Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges


1930s -  PREPARATIONS for a RIVER of BLOOD around the EARTH  :

“ Mr JIM has no regular employment - he works by MOONLIGHT for certain SCOTS LORDS … my master will not allow him through the door … … … you should say you are busy, he may not come in, and he should talk with your parents …”

( letter 1934 from Edgar Gordon aesthete and travelling companion to a Nobleman of ancient lineage - writes to his niece Esther Mary Gordon … )

1919 - 1970s  …  dirty JIM FOUL MOUTH PIMP well known in Paris-parts of Gross Britain :   
… and travels for CERTAIN British Lords and Crowns about the world by MOONLIGHT - he has OPEN HOUSE British Embassies and Consuls … he is to be expected through the BACK DOORS by MOONLIGHT - he is to be shown every Courtesy :   …

…  THE GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` Estate worldwide is being fingered with BIG GUNS by coin-less end of Empire Aristocrats and Imperial IN-BREDS …   :  all of whom have great gambling debts & and are known to be criminally insane  (= wicked)  in Gross Britain and Scandinavia GHOUL circles  : …

LEN Immanuel RANSOM born 1921 -
slain 1981/82 -  diaries :   

( 1936 - July or August? )    LIR  “ do you remember … we went an afternoon to Walton-on-the-Naze to swim, with a picnic, my parents F-C. and Jean … your father dashing around … would collect us by taxi or Harry with car … stay on beach or on the benches or in the little café …
I went to the little shower cupboards to get rid of brine and sand … JIM followed me … made filthy remarks about my undercarriage … offered advice … I am only a lad of 15 … I never had any of this rudeness in the Argentine :  …

… He had appeared when we arranged ourselves on the beach - an umbrella for those who needed shade :   You said he is here, Mr PONG - he is not nice … He said he was told by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN to WATCH us … we ignored him - he is a known PIMP in London and in Clacton when he appears with the Earl LINDSAY relatives : who insist we are their cousins - I and my father have to be polite to them :   JIM annoyed us for 2 hours - he threw little stones from a distance at you - You told him he had no more manners than he had in Paris and in Colombia - it would have been wise to not let him know you could remember him … I know that now !   

SUDDENLY he JIM looked at his wristwatch and hounded off :   Harry and your father came in a car - it was after 6 o`clock :   We told them we had JIM trouble that afternoon for 2 hours … I told Harry how he had followed me to the cold water shower after my swim - he    ( Harry Gordon youngest son of my grandparents Gordon `Crail` Skelmsdale Road, Clacton-on-Sea )   said the little PIMP for years had tried that on all young boys and men - then if you took any notice of him he would hover near you at the Dances in the evenings saying filthy things :  you must not be seen speaking with JIM - you must tell him to SHOVE OFF … call a Policeman & say he is an annoyance - is he drunk ?  `

LIR continues :   “ … do you remember … that we had him intruding on us at Frinton-on-Sea an afternoon … & he kept saying dirty things to you and to me … my parents had stayed in the shade … we were down by the waves … your father strode up … he ordered JIM to go OFF :   He said he drank too much and he and the LINDSAY on the Front made one another worse :   I believe that you and I understood more than your father cared to say - he a young man who had been a British Soldier was doing his best for all of us :

LIR  “ … if you can recall some of the London events  (1930s)  we are sent invitations to …  

… … …  you will find we have JIM about us almost everywhere and sometimes with Uncle LINDSEY …

   ( … … …  to be Earl No 14 - ref. murder so horrible of the Castle Hedingham 9 years old heir 1942 in the School class of Greta Ransom also age 9 years - Captain Learoy Headmaster the Llewellyn Road School Clacton-on-Sea, Essex  … … … )

  … he has a FOUL MOUTH … he is the kind of man that writes rude things on lavatory walls or spies into bedrooms ”   …

… “  Harry   ( Harry Gordon brilliant mechanic Thorpe-le-Soken Uncle of Greetha Ransom )     said JIM carried dirty photographs about - he would let them be seen for 6 pence and others for a shilling -
(((  … Harry said to Miss Greta Ransom  (1964 Christmas morning Clacton-on-Sea and Thorpe-le-Soken )  he  “little bit of vermin”   would pester to pay him a piece of silver and LOOK  : )))   

LIR  “ … … …  I can remember, before the War,  warnings from your grandmother Mary Gordon … she calls JIM   “ A BIT OF VERMIN :  he was responsible for a dreadful fire in Ireland when her young cousins were burned to death”  … … …


