Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

Bluebell wood Vincent Malraux (John Buchan) 1947






Weeley, Essex – YOUNG



LIVES LOST ... a gift a tiny


wood 17 April 1947...


Vincent MALRAUX b 10 March 1944 – killed 23-24 May 1961


Ex ATS Miss Winifred Mary GORDON b 1910

From January 1947 is busy with my Wedding arrangements for April – Permission from The VATICAN to a WAR Widower FRENCH-Italian-Norfolk Suffolk etc. etc.  :




J U N E – 12 months of the year:   lines from an Italian named FOLGARE 12th century AD


“ in JUNE I give you a close-wooded Fell,

With crowns of thicket coiled about its head,

With thirty villas twelve times turreted,

All girdling round a little citadel’

And IN THE MIDST a springhead and fair well

With thousand conduits branched and shining speed,

Wounding the garden and the tender mead.

YET to the freshened grass acceptable. And lemons, citrons, dates, and oranges,

And all fruits whose savour is most rare,

Shall shine within the shadow of your TREES

And everyone shall be a lover there :

until your life, so filled with COURTESIES,




 NB:  all this above can be encountered in your Museums, your `CLASSIFYING HOUSES` ... I Greetah RANSOM b 1933 Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis)  knew them so well 1950s-60s-70s-80s with my children : and the PROMS :   ... they are great great grandchildren of JAMES LORD MAYOR EXTRAORDINARY 1888-89 :  who with his friend WILLIAM RATHBONE Liverpool raised 36 thousand pounds for the SHANGHAI famine – 1986, 1988 I meet Tours 2 months each for BMNH CHINA SEAS EDGES the grandchildren-great grandchildren of those saved by this gift – ALL WENT INTO THE SCIENCES, NATURAL HISTORY MUSIC AND ART and PEACEFUL STUDIES OF PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE ... NASA too ...



1947 RECORDS :   MISS WIN GORDON born 1910 3 November,  Woodford Green (Winifred Mary Gordon child of a big family Scotland Irish some distant Spanish :– some dead from Scarletina 1900s  HIGHGATE = TOMBSTONES carved by her , their, Aunt Miss Annie-Agnes Carroll Williams – trained Liverpool MANZONI Marble Works & giving some help to Harold Rathbone DELLA ROBBIA ART WORKS  Birkenhead when he had too many ORDERS ... a great work THE SYMBOL sold 1906 but never traced (pottery marks ACl. or AClW...)  ARTS and CRAFTS and WELFARE MANCHESTER & LIVERPOOL)


(1923-1937 our families are to be WIPED OFF THE EARTH when a Scotland bastard female shouts at the sailor King 1934-5 that SHE has been given all THOMAS GROTE HOMES      “by an old Eskimo ...” ( and ... etc etc. I grow up called Eskimo-Ape by 2 dope growing SCOTS EARLS families (the B.Ls = these the names for them by POLICE Scotland down to East Anglia =  “ bloody liars & Lindsaybuggarhs”  – they rob grocery shops at midnight for liquor, cheese & butter & ham ... (Walter Scott stuff)


RACISM :   OUR families came from Dublin-Manchester et al to CLACTON-on-SEA 1923 when the VATICAN was sponsoring the great Church building of `Our Lady` = Pacelli (FUTURE POPE –not a Nazi) a friend of her Irish families `since they were all growing up as young people` and family RANSOM of WEST GREENLAND, MONTROSE basin and Suffolk-Norfolk and bordering `OCEANUS GERMANICUS` with dowry lands from our 19 races foreign brides 27 nations :  I get Christmas cards and some birthday presents from A – Z the globe – THIS LITTLE PLANET – with such difficulties now : 

She now lives spring 1946 at 5 Colne Road a big Victorian house she has rented with youngest cousin Julie Butler b 1919 they will run as a guest house for relatives and friends by the SEAS EDGES  ( Julie is “our Jewel” as her Manchester brothers call her – brother Bill Butler is a Mayor of Manchester asked a second time he prefers to be on Council as something else = the families of my grandmother Mary Helena Gordon up in MANNI & Salford from 1870s grandchildren of TERESA Murphy CARROLL b 1839 a CLASSICIST Mrs John O`Brien Superior SILVERSMITH & inventor – her Murphy SHIPPING grandparents bought her a great old Merchants House – pulled down late 1940s for concrete developments ...  ):


