Ancestry and True Tales

1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.
1966 Greta Ransom in Pericles Chair Athens and son 1973 little Peter R. Whitehead 2 years old The Pillar House, Harwell..."he is the most beautiful thing on your GOD's earth Madam" says ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of FRANCE at a luncheon.

2016 May month of sorrows for young dead - new portait of Greta Ransom, born 1933

Pibou the sculpture 19th century

20th century Good & Evil Ransom Malraux - The World; It's Seas Edges



1945 Xmas-tide :   GEORGES Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX 


Great CLACTON-Anglo-Saxon CLACTUNA … CLACTON-on-Sea 


in memory of the CENTENARY of GREAT WAR 1914 and the 2nd WORLD WAR … and the decades following … & my Christmas present to him 2013 AD GAUL …  


1945 CLACTON-on-SEA :    Late November early December  … GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & the GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX :


…   early DECEMBER :   STEP BACK into first Christmas after end of 2nd World War … sea mists fill the town of Clacton-on-Sea come up the Valley Road from the Holland cliffs and the ancient Marsh Gases pools … soft rain slanting in the gold tint street lights accompanies these cold evenings … the 2nd World War has ended somewhat April 1945 … many of us East Anglia count our DEAD this first winter :  an odd feeling this PEACE …  it is not possible to have mind and body yet emerge from WAR  to a new feeling of A Peace …  :


I and friend of 12 years are addressed by a senior pupil of our schools … “ Have you seen GEORGE … Colonel ANDRE … ? ”  My friend replies  “Oh … UP THE CHIP SHOP talking … 2 minutes ago … when I came over the REC to get Greetha … ”


She a senior girl is 13-14 years old … a file of papers & school book under her arm … Colonel Andre comes into Classes and teaches a 10 or 15 minutes since June 1945 … she turns and walks swiftly ahead of us to Great Clacton where the Church is over reached by the many very tall Elm trees & the Valley Road swings off into the dark by the former Anabaptist Chapel where Services were allowed into the 1930s every month by the Protestant Bishop for the old people … many are Refugee families from the Continent 17th century onwards into late 19th century - several languages are still spoken by the old ...   


The Great Clacton Fish & Chip shop is lit by naked light bulbs and steam from the frying drifts in circles out of the open door where a contented queue gossips while waiting for ordered parcels … to be wrapped very tightly in several pages of newspapers of the week :   a little shop of sweets-tobacco- newspapers-cards-fancy goods may still be open … Outside by the Churchyard groups of people and school children of our age are exchanging town and district information = Exactly as back to first centuries AD ROMAN BRITAIN, Saxon and Angles England then Norman French … here on this ground … news of the Market place, Forum, Agora …  


1945 - The 12 and 13 years old and older teenagers of the CLACTON schools are quiet powerful of intellect & I long to have that quick response of sentences to Colonel Andre Malraux :    we have ALL come through this 2nd World War & he as a child with the 1st World War … But our age group hath grown up with the GREAT WAR 1914=1919 told us with great respect in the 1930s & merging into the early WAR YEARS 1939-1940s …  this 2nd War was a quite unnecessary continuation of the 1st World War … Greed at Versailles and the 1920s … Depression the 1930s … East Anglia is alive with intelligent families … perhaps because of the Refugees from the Continent for hundreds of years … all with skills and an awareness that history is from the kitchen … if you do not EAT then you will not survive too well … 


1945 May - To us again comes Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX, now a WIDOWER of JOSETTE the young lady of 1937 that the Town hoped he would be marrying :      As pre-war we use both his names of Georges and Colonel Andre … he is at home here … his mother has a blood line EAST ANGLIA the SEAS EDGES back to 9th century a family HISTON by a river some farming and homes for wintertime when boats do not put to sea between November and March …  His mother had her line along the `Thorpes` now lost in coastal erosion edged along the Medieval Fishing grounds of THE WASH and along the NORFOLK coasts to Kings Lynn …  and by the 19th century to SAXMUNDHAM Hall where she owned a little Dowry House until it was thieved from her 1st World War by a rich Jewish buyer : 


  ANDRE MALRAUX has photos 19TH CENTURY family at Saxmundham Hall and Bills of Lading & letters & names of family branches and where little homes and lands were :  and other records that those who SEA TRADE, farm, have sometimes preserved down the ages or made notes of and maintained tombs and Church grants  … All this was destroyed 1941 when his Aunt Marie died … his mother died early … only in her 50s … In 1937 I said I would be his mother … Josette and I had him stand tall as the skies and he knew he wished to live and that he had work to do … 


1945 winter-tide GREAT CLACTON-CLACTUNA   :   `GEORGE UP THE CHIP SHOP `… an Opera called `GEORGE in the PARK on SUNDAYS` was welcomed in FRANCE 2013 Spring-Summer = the real lives of human beings are a cascade a spring of fresh hope to the civilized wishing for PEACE …


Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX, `Colonel Andre` we address him for his formidable intelligence … but he is GEORGES as his mother and Aunt Marie called him when he walks talks dances with us at the Pathfields School Youth Club,  or the Esperanto short lived Classes Llewellyn Road School,  or the BLUE LAGOON on the Clacton PIER … This END OF WAR and a small town FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO ADJUST … we have our DEAD in our arms & can still hear them talking about these ancient Anglo-Saxon lands … We those first months trail them flower strewn on farm carts …  veiled memories of the JOHN CONSTABLE paintings over at DEDHAM not far away …


I SEE GEORGE … he is my GUARDIAN until I am 25 years of age … my guardian from October 1937 … I returned by an illegal abduction June 1936 from 8 months touring the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN in their real HOMES … they worldwide outside the BRITISH EMPIRE speak 4 languages and Classics and many rare tongues :   GROSS BRITAIN out of ignoble SCOTLAND and some related playboy and bitter turned women known as SCANDINAVIAN GHOULS do not want an educated world … it is in the way of their EMPIRE and their GLITZ that is themselves :

Many of them it is known, proved, would have been quite happy for HITLER to boot in :     From 1919 many of them have been friends, sweethearts, distant relatives, of German young who were in the Great War … Herman Goering is a favourite as a young Flyer & 1921 and 1922 met Teresa Gordon and Angela Bowes Lyon and Jimmie Jong  … the German youths and young men are remarked upon as having GOOD MANNERS FAR superior to Scots Nobles and some others who top the Imperial Empire by birth and lack breeding :    It is said that the Versailles Treaty brought troubles for all German peoples … HITLER had an audience made by 1929 …  


1936 XMAS TIDE     “ … As cousin and my Uncle Liam Ransom Captain of 4 great Tall sailing ships says to us Xmas-tide 1936-1937 after we have been to a WILL HAY film at The CENTURY cinema  


1936 October-November … …  …  “ I went over with the Norwegian Mission … Oh they know they have let him go too far (HITLER)  … can`t get out of anything now  … but Herman stood beside him all the time … … … …  No he did not want us to remove the Estate … he valued what Mrs Grote had done … he wanted the HOMES … he would not interfere with the Curriculum … knew their worth … they went into medicine science farming … would not make them fight … Oh they will keep their word young Fred … see he does … … `   “ How old are you young woman ? … coming 4 in march … well you have travelled the Homes a year … met everybody … Margaret has made you heir and now Len comes to help you … YOUNG WOMAN !    Times are difficult … hard … have to grow up quickly nowadays … but you have your father and all of us to go on with your training … PASSPORT back soon … go to our homes in America and Argentina … ANGELA had no LAW behind her to order you brought back …  But they in on it as usual … LINDSAY and gangs … ”


“ BUT , young Fred, HE WAS RANTING ABOUT JEWS … asked had we any in the Homes ?    I said they looked after their own - had their own Orphanages … Well there might be a few in our HOMES who did not know … who were half and half  =   He said carefully had I got my ship … I said I left it in Norway to come with this Norwegian Mission :   He was stern … `Well I was to GET THEM OUT … go over them and if they looked a bit Jewish at all get them out … IT COULD CAUSE TROUBLES for the rest`  How soon could we GET THEM OUT … =   I said we could probably get them out in 2 weeks … Norway would be over again =   OH HE IS GOING TO HAVE A WAR he is ~ they know it …  HE IS RANTING … they know they can`t stop him … gone too far … VERSAILLES did it … opened the door …”   


…  “  GROTE Brokers and the others … they have to keep Margareth hid nowadays … last attack was serious … Alfred Charles and the others told me about it … … …  all of them won`t give up trying to get more … do we still pay school fees for them on the Front … (LINDSAY-LINDSEY)  Pity Margaret began that … did not know what they had done to John and Millie of course … ” 


1945 November into early December … and I SEE GEORGES Colonel Andre several times …  and we sing in choir and we walk the winter SEAS EDGES to Holland-on-Sea or the other way to JAYWICK Sands the Wash where the Medieval fishing boats were pulled in November to March :     He is so tall now and a stern figure … wears a Major Glenn Miller raincoat USA - the big band swing is played at the Dances we go to & I can dance with him STRING of PEARLS  and PRAY he will choose me for MOONLIGHT SERENDADE at the close of the evening and walk me home to the House at the End of the REC , the `Pearly House ` 112 Vista Road to the front garden gate or through the Japanese cherry trees avenue to the Sand Pit and see me into the garden by the Oak tree and into the big kitchen with the high blue dresser and the range - tell me I am to be at church for 11 AM and beside him to sing …


… … …  then we sometimes go to Professor Winncleman and his English wife for instruction in Continental 19th century history … Weimar and the Red Count and DRIEU a serious matter … Walter Benjamin & his papers … some names I do not know … Mrs Winncleman and I walk the old dog that was with them during `internment` the Epsom Race course … mistakes here … her husband an Austrian German professor of history of the brain and people in distress could have helped all the War years …  :    


1945 that year … Georges, ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX,  he is solemn because he hath JOSETTE whom many of us know from 1937 SUMMER , and two dead half-brothers in his arms … I SEE GEORGES and am aware as we all at many of the Essex Suffolk schools of his formidable intellect … But he doth sorely need A MOTHER … and A GOOD WIFE that matches him  =  I am already chosen that Summer 1945 by the ELDERS of the Town … and the VATICAN soon gets the message !   What a relief it will be to have GUARDIAN and heirs related !   …

The opinion of the Town and area hath gone OUT that  “ we dove-tail & are DARBY and JOAN  ”   = AGE DOTH NOT ENTER THEIR FRIENDSHIP … the Heir to RANSOM GROTE roves back through the AGES & Inca as well,  and he is an EAST ANGLIAN BOY of 9th centuries and back a bit … GAUL and ROMAN BRITAIN are matched … many of us at the seas edges know our Ancestors … those in ships had to always read and write …  :


1945 coming to XMAS TIDE … I see GEORGES Colonel Andre that evening about 7 pm … I hath escaped from SHE-she … my school friend called for me … and we are walking the OLD ROAD up to GREAT CLACTON ancient CLACTUNA … The great ELMS tower above this small town mentioned in Little Doomsday Book … IT IS A FRIDAY EVENING … We are all aware that Colonel Andre MALRAUX is HEALING himself here … his family lands along the SEAS EDGES … he sings with some of us in the great Catholic Church where Pacelli put his old friend as chief Priest and had the VATICAN pay for a splendid Pulpit … and the Font is very ancient from Italy … 


1945 JULY - with Georges ANDRE we performed the MASS 1610 … that joyous piece of HOPE … and he is now on the mend … HE WILL NOT TAKE THE ROBE  … we all breath a sigh of relief … That boy-man of SUMMER 1937 who never looked more than 22 years of age is now come back to us an ARCHANGEL a HERO FIGURE … a MAN … the beauty of him is now perfection & I go weak at the knees and never learned any more FRENCH from his lessons St Clare Convent than `la plume ma tante`  :   … his INTELLECT matches … The school wits say  `See Andre dancing … and DIE` …  


Next year in NOVEMBER 1946 he and I are engaged to marry in the Choir … he INFORMS HEAVEN and Choir members some who hath fought in THE GREAT WAR, and Liverpool Priest Father Wilson   “ I WILL TAKE HER … WRITE her FREE … I shall be the laugh of the Continent … we will have to say she is 17 for awhile  …”    He is my GUARDIAN but he DOTH NOT KNOW of the full ESTATE that com`th with me is clearly written out A-Z the globe in that WILL sent to him … 


But stolen by ORDERS the Government LORDS Houses of Perversions and a surprise QUEEN of the Roaring 20s lifestyle of dope and liquor - her mother 1936 said she could not believe her fat Duck had landed this … and bought herself an ermine dressing gown …    : 


… THE WILL STOLEN FROM MALRAUX :   another signed copy THE LEGAL WILL is sent to him MAY 1938 … this retained by a Mr Eric PHIPPS in charge of the `BRITISH SCREW` a palatial place in PARIS …  PHIPPS  of the British Diplomatic scrum getting fearful after opening this envelope to ANDRE MALRAUX, reading the enclosed legal letter in good handwriting to the PRESIDENT of FRANCE, retained WILL and LETTER …  then handed it to ANGELA on her State Visit FRANCE July 1938 … ( What would Daladier have said ??? )


…   ANGELA ?   She is  `One of the Queens of England … but she can`t remember which` as the old MUSIC HALL song goes …  Got out over the ROMAN WALL from ARISTOCRAT SCOTLAND and tethered to her are Earls and Lords and things of LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs and her own tribe known to City of LONDON as `the Bloody Liars` =  1965 City of LONDON Elders … ` …  that is NO QUEEN but a shark wrapped in satin, young woman, … it has PUT A RIVER OF BLOOD AROUND YOUR ANKLES … we DO NOT WANT THIS MONEY COMING INTO THE CITY … it is STOLEN … get to your father … … … `


1930s - 1990s … and BIG GLITZ GOES ON … and robberies of the nations of the globe A to Z go on … 


1945 a small town CLACTON by the sea and the cliffs … WE that November-early December evening saw GEORGE Colonel Andre and spoke with him UP THE CHIP SHOP … we buy him a piece of fish for rationing of food is still on in the shops … cod is nice in batter … he speaks with everyone so easily and earnestly … he hath NO MONEY … he TAKES CARE OF HIS FAMILIES in FRANCE … 1938 and 1940s they increasingly turn to GLITZ … The WILL is again kept from him … and he is surrounded by `JUNK FRAUD balls and Bunkum` to quote a group of high English  Medics and Learned who have just come from another WORLD WAR to push up Noble greed and trickery … I will call them 1953/54`the Theopompos crowd` … 


1945 and 1946 … GEORGES Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX up the GREAT CLACTON FISH and CHIP SHOP … he would love us all for my observing this and understanding its importance in HUMAN AFFAIRS … 


Perhaps somebody can turn it into MUSIC … READERS have already been exploring  `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux, Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND` Document in 3 Parts a scaffolding … … leading to finer pieces on and WORDPRESS … 


It’s the CENTENARY of the GREAT WAR 1914 … he could recall it being born 1901 November … and I hear it Sundays after Church 1930s … and when I travel with my families RANSOM about the globe … the Continent … and NORD-SUD Poles a Tour of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … we have so much to do that is to help the world … I will return for my education a term or two in every nation of the world … and speak a dozen or more languages like my RANSOM Weddell Frobisher families … but an UGLY WOMAN at the HELM of your NATION during the 2nd WORLD WAR had my HOME destroyed … I was grateful to my HOME it gave me the opportunity to do SCIENCE …` says a survivor with changed name 1966 NOVEMBER … visiting the BRITISH MUSEUM NATURAL HISTORY LONDON …


Curious that so many Aristocrats and RULERS are now in BUSINESS and TRADE … they do not enter the HUMANITIES … the SCIENCES … MEDICINE … PHYSICS … ASTRAPHYSICS … and all that is necessary to PEACE … 




Greetha Frobisher Weddell RANSOM … and the GROTE CHILDREN slain in a gigantic GENOCIDE during 2nd World War by GROSS BRITAIN SCOTLAND Aristocrats and some GHOULS related from SCANDINAVIA … and others who jumped upon the HEARSE 1950s onwards …     




RANSOM - Parts 4 & 5 intermingling :






POPULAR MUSIC is Night & Day/Cherokee/big band swing is established & Dances held in The Blue Lagoon great ballroom on the Pier & in Village Halls - Womens Institutes have branches in small towns and some villages  =  ELGAR of course - DEBUSSY piano pieces especially `Cathedral Under the Sea` are well known & orchestral pieces of RAVEL  :   The BBC Wireless programmes broadcast big Choral performances, 18th-19th century chamber music & occasionally modern composers as Alban Berg  :   Clacton has churches of 7 faiths with appropriate music on Sundays    ( The Catholic Church floods Sunday mornings with a tremendous Choir singing VICTORIA-MAUCHAT-JOSQUIN-MONTEVERDI etc  =  A Silver Band, the Salvation Army Band & country dance playing groups including Scots = men & youths whistle tunes from last night cinema early mornings as they go to work - many homes own a piano & it is played :    Its an age that knows the 19th century poets & its histories back to Roman Britain, Anglo-Saxons & William of Normandy 1066 AD winning at Hastings against Saxon Harold :   RANSOM are not alone in knowing their ancestry down the centuries = there are many Refugees from the Continent 16th century onwards settled about East Anglia - the last wave was before and after the GREAT WAR 1914-1919 & this brought in two families amateur musicians 2nd cousins to the composer HUMPERDINCK - 


1937 SUMMER for 6 weeks came young French Writer Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX with a young lady writer called Josette CLOTIS both recovering from taking part in the SPANISH Civil War 1936 - he will comment all his lifetime that here on these East Anglia seas edges   

  `I found the GOSPELS ACTED OUT ` :   





1935 - CLACTON-on-SEA Essex-Suffolk :  


 THE POOR HOUSE & its school - dating from 17-something but local people felt it could be traced back to earlier dates :


The heirs to the GROTE HOMES RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` worldwide Estate have a tiny `heimat` at CLACTON-on-SEA the OLD ROAD from CLACTUNA to the SEAS EDGES :


Our RANSOM Estate worldwide is created over the centuries by we marrying brides of many nations :   

We are REDEMPTIO  (LATIN)   = becoming RANSOM 6th century  who first settled 92 AD DUNWICH Suffolk = It is Gaius retired from LONDINIUM a post as `REDEMPTIO `as his father grandfather  ( trustworthy Sea Traders of JUTLAND Udewalla)  held about the Mediterranean BC under The Republic of ROME and then The ROMAN Empire :    Gaius and cousin two young men with Italian wives  (ex-Roman Army in Palestine)  arrive 77 AD LONDINIUM River Thames = an Army Fort recovering from a savage attack 61 AD by an angry British Queen of the ICENI = called in Roman History BOUDI`CEA = Boudicca :


1935 DIARY of LEN Immanuel RANSOM born 1921 Argentina to JEAN nee Weddell - widow Aquida Smith Spain - 2nd marriage 1909 to CHARLES FREDERICK FROBISHER RANSOM only surviving child of marriage 1883 St Magnus the Martyr River Thames of MILLIE FROBISHER & JOHN RANSOM widow of WEST GREENLAND Jacopsholmen Island & MONTROSE Basin Farm SCOTLAND and MONTREAL City - he a worldwide Educationalist :


This account is also recorded in his `SANCTUS SPIRITUS`  a Journal by FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM my young father elder brother of LIR born Deptford 1911 = he is my father = I am Greta (Greetah) Frobisher Weddell RANSOM b 11 March 1933 first birth certificate but destroyed by Premier of GROSS BRITAIN the EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY who claim every hairpin we have because great-grannie MILLIE FROBISHER (the talented ice skater with a little Academy of Ancient Arts - cousin to members of THE SOULS movement)   had a mother who was a grand-daughter of an EARL of Crawford LINDSAY = this SCOTS noble MOB are called LINDSAYBUGGARHS by the good POLICE FORCES from SCOTLAND to EAST ANGLIA - they rob out to 9th cousins and in-laws too :    They also rob grocers & Inns for fodder as they travel from one bolt hole to the next = often having the BAILIFFS IN :    They are the misfortune of the RANSOM families,  we who are of high renown & uphold wholesome LAWS :




1935 spring - The 17th-19th century CLACTON POOR HOUSE




LIR DIARY 1935 :    Lennie reads  ` your father made the wedding 1932 and you were born March at Colchester - I was learning my early RANSOM history about these shores - hitherto I studied our WEDDELL and INCA-Tierra del Fuego ancestries as I grew up my first years with these cousins in SOUTH AMERICA … …  :


` He had bought the little house with the DAMES SCHOOL in the garden - plans to restore it and turn the 16th century part at the back of the house into a small TOWN MUSEUM :  


We opened the door & were surprised - the schoolroom had the benches in place - probably trestle tables were put up for the children to write and read upon - and their food - they would not be expected to hold their food bowls in their laps - little damage had occurred - we would restore and ask to buy the building - we would make it part of the TOWN MUSEUM … a Museum that would be about the town where it had stood from the past centuries - CLACTON is CLACTUNA you know - it is in The Little DOOMSDAY Book … Seashores always have long histories … Some remains of CLACTONIAN MAN were found on the Holland-Cliffs … he would have had a pleasant homestead there in summertime … much shell fish and fishes below … and wild duck and birds … :


THE POOR HOUSE schoolroom needed only a little restoration - 2 or 3 days - we did this - then it was shipshape - we decided to have an entertainment for the town - we would re-enact those times :   A film could be made - we would send it to the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN around the world - they would immediately add it to their histories of the world lessons - they would discuss how to make matters better for families and the old everywhere :   The GROTE CHILDREN regard us as their family and the first Orphan they have decided is POUL GRONLANDER - Northern Chinese Sea Trader Philosopher writer who came to West Greenland and died there 1601 :   What  every GROTE CHILD knows is we have two familiar film actors in the family - Uncle Fred Mac Murray (on the Ransom ancestry)  is really making his living in New York INSURANCE - but he also makes FILMS in HOLLYWOOD with friends - he has made some of our RANSOM HISTORY …  And by our recent RANSOM marriage 1909 to JEAN ballerina of the WEDDELL SEA we have her cousin CLARKE Gable - his films SAN FRANCISCO & GONE with the WIND will become known to them :   Family members and contemporary musicians we know also visit the children in their HOMES and give lectures to them :   


` … YES we decided to make for the HOMES and the families a series of films on the past centuries of CLACTON-on-SEA … along the SEAS EDGES :    It would be unwise to bring any GROTE CHILDREN to ENGLAND as SCOTLAND & SCANDINAVIA  ARISTOCRATS disapprove of the HOMES and want to `ENCOURAGE ILLITERACY around the WORLD`   ( = this is the finding of a number of good people in the British Establishment & Medicine and Teaching - it has now become very unwise to confront this attitude of the rich of a British EMPIRE disintegrating & with not enough EDUCATED PERSONS with power - with KUDOS to see a future without WARS … Few in powerful positions in Gross Britain are broadly educated and well read in PAST PRESENT and FUTURE of the world and the Universe  - we are used to a much higher INTELLECT in the other nations of the GLOBE … it is easy to understand that the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN are a threat to the glitz at the top of the tree :


Cousin Clarke Gable is descended from our Noble Tierra del FUEGO line and our HIGH INCA line ( 2 tiny children were saved in PERU by the INCA & 2 Priests and given Sanctuary in PORTUGAL where they highly educated mainly by JESUITS since the 17th century were encouraged to marry and keep the INCA LINE descending … an examination of ancient PERU before SPAIN invaded 16th century reveals their intelligence in the SCIENCES … their humanism and welfare … 


The saving and exploration of this POOR HOUSE LAW School will make a splendid study possible :   


1935 CLACTON old POOR LAW School :   THE FIRST OPENING was a Saturday afternoon - we made some attempt at the clothing of the times - no refreshments were served - we were told that week that many people had to miss it because of working & could we open an evening ?    We asked town council permission and opened it next on a SUNDAY afternoon and served tea and cakes - it was crammed with townsfolk and those from the villages - the Womens Institute and the local village Inns & Pubs gave us publicity quickly :    


We had now set about presenting the foods available & adding some comfortable chairs for older people - we gave little talks and showed pictures and I did some sketches of what it might have looked like when in use :  


FOOD !   here the hospital staff and church members of all faiths and people from the town hall did wonders and the foods were to be consumed sitting on the benches with trestle tables or in the comfortable chairs :   it was very palatable everybody agreed  … and the second time got very much better as old recipes were found  :    It was agreed by talking with the visitors that here by the sea the POOR FAMILIES and the OLD probably got a better deal than those in Industrial towns - there were shell fishes along the shores and fishing was easy and wild ducks in reedy places & it was healthy - providing fuel was enough for winter - but drift woods came in from the North Sea and Channel : 


… it was warm weather and we had a lot of Visitors on holiday coming in - we were asked if the building could be made available at Christmastime for town events … WE MADE AN OFFER TO BUY THE POOR HOUSE School & we would set up a fund to maintain it and have an attendant or two in charge as well as staff in charge of the food :  All went well … then it faded somewhat  … the EARL of Crawford LINDSAY had it reported to him by Mr JONG  … we were halted here over various points - the LINDSAY-LINDSEY Tribe wanted to be IN CHARGE of the FINANCE entirely - we said NO - this was purely PHILANTHROPY and from our own PURSES we could afford to do this - we did this sort of thing abroad especially preserving ANCIENT MONUMENTS :    The Police here and in much of EAST ANGLIA want rid of this Scots family of unpleasant law breakers … but it is a nation where ARISTOCRATS hold power …   


1935 - The beginnings of our town Museum were a success but it was halted because ARISTOCRATS of GROSS BRITAIN have a FEAR of anything that hints of WELFARE and EDUCATION for the lower classes … I was not used to this in SOUTH AMERICA  …  


At this second opening of the POOR HOUSE School room in had strode the PIMP Mr JIM Jong who eyed the happy scene and asked if we had permission and HOW MUCH DID WE CHARGE !   We said a very small voluntary contribution could be made towards the RETIREMENT HOME for OLD PEOPLE for their Christmastide and other activities of the Seasons - children entered free  :   



He returned the next week we opened and said what we were doing was not allowed by the British Government - he said however he would give a hand and collect the entrance FEE at the doors = WE and OTHERS told him to GET OUT !     He is called  “JIM a bit of VERMIN a PIMP”   in this happy SEAS EDGES town CLACTON = by many whose lives he has bounced in upon = like a bouncing BOMB :  


JIMMIE JONG is known to work for certain SCOTS EARLS by MOONLIGHT 

…  and he is also known as a little spiteful twister often at the Races Newmarket passing DOPE -  & he is a petty thief …  He hangs about the LINDSAY GRAND on the CLACTON seafront - a place of very doubtful reputation since 1910  -  


… The building swiftly appeared 1910 crushed between the ROYAL HOTEL & the Towers on a narrow piece of land where in the 18th-19th  carriage days the horses and dogs were put overnight … … … The BUILDER first took the EARL to Court as he wanted his CONTRACT cancelled because the design for the Scots granite was poor & the stone far too heavy  :

HE LOST HIS CASE because an Imperial Premier Earl cannot be found fault with - the place began to slip immediately - in 1944 it was CONDEMNED by the Clacton Council and Essex Surveyor - it could fall and harm passers by on the pavement or cars on the road - it was pulled down winter 1945-1946 :  


ANDRE MALRAUX   ( made legal GUARDIAN 1937/1938 to GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE and the two young heirs Greta & Lennie )  had photographs of this low grey building called GRAND taken 1937 summer his 6 weeks holiday with Josette and me Greta and Granny MARY GORDON who lives in Skelmersdale Road … And summer 1945 when he Colonel MALRAUX returns a WIDOWER of JOSETTE of the terrible train accident near Tulles 1944 & has his two brothers killed in the war … 


Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX says he had always in his Clacton and East Anglia days FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT along these seashores and little villages and towns :

His mother has an ancestral line Family HISTON near Castle Rising which reaches back into the 9th century = SEA TRADERS and small FARMERS arriving at SAXMUNDHAM 19th century :  he had documents & photographs = his father`s line MALRAUX sailed with our RANSOM main line from BORDEAUX 1600 to 1630s : 


All this accurate HISTORY is well recorded in this work of assembling our many lines of FAMILY HISTORIES of the CENTURIES and our journey through the 20th century accompanied by EVIL CREATURES =  as the above LINDSAY-LINDSEY who claim our RANSOM line via a marriage of 1830 via FROBISHER - and the constant spying and threatening of the and acts of VIOLENCE by the criminally insane Mr JIM JONG James & aristocrat thugs = JIMMIE PIMP becomes SIR/cur JAMES of WHITES CLUB 1950s … … … Born Port Arthur China c 1898/99 he causes trouble until his death 1981 … from 1923 he spoke of himself as `working for the British Crown` …    







 is on the FILE I have restored =  SANCTUS SPIRITUS File a journal kept by my young father `Young Fred`  Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911 Deptford  :    


 The DAMES SCHOOL was in our back garden the converted 1870s two little houses by the LABOUR CLUB when we bought one in 1934 :    This was to be restored by us - it was a delightful place to sit summer evenings and winter too as it faced west at the end of this rectangle building for local children who paid for education 18th-19th centuries  :   The little house has gas lighting in good order upstairs and a Victorian cast iron range and also a very small range made in the late 18th century in Birmingham = as Uncle Captain LIAM RANSOM says Christmastide 1936/1937  “ … keep this one Young Fred - one of the first made … this is the one to light when you come in late on a winter night … put a pot on the side and heat the bread … ”   Uncle Captain Liam helps a young man called Kurt (GOGOL - he has a book)  with his maths - they work things out using STAR CHARTS for sailors … Kurt asked Captain Liam Ransom to come into the College and give a hand … see what they could find out …  


BUT the LINDSAY-LINDSEY GANG and JIM PIMP were threatening to set THE DAMES HOUSE on fire and that would have burned our little house to which it is still attached by a passage and door :   I recall it well, rectangle with seating padded all around and a big table rectangle in the centre and windows south and west so that for afternoons it was delightful and many persons came in with their knitting and embroidery and to talk …  The back big kitchen was part of the original 16th century FARMHOUSE that originally stood here :    These criminally insane wanted to use our property for GAMING and drinking - they all take heavy DOPES - they claimed we were their family & owned nothing they could not use … The Police guarded when they could - we told them to do their duty but not RISK their jobs their pensions - a Policeman got a house with garden with his job in those days and thus security for his family :  


THE LINDSAY-LINDSEYBUGGARHS and ANGELA & JIMMIE JONG & their various scum all on dopes and smokes and heavy liquor would DESTROY OUR HOME LIFE and the INTELLIGENT SOCIETY about us … it is composed of all CLASSES … not just these horrible vampire clawed SCOTS dope growers … if they get near a glass or a cup you are drinking from they will try drop their poisons and dopes in … then blame OUR household using their arrogant yowls, snorts and growls !  


It is because of these obscene brutes infesting our CLACTON SEAFRONT too frequently that we had to FLEE from GROSS BRITAIN October 1935 saying we were going to GREENLAND for our NATIONAL DAY …  Then we began for Aunt Margareth Grote and her Administrators and GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK a tour of the GROTE HOMES from POLE NORD to POLE SUD … visiting many HOMES in between the POLES = we are RANSOM and FROBISHER and WEDDELL of the SUB-ARCTIC and welcome everywhere in the globe where are human beings … These Scots Scandinavian creatures who are coin-less call us APES and ESKIMOS … they are SUB APES & of complexion not really WHITE but a dirty PORRIDGE COLOUR really I used to think as they reared up threatening me :  Lucy Leakey would not speak with them ! 


