Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges


2A - horrendous DEATH JO 1944=

3.  LIR 1938 saw HARRINGTON=PLAY peek-a-boo at Naval ratings=Woman with child says PERVERT posh=what can be done ?

4.   1938 LIR sees HARRINGTON a baby pervert=PLAYING PEEK-A-BOO at some NAVAL RATINGS=release to persecute MALRAUX

5.   HARRINGTON-Prison Austria=baby pervert
 transfer Scotland LUNATIC Asylum=out 2 years 1938=

6.   SEAS EDGES-JACOPSHOLMEN-W.Gr.=FINN GAD 4 V.History=threats= DENMARK-to FJR 1969=


8.   19-20TH CENT. JACOPSHOLMEN Island W.GREENLAND Small Republic 1770-BOMBED 1960
=see & jimdo etc

Jan. 1960=they  BOMB JACOPSHOLMEN IS. JUNE 1960 to STOP de GAULLE & MALRAUX visit August 60

9.  Vol 2 FINN GAD-History of GREENLAND 4 vols:
POUL GRONLANDER-pp 176/243/246/259/289-90/320/324/428=marriage-RANSOM SEAS EDGES Suffolk-Essex:  


1st century AD - 2nd World War  

1944 - 2 GUNMEN BRITISH sent to kill

Benjamin BRITTEN Centenary 1913-2013  
Links of people about the globe 1940s :

1942-1945-48 :   THE LIVING & the DEAD :  
We who create to have HUMANITAS go safely forward perhaps to THE STARS :   Persons with CARGO of useful matters meet, live awhile, philosophize along THESE SEAS EDGES … where REDEMPTIO-RANSOM retired 92 AD (see RANSOM Ancestry 1-4 so far) … & ANDRE MALRAUX Summer 1937 says `I found the Gospels Acted out` …

1945 May to CLACTON-on-SEA = again comes Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX & announces his WIDOWHOOD to Josette & has two War Dead brothers Roland & Claude = MALRAUX & Josette Clotis came from 1936 SPANISH Civil War - stayed 6 weeks at our SEAS EDGES the SUMMER 1937 :  

1945 MALRAUX & RANSOM families et al do not know that the BRITISH CONSUL PARIS SENT 2 GUNMEN to KILL him `ANDRE MALRAUX & the woman`  having learned late October 1944 they had RECEIVED their lawful DOCUMENTS-letters from GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK :   This is not known until 1960 January :   

1945 October - Clacton Recreation Ground Vista Road ANDRE MALRAUX has 2 bullets fired at his back in the dark :   He startled by noises from the Railway lines moved suddenly - otherwise he would be DEAD - the bullets were found - he has one in 1957 …

1940s WORLD OF EAST ANGLIA = music composed and performed - paintings & writings & craftwork going on as in 19th century …
YOUNG PEOPLE 1920s/30s end of 2nd World War approach middle years = become as SHIPS full of worldwide merchandise - pull to shore awhile & exchange global curiosities  :  (Claude Debussy composer LA MER conducted 1st performance Eastbourne 1905 - music of many centuries can be found Essex & Suffolk & the seashores invite creativity and philosophy …  

1945 May - ANDRE MALRAUX arrives & announces to town & local villages friends that he is `WIDOWER of JOSETTE` :   ANDRE MALRAUX ` French Man of Letters`  has arrived again to our SEAS EDGES Clacton-on-Sea = 1937 SUMMER he came with `JO a young lady`

1940s Mr ARMSTRONG Geography-history Cambridge University graduate all the British wartime 2nd WW.  teaches several schools Clacton & district & into SUFFOLK - The Oratory, Dovercourt Girls School, others about Colchester & villages - everyone is busy with WAR EFFORT duties :   He has Ration Petrol for his car & takes stern WIDOWER Colonel ANDRE with him many times 1945 autumn to winter 1946/7 :

ANDRE MALRAUX meets the Philosophy Professor become 2nd World War Army Captain - he of the family of the Composer Humperdinck - with friends & children gives performance HANSEL & GRETEL winter 1945/46 … MALRAUX comes and goes - shows a piece of a film he has made in SPAIN with Josette …

 … Humperdinck 2nd cousins are a branch who settled in Britain after 1st  World War - some call themselves Wagstaff to begin with )   The two children of Captain `H` are talented musicians & were in the Primary school with me G R. & two Weddell 3rd cousins from Argentina :  The Headmaster Captain Learoy  (1st World War Destroyers)  he a musician, a founder of Cyril Sharpe Folk Music House  ( his pupil Ernest Dove made a record OH for THE WINGS of a DOVE - HMV sold it worldwide  …   

ANCIENT SEASHORES of history Neolithic-ROMAN BRITAIN : Anglo-Saxons & Queen ETHELDREADA her heimat/Demesne of ELY : CLACTUNA in LITTLE DOOMSDAY BOOK :   RANSOM families here descended from 1st century REDEMPTIO retired to DUNWICH a useful PORT BC to 9th-10th centuries  ( then heavy erosion & silting UP )   We the straight line of REDEMPTIO = become RANSOM 6th century AD :

19th-20th centuries :   In ESSEX SUFFOLK it was normal to collect, even half consciously, the history of these SEA SHORES & in little villages peoples names & in churches & ancient towns :  A natural comradeship of persons with occupations, roots perhaps, met or collected together 19th-20th centuries :   

Marriages were sometimes made :  1939 we make one with our JAPAN Okinawa line-Greece-& RANSOM blood line somewhere = I GR attend January 1939 -
( `scaffolding` `1937 SUMMER`)
… Rear Admiral 1st & 2nd World Wars ALFRED CHARLES RANSOM speaks Japanese - all mainline RANSOM family do & Alfred-Charles helps protect our 2 islets end LUSHAN chain a Royal Dowry 1512 to she who is 2nd wife 1504 to RANSOM SEA TRADER with the farm & lands Basin, MONTROSE, SCOTLAND :
Essex HARWICH - the BRITISH NAVY USE PORT : have a Naval base :  

1930s onwards :   ESSEX & SUFFOLK :  AT THE SEAS EDGES it is quietly understood that the BRITISH EMPIRE RULERS disagree with the WORLDWIDE THOMAS GROTE HOMES & the RANSOM `Joyous Venture` worldwide of an ancient BRITISH family who have always had HEIMAT along the coasts of BRITAIN bordering OCEANUS GERMANICUS  = from 1904 ESTATE kept discrete because of the murder of founder TIGGY GROTE USA CITIZEN & attacks on his widow the former Miss Margaret RANSOM of Montrose & JACOPSHOLMEN West GREENLAND :  

The RANSOM families are not common fisher folk but amongst the highly educated HUMANISTS of the globe - speaking fluently many languages where they hold global seashore lands from honourable marriages the past centuries :  14 races & 27 nations make my father b 1911 Frederick John RANSOM his 2 brothers & sister and their children/

… I one of the RANSOM Frobisher Weddell POULSEN/GRONLANDER children not maimed or slain 1940s onwards  (Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM b 1933 HEIR appointed 2 weeks after my birth in CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis by my Aunt MARGARETH nee RANSOM A GIRL OF THE SNOWS Widow Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE ) are given the task of commemorating the GROTE HOMES MARTYRS …

MEMORANDUM :   From 1938 I am rudely called `Ape & Eskimo & Miss Pearl Barley etc `  by Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite the former Miss BLOODY LIAR of GLAMIS before her tricky marriage 1923 :   July 1945 I am told by LINDSAY-CLARK & others of this GANG that `ANGELA HAS GIVEN ORDERS GREETAH IS NOT TO MARRY …`   He is also addressing my mother the CHUM of BAD BLOOD SCOTS BLOOD mobs since 1912-14 when they are all RACING horses and cars :  
 1945 July their were 16 of them come down to CLACTON-on-SEA & the area for 2 weeks … they were indeed FIGURES FROM A MORGUE :   

1945 Summer :   I was seen about the town that summer with `a very tall  FRENCHIE with NO ORDERS a common soldier in French Army uniform of a PRIVATE - OH NO ORDERS `   

PLEASE NOTE :    1945 SUMMER :   YOU LINDSAYBUGGARHS & inbreeds are the SCUM from treacherous BOGS of SCOTLAND - you had no IDEA whom he was - he was not with gold rings & medals & GLITZ so you dismissed him as  ` OH A COMMON FRENCH SOLDIER ` in your chortling little dishonest voices … FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR SCUMMY LIVES YOU HAD SEEN A REAL MAN … an ARCHANGEL  :    

1945 summer - Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX recognised you
 as BAR RATS … … … he gave solemn warnings about your kind … he has had them try waste his time in PARIS and about the world since the 1920s …  :

NB :   PHOTOS on our web sites - some of me the ROMAN-BRITAIN Ape-Eskimo taken last autumn for FILM WORK … )   

The RANSOM ESTATE upon which the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN are situated has lands along world seashores & riversides :   We have high standards aid nations outside the British Empire especially those at risk from the British Empire grasping to keep itself rich :  The HOMES educate to 18-22 years of age :  

I quote again a visiting Scientist-scholar a survivor of the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 1938-1954 by BRITISH & SCANDINAVIAN ARISTOCRATS =
 MEMORANDUM :   1966 a visit guarded by his Embassy is made to LONDON - he has the opportunity to talk to me Miss Greta Ransom, & is with a group of senior Scientists who are attempting to have me recall HORROR of the violent deaths given these children and young people   

… …  `AT THE HELM of your Nation in the WAR was an UGLY WOMAN - I was grateful for my HOME - I had a mother but no father - he had died - My HOME enabled me to go on and do SCIENCE … a NOBLEMAN of FRANCE was appointed our GUARDIAN …`

`…  but WAR CAME … we used to meet once a year around the world in groups of 15 - then we found the last years some of us were GOING MISSING - now we only meet in 2s or 3s GUARDED BY OUR LITTLE NATIONS :   Your Nation did NOT APPROVE EDUCATION in the world except for certain children of RULERS and those they could CONTROL … … … `

NNB:   … He a respected SCIENTIST lives to extreme old age … his work has benefited the globe … the MURDERERS of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN have done nothing at all - NOTHING - but make themselves very rich by dirtying the SEAS EDGES of the globe - they have harmed the 20th century … One dangled SOUTH AFRICA from an old fashioned watch chain = & there are other crimes of PERSONAL GREED :    

All the 20th CENTURY :    Violence comes from disapproving BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS, EARLS of LINDSAY-Lindsey especially from 1923 the LINDSAY  discovered their RIVALS to be the family known as the Bowes Lyon at GLAMIS Castle Western Scotland - not fabulously rich at all - they go out by MOONLIGHT - cut joists of houses - tell docile Sheriffs lands of others not care for : they still go in for WITCHCRAFT in spite of the Lady of the Glamis Castle 16th century being BURNED AT THE STAKE FOR POISONING THE KING :   My mother from age 14 is given the Witch name of GREY KIEL by the Countess Lady of the Castle & her daughter Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite Bowes Lyon is Alpine rock plant ?  `Edilveize` ?  … & Dad Count-Earl of GLAMIS Castle is a Wizard Witch = they go out in the Scotland woods at night & scare tenants :   

1920s - GLAMIS CASTLE family Bowes Lyon West SCOTLAND  :   
MORONS & dangerous SUB SUB APES :

