his mother :   1938 summer-autumn, the Ruler of USSR Joseph Stalin sends message of Condolence to RANSOM families which includes  “ I will always remember Miss Margaret climbing the rigging of her family ship in her Eskimo trousers ... ” 


 `Miss Margaret Girl of the Snows`  (1936 she is my still gently dancing multi-language brilliant scholarly great-great Aunt Margareth)   and USA husband TIGGY founding the HOMES worldwide from 1864 had found Joseph Stalin a bright kind boy - but not an intellectual & his mother wished him to be a Priest which he felt would not suit him :   TIG and MAG wished to put him in College then University, perhaps in France or North America then return to RUSSIA where he could assist with education & welfare & social conditions :   Perhaps he might be at ease within the great peaceful worldwide RANSOM Estate and the GROTE HOMES – 7 functioning in RUSSIA 1870s had originally been 11 but Count Boris who guarded them with his great strength (7 feet tall) and was devoted to the creation of them by Tiggy his friend :   Boris found 7 more manageable because of troubles in remote places sometime in the 1880s  =

 Nota Bene :  something happens at the time young Joseph Stalin is 19 years of age and he joins an Army group ... I hope historians amongst Readers can in-fill here   :    


DIARIES-letters-oral :   After the 1917 Revolution and even after the end of the 2nd World War (refs. Reports 1945-48)  the necessarily mainly nameless GROTE HOMES   (Lindsay Crawford Premier British Earls making trouble – Churchill says of them “LINDSAY a bloody nuisance since the PLANET began”)   and our RANSOM Estate passing through RUSSIA to encircle the world twice held in some places :  It went on winding its great Philanthropy Via through GEORGIA ... & out to wherever ???  But it continued around the globe and could supply `common sense` to those in need :  

Until the late 1920s the HOMES at first were safe = it is about 1927 trouble may have arisen from not having protection & clear understanding to counter local fears and ignorance & such very difficult times :   One big TIGGY HOME along the SEAS EDGES was actually safe but the Director in panic lead the children on a long, long trek – many of them survived and were found 1960s & were quietly regarded as HEROES of RUSSIA : –


But ANDRE MALRAUX  & LENNIE I.R., Dr John RAY Ransom USA citizen & brother & their abused & threatened elder brother & his sister had it swiftly understood these survivors of the GROTE Children and their families would all be in danger as survivors of  the THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide = leading inevitably to an unveiling of a horrendous GENOCIDE revealing along the sea shores and rivers edges of the entire world  = children sunk in nets, pits of burned young bones , school books  preserved hidden in churches  ... a crate then two in the VATICAN ... :  A memorial road kept disguised but a Procession  made when safe ... people who quietly visited and prayed as near as they dared to the GENOCIDE of the children of the globe ...


1938 15 May the murder of MARGARET GROTE  :  Soon after a visit by Ransom Elders to the Russian Ambassador London requested by he :   Another visit to be made to the Mansion home of the Ambassador in Kensington - bringing me nearly 6 years old over the CHRISTMASTIDE 1938 ...

But the GENOCIDE commenced Christmas morning Norway 1938 &1950s still continuing into the last HOMES in Mexico :  All the 2nd World War worldwide careful planning by British & Scandinavian aristocrats removed GROTE HOMES because they had disapproved of them since 1883 !!!   These were real HOMES begun 1864 and agreed by free Nations A-Z upon the Dowry SEASHORES of the Roman Britain Family (Redemptio) RANSOM of Suffolk East Anglia come from foreign brides of many centuries – Sea Traders needed to pull a ship in & retreat to in times of WARS – A GENOCIDE would be revealed :   Here the READER has to fathom  “reasons why”  --- & can perhaps with me continue to carry the dead children of all Nations outside BRITAIN & its Aristocrats  :  