Many pieces of this FAMILY HISTORIES work appears on my files and … WORDPRESS et al 





Nota bene :   DAMES SCHOOL 17th-19th century at CLACTON-on-SEA, Old Road, the converted 2 houses on an older farmhouse site … 


1934 to 1939 late winter we RANSOM family of Frederick John Ransom born 1911 ex BRITISH ARMY - `Army of Occupation Germany` was the popular name & it withdraws 1932)


… Our intact late 17th century and 18-19th centuries DAMES SCHOOL in the back garden, adjoining the LABOUR CLUB on the Corner by the original CLASSICAL TEMPLE erected for the first MASONIC LODGE is written up in my earlier SANCTUS SPIRITUS FILE  = in the manner of my father who kept JOURNALS called this from a young boy of 12 years of age & would sometimes read back his entries to me  … ( but I need to check if this is OUT www … or waiting for final editing by me … )   


It is tragic when a ancient towns lose their histories - lose the persons who lived their lives there = A PLACE or a NATION that does not know its PAST cannot know its PRESENT and has no control of its FUTURE :

 We intended turning this little home into the CLACTON Histories Museum … across the road further along the OLD ROAD towards the SEA was the QUAKER ENCLAVE … still wonderful to behold on Sundays when cars and carriages came to hear the old SPEAKER in his stove-pipe hat & the old ladies sat in black good stuffs frocks with beautiful lace collars and caps … and some smoked the long stemmed white CLAY PIPES :    It would have been a magnificent  Tourist attraction for the Town - all swept away by the 1960s :    


LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs (so called by the British Police because of their thieving of GROCERIES liquor `baccy` etc as they go from one BOLT HOLE Scotland to EAST ANGLIA to the other when the BAILIFFS are in !!  )   were into abusing the little town of CLACTON from 1850s when the  big SUNKEN LAKE and JAPANESE TEA GARDENS project began = visitors came for seaside holidays as soon as the great RAILWAYS were swift and efficient and affordable :    The JAPANESE tea gardens buildings and the sunken lake were intact 1940s & during the last war years 1943-1945 we children were allowed adventure there crossing from the RECREATION grounds by the high cast iron railway bridge  …  


… I took my honourable FRENCH GUARDIAN Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX widower of the young lady JOSETTE of SUMMER 1937 to visit and enjoy this piece of neglected Victoriana - second half of the 19th century Japanese boats were on the Lake for trips by Holidaymakers and the teahouses had delicious fare.   An impressive bit of Victorian engineering designed for the SEASIDE Holidaymakers now able to travel from the big manufacturing cities once a year …   :   


EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY are always claiming we RANSOM as family because my great-grandmother MILLIE FROBISHER had a Premier Earl of Scotland and G.B. LINDSAY Crawford GRANDFATHER =  This SCOTS criminally insane MOB with nasty cunning crimes in INSURANCE as well as killing for money and properties from 18th century showed us horrible violence all the 20th century & were still threatening the careers of school children of the family in the 1980s :     LINDSAY-LINDSEY joined by BOWES LYON from 1904 claimed ALL RANSOM WORLDWIDE PHILANTHROPY and INVESTMENTS and the THOMAS GROTE HOMES WORLDWIDE for CHILDREN founded 1864 by Uncle Tiggy GROTE who married Aunt Margareth RANSOM - my grandfather her nephew son of her slain brother JOHN RANSOM keeps the little house `Jerusalem`  DEPTFORD Park Road where he and his young mother MILLIE lived until the 2 LINDSAY-LINDSEY cousins murdered her in 1897 : 


Grandpa is the kind scholar historian good SEAMAN, in battleship and a submarine 1st WORLD WAR,  FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM son of JOHN RANSOM of MONTROSE and JACOPSHOLMEN WEST GREENLAND … his mother is Millie FROBISHER RANSOM young wife and a gymnast and with her own little Academy of ANCIENT ARTS … she is a 2nd cousin to VIOLET Artist Lady Rutland pupil of WATTS painter - he has an Art Gallery now - I am likened to the girl sitting on the top of the world by kind intelligent persons - who help with my education worldwide for my ROLE - my co & sub-heir is youngest son of Grandpa Frobisher Ransom … I find him in the 1930s as we enjoy out TRAINING for taking care of everyone …  to be  “ my best friend that young Fledermaus … LENNIE Immanuel RANSOM ”    


When we were visiting in North America 1936 with the family of young TELONIOUS MONK he remembered years on that I had said   `we will be back in a year to see you are alright `  :   Thelonious was then ` a bad boy and would not do his piano lessons` said his great-Uncle - So I said to him that Lennie was quite good on piano and the moment he landed the plane he dashed off to find a piano - we could not have a piano on the planes yet … So now Thelonious when he is older looks forward to flying up to GREENLAND with us `for a Beer` and down to the SUB-ARCTIC where Tierra del Fuego has the best coffee ice cream of all …  HE GOT ON WITH HIS PIANO LESSONS - and has made some records by the 1960s and these can be got on CD etc


FOOD :   I remembered Thelonius of our 1935/1936 NORD-SUD GROTE HOMES tour because he brought me a plate of delicious food :   in England my mother used to snatch my food away and then say I had eaten it - this is part of the behaviour of her NOBLE CHUMS of SCOTLAND and WESTMINSTER and Royal in-laws of Scandinavia … They have little Books with the 10 COMMANDMENTS turned upside down … and other nasty things they must do - it is all mixed up with witchcraft from Scotland and Futurism they have NOT understood and nasty doctors with hypnotism & mesmerism tricks :   


 `FRAUD JUNK Balls and BUNKUM` as medical sceptics of the smart suited brain doctors called the heroin satin couch work … By the 1950s in Britain all who visited a Hospital under the 1948 free Health Service were at risk of being called PZIZSOPHRENICS … but it was sometimes the Docs themselves HIGH on fashionable HEROIN who were MAD …  It was becoming quite an alarming matter end of the 1950s amongst normal persons of all classes who were prescribed DOPES to cure their PROBLEMS :  Many of them understood that it was problems of housing & unemployment & loss of the old communities of towns and villages that caused illnesses and depression …  ( & in many professions People now felt they had to lose their ancestors if they were not titled and rich  ! )


CLACTON-on-SEA :    The Old Road DAMES SCHOOL :   It was in the middle of the Old Road CLACTON intact 1935 - dismantled by FJR my father because the LINDSAY-LINDSEY EARLS GANG were seriously breaking in and threatening to burn it down as it was attached to the big old kitchen downstairs of our house next LABOUR CLUB … a 16th-17th century farmhouse originally but the front converted into two little c 1870s Victorian houses :   They were also trying to kidnap me and brutally harm me first = this is an old dirty trick of Noble Scotland !    GET HOLD OF THE HEIRS and SAY they are being abused … then get them killed on a horse ride or drowned at sea … etc etc … 




                                                  F I N 








 RANSOM Part 4 blenda into Part 5

Via SANCTUS SPIRITUS a LIFE and year-book kept by

“ Young FRED”  son of Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM and Jean Minerva San Julian WEDDELL a young ballerina & widow of a year to Argentine Smith Aquida = he and still-born child buried near San SEBASTIAN Basquelands Spain 1900s :   We visited 1936 to our relatives via AQUEDA SAN JULIAN Inca line = My grandmother JEAN and sister Aunt Baxter are the great-grandchildren of San JULIAN & his Basque wife, and the grandchildren of their daughter AELOVEDAH-Maria Miss San Julian who made a marriage to JAMES WEDDELL Quaker Mariner Sub-Arctic the friend of her father Acting Governor for Spain Yah. Josef San JULIAN f. San Miguel - he and friend James Weddell were to sail the area later called the Weddell Sea but San Julian had to be away PERU - the Summer being `fine` & his ship `The Jane` not in perfect condition for a wintery journey JAMES WEDDELL decided to sail without his friend Josef San JULIAN … It was not until after his death that the Sea is named for Weddell by request of the London QUAKER communities of his mother a Miss Piece :    From the INCA Roman CATHOLIC & QUAKER marriage of 1824 there are two sons James II and John Weddell :  Their accurate histories were well known 19th and early 20th centuries as Actor CLARK GABLE is a great-grandson … and we RANSOM are descended from James II elder son born 1925 whose daughter JEAN ballerina is not born until he is 59/60 years of age - the family home in the area of San JULIAN Bay had a good library of 18th-19th century annotated books :    An unlawful dispute over the entire ESTATE GROTE HOMES on the RANSOM families worldwide Lands had ORDERS given by SCOTS LORDS LINDSAY-LINDSEY & BOWES LYON to REMOVE and DESTROY all documents, histories, gravestones etc to our families :   A woman called ANGELA Bowes Lyon became a Duchess in 1923 and said that Margaret nee Ransom Mrs THOMAS GROTE widow had given SHE all the ESTATE when she was a child - and that she having made a ROYAL marriage a WILL was not needed :

In 1937 this woman becomes a QUEEN of BRITISH EMPIRE and ordered `HOMES EMPTIED - LANDS SOLD - MONEY GIVEN TO ME`

An alarmed WHITEHALL could do nothing except report here and there quietly its SHOCK :    WAR CAME and the GENOCIDE of the worldwide GROTE HOMES was easily carried out … An in-law, a playboy of the 1920s known to all these criminally insane Earls and Lords and creatures sailed the BRITISH NAVAL ships in or gave ORDERS & launches of killers went in to slay the children at night like seals - many were put in big nets and sunk at sea - a cunning way was for the BRITISH NAVY under Lord LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN a dope-soaked PIMP to dump the nets just within the 2-mile limit of all these SEAS EDGES nations :


This hideous crime became known to many men in the British Army Navy Air Force - nothing could be done unless the GUARDIAN SPOKE OUT … The GUARDIAN a Frenchman of Letters ANDRE MALRAUX did not know as all his POST was stolen by The British Government & Crown from XMAS 1937-1938 :   1938 July the woman now a Queen ANGELA former Bowes Lyon on her STATE VISIT to FRANCE received from her PARIS Ambassador Mr PHIPPS the copy of signed legal WILL addressed to Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX …  & now from that SUMMER his own in-laws were used … he was abused and called A FOOL by his HOUSEHOLD Paris which he rented from 1946  :   WAR had made it easy to keep him in ignorance - the first wife Clara received all his Post and communications during the Wartime - she had special dispensation as a Jewess from the GERMANS as the wife of the GUARDIAN - they had no intention of destroying this jewel of social welfare … It should be stressed we do not take part in WARS generally & all but the British Empire agreed to put children small settlements, law abiding communities before violence :    :


Part 5 - GROTE HOMES :


1947  PEACE & SANITY ?  :


JAPAN 1947 GROTE HOME dynamited by BRITISH Team coming in from big ship by launches  - 


2 boys 15 yrs escape - travelling with 4 Northern Japanese men - all reach TOKIO & calmly tell Emperor HIROHITO of the catastrophe they have experienced brief weeks ago  = The Emperor listens then speaks to them all on PEACE & shows these RUSSIAN Japan settlement fishing farming community men his Laboratory in Palace & his Marine SCIENCE WORK = He tells them how their Community came from RUSSIA after 1917 & were welcomed to the lands about the GROTE HOME which ran twice A-Z around the globe from 1864 when a Man of PEACE aged 23 years Thomas Immanuel Grote began to establish them with help of monies & seashore lands from his Sea-Trading in-laws the RANSOM families … he told them how his father had welcomed the GROTE HOMES & that the orphans educated to 20 years & took work in civilized matters like Farming Medicine Teaching …    


PEACE signed 1946 - Gen. MacArthur USA = A BROAD EDUCATION necessary :  


See TLS review November 2013 a book on “Excellent Dr ( DEAN)  STANLEY”

Author John Witheridge/publ. Michael Russell - 24 pounds)  =Dean Stanley would perhaps approve the following  remark on TIGGY GROTE by the Emperor the Father of HIROHITO … & understand it perfectly …


THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide founded 1864 by permission nations A - Z outside the BRITISH EMPIRE - TIGGY went round the globe twice A - Z …


Uruguay & Uzbekistan exchanged students over 14 years of age for visits & pen friendships … all children had 4 languages & Classics by 15 years … one language always English-American …   


DEMOLITON & killing of the children worldwide by British Government & Crowns begins Christmas 1938 NORWAY to 1956 MEXICO


GROTE Files PART 5 -


1947 far Northern JAPAN -

Continuing is a worldwide GENOCIDE of THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide - quietly carried out in name of British Government & Crowns mostly during 2nd world war =

It had been well planned : 


NB :    The 1914-1919 GREAT WAR its CENTENARY is about to begin - I would like to recommend my READERS turn first to a book first published in 1922 by C.E. Montague called   “DISENCHANTMENT” … :   he was in this 1st World War and became well known as Reporter later for The Manchester Guardian newspaper  :


J A P A N 

Late 19th into the 20th century : 

The Emperor Father of Emperor Hirohito said to him when he was a young person  

“ … you know, TIGGY GROTE really had no religion … BUT THANK GOODNESS HE HAD ALL OF OURS … ”


JAPAN  1947 =

After the signing of PEACE with Japan 1946 ending 2nd World War … General MacArthur USA is present  :


… & others of education from RANSOM WEDDELL FROBISHER & GROTE families are represented who have since the 18th-19th centuries been engaged with JAPANESE families, including the father of the Emperor Hirohito in the sciences & education  :


1947 - a British RN Scots Scandinavian Team come to butcher children after dynamite used to blow up a GROTE HOME    NORTHERN JAPAN  - a natural wild part of nature … along the seas edges …


REPORTS 1948 to 1960 :     “ 1921 & 1922 - your mother makes foreign trips in big ship with her Noble friends - The Great War 1914-1919 not long ended had BRITISH aristocrats travel the globe :


“  …  This is about a girl of 17 years of age 1921 with a RUSSIAN Uncle whose father had been a saved GROTE child from RUSSIA at the time of the REVOLUTION & its troubles :    They & relatives and in-laws & friends had come to live here in a remote part of Northern Japan :    Your mother Teresa Gordon could tell your father young Frederick J. RANSOM in the 1930s of the saving of her life and the extreme kindness received on a wild coast of the far NORTHERN JAPAN -  She seems to have been invited by her `blood brother` we call him … both of them knew the complete history of this little settlement of families who had some languges to speak with them :    She could recall clearly they were originally RUSSIAN but were content now to be official JAPANESE citizens  …  


“ … She a 17 old girl saved the life of your mother and her 

`blood brother` a man with two good respectable parents in Britain :  THE GIRL LIVES INTO OUR TIME - WE HAVE SPOKEN WITH HER - she is educated and kept safe …   


She can recently tell us about this rescue of a woman and a man in a dug-out who were looking for wild fowl to take back to their BIG SHIP for the cooks to prepare …   BUT this little COMMUNITY had to move 70 miles away from this GROTE HOME when 1930s Disasters began for JAPAN … so the Community found they must move a little away along this coast of wild NORTHERN JAPAN - the new site was rather marshy, bogs … but they felt safer here … although the weather was more extreme …  :   




Early 1920s - WHAT WERE THEY, your mother aged 16-17 years old and another young person she knew DOING IN A DUG-OUT sailing about the edges of the a wild coast of NORTHERN JAPAN ?     They had put to sea from the big boat to explore - it was marshy along this wild coast and they felt they would find fowl and bring some back for the Ship Galley and the cooks & surprise everyone and they would also have information on the nature and the land  =  but a sudden storm they did not expect - upset the dug-out … the weather became wild and foul - they got caught in it … Your mother and he very grateful to be rescued and receive such kindness -  They NEVER FORGOT THE KINDNESS of she this 17 years old girl and her Russian Uncle who had come to settle here … they learned all their histories … it was most interesting and they would tell of all this to their friends and relatives on the SHIP …  ”      


 ( NB :   There was a Revolution in RUSSIA 1917 - a family related to the British Royal Family lost their lives - this was of great  interest to Britain & the Continent at that time & into the 1930s … )


She your mother, and he her `blood brother` we will go on calling him knew the origins swiftly of their rescuers and their recent RUSSIAN background … this was back then in the early 20s - Both ever after kindly spoke of how grateful they were to them for saving their lives … and the civilized behaviour they received … both admitted they would have been DEAD but for this help …  ”



MEMORANDUM :       I `Greetha` Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM can recall some strands of this from my childhood 1930s and into the early 1940s - In winter weather, Christmas Tide people tended to remember the immediate past when they were alive or present at something unusual :  


…   This was so with the many persons in our East Anglia Communities, America, and on the Continent … those who had experiences in the GREAT WAR 1914-1919 - so that children born in 1920s and 1930s almost felt they had been alive then 1914-1919 … when a ZEPPLIN might be seen at night above Woodford Green and London …  :


MEMO :     My mother Teresa Elizabeth GORDON is born 24 November 1906 & dies September 2001 still proclaiming that  `MALRAUX was not my choice`



1947 - PEACE SIGNED WITH JAPAN some months ago

1946 - after the end of 2nd World War  :


1947-1948 =  REPORT from 2 GROTE HOMES CHILDREN aged 15 years of age 1947 who survived part of the GENOCIDE of the HOMES worldwide : 


“ …  A BIG SHIP stood out at sea and a launch had come into this wild NORTHERN JAPAN seashores - to our GROTE HOME in a sheltered position - they were British men and they set about dynamiting the building with children asleep in winter weather = An explosion took place in the winter night & then burning rafters began to collapse on the children - we are in very early years of single figures to 17-19 years old of age and then we decide what we should continue with in our lifetime  :   A girl lay alive - BRITISH figures found her & they called out as they were poking amongst the smoking ruins …  and they said that they were hitting her teeth in and her face to pieces - they called out one to another what they were doing - they shouted what they were doing in the English language which we have been well taught = they then went away and left her still alive - the buildings began to burn brightly then it died down over us … we were in some pain but knew what would happen to us if we cried out … ”    :   


THE REPORT CONTINUES :   2 boys aged 15 years survived under the scorching rafters - they heard the men speaking like brutes in joy at what they had done to the girl … then they went away :  


` … It was not until all was quiet in that winter night that the 2 boys crept out from under the rafters - their flesh covered by burned skin on their backs and forearms was very painful - they dragged the girl to a safe place - she alive - they tried make her comfortable - she died during the night - they now dug a hole as best they could and buried her - the fires of their HOME were dying down :   They found their good winter clothes intact and put them on and took some books they picked up … saying THOMAS GROTE HOMES … With stick supports they began a walk of 70 miles to this settlement of the once RUSSIANS who had in the 1930s had to move away to this boggy site to be safe but where there could be found enough fish and fowl to eat and barley grew a good crop ` … 


“ … AN INN they came to 70 miles away - the startled Innkeeper took them in and he was shocked when he saw their wounds but a scab had been forming well during the 2 - 3 days they had travelled in the wintertime … they would survive … :


They said they HAD to get to TOKIO and say what had happened because there were other GROTE CHILDREN in JAPAN - he understood well  :


He fed them and gave them warm beds - he warned that around were very rough men who would finger their warm winter clothing and they would not be safe to travel on - but he knew a man of some education who could have them, these rough me, behave - They were Japanese … but they had once come from RUSSIA but they had forgot … they were content to be JAPANESE :   He soon already had curious rough men come asking & fingering the good winter clothes of the two boys - he shouted at them - he sent for the man who had some sway with them - Now the women of the Community commented - they had been with wireless for some years - now it did not work - they wanted better for their families their children - And they had more memory on where they had come from and about the GROTE HOME & why they had to move away a generation ago … 

 … to this miserable boggy land …  but where they were safe :  


The man with some education and the women had the men agree after hearing more that these two 15 years old boys with several languages HAD to get to TOKIO and they would chose four to accompany them and he the one they had trust in - the woman were glad  … ” 


“  THEY ALL CAME TO TOKIO =  and had no difficulty to be taken to the Emperor who knew the GROTE HOMES and his father had known TIGGY GROTE very well - The son now Emperor Hirohito listened gravely to the crime by British men at night :  He then fed them and showed them a good & splendid apartment to stay in and said he wanted to speak with  them all the next day  :  Then he asked about where they lived what it was like - and the fishes and the crops and the birds were of interest to him  :   These rough men not so long ago from RUSSIAN were quite at ease with him Emperor Hirohito and he with them :   


He took them to see his work - his laboratory and told them what he did - they understood well his work  :   He said he would send immediately people, soldiers,  to see the tragic HOME of the explosion - and he would have them see where they lived and protect them that winter  =   Scientist Emperor Hirohito said he had an idea …  


that he find them a more congenial place to carry on their lives and he would have good dwellings put up by next year :   He said they would return with his men, soldiers, and they would help them plant the spring crop - then they would be moved to the new homes for next winter  which he would have built for them in more comfortable lands away from this boggy far North shore :   He dwelt upon the meaning of War and that it was not a sensible way of life … 


ALL THIS WE CAME TO KNOW by 1948 - a party of men came from USA a man called Dr JOHN RAY Ransom with them … 

…  it was well known that he had to hide his name RANSOM from 2 years of age to survive a vicious attack by the family of the Premier EARL LINDSAY of Scotland and Britain who claimed to be a senior relative to his own family RANSOM Frobisher Weddell … They CLAIMED all properties worldwide from his father Frederick Charles RANSOM whose mother Millie Frobisher had been murdered 1897 by two LINDSAY brothers 2nd cousins to this EARL …   ( they who then stole her FLORIDA FROBISHER LANDS and ruined them over 17 years and then shot one another dead having ruined 30 miles of ORANGE GROVES … that was 1917 - it was in newspapers Britain & USA - but GROSS BRITAIN had much authority to REMOVE all RECORDS that showed their Aristocrats as the criminally insane )  


But another family from the murder of TIGGY GROTE on Arran Island Western Hebrides 1904 began to edge them out of the way from 1910 - they claimed that the entire GROTE RANSOM ESTATE had been given to THEM by the widow … whom they called `OLD ESKIMO` - this family BOWES LYON were known as `The BLOODY LIARS` in the City of LONDON 1950s-1960s by honourable men …  :




1947 JAPAN after the 2nd World War Pacific  - A PEACE HAD BEEN SIGNED 1946 - 

General MacArthur was informed of this attack on the USA GROTE HOMES of Tiggy Grote who founded the HOMES on the originally of SUFFOLK Family RANSOM worldwide lands - TIGGY was much admired and helped 19th century from 1864 to sustain the HOMES in every nation A-Z if their Governments agreed - TIGGY THOMAS Immanuel GROTE born 1842 to the Family GROTE BROKERS of NEW YORK was an American Citizen : 


But 1947 and the 2nd World War  GENOCIDE of the HOMES just discovered was a shock … The GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX had not stepped forward yet … they were told he was unwell … he was with work for General de GAULLE … and he would BE IN TOUCH QUIETLY … discretely … when he could do so … NONE OF THESE GOOD PEOPLE KNEW THIS WAS LIES & that he MALRAUX a popular figure for his books pre-war was uninformed of the full extent of his GUARDIANSHIP … it was not known that messages sent in his name were NOT from him …   

BUT because it was the end of another terrible 20th century War and HIROSHEMA & other atom bombing had happened … and much more terrible things were being discovered … they must all work for a peaceful world …



1947 TOKIO  :   The rough men talking with the Emperor,  they less so now,  were told what their GROTE HOME 70 miles away where they had first farmed and lived in comfortable homes and surroundings since they came from RUSSIA had been about  = the HOMES were about making PEACEFUL LIVES = the orphans, students grew up in safety to bring better education for all peoples of the Globe …  thus would come HOPE of PEACE   … 


It was explained to them that in the 1920s and 1930s there were disturbances about the world from WANT … & this had them moved some years before the 2nd World War began to save their families lives  :     They understood - rough men they had been losing hope and living in very harsh conditions until two boys of 15 years arrived so recently with horribly burns from their HOME being dynamited by BRITISH NOBLEMEN  … … …  


… Their women had kept the history of their times & could recall why they had to leave RUSSIA before they were born  :    The women saw a chance to give their children a life less harsh & with some dignity  … ” 




SOME BACKGROUND BELOW  for new Readers & MEMORANDUM for those travelling the GROTE HOMES DESTRUCTION :


RECORDS :    Reader of the above is USA citizen Dr JOHN RAY Ransom  - and others after him and some before 1948 to 1960/61  :   NIGHTWATCH at Colne Engaine :


The Emperor Hirohito and his wife sent me Greta Ransom a birthday telegram on my birthdays 1947 & 1948 - the first was received by my Aunt Miss Winifred Mary GORDON & I was not allowed to retain it :   it was to be given to my mother Teresa Elizabeth GORDON Mrs FJR whom a Marital Court & another have ordered to a psychiatric hospital for 10 years until her 3 children have completed their education :  


 My father Captain Frederick John RANSOM won custody us September 1946 - his sister-in-law Miss Winifred Mary Gordon ex-ATS is to make the arrangements for  her sister Teresa to be taken into a Hospital :   The tragic events and cruelty have been explained by Police, Town officials, Hospital etc … It was news to my father that his wife had been put in PRISON again by Worcester-Wiltshire Courts and served a year & not transferred to an Lunatic Asylum as ordered :   She his wife Teresa Elizabeth Gordon Ransom has a friend from when she is 10 years old in 1916 ANGELA Bowes Lyon & her travelling companion JIMMIE JONG … they have persuaded the Prison Authorities to release Teresa  “ TO TAKE CARE OF HER SONS ” 


:   Sentence was 2 years and then transfer :    The BRITISH WAR OFFICE was instructed by two COURTS East Anglia to quickly send notification to Officer Frederick John RANSOM to RETURN for HOME DUTIES - In 1943 he is made a Captain in the British Army - but he NEVER received any notice to return : 


The woman ANGELA born 1900 became a Queen 1937 when the British Nation was dismayed that her brother-in-law King Edward VIII  would have to give up his job … he was learning to be a Welfare caring King too :   The half Chinese half Scot JIMMIE JONG made a Major this-that 1939 never stopped popping up about me and relatives like the EVIL little PIXIE he was in the 1930s when he could use the Earl of LINDSAY Crawford Bolt Hole called GRAND on Clacton seafront  :    1918 onwards he had a moonlight commission to lay hands on the 8 pieces of GORDON Lands in Scotland - one piece of 5 by 7 miles leading to the seashores is close to GLAMIS CASTLE where JIM JONG often visits the family of ANGELA  :    After the marriage of GORDON-RANSOM 1932 they insisted all worldwide GROTE HOMES and RANSOM lands should come to ANGELA to take care of for THE BRITISH LORDS EARLS and CROWN … Premier Earls of LINDSAY Crawford & LINDSEY were up & down the Nation KNOWN to British Police as `LINDSAYBUGGARHS`  = they had begun claiming everything (with their BIG BOOTS)  we RANSOM family & GROTE BROKERS New York possessed = this began back in 1890 & 1897 after the murders of JOHN RANSOM & his wife MILLIE FROBISHER who is unfortunate in having a grandmother of  the LINDSAY Clan  =  Our Estate 20th century paid their school fees hoping for better behaviour from the new generations …  :  


1946 After COURT HEARINGS end September :   Miss Winifred Mary Gordon ex ATS delayed by November 1946 saying she would allow her sister to be free for a Family Christmas - 


BLACKMAIL ?   Concerning the Prison Sentences given Teresa Gordon 1927 - 1 of 6 years & the other of 2 years suspended because of her age - keeping the old Employer an invalid with sedatives - unfortunately JIM JONG friend of now ROYAL ANGELA a DUCHESS could not be questioned in the COURT PROCEEDINGS or others who should have been questioned over the disappearance of the old ex-housekeeper in her early 80s - the POLICE not happy about the JUDGE deciding the sedation charges should NOT be written into newspapers :   So perhaps there is BLACKMAIL on my Aunt Miss Winnie born 1910 November had been visiting as a Convent School girl this house Hill-Drop Crescent Highgate where her elder sister Teresa at 16 & half years had been given `ACTING HOUSEKEEPER` post under supervision of 2 old servants, housekeeper & Valet, to the present Master retired whom they had served faithfully since he a child : Here was a relationship of polite people enjoying retirement with the friends of their Master coming at weekends :   



“ … Mr JIM is a PIMP - he works for certain SCOTS LORDS BY MOONLIGHT - my Master will not let him enter the door …”

has ALMIGHTY POWER from his LORDS & CROWNS companions all his life - he does not die until early 1980s and he leaves others, including Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON to carry on the cover-up of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN GENOCIDE 1938-1956 and continuing all the century - all who know of the RANSOM and GROTE Estate are to be mocked, robbed, maimed and murdered … their children and relatives to be under surveillance and robbed by nasty tricks from time to time …  : 


1926 Miss Winifred did not tell her mother & father that Mr JIMMIE JONG had taken a room for free in this household Highgate - she did not tell them in 1923 when she first visited to help her sister that the old man was now bedridden and his Butler too & the old Housekeeper had disappeared & THAT JIMMIE JONG who they FORBADE THEIR MODEST HOME was established there - that ANGELA and her husband sometimes came to a lunch she did remark - Angela had introduced herself many years ago to the GORDON families :  To the lunches and evening receptions now given after a few months by her sister Miss Winifred schoolgirl should have many times said that JIM lived in a room upstairs & some men from the RACES too - Here came ANGELA & her delicate husband (later King George VI) and a   “penniless lawyer called DU CANN whose families both sides GREW A DOPE IN SCOTLAND = forbid by LAW in 1929 was crops of a nasty narcotic DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND fire blown into pellets for insertion in the SNOUT  - or carried in powder form to put in drinks for the unsuspecting =   1920s-1930s-again 1970 =  thorough investigations proved it was producing MADNESS with violence in titled British and Retainers … & it fetched thousands of pounds when sold to BRITISH EMPIRE factories employing tiny children - Workers received massive strength from it but did not live much beyond 30 years of age :


Since 1944 the death of her mother MARY GORDON  (his grandmother who saved his life at 2 weeks)  Aunt Win receives visits from one of the natural sons of her sister & he born 1924 May is insisting  “ his education is superior to RANSOM brats who have other RACES blood ”   … His first name is by Catholic baptism Edward Gordon but at 2 years of age his father is forced to adopt him as Edward du Cann -   1944 after asking  “ if MRS GORDON HAS LEFT ME MONEY ”   it is he insists HIS career will be damaged if his unacknowledged except by moonlight theft MALAYA real birth mother,  

 “ his jolly mother ”  is not free & he advises his Aunt Miss Winifred to DELAY the COURT ORDERS until 6 months have passed - they are then DEFUNCT - his Father and others will see that CAPTAIN FREDERICK John RANSOM cannot BRING ANOTHER COURT CASE =   Nota bene:   In November 1957 it is he who will pay more money if GRETA & COLIN are taken away by Doctor HARRINGTON - his assassins can go to THE HOUSES of P. in 6 weeks time and they will receive more MONEY :   I escaped and Colin too - he did not have such a scary kidnap as me - JIM JONG & the mother of Edward du Cann 1924 who is Teresa Gordon were heard plotting this in WHITES CLUB where they and the women about MALRAUX are welcomed to DRINK in the Private Office of JIMMIE JONG Steward … Most of these persons, creatures of dope, are old BAR RATS & RATESSES of the 1920s PARIS BARS and smart places when they can swing the BILL on the BRITISH SCREW or a person of wealth they can pimp on from time to time :  … NB:  the `BRITISH Screw ` is the 1950s reference for the BRITISH EMPASSIES used by the international SPIES about `SCARLET TOWN ` = this is the code for LONDON … Anyone in Politics may come upon these things … I hear them from my 2 `older Family men` supplied by MI5 who keep a WATCH on  `THE OLD HERO` too = ANDRE MALRAUX … and HIS TWO SONS b 1940 & 1944 by the young Lady JOSETTE CLOTIS …      


Edward du Cann born 1924 to Teresa E. Gordon  :   since he was 9 years of age he has been petted by ANGELA a Royal Duchess from spring 1923  … and at 15 years of age he is telling his mother HE WANTS HER RANSOM CHILDREN DEAD & he can manage the ESTATE - he will close the GROTE HOMES and get rid of many small pieces worldwide of the RANSOM Estate :   This is exactly as ANGELA insists she will do and her rivals for the whole Estate GROTE and RANSOM the LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs … They are PREMIER EARLS of SCOTLAND … her parents are beholden to them in this and that expensive rituals … 





1947 & 1948  telegrams of   J A P A N



1947 & 1948 - War ended & a gesture of peace has ROYAL TELEGRAMS from JAPAN to GRETA RANSOM - she is the heir with LENNIE Immanuel RANSOM to this miracle around the world GROTE HOMES and RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE`  ESTATE n 3 PARTS :    

  Greetah born 1933 and Lennie born 1921 are in training from the 1930s … we are descended from a little Royal line OKINAWA  (before THE MING)   by a marriage 1504 in BRUGES CATHEDRAL :     But Miss Win Gordon who somehow has received these telegrams perhaps intended for MARY GORDON not known to be dead 1944,  tells her niece Greta she is not to touch her telegrams from kind friends and admirers of TIGGY GROTE and his wife MARGARETH nee RANSOM … She says she has to speak with Andre Colonel MALRAUX about this matter first and others … With Cousin Julie Butler by her side she informs me of the first telegram March 1947 my birthday 14 years :   


1947 April :  A marriage of GRACE is planning for April 17th  …


Miss Winifred has placed herself in charge of arrangements as she is the unmarried sister … It is to be very small because he is granted status as WIDOWER of JOSETTE …  She does not therefore ask her MANCHESTER & SOUTHERN IRELAND aunts and Uncles and cousins … the men are USED TO GOING INTO THE VATICAN and speaking FACE to FACE with an old friend `YOUNG PACELLI`  :

These relatives have some baronetcies & things 19th century and early 20th =  our cousins MURPHY Shipping and Uncle John Edmond O`BRIEN farming & finance … and the CARROLL family with horse raising & farming of her grandmother TERESA Murphy CARROLL a CLASSICIST to become Mrs John O`Brien WILLIAMS wife of the Superior Silversmith and Engraver and inventor of technical improvements :    FOR OUR WEDDING permission given by PACELLI   = Miss Win never told ANDRE this - he found out when he spoke with him, Pope PIUS 12, November 1957 on a visit to ROME :    


But for April 17th 1947 the party of my father his families including Rear Admiral Alfred Charles RANSOM and their friends, one a French composer she never informed Andre about ,  are cancelled by she Miss Aunt Win Gordon the night before the wedding at about 11 pm - her excuse to me an hour and a half before the Wedding Ceremony was that if my father came then my mother would not - so I could have neither because my mother had just stormed in saying `HE WAS NOT HER CHOICE` :   This is my mother whom she Win her sister is supposed to have LOCKED UP for some poison found in MARY GORDON by Clacton hospital early June 1944 … She TERESA GORDON R. still moves in Noble circles so all criminal matters are to be KEPT QUIET : 


1947 18th April = The day after the wedding ANDRE & I are sent on some Essex Suffolk excursions the next 5 days :  

This can be read in this FAMILY HISTORY work !!!   

Is she my spinster Aunt being BLACKMAILED by these very NOBLE SCUM who have killed the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and now grasp as much as they can at our RANSOM LANDS ???    I have put much of this on www … one piece `WEDDING of GRACE` is with much to explore … 




1947 and 1948 :   JAPANESE TELEGRAMS  :

Miss WIN GORDON was prim and insisted she would need to show it to others & I must not chatter about this to my school friends :   She said the persons who must see it included a young man called EDWARD her favourite in the family because he had done well at school :    I thought he was a GODCHILD to one of the family Scotland or Southern Ireland :    No - he is another bastard of my mother who got into trouble with his father :  WINSTON S. CHURCHILL January 1960 tells Philip Silverlee Argentine-British  “ TERESA GORDON RUINED HER LIFE BY GETTING IN WITH A PENNILESS LAWYER CALLED DU CANN … and LINDSAY a BLOODY NUISANCE SINCE THE PLANET BEGAN … … …  ”    A visit & spoken matters are given January 1960 a visit by a Man of Letters & Music to WSC … information JANUARY 1960 COLNE ENGAINE Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues & friends :



I HEAR OF THE 21ST Birthday present March 1954 SENT to me  by the Emperor and Empress of JAPAN - 

BUT THIS IS IN 1972 from ANDRE MALRAUX visiting The Pillar House HARWELL for a creation I did with my young friends called `renaissance party` - the oversize drawings are by Peter J.P. Whitehead who became very interested in our creativity and invited ANDRE MALRAUX but when surprised by ARTHUR MALONE Law Detective calling himself Politian  = Tutor to the Medici children 50 Lancaster Gate Square  =   But threats and jeers have gone on after his late evening visits of 1970 from the creature called MENGELE HARRINGTON … With one of the nastiest of PRISON SENTENCES 1936 for sexual attacks on a baby under a year for over 2 months he has escaped sentence after some months & got a transfer to a BRITISH NUT HOUSE - but he is out in spring 1938 to go PERSECUTE ANDRE MALRAUX & stop him knowing he is GUARDIAN to the great worldwide Estate :  From 1950 by the London Medical World it is called `Mengele` but FEARED  = HARRINGTON is real name (he pretends sometimes to be a respectable Doctor of Edinburgh same name born 1914)   He with help of JIM JONG made SIR JAMES 1954 he can threaten to lock up people, especially young girls and boys who inherit, with special teams working for the British Government Lords & Crowns - I am reminded of dirty happenings 1937 … as if I should recall easily happenings when I was 4 years old … this does not help - sedation is an EVIL ART these NOBLE thugs learned with improvements after the 1st World War :      


1952 onwards a LONDON Medical World, especially those who have been a little time in the 2nd World War,  are cautioned over the disastrous coupling of `dirty JIM Jong` with `Mengele` of a Scots lordly mob now become FAST a Doctor who has got a GP license from Hong Kong 1946-1948 & who has OPEN DOOR to the rented JAN STEEN TAVERN of ANDRE MALRAUX in PARIS 


… where his two sons by Josette are hostages ordered by Doctor Mengele who has got hold of to help him two French physicians of the WORLD of JUNK FRAUD BALLS and BUNKUM =  where BIG RESIDENTIAL FEES ARE DEMANDED by Physicians puffing DOPE and drenched in HEROIN to open their dim dreary minds  :   He is threatening that the signatures of the two Registry Office wives of Malraux can have him incarcerated for not to be named CRIMES against the BRITISH EARLS LORDS and CROWNS …

Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON is heard saying for the next few years he is to be made a PEER of the BRISTISH Realm for this work of hiding a GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN :

He becomes known to weary Medics in London as `PEER IN WAITING huh !  … … …  ` 


 THE SONS OF MALRAUX and JOSETTE  should be in AMPLEFORTH School with children of families of the INTELLECT of their father … not in a place of husbands of the week, larder extravaganzas,  too much liquor & shopping … say concerned people France and England :  


Georges-ANDRE  MALRAUX since 1946 is at work for General Charles de GAULLE so people are unsure of the situation … 

And especially those who know of the great GUARDIANSHIP of MALRAUX 1938 to the worldwide Estate GROTE RANSOM = a delicate flower garden around the earth = BUT THE GROTE CHILDREN HAVE ALL BEEN SLAUGHTERED BY THE BRITISH LORDS & GOVERNMENT & CROWN of 1937 = THE BRITISH EMPIRE calling itself COMMONWEALTH is UNHEALTHY with its grasp of the RANSOM LANDS & pits of dead GROTE CHILDREN having ACIDS poured in before CONCRETE quick COMMERCE goes up = there are also NETS dropped by BRITISH SHIPS at SEA - these have to be depth charged  :  


1930s onwards - Both JIM b 1898 & `Mengele` HARRINGTON b 1912 are known to be mad, evil, and seen with Philip Mountbatten & his Uncle and others of these families AT PLAY - acquaintances made pre-War are all amongst the titled sorts of SCOTLAND and SCANDINAVIA … JIM has had a 2 room apartment  in Buckingham Palace since 1921 or 1923 … he only leaves this in 1956/57 … Both of them have OPEN DOOR to ANGELA at Clarence House … yet follow me about from time to time … threaten Uncle Harry Gordon and have teatime visits to Miss Win when she is alone in wintery weather :    By 1959 Clacton-on-Sea POLICE try arrest Doctor HARRINGTON … who is known to appear in 6 inch boots or normal shoes … it is often difficult to spot him … and he has more than the BLUE CAR the bait for little boys on lonely parts of the seafronts in the dusk … 






1954 11th March = the present from Emperor Hirohito and his wife for my 21st birthday was a SILVER TRAY with holders for combs = (&) set about some little islands as your ancestress the Lady Shampoo of OKINAWA received after her marriage 1504 BRUGES to F. RANSOM widower of Montrose Basin farm of 1500 rescued at SEA by her brother a JAPANESE ARCTIC sea captain of a former little ROYAL FAMILY of OKINAWA …


ANDRE MALRAUX knew nothing of this kind relationship until the 1960s =  

which goes back to the 19th century … JOHN RANSOM & Millie Frobisher my great-grandparents gave help in EDUCATION reforms in JAPAN … and TIGGY was a great favourite … and Rear Admiral Alfie-Charles RANSOM 1st World War ASIA and called out when 2nd World War short of good men :   CBE 1953 DEBRETT with his cousin Herbert Charles RANSOM who would not cash cheques for LINDSAYbuggarhs when he managed the CROWN OFFICE !!!    

