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1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges

Thomas Grote Homes Part C




Tiggy) real HOMES for


children educating them to 18 – 20 years in the histories of the Globe – at 10 years onwards they visit by our ships TIG`s HOMES the other side of the world – thus Ecuador 1936 has former orphans telling us of news from CHINA where  they have `pen pals` after their visits 30 years ago :  we RANSOM families are 19 races & 27 nations – sea traders, merchants, out of Udewalla BC 1st 3rd centuries – employment as `REDEMPTIO` for Roman Republic & Roman Empire` making marriages Mediterranean shores and Italy 1st century AD ... a branch arrive 77 AD the River Thames 2 brothers or cousins who have been in Roman Army PALESTINE ... 92 AD we buy a small Estate seas edges DUNWICH SUFFOLK & are there to this day – we continue as `REDEMPTIO`( taxes, Latin ransom,port duties etc  



1824 marriage of families Quaker WEDDELL Mariner=Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel : 

 Roman Catholic line SAN JULIAN is educated Portugal by Jesuits of child age 5 years of brother of The INCA  AtahuaIpa 16th PERU century – protected by Spanish Priests  line protected Portugal Jesuits – educated by them but expected to marry by 40 years of age and keep the INCA BLOOD LINE descending : ( another brother a babe a few months was saved – dead in his mother`s arms = raised in countryside, kept safe, we meet descendant mid-20th century ... )

THUS - senior line Y. JOSEF San Julian 1800s became an early 19th century Governor for SPAIN Peru-Tierra del Fuego (his mother`s line) :  he marries  1800s at San Sebastian into `Aqueda` families & his  only daughter `The Elovedah-Maria`  made `an ICE WHITE WEDDING 1824 to QUAKER JAMES WEDDELL (the sea – there were massive records when I was a child = our remote cousins Earls of Lindsay-Lindsey would break in our little homes & say they owned everything including the HOMES -  (my paternal grandfather Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM had his mother Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom a grand-daughter of the Earl of Lindsay 1860s = Winston Churchill said January 1960  “ ... too far out ~”  He called in the 14th Earl of LINDSEY & gave him a spade !   Churchill took 98 thousands (pounds) off him !   It was put in Medical Research – but the millions removed from GROTE Brokers almost in silence 1954 Summer had been distributed criminally to members of this TRIBE New Year`s Eve 1953 – An evening was in secrecy attended by 2 Detectives, and Andre Malraux and myself were invited by


1953 COLCHESTER & ESSEX MUSEUMS :  Graham Greene novelist Roman Catholic convert showed photograph to me Colchester Castle 1953 – He has come in for some years to find a corner to quietly write – he likes to speak with our Chief Guide (ex-British Army 2nd World War)   Mr Charles CHAPMAN:    Graham Greene learned from his Vatican circles we RANSOM families had many deaths in our families because of the `Genocide` to the worldwide seashores GROTE HOMES Children this past 2nd World War wartime = he knew my age 1953 19-20 years and therefore I had been 5 years when this planned CRIME had begun – and that ANDRE MALRAUX writer, whom he knows from 1930s, was some way involved but because of his political position with General Charles de Gaulle not too much was known here ...   :   


1988 USA Government  Washington seniors :   I GRW hear “ ... no one says the name Thomas GROTE anymore – we have had Agents, colleagues, others,  disappeared - killed = we wondered if you can help us ... a lot of children were killed around the world the 2nd World War and on = as far as we can learn, you might say,  it seems the British were worried about their Trade figures ... ”  Some of them may know that my husband Peter J.P. Whitehead with his identical twin Sir Rowland (Debretts) are first cousins to Sparkman family, American Yacht Makers etc.



1953 autumn-winter :  GRAHAM GREENE novelist comes to Colchester & Essex Museums to tell me that he has “ ... gathered from Vatican information from ... an old Monseigneur of South America ... ” ...  things he believes my mother has kept from me and he adds  “ You must not believe what your mother says about your father – people were like this before the War when they were after money ...”   He comes into the Castle about 1 pm to talk with the Guides, our chief Guide Mr Charles Chapman,  & scribble in the peaceful seldom used East Study upstairs – Mr Rex Hull the Curator working at his drawings behind screens on the main floor of the Castle KEEP ...  `Master Greene`in thought can stroll near the Chapel Crypt ... notice a music manuscript of Willoughby 17th century composer ... 