 NB:   ... It is surely certain that excellent education was not approved by Aristocrats of Great Britain & their relatives & in-laws Europe and Scandinavia – “ ...  it would be unfair to British Trade ”  was heard in luxurious gatherings 1930s-  1950s ... ... ... Reader may wonder if the continuation of the GROTE HOMES from the 1930s, the cancelling of the GENOCIDE, might not have been beneficial especially around the Mediterranean SEA SHORES   NNB:  I have 3 Grandmothers from 11-13th centuries AD – we knew our ancestral relatives until the 2nd World War = Families descended from  `Habithiaea` wife & poetess, Roxanne who has sons and daughters & gives life to a family in Monte Carlo, delicate Goldie Locks niece of a scholar Sea Trader – all married the Suffolk RANSOM line descending to this century :   In past centuries knowing WHO YOUR PEOPLE ARE was the norm for nearly all classes poor and rich  ...   


REPORTS :   given in the 3 part work I G.R. assembled from Family records beginning on 3 typewriters all about this house 1990s into this new Century -  finally put on internet as I learned computer 2008 February – name   “1937 SUMMER Andre MALRAUX, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND – Document in 3 Parts – a scaffolding for the finer work to follow and this site JIMDO and other sites – photos and pictures & some montage etc are added :   We gave orphans life, education, from 1864 ...


MAISKY :   At Christmastide 1938 I and my father & probably Len are invited to the Mansion Kensington where Ambassador `MAN of MAY` lives – his upbringing has him with perfect English – biographical notes & Diaries see TLS review November 6th  2015 AD


My father is talking with Ambassador Maisky as soon as we arrive & I think he opens the door himself – I am greeted too by he often called ` MAN of MAY`  and after some Christmas phrases I am told to go and see the Christmas tree and the other small children  :   but JIMMIE JONG is there and grins at me – he is to give a PONG the CLOWN show for the children – the Children are swept out by a woman servant for his Performance which is part of his training at PEKIN Opera when he was in his teens :  The Ambassador Maisky perhaps believes JIM is able to take care of ANGELA now a Queen – London society mixes at Races and Ceremonies, garden parties, Opera and Theatre, the Concerts in the Royal Albert Hall - But a difficult situation has removed a relaxed grouping of many talented people in the Arts – films & theatre world = Everybody preferred a man called by some ` Ned` become King Edward VIII for a few months 1936 after the death of his popular father the Sailor King : 

 It is felt unnecessary so close to an inevitable WAR to have such an expensive display of British Royal Family matters – various obvious reasons are given by educated peoples = that Britain is anxious to retain its ill educated Empire (3rd from the bottom of a world chart of educational standards)   and has shown this with a lavish Coronation :  divorce is accepted quietly for the last 50 years – Advances in technology and medicine & the sciences show what can be done to have a civilized world where ignorance will cease to breed greed for the few ... :   


BUT it is also widely known that neither Edward 8 or his father who died January 1936 were going to destroy the GROTE HOMES & that a woman married into their family has no claim on the HOMES or the SEASHORES of nations A – Z outside the British EMPIRE ... This claim kept secret by the British Press is ludicrous and it is the Aristocrat drug growers of Scotland who have encouraged her to this – Leaders are  the LINDSAY Earls who claim the entire Estate since 1883 when they allowed Millie Frobisher a grand-daughter to marry Widower JOHN RANSOM educationalist the brother of Margaret GROTE married to Tiggy who has founded the real HOMES worldwide on her Ransom family sea shores ... :  On the 1883 Wedding visits to Aberdeen the LINDSAY Earl and other men of the family threatened TIGGY with  coarse brutal stable talk = he was got away that evening as people felt his life was threatened by these so often maniac dope-soaked Earls and Lords ... they, as I remember them 1930s-1970s resembling a kind of JURASSIC BOG TROTTER ... they claim our Estate from 3 generations back & do so insisting we are Apes & Eskimos – I have put in 2 photos of me 1966 as Ape Eskimo a few pages back :  the Throne about 2,500 years old is in the famous theatre ATHENS :


