Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges


1944/1945/1948 - Reports from Dr JOHN RAY Ransom = LIR & FJR his brothers    DIARIES, letters, oral :   
Colne Engaine 1960 winter-tide :
You did not know …
 YOU WERE 12 to 15 YEARS OLD …
Your father discovered how LINDSAY EARL No 14 his foul tricks on middle-class families … with his scum he had gone to speak privately to them … showed a drawing of you with face of a pig nature … and read scurrilous false messages of your activities with older men since you were 11 years of age - this is obscene LIES by criminally insane thieves :   your teachers & a small town protected you - your grandmother & her family ` :   early June 1944 she Mary Gordon is poisoned to death on orders from THEM =  They had learned of a MAGISTRATE Document granting Mary Gordon & you to leave Clacton for Southern Ireland & her relatives - from there you would be sent to safety in The Vatican = Pacelli a family friend had a little School inside the Vatican since 1938  for CHILDREN AT RISK - a few children were Jews - others from several nations  :  


… FOUL MOUTHS from the very TOP of a falling Empire :   
this lead on to them, Earls of LINDSAY-LINDSEY in disgusting obscene language telling DIRTY LIES about that SUMMER 1937 = they were branding ` a good young Man of LETTERS ANDRE MALRAUX`  & their 1944 November victim JOSETTE -  with their own filthy child abuse behaviour :    THESE `BIG BOOTS` ARE ALL ON A DANGEROUS NARCOTIC grown in Scots Glens - 2 months use has them with a monster in their brain - a pellet pushed up their SNOUTS has them savage anyone for MONEY :   (Divinorum Salvia Scotland)

1944/1945 :   PRESTON - SHEFFIELD - LEEDS  :   This bestial killer LINDSEY Earl 1943 No 14 …  the 1942 KILLER with 2 others a 9 years old HEIRESS when they travelled pre-dawn in a big black car BOOKED OUT in well kept WARTIME Records BUCKINGHAM PALACE :    They travelled to CASTLE HEDINGHAM & attacked this child, niece of Soldier Patrick MacDrew a Gordon family friend, soon after 8 am when she rode her bike down a spring lane 1942 on her way to Choir Practice :    This family are not at all related to us - but they are a family of ESSEX with 900 years history of going to SEA - SEA TRADERS - owning lands Newfoundland - a bay, a church, a contented Settlement - this philanthropic Newfoundland, Yugoslavia, Canada Estate had been EYED by the Earls of LINDSAY-LINDSEY since they came to Clacton seafront in 1910 :   
…  We trace them to rough development about Clacton-on-sea & the seashores from the 1860s … they had a BOLT HOLE in Norfolk …  ”   

1944 War ending, the new EARL numbered 14,  a LINDSEY suggested to these families in good housing that they come into his Consortium :   they, his so-called CONSORTIUM,  would manage the rented or half ownership comfortable homes they had :    The householders did not ask for documents …
Great emphasis was put by the EARL on protecting BRITAIN & the sufferings it had sustained during this ending WAR =   they were advised to protect the EARL of LINDSEY family & the Royal Crowns :   In a month the rents had risen & again & again :  they learned they had NO RIGHTS of TENANCY … they were told to move … the area was for development to help BRITAIN recover from the WAR :   They all had to ask local Council to re-house them - they been robbed end of War had no homes :  

The COUNCILS of PRESTON - SHEFFIELD - LEEDS  were over stretched trying to house war victims and returning Forces families :   THESE FAMILIES HAD BEEN TRICKED BY THE EARL OF LINDSEY - as this family of EARLS tricked so many persons before - RANSOM in 1883 are told THEY OWNED ALL WE HAD :   My grandmother Millicent Frobisher marrying my GRANDFATHER JOHN RANSOM widower world Educationalist … had a LINDSAY Crawford grandfather early 19th century :    

1944-1945 :  A dismal fall for good lower and middle Class British families - the men had gone to WAR for GROSS BRITAIN :   SAVAGED BY BAR RATS out of SCOTLAND …  Solicitors told them they had no claim because they had signed to joining this NOBLE Consortium … and it was administered in the name of Royalty :    More LIES FOLLOWED from LINDSEY acting for THE BRITISH CROWN of ANGELA :
These honest good householders educating their children in music, countryside, English literature & HUMANISM were told  by NOBLE BAR RATS  they should have known of a scheme agreed 1937 when they took tenancy from RANSOM family ESTATE - but nothing could be done now - it was a ROYAL MATTER - the EARL of LINDSEY was acting for THE CROWN OFFICE of this ROYAl family - they were advised to accept the situation :    1945-1946 your FATHER got up to them, these pathetic victims of LINDSAY-LINDSEY & ANGELA, of two SCOTLAND MOBS … Your father listened to the facts :


1945 Your father in shock (he had learned of the SLAYING of the GROTE CHILDREN worldwide in their HOMES by British Aristocrats for themselves & THIS SCOTLAND CROWN of ANGELA & her in-laws :      FJR your father - he was impatient they had believed the filthy tales of the LINDSAY-LINDSEY scum against himself and his children :   he explained to them that because of a distant blood line in 1830 these LINDSAY-LINDSEY TRICKSTERS claimed by MOONLIGHT at Westminster WHITEHALL, illegally,  ALL HIS FAMILY HAD WORKED FOR over CENTURIES :    

There was now a rival Scotland Tribe to LINDSAY-LINDSEY, an uneasy PEACE had been illegally BROKERED … and she had got a Crown in 1937 & coin-less Scandinavian INLAWS  :      Some of them knew enough to GROAN quietly  :   YOUR FATHER, told them that the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN of which they knew had been all murdered about the globe - he had much help overseas to RECLAIM the RANSOM lands the HOMES stood upon … IT WAS HOPED THAT THE HOMES WOULD ARISE AGAIN 1949 :   

(  …  we think he went to the local councils and got help - put forward some financial help perhaps … BUT THESE MIDDLE CLASSES of responsible respectability, many taken part in this last WAR,  were now reduced in status & that would affect JOBS & INCOME & the education of children unless grandparents could help  …. YOUR FATHER DID NOT WANT US TO KNOW OF A GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … We born 1917 & 1921 he felt we had to establish ourselves with very good education :  1947-48  GROTE BROKERS had us all three ADMINISTRATORS in your NAME for the entire WORLDWIDE ESTATE & understanding help came :  a third of the ESTATE HAD BEEN STOLEN IN THE NAME OF THE BRITISH CROWN … much shared out between these gross CRIMINALLY INSANE )     :  


1948/1949 - its PLANNED THAT GROTE HOMES WILL ARISE :  Your young father sorrowing & shocked - British & other nations in UNIFORM in the WAR saw dead children  :   We BELIEVED that ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN born 1901, well known writer, WOULD  TAKE UP HIS GROTE GUARDIAN DUTIES :   From 1945 your father born 1911, a young Army Captain FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM is faced with an OBSCENE BESTIAL SLAYING of our GROTE CHILDREN worldwide = so ANGELA & in-laws & LINDSAY-LINDSEY GANGS & offshoots can be RICH …

1946 onwards :    MALRAUX features in newspapers assisting GENERAL DE GAULLE :    OUR POLITE COMMUNICATIONS GOT NOWHERE & only replies were “when time”  …  We are younger than him - & in fear for our lives from 1947 & we were refused attendance at the WEDDING of GRACE  :

1945 SEPTEMBER :  MOST IMPORTANT :   MISS GORDON ATS did not tell your father ANDRE MALRAUX was in the town on & off from MAY 1945 … She did not speak, or write a letter or make a phone call to him or his sister IVY to say ANDRE MALRAUX was hoping to MEET HIM - he your FATHER …

It gets sinister as months, years progress :   1945 June (Hospital report/schools)  Miss Gordon savaged you her niece - that IF your father returned then he would handle this matter … you were a child … this family Estate was too BIG for one - it had to be shared out :    WE FEEL SHE IS GIVEN DRUGS BY EDWARD du CANN - the drug his family du CANN & relatives grow in SCOTLAND …

… From 1944 he has been hanging about her & sending two men `who are not with the qualifications they say they have` :   TWO CALLED asking `had Mrs Gordon left any MONEY for Master Edward du Cann `:   This did rouse her indignation … `scaffolding`
“ … however Miss ex-ATS now gives her bastard nephew at 21 years (1945) a valuable ebony Indian Elephant presented to her father George Ernest GORDON :   The du CANN family SOLD IT for a considerable sum of money for that time 3 years on :   She had stressed it was being given in the name of his grandfather GORDON -

… christened a Roman Catholic named Edward Gordon 2 weeks after birth my grandmother Mary Gordon found him in the East End in a bucket :   it is she  Mary Helena a daughter of 5 of TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST who saved the life of this MANIAC of the PURPLE SNOUT CULT :    An expensive womanizer he keeps 2 in flats 1950s/us a PIMP on the RANSOM Estate/brothel dealer MALAYA with his DAD/ & uses PURPLE PLUM the illegal dangerous narcotic his families grow = Divinorum Salvia Scotland   :  

AND if his grandmother Mary Helena had NOT found him ?    What chance we all are :
I GR do not BREAK the LAW … but these pseudo Aristocrats  dope-soaks & boasters do :    NO MAN SHOULD ENTER PARLIAMENT until his is 60 years & with 3 DEGREES - 2 of them must be SCIENCES & WORLD HISTORIES or MEDICINE :

1953 December :   HWP 1934-1962 Deputy Curator of Colchester & Essex Museums is speaking concerning   “ a STILL YOUNG MAN with a good heart a good soul  ”  
“ MEN SHOULD DO MANLY THINGS - A to Z, Child - its in the nature of us - women run Politics better - its about the PRICE of BUTTER & CHEESE & the Market Place,  Forum,  the Agora :   MEN should only come into POLITICS as experienced in world matters :   A few … some old Lords over 60 perhaps,  who have the knack of running goodly Estates … keeping the balance of Nature … can advise the women … ”  


“  NOW THE YOUNG EMPEROR ANDRE - he should be back in our world - he can do more from our platforms - Museums and Archaeology … He has NOT the `savvy` for  Politics - but he is crème-de-la-crème intellectually … Help him Child … he needs you … two old CATS have got hold of him & his two children by this other woman are used as hostages :   POLITICS IS A DIRTY BUSINESS BEST OF TIMES … The General is alright - it is what is around him :   Men get into smart suits - take a first Whiskey at 9 am - go about in big cars  … … …”  HWP   

1953 December :   Above is HAROLD Walter POULTER speaking in COLCHESTER CASTLE by the Bookstall a freezing WINTER morning December 1953 :    The Castle is now invaded by the maniac `Doc Mengele` HARRINGTON born 1912 who cannot be allowed near any baby or child :    ( `Mengele` in 6 inch Bond street Boots has an expensive BLUE CAR the kind young men have = the Police cannot stop when he is speeding :   HARRINGTON is A KILLER from 1936 & has Continental Prison sentence, many COMMITMENTS to NUT HOUSES/LOONY BINS where he is CONFINED for VIOLENT SADISTIC JEALOUS ENVY & ROBBERY - bodily harm to children & their families )  :    

HARRINGTON called `Doc Mengele` since 1949 is a SCOTS Aristocrat branch & chum of Royal PHIL the GREEK :    He has given `Mengele` permission to use any part of the BRITISH infrastructure, all Diplomat `screws` abroad - any Institutions - AND HE CANNOT BE QUESTIONED :    Purpose is to see that ANGELA his Ma-in-law escapes any criticism over the SLAIN GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide … & the Estate is dissolved & moneys given to her = ANGELA says AN OLD ESKIMO gave it to her when she was 10 years of age  :  

But the LANDS worldwide are our ancient RANSOM estate & now robbed & abused by 1940s  :  `bagged` by British Aristocrats known to be PIMPS :  

…  Old Harold MacMillan has said he will EMPTY all Grote-RANSOM Banks URUGUAY & take over all our Grote & Ransom buildings & our INVESTMENTS = he will be calling it all CROWN PROPERTY so nobody can interfere :   This GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate in nations OUTSIDE the BRITISH EMPIRE will be under strict BRITISH THUGS WATCH … to see nothing can be questioned about the murdered GROTE CHILDREN of the free nation of URUGUAY :   Now abused by GROSS BRITAIN Aristocrats & claimed by MOONLIGHT to be CROWN PROPERTY of GROSS BRITAIN :
Angela has told her children that their Ancestors conquered all this SEASHORES of the WORLDS = & Mr JIM JONG Pong a half CHINESE now knighted as a Sir JAMES from 1954 agrees
wholeheartedly  :   

`scaffolding` “1937 SUMMER etc”
 has a visit to a GROTE HOME 1936 - I describe the 9-13 years old children coming down the URUGUAY Lighthouse from a visit - then we go to a pleasant Hotel restaurant for lunch - younger children voted for a picnic on the sands - these children some from birth to a fine education to 18/22 years & more if required - they are having an education with 3-4 languages plus Classical languages which has them able to emerge & engage in civilized employment that helps all human beings :   

We educate in this manner around the globe in the HOMES :
There are hospitals, schools, arts, gym, attached and these receive Grants from the green gold investments, much in Travel, that has the estate provide a garland of philanthropy, a flower garden, around the earth :    

The BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & EARLS of Scotland have vowed to DEMOLISH us since they slew TIGGY GROTE 1904 on ARRAN Island :  where we owned 98 acres legally until 1956 :


  JIM JONG - LINDSAY-LINDSEYBUGGARHS- ANGELA & gangs began BOOTING IN - Angela sold it to a 2nd cousin :    We never released this 98 acres & maintained them well until 1956 :

H O W    ?    

BRITISH SCOTLAND NORWAY & DENMARK ARISTOCRAT FAMILIES commit FRAUD-ROBBERY-MURDERS to BITE OFF pieces of the biggest piece of PHILANTHROPY the globe is ever going to get :    

IT SHOWED THE WAY TO ALL RELIGIONS & NATIONS & THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT :    We RANSOM marry brides of 27 nations and 14 Races - I am called  “ APE - ESKIMO ”
 = MOONLIGHTING dope-growing SCOTLAND Premier EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs & BLOODY LIARS=Bowes Lyon =
They have GOT OUT OF SCOTLAND DOWN TO WESTMINSTER in 1923 - although good families of ENGLAND & Overseas of PEACEFUL WAYS tried to stop this :   

( 1970s - I recall a kindly man DONALD DEWAR speaking to me twice in an ancient ENGLISH village called BLEWBURY - I understand him much more now …MACBETH & all that & much more  …D.D. realised  I did not recall my past =spoken words had been driven from my head  …)  G.R.




LET US CONTINUE - month of MAI in GAUL 2013 AD :
(SPRING :  often Arctic cold at nights & rains & the vegetable patch ploughed cannot be sewed until it is ploughed again - but early JULY SEWING will produce beetroots/lettuce/leeks/parsnips ?
/pumpkins, marrows, Ridge cumbers - fresh or dried or frozen for the winter-tide :  

I GFWR   grew up 1930s learning management of our ICE CAVES kept filled NORD & SUD POLES - & sensible feeding of everybody around the globe :     We  SHOW TO THE INTELLIGENT how to remember `FOUL WINTER COM`TH` :    GROTE CHILDREN emerge from a splendid HUMANISM education to assist in all  civilized occupations & add DIGNITY to lives of all  :  

1950s EAST ANGLIA :   early 1950s many enlightened persons having to earn a living in this decade say with retired persons who have travelled the globe  ` ITS COMMON SENSE - WOMEN MANAGE THE KITCHENS, THE PRICE OF BUTTER & CHEESE of the GLOBE much better than MEN`   :   

( …  It is hoped in this decade & the next we will have MARKET PLACES on MARS & other worlds where the Universe is proved to have lessons helpful to MANKIND … this is considered suitable work for men whose nature is happier with exploration & creativity =  women mainly think first of home & children and therefore meaningful PAST PRESENT FUTURE  which is also creativity … )

COLCHESTER & ESSEX Museums Deputy Curator Harold W. POULTER & his generation say generally  ` Men have much to do A to Z that suits their nature - Archaeology to Zoology & all the alphabet in between :   they become effeminate in smart togs & take to booze at 9.30 in the morning go everywhere in big cars, use DOPES & easily into DECADENCE :    MEN should help in GOVERNMENTS when they are over 60 years of age & have experience of all peoples of the globe :`

The worldwide great RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE`  legal ESTATE IN 3 PARTS is a garland a delicate flower garden twice around the earth LONDINIUM 1st century AD to mid-20th century   … likened by many who go as Tutors, educationalists, visitors, to a GOLD HALO around the globe :   POULENC & many others in his field - BERG & DALLAPICOLLO, VILLA LOBOS etc `Les Six` Mahler, Richard Strauss, dear VARESE, music field, others in Arts,  could use GROTE CHILDREN musicians & choirs, sketch out ideas together :  only Paul Bowes 1939 let us down = we are able to ask his wife to intercede & explain :  GROTE HUMANISM & GROTE EDUCATION & that it is UNIVERSAL = not tied to down-town Alexandria-Cairo, Shanghai, Chicago etc :   

1929 :   A page of a notebook SCOTLAND written by half Chinese-Scot JIMMIE JONG James b 1898 says   
 =  & indeed this has begun 1890, 1891 =  only THE GREAT WAR World War I has saved the lives of many with the name of RANSOM - Widows too -  & many small male & female children surnamed RANSOM :


Because of the murder 1904 on Arran Island by SCOTLAND EARLS of USA citizen Thomas Immanuel GROTE = TIGGY of the GROTE HOMES = our Family Estate is kept quietly not wanting to awaken more VIOLENT MOUTHS of BRITISH ARISTOCRATS who claim it to be in the way of BRITISH TRADE - but whose real intentions are to GET A SLICE OF THIS ELDORADO after one of them or other KILL the Widow Margaret Ransom GROTE  :   her heirs are very young - My father born 1911 :

A BRITISH EMPIRE slips into its SEVEN SEAS :  parts of Empire,  CANADA & INDIA restless :   Australia & New Zealand might dare think of Independence/other islands/islets :
Noble thieves had foul mouths : commencing 1937 savage DEMOLISHING by MOONLIGHT our GROTE HOMES & ancient ENGLISH Estate RANSOM :  smashing, logging, abusing tenants & Settlements from 1934 by BRITISH NOBLE SCUM goes on :    

1934 Aristocrat Harold MACMILLAN put paintings in a boat & about to leave the GREEK ISLAND GROTE HOMES - he LIED & suddenly appeared saying he was a Representative from GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK - ALARM had messages sent to ATHENS PARLIAMENT as he made sexual attempts on teenage GREEK GIRLS in this highest HUMANISM EDUCATION in the world :   Greek Army & Navy BOATS ARRIVED :   Telephone message said  “ Do NOT let him leave … he is an impoverished British Aristocrat ”   Paintings of great value taken off him = he escorted OUT OF GREECE & GREEK PARLIAMENT issue DECREE `Harold MACMILLAN banned from GREECE for LIFE`

1946 he organised bombing of this GREEK ISLAND -  news- papers etc question if this was necessary ?  A WRITER RESEARCHER pursuing this abuse to civilized institutions -  WILL BE GIVEN ACCIDENT BY SCOTS EARLS & GHOULS intent on covering up SLAYING of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide 1938-1954 to MAKE a still IMPERIAL BRITAIN RICH  :   


GROSS BRITAIN :   early 20th century AN EMPIRE IS FADING & lucrative abuse of other nations by Aristocrats will not be so easy - Nobles of Britain will be short of CASH :    These creatures are all known to be using purple pellets up their SNOUTS :    Divinorum Salvia Scotland :    

GENOCIDE continues 1960 March onwards :  REPORTS reach LONDON LAW good persons & are conveyed to Colchester etc etc.  & Colne Engaine :
1960 January =  Filthy maniacal tricks go on - DOPES in kitchens & on pillows in beds :   
1960 last days FEBRUARY :   General DE GAULLE & ANDRE MALRAUX have IMPORTANT GROTE RANSOM DOCUMENTS stolen from FRENCH COURIER sent by General Charles de Gaulle to NEW YORK - established that this THEFT is on return of Courier to FRANCE  :
Because of this theft NOTHING DONE TO GUARD ALL OF WE GOOD CITIZENS - although OFFER we go to private apartment in VERSAILLES   (this offer is proved genuine in 1970)
KILLINGS BEGIN :  murder MAY 1960 Buenos Aries of only daughter age 28 of writer-musician-Insurance genius LONDON-ARGENTINA ex-RADLEY SCHOOL Philip Silverlea a term of music under BUTTERFIELD before he KILLED in 1st World WAR :  1960 May = BRITISH EMBASSY Argentina said  `it could do nothing`   as BRITISH up-market THUGS calling themselves `A  SPECIAL BRANCH`  BOOTED with threats IN on her family & the Solicitors for we RANSOM & GROTE :   EMBASSY HAD BEEN TOLD  `BRITISH ROYALTY & CROWN MATTER` = meaning MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS  :
I recall the dead girl in 1930s at Clacton-on-Sea her family friends of my GORDON grandparents sometimes at tea - her father plays on piano for me CATHEDRAL UNDER THE SEA … We play on beach & paddle & collect shells & seaweeds  :


1960 FEBRUARY :  This educated married young girl received from our old trusted Solicitors all EVIDENCE of our ESTATE since 1830 :   “ a delicate flower garden round the earth”  - 1960 early March :  BRITISH EMBASSY & PLAIN CLOTHES BOOT IN & old senior solicitor killed that week March 1960 :
The other partner immediately retired to countryside then murdered MAY 1960 :    OFFICES STRIPPED IN NAME OF BRITISH CROWN :     As usual NOTHING IN WRITING :  MATTER SAID TO BE ABOUT ROYAL BRITISH PROPERTIES left to A QUEEN :

 NB :   1937 ANGELA BL stepped over brother-in-law King EDWARD Windsor V111 (8) :   he to be a good King :  with his Sailor King father 1935/36 they state `NO INTENTION to DESTROY GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE `   Obscene maniacs of BARBARISM plot 1929 destroy GROTE HOMES CHILDREN educating 18/22 years :  They entering sciences-teaching-technology-arts-music-horticulture & agriculture & ALL USEFUL AND CIVILIZED OCCUPATIONS that the WORLD ENTIRE needs :

Here no trace of human intelligence in these glitzy GREEDY festering MOBS of SCOTLAND DENMARK & NORWAY = the   IMPERIAL in-laws & relatives boast of PLANS to GET ELDORADO OFF AN OLD ESKIMO :  it dominated their in-turned boggy minds from 12/13 years of age - soon they began drink-drugs-monkey tricks :  early 20th century is intended a double KILLING = TIGGY GROTE & his Widow = my Aunt Margareth nee Ransom = my GIRL OF THE SNOWS :    

REPORTS :  “ ANGELA & HER MEN ” :   Scandinavian in-laws send her banked RANSOM Estate money & sell off lands to raise more money for she & them :  LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggers assist take CUT :   Nota bene :  this TRIBE slither out of BOGS of SCOTLAND & bark they are COUSINS & THE MONEY BELONGS TO THEM :   EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY are sub-sub-APES & should be turned into black STONES = JOHN RUSKIN `MR SOUTH WEST WIND ESQUIRE or KING of the GOLDEN RIVER `


ANGELA & my mother known as ANGE & TREE amongst these Noble GNOMES & GHOULS :    Teresa Gordon 1936 insists she is QUEEN OF PERU =  A most ignorant reference to RESPONSIBLE role of INCA WELFARE dating to circa 5,000 BC :  Our INCA great ANCESTRY is from the SAN JULIAN & WEDDELL marriage of 1824 “ AN ICE WHITE BRIDE” newspaper/drawing/

