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1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

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Annie and Bessie Carrol


Williams Famillies


Southern Ireland









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who live at the old restored


village house The Pillar House


Harwell ...



“ it was an early Easter, a cold wind spitefully bit at the Black Prince plum blossom ... the old INNS were bursting at the beams in this Village = who hold a CHARTER of ENGLAND from 985 AD – 13th century send 6 sons to Magdelen a new College The OX-FORD  ... having bought themselves FREE from a penniless Knight who required money to go WARRING with a KING ... HARWELL now declared itself A FREE STATE ... and attempted to keep the LAW as 20th century problems of Racism arose ...


= SATTEUS LAETUS (I am content with sufficient...) motto OSBERT RANSOM (SUFFOLK WORLD sea traders from BC Udwalla-Mediterranean ROMAN REPUBLIC AND EMPIRE ... we move up the coast of Oceanus Germanicus to MONTROSE BASIN a farm wife LADY of JAPAN OKINAWA ... ...

LIFE HISTORIES = and other web ENLIGHTENING sites USED from 2011 AD ...


and ...




ENLAND and the GLOBE … I Greetha


Ransom being 14 Races and 27 Nations from RANSOM & WEDDELL & Frobisher BRIDES  


S A L V E  -   Historians-researchers-Readers-


inspite of MADNESS we must continue our WAY ever upward – learning from the PAST-PRESENT and aware of FUTURE  : 



I have been made DANGEROUS TO KNOW going on www. 2011 AD because a young writer born 1901 a French citizen ANDRE MALRAUX (with 900 years of East Anglia ancestors his mother knows – BEGINNING HISTON 9th century NORFOLK-SUFFOLK)  is from October 1937 my GUARDIAN  = & I and very young uncle Lennie I. Ransom FLYER MUSICIAN-artist  are approved the GLOBE as heirs in training : 


WE the legal Heirs to THOMAS GROTE (real) HOMES for CHILDREN established 1864 worldwide invited by Nations outside British Empire = and a GENOCIDE 1938-1940s under cover of 2nd WORLD WAR by BRITISH EARLS and Lords ... using women of the ROARING 1920s ... various BAR RATS with POWERS have in the 1950s had to have WHITEHALL et al assist HIDE THIS GENOCIDE ... yet the vast monies made from dirtying RANSOM Brides SEASHORES of the globe have been gathered in to maintain a life of GOOD TIMES ...


EASTERTIDES -  remember for a half hour, gathering wild flowers , the THOMAS Immanuel GROTE CHILDREN of all Nations A-Z encircling twice the GLOBE ...  Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM made heir in training March 1933 –   See  `NORD-SUD POLES TOUR 1935=1936` and the kidnapping back to Britain of me to more VIOLENCE from SCOTLAND Earls and Lords & ignorant CLANS :   


1936 January a sudden death of a Sailor King and his heir had the whole ESTATE worldwide, every foreign CHILD, in horrific danger :    It was this Sailor King who 1934 XMAS stated  (oral & written)  he and his heir Edward 8 were NOT going to DESTROY the THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide ... A code of enlightenment for many about the entire Globe had various `Gospels Acted Out` =  HALTED 1937 by sub-sub-sub APES : 

Remember he `young Murgatroyd` we will call his family – Scots Missionaries London Mission Society ETHIOPIA  “ Aunt M. My girl of the Russet Silk Bridal Gown” ...

1937 last day of JULY :   he 22 years old their only child,  a Coptic scholar is also running the little Estate on a coast of SPAIN -  he was burned alive by boiling in a VAT of Marmalade SUMMER 1937 by certain SCOTS LORDS given this Estate by a woman who called Margaret nee Ransom widow Thomas Im. Grote “ the old Eskimo” & into the 1960s jeered `in her liquors` that    “THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT COULD NOT ALLOW THIS ... IT INTERFERED WITH BRITISH TRADE ...  : 


1937 July last morning -  TELEPHONE CALLS had the RANSOM family leave DEPTFORD – CLACTON – overseas to go help – ARRIVING TOO LATE – SCOTS EARLS & LORDS those JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS belched they had been given this small kindly Estate by a dope-addict woman and her dope-addict men all GONE ON HIGH...


RESULT:     a meeting of ANDRE MALRAUX and my FATHER and close family RANSOM did not happen :   We are all of SUFFOLK, England,  from 92 AD `Redemptio` under ROMAN BRITAIN   (our main line descending from they BC. our forebears of of Udewalla with Mediterranean wives and our ` Gaius – Redemptio =  RANSOM 5=6th centuries AD)   `he has a wife of Italy ... MASSIVE RECORDS – translated for www ... 2011 AD commenced – But watched by JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS and BAR RATS who are rolling in blood and gore loot ...


REALLY  IMPORTANT MATTERS have been released from 2011  =  immediate to the learning of the present AGE ... (for the Martyrs the innocents – I post this and my name I am FORBIDDEN to use is GRETA RANSOM (Frobisher great-grandma, Weddell grandmother ballerina INCA, RANSOM sea traders 2,000 years (Maureen for Ireland and my Confirmation name I chose is `Caecelia` as a young Priest called by families `Young Pacelli` accepts to be one of my God-fathers :  


WE MUST GO ON ... THIS ROAD lined with innocent dead WHERE MASSIVE STUPIDITY IS about OUR KNEES  ... that has put a river of blood around the Earth  : 

Find time to look at the beginning of little Pete`s photographic work and ideas – much more to come ... P.R.W. Photographer – philosophy and welfare practical :  1970 21st August – slain 19th May 1998 ... A COLLECTION OF CHILDRENs paintings and drawings 1930s-1970s – including a little of LAGOS Nigeria is yet to include – It has been saved for Artist Mary Laura Dudley-Short – artist teacher MARY FREEMAN   (Ashmolean Museum should have some work from her ... I have included parts of her life ... various records are about in safe custody ... )




DILL SOUP created by Cook


Tezlin =


made for William of Normandy


who Conquered ENGLAND 1066




a.  Gather fresh dill – 2 handfuls – chop fine

& lightly boil in fresh water :

b.   Melt good butter in thick based saucepan

c.     Add a wholemeal flour to make paste ...  stir

 while singing a ballad

d.   Blend in the boiling water, stir ...

e.  It thickens – add the DILL and salt ...

f.     Add a beaten egg or two end of cooking ...

g.  Perhaps a scoop of the inside of a loaf beside the bowl  ...  





ARTIST TEACHER MARY FREEMAN (ASK ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM OX.) As Miss Mary Laura Dudley Short she began ART READING UNIVERSITY allowed 1900s to study wood carving and some art ... knew leading figures art-crafts-Roman Catholic world of her time 20th century  - dies in her 90s HARWELL VILLAGE Winterbrooke House 1986 - studied PARIS, travelled Asia - gave salaries to London Schools 1920s-30s for Scholarships - especially Bethnal Green - Collections CHILD PAINTINGS given G.R.w.

 Peter James Palmer WHITeHEAD identical twin sir Rowland - see DEBRETT born KENYA 1930- WORK 1961-1988 BRITISH MUSEUM NATURAL HISTORY - Radley School - grew up mostly White Cross WALLINGFORD ... Had an interest in history of Natural History ... this is a story for HOUSE MAGAZINE BMNH 1981 - he has mentioned FABRICIUS RANSOM - dared to ... but with twin had no understanding of the EDUCATION given by GROTE HOMES and was inclined to low key racism - knew ANGELA FORMER B.L. from 1936 :







& their families 19th-20th


centuries :




1972 –


The Pillar House,  HARWELL





ANDRE MALRAUX knows many people village & area – calls Greetha  “ A funereal Angel” ... With young people I created this evening to explore MUSIC-atmosphere-FOODS-wear clothes ... MALRAUX retired Minister Culture France has come from President Nixon – he told him about peoples-villages & small town life-how they thought about PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE ... and that some of the Universities were begun by USA Methodists : 


I G.R. of that SUMMER 1937 with he and Josette CLACTON & EAST ANGLIA will see CHINA – the Fishery University departments and Colleges 1986 & 1988 – meet a scientist the young girl who January 1959 saved my life 50 Lancaster Gate Square London and his life in `the house in the woods` PARIS the same week – certain EVIL Scots aristocrats et al have decided ANDRE MALRAUX must NOT be allowed to hold Post FRENCH GOVERNMENT ... WHY ?  Oh in the legal WILL of Margaret nee Ransom widow MRS THOMAS Imm. GROTE he is GUARDIAN the worldwide GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts – he accepted Guardianship an heir Greta Ransom coming 5 years October 1937 and happily ... he did not know of the extent of the INHERITANCE : 


 In January 1970 at The Pillar House ANDRE MALRAUX is asked by PJPW  `would you have taken it fellah if you knew`?   He answers   “ I WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED IMMEDIATELY – the families had no idea I did not know of Margaret Grote that Goddess of the Snows who had kept the whole Estate together while the last of her Family grew up – she had her brothers, her husband, her cousins slain by SCOTS LORDS :    IT WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR AT THAT TIME AND IT WAS WHAT I KNEW I COULD DO !  I have been deceived by YOUR GOVERNMENT ... and General de GAULLE has been deceived as well as myself ... I had TREACHERY in my HOUSE in PARIS, and TREACHERY in my HOME in LONDON ... all those years ... ” 


 I Greta Ransom am writing in shorthand and longhand at the dining room table those evenings ... I HAVE MUCH TREACHERY ABOUT ME too ... and he does not come to know all until 1975 ... then he is hurried into death ...