My aunt Miss Winnie-WIN & my 2nd cousin Julie by 1948 have 3 girl cousins from Manchester come to buy (with money!)  the identical house next door where they will sometimes live – 2 are very Holy the 3rd is Aunt Terry Butler b 1899 – she once took a job she thought literary with Virginia Wolf but found herself told to clean a stove & scarcely saw typewriter or library shelves ... he was very courteous ... Aunt Terry had been running a little piece of Welfare in a factory with the Manager both coming into their teens the GREAT WAR ... TIMES WERE HARD ... READERS can go to the `hate books` like “Love on the Dole”, perhaps “Ragged Trousers Philanthropist”... others and early films I do not want you to become dismal now the POLES the Arctic-NORD and the ‘SUB” are in difficulties and cooling the Atlantic and Pacific seas =




We explore ... exploring forth coming 17th centuries from 2 POLES with ice – this is our little Planet Earth – We are “The REDEMPTIO RANSOM”  – (LATIN – TAXES etc )


our families  having been at sea sailing out of Udewalla (records) from  5th  CENTURIES BC to Mediterranean acquiring foreign brides – entering 77 AD Thames Flow overcoming difficulties = 61 AD a young ICENI Queen lost her temper and destroyed Verulamium (St Albans) Londinium and Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis  (Bo`dicea in Tacitus = 20th century `Boudicca - she had education from Continent, spoke Latin, & may have visited seas edges of ROMAN GAUL (Asterix) ... her families will have known Cunobelinus = Shakespeare calls him Cymbeline in a most interesting PLAY ...


(1953 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX and I Greetah Ransom will be allowed to raise his burial GOBLET of SAMIAN WARE to our lips Colchester – Samian ware comes over to Britain in TRADE with Gaul  (Asterix – its in LATIN too)    


They, he GAIUS REDEMPTIO,  my grandpa back then 77 AD, and cousin ( have married Italian well-to-do wives) come from family duty to attend a noisy boozy wedding of great grandparents at UDEWALLA – it rather offended their ROME table manners :


SUFFOLK Dunwich we buy a little seas edges Estate 92 AD – GAIUS Redemptio our FOUNDER (all RANSOM lines) “ These 2 young men cousins been in ROMAN EMPIRE ARMY Palestine – my families down the centuries read and write rather well & make `Life books` = tagebuch :”



1960 January `NIGHTWATCH` COLNE ENGAINE – outside `MISTRAL` the name of the NIGHTWATCH is given by he after a slight tap on the tiny rectangle window

 “ It is I your Guardian now ` MALRAUX la BURGER-MAISTER of PARIS, the MENAGIER de PARIS (Eileen Power 1924 Pelican Books `MEDIEVAL PEOPLE` ... thus he calls himself on his first  NIGHTWATCH the COLNE ENGAINE ... swiftly adding `IT IS COLD IN THIS FIELD – at my age ... there is frost on the grass if I am not mistaken ... ... ...”  :  


NOTA BENE :   Radley pupil 1916 Philip Silverlea  (did a Term with BUTTERWORTH killed 1916 GREAT WAR – Banks of Green Willow etc) has returned first  week January 1960 on quick visit 4 days to CLOTIS family – he has known them late 20s on – he and other shocked eminent men British have decided not to worry the persecuted ANDRE MALRAUX – he has a job `Cultural Minister` helping General Charles de GAULLE ...


MATTER is the death of JOSETTE CLOTIS 1944 November mother of Andre`s young sons b. 1940 and 1944 – 1960 first week January “ that girl did not have to die – she has died in this – the British Consul sent 2 gunmen to kill she and Andre October 1944 when it was learned young JO had received letters, documents from NEW YORK Grote Brokers intended for Andre – about this worldwide ESTATE real HOMES for Children on world seashores ... claimed by this noble family claiming you for their hearse ... they have had to share it with other Tribes of Scotland ...