We THE INCA train a young woman of the family to undertake this ancient & necessary Welfare Role :    The care of all families, homes & streets, daily food & stores & MEDICINES : All that concerns the family BIRTH to DEATH … The 3 part ceremony is dignified - the young trainee becomes DAUGHTER of the MOON & SISTER of the SUN :   HERE is an INCA ETERNITY philosophy imparting understanding of all creation, education, horticulture, mathematics :    HOW VAST IS THE UNIVERSE & our RESPONSIBILITIES WITHIN IT IN OUR LIFESPAN :    

1936 I took the  ROLE given by my Grandmother Jean ballerina & COUNCIL of The INCA = photos show me in 3 part Ceremony :  
NNB:     THUS INCA INTELLIGENCE is not at all something the NOBLE sub-sub APES of BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA can possibly understand :   It is not about Noble SCOTLAND WITCHES &  GHOULS ordering KILLING for MONEY :
 I SUGGEST THEY GO SHOPPING for their eternity =  ask the DEVIL for a LIFT :   1937 THEY BEGAN A WAR WITH PERU & SLEW 160 members of WEDDELL families by 1972 :
ANGELA uses PURPLE PLUM Divinorum Salvia Scotland /the CULT members wear something of claret or aubergine shades/ Her Noble 1920s friends do violence to our seashore lands & GREEN-BLUE Reserves in Nations A - Z OUTSIDE her abused BRITISH EMPIRE :   Harold MACMILLAN gets URUGUAY 2nd World War - ROBS our BANKS gathers RENTS & INVESTMENTS wrecks Settlements :

USUAL OLD muttered by MOONLIGHT big LIES  - that all this given to The BRITISH CROWN by an OLD ESKIMO :   The 200 thieves became 2,000 by 1945/46 = 2nd World War ending :

The violence abuse, revenge on GROTE CHILDREN, Research moneys medicine, technology, ARTS including music and GYM is horrific :   Creatures who behave like this should be REJECTED by the HUMAN RACE :   Displays of GREED & MINDLESS VIOLENCE & more GREED continue :   

1946 - 1960S :   GENOCIDE continues to remove all evidence of GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE :    The rural holy natured WEDDELL families of Argentina began to disappear - the homesteads of the HOUSE WITH THE LAVENDER PEARL WINDOWS were all slaughtered … they could be heard crying out in the night :   BRITISH  THUGS had landed by parachutes in  the hills :     “ … Why are they doing this to us - they are British - we are British - we have been helping in their War … … …  

These are RANSOM cousins - my grandmother JEAN ballerina is descended from the marriage of the highly educated INCA AELOVEDAH-Maria Miss San JULIAN Roman Catholic to QUAKER  JAMES WEDDELL Mariner his mother of the LONDON Quaker PIECE family :
A marriage of 1824 - issue 2 sons James & John :  

… James Weddell II born 1825 is the father of my grandmother JEAN Weddell Mrs Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM & her sister Aunt Baxter (Dissenters- 2 beautiful sons murdered Australia c 1953 by JIM JONG & LINDSEY & Doc MENGELE Harrington )  - WE are 3 great BRITISH SEA FAMILIES united in Holy Matrimony :     Actor Clarke Gable is a great-grandchild of JOHN WEDDELL 2nd son :    this ancestry is in `scaffolding` … “ 1937 SUMMER etc”


COLNE ENGAINE & LONDINIUM with help from some rural farmers running lorries up to CONVENT GARDEN ancient fruit & veg Market :   
1960 2nd & 3rd week MARCH :    FALSE MESSAGES COME FROM General de GAULLE of GAUL :   delivered nameless & to brave Philip Silverlea Argentine-British citizen /  RADLEY SCHOOL-did a Term MUSIC with BUTTERWORTH before his death 1916 GREAT WAR/ Philip is a Man of letters FRANCE 1928-29/musician-INSURANCE genius / …

= Philip Silverlee friend of GORDON & RANSOM families 1930s on :    Helping   (in HOLY FEAR)  are a very few honourable LAW friends of GROSS BRITAIN :    Information is given by Miss Teresa `Terry` Mary BUTLER December 1959 to MALONE & MALRAUX … she has a SHOCK at visit of a youngish German-Vatican Priest Joseph Ratzinga to THORPE-LE-SOKEN asking her niece Greetah if he can have the ROME GROTE HOME for 2 years before EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY PULL IT DOWN :

   ( Auntie Terry Butler knows that Father Ratzinga of Vatican duties is clearly being grossly LIED to by EARLS/Count Dave LINDSEYbuggarhs & ANGELA an ex-Queen of 1937  (` a woman who persecuted your Gordon family to get hold of the Gordon lands 1920s - 8 pieces they kept for their retirement ` )    Miss Teresa BUTLER eldest cousin to Teresa Gordon R  knows of the NON-Noble`True Blue` & Royal relatives & in-laws who are NOW 1959 overjoyed at DEATH of PACELLI a family friend of the Irish side of the Families & of RANSOM families  =

… 1959 late December is conveyed to he employed by MALRAUX from October 1957 a  DETECTIVE=LAW   (writes as `The Detective in the LAWYERS GOWN`  )  ARTHUR MALONE POLITIAN come to guard me at Colne Engaine :  

1960 January-March :   Others say to ARTHUR MALONE POLITIAN   “ HOLY SMOKE !   AT LEAST THERE ARE A FEW HUMAN BEINGS UNPERVERTED holding Office IN ENGLAND … a once green & pleasant land … … …  ”   :

1960 last week March :   Colne Engaine :   We manage some NIGHTWATCH - and he is DAY WATCH :
 POLITIAN says one mid morning last week MARCH 1960 -
“  We don`t like to go ahead without hearing from ANDRE himself = he being still OFFICIAL GUARDIAN as we have heard
 from NEW YORK - not disqualified - ITS IN HER WILL - they honour that :     But these little Nations are champing at the bit - they have all ready to turn 1st & 2nd pages their newspapers to ASK   `WHERE ARE THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN MOTHER ENGLAND ??? `    Many of them have photos/eye witness accounts/ terrible memorabilia =  I DO NOT BELIEVE HE ANDRE HAS ABANDONED US -  BUT … the General ? ? ?    You never know what is happening UP THERE - out there … Well  sufficient to say … these NATIONS are in as much SHOCK as we are to get the full list of the culprits - a few knew all  … ”   

(POLITIAN departs :   I Miss GFWR am earning a modest living from careful craftwork - Something to use the fingers to relax the mind -  we all relaxed into pre-war :  Do women still knit & do embroidery - make Christmas presents & for other Festivals :   Make EAT ART for family & friends =  jams, jellies, pickles,  decorated anniversary cakes with children helping, country wines clear-medium dry-sweeter = Fool ANDRE MALRAUX with a white rose petal wine of such clarity ?   

ARTHUR MALONE near 60 years learned CHRISTMASTIDE who is his father = He 6th January in SHOCK OVER MURDERS OF GROTE HOMES CHILDREN says `You can call me KING ARTHUR` 1958/59 = 50 Lancaster Gate Square self styled himself `POLITIAN Tutor to the Medici Children` :


POLITIAN routine is mid-morning come REPORT :  across the tiny meadow from ghost house rented via HOLLYTREES MANSION MUSEUM COLCHESTER  :   I think I have now a door I can lock at night :   My brand new Sprite caravan `MISTRAL`  I have bought with my hard work at JAYWICK SANDS running the Holiday Shops 1958 & 1959 :  a HOME of my OWN =  its impossible to live at 50 Lancaster Gate Square :  JIMMIE Cur James & his thugs from WHITES CLUB booting in = Doc Mengele HARRINGTON & prostitute wife & Teresa Gordon R, THE WOMAN (Lady) JAMES with bouts of insanity=HEROIN use in KENYA :   they come with KNOCK OUT DOPES & foul mouths of FILTH & VIOLENCE - about me before 1939-1945 WAR :  
“nobody wanted you born you APE - you have ruined MY/OUR LIVES - I am told to come in here & GET YOU OUT… away from that OLD FOSSIL ”
(Old Fossil is ANDRE MALRAUX who with friends saved T.G. her  life 1924/25 XMAS - & perhaps since then … )

POLITIAN came across from the `ghost house` cottage rented from HOLLYTREES MANSION MUSEUM to tell me 1st week March “ … No doubt we shall hear very soon - Andre will give the go-a-head`  Malone in deep sorrow says :   `we are all in shock - those children did not have to die - if ANDRE had got his post his messages before this War - that girl JO did not have to die : We hear from London some want THEM put on a RAFT with one suitcase each … We all went to WAR to stop these matters …”

 “ I am asked to run over to Suffolk to-day & hear some things over there - STAY IN TO-DAY - get your water down the lane - I will ask the Major to keep an eye :   I keep quiet about here - I go to Church on Sunday :   ANDRE he knows a heck of a lot of people hereabouts & down to the coast - from before & after this last WAR = wish I had known more when I began this  CASE 3 years ago :   Harry says he threatened from when you  born 1933 = told `SAY ANYTHING` & be DEAD - JIM & them :


POLITIAN says   “ PERHAPS WE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN UP THAT OFFER TO GO TO VERSAILLES ? = yet until we get some more help here = we have not been paid for two years :   although ANDRE says he has sent the money from time to time :     

1960 March 2nd week :   A first message from General de GAULLE & MALRAUX  “  consulting with other leaders - governments”   :  

1962 MARCH Deptford :   BY CHANCE - it is realised by IVY JEAN RANSOM  & Politian ARTHUR MALONE … …    
( only sister of the 3 living RANSOM BROTHERS FJR JRR LIR of high education gathered about the world … legal ADMINISTRATORS of the GROTE HOMES (not yet arisen) and RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` ESTATE in 3 Parts worldwide )
… … that de GAULLE & MALRAUX cannot possibly have received the FULL CONTENTS of the New York despatched late February 1960 package handed USA New York to their FRENCH COURIER who is immediately returning to FRANCE :   USA helpers swiftly FOUND THEY HAD NOT RECEIVED WILL etc  !  

1960-1962 :   In these two years yet `another CHARNEL HOUSE is opened` :   During these two years GROSS BRITAIN Crowns & LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs Earls & the thuggish relatives & in-law thugs were cramming YACHTS, PLANES road TRANSPORT with more of our PAINTINGS books & furniture to sell hastily & cunningly pocket the moneys raised by their theft :  

… They abused & dirtied more of our well kept historic houses worldwide    ( they like to use all the rooms as latrines especially chairs - I as a young child have witnessed this in Clacton-on-Sea …  )  =   THEY BOMBED JACOPSHOLMEN in JUNE 1960 to STOP General de GAULLE & ANDRE MALRAUX going up to West Greenland in AUGUST the French Holiday month :    Questions were asked & 2 newspapers had small articles - MATTER DISMISSED=`IMAGINATION or ROYAL PROPERTIES `

NB:   The British Crown Estate/CROWN OFFICE/ does not pay INCOME TAX until 1992 - CROWN OFFICE had no need to declare anything  :   Certain SCOTLAND EARLS never paid INCOME TAX on their STOLEN MONEYS-PROPERTIES-NEFARIUS= ( see Dr Smith`s smaller LATIN Dictionary ) wheeling-dealing cunning cheating MANIPULATION of WHITEHALL Centre of Government :    NORWAY & DENMARK relatives to British Aristocracy had similar MOONLIGHTING arrangements :
“ THUS it Fell again upon HALL DAY dear Brethren  - & the LINDSAY had them NO SHEEP … therefore at THE MIDNIGHT HOUR they set forth … … … & got themselves some SHEEP … … …   :    

19th-20th centuries :   This vast by MOONLIGHT BRITISH NATIONAL INDUSTRY was very necessary 1940s onwards in HIDING & DENYING the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN :     You could hear in Saint Stephens Tavern & similar British ultra Mafia DENS that `GETTING RID OF THE GROTE KIDS`  was done TO KEEP A FIRM HOLD OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE/COMMONWEALTH = “  Why GOD had not yet said that these APES ESQUIMOS were to have high education : `OH my dear Chap - Fellah - GROTE were in the way of WORLD BRITISH TRADE …”   At gathering places of BRITISH Upper Classes many top of IMPERIAL PYRAMID  in-in-breeds are heard at distortion & destruction of other RACES - cunningly used in obscene hard labour in their own lands - getting Britain quick profit :   

(  When I solemnly say or write in this HISTORY `working like a Black` this is a compliment & I know what it is to work as hard with your body = lifting & carrying = ALSO I am a BERBER from Granny Ransom nee Senorita Aurora Al-Fawzi-???  Father on town Council of CASTILE/farmer/sea trader : Chronicles SPAIN by 5th child a cripple on MY FAMILY 6th-7th century AD :   Aunt Margareth Ransom GROTE stayed with them in 1929 on the seacoast of SPAIN = We keep up with our relatives - send XMAS cards etc down the centuries all the 19th-20th centuries )   


1962 THE WILL of Margaret Ransom GROTE, 2 other WILLS her parents, Papers, letters, carbon copies, copies, from 1934 to 1949 were quickly got together & presented in a SAFE HOUSE to General de GAULLE & ANDRE MALRAUX :   It is certain that the family of President Kennedy were helpful here :   They had known Margaret Grote, her husband her parents & many parts of this HOLY HALO Estate encircling the globe :

A GREAT SORROW FOR ALL OF US is that `Young Pacelli` Pope Pius 12 so horribly deceived had died 1958 :    Deceived as de Gaulle & Malraux had so wickedly been deceived & THUS CAUSING THE DEATHS OF MORE THOUSANDS of good people of the globe as well as family members & friends :   THE DEATHS RISE AGAIN 1967 when the WHITEHEAD TWINS are easily drawn in to this CRIMINAL OBSCENE GROUP of INSANE sub-humans - almost they are DISEASES :    READER has already on my webs much of this HISTORY :    the murders of the 3  RANSOM brothers 2 of them in 1969 - the WEDDELL FAMILIES had 3 or 4 persons in hiding - the FROBISHERS of CANADA had lost two young men 1937 and c 1973 - SLAIN for KNOWING ABOUT GROTE HOMES - having documents/photos/etc  :    

PACELLI as with so many of my families & their friends had died with sorrow over this delicate flower garden around the globe abused :   & the GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX seemingly NOT TO CARE - But cunningly used by the BRITISH CROWN & its CRIMINALLY INSANE EARLS & LORDS as a BUTT - a JOKE -

(READER will find all this HISTORY of GOOD & EVIL in `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts called “ 1937 SUMMER etc” & the short pieces highlighting this 20th century CRIME done by SCOTLAND Nobles & other MANIACS soaked in DOPE-LIQUORS-FILTHY CRUELTY & SEX TRICKS :   THERE IS MUCH RANSOM ANCESTRY woven into the introduction `1937 SUMMER` & RANSOM ANCESTRY a restoration of the deliberately destroyed work of my young father is now on web Parts I to IV … Part 5 onwards is editing )



… other than a first note  (they puzzled at contents they received in a package)   saying they were examining the Papers - 2 years onwards they say in shock that they had been deceived …   “ received NOTHING THEY FELT THEY COULD MOVE ON ”
  :  But spring 1960 they did not wish to dishearten us - they hoped to receive us as visitors - they were kept busy of course with matters of  G A U L  & its Empire fringes - no doubt NOBLE ALGIERS is giving trouble … as CARTHAGE = see GREEK & ROMAN HISTORIES :   ( Theatre outside ROME is becoming a little enlightening perhaps ? … I need some GREEK SERFS & SLAVES to help with all these honest acres of TIME …  )      

1960 JANUARY ?   OH - we, GR & POLITIAN,  were to go to VERSAILLES = (& be given accident/or go missing ON THE WAY ? )   THERE ARE ENOUGH COPIES PRINTED OF THE WILL of my Aunt THE GIRL OF THE SNOWS to paper a room or two in VERSAILLES = take a stroll around two ROYAL rooms VERSAILLES ?  :    At this time in GAUL an enlightened RESEARCHER could have found many copies of printed RANSOM - GROTE WILL & WILLS  Margaret Ransom GROTE, her parents Fred RANSOM & Gertrud POULSEN/Gronlander & TIGGY GROTE creator of THE HOMES in dusty offices records-filing cabinets-carbon copies-even FRAMED in a City of LONDON Institution, OF OUR GREAT 19th-20th century investments in FRANCE alone … GREEN GOLD investments helping 18th-20th century FRANCE keep its RAMPARTS :   

1967 November LONDON :    Unfortunately the BRITISH-& VIKING HOARDS have ORDERED RETENTION of all COMMUNICATIONS to me heir GRETA Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM last month October become Whitehead age 34 years of age  (see photos/choose your Ancestors )   :   The identical elder TWIN ROWLAND J.R. WHITEHEAD  (2 oz heavier at birth in KENYA Mia Carberry Nursing Home NAIROBI 24 June 1930 - I do have their original Birth Certificates etc etc )   

… CHANCE :   RJRW & twin taught to be HOOKERS recognised what my name doth mean November 1966 - he knew young trendies with titles (as himself)  could dip a hand in here & there & get Expenses because the BRITISH MONARCH & her MUM & Scandinavian IN-BREEDS disapproved of this worldwide ESTATE =


… & I again retreat WITHIN THE WALLS
 of my SOUL my ANCESTRY :  
1968 SUMMER to The PILLAR HOUSE `Harwell Village of a 1,000 Years`  com`th the ` GOODMAN OF PARIS`   ( = Menagier de PARIS to his 14 years HEIRESS BRIDE … a little Book 14th century = translation EILEEN POWELL is best for beginners, published Penguin 1928)  It would be said we had GONE MISSING … perhaps even in the British Press … then that we were all mad etc etc etc … )

By now the KILLINGS have risen - my father has been robbed of his private moneys & his PASSPORT taken illegally AGAIN - He is visited by a FREAK sadistic small child & baby-child killer called HARRINGTON known as `doc Mengele` to a disapproving Medical World since 1949  :    1981 A DIVORCE LONDON given prominence  (2 PRESS from USA …)  when he tried to be too clever - SHOW OFF & avoid ALIMONY = This had him BANNED 1982 by BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION - BMA - But his history was watered down because of his ARISTOCRAT & ROYAL Norway-Denmark-Scotland-BRITAIN CHUMS … :  

…  In 1982 HARRINGTON Doctor `Mengele` had all his old KUDOS returned by MOONLIGHT at WESTMINSTER & his obscene sadistic madness in use & he could get help from Retired persons who had had authority in the BRITISH EMPIRE/COMMONWEALTH & infrastructure to allow     the BRITISH STATE & ITS COMMONWEALTH to continue robberies and enlarge the PERSECUTION of THEIR VICTIMS - from whom GREAT EXPENSES & OVERSEAS BANK ACCOUNTS were granted  :    “ A NATIONAL INDUSTRY INDEED ”   …  as an older generation of human beings moaned …    

I recall an encounter with Ed du Cann January 1954 - a spiteful face - I had no knowledge of him - I heard snips of  `he helps himself to an Estate in MALAYA - the British Army are ordered to GUARD a circle of earth where children have been burned - to destroy a great piece of PHILANTHROPY … `  1954 February I by chance meet his Uncle - he boasts of 20,000 pounds cheque just given him SOHO for a crop of PURPLE PLUM - Pity he has to share it with 4 Partners in Scotland … He gave me a recipe for ROWAN JELLY when he realised I had no IDEA what PURPLE PLUM was - He is drinking & heavy heroin  I heard - he said to me `WELL WELL - Edward his sister … & so tall - so tall :  HAROLD W. POULTER got a visit he & 3 = HWP made it clear he  spent THE POULTER FORTUNES out EAST 1890s-1920s …
1957 DECEMBER :    Returning to St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square one evening Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX says to me in merriment  “ WELL - I had no idea - I had to LEAVE or fall over laughing - SO THIS IS WHAT SHE WAS HIDING when WE MET HER 1924 =  IT HAS HER UGLY FACE … her ugly face on his diminutive shoulders”  =  He goes to his desk where papers are laid out for him :   

I can only feel ashamed of being connected to such low living persons :    I am become ashamed he `GEORGES-Andre` is in POLITICS - but know he has A GOOD SOUL :   LIFE IS DREAR ABOUT US = if only we had a Castle with Draw Bridge to pull up at nightfall … soft music of all ages … & I am already thinking of COOKING FOR HIM DOWN THE CENTURIES
Saxon food is nice :  pork chops, apple sauce with honey & barley cakes … WINE com`th in from ROME & GAUL …
The staff are young Catholics - they run this CATHOLIC MISSION - I cannot even recall their names daily - one died October :

I have READING LIST which includes ROMAN GREEK CLASSICS, Henry James for modern stuff & VENTRIS & Medieval LONDON … & Sam Johnson added October 1957 because an old lady with key allows me to stay in the big room of the Dictionary lunchtimes with my sandwiches as she says “ … IT’S A FAMOUS NAME RANSOM - down the THAMES  … tall ships Dearie … ”    

1957 October  :   MALRAUX gave me `STORM OVER SHANGHAI` to read = it is in ENGLISH-AMERICAN printed 1933 :    I recognise its white-red cover from our Wartime `Pearly` Vista Road Clacton library = Asked to comment on if his hero was brave - thrown in a train boiler - I said `WELL IF YOU HAD BEEN THROUGH ALL THAT I suppose you would not care - any more ` :    I DID NOT LIKE TO UPSET HIM BY SAYING `LIFE WITH SHE my mother, his friend of 1924, was worse this last Wartime :


1957 autumn :   I remembered now that I have a HOLE IN MY HEAD 1945 March back of skull for my 12th birthday from being kicked down stairs by her :   she is given free DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND PELLETS & POWDERS - seems to be a Chemist Shop as well as the 1920s PUB at back of Buckingham Palace - perhaps convenient for our good fighting men  :   MY NEW HOLE was discovered by COLCHESTER Hospital in 1953/1954 … only 8 years onwards after she gave me it :  

 READER can refresh memory here = this is as well as the slender hole in my head judgement & reasoning area 1938  “ NAIL IN YOUR HEAD ”  can be read as a short piece under this Title - includes LIR Diary “ AXE ATTACK ON MY FINGERS by my sister-in-law Teresa Gordon R a Scotland Noble … ”   …

My NEW HOLE in my SKULL :    Instructions Colchester Hospital 1954 :   I must remember not to lean back on any sharp edges - in 30 years it will have grown together … and the missing diagonal piece is travelling down my spine dissolving … they believe … :    

1957 autumn :   `Hhhmmmn - Georges ?  = best not try explain = I MEAN him Georgie MALRAUX Colonel X Dream Boat of the Western World & Emperor of GAUL = you now entered into DREADFUL POLITICS … wanting to do good things for ALGIERS & the French Colonies, YES but …  =  Calls himself by the name he puts on his books = ANDRE MALRAUX !   

