Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges


TLS review January 25th  2013 -  published GALLIMARD - nearly 2,000 pages :  “ ROMANS, RECITS, NOUVELLES ” = 72.50 Euro :  


Because he is linked to this work I want to consider his suicide March 1945 :   this history has shown to the READER  so many murders described conveniently as suicide or accident -  especially 20th century … This is always because of Imperial GREED over our `ELDORADO` the worldwide GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts = and the honest earned moneys we have made down the centuries  : 


ARRIVAL of Professor & Mrs (Shropshire) WINNCLEMANN

to our SEAS EDGES :    1943/1945 = Clacton-on-Sea : 

They both knew him in Paris & on the Continent  : 


… HORROR - 2nd World WAR = concerning our ESTATE :  

1944 -  GROTE HOMES CHILDREN SLAUGHTERED on Continent of Europe :


1945  I Greetha Ransom, have already heard this past last XMASTIDE 1944/1945 of an Officer of the British Army shot at dawn because he would not join a `Captain` LINDSAY/LINDSEY & kill the children in a GROTE HOME so that the British Government could have the lands to sell and make Britain a rich nation again : 


… Recently my aunt ATS Miss Win Gordon received a letter from his distraught widow with 2 children - the valet to her husband had smuggled his last letters away at midnight … AND THEN HE WAS SHOT AT DAWN Orders Given by a superior called LINDSAY (perhaps LINDSEY)  -





…  it was known from the letter whom this exactly was amongst our LINDSAY-LINDSEY very distant relatives insisting ALL our POSSESSIONS, we RANSOM & GROTE HOMES,  doth BELONG to THEM :  all details & names are given in two letters from this young widow with 2 children - one letter may have come from her Solicitor  : 


…  Miss Auntie Win tells me it has been past to others :  it is none of my business - that I am a child at school - I should be learning ALGEBRA :   My Aunt knows many fashionable Aristocrats from the 1920s-1930s including ANGELA now a Queen :


…  I want to learn LATIN and she says only CATHOLIC young men learn LATIN :   My mother is known to be MAD - she goes to parties at back of Palaces & Admiralty and on big Ships … and they spend all night in some parts of WHITEHALL because something is happening in the WAR :   She is always with a bottle of brandy in her big bag :   She comes from the Roaring 20s … and she is violent & I and both brothers have been seen in SCHOOL cut, bruised … BUT HER CHUMS ARE THE HIGHEST IN

THE LAND :   It is worse than Medieval : 


2nd World WAR ENDING :   Mr & Mrs WINNCKLEMANN are so kind and interesting - there is MUSIC and we listen to RICHARD WAGNER … I sew & Mrs WINNCLEMANN will crochet … we walk their old dog on the seafront or across the REC  (Recreation ground) … FLYING BOMBS go overhead …


… I live in the house THE END OF THE REC Vista Road … it is magic - a miniature Edwardian house with Summer house, a wide light staircase, a miniature goldfish pool & rose trellis work :

There is an OAK TREE and two great water barrels for soft water :  A scullery and a big kitchen with range and high dresser … cupboards from floor to ceiling - east facing breakfast room with French windows … A small balcony connects the two big bedrooms at the front of the house :   My room is tiny and faces North-EAST-East …


… my mother born 1906 friend of NOBLES & ANGELA born 1900 who has a Crown now, has sold my blankets and sheets leaving me one thin blanket & counterpane & an old sheet - I am told this is because I WAS NOT TO BE BORN :   I get some clothes belonging to my father out of a Wardrobe to give extra warmth in the two cold winters 1943/44 and 1944/45 = 


…my mother spends many pounds every week on herself - she uses TAXIS to go `Dinner Dance Dedham` twice a week :   It is better when she stays away in London :   She and these NOBLE things all tell lies - steal - and play at MATA HARI still :   But they are enjoying ANOTHER WAR :    They eat and drink very well at their frequent gatherings :   THEY ARE THE BRITISH EMPIRE AT THE VERY PINNACLE - the TOP OF THE PYRAMID :