1919 - My Gordon grandparents a very cultured music & philanthropy etc. ROMAN CATHOLIC FAMILY OBJECTED in written letters :   but this most unsuitable association WENT ON - seems at that time Earl and Countess of GLAMIS Castle were after 8 pieces of GORDON lands about SCOTLAND - left to 6 brothers and 2 sisters by their father JOHN FREDERICK GORDON Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich MINE HOST to the Westminster PARLIAMENT when they come in ceremonial barges for the historic WHITE BAIT SUPPERS … he seems to have died too soon :  
 = All this is released on our webs :


 `TIGGY`  THOMAS Immanuel GROTE USA citizen family of GROTE BROKERS New York  (his mother a great-niece of Frederick Immanuel KANT) is founder of the worldwide HOMES 1864 onwards & is known and approved of by many retired persons who could make a visit yearly & lecture to the children and take great interest in their careers of PEACEFUL activities - Medicine/Sciences/Nature/Agriculture/Technology/
RESEARCH/TEACHING/MUSIC/ARTS :   President Roosevelt took holidays with GROTE CHILDREN - liked to show them the great American woods & wildlife :

1940s :  There is numbing shock mid-1940s incoming information on DEAD CHILDREN about the homes WORLDWIDE - It is recognised years on as A GENOCIDE 1938-1954 by Aristocrats to make themselves of Scotland-Britain-Scandinavia & relatives very rich :   The fears of 1930s becoming known by frightened men of ARMY-NAVY-AIRFORCE … It is unbelievable that such butchery has happened and was so very well planned :   Disgust is felt at some figures - `an old LOG of the SEA`  :   

1940/1941 I GR age 7-8 years did the three after-dark runs across Salisbury Plains to get messages to the American base = to alert GROTE BROKERS New York :    Two good Scots women sent me with a note - one knew ANGELA her family & `her men` from the 1900s onwards :   I Greta Ransom heir to THOMAS GROTE HOMES and the RANSOM ESTATE worldwide am ALIVE DOING MY DUTY - I knew several of the worldwide GROTE HOMES at age 2-3-4-5 years of age …

… MY FATHER my PEDAGOGUE was knocked out with SEDATIVES & put on a plane to PHILIPPINES January 1940 by JIMMIE JONG now Major James Special Unit back of Buckingham Palace - he the childhood chum of ANGELA & Teresa Gordon a good child jockey from age 9-10 years who won money for them all at Private Races :  Her mother Mary Gordon has close cousins Southern Ireland Dublin MURPHY (Shipping) CARROLL farming & a Castle at one time, O`Briens farming, finance :   All raise a few very good HORSES each year :  they are all CATHOLICS and they are able to go into the VATICAN     visit a Dominican Cousin and have a friend they call `young PACELLI` :  

This information is in `scaffolding` document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER` ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND :   This colour code work on web released 2011 January is a useful introduction - especially the Film Trailer old style of INDEX to some of the persons in this 20th century GENOCIDE :   RANSOM Ancestry et al is here - dates begin each paragraph :  RANSOM Ancestry is then in Parts I II III IV ongoing but long pieces are on `scaffolding` & need transferring :
I have not done this yet :

1945-1953 :  MANY PEOPLE IN EAST ANGLIA that the WIDOWER Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX knows or meets 1945 onwards DO NOT KNOW HE HAS NOT RECEIVED HIS LEGAL WILL to this worldwide GUARDIANSHIP to GROTE HOMES for    CHILDREN & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` worldwide ESTATE in 3 Parts :   THAT he and GENERAL CHARLES de GAULLE are being horribly DECEIVED by the British Government Lords in name of its CROWNS :   it is they who organised high theft of his postal & other communications from CHRISTMAS 1937/1938 :   

1938-1954 :  THE BRITISH ARISTOCRATS PLANNED meticulously and carried out the GROTE HOMES slayings worldwide :   They used the Playboy known in fashionable circles as `Dicky bird` Mountbatten - he heading the NAVY  (worst appointment since ALFRED began the BRITISH NAVY)   sailed the ships to the GROTE HOMES & settlements :   

These creatures all know that there is no FORTUNE attached to GROTE HOMES and that funding and security worldwide is from the ancient ROMAN BRITAIN Anglo-Saxon family RANSOM of the seashores bordering the NORTH SEA = SUFFOLK up to MONTROSE Scotland :   

20th century :   THE BRITISH EMPIRE IS FULL OF ARISTOCRATS in DECLINE & INTELLECTUALLY quite FALLEN - they plan and carry out OBSCENE ACTS KILLING PEOPLE OF ALL AGES to get hold of `DOUGH`   … 1930s GHOULS come out of Scandinavia to CLAIM their LOOT - calling the RANSOM worldwide Estate `An ELDORADO they would storm BY MOONLIGHT of WESTMINSTER centre of Government for Gross Britain & Scotland :  
Again VIKINGS & DANES come to loot BRITAIN of the Venerable BEDE  :

It is known 1909 onwards from a marriage to Frederick Charles FROBISHER RANSOM that the RANSOM family have a long RULING line from the INCA - via Yah. Josef San JULIAN f. San Miguel -   his line protected and educated from 17th century in Portugal sometimes by Jesuits - This line of RULER Scientists-Horticulturalist-Mathematicians is indisputably BC - Historians agree :   1930s - The Earls LINDSAY-LINDSEY are heard boasting up and down London town of their wars with the INCA :   In the 1960s they were still slaying us in South America and worldwide :

On our 1935-1936 NORD-SUD Poles Tour of GROTE HOMES with my family I had tea with Einstein his wife and a nice little dog 1936 - `he told me not to worry that I counted on my fingers - he said he always checked his work on his fingers - and we could not all be as clever as my SAN JULIAN-Weddell-RANSOM families -  LIKE HIM I MUST DO MY BEST`  :    

So that is what I am doing with this vast accurate HISTORY of good people and criminally insane people in the 20th CENTURY :

ANDRE MALRAUX :   Reader can find his movements these years onwards easily in publications & Records on web :   Troubles over his most honourable APPOINTMENT to GUARDIANSHIP, and DECEIT, also comes from Clara Malraux & her brother Maurice :   He  (Maurice the Mouse) is given SANCTUARY 1941 New York onwards & begins to help JIM JONG James BY MOONLIGHT finding out where our RANSOM ESTATE is which is MANAGED ENTIRELY by the HONOURABLE GROTE BROKERS our Ransom in-laws :   In 1953 CHRISTMAS Tide Maurice is in WHITES CLUB where JIM JONG is now Steward having got broke in KENYA … MAURICE is to be given money Summer 1954 for his part in CRASHING our RANSOM 19 ACRES in the name of ANGELA - now a widowed Queen out of Scotland Glamis Castle :   IT IS HORRIBLE THEFT FRAUD and done with VIOLENCE :   The pack of them are all criminally insane especially when they are on the DOPE they grow in Scotland called DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND … pellets pushed up their snouts hit the brain in 2 seconds :   1970 Reports from two worldwide leading Research hospitals said ` We cannot be sure they may not BREED INSANE if taking this for generations …`

1941-1948 :  …  Maurice Goldsmidt brother of Clara Malraux who married ANDRE 1921 Registry Office is to find out what are the properties about - & their BUSINESSES especially .. All that is legally on our RANSOM 1801 19 ACRES under NEW YORK :   For this he should have been investigated - and perhaps had to leave USA as `undesirable immigrant`  :  IT CRASHED GROT E BROKERS Summer 1954 - THEY LEARNED OF IT OVERNIGHT :
President Nixon refers to this as `Whooo - criminal behaviour - on the British Side` … and more …`

JIM was always known as A BAR RAT from the 1st World War time  … end of Great War he is seen with ANGELA unmarried and then with her worldwide when she becomes a Duchess :   He is also seen with TERESA GORDON to be my mother 1933 :   The two girls, Angela born 1900 and Teresa born 1906 can always find acceptance for meals and accommodation at or by the British Embassies of the globe :
JIM PLAYS their Guardian - keeping low profile :

 1920s Paris life & bar friends of JIMMIE JONG whose Chinese heiress mother a widow has a pleasant Apartment with her sister :  (  the READER may be familiar with this 1920s-30s history of PARIS & the international fashionable circles that time )    1939-1944 JIMMIE becomes a Major James/Carew or O`Carroll/ with his 2 man Special Unit called INTELLIGENCE back of Buckingham Palace - has Apartment there 1921/23 ) - NB:   there are many coin-less Aristocrats & upper class 1920s-30s about the globe known as `BAR RATS` … all looking for `DOUGH `

This history can be travelled down the years in `scaffolding` & shorter pieces, many on  of this work webbed to assist READER :    Many English people do say from 1930s onwards `another WALL   (reference to Roman WALL of Emperor HADRIAN )   should have been built to keep in Scotland BAD BLOOD FAMILIES ` … and similar things all the 20th century :

1969 PETROL POURED DOWN THROAT of Dr John RAY Ransom by 4 men :
 … he unsuspecting accepted an invitation to step over his 1500 RANSOM ancestors doorway :
He is USA WASHINGTON STATE WORKER Dr JOHN RAY Ransom my Uncle :   He was expected back from LEAVE to TAKE UP SENATE DUTIES :   His qualifications are three degrees in ASTRAPHYSICS/ANIMAL MANAGEMENT and LAW     :

He was chased across our Montrose Farm lands by the Basin by a man who fired a gun at his head - 2 witnesses not seen were got to safety overseas :   later this man was said to be the queer thing in high heeled boots calling itself a qualified this and that of the Medical world   (only a GP with reluctance Hong Kong 1948)  Dr HARRINGTON known in frightened Medical world as `Mengele` friend of Aristocrats and some members of the British Government Lords and the Crowns :   It was de-frocked 1982 by BMA because a fuss was made by over seas Institutions :    This monster was left loose for  `private work` :  

1990s … GROTE CHILDREN - their families - still being hunted :  1988 I am told by USA State Department Agents ` you do not say THOMAS GROTE to-day or you die … `   I think that these honest men,  did not know their former colleague,  Dr JOHN RAY (Ransom) had petrol poured down his throat by 4 men at MONTROSE Ransom farm since 1941 has been listed by CROWN PROPERTIES as possession of the Reigning Family -

… IT IS NOT a possession of the BOWES LYON family Glamis Castle or the Premier EARLS of LINDSAY-Lindsey or any of their relatives or in-laws - it is known by human beings that it belongs to the RANSOM Estate chosen heir Greetah Ransom & Len Immanuel RANSOM heirs in training :  we pleased the HUMAN BEINGS of the GLOBE 1930s :  

Employee -  Dr JOHN RAY Ransom 1918-1969

… In early summer 1969 Dr JOHN Ray Ransom was murdered with petrol (an old Scots habit of the Titled classes)  c 1972/3 money came to the CROWN ESTATE from sale of our FARM & lands where the GENOCIDERS of the GROTE CHILDREN carried out this further barbaric obscene `FUN` crime for Aristocrats :    THUS here on www since 2008  is revealed one of hundreds of barbaric obscene crimes by Imperial Britain against us the ANCIENT RANSOM & Weddell families - & several severe crimes against the FROBISHER families of England & CANADA & the POULSEN/Gronlander families of NORWAY  :  

… The Uncle I was never INTRODUCED to was expected back to TAKE UP WASHINGTON SENATE WORK = and this was too dangerous to the KILLERS of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … & from their deaths & many others killers got rich - had a good time frolicking around the globe - soaking up DOPES-booze-glitz     