 MALRAUX had as he says “TREACHERY in my own HOUSE” …


These persons of treachery could have been paid a million dollars a year by our Estate … we would not miss it    = they could hold their positions alongside him … he is a name on books written from the SOUL and highly intelligent observation :    Why should I wish to step into such shoes of these Registry Office wives = I have a Catholic marriage & good families about me & distant relatives down the years whom we journey & circumnavigate to see … And my duties as head of WELFARE for women and children and homes the Ancient INCA PERU … this is the oldest such role in the world that is recorded = there is also a less developed role we hold in Tierra del Fuego that descends from the mother of Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel … my grandpa on the WEDDELL LINE of the Quaker-Catholic marriage of 1824 :   ALL THIS WAS LOST BECAUSE of MASSIVE GREED IGNORANCE & dope & liquor and glitz idiots :


SOUTH AMERICA = MANY historic RECORDS existed until 1936 before a great burning of records by JIMMIE JONG to make the CROWN of ANGELA and LINDSAY-Lindsybuggarhs rich … ???   


THE THEFT and CONCEALMENT of the WILL to ANDRE MALRAUX has been a great insane CRIME of GREED and a CATASTROPHE upon the good, the poor, the civilized of a century and into this one :   MALRAUX WAS TO BE THE MOST PERFECT GUARDIAN with us to THE GLOBE … especially its SEASHORES … its HUMANITAS :


` … The SEA TRADING highly educated Widower of 1499 picked up in Arctic Waters by a young Japanese Captain with an educated sister in a Bruges Convent took the FARMHOUSE 1500 near MONTROSE BASIN … On his 2nd marriage 1504 F. RANSOM left the lands & homes down to East Anglia and Suffolk to his married daughters of his first marriage :    LEN would call `my lovely lady of Japan, the Lady Yuss-shampoo  = although he has a Masters in Japanese language =  LENNIE Immanuel RANSOM born 1921 would get ticked off by Uncle Rear Admiral Alfred Charles RANSOM RN both World Wars CBE 1953 :   they have 5 children - 4 marry and we descendants are from two … Carew-RANSOM and MAINWARRING-Mannering :


( MEMO :   December 1946 Quaker Rooms CLACTON-on-SEA has this in Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER etc` & there are many other references in this worldwide FAMILY HISTORY of the centuries RANSOM FAMILIES and 19th century Uncle THOMAS Immanuel GROTE HOMES : 



21st Birthday of Greta Ransom :   

And the tragedy and abuse of all of us, my insulted father still with threats to kill him,  included foul tricks against me and ANDRE MALRAUX over my 21st can be read with all its horror and obscene behaviour from EARLS LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs and JIM JONG, my presents … Frobisher necklace torn to pieces in a Mayfair gutter … the youngest daughter of Angela `Princess Meg` with the woman JAMES and LINDSEY this and that caught on camera frolicking with the O`BRIEN little tiara on their heads … newspapers printed next morning !     


Uncle Sir John O`Brien demanded it back - it was designed for his grandmother when they received 1859 a Baronetcy DUBLIN for working for PEACE and giving AID in famine :    Jim and others Readers may recall was responsible for the burning of the young Murphy family alive 1919 … only cousin Brian survived - he `young Brian saved age 6 years,  came to the funeral of Aunt TERESA `TERRY` Mary BUTLER April 1960 … she a victim of Mengele HARRINGTON who has been persecuting me and the Detectives and Uncle Harry Gordon from CHRISTMAS 1959 when he LEARNED we were informing MALRAUX of the WILL and the true GUARDIANSHIP … and that JOSETTE DID NOT HAVE TO DIE IN THIS … if so much TREACHERY had not been around … MENGELE has been living like the very rich by PIMPING on this ESTATE …as so many British aristocrat Scots scum and Scandinavia have … THEY ARE INSANE … perhaps from taking the DOPE called `Purple Plum` = Divinorum Salvia Scotland  : 


All the above is in more detail in the colour-code work  released January 2011 AD  =  `1937 SUMMER etc Document in 3 Parts a scaffolding … and work following in the sites listed below :

  and - WORDPRESS et al   and MY SPACE … messages for research work sometimes on TWITTER = 


JAPAN from 1938  =    ANDRE MALRAUX the GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide and the RANSOM ESTATE as well as to GRETA RANSOM & LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM the heirs in training - 


Writer French citizen ANDRE MALRAUX accepted GUARDIANSHIP October 1937 and received a letter of thanks from MARGARET GROTE the owner to a secret address he and JOSETTE CLOTIS the young lady had in PARIS … after this date other addresses he used had his POST/mail stolen by orders British Government and Crown … 


 1944 - JOSETTE CLOTIS - Catholic wife of ANDRE MALRAUX - 

and mother of his two tiny sons :   


Documents and letters arriving at this address collected on request of ANDRE MALRAUX by her October 1944 had her lose her life on the railway line near Tulles 9th November 1944 :    The unravelling of this is in Records recovered January onwards 1960 - see `1937 SUMMER etc ` under the dates in this long `scaffolding`   - Colne Engaine village near Colchester, Essex


Late 19th century …  MARGARET nee RANSOM Mrs THOMAS GROTE = her two brothers and families having been murdered by SCOTS EARLS to lay hands on this ESTATE that they glibly called ELDORADO :

Angela got a marriage 1923 and had to provide money to pay the ROYAL DEBTS - she said by moonlight that AN OLD ESKIMO had given her ALL this ESTATE when she was a child - a WILL WAS NOT NEEDED now she was a Duchess then a QUEEN AT THE HELM of the BRITISH EMPIRE 1937-1952 - the SCOTS EARLS and others were called  ` HER MEN ` :    


The intention from 1929 by Scots tribes and a handful of Royal in-laws Scandinavia was to DEMOLISH ALL GROTE HOMES in NATIONS OUTSIDE GREAT BRITAIN - demolish all in nations A - Z who were free of the yoke of the BRITISH EMPIRE … a stumbling Empire sick with debts amongst its aristocracy … 


A GENOCIDE of the children staff and settlers began 1938 NORWAY seashore … the terrible photos and news coming from BERLIN an EMBASSY to RANSOM families … This slaying of the GROTE children and IMPERIAL BRITAIN pilfering of the RANSOM lands continues into 1954-1956 in MEXICO = the BRITISH EMPIRE was falling down from 1947 … but it is to be called the `Common Wealth` 


“ … 1947-1949 = IT IS KNOWN, we hear around the globe, it is done by ANGELA a woman known in the 1920s about the Globe with JIMMIE Jong … she unexpectedly became a British Queen … It is SHE who has been at the Helm of the British Empire in this GENOCIDE since 1939 … She is spoken of as a woman nowadays seen =  you might say always in the middle of her two poles of CALAMITY =  her two children they along side her in splendid clothes  =  This has been done for them so they may be rich … … … ”  


( ANGELA = BOUDICCA  - you might ponder … )  




Records = others and Dr John RAY (Ransom)  USA citizen b about 1917 Deptford by the River Thames London  :   

NASA-AMERICAN STATE DEPARTMENT-LAW - 3 SPLENDID DEGREES from 1945 educated KENTUCKY a special school for children attacked in infancy - Charity of an eminent doctor who had suffered this :    


“ 1948 onwards -  MALRAUX - as before we could NOT get near him =


“ …. It was said by civilized people that he MALRAUX might have mental troubles because he looked vague often and his entourage spoke for him -   He seemed to be put behind two women …  one  A WOMAN OF NO CONSEQUENCE who spoke to us  glibly = we were tossed off with  `he was too busy to attend to trivial matters … he would be in touch later` :    

The woman with him  … she was no more than a woman on a Poster …  


We had intended that the matter of his Guardianship to GROTE HOMES set to arise again after the GENOCIDE during 2nd World War just ended … and the RANSOM ESTATE now being lifted off the duckboards by many small nations and the USA … ALL THIS WAS TO BE DISCUSSED URGENTLY WITH HIM BY US - WE NEEDED TO KNOW IF HE WAS PREPARED TO TAKE UP THE GUARDIANSHIP AS HE AGREED 1938 ???


AS BEFORE … we were not allowed to get close to him & as before written messages were not handed him and telephone calls to him impossible - he was in fact being given SEDATIVES and narcotics to keep his mind ON THE JOB with General de GAULLE … and to stop him knowing of the FULL Guardianship to our family worldwide ESTATE … 


…  We are gentle people and do not break the LAW of any lands …

 our investments in his French nation had always been gratefully accepted as beneficial … these easily reach back to the 18th century …  ”






((((  `  THESE PERSONS 1938 onwards KNEW QUITE WELL THAT HE WOULD ACCEPT THE GUARDIANSHIP, meet those who owned the ESTATE - discover the DECEIT around him since 1938 - the horrible events of October-November 1944 the hideous death of the mother of his two young sons :  `   


It should be recalled that





 …   An ELDORADO as these persons remarked upon it with envy …  THEY DRANK  TOGETHER  in  PARIS and LONDON 1920s  and into the 1930s … they were heavy handed with their narcotics - of inferior upbringing to ANDRE MALRAUX AND they liked to say they were superior to him in BIRTH and intellect :   


…  SO THEY TOOK PART IN A GENOCIDE OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN the HOMES built on the RANSOM lands and they all got fairly rich - more  than that -  they got obscenely rich … went shopping … but they had to keep hold of him … in doing so a lot more people of good character are murdered from time to time 1945 onwards … even after his too early death in 1976 :   ))))




1970 = at The Pillar House, HARWELL Village,  to quote ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister of FRANCE 1969 … 

“  … Teresa and her Noble friends … THEY ARE MAD - MAD … INSANE !! 

 … I was deceived by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, your Government Peter …  … and their was TREACHERY in my own house …  I have always honoured my Guardianship to Greetha … since I accepted October 1937 - by CHRISTMAS my post was stolen by YOUR GOVERNMENT for its Nobles and its Crown … YES - if I had known the extent of this GUARDIANSHIP I would have ACCEPTED IMMEDIATELY - it was WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR … it was what I KNEW I COULD DO … I have suffered bereavements in this matter … … …   ”     


Present Greta Ransom W. Oct 1967 - I have my first child - I can write some shorthand - Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX has asked that I be allowed to make notes =    


But dangerous creatures follow him everywhere - they were Paris and London drinkers and dopers of the 1920s - 1930s - 1940s - 1950s - 1960s … They may have picked up some FAG ENDS from the FUTURISTS … 


MEMORANDUM :   THE  RESTORED GROTE HOMES WERE TO GO UP IN 1949 IN NATIONS AROUND THE GLOBE WHO HAD SUFFERED THE GENOCIDE OF THEIR GROTE CHILDREN by GROSS BRITAIN and its criminally insane Aristocrats =  but it was felt polite to give the chosen GUARDIAN Georges- ANDRE MALRAUX the opportunity to COME ON BOARD with the ESTATE worldwide :     It was put to us 1945 to 1949 that he had such a busy life he could not JUST YET assist us … this was lies … by the criminally insane … … …  »  



Nota bene :   GROTE HOMES CHILDREN did survive in some other places in JAPAN - they were guarded and as the SURVIVORS in other nations they knew the UNIVERSAL RULE …` NEVER SAY THOMAS GROTE`  …  keep the identity of your changed names … then you will live and protect your families and lives … … `    :      BRITISH GREED DID IT … and others hopped on this HEARSE to get their expenses and their GLITZ   :


RANSOM families and all who stayed alive to help us went on to suffer casualties - in WHITES CLUB St James 1950s where JIMMIE JONG made into SIR JAMES sold DOPE and ran 2 brothels around the corner for young club members he could be heard late at night talking to his MERCENARY chums that they could GO HUNTING BIG AND LITTLE GAME around the globe and get themselves plunder so long as they gave a portion to the British GOVERNMENT and its CROWNS  … … …


20th century barbaric GREED went on to smash at the Estate using the KUDOS ALLOWED THEM by the Government of BRITAIN and its CROWNS  its EMPIRE now called A COMMONWEALTH…  NO SORROW FELT  OVER THE GENOCIDE GIVEN THE WORLDWIDE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and thousands of others who had had lives of contentment & good work of use to the globe ahead … and minds civilized by our worldwide ESTATE  :


`SATTEUS LAETUS`   is the old Latin motto of OSBERT RANSOM 10th century East Anglia - we always AT THE SEAS EDGES where the GROTE HOMES were sited … so our ships could sail in … 


RUSSIA 1917 … to JAPAN 1947 … 


The Father of Emperor Hirohito  said to him when he was young     “  … you know … TIGGY really had NO religion … BUT THANK HEAVENS HE HAD ALL OF OURS …”


1864 to 1956 … THOMAS GROTE HOMES 







19th century-20th SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY




This RECORD below links firmly to the above continuing GENOCIDE 1947 JAPAN …    “ all to make Gross Britain & its FIGURES from A MORGUE very rich …”   … & … 

& WORDPRESS et al :   E-mail gretamransom(a)com.


 … I Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM born 11 March 1933 COLCHESTER with good RANSOM WEDDELL cousins around my birth to see I am not STILL BIRTH :     I only recall the File 1930s when I am 4, 5, 6 years of age - visitors looking at it who were connected to this world of technology & sciences :   I am the insisted upon Abortion XMAS 1932 by ANGELA a DUCHESS formerly a Bowes-Lyon  (named Bloody Liars by CITY of LONDON 1960s in shock over the extent of the GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide 2nd WORLD WAR by ORDERS & CONNIVING of BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS & CROWN of ANGELA `former Miss Bloody Liar` … all of them early in life HIGH on DOPES … ill-bred and

 of such pathetic education-ing  …  FOR HEAVENS SAKE !   DO KEEP YOUR RULERS IN HUMANIST EDUCATION UNTIL 33 years of age AT LEAST … otherwise they are a `BLOODY NUISANCE` to the GLOBE …    :    


Known as ANGELA  (Bowes Lyon)  the name she prefers of her 3,  born 1900 :   She `1937 becomes A QUEEN … she with `HER runts of MEN`  is to HOLD THE HELM of the BRITISH EMPIRE during 2nd WORLD WAR is  Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite BOWES LYON who  got her Royal marriage 1923 by insisting  “ AN OLD ESKIMO had left her this worldwide ESTATE ”  … and she could therefore immediately pay the ROYAL BILLS :   Her accomplice in this is JIMMIE JONG … to be made Sir JAMES of WHITES CLUB a club once with some respectability now dispensing DOPE and PROSTITUTION 1950s-1960s  St James` LONDON … known as SCARLET TOWN amongst respectable Nations A-Z of the globe :    SHE and SCOTLAND her in-laws & EARLS have caused a GENOCIDE 1938 - 1956 to lay hands on worldwide seashores very carefully `manicured` with permission civilized nations OUTSIDE British Empire for several centuries =  


1935/1936 his last CHRISTMASTIDE :    The Sailor King George V is being shouted at XMAS 1935/New Year 1936 by ANGELA … They have all received AGAIN correspondence in polite civilized words, but with emphasise on the USUAL MATTER since 1923, from the highly educated many language speaking Margaret nee Ransom widow Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE USA Citizen -   Aunt MAG Girl of the SNOWS has AGAIN with her Administrators worldwide said that    “ NO PART OF THIS RANSOM GROTE ESTATE is left to SHE the daughter of the Earl and Countess of GLAMIS  or  the LINDSAYBUGGARHS …


…  and it is NOT for DISMANTLING or DISTRUCTION in order to PROP up personal WEALTH of these SCOTS LORDS … or the BRITISH CROWNS  ”   The Sailor King agrees  that  the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE are not for dismantling  … he is a young friend of my civilized FROBISHER RANSOM et al family … He is not of the opinion of ANGELA of the CLAN of BLOODY LIAR or the LINDSAYBUGGARHS of the dangerous NARCOTIC growing families = DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND …   RECORDS/LETTERS/DOCUMENTS some used in this assembly  : 


In fact he SAILOR KING George V is in the same position as other good  men of that time 1920s and 1930s … One is born 1891 future Emperor  HAILI SELASSI of ETHIOPIA …  His understanding is  `As a ruler you are surrounded by WAR LORDS and you must try educate their issue and their issue into acceptance of SANITY … of CIVILIZED SENSIBLE PROGRESS …`    :


This ASSEMBLY of RECORDS left by those under the world SEAS Flag of HUMANITAS has first appeared in its TRAGIC JOURNEY www January 2011

The CENTENARY YEAR of my young Father who kept the RANSOM ANCESTRY records with others RANSOM WEDDELL FROBISHER throughout the 18th-20th centuries - when hideous troubles were directed at us all by a stumbling EMPIRE being DISGRACED by GROSS IGNORANCE of its TOP of the PYRAMID & the RAMPART of scroungers ill educated …  :





 `of the day` … … …   



R A N S O M  = we a family who settled SUFFOLK time 

of Empire of ROMAN BRITAIN  = our name is then 

“ REDEMPTIO” an OFFICE we have held from employment LONDINIUM =

In 6th-7th centuries AD the main lines agree to be RANSOM :


From 1880s our historic records are being destroyed by EARLS of SCOTLAND the LINDSAY EARLS styling themselves Premier Earls of GROSS BRITAIN :   This is an ancient way of Aristocrat SCOTLAND getting hold of the lands of others :    You will find it in the novels of WALTER SCOTT … he sets them centuries back but cannot failed to have been aware that this murdering behaviour still went on :    Our villains are LINDSAY-LINDSEY known to good POLICE Forces as  `LINDSAYBUGGARHS` and from 1904 the BOWES LYON of GLAMIS CASTLE Western Hebrides … they are after the RANSOM ESTATE worldwide seashores etc. and upon our lands are THE THOMAS GROTE HOMES educating children from birth or later to 18/ 20 years of age with 4 languages and all peaceful careers in PAST PRESENT and FUTURE :


FORTH ?  BRIDGE - its TECHNOLOGY & always a risk in development of techno-sciences   : 





Families POUL GRONLANDER-Yates of Carlisle = children Jacop Poulsen & daughter Gertrud marrying F. RANSOM Sea Trader & polymath - ANCIENT BRITISH Family of Roman Britain 92 AD SUFFOLK = 1st-2nd centuries AD and onwards to 21st century when we are still thereabouts …  :


… our RANSOM Ancestry & HISTORIES begin web sites 2011 AD for the CENTENARY of my young father  FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM  1911 Deptford to his slaying in this IMPERIAL obscene GENOCIDE cover-up March 1969 … :   



… FORTH BRIDGE Opened 1890 -  & some involvement CALLED for by RANSOM families  : 

The risks of great engineering projects discussed  …


FILE unlawfully taken 1969 MARCH after death of my father Frederick John RANSOM b 1911  by identical twin to Sir Rowland J.R. Whitehead who is Peter J. P. Whitehead of British Museum NATURAL HISTORY -  He hands over a file after removing my FAMILY NAMES  - & then he is to boast he has thrown it to a newspaperman   “ to see what you want  …  I found it in a lavatory ”  … 


I recall late 1930s that this FILE had been in a Museum of Science abroad but it was being claimed by ANGELA & the LINDSAY Earl of Scotland :   this Museum abroad had copied it & had made it available to certain persons & returned the original to us - thus they could say they did not have this File now claimed by The British Government and Crowns … 


19th-20th centuries BRITAIN :   DESTRUCTION of HISTORY of the WORLD is done by ARISTOCRATS to remove names and lay hold of properties, moneys, lands, by THEFT … so they may sport their superiority in luxury and followers & some vices = inevitably this THEFT includes much VIOLENCE and maiming and murders …  :    THIS ASSEMBLY of RECORDS released www 2011 AD shows this upper-crust insanity of a falling EMPIRE top of the PYRAMID  very clearly


It was understood by us and others that very much valuable history was being destroyed so that the ARISTOCRATS could erase the RANSOM families from any claim to their FAMILY ESTATE which had seashore lands around the globe - because we had married foreign Brides for centuries :   We liked to keep our blood CLEAN :  


This was with many PAPERS in safe keeping by my father and his family marked with the names of GRETA WHITEHEAD & LEN Immanuel RANSOM … The LAW was to be overridden-ignored because the families RANSOM had been in the way of ANGELA & LINDSAYBUGGARHS & mobs = the ROYAL set-up 1937 with Aristocrats of Scotland and Scandinavia : 


From November 1967 the WHITEHEAD identical TWINS born KENYA 1930 are calling themselves MILLIONAIRES & Rowland elder will be able to pay off his involvement with City Whizz Kid Debts gathering since 1962 of 45,00 thousand pounds = a great amount of BRASS-DOUGH-MONEY in those days mid-20th century : 


The OLD Gang & now new recruits :   A GENOCIDE IS KNOWN TO ALL OF THEM TO HAVE HAPPENED during 2nd WORLD WAR to make BRITAIN RICH … it is embarrassing to the CROWN and ARISTOCRACY to have this known … Since 1950s WAGES are paid and bits of properties and foreign seashores given by MOONLIGHT to assist in removing the embarrassment of having to say in some circles  ` A WILL WAS NOT NEEDED for the woman ANGELA a 1937 Queen and her dope-growing chums EARLS of LINDSAY-Lindsey to take all the properties of AN OLD ESKIMO called Margaret nee Ransom Mrs THOMAS GROTE …  My Aunt Margareth had her two brothers and husband murdered by the LINDSAY Scots Earls family, and 1933 her son and a grandchild late 1920s … Our Historic Family  ESTATE passes to the 20th century Administrators who are the son and grandchildren of her brother JOHN RANSOM killed 1890 … they the next generation survive by chance … helped by human beings about them :


1937-1938 with official WILL the Frenchman a MAN of LETTERS born 1901 ANDRE MALRAUX, has accepted GUARDIANSHIP to all this worldwide ESTATE :     He chosen by intelligent beings the globe and Aunt Margaret Ransom GROTE herself - He has his post stolen from 1938 and the BRITISH GOVERNMENT declare he is in their way … In 1961 he finds he has had from 1938 TREACHERY in his own HOUSE & that this continued 1946 onwards …  1960 JANUARY he learns of DECEIT :   1961 May, his two sons have lost their young lives, ages 18 and 21, in all this CUNNING OBSCENE LAWLESSNESS to MAKE BRITAIN RICH … and its ill-bred mobs of Aristocrats …  






                 F I N 


GROTE HOMES 5 - October 2013 & WORDPRESS et al an E-mail is





to take READER ahead END of WAR 2 1939-1946 :   Said to have ended 1945-1946 :


The REPORT above 1947-1950s, after this terrible WAR II is said to have ended,  has evidence that IT HAS NOT where the hideous matter of SLAYING the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and all who know of them to MAKE BRITAIN TOP OF THE PYRAMID RICH will continue in all its obscene bestial DOPE SOAKED hypocrisy : 


I hope this REPEAT below of the very honourably and intelligently well connected MARY GORDON & her RANSOM grandchildren & her cousin `Young O`GRADY in a Diplomatic post`  will make clear the GENOCIDE by The British Government of LORDS for its CROWNS & some of their IN-LAWS of Scandinavia and Wales,  is to make BRITISH Aristocrats of doubtful sanity RICH = to PROP UP a system of BLITZY GLITZY ILL-BRED ILL-EDUCATED OBSCENE INSANITY … dope growers of SCOTLAND … a dangerous DOPE used to encourage violence is worn up their SNOUTS in fire-blown pellets :   DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND  :   


2000 AD :    Now that psychological Warfare is being designed for the future to train human beings (soldiers etc) to FEEL NO EMOTION as they KILL perhaps some attention could be turned to matters of human beings of the GLOBE their needs and the future with upsets about the planet that are of a climatic nature :    A reminder is in TLS November 2013 AD

A review of new book and Letters I think …  


1921/1922  :   My Grandmother MARY GORDON got Elizabeth ANGELA Margurite Bowes Lyon age 21 OUT of PRISON with nearly a dozen other younger people … it was an unpleasant DOPED UP crime & the POLICE had the POWER to prosecute … Mary Helena Murphy O`Brien Carroll Mrs George Ernest GORDON of a RESPECTABLE POLICE FAMILY   (LETTERS GO BACK TO ROBERT PEEL & his good intentions)   - She one of 5 daughters of  the CLASSICIST TERESA Murphy CARROLL Mrs JOHN O`Brien WILLIAMS Superior Silver Engraver & Designer-Inventor,  gave her WORD they the young persons from ages 14 to 17-18 years would behave from now on - all apologised except the OLDER woman  ANGELA `Bloody Liar` of GLAMIS Castle & JIM JONG a half Chinese of very Good Family rather RICH children educated CONTINENT and a NOT SO RESPECTABLE minor BRITISH RN who took a Minor DIPLOMAT POST at PORT ARTHUR 1890s  … 


THE REPORTS are in these FAMILY HISTORIES but which are also POWERFULLY THE HISTORY OF THE 19th-20th centuries :    

THIS ASSEMBLY done by REQUEST of persons including ANDRE MALRAUX 1970 to his death NOVEMBER 1976 :    This HISTORY of utter TRUTH  travels by REPORTS down the years :    Noteworthy is the VIOLENT BOOTING IN on civilized FAMILIES  from 1879 when EARLS of LINDSAY-Lindseybuggarhs decided to PICK OFF the USA & BRITISH GROTE HOMES worldwide & then they would have in their CLAWS the seashores of the nations of the globe outside the JAWS of the BRITISH DECLINING EMPIRE = wealth for them as they saw it & they could hire more HAREMS, drink WHISKEY, and GAMBLE & all but OWN this small nation and that … :  



(A repeat from GROTE 4 - 

Nota bene :  The 2nd World War began Sept 1939 and is supposed to have ended 1946 after HIROSHEMA and other ATOMIC BOMBINGS )  




MARY GORDON 1942 January onwards : 

CLACTON-on-SEA - attacks by Aristocrat Britain on her three RANSOM grandchildren under 8 years old 

( global sea heirs )  


MEMO :    20th century accurate histories :

MALRAUX-RANSOM-GROTE-WEDDELL et al and GORDON & Southern IRELAND cousins Murphy/Carroll/O`Brien and branching lines :


1941-1942-1943/44  =  THE NIGHTMARE THAT WILL NOT END in the cold light of day :   The FOLLOWING 1942 Calendar is connecting to File Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944-45/MALRAUX File 1/

& questions have already been answered in `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts publ. 2011 AD  called `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc. CLACTON & WEST GREENLAND …    when MARY GORDON the CLACTON town, ancient lands around, approve the young man come out of SPAIN CIVIL WAR a FRENCHMAN of books written from the soul Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX … Margaret GROTE and worldwide Administrators of the worldwide GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN educating in HUMANISM to 18=22 years of age approve he as GUARDIAN of the biggest Estate of philanthropy the globe - approved by all NATIONS A-Z but not by the BRITISH EMPIRE still with a big NAVY and clout :    



My READERS will find MEMORY AIDS in the small print inserts of this CALENDAR 1942 :    New READERS may be grateful for the inserts :  

…  I too learn more of this ignorant ABUSE of POWER from personal & family & acquaintances experiences … in the giving of RECORDS in the decades ahead = 

I Greta  (Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia ) RANSOM am 9 years of age in March 1942 …




1940s :  A BRITISH WELFARE STATE is struggling to exist - the Labour Government brought in the NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE 1948 :

We  RANSOM FAMILIES have had WELFARE services well integrated into ALL OUR VENTURES and on all our LANDS AROUND THE GLOBE for hundreds of years - THIS ANGERS the SCOTLAND ARISTOCRATS eyeing and thieving from our globe encircling ESTATE and with the NEW REIGN of 1937 and some GHOUL relatives from SCANDINAVIA = 



1937 ONWARDS :    Having now with the new reign a GRASP of WESTMINSTER Centre of BRITISH GOVERNMENT,  ARISTOCRATS & in-laws EASILY carried out a GENOCIDE to get RICH :

Commencing 1938-1954  (beginning NORWAY-ending MEXICO)  a slaying of the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN got underway using the BRITISH armed FORCES - 


The HOMES on RANSOM historic seashore lands are from 1864 educating the world orphans   ( with permission their governments )  to 18-22 years of age with 4 languages & all civilized occupations REQUIRED by human beings of the GLOBE :    OUR JOYOUS VENTURE is helped by us having married over the centuries  foreign brides and thus 20th century are 14 RACES and 27 Nations = 


WE RANSOM & WEDDELL families and others like us ARE HATED FOR OUR WELFARE SYSTEMS - we are spoken of by moonlight by dope-soaked ARISTOCRAT BRITAIN as `a threat to British trade` … 


1942 January :   The other sea heiress in my class CLACTON-on-SEA Primary School is the coming  9 years old Miss `UFF MACDREW of CASTLE HEDINGHAM :    

 ( Musician Headmaster is 1ST World War Captain Leroy founder with friends of CYRIL SHARPE HOUSE Folk Music etc = one pupil become worldwide known is Ernest Dove singing on HMV record `OH for the WINGS of a DOVE`  )  is 9 years old Miss `UFF MACDREW who is the niece of Army Man Patrick MacDrew a 1930s friend of my GORDON family/my mother Teresa Elizabeth Gordon born 1906/  =  


This SEA HEIRESS her family has a well run with WELFARE FACILITIES of HIGH STANDARDS a bay and settlement NEWFOUNDLAND & other stretches of well administered lands SEAS EDGES Yugoslavia and Canada = it is a 900 years old English family =  she now coming 9 years has had her brother 19 years old & their father killed deliberately a few months ago =  ( it is the 2nd World War 1939-1945 )    She is the same age as me spring 1942 when she is strangled on her way to Saturday morning early choir practice on a lonely little lane near her ancestral home CASTLE HEDINGHAM close to COLCHESTER :


A RECORD of the aristocrat killers was found 1948 neatly recorded in the Buckingham Palace accounts war years/ =  the car supplied that pre-dawn of her murder & where the visit was to be made to about ESSEX - A Civil Service Worker is given an LIFT to CHELMSFORD as he has an appointment there that early morning :   this most distressing crime for our school our town and our CLASS  is given in previous work   ( & other Files )  :   


CLACTON Llewellyn Road PRIMARY SCHOOL :   Her desk was left empty for the rest of the term in respect - a prayer said for her each morning of the first week  :    A Lord LINDSEY Vice President THE SHIPWRECK MARINERS  said a month later  `OH it was probably a COMMON SOLDIER - a DESERTER - so many of them - he may not be caught - or he may be shot by the Army …`   The LINDSAY-LINDSEY of SCOTLAND have had a BOLT HOLE on the CLACTON seafront since 1910 :   In winter 1945-1946 it was pulled down as it was in a dangerous condition :  


… 1937-1946 :     Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX  calling himself WIDOWER of JOSETTE CLOTIS & with 2 dead brothers remembered the crouching grey granite PLACE called in big letters above a TUDOR style door simply GRAND - he recalled it easily  from 1937 and from SUMMER 1945 when he had it in black and white photographs as he took pictures of his happy weeks that 1937 SUMMER with JOSETTE and me Greta Ransom and MARY GORDON whom with her sisters he calls   “ MY INTELLECTUAL EQUALS ”   


 ( the READER can find some biography of my grandmother and sisters in the File I have called after their mother TERESA CARROLL CLASSICIST - it is on )     







Other files dove-tail into the following CALENDAR 1942 especially `Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944/1945 and `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc ` - also `THE NAIL in your HEAD 1938 etc` … and `TERESA CARROLL CLASSICIST` 





1941 December to January 1943 - 


C A L E N D A R  : 


MARY Helena GORDON  1870-1944 3 June :



& the GLOBE its SEAS EDGES :  


Here is some of THE CRUELTY 1942 to MARY GORDON guarding her 3 grandchildren of the ancient East Anglia RANSOM family = she receives more foul tricks & threats = all in name of The BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN now guarding a GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide =  carried out by SCOTS EARLS & LORDS who say by MOONLIGHT it is to make BRITAIN rich … … …    :  