… The garden at the back has an Oak tree, and the favourite flowers of my father - he likes the colour orange - my colours are yellow & lavender :  I am told by SHEshe Teresa Gordon Mrs R   “ He will not come back - HE is going to be killed … huh huh old Girl … YOU you are NOT getting away from me ! …” 


This house is called PURLEIGH but I always write it as `Pearly` :

1937 SUMMER I sat by the sandpit on the tiny hill just outside the garden fence and bushes with ANDRE MALRAUX - he scribbling in his notebook …we have 6 weeks of SUMMER HAPPINESS … we go wandering while JOSETTE has some peace to write … she earns her own moneys since she is 15 years of age … then we return to the house off Marine Parade with things in the garden we can eat & we all see to Supper … and go dancing in the Blue Lagoon or other places … we call on Granny Mary Gordon just widowed March 1937 & ANDRE is avid to hear her talking on IRELAND and the GREAT WAR & eagerly looks at hundreds of photographs  : 


…  We may go on the Pier in the rain - where he, nervous still from the blood & gore of the SPAIN WAR,  reaches up to the night sky and PULLS DOWN THE STARS to light our way  :   My father & family are in SPAIN at a rescue that failed - a young cousin 22 years burned to death in a vat of hot MARMALADE by the PREMIER EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY MOB … who insisted that chum ANGELA with a Crown had now given THEM this little Estate and NO OLD ESKIMOS ARE ALLOWED MAKE WILLS :  


SPAIN :   This Estate owned by relatives, Ethiopian Missionaries,  has small factory that gives local employment -  our Cousin was awarded a Decoration at Buckingham Palace 1938 - I went with his mother - she not to know his fate - The medal was `for sticking at his Post`  :   I saw THE OLD LOG of THE SEA from Scandinavia at this ceremony - who glared at me - I pretended not to notice him or know him :    I am 5 years old and have travelled NORD to SUD POLES for 8 months :   I am heir to my Aunt Margaretha nee Ransom the widow of THOMAS Immanuel GROTE :  whom these Noble brutes call OLD ESKIMO :   She is one of the most clever women, and kindest, in the world :  


… 1937 SUMMER - MALRAUX is not to know where RANSOM family have gone …  or he may return to SPAIN and try get some of our dozens of little planes & START THE WAR UP AGAIN :  But WE DO NOT FIGHT - it is TIGGY LAW for the HOMES  … `although you MAY have to consider this one day` …


1937 October :   ANDRE & JOSETTE they went away - and he had his post stolen so he did not know he was GUARDIAN not just to me but to worldwide GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate :  & another horrible WAR began :


   but in 1944/1945 …  I , age 11 years, cannot remember now back to 1938 & 1939 and the beginning of an unbelievable obscene future GENOCIDE of the worldwide family philanthropy GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN  : 


































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Becos` I age 12 present May 1945 hearing of his death 2-3 months ago … sorrowful news as MALRAUX tells in soft voice of  JO dead horribly only 7 months ago = DRIEU good friend the GODFATHER to Vincent born 10th March 1944 - I am the child with them 1937 SUMMER - & he accepted happily Oct. 1937 to be my Guardian :


 I cannot forget this date - I am born 11th March 1933 - I have hole in my skull March 1945 - Teresa Gordon R.  has kicked me down the stairs for my birthday - she is DOPED with her NOBLES who have had a GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 1938-1944 going on until 1954 PARIS & MEXICO  …  ?  HOLE found 1953 !    It will heal in 30 years hospital say - do not lean back on anything :  Missing bit of skull will work its way down spine dissolving as it travels !!! 