… well he might think I am making things up - & he will tell this evil old DOCTOR `MENGELE`  of the young Playboy BLUE CAR … it has threatened me that IF HE HEARS ME BE RUDE TO MY MOTHER HE WILL KILL ME … he has been killing people on the Continent from 1930s … THIS PLACE MAY BE BUGGED or TAPPED by Peter Wright who has got down to NAVAL INTELLIGENCE … He has some SCIENCE … so they are not so daft … not to be trusted … I used to know things `


1957 autumn :   Miss Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM says to herself …

`   I have to keep to myself that POLITICS IS RATHER BENEATH MY DIGNITY =  BUT .. he could be doing important things A to Z - manly things … General is alright … BUT … … … WHITES CLUB VICE BAR is rearing up in this HOLY HOUSE with a vast FORTUNE to dispense to `small Anglo-French businesses`  :  

… WILL of an old man who lived here - this was his home  :   DIED 1930s & MONEY ALL BEEN COLLECTING ENORMOUS INTEREST IN SWITZERLAND during 2nd world war   :   

Dirty JIM swears he will get it - says the whole matter is ILLEGAL - against the LAWS of BRITAIN … & FRANCE OWES ALL THIS MONEY TO THE BRITISH CROWN - so he dirty JIMMIE BIG ORC collects 100 pounds in a paper bag every FRIDAY NIGHT from the late duty Catholic Worker a youth … or it is left with AUNTIE housekeeper - she got for this CATHOLIC HOUSE by CLARA MALRAUX who knew her in PARIS in this last WAR  :   There is more skulduggery to learn down the years :
… this tremendous Fortune is left to FRENCH EMBASSY & the CATHOLIC CHURCH via Diocese of Westminster = ROMAN CATHOLICS dare not stand out against HENRY VIII & KUBLA KHAN of WHITES VICE CLUB :  

… Arrogance drifts in & out here from fashionable London with Dr MENGELE - he visits Playboys in penthouses for expensive nosh-ups & SQUATS in the MALRAUX French Establishment generally known as   ` A sort of JAN STEEN TAVERN` PARIS where MALRAUX gets no communications …  … … `

1957 November St Edmund house 50 L. G. Square :
 … Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX says …  
“ In PARIS I live in a kind of JAN STEEN TAVERN … where I often cannot find a bed  :   No Little One, I do not live like them :    SHE has her husbands of the week …  ( known as Messalina outside this building of LONDINIUM )     We went to church, you and I,  & now I mean to go on as I intended - we have our relatives at the seaside - I do not intend to let them down - my Aunts Bessie & Annie my intellectual equals :   
We will begin our family here … as we intended to at the seaside :    JIM & his kind will HAVE TO LEAVE US ALONE    
 when they see we do not wish to live like them … … … ”   

  … JIM BIG ORC has tremendous KUDOS offering portions of land overseas to coin-less Nobles he lures into WHITES CLUB … JIM carries knife & guns & his thugs have guns too  … MENGELE hides in passages here & searches my room = then I learn he searches some of the rooms of others = He has threatened me since November 1953 COLCHESTER CASTLE & is now teamed up with Teresa Gordon Mrs R. who is my violent mother & she is of frightening appearance at times :    Her new chum Mengele threatens people with NEEDLES FULL OF POISONS … this place sometimes has a ZOMBIE feeling … I should keep quiet … … staff too young to understand such matters … they come and go …  :     
1957 November :    I make a surprise visit by train to HAROLD Walter  (great Uncle Walter 19th century Phrenology)  POULTER Deputy Curator of Colchester & Essex Museums  - he was glad to see me - he says   “  do NOT, Child, comment on anything to do with his Political field - it could be taken very much amiss - If you feel you must say a word then make a reference to LETTERS of JUNIUS … something like that … beware of TACITUS & some in our work … Be careful of GIBBON … JOSEPHUS yes but you have not read into him … ” HWP handed me a slim 19th century copy of JUNIUS LETTERS :  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ` Document in 3 Parts a scaffolding`  “ 1937 SUMMER etc ”  tells of these years 1953 to 1959 & onwards : on et al

… work in smaller pieces is referred to as ` BOOKSHOP at the CORNER of the UNIVERSE ` homage to NASA/Animal Management/LAW/3 degrees my uncle DR JOHN RAY Ransom murdered so horribly early summer 1969 by the illegal MONTROSE Basin neo-Nazi looking Tenant appointed by the BRITISH CROWN OFFICE Estate, his 3 thugs :   one is proved to be Doctor MENGELE Harrington a MANIAC GHOUL fast trained HONG KONG GP :    

MEMO:   Pervert British Citizen/Scotland/ Doc MENGELE Harrington born 1912 specialises in BRITISH STATE murder by injecting or getting patient to administer poisons he/herself - he began this BEFORE he got his GP 1947/48 :    MENGELE is known to be PEER IN WAITING - he believes this too - & continues SEX ATTACKS on children and young men and women - removes wombs & gives prescriptions to cause LIVER FAILURE etc :   

HENCE 1938 MARCH a young Chemist tries warn ANDRE MALRAUX colleagues that for 4 and a half years HARRINGTON whom all LONDON young educated FEAR has been spooning this into MALRAUX :   It will have him with liver failure and IN A WHEEL CHAIR in 15 YEARS :
MEMO :    1980s Research Papers etc prove that POISONING is a great BRITISH UPPER CLASS CRAFT c 1850s to 1920s (did not dare continue because many UPPER CLASS POISONERS were alive and … … ?    



1957 November :     Catholic Mission :    RC Diocese Westminster & French Embassy London - headed by ANDRE MALRAUX for General Charles de GAULLE :   St Edmund House No 50, Lancaster Gate Square :   One of the 5 or 6 young Catholic youths living here, assisting with the work,  told me to try a book he had at school by TOLKIEN - I had said   `I do not have time to read modern novels … I prefer the 18th-19th centuries & inventions …  

(… technology - as Walter Benjamin told me I liked when we all had early supper in Paris November 1935 … & they spoke upon a tall wraith bowing into the rain passing the windows in the dark illuminated a little by the gold lights of the street - just like an Atkinson Grimshaw painting - they said he was called ANDRE MALRAUX & he lived in a MUSEUM - I thought this would be nice to live in a MUSEUM :   but all this is recorded in the Diaries of my father & Lennie - whom I have no memory of since 1939 … ) `

… I GR do know that Tolkien boys are educated at AMPLEFORTH a Catholic School =   Reading of HOBBITS & ELVEN FOLK & EVIL FIGURE ON A TOWER & ORCS gigantic & small in hoards now SAVED MY SANITY … the criminally insane came into this lovely house - Doctor Mengele Harrington, dirty JIMMIE JONG now cur-Sir James a crook putting BIG VICE into WHITES CLUB & my mother Teresa Gordon (Ransom 1932)  his old chum since 19teens The Great War  = all threatening me -  & insisting everyone here wanted me OUT :  

…   What was going on about us I could interpret via TOLKIEN  :    when MALRAUX suddenly appeared out of IMMORAL GAUL into IMMORAL LONDINIUM I would raise my arm slowly on high saying  “ HAIL ARAGORN KING OF KINGS ”  … & VOW silently to not die age 36 as George GORDON LORD BYRON but try avoid the evil following me & about me, able to enter here, & go forward into the DAWN … hope to return at DUSK … & PRAY FOR A QUIET NIGHT … a Poem by SEFRIS helped `this stone head fell into my hands out of a dream … When the Rex Warner translation came out June 1960 I could find stepping stones across these RIVERS of BLOOD & PITS OF HELL about us :   


The HouseKeeper `Auntie` employed by CLARA MALRAUX was her friend from Wartime Paris :   (it was said at her too soon funeral 1960s `she had run messages for the Gestapo Paris as a girl`)    This Housekeeper was told by JIM & Doc Mengele to go on getting rent from me :    1957 October 80 pounds was a lot of money :    I have been working as ` Roman British Maid of All Work` in Colchester Castle - help from the Victoria & Albert Museum had Paddington Rent Tribunal alerted - I need not pay rent for a year & 4 months = & we would bring a LAW CASE against  General de GAULLE & ANDRE MALRAUX = I gave Malraux a shock = & I would not speak to him for 5 days :  

MALRAUX explained to the staff & Housekeeper how my seaside families had looked after him 1937 and 1945-1946, with his old friends of the 1920s Professor & Mrs Winncleman contributing from their Chemist shop near Clacton seafront & Catholic Church :  IT IS UNDERSTOOD that Clara & Messalina had all his money in GAUL :  The American Air base at Ipswich also helped him out - lifts in a jeep, 6 or 12 bottles RYE liquor  when he landed each fortnight :   We would all rather have the new powder coffee, chocolate, tins of ham but were too polite to suggest the YANKS change the RYE whiskey for GROCERIES
1957 December :   I & the world of MUSEUMS agreed NOT to take the FRENCH HEROES TO COURT :    I paid no more rent :
He is also my GUARDIAN since 1937 October :   
IT WAS VERY FRIGHTENING :    Doctor Mengele Harrington, JIMMIE, their women, were warped with violent criminal insanity since the 1920s-1930s :  Teresa Gordon  (mother of  evil greedy 3rd bastard Ed du CANN b 1924 - only lived because she came from a CATHOLIC FAMILY - Protestants all aborted :    She is my mother legal marriage 1933  :  

THESE WERE ALL STIFF ON HEROIN & other dopes & CLARA ex-MALRAUX too - others of the 1920s ALL OLD CHUMS PARIS :    Mengele mixed something called `smithereens` for them :   


1953-1960s :  Mornings these quite evil creatures could DRINK in the private Office of JIM at WHITES CLUB :    it is known he had spirit drinks in the club laced with DOPES - some took memory completely away :  another DOPE made persons feel too relaxed … so on … MALRAUX & I did not take DOPE & I was frightened of it being `planted` on us :    All cups brought to us, & the staff, could be laced with MEMORY LOSS stuff - this is when we were not to know things - a Visitor ?    Good people lost their lives :   I lived here for two winters - it was often scary :    The very young staff came & went & only an older member had knowledge of this world of EVIL  :    Everybody liked Andre - whom I called Georges :    He seemed naïve about these evil creatures whom he had acquaintance with from 1920s-1930s - really CHUMS of CLARA … he called JIM a `bar rat` & Doc Mengele `wastes my time but because of the failure of our marriage 1947 he HAS BEEN ABLE TO STOP THE BOYS COMING TO AMPLEFORTH for EDUCATION  :      

1957 November :    A  girl who came in daily to work for ANDRE MALRAUX called Jenny Brett got receipts for 3 rents I had paid :   She was very offended by JIM JONG calling himself by a false name, and she called MENGELE a paedophile :   I had never heard this word spoken - people said `a man you do not want near very young children` :   

JENNY BRETT kept the receipts safe - in December 1967 she handed them to her 2nd cousin the Whitehead twin Peter - this was chance :   She is married to a young Barrister, a tiny son, was now persecuted by dirty JIM & Doc Mengele HARRINGTON & still watched `UNDER SURVEILLANCE by GROSS BRITAIN CRIMINALLY INSANE` in  1988 as I & families are :   1988 we attended the Lord Mayor`s Show with the families of JAMES WHITEHEAD Lord Mayor Extraordinary 1888 a Quaker from Orton Appleby :



He Lord Mayor 1888/89 is a great-grandfather to she JENNY BRETT & the Whitehead twins :    my 18 years old son Peter Rathbone Ransom Gordon Whitehead is with us = he and JENNY BRETT are gently smiling at one another as they talk away :   CHANCE & SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT …

1992 I hear that A VIDEO will have been MADE of this FAMILY OUTING TO WATCH THE New LORD MAYOR SHOW on the 100th ANNIVERSARY of JAMES WHITEHEAD LORD MAYOR EXTRAORDINARY 1888 of APPLEBY & Orton :    Jenny dies a year a little later :    she wrote me 2 letters that winter 1988/1989  :     She is the girl come as Assistant to ANDRE MALRAUX November 1957 at 50 Lancaster Gate Square :    
She, married with a 2 years old son,  left in 5-6 weeks because of this CHILD MOLESTER calling itself Doctor HARRINGTON - known to Medical London as `MENGELE` …  & JIMMY JONG Cur JAMES able to walk in any time of day or NIGHT :   

 Dirty Jimmie was using the name of Sir James Harrison a man she remembered seeing in the Study of her grandfather :    MEMORANDUM :    JIMMIE JONG Mr Pong now called Sir James has been using the name of Sir James Harrison when he visit’s the COUSTEAU experimental underwater laboratory Mediterranean - JIM PIMP said he came from ANGELA a Queen because she was interested in what was taking place :
A man died - A PURPLE POWDER was found amongst his papers on board this experimental underwater laboratory  :   The British PRESS now closed the matter down :

1967 December = OXFORD = Captain ALAN VILLIERS speaking to Greta Ransom W. and PJPW one morning in his house tells of “ ONE SAIL MARGARETH GAVE US THE KEY TO ISLAND Jacopsholmen - It was all there in the house - greatest mind you had read - THE GRONLANDER - but COUSTEAU & I have had trouble over being up there … THEY ARE ALSO TRYING TO GET THEIR NAME ON THE WEDDELL SEA … WEDDELL a great SEAMAN married the high educated INCA only child of SAN JULIAN …  ( PJPW tried change the talk from FROBISHER WEDDELL & RANSOM … but I had heard things which stunned me … I TOO AM BEING THREATENED … I have come through the 1960s carrying dead … A GREAT CRIME HAS BEEN HIDDEN .. It was not to be …  :   

We will meet the VILLIERS family again but nothing more was said about my name - my names :    I seemed to not recall this … to be frightened when it arose … THEN IN STRODE ANDRE MALRAUX … he had evil creatures dodging behind him :    The dirty old VERMIN Mr JIMMIE Cur James and the disgusting baby and child abuser Doctor MENGELE … name during his Prison & Nut house commitments 1930s-1940s is HARRINGTON sometimes Esterhazy :  

Little PETE born 1970 :
… to die 1998 27 years old  … P.R.W. has DIED
… … “  THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING PEOPLE FOR THIS MONEY - We knew about it WHEN I WAS IN THE CITY …”     A good person speaks 1970 the year of his birth :    THIS IS ABOUT THE DISGUSTING COVER-UP by IMPERIAL MONSTERS who have lived by VIOLENT THEFT from the 19th century = SCOTLAND & SCANDINAVIA :

said a great-great grandmother of young Pete 1909 = MINERVA Olivea Hesketh (lst marriage Mr bussy Business man & wrote a book on PHILOSOPHY)  2nd marriage to James Weddell II b 1825 - she is the mother of my grandmother JEAN WEDDELL RANSOM ballerina -- poisoned end of SUMMER 1938 :   ( Her EVENTIDE hymns went into 5 editions - Graham Greene says he recalls the book on his father`s piano :   Minerva-Olivea wrote many ballads, popular songs … )  





CLEARER EDITING BELOW :  - a repeat of above REPORTS :   President KENNEDY - Harold MACMILLAN - F.J. RANSOM Army Officer




NEW RECORDS :  28 June 2013 AD


RECORDS-tapes & gathering information :

GROTE HOMES worldwide & RANSOM ESTATE the superb ADMINISTRATION from 1830s


until 1967 November  =

  Whitehead twins agree to help the PIMPS demolish the great Philanthropy  Estate in private =  They will for money & properties SAVE THE FACES of those who organised & carried out the GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN :

Whitehead twins b 1930 Kenya :  






two men with shoddy careers   XMAS 1967/68  insist that they have been told by the British Government Representatives that


ONLY BIG CONCERNS will run the world from now on :  NO SMALL BUSINESSES = small businesses & such amateur efforts are to be closed down   


= Orders of important British Government Lords & their PIMPS - 1967 November   :



( Killed 1963 ) 


President KENNEDY & Families &  FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM British Army Captain 2nd World War - FJR murdered by above G.B. PIMPS 1969 March = NO WILL shown to his daughter Greetha - she threatened by foul mouths as usual  : 









:     YOUR FATHER - could run a small Republic - better than me - like FRANCE     Andre Malraux - London late October 1957  :




FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM b 1911 November - slain 1969 March Deptford -


attacked by dirty JIMMIE JONG now Sir James who disgracefully ran WHITES CLUB St James 1953-1959 dismissed January :   but  `stayed in the holster `  until May 1970 because of his friendship from 1912/13 with ANGELA Bowes Lyon and family and LINDSAY-LINDSEY Premier EARLS of Gross Britain  :

A speaker who is of Family GORDON & connecting lines ???  :




Think of the deaths of those little girls & boys - your father arrived back to England with this news September 1945   all the children slain around the globe orders of British Government Lords & Crown 1939 were to `EMPTY THE GROTE HOMES worldwide - SELL THE LANDS - GIVE THE MONEY TO ANGELA - she says it belongs to her     Your father knew now how dangerously criminally insane they all were on their foul drugs  =  his relatives worldwide, his children forcibly kept in England during the War, were threatened with death too  :  

  His wife Teresa Gordon who called herself Mrs Gordon-Gordon R had known of this from 1940-41 winter  - these monsters were her chums since she was 10 11 years of age when they used her to WIN horse races at Private Races - they all shared the winnings :  

1940/1941 :  SALISBURY PLAINS :    Your brave role here was not known until people at Bulford were privately spoken to some years after the end of the WAR - they in fear of their lives now - Then we heard how you had taken the note saying the KILLING of the GROTE CHILDREN had begun - this had to go to the USA by plane with a man returning to Canada a Surgeon-Dentist You & had to begin at dusk & quietly keeping to the bushes and little trees run across Salisbury Plains to the USA CAMP  - it necessitated you repeating this twice more  YOU were not 8 years of age until 1941 March :   )



:   My father was kidnapped to THE PHILIPPINES 23rd December 1939 - I saw him for some days of 3 weeks October November 1945 :

A MEETING arranged by Miss Rose Holder of Lambeth  1962 March, to meet my father, I was not sure what he looked like,  had me MADE VERY ILL in a few days time =


Doctor MENGELE HARRINGTON GP, persecutor of ANDRE MALRAUX,  was wining & dining again with my mother Teresa Gordon R. - they both have a friend called ANGELA - & can slip in her back door at Clarence House : 


Teresa Gordon Mrs Ransom is known by a London Hospital 1964 to be `unbalanced, has a violent temper,  & is extremely jealous of her only daughter =  Mrs R. has been twice in Prison 1920s, 1940s but she has an illegitimate son who is in Government so she can do as she pleases :   he is called du CANN MP `  :




March 1962 I arrived severely delicate to this meeting - my mother had given me a cup of tea before I left the flat of Miss Holder  a kindly woman who has just met me :    After the 2 years at COLNE ENGAINE & the disappearance again of MALRAUX I felt abandoned by everyone it seems - I wear plain graceful clothes, have long hair, and like Music, old ruins & history and MUSEUMS  !!!!!!    I do not fit in with the FLASH & GLITZ of 1960s FRANCE or LONDON - I find FAST LIFE boring - it did not help civilization in other centuries  :


   I am used to being called by Teresa Gordon `bloody bitch - you have ruined my life - I could have married a rich man ` and similar things    Sometimes I the victim, like other such victims, shout   `you sound like you did in the wartime`   But mostly it is a noise in your brain that reinforces you are nobody - have no proper home - no proper parents - and MALRAUX prefers expensive dressed women who all have AFFAIRS in their marriages & want to be seen dining out - and not because of the interesting talk of THE FORUM THE AGORA    : 


And I do not want to be POISONED again


as he and I were November 1957 when he took me and the two sons out to a restaurant locally Paddington he had booked - telling the whole household of No 50  :   


  I prefer to cook from other centuries when I can afford it - CORNISH TIN MINERS FAMINE SOUP is nice - boiling water poured on salt, pepper, wild chives - if no wild chives add some Marigold petals :   if you have a bottle of milk then spare a half a cup - you will also keep slim & not spend much money   :




1962 MARCH :   All my father said puzzled me - I could not frame


questions as usual - I was slow to follow as usual & MENGELE HARRINGTON persecutor of MALRAUX has insisted to the staff that I am  `stupid` and other things : 




My father says  I am sorry to have had to leave you


(1939 23rd December)   but I organised from abroad you would go to the Gordon family friend Captain Barclay at Hadzor and his sisters - after I heard you had not joined your Convent School to go to Brentwood   


I won the MARITAL COURT case 1946 :   you 3 were wards of your family Potter & Miss Win & Harry Gordon & Andre Malraux :


I HAD TO immediately GO ABROAD - 1947 SUMMER I heard your mother had the three of you in a small flat in Oxford Crescent the other side of the Railway   Clacton :   your brothers - I arranged the they go to the Prep school for their  later entry into the Army School :   then I heard she had removed them I had to attend to work we had to be careful where we were seen     :

My poor deceived father, 21 years when I am born in 1933,



  You did`nt want to marry that old MALRAUX did you there was nothing I could do when he did not turn up to be GUARDIAN & help me with the work there was so much to do after the WAR to get things going     / NB:     2nd World War 1939-1946 = an Imperial War caused by ignorant of their times by persons RULING Gross Britain and Scandiniavia all in-bred relatives beyond great-grandparents stretching back in all directions who have conquered  EUROPE - taken to WARS to pay their BILLS since WILLIAM Conqueror big booted in on ENGLAND 1066 AD :   



WILLIAM CONQUEROR :   he had a good loyal cook called Teslin I think is the name - no time to go to my vast shelves of FOOD from CAVE DAYS to 1970s    ( 1970s = all human beings the WEST abandon hope !  )     WILLIAM`s 




DILL SOUP is good for delicate tummies - But his Christmas Cake of this time includes meats - so come on a bit to 15th century down centuries for a more traditional CAKE Cooking down the centuries is interesting & produces low cost super food for the family as well as history as schools are not too good nowadays = Modern history teaching delves into slick propaganda especially as delivered on 2 big unnecessary 20th century IMPERIAL FAMILY WARS =  leading to more foul disturbances along SEAS EDGES  where they had an EMPIRE  = READER may have time to `dish up` a late NEOLITHIC Holland-on-Sea CLACTON cliffs fresh fishy & wild foul daily fare  (may be possible fresh caught & collected BRITANNY sands ) and you cannot beat ANGLO-SAXON (its in a poem)  pork chops, apple sauce, butter barley cakes =  BEERS or WINES of delicate whites-parchment yellows or Mediterranean AMPHORAE






SAMIAN RED`  =  Greek & Roman authors   :      










the plain trestle tables kitchen can work out a menu here )  


IT, MY LIFE, OFTEN DID THIS - and I would make myself do some craftwork, go for  library books take a bus ride,  a walk to look at sky & earth or pop into a Museum Films were difficult - I preferred things like MAXIM GORKI Trilogy  !   I earned my own PENCE working in Museums & old Institutions - I had never had a letter a postcard a gift & no income from this sad man I was beginning to recall a little pre-war :   He said he had given my mother a generous income for all of us - this had no meaning - I counted pennies & could make my own summer clothes :  




MISERY SWEPT ME at his words :   I had been happy & at ease with Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX - but I could not say about it that I could not sink so low as to live with a killer WHITES CLUB dirty JIM Sir JAMES booting in stealing 100 pounds every Friday night from this CATHOLIC MISSION at 50 Lancaster Gate Square = then that stinky Blue Car MENGELE a creature that  harmed babies and little boys & girls & could not be LOCKED UP by the POLICE because of his NOBLE background & his NOBLE FRIENDS :   THESE PEOPLE THAT MALRAUX COULD NOT KICK OUT of No 50 Lancaster Gate Square had DIRTY LIVES - I had begun to wonder their familiarity with his PARIS house & his sons - I did not know yet THAT THEY HAD ALL MET GENERAL de GAULLE & family when they were SANCTUARY in ENGLAND the 2nd World War :


But I had heard the housekeeper had been hired by CLARA Malraux ex-German wife :  


These persons were DOPE SOAKS - Weekends they used this lovely 1860s Terrace House as their personal TOWN HOUSE - and this caused some expense to the DIOCESE of WESTMINSTER = BUT BRITAIN HAD TO SEE THAT MALRAUX did not learn what he was GUARDIAN to :    THE THEFT OF THE POST the MONITORING of ALL COMMUNICATIONS had lead from 1938 to the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide - the killings had never stopped about those who were involved in the ESTATE my father managed around the globe :    

1962 MARCH :   My father accepted that I had a clear memory of what all this was about


-  Although puzzled at my lack of replies he said    `Well there was nothing I could do when the War ended - you would stay at your Convent school with your Gordon family about you - I could only get busy with all the work - MALRAUX DID NOT TURN UP WE HAD TRIED CONTACT HIM MANY TIMES   

A little impatient perhaps   my father Frederick John RANSOM born 1911 looked into space, puzzled, I realise now He says quietly



Surely you know WHERE this reaches ?   It goes up the YELLOW BRICK ROAD = the QUEEN and her SISTER :   Without the GUARDIAN there was little I could do except quietly keep on working - I had to be away most of the time …”





:    THOUSANDS HAD BEEN KILLED from 1938 to get MONEYS for Aristocrats of SCOTLAND & NORWAY & DENMARK & many of their relatives on the CONTINENT :    THE KILLING was still going on - because MALRAUX, de GAULLE, me Greta Ransom, DID NOT GET OUR POST, our documents - & all communications cut off by a CUNNING BRITISH GOVERNMENT `NATIONAL INDUSTRY of DECEPTION


money could be collected for the hours worked at this persecution from The Whitehall :  