I had no memory the tall kind faced man with eyes of a different colour, green & grey-blue is the 2nd son of my grandparents Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM and wife Jean Minerva WEDDELL ballerina grand-daughter of The Aelovedah-Maria Miss San JULIAN INCA & James Weddell Mariner - A MARRIAGE OF AN ICE WHITE BRIDE 1924 - issue 2 sons James & John :   Clarke Gable is a grandson/great grandson of John - I carried the oil drums of Cousin Clarke to his car 1936 Argentina at the WEDDELL heimat - he approves of me - he will drive back to USA seeing family on the way :   We descend to the INCA Weddell marriage by brides of BASQUE Lands SPAIN and Tierra del FUEGO an old family pre-SPAINISH CONQUEST - nearest you will get to this name is `PANOOW CHAY` …

 All this history was well documented and recorded with drawings writings by these people :   IT WAS BURNED by ORDERS of the BRITISH CROWN of SCOTLAND and DENMARK NORWAY … all PIMPING on our ESTATE since early 1920s :

WE RANSOM-GROTE-WEDDELL-FROBISHER-POULSEN/GRONLANDER of West GREENLAND … ARE HATED by ARISTOCRATS of SCOTLAND and SCANDINAVIA & their relatives and their in-laws and those of them spreading about the Continent :   They jeer at us as `Apes Eskimos` APES CANNOT MAKE A WILL … or ESKIMOS … they are violent and obscene and live by FRAUD :

1970 January ANDRE MALRAUX with emotion says
 `I ONCE SAW A GODDESS `  in PARIS - it was she whom Greetah called `GIRL OF THE SNOWS` that SUMMER 1937  -
He ANDRE MALRAUX stumbles and weeps 1970 as he rises to leave a winter dark evening from THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL village … saying  ` I was a very young man - she was with very eminent men of great intellect - I left because I was not introduced … and felt very young and of no importance …   I did not ask her name … I was nobody … `

` 1960s … I came to know it was she the `GIRL of the SNOWS` as Greetah called her Aunt Margareth Ransom GROTE …`

BRITAIN HAS MANY CRIMINALLY INSANE money short ARISTOCRATS whose education is bestial from Scotland - they slew TIGGY GROTE 1904 - The 1st World War had Margareth Ransom ` Miss Margaret `  survive - hidden overseas - Churchill and a Mr Sweeting helped with other human beings save her life early 1920s :   1937 the NEW REIGN the telephones to all of us are LISTENED INTO and more POSTAL & other communications are intercepted :    KILLINGS BEGAN again :
1953 frightened persons in Medicine-teaching-rural communities try help re-establish the GROTE HOMES and keep the RANSOM Estate worldwide safe :   But where discovered so many of them and families are threatened :  Wages are collected from The WHITEHALL Centre of Government special rooms by those who are employed to spy - kill - report - steal -  the RANSOM Estate :

1945-1950s  - In East Anglia circles ALL THIS or some parts of a terrifying situation is known to persons sympathetic to ANDRE MALRAUX  … BUT When he accepted work with General Charles de GAULLE it was felt best not to enquire of the matter of his GUARDIANSHIP to Greta and Lennie heirs to THOMAS GROTE HOMES & the biggest ESTATE of philanthropy worldwide … investments in TRANSPORT beginning 18th century …

AN ESTATE heavy with necessary PHILANTHROPY to help the globe WORLDWIDE OUTSIDE the BRITISH EMPIRE is spitefully spoken of by Bad Blood Scots families as `IN THE WAY OF OUR BRITISH TRADE`

SUMMARY :  These are sub-Apes, obscene, they take a drug they grow in Scotland called DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND and it hit’s the brain in 2 seconds and they kill with violent pleasure to get DOUGH - Their education fits them for savage thought, ruthless deeds … THEY HATE ANDRE MALRAUX - GUARDIAN to what they call their ELDORADO :   

NOTA BENE:   If these THUGS had a legal claim then they would BLAB IT ALL OVER THE NEWSPAPERS and WIRELESS broadcasts of THE WORLD :  

THUS - they HAVE COMMITTED A GENOCIDE that makes it necessary for them to CONTINUE THE GENOCIDE :   This most horrible crime upon earth carried out shielded by Britain in the 2nd World War had honourable men and women ashamed to be British - many took their families and went abroad :   

… One family dwelt as near as it dared to a GROTE HOMES PIT of BURNED CHILDREN age 4 to 18 years of age :   The only way they could live with their grief at what he the father and friends had SEEN in 2nd World War done by BRITISH Aristocrats …
To be near the dead children, to think quietly upon them was THE ONLY MEMORIAL THEY DARED HAVE :

LINDSAY-Lindsey family and branches are seen taking part in the slaying of the children :  Others :   1960 the British `Territorials ` began giving some of the monsters back their fiery deeds :   The `Danish pig` who sailed the ships in & tramped all over our lands claiming loot for its family & relatives did not go to HELL with a  `BANG`  until 1979 in an explosion :

1945-1950s :   My father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM b November 1911 & family & friends made monuments to GROTE CHILDREN - one a covered road - Monuments hidden :   THE CENOTAPH London has no representation to the SCOTS-SCANDINAVIAN GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 1938-1954 … SLAYING of past Students and families and all who know of the GROTE HOMES … & then hunting those escaped  `like big & little game`   :

1944 - `that girl JO has had to die because of this FRAUD- VIOLENCE - train ran over her legs - she died before ANDRE could get there - SHE WANTED TO TELL HIM HE WAS GUARDIAN TO A GREAT  ESTATE - 1937 Greetha was not telling stories as he thought :

1953-1970 LONDON - WHITES CLUB ST JAMES` has 1920s maniac little JIMMIE JONG Sir James 1957 coarsely  bragging about `OLD ESKIMO NELL chortling ` IN WAY OF THE SOVREIGN & THE REALM … He would be Emperor of China if he could - the New York dicey world of business call him from late 1940s KUBLA KHAN … They know whom he works for in Britain & where he appears as `REGENT of ALL the ENGLANDS`  :

…  Much is on  `scaffolding` - `1937 SUMMER` - the maniac Jimmie Jong James made itself RICH from violence & PIMPING & passing good hauls to its MASTERS  :  It worked for CERTAIN SCOTS LORDS BY MOONLIGHT from 1919 … JIMMIE was born 1898 in China  - his family found him insane with crimes of homicide, embezzlement, poisoning … had to send him to his British family … he was a friend to the LINDSAY family from age 11 years :   Violet Artist Rutland found him a child that worried you - she and his mother tried to have him COMMITTED for insanity 1937 but this failed :   Violet who I remember friend of my Irish grandmother & families is poisoned with `heroin` December  1937 …

1945 - WORLD of CLACTON - & ESSEX & SUFFOLK … along the SEAS EDGES :

1947 it is believed he has found safe harbour as GUARDIAN with HEIR - and his work with de GAULLE :
That they are in consultation with the RANSOM family & with the VATICAN … in this most grievous matter of dead GROTE CHILDREN worldwide …  :

9th centuries onwards :   RANSOM FAMILIES AT THE SEAS EDGES ESSEX-SUFFOLK & ELY :   9th century
2 RANSOM BROTHERS a wife (Baltic) OLGA & her mother ROSEWITHA are SEA TRADING & farming ARBROATH :  Document found used in Book Binding  :

… We RANSOM main line & our sons of the centuries establish heimat/homesteads past THE WASH & go up the British coast bordering North Sea  :  THE WASH is the richest Medieval Fishing grounds in all Europe = Here the ANDRE MALRAUX maternal ancestral line Family HISTON 9th century are FISHING-farming, into overseas TRADE - Castle Rising moving along the coast and arriving 19th century at SAXMUNDHAM  :  

Pity we were never allowed peace to try investigate back into ROMAN BRITAIN … find earlier ancestors to his mother :   Happiness denied by those who slew the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & PIMPED upon their HOMES and our great RANSOM ESTATE on whose lands they are built :           

((( GENEALOGY :   What is possible :    See ROYAL COLLEGE of HERALDS a matter known East-Anglia on-going genealogy 90 years of research that was kept pace with in SUFFOLK-ESSEX = that of a lost grandson of KING JOHN :   & line of KING JOHN the BARON GREY of GREYS THURROCK accepted as accurate descent & BARON GREY took his seat in House of Lords 1993 as honourable grandson of KING JOHN youngest son of ELEANOR of AQUITAINE & KING HENRY II :  The proving of the latest link discovered  got good wishes in artistic circles & some Inns :

The GREYS THURROCK FAMILY had not lost Ancestry until after the mid 15th century when three sisters could not agree which son should take Title - so it went into ABEYANCE  :  
Our 1st century ROMAN BRITAIN-MEDITERRANEAN family down to 20th century RANSOM FAMILIES had NEVER LOST THEIR ANCESTRY because of being WORLD TRADERS & marrying overseas - making my generation of 14 Races and 27 Nations :   )))    

… NB :   and Norfolk is richest Medieval Fishing grounds up to MONTROSE Scotland and RANSOM main line purchase a property with 11 miles 1820s on Dunnet Head former ROMAN BRITAIN Tribe of the CORNOVII :

READER can turn to RANSOM ANCESTRIES Parts I, II, III, IV, ALEX site :  They are also on JIMDO  … and I am assembling RANSOM Part 5 from worldwide Records : WATCH JIMDO site for Part V - I will list the Directory of them & then write in their LIFE BOOKS :  transfer to ALEX colour-code site when listed out  :  

19th century many East Anglia families knew their SEA TRADING families back to ROMAN BRITAIN - they were NOT ASHAMED of their ROOTS which showed them cultured humanists who could always read & write &
their wives too :   ( MEMORANDUM :  RANSOM families can FLY the PERSONAL FLAG of Moslem Admiral ZHENG HE` of the China Seas with his Permission to us 15th century :   White silk with 3 scarlet balls or stars :    Our 10th  motto before the one in SUFFOLK CHURCH (our 11th century 2nd cousins)  is SATTEUS LAETUS = I AM JOYFUL WITH SUFFICIENT `

 … 1944 October 1944-July 1945 MUSIC - and on :   At the Pathfields school - where I go until October1945 & the St Clare Convent returns from WARTIME Evacuation -  our Music Master is young Raymond Salt Royal College of Music - he a Pacifist teaches us `Music outside the British Empire` … thus we hear music of Villa Lobos (my Weddell Ransom call on him when in South America)   Les Six, Dallapiccola …

(We POULSEN-RANSOM family Gertrud & Fred RANSOM gave in 1830s a Retirement Home for MUSICIANS Italy where DALLAPICCOLA  retired - in the 1970s I believe it was STOLEN FROM MY RANSOM GROTE ESTATE - Ask Emperor BERLESCONI if he has any MEMORY of this 1970s and the WHITEHEAD TWINS & LINDSAYBUGGARS ROBBERY of its FUNDS    ?  - THE RETIREMENT HOME WAS VERY WELL FUNDED FROM OUR ESTATE & if the situation was no longer suitable THERE WAS LOTS OF MONEY TO PUT THIS USEFUL MUSICIANS HOME ELSEWHERE ! !!!    )    

1944-45 Vaughn Williams of course loved by everyone young and old, and Bartok & Berg broadcasts 1930s BBC… The mournful Sibelius & all those pine forests & that swan !  Nielsen and some RUSSIANS … We were taught Bach & Brahms & some Wagner & Elgar etc. of course  :  first half of 20th century many children learn music & play in church bands, Salvation Army, or small town bands, dance & jazz bands … we have WAITS at Christmastide  :  

 1944 RAYMOND SALT Royal College of Music took the musicians in our class over to talk with BENJAMIN BRITTEN - before PETER GRIMES performance :  