It explains the persecution the cocky remarks in that club WHITES St James with the crooks of Mr Jimmie Sir James of China and Scotland – so that is who was meant by `the little half breed` ... Andre, others, thought he was just a bar-rat ... We are to learn more ... But not to tell Andre what Phil has come back with from the CLOTIS about the death of that young girl mother of his sons ... I could have got us more help 1957 when I came to look after `the Medici children` for Andre ...


Arthur Malone Politian who over Xmas 1959-60 has been told who his father is by shocked people who protect `young Arthur` advancing on 60 ... he has friends in LAW whom he studied with ... Here near COLCHESTER are people with information and also on the murder of the heir age 9 years of CASTLE HEDINGHAM Miss `Uff MacDrew = she was in my school class Clacton 1942 – a school with a headmaster Commadore-Captain L. RN & founder member of FOLK LORE Society Cecil-Cyril Sharpe House – Captain L. had a pupil Ernest Dove – boy soprano HMV record `Oh for the Wings of a Dove` sold worldwide :     



1960 January `NIGHTWATCH`

 Dr JOHN RAY (Ransom) USA NASA–LAW-Animal Management -     come from WASHINGTON State Office :   special leave to IPSWICH USA Airbase where Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX arrives May 1945 ever onwards – permission from FRANCE and he has 1920s-1930s there USA Army-AIRFORCE :


 NOTA BENE :  1960 JANUARY - `NIGHTWATCH` is  JOHN FROBISHER RANSOM (known to keep him safe as DR JOHN RAY = 1988 USA Government Department to me Greta RANSOM (PJP Whitehead BMNH, his widow 1992) 

Younger brother to my father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM born 1911 :  JOHN b 1917 is son of my grandparents Frederick Charles and Jean Minerva (nee Weddell =widow Smith)  2nd marriage Mrs FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM 1909 – WEDDING ATTENDED BY EARL OF LINDSAY Crawford  family = seen by her mother as FIGURES FROM A MORGUE : 


 This 2nd son attacked 1 month old Deptford by 2 old Lindsay-Lindsey women he had to be educated from 1919 age 2 years in that magnificent KANSAS School for damaged children run by a Doctor `with pots of dough`- children harmed in bad families or born damaged – they are to have the greatest education in the  GLOBE – produced 3 Senators etc.  Some will never leave but their education has them fully able to contribute in the subjects they have decided upon by 17 years ...

THIS KANSAS DOCTOR HAD TO HAVE KNOWN TIGGY GROTE and seen his worldwide HOMES begun Ohio 1864 then TIG ploughed across the PACIFIC :– Count Boris 7 feet 2 ins tall ran the 11 RUSSIAN Homes ... OMES BUT SUCH TROUBLE BU  


But such trouble at ArkAngel ... he decided to reduce the HOMES 1870s to 7 as easier to manage bringing the children & young people into these bigger HOMES from other parts of RUSSIA  ...



1960 mid-January `NIGHTWATCH` DR JOHN RAY from USA reading records, reminding me of family history I had known well 1930s-40s:


   “ TIG raced round earth a 2nd time A to Z – that is how we get URUGUAY and Uzbekistan – VATICAN said 1870 a trial in ROME for 5 years – 2 years they said ‘TIG YOU ARE ON` ... Margareth said NO HOME ON ICE TIGGY ... and NO to that Island empty but for some ugly statues... Money dropped from the air for all the HOMES around the world – only Great Britain refused them ... the LINDSAY EARLS set out to destroy them 1983 – failed ... SCOTS EARLS, tribes, and Scandinavian in-laws to a Duchess of 1923 Great Britain began planning killings of the HOMES high flyers ... 2nd World War ... you know it all ... My nation USA want to put certain people on a raft with a suitcase ... what has been uncovered in this last decade has us weep ... your poor father faced this 1944 Malindi – he was hidden by kind people then put on a ship back to Harwich and so to you Clacton 1945 September : ANDRE has been kept in ignorance – everyone has thought it was the General stopped him taking up his GUARDIANSHIP to the whole ESTATE after Aunt Margaret was murdered Ayrshire 1938 ...  Tiggy murdered Island of Arran where she owned 98 acres from 1870s – Montrose Solicitors have risked death to help us ... ... ... I have leave from USA but I do not want to be seen around here until we know more about the district ... Arthur Malone has old law friends in London ... we are to get help over LINDSAY & the others ...`    