Graham Greene says “ ...  two sons born James and John = CHARLES DARWIN has written a letter saying he has met the two sons of JAMES WEDDELL Quaker with London grandparents in Argentina educated by Spanish-Inca grandparents ...” he shows me a photograph c 1850 of “ your grandfather 3 generations back – the noble INCA Yahmah JOSEF San JULIAN -  he has an old Order of Spain ` San Miguel`  given when he becomes Acting Governor for Spain of Peru and his INCA  and Tierra del Fuego & San Julian Bay – he had a big house built with INCA SIGNS above the door ... they were a lost language ...  this is how he meets his friend JAMES WEDDELL the Quaker Mariner –  the two of them engaged in archaeology when they had time ...


1823-24 `AN ICE WHITE BRIDE` newspapers South America :  see www sites :


GRAHAM GREENE :   “ ...  A marriage is made with the daughter, only child, who holds a high office of WELFARE for the INCA ... interesting is that the mother of San Julian held a similar office Tierra del Fuego, believed to be much older than the Inca but not so well developed ... but it is an office of care of families from birth into death ... before SPAIN came ... the Spanish did not interfere with his mother`s lands that she shared equally with a brother along some hundreds of miles ... San Julian had the histories ... a library and documents go missing just before this last War (2nd W.War) = his wife is from San Sebastian a well respected family ... – however the recent Civil War ... I may be able to get some further information ” ..

Whether he did learn more from Andre Malraux who November 1953 appears in the Castle Keep I do not know - PROBLEM for everybody trying to help is that MALRAUX ASSISTS General Charles de GAULLE – Politics ... has the General kept the matter quiet ???  



(NB:  No = he never knew of the HOMES – an Army man from his youth he walked other paths in the difficult 20th century of 2 great WORLD WARS 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 )  


The many pages and the other sites cover these 1930s-1950s days, months, years, and decades 1869 NIGHTWAT CH Colne Engaine to HARWELL village and the too early death of Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX made a victim because the BRITISH GOVERNMENT Lords & Crown, Scandinavia and others related to them were alerted 1938 THAT ANDRE MALRAUX a FRENCHMAN was shown on their stolen copies the LEGAL WILL as WORLDWIDE GUARDIAN the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and therefore Guardian to the SEASHORES of the GLOBE where the Homes are built – this includes natural lands, small farms, craftwork and horticulture – 3 small planes are in use for every Home and the communities ... : 



End of World War 2 certainly the worldwide killings of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES children is frightening ...  to many human beings who do not SLAY for money and seashore lands to SELL ON =  and cunningly keep an income to themselves from the trashy developers, wood choppers of forests, cheap hotels and unnecessary mining ... all illegally erected on the pits of burned children – :



“  1948 in the gardens of a Home a European shore,  turned into a  HOTEL in haste to make money,  small teeth and finger bones were found emerging from the ground where the gardens sloped  ...”  USA agents –


 NB:  TIGGY GROTE is an AMERICAN CITIZEN and the families are still in WALL STREET :


1960 depth charging  of the children sunk in nets began  ... This was first done by The Royal Navy of Gross Britain – but objections came to The Whitehall from other nations who questioned WHY WERE THE BRITISH DEPTH CHARGING WELL INSIDE THEIR 2 MILE LIMIT off-shore ???  It did get in the newspapers ... is it really still there – or re-written ?  :    


The aristocrat villains feared a PARCEL of Documents they intercepted would in some other way alert MALRAUX and General de GAULLE to what had been kept away from MALRAUX since 1938 – ... I and NIGHTWATCH had depth charging and acid poured into pits of burned children thrown at us one Summer night by DAVE LINDSEY and GANGS  – midnight jeering continued after 4 days THE BRITISH TERRITORIALS happened to be around East Anglia :   ... the British territorials came along and began 1960=61 to have known killers experience the same & this continued 1960s  ...


2011 AD `document in 3 Parts` and other sites etc – and RANSOM ancestries to show how we acquired our worldwide seashore lands ... WE MARRY FOREIGN BRIDES of honourable families in SEA trading and scholarship ...    



NB:  JAMES WEDDELL Mariner – Weddell Sea - There are inaccuracies & missing information on Wikipedia because of the GENOCIDE to the THOMAS GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 1938-1956 & the hunting as `BIG and LITTLE GAME` of all who know the HOMES on the SEASHORES of the GLOBE from 1864 – agreed by nations A-Z except the BIGGEST EMPIRE of the            GLOBE – GREAT BRITAIN 17th century – 20th century – other Empires kept the HOMES quietly – it was wise not to confront GB ... 