I remember going into the great Church & praying under the Black wood from Brazil biggest roof put up since Medieval times …  “ Dear Saints & Great Angels  `Could I DIE instead of JO - she come alive …”     1944 June grandmother Mary Helena Gordon  has been poisoned by SHE TGR after a big party in London - Admiralty or Westminster … NOBLES have had a good time in WAR :






1945 May-June  - Clacton-on-Sea :   I Greta Ransom age 12 years, am present when Professor & Mrs WINNCLEMANN are talking to Georges-Andre Colonel MALRAUX …  It is about a man just died with this name = Pierre DRIEU la Rochelle - he  friend of Andre & dead JO a railway line 7/8 months ago …


DRIEU :    1944 March HE BECAME GODFATHER TO THE LAST SON BORN 10th MARCH 1944   :    I GR cannot forget the date because my birthday is 11th March & Andre MALRAUX will remark on this & again the last years of 1950s = 1957-1959 :   he will say  ` … two birthdays this month March - 10th and 11th  -  Vincent and Greta …`


1945 March - he is dead … age 50 or so …


1944 late October - did JOSETTE CLOTIS telephone him for advice ???  She is upset at the contents of the two packages from USA she collected in Paris - Andre told her to look at an address they used before the WAR - just as they were parting - she to return to Tulles & their two children - he off to somewhere :  


MEMORANDUM :   this is the address where ANDRE MALRAUX received October 1938 a short handwritten letter from MARGARET GROTE aunt of Greta Ransom - it says she is pleased he will be GUARDIAN …  he will hear more :   she believes, as others, he knows of the GROTE HOMES and the RANSOM ESTATE worldwide - and that Greta Ransom is heir & her young Uncle LIR co- & sub heir  :   She does not know of the TRAGIC RESCUE that fails to rescue 22 years old Cousin from SPAIN - he persecuted by LINDSAY-LINDSEY GANG … they boiled him in marmalade saying ANGELA gave them this

Estate after her Coronation :   







1960 January-February :   I Greta Ransom, who have been abused all the 1950s by the insane TGR (my mother) and her insane posh chums LINDSAYbuggarhs … smart Naval young dope-soaks … And from 1953 October-November a queer thing in high heeled boots called `MENGELE` - its PLAYBOY blue car sometimes has a sign `MEMBER of the ROYAL HOUSEHOLD`  -  Hearing that ANDRE MALRAUX came frequently to Miss Greta Ransom & staff at COLCHESTER MUSEUM, her families GORDON and people MALRAUX had known since 1937 … this ex-PRISONER ex-NUT HOUSE patient since age 17 years for serious crimes … Doctor `MENGELE` age 42 years began to persecute THE STAFF of the COLCHESTER & ESSEX MUSEUMS, Colchester Castle Keep and Hollytrees Mansion Museum - he made it clear he worked for THE CROWN :   Colchester Curators and Staff work for the Government & Crown … THIS MANIAC CALLED ITSELF   “ PHYSICIAN APPOINTED BY THE MALRAUX FAMILY TO ANDRE MALRAUX ”    : 


Born 1912 Scotland `MENGELE` known as Doctor HARRINGTON about London Town /sometimes calls himself ESTERHAZY/    He is a TRICKY BLACKMAILER TO VERY YOUNG RICH MEN - and a BLACKMAILER  to ANDRE MALRAUX over his two sons of JOSETTE & he MALRAUX =  Summer 1947 discovering the MARRIAGE of GRACE Permission THE VATICAN of HEIR & GUARDIAN … he quickly has used a couple of FRENCH DOCTORS to have CUSTODY these boys born 1940 & 1944 transferred to CLARA & MESSALINA …



= therefore Education at AMPLEFORTH R.C. SCHOOL   ( 4 TOLKIEN sons educate here  /LORD OF THE RING etc )    is DENIED them by   “ two cats who run a disorderly household … a fat man called Sir JAMES who has been an unsuitable PARIS companion since the 1920s … various British coin less Nobles …” … … 