Georges-ANDRE COLONEL MALRAUX 1945/46 comes to teach a 10 or 15 minutes in our schools and our Town Youth Club :  It was like having a Chief ARCANGEL in front of Class :   One dinnertime he was digging the Pathfields School vegetable patch - he said   `I will be waiting for you when you finish school - where you hide your bow & arrows …`   I had to give up childhood fast - and stop going bare foot down to the cliffs & sea playing Neolithic girl & other centuries :  

 Auntie Esther now loaned me her high heels for The Blue Lagoon … 1946 end of Summer he said `I KNEW YOU WOULD HAPPEN TO ME - I shall be the laugh of the Continent - Wild MALROOH & his 13 years old Bow & Arrows girl friend …`  ( He is my Guardian Angel appointed by my grandmother Mary Gordon says her daughter Miss Winifred Gordon ex-ATS) … Schools, churches, circles he goes into ESSEX-SUFFOLK were very glad - he needs a good wife who is full of common sense & brave & not exactly shoeless …)      THUS HE SURVIVED THE HORROR of the DEATH of JOSETTE on the Railway line 1944 November 9th :  

1944 end of OCTOBER ‘ The British CONSUL PARIS sent two GUNMEN to KILL ANDRE MALRAUX & the woman - hearing they had received DOCUMENTS & letters from GROTE BROKERS New York … HE WAS NOT THERE - Josette fell from the train - it ran over her legs - she died in a few hours - leaving 2 sons age 4 and 8 months old - he was away in Alsace Lorraine :   
There are reports & biography of this time :

1945 September :   My father Army Captain Frederick John RANSOM arrived Southampton from Mombasa - he had been hidden for some weeks & helped to board a ship & kept safe : Kenya friends said that 1944 JIMMIE Major James/Carew/this & that/of The Palace had been told by Government Lords and Crown to KILL HIM :   HE SAID ALL THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN HAD BEEN KILLED DURING THE WAR :   The Estate was on duck-boards :   

MEMORANDUM :  The English-Scotland Estate ` is like a delicate lacework around the SEAS EDGES dating from 9th-10th centuries  (RANSOM have a GODWIN family line - COURTNEY - MARKHAM etc )  1941 onwards LINDSAYS & Angela and friends had helped themselves - some of her friends had taken too much knowing it was illegal - but she was in THE HOT SEAT :   Nobody trusted a LINDSAY - 1960 January Winston Churchill says `LINDSAY A BLOODY NUISANCE SINCE THE PLANET BEGAN`  :

1945 days in September - finally October - MY FATHER DISAPPEARS to GET HELP :   Now is OPENED GATES OF HELL by TERESA GORDON Ransom & her NOBLE FRIENDS :

…  ANDRE was shot at October 1945 - 2 bullets aimed at his back in the dark in the RECREATION GROUND - He was waiting for me to come from `Pearly` 112 Vista Road & tell him where my father might be - I had no idea :   He showed me one bullet - next morning he found the second :   People dog walking helped him to safety to Professor WINNCLEMANN  opening Murrays Chemist by the Catholic Church, and his Staffordshire wife :   MALRAUX now came and went in secrecy - landing IPSWICH at the USA Base where an old friend was Colonel Clive of Colombia University pre-war :

 LIFE BY JANUARY 1946 seemed safer but GRIM :   my mother had gone quite mad again - taken I & my 2 brothers OUT of the HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC & dumped us with Aunt Miss Winifred Gordon nearby - then to a tiny flat  … I was removed from her twice by Uncle POTTER - Lifeboat family !   POLICE-CHURCHES-TOWNSPEOPLE-DOCTORS gave MALRAUX protection :  VATICAN assists 1946/1947 - but PACELLI & others, my father,  have no idea, as GROTE BROKERS, Argentine, the vast RANSOM family England & Abroad,  that MALRAUX does not know of his FULL GUARDIANSHIP TO THE GREATEST ESTATE OF THE WORLD - But he honours his guardianship of me - in memory of Mary Gordon & her sisters - whom he calls MY INTELLECTUAL EQUALS :

1945 autumn :  BUT IT IS BECOMING KNOWN THAT NEARLY ALL GROTE HOMES CHILDREN AROUND THE GLOBE have children and teachers, settlements SLAUGHTERED by ORDERS of BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & CROWN & WESTMINSTER BY MOONLIGHT :   This was carefully planned by 1939/1940 :   

If the BRITISH NEWSPAPERS had printed on this GENOCIDE 1945-1946 then the KILLINGS of the next 5 DECADES would have been stopped  :    

1937 ANDRE MALRAUX has likened EAST ANGLIA to `where I found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT`
By winter-tide he has employment with General Charles de Gaulle :   Malraux likes to have some mornings writing at the home `Stella Maris` ( near the Clacton Catholic Church )  of my great-aunts The Misses Bessie Martha and Annie Agnes Artist - he calls them his intellectual equals - they & my now dead 1944 June Grandmother Mary Gordon are daughters of TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST Mrs John O`Brien Williams Superior Silversmith & Designer :   They have run a Welfare Mission Liverpool 1890s-1900s - Annie trained in marble with Professor of Anatomy MANZONI his Granville Marble Works & with he went to do some terracotta work for Harold Rathbone to help keep the Della Robbia Works going :  IT’S A WORLD THAT ANDRE MALRAUX is familiar with as he grew up 1920s-1930s :     

1940s MALRAUX WIDOWER stays with his old Continental friends Professor WINNCLEMANN and his Shropshire wife and the conversation is about 1920s=1930s friends Continent & history of 19th century early 20th century Germany … Widower Colonel MALRAUX sings often in our R.C. Church choir - July 1945 Choir mistress (understudied Milan) has him rehearse & perform with us 1610 MASS Monteverdi :   George-ANDRE is a surprising counter-tenor almost boy soprano sometimes then down he goes into lovely honey tones - I share same Music book with him = he is my Guardian from October 1937 :    Summer 1945 he has to be helped over his Widowhood - Josette died horribly her legs crushed by a train only last November 1944 - they have two small sons Pierre born 1940 & Vincent born March 1944
 …1945/1946 …  It was feared by we big girls in the schools that ANDRE Georges Colonel might take THE ROBE :   Mrs Taylor Choir Mistress & newspapers & everything shop assures us that with help of the town he will recover … And he could only take the VEIL with THAT VOICE - she says he learned in Paris from Alfred DELLER = young men trained - it was fashionable :

We big school girls, with chaperones,  take him dancing to The Blue Lagoon & feed him in the British Restaurant where he tucks into horse meat !   He works in the Priests Library where a very good sherry is brought about 11.30 am & the decanter left - one ancient Priest come down for a summer holiday had really been `put in the pot` by an African village but he began to sing & recite and they took him out & everyone lived happily ever after :

1944 June Mary Gordon died - she and `young Pacelli` would sometimes have a chat by telephone - young JAN KARSKI came in 1942 & we all had tea & he was amazed at the great Church of 1920s the black Brazilian wood the biggest roof ever put in since the Middle Ages :     Mary Gordon my grandmother will ask her Southern Irish cousins if they can help him - they sometimes `go over to the Vatican` about this and that :   They are Murphy Shipping/Carroll farming & horses/Uncle Sir John Edmond O`Brien farming & horses-international finance :

1940-1945/6 …  the WORLD ABOUT US … Clacton-on-Sea Essex and SUFFOLK … & London  :

1954 - Benjamin BRITTEN came into CAMULODUNUM C.V.  1954 with some concern … I do not even know what he looks like - Museum & member of my family seemed to think I did :

 …  It is possible he met WIDOWER Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX 1945/48 & may have had some contact 1930s :  
Andre Colonel MALRAUX in his RECOVERY from WIDOWHOOD is taken about the countryside by Armstrong of Cambridge our HISTORY-GEOGRAPHY TEACHER from 1943 onwards :  Mr Armstrong has a car and a PETROL RATION for his work TEACHING in 2 counties every week in term :   

1954 February =  Andre MALRAUX & I Greta RANSOM have been abused by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & its CROWNS including GHOULS from Norway & Denmark all with roofs of Palaces & places to repair :  MALRAUX does not know they are worried about being found out in a massive GENOCIDE of children :

  READER can go to work on web beginning with `1937 SUMMER` turn to date in big letters - colour code work


1953 & 1954 21st BIRTHDAY arranged by my young father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM and his families for their HEIR & her GUARDIAN MALRAUX whom they hear have taken up privately the WEDDING of GRACE granted by PACELLI Pope Pius 12 in February 1947  :  
WE, ANDRE MALRAUX & Miss Greta RANSOM WERE NOT TOLD = RECEIVED NO INVITATIONS :    both of us were made ill - I for a month :  11th March 1954 MY FATHER at table RECEIVES A TELEGRAM saying `DECIDED TO DRINK THE BIRTHDAY IN SPAIN ` signed ANDRE & GRETA :   

 … My highly intelligent HUMANIST father and his family and guests were told we would arrive at 9pm - I in a new gown :
He my ex-British Army Captain Frederick John RANSOM was attacked later in the year :   I was almost got hold of by JIM JONG CUR JAMES with 3 thugs … they stomped into COLCHESTER CASTLE … the Guides noticed they had GUN HOLSTERS - the POLICE STATION is across the road :   It was frightening - and it frightened the Curators - they got on the phones to BIG NAMES in ARCHAEOLOGY London :   The maniac Sir James was told to leave :

SUMMARY :   These criminally insane ARISTOCRATS running Gross Britain should have been LOCKED UP in a High Security LOONY BIN  - or shut up in a HITLER BUNKER !    They have gone mad-mad-mad on a dangerous done DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND, and other DOPES & they worship themselves … since they are KIDS ;
THEY ARE EMPERORS WITHOUT ANY CLOTHES :   the Newspapers could have stopped so much of this VIOLENCE against its citizens and the citizens OF THE WORLD ;

ARISTOCRAT Britain & Scandinavia :   YOU DIRTY OLD THUGS & KILLERS :   THIS IS THE BEHAVIOUR OF YOU calling YOURSELVES BRITISH GOVERNMENT and its CROWNS  :    YOU  caused a GENOCIDE 1938-1954 of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN to make yourselves rich :    To be nasty GLITZ and GREED and  IGNORANCE … and some big ships on the 7 SEAS … saying BRITAIN RULES the WAVES  :

Relatives & friends of 1930s have very slight acquaintance with Ben BRITTEN himself - everyone knows his music :   1945 for many of us living Essex-Suffolk along the SEAS EDGES GATES of HELL have given us RULERS to be scared of - especially now they have stolen so much of the Britain RANSOM Estate … it ran along SEAS EDGES of entire Britain `LIKE A DELICATE LACE WORK`  :  HOPE has now HAD ITS WINGS CUT OFF :    

LINDSAYBUGGARHS EARLS Premier of Gross Brit & SCOTLAND  ( With a disgusting criminal record from 1790s let alone before ) and other tribes known to a 1960s shocked CITY of LONDON … one called by Elders `The Bloody LIARS `  have agreed to take each half the ESTATE of an OLD ESKIMO … HAVE FUN WITH MALRAUX & GENERAL CHARLES DE GAULLE …

Miss GRETA RANSOM :  Her mother will be given smart invitations if she keeps Greta stupid, unable to learn, unmarried OR married to a low down-and-out - NO CHILDREN ARE TO  BE ALLOWED - Doc Mengele HARRINGTON sees to all that :   Not a new game … it went on horribly in the late 19th century early 20th century so ARISTOCRATS could lay hands in FRAUD on moneys left to young people or found to be with old people  :  