1957 November  :   ALL POST, PHONE CALLS denied - my room searched night and morning - ORDERS GIVEN OCTOBER 1957 by DIRTY JIMMIE of WHITES CLUB strutting about my room at the top of the building = his 3 thugs who ROOST in WHITES putting `funny powders` in Members drinks were behind him  - SEARCH HER NIGHT AND DAY - FOLLOW HER EVERYWHERE   I said that this was a Catholic household I thought - his thugs looked nervous & one motioned to me to be quiet - JIM pulls a KNIFE as pre-war  :   HE now WROTE A MESSAGE IN ANGER TOSSED IT ON MY BED - IT SAID  GREETAH GET OUT I left - he followed like a bull & kicked me down the last 3 stairs to the Workplace of the Mission - a youth picked me up & said `he is blackmailing Andre-Gov `






1957 October -  I have been charged 80 pounds for one month in this 20 pounds a month room :   Soon the radiator was shut off & wireless broken & electric fire =  This orders of `Doc Mengele` chum of JIM Sir/cur JAMES who runs WHITES as a VICE BAR :     Mengele Doc HARRINGTON is the child abuser ( prisons-Nut Houses sentences 1935=36 1936=1938, 1949=51 ) who says `he is studying this subject`  :   Doc Harrington  & his blonde nurse `Mrs Mengele` are on guard of hard working ANDRE MALRAUX - they open & take his post and communications, visitors - they have many persons  homes searched by a ghost wing of BRITISH INTELLIGENCE :    


?  Matter of this overpaid RENT had Paddington Rent Tribunal & Victoria & Albert Museum step in here - I COME FROM COLCHESTER Museums = CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis :    Andre Malraux was told by kind persons - it could lead to he & General de Gaulle `in the Dock`  : 


I and my families are interfered with by PIMPS as pre-war :


1957 NOVEMBER :   I am now to pay no rent - but get on with my education :




:   Doctor `Mengele` H.   (of a NOBLE SCOTS FAMILY ?)   has also been stealing LINEN from this Catholic Hostel cupboard - it was seen on his twin beds in his `hole in the wall` Mayfair  : 

1957/58 January :  






is waiting one January night for MALRAUX and I to come in from seeing the XMAS lights that last evening they are lit in the West End   with a CAN OF ACID to throw in our faces :


His NURSE wife on duty in this Catholic Hostel & Mission St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate SQUARE stopped him :    ( this Building is still there but called a hotel - it looks exactly the same as my photos show & illustrations show )     If she had not stopped him they would HAVE NO UNEARNED INCOME FROM THIS ESTATE  Their household moneys for the month are granted them by ANGELA - they go by car to BIRMINGHAM to get it from a Bank in the names of the RANSOM HEIRS  :  


  It is this 20 years his junior blonde private clinics Nurse who carries out his ORDERS sedating people and searching them, stealing small objects, sometimes joined by  THE WOMAN JAMES -


known to be unbalanced like her husband running WHITES CLUB  -



  BEWARE THE WOMAN JAMES she hates you and your father & families - she is promised her share of a great deal of money   if she reports, takes her duties she and Mrs Doc Mengele have been using this house of ANDRE MALRAUX  as their PRIVATE LONDON RESIDENCE at weekends from 1953   




1962 SPRING - I was being poisoned again - I did not realise this until the SUMMER - I left my employment at BRITISH MUSEUM NATURAL HISTORY & went into Kent - I had put my own little caravan with a young family - opposite in a caravan they used for their working days were the descendants of CAREW = GILBERTS & BROTHER Sir WALTER RAYLEIGH - it was people like this enabled me to recover - I again lost weight from FEAR & getting below 8 stones again ate tomatoes & Pilgrim pies from Canterbury when I took a job to help me keep from starving - chocolate bars were useful & half pints of good milk


I did not eat in the caravan or leave food there   : 

MENGELE HARRINGTON turned up every 6 weeks and threatened me -  


I pretended to be stupid :   Arthur Malone  ( our POLITIAN-King Arthur grandson of VIC & BERT)  Law Detective took a job & a room with an Estate Agent across the lane from my Caravan Harrietsham and was full time `DUTY FOR ANDRE MALRAUX` = Once a fortnight Philip Silverlea came to give POLITIAN 3 days off = I never spoke with them - although Arthur would pass me by & keep me kindly somewhat up to date :  


  they & others thought I was in a nervous break-down :  


Perhaps I was - I felt as if MY SOUL were enclosing my body - I read a little & always had very early nights - LIFE HAD ENDED :    I had no memory any more that I could assemble facts from easily - only mists & dark tunnels & a newsreel picture of children in a Nazi concentration Camp sometimes visited my head : 




We hear later I was always polite & liked for my kindness where I worked & had interesting things to tell them of what I found in Canterbury and this county of Kent  :





1966 summer - Rose Holder paid for me to go to ATHENS with my cousins - the drive leaving Frinton-on-Sea Kirby one evening at 9 pm - 6 of us and Elisabeth 9 months old Yiannis Hat`Jiaggelis married to Jenny Potter is taking us to stay with his family in CALITHEA Athens  :    LIFE BEGAN at MARATHON   I walked even in the heat of ATHENS looking listening reading - Arthur Malone taking over from Philip Silverlea after a few days :  6 weeks -


Ancient places & the SEAS EDGES  - Athens families out in the little squares evenings - it is cool for the children who rest in the afternoons :  I knew the City back into BC   Yiannis talking on Greek history & DEMOCRACY - his grandpa was Consul 1919 Constantinople I think - he lost his life but his wife and the 4 children got out by boat - she became headmistress of the High School Athens - one son sang in the Cathedral - Jenny had a splendid white wedding in the Cathedral - the Bishop a friend of the family :    MUSIC in my head early 20th century - YSAYE   SZYMANOWSKI as well as `How purple the SEA` played on the white sands beach at Voula`meni Curious grey sketches appeared half in front of my eyes looking at the 1966 summer scenes - these were of a Greek Island, a woman bending to a out of doors oven the name on these drawings is MARGARET GROTE her parents bought the island without water & had it regularly shipped in & rain storage arranged & maintained - a Greek family were paid to see this happened - their children received education GROTE school - the education would have these children not want to be RICH & glitzy & marry a British Lord but  do civilized things - They would see the whole world as a whole creation - and have a goodly income from their labours & see advancement of civilized enriched living went on - to also take some small place in this philanthropy perhaps   : 






  Some 20 or 30 years ago c 1980s-1990s  a Drawing (`s ?)  is sold by a LONDON Auction house amongst a rag-bag lot a reviewer says ` and a sketch 1860s-70s a woman bending to an oven a Greek Island well, who will know who Margaret Grote was `   ;   WAS THIS A CHECK TO SEE IF THEIR WERE MORE HUMAN BEINGS WHO SHOULD BE WAYLAID, STRIPPED OF IDENTITY & KILLED ?    NB :   The PHILANTHROPY GROTE family of LONDON  from late 18th century especially the 19th early 20s are FAMOUS in educated learned circles - arts-music-education Curious the reviewer did not connect the drawing by/of MARGARET nee RANSOM Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE of the worldwide HOMES to this German British family :   a Donation to Senate House London is stolen 1957/58 by these GENOCIDERS of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - I saw the plaque & spoke upon another to a 1880s Educationalist  JOHN RANSOM on the gate of Hither-Green School London - I was followed to both places by THUGS of JIM JONG now Sir JAMES the barman-vice Steward of WHITES CLUB a fashionable Club in St James`  :



November 1957 - General de GAULLE had just left this Club WHITES where he is an HON Member since the 2nd World War JIMMIE and thieving titled killer thugs began obscene tales of `MARIANNE` the Symbol of FRANCE They had a habit since pre-war of this - jeering behind their victims backs - or as soon as they had left a BIG PLACE of the British Government Lords & Crowns :   LONDON was awash with HEROIN in HIGH PLACES but those of SCOTLAND used `Devil Powder` = Divinorum Salvia Scotland which they grew - 2 fields in sheltered SCOTLAND GLENS illegally SOLD OVERSEAS paid the BILLS of a great NOBLE Household for the year :




1965/1966 :    The brow-beaten Minister of Culture FRANCE, Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX was recovering somewhat from the slaying of his two sons 1961 - going round the world -


On his return he heard I had GOT AWAY from SHEshe   he was so wretched not to have known - he said   I WOULD HAVE COME BACK IMMEDIATELY and JOINED THEM in ATHENS - THIS IS MY FAMILY TOO Peter - I have known them since I came with JOSETTE that SUMMER 1937 when I FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT where my mother had an ancestral line reaching into the 9th century - fishers & sea traders  and small farmers for wintertime (  this was said by him those January/February 1970 evening visits to THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL ) 



:     the READER can turn to my assembled Records-notes-aided by him ANDRE MALRAUX himself end of winter 1970 The Pillar House of the Immortal LLB Books for Children, HARWELL  : 


Georges-ANDRE retired with General de Gaulle from French Government since 1969 `we felt we had done all we could - we were getting old`   :    MY GUARDIAN that young man of a good heart and soul,  appointed SUMMER-AUTUMN 1937 by the great GROTE RANSOM ESTATE WORLDWIDE,  BEGINS to speak on his BEREAVEMENT  (of 2 sons ages 21 & 18 years)     `I SWEPT IN ON A WAVE OF HATE ` = this is a short piece on JIMDO under the Heading ANDRE MALRAUX I.   It may also have got on the colour-code web site under AM I or `WAVE OF HATE`   :   I need a LIBRARIAN !

1960/1961 - Stark Lines Colne Engaine 




    AGAIN WE ENTER THE STAGE OF A THOUSAND YEARS   the poet promising to re-write our tragic PLAY - perhaps for the next PERFORMANCE :  


Greta  Ransom    EXCERT  from a page which is a way I had of keeping a diary - or everything I noted was torn up :



Soon I knew I had best return to LONDON to work


:   Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON & my mother Teresa Eliz. Gordon Mrs FJR were threatening me & speaking MADNESS & DIRTY LIES to everyone I knew in this little village Harrientsham - The GILBERT-Rayleigh-CAREW kind couple, with children in education, had this co-opted   `ROYAL Physician`  =  & The  Private Physician to ANDRE MALRAUX boot in on them :

  (NB : 


-  ANDRE MALRAUX is GUARDIAN from October 1937 to this great worldwide GROTE RANSOM Estate & to the HEIR Greta Ransom b 1933 & her heir co-heir Lennie Immanuel RANSOM b 1921 :     ( 1970 he says  corruption was in my own household (Paris) I did not know this - my post & communications are taken intercepted by your Government PETER !   And discovering my appointment as GUARDIAN I was bereaved again )  

1963   (always since my birth pre-birth 1932/3)   I needed a big circle of protection :  Thus I came to a job in the CITY OF LONDON - much of this is related in earlier work :  Many people knew my name & what it meant - The 1960 Summer visitors `territorials` had 2 films made of the slayers of the GROTE CHILDREN slain upon the very sites in South America :

LONDON :   the City & West End, the world of Museums, those who had seen Service in the Great War (1st World War) were a rampart =  ARTHUR MALONE, Captain Patrick MacDrew, and Philip Silverlee were again `on duty` =  Malone-King Arthur-POLITIAN followed immediately perhaps glad to be back in London where we could get quiet help & ANDRE turned up from time to time he clearly had some work to do for FRANCE but the failure to EXPOSE this crime had the GENOCIDE go on in Britain & overseas  :    Many civilized persons wished to help STOP & warn =  of this most horrendous RIVER OF BLOOD still gushing AROUND THE EARTH so Britain at the TOP of the PYRAMID and its great RAMPARTS could be RICH :

1962 KENT - September onwards  :   Quickly the old Aristocrat thugs & brutes were around me again & able to get EXPENSES to take a weekend or 4 days in a comfortable Hotel with all meals of a luxury standard :    & more triple-paid slimy hangers called by :  


Two or three times over that year I glimpsed ANDRE MALRAUX near me - not speaking - looking kindly - just as he used to look draped around ruins in East Anglia   He was not MIRAGE - he was real - He told too I was a young girl and best left to make friends with other young people :    I FELT CENTURIES OLD -








1963 :   there came with me to take WATCH the kindly ARTHUR MALONE Philip Silverlea and the tragic Captain Patrick Macdrew uncle of the murdered 9 years old HEIRESS of CASTLE HEDINGHAM  & NEWFOUNDLAND - she who was in my Clacton school class in end of winter early spring 1942 :    Slain by JIM & LINDSEY Earl 14 & another I do not have a name for : 

1962 November into 1963


-  Teresa Gordon Mrs R. my mother turned up now and then to persecute - Her usual phrases ` I HAVE TO KEEP HOLD OF YOU - YOU ARE MAD LIKE YOUR BLOODY FATHER - YOU ARE NOT WANTED NOT WANTED DO YOU HEAR you Bloody Bitch I did not want to have YOU I left it too late Your father is GUTTER GUTTER - the POLICE LOCK HIM UP every few WEEKS ` I was also told that she & her friends found I had NO PERSONALITY & was ungainly & too tall :    I had become used to this from 12 years of age :  

I could only remind her she had said all this before =  she never had a cup of tea in the caravan that I made her - she would produce her own tea bag, a tin of Carnation milk, wash the kettle out munch her own biscuits from her big black bag SHE WAS DETERMINED TO NOT GIVE WAY ON THE ESTATE & ITS LEGALITY - for this she got super invitations to KNEES UPS with her old NOBLEMEN - some RACING DAYS - they would all pull a wig of different colour hair on :   THESE CREATURES WASTE OUR LIVES :

1962 MARCH APRIL   = There were flowers and messages sent to me in LONDON by my poor father & his family =  I hear  years on when they are all dead :   I never got them :

This was the only time March 1962 I saw him my father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM born 1911 November   before his early death March 1969 - he was attacked by JIM Cur JAMES & thugs in their FALSE AMBULANCE LIKE VAN & killed by Doc Mengele HARRINGTON - these NOBLES are all on DEVIL POWDERS, shiny pellets up their SNOUTS of D.S.S. and other DOPES  -  they are ROARING 1920s-30s : 



1960 onwards :    YOUR FATHER is valued by President Kennedy he asked him about ASIA




matters he needed to clarify for his own work Washington Senate :   Your father pointed out specific areas - these could be drawn together - he drew up list of ideas that could be kindly discussed by them - or with him - Your Father was now asked to approach them - in the manner he did with his family Estate = he legal Administrator the globe in the name of his daughter & ANDRE MALRAUX - both of you, it had been explained,  were unable to take up your legal DUTIES of the ESTATE from 1947 :

DOCUMENTS, CORRESPONDENCE WERE STOLEN by the British Government Lords - for the Crowns they said :



MALRAUX was cheated by the British Government & a new Crown of his most important JOB from 1938 - he has said it was what he was looking for - what he could do = that girl JOSETTE died because of this then their two young sons  



GUARDIAN worldwide to the ESTATE GROTE HOMES and RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE`  ESTATE in 3 Parts - he had suffered THEFT, ASSASSINS, & there had been much sending of false phone messages and short notes to keep him away from your Father and his families : 



In this matter General de GAULLE was abused by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, its LORDS, & CROWNS :




he asked help of your father & these were adjusted by the nations themselves after he your father sent lists of points they might consider and adjust between themselves - not everything would be possible at once of course :   THESE FREE NATIONS they too valued your father as giving wise ideas :   Some old persons remembered TIGGY Grote founder of the HOMES upon the RANSOM families historic lands - RANSOM are of 14 Races and 27 Nations reaching back 2,000 years to Mediterranean and Jutland : 





  1963  :   Your father was so shocked at the slaying of President Kennedy -



he wished MALRAUX to assist where he could - his brothers Dr John RAY Ransom Washington State Office duties and their young brother polymath Lennie Immanuel RANSOM only to assist where less dangers from The BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN

1930s :    Do you remember your pre-war lessons with Len` your father always explained situations - problems would always arise about the globe - it was important to stay calm & suggest ways out of muddles = lessons could be often found in HISTORY ` :   Your Estate fortunately ran around the globe - it was respected - but disapproved by certain SCOTS LORDS & their old PARIS 1920s-30s chums … some SCANDINAVIAN playboys = many in-bred to stupidity & NORTHERN GLOOM if they did not get gold bars on a plate with their morning tea & brandy : 


Because of the slaying of THOMAS IMMANUEL GROTE 1904 on the Scots Island of ARRAN & then his widow AYRSHIRE 1938 … she your aunt our GIRL of the SNOWS as we called her,  it was felt by everyone to wisely keep low key on ESTATE management matters :   

From your birth 1933 you had gifts at your birth and birthdays from your relatives in other nations and from some Rulers who welcomed the Estate staying in family hands - Gifts labelled clearly GRETA & LENNIE RANSOM & families arriving by the BRITISH ROYAL MAIL were directed to the back of BUCKINGHAM PALACE - without the PERMISSION of the Sailor King George 5th - (he had known this close family via Frobisher 1870s down to his death January 1936 … see REPORT :  ) 




His daughter-in-law ANGELA & HER SCOTS MEN took them & often behaved in an obscene fashion opening them - setting bad examples to young persons present  - presents from tiny GROTE HOMES CHILDREN made with their hands were trampled upon and treated as jokes - expensive gifts were taken to be sold - a very few were given to a fashionable hospital for children : 




By Christmas 1936 it was known their would be a change of Monarchs : 

THE GIFTS came from persons of status, some Rulers of nations OUTSIDE the British EMPIRE :


they understood the GENIUS shown administering her Family Estate alone by Margaret Ransom GROTE after the slaying of her husband 1904 -

THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT did not believe in high education for the world - it was known at WESTMINSTER Whitehall that  `the Government especially its LORDS favoured illiteracy in its EMPIRE  :

A woman came out of Scotland 1923 and 1937 she began to have her friends help themselves to your family ESTATE - War came and the GROTE HOMES children were all slaughtered -   your  quite distant relatives EARLS of LINDSAY Crawford claimed by MOONLIGHT this entire worldwide ESTATE :    In Scotland they had a reputation of bog-trotters - their crimes of greed and stupidity & ignorance had them live on plunder in Scotland but mostly about the globe :


YOU and MALRAUX have been deceived :

1967 November :   Your father FJR after visits from the WHITEHEAD twins & the denial of Visits, letters, phone calls to you from his families said


` THE MAN IS A FRAUD and his elder twin has big debts known to the City of London  `

1969 MARCH -  Your father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM A CAPTAIN in the BRITISH ARMY 2nd World War and his USA brother of 3 splendid degrees   (ASTRA-PHYSICS/ANIMAL MANAGEMENT/LAW)  Dr John RAY Ransom a soldier in this war, were slain 1969 for helping human beings of the globe in civilized projects :


YOU SHOULD TRY and UNDERSTAND the respectability of your family RANSOM and its branches overseas -




you are used as a servant by those   OF NOBLE HIGH DEGREE  committing FRAUD  …”     : 




THE ABOVE text relates to ANDRE MALRAUX his evening visits  after THE SUPPER TIME  1970 LATE WINTER to The Pillar House HARWELL Berkshire (not Oxon then) & connections of people dead and alive then :






Above is 1985/1992 - SPEECH in OXFORD the Poly, the FE, the Agora & Magdalena College :  It was HARWELL, said Dr John FLETCHER (father of Anthony - little book of HARWELL 1600) where Capitalism really began I suppose :   when 12 churls bought their strips of land from the local KNIGHT who needed MONEY urgently to go to War with the KING = they soon sent their eldest sons to the College Magdalena at The OX-FORD - from then on this village was only beholden to The KING they would not have a SQUIRE although they now accept dear Mary-Mollie at Winterbrook House in this role now I have so much to do I require you and Peter to help with this anniversary of our Charter 985-1985 - I have too many commitments & am getting old …”    This is `HARWELL VILLAGE FOR A THOUSAND YEARS`  a publication by Harwell Village & a Pageant had some of these ancient families visit - some acted out their ANCESTORS from the founding of MAGDALEN - many came from USA  -  Editor Barbara McElroy Roman Catholic Medievalist Latin Scholar - has translated with others `PEARL` a poem in early English : 





=  PJPW often got nervous here when asked about an ESTATE :     Is  Dr Barbara MacillRoy  of the Family of my Aunt & Uncle `Murgatroyd` ?   I have written on them in ETHIOPIA, SPAIN, London,  sent out by the LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY,  


in  GIRL OF THE RUSSET SILK WEDDING GOWN  ???   ( she taught an evening a week my children Victoria-Augusta and little Peter Latin 1979-80s - we had a Police car escort us over the Reading Road to her house - after Len Immanuel RANSOM the great-uncle they are NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW had been killed by Dr Mengele HARRINGTON royal friend  - as general READERS know he is sometime moonlight physician to noble persons -



MEMO :   


HARRINGTON b 1912 of a SCOTLAND family,  ANGELA b 1900 BOWES LYONS & Premier Earls LINDSAY-LINDSEY all grow up in SCOTLAND :   HARRINGTON made a GP 1948 is called in to help ANGELA 1950/52 - she had always problems with liquor-drugs-increasing weight - it was now damaging her sanity and health - and she was saying too much about GROTE HOMES worldwide & MONEY  :    THE KILLERS of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN WORLDWIDE 1938-1954 were very anxious TO REMOVE FROM THE FACE OF THE GLOBE their GENOCIDE to get THEY and BRITAIN rich : 





& his circles in G.B. & SCOTLAND :

A Mr HARRINGTON born 1912 a Scots Noble family, who qualified as Hong Kong GP 1948 was now a PIMP employed from 1938 by British Government & Crowns upon the MALRAUX household PARIS :   Unfortunately HARRINGTON known as `Doc Mengele` had with JIM JONG Major this-that & some evil LINDSAY-LINDSEY,  & HAROLD MACMiLLAN met General de GAULLE & FAMILY when they were SANCTUARY the rented SUFFOLK house & accommodation in London the 2nd WORLD WAR :




1950/52 the new GP of Hong Kong  Dr `Mengele` HARRINGTON would knock ANGELA out with pills  (she 12 years older than he)  : Many serious & jokey REPORTS but accurate of the LONDON High Powered MEDICAL WORLD had persons uneasy  =


ANGELA (made a Queen 1937)  was shouting that GROTE HOMES & RANSOM lands by the seashores of the globe were hers alone - GIVEN HER BY THE OLD ESKIMO and she ANGELA was not getting all her money !      ANGELA was still at war with her old friends/fiends the Premier Earls of LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs & also threatening her friend from 19-teens Teresa Gordon RANSOM  - she allowed her 70 pounds a week FREE GAMBLING on the HORSES :   All of these old DOPE SOAKS now criminally insane were still calling me G.F.W.R.  & brother little COLIN Frederick Ransom  `APES ESKIMOS`  


A spell in the dark of a Hitler Bunker might have cooled their greed off  ?   Or might they EAT one another if supplied with DOPES   1950s- onwards  London top swanks were on daily heroin not just cocaine as pre-war & during the War = All of these of HIGH DEGREE from SCOTLAND had fields of Divinorum Salvia Scotland supplying them with DEVIL POWDERS & the shiny purple-gilt pellets to push up the snout DETERMINATION-VIOLENCE-GREED-CUNNING surged in their carcases   :



 DOCUMENT in 3 parts `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND`   (His mother has a blood line to 9th century family HISTON Castle Rising the SEAS EDGES, fishing-trading-farming- arriving 19th century SUFFOLK Saxmundham - from notes-diaries-books-photos-oral- the history of ANDRE MALRAUX his 9th century ancestral line is given - winding in and out of this GENOCIDE of a great Philanthropy Estate so that BRITAIN its ARISTOCRATS could be RICH - provide for their families & bastards - live a worthless life :