1937 and 1938 :  A legal WILL made in NEW YORK and administered by our in-laws GROTE BROKERS by Margaret nee Ransom widow Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE (Estate in 3 Parts)  is seen by several nations from 1938 January and the GUARDIAN chosen is agreed as suitable by all – by 1938 spring early summer all nations outside the British Empire have copies the WILL and agree the heirs and the Guardian young Man of Letters with a soul ANDRE MALRAUX as most suitable : 


1938 DANGER for Ransom family everywhere in Britain :

Somebody had told Jimmie Jong we the RANSOM family were to make a visit to Ambassador MAISKY Man of May – the children were suddenly called away by a servant to a performance as Clown Pong :  My young father does not understand the heavy spying on our families is very professional :  Jimmie Jong James born 1898/99 Port Arthur CHINA is half Scots and Chinese & is a maniac because of heavy drug use since a teenager – he has been evicted by his good Chinese family for homicide and embezzlement at 15 years of age = they then put him to a 2 years course Chinese Opera PEKIN thinking that this could be the better education for him rather than France and England – but he has from his childhood on visits to Britain wound himself into bad blood families SCOTLAND especially Earls of LINDSAY Crawford & Lindsey and met a daughter of the Bowes Lyon family when she is 12-13 years – she is (Lady) Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite Bowes Lyon of Glamis Castle :

Reports from many persons and 1937 from VIOLET Artist Lindsay a cousin to my great grandma Millie Frobisher – see earlier work these files Books of LEN ...   


Scotland Earls and Nobles grow a very dangerous drug called Divinorum Salvia Scotland and wear it  “up the snout”  for 2 weeks or more – it produces determination to steal and with enjoyment of bloody violence – it is also powdered and put in drinks and soups for the unsuspecting who are likely to fall into faints if not trained on it :  The plant is torch blown every 18 months into pretty lavender-gilt pellets & Nobles sell it to poor nations, make trouble with it for other nations, and become no-return addicts if they use it for a month or more – they also use the fashionable heroin like so many of British Nobles & heavy alcohol intake  ... :


1938 September :  My young grandmother ballerina choreographer has been poisoned September 1938, she “still dancing”  the granddaughter of James WEDDELL Quaker & Miss SAN JULIAN The Aelovedea-Maria Roman Catholic only child of Acting Governor for Spain Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN  f. San Miguel – I saw the 3 poisoners that afternoon of her death talking in our garden Old Road Clacton-on-Sea :  From then my grief laden young father age 26-27 years old does not want me to tell his father Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom or youngest brother Lennie LIR who is only 17 years of age what I know  :   He says  “ things like this happen – one day we will have a world where they do not ... ”   I have appointed myself Athena Guardian of the Home & the Citadel of Intelligence - the `Heimat`  :   Len and me have been learning about Athena as written by John Ruskin and in other writings – my father keeps a Journal he calls SANCTUS SPIRITUS ... These maniacs are always trying to destroy anything we write or drawer or make ... :


Ambassador MAISKY Man of MAY is pleased with my deportment but worried about my young age – relieved that LENNIE is my heir-co-heir : ANDRE MALRAUX is felt to be the best GUARDIAN possible for our world-wide ESTATE – Ambassador MAISKY knows that LEN is a brilliant careful FLYER and driver of vehicles in many parts of the world & training to take care of Transport of the world wide Estate since he is 9 years old – Len also speaks Russian & a dozen other languages :    Everyone about us who is SANE knows that only fools would destroy the GROTE HOMES education & the helpful Estate =  MAN of MAY will have perhaps met TIGGY before he is murdered 1904 Aran Island by LINDSAY Earls - and he has, of course, met Margareth Girl of the Snows :   He is aware the RANSOM families speak many languages including Russian – that TIGGY had 110 languages by time he was 40 years of age – but was not excellent in German the language of his father & Uncle of the GROTE Philanthropy families :  From age 11 years when little Thomas I. Grote came from his family firm GROTE BROKERS New York to West Greenland as Ward of the Ransom family of Jacopsholmen Island he was interested in natural history worldwide ... e The Ransom Theater was famous 1830s-1860s and performed plays of the world of all ages & he had to join in  :   The Ambassador MAISKY  will know the difficulties made by Scandinavia and Scotland for West Greenland  :