 A GENOCIDE by SCOTS LORDS 2nd World War had him on their DEATH LIST – then it became FUN to spy and play `keyhole Kates` to General de Gaulle and France ...




I have said in this assembly of RECORDS that I WANT ALL MY FAMILY ESTATE PUT BACK worldwide – and I with others can direct THEM how to do it ... ... ...







and EVIL


THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN 18640-1959s  =  educating them to 18 – 20s years & more & they can ALWAYS return to their HOME and they do  ...


1933-1937 - A PATH EVER UPWARD to ENLIGHTENMENT  - we have been joining a young writer with experience of EMPIRES in ASIA 1920s  Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX & the Misses Bessie Martha, Annie –artist ENGLISH ARTS & CRAFTS Movement ... she youngest daughter of 5 of TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST ... He legal GUARDIAN THOMAS GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate,  will say to the end of his life   “ 1937 SUMMER East Anglia here I and Jo found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT ... we had come out of the blood of SPAIN ... talking with Mary Gordon that Summer ... later I meet 3 of her sisters and here I FOUND MY INTELLECTUAL EQUALS ...”






1937 spring `




DEPTFORD ... by the


little Park :



LIR diaries – read by his brother Dr John RAY Ransom USA Nasa-Washington State Office-Law


1960 COLNE ENGAINE near COLCHESTER – a visit in the middle dark hours to take a NIGHT WATCH –GREAT DANGER suddenly discovered Christmastide 1959-1960 :


LIR diaries 1937 coming Spring


“ My niece had come to stay some days with her grandparents   (it will be March – my birthday 11th)  - I thought we could take my model yacht and sail it on the pool – I got it from the cupboard under the stairs – I had not used it since I was 11 years old ...”  


“  We walked, meeting a neighbor, and hailing persons passing on bikes – the house had been lived in by my father and his young widowed mother since 1890 ... We were known as Ransom of tall ships and Weddell of the sub-arctic ... a few people knew that MILL the mother of my father was a Frobisher = it was gently amusing to old people that three SEAS families had married ... I had grown up until 9 years in Argentina but to maintain the Estate for Aunt MAG we travelled half the year around the Globe ... This was a Family Estate and had much Philanthropy ... they had made good investments the last centuries – we had no desire to be crazy rich ...”


“  We put the yacht beside the pool – it is rather deep – and I prepared the rigging – SUDDENLY we jumped – SHEshe jumped out of the bushes – she had an old Clock – she said she had found it in the bushes – I told her that the dogs did go into the bushes and it might be dirty & that the Gardeners dug them over regularly but she could get dirty shoes :   She looked mad – she had wanted a Divorce but this had all been halted by her noble friends when my niece was illegally kidnapped by her Noble chums from the Continent June 1936 ... my brother was At Law to have his and his daughter`s passports returned – the Law said what had been done using the British Diplomatic circles WAS illegal ...”


“  I picked up the Yacht and with my niece we moved to the other side of the Pool – then we walked swiftly to the entrance – I hoped a Policeman was there – only a man sitting down who sung `Where did you get that Hat` I think it was ... I did not like the look of him ... We left swiftly and I hoped the Policeman would be on Duty further up ... he was but then I saw a Taxi and he stopped and I said would he take us quickly to `Jerusalem` my parents home Park Road ”   :


“  I had been scared that SHEshe had Mr JIM JONG with her and he might attempt to snatch my niece – she and Jimmie were often MAD ... I had begun to learn so much of the EVIL that hung about my families – SCOTS Lords wanted to take our Estate ... Aunt Mag was in hiding now because they had tried kill her 1934 ... cousins of my father had saved her life ... When we got home I told Frederick Charles (my father) that it was too cold by the pool – then I told my mother JEAN what had happened ... We tried not worry him too much ... to this little house `Jerusalem` her Scots Lords cousins had brought her dead body 1897 and put it in his arms at the doorstep ... He was 14 years of age ... WE WERE UNABLE TO RID OURSELVES OF THESE INSANE ...”






17 years of age his mother JEAN


still dancing is poisoned end of


Summer 1938 ...



“ If I had known then what lays ahead – both my parents to be killed by October 1939 ... I married a distant Weddell cousin October 1939 and soon we had our son Rudolph born 1940 – I was in the RAF – JIMMIE Jong was somehow become a Britsh Army Major but he lived in the Palace – he had an apartment from the early 1920s ... SHEshe had known he and his Noble chums from 8-9 years of age ... they had her secretly Riding for them when she was 10 years ... they all used DOPE ... Minerva my Gran could recognize this coming from USA ... but she had been poisoned ... (1934-1935 winter)  ... WAR CAME ... I was stopped flying but had a job RAF at Blackburn – my wife a Nurse worked and we had excellent help to look after our first baby son ... Then we learned the Argentine Weddell families were disappearing ... without trace ... ... ... ”



LIR age 16 years :  diary 1937 :   CLACTON-on-SEA, Old Road house – site of a 17th century farm and always a DAMES SCHOOL  :   “  THE GINGER BISCUITS ...


 “ ... do you remember ... we were to have a ginger biscuit Sunday mornings with our first cup of tea ...  it was a tall beautiful tin hand painted ... a gift from Aunt Veronica FROBISHER Canada  ... ...”


 “ BUT SUDDENLY SHE APPEARED – she had not slept in the house ... She said that we Paupers were NOT allowed a Ginger Biscuit ... She said we could let out the flavour if we opened the tin ... I understand now how delicate our upbringing ... LATER that Sunday `la Domenica` or Sontag for we are learning other languages ... we had her grinning and telling us to take a walk end of the garden ... We found the beautiful TIN twisted smashed ... I picked it up and brought it back to `Jerusalem` ... and with a friend DEPTFORD who works with these things we restored it as much as we could ... I had never come upon this violence in  Argentina ... or other nations where we travelled about the HOMES & our family Estate  ”


“  1961 ... At COLNE ENGAINE I heard from the noble detective-LAW who would call himself in his grief `Politian` his experiences with SHEshe & `old Doc Mengele HARRINGTON a GP Hong Kong `with reluctance` degree ... He said it was a bunch of maniacs-loonies who grew a DOPE up there ... Scotland ... he and Phil Silverlea decided to hang on ... they heard from Patrick MacDrew about the obscene murder of his niece age 9 years, in the school class Clacton ... Greta just come from Bulford as a pupil the musician-historian Leroy who became Headmaster Wartime the Clacton School – I heard all about the founding of the Folk Society the Cyril Sharpe House from he and Annie-artist and Bessie Martha  ...”    LIR for his brothers :


 – 1941-1942 ... SHE Teresa gone to Prison again but we did not know until the Marital Court 1946  ... but JIMMIE now in the British Army always around us ... those who guarded us in Blackburn helped me write my diaries – keep our local histories  ...


1960 onwards - THE COLNE ENGAINE team - NIGHT WATCH  :

“  THEY DECIDED TO STAY AT THEIR POSTS after hearing the deaths of that girl JOSETTE and that young son of `the Missionaries out of ETHIOPIA` ...”   


“ 1937 Summer – why we were not at CLACTON to meet ANDRE MALRAUX & the young lady JO who won the heart of the town :


 A HIDEOUS MURDER in SPAIN that Summer had some of us called away  :   Our Cousins - we will call them MURGATROYD ... relatives to all of us ... and a terrible crime ... its almost unspeakable unless one prepares to speak upon it ...

1960s onwards ANDRE could not be faulted they all said – THEY this self-styled noble gang – hiding the WILL and then the GENOCIDE begun the next year ... they all had a hold of him ... They had all gone MAD long ago – “ old buggarhs grow a dangerous dope in Scotland ” said people who came to sympathize  :  ANDRE, Malone and he knew when he came to HOLD the MAIN DOOR at the renaissance party that EVIL had a hold of them as young people long ago ... any number of them had gone stupidly mad as they got older ... ”  


“  1967 - Got to HARWELL ... old Mengele and JIM were still around ... others had hopped on that HEARSE that the LINDSAY had automatically put young Greetah on at her birth ...” 


“  Arthur Malone told how he 1966 with all the young cousins of the SEAS EDGES went to GREECE, Phil first ... he got some money for them out of a NETHERLANDS Bank – knew there which ennobled glitz had been told to take this and that – to SAVE FACES of BRITAIN  ... saw the old corrupt system was still at work ... Phil first followed them to ATHENS ... rushed back with bag of cash to Malone who had gone through his personal savings STAYING at his POST ...  then Arthur Politian he took over – writes how he fished up his LAW Greek and had a wonderful experience of GREECE ... went Disco with the young in-laws of ANDRE ... Greetah was out all day walking the RUINS of other Centuries – she looked quite at home ...” 