… …  “  … AND A QUEER PHYSICIAN DISAPPROVED OF, MAINLY,  BY THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, Child … ”    :    Unfortunately this CRIMINALLY INSANE MANIAC has met with General and Mrs de GAULLE & Family during the 2nd World Wartime when they found SANCTUARY in ENGLAND - and had the Suffolk Country House as well as accommodation London 1941-1944 … From the LIBERATION of FRANCE `Mengele` HARRINGTON can BOOT IN on Mrs de GAULLE in the family country home …  & he brings her strange knitting yarns from around the globe …    AND from 1950 `MENGELE`  plays a role of being an important SURGEON & BRAIN SURGEON - He is a mere quick course G.P. of Hong Kong 1946-1948 :   


1981 London :   Only his DIVORCE 1981 revealed in newspapers his LACK of qualifications - he had then to be BANNED by 1982 by the British Medical Association  :    Representatives of Foreign Nations and from their Press came to the Divorce of Doctor HARRINGTON/Esterhazy … It was not revealed that he is a powerful HYPNOTIST … learning in the 1930s … progressing with many powders and DOPES & pretends to be experimenting for the BRITISH HEALTH SERVICE : 


HARRINGTON/Esterhazy etc :     He is seen about with PHILIP MOUNTBATTEN and friends - he has helped his mother-in-law overcome addictions since 1951 :   His boasts and photo flash are all intimidating to young people in all walks of life :    He has by 1960 a big Team in British Naval Intelligence etc that he can `call upon` … this is sometimes called `training ground`  


`Mengele` HARRINGTON has access to LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs & other BAD BLOOD Scotland Nobles :    1948 a LUNATIC, Lord Dave Lindsey with his gang,  has got hold of CANADA … destroying for quick money the great piece of RANSOM ESTATE functioning in CANADA since 18th century =  you could say since 1109/1110 AD  when we RANSOM FAMILY direct line of REDEMPTIO = RANSOM of ROMAN BRITAIN made a marriage to the daughter of an INDIAN Chief at the future Montreal … …

NOTA BENE :     We can always read and write very well - from centuries BC when we come out of JUTLAND & go SEA TRADING to the MEDITERRANEAN … OUR SEAS HISTORIES MAKE THESE PIMPS very JEALOUS - they destroy the ICELANDERS Records too … :  

ANDRE MALRAUX from his mother Bertha roams back to 9th century Family HISTON … FISHING -SEA TRADING-FARMING … the area of Castle Rising :     




1957 autumn :  these criminally insane can BOOT IN to the MALRAUX residence & CATHOLIC MISSION at 50 Lancaster Gate Square London by the Parks - the staff of the Mission are very young - one called KIT/Christopher is murdered October 1957 because he and a friend know a woman who knew a Mrs GROTE pre-War :    The paedophile sadist called `Doctor Mengele` and doll like Nurse wife can BOOT IN here too - they open ALL POST & receive ALL TELEPHONE MESSAGES to ANDRE MALRAUX :    Arthur Malone Detective-Law = our POLITIAN  the Tutor to the Medici children   - employed for No 50 for Greta & as Staff Detective since October 1957  ( called in by friends of my Gordon family from 1930s )     is in 1960 January    “ … … …  we are now anxious that NONE OF THOSE YOUNG BOYS young MEN really …  working with us at No 50 …  are worried by any of this … they have their lives ahead of them …  ”  



1954 -  Soon with his 3 ex-Kenya Army thugs came a tiny fat man called `dirty JIMMIE` from WHITES CLUB Saint James` - he even addressed me October 1953 as `GREETAH` … & said that Teresa my mother had telephoned him immediately he got back (recently)  from KENYA :   he had no idea until Christmas of my complete loss of memory of him pre-War and during the War 1939-1944 :   WHY DO WE NOT GET MORE HELP ?   AH - it is quickly made clear who is used as the head of this UP THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD … & DIRTY JIM is now a SIR JAMES since New Year 1954

  A Scotland & Scandinavia CULLING to get hold of lands and moneys from the innocent & vulnerable :    It is old 1920s ROARING circles and their offspring KILLING for `DOUGH `  :  


