1938 by Christmastide ... the MAN of MAY will have been told what Herman Goering has said about the appointment of young writer ANDRE MALRAUX ... “ ... with Lennie flying the Chariot, the child whose eyes show her Guardian Angel and her soul have fled in fear, young MALRAUX standing up behind them his hands on their shoulders ... they may survive ... otherwise we shall see them in VALHALLA ...”   He and other young men and women end of the Great War 1914-1918 have met with the young British nobles, including ANGELA, Teresa GORDON, Jimmie JONG James who acts as if he keeps the young people including these two in order when they have had too many cocktails in Paris, Berlin, Cairo, and New York ...


1945 -1972 -The RUSSIA of

the future :  `Man of May`

Ivan MAISKY is alive until 1975



1972 LIR attends with Arthur Malone/Politian Tudor to the Medici Children since October 1957 the renaissance evening March 18-19th 

 The Pillar House HARWELL Village has ANDRE MALRAUX arrive after 9 pm guarded by the two above ...and `The Viking Boys` a village & district group who dress up for Charities & are become aware of an evil `Doctor blue-car` around the country lanes & Jimmie JONG James 1954 become Sir Jimmie James G.B. 

The MAY of MAY since his Ambassadorship has encountered Jimmie JONG James – it would be difficult not to in London or Paris society – Jim`s first languages are Chinese & French & he can get by in several others :  

ATTENTION :   RECORDS :  gathered by the now dead who speak again in this work commissioned by ANDRE MALRAUX September 1976 at The Pillar House HARWELL – Georges-ANDRE whose mother Bertha has her HISTON family line descend from 9th century Norfolk East Anglia walks about the “ Harwell village of a thousand years”& speaks French-English with various ex-Huguenots of 400,000 French citizens who moved from France with their chattels from 1683 because of the REVOKING of the EDICT of NANTES ... ... :


 ( RECORDS :  1939-1944  Mr Jim JONG is calling himself Major-this-that ... & it is he as `Major Corduroy `  who threatened and pestered Captain/Major GLENN MILLER November-December 1944 England demanding  `for Majesty`names of GROTE HOMES musicians – see earlier records this assembly of BOOK of LEN)  – I G.R.  remember him San Antonio 1936 & he sweeping low to shake my hand as I curtsey to him ... my ballerina INCA grandmother Jean Weddell (the sub-arctic SEA)  she a widow Argentine-Spain but a 2nd marriage 1909 to my future grandpa F.C. Frobisher Ransom ... thus me ! )  JEAN is still dancing Spanish-neo Classical ballet & is also a choreographer & we know Edgar VARESE who slings a hammock in the South American GROTE HOMES : – But JEAN is remarking after the evening of our arrival at San Antonio by our little planes that ` ... Glenn is a kind holy man` ... ) :

1972 March The Pillar House ... LENNIE wearing a fresh laurel wreath is dressed as a student of the Medici Studiolo – the music is 15th century authentic groups on long playing records the machine loads up with 6 long-players ... :    LEN Immanuel RANSOM whom I no longer am allowed to know is relating a visit to RUSSIA he makes late 1940s ...