Phil or he COULD NOT GET A MESSAGE TO ANDRE ... OR HE WOULD HAVE BEEN WITH THEM ALL ... he mourned when he heard ... he had watched them ALL grow up in his mother`s lands EAST ANGLIA ... it had become a strange time for everyone ... HOW COULD THIS ALL HAPPEN in the 20th CENTURY ... a bunch of people had set the globe back 100 years or more ...  ”



MEMORANDUM :   FUTURE that should have been : 

 ANNIE and BESSIE should have come on board – 1945 onwards we all had much wonderful WORK encircling the world ...

EVIL EDUCATED GLITZ won ... IGNORANCE WON ... sad it came from a Nation we had always been proud to be citizens of ... Young Greta was told by several of us 1960 January as we swiftly untangled all this ... Phil talking to the CLOTIS FAMILY he had known pre-war France ...

“ We used to be PROUD to be BRITISH ... not ANY MORE ... with this covered up ... THEY HAVE KILLED ALL THESE CHILDREN TO GET RICH ...” ... NIGHTWATCH at The COLNE ENGAINE cum CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis ...


“  I,  G.R.  gather up and re-tread the VAST Records of THE REDEMPTIO -RANSOM families who bought 92 AD land DUNWICH SUFFOLK ...  Roman Britain ...


Our first Estate now inevitable


COASTAL  EROSION ... but bits of


PAPER, stone carvings, metal


inscriptions linger on ... ”








998 AD







Len Immanuel RANSOM b 1921-slain 1981-2 ...

DIARIES LIR, former British Army soldier, Captain FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM 2nd World War

READINGS on NIGHTWATCH :    by their brother USA CITIZEN Dr John RAY (Ransom) NASA-Animal Management-Washington State Office are listened to and HELL OPENS WIDER its BOSCH landscapes

Dr RAY is to return winter 1969-70 for USA SENATE DUTIES – slain with obscene barbarism at Montrose Basin (Ransom farm 1500) June 1969  :


1969-1975 :   INFORMATION gathered by frightened persons and those who wish to STOP this barbarism going on :


1969 - 2 Witnesses were in the fields :   later one of the 4 men after 2 years went into collapse & spoke – perhaps Doc Mengele & Jong had turned on him  ?  :


“ 4 upper-class men invited the American Dr RAY step over into his former historic Ransom home – grabbed him – in bathroom poured petrol down his throat – chased him over the farmlands & a man fired a gun – “ a man running with FLAMES coming out of his head ...”  = 2 witnesses hedging-ditching – got off shore : 

Earlier Reports :    The old Mr John RANSOM couple October 1939 were killed by Major James leading a squad of 5-6 British Army gear toughs – they told that this family were prepared to  “  LET IN the JAPANESE ships to conquer Britain ...”   HITH


“ HITLER would be following in ” ... : 


1973-1975 :   The Tenant of 1969 is called by a newspaper and local persons  “ the Queen`s Tenant ” :    c 1973 public knowledge 1975  the `Tenant was put under a lorry load of sand and gravel` ... newspapers :

NB:   1939 coming summer Mary Helena Gordon my grandmother tells her grown children & relatives S. Ireland, and in-laws and I am present several times ...  that she has had a call from  “ young DUVEEN  ”  – He has said that THEY are after the PAINTINGS at the Montrose Farm – people are scared – the farmhouse has been daubed outside with SWASTIKA and RISING SUNS ... the old couple are alone and should have some protection ... THEY are doing it ... Jim is calling himself a Major now and boasting he works for a Crown ...





Diary LIR ...








1870s :  “ TIG ... he had taken an old ugly little house near the very First TURKISH HomeHH hH, in a quiet lane, but it had no garden – he could stay when he called & organized farming and crafts and things around the Home to give support – he could talk at ease with the Villagers & get them interested in what he was doing – a Hospital went in and retirement facilities and other schools where his Orphans would come and give help in everything as they completed their education =  Music was important & this was of great interest to my mother JEAN ... and farming and sciences had special attention ...” :

“  Aunt MAG had friends of her father in Constantinople-Istanbul & could wear suitable for the heat drifty cool female clothes - she tried avoid having to dress in Crinoline gowns all the time to be received by the Western Embassies but it is she who visits the Investments her father and mother made and there is a GROTE Brokers representative and local administrators to visit and speak with about the finances – the HOMES must go on – nobody who is TURKISH suffers loss of jobs, homes, income :  Quietly all the foreign Embassies  welcome TIGGY & he gets on so well with them explaining - his HOMES and the Curriculum :  TIG is sometimes called in by the Owners of the Nation of TURKEY & those around to listen to their problems and give ideas = but he never gives directions ... He would have them lay out situations – stay two weeks - but say `you could do this – or that – beware this and that ... ` But you must make the decision` ... Homes and us the family and Administrators New York and Buenos Aries must remain neutral ...


the Children are a DELICATE  


investment for your future ... ”  :


“ Somehow end of the Great World War we had acquired a collection of Army and other Uniforms we did not collect such things – fabrics and pieces of Warfare – others did that ... These had got dumped in this house – 1920s probably – We could not let the house because it had no garden.  Then a young couple took it and turned it into quite a comfortable little home – did not mind it had no decent garden :  But after two years they had offer a place in SPAIN to farm and with a Religious community about them ... they left the little house, a square building not thought attractive yet they had made it a comfortable home :  But the house remained part of our Estate and anyone could find a bed there if needed ... but my parents and relations preferred to stay an Apartment at the HOME or nearby as new friends were made ... ”


HERE we, I,  get additional


information from Arthur Malone


Law-detective 1960 NIGHTWATCH





LIR to Dr John RAY R. news given February & perhaps into the April 1960 – it is believed that messages from General de Gaulle and Andre Malraux are genuine calling for a slow down in plans made by LAW figures & others I do not know : 


LIR diaries 1950s : 


“ TURKEY –  I went back having got a message from he of the Marbles Factory ... we spoke on the former GROTE CHILDREN  :

We only hope the young ones were got out to USA after the attack on the HOME & our seashores – the older children got out to take low level jobs –

... But best not ask too much now :   I went to see him the man in charge of the Marbles Factory – I warned him that THEY would come and say it was owned by THEM and the EMPIRE ... I was going to write him FREE – He said he would rather stay within the ESTATE GROTE-RANSOM for it had always worked very well ... I told him NOT to tell THEM when they called – say he was sole owner ... ”


G.R. MEMORANDUM :    Part of this resurrection of their & my past some things I can recall clearly to this day ... THERE IS A GROTE HOME of TURKEY  – probably it`s very easy access a seashore where the GENOCIDE monsters 2nd World War using launches & an RN ship out at sea could creep in after dark – or perhaps there was an Airfield either side :  Oh they would sail easily in after dark – as they have upon our Ransom Brides dowry shores upon so many SEAS EDGES the Globe (we being 14 Races 27 Nations down 2,000 years as SEA TRADERS always giving & keeping some Philanthropy)


RECORDS : `1937 ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis Greta Ransom CLACTON-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND – 3 parts a `scaffolding` : and ... Twitter messages were-are mostly for researchers needing up-date


1870s TURKEY – Ist Turkish GROTE HOME for CHILDEN =

Close to the well built Home & School is a rural looking building of wood with quaint windows, perhaps a copy of an 18th century American Pioneer home, & this is the Refectory for the Children - a Village green is in front, here little industries of craftwork, Hospital and Welfare retirement dwellings – Farmlands spreading out all around = Gospels Acted Out ... The Refectory is copied around the globe – I will see them in Japan, Mexico, and Spain :  The Children of this Turkish Home sent me Turkish books for Children – first one, then 2, and 3 – they may design and print them :   I was pleased with these nice books full of drawings & my father and Lennie read the Turkish to me – they penciled carefully translations into English on the pages :


1936-37 winter-tide CLACTON the little Old Road house and attached a former `Dames School` of several centuries :


But SHEshe and Mr JONG PONG one morning put the books with others I am sent from other Grote Children into the Range fire where they were frying themselves great piles of bacon to have with big slices of bread spread thickly with best butter and made up into HAM sandwiches – the bacon is to be spread over the sandwiches and eaten with fingers and a fork :  This sinister little pixie thing `Pong the Clown`  had arrived and stopped me going to Covent School – Miss Winnie did not come – my father pays her the same as her day`s work in the town to take me to school :  I was called names and not allowed dress except for my `liberty bodice` :


Mr Jimmie-JIM plonked down 5 green and brown bottles of liquors on our big kitchen table – this horrible experience can be read from RECORDS in `1937 SUMMER etc ”  :   there is also in these RECORDS of my being cunningly kept from Convent School by these two  that morning these two GHOULS locked me under the stairs with the pickled head of ZULLY SULTAN ... But great-aunt Annie Artist and friend RUTH BARE Artist believed me and came with a basket and took away the pickled head – took him to the Catholic Church and baptized him and then took him to the Persian Embassy London with instructions to return him to his Families : 


GOTHICK-GOTHIC COOKING by Ghouls of Scotland =

Teresa E. Gordon Mrs R. & Jim JONG a half-Scot-Chinese : 

Annie and Ruth they both firmly said to me  `Now he is your blood-brother` ... after I told Annie and Ruth more of this horrible cruelty to me 5 years old & WHY I was being kept from Convent School ... How she had been cutting strips off   `HEAD`  and frying them in the big pan, saying to me that it was bacon and smiling & patting my cheek =  and saying that although her Noble friends tell her I am NOT to go to school or have FOOD because I am an Ape and Esquimo,  SHE would give me some food :   I was chewing away when she said it was HEAD !  :   

( Other children grown up can SAY on internet what they have suffered from these DRUG ADDICT Noble insane ... but because I am an HEIR & they have planned and carried out a horrific worldwide GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ... sly red little sentences announce I am not to be allowed to tell the Globe :   Big Boots of moonlight snuffle  ! )



NOTA BENE : TURKISH GROTE HOME for CHILDREN and its delightful community of many human beings :


 I seem to believe that the MARBLES Factory was to make the small glass marbles used in England by children in their games - probably the Factory made other things besides the bags of glass marbles all colours one bought in a Woolworth Stores for games :  


1938-1939 :  our CLACTON-on-Sea The Old Road House- attached the back garden is the former Dames School  : 

I was 5 years old March 1938 & my approved worldwide GUARDIAN Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX has not spoken out yet :  He does not answer letters ... yet he and Josette have sent messages and that last Christmas 1938/1939 they sent me presents ...