( Some accurate information on JAMES WEDDELL Ist - his mother the London PIECE Quaker family – We RANSOM who marry his granddaughter JEAN Minerva 1909 had silver tableware of the PIECE London Quaker family- his elder brother by 9 years was RN British Navy & had 9 children – there were many descendants in the 20th century :



Very full accurate information can be found – released 2011 January 31st “Document in 3 parts 1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis, Greta Ransom, CLACTON-ON-SEA & WEST GREENLAND” These RECORDS are a `scaffolding for the work to follow on 2011 www. to the present year  =


This initial work for the CENTENARY of my young father 2011 AD Frederick John RANSOM `Jerusalem` Park Road, DEPTFORD, our families of 19 Races 27 Nations SEAS EDGES includes `RANSOM ANCESTRIES 1 – 4/5 continuing  “ RANSOM-REDEMPTIO-TAXES Administrators under ROMAN REPUBLIC & ROMAN EMPIRE = called `The REDEMPTIO` East Anglia and Mediterranean Basin – We main line come from JUTLAND BC Udawala – name becomes 6th century AD in SUFFOLK `RAN-SOM` :  ROME was pulling out of BRITAIN – expanding Roman Empire too big to manage ... Scandinavia invading along shores of Oceanus Germanicus – NORTH Sea ... Germanic tongues coming in – less Latin and Arabic used in the Forum-Market Places ... :



Work is repeated and continued on sites and other methods of storage and retrieval = and on et al ... from 2011-2012 onwards :  



 NOTA BENE :   1937 the midday end of July before the arrival to CLACTON of ANDRE MALRAUX and an intelligent young lady writer ` “ to be known as Miss JO ELLIOT” my young father age 26 years has a phone call – the that distant relatives Earls of Scotland Lindsay-Lindsey have stomped in on a cousin`s SPANISH seashores Estate & are abusing the 22 years old only son insisting they have been given this Estate at the new British Coronation – They were threatening & calling him a `Red` but he was a Coptic scholar & translating records of 900 years ago the LETTERS of an Ethiopian Trading family given him to keep safe and get to the USA when his parents could do so  ...  


The evening of the arrival end of July 1937 SPANISH SEASHORES in our little plane & launch in secret silence by my young father & others, another relative a retired Rear Admiral, the drug-soaked Scotland relatives began to boil the young man only 22 years old in a VAT of MARMALADE drinking crazily ... then they added lemon juice then olive oil :  


1937 August - My young father age 26 & another set fire to the big farm house after screams ceased & it was believed the drunken Scots had with others fallen asleep – 19 died in the blaze but 5 got away in a truck that was behind a shed ... HEMINGWAY never recovered from this crime –


MALRAUX did not know until 1962 – Because of his name as GUARDIAN on stolen Wills sent to him he speaks  of many things 1970 January THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL ...



ANDRE MALRAUX :   “ ... your Government allowed this, Peter – I have been brought to my knees & others and not known why -  bereaved in my own family ... ”    He is asked  `Why did you leave Government fellah`? 


ANDRE MALRAUX :   His reply “ ... my General left first ... I thought about it ... then followed – REASONS ?   We felt we were getting old – we had done all we could to put France in shape since the end of this last WAR – AND WE COULD NOT TELL ANY LONGER WHO AROUND US SPOKE THE TRUTH ...”    I Greta Ransom W. am present these evening visits  ...  :



1st memo :   ?  1937 JULY-AUGUST - the theft of a private ESTATE and the burning to death of an innocent 22 years old son only child of his SCOTLAND parents whose life had been as MISSIONARIES for the London Protestant Mission in ETHIOPIA  :   burned in a  marmalade vat on the SPANISH SEASHORES  by the criminally insane Aristocrats of Scotland  ... REASONS ... 1948 the half a wooded mountain also privately owned was LOGGED by an Earl and a Lord of this family ... the MOUNTAIN then began to slip into the sea ... well it would perhaps ... but some money was made by them from the CUT TREES ... They were boasting of this in PARIS early 1950s ... 1960 THE BRITISH TERRITORIALS managed to catch some of them seen in the 2nd World Wartime burning and drowning GROTE CHILDREN - and use them early 1960s as ashtrays and baked buns & introduce them to Joan of Arc  : 