1919-1920 JIMMIE JONG  (born China 1898/1899)  and other NOBLE SCUM followed the 12/13 years old already superior horsewoman Teresa Gordon to the CARROLL Farm Southern Ireland …    
 ( cousins to her grandmother TERESA Murphy CARROLL O-Brien Williams CLASSICIST )
 … and these young IMPERIAL aristocrats insisted the Young MURPHY Family    (see Shipping Agents & Farming etc)     give JIMMIE JONG horses for free -    When he was refused he and his NOBLE CHUMS declared they would  “ CHARGE ALL THE MURPHY Families with TREASON … get them shot … ”  

… Then they burned the barn with good horses in it, the farmhouse attached, to the ground late at night  :   only the 6 years old BRIAN MURPHY is saved - dropped from a window by a Servant who then collapses and dies :   His father lives 5-7 hours in the Hospital, before dying from severe burns,  and tells of the weeks of persecution by Noble British SCUM :     BRITAIN OWNS SOUTHERN IRELAND :
READER :   can go to Irish history - Casement/etc. at this time :   Nota bene :   SOUTHERN IRELAND belonged lock stock and barrel to the BRITISH CROWN … )))


LIR - 1930s diaries …   “  He JIM is after money for himself - abroad he has a reputation for theft … but he shows himself to be companion to a Duchess … who has been the friend for many years to your mother - they are not good SCOTSWOMEN … they are both become with unpleasant reputations in Scotland too - it is noticed that JIM is always somewhere near them -  or in the background  :    Angela is about to become very powerful - good people did not wish for this … ”
(Len Immanuel RANSOM/diaries-oral-tapes-reports/


REPORTS :   1960/1961 information sent to Colne Engaine : Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX - he become a Minister of France 1959 in the General de GAULLE Government :


… 20th century IMPERIAL EMPLOYERS of JIMMIE JONG PIMP  (Sir James 1954 ) … and other PIMPS - child molesters & sadistic slayers of good human beings  :   so they can have BIG MONEY and pile up their `KUDOS`  and `GLITZ` :

20th century : reference diaries-reports-letters 1920s-1950s :   

“ … a good lady … accompanied her husband USA official work … kept a diary … tells a friend, and another, of shock over violence spoken about Margaret Grote :   She heard from friend, friends, in same work …

… “ … a young male calling himself various titles, age 16-17 years of age, is saying with spite and hate that an Eskimo should NOT have her HOMES for CHILDREN and lands and money all around the world … he wants it taken off her … she, Margaret Grote,  should be SHUT UP … the money should be given to his kind … ”   … … …

…  ( the good ladies and husbands )  ` They all knew Margaret Grote a woman of integrity and kindness and high intelligence … a gentlewoman … not a titled woman - and with NO WISH TO MARRY AGAIN now her husband TIGGY Grote had been unlawfully killed … `

… `  She, this good lady who had travelled with her husband, and her women friends with similar circles, commented on the upbringing of this young male 16-17 years of age :   

He had an Uncle    ( Lord `Dickybird` Louis Mountbatten )   an unpleasant womaniser, a man unworthy of any employment anywhere - the same spiteful hate was heard from this man … they were all related far to much to the British Crown … THE WAR CAME …`  :     continues after `observation` below  :



…  a bully brute called by his old flames `Dickybird` :   one morning from a taxi he burst into our little house The Old Road just down from Great Clacton … he wore a too tight striped sailor beach suit :   After hurling words at Sheshe my VISITING MOTHER … words I am not yet supposed to have learned at 4-5 years old … he  broke open my little scarlet Post Box moneybox and took the contents - some silver :    THEN bawled some more at SHEshe    (Teresa nee Gordon - now Ransom since 1932) … ` that she and ANGELA owed him money - and getting theatrical hit the little ceilings with     “  and ANGELA IS A BLAZING COW…  ”   :    This word `blazing`  is corrected by my father and Uncle Harry and they explained the word `BRAZEN` … ( = the debt was from a late night gambling session on a yacht somewhere …Oh he also stole from the wardrobe of my young father an embroidered waistcoat given him by an ancient person who had worn it in the days of Queen Victoria … He was searching for MONEY in all our clothes …

… QUEER … we keep money in the bank … he only found coins of the Realm and some from Casa Blanca … a Polish man there grows my PORRIDGE … a film is made about him called Casa Blanca … he is called Mr Rick or Nick - in 1953 he tells me he is `THE SPY` who grew my porridge … and is amazed how TALL I have grown …   :  