(end of 2nd W.War 1945)  “ I went into a country Post Office while I was in Russia - to send a little parcel ... a young man was ahead of me ... he had just sent a small parcel same size as mine ... the Post mistress had cartons of jars of face cream to give out as gifts to customers ... I engaged in talk with them both on and off & others entering knew I spoke Russian well – another customer was served ... the young man left & I was chatting with 2 others ... then I found I had not got my parcel to hand to the Post Mistress – we all looked about but a little later the young man returned with my parcel ... Our conversations had him so interested he said that he had picked up my parcel and carried it out not thinking what he was doing :   I said he should have it ... it was chocolates I was sending to a friend ... he will have seen it was addressed to an Air Vice Marshall :  ( I wondered later ... if I had taken it would it have blown up in my face ... I knew we had to beware of such things because of our name and the terror that had happened to the GROTE HOMES – we all stunned as the terrible news came to be known ... But no fear here of JIM tricks ) ”   : 


“ The young man was delighted ... chocolates – what a treat – he had a wife and a small girl ... Oh they would be so happy with chocolates ...`   So there are people who live in honesty ... ... ... ”   

 “ ... I have not heard yet of the attempt to have my niece smoke a cigarette which would have blown her face to bits and blinded her & perhaps damaged her brain – she may have died ... ... ... ”   

 L.I.R.  1921 born Argentine – slain by Scots Lords - probably 1982 ?


1954 MURDER & MAIMING continues = to hide the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide

Ref. Colchester Castle  1954 January – a young Guide in the Colchester Museums, Essex, Johnny French age 21 years is giving evidence on 

“ ... the woman who looked like the House on Chicken legs – it was her hat and her face & she was all dressed in brown – I heard her foreign accent when she spoke to you Miss Ransom – I followed her to the stairs and told her what was interesting to see in our collections – but she reminded me of a film I saw when I was a child Miss Ransom ... If you had lit that cigarette you would have had no face – you said it was forbidden to smoke in the castle – you said you did not smoke to me but you would take it home for your mother as she never had much money ... but you threw it in the bin :   Next morning Mr Chapman and I put it on the fire we have at the end of the Drawer Bridge after we sweep the Castle floors - our first mornings job ... it made quite a big explosion :   Mr Chapman has now told Mr Graham Greene when he came in to use the old study upstairs in the East wing ... they may be able to find out who she is ... Mr Poulter thinks someone may have left you some property ... Colonel Andre may know something as he talks with Mr Greene – they both write books ...  you don`t look scared ... I would be scared ... ... ...  ”  :


NB:  John French only child of two people who had been `in high service` married when they were 40 years of age – he died age 22 years of cancer in Colchester Hospital ... they came to announce his death standing bowed in the Castle Keep like two wraiths ...     

 FANTASIA a film by Walt Disney `Pictures at an Exhibition` Mussorgsky ...   A hideous crime of many that failed ... READER will find it in `scaffolding` 3 parts called   “ 1937 SUMMER etc. ...” & other sites :




Photographs  5  :


1943 Ivan Maisky and Winston Churchill, London review of book TLS 6 Nov. 2015 `THE MAISKY DIARIES ` Yale University Press


1936 November Tea party CLACTON-on-Sea Greta Ransom holding teacup (left to right :   John Gordon Ransom,  Greta Ransom, Ronnie Magowan, ? a friend with hurt finger, Myra Magowan – photo Charles Magowan town Photographer & professional musician=3 grand pianos


1972 March renaissance evening HARWELL – Greta Ransom W. centre/long dark hair tied with pearls, white-pink gown – INCA-Greenland features have shaped in my 30s :   

 ANDRE MALRAUX took photos “ Greetah as a Funereal Angel the best party I have ever been to in a Home – I did not think this could be done in a Home ...” :  (Young friends Harwell village who helped & others – records & other photos – authentic music -  & authentic  food made in The Great Kitchen the Pillar House HARWELL )   Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX ex-Minister of FRANCE had just returned from a USA Visit to President Richard Nixon = CHINA & other matters no doubt ...  : 

 1953 ANDRE MALRAUX & his two sons Vincent and Gauthier Pierre children of JOSETTE CLOTIS = the young lady of 1937 at CLACTON-on-Sea :  This photo appears in PARIS MATCH – the boys die in a car crash late May 1961 –