And Granny Mary Helena Gordon does not get any communications now ... but she has a jeering woman she has known since 1917 send messages with JIM & telephone her “ after she has taken 1 or 2 of those Cocktails Ada ... She has been baiting me again about the CHILD and the INHERITANCE ... ” 


MARY Helena nee Carroll Williams Mrs George Ernest GORDON

Made a widow March 1937 because of that horrible night CLACTON-on-Sea :   = 3 Lindsay cars with drunks calling out for MONEY that Teresa owed them for she had LOST at CARDS = I sat on the stairs and heard and saw everything ! MY GRANDPA George Ernest GORDON Soldier Lancers Regiment = Mounted Policeman = amateur painter of landscape and animals & observer of Natural History was killed and not found for 4 days after he left to sort things out after 10 pm that night ... she Teresa with him – they were seen passing the Clacton Theatre about 11 pm as FREDDIE-THEATRE was locking up his Theatre to go to PARIS for some work  :   Files of Records tell of this – some www I hope : 


1920s-1930s–spring 1944 :   Mary Helena widow calls Mr JIM JONG  a  “ bit of vermin ” ... Since 1883 and 1923 terrible slithery monsters have crawled out of SCOTLAND got over The Wall and infest WESTMINSTER by moonlight and appear in sunlight nowadays :   VIOLET Artist (Lindsay-Rutland) visits 1937 autumn and the English LAW is co-operating to LOCK JIM UP FIRMLY :   This grievous year can be read in BOOKS of LEN – I think it is Numbers 3 – 4 ... :     THE GENOCIDE to be given the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN is planning – 2nd World War comes 1939 September – Violet is dead – JIM reigns on ... Teresa G. Mrs R. is a mad horse ...


My young father an Army Officer is with Papers from British War Office marked  “ Home Duties – STORES ”  - but he is tricked 23rd December 1939 to Salisbury Plains and doped and wakes up to find himself on a Plane to The Philippines ... Orders are in a sealed envelope he be got rid of  =  But he speaks JAPANESE as all the families RANSOM and thus was found USEFUL to those BRITISH ARMY who were seriously SANE – and some knew what was afoot to lay hands on GROTE RANSOM ESTATE Seashores worldwide for PROFIT and POWER ...


He FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM joined Army 1928 but took retirement 1934 to help Aunt Margareth Girl of the Snows running the Estate ... I born 1933 am with LEN born 1921 the Heir and sub-co-Heir IN TRAINING ... and we love our work our learning to look after people worldwide ... This is OUR FAMILY ESTATE a miracle around the Globe -  and it would never be so successful if it fell into the hands of those who only wish to get RICH ... )


All these accurate RECORDS have been emerging - and since 2011 AD on internet – & other ways :   PROTECT THEM too, however you can ...  :


PERHAPS READER MAY FEEL THAT THE WORLD WOULD BENEFIT THIS YEAR WITH THE THOMAS GROTE HOMES having quietly gone on from 1864 to the present days & NATIONS outside the former EMPIRE with advanced enlightened peaceful delightful work of discovery and  EDUCATION that keeps THE KITCHEN well stocked for EVERYONE in the WORLD ...  :







Rathbone Ransom Whitehead


alive – born 1970 – 1998


PHOTOGRAPHER, philosophy,


welfare ...     









HOMES children 1938-1950s



“ YOUR ADVERSARIES are figures of childhood DOPE USE and have “ Dr Dead Fish Eyes predator stares ”    Reports :  1977 after the too early death of the GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX to THOMAS GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE worldwide & the 2 young heirs so happy in training ...

Len and me 1937 having to often FLY in little PLANES to save GROTE CHILDREN = Continent-Lap-Land, Norway, Italy ... Lennie and co-pilot & took 2 planes, went down the East Coast of Africa & saw slain Children - Orders of Imperial Authority ... some were rescued and got safely to USA ...


1967 Oxford :  A BRAVE SEAMAN - Captain ALAN VILLIERS   

“ SHAME – SHAME ... they bombed the Ransom Island off XRISTENSHARB ... June 1960 ... to STOP ANDRE and General de GAULLE getting up there in AUGUST ... arranged a Visit that month of Royals ... One voyage Margareth gave us the key to the Island ... all on the shelves in that house her father had built like a fine ship ... POUL the Gronlander ... greatest MIND you could come upon ... exchanged letters with he the Humanist Pope ... looks as if POUL was about to make a journey after his wife Margaret Yates Carlisle died ... They were all into botanical medicines ... SHAME SHAME  ... Oh we are retiring `down under` when the children have finished over here what they want to do ...”


Records of Captain Alan Villiers and his great civilized understanding and help from 1920s to RANSOM-WEDDELL-FROBISHER and blood lines (the 2nd World War grief of a cunning GENOCIDE) are banned from www from 2015-2016 AD - because of his knowledge of this THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN & RANSOM worldwide SEAS EDGES Estate  =

It is, of course, CAPTAIN ALAN VILLIERS who had to SAIL a replica 17th century ship across the ATLANTIC 1953 ... but British Noble matters came first & full trials were put & put off for Protocol    :  Certain top of the BRITISH PYRAMID had to feature prominently in the actual LEAVING Ceremony ... the send off ... and that 17th century Replica could have flopped on its side ... these ships were so high in the water ... ) 

1967 December OXFORD - Captain VILLIERS describes December 1967 how HE WANTED TRIALS and to be OUT IN THE CHANNEL and a BIT FURTHER ... even though dates of SEND-OFF might have to be re-arranged ...  :     “ Nobody had sailed one of these things since the 17th century – SHE COULD GO FLOP ON HER SIDE ... I got out at last for a couple of hours in the Channel ... I licked my finger – wind was right ... said to my CREW ... “ SHALL WE GO – THEY CAN BLOODY FOLLOW US ... IF SHE GOES OVER THEY CAN PICK US UP ...”   All agreed with me ... Damn them and their red carpets ... Oh SHE WENT LIKE A DREAM – SHE DID ALL SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO ... those old 17th century ship-builders-Mariners KNEW WHAT THEY WERE ABOUT ...”  Tears came down his cheeks ...


I told him of the great tall ship on Wivenhoe Marshes 1950s and news about it 1950s COLCHESTER MUSEUMS ... he said it was safe ... he and others bought it ...

He Captain Villiers spoke on my first coming child – “ let me see ... it is a Ransom, a Weddell of our Sea   ( Captain Villiers quoted longitude-latitude 1824 the Voyage of JAMES WEDDELL QUAKER Mariner and Villiers knew of the great INCA genius San JULIAN who had been out over the area before – “  ... one summer in 4 or 5 could be reckoned to be fine down there = San Julian the INCA should have gone with him – he knew the ship `Jane` needed attention – he had best go – San Julian Acting Governor for Spain was away at his duties ... so he pushed off alone ... mapped it ... San Julian would have written the better book we think ... a bit philosophical and religious ... he did the drawings first made ...

Aha!  SHAME - SHAME ... ) ... And let me remember ... this child will be a Frobisher as well ... Ransom & Frobisher North Pole and Weddell South ... ” 


HELL & those with massive 1960s debts :   Unfortunately this BRITISH citizen born in Kenya with me had agreed November 1967 to remove all correspondence from me and visit all my close and extended families and tell them HE and his TWIN were in CHARGE for The BRITISH Government & WHITEHALL =  These `jocular drug-addicts since schoolboys – from once high QUAKER families`  had an invitation to visit a day or two or more to a Castle from a woman they had known since age 6 years and she made jocular remarks about all their growing years & how she wished to even out the matter of identical twins ... Yes both should have a title of course  ...


READER will have gathered by now that these persons unfortunately have a GOD named HEROIN and other DOPES ... also liquor :  They understand a falling Empire denies them big money & less Governorships of conquered Nations ...


 My father visited by  ` Whitehead twins 1967 they in a jokey threatening manner ... with `jocular remarks` that the families did not live in big lush PLACES & go into THEIR society etc etc  –`

 had him say after fruitless explanations to them

  “THE MEN ...  ARE FRAUDS”  ...    