…  TERESA GORDON Mrs R. attacked ARMSTRONG of Cambridge in Pathfields School 1944 autumn because he had spoken in class of the HISTORY of 2 brothers 1820s  RANSOM Fred & John of Montrose Scotland who sailed to WEST GREENLAND to look at a possible new Harbour `Johnstown` :    

TREE & ANGE & LINDSAY PREMIER EARLS `known as LINDSAYBUGGARHS`   do not want me to know again about my name in the LEGAL WILL of Margaret nee RANSOM Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE … I am to have no educated and if interfering people are about then I am to be sent to school with SEDATIVES and MEMORY BLOCK in my body my head :    

THESE THUGS  (ONE NOW WITH A CROWN ) all have learned this disgusting behaviour in SCOTLAND growing up :   They are gone far beyond sanity when they take their home-grown DOPE a nasty plant when fire-blown called DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND - it keep children in foreign factories working from 2 years old to death at 15 years or so - THIS MAKES THE BRITISH EMPIRE RICH … keeps the RICH TITLED powerful … the PRESS mostly have to see that the nation below upper middle class pulls forelocks :   See Jarrow Marchers et al :   

  ( A little interest here :  ` our Chariot boy we meet 1936 he 11 years old - is descendant from his mother of WATT TYLER` = he brought me a plate of ham and eggs - as I have memories of SHEshe Teresa & LINDSAYBUGGARHS & JIMMIE denying me food I was very grateful - he had a lovely Indian Head-dress on :   So I told his mother and Aunt he might like a scholarship from our Estate - at this school we had just visited :   Worcester something - He went for a few years - went into ACTING … his family were not short of a dollar but LEN and I are in TRAINING for the Estate and I was very grateful for the plate of food :

When he makes a film Ben Hur he will hear of my great-grandma Millicent FROBISHER  (to be Mrs JOHN RANSOM 1883 St Magnus the Martyr City of London)  having a little Academy of Ancient Arts England and she and school friends rode Chariots :    I like his interpretation of Thomas Moore in the film - perhaps a touch of his ancestor Watt Tyler ? )

NOBLE CRIMINALLY INSANE :   They have all joined in approval and slaying  of all the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide with necessary KUDOS of `No Dicky Bird` Mountbatten the OLD LOG OF THE SEA who has charge of the BRITISH NAVY … Quote from gold ringed naval men December 1946  ` He has gone mad again Lord Louis - been sailing in and trampling over your lands … THIS IS THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN IN OUR NAVY SINCE (King)  ALFRED BEGAN IT … the children are all dead …` See 1946 December issued 2011 January :

I AWOKE this cold April IN THE DAWN … thinking WHO COULD WRITE THIS REALITY INTO OPERA :    Could  only think of ALBAN BERG !!   Claude DEBUSSY ?  - A figure bigger than WAGNER … with perhaps Schoenberg contributing something out of his WILD RIDE in GURRELIEDER …  Perhaps `PELL & MELL` has a pathway into it /Nixon in CHINA/ moderns could have a ghostly path …  :     But then we need some MACHAUT perhaps … … …  Attempting to do it as a whole Piece could be an injustice to the innocent victims of A GENOCIDE to make GROSS BRITAIN figures at the TOP of the CLASS PYRAMID RICH … … THOSE FIGURES FROM A MORGUE :

BENJAMIN BRITTEN winds in and out amongst the following FAMILY HISTORY of RANSOM-WEDDELL-FROBISHER … and 17th century  (a grandpa 4 times back to GR )    6 feet 5 inches tall NORTHERN CHINESE Eskimo-some French genes our POLYMATH-GENIUS-Catechist & TRANDER Great POUL GRONLANDER letters to & fro with Humanist Pope BENEDICT 14  :   One letter to POUL from the POPE  in Latin is translated as `come quickly to Rome - we must talk - I am going mad here … … `  I FIND NOTHING WRONG WITH HIS MUSIC - Critics - it is all SEAS MUSIC to me … the sounds the atmosphere about Georges-ANDRE and me from 1937 SUMMER & that most beautiful unexpected holiday of the 6 weeks & then to LINCOLN & tracing the lands of his mother from 9th century HISTON/Castle Rising :    That summer 1937 had an undercurrent of FOUL WINTER DOTH COME … `2 Doves perched on the RIM of the cauldron of the world` says Dr JOHN RAY Ransom January 1960 … a little happiness with terror about us - THEN GATES OF HELL OPEN AGAIN :    SCOTLAND and SCANDINAVIA have organised well a GENOCIDE - now they are terrified of being FOUND OUT by the WORLD :    `they would be given a suitcase each and put on a raft` says Detectives, colleagues, friends FEBRUARY 1960 at COLNE ENGAINE close by Colchester = CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis : `1937 SUMMER …  2011 AD  `a scaffolding`
For ongoing work here & on

Alfred Charles RANSOM Rear Admiral RN
1st & 2nd World War :   Debrett 1953 et al  :

When we were all there - 1930s-1940s THE SEAS EDGES and A-Z around the globe along the shores :  A vast piece of greens-blues veiling `a delicate flower garden` a gold halo of massive PHILANTHROPY …  A surprise great Estate approved by the world outside FIGURES from a MORGUE the Government  Lords and Crowns of GROSS BRITAIN :   the legal WILL 1937/1938 administered USA & ARGENTINA explains the DIRTY GREED of BRITISH NOBLES high on DOPE bred to do MOONLIGHT crimes using WHITEHALL WESTMINSTER :  

…  RANSOM Family down the centuries from ROMAN BRITAIN are of high quality of mind and  HUMANITAS - they ACT the GOSPELS out :   They are ALL RELIGIONS of PEACE :    GUARDIAN to all this is ANDRE MALRAUX young Man of Letters … 1944 FRANCE and 1945 CLACTON he is to be savaged by BRITISH GUNMEN & FEMALES WITH ORDERS to FIRE GUNS AT HIS BACK :

1945 NOVEMBER :   A PILGRIMAGE HAS BEGUN TO THE HOLLAND-on-SEA BEACH of 1937 SUMMER :   It is in November near to the date the `young lady Josette` fell on a railway line & died from a train running over her legs - leaving ANDRE MALRAUX two tiny boys age 4 years and 8 months old :    ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX of WIDOWERSHIP 1945 will come with some who understand - he is then left alone on the beach we called `JO`s beach` that SUMMER :   Even this MEMORIAL will be dirtied by GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES … some burnings of our precious HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS will take place on this BEACH …

 FRENCH GUARDIAN :   but the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & its LORDS & aristocrats & CROWNS & relatives Scandinavia have noted this ESTATE as an `ELDORADO` so they disapprove by MOONLIGHT & want it divided up between them BY MOONLIGHT :   In the name of the CROWN of SCOTLAND & some from NORWAY and DENMARK and all their shoeless relatives on the Continent :  
Our PHILANTHROPY ESTATE has big `umbrellas` for MUSIC-ART-DANCE-GYMNASTICS … Edgard Varese, Irving Berlin, Bela Bartok to name a very few help with advice … but we all have to keep quiet :   BRITISH EMPIRE DISAPPROVES & shows cruel violence & criminal insanity from 1923-1937 … AND EVER ONWARDS … Every Aristocrat hob-Goblin hangs about it :   

1938-1954 & then HUNTING THEM AS BIG and LITTLE GAME  :  The THOMAS GROTE HOMES CHILDREN are made a world GENOCIDE during the 2nd World War :   1933 onwards there is vicious THEFT of postal communications, telephone lines intercepted, murders, car devil driving & accidents & deaths,
 attacks on young & old connected to the worldwide ESTATE -  The HOPE of the GLOBE is to be hidden - all records are to be destroyed -

1920s-1990s :   TRICKSTERS assist from WHITEHALL & Naval
Intelligence for good pay … MONEYS can be thieved from the Estate of massive TRANSPORT investments which begin 1700s & into Sea-rail-flight-road-welfare-medicine-sciences etc  :   The high safety standards the Estate insists upon are not at all appreciated by the aristocratic criminally insane of THE BRITISH EMPIRE   :    GREEDY & ignorant DOPE SOAKS ARE determined to destroy & GET THEIR PORTION - THE FRAUD squads & experts are known as `THE NATIONAL INDUSTRY OF GROSS BRITAIN` :    

SEAS EDGES MUSIC - Reference 1920s-1950s :  EAST ANGLIA & the globe :    
Young people born 1900s-1920s …  then not so young … learning & surviving & looking for HOPE  :    I assemble below from our vast records of HOPE & HELL some connexions who had a little KUDOS :  

1944/1945/1946 :   SEAS EDGES EAST ANGLIA …
 2012-2013 AD I have been assembling SANCTUS SPIRITUS the LIFE BOOK of my young father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM November 1911 slain March 1969 :   this lead to the insert of DRIEU … & to a SEA HERO Uncle Alfred Charles Ransom … and the music of BRITTEN : `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER` Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea
 & WEST GREENLAND : :  etc.



1944 autumn - Pathfields School at CLACTON-on-SEA :   Little Doomsday Book the hamlet CLACTUNA & Thorpe Hall :

1945 May - Com`th Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX to announce he is A WIDOWER late autumn 1944 :  

MEMO :   1944 9th November JOSETTE has died on a French RAILWAY LINE - a Train ran over her legs -

… many people in this little town remember she & ANDRE MALRAUX 1937 SUMMER - he is GUARDIAN to their HEIR Greta Ransom to The GROTE CHILDREN & THE SEAS EDGES of the GLOBE … WHEN THIS WAR ENDS many young people are looking forward to taking up a career or giving help to this MIRACLE ESTATE … their Elders may come visiting the foreign nations & talk & teach & make friends :   THUS the orphan children meet good people of EAST ANGLIA  :  
… We are mostly the 1942-44 Wartime Class come from School of Captain 1st World War LEAROY RN retired,  Llewellyn Road Clacton :     (he a founder member of CYRIL SHARP HOUSE & his famous pupil boy soprano Master DOVE made a record for HMV `Oh for the Wings of a Dove`

BENJAMIN BRITTEN :   One morning 1944  ( before first performance )   (we have SEAS EDGES MUSIC played us on piano … it is Introduction to new opera `PETER GRIMES`  … our teacher young RAYMOND SALT Pacifist Royal College of Music London = He took the musicians in class PATHFIELDS SCHOOL Clacton-on-Sea to Aldburgh meet Ben Britten 1944 :


Our Teacher Raymond Salt  marries Miss Jean Page who 1944 age 12 years in our wartime class looks like portrait of Christina Queen of Sweden - issue 2 children :
…  Opera BRITTANIA etc a review March 2013 in TLS (Times Literary Supplement)  has reader enter our understanding 1940s-1950s … Next year 1945 May comes Widower Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX no longer that tall wraith almost a boy of our Clacton town `SUMMER 1937` with the young Lady JO … `scaffolding` with large dates each paragraph & a helpful colour code :  
1930s-1940s-1950s :  Benjamin Britten encounters `ANGE & TREE` & Scots & Far North tribes … they with others Noble of the Roaring 1920s of a burned RANSOM Chateaux Pyrenees c 1921 & other serious matters  : :

…  a popular meeting place for all classes :   
  MEMORANDUM :   ALDEBURGH on the coast of SUFFOLK is our East Anglia territory of REDEMPTIO Ransom 92 AD to 21st century are still there  :    Scotland tribes move in mid-19th century & East Anglia encounters ARISTOCRATS who live by criminal ways & are very coin-less - they live by their wits = EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY an example - claiming ALL the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE from a marriage of Frobisher to RANSOM 1883 -