NIGHTWATCH Colne Engaine January = I do NOT recall hearing in the Reports read to me that JO telephoned to DRIEU :   I hear `that she had gone down the hill to a village-small town  friend has husband quasi-resistance - that she had wanted a message urgently sent to ANDRE


Detectives, colleagues, friends were in shock over the death of `that young girl JO` … Arthur Malone says `we may not tell ANDRE too much here … he has to KEEP THAT JOB … but that girl JO has had to die because of this … PHIL is going over to talk with them down there … (Toulouse ?) 


1960 January - The Clotis family had no information on 1944 postal packets ? :  1944 end October her mother had just arrived to visit - JO does not seem to have worried her ?  :   We do know that Josette went to see her friend in the village below - she told her she HAD to get a message to him :   It went via 3 or 4 resistance helpers - no names or places, no handwriting :  Malraux after her death heard `she was worried about an island` :  2 years later one of the resistance workers recalled another phrase -  this did not give Malraux any idea the importance of her message of Nov 1944


“ …1944 October the BRITISH CONSUL SENT TWO GUNMEN TO SHOOT ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette - BUT HE WAS AWAY :  ”   This seems to have been ` around London town` 1950s :   Probably WHITES CLUB or NAVAL INTELLIGENCE - from the world of SPIES ? …  But it can only be understood by those who know that MALRAUX is GUARDIAN the vast GROTE RANSOM ESTATE = Greta & Len HEIRS  :



1960 January - the 2nd week at COLNE ENGAINE :

 I GR have a NIGHTWATCH shared by 2 persons  :   Arthur Malone is some distance away in the Marsh End cottages - These helpers at night have guns :   they feel they are in danger too :   The GHOST HOUSE cottage across this tiny meadow is not yet rented from Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester & Essex Museums - that is mid-February 1960 :  


1960 January :  REPORTS on PIERRE DRIEU la ROCHELLE  :  

… that she, Josette, perhaps regarded this friend of Andre Malraux as a `father figure` =  he is near 20 years older than she … I only recall vaguely I had that impression … amongst the startling news from Phil Silverlee talking that week with the CLOTIS family - but I may have gathered much spring-SUMMER 1945 from Professor & Mrs WINNCLEMAN talking to ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX - he in SHOCK from her horrible painful DEATH the last November 1944 !  


2008-2011 AD -  In `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts  “ 1937 SUMMER etc ”  I have tried keep with the descending years … even so matters are not always followed easily when things have not been fully understood at the time :     A DETECTIVE NOVELS READER PERHAPS WOULD SOLVE SOME MATTERS QUICKLY = =I AM PAINFULLY CLOSE TO ALL THE DEAD of a gigantic GENOCIDE - I SEE THEM, HEAR THEM, CALL THEM BY NAMES  : 



NOTA BENE :   1960 January :  COLNE ENGAINE - Detective friends colleagues for ANDRE MALRAUX are in shock at this FRAUD & GENOCIDE by British Aristocrats - this should be understood by Readers :   The eminent Philip Silverlee rushes to FRANCE 1960 January to talk with the CLOTIS FAMILY - it is only 16 years since the death of Josette in a fall from a railway train - she was seeing her mother off from the railway station :   ( Is Madam Clotis alive in January 1960 - the information seems to suggest she is ?  =  OR HAS  Doctor`Mengele` VISITED HER & SHE IS DEAD ? ? ) 



READER keep in mind that next month February 1960  Philip Silverlee takes Plane to NEW YORK - his daughter in Buenos Aries has got amazing legal papers that should have come to ANDRE MALRAUX 1937 and 1938 May :   Together they go to GROTE  BROKERS who had to amalgamate with another firm after the CRIME of VILE ROBBERY by LINDSAY-LINDSEY in name of ANGELA - they cunningly robbed  we legal holders of our RANSOM 19 acres under New York purchased 1801:  Helpers here are JIM JONG & Maurice brother of Clara Malraux he assisting NEW YORK learning OF PROPERTIES ON THE RANSOM 19 ACRES under the City - this is unlawful & is preparation for the THEFT  - it is a cunning Mafia type slithering investigation  `1941 - 1948 :