(   I Greta RANSOM continue to give the READERS the background to English & French life when it connects to GROTE HOMES RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE  Dr John FLETCHER who assisted the MINISTER OF CULTURE of FRANCE from 1959-1969 ANDRE MALRAUX to identify the wood, canvases, that paintings are made on, lived with his family 1940s in THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL :  former home of John Henry Frederick BACON painter   = GUILDHALL great painting - famous CHILDREN  books etc  :   then Leslie L. BROOKE painter & illustrator including his famous books for CHILDREN their models living in HARWELL & surrounding villages used in their work were alive !   and came to TEA at our Harwell houses ! 




he dies in November 1976 and is later buried in the PARIS PANTHEON - Man of Letters & crème-de-la-crème intellectually - his early books show his young  observation of human problems - and troubles of his SOUL     )


so many of us who have travelled in these past decades from 1930s come to understand the nation of Britain, a declining Empire, has POWERFUL FOUL CREATURES who KILL FOR MONEY & KUDOS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

READER  may like to be reminded of SCOTLAND Lord `XYZZ` STRIDING towards me across 50 Lancaster Gate Square October 1957







1957 OCTOBER :  


I have got via Harold MACMILLAN his Cabinet (Kalgari ?) who this ANGELA is who sent tormenting vile messages to me as a child 2nd World Wartime schools & Colchester College of Art & Technology (here she sneered at the `technology` :   My reply could have been were I older than 24 years & from the MUSEUMS world   `when I dined as an equal November 1935 Paris with WALTER BENJAMIN & my honourable RANSOM families, he,

1935 November - WALTER BENJAMIN explains the importance of technology in  HISTORY PAST PRESENT & FUTURE of MANKIND & womankind & families & life upon this earth and we shall have to, of course, go and live on other STARS if we wish to survive` WALTER BENJAMIN since his youth a family RANSOM-Grote HOMES acquaintance knows we also know EINSTEIN Some months later in the USA I learn from he & his wife & little dog that he counts on his fingers like me   WE CANNOT ALL BE CLEVER LIKE your grandma JEAN & the INCA I also learn from them  

1935 November :   The great-great uncle of my Uncle TIGGY GROTE of 1863 his marriage to our `MARGARETH GIRL of the SNOWS`  is named F. Immanuel KANT & he too thinks about things :   1935 November - a dark mild rainy early evening, gold lights reflect on the PARIS pavements like the painter Atkinson Grimshaw has in his cities at night paintings :    We are interrupted in our speech by the apparition of a tall sloping to the rain shadowy figure, a grief laden youth his soul the size of MARS,  passing by the little PARIS restaurant windows  ( he a similar shape to the thoughts in my heart & soul because of the violence I have been flown away from October 1935,  drives a tunnel upon the damp airs illuminated by the golden street lights)   


I heard a name given to this figure of responsibility like my families RANSOM & GORDON the name is ANDRE MALRAUX my future Guardian from October 1937 for LIFE :  

1935 November PARIS :  And more is said at the early supper table for a few minutes    troubles she SHE her brother much too old for him   say he owes them money PARIS hopes he can get away meanwhile HE LIVES IN A MUSEUM `





1936 April NEW YORK


:   I & LENNIE Immanuel RANSOM my heir my 12 years younger than me uncle FLYER-artist-musician give a luncheon to  Composer Edgar VARESE & his nice wife in the Waterfront New York 1864 Bridal House of Aunt Mag Girl of the Snows - at the desert they lean over the small table talking excitedly - VARESE waving his arm in torrents of a language I do not know -




except good day & good evening


  Photos show that MALRAUX does not speak with him in New York until 1937 spring :  Mrs Varese has taken me shopping for frocks - shocked I am dressed as a boy all the time ( its so as not to embarrass Len when he has me on my reins !   Everybody thinks I am his little brother !   And also little girl HEIRS are not SAFE in GROSS BRITAIN & its tumbling thieving killers EMPIRE )

1957 October 50 Lancaster Gate Square, home & Catholic Mission of ANDRE MALRAUX & General Charles de GAULLE, `Angela well known 1920s fashionable nightlife PARIS & her MEN are known to many of the 1950s drinkers in the fashionable British LONDON GENTS Clubs of titled or hoofed to the ladder of coin less Aristocracy






1950s-1960s known


as `business men on Heroin`


the end of an EMPIRE yah know LET`S HAVE ANOTHER DRINK `




1957 October - via MACMILLAN CABINET this ANGELA sends two or three jeering messages to St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square also via WESTMINSTER & her  lifelong chum  Teresa E. Gordon   ( mother of 3 bastard sons from early 1920s = & a daughter martyred ROME 1934 by JIM working for EARL LINDSAY - a fine cellist 15 years of age the adopted daughter of AUGUSTA our grey girl` nee FROBISHER  ( FROBISHER Napier-Ettrick-Elcho-Weldon etc. lines )  




Born 1900 - Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite former `Miss Bowes Lyon` sent a message  ` she knows GREETAH is  there with Andre




she does not have to straighten her hair anymore `



:    that autumn 1957 a chilly cooling morning,  a few strides across the Lancaster Gate SQUARE  beyond the tower of The CHRISTCHURCH   I see the figure of my mists and underground dark tunnels - where the only light of dawn is from MEMORY I call him GEORGES he comes dawn or dusk from GAUL looking 7 feet tall he says one word as he enters with antique ceremony the door of St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square -  The word is   `M A L R A U X ` here his women do not pick him up like an IRISHMAN with a PINT POT & put him down EMPTY  :

1957 November we are gaining some happiness again as in SUMMER 1937 & tremulous as in SUMMER  1945 and happy and tremulous as in spring 1947 :     I can now also say to him cheerfully   ` WHAT DID YOU SAY - WHO ? ` Well YOU CAN LOCK HIM of GAUL in the CUPBOARD - I will only come down to your room if it is GEORGES `

1937 October RECORDS :  


A diary entry by Len Immanuel RANSOM my co-and sub-heir reads 1937 SUMMER   my niece said on the telephone ` well, Georges-ANDRE he has not quite my perspicacity I think`   …”   




`1934 again 1936 MARGARET nee Ransom GROTE


& her legal Teams around the globe = headed by NEW YORK & ARGENTINA = issue to The BRITISH CROWN & its Aristocrats of Britain & Scandinavia & their CROWNS that








They have failed to recognise IT IS A MIRACLE OF PHILANTHROPY approved by nations A - Z  = Nations outside the BRITISH EMPIRE It is approved by many educated persons in their own EMPIRES :

LEGAL PAPERS WERE ATTACHED - the British Government & Crown & certain EARLS were asked to reply :   




THEY DID NOT - as before -



MRS MARGARET R. GROTE wrote in her own educated fine handwriting that she gave these persons 






NO PART OF HER FAMILY ESTATE  & would they please stop cashing cheques on her banks around the globe :    She reminded them she had asked since 1923 that they stop thieving from her family Estates - Backed by her Legal Administrators they were asked more firmly in 1934 - and again in 1936 they were now asked firmly & legally to STOP cashing cheques using their Diplomatic establishments


& they must 






STOP demanding money with some violence from small parts of the Estate  in little Nations 


:    They must earn their own living & not rely on others to pay their bills :

IF THEY HAD A CLAIM TO HER FAMILY ESTATE WOULD THEY PUT A NOTICE IN `THE TIMES`  & any other prominent newspapers around the globe :

`Girl of the SNOWS`


= she was aware these impoverished Aristocrats called her `OLD ESKIMO`& her heirs `Apes & Eskimos` :   She knew now her only child, her son Basil,  had been poisoned 1933 October and had accepted the killing of her husband THOMAS in 1904 on the Island of Arran by Scots Lords  

1938 15 May






she was murdered AYRSHIRE by the PIMP Mr Jimmie JONG b 1898 Port Arthur CHINA,   known to work BY MOONLIGHT from 1919 for certain SCOTS EARLS who plundered Scotland & Continent as an old family profession  :    JIM vermin carries a knife - he slit a vein behind her ear - he has done this to several men and women … he has no control over his heroin temper : `1937 SUMMER` Document in 3 Parts `a scaffolding` :  and has relevant shorter pieces - some pieces & unedited parts on wordpress et al :

RECORDS 1920s-1970s


:    information from many good SOUL`ED  human beings - and some lived through by Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM (my 1st Birth Certificate 2 days after birth CAMULODUNUM Col. Vict., 11th March 1933 :   a shorter BIRTH CERTIFICATE is insisted upon by LINDSAY-LINDSEY-BUGGARHS on CLACTON SEA FRONT where they DRINK DOPE WENCH in their   Scots Granite GRAND  built 1910 against ORDERS Essex Councils - it began slipping from them - PULLED DOWN AS DANGEROUS end of 2nd WORLD WAR 1939-1946 when BRITISH PEOPLE HAD SOME KUDOS - having had to GO TO WAR AGAIN - 1914-1919  :  18 years between the two most horrific WORLD WARS when IMPERIAL GLITZ BLITZ greedily eyed more MONEYS OFF SHORES the globe : 




1946 - EVIL FAIRY a David Lindsay has KUDOS Nat. Gallery/Tate =  HE IS SLAIN by a family (unrelated to us)  1946 after a COURT CASE 1944/45 failed to find him guilty of MANSLAUGHTER of their old relative whose paintings he stole 1944  - PLEADED THEY WERE ON DAMP WALLS A servant gives evidence he poured paraffin down the old lady her throat - when she tried REACH the telephone to contact her nephew and family and Solicitors :   She took a month to DIE IN AGONY :  


Refs. Web work   /  /



Greta Ransom work -


100 years of my father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM b November 1911 - slain March 1969 by these criminally insane ARISTOCRAT SUB-APES of the GROTE GENOCIDE =

when these PIMPS & HOOKERS  learned of a marriage ring given  October 1967 by the WHITEHEAD twin PJPW of the BM NATURAL HISTORY Museum  his brother Sir Rowland W.  knew well the meaning of the name RANSOM from the 1950s-1960s :   Informed his brother November 1966 :      In 1967 NOVEMBER these (DEBRETT/BURKES)  identical twins of good Quaker families join  Premier EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs & all the OLD CROOKS  - the twins 




(of divorced parents)  have known socially ANGELA an old Queen 1937-1952 since they are 6 years of age 1936 :   She and her mother-in-law Queen Mary Teck look out for WARDS of COURT with big DOUGH :   


THUS IT IS SO when ignorance Rules the 7 Seas : 











calls 50 Lancaster Gate Square -



surprise -






door opened by


`old FANNY de la RUE` …”






He is of an independent Nation :   He wished to see ANDRE MALRAUX - the Housekeeper opened the door & refused him entrance : 



:   he says   `I recognised old FANNY `de la RUE` we had to dismiss her she worked for the OTHER SIDE  With friends we learned where she drank Paddington - we turned up one evening -  warned her about several matters






It was known she had run messages for the GESTAPO in PARIS in the War


Ha` ha `  we made it clear we did not trust her  - it got worse - we learn how she is in this Malraux household - where de GAULLE sometimes calls by WAIT FOR IT  




she was chosen to be Housekeeper here in the London MALRAUX Catholic Mission household by divorced CLARA


We gave warnings - but had no idea that the General & Andre did not know of the Estate Guardianship



he was going to be terrific heading it IT ALL GETS SICK AGAIN people began to die ( 1957 = 1965 )



Nota bene :








( Clara Goldsmith born 1895 1st wife of ANDRE MALRAUX b 1901 = 1921 marriage - divorce begun 1945 finalized February 1947 - MALRAUX granted `Widower-ship to Josette & their 2 tiny sons`  makes ROMAN CATHOLIC marriage 17 April 1947 Permission from Pacelli Pope Pius 12 who shares joint Guardianship of the GROTE RANSOM heirs with him :   Much calculated cunning deceit continues 1945 as MALRAUX received from CHRISTMAS 1937/New Year 1938 :   

Clara has her brother Maurice






helping JIM JONG for the British Government & Crown 1941 investigate the RANSOM ESTATE 19 Acres bought 1801   (DIARY of FR grandfather of Margaret nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Imm. GROTE)   


  to-day I have purchased a PARCIL 19 acres The NEW YORK the Holland  (Netherlands)  uncle of my wife assisted me    

  (NB :  


this is part of the worldwide Estate is all managed by GROTE BROKERS since 1830/31 - they began in a brown painted wooden building in an unpaved lane off the future Wall Street - photos show the 2 partners GROTE cousins standing outside their Firm with a board painted in white letters saying what they do :  

1954 Summer CATASTROPHE Wall Street :   


Because of this criminal work by JIM JONG for EARLS & ANGELA & the assistance of the brother if CLARA Malraux  (she stayed in France 2nd World Wartime)   ( ANGELA become a hasty Queen in 1937 & EARLS OF LINDSAY-LINDSEY in stealth & unlawfulness always stealing with violence since 19th century)     The respectable firm of GROTE BROKERS found themselves CRASHED Summer 1954 = they had to join another firm





ESTATE were all intact (forgotten)  in 1970 Wall Street and seen by Palmer Sparkman a cousin of the WHITEHEAD TWINS - his first job 1950s had been for these firms :   He reports to his twin cousins 1969 in England - and dies age 41 years suddenly in USA = Comments come from Whitehead twins 1970s-1988 trying to dodge any responsibility here = they are bragging who knows what about the Grote Ransom Estate Len & I inherit   bragging to old School chums LINDSAY-Lindsey Earls& Doc Mengele HARRINGTON & Cur JAMES the former JIM JONG PIMP of the 1920s-30s  The WHITEHEAD twins have socially met ANGELA from 1936 :


Born 1898 Port Arthur JIM JONG PIMP






criminally active from age 15 crimes against his Chinese family   he is called by many 1952 onwards `dirty JIM` when he runs his corruption from WHITES CLUB as `Steward` this is the old pre-war TRAVELLING COMPANION of ANGELA former Miss Bowes Lyon of Glamis Castle -




she has insisted from 1923 by MOONLIGHT with JIMMIE her old childhood chum that AN OLD ESKIMO GAVE HER ALL THIS ESTATE when she was 10 years of age Margaret Grote my Aunt nee Ransom took this child abroad to recover from and escape a continuing epidemic in the home of her parents the Earl and Countess of GLAMIS Castle Bowes Lyon family   :   






(cholera ?  Influenza ? )  

2nd world War `






ANGELA` as she is known to families and friends has agreed BY MOONLIGHT to split the GROTE & RANSOM Estate WORLDWIDE with the EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY :   She is now a Queen from Scotland - from a family never fabulously rich 18th century into the early 20th century  


GROSS BRITAIN at the top discovered March 1960 the Buenos Aries solicitors employed by us RANSOM family since 1830/31 to manage the worldwide Estate  devoted to this Philanthropy and honest investing it is called by them `





1960 - The two old Argentine solicitors are murdered by Britain March 1960 and later 1960 - accurate Reports said they and the family of Philip Silverlea had an undercover BRITISH INTELLIGENCE booting in on them - an Ambassador for Britain called upon said it was not a matter for him : 


1960 MAY - ADDED TO THE GROTE HOMES GENOCIDE the murder of the daughter age 28 years of the Argentine-British Philip Silverlea  - she who collected Records-Wills-family histories- CARBON COPIES 1920s-1940s OF LETTERS TO BRITISH GOVERNMENT AND LORDS & CROWNS & delivered to her father in NEW YORK February 1960 :

1960 February from New York :   WITH GROTE BROKERS copies of documents & records  (records all intact) 




these are sent by special Courier from New York to General de GAULLE & MALRAUX end of February 1960 = the General thought it best to send one Courier and not attract attention to this urgent Mission - plane to NEW YORK - return immediately to FRANCE to he and Andre Malraux who would look at the papers - THIS WAS DONE :    The French Courier made to wait 2 hours in a hotel in France had his package opened and much removed  - We in England are waiting to hear they had received these vital documents - looked at them - THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO ANYTHING MORE  -  We are sent false messages for some months  

The deceit lead to many more slayings and cunning accidents in 2 years - 






May 1961 the 2 young sons of ANDRE MALRAUX die in a car crash :   Not until March 1962 was it realised that de GAULLE & Malraux had not seen the vital documents :






The American families of the Whitehead twins grandparents PALMER et al of WEST VIRGINIA knew the GROTE HOMES and visited summers and winters for the Sports and entertainments - USA respectable citizens were proud of the GROTE HOMES and gave generously to various philanthropies attached helping with medicine-sciences-technology-teaching-arts :  







(THOMAS Immanuel GROTE b 1841 Boston New York to the small respectable firm GROTE BROKERS off WALL STREET - all unpaved at this time )    had a small comic paper from 1864 for the worldwide HOMES called  `Adventures of TIGGY` =  he toured the world Homes taking 2 years to circumnavigate since 1864 visiting HOMES attached hospitals & settlements with NATURAL HISTORY Reserves = mostly on former RANSOM lands or new lands his in-laws RANSOM of MONTROSE & JACOPSHOLMEN bought for him :  the Comic & his name on various simple products continued after his murder ARRAN Western Hebrides 1904 :




ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE were deceived about this Estate :  






especially MALRAUX = his Guardianship kept from him - there was help from those in his own households  -


a nasty group of RATTLE SNAKES getting big monies to belittle him and call him a nervous fool who had to be watched   lived THE BIG GLITZY LIFE :

THE GENOCIDE 1938-1954 


of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and staff worldwide was planned barbaric cunning by initially SCOTS tribes 19th early 20th century then THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT ARISTOCRATS & CROWNS after 1936 :    To grab at our seashores RANSOM lands, investments in transport and research and safety from 1830s - TO carry out during 2nd World War a GENOCIDE of the children worldwide :  to STOP THE GROTE HOMES WORLDWIDE educating to 18 - 22 and beyond those young persons foreign in civilized behaviour = HUMANITAS   Young persons educating in several languages PAST PRESENT FUTURE, they are young citizens of nations A-Z outside the BRITISH EMPIRE transforming itself on blood & gore moneys to the COMMONWEALTH to bring in BIG MONEYS for British Aristocrats :    and to empty Banks of the legal owners   the family RANSOM  = all administered by Grote Brokers New York & the Argentine since 1830s in its present Estate form 

THE GENOCIDE 1938-1954






had skilled planning by the Government & Crown of GROSS BRITAIN beginning in 1929 it commenced XMAS 1938 in NORWAY  :   

1962 March upon first time seeing the 3 WILL & accompanying documents of RANSOM & GROTE  family records 






the President of FRANCE at this time General Charles De GAULLE says  `   OBSCENE STATE CRAFT by GROSS BRITAINNIQUE




READER can refer to earlier web work released since 2008 AD  :   






2010/2011 AD = `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc.`  - I call it  `a scaffolding` is the commencement of assembling vast Records of 20th century BARBARIC CUNNING by the ARISTOCRATS of GROSS BRITAIN swiftly become a GENOCIDE from 1936 then a `NATIONAL INDUSTRY` to stop knowledge becoming known to the world :    THESE British Aristocrat families of CRIMINALLY INSANITY had intended DUMP THIS CRIME of slaying horribly the worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN on GERMANY :  

The work continues in small Files on the above site and uses
 other web sites for convenience of worldwide READERS :











RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts :




…DESTRUCTION using Government & Crown of Great Britain - especially outside the British Empire & Commonwealth :


… but AUSTRALIA = FRAUD committed heavily upon our ESTATE late 1970s early 1980s :


LIR - Diaries/oral/memos






Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM b 1921 Argentina to Jean Weddell ballerina


& her husband 1909 Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM son of Millie Frobisher & husband 1883 JOHN RANSOM of Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland Educationalist world work :






1968/1969 - 1978 into 1980 :








“ DEVILS POWDERS … your mother … her friend of the 1930s :

I` d never driven at that speed - dangerous - a roundabout taken without slowing speed - purple coloured open sports car … Such a speed only to be driven on a Race track … ”





“ SHOSTAKOVICH said he`d taken some DEVILS POWDER just once -








it blew his ideas away. Never again ! … ”

“ The younger twin - DOPE - the theatre retired people gave him a chance because they said it had to be DOPE :





… Peter the twin , they heard he went like this from time to time



- If they`d known of this STUFF they could have picked off lots of them :

PJPW 1968-70s : “ He had been in lordly fashion ordering them our of their Broadway retirement homes - telling them they were robbing the poor - he had tried clear the New York Bank of the investments here - stop several activities related to these retired - arts, crafts, medical investigation & Welfare woven in for these good citizens retired who helped many others : `




He was not giving anything to the poor - He was getting the lowest of the MAFIA to help him where his aristocrat connections did not enable him to destroy our Estate -


An acquaintance from his childhood, an old Queen got out of Scotland, had promised him she would see he was given a title too & make things up to him for being born younger twin to Rowland Whitehead the Baronet ”

… IT HAD BECOME CRIMINAL & British aristocrats were found to have EVIL SICK MINDS - it was believed by some persons that DOPE was at the root of it perhaps … ? : …













Len Immanuel RANSOM :






“ … A CULT = Purple means they are using DEVILS POWDERS - grown in Scotland it has blown their heads - some since childhood - its name is Divinorum Salvia Scotland & blown by fire to shiny pellets inserted in the nostril it causes violent greed and hate … ”


( 1930s/ 1940s ? ) “ OFFENBACH family : They tried give JIMMIE JONG no encouragement at all : he had been thrusting at them in gatherings saying they had money belonging to ANGELA a Duchess to be a Queen : They had not ! …”







“ … JIM - he knew they had been close friends of Aunt Margaret but first with her parents … (nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE of the GROTE HOMES educating worldwide to 18/22 years of age ) : British Government & Crown of Angela & her Noblemen disapproved of the HOMES - they gave orders Westminster & Whitehall that ILLITERACY was to be encouraged : JIM now began too much bravado at them in gatherings ” …









OFFENBACH FAMILY : They returned to find a break-in and many mementoes were missing - things they treasured - a lot of Manuscripts had been taken - a lot of them had been BURNED at their gate …” :










READER may recall the similar persecution by JIM JONG of MAURICE RAVEL the composer :



“ …







THE MADMAN on DEVILS POWDERS & pellets since very young is JIM - he is not alone in this behaviour - he is called A PIMP in Britain & abroad - he cannot be arrested because of his close companionship to ANGELA made a Royal Duchess 1923 - then a Queen 1937 : `










the WHITEHEAD identical TWINS born 1930 Kenya - American mother divorce 1936




(see Debrett etc) -


Her Roaring 20s behaviour & addiction to DOPE - lies - had her confined to the West Virginia Lunatic Asylum age 17-18 for over 9 months for getting arsenic from a local chemist & poisoning the favourite Aunt of her Uncle Dr Joseph Belle PALMER - when asked why she said `Auntie said she wanted to go to Jesus so she was helping her` :

A 28 years old French Bordeaux psychologist Dr Yvonne (have to look it up … parents kept a small Hostelry Archacon ) is taking a course at Chattanooga University - she asked if she might take Teddy (Gertrud Ostrander Palmer) to Archacon to stay with her family & put her into College - the family PALMER agreed : Here she met Philip Whitehead and a friend taking a late Holiday in September 1927 : PHRW diary for 1927/1928/1929 :


He and others 6 weeks after the marriage September 1929 noticed she had bouts of madness - it was believed to be heroin - the popular DOPE of that time- cocaine was also used heavily - taken on tiny silver spoons :


(((( Dr Joseph Belle Palmer : later the family move from WHEELING West Virginia to Salt Lake City - I had visits from them until the 1980s : It is he & his brothers & their sons who kept records of the troubles with their brother CURREN - he travelled in drugs and doped little boys & made troubles between happy marriages :




… Photos show CURREN & he has an unpleasant face - ghoulish -


- There was an UNHEALTHY rise of CURREN died 1912 & SON of CURREN (the last dead by 1980) when the Whitehead twins mother came to HARWELL in 1964 - it continued AFTER her death in 1973 : A deliberate attempt to make this creature A PERSON OF NOTE - yet no attempt to play down the ATTACKS he carried out on little boys & families : THIS WAS QUITE OBSCENE WHEN THE two SPEAKERS HAD BEEN TAKING DOPE :