A 1960s SCARLET TOWN Playboy type :   who have to go out to work & cannot lay hands on 19th century Families Trust Funds moneys & join the GLITZY Tennant Island types et al :  They can be found in biography of those years 20th century years of the Falling Away British Empire 1920s-1970s – they are DOPE SOAKS and cannot therefore manage a few hours of work ... have such arrogant crushing speech to those they PIMP upon :    An invitation to stay 4 days with this woman  “no friend to your mother”  had he and his twin undertake more destruction of a miracle Estate – they knew she had no Claim but it had happened  “ SO WHAT –that’s life -  get what we can ”  ... The WAY AHEAD is far worse and more cunning & violent than HITLER a failed Painter ... (but it is said Hitler was not on booze or dope - but like them lacked an intelligent education ... ) ...


CAPTAIN ALAN VILLERS :  HE & many friends of intelligence SAVED RECORDS = Gross BRITIAN monsters moved in to collect, but not for 4 days later ... (Diaries-records-oral-PICS the Ages & Oxford 1967 December ... He and others knew of a woman who boasted that she `lit her fags with MARINERS records` and was responsible for the RACIST demolition of the HOMES of TIGGY ...)




For EASTERTIDE 2016 AD :   A terrible matter of violence & loss of lives took place in Belgium 2 days ago – 








wound about twice from FREE


NATIONS, and some Empire


fringes, so that the superb


EDUCATION could continue ...






 EASTERTIDE end March 2016 AD ...








1938-45 and into 1950s CHILDREN birth to 20s and staff were hacked for fun and burned and sunk in nets some stamped RN, later gunned down & burned on seashores or lonely desert places :  Records of those in grief,  talk of 3 Homes where children were got out of fire-line but nets between ships collapsed in the SEAS ... this is utter LIES & had good SEAMEN all levels in grief, perplexed, and retiring to other shores of the Globe  :


( There is a lot of tricks which can be called `passing the buck etc if necessary` =  Nasty Northern tricks of those who have conquered England 1930s and grow a lucrative crop of DOPE called Divinorum Salvia Scotland – fired into pellets it is pushed up their SNOUTS to give preparation for  “ the next Wars ” = THUS we of the 1950s were being INSULTED ...  )


( `Stark lines` = based on poem by GREEK POET George SEFRIS who will understand I need his understanding :

1954 January he loaned ANDRE MALRAUX his tough trilby style hat hearing we were to go to SALISBURY ... he remembered the Salisbury PLAINS and the cold wind... )







`... falls into my hands from a nightmare ... I touch their lips


whose speech tells of the foul threats & insults hurled at


them as they were hastened in a queue for a burning pit ...


crammed into big nets and sunk in SOUR WINE DARK SEAS ...`








establ. 1864



1946 onwards :  I Greetah Ransom their heir with Lennie Immanuel Ransom my heir-co-heir  know how EDUCATION was denied these THOMAS GROTE HOMES A-Z worldwide, functioning so quietly and civilized & having a million unwanted or partly orphaned children year by year come forth in all necessary occupations required by the green and blue earth – They who held my little hands 1935-1936 in France, Spain, Montevideo, Uruguay, Peru, Maya and Mexico children ... they who send me gifts they have made and little letters from the entire world including Borneo, Japan, Burma, and all around the Mediterranean – and Poles Nord to Sud through North America are given a GENOCIDE 1938 – 1950s :   so carefully planned and begun 1938 Christmas morning Norway & easily carried on under cover 2nd World War - A merciless GENOCIDE begun sadly by 2 Scotland Clans 1883, 1904 and serious PLANNING begun 1929 :


NB:  1929 - a page torn from a Notebook in Scotland  - of Mr Jim Jong has written himself in his writing in bold letters  `ALL RANSOM MALES TO BE KILLED`   

Report 1934 :  “ Mr Jong is known to work for certain SCOTS LORDS by MOONLIGHT do NOT let him enter your door ... ”   

I G.R. accepting my responsibility of inheritance am telling HELL`s Hieronymus Bosch CREATURES that I WANT THE GROTE RANSOM ESTATE put back in all its civilized GOODNESS – every part of it - And the Martyrs are to be  recognized for their PURITY and keeping a code of  “SATTEUS LAETUS”  = I am pleased and content with sufficient ...



(Motto of Osbert Ransom 968 AD Anglo-Saxon England – Sea Trader of the Suffolk family `Redemptio` under 1st century AD Roman Britain our main line)   





READER – peruse slowly the LUTYENS Luncheon of the TOMBS 1969 present persons who have been born 1890s-1900s-and THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 ... – I include it from Records in 2011 `Document in 3 Parts – scaffolding` (1937 SUMMER etc. Past-Present-Future ... unfolding records, symbols, music references FURTHER UNDERSTANDING enters in BOOKS of LEN – Books 3 & 4 ...  IF YOUNG PEOPLE TAKE HIGH OFFICE then they are to assume RESPONSIBILITIES ... even though they doth learn with the coming Years ...

THIS EASTERTIDE has not `young Pete` giving his grace to the Globe ... Pete born 1970 driven into death 1998 ... He could say age 9 years, especially 11 years, who about us was MAD ...

If the GENOCIDE of worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN had been acknowledged at least by his entrance at birth to The Pillar House Harwell & its gardens of the IMMORTAL BOOKS for CHILDREN drawn by L.LESLIE BROOKE (Warne Publishers) then PETER RATHBONE RANSOM Whitehead would be flesh and blood upon the Globe ... (I am speaking for the THOMAS GROTE HOMES MARTYRS slain 1938-1950s 2nd World War especially using BRITISH MILLITARY FORCES OF NAVY RN and ARMY ... RAF not so many because “ we fly near Heaven ...”   Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM ... (NB:  Ransom-Frobisher-Weddell are SEAS PEOPLES – Mariners, Sea Traders – some inaccurate histories may be still on WIKIPEDIA ) 


Unnecessary WARS :   1914-1918 The CENTENARY of which is in PROGRESS ... Please try to see it is not used for enrichment of the MINDS of get rich GROTESQUE the slimy banning of TRUTH of a GENOCIDE of THOMAS GROTE worldwide HOMES for CHILDREN the sexy glitz dope-addicts cast out overnight by waysides ... They are powerful to make  faceless statements of  “ work of CONTROVERSY ... ” about this GENOCIDE of GREED :   I began the Assembly of these RECORDS of the Martyrs by telling READERS not to confront or lose their lives – I would be standing on my two little feet all the time – THESE-THEY had been eying and cunningly robbing my FAMILIES since before I was conceived ... :  READERS can have an understanding from reading the 3 months of slow death of baby BETTINA Weddell RANSOM  1929 `Jerusalem` Park Road, DEPTFORD ... born to the WEDDELL FROBISHER RANSOM families – honourable SEAS Families of more than 2,000 years ...



We who are educated in





BOOKS of LEN – LEN Immanuel RANSOM 1921- slain horribly by FUN dope-addict PIMPS off North coast Scotland :   

Dr `Mengele` Harrington claiming to be an aristocrat had now savaged the 3 Ransom brothers who legally represent the ESTATE and are the administrators :   (`Mengele`)  Mr Harrington born 1912 had Lunatic Clinic commitments from 12 and 17 years = he lived on Continent from age 20 years to 1936  - given a 16 years Imprisonment in Austria for a crime that shocked the Court and Prison :   Harrington was transferred to a British Psychiatric Clinic – but released 1938 Whitsuntide to TAKE EMPLOYMENT spying on ANDRE MALRAUX in France =  1938 young MALRAUX had his name seen by JIMMIE and a Scots Lord appear on the legal WILL of Margaret GROTE to GROTE RANSOM Estate : 


1938 Summer - Harrington given job - find all persons that Malraux knew within the GROTE Estate and supply lists to 2 Clans of Scotland arrived at WESTMINSTER :    In 1944 October he was appointed to find and kill Andre Malraux and the Woman (Jo) ... Harrington knew the 1920s & 1930s British aristocrats of the bars PARIS – he was seen at a café table with Clara Malraux the Liberation of Paris 1944 Summer :  In 1946 Harrington began to `squat` in the rented house got by Malraux for his widowed sister-in-law her baby son and the  two motherless baby sons of Malraux  :


In 1947  Doc `Mengele` Harrington tried get Malraux `locked up`  - he got to know in Paris a heroin soaked psychiatrist :   He Harrington wished to move in on this well appointed Place :   He had been studying quickly in Hong Kong for 2 years and got himself a GP license - it was granted  “with reluctance”  because of his aristocrat chums in Britain ...


1957 AUTUMN into Winter :   Great LONDON Museums - I was able to get `Dr Mengele Harrington manhandled OUT, Police called to him,  when he followed me about with viscous threats =


I simply walked directly to the Guides and gave telephone numbers for Colchester Museums staff and said  “ We have had terrible trouble with him of the expensive blue Playboy car – He is not to be trusted near young children and young people of my age – he is threatening me because I know of his criminal behaviour ... ” 


It was frightening to see stout Guides escort Mr Doc `Mengele` Harrington OUT to the great entrances where a Policeman was summoned and he was securely held by 2 or 3 ex-Army or Navy retired men – then I felt relief – he was taken off  :    If he had struggled they would have discovered his 7 inches heeled Bond Street made boots and under his padded clothes he might have his trousers undone ... He let himself be taken away ... He never knew how I did it !  