In autumn 1961 MALRAUX held in his hands from LENNIE for the first time the WILL of Margaret GROTE 1937-1938 - reading his name as GUARDIAN of GROTE HOMES and RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts worldwide ... he could not approach General Charles de GAULLE for a week ... Malraux said no word  - then he pulled himself together :   A meeting arranged for me to my father and Ivy his sister by ARTHUR MALONE – Law-Detective `Politian`  (Malone hired by Andre October 1957)  in March 1962 had Ivy realize I had no memory and MALRAUX had no idea the GUARDIANSHIP he accepted 1937 included Greta Ransom sitting on top of the world (like the painting by old WATTS – he who taught Violet Artist Lady Rutland ) ... In a few days the USA had the French GENERAL seeing the legal WILL of Margaret nee Ransom Mrs THOMAS GROTE for the first time :     General de Gaulle says immediately   “ An OBSCENE gigantic STATE crime by GROSS Brittanique ...”


NOTA BENE :    1961 -  “ The Clowns – they have gone mad – committed the greatest crime of civilization, of the globe”  said a stunned British Lord 1961 and he wondered that he was alive every afternoon ... he managed to see to daily matters mornings ... but would never recover from the shock of the GENOCIDE of the children of the world ... he had known GROTE HOMES when he visited as a young man ... an education every child should have ...”


1946 Nuremberg Trials 3rd Reich HERMAN GOERING – 1918 end GREAT WAR – FLYER - young friend of many young British aristocrats 1920s before HITLER enters : 

Married a divorced Swedish Countess who dies young -  He built CarinHall in her memory – the British aristocrats mourned her death & spoke of her kindness  – He is allowed to commit suicide with cyanide pill – he tried to read a short note at Nuremberg about GROTE HOMES not being a German crime  - the USA Judge agreed – others would not let him read or speak on the worldwide massacre of THOMAS Imm. GROTE HOMES worldwide :  

LEN and I are speaking with him November 1936 Paris for a few minutes on the steps of the German Embassy – we have to deliver a note from GROTE Brokers NEW YORK – He was in uniform – says   “ You are not going back are you !  Keep out of OUR business – get down to the Argentine or North America – I want to hear about your Flying Test Len – that is important – I hear you passed with credit ...”    

He has heard of the violence to us, especially to me the heir of Mrs Margaret Grote, and the death of her son 1933 October by poisoning to stop us opening up the Theatre JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND West Greenland & making it our HEIMAT again 6 months of the year as in the 19th century  :   His sister has known the GROTE HOMES and our families since the turn of the century 1900 – she occasionally sends a letter ... Hearing from her brother about this PARIS meeting with Len and me,  she writes  “ ... he said he saw a child whose eyes showed her soul and Guardian Angel had fled in fear ...”   A letter of 1938 may suggest that  `she wishes he were not in Politics but could remain safely at CarinHall – the country life suited him better ... `  LETTER to England via GROTE BROKERS New York – it is felt safer for her to write c/o the family firm of TIGGY established NEW YORK 1831 off the future Wall Street ... they manage our 1801 “ ... a parcel of 19 acres ... ” :   Bought by the father of Margareth nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE – a great-nephew of F. Immanuel KANT ...


...  SANCTUS SPIRITUS :   A JOURNAL with news of the day or the week recorded thoughtfully :  kept by my young  British Army father born 1911 ... I have File www this site & others :  is ... more to come ...

1926 – the 25 years old ANDRE MALRAUX writes & publishes his  `TEMPTATION of the WEST`=  La TENTATION de L`Occident

INTERESTING :   A TLS 1928 November 8th review – began on a laudatory note   “ ... this is an interesting book.  Is it a page of contemporary history?   Is it a rough prose draft for a modern epic ?  Is it merely a superior sort of `shilling shocker?... ... ”  but the body of the review offered nothing more perceptive than an account of the plot of the novel.