The name CURREN was pushed at PJPW as suitable for his first grandson - dope smoke was being blown in our faces - a lot of bragging about DOPES went on : Many people I met from 1968 knew of CURREN & warned that he had become an obsession with the mother of the Whitehead twins :

1970 The doctor brother of the twins mother Dr Dave Palmer Shawnee Hills, Urology Laboratory, expounded on this awful brother of his father - he said there was another older person, a woman, in the family who appeared to have had similar problems - he believed it was DOPE taking - And that one person passed the mad behaviour to a younger person - using them as an INSURANCE for the future : )))) :




Dr LEN Immanuel RANSOM : “ 1939 - JAPAN = … I was called into JAPAN - they had been investigating them & their attempt at BANK ROBBERY from GROTE RANSOM ESTATE 1969 … said they were agreed by many sources to be with very SHODDY CAREERS - they were now nearly 40 years of age : ”




1969 : ` … By now they had attempted from 1968 robbery PORTUGAL & ROME of the Banks of the heirs Greta Ransom & her heir LEN Immanuel RANSOM - their claim they said was because the first heir had been given a wedding ring by the younger twin 1967 October : In November 1967 they had agreed with DAVE LINDSEY & gangs to tear to pieces the worldwide ESTATE & share out with Angela & her families & any shady Aristocrats who would help them : This robbery would be given the full protection of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS : ALL communications to the heirs were to be stopped - they were to be kept apart :


In 1969 March FJR legal administrator of the Estate of his daughter Greta was killed … `


` A second quick killing - in early summer 1969 his brother Dr JOHN RAY Ransom USA CITIZEN and USA WASHINGTON STATE WORKER - he was expected back to Washington 1969 autumn to take up AMERICAN SENATE DUTIES by 1970 : He was killed Montrose Farm the Basin by 4 men pouring petrol down his throat - one was a `cousin` to the Queen (Angela or her daughter ?) : this Estate & farmhouse had been stolen by the Crown Office Whitehall October 1939 after the similar hideous deaths in September of the old RANSOM relatives whose home it was : …`


` REPORTS by good people prove that in charge of 7 men in Army gear was JIMMIE JONG known from the Races pre-war

- he was now calling himself a Major - he really did have 1939 to 1944 a 2 Man Unit called Intelligence at the back of Buckingham Palace (this was to see that no information on the MASSACRE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide reached the new King a man of delicate health ) : JIM JONG & the new Queen ANGELA are friends from ages 14 & 12 years - it is she and her mother-in-law Queen Mary Teck give JIM a 2 room apartment in c1921/23 in the big London Palace : …`



Reports and background to the above can be read on JIMDO



it is in a File called MAGGIE R. Carew-Carew Ransom - BIRTHDAY ESSAY for little PETE - PRW - (I have continued to give the details of obscene maniac violence to the owners of the Farm RANSOM by the Basin MONTROSE - Major JIM Jong James in charge : - this appears in other parts of this FAMILY HISTORIES :





LIR continues :






I said you did not even know your full name was Frobisher Weddell not merely Greta Maureen Ransom ! THAT YOU RECEIVED NO DOCUMENTS … & again in this marriage to a SHODDY career worker at the Natural History Museum :


A ring given at a Registry Office October 1967 had ROBBERIES get going from November 1967 : I said THEY all knew of the removal of all communications & the DIRTY TRICKS & THEFT played on ANDRE MALRAUX the official GUARDIAN & he now able to TAKE UP HIS GUARDIANSHIP the world Estate :

… They backed down … shifted away from answering :


They knew the matter would be taken care of by EARLS and LORDS - that much money and lands had gone missing and now more was being stolen : THEY KNEW OF THE GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN … ”

“ Some people recoiled because of the GENOCIDE of the little boys and girls - photos were about - and persons who had seen it & knew who was wielding knives ON DEVILS POWDERS for their SHARE of the ESTATE of a brilliant scholarly woman they still sniggered about as `OLD ESKIMO ” : ( Our name RANSOM was being dirtied yet again by these foul sub-sub apes : )

“ I said they knew that DAVE LINDSEY & his GANGS were again tearing at the Estate and using these SHODDY CAREERS TWINS at the old game of providing for their families : But the younger twin was keeping money for himself in Banks abroad - having his wife live on half his wages as a Junior scientist then a Scientist at the BM Natural History Museum : THEY TOOK IN WHAT I SAID - I did not have to hold my peace anymore - the GENOCIDE had got going fast again… ” :



… “ I now took my private PENCE out of Great Britain - the Nation was UNHOLY again … ”


` IN THE MACMILLAN CABINET were many who knew of the GROTE HOMES MASSACRE - they said it might disturb business abroad if it were known - and have British tourists attacked - One, two, perhaps three amongst these creatures may have had a conscience - if not given to bouts of DEVILS DUST -






We can only hope they put some of stolen moneys into charity : …`




“ … After the slaying of my 2 brothers I came to The Pillar House Harwell - I brought with me a steel poker set from a firm we own abroad - I was refused entry & told by the twin at the BMNH that there would be NO HELP in the house - he did not believe in working the poor - the place was to stay barren and sparse - He piped Socialism at me and that he believed in giving to the poor - I said that the necessary bedding & household equipment was coming from the seaside families of my niece Greetah - that children needed good clothes and shoes & education : He began to look quite mad at me - I knew he wanted to lash out - I had told him how I kept in training with the Argentine Police at home and a London gym and that good people around this area also went there once a fortnight- I KNEW THEM WELL :


… His mouth began to twitch - I asked him how many times a week he took a pin of heroin ? I ASKED WHY HE AND FRIENDS TRIED TAKE MONEY from JAPAN this LAST MONTH ? I said you were in TOXIO for 5 hours booked into a luxury hotel with a local woman the wife of a man who works in PARIS & he knows ANDRE MALRAUX & that he is a good man & legal GUARDIAN to this Estate : I said it was officially in REPORTS - you had been trying to ROB our Estate BANK in JAPAN -



that after 5 hours the JAPANESE GOVERNMENT had you and she escorted to a plane & flown OUT


: I said you and your brother and friends, and DAVE LINDSEY a distant cousin to me, had been getting big amounts of MONEY out of our Foreign Estate Banks - using his ANCIENT ARISTOCRAT KUDOS … ”

“ … I reminded him the WHITEHEAD family were Quakers who marrying 1897 into RATHBONE Quakers made contributions to Welfare and Education : I reminded him that his now flaunted status as AN ARISTOCRAT came from a mere Baronetcy of 1888 - and that he and his twin were letting these good people down : I called them both common thieves - using an old woman they had known since childhood … ANGELA who by accident became a Queen


“ … I asked if he and friends used DEVILS POWDERS ? I said he had harmed other women before he learned what the name of my niece meant : I said the man called `Mengele` a GP Dr Harrington a so-called chum of Philip Mountbatten from school days in Norway was an evil paedophile & that he & his brother knew this = yet gave this sadistic maniac ` a bag of bones in High Heels it stinks` much information about us & many innocent persons who knew of the ESTATE … and this had already lead to more quick deaths - the GENOCIDE kept going on - If he wanted a title then so did `Mengele` - He boasted he was A Peer-in-waiting… he was so vane he did not notice the gold painted carrot hung before his snout … : The younger TWIN now slammed the impressive front door of The Pillar House HARWELL in my face ” :


“ … I was in terrible danger


- but so were many people - ANDRE NOW CAME IN & began to SPEAK UPON THE PAST THAT this man had never known : Andre said this man with a job in the Natural History Museum had been given a dirty mind by Doctor Harrington & a few of his new friends at Blew bury :






ANDRE did not know how much money Mengele got for this work of destroying reputations - keeping the lid on the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - it was now a year since my two brothers were killed …” :




… “ ANDRE already had many friends in this village Harwell and in the countryside here - but Mr Mengele Doc HARRINGTON swiftly had SPIES about ANDRE - Mengele spoke in his upper class tones that MALRAUX was MAD and he had been his PHYSICIAN from 1947 when the FAMILY in FRANCE asked him to help them lock up ANDRE





for this HARRINGTON was paid by the British Government & Crown and collected moneys from Whitehall and abroad … ”




“ 1969 onwards in and around Harwell a rural community and a Catholic society now began to give help to the new Mrs Whitehead - they had unpleasant experiences from November 1964 when the American mother of the Whitehead twins arrived ON THE RUN from KENYA - Police were investigating her role in the KENYA WITCH TRIALS of the early & mid-1950s : … ”


`… Her USA Doctor brother Dave Palmer tried get her to America for treatment - but his nephew Sir Rowland would not sign the paper to allow her to be removed - A matter of 2 passports - British & American it seemed : NO : SHE HAD FOUND OUT THAT HER SON ROWLAND had massive debts - He had lost a `10,000 pound loan from a bank some years ago : he had not told his Uncles the Family Trustees that he was pledging TRUST FUNDS TO GET THIS MONEY ~ A person without a title would be taken to Court - end in Prison : The Bank interest mounted - he incurred other debts - he could have confessed to his Uncles - young men do get in trouble with moneys : He feared they would take him out of his great Chelsea house on the Thames riverbank & pay off the BANKS : He and his identical twin brother and their American mother were users of DOPE - heroin - cocaine - and other mixtures : …`


“ 1966 November - Mr Doc Mengele Harrington enters the stage - He had a WATCH on Ransom families since 1947

: HE FOLLOWED Miss Greta Ransom down to HARWELL where the young man she worked with PJPW in the BM Natural History Museum had asked her to come on a Saturday & help him take his two children out on the Downs : his extraordinary American mother had eye problems & wanted to talk all weekends & keep them from getting fresh air : He spoke on his ancestors Quakers & branches of them in the Arts & Crafts world of the past century :


BUT it is Sir Rowland who knew what the name RANSOM mean`t in the City of London : ”


“ 1968 onwards : AGAIN WE FIND about us THIS VIOLENT GREED - Playboys they want to be with tropical islands and an everlasting income for them to enjoy every luxury and descend into every unpleasant VICE : As with MENGELE I again had directed at me the harping on in superior voices that they are studying evil …”

` Later I will remind him PJPW that The Pillar House is the home of a good man & an artist who made books for children 1900s - books that brought happiness & civilized behaviour to children in the Americas too` : ( Johnny Crow`s Garden/Ring O Roses with drawings of Harwell persons & houses/Golden Goose book and several others : Frederick Warne : )

“ MANNERING - Mainwaring - the younger twin began to call on many of our English and foreign relatives - he plagued them with questions - Mrs Mannering had her husband come out of hospital & die : She pleads she cannot entertain him Mr Whitehead & he should ask me LEN and the Administrators & Brokers of the Estate overseas - She said it is a family venture established more than 200 years ago : The criminally insane Dr Harrington receives all this information from the twins on these sudden drop-in visits on our relatives … He tries call too saying he is investigating for THE CROWN : They are like two snouting pigs ” :

` Harrington claiming to be a Royal chum is soon to be driven away from many villages around Harwell because he is approaching little boys in the evenings - he has a needle to stab them with - they will not remember clearly - only that they have a sore behind : Harrington called amongst medics and the young educated `Mengele` is known to use disguises - the man with the BLUE LITTLE BOY BAIT CAR - he operates in London and Paris - he pretends he is researching children in danger - this is an OLD GAG used by many dangerous maniacs since psychoanalysis has been misused from the 1920s : All the PIMPS and PIMPESSES use this - the insane WITCH investigator by your doorstep is the same : Remember the tame GHOULS of Angela & Teresa - your future mother and she were HIGH on DEVIL POWDERS with MR JIM JONG - they nearly died … ”



( MEMORANDUM : From 1919 end of war into the 1920s in France they had the KEY to the `Bloody Liar dusty Mansion`






- It is now a Museum - once the home of an educated cultured man called John Bowes a bastard of a Scotland family called Bowes Lyon - Reports from those who handled this episode 1920/21 & those who had to learn of it in the 1930s is in web work on and



… )




` NOBLE FAMILIES : No arrests can be made - they all grasp A TITLE somewhere in these families : I have warned the twins & Dave Lindsey & cousinly Gang that HARRINGTON is a dangerously mad lunatic & as they know he comes from the narcotic growing families of Scotland : In the 1950s the Police saw a plaque on his car indicating he a `Member of the Royal households`


: the twins have joined these criminally insane to ride the tidal wave of blood around the globe - they feel no pity for the GROTE CHILDREN - I have told them to stop taking DOPES from their new friends - as with their SET they take heroin : `


“ … I hear from good citizens that a yacht sets a bad example - it sails the seas on a drunken pub crawl - many know where GROTE CHILDREN drowned in big nets lay - then a surge of fear 1960 and expensive work to bombard within the 2 mile limit of other nations : the excuse was to be if discoveries made ` Oh the children were being used for prostitution - diseased - the Royal Navy in the war was horrified & had to drown them like too many kittens ` : THIS IS AN UNHOLY NATION - full of DEVILS DUST ARISTOCRATS - they have made a BLOODY TIDAL WAVE around the globe where our ESTATE came to the SEAS EDGES - this was their contribution during the 2nd World War - it mattered not a jot who won - they`d all got old friends in the Germany before Hitler came along … ”


` … BALI 1978 - a dead girl in the sea - another near dead on a small island - she gave evidence on these two men - one wandered evenings in a white satin petticoat the other had mad staring eyes & medical jargon : The younger twin and Doctor Mengele won - by 1980 they had removed all evidence & could jeer at the sad Governor and at me : thus I came that autumn to The Pillar House - I was put in the potting shed - I was told great misery had been caused to my niece & she could not be told of the Estate because of the dead children worldwide - that she had heard the private talk 1940 of her mother & friend JIM - now a self-made Major on duty at the back of Buckingham Palace : …`


“ … … … HER MOTHER WENT TO PRISON 1926/7 LONDON trial & sentence 6 years because she & others were keeping the old retired wealthy man on unnecessary sedatives - having parties lunches in his Hill-gate Crescent Highgate home - Teresa Gordon banned from being a jockey at 16 years of age had been given a post as ACTING HOUSEKEEPER to this kindly man with 2 old servants who had been with him since he was a child - She obtained the Post because of her family GORDON her mother & sisters of the Catholic faith : She was 16 years and a half : At 19 years of age the Police uncovered what was going on - it also involved a Racing Gang - JIM lived in this house for 2 years - he stood DUTY when she required a holiday three times a year - thus XMAS 1924 she met at DEAUVILLE with her friend Miss Plunkett-Greene a young man ANDRE MALRAUX & his young friends - Clara his wife was away with others : It is even at this date 1924 understood that JIM JONG is a friend and travelling companion of ANGELA a friend - she marries 1923 and becomes a DUCHESS … ` They are said to have all become mad on narcotics : … ”


1968 onwards : ALL NATIONS FOUND THEM OUT - “ The man is saccharine - the other a ghoul` said educated persons who had to stop the uninvited calls : The two of them had a lot of jocular talk of `pulling the Estate out of a Hat : But they were bent on destroying the reputation of the RANSOM families - they dirtied people DEAD before they were BORN : It is reported `they had the foul mouth come out after a first drink or two`” … :





… T IS THE DOPE THEY USE THAT CULTIVATES THE VIOLENT GREED - and now they have Mr Mengele HARRINTON a GP joining them - he can put up at a British Embassy anytime : …




`They bragged about Serving the Government & Crown of Great Britain : TWINS IDENTICAL - & one a Capitalist the other a Marxist they joked : It was known to some persons that JIM had killed their grandfather REW Q.C., JP., honourable Quaker families his background : JIM that icy morning had caused his fall winter 1940/1941 by the River Thames at Wallingford - JIM from Summer 1939 had the authority as Major of Buckingham Palace Special Unit



run from the back & easy entrance from the back yard :



He could have opened all correspondence of the little sub-committee of 1939 :


Their grandfather REW had said & written

`I fear the British Government has embarked upon FRAUD - they cannot BROKER A PENNY of this Estate overseas` ( = he is speaking about the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE - he was asked to come and join a little sub-committee : ) `


` It is sad to gather from Reports that here his grandsons were assisting the slayers of the GROTE CHILDREN and destroying the livelihood of thousands of others living safely on our Estate around the world mainly outside the former BRITISH EMPIRE - : They cared not at all for Philanthropy - they put money in banks overseas & sold off our properties - the house in Half Moon Street 1969 was taken and sold illegally by the elder twin with his glitzy friends - My brother legal senior Supervisor of the Grote RANSOM Estate worldwide had died without we his brothers being notified he had been attacked March 1969 by JIM and thugs - and a strange Doctor Harrington visited the patient : `


“ 1969 March : Frederick John RANSOM living modestly in London was to go to his surgeon for a check up because he had been attacked 1957 autumn by JIM & his accomplices who were robbing the Estate : FJR had two meetings with ANDRE MALRAUX - March 1969 he never kept the appointment to his friend the Surgeon : He was found beaten in a street : The Reports of his Surgeon 1969/1970 are that his body had recovered from this attack - it was a mere check up & a friendly talk ”


“ … MORE IMPORTANT was his EYE : A watch was kept on his eye - it would also be checked - his wife in 1938 had jammed a big tin of yellow paint on his head after her friend ANGELA had told her she was having the Estate for her two daughters - they were known to fight on ballroom floors in the early 1920s : 1938 Clacton & Colchester hospitals worked for 48 hours to save his sight : His wife could not be sent to an ASYLUM because her Aristocrat friends objected & got her RELEASE - one friend was now a Queen ”




“ Where did the money go from the SALE of the Half Moon House -


we have held property on this spot since the 17th century - perhaps before ? - did Angela get a gift from this FRAUD ? She earned the name of `Former Miss Bloody Liar` in the City of London 1950s - 1960s - she had no claim - and Aunt Mag leaves her 8 presents - I have the list in her handwriting written in 1934 : She has finally been disillusioned by these Scots Aristocrats after threats and uncivilized behaviour to her 1934 : Aunt MAG, she always knew they were NO PART OF A WORLDWIDE MIRACLE OF PHILANTHROPY … she had known they disapproved of the GROTE HOMES from the death of Tiggy 1904 - she knew they were sometimes short of money - She found that they had no education to fathom the globe was the only place we had to live on …

but she was polite and went on trying to have them see the world they lived in … that it was changing … that PEACE was what mattered … ” :

“ You had no personal income - you lived on your simple wages - your mother was challenged 1969 - the Solicitors Records showed she had ample for herself and three children from 1947 when the LINDSAY-Lindsey gang helped keep her out of a NUT HOUSE - her sister Miss Win was told to make arrangements for her ENTRY to Tendring Asylum who would decide where she was to be placed for her SENTENCE of 10 YEARS to give her 3 children time to finish their education … ”

“ … It was September 1946 - your father WINNING hands down at the MARITAL COURT & another silent Court at Chelmsford of good citizens : Miss Win Gordon her sister & the bastard of your mother a Mr Edward du Cann born 1924 decided not to obey the Order of the Court and the independant JP s - and POLICE recommendations - they held records of her violence from 1932 … Her Records from her two Trials 1926/27 were also in several places - these were produced … BUT IT IS NOT MADE CLEAR THAT SHE AND HER NOBLE KIND USE HEAVY SEDATIVES ON PEOPLE THEY ARE ROBBING - on CHILDREN TO HAVE THEM DO BADLY AT SCHOOL … the Judge at her first Trial decided to SUPPRESS THIS - he said he feared that all old persons living alone would be AT RISK … ”


` Reports & photographs showed her Racing and dining with her old companions 1950s


- yet she moaned she had to work for Charles Magowan the photographer to clothe and feed her three children all the 1930s-1940s : You were kept by her side in that miserable flat from summer 1947 - taken out of the CONVENT SCHOOL - told you had held a Black Magic service in the Catholic Church with ANDRE MALRAUX : but you got to College & 1952 held a job at Colchester Museums & were valued : … `

“ … Mr Mengele the spoof doctor HARRINGTON set upon you and ANDRE again 1953 discovering in the November you were together : he now began removing ALL the Prison records of your mother 1926-1931 and 1941-1943 : He had PERMISSION of the Government & Crown : He was told to search for all persons who knew of the GROTE HOMES and the OLD ESKIMO …”

“ He earned big money for his secret work - he is a PIMP like JIM was before the war for 20 years - then his friend ANGELA took a Crown : HARRINGTON has a history of violence against a baby and very tiny boys - a Prison sentence on the Continent 1935/36 … ”


1950s-60s : “ The MACMILLAN cabinet - I hear they felt it would FINISH OFF their CLASS if the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN were found out …”


( GR says ` THE MACMILLAN CABINET - I keep finding the phrase `Dr Calgari his Cabinet` half forming in my head : Is MacMillan the only British Aristocrat to be BANNED for LIFE from GREECE ? … perhaps not so much DEVIL DUST with them - just greed ! )




It was heard WESTMINSTER the WHITEHALL 1930s into the 1950s that ` the POLICY of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT appears to be to encourage illiteracy in its conquered lands … … … `




I WANT THE ESTATE PUT BACK - the world has been robbed of its guidance -


I WANT THE MONEYS TAKEN OFF THE CRIMINALS & they made to PUT THE ESTATE BACK - the golden ring around the earth - the delicate flower garden of the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM worldwide ESTATE in 3 Parts :



I WANT THE SLAIN GIVEN DUE RECOGNITION & my families put back upon the earth -


Where RECORDS have been removed, destroyed, to keep BRITAIN RICH then this work, and that of others, is a guidance :




It is unlawful for the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN & SCOTS LORDS & off-shore relatives and in-laws to commit GENOCIDE for personal MONEYS






Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM









ALL OF US CAN BE FOUND IN DEBRETT PEERAGE BURKES PEERAGE = WHO IS WHO - various reference books give ANDRE MALRAUX :   LINDSAYBUGGARHS tried give ORDERS remove FROBISHER family marrying RANSOM   (which included RANSOM families & me 1934)  WHEN THEY KNEW THEY HAD TO GIVE A HUNK OF THE ESTATE TO FRIEND ANGELA … JIM PIMP played double-agent here for years …  THE EVIL & the GOOD = THE MARTYRS are all dead :   

I AM PLACING THEM BACK IN THE WORLD BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL BEEN SHAMEFULLY ABUSED BY THE GOVERNMENT & CROWNS & relatives of GROSS BRITAIN Scandinavia & Continent … given a hand out by NARCOTIC GROWING TRIBES OF SCOTLAND … THE CULT of PURPLE PLUM, lavender snow… other names … lavender mist … = DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND it makes the sheltered GLENS glow purple every two years … harvested quietly it is torch blown into pellets for shoving up the nose :   or powdered for drinks and foods for the RICE BOWL, the SOUP POT, of unsuspecting toiling of the poorer parts of the GLOBE :

Early to mid-20th century this crop of NOBLE BRITAIN gave vigour to workers in factories industries mining - some as young as 2 years of age … tied by ropes to a trolley a cart … they loaded minerals or sat by a machine in the dust :    A Report 1880 by an honest RN Naval young man on British ADMIRALTY & retired figures their obscene investments SOUTH AMERICA is demanded from us RANSOM FAMILIES by a female WORKER sent by WESTMINSTER WHITEHALL in 1938 - it is said to be PROPERTY OF GOVERNMENT & CROWN  …     

… OH YES :   With Purple NARCOTIC up the SNOUT & heroin & cocaine to bounce back & forth :    from 1950s they are all AWASH with LSD too the GLITZT & FLASH dazzles the globe  … THE 1880 REPORT IS ON HOLD WITH GROWN UPS I DO NOT KNOW -

1939 September :   I am 6 & a half when another WAR comes & have travelled GROTE HOMES with world for a year 1935=1936 & spoken to questions two afternoons in my QUAKER tongue for my 2 HON DEGREES of JURISPRUDENCE & POLITICAL ECONOMY  :  I will return for my education in SOUTH AMERICAN Nations where I am related by blood and marriage :  