MARY Helena GORDON widow =   D A N G E R   for lives of her 

3  RANSOM grandchildren = Greta Frobisher Weddell & John Gordon & Colin Frederick RANSOM  :  1941-1943 … 






My grandmother MARY Mrs Geo. E. GORDON   (1870-poisoned June 3 1944)  is a daughter of 5 of the CLASSICIST of Dublin-Manchester TERESA Murphy Carroll    Mrs John O`Brien WILLIAMS formerly of Sackville Street Dublin - 1879 the young family move from DUBLIN to an old Merchant House MANCHESTER = Colleges Manchester-Liverpool offered her no employment to teach CLASSICS because she was a married woman with children …  :  


NOTA BENE :    I have learned from early years & travelling NORD-SUD POLES and in between meeting the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN  to link all MEMORY to MUSIC of all ages and nations - and to weather, seasons and kind persons … SO WHEN OUR COLLECTIONS of PHOTOGRAPHS, letters of history to us by people who have HELPED the WORLD are STOLEN and used to light THEIR NOBLE FAGS WITH I also can still add to the RECORDS  =   IN these WARTIME years 1939-1947 I AM ALIVE and PRESENT at many events :    IMPOSSIBLE to forget young JAN KARSKI 1942 & having tea with him at the PRIESTS HOUSE Montfort Lodge by our great CLACTON Our Lady church … his expressive hands & his calm English words … … …  :   



1942 Autumn - relative O`GRADY Diplomatic Service : 

Granny Gordon Wartime CLACTON-on-Sea my grandmother Mary Helena Carroll Gordon is very distressed & fearing for the lives of her 3 grandchildren RANSOM from Aristocrats Westminster come from Scotland and Scandinavia :  


A PIECE OF WORLDWIDE PHILANTHROPY INHERITANCE IS PLUCKED AT BY aristocrat MANIACS who are CRIMINALLY INSANE & have been baiting her by telephone from 1938 :   Granny is advised by telephone calls from Irish & Manchester relatives to ask young IRISH cousin O`GRADY   ( 30 years her junior )  to help get protection for her grandchildren who are known to be often violently set upon by ARISTOCRATS of SCOTLAND & some Imperial in-laws of Scandinavia  :   


… 1942 -  He is `O`GRADY holding a junior Diplomatic post =  hoping to be transferred to VATICAN appointment where he has an Irish-American Dominican Monk cousin living in The VAT until his death 1973 - 






…  MARGARET nee Ransom widow GROTE is an in-law who died 1938 15th May from a stab behind her ear from JIMMIE JONG who has been a piece of VERMIN at the GORDON family trying to force sales of lands Scotland for ANGELA & family :  


… Margaret GROTE  has legally worldwide passed a worldwide GREAT ESTATE legally to HER FAMILIES headed by her nephew FREDERICK CHARLES FROBISHER RANSOM the grandfather of these  young RANSOM children :    ANDRE MALRAUX whom she Mary Gordon knew for 2 months SUMMER 1937 is the world appointed GUARDIAN  - he is a young man WITH A SOUL -  READERS perhaps have time to read his early books of the 1920s-1930s  - they were in print up to 1996 when his body was taken to THE PANTHEON PARIS … :   


KILLING FOR MONEY & PROPERTIES :      A worker by MOONLIGHT for certain SCOTS EARLS is headed by JIM A PIMP he a piece of VERMIN born 1898/99 CHINA to a rich educated Chinese mother and RN father holding minor diplomat post Port Arthur,  


Thrown out of CHINA by his respectable family c 1st World War for killings and theft … he begins lifetime work for certain SCOTS LORDS by MOONLIGHT via connections of his father to die early in his life … JIM is dangerous to GORDON & RANSOM families and ALL LINES, with massive help of other CRIMINALLY INSANE Aristocrats = until his death after 1980 … As 1954 Sir & then 1971 Lord James he cannot be touched because of his friendship with ANGELA & family since 1912 = she becomes a Queen in 1937 in sleazy circumstances … 


from 1939 JIMMIE JONG is a Major this-that  in Buckingham PALACE where his childhood friend ANGELA resides - she now a Queen as her brother-in-law Edward got kicked out - he and his father the Sailor King had no intention of destroying the GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN or grabbing at the RANSOM worldwide Estate … JIM LINDSAYBUGGARHS and ANGELA come from illegal DOPE growing families of Scotland - Divinorum Salvia Scotland fire blown pellets are thrust up their SNOUTS to have them WIN at any crime   :   


From 1923 lawlessness is reinforced & violence from 1937 = SCOTLAND & VIKINGS have BOOTED IN on the BRITISH EMPIRE for SPOILS … MARGARET GROTE is of an ancient British family - and young O`GRADY has met her in the 1930s  = she is the philanthropist MARGARETH nee RANSOM widow Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE has a grandson a Priest in Rome :   THE BRITISH NOBLE VERMIN call her Estate ELDORADO - SLAYING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN educating to 18-22 and more years worldwide has begun CHRISTMASTIDE Norway 1938 :


This branch of the GORDON-RANSOM families are cat-called `APES and ESKIMOS & JEWS is added in the 1930s by these eminent titled creatures done up in silks-satins-lace and dope & liquor  -  especially the EARLS of LINDSAYBUGGARHS and the EARLS of the BLOODY LIARS of GLAMIS CASTLE have FOUL MOUTHS  :    MARY GORDON and families have been persecuted by these COIN-LESS bog-trotters of Aristocrat Scotland since the 1st World WAR : 




MEMO :   The file `Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944/1945 dovetails into this MARY GORDON CALENDAR 1942 and other SEAS EDGES PIECES  including `1937 SUMMER etc` on web sites 

and …et al :  WORK issued on www from 2009 AD especially the work from JANUARY 2011 :





CALENDAR - 1941 December 1942/1943 February :


MARY Helena GORDON & her 3 RANSOM grandchildren :


26 Dec. 1941 - BULFORD ARMY HOUSING  :   Teresa Gordon Mrs F. J. RANSOM taken to PRISON again -  ( as 1926/27 HOLLOWAY-Old Bailey Trial-sentence 6 years - released 1931 )    :    She begins immediately to say    “  I AM at the Worcester-Wiltshire PRISON to WORK for my FRIENDS at the COURT  ”    =  they have been PLAYING SPIES for two decades to get money and properties by THEFT  :    As young persons they all have high German friends from 1919 end of 1st W.War & some of them now in the Nazi Party :     In 1936 their privilege silver plane trips to PARTIES Germany had to be restrained :


1941 December 26th - Teresa Gordon Mrs FJR has 2 years sentence to serve then a transfer to an ASYLUM to await return from Overseas of her husband Army Officer FJR :     That morning I see a plain car collect her before 9 am from the little comfortable Army house we live in :    SHE PUSHED IN MY MOUTH and NOSE as she LEFT a WHITE POWDER = I became ill for some hours :   Good neighbours call me to see her put in the Police `Black Maria` behind the houses on a main road :   These are Army families moved out of London & know the good family RANSOM of Deptford - they have fed & clothed me GR 7/8 years old & my 2 brothers ages 6 & 3 years for some months now - 


1940/1941 :  TGR has made journeys to London for past year to her NOBLE friends - they have parties in famous places & on big ships and Aircraft carriers :   Locally she has been bullying old people in a HOME for retired and offering to get a price in London for their jewellery :

MRS MACDONALD and our other school teachers are from Scotland - they know the background of Teresa, Angela Bowes Lyon, Earls of Lindsay et al … they have given private evidence Wilts-Worcester Courts this autumn that a dangerous narcotic grown by Aristocrats of Scotland is responsible for the MADNESS … she has a bastard son from the du CANN family & they too grow this illegal narcotic : 


1942 JANUARY - I and my two brothers are taken by WVS ladies to the Railway station to begin a journey to CLACTON - where MARY GORDON our grandmother will meet us & take care of us :

A POLICEMAN is outside the RAILWAY CARRIAGE all the journey - one WVS lady is with us to nurse 3 years old Colin - The Policeman changes with another when we get halfway on the journey - IT IS KNOWN I AM THE LEGAL GROTE RANSOM HEIR and where the DANGER to me comes from criminally insane Aristocrats :

We arrive Clacton-on-Sea Railway station in the evening and are handed over to Granny Gordon - we go to her house - Not CRAIL

Skelmersdale Road - but the narrow house Walton Road where TGR and JIMMIE JONG (now a Major this-that in Buckingham Palace) - he & TGR burned all the photo albums, letters, histories GORDON at `Crail` =  October 1939 Granny woke up to find herself here in one of the 19th century Railway houses - she had been KNOCKED OUT BY THESE two for 2 weeks !  




1942 January - I and brother JGR attend the town Primary School run by Captain-Commadore LEROY a musician - the other teachers are come from retirement or invalided out of War - THEY ARE NEARLY ALL UNIVERSITY men and women :   


1942 February - TGR who often says she is not my mother & only wanted BOY children …  is allowed on a LEAVE of some days from the PRISON = we did not expect this :   She was nasty & got a lift to LONDON for two days - she returned & went drinking in the Town and in an Army Mess :   When she left I became trance like … perhaps Granny too … TGR had put sedatives in the beverages and on our pillows :


SHE NOW BEGAN HER WITCHCRAFT AGAIN - she learned this age 14 from the family of ANGELA of Glamis Castle Scotland :    We had witch dolls put in our beds - made from knitting needles, string, and vegetable peelings - I took one to school - MARY GORDON my granny then told me they were to be burned on the kitchen fire or torn in pieces and put in the dustbin :


1942 - probably FEBRUARY :    The young Polish man JAN KARSKI came - we had tea at the Priests House & went to a Benediction where he saw the great Catholic Church at its best - all shimmering gold in the candle light reflecting on the magnificent glass steps made in a FRENCH Loire Valley workshop :   We are the best Choir outside Westminster Cathedral :   I like the music of Monteverdi & Machaut and Josquin du Prey best …  


1942 MARCH - I am 9 years on the 11th :   At school a short brutish fat man came to ask us for money for The Ship Wreck Sailors of which he is Vice President - he wore a navy RN mac & everyone called him Lord LINDSEY :   He was very abrupt to me but spoke first at length to the girl from CASTLE HEDINGHAM soon to be 9 years - she is a SEA HEIRESS like me - her Uncle is Officer/Captain Patrick MacDrew RN a 1930s family of the GORDON family :   


Miss Castle Hedingham has had her father and 19 years old brother killed at this time - her mother is having another baby - LINDSEY demanded she give him her NEWFOUNDLAND Estate for the CROWN & the WAR  :   She said she had discussed this with her brother before his death recently - they could not do this - they had many tenants and responsibilities to the BAY and to a settlement & Church = she also has lands in CANADA & YUGOSLAVIA from her 900 years old SEA TRADING family :  


I was glared at by him and he may have said HE WAS MAKING ME A WARD of COURT - he will not do this … because he knows our GROTE RANSOM Estate then goes to OVERSEAS heirs = and he SPONGES from it   :  


1942 April - Miss Castle Hedingham age 9 years is found strangled beside the little road where she was going by bike to early morning Saturday Choir Practice :   A Lord Lindsay or Lindsey said `IT WAS A COMMON SOLDIER did it`   :  The RN nasty Lord Lindsey Ship Wreck Mariners Society collected in a kitchen bowl money from our school classes - boys from the Nonconformist families marked 2 shilling pieces = these were identified by the owners of the ROYAL HOTEL Bar where LINDSEYbuggarh had been drinking on this visit :    It is said they LINDSAY Tribe would before the war collect for the Red Cross with 2 tins - they always took one for themselves :


1942 April or May - Granny Gordon gets the BILL for the funeral of this SEA HEIRESS murdered by JIM Jong & LINDSEY soon EARL 14 :  HE IS AFTER PAYING 2 sets of DEATH DUTIES for the previous EARLS 12 and his brother now dying no 13 = READER may recall they stuck the heir aged 12 in a maritime experimental HOLE in the SEA 1909 & sailed away =  having INSURED this CHILD for an enormous AMOUNT of CASH - they lost out = Enquiry proved them guilty from the evidence given :


… After her Castle Hedingham murder a visit from the above monster murder Lord LINDSEY had him say to my class where she had been a clever 9 years old weeks ago    “ WHO IS THE RICHEST OF YOU ??? ”   - he pointed a fat finger at me :   Granny cried - she got BILL & went to old Grandpa Potter LIFEBOAT TOWN NEWSPAPER & PRINTING WORKS & they made several copies = and I took one in to the Headmaster commadore-Captain LEROY 1st World War …  who gave a distressed shout shriek = Granny had phoned the Funeral Parlour and he the owner said IT WAS A MOCK FUNERAL - the child`s body was to be flown to NEWFOUNDLAND … they were NOT happy about the whole matter … :   Soon her mother died and the baby :   


… The nasty brute became the 14th EARL of LINDSEY and PAID HIS DOUBLE DEATH DUTIES - it is HE New Year Eve 1953 at Nethrington Hall who is distributing bits of our 19 acres UNDER NEW YORK to 39 of his LINDSEY families MONSTERS and MOBSTERS … all of them were seen by 2 DETECTIVES to STUFF A PELLET of DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND UP THEIR SNOUTS … it’s a FAMILY CROP they STUN other Nations with selling it round the globe to make trouble spots …  :  

1937 SUMMER etc :


1942 Spring & Summer - TERESA GORDON Mrs Ransom was on too many LEAVES from her new Prison :  she went to London to visit her old friend OSWALD MOSLEY of the BLACK SHIRTS where he is in her old PRISON HOLLOWAY - they had tea parties & she took the RATIONS of me and little Colin - she calls us APES and ESKIMOS  :  ( she was imprisoned 1927-1931 - she and her chums were squatting on an old rich man at Highgate and the Police said it was only a matter of time before he died and all RECORDS disappeared … ) 


1942 summer - LEN Immanuel RANSOM my co-sub HEIR =

Granny has heard from LENNIE RAF posted to BLACKBURN with his Weddell 3rd cousin wife a nurse and their 2 years old baby boy Rudolf after her favourite Uncle :   He cannot LEAVE - it would be noticed - he has JIM around him sometimes :   but has sent a friend with messages for she and to see that I am able to go to school :    The friend comes and I take him to see our old house SHUT UP for WAR  `the House at the end of the Rec`   & he therefore sees vast RECREATION GROUNDS a few houses away from where we live with GRANNY MARY GORDON who has known LENNIE musician & artist then FLYER since 1932 the marriage of her daughter TERESA Gordon to his elder brother FREDERICK John RANSOM  … This young airman thinks the REC is a wonder for children and families … the lake the bridge the cricket grounds the wild meadow all alongside the RAILWAY to the world … all dove-tailing into the Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon ANCIENT LANDS …     


1942 Summer - after the visit from LENNIE I am attacked in the Recreation Ground by JIMMIE JONG (now a Major this-that at Buckingham Palace )  :  My grandmother found me bleeding drowsy and took me to the Hospital :   


… THEY NOW TOLD MARY GORDON THE CRIMES of her daughter and JIM JONG and LINDSAYbuggarhs before the WAR & the horrendous crime WHEN SHE Teresa  PUT A NAIL IN THE HEAD OF HER DAUGHTER GRETA 1938 - AND WENT TO ATTACK LENNIE WITH AN AXE that same day = TO CHOP OFF HIS FINGERS BECAUSE HE WAS A PIANIST IN DEMAND AROUND THE GLOBE NOW =   MARY GORDON was firmly told her daughter WAS NOT GETTING BETTER - she was kept hold of by THEM that MUCK LINDSAY & SCUM who had INFESTED our SEAFRONT FAR TOO LONG = the HOSPITAL said I was found AT SCHOOL to be DROWSY & ILL after she left on these TOO MANY LEAVES from the PRISON  :     I now got protection to and fro from school by the kindly concerned  :


1942 Summer - many scares - come the two men you do NOT WANT NEAR YOUNG CHILDREN - one a Magistrate - trying to say I am not being properly looked after by MARY GORDON :   She got rid of them !   But it must have worried her terribly :


1942 AUTUMN thus Granny MARY GORDON is trying to get family help from Ireland :   She is writing and phoning with a young cousin O`GRADY who is a junior Diplomat :


1942 - TGR is on too many LEAVES - she gives my brother JOHN stamped addressed envelopes to her at the PRISON - he is to tell her what we do and who calls !!!   


1942 November - The WAR is perhaps turning our way :

Granny is keeping us on her Pension - TGR is having ALL the money from my father - she also goes & bullies the little investments EAST ANGLIA that Len and I have so we learn how to manage our Estate - She is taking money off them :


1942 CHRISTMAS DAY - Granny MARY Helena GORDON is crying  - after giving us a lovely little Christmas dinner after we have been to morning Church which was lovely and so packed with people from town and area and some Army people …  and everybody friends … then we opened our presents …   :   


I tell Mrs READ our come out of retirement teacher who lives by the Recreation gates  - she has a degree from America - Mrs READ puts on her coat and says she will call on Mary - I am to take the 2 boys into the REC for a run - then we will have a nice CHRISTMAS TEA with Granny :   Mrs Read telephoned and got the Police to call on ADA an old friend of Woodford Green - ADA will come by train to-morrow Boxing Day to help Granny :

On the wireless BBC was a programme for small children - little Colin listened to PEPI a baby Polar Bear while we lit the candles on the Christmas Cake that the CO-OP Manager had put asked for MARY GORDON and her young ones :   I have the RADIO TIMES & newspapers for our Christmas Days the wartime from 1939 


1942 28th December - came Aunt Terry BUTLER of Manchester days - she was born 1899 :   she has a LANDGIRLS hostel to run during the War = she talked about modern paintings and Salford & Manchester life and the work at the MISSION Walton Liverpool by Bessie and Annie the sisters of her mother Julia  - some of the families know a Mr Lowry who collects rents :    We played indoor games after tea & I felt it was a real family again :


1943  1st JANUARY - We had cooked a big midday dinner - everything ready - TGR `Treasa` arrived :   She bragged she had spent the CHRISTMAS at CLIVEDEN with TOP ARMY BRASS all NATIONS :    She was horrible - took my dinner and ordered me into the scullery - SHE THEN ATE ALL MY MEAT and gravy :

1943 FEBRUARY - Treasa Gordon ransom has got RELEASE from the Prison - she does not have to SERVE the next year of the sentence and then be TRANSFERRED to an ASYLUM CLINIC to await the arrival from abroad of my father soon to be made a CAPTAIN in the BRITISH ARMY … THIS WAS A TERRIBLE SHOCK to have TGR loose - she is so horrible it makes me ashamed … and she is too BIG for me to fight her off when she is in the mood to   `GOD wants me to get rid of you … you bloody bitch … I never wanted YOU … … … `   SHE NEVER CEASES violent talk to me and Granny : 





THE NIGHTMARE GOES ON … 1943 - 21st century …  


… this can be followed in `scaffolding` by dates Document in 3 Parts ` 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc etc CLACTON & WEST GREENLAND ` 

And shorter in depth pieces are issued on … 

TWITTER is sometimes used for messages of work appearing & WORDPRESS is helpful to some Readers :    PHOTOGRAPHS and PICTURES are on the sites  … except WORDPRESS which does not take images :  


This is a FAMILIES HISTORY & it puts back upon earth the victims the MARTYRS of ARISTOCRAT Britain & SCANDINAVIA to make themselves RICH …  

=  WE,  the victims,  ARE PLACED UPON WORLD HISTORY especially 20th CENTURY … 






1942/43  :    ANDRE MALRAUX - MARY GORDON - GRETA RANSOM - Young PACELLI = becomes POPE PIUS 12 … & `young Cousin O`GRADY Ireland … in diplomatic service …  


VIOLENCE to & their families by British Aristocrats of Scotland & Imperial in-laws Norway-Denmark :  Arriving at WESTMINSTER 1923 their intention is to in secret take over the RANSOM Estate worldwide and demolish the GROTE HOMES educating to 18/22 years & further in PEACEFUL LIVING & concern for the fabric of earth & citizens of every RACE and Nation …   :  


MARY GORDON & her creative pure honest life :   

The READER should follow the years 1937 & 1942-1944 through these REPORTS 20th century - to better understand this GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide in the name of The BRITISH GOVERNMENT EARLS and LORDS et al & the BRITISH & Scandinavian CROWNS  : 



MARY GORDON -  born 1870 Sackville Street poisoned June 1944 - MARTYR  :   ( wife of George Ernest GORDON b 1868 poisoned 1937 March ) 

… my grandmother  MARY HELENA is a daughter of 5 of the CLASSICIST the R.C.  TERESA Murphy CARROLL shipping & farming families Dublin  =  marries John O`Brien WILLIAMS Superior Silversmith and Inventor of the Family of O`Brien Farming & International Finance    (  references in DEBRETT Peerage for all 3 families Murphy-Carroll-O`Brien et al  )   : 


1945 onwards  ANDRE MALRAUX to his death November 1976 calls these 5 daughters   “ MY INTELLECTUAL EQUALS ”  :   


1942 WARTIME BRITAIN :   Mr O`GRADY a diplomat related to above families - & letters exchanged - and the poems of 9 years old GRETA RANSOM   :   The places are CLACTON-on-SEA & Southern IRELAND =  VATIACAN & USA  : 

The short life of a Young IRISH cousin in the diplomatic world descending from the mid-19th century IRISH cousins of MARY Helena Williams GORDON =  1942 she the Grandmother to GRETA RANSOM now age 9 years  : 



1960 January Colne Engaine NIGHTWATCH - 

SPEAKER prob. Dr John RAY Ransom :  


“ … To awaken your memory … your GRANDMOTHER Mary Gordon born 1870 lived until she was 9 years of age with her parents & sisters, their only brother John at 12/13 Sackville Street DUBLIN - they grew up with many cousins in IRELAND … Her cousins married in the late 19th/early 20th century and had children as she … everyone was in touch … one Irish-American joined the Order of Dominicans & still  (1960)  lives in the VATICAN  :


“ YOUNG O`GRADY :  1942 after the SUMMER - she had been WARNED by Hospital and other authorities of the MADNESS of her daughter Teresa from THEM who grew FROGSPAWN = the illegal NARCOTIC Divinorum Salvia Scotland - how they became SO MAD there was NO WAY TO TURN THEM ROUND … Your Detective Arthur Malone has learned all this in just 3 weeks  (January 1960)   travelling around Clacton and the district :     Can you remember hearing your grandmother Mary Gordon who is being harassed by ANGELA & JIM speaking about informing swiftly a young cousin O-GRADY = 


O`GRADY … we learn HE has a post as a junior Diplomat … a right hand to the right hand of the Ambassador perhaps … he was hoping for a POSTING to the VATICAN where he would be at home with his cousin & the friend of the Elders in his Irish families - The IRISH families of your grandmother Mary Gordon referred to a Catholic man they knew as `young Pacelli` … … …  The Elders in the families sometimes travelled to ROME to speak upon pastoral matters … and enjoy the company of relatives and friends :   YOU HAVE HAD A VISIT FROM A YOUNG MAN named JAN KARSKI … he came down from London by train with others … he saw the great Church on the cliffs … he has also come to speak with your grandmother as it is suggested by the Catholic Church Westminster that she can write to her cousins in Southern Ireland TO GET HIM HELP … to have him meet PACELLI … he now a POPE … 


1960 SPEAKER is Dr JOHN RAY on NIGHTWATCH January 1960  


“  She is WRITING letters, and speaking on the telephone …  you may have gathered that your Grandmother is warning young O`GRADY of events now become frightening - she did not know if your father was alive - she had heard boasting that he was to die in the PHILIPPINES = & that he should never have been sent there - his Army skills were badly needed at home =


… She has also had a Magistrate with a brother who mauls young children call upon her and say YOU are to be made a WARD of COURT … she had to produce you one afternoon … she told these MEN they COULD NOT TALK WITH YOU ALONE :    She has dismissed this man and his brother with her intelligent discourse … BUT SHE IS WORN OUT & she has had monies stolen from her …  That Spring she has been sent the BILL for the FUNERAL of the murdered 9 years old SEA HEIRESS of CASTLE HEDINGHAM who was in your Class at the Captain Leroy Primary school …


… ANDRE used to speak with them after the war … he joined in town activities … musical and even taught a 15 minutes a time in the schools … no one doubted he did not know of his FULL GUARDIANSHIP …  He was fragile because of the deaths of JOSETTE and his two brothers in the war just ending … `  :


“  Mary Gordon your grandmother … SHE HAS YOU WRITE OUT SOME LITTLE POEMS YOU HAVE COMPOSED - your handwriting shows you are not retarded … he cousin O`GRADY replies that he is happy to receive them … in their neat tissue paper wrappers … they show you have many thoughts and of a deep nature … he is proud to have been sent them by you … …  …


1943 …   “  Cousin O`GRADY -  He replies    “  he can remember she Teresa  and her fat TUB chum Angela wrestling on a dance hall floor 1920s - the appointment 1937 is a sadness … they are obviously harming you so they can take over the Estate …  ”    …  HE INTENDS TO GET HELP …  


O`GRADY -  He may have been able to investigate the whereabouts of your father and get his letters to your grandmother sent … at last she hears from her son in-law an Officer and in 1943 made a British Army Captain …  FJR survived because he speaks JAPANESE like all of the RANSOM family   :


`YOUNG O`GRADY  :   HE WAS TO TAKE A PLANE … went missing … the plane had no log book we heard later … we hear no more … PEOPLE ARE DISAPPEARING WITHOUT TRACE …  so Aristocrat Britain can be rich again …  ”     