There is SANDRINGHAM a Royal residence and the LINDSAY EARLS and GANG have a place called A Bolt Hole = they call it their MUNIMENTS ROOM - Here they even fake towns and districts in foreign nations AND RQUEST TREASURY for MONEY = A studious TREASURY Worker was silly and questioned these PLACES because he could NOT FIND THEM ON A MAP :  SO THE EARL OF LINDSAY DISMISSED THE TREASURY …
( Bible Tales of the LINDSAYBUGGARHS)   :

… this tribe always KILLING FOR MONEY pounce on me G.R.  from my birth and 1937 THE GUARDIANSHIP of ANDRE MALRAUX a FRENCH CITIZEN has violence directed at him :   WAR CAME :   `1944 the BRITISH CONSUL October sent 2 GUNMEN to kill MALRAUX & the WOMAN CLOTIS having learned he had received DOCUMENTS & correspondence from GROTE BROKERS Wall Street NEW YORK :


1933 to me GR comes physical violence from the LINDSAYBUGGARHS & their dangerously mad little half Chinese JIMMIE JONG JAMES :   
At my Catholic Church christening DAVID LINDSAY `THE EVIL FAIRY` of the NATIONAL GALLERY forbade I be given the names of FROBISHER  WEDDELL earlier given me at 2 other christenings OFF SHORE  :

1900s  Earls & Lords of LINDSAY-Lindsey with a BOLT HOLE in Norfolk too
 Do break-in-and=entry & forge cheques on us RANSOM GROTE FROBISHER -  have been at this MOONLIGHT arrogance for decades :

 Illuminating are RANSOM & MAINWARRING THE MANY BIBLE TALES of the LINDSAY `Thus it fell upon Hall Day … and the LINDSAY they had them NO SHEEP …`
  :   These TALES based on LINDSAY-LINDSEY TRUE HISTORY  a way of keeping young Families persons cheerful =  in an EMPIRE with ignorant criminally insane coin-less luxury spenders mesmerized by their own titles & former glory :

Earls  LINDSAY-LINDSEY & Bowes LYON Angela & JIM JONG & others who can get a FREE hammock in the HOUSE of LORDS & bed & breakfast in the BRITISH EMBASSIES of the World  are more than troublesome 1930s onwards to us and  their other victims =   as assembled work on my web sites shows :  

In the green and pleasant land of ENGLAND :    Along these three counties Essex-Suffolk-Norfolk  `BIG & LITTLE SHIPS ARE PASSING IN THE GLOAMING or ANCHORING together for a little time  …  they sail into foreign harbours too … bring interesting or strange merchandise  … exchange …  `   

(To simplify above - read the 2 volumes by Rudyard Kipling PUCK & REWARDS & FAIRIES … a decent Cabinet Minister used to travel with this … MALRAUX used to read it to me Greta Ransom … My favourite of course is `ON THE GREAT WALL`  :    Kipling writing for his only son who is to be killed in the Great War =- he will not write so again :   



OLD ENGLAND :   18th century to 1940s …
At 13 & half years we are allowed to `WALK OUT` with a view to marriage :    COMETH WIDOWER COLONEL GEORGES-ANDRE MALRAUX my GUARDIAN legally appointed October 1937 :    He begins to enter this polite Ritual 1946 November 1947 to April … He will only hold hands when we are alone on the winter beaches…

He says November 1946  ` I KNEW YOU WOULD HAPPEN TO ME - well I am going to make a marriage as my mother, my grandmother, my aunt EXPECTED ME TO DO … He adds to our CHOIR Our Lady great Church `I WILL TAKE HER`    (French wooing ? … … …  ) `  My Convent School class hearing he had NOT PROPOSED CORRECTLY to me had him do so … bended knee too :   Choir already call us `Darby and Joan` - and I should make sure of him while he still looks like a film star or a Knight of the Crusades -  :

…  EAST ANGLIA - OUR SEAS EDGES, around the Pier columns,  PLAY WEATHERS & TIDES - endless MUSIC :  
 I  hear from Georges ANDRE MALRAUX that he gathers this same atmosphere from Brittany & Normandy coasts … … … MALRAUX is especially proud of his ancestry along these coasts :   a line from his mother Family HISTON 9th century AD :    In 1937 with Josette & me he took us to walk the footsteps of his ancestors WASH 9th century and a heimat for winters near Castle Rising … down the centuries they come via Kings Lynn always near coast Fishing overseas Trading holding farmlands down to 19th century SAXMUNDHAM :  


1934-1962 …  ANDRE MALRAUX & HAROLD POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums  ( ` been out East 20 years, Child … History of Bronze Making CHINA with colleague before BOXER WARS … `   :   ` …  trained Camborne School of Mining when 29/30 - then travelled out EAST again … for years of work … I did not get Directorship Kashmir Mines  (Sapphires ?)  So decided to retire to something suitable … THIS IS WHAT I COULD DO - MAKE SENSE OF OUR CENTURIES BY THE SEA …  `

…  Mr POULTER Humanist RETIRES 1934 Hollytrees Mansion Museum COLCHESTER CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis with his Mother - Archaeologist Rudsdale & he charge about countryside in SAMIAN RED sports car named  `JULIUS CAESAR ` taking village Vicars pretty daughters dancing to CLACTON The BLUE LAGOON - the biggest ballroom on East coast … parties come from London just for the dancing :  

…  LINDSAYBUGGARHS EARLS have a bolt hole next the 18th century Clacton ROYAL HOTEL on the seafront - a low crouching dinosaur DOG with a big Tudor door with sign GRAND above :   they pinched a load of Scots dark grey GRANITE 1910 & against builders advice had this creepy building put up squashed on a narrow piece of land :   It was condemned 1944 and pulled down Orders County Council 1945-1946 winter :    

MALRAUX had photos of the GRAND - I called it `MONSTERS of the DEEP  :   From 1946 LINDSAY & JIMMIE JONG Sir JAMES and Doc MENGELE HARRINGTON gave NATIONAL ORDERS that ALL PHOTOS must be found & all mention of LINDSAY and they at CLACTON destroyed - This went on for decades because of the murder of the CASTLE HEDINGHAM heiress 1942 - she age 9 years was in the Class of Greta RANSOM - the bill for her mock funeral was sent to my Grandmother Mary Gordon for my Estate to pay :   The LINDSEY Earls were now able to PAY THEIR DOUBLE DEATH DUTIES from the ESTATE NEWFOUNDLAND of another SEAS HEIRESS - she is of a 900 years old ESSEX family in SHIPS … demolition of house & some removal of gravestones in cemetery went on :   

…  The artist Eric Revillious enters here 1938 - but apart from they had trouble with JIMMIE JONG & LINDSEY  Earl 14 in WAITING    I do not remember more - we all had a tea party at Castle Hedingham 1938 - it is THE YEAR OF THE PRESENTATION OF THE HEIRS in BRITAIN & the GLOBE - me and LENNIE :  We had to FLY out by night-time several times because a woman with A FAT BEHIND has given ORDERS we are to be put in a LOONY BIN= NUT HOUSE :   Significance here is that our GORDON family friend a Catholic PATRICK MACDREW is the UNCLE of Miss `Uff-MACDREW born 1933 like me, of Castle HEDINGHAM :   IT IS A SORDID HISTORY OF THE POWER of NOBLE SCOTLAND :  gives details by dates :

MEMORANDUM :   GREED & the world of GROSS BRITAIN that caused the DEATH OF JOSETTE 1944 November 9th ON RAILWAY LINE IN FRANCE - A TRAIN RAN OVER HER LEGS - she died in horrible pain in hours :

1945 ESSEX-SUFFOLK  :   ` I AM A WIDOWER `  this is how MALRAUX grieving WIDOWER of JOSETTE, called sometimes Colonel ANDRE,  refers to himself to those who ask ` HOW IS JO ?   ` :     Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX  suffers here ESSEX-SUFFOLK none of the coarse remarks of the BRITISH SCANDINAVIAN ARISTOCRATS … Those who called my aunt `OLD ESKIMO` and me `APE Eskimo` :   
JIMMIE JONG 1938 May 15th  slit a vein behind her ear Ayrshire when she was in hiding with the friends of her father THE O`NEILL family :   

  My INCA great-great grandmother `The AELOVEDAH-Maria Miss San JULIAN takes me back on her paternal ancestry 5,000 years BC :   Earls & Aristocrats & things that infest EAST ANGLIA some times of the year has got out of  SCOTLAND and SCANDINAVIAN  bogs & ditches about 1300s AD  :   ANGELA has a Grandmother Lady of Castle GLAMIS 1560s who is burned at the stake for poisoning the KING …

Our Family of REDEMPTIO = RANSOM and descendants are busy getting on with SEA TRADING, holding heimat/homestead along the BRITAIN coasts of Oceanus Germanicus/North Sea  … and we marry Brides who can read and write of 14 Races & 27 nations …

WHAT HAS GOT OUT OF SCOTLAND should not be considered as of the HUMAN RACE for several more millions of years :   And its VIKING RAIDS all over again :    What can young people do … we try have them see our way :    That is the big mistake :    `Another WALL  should have been built across Scotland to keep them from coming down to WESTMINSTER `  says an eminent man of Town and Shires 1973  =  Scotland - London life in the early 1920s & the vulgarity that began to show …  :    

1945/1946 - Georges Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX Clacton-on-Sea :   
… he is counter-tenor almost boy soprano when he starves for 2 days :   It is The great joyful dramatic 1610 MASS Monteverdi that helps give him will to live July 1945 -  He did not know this MASS too well so had to attend Rehearsals -  When told the music SUNDAYS is Josquin or Machaut he soars easily to heaven :   Choir Mistress Mrs Taylor  (understudied Milan)  says `DELLER - all the young men learned 1920s Paris … with that voice young ladies he is not taking THE ROBE - the VEIL perhaps … but now he has seen our Greetah grown up & HIT the 1610 I think he is going to be at OUR SEAS EDGES from time to time ` … ANDRE MALRAUX has arms full of dead - JOSETTE and two brothers Roland & young Claude :   

1944/45 winter I have heard of a GROTE HOMES for our CHILDREN & they are all slain horribly, butchered by Premier Earls of Gross Britain & SCOTLAND :    LINDSAY-LINDSEY are bog creatures of INSURANCE FRAUD worldwide BLACK HOLES SHIPS etc  18th-19th centuries :    The dope-soaked LINDSAY-Lindsey TRIBE in name of ANGELA   (former Ms Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite Bowes Lyon)    & THEMSELVES who claim the heirs through a female LINDSAY Crawford born 1830 :   They lay blood dripping paws on all the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE worldwide  :
1944 9 November - DEATH OF JOSETTE in FRANCE her legs run over by A TRAIN :   BRITISH CONSUL SENT 2 GUNMEN TO KILL ANDRE MALRAUX and the WOMAN :   

 1945-46 CHRISTMAS :    CLACTON-on-SEA at the St CLARE Convent School clever pupils the end of WAR Top Class  (ages 12-15)  say of Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX WIDOWER (divorced from Clara 1946)    `STILL A BOY - we are going to save him from wicked women … `

ANDRE MALRAUX - he looking like a stern tall ancient Saint or Knight in Armour, finally called An ARCHANGEL, sings counter-tenor in our choirs Clacton :   these early weddings are well thought out - Granny & her Irish families have a friend in the VATICAN called `Young Pacelli`  :  I am at peace with him & we have chosen the names for our children - he thinks 15 will be too many for him to afford but we could have 5 - or 6 … and reminds me he already has two sons to begin with :   He likes the Celtic and Gaelic names but I like the Classical names - He is apprehensive about BOADI-CEA … Aunt Win says because of his GENERAL … and she SLEW foreigners :  