Well I just told the truth - I do not look like his glitzy expensive cocktails doped up circle =  & I have been at home in World Museums since I am 2 and 3 and 4 years old onwards :   WALTER BENJAMIN and I were 1935 November taking early supper in central PARIS  =  WITH MY FAMILIES ... and a friend and Walter told me what I liked was called technology after I answered his question `What did you like on Jacopsholmen Island` ?  ... And next day we all went to see a Museum where a young man called ANDRE MALRAUX lives they say to escape a scolding wife ... This young tall wraith had passed by the big window of our cosy restaurant that slanting raining night ...


1935 November PARIS :   Walter & Sadie Ethnologist knew my families in the last century and he knows Aunt MARGARET `Girl of the Snows` & knew our TIGGY (great-nephew of F. Immanuel KANT who used to get away to quiet places to THINK things out)  ... I am discovered to be a serious person and so is Walter and my father, his father, and Lennie FLYER my youngest uncle – he is 16 !   I do hope to grow tall soon – but I know how to put my hands behind my back bow my head and speak when I am expected to – I curtsey to old ladies :  


NOTA BENE:  1935 November = a monster to be called `Mengele` 1950 calling itself Mr Esterhazy Montmorency Harrington is at this time under suspicion by good nursery staff and local administration – somewhere France or Austria I do not remember which – I will encounter this MONSTER 1944 WHITSUNTIDE Clacton-on-Sea but it disappeared when police were alerted = it is `on-the-run`  from a small English town where it has insulted small boys :  It appeared in PARIS for THE LIBERATION – was seen at a café table “ where we all used to meet before the War ” says ANDRE MALRAUX 1970 January Evening meetings in The Pillar House Harwell :


1947 HARRINGTON with Clara Malraux ARISES in my tragic life briefly at CLACTON July 1947 they threaten Doctor Professor Wincklemann and his Shropshire wife :  then Harrington (license G.P. 1948 Hong Kong )  calling itself an eminent Doctor disappears (I thought)  until last Sunday October 1953 London – the first time I heard its voice and saw its GHOUL-like dead eyes :  It has earned very big money hanging about me and Andre Malraux wanting us kept apart :   It is slithering about December 1953 in Colchester Castle and trying to search the downstairs Study Hollytrees Museum February 1954 :  1956 `Mengele`  is stopped running a `Doctor`s Surgery for personal problems` at  Whites Club St James`s London – it was specializing in sex and drugs use – and with others ran a Sexual Athletes Club until stopped 1954: 


Doc `Mengele` Harrington :   1938 and until the too early death of ANDRE MALRAUX 1976 November this MONSTER earned BIG money to see that Malraux`s GUARDIANSHIP to the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN GENOCIDE did not get PUBLICITY  :


1981 LONDON :   At his Show-Divorce London Mr `Mengele` Harrington was exposed – About Harwell in the villages & small towns people who loathed this dusk prowler followed newspapers and television coverage – he is asked his qualifications in Court – was he a brain surgeon ?  He agreed he was a G.P. -  but had specialist friends in these matters to advise him : 




 ANDRE MALRAUX had this nasty powerful pseudo-medic aristocrat dangerous Pimp earning money to SPY on him from Summer 1938 =

1953 Doctor `Mengele` H.  frightened many London Medics when he `Mengele` got together with JIMMIE Jong (made Sir James 1954) - JIM `who had worked by Moonlight  for  certain SCOTS LORDS from 1918 (he 20 years old)  was never expected to return from KENYA after having to leave London in 1944 =


1944 KENYA onwards Jimmie was known for boasting at Kenya  fashionable and International Dinner Tables of his close relationship to the figures of the NEW REIGN of 1937 :    1952 JIMMIE was about to be arrested by KENYA POLICE (white & black Officers)  for robbery, murder & fraud – The death of the King happened and he hopped quickly to LONDON using his old connections : 


1952 LONDON - With an Army Partner he raised enough money to BAIL OUT a CLUB called WHITES :  

Information from many  - including a Member called BOYD ALEXANDER to aesthete friends and to G.R. me ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM December 1970 :   It was explained to me by him that these older members were with families and working abroad – they were grateful to have the CLUB saved financially :   He went on to remind me that JIMMIE was DISMISSED January 1959 after ANDRE  (MALRAUX)  had stood on a chair one SUNDAY MORNING and GIVEN US THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT ...


1959 to 1970 May - BUT Jimmie could not be kept out of the Club because of his top families connections from old times :  JIM continued mornings to use the WHITES CLUB as his private office for his CITY wheeling & dealing which was always dicey : 


1981-2 :  During his last week alive respectable figures from THE CITY came to call on him in a fashionable Clinic London called `THE ANGEL & CRACK`   ( READER :   you too may have to get `CRACK` explained to you !)    But this half SCOTLAND-CHINESE JIMMIE JONG b 1898/9 Port ARTHUR China (with his noble Orders)   had ruined many of their sons ... He was shaken into HELL after a Noble Visitor called – she had him about her from the cradle too !



1953 LONDON :  JIMMIE Jong - ex-Army `Major THIS-&-THAT`   :   once he is   INSTALLED in WHITES CLUB he could NOT stop VICE as usual :

 ( This was A Club heavily Roman Catholic with General de Gaulle an Honorary Member from his SANCTUARY in ENGLAND 2nd WORLD WAR ) 

JIMMIE began heroin dealing again & other `dolly-mixtures` & Mr Mengele Doctor HHH had Medicines he was trying out for THE BRITISH HEALTH SERVICE -  It was insane ! 


1950s LONDON :  This was no longer the ENGLAND of my schools in the 2nd World Wartime – we had old high intellect retired Teachers with University degrees come teach us and Pacifists and young Scholars invalided out – ANDREWS B.A. Oxon Science-Maths crashing his LANCASTER BOMBER came to teach us and ARMSTRONG Geology-History together not as separate subjects = he had known briefly Lawrence of Arabia in RAF  :

THIS WAS THE ENGLAND of poets and music and kind communities :  


1955 LONDON :  The mother of the gone mad KRAY TWINS did not like OLD VERMIN JIM (who used to mess-up Inn-Keepers down the Thames 1920s-1940s –“  Major this-that ”  )     lowering the TONE of a Gentlemans` Club = She sent her boys to clean JIM up - they came & fetched him out of a CLUB cupboard where he was hiding :   He was surprised they had grown up :   JIMMIE had also got 2 PLACES for Prostitution going well around the Corner from WHITES :    A FUN NOTICE in a Club LAVATORY said   “ PATRONS EXPECTED TO VISIT ON THURSDAYS TO KEEP UP CLUB FUNDS ”  : 


1950s LONDON :   All JIM`s now ageing


GHOULS from 1920s-1930s began to come and


go about HE and `Mr Mengele` Doctor HHH =



And not just for the cocktails and DOPES as of old but for money and expenses ... These old pre-War acquaintances of Paris and London knew of the GENOCIDE 2nd World War and WHY, how, where it had been organized ...

ANDRE MALRAUX Guardian and RANSOM-WEDDELL-FROBISHER and Vatican Southern Irish relatives and in-laws were well aware of THOMAS GROTE HOMES Genocide and the miracle honourable RANSOM ESTATE having suffered vast pilfering and petty theft during the 2nd World War by noble mobs ...   :


www.greta-ransom `scaffolding` from vast Records “ 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis Greta Ransom CLACTON-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND” takes the READER a journey of GOOD and EVIL ... If I had tried include all the finer details of the Records then the Volumes would have reached around the Globe = Best I could do was begin with 1937 SUMMER happy Holiday Days at CLACTON & go back or forwards in time PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE :  Calling the gathering pages A Document in 3 Parts ... I did warn READER to take this JOURNEY  carefully 20 to 40 minutes reading at a time and pour a small brandy or sherry for some parts ... ICE CREAM and beautiful music for where there are happinesses ...


(READER can peruse the decades 1950s-1960s LONDON in various books – discover why International SPIES brought up by respectable families called London  “ code name SCARLET TOWN ”  !  :   A recent book reviewed TLS mid-March is about one `LITVINOFF` (dies age 47)  Even he, a muddle of humanity of that age would be wary of JIMMIE JONG “ Major this-that”  -  now called `Sir Jim` because of ancient friends ... 