“ … Young cousin O`GRADY - he had been told you were thick in the head - your grandmother knew from 1942 that you were not - you were frail and without much memory when SHE was near you … Mary GORDON understood this by Summer 1942 - perhaps the full awakening to the evil created om her daughter came from the murder of your classmate earlier that year - RECALL an unpleasant short fat man in called RN raincoat who represented The Shipwreck Mariners Society - his family LINDSAY-LINDSEY have a bolt hole on Clacton Seafront alongside the ROYAL HOTEL … a little slip of land … this place called then GRAND is not noticed at first :  That MARCH 1942 he was rudely addressing in your Classroom two little just 9 years old sea heiresses - YOU and the Castle Hedingham child = SHE now sole heir with her mother to pieces of land NEWFOUNDLAND, YUGOSLAVIA CANADA - they have agricultural and fishing communities on them where people LIVE IN HARMONY WITH NATURE as much as is possible ”   :



```  This 9 years old is the niece of the family friend at Clacton the Catholic Patrick MacDrew - his brother and son have just been wilfully killed and called WAR VICTIMS - they are a 900 years old Sea Trading family - JIM and the LINDSAY heir Lindsey have already killed older members of this family as WAR approached - they have hovered about it for sometime :    … this unpleasant Lord Lindsey and his friend JIM will strangle her just become age 9 years as she goes to early choir practice - THIS TRIBE NEED MONEY FAST - an Earl has died and another his brother (Earls 12 & 13)  is to die in some months of old age = the heir to this Premier Earl-ship is then this fat unpleasant criminally insane RN man … He needs to PAY the BRITISH double DEATH DUTIES very soon -  From 1939 JIM is in the Palace with a friend from his childhood - she moved in 1937 … JIM a PIMP has actually had a flat at the back of the PALACE since 1923 - YOU MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT ALL OF THEM ARE FRIENDS OF YOUR MOTHER = And they have been up to very nasty mischief for money since the end of the 1st World War :  ```




MEMO :   The file `Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE - SEAS EDGES`  dove tales into the events from `1937 SUMMER` to  ` MARY GORDON = CALENDAR 1942` then continues into the SLAYING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - and a number of other Files including et al : 






PRISON AGAIN :   “  Your mother has been returned to a prison in Wiltshire - Worcestershire December 26th 1941  :     


You were fine and a bright child WHEN SHE WAS NOT ALLOWED HER TOO MANY LEAVES from her Prison sentence - Mary Gordon and her families had trouble from JIM and ANGELA since the Great War … first they wanted the GORDON lands - then ANGELA got a Crown it would have been best she did not have - the SLAYING of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN is taking place under cover of this new WAR …


1940/41 -   “  TRY RECALL your heroic dashes across the Salisbury Plains after dark to get a message to your Brokers & relatives the respectable little firm of GROTE New York  = An AMERICAN Surgeon dentist was returning via CANADA to the USA = YOUR TEACHERS HAD THE NOTE WRITTEN BY A PARENT … they dared not be seen … two of them had known ANGELA & her family  since she was a teenager … they were in a frightening position … they had saved you from being drowned in a school wash basin one early evening - THEY KNEW WHAT THIS NARCOTIC WAS grown in Scotland  …  THAT THESE ARISTOCRAT SCOTS USED IT TO WORK THEMSELVES INTO A FRENZY OF HATE AND GREED … ”    


1942 -  It was friend ANGELA who was arranging the too frequent RELEASES from the country Prison for your mother Teresa who is the troublesome daughter of MARY GORDON :   


 1942/1943 -  it is well reported that ANGELA was telephoning the Prison Authorities saying that     `Teresa is needed to take care of her sons … 

THIS IS A SLIGHT ON MARY GORDON … many people knew this well … ! 


 … Teresa a fool or a violent half-wit was believing them  … her criminally insane aristocrat friends - They had told her when she married your young father ( FJR 1932 )  that the three of them would SHARE this worldwide ESTATE if she made you a half-wit :  They were heard laughing at the LINDSAY-LINDSEY gang who had claimed you from birth for CULLING … they intended deceiving them …  Mirth and liquor had them heard saying how they would hand some little Christmas presents to Tribe LINDSAY =  YOUR MOTHER WAS TO GO ON HARMING YOU and your younger brother COLIN - she claimed that your brother JGR was another bastard … …  


…  Before the war there were many scares at the attacks on you … some diaries were kept and town records  :      1940 your father sent off to his death … then YOU to be exposed at any school and in the towns as half witted and unable to learn - their friend TERESA had to get you locked up … they had tried saying you were not the child of your father BUT photographs showed this to be unlikely - and at your birth in COLCHESTER were several RANSOM family members - A DELIBERATE STILL BIRTH had been ordered as was the custom in Scotland with unwanted HEIRS  … …  I am told by people of note that certain TRIBES are best kept in SCOTLAND as they use a deadly narcotic & are insane  … ” 


“  … …  CAN YOU RECALL that the GROTE CHILDREN ARE DEAD … a few escaped and are carefully protected = It would have been wise to broadcast this SLAUGHTER immediately to the world =  WE COULD HAVE SEEN THAT REPRISALS TO BRITISH CITIZENS ABROAD DID NOT HAPPEN =  WE COULD HAVE GOT HELP FROM MANY CIVILIZED NATIONS who had a GROTE HOME =  THE KILLERS could have been swiftly locked up … removed … BY LEAVING THIS HORRENDOUS CRIME UNEXPOSED the slaughter has gathered speed = all whom know of it have been put in danger  … ... ”


“ …   Your father says sometimes little messages came from MALRAUX the Guardian … ` he was too busy just then …`  … MALRAUX has said he received NO COMMUNICATIONS from your father … he knew nothing of his full GUARDIANSHIP other than he had accepted gladly you as a WARD and Josette had agreed … Because of the failure 1947 of the Catholic marriage he got MENGELE around him … that first year 1947 he HARRINGTON had persuaded two FRENCH doctors that they should LOCK him ANDRE MALRAUX in an ASYLUM as he `MENGELE` found him a violent IDIOT :   MALRAUX says there was treachery in his own homes PARIS from 1946 and then LONDON from 1952  … … ” 




1947 SUMMER - HE, Andre Malraux,  CONTINUED WORKING for GENERAL CHARLES de GAULLE whom he had confided in at the time of the marriage 17 April 1947 - he had told him that he was GUARDIAN to Greetha from autumn 1937 = they were very agreeable to each other … and the General supported him in his good intentions towards you his Ward …   He had to inform General de GAULLE September 1947 that THE VATICAN had cancelled the early wedding to Greta Ransom :  


READER please note :    I have known him young MALRAUX since 1937 that SUMMER of HAPPINESS when we were with Josette & Mary Gordon just widowed … the day of his arrival my family RANSOM had rushed to SPAIN because the LINDSAYBUGGARHS et al have been given an ESTATE by ANGELA at her Coronation - it belongs to the British-Ethiopian Missionaries/London Mission Society/ distant cousins - the LINDSAY & others burned alive in MARMALADE and OLIVE OIL this 22  years old cousin only child = he is translating important Arab documents of a 900 years old SEA TRADING & SHIPPING family … MALRAUX never knew of this until 1960s …


1937 SUMMER  :     Early Readers may recall that  ` I actually first encounter ANDRE MALRAUX November 1935`  when he passes by the little restaurant where my RANSOM-Weddell family  AND ME  are having AN EARLY SUPPER with WALTER BENJAMIN …    Times are very serious because GERMANY got a poor deal at the VERSAILLES Treaty and after   !    BUT I HEAR the grown-ups saying that young ANDRE MALRAUX passing by 

“ lives in a MUSEUM  ”   - as I watched his tall thin figure pass by the windows I thought  `HOW NICE - I WOULD LIKE TO LIVE IN A MUSEUM`` … next day we saw that MUSEUM in PARIS … perhaps he swings through the trees like TARZAN … ??? 


1938 - I will PROPOSE marriage to him Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX in letters cards XMAS 1938 :  

` IF JO DOES NOT WANT YOU `  … It was written for me by Aunt Winnie in a Boots Chemist Christmas Card of a BIG RED PUFFER TRAIN … he had it in November 1957 !!!      WE ARE OLD CHUMS … and have a lot to do for the WORLD …    


1947 September :   He, ANDRE MALRAUX, shattered by the events of that SUMMER  so threatening our EARLY WEDDING of April 1947 allowed by my Roman Catholic GUARDIAN `young Pacelli`   (= Pope Pius 12 now)     had been forced to sign a PAPER at Clacton that September in the presence of she TERESA nee Gordon/Mrs Ransom …    ( whom he had briefly known CHRISTMASTIDE 1924/25 )   and the kindly District Nurse Connie NAPPER  =  she with her daughter had attended their simple dignified marriage ceremony in the CHURCH of OUR LADY - he a choir member from June 1945 … All guests were invited by the spinster sister of Teresa who is Miss Win Gordon who had been in the ATS  :   


…  That September 1947 he was informed by his mother-in-law TERESA GORDON RANSOM that if he did NOT sign the PAPERS for the VATICAN who had ENDED the MARRIAGE then his CAREER in FRANCE was at an end  ”   =   NB :   she with her NOBLE criminally insane is also criminally insane … … …  :  


`  He had no idea that she Teresa in the presence of District Nurse Connie Napper was telling insane LIES :     He had no idea that she Teresa Gordon Ransom had NOT been summoned to THE VATICAN August 1947 and had NOT been told the marriage was cancelled by THE POPE -   SADLY at this time he had no idea he PACELLI was a friend of the families from the end of the 19th century - But he, MALRAUX,  should have gathered this perhaps and other matters from the sisters of MARY GORDON … she had died 1944 & he sorely missed her good understanding of the 20th century world  … He, MALRAUX,  considered her sisters Miss Bessie and Miss Annie as his INTELLECTUAL EQUALS … they had helped him through his WIDOWHOOD from JOSETTE who had a violent death 1944 … the townsfolk and his connections of the SUMMER 1937 helped …  It was here EAST ANGLIA, where his mother had ancestors, that he and JO found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT … His aunts they were from the marriage day,  Bessie and Annie, had helped him immediately cope with his bereavement :   he also had his two younger brothers killed in the WAR …    :


1947 AUGUST  :   He ANDRE MALRAUX had no idea August 1947 she Teresa Gordon RANSOM was refused a visit to the VATICAN and had, in fact,  NOT been allowed to leave the AIRPORT ROME = The Father of Greta did NOT attend the wedding … she and her sister Miss Winifred Gordon had given him the impression she had married a common lower class man … HER SISTER HAD BEEN IN CHARGE OF ALL THE WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS … it was stressed the younger sister Esther Mrs Potter was too busy with her household and children :    HE AND PROFESSOR WINNCLEMANN and HIS WIFE were fooled by Teresa and her sister MISS WIN … 




  MEMORANDUM :     he called her Miss Minnie after speaking to her in 1963 … her remarks were not satisfying … she told him his dead sons were in heaven with their mother Josette ”    : 


1961 - 1967 … onwards :     He saw Greta from time to time …she was very thin … MENGELE had said SHE WAS DYING … but  she always looked very calm and she had got very slim …  he was too full of MISERY at the deaths of his sons May 1961 to speak to her …  But she was in the charge of his Detective Arthur Malone and the friends of her Gordon family Philip Silverlee in INSURANCE London and Argentina … she had taken a job in the City of London & he was told it was best to leave the young girl to recover from the past years -  a helping hand looking after her daily was given sometimes by Captain Pat MacDrew another 1930s friend of the family = 





1942/43 = MARY GORDON she & her grandchildren in DANGER … & cousin O`GRADY junior Diplomatic Post CONTINUES = 

after a few pages of the future :    

 Young cousin O`GRADY junior Diplomatic Post = he trying to help MARY GORDON his relative and grandchildren =  Greta Ransom her grand-daughter born 1933 HEIR  with Len I. Ransom brilliant FLYER & artist-MUSICIAN-writer uncle born 1921 to the miracle Estate encircling the world GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN educating to 18 and beyond worldwide …  and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` …  




1970 January-February - EVIL-EVIL-EVIL  - The Pillar House HARWELL Village :   


speaks to Peter J.P.  Whitehead & Greta Ransom W. … … 


“  … … … incidentally MacDrew is the uncle of the MURDERED 9 years old SEA HEIRESS of CASTLE HEDINGHAM … she and Greta 1942 age 9 years were in the same CLACTON SCHOOL … … … ” 

…  he had met the teachers 1945 of all the schools in the town and the district  - he had not understood what Captain `Humperdinck` had meant that June when he said `NO CHILD HEIR IS SAFE IN ENGLAND TO-DAY Andre !!    Many people thought he KNEW of his GUARDIANSHIP …`      He MALRAUX is saying he had NEVER seen a document from the ESTATE to which he was full GUARDIAN 1937 onwards - until 1962 …  :    he could only feel weary at the DISCEIT that he and General de GAULLE had about them these past years … & deceit in & about his own French families too … `   


He MALRAUX learned all these things the years ahead beginning CHRISTMAS 1959 into the 1960s :   By this time his sons had died in a car accident - he and General de GAULLE did not see the legal WILL of Margaret GROTE until March 1962 = communications were interfered with from the beginning in a very PROFESSIONAL WAY - it would have been impossible to do so without the FULL assistance of the GOVERNMENT of GREAT BRITAIN … …  


(NOTA BENE :   He does not know the EVIL with drugs and operations on YOUNG HEIRS by MENGELE HARRINGTON until the gynaecologist of the 1950s `THEOPOMPOS` group London speaks to him 1975 :  MALRAUX dies November 1976 - this man who was 23 years in 1954 & helped save my life that February is then PERSECUTED by the creature Doctor MENGELE HARRINGTON … a PIMP who goes about with ARISTOCRAT and ROYAL figures from 1951 :   It was still INVESTIGATING us, my families, 1980 - with PETER J.P. WHITEHEAD and TWIN it began persecuting LEN Immanuel RANSOM - stripping him of identity and moneys his own from ARGENTINA and INDIA =  … …  … MENGELE and all of them had BIG MOONLIGHT privileges & EXPENSES from WHITEHALL … MENGELE Harrington is still sure it is to be made A PEER of BRITAIN … )


1957 November :   He, MALRAUX,  was surprised November 1957 when he called on the Pope  (Pacceli = Pius 12)  to hear him say  “  I NEVER CANCELLED THE      ( does the Southern Irish & Ransom families friend `YOUNG PACELLI` say to MALRAUX  `Your (?) marriage `  = are they speaking in French-English-LATIN ? )    MARRIAGE TO THE GRANDDAUGHTER OF MARY GORDON … ”  


MEMORANDUM :   1957 - MALRAUX has said to me Greta Ransom November 1957  ` During his talk to me the POPE grew increasingly impatient with me … and had bid me go talk to the Bishops … I did not like to say `HOW DO YOU KNOW MARY GORDON ?`    

I was confused - I backed away and bowed my head and left … I will go round the corner and ask The Oblate when they expect Aunt Bessie to come up for an afternoon tea … she will perhaps have some explanation … ”    … The British Government and Crown is abusing the VATICAN as from 1937/1938 :  


IF I HAD BEEN LEFT IN PEACE I THINK I MIGHT HAVE RECALLED SOMETHING - but MENGELE and spies follow me every day … … … There have been 2 abductions of me … MALRAUX thinks it is to do with DIRTY JIMMIE now running A VICE CLUB at WHITES … MALRAUX as a young WRITER has known JIMMIE as a BAR RAT of PARIS 1920s … … … 


 I Greta RANSOM could not help him - Teresa Gordon R. ( she is now denying again she is my mother )   and ANGELA and The MACMILLAN Dr KALGARI Cabinet down the WHITEHALL are sending me spiteful messages … “ … it would be best if ANDRE & GREETAH were dead ”   says Harold MacMillan 


…  1934 This penniless Aristocrat HAROLD MACMILLAN was banned from GREECE for LIFE by GREEK Parliament when caught stealing Art Works from a Greek Island GROTE HOME for CHILDREN - & he had been attempting MOLESTING of the 16 -17 years old GREEK ORPHANS = they in HIGH EDUCATION the curriculum of TIGGY GROTE approved nations A-Z the globe from 1870s onwards :


1957 October … and another message comes by several honest persons from ANGELA-rum tum tum Queen Mum =  she   ( former Miss Bloody Liar Scotland )   has sent a racist message that   “ GREETAH … she does not have to straighten her HAIR anymore  ”     : 


WHAT A FOUL MOUTHED NATION AT THE HELM … they sound like LINDSAYbuggarhs & ilk before & during the 1939-1945 World  WAR … Half of land owning titled Scotland had tiny SWASTIKAS tattooed in their ears and the best silk flags showing SWASTIKAS ready `should he get over the channel into ENGLAND ` … …  as honest intelligent folk CLACTON-ON-SEA SEAFRONT would say 1930s    “  DOG PILES … covered in bluebottles … what has this nice town done to deserve THEM … they bring their VERMIN with them …  ”   


1970 January :   THE PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL evening visits into February-March 1970 - ANDRE MALAUX retired 1969 MINISTER of CULTURE FRANCE friend and in-law to the RANSOM and Scotland GORDON & Southern Irish families Murphy-O`Brien-Carroll - Welsh Williams et al  :

Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX is calmly answering questions from Peter J.P. Whitehead & requesting that I Greta RANSOM be allowed to listen to his DEFENCE of we two and my families =   


 … … … But ANDRE MALRAUX a man with a GOOD SOUL does NOT know how he himself bereaved of his sons in this, and retired from FRENCH GOVERNMENT age 69 years,  and I and MY families are scoffed at by the WHITEHEAD TWINS - now calling themselves HEDONIST PLAYBOY MILLIONAIRES … XMASTIDE 1967-1968 they have joined their old chum known to them since 1936/ 1937 ANGELA who gathers up WARDS of COURTS to pay her BILLS -  and the LINDSAY-LINDSEY GANGS whom they have known at schools and Sports & SWELL PARTIES :    READER can find from 19th/20th century HISTORIES  that all these coin less Scotland  aristocrats live by cunning criminal insanity once they have been allowed BIG BOOT IN with MOONLIGHT Westminster authority …  : 


 1970 January - MALRAUX is saying to PJPW The Pillar House HARWELL Village = 

PJPW a scientist in Fishes BM Natural History Museum London :     


 “ NO”  =  he could not immediately recall that the Pope had sent him two of his own watercolours - delivered after the marriage that afternoon - a Priest came down with them from Westminster but would not stay as he had other matters to attend to … The watercolours were accompanied by a short written note in the handwriting of the Pope - he believed he had signed himself PACELLI … HE HAD FORGOTTEN … he was made ill that summer 1947 … he was being threatened … his sons were now NOT ALLOWED leave France to come to a Catholic School in England as arranged by the family of Greetah … He had agreed with this choice … AMPLEFORTH …  MARY GORDON had been killed June 1944 … He was escorted often about the Town that first year by her daughter Miss Win Gordon ex-ATS … 


1968 November onwards :   1970 January PJPW and twin wish to blame and dirty Greta and Andre - The Whitehead twins have from 1968 January been under the WING of ANGELA & British Government Earls and Lords set swiftly set about ROBBERY with VIOLENCE overseas from early 1968 = they are to help in destroying the GROTE RANSOM worldwide ESTATE = the 3 RANSOM brothers FJR/JRR/LIR who are the legal administrators of the ESTATE are to be more abused and deceived :    HERE IS BIG MONEY - all will have more SHARES … more portions will be handed out … 


… Of course, the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN will go on being COVERED UP = PJPW and twin are to report to Doc Mengele HARRINGTON any information on WHO STILL KNOWS of GENOCIDE and the THEFT of pieces of the immaculate FLOWER GARDEN around the GLOBE =  established with the first circle of GROTE HOMES 1964 on RANSOM historic lands =   READER can recall that we RANSOM 20th century are of 14 Races and 27 Nations = a gift from our BRIDES back to the early centuries AD      


MALRAUX continues to the discomfort of PJPW  :   

 “ By September that year 1947 I was so confused …  ”  …   


He explains in a quiet controlled voice that he had been told by Teresa Gordon Ransom and an acquaintance Nurse Connie NAPPER that the MARRIAGE had been cancelled at ROME and he was to sign a paper … HE WAS that summer from July THREATENED by MENGELE whom he knew then as HARRINGTON a new GP … he had gathered about him in PARIS some medical names two OF THEM IMPORTANT  - he wished to lock up ANDRE MALRAUX as INSANE because of the CATHOLIC marriage - Mengele had been PIMPING on the WHITEHALL since 1938 on ORDERS that he discredit MALRAUX & have ALL COMMUNICATIONS to him STOPPED :       MALRAUX continues telling that he was frightened of losing his LIBERTY - he had NO INTENTION of RENOUNCING THE MARRIAGE … HE HAD BEEN DECEIVED … and in  his own home in PARIS since 1947 …


1957 DECEMBER =  I Greta Ransom am told the above by Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX at 50 Lancaster Gate Square … I have objected to MENGELE Doctor H. entering the House :     He is a maniac harmer of babies & children and young people - he is allowed to BOOT IN and search us all - we young people who live here = and he can infest the place when MALRAUX is over from PARIS … 

I have objected to MENGELE booting into my bedroom after midnight and searching my possessions - and he and DIRTY JIMMIE    ( =  Cur James WHITES now a VICE BAR =  this is old Jimmie Jong but I cannot recall pre-war days … )   taking money from this CATHOLIC CHARITY …


… ANDRE MALRAUX says he cannot kick them out because they hold over him and General de Gaulle the failed marriage to me 1947 when I was still A CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL  :    NOW HE HAS HEARD FROM POPE PIUS 12 himself that HE NEVER CANCELLED THE MARRIAGE TO THE GRAND-DAUGHTER of MARY GORDON … but he MALRAUX knew the Pope was impatient with him and did not like to question him `HOW DO YOU KNOW MARY GORDON` ???    MALRAUX feeling a fool at the impatience of the POPE during the short interview he had requested as he was advised to do by GENERAL DE GAULLE …  


… OUR LIVES NOW ENTER more REALMS OF on-going DECEIT & VIOLENCE ORGANISED BY GROSS BRITAIN SCOTLAND and relatives & in-laws of the Crown of ANGELA … I nearly lost my life 4 times - MALRAUX twice …  


1957 early NOVEMBER :     VATICAN - so permission is given to ANDRE MALRAUX to REVOW if we wish to but he is told it is not necessary as the MARRIAGE HAS NEVER BEEN CANCELLED to GRETA RANSOM  … Thus 7th January 1958 to church AGAIN we go - Church of St Etheldreada Crypt the City of London - EVIL FOLLOWS us again TO THE ALTAR … Again wedding presents stolen … IT BECOMES SO WICKED what is about us that the READER is best go to my first webbed work `scaffolding` Document in 3 Parts  “ 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND ”  

and on this site above as `WEDDING of GRACE 17 April 1947`   :   


  And continuing in length on File WEDDING OF GRACE  …

  www. … 

possibly on the WORDPRESS too … which is plain type-face and no pictures and colour … un-edited work is sometimes on this site : 


1957 November =  MALRAUX MISSION & London home at St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square =  SO DID JENNY BRETT object to MALRAUX and in tears told me she had done so =  JIMMIE was using a false name in this building - HE WAS NOT SIR JAMES HARRISON - he was an old man she had known in the family when a child !    She was OBJECTING to the entry of SIR JAMES the Steward of WHITES and that paedophile Doctor as she called him  = SHE NOW GAVE coming MINISTER ANDRE MALRAUX HER NOTICE … she in tears …    :   


JENNY BRETT  ( READER can find them in DEBRETT Peerage  brother is the scholar Martin Brett Cambridge University - under WHITEHEAD Baronetcy   she is a 2nd cousin to the WHITEHEAD TWINS )   - 


1957 November :   JENNY married to a young Barrister, with a 2 years old son :    

… she had come briefly as Assistant to MALRAUX autumn 1957 - she left in tears after 5 weeks - unfortunately she had put in a LETTER to SCOTLAND YARD = this got her interference in her life for the rest of her life  = 


… she & the Whitehead twins are the great-grandchildren of JAMES LORD MAYOR of London 1888 = he an honourable QUAKER family of ORTON Appleby Cumbria :    His son REW was searched, attacked & died, 1940/41, pushed over into or beside the River Thames at Wallingford early winter morning by JIMMIE JONG now calling himself MAJOR JAMES of BUCKINGHAM PALACE Special Information Unit to advise the KING and ANGELA now a QUEEN since 1937 … …   


( = this is Angela of Glamis Castle the Bowes Lyon Tribe )   and her delicate health husband whose elder brother Edward has been KICKED OUT 1936 of his KINGSHIP by these SCOTS TRIBES narcotic growers … … …


Nota bene :     the truths of a falling Empire would make block-buster MOVIES and riches immense … …  … & perhaps give some common sense to the 1950s onwards MEDIA lowered intellect of the good persons of Britain …  


 (  NNB = ANDRE MALRAUX will have his 2 sons killed in May 1961 - another of these spoof road accidents & killing crimes that JIM and LINDSAY-LINDSEY are so excellent at since the 1920s :   

… … …  The only excuse for all of these VERMIN is that they  GROW on their ancestral estates Scotland a lethal narcotic DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND … it brings in big money from the seedy parts of the BRITISH EMPIRE and they know how to TAKE IT to GO VIOLENTLY FORTH AND ROB OTHERS :  … ) 







Clacton-on-Sea/Southern Ireland/LONDON Westminster Diocese RC /


 1942/1943 :   O`GRADY a young cousin S. IRELAND in the diplomatic world :     MARY GORDON - Imperial & Aristocrat VIOLENCE at her 3 grandchildren RANSOM who are under 10 years of age  :   


… …  and in the autumn my grandmother MARY GORDON is sending a young diplomatic posted cousin O`GRADY serious news about her daughter Teresa and Noble friends of those old days 1920s that laid the families LOW :    the witchcraft of Teresa & Angela has arisen again & curses sent by THEM to she and her grand-daughter Greta Ransom  =    


1942 autumn - POEMS -  Mary Gordon is stressing now to he young cousin O`GRADY and others of the family that there is NOTHING wrong with you her granddaughter and also the GROTE RANSOM heir !     AS PROOF … She sends him your little gift - some poems you have written now you are 9 years of age since March 1942 … they are individually wrapped in tissue paper … 




…  This is when your mother the former Teresa Gordon is FAR TOO OFTEN let OUT on LEAVES from that PRISON Wiltshire-Worcester this arranged by JIM and ANGELA :   Your trance state is being done in THEIR usual way = THEY & companions, families,  have always been putting KNOCK OUT POWDERS in food and drink and on pillows … an old game these Scots aristocrats have seen their parents use to get money and jewellery off old relatives and friends … sometimes they lock them up in a Loony Bin/NUT house … where they are kept sedated :     By 1947 the child and baby abuser of a SCOTS TRIBE HARRINGTON is able to do this = BEFORE he has received his 2 years Study GP Certificate from HONG KONG = Swiftly called MENGELE by nervous Medical men LONDON is backed by IMPERIAL and ARISTOCRAT BRITAIN and Norway-Denmark = HE IS THE MOST EVIL SADISTIC `Doctor` they can find … to stop the GENOCIDE crime arising … if ANDRE MALRAUX discovers he is GUARDIAN not only to Greta Ransom but to a worldwide abused vast piece of PHILANTHROPY ”   :



1970 January a winter night :   The PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL = to the annoyance of Peter J.P. Whitehead of FISHES Dept.  British Museum NATURAL HISTORY,  in answer to his question in a joking fashion to ANDRE MALRAUX … 

`Would you have accepted this full Guardianship Fellah ? …  if you had received your communications  … known what it was all about … ? `


…  A solemn looking ANDRE MALRAUX says across the table  ( come here )   “ YES Peter - I WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED IMMEDIATELY - IT WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR - IT WAS WHAT I KNEW I COULD DO … I have been bereaved in this THEFT by your GOVERNMENT of BRITAIN   …  ”   !!!!  

I am warning you - do not TRUST Teresa and her NOBLE FRIENDS … they ARE MAD !!!    MAD !!!    INSANE !!!! 




 It is 1942 WARTIME BRITAIN = 

… at the SEAS EDGES CLACTON-on-sea     :


 …   I  Greta Ransom remember my childhood poems - some I fasten with a tissue cover and secure with embroidery silks  - my favourite colours are lavender shades and lemon yellow  and all the strange shades of green …

The poems address nature the seas edges sometimes -  and are woven about the ignorant coarse greedy thinking of aristocrats who want to harm me and to TAKE BITS OF THE MIRACLE ESTATE FOR THEMSELVES … they spend on clothes & luxuries and horses and wasteful activities and they think nothing of killing people for money …

My father writes poems and many of the people we know now in the wartime … we are encouraged to write stories and diaries and poems and learn music at our schools …


…  1939-1945 WARTIME =  and WE CHILDREN ARE READING THE NEWSPAPERS and seeing NEWSREELS at the Cinema often once a week … and hearing the BBC morning and evening NEWS broadcasts :    CINEMAS are WARM in wintertime BRITAIN … … … sometimes there are casualties amongst friends and relatives and townsfolk and the surrounding villages and towns of Essex and Suffolk … we then go sadly through the hours of dawn to dusk …  


1945 May = ANDRE MALRAUX the WIDOWER of JOSETTE arrives to CLACTON-on-Sea … Miss Win Gordon ex-ATS my aunt and her bastard nephew EDWARD du CANN  and his fraudsters are warning key figures around MALRAUX that the matter of the ESTATE must not be spoken upon as it is a MATTER for MALRAUX  and HE  and Captain RANSOM should he return from THE WAR … and the Catholic Church ROME of course will be consulted … …  …  DU CANN is a nasty liar - he stuffs the PURPLE NARCOTIC up his SNOUT    :  


BASTARD Edward du Cann is from a TRIBE rooting in SCOTLAND who grow and wheel-and-deal   in the SCOTLAND illegal PURPLE NARCOTIC called Divinorum Salvia Scotland   :    


…  this little bit of VERMIN begins telling people in the overseas ADMINISTRATION of the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE that he has been given  “ MALAYA AND OTHER MONEYS ”   by THE HEIRS … He needs dropping in Oceanus Germanicus - he is spiteful and coarse thinking and a DIRTY LITTLE LIAR & 1957 tries have me & Colin killed by HARRINGTON whom he too knows as `MENGELE` a sadistic maniac  :    A BIT OF HORROR for the unsuspecting is that his MOTHER May 1924 is TERESA GORDON - HE HAS NO legal authority over me & my heir LEN Immanuel RANSOM …  !     HE IS, like all of these FREAKS,  as RESPONSIBLE as they for the on-

going GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN and the good FELLOWSHIP of the RANSOM ESTATE encircling the GLOBE  - he will continue to interfere with they in my life and in the life of ANDRE MALRAUX … 


MEMORANDUM :   Mrs Margaret Thatcher included him as Party Chairman in her Government … before he progressed to the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT … he is a terrible womanizer & half the size of his mother Teresa Gordon =  People sometimes commented   `HOW did dear Teresa manage to give birth to anything so small … but he does have her face … on his diminutive shoulders … `   :   


1942/1943 =  our young cousin O`GRADY must be added to the MARTYRS of the 20th century : 






MEMO :   Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944/1945 

dove-tails into MARY GORDON CALENDAR 1942 :  & `1937 SUMMER etc.` 




1944 3 June - MARY GORDON is poisoned - her granddaughter Greta Ransom is to be taken to relatives SOUTHERN IRELAND - Magistrate Document grants this :   


POISONING is confirmed Clacton-on-Sea Hospital & other witnesses :    

SHE and her grand-daughter GRETA RANSOM were awaiting    

(??? Or HAD IT ARRIVED ??? )     a MAGISTRATE Document  … … …   allowing she to take me GR to Southern IRELAND to safety = to await return of my father Captain Frederick John RANSOM recalled 1943 by WAR OFFICE “FOR HOME DUTIES” …  did young cousin O`GRADY junior diplomat help here ?   And thus lose is life too 1943/44 ?   


MEMO :   The matter of the maniac VIOLENCE & KILLINGS is over worldwide properties & investments THE GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN  (GENOCIDE begun by Aristocrat Imperial Britain & in-laws Scandinavia)   and the foundation of the HOMES 1864 upon the centuries old RANSOM `Joyous Venture`= This Estate is named in the legal WILLS 1937  GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE IN THREE PARTS :    THE COPY TO THE GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX was stolen by ARISTOCRAT & IMPERIAL BRITAIN 1938 … and letter to President of FRANCE confirming his appointment `a young MAN of LETTERS with a good soul`  :


Our family Estate GROTE - RANSOM  administers very much PHILANTHROPY worldwide from the 17th/18th century onwards … By MOONLIGHT at WESTMINSTER centre of Government it is agreed that the Estate should be pillaged and the plunder divided between top of the Pyramid of class BRITAIN …




MEMORANDUM :    The Document in 3 Parts `scaffolding` named `1937 SUMMER etc` begins this history of the KUDOS allowed the named criminally insane … Issued 2011 AD on web site  =  in-depth pieces follow on … and other web sites … An ACCURATE 19th-20th century HISTORY of the GLOBE :       





1942 - FOOD - WARTIME BRITAIN RECIPE at the END of this PIECE of ACCURATE HISTORY 1942 …   :   


MARY GORDON  my grandmother is feeding us her 3 grandchildren 3 times a day :    She receives NO MONEY from her Prison daughter Teresa Gordon Mrs R our mother = who is receiving the monthly pay of our father her Army Officer husband sent out EAST by cunning mistake :    In 1943 he FJR our father is made Captain - STILL she pretends he sends her no money :   she is proved LIAR many times over August-September 1946 Clacton Marital Court by several official sources  :   







A few pages ahead go BACK & FORTH 20th century in this GENOCIDE of the children GROTE HOMES & the settlers & relatives all lines of RANSOM families : 

…  1942 The GENOCIDE of the British Government & Lords is UNDERWAY & is to include amongst its victims O`GRADY a junior Diplomatic worker of Southern Ireland 1943   :  



1938 - Diary LIR - 

… SOMETIMES recording the criminal

 insanity of the titled & chums of the GLITZ LIFE STYLE : 




The FAMILY RANSOM & connections into the SCOTLAND-WESTMINSTER criminally-insane POWERFUL = all known to MARY GORDON and families from 1920 onwards : 


Relevant pieces quietly read to GR et al 1960 January-February NIGHTWATCH Colne Engaine tiny meadow Gallows Corner … 

 by Dr JOHN RAY Ransom USA citizen …


New MINISTER of FRANCE 1959 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX has just discovered his full GUARDIANSHIP to the Globe but has not seen THE WILL  … everybody is scared = the GENOCIDE has been unveiled … our connections are all intercepted … A PARCEL sent from NEW YORK of the WILL and heart-rending correspondences from New York - Buenos Aries - West Greenland - evidence of the unnecessary death of JOSETTE CLOTIS … persecution of the young de SALLE French family of 6 on JACOPSHOLMEN the RANSOM Island winter 1939 …


COURIER sent by plane to New York to collect and return immediately with important package :    THIS BIG PACKAGE OPENED on his arrival in FRANCE - Courier told to WAIT 2 hours in a hotel to see de GAULLE who was busy just then :     IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS were STOLEN from this package sent by General Charles de GAULLE to New York - 


… It is March 1962 before MALRAUX & de GAULLE see the legal WILL of 1937/38 :     this Establishes JANUARY 1938 ANDRE MALRAUX as GUARDIAN to the whole ESTATE - not just to the child GRETA RANSOM  = it was understood October 1937 that he young MALRAUX a Man of Letters/Books that show his good soul/  knew of the quietly maintained HOMES and ESTATE around the GLOBE = and something of the interference with it to coin-less of SCOTLAND :    The GENOCIDE went swiftly on from MARCH 1960 = `scaffolding` Document in 3 PARTS `1937 SUMMER`   & small in-depth pieces 



MARY GORDON can judge good people = She is to die in this 3rd June 1944 = It is unlikely she knew that the WILL of MARGARET nee Ransom widow of THOMAS Immanuel GROTE was retained/STOLEN from 1938 MAY 16-17th by the BRITISH SCREW  (Embassy)  PARIS = nervous Ambassador Mr PHIPPS handing it to `BIG ANGELA` a new QUEEN May 1937 on her State Visit to GAUL-FRANCE July 1938 = 



READERS may recall :   wading through this vast accurate history that the retired DAUPHIN of FRANCE tells us RANSOM family when we call on him at his request April 1936 

‘ Angela has ordered me back in VERSAILLES - well I prefer my house here - but she is frightening the women over money … but I will have to RECEIVE HER at Versailles if she comes - but I am not going to live in THAT Place …   `  


 (  April 1936 ANGELA is making PLANS for when she gets a CROWN - she has a husband of delicate health = 

2ND WORLD WAR 1938 onwards when she & her husband the new King George VI live in BUCKINGHAM PALACE = IT IS SAID THAT HE THE KING would have to stop any GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide in the 2nd World War  IF THE NEWS had reached him = JIMMIE JONG has an INTELLIGENCE UNIT run by he JIM JONG & `Clive` … all PAPERS are to be first read over by them :   


1960 - JIMMIE JONG  (SIR JAMES dismissed January 1959 as STEWARD of WHITES become a VICE BAR etc from 1953 = certain old men members of WHITES CLUB were upset at the VIOLENCE directed to ANDRE MALRAUX, young Greetah Ransom, and there were some deaths 1950s that worried them, dismissed him but could NOT keep him out of the CLUB because he had THE FINANCES tied up with his DICEY EMPIRE IN THE CITY OF LONDON & OVERSEAS :     BUT JIM PIMP is STILL WORKING FOR CERTAIN SCOTS LORDS AND EARLS BY MOONLIGHT AS HE HAS DONE SINCE 1920s : 


A BOOK in 250 copies 1st edition small circulation appears 1960 JUNE ghosted for him called  “ALL THE KINGS MEN  ”   IT IS INTENDED TO RECOVER HIS KUDOS :