Miss Winifred Mary


GORDON says March





... that she has bought a small


wood from a farmer at Weeley an


ancient village near Clacton,


ESSEX, & she is paying for it with


money from her ATS earnings &


gratuity from this just ended  2nd


World War – the farmer is known


to her families before the war :


  “ ... This is my gift for the marriage this April  ... for the 2 motherless sons of Andre ... who have to be hidden under the violet leaves ... to be my nephews after the marriage next month = and your children will be my nephews and nieces too ... Here they can all come to us from France & part of the holidays from their Roman Catholic schools and the family of their dead mother can come from France with them ...”  

“ We shall be a big family again as we were before this last War, before father died and your aunt Kitty my elder sister  ... Andre is in agreement with these arrangements & you can go and see the Wood when he has time  ... we have lost so many of us in the 1930s – as well as this last War – I born 1910 November 3rd Saint Malarci`s day – the same birthday as Andre - can recall the Great War (1914-1918) which he and I both discuss – I remember seeing a Zepperlin flying very low overhead”  

“ ... it is agreed his sons will come to Ampleforth School when little Vincent is 7 years old – it is felt they should both come together – Pierre will be 10 or 11 years then ... your uncle Potter and others are arranging this & Andre is in agreement – they have to be hidden under the violet leaves in this country because people can be prudish – The Vatican has granted their dead mother a marriage in heaven and Andre is to be styled `WIDOWER` at the marriage  - the matter of the first marriage when he was so very young is not an impediment as it was not  in a French Catholic church  ... ... ...  ”


THUS : Miss Winnie just ex-ATS 2nd World War :   “  a My gift for the marriage is to be a little BLUEBELL WOOD at WHEELEY ... It is for VINCENT Clotis MALRAUX left motherless a few months old, older brother b  1940 G. Pierre  MALRAUX :  Pierre & Vincent sons of Josette  Clotis &ANDRE MALRAUX,  born in 2nd World War” 

Miss WIN says “ ... & the wood is for her nephews my younger brothers b 1935 John, 1938 Colin, cousins b 1939 Richard & Jenny 1941... & other  cousins and children of our many families Gt BRITAIN and FRANCE  ...”

Earlier she has spoken of this as a gift, her personal gift for the forthcoming Marriage of Grace 17 April 1947 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX & his Ward (her niece) of 1937 Greta Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM ... from `Auntie WIN (Winifred Mary Gordon born 1910 November 3rd 1910 Woodford Green ... & our visiting relatives worldwide  :


1939 January LONDON  :  INFORMATION Miss Winifred Mary Gordon kept to herself  this month  = BUT SHE TOLD IT TO ANDRE MALRAUX their meeting to discuss his GUARDIANSHIP 1938 and the CONFISCATION of his POST which had been done by,  she was informed “ the British Government ... ”    SHE WAS TOLD BY THE CHANCELLOR himself January 1939 –


...  therefore she felt it best to leave the matter because WAR was coming  (3rd September 1939) :    She had known Government persons and aristocrats before the WAR and took tea and occasionally luncheon with her families ... she had known many since she was a child & they spoke cheerfully and kindly to her – Her father  and his brothers had gone to school at Dr BELL`s ACADEMY on Greenwich Heath – their father JOHN Frederick GORDON a respected figure who was `Mine Host` to the Government when they came down the River in State Barges from Westminster to attend the White Bait Suppers – he her grandfather dead before she was born was Mine Host at the Trafalgar Tavern the most beautiful building on the Thames at Greenwich – this was the home of his wife and young family ... it had the most beautiful ballroom in Europe =