… After this excitement I did get for my walk and play in the REC grounds wit h my friend and her mother … she knows all these persons are still ROARING from the 1920s :

(signed)  Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM
… age 4-5 years old -

… … and  I am well travelled  for 9 months  NORD-SUD POLES visiting the lovely HOMES  in between the POLES for Aunt Margareth  our GIRL of the SNOWS … 1935/1936  …  (who is compiling this FILE on the computer for everyone  at the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century ` DEUS VULT ` )…


REPORT CONTINUES :   to Detectives 1960/1961 at Colne Engaine :

`  the good lady … she says he did not hear of the savagery done to the GROTE CHILDREN at first … then she heard of some violence done to them in their HOMES during the War … She and friends had known that some of the small HOMES had experience of violence against the older children …  and when they left the HOMES and went into employment at 18 or in their 20s some of them reported interference from Britain  … She knew of some who had gone into the Sciences … one had become a valued American Senator … he said nothing must be said of their HOMES … it was dangerous for all of them who were left …  ”

Detectives reporting above incoming information :
- some good men said that they were not ashamed of being British … ashamed of their nationality … the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN had them in deep shock :

REPORTS of horror are in   `scaffolding`  Document in 3 Parts titled ` 1937 SUMMER, Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom, Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND`    :  … … …

… … … has smaller pieces of this ongoing work :   

A series of photos/imagery/montage has begun on JIMDO site above - this I hope will aid the WORLDWIDE READERS with the visual :   Montage I have been making for 20 years to aid myself with the assembling of this 20th century HISTORY - it leads on now 2012 autumn to photo reconstruction … I wear my 17th century SEALED KNOTT  clothes to be my 16th century grandmother 9 generations back MAGGIE RANSOM CAREW CAREW RANSOM =

`What a girl ! `   In her mid 30s she had dead CAREW husband, son, daughter, two older RANSOM brothers -  She ran the Boat yard Montrose Basin, the Sheep farming … got the Estate back on its feet in 3-4 years - could sail overseas to the ancestral ESTATES as SEA TRADER simply by notifying Cinque Ports where she was going …

… As a girl of 9 to 12 years she had talked with the future Henry VIII away from the Court Life  … she much travelled with her father and Japanese Old Royal Line OKINAWA mother,  kept a scholars friendship with him  …  4 years after his letter of sorrow at her misfortunes and assurance of his support - she might LEAVE as SEA TRADER … He sent her another CAREW …    ` 7 years younger - he will kill himself I fear - so take him to VENICE as with your first … teach him about the Estates … languages and persons of quality … I think you will have another good husband … `   She did just that - THEY HIT VENICE - she wore her moonlight dress of silver thread weave - kept her hair dark as he preferred this to her nutty brown :   they had  (another for her)   son and daughter … THUS we RANSOM main line descend this once BY THE WOMAN … Her son her grandson preferred to take name  R A N S O M  …  She raised the grandchildren sometime, and the great-grandchildren … SHE HAS HER PORTRAIT PAINTED AT AGE 92 … she may just have stepped into the 17th century - perhaps 1701 …  

 (This letter was in Hakluyt Society - but RANSOM records are all removed to save the FATE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN being revealed …) …   I HAVE ASSEMBLED HER HISTORY AS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR MY ONLY SON PETE     … Peter Rathbone Ransom Whiotehead born 1970 - 1998 … PHOTOGRAPHER philosopher … he was just beginning his work after travelling the world a year, then examining India and Kashmir … He chose this little Neo-Classical l830 house in GAUL 1993 …  The work and life of PETE is beginning on the JIMDO site … and also with  the collection of Childrens Paintings made by a friend Mary Cotton Dudley-Short Mrs Percy Peter FREEMAN


… I MUST GET ON … there is always 200 years of work for everybody … life is much too short … :  it has been a good year 2012 AD for apples - I brought the seeds 19 years ago from our old English garden and have grown 2 fine trees with Apples different to any others … a new tree is from seed from they :  we shall see in 2-3 years what kind of Apples it presents to the globe ?

Greetah Ransom - who owes life 9 generations back to MAGGIE RANSOM Carew Carew RANSOM 16th century …

I met some CAREW descendants in 1962-63 - they had married into GILBERTS the line of the half brother of Sir WALTER RAYLEIGH …
they knew more about my ancestry via Carew than I did at that time …