1947 January …  I have written in the RECORDS `scaffolding`  `1937 SUMMER etc `  our recollections he and I late 1950s of OUR ENGAGEMENT LUNCHEON a Sunday in January 1947 at the new home of Aunt Esther & uncle Frederick Potter Vet & Farm Sales BOOTS CHEMIST   ( POTTER Family are Town LIFEBOAT & Town Printers & Town Newspaper Clacton Gazette … His father Secretary of the LIFEBOAT SOCIETY … )    

Early weddings :  We young girls-women have land & properties & duties in our ancient lands of East Anglia & about the globe to care for - even if we live 100 years it is TOO SHORT for all the things that must be done to help make a civilized world …

Early 1940s we are not pestered yet by the ugly part of British consumerism :   GROWING UP in 2nd WORLD WAR we are not fashioned by mounting GREED & GLITZ of an ill educated EMPIRE at the very top :   SADLY Old crafts, arts, & GOSPELS ACTED OUT are being fast eroded by GLITZ :  

1945 July :    I am told by LINDSAY CLARKE  ` ANGELA HAS GIVEN ORDERS THAT GREETAH is NOT TO MARRY `  …  the LINDSAY-LINDSEY Roaring 1920s TRIBE ARE TALKING TO MY parent  TERESA GORDON … this is a bunch of LAWLESS old chum 19-teens & 20s ever onwards …

17 April 1947 I marry my GUARDIAN =  we had 6 BANNS read out at 6 weeks of Sunday Masses at the CLACTON CATHOLIC CHURCH  `Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX and GRETA MAUREEN RANSOM  :   We intend having several children as this will please my great aunts Bessie Martha and Annie Agnes whom he calls HIS INTELLECTUAL EQUALS :   I think about 15 children might be nice …  but he thinks not more than 7 or he might get laughed at in FRANCE  - And we have two to begin with he reminds me  :

1944 November DEATH OF JOSETTE :    A continuing CORRUPT INSANE ARISTOCRAT SYSTEM  of BRITAIN that CAUSED THE DEATH OF JOSETTE 9 November 1944 in FRANCE    :   There was no relief from the MORPHINE - SHE WAS IN HIDEOUS PAIN FOR HOURS - died in 9 hours :

1961 :    OPEN GATES OF HELL :   THEY  Pierre & Vincent the two sons of JOSETTE and ANDRE MALRAUX are killed in a car in May 1961 :    
MI5 say 1969 ` AN ACCIDENT JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN - we would NOT     have withdrawn cover when VINCENT came to 18 years … IF WE HAD THOUGHT ABOUT IT A BIT MORE ` :    they could not begin work for 2 years without first mourning over the CRIMES against THE OLD HERO :  

1937-1990s  :  THE GENOCIDERS set about us all - a too early death to ANDRE MALRAUX still THE LEGAL GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE worldwide - so declared by the     WORLD of NATIONS A-Z OUTSIDE THE ARISTOCRAT GENOCIDERS of GROSS BRITAIN - November 1976 :  
By Christmas 1976/77 I had DIRTY TRICKS played on me & children threatened again by Dr Mengele HARRINGTON who has still GOT A LEG UP on powerful insane persons :

… THEN begins a HUNTING to DEATH the legal HEIR to me to GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE WORLDWIDE :   LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM born 1921 FLYER-ARTIST-TALENTED MUSICIAN asked as GUEST performer about the world - it is he who has quietly run the Estate with the help of all NATIONS outside the EMPIRE of BRITISH FIGURES FROM A MORGUE :
I have never been introduced to him - he disappeared from my 6-7 years old life in 1939 :   

… 1978 into this obscene madness & LIES is revealed a dead girl on BALI - Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON a man described as having EVIL STARING EYES is seen wandering around in a white satin petticoat - The younger twin P.J.P. Whitehead is also on BALI for ichthyology studies … they took TRIPS on DRUGS & saw green-blue snakes with enormous heads :  Old MENGELE is born 1912 - PJPW 1930 :

REPORTS 1978 had LENNIE RANSOM my still LEGAL HEIR called in by the Governor of Bali - they had with help established a pleasant Holiday place where young people came to study gamelan-theatre-language and nature :   They did not want BRITISH ARISTOCRAT PERVERTS - BUT COULD MAKE NO COMPLAINTS OR THEY themselves WOULD BE KILLED by those who WORKED FOR BRITISH ARISTOCRATS … TO STOP THE WORLD KNOWING OF THIS GENOCIDE AND THE HORRENDOUS VIOLENCE AGAINST THE ESTATE RANSOM running through nations A-Z outside the BRITISH GOVERNMENT … now, of course, they encounter TRADE … political economics :

1978 BALI - ARISTOCRATS BRITISH had caused this death :   1978 autumn I am told the Title of the elder identical TWIN Cur Rowland would enable NO charges to be brought - the STARING EYED man is also with Aristocrat claims :   

1944 near TULLES - This is the creature that 1944 end of OCTOBER is sent with another GUNMAN to KILL MALRAUX and JOSETTE :   He would be paid a lot of money by BRITISH ARISTOCRATS & CROWNS and SCARLET GOWNS & ALL THE HIGH BORN CRIMINALLY INSANE :

1967 November - at his BIG PLACE on the Riverside at CHELSEA CUR ROWLAND first, then his twin employed at BMNH FISHES , AGREED WITH THE LINDSAY-LINDSEYBUGGARHS et al to REMOVE MY POST & KEEP ALL VISITORS AWAY - An ASSASSIN EX British Navy who hides OUT IN MALTA came to take me away to KILL - he knew Teresa - I let him know SHE WAS MY MOTHER … Special AGENTS present took him away and DUMPED HIM in An OLD Family TOMB HOUSE - he was wound up so he could not call out  :   The Whitehead TWINS & Dr paedophile MENGELE HARRINGTON might say I was half witted & thus they would be MILLIONAIRES and manage the Estate worldwide - IT WAS SUCH AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE BRITISH ARISTOCRATS & their CROWNS …  :    These 3, with help from LINDSEY BUGGARS were to DEMOLISH the ESTATE and pay themselves WAGES from this WORLDWIDE ESTATE - HAVE Fun - OH IT EMBARRASSED THE BRITISH CROWN :   

1944 November 9th DEATH OF JOSETTE :   
THIS IS THE BRITISH EMPIRE WORLD run by ANGELA and her MEN that has caused the horrible DEATH of JOSETTE mother of the two baby sons of ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN of the GROTE RANSOM worldwide ESTATE …
BY A `HANGMANS MOON`  the woman ANGELA BL has been put up to CLAIMING from age 10 years this great ESTATE from an OLD ESKIMO … her Parents are a witch and a Wizard … An ancestress got burned at the stake 16th century FOR POISONING THE KING :    MERRY WEST OF SCOTLAND :    NO LEGAL WILLS or DOCUMENTS are required by these HIGHEST in the BRITISH KINGDOM …

1944 early SUMMER :   I had the paedophile killer HARRINGTON following me about CLACTON-on-SEA on the PIER early SUMMER 1944 - he was ON THE RUN from POLICE for paedophile attacks at MARKET HARDBOROUGH & being hidden in the LINDSAY-LINDSEY BOLT HOLE their GRAND on CLACTON SEAFRONT :   He then found BRITISH GOVERNMENT ARISTOCRATS EMPLOYMENT to go to PARIS at the LIBERATION :    this history is from accurate Reports :


MEMORANDUM :   These Aristocrat criminally insane and dangerous perverts get big money to HIDE THE GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES 1938-1954 worldwide :   1981/82 LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM was drowned at sea off LOAMSHIRE his back broken - he was incinerated by ORDERS this Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON who has Aristocrat relatives & has visited at BALMORAL Scotland  & SANDRINGHAM Norfolk  :

…  Winter CHRISTMASTIDE 1967-1968 the WHITEHEAD twins, Dr Mengele HARRINTON a paedophile who attacks babies, and does violence against young children & young women, made a visit by Invitation to a HOVEL where ANGELA hangs out = Either Sandringham - Balmoral … or this CASTLE OF MEY - which I thought was in WALES - where 1920s dirty DIPLOMATIC TRAINING WENT ON AFTER THE KIND OLD PEOPLE WHO OWNED THIS PLACE HAD GONE UP TO BED - NO DOUBT WITH HEAVY SLEEPING MIXTURES IN THEIR OVALTINE :

1950s/1960s :  CASTLE of MEY is I think later bought by ANGELA …  but is not in WALES but in OUR RANSOM territory = ROMAN BRITAIN CORNOVII !   I went 1938 up with my family : we flew up in 2 little planes called in to help 1938 … the small holdings and concerns that we support have trouble =  BIG BOOTS are stomping in saying it is all property LORDS and CROWN :   My father and grandfather can only say DO NOT CONFRONT THEM - or they will leave you no roofs … may leave you bootless :   KEEP the SCHOOLING going and the ARTS - send messenger with care if you need financial help :    


… ANGELA has known THE WHITEHEAD TWINS since they are 6 years old - their mother and father DIVORCED - so the usual is to get kids inheriting titles and moneys as WARDS OF COURT - but she could not !   RATHBONE stood out against this helping relatives WHITEHEAD who luckily had LAW experience - Q.Cs and K.Cs.  :   WHY IS THIS VIOLENT DOPE & BOOZE MADNESS ALLOWED TO OPERATE from 1890 to 1998 :



1986/87 CHRISTMASTIDE the father of Victoria-Augusta born 1968 is told by DAVE LINDSEY that SHE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO FAR WITH HER MUSIC STUDIES :    The speaker is DAVE LINDSEY of the ARISTOCRAT GANG  :
…  Born 1926 this is   `spade wheeler` of 1930s CLACTON BEACHES … He who nearly chopped my little 5 YEARS old foot off … but I could run faster than him - 1938 he tells me he  ` IS IN TRAINING FOR MY ROLE IN LIFE - I HAVE TO WEAR THIS PELLET UP MY NOSE for AN HOUR or TWO HOURS - My FATHER & MR JONG HAVE ME LEARN to be THE EARL `… Is Lord-Count-and becomes 1985 EARL no 15 briefly … DEAD by 1989 :

 a maniac making narcotic that HIT’S THE BRAIN in 2 SECONDS :
When ANGELA has it up her SNOUT she wears something PURPLE PLUM colour - this is part of their CULT from the 1920s :
THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALLY INSANE since KIDS :   the pellet is sometimes called `Purple plum` …    

…1930s LEN MY BEST FRIEND only 12 when I am born  :   
Called by civilized Nations ` the young Apostle`   :  
1952/3 THEY killed his son Rudolph RANSOM age 12 with faulty wiring all over a new house abroad - some years later his wife …  She had to ask for a divorce saying ` IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE A MRS RANSOM because of the ESTATE GENOCIDE and BRITISH ARISTOCRATS & CROWNS able to HIDE what they have done …`


1936 … Clarke Gable cousin to JEAN ballerina my grandmother is finishing a visit to  THE HOUSE WITH THE WINDOWS OF LAVENDER PEARLS :   I have written our visit to the WEDDELL heimat/homestead Argentina 1936 - it is in under date & with a big colour plate on this web site :   It also includes meeting BILLYGOAT WEDDELL who has grown up with the family since he was hours old - he goes to the Hospital every fortnight and makes children and old people happy with his nice manners … He was helping push a sofa into place when we arrived to our WEDDELL cousins that evening 1936 :  

LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM :    He made another marriage & had a 6 years old daughter - his wife was acknowledged to have been pushed down a Welsh pot hole - his daughter was seen being taken away by Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON b 1912 a freak who was de-frocked by B.M.A. 1982 after his fashionable DIVORCE 1981 had him EXPOSED as only `GP` and not competent to perform brain surgery or any serious surgery :   He is the friend of ARISTOCRATS & ROYALS & has photos of himself with them :
The sadistic Doctor MENGELE HARRINGTON born 1912 went to school in NORWAY but was removed because age 12 he sordidly attacked young children and took their possessions and moneys :   

1950s :  Mengele as the young Medical world of LONDON calls him :    He uses many drugs & says when wearing his 7 inch expensive hand made BOOTS that he is TESTING leg movements for the BRITISH NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE :   He is feared and known by his PLAYBOY expensive BLUE CAR - Clacton Police and others had him watched as he tried get hold of young children in the half light :   He uses a NEEDLE to STUN THEM an old trick in use since the 1920s :   … When out of his HIGH HEELS & padded raincoat it is difficult to recognise him Doctor STARING EYES Mengele HARRINGTON  :  

…   1950s-1970s THIS IS THE WORLD OF FASHIONABLE GLITZ BRITAIN and FRANCE … it makes the observer FEARFUL - the KUDOS of these HIGH BORN CREATURES is granted by ARISTOCRATS in Government  ( MacMillan is one … others …  ) and in the HOUSE of LORDS :    

 1890 - 1998 :   A GENOCIDE commenced in 1890 to lay hands on THE GROTE HOMES and the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` ESTATE in 3 PARTS WORLDWIDE :   It never stopping =  1998 still making innocent victims around the globe :    amongst THE VICTIMS ARE THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide & JOSETTE wife of ANDRE MALRAUX mother of their 2 young sons :    SHE HAS A FALL ON A RAILWAY LINE FRANCE 9 November 1944 :   

…  I Greta Ransom a Museum worker of CAMULODUNUM COLONIA VICTRICENSIS 1st-2nd century AD have added information to reviews of new big book April 2012 by GALLIARD on literary figure DRIEU = Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE -
Ransom family branches & friends knew him or of him :  just another  young man of 1st World War 1914-1919 shocked by scenes of blood & gore he experiences in FRANCE  - so I have politely added accurate personal HUMANIST situations to the CRITICS 60 years on-going work on DRIEU  (& even lightened my text by sensibly advising a look into A X.Marcel BOULSESTIN Cook Book & a reading of his prose will open a now cobwebby window of understand on these late 19th-20th century figures who went to fight in that GREAT WAR  :   ANDRE MALRAUX is spoken of as `a friend …` :

1948 October - 1951 :   Arts-Crafts-Technology College Colchester taught me sketches of `Political History`  before I crossed draw-bridge November 1952 of COLCHESTER CASTLE  (Colchester & Essex Museums)   to be `our Maid of ALL WORK` Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis … and taking our famous SEAS EDGES name RANSOM in with me :    Army & Navy, RAF figures Without the Walls East Anglia RETIRED knew much of our histories …
MEMORANDUM  :    92 AD SUFFOLK  he `Gaius` REDEMPTIO = RANSOM of 77 AD LONDINIUM  (out of Jutland-Mediterranean 3 generations BC) SEA TRADERS holding Office Taxes Roman Republic & Roman Empire, lands his two ships at Tower Hill after being in Palestine with cousin :   They picked up early a Religion soldiers liked & can show a little CARD `member of Temple of MITHRAS` - this  was useful & implied the Holder was a person of honour :

1953 LONDON City Temple of Mithras - we RANSOM families all go to walk in the footsteps of he our first ancestor Gaius REDEMPTIO before the area is swamped under concrete blocks :    1950s Old England peoples said `Oh such a Tourist GEM is lost to slick fashionable suited little nippers all climbing the ladder to SCARLET LILAC TIME … `   And similar remarks went on for 20-30 years :

Some records of the obstinate stupid greedy heroin-soaks destruction of England its green and pleasant landscapes is to be found by walking in good libraries or hopefully on the internet :   


 THAT CAUSED ALSO THE DEATH OF JOSETTE mother of the tiny sons of ANDRE MALRAUX 9 November 1944 :  
A TRAIN on the Tulles line ran over her legs - she died in a few hours -  Her mother was visiting :   

2 men had been trying to get DOCUMENTS and post off JOSETTE = it was legal and came from GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK … IT WAS ADDRESSED TO ANDRE MALRAUX and he had asked her to collect any POST that might be at an Address they used pre-War:
SHE WAS IN SHOCK … Details are in File  JOSETTE-DRIEU-MALRAUX … on  released March-April 2013 AD :   

Also on the earlier work released 2011 AD January : 2011 AD January …`scaffolding` in 3 Parts
1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX with a young Lady Josette Clotis & Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND :    

1937 SUMMER :   We walked we visited our family friends and they made new ones  :   MANY PEOPLE RECOGNISED  THEY WERE VERY GOOD YOUNG PEOPLE THEN … TO BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE HEIR of GREENLAND out and about with them :

1937 October :  Young Malraux b 1901 is appointed, with his agreement GUARDIAN to Greta Ransom … he does not understand in October 1937 that this means he is GUARDIAN to the worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN as well as the vast RANSOM Estate of humanist investments supporting massive philanthropy - helping little nations A-Z and big nations too :   

MALRAUX, young MAN of LETTERS …  has been out EAST many years - and after the murder of TIGGY GROTE 1904 the HOMES were kept discrete because of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT ARISTOCRATS … Harold MacMillan pretended to be a Representative of GROTE BROKERS 1934 & had got the VALUABLE PAINTINGS IN A BOAT when a message came from THE GREEK PARLIAMENT that HE WAS A PENNILESS BRITISH ARISTOCRAT a LIAR … and they BANNED HIM FROM GREECE FOR LIFE - After  the 2nd World War he got back in :   
1957 he is heard saying `it would be better if Greetah and Andre were dead ` …  HIS PORTION OF OUR ESTATE after the 2nd World War is URUGUAY :   But when he died the BRITISH CROWN ESTATE CLAIMED IT FROM HIS SURVIVING FAMILY - THEY SAID IT WAS BRITISH CROWN PROPERTIES … and all had a good share out from making extreme POVERTY out of GROTE RANSOM Estate intelligence and Harmony :

1937 May :  GROSS BRITAIN has taken a NEW QUEEN called ANGELA ... & she and her men wish to destroy the GROTE HOMES worldwide educating to 18-22 years … enabling students to enter the Sciences-Agriculture horticulture-MUSIC-Technology & MEDICINE in all its branches … and all the ARTS :

My father and family had to rush to SPAIN to a young cousin - he had THE LINDSAYBUGGARHS in on the tiny family Estate -  they were FULL OF THEIR BIG MOUTHS … they burned him in marmalade adding olive oil to the big VAT - All my father could do was burn the place down at night - but 5 LINDSAY-LINDSEY thugs got AWAY in a lorry he did not see parked behind the little factory the local people ran :

I did not gather this until winter 1937-1938 :    

1946 DECEMBER early evening :  CLACTON-ON-SEA Old Road descending from ancient CLACTUNA Great Clacton, on the right hand side past The Labour Club & crossroads is the remains of the OLD QUAKER ENCLAVE of 18th century … The Meeting House, School, white painted wood houses on high steps all complete 1936 ;   Such a pity this Tourist Gem was eaten into by Earls LINDSAY-Lindsey always hankering to pick-a-pocket :  

1934 …  I went to the Quaker school from 1934 - 14 months old in my pram for a morn and noon sleep - this is where I acquired my 17th century QUAKER speech … it went down very well in South America 1935-1936 & I made some speeches for my Hon Degrees :
Walter Benjamin was proud of me but advised they were Hon Degrees & my learning must go on for many decades :  Similar advice came from those of great culture and learning … and I understood :   

… Lennie Immanuel RANSOM b 1921 & I GR b 1933 are in training to care for our great family Estate headed by Aunt Mag since TIGGY was murdered on ARRAN West Hebrides 1904 by dope-soaked criminally insane vicious EARLS & LORDS & those who grow to pay the household bills DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND :   

 GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate is called beautiful phrases - like a green veil, a gold halo, a delicate garden of HOPE encircling the globe :    We RANSOM families had set about it 1st century AD :

1946 December :   ALFRED CHARLES R.N. REAR ADMIRAL RANSOM 1st & 2nd World Wars explained patiently that early evening after Church to gold ringed naval circle with him why the WEDDELL boys of RN OCEAN SCOUTS & SEA SCOUTS called him ALFIE


His wife said to them ` Well you boys SAN JULIAN-WEDDELL … can I have in my presence `Alfie Charles then -  please`  :    There is a Ball for us then next day a big Naval NOSH UP then SLOSH UP - at HARWICH that week … … …


1936 - With Uncle Alfred Charles we all call at branch of San Julian-Weddell families TIERRA del FUEGO  ( called pre-Spanish Conquest 16th century  `PANE`OOW`CHAE Y` = nearest pronunciation pre-Spain Conquest 16th century - Now `Manelae-ous`)   (were photos)
1960-1972 :  Tierra del FUEGO Diaries read to me   ` Greetha fell in love with this `heimat` `dear to the heart` … & had a nice time with Nuns from Welsh, Irish, Scots families - all very happy being so far `SUD` & worked in hospitals & taught in their little school …`

…  I GR remember my father & RANSOM families were able to get them better organised with adequate winter fuel always coming to them & foodstuffs so they were released for their welfare work & teaching … Tierra now has a University 21st century  :   I remember these travels very well & telling Sister Serena I will give her a bigger Convent built when I am grown up :

1936 we also had a nice tea with The Armish who always give you treacle tart - they are asked by RANSOM families about world matters :   We stayed in New York in the 19th century Ransom bridal house & Mrs Edvar Varese wife of the composer & ladies took me shopping for frocks as all the RANSOM families will dress me like a boy :   I don`t mind so long as I am a girl on Sundays - its more comfortable as we fly about in little planes or use launches as we are always at THE SEAS EDGES … But we young were not allowed go up MACHU PICCHU with the RANSOM party & INCA distant relatives & thought this most unkind !    

1936 :   Also RANSOMS go to tea with Albert Einstein wife & dog :   He asked if I was clever with arithmetic like my grandma ballerina Jean Minerva Weddell & the INCA - who taught him much but he could not `pull answers out of the air like they could` :
I said sorrowfully I counted on my fingers :    Professor Einstein said `so do I - I always check my work on my fingers`  The RANSOM & Weddell families all SAILED AWAY in the GERMAN tongue with bursts of French & American  :    I am used to this …  they did on-and-off languages with Walter Benjamin in Paris when we went walking in the Paris Parks :  

1936 - Uncle CAPTAIN LIAM RANSOM (has 4 tall masters still sailing the Oceans)   is doing some work with a young man called Kurt Gogol at  Birmingham University - they spread out centuries of SEA CHARTS & chalk mathematics on a blackboard  :    I am more interested in the cooking of the centuries !    Hence 4 shelves here from `Stone Age Foods` to 20th century :

ABOVE a WORLD OF HORROR AND GREED that KILLED JOSETTE and the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide and many thousands of other good people

And here and there a world of normal sensibilities - of giving happiness to others … ACTING THE GOSPELS OUT … and finding HAPPINESS in doing this …                                   
                                …  F   I   N …