She did not wish to let the families down anymore – the annoyance to everyone was her sister Teresa Elizabeth Gordon going to Prison 1926 – she had unsuitable friends – she `Treesa ` acquired these as a child when it was discovered by a the family of a Scotland Earl she age 7-8 years was a very good Young Horsewoman – she was taken without her parents approval to ride in Private Races of certain Noble people ... during her Prison days of over 4 years she received many visitors comforting her – one was The Princess Royal who hearing no TIME in the Prison, no clocks or wristwatches,  got permission to give Teresa `my second best watch` :


1920s - This branch of Scotland nobles, an Earls family, were keen to have some of the 8 pieces of GORDON lands owned by her father and his brothers and sisters – they were a nuisance to her father and his brothers, sisters, & as far as she Winifred born 1910 could recall they never let go of the family – she personally objected to them because they acted WITCHCRAFT :   Indeed they were rudely telephoning her mother during 1937 and into 1939 (January to the spring)  They were on the telephone challenging ownership of this centuries old Estate of the RANSOM families :  Autumn 1939 she and her cousin Julie Butler decided as unmarried women they would be wise to join the ATS before conscription – this they did – she did not like leaving her mother -  


...  French citizen ANDRE and a young lady writer came 1937 summer ...  but she was holidaying with her Irish and Manchester cousins at St Anne`s Beach – her young sister Esther was marrying in October the son of Mr Richard Potter Secretary of The Lifeboat Society and owner of the Clacton town newspaper and other businesses  -


1938 -  There seemed no legal trouble over ANDRE MALRAUX being appointed GUARDIAN to the world Orphans – GROTE BROKERS New York had insisted with other administrators that the GUARDIAN had to be a foreigner – he was accepted by everyone as the most suitable – a man of experience worldwide and with several well known and acclaimed books to his name – ANDRE MALRAUX  1933 “MAN`S FATE” his experience Asia -  a second 1936 his experiences in The Civil War SPAIN “MAN`S HOPE” – my brothers had read them and said `books that men like to read` ...  


1938 Miss Winnie GORDON :   RANSOM family West Greenland and Montrose = she began reading a Courtesy Copy of the WILL which arrived to her widowed mother 1938 asking that she and her brothers help with the Education of their niece Greetah until she was 18 years old -  she Miss Win (hoping to marry)  was delighted and said `we shall all have to help` reading the Will and the extent of the ESTATE A – Z the globe  : 


Her Aunts Miss Bessie Martha and Miss Annie Carroll Williams an artist, sculptor, pupil of the Roman Catholic owner of GRANVILLE MARBLE WORKS Liverpool,  had met in 1934 Margaret Grote (widowed 1904 when he was killed by a Scots Earl remotely connected to a brother of his wife by a marriage 1883 ... )  and stayed in her house in Wales – the families had all met in DUBLIN in 1859 – BUT there were many pleasant connections for the families Gordon and Ransom -  and all was LAWFUL 1937 when ANDRE MALRAUX accepted happily the GUARDIANSHIP of the 5 years old heir Greetah Ransom – he and the young lady Josette he hoped to marry were delighted with the child whom they found to have the understanding of an 8-9 years old : She knew there were many people of standing in England who approved THOMAS GROTE HOMES ... because of his murder it was felt best to be discrete ... Scotland Earls were powerful her own family knew – it was said they had been left too long to do as they pleased and they should `not be allowed over the wall` - (Emperor Hadrian`s Wall)  :


1940 January = She was very surprised to hear that her brother-in-law `young Fred` an Army man, the child`s father,  had been sent to The Philippines by mistake –she learned later it was NOT A MISTAKE – THE INTENTION WAS TO HAVE HIM KILLED -  it was quite clear that his Army duties had him stay put in Britain – his skills were STORES - and some Gunnery ...he had always from a child helped his Aunt with stores for the worldwide HOMES – from 1927 in the ARMY he had continued this with HELP from the British Army – they used this as good TRAINING : 


1939 September :  She understood in December 1939 her brother-in-law Warrant Officer then CAPAIN Frederick John RANSOM was HOME DUTIES – suddenly 1940 January he disappeared after receiving an Army Order from Salisbury Plains – He was last seen in Bulford Army Mess over the Christmastide – 1940 late winter the War Office could find he was still marked HOME DUTIES ...   :


1943 -  her mother in Clacton from January 1942 looking after the 3 children – said their mother was on WAR WORK – this was not true  – It was not until 1943 her mother received letters from their father FJR ... she did not see the letters ... IT WAS WARTIME later she understood that much correspondence sent to her families went missing :   Autumn 1939 she was in the ATS with her Cousin Julie and they were able to stay together until the end of the War ...