 SMALL CHILDREN do not need to be palmed off with TRASH of BRITISH ARISTOCRAT CRIMINAL INSANITY … picking our pockets :

1880 REPORT ROYAL NAVY Officer of a good Family :     Copies were sent to safe havens :   THESE SAVAGE OBSCENE MATTERS ARE THE AWESOME RESPONSIBILITY of good families who live by THE LAW … before the 2nd World WAR :   He is a MARTYR :   

REFERENCES :   DEBRETT down the 20th century :
1957 October-November :    She worked a short while for ANDRE MALRAUX an assistant to General Charles de GAULLE :   Objected to the paedophile Doctor a sadist freak barging into this Holy House at or after midnight - hiding in the building mornings & spying on Staff with listening equipment : entering their rooms & searching - stealing the bed linen, eiderdowns, blankets, towels for his expensive MAYFAIR `hole in the Wall` opposite the Parks :    This insane sadist child abuser & killer of people on the ARISTOCRAT ROBBERY LIST  has been heard ordering the turning off of radiators heating my top room & breaking the bars of an electric fire :  

& taking a CUT from rogues collecting 4 months RENT = 80 pounds RENT =  from me in October 1957 - or he & JIM JONG  would ORDER ME OUT - They now urged the bringing in my mother Teresa Gordon R :   she the JIM & ANGELA 1920s-30s OLD CHUM who as a child won at PRIVATE HORSE RACES = then they all SHARED THE WINNINGS & had a GOOD TIME :   She has  an ugly PRISON SENTENCE 1926/27 = a quite sensational Old Bailey Trial = JIM escaped & others, Angela & husband came to lunches …   RESULT SHEshe Teresa Elizabeth GORDON  serving over 4 years of an 6 years sentence =  THE WHOLE PACK OF THEM were for 4 years sedating an old rich man & using his HIGHGATE HOUSE & moneys - she JIMMIE & their NOBLE ARISTOCRAT & IMPERIAL CHUMS  :   THIS IS NOBLE SCOTLAND BEHAVIOUR :    


NB :    19th-20th centuries SCOTLAND & Scandinavia :  many HEIRS ARE BORN ON A HEARSE - & they DO NOT GET OFF : their existence is removed - The EARLS of LINDSAY Crawford would order ALL PHOTOS RECORDS ENTRIES OF BIRTH ETC. REMOVED :   They had only to mutter & mouth that so-and-so had LET THE FAMILY DOWN … …  …

…  1960 6th/9th January at Colne Engaine :
ARTHUR MALONE Detective-LAW our faithful POLITIAN … in shock over discovery of this GENOCIDE … says
“ … THIS NOBLE FAMILY CLAIMING YOU … THEY HAVE BEEN CULLING AGAIN … I have to open another Charnel House for you … YOU HAVE BEEN BORN ON A HEARSE … trouble for them is YOU KEEP GETTING OFF  … ”


 I have 2 letters & photo-copy from her 1988/1989 before she dies too soon - this has been used somewhere in earlier web work :   It will be needed again in the vast RATHBONE-WHITEHEAD ancestry & photographs genealogies :  NB :  LIVERPOOL Archives/Appleby etc/Brett family = Rathbone Whitehead families & lines :

JENNY BRETT  is 2nd cousin to the WHITEHEAD identical twins RJRW & PJPW b 1930  :   In December 1967 she hands to her cousin Peter BM Natural History Museum the receipts for my RENT demanded from me autumn 1957 - she speaks a little upon life there when she came as Assistant to ANDRE MALRAUX but left because she was upset over JIMMIE JONG Sir James & Doctor MENGELE Harrington a CHILD ABUSER entering so frequently this ROMAN CATHOLIC household - which handles a FORTUNE being distributed according to a WILL made 1930s by the previous owner a gracious old man half English half French  :
1957 autumn :    This DUNG stinking GP  = Saville Row CLOTHES his salary does not afford = of that expensive fast BLUE CAR is BRAGGING how ALL RECORDS ARE NOW REMOVED TO SAVE THE BRITISH CROWN =  In next breath he tells that he is `A PEER IN WAITING` & throws in a phrase about joining THAT YACHT & having to leave the full TOUR because of his private patients & his Hospital work …


MEMORANDUM :     1969 LUNCHEON OF THE TOMBS - Edwin Lutyens house near Pang Bourne :  A CREEPY TRAP :   Nobody was introduced to me :  there were places laid for the DEAD :   But I heard of a painting of my 16th century Aunt MAINWARRING, Miss  PHOEBE RANSOM with her JAPANESE EYES  :  

 After some minutes ANDRE MALRAUX sent a man to take me to the end of the long table of rather ANCIENT ROMAN TOMBS I seemed to find it :   I was now facing down to he MALRAUX at the head of this SEPULCHRAL setting :   I wondered if he knew his name or if he had been given MEMORY LOSS in the morning cup  ?     In 1973 he said to me   `we had a luncheon with our families, our children and our friends = you and I - that is how you must recall it …”    

,,, It was 20 minutes after our arrival that I felt shock seeing MENGELE aslant across the creepy TOMBS table from me - he was with CLARA - she made no eye contact with me & he tried avoid recognition too :   I leaned towards them and said calmly addressing MENGELE  `but were you at 50 Lancaster Gate Square were you not ?  `  -  This violent criminally insane sadistic killer for money looked through me - He & Clara rose & went through two servants doors to get plates of food - it was already put on individual plates - no serving bowls to help oneself  :   A serving man with a wine bottle now brought me a plate of cut up food - lettuce with dressing on it & some chicken pieces :    I did not eat  - or drink :  I wished I had known we were coming here - I could have brought something to eat in a paper bag from a shop on the way !!!!   Would a message have been understood ?

 - MALRAUX had a servant come down the lone tombs table to me & gracefully say  “  Andre says drink your wine and eat your food …”    I gave ANDRE MALRAUX a firm look - I wondered if he was in a trance :    I looked towards the table row of people where a FLYER 1st & 2nd World Wars DSO both Wars sat beside the mother of the Whitehead twins - she nodded a little at me = she had heard the message given me  :   I think I was supposed to pretend to eat & drink - I had seen the white wine poured but not seen the bottle opened - I nibbled a piece of lettuce & sipped the wine :    I FELT I HAD SURPRISED SOME OF THE TOMBS lunching persons by appearing :   Three of them had their CROWNS in their handbags :   Two of them seemed familiar - but I had no memory of my past life except I should KNOW about PHOEBE RANSOM with her JAPANESE EYES :     

 An hour later the meal ending MENGELE GP Harrington known as Royal friend appeared beside me asking if he might get me a cup of coffee :    I made motions of drinking it - a sip or two - I managed to pour some on the floor … He clicked his heels & took the cup saying ENJOY YOUR FOG :

MALRAUX came to show me the house - he had changed his clothes or taken off something - I looked from a high window and saw CLARA MALRAUX with my first born V-A on her reins in gardens below - other people there - I was NOT happy about CLARA with a 15 months old happy child - travelled 1968 her first CLASSICAL TOUR & enjoyed it - see RUINS HOLIDAYS -
HARWELL to POMPEII & back :    There is much more to this crazy deceit Luncheon at the line of ANCIENT TOMBS :   Some of them took plates of DOPED food from Doc MENGELE Harrington and his old Paris chum CLARA ( divorced 1946/47)  MALRAUX nee Goldsmidt a family that Professor WINNCLEMANN knew at MAGDEBURG 1900s :   
THE LUNCHEON in the biggest LUYTENS House at a seeming ROW OF ANCIENT TOMBS :     HERE ARE THE MAD AND THE VIOLENT & sadistically DANGEROUS :   they are soaked in heroin & put in their snout a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland which hits their brains in 2 seconds :      Mengele HARRINGTON a GP late in life 1948 Hong Kong
 “TAKES COMMISSIONS TO DESTROY THE HEALTH OF IMPORTANT MEN … he is also a gruesome child abuser & an abuser of young men and women who are heirs and to BRING CIVILIZED BEHAVIOUR to the PLANET :    Some of the crimes of MENGELE, LINDSAY-LINDSEY & JIMMIE JONG James are the most hideous upon the planet :   
“ JIMMIE JONG & the woman JAMES entered suddenly - wearing almost identical Teddy Bear colour coats - they took no lunch but he produced an unopened bottle of RUM - took from his coat 2 metal goblets - they drank the full bottle pushed it under the gloomy looking foliage down the centre of the long table - Greta`s TABLE OF TOMBS - and left   :   He had a Royal buyer for an Estate Dedham - they were warned soon after 4 pm and GOT THE GUNS OUT ”

 … I have recalled this ROW OF ANCIENT TOMBS a doped luncheon “ in control of the guests is a phrase this kind of HOOKERS use  ”   often by reading  `DURING WIND & RAIN … & down their chiselled names the raindrops fall `   A poem by Thomas Hardy …

 if I could have spoke to he GUARDIAN MALRAUX I might have found words for my inner landscapes of my mind …  
“ … YES  Georges-Andre but what are we doing here after so many years, three decades, when I HAVE TO SET ABOUT MY FATHERS WORK - TIME IS WASTED BY ALL THIS OBSCENE PROTOCOL you have got yourself into :
I HAVE THE GLOBE TO CARE FOR - I have been sitting on top of it waiting for you The GUARDIAN since 1938 - YOU cannot STOP the bringing to you FRANCE & BRITAIN of DOPED DRINKS by HOOKERS & WEIRD KILLERS FOR MONEY … MENGELE is PAID by WHITEHALL & ARISTOCRATS to DESTROY your health :   he takes these COMMISSIONS since 1947 to destroy the health of many other people & children  … and this is how he provides for his life of sordid luxury …  ”   HEIR to GUARDIAN  1937-1969 …

VERMIN & GHOULS have got over the Roman wall of HADRIAN & across Oceanus Germanicus :  `

`…  STOP THEM KILLING FOR MONEY :   The GROTE HOMES were to arise 1949 - in March 1960 the nations with heaped dead GROTE children & good families on the settlements, RANSOM lands trashed, sold, rented, with great Naval nets of dead children sunk off their coasts were to print upon their newspapers  “ WHERE ARE THE GROTE CHILDREN MOTHER ENGLAND ?”   And Mother England would have to answer by hastily STOPPING ITS KILLING FOR MONEY & KUDOS = LIES CHEATING FRAUD destruction of Records would stop :    There is a wholesome world A-Z outside Aristocrat Britain :    THE EMPEROR WORE NO CLOTHES from CHRISTMAS 1936 and MAY 1937 ONWARDS  :   `

1969 early Summer :    LUTYENS House luncheon of the ANCIENT TOMBS :    The mother of the WHITEHEAD TWINS will call him Doc Mengele Harrington   

   “ DOCTOR DEAD FISH EYES = that pair - he & CLARA MALRAUX are up to no good - that’s a real evil woman - I thought I was evil until I watched Doctor Dead Fish eyes and she Clara A GREY RAT at that luncheon - they brought out cut up food on plates from behind the GREEN BASE DOOR =   Poor `Crittah` MALRAUX  - got a good heart - he never stood a chance getting THEM around him ”   :  

NB :   Many of us present at the LUNCHEON of the long table that looked & felt as if made from ANCIENT TOMBS were to be given memory loss & poor memory especially in food & coffee :    & perhaps the white wines :

…   She warned me within a minute using her AMERICAN West Virginia hill-billy accents :    “ Yah aint`t supposed tah be here deearh - don`t drink or eat anything until I give the word - its comin` at us … I ain`t sure which way yet - BUT ITS COMIN ~ ”
   One plan at this luncheon was to get an Estate near Dedham for very cheap by impressing they had a ROYAL buyer - but the crooks had the wrong person :   he was able to warn his son in 2 hours - they GOT THE GUNS OUT - no private visits headed by JIMMIE & Doc Mengele & thugs - approach the normal avenues - solicitors & land Agents :   

… 1970 spring :   the same old CROOKS attempted get the rest of the PILLAR HOUSE & the big garden for half the price advertised - BUT I RECOGNISED DIRTY JIM arrogantly piping down the lane that morning - alerted our family Solicitor - & we had the house for full asking price early evening - it was well worth the 12 and a half thousand pounds asked - these KILLERS FOR MONEY - FRAUDSTERS at that LUTYENS TOMBS LUNCHEON 1969 were sure they could get it for 7 thousand pounds - they would DOPE the owners the kind Jeffrey family - and then waddle about saying it was for A ROYAL BUYER & crooked ESTATE AGENT & Solicitor would now CLINCH THE MATTER … no questions asked :   

Thus began the restoration of the lovely worn old PILLAR HOUSE where the books for children were drawn - Johnny Crow`s Garden/RING O`ROSES & others = Fredk. Warne 1900s publishes L. Leslie Brooke :

…  1970 The dirty Plan was given away soon = an old CUTTING JOISTS trick they have used for a century/COMES FROM SCOTLAND as READER will know :    -  Winter 1939/40 used for the home of my grandparents RANSOM by the Park Deptford  the little home `JERUSALEM` came crashing down after JIM & ANGELA had emptied the paintings into a big BUCKINGHAM PALACE CAR with chauffer  :  

HERE AGAIN 1970 :    JIM would have the JOISTS of the front of our half of the Pillar House cut - the house would collapse :   HE & GANG would PASS THE BIG GARDEN to posh London Estate crooks :   they would get permission to put up several cheap houses - THUS DESTROY AN IMPORTANT PIECE OF CHILDHOOD & a village amenity WHERE CHILDREN COULD PLAY safely in GREEN ENGLAND its pleasant lands & our village HARWELL of A THOUSAND YEARS :  

Hundreds of photos available - histories - HARWELL sent 6 then more children to the new MAGDALEN College at The OX - FORD :

1930s onwards :    It was recognised by good citizens that these creatures with titles or working for them were BADLY INSANE :    I AM OBJECTING TO THESE CRIMINALLY INSANE ALLOWED TO KILL FOR MONEY & BE HIDDEN UNDER TITLES & POWER & BRITISH GOVERNMENT CROWN GLORY :    I AM PLACING BACK UPON EARTH THE MARTYRS THEY HAVE MADE :    & giving RECORDS of the VIOLENCE & EVIL directed at them  :   


Charter 985 AD - we all produced a book for the anniversary 1985 = nearly 2,000 descendants mostly from 2 brothers who went to USA descended on Oxford & Harwell :   A PAGEANT in the Church Yard with some villagers playing their ancestors :   We of THE PILLAR HOUSE gave a Medieval tea in house & lawn = early cookery books were used - like other young wives with these old houses & big kitchens we had plenty of early cook books in print to explore  :

1950s London of ANDRE MALRAUX  :  A figure who used to slither about London in a duffle coat had printed one or two & cooked too  :   He became British Ambassador or Consul to LAOS & did a good fish book - and other COOK BOOKS which he signed & which I have  :    COOKING DOWN THE AGES  is a wonderful way to introduce children to history - we had Christmas pudding down the centuries - not forgetting the 2nd World War cooking - books from The Imperial War Museum :    I had been giving a hand to authentic cooking for our SEALED KNOT Society - SIR THOMAS BALLARD his Regiment …  A chance to wear the clothes & chat with the historic figures or from paintings :    LIR slipped in to one evening at LAINS BARN Wantage - he sat in a distinctive black hat at a table with a dagger pointed down - which 17th century painting was he ?


 1953-1959 =  MALRAUX is only in London half the month - he comes & goes as SCARLET PIMPERNEL to & fro from FRANCE :   HE IS BLACKMAILED OVER HIS TWO SONS BY Doc MENGELE Harrington & JIMMIE JONG & other KILLERS for MONEY especially from the GROTE RANSOM worldwide ESTATE :  
THESE VERMIN of WHITES CLUB St James threaten to print in newspapers things about MALRAUX MARRYING A SCHOOLGIRL - & THAT HE NOW NEEDS YOUNGER GIRLS :   THUS THEY STOP THE SONS of he & JOSETTE coming to be schooled at the RC AMPLEFORTH where my family had booked them in after the 2nd World War :   No sympathy is shown him by these titled CRIMINALLY INSANE running THE REALM of GROSS BRITAIN NONE AT ALL concerning the horrible death of JOSETTE November 1944 - whom they know received & read the PAPERS DOCUMENTS from GROTE BROKERS informing he ANDRE away then at WAR of the PROGRESS of the ESTATE WORLDWIDE to which he is our & their LEGAL GUARDIAN  :    

READER may have had time to read my assembly of years 1944/1945 called Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE & JOSETTE CLOTIS & others - webbed April-May 2013 AD - TWITTER & … with colour code pages inserted via telephone :  

NOTA BENE :    YOUNG MEN OF GREAT INTELLECT & PURITY OF SOUL SHOULD NOT ENTER POLITICS - they must have a PLATFORM UPON EARTH where they cannot be controlled by ugly ignorant often obscene PROTOCOL shaped by the GREEDY & RICH :   

It is not until March 1962 all documentation & the WILL, the accompanying 2 Wills, the entire legal papers to ESTATE a ring of HOPE around the GLOBE were seen by he ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE :

They both now knew he was GUARDIAN 1937 October to this miracle of green blue gold HOPE around the earth - & Guardian to the two heirs Greta & Len Ransom  :    BECAUSE THEY DID NOT SPEAK OUT AND PLACE THIS INFORMATION & DOCUMENTS UPON THE NEWSPAPERS of the WORLD the killing for the monies and properties of the ESTATE went on :  

ARISTOCRAT & IMPERIAL GROSS BRITAIN had made possible this SLIMEY THEFT & MASSACRE  - A GENOCIDE -  by letting SCOTLAND & Scandinavian TRIBES get down to WESTMINSTER :    MASSACRE BEGAN 1937 in SPAIN and by 1938 CHRISTMAS 350 children of a NORWEGIAN GROTE HOME were left to drown upon a beach :    This & many of the other KILLINGS FOR MONEY of the GROTE CHILDREN is webbed =   and & other sites record this GENOCIDE to make ARISTOCRAT GROSS BRITAIN rich   :        


JENIFER BRETT :   See DEBRETT Aristocrats Scarlet Book under WHITEHEAD Sir George W. and his younger brother Sir Rowland Edward Whitehead :    George W. lost his sons in the GREAT WAR - the title passed to his younger brother REW :
OUR LIVES ARE CHANCE - SHIPS PASSING IN THE NIGHT … she would have had a happier life if she had not come to work for ANDRE MALRAUX in the Catholic Mission 50 Lancaster Gate Square London :  - did she lose a son ? -  And 2 sons of Andre Malraux would be alive - and little Peter dragged down by this GENOCIDE age 27 years :  

CATASTROPHE :     Her great-uncle Sir R.E. Whitehead K.C., is on the little sub-committee 1938/1940 investigating whether the BRITISH CROWN & GOVERNMENT can quietly lay hands on the great Estate GROTE HOMES & RANSOM worldwide Estate :    The verdict of 3 on this Committee is `THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT WE FEAR HAS EMBARKED UPON FRAUD - they cannot BROKER A PENNY of this ESTATE :    (But the slaughter of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN had begun 1938 … )   REW was now attacked on a tow path WALLINGFORD winter 1940/41 by JIMMIE JONG calling himself a MAJOR James/O`Carroll/ or Carew of Buckingham Palace … ALL THIS CAN BE FOLLOWED FROM `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER etc` and several other pieces of this accurate HISTORY - OF KILLING FOR MONEY  :


1950s (I am 20 years in 1953 )  … DO NOT SHOW ON MY FACE WHAT I AM THINKING when confronted by EVIL … 1957 autumn JIMMIE of WHITES calls by every Friday night & the Catholic good school boy on late MALRAUX-de GAULLE Mission DUTY has to hand him A VIOLENT CUNNING CRIMINAL a paper bag with 100 pounds CASH in - he says it is AN ARRANGEMENT HE HAS WITH ANDRE … I HAVE NO MEMORY that this is JIMMIE JONG Mr PONG of the OLD MAFIA OF LINDSAYbuggarhs Clacton seafront 1930s-early 1940s = that he is involved in the MURDER of the CASTLE HEDINGHAM 9 years old HEIRESS in my Class 1942 - the NIECE OF PATRICK MACDREW good soldier a seaside friend of my Gordon Catholic family 1930s :    I HAVE NO CONNECTING MEMORIES HERE = POWERFUL SEDATIVES ARE THE CUSTOM OF THE UPPER CLASSES TO GET MONEYS OFF YOUNG HEIRS :    They get hypnotist Docs too :  

…  DOPES-HYPNOTISM-SEDATIVES :   ITS WELL KNOWN crime & cunning FROM OLD VIENNA 1890s & amongst the modern Medical Profession 20th century is known as `JUNK FRAUD BALLS & BUNKUM` a cunning way used to get moneys from the vulnerable :    Its also used on Public Figures & Committee members & merges into RACING circles & SPORTS & card & dice players …   :    DO NOT TAKE TEA or anything unless you make it yourself … try KEEP THESE MONSTERS OUT OF YOUR KITCHEN - often the most difficult matter to handle  :  Perhaps a fierce dog ?   CAVE CANEM ?