- Accurate REPORTS say the MEMOIRS of JIM has been put in window HATCHARDS for a couple of days  - orders could be placed  = DAVID BROWN RNVR submarines 2nd W.War brings a copy to the Detectives colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX at COLNE ENGAINE  = but he would not leave it - he had it in a plain brown wrapper - it would have to be CALLED IN he had heard from various sources = JIM was being called THE ROYAL PARAMOUR … ARTHUR MALONE was shown it … I know no more here :   


COLNE ENGAINE 1960 = LIFE WAS TERRIFYING … Once a fortnight or so Mengele HARRINGTON would circle round GALLOWS CORNER in his BLUE CAR bleeping cheekily … WE ALL FELT LET DOWN … PHILIP SILVERLEE left to help his Argentine family = his daughter had been murdered in the ARGENTINE for getting the legal WILL and COPIES OF LETTERS 1930s-1940s for the PACKAGE SENT TO de GAULLE & MALRAUX from NEW YORK by her father FEBRUARY 1960 :   Then next month MARCH the two old Solicitors who administered THE DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN around the globe for my father and his brothers were killed = all from MARCH to MAY 1960 :    


1960 -  Messages reached LONDON to MALONE Law Detective & others  - short lines said to come from General de GAULLE and MALRAUX  `CONSULTING WITH OTHER LEADERS` … THE BRITISH SCREW (Embassy )   Argentine REFUSED to take part - they said it was BRITISH INTELLIGENCE in charge - ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE PIN = HEROIN etc :      THIS excellent little FIRM BUENOS ARIES  we RANSOM FAMILIES  have employed for our ESTATE from 1830 was RANSACKED and ALL PAPERS taken for THE BRITISH CROWN = meaning for the criminally insane :  


MEMO :  JIM has had a 2 room apartment back of BUCKINGHAM PALACE since 1921/1923 when he and ANGELA WOULD CALL ONCE A MONTH on Mary of Teck Queen MARY wife of the kindly SAILOR KING George V = she encouraged your people to call her AUNTIE MARY if they would let her DRIVE THEIR EARLY CARS :    1939 SUMMER just before the OUTBREAK of 2nd WORLD WAR JIM JONG a maniac is now called Major this-that …


JIM is the chum of Angela and family since 1912/13 - At his time he joins the LINDSAY-LINDSEY at tea tables where VIOLET ARTIST (widow of Lord Rutland) is `worried about this child - he disturbed me - I felt sorry for his poor mother & the other child `


VIOLET widow Lady Rutland is talking to MARY GORDON October 1937  

I am present - VIOLET will take me to afternoon school at my CONVENT of ST CLARE by the seafront & call at `Stella Maris` to speak with Bessie & Annie artist my great-aunts … daughters of TERESA CARROLL CLASSICIST … they all have SOUTHERN IRISH roots  :    A Document from a MAGISTRATE was awaited by VIOLET and the Chinese mother of JIMMIE JONG so they could LOCK HIM UP = he was a threat to the other child & others : 


Sadly VIOLET ARTIST of the floating Greek like garments when she walks beside the Clacton seashores was poisoned with HEROIN December 1937 = JIMMIE JONG James maniac stayed loose =  HE is the horrible little spiteful PIXIE that followed I and my families 1935=1936 through FRANCE-NORTH  SOUTH AMERICA … he has been a maniac in GREENLAND in the early 1920s & killed the grand-daughter ESMERALDA of Margaret Ransom Mrs GROTE = Lennie I.R & me GR are her heirs in training :   LINDSAY-Lindsey ANGELA & JIM are to destroy every trace of the RANSOM families = then they can all BE RICH …

 ( They are the most vulgar coarse crude BAR RATS any nation has … … … ) 


… Dr JOHN RAY Ransom born DEPTFORD to the RANSOM-Weddell INCA family marriage 1909 - my middle uncle JRR is born 1st World War 1917- slain 1969 =  from age 2 years given USA an education in protection which has him with 3 splendid DEGREES :


From 1968 Dr JOHN RAY USA Citizen come on WORK to LONDON  DOES NOT REALISE THE TREACHERY around him heaped up by LINDSEY & JIM & WHITEHEAD twins frolicking with Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON & DAVE LINDSEY & old PUBLIC SCHOOL GANG … TREACHERY BEGAN WHITES CLUB 1958 onwards :   It reaches 1967 onwards to circles in and about BLEWBURY village & spreading into OXFORD where the residence of Cur JIMMIE JONG James is a FORT KNOX flat … 


…  he the old PIMP/made LEWD JAMES 1971 after BANNED quietly by OXFORD POLICE from being within 5 mile radius of HARWELL & DIDCOT & the new Whitehead family = JIM came to attack me June 1970 - little Pete is to be born in 2 months time = REMEMBER THE NOTEBOOK page where JIM has written 1929 `ALL RANSOM MALES TO BE KILLED`  … so he and LINDSAY-LINDSEY can BY MOONLIGHT CLAIM THE GROTE RANSOM ESTATE :   SCOTLAND is full of these titled coin-less maniacs :


JRR is the `little Johnny` of my grandmother Jean nee Weddell choreography & does her ballet practice twice a day  (1st marriage widow Smith Basquelands)   1909 Mrs FREDERICK CHARLES Frobisher RANSOM  =  JEAN is the end of summer 1938 poisoned by three monsters Lindsey Earl 14-to-be, JIMMIE JONG, and Teresa Gordon Mrs R  = all three known to be CRIMINALLY INSANE  = they are killing anybody in their way of a big SHARE OUT of this ESTATE  they jeer at as `Eldorado`  with 1920s PARIS bar crawler ANGELA the former Ms Bloody Liar -    


 (memo :    1938 SUMMER  :   

…  my Grandmother JEAN mother of JOHN RAY Ransom who has had to be educated USA :    she speaking to me GR summer 1938 year of the legal Will operating & referred to by human beings England as  `the presentation of the young heirs`   JEAN with anxiety for our presence in this NATION “ no longer England`s green and pleasant land … ”   telling me family history because we are attacked by LINDSAY-Lindsey EARLS & JIM PIMP and ANGELA who claim our family miracle civilized worldwide ESTATE  



… an Uncle I cannot recognise & have NOT been introduced to by those of CUNNING MANIACAL criminal insane …   He the brilliant scholar Dr JOHN RAY Ransom slain at our 1500 Montrose farmhouse near The Basin Scotland with petrol poured down his throat by the Queens illegal tenant = he had not gone to make CLAIM but merely to step over the doorway where his ancestors had lived - they who gave him life :   He had been bidden make the visit by the tenant = present were 4 men - one is Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON - a third present broke down and confessed the crime being assured of SANCTUARY in North America … the fourth ?  



JRR b 1917 is the at one month old maimed brother to FJR and LIR = at 1 month old he was attacked by 2 middle-aged LINDSAY-Lindsey women who LIVED ABOVE their INCOMES … JRR is an adopted USA CITIZEN served in 2nd World War then worked at NASA/Animal Management/WASHINGTON STATE OFFICE 1960s until his horrible slaying = HIS CRIME IS THAT HE KNOWS OF THE GENOCIDE OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN by these SCOTS MOBS LINDSAY-LINDSEY & ilk … to whom he/we are unfortunately related to by one marriage of 1830 …    : 




MEMO :   DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944/1945 dove-tails into MARY GORDON CALENDAR 1942 : 







“  … she Teresa Gordon `Mrs R` your mother had begun telling you to take her temperature - then she took yours - then a burning drink pushed at you and she went crashing upstairs to get her London clothes suitcase … YOU GOT TO THE TELEPHONE … the Police and the Hospital arrived … two Policeman had her claw at them … she kept shouting she had to get to the Railway - SHE HAD AN APPOINTMENT AT COURT !!  : 

They took her off to a cell - she was 2 weeks in the Tendring Asylum … but her famous friends got her OUT … ”  


“ … Your throat was burning - the hospital gave treatment - you went to sleep … your throat was sore for more than a week … but you were alright … You were left with her because the ladies who looked after you in an emergency were nowhere to be found - they had been tricked !   You were left with only SHEshe - & she began to look like a VAMPIRE you said …  :   YOUR FATHER HAD TO LEAVE IN A HURRY to fly off to help with the ESTATE … when he had to be away trouble was always flaring up from their greed … now it was getting worse … from her Noble fiends … ” 





READERS may recall :  


… 1942 WARTIME BRITAIN = Families GORDON-RANSOM & relatives receive violence from 1900s =  learned from the use of the Aristocrat Scotland illegal grown dope called Divinorum Salvia Scotland =   the Scots-Scandinavian ARISTOCRAT GENOCIDE under cover of 2nd World War 1938-1954 is to flow in & out of this important 20th century HISTORY of the DESTRUCTION of a great worldwide GREEN PEACE Estate … …  … 


ANGELA  his daughter-in-law,  says the Sailor King George V at Christmastide 1935/1936 ,   HE IS AWARE ,  is heard shouting through the doors  =    “ Now she is shouting at me … ”     he says to good friends of his young days :   RECORDS :


He does not believe the GROTE RANSOM Estate is left to her - the family RANSOM have left England October 1935 because of violence at the  Ransom family and the two young heirs Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom born 1933 & Len Immanuel RANSOM born 1921 = ANGELA of SCOTLAND the family Bowes Lyon who married into his family 1923,  CANNOT PRODUCE ANY EVIDENCE  she has been left ALL THIS WORLDWIDE GROTE RANSOM ESTATE … and by a woman he has met, aunt of Frederick Charles the son of a friend MILLIE FROBISHER --- Mrs Margaret Grote is a woman of honour and HIGH INTELLIGENCE  … He has heard ANGELA and her LINDSAY friends call Mrs Grote owner of the entire Estate because her brothers were killed young an   `OLD ESKIMO` …


1960s it is spoken by an English member of his family    “ Angela - well she was NOT what we wanted … she had to be allowed to go travelling  =  we created a post for her as a travelling Peace Ambassador to the Empire - we had managed to teach her keep a comfortable little home for him … because of his delicate health … … … ”           




WARTIME FOOD 1942  :    CLACTON-on-SEA      

 when we lived with Granny Gordon winter all 1942-1943early autumn :   a healthy example of food for children & adults.   I recall this & versions - we also had fish two or three times a week being by the SEAS EDGES =


FRIDAY NIGHT was always fish and chips & Orders were  placed with the two fish shops & the time to be collected … late afternoon early evening for the HIGH TEA of young children = some pocket money boys acted as ERRAND BOYS  :      The fish and chips was deliciously cooked and a welcome break from the weeks cooking for the mother or grandmother …  


…  Granny Mary Gordon always managed a SUNDAY DINNER for us 3 Ransom children  … Church at 11 am & glorious singing in the choir and organ - Monteverdi, Machaut, Victoria, Josquin of course :    The way back from the seafront where this masterpiece of a Church had been built 1921-1929 paid for by 2 Widows with approval their families … the ladies said to the Architect  “  We would like something as we see in ROME  ” 


 … thus ANDRE MALRAUX his amazement June 1945 an evening at 9 pm … Choir mistress Mrs Taylor  ( she and her husband run the tobacco & newspapers & Fancy goods shop nearby )  had understudied at MILAN found him speechless waving up to the great windows - she almost locked him in for the night -  “ … thought he was A BLOOMING ANGEL … I spoke to him in Latin … a bit of Greek … He answered in French then English … Greetah had not shown him our Church 1937 - he was more interested in all the other Faiths … ” 


1930s-1940s - We might be calling on friends-neighbours for a cup of tea & biscuits  on the way back  then a good appetite for 2 pm DINNER on winter days … the sisters of MARY GORDON return from MANCHESTER spring 1943 to open `STELLA MARIS` their house Granville Road where a glimpse of the sea is from the attic - along the road is the CONVENT of St CLARE - 


… St Clare Order Nuns return from evacuation 1944-45 & open the school in Autumn 1945  - Georges ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX the fragile WIDOWER of JOSETTE died 9 November 1944 will teach us here - when he is over from GAUL … the great Church of Our Lady is in front facing the SEAS EDGES - Granny dies June 1944 … he says June 1945 to Professor WINNCLEMANN and his Shropshire wife … “  I had hoped to continue conversation with MARY GORDON about Irish troubles … …  …  ”   


He meets two of her sisters of the quietly run Mission for Factory families in distress and Seaman MISSION Liverpool,  Walton,  & other Welfare work late 19th-early 20th century =  Miss Bessie Martha is the elder & he again meets Annie Agnes born 1880 whom he & Josette met briefly that afternoon of his arrival to CLACTON-on-SEA the end of JULY 1937 … he sings in the great CLACTON Church 1945-1947  - he is a counter-tenor:  he begins to recover the deaths of JOSETTE his chosen wife & his two half-brothers in the 2nd World War = in this seaside town and area he says first in 1937 `HERE I FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT … he has much information on an ancestral line of his mother reaching to 9th century CASTLE RISING and the SEAS EDGES the family HISTON - a descendant & wife were living near COLCHESTER 1953 then disappeared 1954 :     


My great-Aunt Annie Miss Williams is a sculptor-artist student of the Roman Catholic Professor of Anatomy Liverpool MANZONI who runs his own firm called Granville Marble Works :   From age 17 years old ANNIE did work carving that he took to show the Students at the Colleges Manchester and Liverpool … she went with him to do some work at the DELLA ROBBIA POTTERY of HAROLD RATHBONE Birkenhead = Jane Steward RATHBONE his mother had established this Works of Medieval arts and crafts for him - unfortunately it is dissolved 1906 = but the WILLIAMSON MUSEUM is devoted to this Workshop history & products :    A big terracotta called THE CYMBAL was in the sale … it was the work of ANNIE … she often signed herself ACL or ACW or AW … I have not been able to trace it :   


 I have a DELLA ROBBIA chimney piece that Great Aunt Miss Annie Agnes Carroll Williams and fellow Worker Miss Cassandria Annie were allowed to help MANZONI make - it is three tile portraits of the sisters of Harold the likenesses done by MANZONI “ as Mr Rathbone was not very good at portraiture …”    = Alice (m Cotton - ), Ethel (m REW becomes Sir Rowland E Whitehead) and ELFRIDA the youngest who did work for the disabled - as children they travelled widely with mother Jane & father Philip Henry Rathbone the Hanging Chairman of Liverpool Art Galleries :    Ethel and REW are the great-grandparents of the children Amanda /Paul / Victoria Augusta musician,  & little Peter Whitehead Photographer-Philosopher deceased =  the last two are my children :   they all play music and can make art and craft … ( I have found time to put SOME information on the V & A web site from my Records :   ) 


Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX all his life calls these sisters Mary Helena, Bessie & Annie the daughters of TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST Mrs John O`Brien WILLIAMS     “ MY INTELLECTUAL EQUALS  …” 

NB  :   Pieces of work directly linked to MARY GORDON 1942 are Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944/45 / NAIL in your HEAD /  Destruction of Anglo-Saxon Records etc / TERESA CARROLL CLASSICIST / Appreciation of COUSIN RICHARD 1939-2011 & more to follow here on WARTIME GAMES of children


& of course their is RANSOM Ancestry Parts 1 to 4 - more following :   Nota Bene :   ANDRE MALRAUX has early Medieval 2 SEA TRADERS lines from both parents = this appears in several Files beginning on  `1937 SUMMER etc` Document in 3 Parts : has complete pieces perhaps after an introduction on the first web site in the colour code - WORDPRESS has many pieces including some unedited work requested …  :   Some new work is perhaps advertised on TWITTER … 

(I do slave away !  )


My READERS can discover more of the 1940s in my assembly of the RECORDS with help our LAW Detective `POLITIAN ` Arthur Malone 1960/1961 :    I have called this piece of history Pierre DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944/1945 … it is having more information of life that time along the SEAS EDGES :   Published spring/summer 2013 AD on my site …


… and perhaps on the WORDPRESS too …  MEMO :   my ` SEAS EDGES theme` a  drawing together of our Records has good people & their lives WARTIME put back upon the earth : 










Lots of boiled POTATOES hot or cold - slice


Fresh Apples peeled & cored - slice


Spoonful or two of oats  ( = porridge ) 


OLIVE OIL (available from Chemists in small bottles in the wartime )  

or any fats from cooking mushrooms, tomatoes or sausages or meats … 

Salt & pepper - any herbs =  

Pinch of ginger or mixed spices powder  … … …  


MIX … eat cooling or cold = can be fried for a delicious supper 

with gratings of `mousetrap` cheese or scraps from the meat Ration




MEMORANDUM :    MARY GORDON 1870-1944 June = 19th/20th  century histories families dove-tailing A-Z the GLOBE =  web sites =  

NB: Files `TERESA CARROLL CLASSICIST`  =  `Remembering Cousin RICHARD 1939-2011 & games of Children 1943-45 Clacton-on-Sea WARTIME = `Wedding of Grace` & many others : = 1937 SUMMER Andre MALRAUX Josette CLOTIS & Greta RANSOM Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND … =  Mary Gordon widowed March 1937 speaks to ANDRE MALRAUX all that SUMMER 1937 - another WAR gathering  :    All his future life Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX calls she Mary Helena & her sisters Bessie Martha, Annie Agnes, Julia Mary deceased & Teresa Mary the daughters of TERESA CARROLL Classicist Mrs John O`Brien WILLIAMS  



I Greta Ransom   grand-daughter of MARY  HELENA nee Murphy-CARROLL-O`Brien-WILLIAMS Mrs George Ernest GORDON  am reminded of 1939-1946  Wartime ENERGY food  by the  ATLAS of the GREAT IRISH FAMINE  publ. 2012 Cork …


NB:   FILE TERESA CARROLL CLASSICIST :   INCLUDES RECORDS of MARY Helena  GORDON a daughter & grandchildren :    BEGINS with a SIMPLE CALENDAR from 1941 December  = 1942 = January 1943 =  WARTIME BRITAIN - Clacton-on-Sea  MARY GORDON & her 3 RANSOM grandchildren  :  




Above is all out on JIMDO 2nd week Oct 2013


GROTE 4  :   File begins with 


`MARY GORDON 1942 Calendar - Clacton - O`GRADY etc

:   JAN KARSKI called  ( = before the murder of the heir age 9 years in my class of CASTLE HEDINGHAM )   : names connected to this year are in the TWITTERS as well as running through the work :


Photos & TWITTERS  


1.  Xmas Day 1942 BBC Radio Times

2.  MARY GORDON 1944 May - a week before she is poisoned :


3.   NOTA BENE :  ASHMOLEAN Worker 20th century - photo `Nosey`  RESTORER with Ransom or Weddell brothers / 


… our visit 1938 before he Nosey a family friend of older RANSOM WEDDELL  (SEA)  families retires = Nosey says they may discover after he has retired =  we are Frederick Charles Frobisher  RANSOM my grandpa- young Fred John Ransom my father, LIR my young uncle my sub-co heir :   We are the direct line from 92 AD DUNWICH Roman Britain - a post 77 AD Londinium REDEMPTIO Gaius = RANSOM 6th century AD onwards - but we HANG JUST ONCE 16th century FROM THE WOMAN  `Maggie RANSOM CAREW 2nd marriage CAREW 16TH CENTURY she daughter of the LADY JAPAN OKINAWA … marriage of F. RANSOM of Montrose Basin farm 1499 when his family dead at SEA he makes a 2nd marriage age 40 years in BRUGES CATHEDRAL 1504 to Lady JAPAN age 27 years allowed from her CONVENT - her brother an ARCTIC SEA CAPTAIN had put her in the Convent for safety after their parents died : = We are granted 2 tiny islets end of LUSAN Chain 1512 when marriage approved by JAPAN - she is of an OLD ROYAL line pre-MING - 


1948 = I Greta Ransom receive a Birthday telegram from Hiroheto and his wife - Before the War we would have an invitation to Japanese Embassy London if not travelling the world taking care of GROTE HOMES ww for CHILDREN estbl. 1864 and RANSOM JOYOUS VENTURE ESTATE dating back to “ 1300s when we DEAL IN A LITTLE SOAP from PALESTINE ”   where we have 12th-13th centuries 3 GRANDMOTHERS in a row Lady Hebithiaea a poetess musician = Roseanna her 2nd marriage = `Goldenlocks` orphan niece of a highly educated ARAB TRADER and scholar  .. 


… SCOTLAND LINDSAY-LINDSEYbuggarhs EARLS are determined to STEAL cunningly then with VIOLENCE all we have around the globe - they have a private WAR with `the Bloody Liars` of GLAMIS Castle whose daughter has got AT THE HELM of the BRITISH NATION during the WAR = RESULT is a horrific GENOCIDE of the worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN some from birth to 22 years of age educating in HUMANISM :


= 1938 ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM chief restorer NOSEY = indignant some years ago at a demand by a STAFF member that all RANSOM names be removed from antiquities had cleverly hidden under an inset of marble the name RANSOM on 3 small pieces =


See history  `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc CLACTON & WEST GREENLAND etc `   of `FRANKLIN RANSOM & RICHARD of BORDEAUX =  -   “ … young RANSOM Franklin rode alongside young RICHARD of BORDEAU and they collected ancient STONES … talked … as young men do …”    A piece of land honestly given in SHROPSHIRE had RANSOM family make BEER there :  the East Anglia lands were still RANSOM families along THE SEAS EDGES -  “ … When RANSOM Franklin grew old he had HIS NAME RANSOM CARVED UPON HIS ANCIENT STONES - he WANTED HIS GRANDCHILDREN TO KNOW HE HAD BEEN MORE THAN A MAKER OF BEER …”  


4.   Our visit to BRITISH MUSEUM 1972 - Potter family & now Greta Ransom a Whitehead family - ANDRE MALRAUX is often in the background following THE LIFE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN - he knows the FAMILIES at the SEASIDES from 1937 SUMMER to his death 1976 : 


5.   IN THE BEGINNING - Victoria`s lettering age 9 years of CREATION in bible opening page - School is Manor Prep Shippon Abingdon :    


6. Miss Winifred Mary GORDON ATS c 1943

7. Cousin Miss JULIE BUTLER ATS c 1943






 publ. on 




1 .  1942 Wartime Britain GROTE homes genocide begins - Great Estate w.w. O`GRADY de Gaulle Mary GORDON Malraux 


2.  DANGER 1942 Clacton on Sea MARY GORDON her 3 RANSOM grandchildren 


3.   GROTE 4 begins :  CALENDAR 1942 O`GRADY diplomat coz MARY GORDON - her 3 grandchildren  - MALRAUX


I put out on TWITTER my own below an hour later :


4.  1942 CALENDAR MARY GORDON = O`GRADY jun.diplo-







7.   DANGER our ownership GROTE RANSOM ww Estate BRITISH LORDS 


8.   2ND WW British Earls & Lords kill GROTE children - sell off seashore lands 1944 on = SHOCK of some ARMY NAVY AIRFORCE men GB & USA 


9-12 or so -  Several more TWITTERS :   Given Web site for the husband of MARY GORDON - grandpa Geo. E. Gordon his paintings for family and friends : 


Greta Ransom  





End of the important piece of history  `CALENDAR 1942 MARY GORDON & her grandchildren RANSOM - `







“ … almost a ghost story …

I knew now that she and old `Mengele` were



MANIACS I stayed at my post



I knew




ARTHUR MALONE LAW-Detective has phrase 1960-1985 …

`My training in the LAW told me that this was CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR … they were breaking the LAW … `





“ … like a THING you find in an old Arab COOK POT … when the CARAVAN has gone away … ”









The above is pronounced upon the THING known to frightened Medical Workers 1950s onwards as Doctor GP `Mengele` HARRINGTON he a friend of Norwegian & Danish & British Royalty … an Aristocratic SCOT by descent ? who has, of course, invitations from the top-dogs EARLS Lords Curs of LINDSAY-LINDSEY employing JIM Mr JONG by MOONLIGHT wing of WESTMINSTER … ( he the future Sir/cur James 1954, co-Steward of WHITES CLUB BAR 1950s ) …

Born 1898/99 Port Arthur


to a Chinese heiress and a doubtful RN low level British-Scots Diplomat




is a slither-in-chum from 1911 of GLAMIS CASTLE an often out of pocket CLAN where he begins to romp abroad with ANGELA when she is in her teens …

… GLAMIS CASTLE is near-to a rectangle of GORDON land reaching to the seashores = This CLAN Bowes Lyon is known in CITY of LONDON 1960s as `



the bloody liars` = as more of the GENOCIDE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN is revealed by those whose lives are under investigation and kept the POOR …

This 1938 - 1950s MASSCRE for quick wealth to PROP UP THE BRITISH CROWN and NOBLES and other CROWNS doth commencing 1938 XMAS Norway continue all 2nd World War when great BRITISH RN ships stood 2 miles outside the RANSOM lands upon which the worldwide GROTE HOMES are founded from 1864 …


… 2nd World War Head of the BRITISH NAVY RN is the sinker of the ARK ROYAL a Playboy Noble known to intelligent civilized families as ` you always refuse invitations from HIM … THEM …` “ You will wake up next morning … without your wallet or your handbag …”





: GROTE FAMILIES : an 18th-19th centuries German family with branches into philanthropy … some sensibility established in GROSS BRITAIN by them - Advice is to ignore culled Whakkipedia et al - & use your common sense in this matter of a GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide - done in the name of those who wear ugly chamber pots on their heads … NB: The Anglo-Saxon little gold circles for the head are more dignified … )

… Assembled by G.R.



and the MARTYRS











General Charles De GAULLE





… &


& more MARTYRS are made




& upon RANSOM world wide Estate :

1934 -



Chief Justice Lord ARMSTRONG, a Mr du CANN and TERESA Eliz. GORDON … she is married to F.J. RANSOM in 1932 …

XMAS 1937 to March 1962 - RANSOM FAMILIES :

Genocide 2nd W. War of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide

by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN … from SCOTLAND and Scandinavia 1937 onwards …






1960 MAY into early JUNE




at the rented Cottage

`The Ghost House`

GALLOWS CORNER at COLNE ENGAINE … An arrangement with Hollytrees Mansion Museum COLCHESTER who hold a key …




`LA MER` C.Debussy/Anglo-Saxon sacred, harps & poems … cooking too …






RANSOM has written below `her LEARNING` after an odd SUMMER autumn 1961 when more GHOSTS drifted about COLNE ENGAINE Gallows Corner the valley road to CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis - DECEMBER 7 1961 …


(see ` POISONED CAKE 25th May 1961` Teresa Gordon Mrs R. and her GHOULS and fiends were about … Summer 1961 JULY-August they will follow about ANDRE MALRAUX taunting him … “ YOU ARE NOT THE REAL GUARDIAN … SHE DOES NOT WANT YOU … she is an Eskimo-Ape … we had to PROTECT THE CROWN of SCOTLAND and Norway and Danish” …

= SILURIAN and JURASSIC bog trotters …

I Greetah RANSOM WRITE in grief after poisons & threats from IMPERIAL POWERS thrust at me for last 18 months … I am adding to my `form of a diary` kept hidden from searchers employed by BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS and CROWNS …


2014 AD … it can be seen to be a DEDICATION TO ALL THE MARTYRS of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN, my families RANSOM and branches, and ANDRE MALRAUX who 1950s sometimes in the month lived at St Edmund House No 50 Lancaster Gate Square, LONDON … known as SCARLET TOWN to international `spies` …

… Oft a moral lot who work for a salary and hopefully a pension … and are learning of the world and EVIL as they journey the milestones of the century … and 1953 onwards spake-forth to dare give some little help for so appalled were THEY at this FILTHY GENOCIDE by GROSS BRITAIN GOVERNMENT and its LORDS and EARLS and CROWNS = its GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN to MAKE THEM RICH … and sail OCEANS of BLOOD and seashores strewn with limbs and teeth of children educating in many languages and the history of the GLOBE of the PAST PRESENT FUTURE … the students from 1864 now engaged in civilized works of sciences-medical-agriculture-technology and RESEARCH … a piece of PHILANTHROPY that had to keep low profile because the RANSOM families have married APES ESKIMOS and those of the wrong skin colours … since BC Mediterranean Trade and ROMAN Republic and Empire … and thus onwards … WHEN in 1879 an Premier Earl of Scotland and Gross Brit. An EARL LINDSAY Crawford spotted he could MAKE MONEY by tumbling all this using the name of the BRITISH EMPIRE … OH HE WOULD BE RICH …

1961 - August-December :

The Meadow Gallows Corner, COLNE ENGAINE, after a troubling AUGUST … ARTHUR MALONE LAW-Detective near 60 years of age, breaking down from previous year & now finding MANIACS responsible for deaths of 2 young men, the sons of ANDRE MALRAUX , takes AUGUST off to investigate with Colleagues

… Miss GRETA RANSOM assembles from 1957/1960 `stark lines`

the below =



translations from the poems of Georges SEFRIS are in my head from JUNE 1960 & I would read them aloud across the meadow after dusk … 1960 BODLEY HEAD issued a book transl. Rex Warner :


I am said to have memory loss from Summer 1960 …



And certainty that I had invoked

The living - NOT THE DEAD :


Assumed a shape.

The precious dreaming hours


Finding that you have ever

Dwelt in THIS TIME with me





7th December 1961 …

Written by Greta Ransom regaining some memory perhaps









begins below :

ARTHUR MALONE Law Detective ( `Politian` tutor to the Medici children as he will call himself ) was entering BREAKDOWN he said … he now called this `HIS LAST CASE` : Since October 1957 when he undertook work for ANDRE MALRAUX a day or two of help a week has come from a RANSOM & GORDON families friend PHILIP SILVERLEE a Man of Letters, classical musician, Argentine & London City Insurance : educated RADLEY COLLEGE SCHOOL did a Term of Music under Teacher George Butterworth born 1883 composer of `BANKS of GREEN WILLOW` etc before he was killed 1916 in THE GREAT WAR that 1st World War of the 20th century …

… PHILIP SILVERLEE giving a hand from 1957 October & acting Detective to Greta Ransom whom he used to play CATHEDRAL UNDER THE SEA to in the mid 1930s when he and his family visited CLACTON and FRINTON-on-Sea : Because of abnormal matters outside the LAW he has again joined ARTHUR MALONE some days of the months at COLNE ENGAINE -

… But Philip S. had a sense of duty in this matter - his grandparents coming from WALES to Argentina were saved from thirst by the grandparents of Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM the grandfather of Greta … and her grandmother Jean Weddell ballerina had died `still dancing` of poison put in a cup of tea in 1938 … Old FRED RANSOM with his family tall ship `The Mary Rose` came sailing by from his Island Jacopsholmen West Greenland to fetch some wood from his forest he protected along the coast of Argentina … saw these Welsh miners waving desperately from an Atoll and called in - they had no water - he took them to a piece of land he owned, put his carpenter and boy to set them up with shelter … sent a surveyor and team to assist them in weeks - In 1947 the Records of this rescue could be read in the Public Library of what had become a nice town …

1960 MAY - Philip S. has had his 28 years old daughter murdered in BUENOS ARIES by the British Scots Aristocrat thugs who have been pimping on the GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate since the 1920s -

… she and her father had collected the ESTATE Wills and Documents and carbon copies of Letters establishing the authenticity of the RANSOM Estate, and now revealed worldwide as massacre … The word GENOCIDE has just been created … so we must call this a worldwide GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN … they educating from early years into their 20s with 4 or more languages learned and an understanding of the need to enter civilized professions like medicine, sciences, teaching, the arts and music, Agriculture horticulture and RESEARCH : some may even enter Politics after age 60 years when they will have the necessary educational skills … :


1960 late February : From NEW YORK last week February 1960 a copy the WILL showing ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN to all this and to the young heirs Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom and Len Immanuel Ransom, together with all the lawful Deeds and histories, copies of letters sent and received 1920s-1930s-1940s were sent by request of de GAULLE and MALRAUX - in a few hours a Courier landed New York from France by public flight and left by return flight from New York to France :

Notifying General de GAULLE and MALRAUX is to show Legal WILL and the agreed GUARDIANSHIP 1937 October of ANDRE MALRAUX - Both men engaged in the FRENCH GOVERNMENT they are NOT required to give any ORDERS to my families RANSOM and the former GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK, or to take any future part … But it will establish to both of them that they have been deceived - communications interfered with and letters, documents stolen since 1938 …

NB :

Minister ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 February-March …





Ex-Minister of FRANCE, ANDRE MALRAUX says in January the dining room of The Pillar House he would have taken up GUARDIANSHIP immediately, “ IT WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR - IT WAS WHAT I KNEW I COULD DO … Peter … … … ”( NB: The dining-room is over the old great cellar - an easy way in is the coal shoot covered by big thin immitation flagstones … here came old MENGELE and his MEN employed by the GENOCIDERS of NOBLE BRITAIN etc. with tape recorders … Dr John Fletcher ex-tenant 1940s Harwell Atomic Research then Head of Laboratory of Archaeology OXFORD University supplies accurate information here 1971 :


IF MALRAUX now wishes to leave the FRENCH GOVERNMENT and assume worldwide duties as the legal GUARDIAN he may do so - my father and his two brothers have been appointed Guardians from 1949 `until he ANDRE MALRAUX might wish to join`

WHAT WILL HAPPEN ? Probably PIMPS upon the Estate will slither away into their wainscoating and cellars of their Palatial places Scotland, Westminster, and Scandinavia - perhaps their elected Governments may take properties and moneys and art works and investments in world Transport off them … WHO KNOWS … who knows what miracles may happen under the tattered FLAG of JUSTICE


to show PRESIDENT of FRANCE General de GAULLE and NEW MINISTER ANDRE MALRAUX the legal WILL and DOCUMENTS sent 1940s that were cunningly professionally stolen from MALRAUX from spring 1938 … It is, of course, hoped that perhaps the BRITISH LORDLY KILLINGS of good CITIZENS, for the British Government Lords and Crowns … WILL BE HALTED :


… Killings continued of those who know of the GROTE HOMES - families in small nations hunted to death … as well as former GROTE CHILDREN … their children - grandchildren - great grandchildren : It had become a HOLIDAY FUN industry of certain ARISTOCRATS high on DOPE to go ` hunting BIG and LITTLE game` around the world - Often with a portion of EXPENSES collected from THE WHITEHALL the CENTRE of BRITISH GOVERNMENT … or from these vulnerable little nations … … … :

A VERY IMPORTANT MATTER 1960 & 1961 is … :


BUT WE DO NOT KNOW not know the Courier from General de GAULLE was intercepted late February, made to wait 2 hours in FRANCE … and his packages emptied of the important Papers - a message came in March from the puzzled de GAULLE and MALRAUX who received less important documents … ` that the matter was being looked into ` … & then a further message `consulting with other Leaders` … :

To hide a British Nobles GENOCIDE 1938 to 1954/6 :

After the first message the following messages were NOT sent by them, de GAULLE and MALRAUX, but cunning Professional British Establishment tricks … These messages intended to HALT the arrangements in place by the Owners and Administrators of the ESTATE -

It had been swiftly agreed by many nations who had their GROTE CHILDREN SLAIN by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT and CROWN of 1937 that they would put on their newspapers front and 2nd page “WHERE ARE THE GROTE CHILDREN MOTHER ENGLAND … followed by `here they are …` photos and excavations of pits and nets dragged up from 2 miles out at sea would be shown … : Big British ships sometimes stood out 2 miles at SEA …




AN ENLARGED BRITISH-SCOTS ORGANISATION ENGAGED IN PROFESSIONAL DECEIT WAS SWIFTLY AROUND US ALL … a WATCH as we all had since 1938 when it became known that ANDRE MALRAUX young Man of Letters was the chosen GUARDIAN for the HOMES and the worldwide RANSOM ESTATE & he had accepted …

… ANDRE MALRAUX has his WILL stolen by GB Ambassador Phipps of Paris British Embassy in May 1938 and handed by him to ANGELA on her first STATE VISIT with her husband … … … to FRANCE 1938 JULY


References very helpful and easy to follow can be found in publication 2,000 AD



“ The DARK VALLEY ” 1930s - by a compiler of RECORDS of those times - author Piers Brendon :


1960-1961 May into 1962 : MALRAUX-RANSOM & WEDDELL FAMILIES & GROTE HOMES former STUDENTS … many others …


Have UNEXPECTED TRAGEDIES NOW FOLLOW during the next year and months … because of this ROBBERY of the FRENCH Courier sent by General de GAULLE for himself and ANDRE MALRAUX a new Minister of the FRENCH GOVERNMENT :

A ROBBERY BY THE BRITISH STATE … arranged so swiftly by BRITISH ADMINISTRATION … of important Papers to General de GAULLE and MALRAUX :

BRITAIN and ARGENTINA 1960 & onwards :

March 1960 ARGENTINA Buenos Aries the 2 old solicitors & their little respectable firm established end 18th century … were BOOTED-IN-ON


by vermin … of powerful but unlawful BRITISH INTELLIGENCE & NAVAL INTELLIGENCE et al :

The BRITISH Ambassador refused to interfere … seems his British Embassy ARGENTINA notified all this property belonged to the BRITISH CROWN of ANGELA 1937 gift when she a child from an OLD ESKIMO …



Nota Bene :

Ransom-Weddell-Frobisher-Whitehead families

: worldwide : GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` worldwide for some centuries … et al and /WORDPRESS etc. for researchers some messages occasionally on TWITTER …

Accompanying his British EMPIRE Entourage … some Earls and Lords of Premier Earls LINDSAY-LINDSEY … including DAVE LINDSEY (briefly Earl no 15) my old CLACTON seas edges big boy with the dangerous metal beach spade … … he and his DOPE soaked GANG were festering around our Administrators and Estate parts in ARGENTINA … as often, they had the appearance of JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS …

BUENOS ARIES March 1960 slain in a week is the elder solicitor age 73 … relieved of `HIS DUTIES : Told he was found to be illegally in charge of BRITISH CROWN PROPERTY, :

His partner 60-something years old is swiftly isolated to his country residence … and then he died :

FROM 1830 … THESE TWO GOOD MEN HAD ADMINISTERED THE RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` ESTATE as “A DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN AROUND THE GLOBE” all their working lives … honourable and civilized solicitors a credit to ARGENTINA … their little firm established the late 18th century, is EMPLOYED BY my RANSOM FAMILY & our NEW YORK firm GROTE BROKERS off the future Wall Street is added 1831 :