1942 to Clacton came a young Polish hero called JAN KARSKI – he had purposefully called with Church people from the Diocese of Westminster to  see her mother – and admire the great Church that the family friend Pacelli, now Pope Pius 12 –the Irish families had been friends from their very young years ;   A young POLISH STUDENT Jan Karski had been able to use the GROTE HOMES to travel across Europe in Wartime ... She, Miss WIN,  later understood her mother was writing to the Southern Irish relatives to ask if they could go and see the POPE & tell him the conditions in Roman Catholic Poland ...


The Pope had also known Margaret Grote – she had visited 19th century from 1851 when she was 10-11 years of age :   Her families had often called at the VATICAN since the beginning of the 19th century – They when sailing from West Greenland had an open invitation to call at The Vatican and tell of the Arctic :   and it was known they owned seashores all around the Earth from the foreign marriages they had made for centuries and ran much philanthropy and in Japan had a royal line from 16th century  –


MISS WINIFRED GORDON says how SHE WAS UPSET when in 1939 she was also told by persons (who annoyed her mother and father before he died suspiciously  March 1937)

that her niece Greetah would NOT be able to make a noble marriage because she was not pure BRITISH .. she had laughed at first and mentioned that the Ransom family had bought lands 92 AD BRITAIN SUFFOLK, at Dunwich ... she had visited many family sites her GORDON families and RANSOM after her sister married Frederick John Ransom in 1932 !!! And this first Ransom family worked for the Roman Empire as Taxes Administrators    (LATIN :  the REDEMPTIO = ransom )  


1938 - CHRISTMASTIDE NORWAY seashores :  startling news & frightening `from Vatican and an Embassy in BERLIN` - 3 photos – 2 children saved by rowing boat, prehaps 3  


...  received 1st January 1939 Clacton-on-Sea, Old Road house `dames school` of 300 years :


the killing (GENOCIDE) of a complete THOMAS GROTE HOMES CHILDREN has taken place XMAS morning NORWAY  - the HOME children and scholars left on a winter beach with wild seas coming in ... deliberately left ... Scandinavian aristocrats have joined with SCOTS dope growing aristocrat EARLS to kill all children educating from birth-early years -ORPHANS, educating to  18-20 years in all world knowledge from – leaning all civilized pursuits, languages modern and ancient,  all sciences, religions, agriculture, technology, arts especially music, all CIVILIZED LEARNING :  The unwanted orphaned children are being horribly fun killed all the 2nd World War by British Scotland aristocrats and some in-laws of DENMARK & NORWAY who have planned these killings from 1929 “ to make Britain (they) RICH ...”  


1944-1945  CHRISTMASTIDE :   

Miss Win received a letter from a widow with copy a last letter to her from her Captain husband - who would NOT help kill the GROTE CHILDREN – A Captain Lindsey/Lindsay had ordered him shot at dawn = his loyal BATMAN got his last LETTERS written late night with help from other armed forces who did not agree with this Task and then the ORDER of EXECUTION 1944-1945 XMASTIDE  




1949 London :   “About us are MONKEY


PUZZLE TREES with dripping icicles ... I


have said before the WAR Andre is being


fooled because of the TIGGY HOMES ... &


his Guardianship ... my parents knew


Thomas and Margaret GROTE ... I have to


live mostly overseas ... ... ...  ”



... says an honourable man distantly related to one of these Scotland Tribes – He had come upon the GENOCIDE worldwide A-Z of a golden ring a delicate flower garden :



1947 MARCH I Greta `Greetah` RANSOM have from records & conversations written the visit to the BLUEBELL WOOD for VINCENT,  taking Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX :  


This can also be found in the long work and on `Document in 3 parts = “ 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis & Greta Ransom CLACTON-on-SEA and WEST GREENLAND”


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