1958 first days New Year the


GHOUL b 1912 –




MALRAUX & his Ward until age 25


years Greetah RANSOM





( HARRINGTON b 1912 committed to NUT HOUSES from age 12 years for sadism etc )


 `Mr Doc Mengele` HARRINGTON of Scotland ... had followed Greta Ransom & Guardian Andre Malraux from 11pm ... describes to certain aged Aristocrats how he drove FAST back to 50 Lancaster Gate Square & waited for HIS PATIENT the fool MALRAUX who wrote BOOKS nobody would EVER read ...  & this female who LED MEN ASTRAY with that APE ESQUIMO FACE ... he knew he must THROW ACID IN THEIR FACES ... (Mr `Mengele` and his dolly-bird nurse wife pimp on the `House in the Wood` Paris (called Jan Steen Tavern by those who enter & leave) :  He is employed by Jim JONG            Sir James from 1954 & thugs to keep the 2 sons Pierre & Vincent of ANDRE MALRAUX  and JOSETTE CLOTIS from entering AMPLEFORTH SCHOOL where they would be with sons of people of intellect of their father – TOLKEIN has his boys schooled there : 


1957 November -  I was told by an older Worker at No 50  to read a book published 1947 that he had read at Roman Catholic School  = not famous then – called LORD of the RINGS ... it had me able to follow what was happening here and to US ... GOOD & EVIL – a cunning MOONLIGHT WAR went on ...  (he persecuted and dead long ago – it is his friend Kit-the Christopher who was found to have been murdered late September early October 1957 – his friend had an Aunt who knew MRS MARGARET GROTE  ... there had been deaths earlier because young persons knew what MALRAUX was GUARDIAN to ... Doc `Mengele` Harrington had a ring of EVIL ORCS around this MALRAUX home at No 50 ... he had been given teams to see that MALRAUX a failed novelist DID NOT KNOW WHAT HE HAD BEEN APPOINTED TO WHEN HE ACCEPTED THE GUARDIANSHIP of an Ape-Eskimo called G. Ransom ... : 


THIS SADIST known to London hospitals as ` Mengele etc etc. `  knew well from 1938 that he would be RICH for LIFE if he went on with this SECRET BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS employment – which had got him RELEASE from a high security LUNATIC ASYLUM – where he was to serve 12 more years for attacks of several months on a baby under a year : 

WAR CAME & he easily slipped into a MOONLIGHT role – He was to help hide the GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN worldwide OUTSIDE the BRITISH EMPIRE !





ALL THE TIME = the GENOCIDE is committed on the seashores and lands of free NATIONS that are most definitely  OUTSIDE – OUTSIDE – OUTSIDE ...  the BRITISH EMPIRE – & Reader not to forget that the British SAILOR KING George V and his abused son EDWARD VIII (8)  were NEVER GOING TO DESTROY THE GROTE HOMES ... RECORDS CHRISTMAS 1934-1935 :




1958 REGENT STREET last night of





READER :   keep in mind happenings






PLEASANT MATTERS :   ANDRE MALRAUX and me dare walk hand in hand as we did with JOSETTE 1937 SUMMER CLACTON-on-SEA the most BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY of ALL ... We had gone to see the last night of the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS decorations along Regent Street Central London XMAS 1957-1958 =










Mr `Doc Mengele` Harrington had put his 20 years younger blonde curls nurse-wife on ILLEGAL TREACHERY-KILLER 24 hours non-stop WATCH at this Anglo-French CATHOLIC MISSION St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square ... SHE surprised at his rushing in at MIDNIGHT and pushing her aside heard him CURSING & preparing himself by the big main DOOR ... WITH A PAIL OF ACID :    (BOOTS CHEMISTS in Piccadilly is OPEN all night – as Doctor Harrington he could get an ACID - he has his DOCTOR status & sweeping up in THAT expensive BLUE CAR he is well known as a friend of the TOP of the BRITISH PYRAMID FIGURES ! – But later witnesses felt he could easily have ACID in his car and that this was not an unusual form of revenge by DRUG-ADDICTS on those they PIMPED on ... ) 


But Mrs Nurse `Mengle` HARRINGTON had to take THE PAIL OF ACID off him  =  OR HE WOULD NOT HAVE HIS RICH YOUNG & OLD PATIENTS, she rather scared, stumbled to explained ... but she did feel that ANDRE and Greta were to blame – they really should not be in London – he would like BOTH of THEM removed from Society :  IT IS KNOWN TO MANY PERSONS who do not like these FREAKS who have GONE ON HIGH that Mrs & Doctor Mengele Harrington can every month drive to BIRMINGHAM and withdraw from a RANSOM BANK their household expenses – and when abroad they steal from GROTE RANSOM Banks with certain MOONLIGHT DOCUMENTS from 2 Tribes of Aristocrats of SCOTLAND ... (1930s these sub-apes are called by GOOD people  `VERMIN` ... ) 







1950s-1960s :   LONDON is called


code-name SCARLET TOWN by all the


SPIES from all the Embassies –



they all like ANDRE MALRAUX and apparently know of the murky GENOCIDE done by GROSS BRITAIN needy ARISTOCRATS – The Russians are perhaps a little shocked at the immorality of SCARLET TOWN – nevertheless they like to joke that “  young `Greetah` is ANDRE MALRAUX`s daughter by a Russian Princess ... ”  When they retire they hope for the old house a pig in the garden and a little land – logs piled high wintertime and good liquor and reminiscing about careers and brave persons ... they are fond of the once young ANDRE now old HERO ANDRE MALRAUX ...               




These things


happen as you are


growing up : 



Reader comes to have some ideas why – earlier released www gave comfort and GUIDANCE to many  ...


1950s/1960s ...  IT WAS FRIGHTENING OF COURSE ... a moonlight law operated in very BIG gold tasseled BOOTS as THEY got older =  because of their GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN :   THIS NECESSARY CRIME TO STOP EDUCATION TO APES AND ESQUIMOS must not be made PUBLIC – first and foremost their idea of BRITAIN was it MUST be rich and decide in the name of  (A) GOD  ... of course ... OH THESE GROWN-UPS ! 


 “ How they do create and re-create themselves ...”

I think I may have scooped up some ancient LINES and ancient STONES carven to TELL what I am experiencing 1950s ... when I found OLD MONSTERS of the 1930s-1940s mouthing their threats with



So Whitsuntide 1938 dangerous creature Harrington sent to  SPY on young ANDRE MALRAUX whose name has been seen as GUARDIAN the legal WILL of Margaret nee` Ransom Mrs TIGGY GROTE their miracle ESTATE of THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide begun 1864 = TIGGY seeing THE PACIFIC and the well meaning Missionaries – but they were only producing WORKERS for the EMPIRES 19th centuries early 20s – CHILDREN age 2 years onwards employed to make GOODS for THE WEST – those in carriages, lace and satin and with a big GOD – BY THE 1960s this LOT had destroyed their GOD and all GODS ... By 1990s they dim-wits slowly realized or did not ... AND WANTED TO HALT the USA Site NASA of lawful FUNDS ... So they could be frolicking in sex-dope-booze and GOOD TIME GADDING ... Not one of them could run an ICE CREAM STALL or a Burger VAN in honesty  :   






water bottle ... Remember to  plant


lettuce seeds and spinach in the


spring  ...







funding from our 19th century


investments – the WELFARE, the


retirement benefits, the ARTS


and MUSIC ...




I G.R. legally representing GROTE CHILDREN and RANSOM Estate want put back the entire RANSOM Estate and THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide =  for the slain whose blood makes a River around the earth –


Histories of this great Estate approved by A – Z the globe from 1864 show the immense ENLIGHTENMENT it brought to the Globe, especially nations under threat from BULGING EMPIRES  :


STATEMENT by CITY of LONDON,  the ELDERS of 2 World Wars, speaking 1965-66 they gathered all information on this unnatural crime – We do not want this money coming into the City – it belongs in the nations A-Z the THOMAS GROTE HOMES and ancient RANSOM Estate ... That is no Queen young woman it is a shark wrapped in satin – it has put a river of blood around your ankles when you were 5 years old it is now a river around the earth ... ”  


NOTA BENE :  Global controllers electronic technology do not wish this TRAGIC TRUTH distributed again to the Globe as brave attempts from 1946 helped by a few RN figures who had fought both World Wars :  Help was forthcoming into1980s the late 20th century : 

There is nothing  “CONTROVERSIAL ” about these VAST RECORDS always confronted by IGNORANCE forged in GREED ...

Often controversial is every-day untruths fed to a world whose Full Education was denied by EMPIRE 2nd World War – Little nations who agreed and benefited from GROTE RANSOM Estate had their great natural Education trampled upon :  “ End of 2nd World War & glitz lah-di-dah displayed `a GOD` perched on expensive tailoring collar or satin wrapped shoulder 1920s style - the brandy-gin-whiskey bottles in velvet covers ... 1946 were we returning to Empires & cheap child labour from abroad – the 1948 Health Service Act had a struggling return of sanity to towns and shires ...”


21st century :  It is WICKED in any Century to stamp out these young GROTE VICTIMS of a ghastly greedy GENOCIDE to get 2 CLANS rich 1923 onwards ...



COLCHESTER & ESSEX MUSEUMS 1934-1962 ... HAROLD Walter POULTER great Nonconformist and QUAKER FAMILIES

Retired with his mother Margaret 1934 to Hollytrees Mansion Museum next Colchester Castle where he became Deputy Curator Colchester & ESSEX Museums after a career of 20 years plus OUT EAST, Mr Poulter happily worked mostly 16 hour days collections the ESSEX MUSEUMS as well as Colchester Town histories  ( His Yorkshire Quaker mother Margaret made a home the top floor of Hollytrees = on her distaff side one blood line is the family de Quincey – that little well known book ! ) ...

see `1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Clotis Greta Ransom CLACTON-on-SEA & WEST GREENLAND ...) 

 COLCHESTER MUSEUMS – staff – ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom 1953-1976 ... he makes a Pilgrimage when he can the Novembers to `Jo`s Beach Holland-on-Sea ... that SUMMER of 1937 & his return as the WIDOWER May 1945 ...