MEMO :   Maurice is in WHITES Club 28th December 1953 to hear WHAT IS HIS SHARE when the moneys are got by SUMMER 1954 :   I tricked into there had him say at me `you destroyed the marriage of my sister`  :  As it was Christmas a suitable remark would have been `Its Christmas have another DRINK` - A WAY OF HANDLING THOSE WHO HAD TAKEN TOO MUCH LIQUOR !   But I was not old enough to be smart at 20 years - I was anxious to get my train to COLCHESTER CASTLE where I work …










If not too small

  type face -








FOLLOWING is the first and 2nd Report given to Arthur Malone 1960 mid-January & last week of February  - some read to me January & early February 1960 the following information is what has been given to Philip Silverlee :    `THAT GIRL HAS DIED BECAUSE OF THIS … WE MAY NOT TELL ANDRE … not yet … he has to go on with that job …`  Malone January 1960 :


“ … As we see it … she that girl Jo - is in SHOCK over 2 packages sent from New York from Solicitors & BROKERS : 

In letters she is asked `COULD ANDRE MALRAUX account for the sums drawn on the cheque book sent him 1938/39`   

The sums are BIG ONES ~ Josette is heard by her mother saying `BUT HE HAS NOT HAD A CHEQUE BOOK` - her mother thought she was writing a story :   Her mother recalled her daughter writing a name again and again in her exercise book … it began with a G … Mrs Clotis felt that her daughter HAD to write to have some money to look after herself and her tiny sons = she was unhappy that he had not bothered to get a divorce !   She had come to see her grandsons  … … …  ”


“  ANDRE was not there - JO did not know where he was = she knew that the things she had heard you that Summer 1937 at Clacton were true  :   The letters New York go on to write about an ARTIC ISLAND & a family de SALLE of PARIS thrown out of your big warm house IN THE ARCTIC for CHRISTMAS 1939 - We learn from our helpful sources that they were evicted from the warm and comfortable RANSOM house by armed soldiers & JIMMIE calling himself an Army Major = a couple of weeks before Christmas day  :  … it could not be worse we fear … ”


` Josette read in a letter   “ It is feared the parents and two small sons are dead but it is reported by CANADIAN Coastguards that the two teenage girls are alive ”   

 “  The British will not allow access to the Island off XRISTENSHARB :    Can ANDRE MALRAUX as GUARDIAN to the ESTATE help ? …  ”  




1960 mid-February -  PHILIP SILVERLEE in City of London hears on the telephone from his daughter what is in the carbon copy letters Argentine … the old solicitors employed by RANSOM families since 1830 :

1960 February - Arthur Malone says `Phil is going over to New York ... only way … talk … see what can be found … he will meet his daughter on her plane coming in from Buenos Aries `    


1944 March - Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE :   is GODFATHER to Vincent son of JO & ANDRE MALRAUX

1944 late OCTOBER, leaving Paris after their last parting -  ANDRE MALRAUX is in resistance - going to Alsace Lorraine … JOSETTE reads the American POST she has collected from an address he and she used PRE-WAR  = at their parting that day ANDRE suggested she just call before getting her train back to TULLES and on to the Chateau to their tiny sons - Pierre born 1940 has a Birthday 5th November 1944 


1944 November JOSETTE in shock from USA POSTAL PACKETS = 

End of October 1944 -  Her mother arrived in 2 days - Not at all happy this alliance with a married man  - Madam Clotis wished to see her two grandsons :   TENSION : 