1960 MARCH … They being mercilessly ABUSED by a twitching tail of the dying BRITISH EMPIRE … they are discovered by BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS and its CROWNS to have PAPERS of great embarrassment to ARISTOCRAT BRITAIN … they in shock that MALRAUX & de GAULLE now know of a GROTE RANSOM Estate & GENOCIDE :

1960 January Malone & Silverlee and helpers were in shock at the now understood worldwide brutal killings of the GROTE CHILDREN 2nd World War … these good British citizens are to say `WE used to be proud of our NATION - but not anymore & that girl JO has had to die in all this … 1944 … And you were born on a HEARSE … trouble is you keep getting off … ` It was in 1960 JANUARY when he received investigations into heirs to LINDSAY-LINDSEY kith and kin … he said `they have been CULLING AGAIN … news has just come thru … I HAVE HAD TO OPEN ANOTHER CHARNAL HOUSE …

1960 Notes Arthur Malone LAW DETECTIVE :

GR says

` we are living in fear at the little triangular meadow at GALLOWS CORNER Colne Engaine near COLCHESTER ` :

“ We were to be kept hold of clearly

: they did not leave me alone in the cottage across the meadow from the little caravan young Greta had bought herself and could lock her door - she could not do this at No 50



( St Edmund House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square Catholic Mission WESTMINSTER DIOCESE & Annex to The FRENCH LEGATION in London ) … ”

1960s at GALLOWS CORNER tiny meadow COLNE ENGAINE :

SEE PHOTOS already on these webs …


He describes May mornings 1960 when he either had TERESA my mother or Mrs Nurse MENGELE HARRINGTON … or occasionally Doctor MENGELE H. himself sitting in the Cottage questioning him - MENGELE in his 6 inch handmade boots and fawn raincoat as worn by ANDRE MALRAUX … Malone describes how he played COOL and adopted `the old Detective role … saying he was now `on his last case … He mumbled how he only was wanting everybody happy with their own homes and enough income … :

Arthur Malone is saying 1960s and early 1970s …

“ Doctor Harrington called `MENGELE `by London Medics …

… …

Some Medics a bit scared of him seriously considered he was `PEER in WAITING` …from his remarks and his being seen with certain Noble figures … on a big Ship and various Places … and some trips about the world … Well his hospital duties seemed to be a figment of his imagination … or he received a Royal Pass from his friends. But since Miss Teresa Mary BUTLER had raised the roof of HEAVEN just before that Christmas 1959 … Well - they were all clearly scared - if this got out … all these children dead for Britain …then the PACK of THEM would be on a RAFT …with one suitcase …as the saying was going around … ”

… Many people, especially those who had been in our last War … were in shock at the killing of these children around the world … to get money from the local Banks … and sell off quietly the legally owned Family lands … well … of a family that had been in BRITAIN longer than any of them - I dare say …

… It was, we heard, done to make this lot at the top RICH … ”

“ … But - opportunities had been lost because ANDRE did not get his post his visitors and his telephone calls … Since the end of the WAR …

the newly created Doctor `MENGELE` Harrington had put it about that he was an important physician … MALRAUX was HIS patient and he was to TAKE CARE OF HIM … for the Family … they in FRANCE … This was one ex-wife and a widow of his half brother … was made plain to everybody when I first arrived to take up my duties for ANDRE that autumn … 1957 … I could have done with knowing more about the ESSEX SEASIDE families he was more at home with … … … ” :

“ 1960 … But that spring … May month it was … when PHIL had suddenly gone off to his dead daughter … and her family in the ARGENTINE - two small children in shock … booting-in on her in-laws and searching the little firm and all connected …

I will hear … Orders had come from the top … that they had all been withholding properties of BRITISH CROWN figures … But nothing given in writing … PHIL got there after it had been going on a week … he began to get help … could say no more than that … As I said when we got the first shock … January this year … we had all been proud of our British nationality … NOT ANY MORE … … … ”




not aware too much at first …BUT I knew ANDRE would make contact if he could … ”


“ 1960 MAY - JUNE … TERESA Elizabeth GORDON `Mrs FJR`

At Gallows Corner … I had a WATCH on me … She Teresa sat some mornings in the cottage kitchen, just across the meadow where Greta has her caravan … She said she got the bus to Colchester from Clacton … and the bus to the valley road here … Earls Colne … I wondered sometimes … … …

… TERESA GORDON Mrs R. as she styled herself …

Well I made a cup of tea about that time 11 am … She was chummie at first and told me a lot about her RACING DAYS … some days she was telling me how hard she had always worked to bring up her family since she made her unfortunate marriage … that Greta had every opportunity but did not want to learn at school or work…I did not comment but just nodded that `this was all in my line of work … people liked to put their opinions `

… But early in our morning chats SHE ASKED ME WHAT I INTENDED TO DO HAVING DISCOVERED WHO MY FATHER WAS … I said casually … well it had no real meaning - I was hitting 60 - BUT he had seen I had a good education - could go on and study law … The War came and I went in the RAF … End of WAR, now married, Idecided to become a Detective … earn some money … relax a bit … And I liked to write a bit … Oh sometimes as `The Detective in the Lawyers Gown` … that sort of thing …` I kept it casual … reminding her we were not getting any younger … ”

ARTHUR Duke of Connaught = a son of PRINCE ALBERT and QUEEN VICTORIA = he dies 1941/2 Clarence House London

“ … BUT she continued … SHE now spoke about the relatives of my Father … she had known them

… when she was young … when she and her friends were all young … … … THEN one morning in the cottage when she came to see what I was about … she began to describe the very early 1920s … even went a bit back : She said how she liked to get up very early before anyone else … get on her big black horse and go out in the dawn - you would see little paths overgrown … with cobwebs and dew drops from the night … the land went down to the sea …`


… She went on … she had some Gordon land beside THEM … that Castle … GLAMIS … a friend lived there …` I knew about this … ` THEY … the Castle looked after it for her … because she was then too young …

And nowadays she had them take care of it for her



She seemed mesmerized by back then … I let her continue … …


… … she Teresa-Terry … went on … how in those times


… ` You came to a pool where your horse would not drink - this was where they put the old workers when they were no longer of use …



WELL … you could not have the younger workers wasting time … looking after the old and infirm ones who could no longer work … so they took them to the pool … … … ”

I FROZE … kept my movements slow … … I did not want to break in on her memories … it was MESMERISM … the way she spoke of those times …

… … I believe I gave her a cup of tea … … …















of those whose lives had ended trodden into a dank pool … because they could not work too well … wanted a little retirement … … …


By now … I had heard enough from her before about her life when she married … And since we came hereabouts towards the Coast I visited on advice the local people of Clacton and area … they readily had given me information : These were people holding good employment before the War … I heard about that place on the seafront called ` GRAND ` and how this ARISTOCRAT line ran a MAFIA from Scotland to Norfolk to Suffolk into Essex … collecting after midnight all they needed in the way of provisions from small towns and places along the sea shores …

… a serious matter … MENGELE … calling himself a Doctor … we knew now that he had been calling on her sister Miss Winnie Gordon for several years … In fact since ANDRE 1953 winter and afterwards … as soon as he found out that ANDRE came to the COLCHESTER Museums … and had began again courting Greetha seriously … There were dirty tricks these last years … nobody could quite follow at the time … I visited that Church … amazing when you saw it inside … But 1954 there lives AGAIN all fell to pieces … ”

“ 1930s and 1940s … FIONA FUNNULA


at CLACTON-on-Sea,

a former Miss MacDonald of the old by the seafront Ironmongers and Seed Merchants by the Convent School and R.C. Church and back of the WALPOLE TOWERS hotel … She was at school with Greta but 2-3 years older …

She now told me of tricks played on Greetah and Andre that summer 1947 … She herself could not follow it …

… two years on she and others said `Miss Gordon spinster` had been taken in by some Italian East Enders known to her sister … who was the mother of Greetah … … … ANDRE was GUARDIAN to Greetha from pre-War … it was said to be to do with her father and his relatives … … By 1948 ANDRE had to make a marriage of convenience … it was to do with work for General de GAULLE … Greta was got back by her mother … then she went to the Colchester College … then to the CASTLE MUSEUM to work … they looked after her … Colchester Army had earlier helped … before the WAR … to do with lands of philanthropy overseas …

… The mother of Greta had come from a serious Prison sentence before she married her father … to do wit h her NOBLE FRIENDS … one who was seen on the seafront in the 1920s had been placed on HIGH … The father of Greta and his relatives were very intelligent and gentlefolk … they spoke even ARABIC she knew … and many other tongues were the ESTATE was … She knew that many young people in the town hoped after the WAR to join in the work …

… a GREENLAND ISLAND was exciting … a theatre that gave Classical plays would open again … and music and craftwork and specialist ship work … they had made some replicas of ancient vessels … one of the young men hoping to join had been killed in the War … … … I wished I had known all this when I first came to work for ANDRE at No 50 … … … ”

I BADLY NEEDED TO TALK WITH ANDRE … discuss with him what PHIL had sent in the package from New York - what was got from the old BUENOS ARIES Solicitors … … … collected by the Courier for he and de GAULLE … But at this time we had no idea this had been emptied of all important Papers … we were not keen he ANDRE learn too much about the death of that girl JO … What we had read showed she had THEM trying get Estate PAPERS off her from days before her death … those she collected some days before her death from an address they used to use in PARIS - he had suggested it before she had parted from him in PARIS

… last time he saw her alive … That was end of October 1944 … SHE HAD DIED IN ALL THIS … leaving two tiny boys … ”





killed 9th November 1944 = she is said to have fallen on the line a little station near TULLES seeing off her mother on the morning train … leaves 2 tiny boys Pierre b 1940 and Vincent 1944 … … MALRAUX arrived from Alsace Lorraine after her death … …

READER is referred to an assembly of Records 2013


www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo.comet al “ PIERRE DRIEU la ROCHELLE 1944-1946 …SEAS EDGES …JOSETTE CLOTIS ”

There should be some colour work come up in this posting on the JIMDO web site … … … :

1957 October : I had believed old MENGELE crazy … a lunatic … soon after I was engaged by ANDRE as Detective for Greta and the young people working there …

… All young Catholics … and they lived in this splendid Mansion week time … We had that first month of my employment some honourable family men make themselves known … old helpers from MI. 5 would keep a WATCH … they kept their heads down with this work … But became anxious about young Greta and Andre : They said a WATCH was always kept on this part of London because of the many Embassies and Societies around here …

They understood the Spanish Civil War … Andre knew some helpers down the Thames … trustworthy … ”

“ … another matter before my time of Employment … 1953 October : MENGELE Doctor HARRINGTON … He had married a 20 years younger blonde nurse wife employed in fashionable London Clinics & used her to meet important men …

… But 1957 October taking up my employment … I felt that `Nowadays` Doc MENGELE and she the doll like blonde Nurse wife were too much around No 50 … Struck me as odd in a place connected to a foreign Government that they opened all post to ANDRE when he was in FRANCE or away for de GAULLE … and Post to the door when he ANDRE was in residence a few days was, I learned, retained by the Housekeeper & then handed to them … he was not to be bothered apparently … with this sort of thing … … …

… I` ll hear it said in a little while from a Visitor … …

… `MENGELE HARRINGTON … like something you`d find in an old Arab cook pot … after the Caravan has left … to journey on … to good markets and seashores with foreign ships coming in … and good news from good men … … … `

Further … at No 50 the staff were young, too young perhaps … early 20 year olds they looked … I soon wondered why such a young staff --- because this MISSION had a lot of money to give away to the DESERVING … a Fortune had been invested in Switzerland during this last War … an old Anglo-Frenchman had the place as his home … beginning of the century … Seems he had left his money to small businesses of both nations :

That first month of my employment JIM strode in after working hours introducing himself with head down and a curt nod … sometimes later in the evenings … I` d be reading a newspaper and catching up on popular things … about the town … : Known pre-war as Mr JIM JONG … he was now `lording it` as STEWARD at WHITES CLUB … got himself a Knighthood … Well he spoke about this FORTUNE …

` it was illegal to do this - the Will was invalid … ` and the money should have been turned into the British Government and Crown as soon as the old man died … It could have been used for the WAR …` … ” …



ARTHUR MALONE continues :

“ … I now began to learn a lot about JIM and his pre-war chums and his friendship with this Senior Earls clan … out of Scotland … :





… 19 acres under NEW YORK bought 1801 by FREDERICK RANSOM married to a wife half DUTCH …

MURDER 9.30 pm New Year Eve 1953 = to stop Police & others being called in to HALT this ROBBERY …

… well … MY TRAINING IN THE LAW taught me this was a crime …”

` … and the share out between LINDSAY-LINDSEY and ANGELA former Bowes Lyon … became a QUEEN in 1937 … friend of Teresa Elizabeth GORDON since they were 16 and 10 years of age … went travelling with the bit older JIMMIE JONG … saw all over the Continent from 1919 … and dropped in on Canada North and South America … saw more in Asia … all the early 1920s … T.E. Gordon won easily at private RACES from 9 years on … kept it from her parents until 14 years … seems the others took the CASH … this funded them quite a bit … otherwise end of the Great War all of `em given hospitality in every BRITISH EMBASSY worldwide … became A PRIVILEGED UNDERWORLD … you`d say …`

“ … … … I heard of THEM - the noble pack claiming young Greetha … … … and a disturbing matter of New Year Eve 1953 … Greta and Andre somehow there … an old couple who had known the grandfather of young Greta were going to get the Police in to stop a gigantic robbery of land under New York

…( the place once named NETHRINGTON HALL I believe says me Greta Ransom )

… A big House outside London … not there anymore … This Scots Clan killed her by 9.30 pm learning what she was going to do … … …

1953 LINDSAY-LINDSEY … her husband was wandering around the Ballroom trying to call out … have him come …


They took the dead body downstairs … said she was ill … A DOCTOR CAME soon … and sedated him …

and they the CLAN took him off for 2 years … into CARE … I was told he would have NO MEMORY of that evening … he would live quietly … he had a garden to go to … ”








“ … ANDRE HAD NO UNDERSTANDING that EVENING … but he should have got letters … should have had letters for a long time coming into him …”

… Greetha had little understanding at first … that evening …



then it must have become LIKE A GHOST STORY … ”

“ … I learned … from himself … The driver that New Year 1953 bringing Greta up from Clacton was Brown RNVR … ANDRE was told where to join her … He had bought her the pink ball gown days before … he ANDRE nearly lost his life : Greta was told by BROWN they were to go to a ROAD HOUSE for a New Year evening … she would be given a room by a family who ran it … He had to go because it would be of great help to his MUSICAL CAREER … he wrote popular ballads … But she Greta did not seem to understand that these people were known to her mother … and incidentally distantly related to her : Her mother said to her that she bought the frock as a surprise Christmas present

… yet ANDRE had been with her to buy it … three days ago … but she had no memory … :


… The big surprise for me was to hear from `other sources` that after Midnight that New Year TERESA turned up at `the High Table` this big Place outside London : Greta was not taken into the Dinner … Andre was but he was dismissed before 11 pm … or dismissed himself after an invitation by a woman to come and stay with her a few days … HE DID NOT LIVE IN A LOOSE MANNER he has said … so he left them … he did know the woman from pre-war days :

… AN EVEN BIGGER SURPRISE … was to learn that a well known Imperial woman … had to be got from another event … to make a brief appearance at the High Table … well after Midnight … and JIM and his present spouse came with her … the next day in a Newspaper he was announced as Sir James … :

“ … … After the Dinner there was talk from the EARL about the fair SHARING OF THE MONEY from this ROBBERY of 19 ACRES UNDER NEW YORK … SEEMS THEY HAD A SCARE at the presence of young Greetha and her GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX … Seems this EARL and his Clan had were carrying out a CRIME here … and a well known woman was to now get MORE money for her family and in-laws … SO SHOCKS WERE EXPERIENCED EARLY ON … I was hearing all this … end of the 1950s …


“ MY TRAINING in the LAW told me this was all CRIME …



those confiding the events to me thought so too … ”

1957 Autumn I found BROWN RNVR often worrying about money …

and in and out of No 50 … where he was known to Andre … and was very polite to MALRAUX who was in charge of this UNIT :

He Brown with his money worries happened to say he “ … had not bargained for this that evening 1953 NEW YEAR … He felt he was deceived … all this CLAN present were to get a portion of an ESTATE left them by a MILLIE LINDSAY sometime ago : Brown was especially annoyed that an 18 year old girl with them was getting

“ 20 thou ”

… from what he came to understand was a ROBBERY of 19 Acres New York … He knew that it had been bought legally a hundred and fifty years ago he said

… He added he had heard there were detectives present … 1953 that NEW YEAR … ”



“ 1960 that spring …



TERESA, or Terry as she liked to be called nowadays … and old MENGELE … I KNEW NOW THEY WERE MANIACS … … …

… I dearly wanted to get THIS LOT to ANDRE - he should know what I had heard about the past histories of this lot : That would mean leaving young Greta alone … Oh we had help … but it had become too dangerous now for them to show themselves …

… but with Philip gone to the Argentine May 1960 … and his dead daughter so clearly a murder … and it came through to London sources that her husband & 2 tiny children and his parents being persecuted … BOOTED IN ON : Well I was on my own and felt it best to show no signs of alarm -

I hoped ANDRE would turn up … :

“ I received NEWS

… to me News came down by some lorries with trustworthy men … Harry knew them … ran up and down to Covent Garden and places with crops … I did not like to leave young Greta on her own … she seemed to be vague … worried that the Caravan ceiling was coming down … I said it was a new one and the paint might flake at first … not to worry … I knew that Mrs MENGELE NURSE and a FRIEND went in when Greta was out in Colchester or gone to Mersea Island for her working materials …

… she was making some little craft work for sale … she sold some in Colchester and Mr POULTER the Curator who lived at The Hollytrees Museum gave her some Orders from his Quaker friends … I saw a lamp she had made from shells and bits of worn glass and things the SEA brings in with the tides …

We had to stay put mostly at COLNE ENGAINE Earls Colne : Occasionally I drove my car went into Colchester … tried meet quietly someone come from the Coast : A nearby PUB … I` d go for a meal … some evenings or lunchtimes a week … I`d give a hand behind the counter for a couple of hours … & get a free meal from the kind woman … Messages came here to me and to another place - some stopping off and coming in for a drink … they`d manage to slip something across the Bar for me : Friends from my old LAW studying days were helping … ”

“ 1960 … All that year … we were awaiting ANDRE and hoping he would comment on the WILL … his name legally written in and accepted around the globe 1938 … … …



THIS LOT AT THE TOP WERE HAVING TO KEEP THE LID ON A LOT … … … and now I found myself related to them … I said to young Greta “ … you can call ME … King Arthur … ”

( … he is a very nice delicate looking grandchild of VIC & BERT who have a MUSEUM in London - his father Arthur Duke of Connaught who lives to his 90s 1941/2 in Clarence House … his mother 17 years at the time of his birth she of a respectable genteel middle class family … and the friendship was delicate … ) …




… the way she TERESA `Terry` spoke of those days end of the Great War and early 1920s …

brought home the privileged life of them all

BUT I knew now for certain that SHE & OLD MENGELE WERE MANIACS … MAD … and dangerous … LUNATICS … I heard from her of Witchcraft in those times … and how they all believed it … and ` FRIENDLY GHOULS ` … they would do anything for you “ for fine words ”

… … I commented once or twice … `there were all sorts of things we did not understand … and no doubt we would one day … understand a lot more about that sort of thing ` …

1960 and 1961 Colne Engaine


“ FEELING THE STRAIN OF IT ALL … I wandered over casually one late morning , early June, to the Caravan … and I told something of what I had heard to young Greta … I had made it a habit of giving her my Report during the week … before PHIL got his BAD NEWS :

… She said ` Oh her mother was often talking like this in the War … when they were at school … the

others in the family did not believe in Witches … in the Devil perhaps … You had to turn her mind in another direction … give her something else to think about … her horses … `

“ … I now knew I was beginning to BREAK UP …



but I had decided to stick to my post …

“ … I told TERESA several times that this was my last case … and I wanted to see her with a good income and a nice house

I added casually we all wanted to do our best for Andre and young Greta … who had a hard time of it the last years … well he was in that world of Politics …

Her mood changed ! She made it plain she had NEVER agreed and had never given HER permission to this unholy matter … he was more her age … So I changed the subject to the benefits of having healthy air … as you got near the Seaside … ”


… “ … upon hearing from her, Teresa-Terry, of THE GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN worldwide built upon the lands of the RANSOM worldwide ESTATE … centuries old it was … I had learned much since last CHRISTMAS 1959 into the month January 1960 … I GREW COLD and OLD … it did not need my excellent training IN THE LAW to tell me this was a big CRIME … all of them in it … but MANIACS leading …”


“ THAT MORNING … 1960 … end of MAY … But SHE began to speak again … as though she were mesmerized … I scarcely dared move … SHE said carefully HAD BEEN GIVEN THIS ESTATE when she married … Chief Justice Lord Armstrong gave it to her … it was understood she had been married against her Will to a man whose family had bred with APES :

… Why … Greetha had been born with the stump of a tail showing, a great mouth, it still needed attention and the voice should be stopped … at birth the ears had to be pinned back … the ankles were too thick and still needed some flesh cut off them … … … SHE Teresa went on … saying carefully as if mesmerised … that she Teresa Gordon who had made a low marriage … yes to a family who bred with APES … was given the ESTATE 1934 … and she had given PORTIONS of it to a Mr Du CANN, her friend ANGELA … others she named … CHIEF JUSTICE LORD ARMSTRONG HAD GIVEN IT TO HER … HIMSELF … ”



1934 -


Attempt at GLAMIS to kill MRS MARGARET nee RANSOM GROTE widow :

JIM JONG present at the table that first night … she walks through the night with good Scots people and they get her to safety … THIS IS ON … and a beginning may be on the colour code site published from 2011 AD :

1934 -


AN APARTMENT back of Buckingham Palace given to TERESA E. GORDON calling herself `MRS R.` given to she and a friend to `snare Neddy the Crown Prince and give him a BAD REPUTATION : Her father and father-in-law wrote and strode to the PALACE OFFICE, the WHITEHALL CROWN OFFICE and OBJECTED … “SHE was a married woman called Mrs Fredk. John RANSOM with a child … and she was NOT to be given a private Apartment in Buckingham Palace by her friend the former E. ANGELA.M. BOWES LYON of GLAMIS CASTLE … now a DUCHESS married to the younger Son of the SAILOR KING … … they won …



- HAROLD MACMILLAN banned by GREEK PARLIAMENT for LIFE from entering GREECE : CAUGHT with the GROTE HOME art works in a boat ready to sail away :

… he had LIED and said he was sent by GROTE NEW YORK to collect them - he had made sexual advances to the 17 years old girls : GREEK PARLIAMENT said `HE IS AN IMPOVERISHED ARISTOCRAT … he is NOT a representative for GROTE NEW YORK” :

IN 1946

he ordered the GREEK ISLAND BOMBED TO PIECES ... Newspapers did ask about this in the 1960s-70s :

He had DOPE & liquor spite like so many of these thieves : His share of the GROTE HOMES after the 2nd World War was MONEY from URUGUAY … Oh seems the British Government Lords had ordered BY MOONLIGHT the dismantling of this worldwide ESTATE which ran OUTSIDE the failing BRITISH EMPIRE …



- In a SOHO fashionable Pub the Police were called to the former Teresa E. Gordon attempting to SELL the girl child of her legal marriage to young ex-soldier British Army Germany Fred John RANSOM …



- She is considered in need of PSYCHIATRIC CARE : Found to have this same girl without permission … A telephone call made by Police to the grandparents : The child removed by Police from the NORFOLK PLACE of the family who go in for WOLF WITCHCRAFT in the woods by full moon … they are titled and a member presents A SILVER POT TO THE SOVREIGN at the CORONATIONS …

1934 - Chief Justice LORD ARMSTRONG of GROSS BRITAIN grants to ex-Prisoner Teresa E. GORDON ( married to family of the heirs to GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE & with a female child nominated as `heir` too … ) the entire GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE … to GIVE PORTIONS OF IT TO HER NOBLE FRIENDS … He perhaps leaves for SOUTH AFRICA …


… where my great-great grandparents have invented improvements for the De Beer family in diamonds and things … and are allowed continue with their PHILANTHROPY … schools for black and coloured and half white unwanted children are allowed … and some children begin to educate from 1860s in GROTE HOMES to 20 years of age and are transferred to NORTH AMERICA universities and some Continental ones for continued education in the sciences-horticulture & agriculture-medicines-music … And all that is known to help civilize the globe …

20th century : EMPIRES and ARISTOCRATS have to be respected of course for their IGNORANCE and SEA POWERS and ARMIES are always on the look out for QUICK MONEY … ANGELA tried 1944 swing bills for diamonds and things on De Beer in our name … annoyed they seem to have halted some of the greed … But beware hired assassins … they rarely are allowed live on after performing services for the MAD and INSANE … the payment promised is taken back … and the person gets a bullet in the back … THEY MAY SPEAK OF THEIR LUCRATIVE TASK …


1934 … And there is more assistance to see that TERESA nee GORDON married to the heirs to GROTE HOMES ESTATE and RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` encircling the globe is KEPT FREE of HELP for her MADNESS and welcomed in the BACK DOORS by her MAD and some new ROYAL and NOBLE FRIENDS … WHO HAVE ALL BEGUN TO MARK OUT THEIR PORTIONS of this ESTATE … BEFORE THE BRITISH EMPIRE collapses …

AND THERE IS MORE … as she joins OZ and his BLACK SHIRTS and learns truncheon work … etc etc …


Document in 3 Parts …`1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX JOSETTE CLOTIS GRETA RANSOM, CLACTON-on-SEA and WEST GREENLAND` Records begin - over 2 thousand pages … photos too … is in colour code on … then smaller Files in depth to show this HISTORY of the 20th CENTURY …


THE POET Geo. SEFRIS has some lines of understanding on these matters … and many others who think a bit have too … THEY DO NOT SEEM TO BE ADDICTED TO HEROIN, Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up the SNOUT and other mixtures of late 19th century and 20th century DOPES …

ALL OF THESE 19TH-20TH centuries NOBLES of SCOTLAND GROSS BRITAIN and SCANDINAVIA are short of BRASS … dough … money …


All of them have been boozing around the PARIS BARS of the late 19th centuries and early to mid-1920s … They know one another very well … ANDRE MALRAUX a young WRITER with a good SOUL avoids them as THEY WASTE HIS TIME … but his older wife CLARA and her brother MAURICE Goldsmidt and JIMMIE JONG drink deeply with them …


1961 a distressed ANDRE MALRAUX

with 2 dead sons in his luggage

wherever he goes ages 18 and 21 years :

… He will call ALL OF THESE NOBLES `INSANE - mad - MAD ` : By 1969 with more evil help there are 2 RANSOM men slain … they who have carefully administered the worldwide ESTATE are SLAIN horribly by THESE MAD and INSANE … the third brother the younger is an Argentine citizen and gets protection from good people

By 1976 he has another wife killed and his child of 6 goes missing : He had his son killed by electric shock in 1953 by these same MAD & INSANE … she a WEDDELL distant cousin …

I have remembered her in `



… A GENOCIDE of GROTE CHILDREN 2nd World War = IT HAS TO BE ALL HIDDEN, of course, BECAUSE of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS and CROWNS & TRADE … and the NAZI took NO PART in it … So through out the coming decades of the 20th century it is necessary to COVER-UP such a GENOCIDE … There are GROTE RANSOM Banks to empty and lands and wholesome businesses and civilized homes and TRANSPORT and TECHNOLOGY investments and RESEARCH GRANTS and Monastery and Nunnery grants TO STEAL and STEAL and STEAL … and TIME WILL FORGET … and the thieves DOTH FEEL they are going to live forever …

DECEIVING ANDRE MALRAUX over his GUARDIANSHIP until 1960 is such a big bit of OBSCENE STATECRAFT by GROSS BRITAIN … with its ramparts of corruption growing higher in this matter OF CRIME …

I WANT IT ALL BACK … put in place … it was the greatest civilizing force the world had …

AS composer POULENC says

`I never knew what dirty animals were until I saw THEM coming at me ` …

He had work with the GROTE HOMES children in the PARIS Homes … he seemed to be a kind of family ghost when I was growing up in the 1930s



We RANSOM by my generation are 14 RACES and 27 Nations of RANSOM brides … the Ancestries can be read in this web work as RANSOM Ancestry and Histories PARTS I, II, III, IV … and V is appearing in sections … DESTRUCTION of GROTE HOMES is webbed Parts I, II, III, and IV … and V appearing …

The RANSOM families speak always well a dozen languages … and can converse in many others … ARABIC, JAPANESE, RUSSIAN, and FRENCH and GERMAN of course … GREENLANDIC and others …

But this was ordered by MOONLIGHT of WESTMINSTER 1937 not to be allowed to continue : Only cocktail bar stool language RULES the declining Empires … … …









… 1939




a massacre of GROTE CHILDREN in 4 HOMES … more to come 1940 and 1941 and on …


… … … This Lord ARMSTRONG, a Chief Judge, a Head Judge … retires perhaps to South Africa … ?


( with a well known prison sentence because of her NOBLE friends-fiends ) now married 1932 she has become Mrs F.J. RANSOM …


Tells her that she OWNS all the GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE worldwide and disinherits her daughter b 1933 who is agreed to be an APE because of an R.C. & QUAKER marriage 1824 of JAMES WEDDELL to the educated HIGH INCA San Julian line Acting Governor for SPAIN …

Judge Armstrong knows TERESA & that she is well known for her horse racing skills …

So in 1934 she is told `SHE MAY GIVE THIS WORLDWIDE








CONNECTING RECORDS to above - spring 1939 :

EAST AFRICAN COASTS flight `1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX etc …` Document in 3 Parts `scaffolding` for the records following … and & WORDPRESS et al


… to check on the GROTE HOMES for black and brown and half white coloured orphan CHILDREN established 1864 … & functioning well into the 1930s with permission from their PEOPLES … 1939 SPRING : An emergency telegram has come to Foreign Embassies in London …

I Greetah Ransom age 6 years with my grandfather Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM go by train to a small Airport and meet LENNIE and co-pilot in from their long flight down the EAST AFRICAN COAST :

… they are covered in volcanic white dust … I remember calling out to Lennie Immanuel RANSOM my young uncle ` Oh THE GHOST BOY` : But his face is solemn and near to tears as he says

“ ALL DEAD down the EAST AFRICAN coast … we landed at one HOME … saw them … advised not to land at the others … too dangerous … BRITISH had done it … ”

… On the train returning to `Jerusalem` the little house Park Road Deptford we three very solemn … a ticket collector came along … seeing Len in flying gear he showed his little WINGS brooch … a unique little early Club for FLYERS … he had learned to FLY when younger … He understood something of what had been seen … said ` TIMES WERE NOT SO CIVILIZED … as when we were growing up in smaller places ` … It lessened the devastation we felt … perhaps for a part of the journey


to the above MURDERS and DEMOLITION of the GROTE HOMES worldwide … from a `PORTION` of BRITISH JUSTICE & LAW would be useful perhaps …

Or is it awaiting PRIVATISATION … ? ? …



( Mrs PJPW from October 1967 BMNH - DEBRETT etc ) will hear of this BRITISH JUSTICE and LAW (BY SCOTLAND MOONLIGHT ?)

`1934 BIG CHIEF JUSTICE LORD ARMSTRONG is granting to my insane violent ex-prisoner mother complete CONTROL of the

worldwide GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and the RANSOM ESTATE … SPEAKING is a grandson of this CHIEF JUDGE ARMSTRONG … it is early 1980s

… when old Roman Catholic friends were anxious to help … … …

… I had little understanding unless shown my Documents

… My Catholic old age friends may here have put themselves in danger perhaps ? …

THE MATTER IS ABOUT HIDING A GENOCIDE begun just before the 2nd world war …

… and carried on into the 1950s … to make BRITISH ARISTOCRATS RICH … and they did not want educated young persons in nations OUTSIDE the British EMPIRE and its fringes around the AFRICAN COASTS and Lake Victoria … “ It would be UNFAIR to BRITISH TRADE is still being said in the 1960s … around SCARLET TOWN and in and out of St Stephen Tavern …


EAST AFRICA coasts and LAKE VICTORIA nations and the ZULU Nation, and the CONGO and all over that side of AFRICA … have not protested sufficiently about the DEMOLITION of their GROTE HOMES … Ah it was difficult for we APES and ESKIMOS to speak as equals to GROSS BRITAIN sub-sub APES who can be likened to JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS …

I was assured that `his grandfather had clearly not understood `

adds me GR … I can now follow that we had massive investments from 18th century onwards in SOUTH AFRICA and all of them philanthropy or close to beneficial sensible developments … … … et al :





COLNE ENGAINE near Colchester & Museums :

“ … I could not get all this to ANDRE unless I went to look for him myself …

but I felt he should know quickly about her and Old Mengele ganged up and knowing same people for years - I`d have had to leave Greta alone

- I officially carried a gun since mid January 1960 …

… But in JUNE some old friends in the TERRITORIALS happened by

I managed to have some words as we walked down the lane near to the farmhouse of the Retired Army Major who farmed here … THEY NOW WENT AWAY QUIETLY : In 4 days I learned that one of those who had been heard threatening young Greta outside the caravan at midnights was found hung in its SCOTS LARDER with a sign PRIME PORK on it … and it was know to have other crimes not connected to us … : Seems that Scotland had an old game amongst the NOBILITY … & still going on … eating your enemies … or those you were robbing … believed it gave them longer life all that :

Well … AGAIN … MY TRAINING IN THE LAW had me venture to say … that this was CRIME :

… Well … I managed to quickly tell my old LAW friends in LONDON … they were not surprised … `Oh yes it had gone on they knew` … Well they would pass the word around … QUIETLY … get some checking up there





… we were in some danger from MANIACS …

serious danger I would say … from my training … :

… Clearly … THIS LOT had all been living on moneys they scrounged from this ESTATE

… THE KILLING OF THE CHILDREN during the 2nd World War & the swift selling off of the LANDS had mended many a Noble Treasure Chest …

& paid some surprising NOBLE DEBTS …

1961 MAY - Its going to get worse … ANDRE had his two boys killed … a car … two young men 21 and 18 … and that girl JOSETTE … their mother … NONE OF THEM HAD TO DIE IN THIS … THE WILL IS LEGAL TO THIS DAY …”


“ MANIACS & GHOULS flourished …

it was no GHOST STORY … I was learning quite a lot … about CRIME …


Captain RANSOM had passed by June 1960 - he paid me by cheque for 2 years employment by MALRAUX … he said he was often abroad with his work … … …

… Oh Andre sent the money … but they got it … all had a good time with it.

BUT … THIS WAS THE WORST MISTAKE IN MY WHOLE CAREER … and I was not to know for years … It happened Mrs NURSE MENGELE was in the habit of passing by sometimes when the others were not WATCHING ME … she came into the kitchen as if in a hurry … I did not now lock the back door in the mornings : But I knew it was SHE STOLE MY NOTEBOOK … FEBRUARY when we first got the key from Mr Poulter at Hollytrees Museum … Mrs NURSE Mengele … she had the habit of baiting me that I was wasting my time staying on here : that I would NOT be paid by ANDRE :