2nd MEMO :   1936 January and December a nice Sailor King had to be hurriedly given euthanasia - the heir booted out because of an intelligent American woman – a delicate health younger son & `protocol` step in -  although there were two other healthy sons – a lot of money had to be spent – and WAR WAS COMING AGAIN & this worried those who had been in the WAR 1914-1918 ... quietly some ex-forces kept fit knowing the matter of VERSAILLES Treaty 1919 had Europe a `DARK VALLEY`& France had citizens hungry, and Germany, and Asia & RUSSIA had its hands full with good intentions after 1917  (READER is advised to get the CDs et al of MOSSOLOV & my favourite 1933 for my birth-day `Neipner Water Power Station which is wonderful to sculpt-dance – he is called Julius KT– 2014 France Orchestra CD`d his work (we have Russian grannies Siberia on from 15th century – I used to get nice birthday cards until 1940s


(DARK VALLEY is a book history of the 1930s worldwide - publ. 2000 AD = compiler Piers Brendon born 1941 and holds scholarly posts – parents connected to Diplomatic world 1930s – I am present at some dates and events, my families with connexions to some from 19th century –



We RANSOM WEDDELL FROBISHER families et al,  keep quietly with our Philanthropy and Sea trading and have been in Transport from 17th century ... We are known for our SAFETY STANDARDS ... safety before profit ... The British Scotland Earls Lindsay and Lindsey who claim us as KIN,  and others Glamis Castle DISAPPROVE of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES around the Globe and would like to lay hands in silence upon the WORLD SEASHORES upon which these are built with approval the nations independent A to Z – begun by Thomas Immanuel Grote age 23 years old – he asked approval of Edward Lear too ...



He TIG is a great-nephew of Frederick Immanuel KANT ... he is known as TIGGY born 1842 to GROTE BROKERS The NEW YORK ... Our Brokers for our Seashore lands – dowry from our RANSOM foreign Brides ... we engaged them 1831 ...Later we move into Wall Street when it is paved and has buildings going up ... I am there 1936 ... we are talking with a man who will marry an English heiress Berkshire ... she will be so helpful to us 1970s – 1985 ...




My aunt GIRL OF THE SNOWS Margareth RANSOM tells me 1936-37 ...  “ MY FATHER PARKED HIS SHIP – his father had bought in 1801 the `packit of 19 Acres The New York` ... Daddy thought this little firm of 2 brothers would like to manage it for us ...”  ( she had me sent photographs taken 1839-40 of the brown wooden building and the house attached on rising land with the Board outside saying GROTE BROTHERS management ... Tiggy`s future father and another sit outside wearing clothes that have them look like Alaska Miners – the second man is either his brother or a cousin Grote – TIG`s future father has married a niece of F. Immanuel KANT ... this branch are GROTE of West Saxony – 3rd and 4th cousins to GROTE families – some Banking City of London  18th century on – London Senate House a library until it was destroyed for profit ...



Margareth says  “ Tiggy and I married in 1863 in our Chapel of Jacob then he began the HOMES the first one OHIO then sped across the PACIFIC and soon came round the world in 2 years – the HOMES were welcomed and were educating children in all there is to know to 18 or into their 20s ... ...”    

= her grandfather Jacob POULSEN, eldest son of POUL GRONLANDER and wife Margaret YATES (of a Carlisle small shipping concern-



NB:    we knew the family YATES 20TH CENTURY – they had interference from the British Lords and Moonlight Workers 1920s-1960s because of the connexions to THOMAS GROTE HOMES and the GENOCIDE of  the worldwide HOMES by Scots Earls & Scandinavian aristocrats 1938-1950s = everyone related to RANSOM, WEDDELL, FROBISHER were harassed by short of money aristocrats GROSS BRITAIN & in-laws overseas ... )




NB :   We knew the family YATES of Carlisle into the mid=20th century – they had to change their name – the British Aristocrats ceaselessly interfered with all our relatives, in-laws who knew of GROTE HOMES ... the crime of GENOCIDE worldwide 1938-1950s was to be suppressed `because of the new reign 1937 :  our relatives WEDDELL, FROBISHER et al were dying too early ... (  Document in 3 – `1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND` & the other sites and methods of storage and retrieval...Will continue