1944 … Madam Clotis has JO walking about saying to herself  `BUT HE HAS NOT HAD A CHEQUE BOOK ` … writing again & again a name GROTE :  her mother thinking she was writing a story to earn a living for she & 2 baby sons - he not there - No she did not remember the name - only it began with a G  :   Her daughter had earned her own living from age 15 years by writing - at first Mrs Clotis would check her work … but she did not need to now :  HE WAS NOT THERE !  WINTER COMING ON !    The place too big & cold :  Her daughter did NOT KNOW where HE was !    This man who had not bothered to divorce his old wife … disgracing her good Clotis family :


WHAT DO TRAINS 1944 November branch lines TULLES to CHARENTES look like - DO THEY HAVE A CORRIDOR ?   It is REPORTED `when she fell they the two GUNMEN FLED `





NOTA BENE :    1944 SUMMER - LIBERATION of PARIS - the Prison & Nut Houses sentenced paedophile HARRINGTON born 1912 :   A killer since his early years - knows JIM JONG as Clara & circle do - his CHINESE mother has a nice flat in PARIS = Seen at a table a popular café with CLARA MALRAUX …


…  He engaged to work for BRITISH LORDS since summer 1938 spying on ANDRE MALRAUX when LINDSAY-LINDSEY et al & JIMMIE JONG all childhood friends of ANGELA learned to their HORROR they were to be denied ELDORADO of OLD ESKIMO = LEGAL WILL SEEN 1938 when JIM killed MARGARET nee RANSOM widow MRS THOMAS Immanuel GROTE  :    these British aristocrats had schemed killed swindled cheated on cheques on the Estate since 1890s  …


… 1920s-1930s BOOTED IN on isolated smaller GROTE HOMES - tried to lay hands on RANSOM paintings - Harold MacMillan nearly succeeded 1934 GREECE - found out he was `A penniless Aristocrat - BANNED for LIFE by GREEK PARLIAMENT : he tried molest the GREEK older girls : 


1969 MALRAUX deceived GUARDIAN, with 3 RANSOM brothers,  has done a Catalogue of the ART WORKS in  GROTE HOMES - he says without exaggeration `she, a Goddess from the Snows, had more than Louvre …`  :







PIERRE DRIEU la ROCHELLE - some Readers may like to comment on his suicide … or murder because of his knowledge of worldwide GROTE HOMES worldwide & the eminent quiet woman of many languages he will have known of in Capital cities … especially ROME …  


Possibly by the perfect French speaking GUNMAN of the FALL from the TRAIN of JOSETTE 9th November 1944 it could so easily be HARRINGTON -WHO ELSE WOULD SAY TO HER   ` I CAN TAKE THESE CHILDREN OFF YOU - YOU ARE NOT MARRIED to ANDRE MALRAUX …`




1944 - 9th November - Did they FLEE ?  :

Or did HARRINGTON now search the empty CHATEAU … call at the Hospital where the dying JOSETTE was … say he would send a Surgeon from PARIS ???



1947 calling himself a Medical Doctor HARRINGTON was seen with a BOY FRIEND at the CHATEAU searching in the Cupboard where JOSETTE & MALRAUX kept writings-memorabilia etc - also the autobiography of her early years by MARGARET GROTE  :    Clara Malraux, divorced, gave him sentenced paedophile HARRINGTON  permission to do this :


1952-1953 :   British London hospitals soon added  Doctor `Mengele` … 1952-1953 Reports given of 3 Operations he did  “ looked as if a screwdriver had been taken to the patient … a woman died under the hands of DOC MENGELE HARRINGTON … her husband dead in 2nd World War & a Cambridge Graduate had given private tuition to Greta Ransom 1938 & 1939 :  


READERS may wonder about  SUICIDE of DRIEU March 1945  …   or MURDER ?  with a poison needle  by the future Doctor `Mengele`  HARRINGTON old sordid paedophile of PARIS & the CONTINENT & SCOTLAND  :   He is paid very good wages by GROSS BRITAIN LORDS & coin-less SONS  to get rid of anyone who knows of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES …


MARGARET nee Ransom GROTE :    1920s-1930s -  DRIEU  had perhaps been in an eminent setting Paris,  Rome,  New York & met a brilliant minded & many languages quiet spoken blue oval eyed woman of a WEST GREENLAND Island Jacopsholmen called Margaret Grote - Her great grandfather genius POUL GRONLANDER distinguished Northern Chinese ancestors educated ESKIMO-FRENCH young mother :


… Margaret Grote born 1840s is protected all her life by human beings of all Nations - she is murdered by JIM JONG PIMP for his MOONLIGHT EMPLOYERS `Certain SCOTS LORDS `    :

… it is generally known her husband TIGGY who founded the HOMES in 1864 WAS murdered  by BRITISH ARISTOCRATS eager to grab at the ESTATE …


I GR report from first hand observation :  Reports & records of many persons of high intelligence & experience of EMPIRE IGNORANCE & GREED :    To follow it is necessary to read   (recommend 40 minutes in bed at night)  the `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts released 2011 AD called  ` 1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, CLACTON-on-SEA & WEST GREENLAND …`  


     Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM …
















NNB :    THE British & Scandinavian ARISTOCRATS ordering  the DEATH of MALRAUX Guardian 1938 onwards & all the RANSOM family & HEIRS 1880s onwards to this GREATEST circle of PHILANTHROPY these criminally insane PIMPS call `ELDORADO` :    From my observations, encounters with these titled killers they are best described as composed at bed-rock of the following   READERS may find suitable additional qualities :


1890s-1920s :   BEDROCK of the MIND of BRITISH ARISTOCRATS & foreign relatives :

They have read TRILBY by Gerald du Maurier & learn hypnotic-mesmerism tricks - adding heavy handed SEDATION powders & mixtures  /

They speak phrases inspired by the Books `BULLDOG DRUMMOND`/ `RAFFLES` /& act out MATA HARI and quip they are RUMPLESTILTSKIN when they have pulled off a ROBBERY…

Music they like is `TIGER RAG` & `DEATH MARCH of SAUL` etc

They are given to Moonlight Violence = ideas from WITCHES GHOULS & GHOSTS & have little snips of The FUTURISTS propaganda   (= a reaction to WARS in its commencement)  and some study HYPNOTISM,  admire & employ `JUNK-FRAUD-BALLS & BUNKUM JAW` of the Satin Couch hookers …


…  have  belief in a GOD who has sent them as NOBLE PERSONS a lifetime of HEDONISM :   Amongst them are persons committing horrible CRIMES who INSIST they are STUDYING CRIME at a professional level :    THEY ARE ALL DANGEROUS & with heavy DOPE use, some since children just in 2 figures of age, can LIE & LIE - & will take bestial revenge if their victims do not believe them :    THEY ARE ALL GREEDY & KILL for MONEY :





1970/1971 - “ THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING PEOPLE FOR THIS MONEY - We knew about it when I was in the CITY … YOU are TOO YOUNG to be in CONTROL of this, Peter … Greetah was kept from her Father and his Family …  … … ” 


 (  The SPEAKER knows persons in the City & about the globe who say more forcibly   ` then Peter, your twin Rowland is not an honest man … he has known too much about this great piece of SOCIAL ENGINEERING since he entered the City of London & settled briefly at ROTHSCHILDS - they advised him of more suitable employment - he and you come of QUAKER NONCONFORMIST Families … You and he do not wish to understand RANSOM-GROTE an ESTATE girdling the earth which ACTS the GOSPELS out and brings HOPE to peoples of all Nations … But you do know that it is utterly disapproved of by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS and CROWNS … who have organised the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN the entire world 1938-1954 :    the children they feared because they are educating to 18-22 years and further … in PEACEFUL ACTIVITIES - medicine-sciences-music-administration-gymnastics-arts-horticulture & branches … and much RESEARCH … )  



`SANCTUS SPIRITUS`   continues : 










h. h. END OF DRIEU …