I had the pleasure to inform her I had been paid in full the two years … and just that morning by Captain Ransom :


By the end of JUNE he had NO MONEY IN THE ARGENTINE … his own incomes were stolen by them : He was never able to explain … HE HAD BEEN THROUGH TOO MUCH FROM THIS LOT … MENGELE now had his passport stolen (my father)

… … Captain RANSOM, father of Greta, he said to his sister ` time to turn to lamplight work and do some writing ` while he applied to have his PASSPORT returned …

I had chats with his sister IVY after we discovered March 1962 that de GAULLE and ANDRE had never got the WILL and things … She was able to alert her brother Dr RAY the USA … they got it to MALRAUX and De GAULLE …

On seeing the WILL, in MARCH 1962 … we heard that General de GAULLE said …

` … a gigantic crime of FRAUD by the GOVERNMENT of Gross Britain … against France …`

And no doubt he said more to ANDRE … But ANDRE now had two dead sons in his luggage … end May 1961 they had a car accident … … … We listed a lot of car accidents over the years … ”

The father of Greta was deceived from the end of the War - she got no post or presents from him all those years … since he was sent urgently 1939 to The Philippines … where he was not to go … his skills were needed in the Army in Britain : We did not learn THAT quickly enough … His two brothers helped quietly run the Estate overseas … but they and helpers had to keep heads down …

A WOMAN WITH A CROWN WAS SAID TO HAVE BEEN GIVEN ALL THIS … BY AN OLD ESKIMO … … … Old Mengele could go in back doors from the end of the WAR … ”

“ 1960s … A LOT OF PEOPLE NOW BEGAN TO DIE … but we won`t know this for sometime … seems they all knew too much about the killing of the children … :

( people whom he has met since 1957 when he undertook this CASE )


… TERESA had an undercover social life clearly … she got invitations to join THEM her titled old friends sometimes …and they had all the back doors … 1965 when Greta and I went to THE CITY we were helped by good people keeping the LAW … PHIL came back from the Argentine 1962 to his CITY work … he giving me an hour or two off midday … and a day or two off once a fortnight … we managed to see Greeta was unmolested … got to work and got back safely to Miss Rose Holder - she had a Huguenot line 17th century … : I still worked for ANDRE by his request … and we told him not to worry about money - something when he could … : but TERESA had got hold of Greta again & he could not understand this … Miss Holder felt he looked too old … I explained he just had to be kept going in his Job in France … & he had his two dead sons in his luggage …`




HAROLD Walter POULTER Deputy Curator 1934 to 1962 … 20 years a geologist out EAST … a great HUMANIST …

1950s … makes visits to Colne Engaine to give any assistance he can to ANDRE MALRAUX whom he knows well from 1953 November and from his books …


but people anxious not to bother H.W. POULTER because of his age … a mistake here - he solves much 26 December 1961 … and this leads to more creepy visits by Doc MENGELE Harrington … & two collapses from an evening visitor 1962 …


“ From January 1962 the Lambeth flat of Miss Rose Holder provided a fairly safe base for Greta we felt

…she went to work in the BRITISH MUSEUM NATURAL HISTORY : Mr Poulter had died too suddenly in COLCHESTER in April

… I heard more here … Greta had her mother visiting twice a week to the flat of Miss Holder - In August 1962 she took herself with the caravan to nice young people in Kent … did some work in Canterbury … I followed & lodged with an Estate Agent nearby across the lane where Greta put her caravan on a piece of land with a few other caravans belonging to these nice young people … I gave the ESTATE Agent a professional hand … and Phil came down once a fortnight to give me a couple of days off … and set him right about a number of things to do with properties and insurances … : All was sometimes peaceful - yet old MENGELE would appear … and who else kept a WATCH on us … difficult to tell … `

“ So … here in KENT 1962 August-late autumn 1963 … we had OUR Doctor

Mengele HARRINGTON visiting us … and TERESA would turn up every 6 weeks begging money from Greta … earning the wages of a shorthand-typist in Canterbury in The Close… Teresa begging … saying she needed help with her train fares … :





used in Prostitution rackets too … on small children …ON youths and children in slave factory work …

AN English Judge speaks upon the matter of criminal sedatives used on the unwary in 1997 & says it has been around since the 1920s … He warns that the ingredients can be bought from a chemist and an ironmongers shop … THE POLICE SHOULD WARN THE PUBLIC ABOUT THESE MATTERS … !


G.R. says … Here in KENT I had trouble again, as at Colne Engaine, with a fine white-grey dust that I had earlier felt was the caravan ceiling paint flaking off … BUT …

NO - its an old trick known down the centuries … and especially used in private 20th century Clinics of THAT KIND … sedative and knock-out … put it on pillows and handkerchiefs and coat collars … POWDERS that make the person unable to use their archives of the mind … memory is poor … When it is also in beverages the memory is very poor … MALONE did not know the history of such medical matters :

Clearly it was done to the young staff at 50 LANCASTER GATE SQUARE and many others … to MALRAUX …

… A warning comes via Brown rnvr from some few good persons in WHITES CLUB … who tell him in confidence …

its an old game from the 1920s …

“ … Those two women Clara and Messalina have instructions to REMOVE HIS MEMORY every time he comes over from LONDON … ”



Greta MISS Ransom says : ` He, Arthur Malone, does say he and Phil and those I met found me delicate, under strain, and the historic parts of Canterbury and the countryside seemed to perhaps help me … : I met 1963 a 16th century RANSOM family line - BUT HAD NO MEMORY OF THEM - Family CAREW via Gilbert-Sir Walter Rayleigh families : When she said `your name is all over our Carew Family house when we go home for a big event ` I said `Oh Greta … my mother said it comes from Ayrshire … it used to be said as Greetha … but I got laughed at after the War … ` Her reply was ` NO … RANSOM … … … and CAREW … I have seen it … cannot be missed … `

… I learned no more because clearly my face showed embarrassment … my name Ransom has been so dirtied by my mother and MENGELE and the man JIMMIE in WHITES CLUB all these past years the 1950s …

… My mother has said recently that if I get a Bank Account for my wages cheque she will “ … with THE DOCTOR call in the POLICE …

YOU BLOODY BITCH ! ” (it is one of her frequent phrases at me since a child)

She continues … …


“ … your father is a criminal … & I am to see you are WATCHED … WATCHED … you bloody bitch … YOU YOU … do you know WHAT you are !!! … My life has been ruined … … Do you hear … RUINED ! … by having to KEEP HOLD OF YOU … you wretch … I was MADE to marry your bloody father … that bloody man … BENEATH ME … I - I - I … ME - ME - ME … could have made a marriage to a rich man … A SOMEBODY … a man who did NOT work in his sleeves … … … ” She Teresa E. Gordon Mrs FJR is a big woman … carries a big bag … like Doc MENGELE and his blonde Nurse wife they have syringes and powders and bottles of stuffs to swiftly use on their victims …” … Greta Ransom



… and one night 1958 Christmas Tide the trained Hong Kong GP Scottish Doctor MENGELE HARRINGTON, a Royal and Nobles friend, was waiting for ANDRE MALRAUX and I GRETA RANSOM to return to our separate rooms at `St Edmund House` 50 LANCASTER GATE SQUARE from looking at the Christmas lights Regent Street … he had a PAIL of ACID to throw in our faces … He Doctor HARRINGTON was doing this for the British Government Lords and Crowns = who are to make him A PEER : But Mrs NURSE Mengele was called to restrain him …

This Scotland Noble maniac Doctor HARRINGTON is well aware from 1938 that the legal WILL is withheld from ANDRE and General Charles de GAULLE … and that my FAMILIES do NOT KNOW … a cunning game of deceit using the BRITISH Government facilities and the RN is in place after the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and the vast THEFT of a third of this worldwide ESTATE lawfully our possession … :


` All my life that I can recall :

She, Teresa Gordon calling herself only “ Mrs R ” would be searching around for something to use on me as a weapon 1930s-1940s-1950s when she was short of money … In the caravan 1960s I was terrified of her breaking the windows … and smashing my few possessions … NO CHANGE IN HER SINCE THE 1940s … 1930s if I had my memory back !


NB: Some others of the NOBILITY may possibly be involved in this RELEASE from Clinical care … the POLICE could only put her in a cell for 2 nights then transfer her to a hospital after violent attacks on us and other people : she would be OUT in a week … persons arrived from WESTMINSTER … :

From diaries accounts of attacks by she and her NOBLE chums can be read through out this www work released first 2008/9 …



ACCOUNTS written and oral of my first days, weeks, months on earth show the MANIACS about me demanding my death or my being maimed … some of these violent and unnatural events have naturally inserted themselves in this work of assembly of the DEMOLITION of the GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE …




Greta Ransom

… heir with Lennie Immanuel RANSOM … ANDRE MALRAUX who is A Frenchman is from October 1937 our GUARDIAN to the worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN situated on the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` ESTATE … the lands assembled over our centuries :


19th and into 20th centuries





This delicate flower garden, this golden ring around the globe, is founded upon all the places we RANSOM families and our branches have lived or worked the last centuries IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT… it is never in debt … we ACT THE GOSPELS OUT …


Nota Nota Bene :

TERESA Elizabeth GORDON born 24 Nov 1906 :




She came out of 4 years some months of a PRISON SENTENCE 1931 Holloway -

TERESA E. GORDON given this worldwide ESTATE 1934 by a Lord ARMSTRONG a Chief Judge TO GIVE TO HER FRIENDS … 26th December 1941 she goes back in - grabbing the top of my 7 years old head and rubbing white powder in my mouth, eyes, nose … then is escorted to THE BLACK MARIA for 2 years Prison and TRANSFER TO A LOONEY BIN UNTIL MY FATHER Army Man coming CAPTAIN FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM born 1911 can be RETURNED to GROSS BRITAIN

“ for HOME DUTIES ” -

Dear Teresa os got out by ANGELA on phone wheedling to a Vice Governor the Wilts-Worcs. Prison … I hear

1948/1951/1964 …

“ … ANGELA gave orders … her HUBBY … … … now in charge of BRITISH PRISON … … ” She went back IN because THEY Scots Nobs and Scandinavia got hold of a Palace … kept her empty purse but she could enter any of their back doors … told she was on `MOONLIGHT COURT DUTIES` … into the 1990s :

She Teresa E. Gordon born 1906 November and her older friend ANGELA

( now a NEW QUEEN 1937 ) in the 1920s would FIGHT on BALLROOM FLOORS in male attire Continent and London …

“ … Known as `ANGE and TREE` … Mr Jim JONG was always near to them … he could say his role was to `caution the young women who were lead into these coin-less circles ` … And more LIES …

They got fag-ends of the FUTURISTS early 1920s from Mr JONG … and HYPNOTISM from JUNK FRAUD BALLS and BUNKUM … trailing out of Old Vienna from 1890s …

A CULT BOOK they had was with 10 Commandments TURNED UPSIDE DOWN …

“ H.R . says they could get themselves HYPNOTISED on the Continent 1920s … he thinks that this was what your mother got done to herself …”



S. Freud gave a language

to a lot of common sense understood a hundred years or so before him about social conditions : He and his acquaintances were well addicted to HEROIN … from the 1920s everybody out of work in GROSS BRITAIN with NOT enough to eat and bad health is called `a pzzzizzophrenic ` … In the 1950s a few brave souls in medicine got OUT and went to live in NEW ZEALAND …

1932 - ex-Prisoner of 6 years sentenced, served 4 years, Teresa E. Gordon with no money at all … and forced to take a job in COLCHESTER ARMY MESS … grabbed my young father in marriage ( he had never met her before - then the parents of both discovered they are PERSECUTED BY THE LINDSAY-LINDSEYBUGGARHS EARLS and the BLOODY LIARS of GLAMIS CASTLE … for LANDS and paintings and BRASS … )

Premier EARLS of LINDSAY-LINDSEY have a BOLT HOLE on CLACTON SEAFRONT from 1910 … MR JIM JONG evicted from CHINA for HOMECIDE puts a leg up there since 1920s with ANGELA whose marriage he EGGED ON …

: born c 1898/99 Port Arthur JIMMIE JONG, 2 years ACTING in his teens at THE PEKIN OPERA …


He is evicted from CHINA by his good Chinese Trading Family with educated Swiss-French daughters for HOMICIDE EMBEZZLEMENT VIOLENCE … and loosing them the last of the NANJING LANDS … He now hitches up with coin-less of his father , early dead, a Scots etc an RN and then minor DIPLOMATIC POST at PORT ARTHUR … THE FORTUNE IS WITH THE CHINESE FAMILY … and the EDUCATION :

SO … Summer 1932 the RANSOM Monument in the SUFFOLK CHURCH was smashed by these NOBLES LINDSAY-Lindsey AND ANGELA and JIM …



it lay in 3 boxes behind the Altar and I was told of it in 1953 when I came to work at THE COLCHESTER and ESSEX MUSEUMS for Mr Rex Hull and Mr Harold W. Poulter and the good devoted to their work staff …

XMAS 1932 - At an Essex FRINTON-on-Sea RESTAURANT -

DIARIES etc : the now married ex-prisoner of HOLLOWAY … Teresa E. Gordon Mrs FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM,

her friend ANGELA and attachment JIMMIE JONG Mr PONG demanded she make ME the future GRETA FROBISHER WEDDELL MAUREEN RANSOM the swift ABORTION

or the STILL BIRTH … they would help her … THEN ALL OF THEM WOULD SHARE OUT THE GROTE RANSOM FORTUNES … The management of this polite restaurant HAD THEM THROWN OUT … unfortunately they took ME : But I survived … to write the globe all these RECORDS out in full …

1933 SPRING :


All these BRITISH SCOTS and SCANDINAVIAN NOBLES BEGAN ABUSING AND ATTACKING THE RANSOM, Weddell and Frobisher FAMILIES … calling us all immoral & saying filthy things to vile to write here …



ANGELA born 1900, chum of the younger Teresa since the 1st World War years, KNOWS SHE IS GETTING A CROWN …

They will ALL SHARE OUT the GROTE RANSOM `ELDORADO` around the globe :



IT IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR … as ARTHUR MALONE informs us in the 1960s :

By the years and dates I have assembled RECORDS

… to be read in `1937 SUMMER` Document in 3 Parts …

a scaffolding … see : THIS IS MY WORK FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN GIVEN A GENOCIDE to make BRITAIN RICH and all that media hype … finer work is often continued on … and WORDPRESS etc

((( RULE BRITANNIA ! They are all three, and the LINDSAY-LINDSEY EARLS and things, MANIACS … joined by more MANIACS 1940s - 1950s and EVER onwards ))) :


1960 onwards

: I Miss G.R. understand … I am alone and as usual have no money except what I earn … Museum jobs are not paid well so I did not attempt to seek work in a KENT local Museum : Also like Malone I was suffering BREAKDOWN … but one does not know it too well at the time … Greta Ransom )))))



1960 SPRING at COLNE ENGAINE near COLCHESTER and onwards into the 1960s :




ARTHUR MALONE Law Detective `Politian - tutor to the Medici children ` continues from his notebooks

“ … 1962 … Well I always found some work in the South Kensington Museums with people I knew from the old days :

… At Lambeth I took a room across the lift shaft with old Lambeth friends of Miss Holder & when we returned from our year in KENT from 1964 I went to work in THE CITY with Greta nearby then in the same building - people I had known over the decades … She doing her best to keep out of a trance like state … felt to be fear at what we had around us … ANDRE was told she was growing up … get on with his JOB … in FRANCE … but he often turned up a few hours or a night … just checking on her …

…. It was now 1965 I began to go out AMONGST MY RELATIVES on the side of my father … I had not known them socially before - I went BY INVITATION of a man my age … I made a few friends discretely … at the first occasion an old lady said

` I KNOW WHO YOU ARE ` and invited me to her home and showed me and gave me some photographs of my father when he was young … I was keen to know if they knew about the Estate around the globe … but I learned nothing much …

( He tells me this one evening as we leave our CITY employment 1965 … “ I am going out with the relatives of my father … … … ” I just said `Oh …` He passes me by some evenings raising his hat and saying `well its going to be a fine evening ` … or ` looks as if its going to be a wet evening … but we do not chat … my head always seems empty …


Miss G. Ransom )



1960s -


ARTHUR MALONE `Politian Tutor to the MEDICI children `


gathers REPORTS from City of London sources too …


“ TERESA GORDON - age 17 appears at a polite family and their friends DINNER PARTY wearing nothing but a necklace



… Her host a family man and friend of her GORDON families had invited her for a few days … to put her amongst intelligent persons … one eminent Cosmopolitan Mediterranean shores man is shocked at the way she addressed him across the table … taken aback he did not answer her but spoke to his companion beside him … She now stood up and addressing her Host directly … requested that he now tell the table of her PLAN for money making … She said she took a breakfast of a pound or two of frogs legs every morning before a RIDE … if frogs could be bred there would be profit … and it would aid health …

She was ignored by a shocked group of people : She ate and drank the first course heartily … flung phrases to people up and down the table … but they did not answer her : She went to her room … came down for Dessert in pyjamas … she was not invited into such circles again … but would turn up at funerals with others, especially after the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE was awarded her 1934 by Lord Chief Justice Lord ARMSTRONG …”

( MEMO :

South Africa and our 18-19th centuries diamond and gold investments and the philanthropy we RANSOM have always attached to our TRADING ventures … These investments & Research and Philanthropic attachments may WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION have had to be managed for us British non-titled RANSOM families ? :

WE since 1249 AD, perhaps before, avoid unintelligent and expensive COURT DUTIES of EMPIRES … but can talk face-to-face with intelligent honest persons and 20th century even amongst the

Aristocrat mounting masses, especially increasing since the end of THE GREAT WAR 1914-18 …


19th-20th centuries - NOBLE MANIACS of SCOTLAND

And their immense PRIVILEGE




1917-18 Teresa E. Gordon

born 24 November 1906 - d September 2001

Whether her dinner table appearance STARK NAKED with NECKLACE was to show her tall riding limbs off as an advertisement for her breakfasting on FROG LEGS only, and that she had NO MONEY for this venture = a spin-off from 18th century QUAKERS who might do A NAKED RUN down COLCHESTER High Street to prove that THEY WERE THE NAKED TRUTH in a dispute ? = or FUTURISM or something else not understood on the Continent ? … Perhaps a mixture in her head from the DOPES and LIQUOR and her companions who had more education and impoverished Aristocrat circles to hide amongst … … … Did Du CANN they grow this dangers DOPE

Divinorum Salvia Scotlandput her up to this … or JIMMIE JONG … perhaps not intending she do a strip tease ?

1919 - But when her family tried to hide her in Ireland with the CARROLL cousins her companions JIM and ANGE and others followed on … had her play truant from Convent school in Ireland from 1919 and tells lies she was at another school … they got her riding in irregular RACES and she won frequently :

But she really had no education beyond her 12th birthday

… I remember 2nd World Wartime she could recite HORATIO on the BRIDGE very well … and speak enough French, says ANDRE MALRAUX of 1924, “ to get around ” She would stand in Military fashion & talk about Charge of the Light Brigade and Black Hole of Calcutta in the 2nd World War …

1930s and 1940s - She was partying Whitehall, back of Buckingham Palace, tea-parties with OZ Sir Oswald Mosley in HIS-HER prison HOLLOWAY …

she would take the Rations of I and little Colin my brother up for her London weekly jaunts 1943 and 1944 ( we had bouts of anaemia 3 times and I got St Vitus Dance ) … MY MOTHER would avidly read newspapers not only for her Horse Racing BETS … but mention to herself as she drank Brandy the names of former companions whom she still know … they often appeared in the Newspapers …

At the Nuremburg Trials of Germans and their British Winners she was very knowledgeable … she and her Noble companions had known in the 1920s some of the members of the Nazi Party now on trial … …

BUT she was DANGEROUS and VIOLENT and given to hitting out with metal objects, wood, and throwing paraffin at me and calling me AN APE … She hated I Greta (Frobisher Weddell ) Ransom and my little brother Colin Frederick Ransom and much MOCKING of our Father and our family name RANSOM … She would say when come back from her jaunts to her Noble chums London “ GOD WANTS ME TO SEE YOU HAVE NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING …” She had A GHOUL that she sometimes spoke to … She had gathered by 13-14 years of age from these EARLS and Lords and those ON an Aristocrat Ladder a belief in WITCHES-GHOULS-WIZARDS … it was dangerous and maniacal and it never left her - there were plenty about like her of her age :

Disturbing is that in the 1950s and 1960s the MANIAC Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON is running a nasty BLACK ARTS MOB somewhere in FRANCE :

and called himself to me one night at midnight having broken in my room “ I AM SAINT MICHAEL FALLING OR FALLEN YOU GET WHICH ONE YOU DESERVE ” … waking from my sleep I managed to ask him kindly IF HE HAD HAD A GOOD SUPPER … and a nice evening … was it a film or a Play … A little rhyme learned with Georgie-ANDRE MALRAUX in the mid 1940s …

That night November 1957 I drove Doc MENGELE Harrington out of my top of the big tall Catholic household 50 Lancaster Gate Square by repeating as if his REMARK about SAINT MICHAEL the DEVIL was a JOKE …


Victim should repeat it for sometime … it is said to be hypnotic … I think he got frightened for he silently left … closing my door … it was scary … very … HE IS A KILLER … with needles and powders and potions … he is a MANIAC …


… THIS FRENCH WITCH CULT run by Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON is either near the BLOODY LIAR DUSTY MANSION or out near la ROCHELLE ? …

( The “ Dusty Mansion Bloody Liar FRANCE ” as it was called 1953-54 LONDON is now a FRENCH MUSEUM - in it is the stolen 18th century dolls of MARGARET YATES Mrs POUL GRONLANDER … I saw JIMMIE JONG `Mr Pong the Clown` steal them from Aunt Margareth GROTE the morning of 15 May 1938 … in the afternoon she was killed by him with his sharp knife : he tried say I had stabbed her with a hair ornament in the neck -

She was shocked at HIM breaking in that morning … this horrible HISTORY is in `1937 SUMMER etc ` and other sites …

1960s : ARTHUR MALONE has gathered information of the life of TERESA GORDON from age 7-8 years when she was of interest as a budding horse rider and because her father, uncles, aunts, had 8 PIECES OF GORDON LAND in SCOTLAND … Age 14 to 16 and a half he learned more going about his LAW-DETECTIVE work for the ill-treated and bereaved of his 2 sons ANDRE MALRAUX now a FRENCH MINISTER of CULTURE …

… the moneys earned by TERESA GORDON from her Horse Racing WINS from 14 years had been banked by her father and her employer Lord Athlone at Cambridge … He who had known the GORDON parents John Frederick GORDON Mine Host the WHITEBAIT annual SUPPERS at the Trafalgar Tavern GREENWICH … An Annual ceremony when FJG received the HOUSES of LORDS and PARLIAMENT members in the State barges at the steps of the THAMES leading to the splendid TRAFALGAR TAVERN with its Ballroom called the `most beautiful in Europe` … white gold and tangerine … Here her grandparents raised their 6 sons and 2 daughters … they of respectable GORDON and KELLOW Scots families … and all the branches of cousins I have known when very young … and sometimes in this work listed in this restoration of lives, and assembly of their Records :

Her background, Teresa Elizabeth Gordon is without criminals or maniacs in the Families of Scotland and Southern Ireland and Wales …



but this cannot be proved for her Aristocrat companions who are with immense PRIVILEGE in a faltering EMPIRE … and they are without an intelligent education as we know it …







( MALRAUX with 2 dead sons from May 1961 )

his friends and colleagues … learns that TERESA GORDON HAD BEEN ROBBED by the time she was 16 and a half years OF ALL HER MONEYS yet again by her older friends JIM JONG and ANGELA BOWES LYON … How they managed to BLEED her Capital was not understood but it did show their PRIVILEGE


: “ THEY and their wilder NOBLE friends could do anything : From the end of the GREAT WAR 1914 -1918 they began 1919 trips on LINERS … and Visits to the Continent and on NAVAL ships …

taken by the 3 of them ... And the NEW YORK prank of stealing the clarinet of Benny Goodman before a Carnegie Hall Concert shows the nastiness of them

To these escapades can sometimes be added Earls of LINDSAY-LINDSEY their chums … others … MANIACS they become on pellets of this SCOTS DOPE which are fire-blown then pushed up their snouts for a fortnight or longer … IT HITS THEIR CRAZY BRAINS in 2 SECONDS …`

ARTHUR MALONE and others learn :

` … LOOKING BACK ON THOSE times 2nd World War and 1920s when DOPE and LIQUOR were out of control in so many of the BRITISH EMPIRE Aristocrat persons … and the addition of HYPNOTISM done on the CONTINENT to make them RUTHLESSa spin-off from the FUTURISTS perhaps … : it was being understood in the 1960s that the KUDOS of the top of the IMPERIAL PYRAMID was an evil insane place and MANIACS occurred ` : Malone is learning of the CULT BOOKS these SCOTS aristocrats who grow a deadly narcotic called DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND illegally … and sell it to child factories and the VICES“ 2 fields profit pays the household bills for a year of the NOBLE PLACES …”


Philip Silverlee talking with Winston Churchill 1960 January, both of them recognise one another as MEN OF LETTERS … hears from Churchill ` LINDSAY a bloody nuisance since the PLANET BEGAN …` and that `TERESA GORDON … ruined her LIFE by getting in with a penniless Lawyer called DU CANN : Churchill adds after this information that he `HAD TOLD THEM TO STOP GROWING THAT STUFF UP THERE … SCOTLAND … BUT KNEW THEY WOULD NOT `







… “ 1960 April : At COLNE ENGAINE Young Greta that spring April 1960 was reading aloud a poem that began `IS ANYONE THERE SAID THE TRAVELLER` … ` I could recall a young RAF colleague reading this in the WAR when we turned in at night in our bunks after talking a bit` … I asked her to read it over again to me … caught it on the sound box we had installed end of winter 1960 … we had made several recordings of her reading poems to herself or to us … … … ”

GR says …

`Its something like this … ` IS ANYBODY THERE said The Traveller knocking on the MOONLIGHT DOOR … Well tell them I kept my word … I came …` They heard him call from the WORLD of MEN … they the silent voices cramming the empty stairs …

It was late spring 1961 when he asked me NOT TO READ IT one evening …


The Listeners


`Is there anybody there ? Said the Traveller,

Knocking on the moonlit door;

And his horse in the silence champed the grasses

Of the forest`s ferny floor

… … … … continues …

Where he stood perplexed and still.

But only a host of phantom listeners

That dwelt in the lone house then

stood listening in the quiet of the moonlight

To that voice from the world of men :

… … continues …

For he suddenly smote on the door, even

Louder, and lifted his head :-

`TELL THEM I CAME, and no one answered,

That I kept my word,` he said.

… … … cont.

Every word he spake

Fell echoing through the shadowiness of the still house

From the one man left awake :

… … … cont.

Ay, they heard his foot upon the stirrup,

And the sound of iron on stone,

And how the silence surged softly backward,

When the plunging hoofs were gone …





W. de la Mare



Perhaps a poem suitable for the coming anniversary of THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919 … World War I …

2013 AD : My reading this winter-tide is `DISENCHANTMENT` C.E. Montague 1922 - he has several books and was a writer for THE MANCHESTER GUARDIAN

And THE DARK VALLEY 1930s - Piers Brendon who a child born 1940s reports from RECORDS many events people places that I knew & visited … I being born 1933 March -




20th century HISTORIES - General DE GAULLE and ANDRE MALRAUX

“ two good men but surrounded by tricksters the British Government and the WHITEHALL … and some in the FRENCH GOVERNMENT …” say the anorak workers of the LONDON CHINESE LEGATION … December 1958-1959 …

… THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT 1957 onwards ARE TOLD TO PROTECT THEIR RANSOM family who have been given permission to SAIL UNDER THE FLAG OF ZHWENG HE` Admiral of the CHINA SEAS



… MALRAUX IS GUARDIAN OF THIS PHILANTHROPY ESTATE 18th-20th centuries RANSOM Sea Traders and from 1864 GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN established by TIGGY marrying-in … he of NEW YORK BROKERS … and from his mother a great-great nephew of KANT … Thus his full name THOMAS IMMANUEL GROTE USA citizen educationalist of common sense … A HUMANIST aided by his in-laws 1864 Family of REDEMPTIO-RANSOM of whom records exist times of ROMAN BRITAIN …

A ROARING 1920s woman a visitor well known to PARIS BARS with her ARISTOCRAT SCOTS has sent spiteful messages to my young father 1937 after her CROWNING with a chamber pot decorated with diamonds … “ FRED RANSOM I have GOT THE RICE PAPER … I am lighting my fags with it …” MARINETTI has called she and her chums including JIMMIE JONG … ` picking up fag ends of FUTURISM and emerging from the gutters as if from holes … … …” “ … GO QUIETLY WORKING ON … is agreed by Walter BENJAMIN PARIS evening supper November 1935 …

The compiler of these records is present, coming 3 years of age, photos, letters, will up-date this evening to 1945 summer … with Lennie Immanuel RANSOM born 1921 I am already in training and loving it for our GUARDIANSHIP of the FAMILY ESTATE and the GROTE CHILDREN WORLDWIDE … We need a foreign GUARDIAN … October 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX is chosen … and agrees … but it to be swiftly deceived by XMAS … by SCOTS drug growers and dope soaks of tricky reasoning … See DARK VALLEY … author has records but I have my little presence … and live this down the following decades … :


GROSS BRITAIN let SCOTLAND JURASSIC BOG TROTTERS IN to a crown 1937 … in the name of ANGELA former Miss B.L. a GENOCIDE is carried out of GROTE CHILDREN worldwide under the 2nd World War … this GIVES TO GROSS BRITAIN all the RANSOM LANDS upon which the GROTE HOMES are founded :

RANSOM families have been marrying HUMANIST brides around the globe since BC … SUFFOLK had brought in MEDITERRANEAN ladies who could read and write … and their DOWRIES thus has us leaving Oceanus Germanicus for a 2 years the PALESTINE

Shores from times of ROMAN BRITAIN, Venerable Bede, and Anglo-Normans … AS from CHILDHOOD WE RANSOM CHILDREN knew our histories … WE TRAIN TO SEE YOU WORLDWIDE ARE ALRIGHT …

A WOMAN friend of my future mother … they picked up fag-ends of FUTURISM 1920s in the gutters of MILAN, says MARINETTI … ANGELA Lady B.L. has claimed as a Royal Duchess that




They partied in GERMANY 1919 …

… then Hitler getting in and finding ANGELA and LINSAY-LINDSEY stealing 1935 and 1936 the GROTE HOMES CHILDRENS toys had a few thoughtful accurate things to say about these


The RECORDS GO ON with truths …



1930s DIARIES/oral-memory … and me Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM present :

1935 NOVEMBER, flown down from WEST GREENLAND our Island JACOPSHOLMEN we have a busy PARIS week …


Talks with Aunt Margaret a day before she leaves to see her grandson a Priest in Rome : … … …

… An early supper with Walter Benjamin who asks me `young Greetah` what I liked on the Island of Aunt Margaret and my POUL GRONLANDER & RANSOM families : I told Walter about the theatre being all gold inside … and the great house of wood that Old Fred built for Gertrud when they married … and the eternal steps with names of all the children born on the island carved on them … … and the beginnings of the Colleges for the University of POUL GRONLANDER who is the grandpa of Grandma Gertrud and `Old` FRED RANSOM … I know they are my grandparents twice back and the parents of our GIRL OF THE SNOWS Aunt Margareth… We know them all from photos … But I think WALTER knows them all very well … … :

WALTER BENJAMIN writer philosopher, listened to me speaking with my traces of Old Quaker English … then Walter said `what you like is called technology … and I am sometimes writing about that … `

( His `ARCADES` in full is in English in German & French - the Manuscript it survived the 2nd World War tucked away in the Bibliotec Nationale Paris … )





While having an early SUPPER with WALTER BENJAMIN and SADIE H an ethnologist and my grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom & grandma JEAN ballerina Ransom … & Lennie their youngest ( becoming my best friend & young Fledermaus having just got his FLYING TEST with top marks age 15 years ) … a sloping tall tall thin figure leaning into the rain went past the big windows letting in the dark wet night comfortingly lit by nice golden lights … like an Atkinson Grimshaw painting of Liverpool or Manchester ….

… SADIE H. said ` I think that was young ANDRE MALRAUX … was it … ? THE OTHERS SAID ` YES, YES, IT IS … it was … … ` There was further talk about the young person : `things not going well … Oh too old for him … all PARIS hoping he will get away … get a divorce … she is very difficult … HE LIVES IN A MUSEUM … … …

` I thought HOW NICE I would like to live in a MUSEUM too … Next day I saw a Paris Museum with trees and Tarzan like ropes dangling … I remembered the tall tall sloping into the rain young man … perhaps he lived in this MUSEUM and I could join him and swing on these ropes …

1935 October to June 1936

: WE ARE CONTINUING our TOUR of the GROTE HOMES for `Aunt MAG` as Lennie is allowed call her … but I say `Aunt Margareth, my young father `Aunt Margaret` …

We will soon be meeting and sailing and flying with Uncle Alfred Charles RANSOM retired Rear Admiral RN 1st World War … and INTRODUCING ME the youngest Frobisher Weddell Ransom to the North and South American GROTE Homes where I will begin my education when I am 5 years … like the elders of my families taking a year in each … so then I speak many languages like everybody …

… We will be visiting our INCA & Tierra del Fuego and Argentine relatives … and all the others POLE to POLE … as we are descending by our 14 Races and 27 nations of RANSOM brides … WE DO NOT HAVE TO HIDE OUR MIXED BLOOD … and know our relatives back to 5th-6th centuries SPAIN our Berber Granny … I am at peace being ME … We hath had to FLEE GROSS BRITAIN because of horrible mutilating attacks from LINDSAY-LINDSEY EARLS who claim every hair-pin we hath … And the chum of my mother

“ ME ME-me Teresa GORDON Mrs R ” is ANGELA attached to a limpet bouncing bomb called JIM JONG Vermin …

1937 SUMMER :



Following on with accompanying TRAGEDY … is JOY … and JOYFUL TIDINGS … before the new WAR gets going 1939 :

IN SUMMER 1937 I will have 7 weeks with ANDRE and a young LADY called JOSETTE at CLACTON-on-Sea … dwhere my GORDON grandparents lived … and other relatives have come because of the new CATHOLIC CHURCH with the biggest roof put up since Medieval times from BRAZILIAN black wood … & great Altar steps of blues, gold, indigo and the air colours … made in a Loire Valley well known Glass works in FRANCE …

It is designed by request of two widows “ … like something we see when we go to ROME…”

… And we have from 1934 a tiny old house we are to make into a MUSEUM of the Town … we cannot have a bigger house because of the LINDSAY-LINDSEY Earls who are mad-insane & booze away in the homes of others and `nick` paintings and food and bedclothes from everyone they break in on … they have got hold of TERESA GORDON Mrs R. and she will give them PORTIONS of the RANSOM worldwide ESTATE … … … :

… 1935 to 1937 :

The young man ANDRE MALRAUX passing the restaurant window 1935 November in the dark and rain in Paris has his mother with an ancestral line back to 9th century … beginning at the SEAS EDGES Norfolk … she is of the family HISTON … SEA TRADERS and small FARMERS down the centuries … In the 19th century the family are at SAXMUNDHAM HALL Suffolk … that SUMMER is recorded in his notebooks, diaries, and I and others speaking upon it to those who like to write things down so TIME is not all LOST …

1990s …







as most READERS know …

`1937 SUMMER


ANDRE MALRAUX, JOSETTE CLOTIS, GRETA RANSOM, CLACTON ON SEA AND WEST GREENLAND - Document in 3 Parts `a scaffolding` …www.greta-ransom.com2011 AD January … with RANSOM ANCESTRIES … www for the CENTENARY of my young father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM born 1911 November Deptford … slain 1969 March by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT and its CROWNS … … WORDPRESS … messages sometimes on TWITTER …



MUSIC … GORECKI can stand with his understanding … 2nd World War … “ … on the rim of the UNIVERSE stand ANDRE and GREETHA … ” says Dr JOHN RAY Ransom arriving at IPSWICH in secret to take NIGHT WATCH January 1960 at COLNE ENGAINE …

… it is discovered that ANDRE MALRAUX has never known of his complete GUARDIANSHIP to the globe … not just a Guardianship of the coming 5 years old GREETAH RANSOM October 1937 …

… which he accepted because of the QUALITY of the family of MARY Helena nee Murphy Carroll O`Brien WILLIAMS


now widow March 1937 Mrs George Ernest GORDON and because here he and JOSETTE CLOTIS found “ THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT ”

In their talks that 7 weeks of SUMMER 1937 it has to be agreed … concerning SPAIN then … `A STATEMENT HAD TO BE MADE` ….

English composer 20th century

Ralph VAUGHN WILLIAMS on a smaller stage of Empire-England-countryside and seas edges where Britain sails in … perhaps …