… DOPING OTHERS - and day in day out - interfering with school children even babes in the cradle … PLEADING TO OTHERS THAT THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE HEIR …  ITS NOT JUST A HOLLYWOOD FILM SCENE with Humphrey BOGART & Sidney GREENSTREET et al  :   ITS AN OLD WINNER SYSTEM for the BRITISH UPPER CLASSES - and their RELATIVES overseas :   DOPING old maids & old men in the ARISTOCRAT families & GRANNIE when Widowed & help yourself to her TRUST FUNDS & have her in whoosy condition sign you a big cheque … pinch her jewellery & so on :   there were Solicitors & Doctors specialized in this  :   Sheriffs and Magistrates could be TWISTED UP :

1948 onwards :   TWO REGISTRY OFFICE wives to ANDRE MALRAUX were TOLD BY JIMMIE JONG & DOCTOR MENGELE HARRINGTON to REMOVE the memory of MALRAUX every time he returned from LONDON & from trips abroad where he had managed to go alone  :     JIM Sir James 1954 is THEIR OLD CHUM from 1920s & 1930s WHO OFTEN SHACKED UP WITH THEM in PARIS :   He or Doc MENGELE Harrington (he sometimes calls himself Esterhazy) an old CHUM of the 1930s, would try hitch a LIFT when honest Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX had to go about the world for General de GAULLE = & THINK ABOUT THE WORK OF GOVERNING FRANCE they were engaged upon :

READER may perhaps have ASTRIX cross the mind here :    GETAFIX might have had some PAY-THEM-BACK MIX-UPS for expensive living HOOKERS not carrying a flag for GAUL …

SO :   THE FRENCH PLACE in PARIS of ANDRE MALRAUX had sinister INSTRUCTIONS from JIM JONG & Doc MENGELE HARRINGTON working for NAVAL INTELLIGENCE etc secret Agents & ALL THE MUCKAGE between MI5 and MI6 :     ONE OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS is  “ to REMOVE HIS MEMORY THE MOMENT HE ARRIVES FROM LONDON … ”    It was well known amongst good people who appreciated ANDRE that his two sons were HOSTAGES in this 1946 rented `JAN STEEN TAVERN` PARIS -

… THEY ARE the sons of JOSETTE who is killed in this GENOCIDE November 1944 falling under a train which crushed her legs = Vincent born 1944 March and Pierre born November 1940 were NOT allowed to come to AMPLEFORTH School England   (= TOLKIEN has 4 sons educated happily here)   These two boys would have been with the children of people of the  INTELLECTUAL EQUAL of their FATHER ANDRE MALRAUX = I am quoting `CHRIST-A-BELL` here  “ CHRIST A BELL IS NECESSARY ON A BIKE !! ”  :     ( An older youth - I never remembered his name :  he was killed some years on …  )   

THE Registry OFFICE WIVES kept successfully from 1946 from ANDRE MALRAUX THAT HE WAS GUARDIAN TO THIS GREAT GROTE RANSOM ESTATE WORLDWIDE :   JOSETTE CLOTIS  as READER will recall had received October 1944 all the USA DOCUMENTATION necessary from GROTE BROKERS New York & others = she could not reach ANDRE = 2 gunmen arrived sent by the BRITISH CONSUL and she dies in great pain :

READER CAN TURN to DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944 :    A piece webbed separately on  :   I have questioned his suicide - and ask a question ` Did JOSETTE telephone him October 1944 when she in shock read the USA package sent to him Summer 1944 :   WHO ALERTED THE BRITISH CONSUL ?    CLARA MALRAUX is seen SUMMER 1944 The Liberation at a PARIS restaurant table with HARRINGTON who is ON THE RUN from Market Harborough England wanted for savage paedophile attacks on small boys :   He hid out a few days in the LINDSAY-LINDSEY GRAND their Place squashed between ROYAL HOTEL & next building CLACTON-ON-SEA SEAFRONT   :   

DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944 :      There are phoned picture pages to use colour code & some photos etc to create early 1940s :   These events could be examined in film perhaps ?   :     

There were big expenses to enjoy for all involved in keeping all correspondence & communications from ANDRE MALRAUX  :    Or he would be killed ?    NOTA BENE :   THESE old acquaintances are ALL ON HEROIN, other DOPES, and familiar with a pellet of PURPLE NARCOTIC up the SNOUT to create DETERMINATION   (= Divinorum Salvia Scotland)   … THE GIGANTIC KUDOS of all this criminal insanity by BRITISH ARISTOCRATS comes FROM THE ENTRY 1937 of ANGELA & HER MEN of SCOTLAND to head GROSS BRITAIN … to BE AT THE HELM of the BRITISH EMPIRE :    (  & CHURN UP THE 7 SEAS with their GREED & VAST IGNORANCE … … … )  


JIMMIE JONG a Major in Buckingham Palace 1939-1944 is ON THE RUN from KENYA - he has become Steward of WHITES CLUB St James :   He has 4 gangsters with him - they drive him about - he often hides on floor of car back seats - they carry guns, & JIM always has his sharp SHANGHAI knife = He has trained in CHINA & SCOTLAND & did a Course at the CHINESE OPERA PEKIN :   His report said `he is good at evil parts` :   His kindly well-too-do Chinese family of his mother then threw him out to SCOTLAND for crimes …  including having gas filled cushions made up for old Chinese relatives who were rich :  

1957 1958 1959 :    Called `dirty JIMMIE` or Sir James, he is a frightening figure - very insane & likely to explode & pull a gun or knife if annoyed :   I now see him as JIM BIG ORC :     SEARCHING MY ROOM with 3 thugs I caught them - One cautioned making signs he was dangerous :     They were able to have him leave - he then threw a note on my bed saying `GRETA GET OUT` - I turned to go down the stairs quickly - he rushed after me and KICKED ME DOWN THE LAST 4 STAIRS :   The THUGS and HE MARCHED OUT :    A young Worker hearing the noise came out & helped me up - we said nothing at all about the attack - it is known the new SIR JAMES is heavy on heroin & drinks much whiskey  :   many young people believe him to be a relative of the new Queen of 1953  :

JIMMIE calls me by my real name `Greetah` … thus he comes from my life before the 1950s :    MALRAUX & my MI5 two kind men out of retirement give me some confidence … BUT I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY KNOW … & WHAT DO THEY THINK ABOUT THIS MATTER OF A GUARDIAN & de GAULLE allowing nasty things to happen to a great inspiring circle of world PHILANTHROPY ?

MALRAUX & RANSOM :   At 50 Lancaster Gate Square WE NEED TO GET OUR POSTAL COMMUNICATIONS :    Swiftly October 1957 the telephone is taken out of my room at the top of the building :    Doctor Mengele in a loud posh voice told MALRAUX `SHE IS PLAYING ABOUT WITH IT `:  MALRAUX says I can use his when he is in the building …  :
ALL TELEPHONES into this building ARE TAPPED/BUGGED etc :    IMPERIAL ARISTOCRAT THUGS HAVE SLAIN THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN TO GET RICH & they FEAR BEING FOUND OUT :    they go on with `dirty parties` & much shopping & LORDING ABOUT … The Houses of Parliament are referred to by sane sensible newspaper readers on buses & about London as `HOUSES of PERVERSIONS` … I have added to this work my observations of LONDON a young person age 24 years 1957 …  :

1957 autumn onwards :   ANDRE MALRAUX is NOT to understand the staring eyed MANIAC Harrington is called `Mengele` outside this workplace of polite young people all of the Roman Catholic religion :    He b 1912 as with the others has festered with spite against GROTE ESTATE & RANSOM families since his teenage years  :   But by DECEMBER 1957  MALRAUX now learned of Scotland NARCOTIC growing families … & met Edward du Cann a bastard of Teresa Gordon born 1924 May =  Young ANDRE MALRAUX & young friends met she Teresa Gordon & companion Miss Plunkett-Greene at Deauville Races in December 1924 :   they had been ROBBED by JIMMIE at CALAIS days before :   MALRAUX regards JIMMIE as `A Bar Rat` :   But Malraux 1920s 1930s did not use the Bars & nightlife where Clara & friends & Jim & British upper classes went :   He had friends of a more thoughtful nature :    
1954 I had no memory of this bastard who has wanted me dead since he was 10 years of age  :   but it wanted money, more money than MALAYA where he helped himself, from our FAMILY ESTATE :    In October 1957 with JIM he tried have me killed by Doc Mengele  :    see `scaffolding  1957 autumn ANOTHER ABDUCTION  in 1937  SUMMER etc  :   

…  ANDRE MALRAUX never learned October who was
`THE CAN` who would pay more money to an Eastern European HACK & his male chum IF THEY COULD CAPTURE ME & deliver me to a sadistic KILLER =  The jail bird MANIAC Teresa Gordon mother of Ed du Cann assisted him many times in trying to have MALRAUX & me parted - crippled - slandered & killed :    Assorted accidents are in `scaffolding` “ 1937 SUMMER”  released on web 2010 AD :



1957 December

 “ KILLING for MONEY ”  
St Edmund House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square :   
 An ACCIDENT planned for two persons who pay for accommodation in this HOLY HOUSE rented by FRANCE & CATHOLIC BRITAIN  :
“ ANDRE & GREETAH to be DOPED put in car - pushed OFF Beachy Head ” :    “ Old fashioned spoof accidents - DOPE in a glass :    they would NOT know what was happening to them ”

… THE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE of these DOPE TRICKS - in USE all 20th century - is not to-day even recalled as `HUMPHRY BOGART & SIDNEY GREENSTREET & others`  n films :    ANY movie goer at that time KNEW well the dangers of DOPE put in your household - your cup - your drink … your toothpaste … on your PILLOW …  :   

RECORDS are many :    from MI5 for instance comes a first hand RECORD of one of the attacks on ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM :    revealed fully July 1969 :    THANK YOU ALL OF YOU - it gave V-AW & little Peter RW had 27 years of life - his work PHOTOGRAPHY-PHILOSOPHY `Fragility of Childhood`  is beginning on

 :  1957 December :   a small gathering of human beings, first two working late evening in MI5 & MI6 saved our lives :  
 (…  it was known that HAROLD MACMILLAN Prime Minister had said October 1957   “ It would be better if Greetah and Andre were dead ” )


MI5 et al could not save the lives of the two sons of ANDRE MALRAUX = 21 years Pierre & 18 years Vincent 23 May 1961 :  
1969 July the ex-MI5 speakers continue  “ …  an accident just waiting to happen … if we had thought about it more we would NOT have withdrawn COVER … NEW RULES had us release COVER when the youngest came of age - and that was 18 years … it still sticks in your throat your conscience - it did not have to happen to the OLD HERO ANDRE - after all he had gone through … … … we could not begin work mornings for two years … if only we had thought about it a bit … We would have found a way of getting round this new RULING ” … … …    : `scaffolding` “1937 SUMMER etc” and other shorter pieces of 20th century history :


Edward GORDON/ at 2 years of age ADOPTED by the du CANN Family :   He is b May 1924 :   saved by MARY HELENA GORDON mother of his mother = he is one of 3 bastard sons of TERESA Elizabeth GORDON - she strode & rode in the HIGHEST  Divinorum Salvia SCOTLAND dope growing HIGH ARISTOCRAT CIRCLES of SCOTLAND  :    The future EDWARD GORDON (Dillon) du CANN is found in East End London thrown in a bucket with other bastard new born fragile little lives :  

…  Given a ROMAN CATHOLIC christening at 2 weeks of age as EDWARD GORDON after her son blonde haired EDWARD GORDON who died age 8 years 1904/05 a `Scarletina-or Diphtheria ` plague London :  I remember them all because we would put their studio photographs out on the top of Win`s piano for Christmas and their Birthdays - we had a MASS said for each little child & remembered their personalities, their remarks & the things they were interested in & might do in future life :   NOTHING MORBID AT ALL - they had LIVED & given happiness :     This is what her sister ANNIE AGNES Carroll Williams (artist-potter-sculptor) will teach to ANDRE MALRAUX when he com`th laden with his WAR DEAD May 1945 to CLACTON-on-SEA the SEAS EDGES … where we had a SUMMER OF HAPPINESS with Josette 1937 :    He comes laden as PIETA with Josette & 2 dead brothers & close friends & his Aunt Mary-Marie :    READER can locate all this FAMILY HISTORY on-going work =  SEA MISTS SUPPER June 1945 at STELLA MARIS tells of the arrival of a WIDOWER a  :   On my web sites :

Her understudying  (my grandmother MHWG)  for MARY GARDON  ( the now famous early 20th century singer )   an acquaintance going to sing 1st Performance PELLEAS & MELLISANDE  the Opera of Frenchman Claude DEBUSSY had her survive the loss of 5 children under 13 years of age :  …  Help from her musical circles, Catholic Choirs etc)  & household support as servants from some good young people singing & footing about the MUSIC HALLS of London (Bud Flannagin one of them - he slept in the hay loft Highgate )  :     

 ( CHRISTENING of the future VIOLENT THIEF born E. Gordon/adopted 2 years old E. du Cann/ is possibly Church of Saint ANNE Soho where her 5 dead children 1904-05 are commemorated (Elizabeth/Edward/Anne/Stephen Thomas/little Mary/= Commissioned is a SILK PAINTING by CHARLES CONDER Australian Artist wife STELLA MARIS a Canadian … see biography Australia … )   This is a future EVIL dope soaked Divinorum Salvia Scotland dangerous narcotic grower bastard grandson of  MARY HELENA Murphy O`Brien Carroll WILLIAMS is GIVEN LIFE :  

 (  My grandmother whom I grew up with 1937-1944 is Mrs George Ernest Gordon of an honourable GORDON line SCOTLAND - paintings of GEG are on web - the most popular is my bottom drawer dowry gift  “ GOING TO CHURCH IN THE SNOW BY MOONLIGHT ” - the 5 tiny figures are portraits - who they are was known to ANDRE MALRAUX … he and artist Annie Agnes sister of Mary Helena, his intellectual equal had long talks and walks with him … sister Bessie Martha Carroll Williams too … the house STELLA MARIS Clacton-on-Sea when they helped him STAY STEADY carrying his DEAD from the 2nd WORLD WAR :    He acknowledges that they SAVE HIS LIFE  … the Winnclemanns & Greetah Maureen RANSOM too … the Old priests Library, the little town CLACTON -on-Sea & the SEAS EDGES of EAST ANGLIA where he would go with friends who had PETROL for a car journey 1945/1946 …

READER may have explored  (colour pages introduction)   on  my drawing together of RECORDS of Family history under title  “ Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE - & JOSETTE CLOTIS et al ”   … & here I easily reach out to PETER GRIMES/GLORIANA etc= Ben Britten … Here are SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHTS or anchor awhile in harbour :   the great ancient RANSOM ESTATE & its GROTE HOMES commencing 1864 reaching around the SEASHORES of the globe … with harmony & good GUARDIANSHIP at THE SEAS EDGES :   

AN INTRODUCTION POSTER PAGE telling of a planned GENOCIDE made possible 12th MAY 1937,  I hope directs the READER to follow   how OBSCENE IGNORANT KUDOS of some can GRASP THE WORLD of we the full HUMAN KIND :    We who are striving to live meaningful lives of PEACEFUL PROGRESS … leave some good work upon the face of the planet …  :  

MAY 1937 ARISES THE MOST OBSCENE EVIL THIS PLANET HAS EVER KNOWN = A CHANGE OF RULER AT THE HELM made it easily possible, with the chance assistance of another War, TO CARRY OUT A MASSCRE around the SEAS EDGES of the GLOBE :


 G E N O C I D E -

… GENOCIDE - begun Christmas 1938  … of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN EDUCATING to 18=22 or more years taking up all the employments the civilized world A - Z     ( = OUTSIDE THE BRITISH EMPIRE = )   understands is required to bring HOPE to all human beings :   THE RULERS of GROSS BRITAIN EMPIRE from 1937 May are not HUMAN BEINGS :   
1946/ 1947-8/ 1954 January/ 1957 OCTOBER onwards this bastard given life BY CHANCE named now Edward du Cann MP is criminally insane & wicked because of the DOPE the family of his father grow :   he tries have Greta & Colin Ransom, and ANDRE MALRAUX killed - we are in the way of his THEFT & his BIG TIME :   He is cunning, lives an immoral life, is not clever - uses DOPE pellets of his family growth & heroin as so many Tory Government figures of this time do :    (Gives them zing-zang-whiz-wow-YAH KNOW :  ugly twisted little thieving morons : )  

1920s onwards :    Winston S. Churchill told them and other SCOTLAND NOBLES  “ … to stop growing it - knew they would not …  ”   This SCOTLAND etc tripe of TRIBES regarded WINSTON CHURCHILL as `Bargain Basement stuff` :   They did not really care if HITLER booted in - they had all known the top Government Germany since pre-1st World War and 1919 when it ended :   Hitler arrives later in the 1920s - rise to power 1933 :
At CLIVEDEN Buckinghamshire  “ … the Chief Butler has in his apartment the swastika flags in best silk black & read - when he arrives from across the Channel we are to all take a suitcase and get to the House - the swastikas will be up along the drive to Welcome him - you & that Colin will be bayoneted by a German Soldier - I will see to it …”    says TERESA Eliz. GORDON b 1906, married 1932 young F.J. RANSOM who is one of the GROTE RANSOM heirs - and runs the European part of the great ancient Estate for his Aunt Margaret Ransom widow Mrs Thomas GROTE of the worldwide HOMES educating to 18-22 years … these orphans go into Sciences-arts-education-administration-agriculture etc. =

1890s ESTATE DISAPPROVED OF BY BRITISH LORDS EARLS & ignorant aristocrat SCUM - they want to SHARE IT OUT to improve their fortunes … THEY HAVE NO EDUCATION except for taking leading ROLES in maintaining an UPPER CLASS that allows them to enjoy luxury & privileged living :    THEY KILL FOR MONEY -

… from 1936 when ANGELA kicks her brother-in-law out of her way to the PURPLE CUSHIONS they could use with ease the whole machinery of WESTMINSTER GOVERNMENT & WHITEHALL administration … no questions may be asked of ARISTOCRATS or ROYAL FIGURES FROM A MORGUE - especially out of SCOTLAND & ghoul figures of Scandinavia  :      

  “ TERESA GORDON - ruined her life by getting in with a penniless Lawyer called du CANN …”

VAST THEFT FROM MALAYA by he & his father - got made a Judge - they hanged or shot two good men - I am baited it was done in my name GRETA RANSOM heir to the Estate :   I am 15 years of age now classed `A WIDOW ` :   so styled by ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH ROME :   1948 March the HOLY Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX got dragged “ DOWN THE REGISTRY” by his sister :    ( Prayer Book No 18 = you cannot marry your sister-in-law :     Messalina is a friend of Doc `Mengele` HARRINGTON & other old 1920s BAR RATS of PARIS & LONDON  :   10 years on he says it was `Mirage` & they were threatening to put him in an Asylum & he feared for the safety of his 2 sons from his WIDOWHOOD granted by PACELLI  ( Pope Pius 12 ) to marry `EARLY WEDDING of GRACE` the young heir to the GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts encircling the globe :
BUT THIS MOB in a rented `JAN STEEN TAVERN` in PARIS have organised efficient THEFT of his communications from RANSOM BROTHERS, GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK, ARGENTINA JAPAN & GREENLAND :    A big team works at this in London and Paris :   

The households of General de GAULLE too :    Naval Intelligence RN Britain are intrigued WHY they have had to bug-tap-wire the country house of the General :   And why they have to break in & search his desk ?    What are they looking for ?    If they find out they will be killed by Naval Intelligence and British Mercenaries etc etc etc :   

EVERYBODY IS THREATENED FROM TIME TO TIME THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE TAKEN AWAY OR DISAPPEAR :    THIS IS A NATIONAL INDUSTRY OF GROSS BRITAIN RUN BY MOONLIGHT :     If only these MOBS could be thrown in a volcano the violence and madness from them would cease :     THE MASSIVE KUDOS IS GIVEN May 1937 when ANGELA & HER MEN moved in to WESTMINSTER :     THUS ACCURATE HISTORY 20th century :  here we have assembled the British Aristocrat crimes of 1920s-1980s :   A MASSIVE ONGOING GENOCIDE RESULTED :

A NASTY PARTICIPANT :      “ Edward du CANN born May 1924 to Teresa E. Gordon is a bastard - Teresa has 3 bastard sons by different fathers when she marries your Father FJR he 5 years younger than she November 1911 :    He has demanded me dead since he was 15 years old and ALL the GROTE RANSOM Estate given to HIM by his mother Teresa GORDON who married into the senior family of the owners of the ESTATE in 1932 :    he has been groomed by ANDGELA since 9 years of age to make trouble for the RANSOM Families of the ESTATE :   He is 9 years when I am born 1933 :    HIS FAMILY du CANN GROW this illegal DANGEROUS NARCOTIC DSS & sales in poor parts of conquered Nations to Mining Industry & Factories of the British Empire bring them a good income :   They do know that these ugly employments have children of 4 years and sometimes 2 years toiling :    AS RECORDS HAVE SHOWN these British & Scandinavian Aristocrats, raised criminally insane,  are with coarse cunning brutal minds & HABITS  :

TERESA GORDON mother of EDWARD (nee Gordon) du CANN of 1924 birth also has a daughter adopted by AUGUSTA FROBISHER the elder - this is the 15 years old a fine cellist savagely attacked  1934 by `a maniac` returning from her lessons in ROME - She a girl brought up gently away from TERESA GORDON & HER NOBLE MONSTROUS APPARITIONS is murdered 1934 so horribly by JIM JONG & Gang  :  

THE LINDSAY Crawford EARL wants all MONEYS from AUGUSTA FROBISHER   (Augusta The Elder = Ettrick & Napier branches = see DEBRETT etc )  & she & adopted daughter live sometimes in The Cecil Hotel on the River Thames & are guarded from LINDSAY & their BRUTES & they have a flat in NORWAY next the Boat Yard connections of RANSOM-FROBISHER Cousins GRONLANDER Count POULSEN branches   :      

1934 THE ROME HOSPITAL  reports say  `they had never seen such a savage attack on the womb of a child - it was done by a maniac - she was knocked down in a leafy lane beside a great wall :    She died in terrible shock and pain in two or three days  :    A girl who is my half-sister - I born 1933 - I do not even know her Christian name

NOTA BENE :    This is the same place where the son of a scientist FAO ROMA is attacked c 1974 :      PJPW visits FAO to work under this scientist FISHES a month each year :   The young boy a similar age to cello victim of 1934 survived - a person came along the lane - the cello was damaged & he in shock & bruised :    WAS IT a WEIRD REPEAT ATTACK of 1934 ?  :   Perhaps intended to be on the anniversary of the first 1934 - 1974 ? )  … I do have some knowledge here that the MANIACS of GROSS BRITAIN enjoy this ghoulishness …  )

1960 January :   ARTH UR MALONE says   “ … I have had to open another CHARNEL HOUSE FOR YOU … this Noble family LINDSAY claiming you have been CULLING AGAIN … They want money from everybody … Trouble for them OVER YOU is …  you were born on a hearse - but KEEP GETTING OFF …


my father is FJR and elder brother to Dr John RAY Ransom & Len Immanuel  Ransom … their parents were murdered by this SCUM 1938 and 1939 - /etc

1945 onwards :   MY FATHER and his families had EXPECTED
that MALRAUX would STEP FORWARD at the end of WAR as he is NAMED GUARDIAN in the official operating WILL of 1937/1938 recognised worldwide & operating although the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN HAVE ALL BEEN SLAIN BY BRITISH ARISTOCRATS to get money for themselves AND for ANGELA & her family she now with a CROWN SINCE 1937 :   
COPIES the WILL circulated to all Nations of the globe 1938-1939 :    

From 1938  ANDRE MALRAUX is recognised by GERMANY as GUARDIAN to heirs Greetah & Len …  and GUARDIAN the worldwide ESTATE :   
NB :    CLARA MALRAUX is still the legal wife of Malraux during the 2nd World War :   As the wife of the GUARDIAN she had some protection from top NAZI figures :    Like the British Scandinavian aristocrats 1920s she has known many of the young Germans of her nationality in PARIS 1920s 1930s - some are now joined with HITLER - the Estate is approved  :    

1960 January :   It is revealed to ANDRE MALRAUX that he had immunity from GERMANY during the 2nd world war as GUARDIAN to our great Estate functioning around the entire world even running through GEORGIA because Stalin remembered Miss Margaret climbing the rigging of a tall ship when he was a boy :   It is mainly concerned with PHILANTHROPY & the GROTE HOMES since the early 19th century :   BUT has for centuries invested in technology with Research & safety standards =   RANSOM hold lands in Germany from 15-16th centuries :    The British Aristocrats began vast THEFT of our Estate lands 1940 & from 1944 our investments in science-technology-medicine-arts :   THEY REMOVED ALL SAFETY STANDARDS & EMPTIED ALL WELFARE ATTACHMENTS - AND ALL RESEARCH :    VULGAR COARSE VIOLENT THEFT WENT ON into the early 1950s :   And begins again 1967 when the sordid WHITEHEAD TWINS & others are
Given MOONLIGHT PERMISSION BY LINDSAY-LINDSEYBUGGAHRS & their old acquaintance from 1936 DUCHESS then QUEEN ANGELA Bowes Lyon :    THE GENOCIDE included the WEDDELL families of South America in late 1940s into early 1960s :    From 1967 the killing for money & killing because persons KNEW OF THE ESTATE & HOMES rose again because there was BIG MONEY offshore for REPORTING to the old KILLERS of earlier decades :   

And THOSE DRIPPING WITH THIS BLOOD and GORY MONIES can do that … it may make them find some human qualities :   

1939 onwards :   MY FATHER had no idea that MALRAUX was surrounded by dirty hookers who kept all communications from him … and 1946 onwards extended their foul GREED about General de GAULLE using CUNNINGLY the infra-structure, the Institutions of Government and LAW of other nations - not just GROSS BRITAIN & NORWAY & DENMARK  :  


An opportunity to control the REPUBLIC of FRANCE :    The dirty pack climbed HIGH  … Got down to WESTMINSTER over the WALL from SCOTLAND - beckoned to related Scandinavian GHOULS … all of them living by immoral theft … Played CHESS - CARDS - DICED … with the LIFE of MALRAUX .     And  General CHARLES de GAULLE ,,,

ARISTOCRAT VIOLENT GREED & MADNESS = DOES SEEM TO COME FROM THE USE OF THE ILLEGAL NARCOTIC THEY GROW in sheltered GLENS on Aristocrat Estates :    Called DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND … the TITLED stuff fire-blown pellets up their SNOUTS :    In 2 months a child just into 2 figures of age is conditioned to think as the CRIMINALLY INSANE VIOLENT ELDERS  :     A crop grown in SCOTLAND takes 18 months to reach maturity :