Mr Poulter comes from the company of Edward FitzGerald `Omar Khayam`, novelist writer G. du Maurier,  Norman Douglas traveler & writer, famous Archaeologists Global


1952 November – Harold Walter POULTER engages a  `Maid of Roman Britain` come to learn in the Castle Keep – repair her education after WAR disruption of known Families  - this is me = Miss Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM b 1933 protected by The Army Garrison CAMULODUNUM-COLCHESTER her first months after birth- when many attacks were made to kill, maim me, the babe who is made `HEIR in TRAINING` to highest educated MARGARET GROTE of a dozen perfect languages plus 50 more, my great-Aunt ...

JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS of 2 dope-growing CLANS are determined to LAY HOLD rob and destroy our great miracle ESTATE the GLOBE = because they are OUT OF POCKET – The British Empire (and the French too) are short of DOUGH for luxurious living  :   an excuse given arrogantly by MOONLIGHT at WESTMINSTER is that education to those not white skinned and not aristocrats will interfere with British Trade ... : 




ENTER`TH   -  the




Victricensis  once TEMPLE OF




CASTLE when William came a


Conquering ...  A YOUNG


EMPEROR OF GAUL looking 7 feet


tall ... name ANDRE MALRAUX ...



he a fellow spirit here of the


world of HISTORIES and


MUSEUMS & “crème-de-la-creme 


thinking ”






Colchester Museums &


Seas Edge Families 



Winter 1953-1954 :  A DAWNING ... then the opening to us all of HELL ... as if we had entered a painting of Hieronymus Bosch ... Persecutions and deaths followed upon the 1938=1945 2ND World War  GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN planned and expertly carried out by 2 SCOTS Tribes with some SCANDINAVIA DEVILS  -  Already ongoing is the extinction of the WEDDELL FAMILIES of SOUTH  AMERICA– they of a QUAKER ROMAN CATHOLIC Marriage to the high educated INCA ... I from 1930s through the 40s am called `APE ESKIMO` by these GENOCIDERS ... who had me born on a HEARSE ... “Trouble for this Noble Family claiming you is that you keep getting off ...”    (Arthur Malone `Politian` LAW DETECTIVE)  





PETER  Rathbone  Ransom


Whitehead  - 1970-1998


Also of FamilIES of Misses BESSIE




williams –



My only son – a victim of this allowed GENOCIDE :  Photographer-philosopher-kindly practical boy (ask his school friends MANOR PREP. Abingdon,  MILLBROOKE HOUSE MILTON  (across the lane at the Manor is Margery Mokla – she & late husband knew his grandfathers :  local family Philip Henry Rathbone Whitehead and GLOBAL families RANSOM  grandpa FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM  (Pete knew neither because of their very early deaths 1953 and 1969)  He continued to a School called STANBRIDGE whose connections to old retired educationalists had them ask the name of the mother – “RANSOM”  !!   Some had stayed pre-war at the miracle settlements worldwide of THOMAS GROTE HOMES – Pete got some protection because they knew of the disgusting GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ... and they knew those who carried out this mass murder worldwide to STOP EDUCATION of orphans and disadvantaged so that from 1937 BRITAIN COULD BE RICH ... 

P.R.W. known to all as `little Pete` even when he was 6`2ins. tall ... born 1970 21st April Oxford,  PETER RATHBONE RANSOM et al family names, father PJP WHITEHEAD – fishes British Museum NATURAL HISTORY ...  : 




1998 - `LITTLE PETE `


photographer has died


full of youth 27 years, in





end of EMPIRE GREED ...




(see DEBRETT Peerage for history of Families since a great-great grandfather JAMES of ORTON Cumbria became London Lord Mayor Extraordinary 1888-1889 & with Quaker friend WILLIAM RATHBONE Liverpool raised a fortune to send to SHANGHAI Famine victims – I meet the grandchildren of some 1986, 1988 China  :  The families Whitehead and Rathbone 1897 unitied in a marriage Ethel R. and Rowland W. (Wallingford histories)

 A DEBRETT 1934  entry for FROBISHER has my name added to that of my grandfather Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom only surviving son of Millicent FROBISHER   ( she unfortunately another grandchild of an Earl of Crawford Lindsay – 1907/8he put his 12 years old heir to have a `nap`  down an experimental chamber sunk 2 miles offshore – an old boatman said he did tell the Earl the time the tide would be in – that Earl seems to have died 1910 ... ”  ( Newspapers of Court Case where the Earl tried claim from an Insurance Company a vast amount could be seen in various old houses and churches East Anglia 1930s ) ...


A copy of a 1934 DEBRETT entry for FROBISHER was seen late 1970s but 1930s the new Earl & others seemed nervous & insisted all documents be destroy on this main-line FROBISHER Family – this was in 1937 :   another newspaper `whoopee` c `1917 has the alarming Court Reports on the Florida Orange Groves – the destruction by 2 Lindsay 2nd cousins of my great grandmother Millie Lindsay`s inheritance passed to her son Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom (my grandpa)  Mill died 1897 age 33 years old – her son 14 years was hidden by a distant branch of the families :  The chaos done would harm the Orange trade of Florida for 30 years ...



The powerfully organized GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 2nd World War required 1950s-1960s more on-going `HUNTING of BIG and LITTLE GAME`  with its blood and gore theft etc. - THUS to keep world newspapers & a Media from asking the QUESTION poised late February early March 1960 on foreign newspapers ...


... “ WHERE ARE THE GROTE CHILDREN Britannia-Scotland-Mother England ” :    But a French courier sent by General de Gaulle and Andre Malraux to New York had his package robbed on return to `Gaul` - he was required to wait 2 or more hours in a hotel – given food and drink – knocked out – important WILLS, documents removed ... Spring 1960 3 more good people were murdered including the elder daughter of Philip Silverlea Argentine-Britain pupil of Butterworth killed 1916 Great War – both of Radley College School  - near Wallingford : – Reader can turn to NIGHTWATCH 1960 The COLNE ENGAINE – this is in the `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts called `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, Clacton-on-sea and WEST GREENLAND – first released in this form 2011 January ...


1960 COLNE ENGAINE NIGHT WATCH results & USA - early March Release  = LAW advice London & Globe : 

TO HALT THE on-going KILLINGS  :  Cunning Bog Trotters who were used to riding over the next door lands when short of BRASS were to hand back to nations A-Z the Globe the seashores they had destroyed and the contents of the Banks they had robbed in the name of  “ an Imperial woman ” :   Matters similar to those novelist WALTER SCOTT did not dare to write upon would be exposed and immediately would begin removal of shackles of poverty from nations A-Z the globe ...



As young writer 1920s early 1930s ANDRE MALRAUX encountered EMPIRES out in ASIA – try `Storm in Shanghai` (La Conditione humaine ) and DAYS of WRATH/or Contempt – this is reality first part 20th century ... a guide, stepping-stones to those times is in 1930s DARK VALLEY Piers Brendon published 2,000 ... and there is my assembly of Records from he and my families, Clacton residents, and myself who sit with Diary writer LEN Immanuel RANSOM telling of `THE WONDERFUL HOLIDAY` - his mother JEAN my ballerina Grandmother says October 1937 as we talk “ then NEVER WAS THERE SUCH A HOLIDAY” ... The events of 1937 can be followed colour-code GREENS issued on 2011 AD ... (although there is much more being added to other Records – Reader meets real people ...)   





PETE – P.RR.W.   His work is beginning on


P E T E   ( age 3 years his photo is at the introduction page to JIMDO web)  - 

features in this gathering SAGA of GROTE HOMES & ANDRE MALRAUX – Document in 3 Parts `scaffolding` issued 31st January 2011 AD “ 1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis, Greetah Ransom, CLACTON-on-SEA & WEST GREENLAND ... ”  


1937 work – I have found some KITCHEN common-sense  “JO will make a soup – as she learned in the kitchen of her mother her relatives ... and Toulouse ”  ...


 and some ICE CAVES cookery and storage for Foul Wintertimes our 1770 ISLAND POUL GRONLANDER ... FOOD from the girlhood of Aunt MAG –


1864 Miss Margareth Ransom of Jacopsholmen Island WEST GREENLAND makes a marriage to TIGGY (Thomas Immanuel GROTE- of Grote Brokers NEW YORK the RANSOM family Brokers USA beginning 1831 – MARGARET`s grandfather F. RANSOM purchased lawfully 

“1812 - to-day I hath purchased a PARCIL of land 19 acres the NEW YORK ...”


RANSOM families - Handwritten diaries ... some are LIFE BOOKS from 1st century ROMAN BRITAIN AD ... written then in Arabic and Latin ... by 7th centuries AD written in Early English, LATIN, a Mediterranean language ... We are lawful honourable SEA TRADERS from B.C. out of UDEWALLA taking Mediterranean wives but natural scholars of sensibility and progress which means FOOD STORES for the SEASONS and a good KITCHEN kept ...









THOMAS GROTE HOMES ... and all Families


related and those of the vast world wide


Estate  ( RANSOM families who are 14 Races


and 27 Nations over 2,000 years



INFORMATION – NIGHT WATCH the histories of Dr JOHN RAY Ransom and others and and www.greetahransom.wordpress  ...


I grew up with my genealogy and they of 2,000 years sent me sometimes Birthday presents & there were many Greetings at Christmastimes and other Festival that they keep ... we know them down the centuries and are in correspondence and have visits ...